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Monday September 22 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:11am Derrick and Victoria are in the hammock talking about final 2 speeches. They are happy they are going to be out of there soon. Victoria says she will still see him as family and he agrees


12:17am Victoria is in the kitchen getting a bowl of cereal. Derrick is in the bathroom, he said hes not eating anything else tonight he ate to much already. Cody is sound asleep


12:27am Victoria and Derrick in the BY talking about how she has won more money then anyone in jury except Hayden. Conversation turns to Christine and how Victorias message to her was brutal. Now all 4 cameras on Cody sleeping


12:37am Still watching Cody sleep


12:40am Cody is back up and heads outside where Victoria and Derrick were talking about Ultra. Derrick is trying to understand what Ultra is, says she paid 150 for her ticket and sold it the day 2 for 600


12:49am Derrick is saying that one of the first things he is going to buy when he leaves is going to be a snow blower. He says he killed himself last year shoveling because he was the only one that could do it. He bought a propane powered generator last year.


1:00am Cody is talking about the company he works for with Derrick. He wants to know how his brother met the Knicks cheerleading. Victoria is in the bathroom picking at her eyebrows with tweezers


1:10am Derrick goes inside to the bathroom and asks Victoria what shes doing. She says horrible stuff to her face and gets up and brushes her teeth. She asks when hes going to bed and he says soon very soon and heads back outside.


1:19am Derrick and Cody in the BY talking about what the second place person in survivor gets. Derrick says nothing and Cody says no way


1:21am They are talking about Tony on survivor and how he hid the fact that he was a cop from everyone. Derrick says well he told them half way through that he was a cop. Cody didn’t like him. Derrick says he liked him because he found all the immunity idols and what not. Cody says he couldn’t do Survivor because he has trouble sleeping here because he feels like nts are crawling over him.


1:33am Derrick and Cody talking about the cash prizes. Derrick says while the 50k might not be life changing but it is life altering because it eases the financial pain that most are in. He says he knows he isnt 50k in debt so winning that would square him away and ease some of the financial stress he has. Its like starting with a clean slate.


1:44am They are talking about the potential questions that they the jury will ask. Derrick says they know going in who they are going to vote for. Nothing either of them say will change their minds so theres no reason for them to throw each other under the bus


1:58am They decide that how they will vote will be all about how much they are allowed to talk in the jury. Nicole told them when she came back that they couldn’t talk game unless the cameras were around.


2:15am Derrick and Cody head inside. They say that they are going to bed. Derrick is eating something , Cody is going to shower first.


2:25am Cody in the bathroom putting on lotion and doing hair says his dad is going to hate his hair.  Tells a story that he had a haircut once that his dad hated so much he told him get a hair cut or go back to school because it makes you look like a dirtbag.


2:34am Derrick is telling Victoria about a plate that goes into the microwave that you cook bacon on that lets the grease drip off the bacon instead of sitting on it. Tells her that a 12 year old girl invented it, he remembers seeing it on Oprah


2:45am Derrick and Cody in the kitchen eating BLT's. Cpdy is having chips too they were talking about when they got weighed in  when they came in and we got FoTH


2:55am Derrick in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Victoria storms in saying 2 more days just two more dys I'm not doing any of his wash or cooking anymore, used all my toothpaste.


3:01am Victoria says you know how much I love you right Cody and climbs up onto his bed to give him a hug. They are all heading to bed


3:15am Derrick and Victoria whispering in the FR. Only a few words can be heard here and there. Victoria is talking about how she felt "super horrible" but not sure when she is talking about

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#BB16 10:05AM BBT All HG still sleeping.



#BB16 10:32AM BBT HG still sleeping.


#BB16 10:45AM BBT Derrick has gotten up. Used the WD and gone back to bed.


#BB16 11:23AM BBT We have FOTH. May be finally wake up time.


#BB16 11:24AM BBT We are back. Rooms are still dark and HG are still sleeping. We then go back to FOTH.


#BB16 11:26 AM BBT We are back. Derrick walking through the house as the house lights come back on. The bed rooms are still dark. Derrick in the WCA splashing water on his face. He may have been called to the DR.

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#BB16 11:42AM BBT Cody is awake now and washing up. Victoria still in bed.


#BB16 11:45AM BBT Cody and Derrick talking about their families flying out. Both are convinced that they will fly very late tomorrow and get to Los Angeles in the middle of the night.


