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Thursday, September 11 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:06am Cody and Frankie playing a game of pool. Derrick was inside and grabbed pills for Frankie while he was in there. Victoria is watching the guys play



12:14am Not a lot has changed, instead of Cody and Frankie playing pool its Derrick and Cody


12:16am Frankie and Caleb talking about cutting the sleeves off the button up he just go saying he thinks he's going to leave it for now. He'd going through his basket getting a better look at everything


12:33am all 4 feeds on Victoria looking in a mirror in the BY



12:36am Caleb, Frankie and Cody in the HOH. Caleb is telling them that his oldest brother has a different dad but his dad raised him from birth. Victoria in the KT studying the Memory wall


12:44am Caleb talking about Army pilots and how they do fly. Victoria has joined them in the HOH room they are talking about how you eat pumpkin seeds


12:50am  Caleb talking about his dad's hunting page and some of the promotions he thinks his dad is doing.  Victoria says she's never heard of BBQ sunflower seeds and gets up to get some.


12:59am Frankie and Derrick head downstairs to play a game of pool. Cody is listening to the music that Caleb got Victoria was munching on the different snacks he got but has left the room.


1:01am Derrick asks Frankie where his head in the game is now. He says he feels good where they are but is worried that Caleb is leaning more to Cody lately. He asks Derrick to tell him if there is so much as a 10 second conversation about him not being safe because he's the only one that can squash that.


1:07am Derrick and Frankie are talking about their loyalty to one another. Cody is watching the tv in the HOH room  he has it on the KT camera, we can see Victoria at the table. Derrick says he genuinely feels that Frankie has his back but also feels he will do what he needs to do to win Frankie says he feels the same.


1:11am Victoria and Cody standing at the memory wall studying the faces. Frankie and Derrick talking about jurors, Derrick says that Frankie knows for sure win or lose, he will be on all stars because he has the most comp wins.


1:22am Not a lot has changed, Victoria and Cody are talking about the house guests features with each other while they stand at the Memory wall. Frankie tells Derrick he doesn’t know what they are looking at because at this point they either know it or don’t nothing is going to change overnight.


1:29am Victoria and Cody have appeared back in the BY and are watching Frankie and Derrick play pool. Derrick and Cody jokingly going at one another with insults. Derrick says hes getting tired.


1:39am Cody is back inside at the memory wall. Derrick and Frankie started a new game of pool. Victoria is watching.


1:45am Caleb is finally out of the DR. Victoria is saying please call me over and over, she says she wants to go to bed. Caleb heads to the BY and is now playing pool against Derrick.


1:49am Victoria has gone inside with Frankie and Cody. Derrick and Caleb playing pool talking about Caleb's nominations. He is telling Caleb that he told Frankie it will probably be  him or Frankie to go up but they should all feel safe because they have a final 4 pact.


2:00am Victoria comes outside and says goodnight to Caleb and Frankie. Derrick and Caleb still playing pool talking about how they think the week will go. Cody walks Victoria to bed and says he'll probably be sleeping in the rock room tonight.


2:11am Caleb calls a meeting in the HOH room. All the guys join him upstairs and start to dig into the food in his basket.


2:16am  They are talking about how childish it was that Victoria said goodnight to everyone but Derrick and how she crushed all of them except Cody on the live show. Derrick by calling him out and Frankie and Caleb by calling them the biggest slobs.


2:25am  They start passing around the ld spice that Caleb got in his basket. Derrick says ooh. They have moved on to trying to figure out how the week will go and how long the season will be.


2:40am Caleb talking about the competitions that he is in and the diet he has to follow to compete in them.


2:46am Caleb says he gets comments on his instagram about never taking a picture with his shirt on. Says that hes not conceded he is confident.


2:55amCaleb telling stories of him and his brothers when they were younger. The topic randomly changes to the cold and Frankie talks about how cold it got in New York this past year. Caleb prefers the cold over the heat. Says he can only take so much off but can always add more layers if he's cold.


3:08am Caleb talking about a hog him and Sadie caught on a hunt and how it tore into the dogs. Says it was a struggle to get that one done.


3:14am Caleb is talking about the different sounds that the animals make. He compare the sound of a smalll and large hog to the sounds of a fawn and buck for deer. Frankie trying to tell Caleb that a deer can bleed to death if he  breaks an antler because its full of veins and Caleb is telling him no.


3:23am Just random chit chat about popular youtube videos before they entered the house. Cody gets up and goes to see the time.


3:35am Caleb says its crazy that one of the 4 in that room will be half a million dollars richer in 10 days. He repeats that its nuts and they all sit in silence for a few moments.


3:50amSmall talk continues till Frankie and Cody leave the room. Derrick is talking to Caleb about what he told Frankie and the potential nominations. Frankie in the WA with Cody saying he hopes Caleb puts Derrick up just because he hasn’t been up.


3:59am Derrick is giving reasons for keeping him off the block to Caleb so Caleb can use them with Frankie if he wants. Cody and Frankie getting ready for bed doing nightly ADLs


4:05am Frankie appears in the HOH room and asks for a few minutes alone with Caleb. Derrick says ya no problem  then as he goes to walk out says Hey Frankie… don't throw me under the bus and laughs.


4:08am Derrick is in the WA with Cody, Victoria has returned to bed. Derrick is telling Cody what he told Caleb. Says he told Caleb to play the game for Caleb and play it smart because Frankie has more wins than him and it will be an argument in the finale.


4:16am Cody and Victoria in the kitchen studying  the memory wall. Derrick sits in the back of the room joining them. Frankie in the HOH room giving Caleb arguments of why he should stay off the block. Says he is a juicy pawn and doesn’t want to risk being there on eviction night.


4:23am Cody and Derrick talking as they study pointing out the differences in each person. Frankie and Caleb talking about how the week could go since there is 2 weeks with 5 people.


4:33am Chatter in the HOH room has turned to the designer that sent Frankie a blazer.  Frankie assure Caleb that he will make him one. In the kitchen, the other 3 are studying quietly


4:41am All 4 feeds on the KT cram session


4:56am We come back from Foth  and Caleb has joined the other 3 in the kitchen. They are all looking at different features the houseguest have.


5:06am Everyone is still in the kitchen  staring at the wall. Cody says he is heading to bed as Caleb checks the mouse trap again.


5:16am Victoria and Caleb tlking about not getting mouse traps. Caleb says they probably didn’t want to give us anything we could hurt ourselves with. He is making alterations to his trap says he thinks mice like peanut butter. Derrick is quietly studying. Frankie in the WA popping zits  and Cody has turned in for the night


5:24am Frankie says he is confused and going to bed. Says goodnight love you to Derrick and Caleb. Caleb then looks at Derrick and says he is going to bed Victoria tells him to enjoy his music. Derrick and Victoria left alone in the kitchen.


5:29am Derrick heads upstairs to talk to talk to Caleb. Caleb is rehashing the conversation between him and Frankie. Frankie is doing his nightly routine.


5:42am Derrick and Caleb talking in the HOHR. Derrick says Frankie knows that Caleb is his biggest threat and he knows that the others know it too that’s why he was so nervous about not being able to play in this week's HOH. But that Frankie is a huge threat and the only way he is safe this week is if he wins the veto.


