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Utopia Recap: 2014-09-12 (Friday)


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Utopia - Part 3

Friday September 12th, 2014


As we begin part three of the "Largest ever Televised Social Experiment" we see the pioneers slowly but surely upgrading their living environment.  Spending money on food, appliances, electricity and plumbing.  They still have no clear strategy for making any money as we watch their limited funds dwindle quickly.  Will these pioneers get their priorities straightened out in time or will it take actual starvation to kick them into gear?


Rob and Josh continue the back breaking labor of digging trenches for electrical wires and now plumbing pipes.  Their goal is an indoor bathroom.  Bella continues her composting and strange gardening techniques. 


The pioneers all get together to discuss the two new candidates for admission into Utopia.  They will have to feed and provide bedding for them for the next three days.  They will be allowed to live with and mingle with the pioneers for three days then a vote will decide which one stays and which one goes.  First we have Kristin, a 24 year old Entrepreneur that brings her happy, positive energy, and the statement that she is here to make them money to the table.  To learn more about Kristen click here.  Next we have Rhonda, a 48 year old Political Activist for the Tea Party.  Rhonda actually brought silverware to the table, she had some goodies in her bag: silverware, soap and hot sauce.  She says she is Tom-Boy at heart and has experience with plumbing and doesn't have a problem doing a hard day's work, learn more about Rhonda here.


The Utopia State of Freedom (Red and Dave) wonders how they are going to make money aside from any group efforts which they will not be participating in.  Red says they can sell 2,000 hemp bracelets and make $5,000 in two days.  That seems to work for Dave.  No other conversation necessary.


Several of our pioneers show Kristen & Rhonda around the compound and end up at the water fall where everyone spends a little while frolicking in the water.  Bella is especially impressed with Josh and his "banana hammock" swim suit.  She slaps him on the butt and says "I just want to pinch his little behind".  Later in the day Bella talks to Bri about Josh and how attractive he is.  Bri eggs her on saying she can "see" the chemistry between them.  Rob and Josh in the barn discuss how terrible Bella is and imagine coming home to her as she micro-manages every single thing in her imaginary boyfriends life.  This is a recipe for disaster.  


During this episode the pioneers have several deliveries, a stove, refrigerator, plumbing pipes, and a toilet.  They are left with just $3,350 and still no real plans to make any money.  The "Compound" is open to the public one day a week, if you are in California (near L.A.) you could visit and participate in Yoga Classes, Boot camp, or go Fishing in the stocked lake.  Also, there is the chance to meet Bella...


Mike and Dedeker talk about making some kind of money for the group but are really just making "googly" eyes at each other.  Later they take the shower curtain and turn their row boat into a sail boat and take a ride around the pond.  They are now bedding down next to each other and it hasn't gone unnoticed by the other pioneers who actually see them kissing in bed together early one morning in the barn.  Mike is single, but Dedeker has two boyfriends and a girlfriend on the outside.  She lives a "poly-amorus lifestyle.


Dave gives Pastor Jon a shave and a haircut in exchange for a baptism this Sunday.  Both are looking forward to giving Dave's life to God.  But, when the food delivery arrives all of Dave's good intentions go out the window.  Dave loaned Amanda six banana's earlier in the week, she asked for 1 pound of banana's to replace the ones she used.  Dave is offended that it is only four little bananas that were returned.  He says that is not how he plays.  Amanda says it was her responsibility to return the bananas and she will get them (USF) 2 more bananas on the next food delivery.  This not at all satisfactory to Dave who now wants one apple and one orange because he is not going to wait for the next delivery.  Both of the new recruits are there to see Dave dive right of the deep end.  Several pioneers break away and eat their food away from the arguing. 


Amanda, Mike and Dedeker sit on the barn stairs discussing what it's like living with Dave and that they are not going to be able to change him.  Amanda calls him stupid.  Bri and Chris eat over by the boat dock and marvel at how the whole argument is over two bananas.  Hex has heard enough and makes a smart ass remark to Dave.  He asks why she is getting involved, he tells her she is the kind of girl that her boyfriend beat up.  He then says she is the kind of girl that gets her "man" either in jail or killed.  Hex is having none of it, she gives it back to Dave insult for insult.  Dave brings up the first night that Josh got very "grabby" with Hex and even tried to drag her head in for a kiss.  Dave blames the whole thing on Hex by saying she was provoking him.  Rhonda stops by the barn stairs group just to ask "is this normal?"  They say "from Dave, yes"  Rhonda says "so just ignore it?"  They group just nods as Rhonda finds somewhere else to be.  Red has moved Dave away from Hex several times now.  Dave finally walks away from the fire pit and tells Pastor Jon he is going to finish his meal and he is "out".  He says he wouldn't even talk to any of these people in the real world.  The Pastor tries to settle him down, but Dave has made up his mind, he is leaving.  None of these people like him, and he can not sleep with the enemy.  (This is the first time we notice the Pastor has a soft cast on his right hand, we learn later that the Pastor will need surgery and his time in Utopia maybe shorter than he first imagined.)  Rob admonishes Hex about engaging with Dave, Hex says he just gets her so riled up.  Dave goes into the barn to pack his things.  He speaks to the Pastor and Red about "having" to leave now, he either leaves or "he will go to jail".  Dave is suggesting he can not control himself and will harm someone if he doesn't get out of there.  He walks down the path and out the front gate without another word to anyone.  He sits on his crate of belongings and waits for whatever happens to pioneers that quit.  Dave was homeless and unemployed when he began preparing for a spot in Utopia, I can't imagine what kind of life he is going back to.


