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The Biggest Loser Fall 2014


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The Biggest Loser: Glory Days

Twenty former athletes, including NFL players and Olympic gold medalists, will aim to change their lives on the upcoming season of NBC's hit franchise "The Biggest Loser: Glory Days," premiering Thursday, September 11 at 8/7c.

The contestants will work with new trainers Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Widerstrom, as well as veteran trainers Dolvett Quince and Bob Harper. Alison Sweeney will return as host.

Season 16 of "The Biggest Loser" will feature trainer Bob Harper in an exciting new role, giving contestants a second chance at life on the show. Just when the eliminated contestant each week thinks they are headed home, they will actually be whisked away to a secret location called "Comeback Canyon." There, they will be trained by Harper, competing at a separate secret weekly weigh-in for the chance to return to the competition and a shot at "The Biggest Loser" title and $250,000 grand prize.

The contestants are led by former NFL players Scott Mitchell (12 seasons in the NFL) and Damien Woody (two-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots), as well as Olympic gold medalist and former professional tennis star Zina Garrison. Other contestants striving for weight loss include former WNBA standout Vanessa Hayden, three-time Olympic gold medal softball player Lori Harrigan-Mack, and a mix of former college and high school sports standouts.


Here are summaries of the cast ios. You can go to http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser to read the full cast bios and see pictures of the contestants:


Jordan Alicandro, (32) Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Occupation: Regional Sales Manager - Starting Weight: 323 pounds - Alicandro was a multi-sport athlete, excelling in baseball, football and wrestling. His high school baseball team won the conference championship in his junior year, and he was selected as the MVP for his team. Alicandro planned to continue playing baseball for Green River Community College until he tore his ACL in a snowboarding accident, thus putting an end to his baseball career. Devastated and no longer able to exercise, his poor eating habits caught up with him as he started to gain weight. he and his wife are expecting their first child in October. He wants to lose weight so he can be an active father and play sports with his son. 


Rondalee Beardslee, (28) Hometown: New Lothrop, Michigan, Occupation: Nursing Student - Starting Weight: 280 pounds - Beardslee was athletic in high school but still overweight. She was a three-sport athlete (basketball, volleyball and softball) and was all state in volleyball and a two-time state volleyball champion. She says, "The day athletics ended in my life, I went from being active every day to doing nothing." She wants to be a healthy role model to her patients when she becomes a nurse, and she also hopes to fall in love and get married someday. She looks forward to being able to wear a bikini and a little black dress and, one day, to participate in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.  


Blake Benge, (18) Hometown: San Clemente, California, Occupation: Student - Starting Weight: 251 pounds - Benge played high school soccer and also participated in track and cheerleading. Her soccer coaches called her "The Freight Train" on the field, and her soccer team won the division championship in 2010. She was also in cross-country for two years. When she stopped playing sports in college and continuing an active lifestyle, she saw the weight come back on quickly. A poor diet, no exercise and binge eating all factored in to her weight gain. Benge recently completed her first year at Santa Barbara City College. Once she loses the weight, she looks forward to feeling confident, being happy, looking good in her clothes and wearing a bikini.    


Howard "Woody" Carter, (46) Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada, Occupation: Car salesman - Starting Weight: 398 pounds - Carter played football through high school and was MVP as defensive lineman, as well as being MVP of his junior high school swim team and winning a state championship in wrestling. After getting an associate's degree in music from Dixie State University and attending Missouri Southern University, Carter continued his football career in a semi-pro league and the Arena Football League, where he won a championship ring in each. He says he has always been a big guy, but weight really became an issue in the past five years of his life. It was the tragic loss of his wife to cancer recently that led "Woody" to TBL. He promised he would get healthy so that he could always be there for their two daughters and two sons, ages 18-29, as well as their three grandchildren. 