5:52am Derrick tells Caleb that he thinks they are good, that the worst case scenario is that final four is him, Caleb, Cody and Frankie which is what they thought it would be this week. He looks at the screen and says Victoria is studying away, you have to give her credit though, she knew she was worst in the comp, so she's trying to get better.


6:00am Victoria and Derrick chatting in the WA. He is letting her know that  the plan is still to put Frankie up but they have to win veto because if Frankie wins she'll go home. Victoria says good night


6:14am Nothing new to report, everyone in their beds except Derrick who is in the KT waiting for a good amount of time to pass before heading to bed so no one thinks he was talking to Victoria.


6:25am All house guests in darkened rooms under warm blankets 

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#BB16 10:02AM BBT All HG are snuggled back in their beds.


#BB16 10:20AM BBT Victoria has gotten up and gotten into the shower.


#BB16 10:31 AM BBT The LR screen says "It's time for a luxury competition"


#BB16 10:35AM BBT Victoria heads to the WC after putting on her face cream. It's time for her to put in her extensions. No one has seen the LR TV yet.


#BB16 10:46AM BBT Victoria has dried her hair and heads back into the WC to put in the rest of her extensions. She is now doing ADLs. All other HG still sleeping.


#BB16 10:50AM BBT We get FOTH and come back to hear Frankie screaming. Everyone is up and cheering.


#BB16 10:53 AM BBT Caleb and Frankie say that they misspelled luxury. Victoria is saying it is spelled right. Frankie now telling them about a dream he had that he was in the HOH room. Derrick confirms that BB told him to get up and look at the screen.


#BB16 10:57AM BBT Caleb asking if there is only one winner in a luxury comp. Derrick says no - it can be more then one. Victoria putting on another layer of face cream in the mirror.


#BB16 11:01AM BBT Frankie says he hopes it's a spa day. Victoria in the WC spraying what looks like hair spray on her face (it's an aerosol can) after putting on some make up. The guys are in the KT discussing what the comp could be.



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#BB16 11:05AM BBT Frankie and Caleb continue to talk about that they can't believe the word luxury is spelled correctly. Frankie says reading and spelling are not in his skill set. Frankie says that he thinks they are going to Vegas because there is a hotel there by the name of the Luxor and it's spelled almost the same. Caleb says that BB has locked the HOH room.


#BB16 11:15AM BBT Cody has gone back to sleep. Frankie says that he is going to put on his face because there could be a ding dong there at any moment.


#BB16 11:22AM BBT Victoria and Frankie share in the WCA. Victoria tells Frankie that she left a tampon in all night and had nothing on it. Says that she will have to go to a bunch of Dr. appts. when she gets out. Frankie says him too. He is going to have his whole body scanned when he gets home.


#BB16 11:27AM BBT Frankie tells Victoria how he over acted when she said he was one of the messiest HG this year. Says he is sure Julie was really laughing at him act. In the LR. Caleb is still going on about winning a truck.


#BB16 11:35AM BBT It's time for the competition. They have a DVD. They have also told Cody that his dino costume is extinct.


#BB16 11:37AM BBT The HG are in the HN room. The jury is in the house and tearing apart the house. It's live!


#BB16 11:38AM BBT We have FOTH. The jury had returned and were piling clothes and such into the living room. Laughing and throwing things around (in a fun way). The HG were stuck in the HN room and could only watch on the TV screen.


#BB16 11:40 AM We have Jeff reels now.

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1:05pm Hg are in the bedroom and LVR picking up their clothes and cleaning talking about how the jury members hate them and that's why they turned the feeds off.


 1:08pm Victoria and Frankie yelling thanks BB out clothes are everywhere.Cody is wearing a Team Nicole shirt . Victoria says they broke her good necklace and i am pissed and they wont find another one and Caleb says they probably didn't mean to break it and Victoria says i don't give a F. Frankie has a team Zach shirt Caleb is wearing as team jacosta shirt. 


1:13pm Caleb is complaining about how messy the house is and if it had been them they wouldn't have messed it up as bad. Frankie says look at this drawer it is empty and flung everywhere.Caleb says no we would have messed it up looking for the dang thing but we they went over board.Derrick has a team Donny shirt on as he is cleaning.


 1:15pm Victoria is mad that her necklace got broke and Frankie is mad they dumped the garbage and everything. Frankie says they are still getting Tv time and doing DR'S  and he is mad. Frankie says i am excited about my new underwear. Cody says they are laughing right now that we have to clean this up and Frankie says yeah they are. 


1:18pm Frankie is yelling who do i send the bill too? Caleb says the KT is what is bad that is gonna suck. Caleb says they are all probably saying that's what you get. 


 1:21pm Victoria says this is so disgusting i cant get over how malicious this was i mean our sheets look at them. Frankie says oh the bathroom. Caleb says the vacuum will suck the fruit loops up quickly. Cody says we had all these clean towels and now look.


 1:23pm Frankie and Cody and Caleb look at the bathroom door and says oh my god they hate her and Caleb called Victoria to the bathroom and then goes to the fire rm to tell her that they put an X on her name on the door. He says i wanted to tell you before you seen it. Cody says that is a bitter jury dude. derrick says thats ok you are still in this house so don't worry and Victoria says wow.


  1:25pm Frankie says well we was happy for one day and that's what happens when you are happy the jury gets to come back and tell you how much they hate you.


 1:27pm Cody thinks Zack scratched the name on the bathroom door and Frankie says they had to call the Jury member out multiple times before she won. derrick says you guys want more good new and Frankie says noms today and derrick says yeah. Frankie says wow they just want a bad day worse.


 1:30pm Victoria is using the vacuum in the LVR getting up all the fruit loops. Derrick and Cody are finishing up the bathroom. Caleb is putting pillows back in the LVR couches and says i garentee that america voted for that comp. Frankie says no and Caleb says you don't think america voted for that comp and derrick says no they would have told us and Frankie says no way was that voted on. Frankie cleaning the Kt says there is coffee grounds all over everywhere.


1:33pm Frankie says wow chicken juice freaking chicken juice all over the KT and derrick says the ice cream is no good either they took the lids off and dumped them  then Frankie tells them there is chicken juice all over everything so i think i need to throw everything away this is a salmonella trap in here.


 1:35pm Caleb says i am not gonna lie there is vinegar everywhere Frankie says they really destroyed this house they did a good job of destroying this house.


1:37pm Caleb says they done a little to much as he puts the pans back where they belong. Cody is now vacuuming.


  1:39pm Caleb says them doing all this to all the silverware was uncalled for and malicious. Frankie says yeah and there was no chip there and Caleb says no they did that before the comp even started it was defiantly malicious.


1:40pm derrick says man jacosta  really  does hate now as she was throwing everything and so was zach and Frankie says no zach was folding things.Frankie says i am going to boil water. Caleb says this was worse than Pandora box and Frankie says no this was alot worse.Frankie says i swear nothing good can happen to us in this house as soon as we are remotely happy they try to destroy us.


1:43pm Frankie says maybe america knew voted but didn't know what the comp was. Frankie says i am happy for Hayden winning 5k but i am also happy that jacosta didn't win and Caleb laughs and says i am wearing her shirt but i am glad she didn't win either.Victoria comes to help clean the Kt and says it stinks and goes to get more disinfectant wipes.


