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The Amazing Race 25 Silver Anniversay: Leg 4 - Breakdown Dead Ahead


TAR25 Leg 4 Winner's Poll  

  1. 1. Who do you think will win The Amazing Race?

    • Kym & Alli (Cyclists)
    • Brooke & Robbie (Wrestlers)
    • Keith & Whitney (Survivors)
    • Amy & Maya (Foodies)
    • Tim & Te Jay (Sweethearts)
    • Shelley & Nici (Mother/Daughter)
    • Adam & Bethany (Surfers)
    • Misti & Jim (Dentists)

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On Your Mark!

Get Set!

Go! Misti and Jim are the first team to depart at 10:36am, taking a 13 hour ferry ride back to Aberdeen, Scotland, then catch a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. The next ferry doesn't leave until 5:30pm. They go to the library to research flights to Denmark. Surfers depart at 11:45am. Survivors depart at 11:53am. Dentists find a flight but have to call to book. Their scheduled arrival is 4pm the next day. Survivors and Surfers decide to go to the travel agency when they get back to Aberdeen. Foodies arrive along with cyclists, wrestlers and sweethearts. Survivors tell them they have to wait to get to a travel agency so none book their flight in advance.

On the ferry, teams learn the travel agency doesn't open until 9am, 2 hours after the ferry docks. Teams drive off the ferry and head to either the airport or travel agency. Cyclists, wrestlers and sweethearts are at the airport. Cyclists get a flight that lands in Copenhagen at 2pm, sweethearts at 4pm and wrestlers at 5:10pm. The other teams are waiting for the travel agency to open. Cyclists board their flight. Flights get tickets scheduled to arrive at 5:20pm. Survivors arrive at 5:10pm, as do Foodies Surfers. Dentists board their flight having learned they Cyclists are 2hrs ahead. But they're still racing for the win.

The 5:10pm flight boards. Correction, the sweethearts were on a 5:15pm flight but it was delayed 20 minutes. Flights flight was delayed an hour and now are scheduled to arrive at 6:20pm. In Copenhagen, the first light lands with Cyclists. As they pick up their clues on their Ford plug-in hybrids, Phil is there to tape an update. Teams must drive to Malmo, Sweden using no more than 1/10 of a gallon of gas if they drive efficiently and will be rewarded with their next clue. If they use more, teams must answer a local geography student's question.

The clue contains information about the car to help teams drive the most efficiently. In Sweden, a technician checks their fuel gauge and they have used 0.01 gallons, having driven over 20 miles at a rate of 973.2 MPG. They receive their next clue, a detour. In In Parking space, teams must re-purpose a parking space, known as a Parklet, a place to relax, socialize and enjoy the weather in the middle of the day. There is a garden or living room setting to choose from, then teams must set up the parklet exactly as shown in a picture inside 30 minutes. If time runs out, they must start over in a new space. In Wedding Cake, teams must complete a traditional Danish wedding cake, then balance it on a bike called a bullet and deliver it to a restaurant in one piece. Their next clue is back at the bakery.

Cyclists choose Wedding Cake. Dentists land and head to Sweden over the the 8km bridge. The faster they go, the more energy they burn per mile, so they don't speed. Cyclists arrive at the bakery and receive instruction from the chef on how to build a wedding cake, a pyramid of stacked of dough-nut-shaped cakes with frosting on them, decorated with Swedish flags. Dentists arrive in Sweden having exceeded their 1/10th gallon. They must search on foot for the map in the center of the square. They find a young man playing a harmonica and a young woman beside him. They must name the capitals of the some 24 listed Scandinavian countries. They look for someone who might know.

Wrestlers arrive in Denmark and get their hybrid. Bethany is driving for Surfers and notes their engine has come on due to acceleration. Survivors see Wrestlers and Surfers and Keith thinks they're going too fast. Foodies sail across the bridge. Sweethearts land in Denmark and pick up their car. Dentists find a young lady with a cell phone and ask her to search for the answers to their question on the Internet. They complete the task and receive their clue, choosing to do Parking Space. Cyclists complete their wedding cake and must now deliver it to the restaurant. They get the cake onto the bullit and then cross the street to ask for directions.

