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Friday September 19 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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11:06am Victoria and Derrick are in the kitchen looking for food. She is munching on cereal, and he is trying to figure out what he wants to eat.


11:13am Victoria eating dry cereal  talking to Derrick about past seasons. Derrick appears to be making a quesadilla  telling Victoria that hes been loyal all season to her. That no matter what happens though, they will all still be friends


11:25pm Derrick cutting up his quesadillas as Victoria leaves and comes back with the sour cream out of the STR and herself an apple. She is whispering to derrick about the difference in their relationship and  hers and Cody's relationship. Says they are like family, her and Cody are just allies


11:35pm Victoria and Derrick talking about part 2 of the HOH competition. When it will be, what it will be and who has a better chance against him. She says if she wins tomorrow, there is no option but to win part 3. Derrick agrees but tells her he is very smart and part three will be mental.


11:51am Victoria whispering to Derrick while he does the dishes so what was said couldn’t be heard. She moves on to Frankie and the Jury. She is trying to figure out how the jury is made of nine then realizes that one of the three in the house will make number 9 when they leave.


11:59pm Derrick is in the kitchen staring at the memory wall closing his eyes and mouthing something. Victoria is in the shower, he said he would wait for her to go to bed.


12:08am Derrick comes into the bathroom and says Cody is going to be up all night Victoria says ya he is. Derrick appears to be getting ready to take a shower while Victoria does her makeup in  the mirror


12:17am Derrick is still in the shower. Victoria is going back and forth between the kitchen and the bathroom. Cody is sleeping


12:29am Victoria asks Derrick if he wants to play black jack before they go to bed. He says he actually kind of tired and might just capitalize on it by going to bed now. She says crap and then comments that Cody will be up at 3am or so and Derrick agrees.


12:37am Derrick has headed to bed, Victoria is the only one awake. She is picking hairs off her face with tweezers


12:45am Victoria still in the bathroom plucking away. The guys sound asleep


12:58am Victoria did an abs workout in the beehive room and is now wandering the house. Currently she is drinking water in the kitchen.


1:12am Derrick gets up to go to the bathroom and finds Victoria, they both head to bed when he is done.

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6:00 AM BBT All HG's are warmly and snugly tucked into bed in the fire room. There is a light on in the rock room, and there is a hollow, rolling wardrobe cart outside the fire room door. The wardrobe has some clothes hanging inside of it. All is quiet in the BB16 house.


6:17 AM BBT Victoria moves around a little in her sleep, and is now lying on her right side. Derrick moves his feet a little, and Cody is lying on his back with his knees bent, and up in the air. We hear a little banging noise, but the HG's are not waking up from it.


6:27 AM BBT We can hear some thumping in the background, but HG's are still asleep. Derrick has moved a little, and now has one of his legs bent, and up in the air, under his comforter. Cody and Victoria haven't moved around.


6:40 AM BBT Cody moves around in his bed, he is now lying on his left side, toward the edge of his bed. Victoria moves around in her bed, and makes some noises.


6:42 AM BBT Victoria makes loud noises with her bed, flips over, and is now lying on her left side.


7:03 AM BBT We hear creaking, and something moving around, but it doesn't phase the HG's. They are all still sleeping soundly.


7:04 AM BBT We hear clanging and banging of metal, with something moving around, but the HG's still don't seem to hear this going on, as they are all still sleeping. One minute later, Victoria stirs in her bed a little.


7:12 AM BBT We can hear a lot of moving things around, and banging. It sounds like a door was opened, we hear metal clanging, and more moving around.


7:13 AM BBT We still hear the moving around and banging for 2 more minutes, but it's still not waking up the tired HG's.


7:17 AM BBT We hear more banging around, and Victoria stirs in her bed.


7:43 AM BBT Victoria moves around and scratches herself. We hear a little noise again. Cody stirs in his bed, while Victoria flips over, and is lying on her right side again. Derrick has both knees bent, and up in the air.


7:46 AM BBT Derrick moves around a lot, and bangs his wedding ring on the headboard of his bed. He turns, and is lying on his left side now.


7:55 AM BBT Cody moves around in his bed a couple times, while Victoria and Derrick are still sleeping.


8:02 AM BBT Derrick moves a little in his bed, and we hear a thump in the background. Derrick scratches his nose with his right hand, and then puts his hand back by his pillow. Victoria stirs in her bed, and had her legs bent, and angled toward the ceiling.


