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Dancing With The Stars ~ U.S. Season 19 Episode 5

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It's "Movie Night" on Dancing With The Stars. The stars are paying tribute to movies. Everyone is asked to take their seats by the announcer overhead. We see the audience, and a movie screen. Professional dancers open dressed like Marilyn Monroe. Professional dancers come out with guys dressed in baseball uniforms. The stars and the professionals all come to the stage, dancing their way out. Tom welcomes everyone to Dancing With The Stars. Erin says hello to everyone. Tom introduces the guest judge Kevin Hart, and he dances on stage with the professionals.


Tom says Kevin Hart was dancing his way into our lives. Kevin sits at the judges table. Phone numbers are posted for the dancing couples. Tom says by the end of tonight, one of the couples will go home, based on judges scores and viewer votes. Randy and Karina are in jeopardy, and they are dancing first. We see highlights of them from their practice sessions.


Tom says by the end of tonight, one of the couples will go home, based on judges scores and viewer votes. Randy and Karina are in jeopardy, and they are dancing first. We see highlights of them from their practice sessions. Randy and Karina are doing the Paso Doble to Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor. Tom says they are the first ones out of the gate on Movie Night. Julianne asks what happened to the strong, charming, leading man from week1? She says it was lacking the strength it needed. Bruno says, all the raging and muscle power can make mince meat of him. He says, the timing was behind, and he really needs to learn to shape the moves. Carrie Ann says he was tossing, and doing things, but wants him to bring back the finesse. Kevin Hart says, he doesn't know what they were talking about. He says, he pulled off a great dance. He says, it was a hell of a performance, and he embraced it. They go upstairs for their scores. Erin asks how they think they did. Randy says they were prepared. Karina says they nailed it, and she's hoping they don't have to strip down very quickly. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 7; Kevin- 7 Julianne - 6 Bruno - 6, Total 26. Erin tells them good job.


We come back to Tom dancing to the music, and he welcomes everyone back to Movie Night with guest judge, Kevin Hart. Alfonso and Witney are safe. Betsey and Tony are safe too. The audience gives loud applauses. Tom says, Afonso and Witney trained for a routine by Austin Powers. They show highlights of them for this week and practice sessions. Alfonso and Witney dance a Quickstep to Hey Goldmember by Foxxy Cleopatra Feat, Devin and Solange. Tom says, Alfonso, Witney, and mini-me Alfonso, and Bruno starts by acting like Dr. Evil, and says he's pleased. He says, he has such an individual style, and he can sell anything. He tells him to use his diaphragm to give him the lift he needs. Carrie Ann says very very good, and tells him, she is so impressed with him. She says, there was no bounce in his step, and he was smooth. She tells him not to go over his time. Kevin says he murdered that brother. He says you don't put a black man in a velvet suit and tell him to dance, and he murdered it, murdered it, murdered it. Julianne says, how can she follow that? She says, she is going to give them something to work on next week. She tells him to get low, and shows him what she means. They go upstairs, and Erin talks to the mini-me Alfonso. He says he would give them a 10 across the board. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 8, Kevin - 8, Julianne - 8, Bruno - 8, Total 32. Alfonso says he's sweating in his costume.


Dancing With The Stars comes back with Kevin Hart dancing on stage with the professional dancers. They get a standing ovation, and loud applause from the audience. Carrie Ann flashes a 10 on her paddle, and Julianne and Bruno make an 11 with their paddles. Betsey and Tony are next to dance, and we see highlights for them, and practice sessions. Betsey and Tony are dancing Contemporary to Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. They have a standing ovation throughout their dance, and the crowd gives them loud noises, and applauses. Carrie Ann says, it's confusing to watch her, because she says at times, she looks like one of their dancers, and she did every lift beautifully. She tells her to point her toes a little more. Kevin says, tell that 21 year old girl he just saw, he has the hots for her. He says, when she did the splits, she dropped it like it was hot. Julianne says, she agrees, and she is flexible. She tells her to point her toes more as well. Bruno says, no one can bend it like Betsey. He says, she's wonderful, and she dances in one continuous motion. They go upstairs to Erin. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 7, Kevin - 9, Julianne - 6, Bruno - 7, Total 29. Erin asks how it feels to get a 9 from Kevin Hart? Tony says, thank you to Kevin.