Toma Dobrosavljevic, (33) Hometown: Addison, Ilinois, Occupation: Senior Project Manager - Starting Weight: 336 pounds - In high school, Dobrosavljevic played football, volleyball, baseball, tennis, basketball and soccer. Soccer was his favorite sport and the one in which he excelled. After high school, he continued to play soccer in the most competitive league in the Chicago area. His life changed dramatically nine years ago when his father died prematurely at age 54. Dobrosavljevic moved home to care for his mother, and he began to gain weight while trying to help his family deal with the devastating loss. He promised his father before he died that he would lose weight, and at 336 pounds, he is ready to fulfill that promise. 


Zina Garrison, (50)   [Eliminated] Hometown: Hyattsville, Maryland, Occupation: Tennis Coach - Starting Weight: 263 pounds - Zina has been a tennis superstar for most of her life. She started playing tennis at age 10 and won both the Wimbledon and U.S. Open junior titles and was ranked the world's No. 1 junior player. Garrison went on to become a women's singles runner-up at Wimbledon in 1990, a three-time Grand Slam mixed doubles champion and women's doubles gold medalist and singles bronze medalist at the 1988 Olympic Games. After she retired from the court, she was a coach at the 2004 Olympics as well as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where both Venus and Serena Williams won gold medals. She realized a change was needed when her sister died last year after having a stroke and losing her speech. Now 50 years old and 263 pounds, Garrison wants to get rid of her fears and help others with understanding body image and loving themselves enough to get healthy. 


Rob Guiry, (26) Hometown: Springfield, MA, Occupation: Head Rugby Coach & Residence Mngr at Western New England University - Starting Weight: 483 pounds - He played football in high school and also participated in soccer, wrestling and basketball. After high school, Guiry discovered rugby and fell in love with the sport. While playing rugby at Western New England University. Stress, the mentality that "bigger was better" for sports and a more sedentary life after he stopped being an athlete all played a role as well. With a bright future ahead and a job he loves coaching rugby, Guiry says it's the perfect time to lose weight, and he looks forward to dating more, playing rugby, biking, skydiving, going on roller coasters and participating in Tough Mudders. 


Gina Haddon, (41) Hometown:  Rowlett, Texas, Occupation: Makeup Artist/Photographer - Starting Weight: 242 pounds - A Texas girl raised in the tradition of Friday night football games, Gina was a middle school cheerleader who continued to coach cheer for eight years after high school. Her life also became more sedentary after she stopped cheerleading. When she didn't fit into her work uniform and had to get one specially made and it still didn't fit, she knew she needed to make a change. "My whole life, I have always been the bigger girl, and then in high school when I was 15 or 16, I was the fat girl." She attributes her weight to stress, a poor diet, a love of sugar and sodas, and having to deal with adult issues at a young age. The married mother of two wants to be healthy and fit for her 15-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. "I want to set an example for my children," she says, "and I also want them to be proud of me." 


Lori Harrigan-Mack, (44) Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada, Occupation: Director of Security for a Las Vegas Hotel - Starting Weight: 301 pounds - Lori is a three-time Olympic gold medal winner in softball and is in four Hall of Fames - three as an individual (for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and ASA/USA softball) and one as a team member (2004 Olympic team in the Olympic Hall of Fame). She also pitched the first ever no-hitter in Olympic history. She started playing fast-pitch softball at age five and dominated in the sport throughout high school. An athletic scholarship brought her to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she played all four years while earning a degree in criminal justice, after earning gold medals in Olympic softball in 1996, 2000 and 2004. Harrigan-Mack has found life challenging outside of the competitive softball world since retiring in 2004. She attributes her weight gain to a poor diet, several miscarriages and depression. Harrigan-Mack wants to get healthy so she can live a long happy life with her husband and six-year-old son. 