8:09 AM BBT Derrick moves around in his bed, and puts his comforter over him, leaving his face exposed. Victoria moves around in her bed, and is lying on her left side, with part of her comforter not covering her.


8:13 AM BBT Derrick moves in his bed, and is now lying on his right side. Victoria moves again in her bed. Cody is still lying on his back diagonally on his bed.


8:20 AM BBT Victoria moves around in her bed, and now has her comforter wrapped all the way around her.


8:22 AM BBT Victoria seems to be restless as she moves around again two more times, and then sniffles a couple of times. A minute later, Derrick moves around in his bed some more.


8:32 AM BBT Derrick moves around, seems to have his whole body covered with his comforter, one of his legs is bent, and pointed to the ceiling. Victoria moves around a few more times, and is lying on her left side. Cody is still fast asleep, and hasn't moved in a while. Victoria moves her head, and lets out some deep breaths. She burps, and turns her head back to the left.


8:35 AM BBT Victoria moves around some more, burps, and then moves around even more.


8:43 AM BBT Victoria almost sits all the way up in her bed, as she readjusts herself. She is lying on her right side, wrapped in her comforter, with her head uncovered. A minute later she readjusts herself, and is now lying diagonally on her bed, and she burps again.


8:55 AM BBT All HG's are sleeping and Derrick is snoring.


8:57 AM BBT Derrick's snoring becomes deeper, as Cody and Victoria are still sleeping.


8:58 AM BBT Cody makes a few noises as he flips over in his bed, and is lying on his left side. Derrick continues to snore, and Victoria is cozy in her bed.

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11:31am Victoria in the WA doing her make up and Cody in the KT. Derrick  still in bed  as Bb keeps yelling  his holla's.


 41am Victoria in the KT stirring coffee and Cody making a breakfast sandwich, Derrick napping in e Fire br.


11:48am Cody comes in the room and ask Victoria and Derrick what they want for lunch? Victoria says they are getting us lunch and Cody says yeah and walks in to wake derrick. he turns the light on and tells derrick . derrick raises up and we get foth.


11:51am Derrick is telling Victoria and Cody about a dream he had and how he thinks that  his daughter will be scared of him. Victoria says no she will know she watches you all the time and Cody agrees. derrick says i hope you are right. They are all three laying in beds in the fire br.


11:53am Cody says so Chinese food for lunch? Victoria says yeah on the egg rolls do they have meat in them and Cody says no.


11:59am Hg talking about what Chinese foods they want for their take out food.

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12:01pm Derrick says he is still in the zone where Cody doesn't have to be and Cody says i am still in game mode where  you don't have to be but i would enjoy the take out food more if this comp was over. Cody says maybe this afternoon or tonight but i doubt this afternoon since we get food at 2pm  derrick says maybe tonight then.


12:08pm Derrick in str getting pills and a banana and Cody puts eggs away in str. Derrick says it is nuts how little food is in the STR now. ALL Hg in KT just walking around as they are excited about getting take out today.


12:12pm Victoria says i want spring rolls and Cody says i can eat egg rolls on top of egg rolls. Victoria says ask then for the duck sauce you know that red sauce and Cody says yeah.


12:25pm derrick and Cody talking about seeing their family and it doesn't matter which one wins the 500k or 50k  it will all be worth it to see their families.


12:38pm Cody and derrick talking about they made the right move getting Frankie and Caleb out and that Victoria knows she is going to leave Wednesday as we sit in the final 2. derrick says if Caleb had been here in this part one hoh comp we would have crushed him cause his arms would have fatigued.


12:30pm derrick says his speech will be like Caleb has told ya'll that yes Cody and i had a final 2 and we took the easiest path we could to make it here where we are.He says they cant say this was a cowardly move for that either. derrick says if i am going to lose this game it is to you and you alone.


12:34pm  Cody is now going to the DR to order their lunch  of Chinese food. Bb tells Victoria to put her mic on.  Derrick is sitting in the LVR playing with the rolling pin.


12:41pm Cody. Derrick and Victoria all in the LVR talking about how good Chinese food is and we get foth.


 12:45pm derrick talking about getting married in New Port cause his wife loves it there.


 12:46pm Cody ask derrick and Victoria if they want tom play go fish and derrick says i don't know how to play but it is an easy game right and Cody says right.


  12:53pm The go fish game continues with Hg  laughing at each other.
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#BB16 1:05PM BBT The HG discuss the rules of the card game.