#BB16 11:51AM BBT Derrick in the BY. Cody out of the DR and Victoria still in bed in a darkened bedroom.


#BB16 11:57AM BBT Cody and Derrick talk in the BY. They discuss the final HOH comp. Cody and Derrick both say it doesn't matter. They are taking each other and are excited.

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12:07pm Derrick and Cody putting down the awnings as they talk about what they will fix for dinner tonight.Victoria is now up and going to the WA and looks in the mirrors.


12:11pm Derrick and Cody sitting outside on the couches not talking just looking around. Victoria in the WA washing her face.


12:20pm Derrick in KT making himself a drink, Victoria in the shower.


 12:54pm Victoria joins derrick outside and tells derrick she had to get ready for the day and he ask why for Dr and she says no for the day. he tells her go back to bed there isn't no reason to get up.


 12:56pm derrick says out families fly out tomorrow and Victoria gets excited.


12:58pm Victoria talking to derrick again about why he is taking Cody to final 2. He says  i am still me. Victoria says you know the real me cause me in DR'S isn't really me and we get foth. 

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1:01pm Victoria says i think you will be asked on the next BB superstars and derrick says you mean All stars and she says yeah. he says i hope i am. She says yeah  you can play against mike Boogie. She ask are you nervous and he says yeah i am i am not as confident as you are and he says you are very confident aren't you and she says yeah i am always confident.


1:04pm Derrick and Victoria talk about the Jury and Victoria says  they have a bitter jury and derrick says what ever happens happens i cant control it now and i will be happy  no matter what. Victoria says i know you cant say but if i don't go to the final 2 then i know you will win the 5k no matter what even if i go with you.Derrick says i am ready to go unless Cody tells the Jury something  no one knows and Victoria says like Frankie and he says i don't know.


1:08pm Derrick and Victoria talking about jury and derrick says he doesn't think he has jacosta or Donny votes and Victoria says you don't think you have Donny and derrick says no he has been close to Cody all this season.Victoria tells him that he doesn't have Frankie Caleb or zachs vote and probably not Christine. She then says maybe Christine out of spite? he says i don't think so but i really don't know we will just have to wait to see.


1:14pm Victoria in Wa blow drying her hair with no extensions in and derrick goes to the STr and says wow look suit cases no way.


1:21pm Victoria in the KT cutting a lemon and squeezing it into her water.


 1:27pm derrick comes in the Wa and says hey Victoria wanna know my first secret and he says what he says i smoke cigarettes as he throws a pack on  the counter and he says i have gone 90 days with no  smoking and i smoked a pack a day. She says are you serious? He says yeah and then says not really i don't smoke i brought it in the house with me in case someone needed  a cigarette.


 1:30pm Derrick says seriously i am throwing them away i bought them at the air port then got here and no one smoked so i left them in my pouch in the suit case and i hate smoking. She says really? He says you think my teeth and Skin would be this good if i smoked? he says no so i absolutely do not smoke. He says i am in the fire rm packing my stuff up.


 1:32pm Derrick says really i don't smoke i requested them once for Hayden but they wouldn't give them to me. He says ok i am packing and walks off. Victoria yells who is the real derrick.


 1:38pm Victoria goes into the BR with derrick as he is packing and says did you see my face? he says yeah it was funny though cause you are so gullible. She tells him he packs like she does and he tells her that he never packs this way he is doing it cause Caleb did it so i am packing Military style.


 1:41pm Victoria is talking about her friend and how they recorded a scene together and a scene with her parents and her working then they went to her apartment and she didn't get to give her friend a hug before she left and her friend said to her they would hug when  she gets back and she will talk to her soon then an hour later they picked me up and they took my phone.


1:43pm Victoria says want me to tell you a funny story on the day we recorded i had a model coming over to my place and she showed up like 30 minutes early cause i told her to come early so we wouldn't be late  and when i got there  she said there is a cat in there and she was allergic to cats. and the whole camera crew was allergic to cats too so they locked the cat in the bathroom 


1:45pm  then we are doing the shoot and the camera man leaned against the touch screen oven and turned it on and there was cat poop in there you know like in the cat bag and they started smelling something and they open the oven and there was smoke everywhere and the crew was going to take it out and i told em to put it back in the oven.


1:52pm derrick and Victoria talking about people know who they are now and Victoria says it really hasn't hit me yet and derrick says it hit me when Jeff and Jordan was here.Derrick says i can not believe i am packing.

