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The Amazing Race 25 Silver Anniversay: Leg 3 - Boston Strong


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Get Set!

Go! Adam and Bethany are the first to depart at 12:000am and will travel by train to Aberdeen and then by ferry and see to the Shetland Islands in Scotland (still part of the UK) where they must find the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and Puffin the penguin. They have the Express Pass in case there's a task Bethany cannot perform. Dentists are next to depart at 12:16am. They plan to fail forward. They start to grab a gab when Surfers tell them it's walking distance and they decide to stay together.

Survivors depart at 12:36am. Surfers and Dentists arrive at the train station and the next train leaves at 6:36am. Firefighters depart 1:56am. Michael takes a huge dixie but thinks his ankle is OK. Cyclists are chasing ducks to kill time, say the other teams are boring. They find their way to a pub. The train leaves with all teams aboard for the 8 hour trip. In Aberdeen, all teams race to the vehicles except Firefighters, slowed down by a twisted ankle. They grab their Ford Focuses (caching) and realize they are driving on the other side of the road. Teams drive onto the ferry which departs.

Scott (not Michael) shows off his extremely red and bruised ankle to the other teams. It's swollen so he tries to keep it elevated. The ferry arrives at the Shetland Islands. Teams drive off the ferry and head for Puffin. Teams take in the scenic vistas (the best reason to watch TAR in HD). Firefighters first to the Lifeboat Institute, followed by Foodies, They both find Puffin quickly and must drive themselves to Scalloway Castle. Survivors arrive as they are leaving and are pointed to Puffin by Foodies.

Dentists find Puffin and receive their clue. Firefighters stuck behind a Sunday driver and it's not Sunday. Time moves slow on an island, Michael says. Survivors first to castle and stumble across a skeleton. They step over searching for the next clue. At the bottom of some stairs is a scary knight with a guard dog and their clue stuffed in a skull. Detour. In Pony up, teams must cut 50 blocks of peat using a tushka and deliver 2 loads of dried peat via Shetland Pony to a little house. In Light My Fire, teams must properly build a viking torch to receive their clue.

Firefighters arrive at castle, followed by Foodies and Surfers, then Dentists and Wrestlers. Sweethearts are having trouble storming the castle and have to ask directions from a construction worker. They are on the wrong side of the island. Dentists arrive at Pony Up, watch the demonstration, and begin the task. Survivors choose Light My Fire and get their torch building kit. They get directions for where to take their torch to. Sweethearts arrive at the castle and realize they are the last team. Flights arrive at Pony Up. Foodies arrive at Pony Up. Surfers arrive at Pony Up. Bethany is carrying the soft peat bricks after Adam slices them out of the bog.

Dentists are halfway through, pushing through the pain. Foodies are having trouble getting through the peat wall. They figure out how to use the tool and realize it's not about strength but angle. Wrestlers discover the torch store on way to Peat detour and reluctantly decide to switch. They arrive at the location for the demonstration, joining Survivors. Sweethearts also join them, along with 2 other teams. There are 3 steps and each one must be completed correctly before moving on to the next step. They must first roll canvas around a wooden pole and nail it in place. Survivors fail on their first try.

Back at Peat, Dentists have 50 bricks and load up their pony, running up to the shack. The terrain gets more difficult and they have to slow down (the pony had no problem). They drop off their first load and head back for their second. Back at the Viking location, Firefighters, Sweethearts, Survivors, cyclists and Wrestlers work on their torches. when the master cannot shake the canvas off the pole, they pass on to Step 2. Wrestlers are struggling as other teams move forward. Flights complete 50 peat bricks and head off with their pony. Dentists run into pony difficulty on their second load of peat bricks.

Surfers head up to the shack with their first load of bricks and their pony is also opposed to the trip. Dentists get back on track. Over at Vikings, teams are working on Step 2, a second layer of burlap folded and nailed down in a precise way. Cyclists take out stress on the nails with the hammer. Cyclists move on to Step 3. Survivors move onto the next stage. Sweethearts fail Step 2 - they failed to intentionally bend a big nail on top. They pass on to Step 3. For peat's sake, the flights are having trouble with their pony as well, being pulled in circles. Dentists continue to have a difference of opinion with their pony, as are Surfers.

Dentists deliver their 2nd load of peat and complete the detour. They must drive to Berry Farm on Berry Road. Flights also complete the detour and almost walk off without the clue. Firefighters complete Step 2 of the Light My Fire detour. Wrestlers complete Step 1. Step 3 involves create a cement collar around the base of the torch. Survivors try to slap it on and fail. They have to cover not only the poll but the base of the burlap (to focus flames upward). Cyclists complete Step 3 and run to the dock where the vikings await. Surfers complete the My Little Pony task and head off to the farm. Foodies have no problem with their pony whom they named Cupcake, and complete the detour.

Robbie asks the firefighters for help in bending their top nail. Sweethearts complete Step 3. Survivors complete Step 3. Firefighters complete Step 3. Wrestlers are still stuck at Step 2. They try to bend their nail on the table before putting it into the torch. That's not right either. They finally pass Step 2 and quickly get through Step 3. Teams are racing to the water to find the right dock to burn their torch with the vikings. Sweethearts are the first to find it and flame up to receive their clue. Dentists stop for directions on way to Berry farm and are the first to arrive.