#BB16 1:27PM BBT The HG continue to play a game of Bullsh*t.


#BB16 1:38PM BBT Victoria is cold and takes a moment to go put on a leather jacket (could be fake leather - not sure). Back to the game in the LR


#BB16 1:46PM BBT The Chinese food has arrived. Victoria says it smells amazing. She shouts out to BB that they are wonderful.


#BB16 1:55PM BBT The HG are eating their Chinese food. Victoria says it was so nice of BB to let them have whatever they wanted for lunch.

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 2:30pm derrick tells Victoria if she is going to hydrate before the comp she better do it now not right before. He then tells her to take a power nap real quick. She says i dont know but those are the best naps but they just make you more tired.


 2:37pm Victoria has gone to lay down. Cody and derrick dozing off on the LVR couches and BB says Hg this is a reminder sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms.Cody says was the me or you? derrick says i am wide awake. Bb starts the holla's again.


 2:42pm Derrick goes to the DR and Cody gets up and goes to bed for a nap.


2:45pm Derrick in the Wa shaving. Victoria now getting up and going to the KT to get a drink.


 2:48pm  Cody is walking around going through drawers looking for Christine's stuff as BB has told him tom get something of hers and Frankie to take to the DR and he cant find anything of hers.he walks back to the Wa and says they said it was in a bag with a band around it and we get foth.


  2:54pm Derrick still shaving and Victoria braiding her hair talking about eating Kosher foods.


   2:56pm derrick and Victoria talking about eating Kosher hot dogs and Victoria says alot of people eat those even though they aren't Jewish. Cody has gone back to bed for his nap.

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#BB16 3:02PM Derrick is brushing his teeth while Victoria hangs out in WA. Cody is in bed. Then we got WBRB.


#BB16 3:03PM Cody comes out of SR and yells "Hey DRag". Victoria tells him that he's still brushing his teeth. Cody states it still smells in storage. Cody comes in to WA and tells Derrick on his way out that he requests some Dayquil.


#BB16 3:19PM Derrick is about done in the shower, Victoria is checking herself out in the mirror in the WA. Cody is called into DR.


#BB16 3:20PM Cody comes out of DR and changes his shirt and goes back to DR. 


#BB16 3:22PM Victoria is in KT in deep thought it looks and Derrick is getting dressed in WA. Cody appears to be still in the DR.


#BB16 3:28PM Derrick and Victoria in KT now standing around. Derrick tells Victoria "Good news is, at least we'll get it over". (Talking about HOH2 as its quickly approaching)


#BB16 3:32PM Derrick says it could be something where they are standing in a box holding something on their heads. Victoria thinks it's going to be something active and moving. Derrick tells Victoria that whatever she does then she'll just have to own it. (i'm assuming if he's talking about her throwing it)


#BB16 3:33PM Victoria heads to WC. Derrick pacing back and forth practicing (while whispering) evicted HG.


#BB16 3:35PM Derrick sits down at the small table still whispering until Victoria comes out and goes to KT. Victoria then sits down at the table. Victoria asks him what he is thinking and Derrick says "The game. What it could be." They both look a bit stressed and in deep thought. 


#BB16 3:40PM Derrick heads to LR and sits down in the chair while Victoria sits in KT. Cody still in DR.


#BB16 3:42PM Victoria is now laying down on the couch in LR. Victoria says "Do you hear him in there?" to Derrick and BB then yells at her saying "Victoria, you are not allowed to talk about production."


#BB16 3:46PM You can tell Derrick and Victoria are getting nervous with anticipation because they are talking about how long it's taking Cody in DR as he's been in there for a while now.


#BB16 3:48PM  Cody comes out of DR and Derrick and Victoria shocked. Cody just says it's just a DR. We get WBRB real quick but it comes back.


#BB16 3:50PM  Derrick and Victoria tells Cody that they just want to get it over with and Cody just says "it's just a DR sess'" (his exact words). Victora heads to SR and grabs an apple and banana.


#BB16 3:50PM  Derrick and Victoria tells Cody that they just want to get it over with and Cody just says "it's just a DR sess'" (his exact words). Victora heads to SR and grabs an apple and banana.


#BB16 3:52PM BB says "Victoria please go to the DR." Cody tells Victoria in passing "I really don't think the comp is today, they are just going over stuff." Victoria says it was long. Cody now laying on LR couch shuffling cards.