Tom welcomes everyone back to Movie Night. Erin says, let's find out what's going to happen next. The next couple that is safe is Michael and Emma. Erin says, also safe from elimination this week is Sadie and Mark. Antonio and Cheryl are safe. Lea and Artem are safe, and are dancing next. We see highlights and practice sessions. Lea and Artem are dancing the Cha Cha to The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis and The News. The crowd roars and gives them a standing ovation. Kevin says, he loves the fact she was smiling through this whole thing, and it was forced. He loves it. Julianne says she's so bummed, because she had a little hand slip. She congratulates her on how she changes with the dance each week. Bruno says, it was the power of Lea on splendid display. He says, she can do the different characters, and displays them well. Carrie Ann says, this was not her best dance at all. She says, her head was over her feet, and she was holding to much. She tells her she's a fabulous dancer, and should have nothing to worry about.


Erin welcomes everyone back to Movie Night, and has Lea and Artem upstairs. She tells Lea that she looks a little discouraged. She says it was fun to revisit Lorainne McFly. Carrie Ann - 7, Kevin - 8, Julianne - 8, Bruno - 8, Total 31. Tom says, he thinks they were pleasantly surprised by their scores.


Practice sessions and Highlights are shown for Michael and Emma. They dance the Waltz to I Do It For You (Everything I Do) by Bryan Adams. The crowd goes wild and are on their feet. Julianne has Michael go to her, and she tells him, that was his best dance, and she's so proud of him. She says, that was so technical, and everything was great. Bruno says, it's the prince of thieves and his maiden. He says, it really shows how hard they worked. Carrie Ann says, she was mesmerized, and was pulled into their world. She says, there is a lot to work on, but she was drawn in to their story. Kevin says, good job, and he saw him signaling to him. Erin tells Michael she wants to see his eyes. He says this is really important to him. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 7, Kevin - 7, Julianne -7, Bruno - 7, Total 28. Erin says the best part of it, is they are getting better.


Tom says that one couple will be sent on their way at the end of tonight.


Dancing With The Stars comes back with the judges taking selfies of themselves. Tom says Antonio and Cheryl are next, and we their highlights and practice sessions. They dance the Foxtrot to Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. The crowd goes wild for them, and are on their feet. Bruno says, when he changes direction, he doesn't need to use his whole body. He tells him, to lift and turn, from the waist. The crowd goes wild. Carrie Ann tells him he is looking good out there, and she knows dancing doesn't come naturally to him. She says, he's stiff in places that are weird, and he needs to breath more when he dances. The crowd gives boos. Kevin tells him, he's killing the tux. He says, he can't Foxtrot to save his life, and he says, he executed what he's practiced, and did good. They go upstairs for their scores. Erin says, she loves what Kevin said, and she tells him this is one of his best dances so far. He says he's having a good time. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 7, Kevin - 7, Julianne - 7, Bruno - 8, Total 29. Erin thanks Bruno, and says one couple will be eliminated at the end of the show.


We see highlights and practice sessions for Sadie and Mark. They dance the Viennese Waltz to Married Life by Michael Giacchino. Tom says, Sadie and Mark, a dance to the music from, Up. Carrie Ann says, so far tonight, that was her favorite dance. She compliments them. Kevin says, that was seamless, flawless, and made him want to do it. Julianne tells Mark that he did well with the choreography. She tells her, to work on her loosey goosey arms if she's there next week. Bruno says, he right up there in the clouds with her, and is totally and utterly charmed. They go upstairs for scores. Erin tells them all the compliments they got, and she was worried about it. Sadie says, she loved it. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 8, Kevin - 8, Julianne - 8, Bruno - 8, Total 32. Tom says the two couples in jeopardy are Randy and Karina and Antonio and Cheryl. He will tell the four remaining couples their fates when the show returns.


Tom welcomes us back to Movie Night. Erin says we need to tell the four remaining couples their fate. The next couple safe is Janel and Val, and Bethany and Derek. Tommy and Peta are safe, and Jonathan and Allison are in jeopardy, and are dancing next. We see the highlights and practice sessions for Jonathan and Allison. They dance the Tango to Back to Black (Explicit) by Beyonce and Andre 3000. The crowd gives them a standing ovation, and is applauding. Kevin says, he likes how the dance wasn't a traditional Tango, and he loved it from start to finish. Julianne says, she was going to say the same thing about the traditional Tango, and she says they did the best they could, with what they were given. She tells him to work on his frame a little more. Bruno says, it was hard to do, and he did it. Carrie Ann says, they are there to encourage everyone, and look what they came back with. They will find out their scores after the break, and one couple will be eliminated, Live, tonight.


