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Carson Daily welcomes us to The Voice. Night one starts right now. We are introduced to Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Wiliams, and Blake Shelton! Blake is excited to welcome two new coaches! Gwen Stefani is a global fashion icon and a singer with over 30 million records sold worldwide. Blake Shelton says that Gwen Stefani is the most iconic female rock singer now. Pharrell Williams is an icon with his song "Happy". Adam says that Pharrell is a duel threat because he's a producer and writer. Pharrell says that Adam has an incredible career. Gwen Stefani says she was a fan of The Voice before she became a coach and Blake was her favorite along with her kids. Blake and Adam say that Gwen and Pharrell are a bromance like theirs and they are worried about this season. Pharrell says he love The Voice, because the emphasis is on the voice and nothing else. To kick off the blind auditions, the season 7 coaches are performing together.



The first artist is up. First up is 31 year old soul singer from Texas, Luke Wade. His dad is a painter and his mother owns a dance studio. His mom thought it was awesome to put him in sequins and dress him as a bunny. As a kid he'd have to clean his mom's dance studio to get his allowance. He learned to love music from listening to classical dance music. He started a band and it's tough being a professional musician. His mom says Luke does not give up. Luke said he was involved in a paintball accident at age 13. He is blind in his left eye. He learned to not take things for granted. He is excited for this opportunity and says if he played for 100 people every day for the rest of his life, he'd never top this opportunity. His opportunities are limitless after this show. Luke chooses to sing, "That's How Strong My Love Is" by Otis Redding. He gets a four chair turn within 10 seconds of starting. Blake and Adam can't believe how good he is. By the end he gets a standing ovation from all the coaches.


Adam says, "You just won the voice!" Adam says he wishes he could be standing higher than I am right now. Blake says, "That's because you are high right now, sit down you weirdo." Adam says, "You are going to win and you're going to do it on my team." Gwen asks if he's a professional singer. He says that he's been signing since he's 11. She says she started her band at age 17. Pharrell says I know a thing or two about blue eyed soul. Just ask Justin. Blake boos. He says all the coaches are good, but he knows what to do with his voice. He just wants to be his amplifier. Adam says, "I have to say there is a learning curve with the show. Blake and I have the advantage of being able to hone your skills." Gwen says, "These two are phoning it in at this point. They've been doing it too long. I'm fresh and excited. I can give you focus." Blake says, "I can't believe you are new to this show. You can ask Danielle, Cassadee, and Jermaine about how good my skills are." Pharrell says, "I want to introduce the world to your voice. Adam says, "I'm going to have a panic attack if you don't pick me." Luke says they all made great pitches, but he picks Pharrell. Pharrell says his voice is crazy and he's super excited to work with him. He rubs it in Adam's face that he won. Luke goes backstage and says that he never thought he'd get four chairs to turn. He idolizes him. Adam says he's upset that he missed out on Luke.


Blake is disappointed that Pharrell didn't show up with his Mountie hat. The next artist is 22 year old Clara Hong . She moved here when she was young and couldn't speak any English. She decided to pursue music instead of going to college. She is a banquet server in Atlanta to pay her bills. When she heard Pharrell was going to be the coach that's what pushed her to audition. She'd be releived to do well so her parents wouldn't worry. She's not always confident but music has taught her to prepare for anything. She chooses to sing Chuck E's in Love by Rickie Lee Jones. She gets Gwen, Pharrell, and Adam to turn around immediately.

Blake asks her what her name is and says she has three of the greatest people in music fighting for her. Pharrell says her tone is like silk. Clara says, 'You're like silk. " Pharrell says your voice is amazing and you are not at all what I expected. Adam says he's laying it on thick. Gwen says, "The song is very you. That's super important. All the singers I loved growing up weren't perfect they were alluring and had a personality. I could help you with my years and years of experience."

Gwen asks for a microphone to sing with her. Adam says he's going to write a love poem for her while Gwen does her thing. She goes up and sings her song, "I'm just a girl" and says you've got to suck them into your world. Blake says, "Just then I thought I was a girl." Adam says "What nationality are you?" She says, "Korean." He sas hello in Korean. Adam reads his poem and tells her to pick him. Pharrell stands up and just lays down a rhyme right there. Blake is laughing and Adam says I"m super competitive, this is my house and I want to win with you. Blake tells her to pick a coach. Clara says this is the hardest part. She chooses Adam.




16 year old Bryana Salaz is up next. She's from Texas, but is a military family and has lived in many different states. She was born in Orland, Florida. When she was young her mom signed her up for a military family singing competition. Her dad has Hepatitis C liver disease and couldn't make the trip. She wears a necklace he bought for her so he could be with her. She's done competitions before but never like this. She's excited and scared. She sings Arianna Grande's "Problem". Adam, Blake, and turn for her. She tells Adam she's 16 and they are all stunned. Adam says that at age 16 she's already better than Blake could hope to be. Gwen says, "I've had the longest career of anyone here." Adam says, "When I was your age, I was listening to Her records." Gwen says, "Just when I was starting to like you Adam."