1:47pm Frankie says it looks much better good job guys. Frankie says i am over it on to nominations.


  1:50pm Frankie and Victoria talking about the scratching on the Bathroom door and Victoria doesn't think Zach did it and Frankie says no i don't either and i don't think he meant to break your necklace.Derrick says they are locking us down so it means maybe POV tomorrow or to lock us down to clean this mess.


1:53pm Frankie says now they gave me cause to hate someone cause they maliciously went through my personal things and flung my things everywhere.


 1:56pm Frankie says they came into my home and destroyed my family and this is just like them coming into my home and destroying it.But i think if anyone asked me what the worst day in the house is i would have to say this day.

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2:00pm Frankie says yeah we got a clean house again. Caleb is going to the hoh rm to see if he can get in to get a red bull now and BB still has him locked out. Cody says we still have to do the dishes though as Frankie looks at the dishes and says we have had it worse though.


2:03pm cody says Hayden didn't even let Nicole win  he took it for himself and Nicole took Donny out first and jacosta  took out Christine first and for jacosta not to go for Zach first is huge.


 2:05pm Caleb says this is the lamest  Luxury comp in BB history cause normally we are outside getting nasty. derrick says they got to win 10k and they had to split it and derrick then says if you guys win you get to split 10k  between you .


  2:07pmk Caleb says i want to know if they knocked my flag off or throw it down maliciously and Cody says i don't think they knew what it was then derrick says like my thing  Nicole was just looking behind it for chips she didn't mean to knock it off. Caleb says we was so happy to see luxury comp on the screen this morning and we didn't even get to play.


2:09pm Frankie in the WA alone yelling that was crazy and the other HG in the LVR talking about noms being soon. and we get foth.


2:11pm All Hg are now moving around and Caleb goes to his hoh rm and Victoria ask for a red bull or a monster and he says yeah. Cody and Caleb in the HOh rm looking in the fridge to see what is in there.


 2:13pm Cody says 10k? Damn we could have won 15k in a different comp and Caleb says i think america had something to do with this comp and said to split  10k with someone in the jury and Cody says why would they do that and Caleb says because America hates us.They hate us.


 2:15pm Caleb and Cody talk about the Jury members his=ding the chips and finding them and how he wanted to pick Hayden to play for him and he got jacosta instead and she  didn't get any chips till the last and Caleb then says i took that shirt off and i will never wear it again I am not team jacosta.


  2:21pm Frankie talking to derrick and says what is happening and then says maybe they are still here or still in the building and we get foth.


  2:22pm Cody and Caleb in the hohn rm talking about Donny maybe in the running in for AFP. Cody says  he is a beast at comps too and caleb says so you are saying that Donny might win it. Cody says no it is like Jeff won it cause he won things. Cody says Zach has a chance too he was loved  and Caleb says yeah he was loved but i would never let my kids run around like that  or with a pink hat on and he doesn't care what people think.BB says this is a lock down please go outside and close the sliding glass doors.


 2:26pm Everyone is heading outside and Cody says it is a heat wave out here.

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 2:31pm All HG in the By and keep talking about the camera in the yard being moved way down and we get foth.


 2:32pm Frankie is laying in the sun alone . everyone else on the couches and Derrick says noms today and pov tomorrow i bet.


 2:34pm Frankie talking to the cameras and saying  this morning they had a very very fun luxury comp and he is so happy they came in and destroyed my stuff. He says i am happy that Hayden won and to see Nicole. He then yells Caleb can you build us a security system for this house please.


2:39pm Cody, derrick and Caleb talking about going to school and being a teacher


2:42pm general talk about playing on college football fields.


 2:45pm Caleb and Victoria arguing over if RayBan or Goochi sunglasses are more expensive.Victoria ask Frankie which cost more and Frankie says Goochi is more expensive. Caleb is now arguing with them.

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2:52 PM BBT Caleb, Cody and Victoria continue to discuss name brand, and knock off brand things in the BY. Caleb says he can go to Plato's Closet and buy inexpensive Gucci. He talks about Diesel brand items, Ray Ban, and then Frankie brings up Hugo Boss. Derrick says he likes Old Navy, and Caleb says, he likes American Eagle and Old Navy. He says he owed Prada, but they weren't his. Frankie says, he loves H and M, Zara. Then he says, if he's going to drop some coin, he would buy Louis Vuitton. Victoria says, she has owned Tom Ford before as well. Caleb says, if you can afford Tom Ford, you have to be making bank.


2:54 PM BBT HG's talk about cell phone cases. Caleb says, there is one that says Holy Bible on the front of it, and it's leather, and your phone goes inside of it. Derrick says, he wants the iWatch. Cody says, he's hoping that Apple came out with something huge to make their stock go up, because he has Apple stock. Caleb says, whatever huge came out, and he's going to get it when he leaves the house.


2:57 PM BBT We see a flash of FoTH. Victoria says she only buys new glasses every couple years. Caleb says, he knows someone that has fake Oakley's, and they've had them for about 1 1/2 years, and no one can tell they are fake. Frankie wants him to explain why they are buying fake brands? He says why not buy a less expensive brand? He says why buy a knock off of Gucci, if it's not real? He asks Caleb if he just wants the status of having something that is more expensive, when you can buy a less expensive brand, instead of buying something that is fake. Cody says, that's a good point.


2:59 PM BBT Caleb says a lot of people only buy the name so people think they have money. Frankie says, exactly, and that doesn't make sense. You can still buy good products that are real, and they are less expensive. Frankie says, he disapproves of someone that just wants the status symbol. He says you can buy a nice Coach bag, instead of a Louis Vuitton. Caleb says how he loves Oakley's, and Frankie says he does also. Caleb says, he can get them less expensive on a military website. He then says, he's scared if he scratches his sunglasses, so he wouldn't pay that much for them.


3:03 PM BBT Caleb says he paid $9.00 for his sunglasses, but the majority of people that look at them, think they are high dollar glasses. He says he thinks he bought them at a gas station. He tells Victoria looking through his glasses is no different than looking through her Gucci sunglasses. He says people usually buy the Gucci to show they have money. Frankie says, if you can afford it, then there's no problem with it, but someone just trying to pretend they have money, is not right.


3:05 PM BBT Caleb is drinking a Red Bull, and Frankie asks about the iPhone App that you slice the fruit. Victoria says, it's Fruit Ninja, as Caleb talks about his Judi chops. We see FoTH.


3:08 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Caleb in the nest bed in the HoHR, listening to music. He shouts out that he's Beast Mode, and he's the HOH for the 4th time in a row. He says, only 1 1/2 weeks until he's in the F2. Derrick is talking to Cody in the BY, by the refrigerator. Derrick tells Cody that he will never pay $300 for a pair of sunglasses. Frankie goes up to the HoHR, and as he goes up, he says good, because they also destroyed most of our food. He opens the door to the HoHR, and says, "They hooked us up."