Teams must work like sheep dogs, rounding a flock of stubborn sheep into a pen. James the Sheppard will hand them their next clue, a silver pin. The sheep are jumping across the grassy hill towards the edges despite efforts to channel them towards the middle. When they are approached, the sheep split in separate directions, outsmarting the Dentists. Firefighters 2nd to light up their torches, followed by Cyclists, and Survivors. Wrestlers complete Step 3 of their torch building and head to the water. Dentists figure out how to force their sheep up the middle but they change direction right before entering the pen.

Flights arrive at Berry Farm. Dentists get all but 3 sheep into their pen. Misti chases them around the outside of the pen as Jim guards the gate. The sheep want to join the flock, he says. Flights run onto the field to begin corralling their sheep, Surfers right behind. Flights think this will be easy and fun. They realize how wrong they are when they are nearly trampled by stampeding sheep. Dentists have all but one sheep in their pen. They get the last one in and complete the challenge. They are given the pin and told to go where it was found. They must figure out that the Pit Stop is at St. Ninian's Isle.

Wrestlers light up their torch and head for the farm. Dentists stop for directions at a museum. They are very cocky, calling themselves the team to beat. Flights realize they are not as fast as sheep. Dentists are the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop where Puffin has joined Phil, who is still bamboozled by their winning smile. They win a trip to Dubai plus still have the Save in their pocket. Cyclists arrive at the farm. Flights start to figure out how the sheep react to their movements.Foodies, Survivors and Sweethearts arrive at the farm. Foodies get their sheep into the pen in an orderly fashion and receive their treasure pin.

Cyclists are frustrated by one sheep that refuses to get with the program (a black-sheep if you will). After 30m, Surfers wear out their sheep and they walk meekly into their pen. They head to the pit stop. Foodies stop for help and are sent back to the Skalloway Castle. Survivors manage to wrangle their sheep and head to the pit stop. Firefighters arrive, Scott still limping. Flights try to become sheep whisperers and it works until they get to the gate. But they are redirected and the gate is closed. Surfers stop at the Scalloway museum for information.

Sweethearts realize sheep are not people friendly and don't like it when they talk. So they start baying their instructions and start to get some traction, but when one turns away the whole flock parts in disarray. Wrestlers arrive at the farm and begin herding their sheep. They take a hard, physical approach and the sheep make them get their exercise. Cyclists herd their sheep into the pen and then herd themselves to the pit stop. Surfers arrive at the Pit Stop in 2nd place.

Firefighters learn they cannot outrun sheep and calling out Rawhide doesn't work either. It's shear pandemonium. Wrestlers start to get the hang of it and soon have their sheep corralled. Foodies stop in an empty church looking for help in finding the pit stop. Survivors arrive at the pit stop in 3rd place. Sweethearts celebrate getting their sheep into the pen a little too early and they take a decidedly different direction. They decide to use their shirts to create barrier around the edge of the gate to force the sheep in. They even tie their socks into the extended cloth fence. Fortunately they left their pants and undershirts on because it's chilly in Scotland. They now have a solid clothes barrier from the pen to a nearby fence.

They put their theory to the test, only to realize that sheep can jump over fences, even ones made out of stretched clothing. Firefighters are down to one as Scott's ankle sidelines him. He wants to take the 4 hour penalty but Michael wants to try on his own. Scott takes a post and Michael works them from the other angle. TJ is getting defeated and the sheep seem to sense it. Firefighters get the sheep near the pen and then in. The gate is closed and they complete the task. Flights are the 4th team to arrive at the pit stop, followed by Foodies in 5th place.

Firefighters stop in a public bar to find out where their treasure pin was found. A local say he's sure Weisdale made it and are told to head to a location miles away (I thought the UK was on metric). Firefighters head out to Weisdale. Sweethearts finally count their last sheep into the pen but there's no time for sleeping as they race to the pit stop, confident they can beat the Firefighters in a foot race. Speaking of foot races, Wrestlers just edge out Cyclists to the pit stop for 6th and 7th place.

Wrestlers are looking for a silver foundry in Weisdale and stop at Shetland Jewellery. The proprietor sets them straight on where it was really found and points them back to the other end of the island. Bad directions are worse than no directions, they say. Sweethearts stop at the Scalloway museum for directions and head to pit stop. Firefighters say they are the best when their backs are against the wall.

Sweethearts arrive at the pit stop. Philiminator says he doesn't know what they did on their way here (Tim and Je Jay have a pained look on their faces), but somehow, you did some overtaking and are Team #8 and still in the race. Fear turns to joy as they hug each other in relief.

Scott and Michael are the last team to arrive. They have been eliminated from the race. They say the race was tougher than it looks and getting knocked out by some sheep will give the guys back at the house laughs for a few years.

Next week on The Amazing Race, in Copenhagen, Kym and Alli feel right at home, while others fall apart. And Nici walks away.

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