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Utopia Recap: 2014-09-26 (Friday)


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Friday, September 26th, 2014


This Time

Our Utopia is officially a game ladies and gents!  We are called upon to vote for the least productive member to be put up against two more the pioneers will vote for.  I know who I am voting for, do you?  We have a 15th member of Utopia (again), Ernesto, but how long will that last?  How will the vibe change in Utopia when three people are up for renewal? replacement? replenishment?? ... whatever.



Our newest addition to Utopia was not voted on, but sent in to replace Pastor Jon.  He is a 39 year old licensed contractor.  Bella has designs on him right away.  Aaron clues in Ernie on the type-A personalities in the group and who is trouble, he conveniently leaves out his double dealing ways, but could probably get him anything he wants on the black market grocery list.  Bella takes some time to get to know Ernesto, she finds out he was married for 17 years and his wife unexpectedly passed away 4 years ago.  Bella is gracious and not overtly needy as she welcomes him to the group.  Nikki spends some time with Ernesto in the pasture (where Kristen is usually stirring the pot), and, unless I miss my guess here, Ernesto is making eyes at Nikki, not sure if she feels the same.


What Fresh Hell Government Is This?

Apparently, nothing interesting happened during the men's turn at governing.  No hard decisions were made, and the money remained intact.  So we are on to the next.  This is Amanda's turn, she originally said she wanted a democracy with elected representatives, mirroring our current form of government.  She has tweaked that just a bit, she has chosen herself, Rob and Dedeker as a representative sample of the group and if you have any problems you will take them to one of these three people.  There will also be Titles and Responsibilities in this new regime.  Amanda asks for everyone interested in a job to have a speech ready and make it in front of the group, there will be a vote and the title bestowed upon you.  Red isn't running for any office in case you hadn't guessed. 

First we have the Barn.  Bri is currently head of barn operations, she didn't wake up (again) like she promised to in the last episode, but no one else stands up for it(including Bri) even though Nikki prompts Red to throw his hat in the ring.  Bri is confirmed the Director of Barn Operations.  Hex says she never wants to hear another word about it, ever, ever, ever.

Second is Construction.  Josh is the current head of construction for the group, having set up their plumbing, electrical, and indoor kitchen.  He says "I am currently heading up that department and would like to remain the head", Hex seconds his motion, no one else asks for the position and Josh is confirmed as Director of Construction.

Third we have the Garden.  We all know that is Bella's domain and her pride and joy in life.  She has prayed over her garden naked, set up chickens to till the soil, and worked out intricate keyhole patterns.  Hex however has had enough of Bella's management style.  She says in her speech "she would not tell everyone what to do," she would "find out which plants aren't sprouting, and which are".  Just as she says the last Bella excuses herself from the group and says she is done with this meeting and good luck to everyone. 


So we have our new Directors: Bri, Josh and Hex.  We have our new representatives: Amanda, Dedeker, and Rob.  Seems like an awful lot of work for about 4 days of governing. 


The Rice and Beans Revolution

Somebody in Utopia is unhappy.  Someone wants to succeed.  I'll give you three guesses who, and the first two don't count.  Red, of course, is at it again.  This time he approaches everyone in Utopia, including Ernesto, to join him in open rebellion.  I am not sure what government Red doesn't like since it changes every two minutes, but... he doesn't like it. 


Red, Amanda, Rob, and Mike have a private meeting about his terms for secession.  He will get his 1/15th of the money once again, buy his own food (which seems to be his major complaint) and decide what he does with his time.  They also come to decision in case his current secession attempt is a failure like his first one.  He will not be allowed back in the group.  Period.  There will be no vote, no one can help him if he is in need.  He says "that's fine, I got suckered back in the last time", Rob says "no one can sucker you Red, c'mon!".  So I guess we won't see Red around the dinner table anytime soon, I am not sure where he will sleeping since the barn uses electricity, and water/sewage and the Utopians ARE required to pay for all utilities they use.  Better hire an accountant.


The Vote

The Utopians are given very little time for this upcoming vote. They have to chose two of their own for "recycling" (lol).  We the people will come up with the third.  We only have until noon tomorrow, that's about 14 hours and you only get one vote so make it count.  I was trying to keep up with who wanted who out and Aarons name came up quite a bit.  It must be strange to just the TV viewing public why that is, he gets almost no camera time and seems to quietly go about his duties, but... there is a very scheming, double dealing, conniving dark side to our chef.  I notice his job was not up for grabs during the Directors vote.  Kristen doesn't have clean hands either and the Utopians as well as the visitors know all about it.  Other than that, it seems to be either Bella or Red, or both that will get the first nominations.  Rob suggested Red was like a chicken that caused problems with all the other chickens and asked Dedeker what they would do with a chicken like that?  She said "so you are suggesting we eat Red?"  Taylor had a spat with Bella and called her the rudest person there.  We will have a result on Tuesday, I suspect the online feeds will have it way before we watch the televised episode if you want to take a sneak peak.


Side Show Freaks & House Keeping

The Utopians opened up over the weekend for the same type of services and entertainment as last weekend and brought in about the same amount of money, $1,400.  Kristen and Hex are trying to work out a "date" with the Utopian males and sell it online.  None of these business models seem to deviate from the side show variety and once the newness wears off I worry our pioneers will nothing left to fall back on.


One positive money making opportunity arrived in the form of a very cute bee keeper.  Nikki is VERY interested, (in the bee keeper, not the bees) and deal was struck immediately for him to split the honey and wax 50/50 if they allowed him to use some of the land.


Mike tells Dedeker he has never been this happy in his whole life.  I'm not sure Dedeker bought that, and neither do I.


Bella decides to sleep next to the chicken coup, but Hex finally convinces her that coyotes will eat her so she comes back to the barn.


Hex and Taylor finally consummate their relationship near a wood pile.  It didn't sound very passionate, more getting down to business I would say.


Next Time

Someone will be leaving on Tuesday, and someone else will be coming in to replace them, can Utopia stand all the comings and goings in their new society?  I didn't see anything online about Bella leaving voluntarily, but she seemed to packing her bags at the end of this episode, do you think she is just walking out?  Who do you want to see go home and who do you just want up for nomination so they can eat a nice steaming slice of humble pie?  Tune in on Tue, September 30th for some of these answers.

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