3:12 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody that he likes Donny because he's the underdog, and didn't give up. Cody says he likes him also. Derrick tells Cody, over the next few hours one of us needs to stay with him. Derrick says, he's going to go up there and c*ck block him. Cody says, when Frankie goes on the block, it's going to make him nervous. Victoria goes into the HoHR, sits on the couch for a few minutes. Caleb doesn't talk to her, as he's eating, and walking around listening to music. Victoria yells to Frankie, who's in the HoHR bathroom, that she's going downstairs. Derrick tells her he needs to go upstairs now, since she came down, and she tells him, he's in the shower.


3:15 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria in the hallway by the WA, that one of them needs to stay with Caleb, so Frankie can't get to him, so he doesn't change his mind. He asks Victoria if she wants to stay downstairs, and he go upstairs? She says, whatever you want. She asks him if she can go in the LR? He says, yes. He goes to the HoHR, and tells Caleb he didn't go up sooner, because Victoria was up there, and it would be awkward. Then, he goes in the bathroom, and tells Frankie the same thing. We then hear Frankie singing in the shower. Victoria is in the hallways by the rock room, folding her clothes, and putting them back in the dresser drawers.


3:18 PM  Caleb is jumping, dancing, eating and humming, while he has his head phones on, listening to music. He then plays an air guitar. Frankie is still singing in the shower off and on. Cody tells Victoria that it was rude for them to break her necklace. He says, not everyone in this world is nice. Cody is carrying around his sock monkey. Frankie starts to sing again, and we see FoTH.


3:21 PM BBT Live Feeds come back and Victoria says that Hayden and Zach were arguing. Caleb tells Derrick that nom's should be today. We see FoTH briefly. Live feeds come back, and Cody says, he can't wait to give them a piece of his mind, and they are very bitter. He says, they are sore losers. He says, he hasn't won, but. Victoria says, he's a winner for still being there. Cody looks for Caleb cologne, and smells it. He says, "OMG, that's stupid good, Versace, The Dreamer, dang, that's wreckless." Cody asks Victoria what he was going into the SR room for? She doesn't know. He knocks on the door, because he can't get in. He says the house smells good. Victoria says, so they helped us out a little. Caleb says that the person that gets America's Favorite Player is like getting 3rd place. He says that Britney only won 1 comp, and she won America's Favorite Player. He says, that the people that are in jury, the world is not worried about them anymore. He says, they all had their fans, and he'll stop there. All cams are on HoHR now.


3:25 PM BBT Caleb sings lightly listening to his music, and takes the head phone off his ear, and we can hear the music. We see FoTH for a moment. When Live feeds come back Caleb has the head phones off, and makes a farting noise with his mouth, as he goes in the bathroom. Frankie is out of the shower, and uses his voice to play his Sid character, and Caleb changes his voice to respond to him. Caleb in on the toilet, and says, something good is going to come soon. He says, there has been nothing really good this time. Caleb says, usually there are $5K, $5K, and $10K toward the end of the season. Frankie says, this was the $10K, and it was split between the house and the jury members. Caleb says, it should have either gone to 1 person left in the house, or split between 2 of them still left in the house. He says, the jury members are already out of the house, and should not have gotten any of the money. Frankie says, they earned the right. Caleb says, the 2 winners are still in the house, and so is America's Favorite Player. He brings up Britney winning AFP, and leaving around the same time as Donny. He says, that's only happened one time, out of the 16 years.


3:30 PM BBT Frankie tells Caleb that Jeff Schroeder got it, and he went out sooner. Caleb says, he thinks that they will go on who's left in the house, not someone already gone to jury. He says, it has to be someone in the F4 or F3, especially if they go on comps. Frankie says, he 100% agrees with him. Caleb says, unless Donny does somehow get it. Frankie asks him if he thinks that Nicole is the Britney of their season? Caleb says, maybe, but she's was no where near crushing her DR's. Caleb says, the person that is cracking everyone up, and winning comps like crazy deserves to get America's Favorite Player. Frankie says, that's true. Frankie says, never has anything in the history of BB, been so hard to get through. He says, it's been impossible, and we see FoTH.


3:33 PM BBT Caleb comes back saying that they got to see Jeff and Jordyn get engaged, and they didn't (referring to the jury). Frankie says, for all they know, they went to the jury house, before going to see them in the house. Caleb says, and Brett Eldredge to. They probably got to hang out with them and listen to country music. Frankie says that the jury members are being treated like kings this year. Frankie tells Caleb that he's in the same position he was last week, which makes him want to try even harder. He says the Veto comp is going to be so much harder. Caleb tells Frankie that one of them could have went home last week. Frankie tells him not to say that, because that means he could be going home this week. Caleb says, no, and explains it. Frankie says, o.k., now he understands. Cody and Victoria are downstairs looking at the picture boards. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back and go away. Live feeds come back with Frankie laughing, and leaving the HoHR.


3:36 PM BBT Victoria asks Frankie what happened, and he says, he just T-bagged Derrick. Derrick tells Caleb, in the HoHR, that Frankie was just standing over him with his towel half open. Caleb asks him, if he about died. Derrick says, yes, and Frankie almost got nut punched. We see FoTH again.

3:37 PM BBT Caleb tells Derrick what Frankie said about trying to fight extra hard this week. Derrick makes the hand signal for jerking himself off, and says, if he doesn't win the Veto this week, he will go home. Then he says that he tried to get one of them out week 8, and they were lucky that they figured it out, because one of them would be sitting in the jury house right now. Cody gets called to the DR, and Victoria says, "Here we go." Frankie leaves the WA, walks through the KT, and says, the house looks great. Victoria is in the KT doing dishes. Caleb and Derrick continue to talk game about Frankie. Derrick says, he hasn't gotten nominated because he hasn't talked sh*t about anyone. We see FoTH.


3:41 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Caleb wanting Derrick to hear some of the music. Derrick says he thinks either he or Cody will win the Veto this time. He says, last time was a fluke for Frankie to win. Derrick is listening to the head phones, and Caleb wants him to move his head closer for him to hear. Frankie goes to the HoHR wearing just his blue shorts.


3:42 PM BBT Victoria finishes the dishes in the KT, and heads up to the HoHR. She walks in, and says, "Sorry, should I leave?" Caleb says, "No." She says, she though they were talking, awkward. Caleb tells her, he thought she was taking a nap. She tells him she just finished the dishes. She asks him, what up? He says, just listening to music. Victoria lays down on the grey couch, with her legs up on the back of the couch. Frankie is in the bathroom putting lotion all over his body.


3:45 PM BBT Derrick asks Caleb is the song he sang to Jeff and Jordyn is on there? Caleb says, yes. Derrick asks him to put it on. Frankie says, it's the best song on the album. Victoria agrees. We see FoTH.


3:48 PM BBT Live feeds come back and Frankie is still primping in the HoHR bathroom. We see FoTH again for a few moments. Live feeds come back with Victoria saying, she's going to go and see if the SR is open yet. Caleb was walking around downstairs. Victoria leaves the HoHR, and we see FoTH for a moment. Live feeds come back with Frankie telling Derrick that Victoria is all inside him. He tells Derrick how much of a burden she is, and how he should win, just for having to babysit her for 84 days. He says, all it takes is for someone to come in and vandalize his personal space, and he's got his feisty back. Frankie gets called to the DR. He says he'll be there is a minute, because he looks like a clown at the moment. We see FoTH.