Erin comes back with Jonathan and Allison upstairs for their scores. She asks Allison how she was able to package it all? She says, she worked how for Jonathan. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 8, Kevin - 8, Julianne - 8, Bruno - 8, Total 32. Erin asks Jonathan how he feels? He says, it was so hard, and his elbows hurt, but he feels great.


Tom says that Janel and Vals dance almost didn't happen. We see highlights and practice sessions for Janel and Val. They were told they can't use any of the moves from the movie West Side Story. They dance Jazz to America, Original Soundtrack from West Side Story. The crowd goes wild, and are on their feet, including the judges. Julianne says, she thought she was watching a full-on Broadway Musical, and says, that was perfecto. Bruno says, that was her star making turn. Carrie Ann says, she turned the beep out, girl. She says she gives good everything, including sexy dancing. Kevin says, he bows down, and it was amazing. He says, he loved the story. Tom says, scores will be revealed after the break, and one couple will be eliminated tonight, Live.


Dancing With The Stars returns with professional troop dancers dressed all in blue, and dancing. Erin comes back with Janel and Val, and Janel says she grabbed Kevin Hart, and kissed him on the cheek. Val says it was an honor and a privilege to dance to West Side Story. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Kevin - 10, Julianne - 10, Bruno - 10, Total 40. Erin says, the first perfect score of the season, and tells them to go and enjoy this.


We see highlights and practice sessions for Tommy and Peta. They dance the Argentine Tango to Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel. The crowd goes wild, and gives them a standing ovation. The crowd is screaming to them. Bruno says, it was sensual, and it stems from the life experience. He says, this story could not have been better told. Carrie Ann says it was like watching Yoda dance. She says, it was authentic, and he is the real deal. Kevin says, some people fold under pressure, but he stayed poised. He says, he wasn't shook up at all, and he killed it. Julianne says, anyone who can lead Peta is excellent. She says, that was flawless. They will get their scores after the break. Tom says, unfortunately, one couple will be eliminated, Live.


Erin welcomes everyone back to Movie Night. She says, before the break we saw a lovely Argentine Tango. She asks Tommy how he drew it all in, and he says, from the crowd. Erin asks Peta if that was the first time he remembered all of it, and she says, yes, that's the first time they've gotten through the entire dance. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 8, Kevin - 10, Julianne - 8, Bruno - 8, Total 34. Erin tells everyone to get their votes in to save their favorite couples.


We see highlights and practice sessions for Bethany and Derek. They met Gene Kelly's wife during their practice session. They dance Jazz to Singin' In The Rain by Gene Kelly. They get a standing ovation form the crowd and the judges. Carrie Ann says, mission impossible, mission complete. She says, let's here it for our production team for making it rain in here. The crowd goes while. Kevin says, it's nice when you pay homage to someone like this, and he says, it was amazing. Julianne says, she knows the wrath of Derek. She says, it was so well done, and she didn't miss a step. They go upstairs with Erin. Erin asks Bethany how much pressure it was, and she says, so much pressure with Derek. They show a video of Derek at 4-years-old dancing to Singin' In The Rain. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Kevin - 10, Julianne - 10, Bruno - 10, Total 40. Bruno says, Gene Kelly's smiling on you, kid. Bethany says, this isn't really happening. Erin says, it's happening, and the viewers need to get their votes in. Tom says, one person will be eliminated after the break, Live.


Tom says, we are back, and what a night it has been. All dancers are standing on stage. The next couple safe is, Antonio and Cheryl. Jonathan and Allison or Randy and Karina is about to be eliminated. The couple leaving right now is Randy and Karina. Erin says, by the reactions, she is shocked, and says, Tom is shocked also. Erin asks Randy how he feels, and he says he's o.k., it was great experience. Karina says, she hopes she made a friend for life, because it was a priceless experience, and she wouldn't change anything. They go to dance floor, and everyone hugs them. Tom tells viewers to vote for their favorite couples. He says, Randy and Karina will be on GMA tomorrow, from New York. The Season Premier of Castle comes on right now.

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