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Dancing With The Stars ~ U.S. Season 19 Episode 4

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Live from Hollywood...Dancing With The Stars The Results opens with highlights from Len. Pro Dancers stand by mirrors for the opening dance. Tom and Erin open the show, and they are going to say goodbye to another couple this evening. Len says their top choice is between Janel and Val or Lea and Artem for the Encore dance. Tweet #EncoreLea or #EncoreJanel. More highlights come of some of the dancers.


They show judges reactions to dances, and Carrie Ann when she slipped in her chair. A lot of emotions from last night were shown. The first couple safe is Lea and Artem. Randy and Karina are safe, and so is Betsy and Tony. They are all excited, jumping around, and hugging in a circle. After the break Nico and Vinz will perform, while some of the pros dance to their music.


Cheryl and Artem dance back into the Results show. #EncoreJanel and #EncoreLea are to be Tweeted for the Encore Dance. Nico and Vinz perform their song Am I Wrong Live, and 3 of the pros dance. Tom says, Nico and Vinz album Black Star Elephant is out October 14. Erin says there are 26 words to describe this season so far, and we are only in week 2. Here they are from A - Z. Argenentine Tango, Bergeron, Cha Cha, Daily Exhaustion, Flesh, Genuine Human Interaction, Jive, Kick, Ladies,  Men, Nimble, Outtakes, Peace, Quiet, Romance, Smokin, Tanning, Unbelievable, Viennese Waltz, Xpressive, You, and Zany! Tom says it's alphabet soup.


Erin talks to Michael, and he says he wants to see how he fits in Hollywood, and he feels good. He says he can drive in the HOV by himself, he feels good. Tommy opens his bright pink shirt to expose his chest, and Erin asks him if it's cold like last night. Erin says Jonathan showed his sexy side last night, and he says, some day he will be like Tommy Chong. Highlights were shown from last night. Votes and judges scores have been combined, and the next couple safe is Tommy and Peta. Michael and Emma are in jeopardy, and Jonathan and Allison are safe. Tom says, Michael and Emma are in jeopardy, can they be going home, or can it be one of the other couples? We will see later.


Tom and Erin say that Janel and Val were picked for the Encore Dance. They dance last nights dance to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. More highlights are shown from last nights dances. Erin says, your votes and judges scores have been combined. Tom says, the next couple who is safe is, the encore couple Janel and Val. Bethany and Derek are safe, and Sadie and Mark are in jeopardy. The audience boos, and Tom says, on the plus side, his (Mark's) teeth look good. More to come after the break.


The Results show comes back with Tom and Erin by fans in the audience on the upper level. Sia performs her platinum selling hit Chandelier, with two pros dancing with blonde wigs on. The audience roars after the singing and dancing are done. Erin tells Lea, congratulations are being safe. She says, it's fun to be able to enjoy the night, and not to have to worry. Erin tells Betsy she's beautiful, and she says she's a premadonna. Erin tells Sadie that she looked shocked on stage, and we'll see what happens. Tom says, Julianne is changing backstage for her number. Tom talks to Len about him not being there next week. He says he will be gone for a couple weeks, because him and Bruno are flying back and forth to London. Actor and Comedian, Kevin Hart will be there next week for Movie Night. We see previews of funny scenes that the dancers have made.


Tom says, last week they got an overwhelming response of whose audition tape you want to see. You can pick the pro of your choice. Cheryl, Mark, Val, Tony, Karina. You can Tweet #DWTSVote and their name after it until the end of this break.


Tom welcomes everyone back to the live Results show. Erin says, the audition tape everyone wants to see is Mark Ballas, and they show his audition tape, and he talks about breaking the rules. Tom says, one of the perks of having a two time mirror ball winner at the judges table this season, is to see her put her feet to the floor. Erin says, give it up for Julianne Hough. She dances to Love Runs Out by OneRepublic. We see some more highlights of last nights dancers. Erin says, your votes have been combined with the judges scores, lets go, Alfonso and Witney are safe, Tavis and Sharna are in jeopardy, and Antonio and Cheryl are safe. The final results of the night will be revealed live, next.


Tom welcomes everyone back to the high-anxiety portion of the Results show. Erin says, lets find the next couple who will definitely be back next week. Tom says, the next couple safe is Sadie and Mark, and they hug each other. Michael and Emma and Tavis and Sharna, one of them will be eliminated. On this second week of competition, the couple leaving right now is, Tavis and Sharna. Erin asks them to come down to where she is when they get a minute. She tells Tavis this is hard work. He says, he does not have regrets, and you have to spend time perfecting. Tom tells them to take center stage and take a bow. Next week the show will return on Monday at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST with Movie Night, and Kevin Hart as a guest judge.

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