3:52 PM BBT Live fees come back for a moment with Caleb looking for a plug for the vacuum cleaner, and Derrick is still lying on the grey couch in the HoHR, listening to music. We see FoTH again. Live feeds come back with Caleb having the vacuum cleaner stuck to his face, and then it gets shut off. Cody tells him, they almost lost him, and Caleb asks Victoria, is she not going to help him. He tells her to put the wand on her face, and see how it suctions. Frankie gets dramatic in the WA, and says, he's going to seal his fate of getting booed when he leaves the house. He says that the jury members came back in on day 84, and how they are still playing. He says, Jocasta was there competing for his money, and she threw his bow ties around, because she's jealous. We see the "Nominations Today," on the TV screen. We hear, "Frankie, please go to the DR." Frankie says, "I'll be there in a minute, Rose." Caleb says, he's getting dolled up, just call someone in, that's ready to go. Cody tells him, he's not getting called in.


3:56 PM BBT Caleb tells Cody to take his Team Nicole shirt off, because she's gone out of the house, and she's not winning. He says, he doesn't give up on his team mates. Caleb tells him, he's not getting Nicole from Hayden. Cody says, he's not trying to get Nicole. Cody says, that he and Nicole were taking pictures like they were getting married. Caleb says, Well, at least the girl I want to marry didn't just get booed, when she went off stage. Cody says, he did not want to marry her. Caleb says, or the girl you have a crush on, and that witch just left, and she's in jury. Caleb says, Frankie just put a bubble in the floor acting crazy. Caleb says, the live feeders are probably excited that two people finally hate each other. Cody says that they always act like that, and he's a bozo. Caleb says, at least his girlfriend with the red shirt on, is still in the house. Caleb says that Cody had a leash on Christine. Cody says, well what about Amber, she was following me around to. He tells Caleb, "Hey, take my girls slippers off, I'm going to give them back to her." Derrick and Victoria are laughing. Caleb says, "Don't let Christine get mad at that." Cody says, "She's a married woman." Caleb says, then she needs to get divorced first. We see FoTH.


3:59 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Derrick running to get his wedding band back, from after the comp. Caleb and Cody talk about Caleb's necklace being a dumbbell. Cody says he can curl it. Derrick comes back to the Dining Room, and asks if there's a way they can quiz each other. Caleb takes a dish towel to cover up Jocasta's face, and asks whose head that is? Then he takes the towel and covers up Donny's head, and asks whose teeth and chin it is? Derrick says, it looks like yours. Caleb says, yeah, that looks like your butt. Derrick says, does it? Caleb says, maybe.


4:01 PM BBT Derrick says, they need to stop distracting him. He and Cody are looking at the picture board, while Caleb is in the KT, pouring creamer and sugar into a cup of coffee. Victoria is sitting at the Dining Room table watching everything. Caleb tells Cody, he's HOH this week, and he's a HN. Cody says, at least he can drink coffee. Victoria goes to the WC, and bumps into an open cabinet door along the way. The 3 in the KT keep screaming and hollering at each other. Caleb says, hey kids at home, DAD BOT has a filthy mouth. Derrick goes to the SR. Cody tells Caleb that he's literally worn Amber's slippers since she's been gone. He says, he's been sweating in them and everything, he's not going to give them back to her. Caleb tells him and Derrick he hasn't worn them since the 2nd time he was a HN.


4:04 PM BBT The 3 of the guys are at the picture board using something Derrick made, with a cut out, to study HG's eyes on their pictures. They continue to look at the picture board, and try to guess what will and won't be there.


4:08 PM BBT Frankie comes out of the DR. Victoria goes by the picture board to look atthe picture. Everyone is saying something different is hard to know. Victoria sits down at the Dining Room table, still looking at the picture board. Cody is in the KT, making himself a cup of coffee. He asks if they think they do the comp tonight? Derrick says, he doesn't know. Frankie says, it's possible. We hear, "HG's this is a lock down, please go outside, and close the sliding glass doors." Victoria says, shut up, she's in P.J.'s. Everyone says, it's nom's. Victoria says, wow, that sucks.


4:12 PM BBT All HG's finally get outside, and Frankie says, he wants his eye drops, and goes back in to get them. We see FoTH for a moment, and then Jeff's Highlight Reels.


4:53 PM BBT We are still watching Jeff's highlight reels, until the HG's finish the Nomination Ceremony.

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 5:00pm We are still on Jeff's Reels as the Hg are having the nomination ceremony.


5:13pm Cody and Caleb in the KT area whispering. Feeds show the screen and Victoria and Frankie were nominated.


 5:15pm Caleb says to Cody this is what i was thinking you set up there all week  so he needed to go up as a pawn. Caleb says i didnt want to sit and think and think and think and pick favorites so i went in and  thought you got a chance to win the veto so win it.


 5:17pm caleb goes to the Wa and hugs Frankie as ask do you hate me and Frankie says i don't understand. Caleb says i felt like it wasn't fair to put  Cody back up there and derrick has gone out and won and Frankie says well derrick has never been on the block and Caleb says yeah you haven't either in this sense. Caleb says go out there and win the veto take yourself off and i will put derrick up and she goes home but these Guys have kept me safe in here and you haven't. He says if i wasn't hoh i would be up there on the block.


 5:21pm Derrick comes in and Caleb tells Frankie the only reason i nominated you was so you could go out there and talk to Julie. Frankie says that is not happening and Caleb says i am kidding. Caleb says you three guys are my best friends and have a hearty of gold since the first week .Frankie says it is just shocking.


 5:23pm All the guys are in the Wa talking as Victoria was called to the DR. Frankie says i am ok i was just shocked but i have to go out and win the veto but we are fine.


 5:26pm Victoria comes out of Dr and tells the guys that they are not doing DR's till tonight. She then says she is thawing out salmon cause she is craving it.Frankie is now in the KT going to  help Victoria cook the salmon.


 5:28pm derrick, Caleb and Cody in the Wa playing around and then goes to the KT and Frankie says guys who is doing the dishes and Derrick says Victoria started them earlier. Caleb goes to the sink and starts cleaning the counter.


  5:31pm Derrick is trying to fix Victoria necklace that got broke today in the luxury comp.Frankie is seasoning the salmon to put in the oven. 


5:33pm Derrick and Cody in the STR talking about Frankie can not win the veto or one of them goes up.Derrick leaves and Cody is cheering and then says I have to win the veto i have to win it.HUGE.


 5:35pm Caleb says i am starving as he makes tuna for himself to eat.Victoria is  cutting up and Avacoda. derrick is going to bed in the fire br.


  5:45pm general talk about nutrition in the Kt with all Hg except derrick who is in the bed laying down.


5:49pm derrick in the STr getting rice then goes back to the fire br to do counting with it. Cody comes in and they start whispering about looking at the pictures and studying the eyes.


 5:53pm  derrick is telling Cody how to remember everyone eyes. derrick says we will tell Frankie after that he will be going home. Cody says now? derrick says no no   after the veto isn't used we will tell him as a group. Cody says i am with you final 3. derrick says we can not let him win veto if he does then he can play hoh next week and win veto and send one of us home but Caleb cant play Hoh next week.