A woman draws them a map and they head back to the other side of the street and onto their bike, one holding it in her lap, the other pedaling. Before they even start, the top 4 rings fall off. They choose to ride with the cake split in half and then reassemble after. They go too fast and run into the curb. Robbie asks Brook if Sweden is in a different country form Denmark. Brooke rolls her eyes. They have failed (miserably) to keep it under 0.1 gallons and must answer the geography question. Survivors are next to be checked for efficiency and pass with 0.06 gallons. They choose Wedding Cake. Surfers used 0.21 gallons and must answer the geography question. Foodies also were inefficient with their driving. Teams listen as Wrestlers give their answers and receive their clue. Wrestlers and Surfers choose Wedding Cake. Foodies choose Parking Space.

Flights finally land and Nici is upset that she can't find their car in the garage, yelling at her mom to find it. They find it at the top of the garage. Shelley says Nici owes her an apology (she said to go to the top level first). Nici says mom was right. That's not an apology, Shelley says. Before they arrive at the restaurant, Cyclists stop to fix the cake using the extra tube of icing they brought with them. They have to walk the bullit across the street but they can't find the receipt. They have to retrace their steps to find it or decorate another cake. They find it and get it signed and return must faster tot he bakery for their next clue. The baker gives them a couple pastries as a congratulations.

Teams must now drive themselves to the Ida Davidsen Restaurant. Dentists arrive at the Parking Spot and choose the garden theme. Jim is paying attention to detail as they build out their spot. Wrestlers arrive at the bakery, followed by Surfers and Survivors. Robbie wants to eat his cake. No, says the chef. All three teams are making their wedding cakes. Dentists are 7 minutes into their 30 minute window when Foodies arrive and choose Living Room. Sweethearts arrive in Sweden, over their efficient driving threshold and must answer the geography question. They answer the 3 countries they have to guess off the tops of their heads and receive their Detour clue, choosing Parking Space.

Flights arrive at the square in Sweden, having used only 0.08 gallons and avoiding the geography question. They choose Parking Space. Cyclists arrive at the restaurant and hit a Roadblock. Teams must become waiters and take 2 sandwich orders from 2 customers (4 total) by number (1 through 200), then memorize the ingredients of both sandwiches and relay that information to the chef. They receive their next clue when the order is perfect. Kym takes the roadblock. They are not allowed to write down the order numbers or the ingredients.

Survivors have their wedding cake on their bullit and head to the restaurant. A car swerves to avoid hitting then. Get off the road, the driver yells. They head into the bike lane. The top of the cake topples and they ahve to head back. Bethany is pedaling for Surfers while Adam tries to hold the cake. She is just walking the bike along. Their cake tumbles anyway. Bethany doesn't think she can hold his weight on this. Wrestlers are frozen, afraid to move while other cyclists wait impatiently behind them. Kym is unable to remember the sandwich ingredients for the chef. Survivors try again but lose their cake as soon as Keith mounts the bike. They decide to switch detours too, leaving their bike and remains of the cake in the street.

With 1:23 remaining, Dentists ask to have their parklet checked. They are told something's wrong. Jim thinks there are things hidden in the photos they are getting wrong. They run out time - the pot they have has 7 petals painted on it instead of 8. They must start again in a new space. At Ida's, Kym gets the ingredients of all four sandwiches correct and delivers the meals for her clue. They must now head to the VM Houses, sustainable residential housing, for the pit stop for this leg of the race. Wrestlers get cut off by an impatient biker but their cake remains intact, though the same can't be said for Brooke's arms and back given her whining. Survivors and Surfers arrive at Parking Space and choose Living Room and Garden respectively.

Wrestlers deliver their cake intact and get their receipt signed. They have to return to the bakery. Dentists have reassembled their garden with the same wrong pot. Foodies complete the Detour. Surfers ask to get their parklet checked but have the same pot error. Survivors go for a check of their living room parklet and pass. Dentists still are no good. All they have to do is turn the pot around 180 degrees. They give up and head to the Wedding Cake detour. Philiminator greets the Cyclists with a local woman and two Great Danes. They are Team #1 and have each won a new Ford 2014 C-MAX plug-in hybrid!

Foodies arrive at the Roadblock right before Wrestlers. Maya and Robbie take the challenge. Both try to remember their orders and memorize their ingredient lists. Sweethearts arrive at the Parking Lot detour and Bethany tells them this is too hard, they should do the other detour. Sweethearts choose Garden. Flights arrive at Parking Spot and choose Living Room, encouraged they have caught up with the other teams. Dentists arrive at the bakery and choose a cake. Survivors arrive at the restaurants and Whitney does the Roadblock. Robbie puts some flair into his ingredient recitation. Whitney's concentration is upset by Maya's verbalizing the ingredients. Despite his presentation, Robbie is incorrect.