Gwen says "You are amazing. When you hit your power notes I am impressed. At your age I wasn't even close to your talent. I have the experience to help you and as a girl I can relate to you" Blake says, "I hate the girl card because I can't play it."
Pharrell says, "Gwen is my boo and since I didn't turn, your range is amazing and we'll work together at some point, but you should really go with Gwen."

Adam says, "They're already ganging up on us, Blake."
Blake says, "What the heck is a boo? He says, the fact that you're willing to take risks is awesome. No one in the history of this show has been able to work with younger talent like your Uncle Blake sitting right here."
Pharrell says, "Damn, Blake is good."
She picks Gwen! Blake is upset.

Gwen made 12 Team Gwen shirts for her team. She gives it to her and says she's inspired to go out and get more talent.
Adam says, "Geeze, Gwen and Pharrell are quick learners. I have to work harder this season."
Bryana is so honored to work with Gwen.



Dennis Bell is up. He's 52 years old from Louisiana. He's in the dirt company. He builds ponds and delivers dirt. He's been singing since age 4. He won a competition when he was young. He was a regular on a popular Country Hayride with popular country artists. He was a singer until his dad had a heart attack. He had to give up the music to run the family business. He had to provide for his family. He never thought he'd ever get this opportunity again. Carson says he wants to see how much Dennis has left in the tank. He says he's been off the stage for 22 years old. He wants to do this for himself because he chose it. His whole family is here. He sings, "She Used to Be Mine" by Brooks and Dunn. No one turns for him. His family is devastated. Blake asks why Dennis would walk away from music and he tells them their story. Blake says, "You have a true country sound. You are out of practice, but you have a great voice." Adam says, "You have the pain and the gift to show us what you're feeling." Gwen says, "You moved people today." Pharrell says, "Keep going, even after 22 years." Dennis says he's glad he did it and he's blessed. He gets to go home and see his kids and grandkids.


Carson says he's hitting the road to meet the contestants before the audition. He's going to LA first to meet the next contestant. He's meeting Damien, who is 35 years old. He's been there since 22 years old. He works at TSA for LAX and was part of the workers who was in an incident where a disgruntled man came into the airport and shot TSA workers. His coworker died and he sang at the funeral. After the shooting he said he realized tomorrow is not guaranteed and he needed to go after his dream. He says there is a lot of rejection but he only needs one yes. He sings, "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye" by Boyz II Men.


Adam, Gwen, and Pharrell turn around almost immediately. Blake takes longer but turns around too. Adam and Gwen give him a standing ovation. He is crying at the end and Gwen runs up to hug him. He is moved, Pharrell asks him why he's crying. He says he's been told no too many times and it feels to great to see a yes. His dad is crying too. Pharrell says, "Look where you are right now. Today is 4 confirmations of yes. Your voice is amazing and that's why we pushed our buttons." Gwen says, "What have you done between all the nos?" He says he was a TSA agent. Blake says, "I had someone take my favorite pocket knife. Who do I call about that?" Gwen says, "I have worked with guys my whole life, I'd love to work with you." Adam says, "I can see your passion and your tears validate it. Please say yes to me." Blake said, "You stayed in your low register for most of the song. You remind me of Bill Withers. You will stand out in this industry. I need you and I love you. Please pick me." Pharrell says, "You are talented and you deserved this four chair turn. Who do you pick?" Damien picks Adam! Adam is excited. He said he almost had a heart attack. He's so excited to work his magic with Damien. Damien says he's been waiting for this big shot his whole life. He says Adam was the most genuine and his words resonated. Adam tells the audience to stop yelling Gwens name so loud.


We have a repeat contestant from Season 6. Allison Bray is back. She took the coaches advice and worked on her pitch. She wants to prove the coaches right from last year. She sings, "Merry Go' Round" by Kacey Musgraves. Blake and Gwen turn around for her. Adam turns for her as well. Adam and Blake share a smile. Blake says, "We know you!" Blake says, "Where are you from again?" She says, "Louisville, Kentucky." Blake says, "You are a breathe of fresh air. I am so excited about your voice." Pharrell says, "I didn't turn around for you, because I think you are destined to be with Blake." Adam says, "Stop endorsing him." Blake says, "This is my boo." Pharrell starts laughing. Gwen says, "Blake how many great artists have you passed up?" Blake says, "Hey, Gwen, don't speak!" Adam laughs and asks Blake how long he's been waiting to make that joke at Gwen's expense. Gwen says she doesn't want Allison to stay in her country lane and expand her horizons. Adam says we can stay in your lane, I just want to piss Blake off. Allison choose Blake. Blake and Pharrell shake hands on that one. Allison says, "I feel like Blake was the one and I came back for this reason." Blake laughs in Adam and Gwen's face.


Megg is 23 years old from Redondo Beach, CA. She was in musicals all through life. She auditioned for USC's music program. Only 25 students are chosen each year and she got in. She has a band called Party For 1. She says it's hard getting a break when you are a band. Carson says he reminds her of Gwen Stefani with her pink hair. She says Gwen Stefani is one of her idols. She sings, "Celebrity Skin" by Hole. No one turns for her. Blake says her song was too dramatic and she didn't enunciate enough. He says, "I'm an idiot that doesn't know many of these songs." Pharrell says, "Your pitch is great, but your subtletly is missing. It's a good thing to have." Gwen says, "You're so cute, the visual with the voice is different and your aggressiveness is awesome with a female artist." Pharrell says to come back and sing again and work on her subtlety.