#BB16 3:53PM Victoria comes out of DR. Goes to the FR, grabs something in her bed, and goes to WA to change clothes. Derrick comes out of WC.


#BB16 3:56PM Derrick then joins Cody on the other couch in the KT. Derrick tells Cody that he still thinks it's today but Cody told him he doesn't feel it will be today. Victoria working with her hair.


#BB16 3:59PM Derrick tells Cody that he likes the night comps better. 


#BB16 4:00PM  Derrick is going over all the HOH's with Cody. Cody then tells him to name nominee's. 


#BB16 4:04PM Cody and Derrick go over what the competition will be while in the LR. Victoria's in DR. 


#BB16 4:07PM Talk is about Victoria. Cody says it's a joke that Victoria is still here.


#BB16 4:09PM Derrick tells Cody that they both deserve to be in the final two spots and that pressure is on him.


#BB16 4:11PM  Study session continues. Cody now grilling Derrick over who nominated who. Victoria still in DR.


#BB16 4:12PM Cody now tells Derrick to name all the BoB winners every week and then tells him to repeat it.


#BB16 4:13PM Cody tells Derrick that he doesn't have to do it fast , just to do it right, as he Derrick keeps saying it fast and screwing it up.


#BB16 4:15PM  Cody tells Derrick that Caleb said "Slow is smooth but smooth is fast."


#BB16 4:20PM Derrick tells Cody that either way he's walking out of there with a check. Cody says "We are almost there dude"


#BB16 4:21PM Cody says, "I just want this to comp to go down" and Derrick agree's. 


#BB16 4:25PM Now talk goes to the jury. Derrick says he thinks all the questions will be negative. They are talking about what Caleb would say. They think it will have to relate to something regarding loyalty. 


#BB16 4:26PM Cody and Derrick continue talking about jury. Victoria comes out of DR.


#BB16 4:28PM Derrick asks how Victoria's DR was and she says "good"


#BB16 4:29PM Derrick comes out of DR and has to change clothes and then heads back into DR.  Cody yells "Who are you Donny, who are you!" loudly (being goofy) and Victoria asks Cody if he's OK.  


#BB16 4:32PM Victoria leaves the KT and heads to the LR with Cody as they are about to play a game of cards.


#BB16 4:37PM Cody and Victoria continue to play cards while Derrick is in the DR. The talk is about cards, no game talk at all between the two.


#BB16 4:53PM Victoria makes her way to the WC. Cody sits on couch eating chips. Derrick still in DR.


#BB16 4:54PM Derrick comes out of DR saying he had to redo some sound bites because Victoria kept screaming at Cody and Derrick and production can hear them. 

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6:01 PM BBT
Derrick is still sitting on the stairs with his up. He was watching Victoria. She freaked out and he starts laughing. She says, "That's so creepy, Derrick! You look so creepy! I had no idea you were sitting there." Cody finally gets up and says it was super creepy. Victoria says, "You looked so scary. I hate you." Derrick says "I should have grabbed your hair when you walked by." Victoria says, "My heart would have been done. So done. I would have killed you." Derrick says he's going to wait until it's dark and grab her ankle tonight when she walks by. Victoria says, "Please don't. I'm going to just follow you around instead." Derrick says, "That's fine. You've followed me around this entire summer anyway." Derrick calls out, "Right, Hayden?" Victoria says, "Yeah whatever. In your dreams, b*tch!" Derrick starts laughing. Victoria says, "I hate you."


6:13 PM BBT Derrick cannot possibly believe that Victoria would think using honey would have the same effect as using wax on her face to remove her hair. He tells her to lay on the floor and just think about what she just said.


6:15 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are bored. He decides to give her a piggy back ride through the house. He dumps her on the living room coffee table. She takes a bow and says, "Thank you very much! Say hello to the winner of the second Hoh!" Derrick says, "In your dreams. I'd break your legs first!" Victoria says, "Geeze! Would you really hurt me?" Derrick laughs and says, "No!" Victoria says ,"For a half million dollars you would." Derrick says, "Hurt you? No." Victoria and Derrick decided to play one of the games they got last night. Cody is awake and gets told by BB to not sleep in the living room. Derrick says, "His eyes are clearly open, Rose."


6:27 PM BBT Derrick crushes Victoria in Chinese Checkers. She accuses him of cheating by not telling her the rules. Derrick tells her she claimed she knew how to play it. He goes over the


6:29 PM BBT Cody gets called to the DR and the feeds immediately go to flashbacks. Time for the second part of the HoH comp!