  5:57pm Derrick says we have to beat him and he says we know the comp and we have to do this cause dude Frankie is smart.


 5:59pm Derrick is now laying alone in the fire br. Frankie is studying the pictures. 

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 6:01pm Cody ask Frankie if he just threw away a good flour tortilla and Frankie says oh i had it on the screen there and my hands all over it as he studied the faces on the wall. Cody says i would have eaten it and Frankie says you would not and laughs. Everyone is now studying the Memory wall except Caleb who is washing dishes.


 6:06pm Frankie and Victoria now eating the salmon  as Cody and derrick study the wall. Caleb has gone to the WC. 


6:08pm Caleb comes in and ask if anyone has heard any knocking out in the BY and they say no.


 6:10pm Caleb says he wonders does Frankie's hoh  still count as a win since the week was rewound. And Frankie says i wonder too and Caleb says that's something to ask them.


 6:15pm All HG sitting at the KT table staring at the memory wall. It is complete silence in the BB house.


6:19pm Derrick goes to the str to get medication and says i got to win this veto. He now goes back to the KT to take his meds and eat dinner.


6:20pm Caleb says it will be so cool if the pov is tonight and Frankie says yeah it would be. Caleb says how long was it after the drawing that we went out last week and Frankie says i just remember that it was an hour after TVGN before we finished.


 6:23pm Frankie says people are loosing it. he then says he feels much better after he ate now.


 6:26pm Caleb says we should go ask BB if POV will be tonight so give us a hint if not we are all going to sleep. 


 6:31pm HG are talking about movies now and cleaning the dinner mess. Frankie goes to the STR to get almond milk.


6:35pm Frankie says hey you cant make fun of me for using a flour tortilla the last time i was on the block i had a nervous breakdown and told you everything about me i have nothing else to tell now. Caleb says just have a nervous breakdown then.


 6:37pm Caleb tells Cody lets go chug some and Cody ask him to bring them down and he says no. Caleb goes to the hoh rm and brings beers down.Frankie says wasn't it ironic that the beehive door was closed after Nicole was here today and Caleb says i closed it cause it was trashed and we wasn't going to clean it.


6:40pm Cody tells a story about going squirrel hunting and how they was mad at each other that day so they go out anyways and get the pugs out and let them  cross the creek and so they get to a squirrel and the Chihuahuas are barking at then have then surrounds so i go dive  it and Brady comes over and  whacks it and kills it. it was so sexy so Brady and i got it on in the woods.


6:43pm caleb says i have a story for you i have a friend names cooter. funnies guy you will ever meet in your life has 5 teeth in his mouth and drinks moonshine has drank it since he was 3 years old and we get foth.


6:45pm derrick says how much longer before we know if there is a pov tonight or not. Frankie says 15 minutes. BB says the lock down is over and the back yard is now open. All the guys run outside and BB says please raise the outside awnings. They all yell awww come on then go to raise them.


  6:48pm Cody is going to attempt to jump over the pool. BB says Caleb shut it down. Cody runs and jumps over the pool without falling in.Derrick says that was impressive.


 6:49pm derrick tells Caleb and Cody that Frankie is not going to leave the three of us alone. Caleb says that's ok and tells them that Frankie told him that he understood. Caleb says to keep me safe one of you two have to win the pov. Derrick says we will man we will.


 6:.54pm Frankie laying in the fire BR with Derrick. he says this week is so scary unlike last week when i knew what was happening but this is just scary. , Cody and Caleb in the BY playing pool talking about there is going to have to be a double eviction next week before the finale.Victoria goes out to the BY to wash clothes

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7:02pm Frankie tells derrick if he had a marker he could probably draw everyone's face.


 7:04pm Cody is saying that a few days ago Frankie said he couldn't learn everyone's faces and today he is studying it what a hypocrite. Caleb says tell him then get him rattled.


  7:06pm Frankie and derrick heading out of the fire BR and derrick goes to the STR to get a snack. Frankie goes out to the BY and says me next  for the pool game.


7:08pm derrick goes to talk to Victoria and says if i win that pov you are coming off. She says i hope so. derrick says i am trying to help out Cody cause Cody wants Frankie out too.


 7:09pm  Frankie tells Cody and Caleb all they know is that Bb ends next week. They start talking about how early they got up  this morning so Frankie says he is going to bed early tonight. 


 7:11pm Victoria tells Derrick that it is so malicious what they did to my name  today and don't tell me to get over it i take that very personal.


 7:13pm derrick says this veto is huge and Victoria says it is big and Derrick says  yeah he is gonna be mad but he is going home.Caleb comes in and Victoria says who you looking for and he says no one i just finished playing pool and i had to know where everyone was you know and he leaves the fire br.


 7:15pm Caleb says that we have brought her this fart and we brought her as far as she is going to go so she has to go dude. Derrick says i know. Caleb points at dishes and says who is that and derrick says i think it is mine cause  they opened the BY . He gets up and washes the dishes then says dude i have alot on this i have a wife and a little girl i am fighting for this.


7:18pm Caleb and derrick are going over how to recognize whos eyes are whos and  how they have to remember to win this tomorrow.


7:22pm Caleb telling Derrick how to tell whos eyes are  whos and says he has bags under his eyes and Hayden right eye is more open than his left eye.


7:25pm derrick says i really don't give a crap if i go on the block cause they would have to both flip on me and Cody would never flip on me so i am not worried.


 7:28pm Frankie telling Cody that derrick has never been put on the block and he is going to fight for that pov like it is his life cause he wants iy and i mean he wants it. 


  7:32pm Cody, derrick and  Caleb whispering saying that one of them has to win this pov as they stare at the memory wall. Victoria is in the shower and Cody and Frankie head back outside to play pool. derrick says Frankie plays mind games he plays mind games and thinks we are stupid and weak. Derrick says Frankie you shouldn't have hit that button now you will see who is the real big dog.Derrick says i am glad we pushed that button and Frankie lost that hoh to you  so now if he loses that POV to you then it is game over.


 7:37pm Caleb says as Frankie walks out the door that he is going to sit and watch the wall so he can draw the faces if he had a piece of paper. Frankie laughs and says ZING.


 7:39pm derrick is telling Caleb to change up his studying cause out in the BY you cant get that close to it so switch it up some.


 7:44pm Derrick and Caleb still in KT at memory wall repeating themselves about everyone faces. Frankie and Cody playing pool just general talk about the pool game.


 7:52pm Caleb is now in the BY watching Frankie and Cody playing pool. derrick still at the memory wall alone.


7:54pm Frankie is chasing Caleb in the BY and they are throwing pillows at each other.  Frankie throws a pillow at Caleb and hits the window. Bb says Frankie , Caleb stop that. Frankie says lets both go in the pool. Cody goes inside and tells derrick what is going on in the BY. Frankie ask Caleb if he wants to play pool or not and Caleb says i have yo catch my breathe first cause big boys like me aren't much for cardio.


7:57pm Derrick tells Cody that he is going to fix a paper towel to look at the pictures on the wall he will make one for the eyes and one for the mouth and one for the nose. Cody is mad cause Frankie keeps using the flour tortillas to do the same thing. 