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#BB16 2:04PM BBT Victoria and Derrick talk about luggage weight. Derrick said he was only 2 pounds over. Victoria says she paid $125.00 for luggage and over weight luggage for clothes she never saw the entire summer.


#BB16 2:08PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that she can not wait until he gets to see who she is. Derrick says he can not wait. She says when he comes to Florida and he says it will be soon.


#BB16 2:11AM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that he Mom told her not to wear her tiara. She also told her not to dress up all the time because the other girls may be jealous of her.


#BB16 2:16PM BBT Cody is awake and crawl in bed next to Victoria. Derrick and Cody tease her that on the first day she couldn't have a guy in the same room and now she can snuggle. Victoria says that she guesses they are not getting lunch today.


#BB16 2:18PM BBT Derrick tells Cody that he brought a pack of cigarettes so if everyone was smoking in the house he would smoke as well casually. Cody can't believe it. He teases Derrick that he is no longer his friend.


#BB16 2:44PM BBT Cody is yelling "Holla" over and over in the KT. Victoria giggling and says that she can't wait to get home. She is going to take a picture of the $5,000 check and post it thanking Hayden. She says she will send it to Nicole.

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#BB16 3:02PM BBT Cody comes out of the DR. Victoria asks him they are getting lunch. he shakes his head no. Cody and Derrick are packing. Victoria asks BB to call her in that she is ready.


#BB16 3:21PM BBT Cody running in the BY. Victoria making some lunch.


#BB16 3:30PM BBT Victoria laying on the LR couch. Derrick comes out of the DR. Victoria tells Derrick she is freezing. He tells her to go outside. Says she didn't sleep well last night. He tells her to go take a nap. Victoria says she can't sleep during the day.


#BB16 3:36PM BBT Victoria and Derrick discuss her praying for her holy day. She explains to Derrick how the holy day works for her family. She says if Cody and Derrick are outside she will pray in the LR.


#BB16 3:39PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that it's crazy that the show is ending on the Jewish New Year, She asks him if can see that everything has a meaning. Now they discuss which of them will have followers.

#BB16 3:41PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that everyone loves him. He says just because she loves him doesn't mean everyone does. She tells him that everyone in the house loved him. Derrick says he knows. And then he says he hopes so.


#BB16 3:42PM BBT Victoria says that she doesn't think that any of the girls will be a fan of her in the house. She says she is the last girl and they all wanted that. She says she wasn't buddy buddy with any of them. She says she wants to walk out to a big crowd. Derrick says it will be. She says she wants to walk out to a nice crowd.

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 4:00pm Derrick is telling Cody that all day tomorrow Victoria will have to pray all day and she cant talk to either one of us. She can take breaks but she has to pray all day. Cody says i cant believe she didn't see this and derrick says yeah  everyone else did but she didn't.


 4:02pm Cody ask derrick what he wants to do for dinner? derrick says i don't know i know you want tuna but.. Cody says we can do tacos and derrick says yeah tacos we can so do tacos we can kill it.


 4:07pm Derrick and Cody talking about the speakers pointing down so they don't have to hear the  sound as loud.Bb says you are not allowed to talk about production.


4:12pm Cody says he has to shave tonight so i have a little scruff coming in by Wednesday or what do you say Victoria? She says a little scruff and Cody says ok i like to give the ladies what they want .


 4:22pm Cody and derrick are now playing pool and Victoria watching.


  4:36pm derrick and Cody still playing pool and talking to Victoria about Smoking is no Bueno. She ask what E-cigs are and Cody explains it to her what they are and how you can get them in flavours.


 4:48pm Pool game still going on as Victoria goes back and forth in the house. 


 4:59pm derrick and Cody still playing pool and Cody yelling when Derrick wins. 

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5:01pm BB tells Victoria to go to the STR. She goes in the house and comes back out and says she got her book so she can pray and read all day tomorrow .


5:12pm Victoria says wow and derrick ask whats wrong and she says i have never prayed from a book like this before cause it has English and Hebrew and explanations. Derrick and Cody continue the pool game.


5:15pm Victoria gets up and goes inside and puts her book in the fire BR then goes to the WC.


 5:24pm The next pool game is starting now  as Victoria sits  and watched and  tweezing her eyebrows again. 


5:32pm The pool game has been put on hold as the Hg are in the KT making tacos now. Victoria is chopping lettuce and Cody making the taco meat.  


