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The fifth series of Big Brother Australia has launched - and they've nicked the twin idea from BB USA.

Twins David and Greg will alternate in the house under their shared middle name of Logan, with the other staying in a purpose built isolation house within the Big Brother compound.

They only have to survive two weeks without being found out to both enter the house - but if their secret is discovered they will continue in the game as a single person - nominated and evicted as one.

See: http://www.bigbrother.3mobile.com.au

or fansite: http://www.behindbigbrother.com

P.S. The UK series begins May 27th: check out http://channel4.com/bigbrother or http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk

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Yep, they copied our last season twist, but the guys (see photo below) did it one better, they had one minute to switch clothes in the diary room and they proceeded to change everthing!! To include underwear!!!!!



The url for the latest on the twins is --


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Wow... ok, thanks ranster... they may have the twin thing but, geesh ... they sure on tough on what they can/can't talk about...

Maybe I understood it wrong but, these HM's can't talk anything about nominations... seems it would make it impossible to strategize. But, maybe I've missed something... I've only had it on about 20 minutes now... lol

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You've got to be kidding... how dumb can these people be not to get that right... it's not like they don't have enough camera's/angles to see how to get that little piece of "wardrobe" perfectly right... sheesh. You'd think there was a conspiracy by the BB producers to blow the cover for the twins :wink: tee hee

Thanks for the update Brekkie... from what I watched... Logan was one of my fav's on the show. It's a bummer that they got busted. (Have to go read what happens now... are they both gone or just one of them?)

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