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 8:00pm Frankie says you can study this wall for  300 days and it wont make a difference. Caleb says quit studying then and Frankie says i aint studying my eyes are closed.


 8:03pm Frankie is cleaning the salmon mess up now and says it was so good. Victoria is looking at the wall now. Caleb is going to his hoh rm and we get foth.


8:06pm Caleb in hoh talking to the feeders saying 4 hoh's now all single ones.  Feels good . 


 8:07pm Frankie sits at the memory wall and says ok this is my new method and closes his eyes.


 8:11pm Frankie , Cody and Victoria at the memory wall studying and Derrick in the BY playing pool by himself. Caleb in the hoh rm listening to music.


 8:17pm Frankie goes outside with derrick talking about throwing pillows at Caleb and how he and Caleb are like brothers. Frankie says if he wins the veto i hope he pulls me down cause i pulled him down but i don't think that is his goal.


 8:21pm Frankie says if she had got to the end they would vote for her. derrick says if one of us 4 are in the final 3 and if Cody wins and takes Victoria to the end then i am voting for Victoria and she wins cause that is the cowards way out.


 8:26pm derrick is telling Frankie that Caleb wins alot of comps  and when it comes to winning comps that  you and Caleb are  beast.derrick then tells Frankie that if the jury goes by what half is beat then the first half Caleb has you beat. Frankie says yeah in know.


 8:29pm Derrick and Frankie talk about  they have things in their personal lives but cant say and Derrick says i am a good father and husband and if i win it will help me alot. Frankie says yeah  i am good and it will change my life too. Frankie says there is no choice or no option everyone will be judged. derrick says we will be sentenced but my outcome will be different than yours.


 8:33pm Derrick says it is going to be one of us that leaves cause Caleb isn't going to go for Cody they are to tight. Frankie says  Victoria is still at that damn wall studying. derrick says if she comes off from a win then we are in trouble .


  8:37pm Caleb and Cody in the hoh rm talking about the veto comp and  who has what eye colors .


 8:39pm Frankie says it all depends on how much Caleb wants to torcher me . I dont know why he would want to do that though. derrick says if it were not for TA i would have played this game differently. derrick says you will see when this is over i was loyal to you. Derrick says Arrianna i have your brothers back he will see. Frankie says i just think what Caleb did today was ridiculous.


 8:44pm Caleb says when they get out of here he might have his arm wrapped around Amber and if i win 500k  i might just tell her to walk and he laughs. Caleb then says just think they all know we are popular like Devin and Joey and all them know that we are.


 8:49pm Cody tells Caleb if Frankie goes this week we are garenteed final 3 cause there is nothing Victoria can do to stop that.


 8:52pm Caleb says if i did get beat at the end i want it to be someone who deserved to beat me. Cody says i feel im have played a good social game would i have gone after amber or Brittany no they wasn't coming after me.Caleb says if you have two beast up there in final 2 then it is gonna be tough to decide but if you are against Victoria DUH.


 8:56pm caleb is saying if he wins he is giving back to his community and he says other places he is giving money too. 

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9:04 pm BBT  After finishing up talking to Cody, Caleb goes outside and says he loves Brett Eldredge. Frankie says he does, too. He was crying like a baby listening to the song he sang at Jeff and Jordan's engagement. They wonder if they will do DRs tonight. They talk about how Victoria is 'crushing' the wall. Caleb says she might be studying too much. Frankie says if you push too much information into your head your brain becomes numb.


9:09 pm BBT  Jocasta's voice comes across "Holla Derrick." Derrick says she ain't fooling him. He says he saw the real her today. Frankie says she hates him. Caleb says how would she like it if they went into the jury house and dumped the trash all over their house. No one else did anything like that. She dumped the pills out, too. Caleb says that's not a big deal because you can pick pills up. Derrick says that's why they had to clean the carpets because they didn't need fish oil all over them. He said they didn’t want them living with that. It was gross. We hear "Holla Derrick" and it's Donny. Frankie says "Holla, you vandals." Then they talk about how Hayden flipped a chair over when he found out Victoria won. Evidently this really hurt Victoria because she really loved Hayden.


9:15 pm BBT  Victoria is still sitting right in front of the memory wall studying the pictures. Frankie and Caleb are discussing cleaning dishes. Caleb says that the only time he didn’t do dishes was for the period of time he was on slop and that’s because he didn’t make dirty dishes. Frankie says he was eating lots of slop during that time. Caleb says he cleaned his slop dishes. Cody is running in the yard. Frankie says he would run with him except he hates his life. Frankie wins the pool game. They decide to play one more and Caleb says then he will probably run and then work out because they only have 10 more days in the house. Frankie says yep…they will have to leave looking shredded.


9:20 pm BBT  Frankie asks if Caleb is testing him. Caleb says he’s not. He asks if there’s another reason. Caleb says the only other reason would be if he won veto and would pull Victoria off and put one of the others up against each other. Frankie laughs and says he was HOH last week and didn’t do that. He says Derrick didn’t get to play 2 weeks in a row and didn’t he didn’t think it was fair to put him up. Frankie tells Caleb he is naive. Caleb says that neither Cody or Derrick like Victoria nor would make a move against him, whereas Frankie has done it before. He says Frankie has literally gone up to someone to and told them to put them on the block t save their game. Frankie says everyone is laughing at him right now because he trusted Derrick and Cody. Caleb says that Derrick and Cody didn’t know he was going to do this. Frankie says after all he has done they don’t trust him. Caleb says they have all done everything for each other. Caleb says you just told him that you don’t trust Cody. Frankie asks if he told Cody that. Caleb says no but there’s distrust all around. Caleb says he trusts him and Derrick a lot. Frankie says obviously he doesn’t because he put him on the block. Caleb says if he didn’t trust him he would have sent him home before. Frankie says he thought this was all about comp wins. Caleb says honestly he thinks in the final HOH Frankie won’t take him because he doesn’t think he can beat him.


9:28 pm BBT  Cody and Derrick comes outside after talking to Derrick in the WA about the upcoming veto. Caleb tells them that he told him he thought Frankie might be the only one who might take Victoria off the block. Frankie says he just wants to tell them that he has tried to prove to them with numerous HOHs and vetos that he has tried to keep them safe. Never has he ever intended for them to go home or walk out that door. He hates that there is ever an inkling of a doubt between the 3 of them. Derrick says there isn’t a doubt. If there was a doubt they would send him home. He says if he does go home he will go out with a wonderful conscience and feeling loyal. Derrick says he will probably win the veto again and take himself off the block. Frankie says he doesn’t want them to think he’s angry at them. He wants them to know he loves them and he has their back. Caleb says obviously they have his. He says he made a teeny tiny mistake in week….. and it might be the mistake that costs him his game. He felt alone and backed into a corner but he thought that he has shown them over and over that he has their back.


9:32 pm BBT  Frankie says he had the veto to use last week where he could have taken Victoria off the block and he didn’t. If he was going to do that, he would have. He knows he has played this game with honor and integrity. Derrick says that TVGN is getting a show tonight. Frankie says that when they watch the tapes they will see. Victoria comes outside and joins them. Caleb asks her if her water is good. She says she is still drinking it. He says she set her water down over an hour ago. He is the police…he’s keeping up with when and where people put their cups/plates.