 5:35pm Derrick goes outside and ask are you guys ready for finale? I am . We will find out what is going to happen. He goes and lays on the hammock.


5:43pm Tacos are done as the hg now sit down to eat dinner.


 5:53pm Just general talk going on as they eat dinner and Victoria ask if they get their  care packages that night and we get foth.
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 6:00pm Cody says we are the last ones to see the lights come on in the BY and the last to put the awnings down and the last to see the BY. Man what an announcement.


 6:02pm derrick says i am gonna sit outside all night and Cody says yeah that was a nut shot . BB announced that the BY will be locked down later tonight  for the rest of the season.


 6:05pm derrick says if we are getting locked down later tonight then that means our families are flying in tomorrow. Victoria ask do you think they will let us know? Derrick says no defiantly not.


 6:11pm Victoria yells  across the yard saying derrick we aren't doing the bye bye back yard thing and Cody yells yeah you liar. Derrick says we can do it cause every season is different.


 6:16pm Victoria says the final 3 from the first group as she lays in the hammock. Derrick in on the couch and Cody on a lounger as they just look around at the BY and the sky.


 6:21pm BB comes on and says HG be sure to enjoy yourselves today!! These are the good old days!!!!


 6:44pm Cody is working out with the weights for the last time before their lockdown. Derrick still on the By couch and Victoria in the WA tweezing her chin.


 6:52pm BB yells Donny Holla then you hear Donny says holla over the speakers. Cody laughs and says that's classic.

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7:04pm Cody in the pool just chillin in the water and Victoria on the hammock reading. derrick on the couch coveted with pillows.


 7:19pm Victoria goes inside the house to the WC then back outside to read her book. derrick dozing off on the couches and Cody laying on the lounger. No talking at all going on.

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7:30 PM BBT We hear an airplane flying overhead. Victoria is in the BY reading her book to herself. Cody is lying on the double reclining chair by himself, and Derrick is stretched out on the couch with pillows all around him. All HG's are enjoying a relaxing time in the BY. We hear, "Derrick...This is a reminder, sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms." Derrick moves a little.


7:34 PM BBT Cody gets up and puts his shorts on, and his towel falls to the ground, showing his grey underwear. He goes in the house, and says, "Wow, only 7:30 PM, incredible. Tomorrow is going to be a long f*cking day." He gets his shirt and slip on shoes from the fire room, and goes to the KT. He washes a cup in the sink, and is singing a little.


7:37 PM BBT Cody goes to the BY and starts to shoot balls on the pool table, and we see FoTH.


7:41 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Cody playing a game of pool by himself. He says he crushed that, and then says, he f*cking hates that. He burps, and doesn't excuse himself. Victoria is still reading her book, while standing between the two bigger chairs in the BY. Derrick is still lying on the couch. Victoria goes in the house. All cams stay on BY.


7:45 PM BBT Victoria is in the KT making herself something to eat. She has crushed up an avocado, and is squeezing lime juice on it. She puts a pan in the oven, and mixes her avocado and lime juice together on her plate. She adds some seasonings to it, and mixes it again, making her guac. She tastes it, and goes to the Dining Room table to get her cup. She washes it in the KT sink.


7:48 PM BBT Cody is having fun by the pool table, and was running around it, and is playing with the cue ball like it's a soccer ball maybe. He spins the poll stick around multiple times. Derrick sits up on the couch, and tells Cody he was watching a bird. Victoria is still in the KT. Derrick tells Cody there was a bird above the light, and he missed him.


7:51 PM BBT Cody sits down across from Derrick on the other couch outside. Derrick says, he can't wait to see what these jamokes have to say. We hear, "Derrick, somebody, say holla." No one responds. Derrick says, they may not say anything, but he's eager to find out. Victoria repeats what production said, while she's walking around the KT. Derrick asks Cody if Victoria said anything while he was passed out? Cody says, she was reading that book the whole time. Victoria walks to the BY, and goes to the hammock to get the blue blanket. Derrick asks Cody if he already went in the jacuzzi? Cody shakes his head, yes. Derrick called him a clown. Victoria says, they turned on the jacuzzi. Cody tells her it was already on. Derrick asks her if she's going to go in? She says, she's not sure, but she's freezing, and she doesn't want to get sick. Victoria says, she will go in if they do. Derrick says, he's going to since it's the last night. Cody says it felt so good to shower and go to bed. Victoria walks in the house.