Josh, Hex and Pastor Jon try to comfort Red on the loss of his best friend in Utopia.  Red whips out with some deep dark information about his family life.  He tells them he is considered the "good one" in his family, and he has had family members murder other family members.  No one is quite sure what to say about that, but they reassure him that he is welcome in the group and loved.  In the end, Red takes Mike and Dedekers make-shift sail boat out for spin around the pond.


The rest of the pioneers gather in the barn for an impromptu barn dance.  Mike plays some silly mouth keyboard and Chris plays the guitar, they are both terrible, but nobody cares.  Everybody moves to the music and claps along enjoying the lightening of the mood now that Dave is gone.  They notice the difference in themselves right away and feel a little guilty, but are still glad that Dave is no longer a thorn in their side.


As a new day begins, Rhonda decides to try to help out in the garden, but that is Bella's domain.  As soon as Bella catches site of Rhonda she begins to rant at her.  She tells Rhonda that she "must first ask before doing any gardening" because this is a special Bella type of gardening.  Rhonda gets fed up with Bella nagging at her, throws the spade down and walks away.  Kristen made the much wiser decision to learn how to milk the cow.  Nikki tries to tell Bella that no one wants to help in the garden because Bella always micro-manages them and no one wants to put up with it.  Bella take this opportunity to talk with Josh about the problem.  Bella: "I need a little more respect around here if this is going to work"  Josh:  "You're going to have to let go of control a little bit"  Bella: "I have let go"  Josh: "Just relax"  Bella: I have relaxed"  Josh: "and listen to other peoples suggestions" Bella: "I do listen to suggestions"  Josh: "and not get too upset about little things"  Bella: "I don't"  Josh eventually gets something across to her, telling her she needs to stop telling people what to do and just suggest things, and pet peoples ego just a little bit.  She gushes all over Josh, thanking him for his advice and throws in a little giggle just for him. 


After the stove and refrigerator are delivered Josh makes the terrible suggestion within ear shot of Bella that they need to get a microwave.  Bella immediately goes into meltdown mode.  She says "no, no, no, no.  No microwave.  Rob says, yes, they are getting a microwave.  She says "we can't do a microwave ya'll, cuz that is radiation poisoning and that causes cancer and all kinds of stuff."  Aaron says "we got to get a microwave".  Bella says "ya'll just aren't educated, I understand that, we will talk about it later".  Aaron says "whoa, watch yourself, I know the radiation it emits and it's really not that bad"  Bella interrupts and says "it IS that bad".  Online Bella goes on to tell the other pioneers how many times she has cured cancer and the first thing she does is get the microwave out of the house.  Mike says very sarcastically "I think it should be a good discussion later on"  Everyone else gets that he is teasing, but Bella agrees that is a good idea, Mike says they should devote an hour to it later on.  Rob, Aaron, and Kristen begin to laugh. After Bella leaves to tell Nikki "her Utopia does not have a microwave in it", Hex reminds them it's ok to tease each other, but be careful not to be bullies.   


Dave has sent the pioneers a letter.  He apologizes for his behavior and wants to come back to Utopia.  Rob stops Pastor Jon from even reading anymore of the letter, he says no way is Dave coming back.  They  agree to hear the rest of the letter and in it Dave asks if they don't want him to come back to stay, can he at least come back on Sunday and be baptized by Pastor Jon.   Pastor Jon asks Amanda to finish reading the letter as he is too choked up to continue.  The pioneers take a vote and agree that Dave can come back for the baptism but can not become a part of Utopia again.  When he arrives on Sunday for the baptism, it is a beautiful ceremony.  Dave gives his pitch to everyone about coming back but they gently explain that there is no chance.  He accepts their decision and says he will move on with God in his life. 


The last chore left for the pioneers for this episode is to grant either Kristen or Rhonda acceptance into Utopia.  They have a big decision to make.  We won't find out until next Tuesday.  We also get our first look at Taylor who has been chosen to replace Dave and the pioneers will finally be up to full capacity of the 15 members the show intended.  But don't get too comfortable, the Pastor's broken thumb is going to cause some new decisions to be made.

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So my take on this epsidoe is: Enjoyed the new blood (Rhonda and Kristin). I personally like Kristin though because she's an Entrepreneur like I am. Rhonda gave me "the mother" vibe and honestly that wouldn't fly for me if i was there. There is enough of that there already.  


I can understand how Bella micro-manages but I can also understand how it can be annoying. I mean I get how she knows that field and wants to teach others how to do it right (or her way) but i can see the other point where, "can't you just be happy im helping you?!" That is a tough debate.


Glad they got the deliveries and that Josh is hooking the plumbing up. He's turning out to be very useful, isn't he? I bet there glad he they didn't banish him earlier in the season. 


Digging the Mike & Dedeker showmance. That showmance I get, simply because they got to know each other before going crazy into each other. Plus something about Mike, I like, and it just makes me want to like him more.


About Dave leaving. I have no words to really say about this. Like them, I can see both sides of the story. Keeping him vs sending him out. I just wish Dave would go get real help which I doubt he won't have a hard time in doing so.


Overall, I'm actually impressed the way this is going. At the end of the day (heh heh) its drama, showmance, and entertainment...what more to ask for? Plus i do like how people leave and come into the show, you know? It's cool they just give the same people over the period and say this is it.
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