Maya doesn't even start her second attempt before turning around and going back to the floor to ceiling ingredient list. Dentists complete their cake and heads out to their bike, sure this was way easier. Jim stops short on the bike but Misti preserves the cake. Flags fall off, however, leaving one in the gutter. Maya completes the Roadblock on her 3rd try. The patron jokes that the order is wrong then pulls out the clue, leaving Maya face planted on the restaurant floor. Robbie comes up to perform his ingredients for the second time and gets it right. Free from distractions, Whitney completes the roadblock. Adam finally sees the sun-petal discrepancy and turns his pot around. Sweethearts come to the same realization. Both teams complete the Detour.

Dentists arrive at the restaurant and deliver the cake and receipt but they the restaurant owner cannot accept it. They have to return to the bakery to replace the flag. As the sunlight begins to dim, Wrestlers arrive at the Pit Stop, Team #2. Back at Parking Lot, Shelley tells Nici that something is right but she won't listen. Don't tell me know, Mom lectures. Survivors arrive at the Pit Stop in 3rd place. Dentists load their cake on the bullit again, sure they are last and will have to use the save. They deliver the cake and complete the Detour. Sweethearts arrive at Ida's and Te Jay, who works as a server, takes the Roadblock, laughing he better not mess it up. Surfers arrive and Adam takes up the challenge. Flights complete their Parklet.

Foodies arrive at the Pit Stop in 4th place. Dentists arrive at Ida's and Misti takes the Roadblock. Te Jay completes the Roadblock on his first try. Adam gets it wrong on his first attempt. Misti is incorrect on he first attempt. Flights arrive at the restaurant and Nici says this is her thing and takes the Roadblock. Adam gets it right on his second attempt and Surfers head to the Pit Stop. Misti is incorrect on her second attempt. Jim tells her to relax. Sweethearts arrive at the Pit Stop in 5th Place as one of the Great Danes decides to jump up on Phil and dance. I think it's mating season, Phil jokes.

Nici screams as she completes the Roadblock on her first attempt. Misti goes in for her fourth attempt as Nici runs screaming behind her. It is not correct. Looks like the Save is going to be burned tonight, Jim says. Nici realizes they made a wrong turn on their way to the Pit Stop. They switch drivers. A frustrated Misti realizes the clue says to state the sandwich number before reciting the ingredients - she had been getting the ingredients right all along. Ida applauds her and says it was the numbers, darling, giving her a hug. Shelly tells Nici they just passed the pit stop. Why didn't you say anything, Nici cries out. Because I'm not driving, you are, mom says.

Every time something isn't going as planned, Shelley tells us, there should not be a meltdown, so when she goes there, I just stop until she reigns it in. They are running with their backpacks across the grass and Nici trips and head-plants into the ground. Phil looks on concerned as the she picks herself up and the two arrive at the mat. You don't look happy at all, he says to Nici. I'm fine, she says. It's been a long day, says Shelley. She shut down at the moment I need her most, Nici says, disappointed. She wanted to be in charge, mom says, so I let her. Is it that important to prove that point, Phil asks? Yes, says Shelley.

I can't do this, Nici says, storming off. Don't walk away, Phil calls after her. What are you doing, she cries out at her mother, exasperated. Come back here, Phil says. No! You have to be a grownup now and come back here and talk this out, he says. I have to be the grownup and she doesn't? One of the dogs lets out a whimper. Do you want to win the race, Phil asks? I want to win the race, Nici says, but I can't win it with someone who doesn't want to win with her. As soon as you lose this, Shelley says, gesturing to her attitude, we'll be fine.

BTW, Phil is down to one Great Dane, presumably the one not in heat. Surfers arrive in 7th place. There's no need for tears, Phil says gently, you're still in the race. The dog has fallen asleep as Misti and Jim arrive in last place. They hand Phil the Save but he gives it back, saying this is a non-elimination leg. Jim quietly puts the save back in his hip pouch as Misti claps and dances her relief. You're almost completely dazed out right now, Philiminator says. Every drop of confidence I've had for the first three legs, Jim explains, it's all gone. It's humbling to have detours and roadblocks that do match up with our skill set and then we just screw 'em up. We got our teeth kicked in today, Misti says, her tooth still sparkling in the moonlight.

Next week on The Amazing Race, In the exotic city of Marrakesh, the Double U-Turn is in play, and Keith and Shelley turn up the heat!

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