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Utopia Recap: 2014-09-30 (Tuesday)


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Tuesday, September 30th, 2014


This Time

Who voted for whom?  Bri who obviously entered the Utopia environment at way to steep an angle is burning up.  Bella finds new skills, and Hex is worried Utopia is not unique.


Bri, Ouch, Ouch! OUCH!

When your boyfriend is telling his buddies that he is not attracted to you anymore, I'm guessing it's over.  When the other pioneers find out you are cutting the cow's food down just to save money, I'm guessing (again) it's over. 

Our Bri tries to make amends with Chris by writing down her innermost feelings in a letter and giving it to him.  She waits for him to lie down in his corner of the barn, gently gets down on her knees and gives him the note, he tosses it on the box next to him and tells her he will read it later (ouch).  She says "it's ok if you want "this" to be over, I just don't want it to be weird".  We heard this same line the day before Chris's birthday, but they both succumbed to "birthday sex", although Chris did make her move out of his corner of the barn and live on her own.  Chris says "you made it weird" Bri asks what he needs to feel better, and he says "space and time".  Oh, ya, and he wants his sweatshirt back, and that black shirt too (Ouch!). 


With the vote looming, Momma Bear Amanda sits down with Bri to discuss who really is the "least productive member".  Amanda has been speaking with other pioneers and Bri's name has come up several times. As Amanda a Bri milk one of the cows, Bri says coyly "who did you say you were voting for?"  Amanda, "well Bri, I was actually thinking you." (OUCH!)  If I was Bri I would have tapped out right then.  Bri bravely goes on talking about "her" Utopia being about Love (because we know it's not about the starving barn animals).


The Barn

Apparently the Vets watch the live feeds! who knew?  Not Bri, the vets watched her reduce the amount of feed to the pregnant cow, and the milk producing cow until they decided they needed to intervene due to a "marked difference" in body appearance.  Red has been taking on the care and feeding of the animals for a long time now.  The vets are impressed with his knowledge and attention to the animals.  The vets gently explain why Bri should let Red take care of the animals from now on.  Red gets on to Bri later and says you can call yourself a vet assistant all you want but the group comes to me to make sure you have ordered the food for the animals because they know you forget and they don't trust you. Red tells the group that he doesn't want Bri to get voted out because she is the only one that can help birth the calf who's birth IS imminent, in fact so imminent, it is born in the next paragraph.


Congratulations, it's a girl!! CASH is born!!  They name the new calf Cash (as in Cash Cow), we don't get to see how this happens, only Hex screaming that the calf has been born and a shot of Bri with a towel helping to clean the new born up.  They want to sell the new calf so it has to be removed from its mother right away and be bottle fed.  This is extremely upsetting to Bella (I have to admit a mild upset myself), who wants the calf to be able to drink from its mother milk.  The mother is none too happy about the boys running off to the barn with her new born daughter either.  Cash has a new hay bailed fenced area all its own, Red seems completely smitten and so do several of the other Utopians who stop by to play with her.  A chicken stole the umbilical cord from the birth and ate it.  I didn't have to tell you that, but I saw it, so you have to read it.


The Vote before the Vote

Many of you know who America voted for, Bri, and most of you know that Bella and Red where put up by the group for replacement.  Let's have a quick rundown of who voted for who and why.  It was Bella with 5 votes, a tie with 4 votes each for Bri and Red, and 2 votes for Aaron.  Once the three nominees are decided, they will have a second vote with just the pioneers that are NOT nominated and decide who should be recycled.


Votes for Bella

Taylor -  I think she has just given up

Chris -   She just never completes anything she starts

Bri -     Because Utopia is about unity, love and peace and

          Bella is none of those things.

Kristen - No info

Aaron -   His best day was when Dave left and he thinks Bella forces her

          beliefs onto other people.


Votes for Bri

Josh -    Because she has done the least

Bella -   Because she is lazy

Ernesto-  Strictly for business reasons

Amanda -  No info


Votes for Red

Rob -     He gets too angry and it hurts the group

Hex -     He doesn't want to be part of the group

Dedeker - He doesn't want to be part of the group

Mike -    Too rebellious


Votes for Aaron

Nikki -   He doesn't make healthy food

Red -     We need a cook, not a chef, a cook would be up before the others

          for breakfast and keep the kitchen open during the day


When it turns out to be a tie between him and Bri, Red nominates himself because he says "I know she doesn't want to go home."  The group allows this and their two nominees are Bella and Red.  Rob opens the envelope with Americas vote and several of them are very shocked to find that we have nominated Bri anyway. 



Side Show Freaks & House Keeping

They did manage to sell a date with one of the Utopians, Josh went on a double date with two men who they affectionately called "plaid" and "stripes".


Bella blamed some of the plants dying on the fact that Rob didn't help out with the watering.  He tells her they bought her a hose for that and a sprinkler and the plants still died.  Bella's new skill you say??  Oh yea, she is a now a painter.  My guess is landscapes.


Josh's government was ... "whatever, I don't care... but I am building a workshop which I am calling the love shack and I bought us some thick black plastic for a water slide".


Hex is still worried that Utopia is no different than the outside world and it should just be called little America.


The Bee Keeper, Jake, that Nikki liked is polyamorus and has much more in common with Dedeker, what will Mike think?


Next Time

We will find out who is going out the door and meet the two new replacements which the Utopia's will then vote who to keep.  Will Bri and Bella change their attitude now that they know they can be "recycled" at the end of the month?  The show looks to be scaling down to just one night a week on Fridays, would you like to see some spoilers here about what's going happening on the live feeds?  Leave us a comment and let us know!!  

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Hi there CoDkiller, so glad you asked!!  The remaining Utopians NOT up for elimination vote on who will be leaving.  Btw.. spoiler... they vote RED!!!  Big surprise I know, but I gotta get excited about something.

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