7:55 PM BBT Derrick and Cody talk about what they did today. Victoria is in the KT, checking on the food in the oven. Derrick says, it's 10 PM, and his wife is probably in bed right now. He says, they probably packed their suitcases. We see FoTH.


7:57 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Victoria eating some of her guac, and Cody and Derrick are sitting outside, chilling. Victoria pushes some buttons on the stove, and takes her food out of the oven. She puts some seasoning on them. They look like mini pizzas. She goes to the BY, with her food, shuts the sliding door, and sits on the couch near Cody. Cody asks what she has, and says, it looks slamming. Derrick says, he layed down, covered his face with the pillows, and was out. Derrick and Cody says what production said to him to wake up, and we see FoTH again.


8:01 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Cody talking about his friends back home, and wondering if some have graduated college, and who's going back again. We see FoTH.


8:02 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Victoria chomping on her food, and liking her fingers. Derrick and Cody are talking about a bird in the BY. Cody says how the bird was snagging bugs above his head, and how he felt sorry for the bugs. Derrick says, it's one bird, and he's hit the jackpot on these bugs. Cody says, he doesn't know what the bugs are, but they have 4 wings. Cody repeats what production said earlier. Cody says they should take the pool sticks apart, and play baseball with them. Derrick says, it would be his luck to let it go, and break something. Cody agrees that something may get broke. He says, "Oh sh*t."


8:05 PM BBT Cody says, "OMG, it's shocking, that we are coming to the end, and there were so many people in there." He comments on the bird, and we get a wide angle view on Cam 1. Cody says, other birds are searching for worms, and this one is getting whatever bugs they are. Cody asks Derrick how he's cutting his hair, and he explains it to him. Cody says, he'll crush it. Cody asks what about a 5 instead of 7, and Derrick says, not on Finale night. Cody says, he can go to the barber shop to get a tight a$$ fade. Derrick says, he's going to text his barber on the way home, and ask him to cut him on Sunday. He says he gets a temp, they don't call them fades. He says, they are low fades. Cody says, he gets a low fade. Derrick says he gets a temp skin tight. Cody and Victoria tell him his hair looks nice now. Derrick says, thank you.


8:08 PM BBT Derrick says he'll text them when he gets it cut. Cody says what his dad does at night. Victoria says this day went so slow. Cody says, he thinks it's gone fast today. Derrick says, tomorrow will go slow. Derrick says, he's going to try to stay up until 2 or 3 a.m., so he can sleep in tomorrow. Victoria says, he always stays up that late anyway. Derrick says, he wants to wake up at like 1 p.m. He says when you are inside you don't get as tired, because you don't see the dark sky. Cody says, he thinks he gets more tied being inside. He says he wishes they would give him some booze right now, like beers. Cody asks Victoria if she can even drink with her holiday tomorrow? She says, yes. Cody asks her if she would request it, because they will give it to her. He says, they tell him to go and play pool. They play rock, paper, scissors. Cody loses, and tells Victoria it's best of 5, and they play another one, and he loses. She tells him he has to go to DR, and request it. He shuts the door on Victoria, and tells her to say pretty please, with sugar on top, and she says, pretty please, Derrick, you're the best.


8:13 PM BBT They keep going back and forth, and Cody gets Victoria to the ground, and she keeps saying, "Cody you're the best," and then she says, "Not." Cody goes to the DR, and Derrick goes to the WC. Cody comes out, and says, they said they would check. Victoria asks him if it was John, and he says, no, it was not John. Victoria says, she is so tired, and her head is killing her. She picks up a butter knife, and Cody tells her to put the knife in the sink, and calls her a psycho. Her and Cody goof around, and she screams. Cody asks her, why she screams like she's getting murdered? She goes to the BY with Cody. He's by the pool table, and she's asking why you get the chills when you are sick? Cody says, he feels like he's sick also, and says he does a nasal rinse thing at home.


8:17 PM BBT Derrick goes to the BY, and says he has to go in the jacuzzi for the last time. Cody and Victoria ask him if he really has to? He says, yes. Derrick asks why the jacuzzi is so cloudy? Cody says it might be from the duck. Victoria says it's gross, and so does Cody. Derrick gets in the jacuzzi slowly. Victoria asks if it's hot, and Derrick says, yes. Victoria says, it's very foggy. Cody says, that's what she said. Derrick puts his head under the water, and says, last night in the jacuzzi. Derrick says, it's not like a vacation, that you can come back. Victoria says, even if you come back, it won't be to this layout. Derrick says, it would be the same jacuzzi. Victoria and Cody are sitting outside the jacuzzi, while Derrick is in it. Cody says, can they get a holla up in here, and they do get one.