9:42 pm BBT  The pool game breaks up and Derrick goes over to the hammock. Caleb heads over to him. He recounts the conversation to him.  Cody is in the SR talking to himself, “I could put my head to the wall right now.” Frankie is studying the memory wall when Cody comes out of the SR and sees him and asks Frankie what the conversation between him and Caleb was about. He says he’s sick of being dragged into things when he’s not a part of it. He says Caleb may have talked about it with Derrick, but he wasn’t a part of it. He says he doesn’t want Frankie to sit on the block worrying about being sent home when he was going to be safe last week. Frankie asks Cody if he has to worry about Derrick. Cody says he doesn’t think so. He doesn’t know how the conversation was made to sound. He says that Caleb told him that it crossed his mind to send him home. Frankie says he understands they are playing BB and it’s a game. He’s not mad. Frankie says he still talks about stuff that happened 5-6 weeks ago. Cody says he’s sick of being dragged into things. Frankie says well whatever was discussed was enough to make him put me up. Cody says it was never something that was like he will definitely do this.


9:49 pm BBT  Cody says he felt like when he came outside and it was being pinned on him and Derrick and that’s just not the case. Frankie says he legitimately just wanted to know why Derrick wasn’t put up when he hasn’t been put up at all. Caleb explained it and he guesses he understands now. Cody says he thinks all he said was that he could have done it to me last week if he wanted to do it. Caleb and Derrick are done talking now. Derrick is talking to himself on the hammock. He says that the kid says way too much. He’s a great, great competitor, but as a social player he just says way, way too much. He says the game just isn’t that difficult. Make moves and shut up. Make moves then lie about it. It’s not that difficult. You don’t make a move and then tell a person the real reason you made the move. Wow. He must have missed that episode. [Derrick has just taught everyone how to play Big Brother. –Morty]


9:57 pm BBT  Caleb is in the KT and says he can’t wait for DRs to start. Cody says he doesn’t think they will start for awhile. Almost right after that we hear, Frankie please go to the DR. Cody asks Caleb what the F*ck he did. Cody says that the reason Frankie asked Caleb is because he knows that he’s the only one who will tell him. Caleb says that he’ll tell him straight up. Caleb recounts the conversation with Frankie for Cody. After almost falling asleep in the hammock, Derrick heads inside. Cody and Derrick both ask Caleb if he made it sound like they came up with the idea that he would pull Vic off the block. Caleb says he didn’t say either of their names. He wanted him to throw them under the bus, but he didn’t. He says it’s part of the game. He’s on the block because he’s a beast in this game.


10:08 pm BBT  Derrick is back at the memory wall studying with the piece of paper he created (it has a rectangle cut out of it so you can just study parts of each person’s picture). He has it over Joey’s lips. Caleb has created one now. He has cut to eye slots out of the paper and has it taped to the sides of his face on either side with thin feminine pads. –I admit to laughing out loud! Victoria says “Caleb!!” He says they should all try it because it’s a good method of studying. He says he comes up with a cool invention and they all shoot him down. Cody says he thinks he should wear it until 3 am. Derrick has gone into the Fire BR with paper and is trying to create another piece of paper for studying the memory wall. Now Caleb is using a tortilla and fruit to help look at specific facial features.


10:14 pm BBT  Cody goes into the Fire BR and says “we are playing with a child,” to Derrick. He says he doesn’t even want to talk about it. Derrick says well let’s talk about whether Caleb was adamant about whether it was him who  came up with the idea. Cody says he told Frankie it was hinted at but it wasn’t even a conversation. Cody says that now more than ever they need to win the veto. Especially because Frankie said that he doesn’t trust me (Caleb told him Frankie said that). Derrick says that Frankie didn’t say that. He said something like that, but not exactly that. He says that Caleb doesn’t know how to tell a story. Cody leaves and Derrick says “F’in Caleb. He’s horrible. Tells Cody that Frankie doesn’t trust him. Wow, wow, wow, wow.”


10:26 pm BBT  Derrick goes to the memory wall with his new study guide and is told to “stop that” because he is touching the wall. He says that earlier they were touching it with tortillas. Evidently the rules have changed. He goes outside to the pool table. We hear, “Hey you scoundrels, Holler!” and Cody screams… “Shut up Donny… you ruined our house today.” Caleb goes outside and Derrick asks him if he’s going to study anymore. Caleb tells him that he knows they are going to change the angles and the lighting so he feels like there’s no point in overstudying. He heads up to the HOHR. Derrick goes back inside to the memory wall. Derrick and Victoria are in the KT. Victoria is eating cereal (as she does on a more than regular basis). Caleb is watching them from the HOHR. Cody is taking a shower and Frankie is in the DR.


10:35 pm BBT  Caleb is reading a box of something from his HOH basket . Derrick and Vic are studying the memory wall.  He calls a hout out to all the soldiers in the world fighting for our freedom…thank you also to their families. If you have a son, daughter, grandchild, nephew, niece, they are in his prayers and they are the reason to know that freedom is not free. It takes lives, it takes heart, it takes compassion, it takes a lot. So it definitely is not free. If you mess with the USA, you get smoked. You get Beast Moded. He wishes he was in your seat. One of you is probably sitting with your fluffy dog with your bag of Cheetos. This is a stressful house. You’re going to end up making your best friend mad like he may have done today. It’s a game and He’s a grown ass man. He can take it. He’d like to go hunting with some of you. Check out Fatneckoutdoors. They are funny and they have some cool bloopers. Head out to Kentucky. If not hunting, check him out at Insain Physique (that is how it is spelled). He cannot wait to get out of this house. Brett Eldredge is the only thing keeping him sane.


10:40 pm BBT  Derrick tells Cody that Caleb is having a conversation with TVGN and he's screaming. Caleb says he will have a PO Box. He will send his fans autographs. Make it known you love some Beast Mode cause Beast Mode loves you. And ladies, if you want a man who will treat a woman with honesty, dignity and integrity. He will be dating when he gets out of the house. Victoria is laughing downstairs--they can hear him because he has the earphones on one ear so he doesn't realize how loud he's talking. Caleb says hopefully when he gets out he will hit the studio to make some music. He will be doing concerts near you. He ain't lying.


10:47 pm BBT  Caleb says he wishes he could hear us talk back. Caleb puts on a shirt and says that's what he's talking about "Beast Mode Style baby." His hair is growing back. He puts the earphones on and starts dancing around the HOHR. We hear Caleb, "Please put on your microphone," because it was off while he was putting on his shirt. Victoria says, "Caleb, please shut up." He has actually gotten louder because now the earphones are on both ears. He is dancing and saying, "You've got to get your cardio in. Beast Mode!!" Cody says he can't take it. That's the worst part of it. He sits down and looks at the memory wall with Victoria and Derrick.


10:59 pm BBT  All 4 feeds momentarily switch to Derrick, Cody, and Victoria reviewing the memory wall. Frankie has come out of the DR. He says he crushed it. Feeds 1 and 2 return to Caleb dancing and singing in the HOHR. Victoria is called to the DR. All 4 feeds return back to the KT area.

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