23 year old pop folk singer Taylor John Williams from Portland, Oregon is up next. He fell in love with music at a young age. He loves dogs too, so he got a job at a dog hotel, which is a hotel for dogs. He's also a server. He sings music in his spare time on the street. He has no Plan B. He's here and he's passionate enough to go for his dreams. He sings "Heartless" by Kanye West. Adam turns for him almost immediately. Gwen turns for him about halfway through the song. Gwen says that song choice was rad. Adam says he's the real deal. Gwen says that he made the song his own and that he's a writer and his own unique musician. Adam is so excited. He starts fake punching the air. He says every single note you hit was perfect and then amplified that last note. Everything about you I want to know. Gwen says she's only on the show to be inspired by people like him. She wants to write a new record and he'll push her to be better. Blake gives her an ovation. She says, "You're actually making me hot right now." Adam says, "I turned way early for you." Gwen says, "That only means I was really listening and I was in the moment." Pharrell says, "I didn't press the button because Adam was going to kill it. However, Gwen understands your future, but Adam understands your voice." Pharrell says Adam pushed his button because he heard himself. Adam said, "I loved it." Blake said of course you did because you love yourself. John Taylor Williams picks Gwen. Adam says that's not right that they were all campaigning against him.


18‬ year old Elyjah Renee from Long Beach is up next. He says he sings a lot of pop and he is a momma's boy and her mom is his manager. His mom said Elyjah loves fashion. He says his parents divorced when he was young and he remembers crying himself to sleep. He says his music is what he uses to get through his tough choices. He is singing Beyonce's XO. He thinks the coaches will be shocked by this skinny little boy. He wants to do this for his mom and for himself. He says he's adding in his flavor to Beyonce's song. Adam turns around immediately. Pharrell isn't far behind. Blake is stunned to see who it is. Gwen and Blake thought it was a girl. Gwen says your tears are great, America is watching right now. Adam says, "I love that you show your vulnerability." Pharrell says, "You're voice is anointed. I can see your pain and I can hear it in everything you do." Adam says, "You sing with joy and passion and you unite us in music. Pharrell is charming, but don't forget that I have said great things." Pharrell says, "You just sang this on the stage. You have been through a lot and I don't have to state my case. You get it." Adam says, "I have won and I'd like to win again and you can do that." Elyjah chooses Pharrell. Pharrell goes up to hug him and tells him his voice is crazy good. He says this is Eljyjah's confirmation in life. Elyjah chose Pharrell because he saw his struggle.


21 year old Bianca Espinal is up next. She's been singing since she was young. Her father was in Meringue bands and they've sung together in the New York subway together. They made good money. She thinks busking and turning people's heads will help her get a chair turn. She sings, "Foolish Games" by Jewel. No one turns around for her. She is stunned. Gwen says,"You did a beautiful job under pressure." Blake said, "Your strength lies in your upper register and you really needed to choose a better song." Pharrell says, "You need to sing for yourself, not what we want to hear. We didn't turn around because we didn't hear your passion. Come back next time and this time sing for yourself." Pharrell gets up and hugs her and tells her she can sing, she just needs to believe in herself. She got a kiss from Pharrell and she said that was her highlight.


Welcome back to the blind auditions. The teams stand with all coaches at two artists, except Blake with one. James David Carter is up last. When he was in high school he snapped his knee in half and his sports career was done for good. He became a working country artist at a bar. He opened for Dwight Yoakam and Brad Paisley. He just wants his big break. He says if this doesn't work out he'll probably go back to school and get a degree. He just wants validation that the last 12 years of his life haven't been wasted. He sings, "Nobody Knows It", by Babyface. He gets all four chairs to turn in the first 30 seconds, with Adam being first. He gets a standing ovation when he is done. He tells Gwen Stefani, "Thank you for teaching me how to spell bananas." Adam is standing up as high as he can on his chair to show how much he loves him. Gwen is up even higher standing on the back of the chair. Pharrell says there is not one bad thing about your performance. You are the total package. Gwen Stefani says, "I have no one on my team like you. This is strategy. Blake will have all the country artists and they will wipe each other out." Blake says, "You are the best country audition I have ever heard. I can't stand on the chairs mainly because I've been drinking too much. None of these people know who Kevin Sharp is. No one can help you like me." Adam says, "Oh man, I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't know more about country than Blake. I hate losing and I know you can win no problem. I have to fight so hard. I guarantee victory if you choose me. That's how bananas I am, crazy possessed monster for you." Pharrell said that song topped the chart and I think you can top the charts too. Gwen says, "Who do you pick?" James David picks Blake. Blake says one of the most exciting moments of his Voice career is when he started singing and the other best moment was him picking him as his coach. Adam tells Blake he can't look at him anymore. Blake makes fun of them all.









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