8:22 PM BBT Derrick and Cody talk about the Live feeds, and how Joker's updates are always in West Coast time. They talk about finding out things that happen, and going back to the time stamps.


8:24 PM BBT Victoria says, "Wow, my last night in the BY." Cody asks Victoria if she wants to go to be soon, and she says she is tired. Derrick and Cody talk about the water being cloudy and the duck in there. Victoria asks Derrick why he has a hair tie on his wrist? He says, he's had it since week one, because he was using it on his cups to know which one was his. She says, Cody has had one on since week one also. Cody says, he's always had one on his wrist.


8:26 PM Victoria asks if they want coffee, and Cody says, he would drink some. He says he loves coffee. Victoria says, she loves the taste of coffee, just not the coffee they have. Derrick gets out of the jacuzzi, and lays down on the ground by it. Victoria does a weird voice a couple times, and says she's imitating Christine. Cody says, it was the creepiest thing ever. Victoria says, her face was evil. Cody says, her laugh creeped him out. Cody says, if she talks bad about Christine, he'll throw her in the jacuzzi. Cody says, she talked bad about her. Derrick says, "She didn't talk bad about her, America did." Cody says, he still thinks she did something bad on the way out. Derrick says, maybe. Cody says, he can't wait to find out. Victoria says, she thinks it still has something to do with her game, and what she said. Cody says, she wasn't saying nice stuff, and she hated a lot of things.


8:30 PM BBT Cody asks who is the first person they will respond to by message on their phones? They all say it depends who's there. Victoria says, probably her sister. Derrick says, his brother. Cody says, Paul and Angeline, and then Billy. Cody says, he can't wait to hold his phone. He says, he didn't care for the longest time. Victoria says, she literally can't remember what her phone looks like, and if she has a case. Cody says, he doesn't like cases, and loves the phone being thin. He says he has a Galaxy. He tells them about the screen on the Galaxy being made of the awesome material. Victoria says, it's fall now, a whole new season.


8:34 PM BBT Cody says, he loves Miami, especially South Beach. He asks Victoria about her apartment there, and where it is? She tries to explain it to him. She tells him they are closer to the strips and clubs, but not right next to all the action. She says, it is, but it's not. Cody says, he was pi$$ed because they went there, and asked for Cubans. He says, he thinks they jipped him on them, but he still bought them, and smoked some stoggies. He says he was there with his girlfriend. He says, his friend was there with his girlfriend, and they fought the entire time, and it was awful. Cody says, this one got interesting. He says, he didn't let it phase him, he was just kicking it. He says, there were 8 guys and 8 guys, and they didn't let it bother them. Victoria asks if it killed the vibe? Cody says, he was just kicking it. Victoria asked if they were still together? Cody says, they broke up, and got back together. He says, he didn't understand how that happened.


8:38 PM BBT Cody talks about a house on the beach in New Jersey that he always goes to, and watches the sun come up. Victoria says she wants to go on a boat so bad when she goes home. She says, she misses being on a boat. Cody says you can only watch the sun rise on the East Coast, and only watch it set on the West Coast.


8:40 PM BBT Derrick says, he thinks he'll family will have a party for him. Cody says, a lot of his family will go to his house, because he missed a lot of summer birthdays. Victoria shouts out for someone to plan a welcome home party for her. Cody puts his hair down, with a part in the middle, and asks Victoria to go on a date with him. She tells Cody, his hair looks like he's in a horror movie, and it's so creepy. Cody says, "OMG, that's epic." He asks Cody is she likes it? She jokingly says, she loves it. Derrick says, she's the only person he knows that falls asleep next to the hot tub. She says, she too tired to get up. Cody says, if he has that hair cut for Halloween, he'll be the biggest nerd. Victoria says, they aren't getting wine. Cody complains about not getting alcohol. Derrick says, it's rhymes with Bo. Victoria yawns, and Cody tells her to stop.