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 9:00pm Feeds are back as we only have sound and can hear cody saying " he is trapped he gets an open shot and comes around" then he says you suck. Cody is locked in the HOH rm as derrick and victoria play Part 2 of the hoh comp.


 9:02pn Cody throws things  at the bucket on the bed and says " he pulls back, he pulls back" he misses the shot then says the pressure is on as he makes another shot and collapses on the couch.


 9:04pm Cody going over who all has bee nominated and what week they was on the block. So in final 2 if i was sitting there against derrick. Hayden may not vote for me and Nicole no, Victoria no and Caleb no. YIKES. Donny yes, Christine yes and Acosta yes. He then sits in silence counting on his fingers.


9:07pm He continues to count votes on his fingers and says Oh Sh*t not looking good 


 9:09pm Cody says oh lord so Hayden could like me but when it comes out that derrick and i were working together it might not be taking so harshly.I know one thing that Hayden would have never trusted derrick if it wasn't for me. Christine would have never gotten closer to Derrick cause of me she did.


9:20pm Cody jumps on the hoh bed and says well last person in the hoh bed this season not a big deal. he then gets up throwing things in the bucket again.



 9:23pm Cody yells OH MY GOD how long are we gonna be up here for then he yawns. he then says if derrick didn't win this comp it is going to be terrible. He then says what are the odds that she beats him? What are the odds?


9:25pm Cody now telling Bb the fish are hungry they are going to die of starvation and they are scared.


 9:27pm Cody now going over a possible speech for finale night and keeps changing it  but keeps saying  that he thought he could trust Christine but then couldn't. Hayden he had to  get him out cause he couldn't trust Donny. Cody then says be nice cause my parents are watching.

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9:30 pm BBT

All 4 cameras on Cody in HOH room.   Waiting, waiting for Comp to be done.

Pacing back and forth, laying on bed, throwing some kind of plastic thing around.


Talking to camera.  Saying all the things he helped happen in the House.  Hungry too.

Time going sooooo slooow for him.

"This is taking way to long" ....

The suspense is killing him (and me too)

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#BB16 1:59PM BBT Victoria has taken a huge plateful of food. She tells Cody she is full. He tells her she eats like a bird. She says she can't eat a lot. She says she isn't hungry most of the time.


#BB16 2:01PM BBT Victoria's fortune cookie says that she is very sweet and caring. Cody's says that his golden opportunity is coming very soon. The HG are full. There is a ton of food left.


#BB16 2:03PM BBT Victoria had to open another cookie because she wanted a different fortune. This one says that she will be a winner in life. She shows it to the guys and says it's for the HOH comp. Derrick says oh great - you are going against me today. Then she said it says in life and doesn't mean today. Derrick tells her she is already a winner in life.


#BB16 2:08PM BBT Victoria is showing Cody her finale dress and saying she didn't bring the right colored shoes into the house. Says she left them home. She describes the shoes at home and he says they would have been perfect.


#BB16 2:20PM BBT The HG talk about who will be coming to finale for them.

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#BB16 9:40PM BBT Cody still alone in HOH. He is getting restless.


#BB16 9:47PM BBT We have Jeff reels.


#BB16 10:00PM BBT We are back. Derrick walking around the house. Vic with her head down in the WCA crying. Derrick goes to the BR and tells Cody he smoked it. Cody says he can't believe it.


#BB16 10:02PM BBT Derrick says that the comp was the previous nominations. Derrick says you had to scale a wall and put up the HG who was nominated. You had to find the right placard and then scale the wall to put it up. Then you had to scale down and find the 2nd HG that was nominated. They were not together. Victoria and Derrick both got them on the first try but it was timed.

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#BB16 10:06PM BBT Derrick is saying he found all of Victoria's placards first and put them up. Derrick says there was a helicopter that kept passing by and watching the comp.


#BB16 10:08PM BBT Victoria thought she crushed the competition. She says that she got them all and didn't even second guess herself.


#BB16 10:12PM BBT Derrick is in the KT with Cody. Still talking about the comp. He has a lot of adrenaline. Victoria is crying and heads to the WC


#BB16 10:22PM BBT The HG have reheated the Chinese food from earlier today. Still discussing the comp.


#BB16 10:36PM BBT Dinner is over. Clean up commencing.


#BB16 10:41PM BBT Victoria in the Fire BR crying. Cody and Derrick in the LR saying they can't believe they got to the end.

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