8:45 PM BBT Derrick says, he knows that Caleb exaggerated everything he said in the house, but it would be cool to have someone go up to him in the airport, and have them ask to take a picture with them. He and Coy go back and forth about how cool it would be to have that happen, at least one time. Cody says, he's going to see if they have a Twitter. Cody talks about thinking someone waves to him, and looks back, and they are waving to someone else. They laugh about it. Cody says, he will tell someone he's Cody from BB, and they will say, they don't know what that is. Cody says, he has to cut his toe nails tonight, and that's what's up. Cody says if they get tattoos for them, they need to get "That's what's up," for him. Derrick says, Caleb's was, "At the end of the day." They talk about different things Caleb said in the house.


8:49 PM BBT Victoria says, it's so freaking cold. Cody says, no it's not, it's gorgeous right now. Cody asks Victoria who her favorite person of the season is? She says, in what way, and then says, Derrick, and laughs a lot. We hear a holla from Zach, and Cody says, it sounds just like him. Victoria asks, if Cody thinks it's 9 p.m. yet? He says, yes, and keep telling Victoria bye, and bye, and goodnight, and is messing with her. Victoria gets up. Cody says, goodnight, bye. She says, I'm not going to bed. Derrick says, the last night in the house to look at the sky. He says, the next time they go outside they will be going home. Victoria says, no, they will be looking up at interviews. Cody starts to go in the house, and tells them it's 8:51 p.m. Cody says they will have a great day together tomorrow, and Victoria will be praying all day. Derrick and Cody talk about Frankie, and when they were by the pool table. They talk about Christine also, staying up late.


8:53 PM BBT Victoria goes out to the BY, and Cody, says, he's so excited for her to be back out there, he thought she was going to sleep, and he keeps joking with her. Derrick says the side of his fingers are getting better, but the tips are still numb. Victoria says, hers hurt so bad, and Cody says, his are back to normal. Cody says, "TVGN." Victoria says, "We aren't on yet." Cody says, "O.K., Victoria, wreck me." Cody tells Derrick they played 8 games earlier. Derrick says, one of them needs to get to 30, and Cody says, one needs to get to 50. Derrick adds up the games, and Cody jokingly says, someone can do math. Cody jokes around with him. Victoria asks if TVGN only picks one camera? Derrick says, yes.


8:56 PM BBT All 3 HG's talk about Caleb smelling, and not taking a shower. Derrick says, he wanted to take a shower, but was holding off, and only washed his face, and put a towel on his head. Cody says Caleb used the bar of body soap on his head. They say, it was crazy. Cody makes noises, and then yells a few times. Derrick says, they f*cked with them so bad, and he and Cody yell a couple times. Cody says, he wants to sleep until like 6 p.m. tomorrow, but then he would be up all night. Cody messes with Victoria, and asks her what she would do if he bumped her into the jacuzzi, and she doesn't answer. Derrick walks in the house, and goes to the fire room. Victoria says, she's in the mood for something sweet.

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 9:00pm Cody and Victoria talking about  eating something sweet. Victoria says i might just make me some peanut butter. Cody says i think i might hold out for some tuna or something. Victoria yells what up TVGN. Derrick is getting in the shower.


9:02pm Victoria now in the Kt making a peanut butter sandwich.She licks the knife and then washes it.


 9:05pm Victoria goes back to the BY as Cody says i just caught it and Victoria says what? He ask did you make peanut butter and jelly? She says no it is peanut butter and banana and i warmed it up so it is hot. Cody is playing pool by himself.


 9:10pm Cody is looking up and saying it is so quiet and Victoria says huh? Victoria ask Cody do you think they will get us lunch tomorrow? Cody says uh no. Victoria ask why would they do it 3 days in a row? Cody says maybe because they had work to do.Victoria says true.


9:12pm Victoria says i just want a shower and go to bed. Cody says why cause your cold? She says yeah and i am exhausted.I tossed and turned lastnight. Cody says we are so close to being out of here and i just say wow. There has never been a time i ever felt like we are out of here but right now we are so close.


 9:14pm Derrick is finishing up his shower. Victoria goes inside and yells i am exhausted. Cody is playing pool and talking to himself.


 9:19pm Victoria ask Derrick if he is staying up tonight and he says i am going to try like hell only because  i do not want to get up early tomorrow . Victoria then says she has a headache and derrick ask did you take advil? She says yeah.She now gets in the shower so she can go to bed soon.


 9:21pm Derrick comes out to the BY and he and Cody are starting a pool game and he tells Cody you are about to get your a$$ whooped. Derrick then says rack it.


 9:31pm BB says Please check the STR. Derrick says  Beers? Cody says if it is your the best BB. Cody goes to the STR and they get beer and wine. 


  9:33pm Victoria and derrick start a load of laundry and Victoria says if drinking the wine is going to help me fall asleep then that is good.


 9:39pm Cody and Derrick still playing pool in the by and arguing over shots they make and Cody still yelling about everything.


  9:42pm Victoria in the WA alone tweezing her chin again.(do them hairs grow every 2 hours?) Derrick and Cody  still playing pool as Cody gets louder and louder.


 9:55pm Cody and derrick still playing pool and Victoria in the WA flt ironing her hair 

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#BB16 10:06PM BBT Derrick and Cody play pool. Victoria fixing her hair after her shower.


#BB16 10:18PM BBT Victoria has changed out of the outfit she changed into after her shower. She is now watching Derrick and Cody play pool.


#BB16 10:42PM BBT Victoria continues to watch the guys play pool.



#BB16 10:52PM BBT Derrick rolling up more clothes for his suitcase. Victoria roaming the house looking for a place to change.


#BB16 10:53PM BBT Victoria goes to the Fire Room. Derrick offers to leave she can change and she says no because there are cameras everywhere. She crawls under the covers to change. She says she can't believe she hasn't been naked in 3 months. Derrick says she has been in the shower. She says it's not the same. She says she hasn't gotten to look at herself naked in a mirror in 3 months.


#BB16 10:56PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that he makes her feel like she is delusional. She asks him if she was wrong to be paranoid about him being with the guys. Derrick says she was wrong. he wasn't going to cut her over the guys.


#BB16 11:01PM BBT Victoria puts on her pink socks. Derrick heads to the kitchen to make a quesadilla.


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11:05 PM BBT Derrick, Cody, and Victoria in the KT talking about packing their belongings and trying to take home everything. Victoria says there is about 40 hours until they are out of the house. Derrick says about 16 of those hours they will be sleeping. Derrick and Cody are trying to guess if there will be a tie breaker question during the last part of the HOH comp. Cody is asks Derrick a hypothetical questions for the final comp, "Which speech made by Zach in the house was Zach's favorite."


11:10 PM BBT Cody says that are all lucky to me in the final 3 out of the thousands that applied and the 16 HG that were in the house. BB played an announcement for Jeremy and Howard from a previous BB season and the HG go nuts. BB plays a second announcement for Judd from last season.


11:15 PM BBT Cody, in the KT, tells Derrick, in the LR, who might be at the after party. Cody hopes Enzo BB12 will be there but will hit him up when outside of the house regardless. Derrick wants to see Michele BB10. Victoria asks Derrick if he wants to play checkers, Derrick says sure but Victoria says he doesn't sound excited to play.


11:25 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are playing checkers in the LR, Cody has joined them to watch. Talk is on reminiscing about being in the BB house when next summer comes around. Derrick and Cody explain to Victoria how double jumping works. Cody is helping Victoria play against Derrick. Derrick and Cody are now both helping Victoria try to beat Derrick at checkers.


11:30 PM BBT Cody asks Victoria why she becomes a 3 year old when she plays checkers. Derrick and Victoria are chasing each other around the board, Derrick slightly winning.


11:35 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are still playing the same game of checkers. Cody has introduced the rule of king wall jumps. Victoria asks Derrick if he wants to allow wall jumps, and Derrick says okay. Derrick and Victoria have finally king'd their remaining pieces and Cody says that now its a party.


11:40 PM BBT Derrick now complains about wall jumps in their game and Victoria says they don't have to do it anymore. After a few more moves Victoria tries to wall jump Derrick but he tells her she can't do that. Cody suggests they play the card game BS and after an exhilarating game of checkers, Derrick forfeits and Victoria is the winner. Cody deals the cards and they start to play BS.


11:45 PM BBT Victoria sees her cards and says "F***". Cody says her parents are going to be mad at her for cussing so much now and they will want to blame Cody for it. The group goes around a few times, Cody calls BS on Victoria's Queen but is wrong and takes the cards. The game continues. Derrick says after their game he thinks he will have a quesadilla and then try to go to sleep.


11:55 PM BBT The BS card game continues in the LR. The amount of cards each HG has has been shifting as they have all gotten BS called on them and on called wrong BS on someone else.


11:59 PM BBT After many titillating rounds of BS Cody finally wins with 1 Jack. BB plays Amanda's dance music from BB 15 for a few seconds. Derrick is laying on the couch and Cody is in the KT making a quesadilla.

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