Vanessa Hayden, (32)  [Eliminated] Hometown: Orlando, Florida, Occupation: Child Welfare Intake and Placement Specialist - Starting Weight: 366 pounds - Hayden began playing basketball at age 11 and immediately excelled, which led to her being recruited by several prestigious basketball colleges out of high school. She decided to attend the University of Florida, where she enjoyed an illustrious basketball career for the Gators and earned her bachelor's degree in family youth and community sciences in 2004. She was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year in 2004, an All-American athlete and was drafted seventh overall in the 2004 WNBA draft. She played for the WNBA for six seasons until she was released by the Los Angeles Sparks in 2010. Vanessa suffers from severe back and joint pain. She is engaged and wants to get healthy so she can be there for her seven-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. 


Sonya Jones, (39) Hometown: Springfield, Illinois, Occupation: Physical Education Teacher/Coach - Starting Weight: 283 pounds - Jones was a fast-pitch softball player at Greenville College, where she received a bachelor's degree in physical education. Jones played two years of semi-pro softball and was invited to try out for two professional teams. She was an All-American two consecutive years, was named the All-American Player of the Year, and was the first person to hit a ball out of the park at her college. Currently, Jones has mild sleep apnea, high cholesterol, diverticulosis, arthritis in her lower back and borderline high blood pressure. She has never been in a long-term relationship and hopes to enter into one once she loses the weight. 


Chandra Maple, (26) [Comeback Canyon] Hometown: Dodge City, Kansas, Occupation: Optometric technician - Starting Weight: 341 pounds - Chandra played basketball in high school and was named MVP her freshman year. In addition, Maple also won the state softball championship three years in a row. But her dream of playing in the WNBA ended when she suffered a career-ending knee fracture in high school. Chandra says, "I know it was time to lose weight when I realized I couldn't play basketball with my sister or the girls that I coach." She also looks forward to becoming a better role model to the girls on her basketball team.


Matthew Miller, (31) Hometown: Grove, Oklahoma, Occupation: Self-Employed/Business Entrepreneur - Starting Weight: 386 pounds - Miller got very fit and active in high school, placing second in the state in wrestling his freshman year. He was also named all-star in high school football, but nerve damage in his neck caused him to stop playing, despite the offer of a full-ride scholarship from a Division I university. After high school, Miller became a model and was named Overall Male Fashion Model of the Year at a Dallas fashion event. After a ski accident in 2007, when he was unable to stay active while recovering, he started to gain weight. Miller wants to get his life, health and confidence back, but most of all, he says, "I want to ask my longtime girlfriend to marry me and start a bright future together."


Scott Mitchell, (46) Hometown: Mapleton, Utah, Occupation: Business Owner - Starting Weight: 366 pounds - Scott was a standout athlete growing up, excelling in football and setting the course for his impressive career in the NFL. He was born in Salt Lake City and grew up in Springville, Utah with three older sisters. After attending the University of Utah, Mitchell played 12 seasons in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens. He was drafted in the fourth round by the Dolphins and backed up Hall of Famer Dan Marino. In 2010, Mitchell was inducted into the University of Utah Hall of Fame. His biggest motivation for going on the show was seeing his dad die of obesity-related causes early this year and knowing he could be headed down the same path if he doesn't change his life. 


Emmy Lou Munoz, (32) [Comeback Canyon] Hometown: Woodson, Texas, Occupation: Substitute Teacher - Starting Weight: 260 pounds - A high school track and field star, she won district and advanced to regionals in discus all four years of high school. Munoz was in the top eight for regionals her senior year, and she also played varsity volleyball for four years and softball for eight years. Marrying right after high school, she left the world of sports to start her family. Overweight her whole life, Munoz was often bullied because of her size. Not knowing how to handle the emotions, she used food as comfort. She looks forward to losing the weight and being a healthier role model for her children and rejoining the co-ed softball league in her community.


Mike Murburg, (58) Hometown: Darby, Florida, Occupation: Attorney Who Represents the Disabled - Starting Weight: 399 pounds - Murburg attended high school at age 12 to play offensive and defensive tackle for an undefeated freshman team, and he took up wrestling when he was 15. At 16, he was the New Jersey state heavyweight champion runner-up, and at 17, he went to Princeton and competed on their football team and Ivy League Championship wrestling team. He lettered as a freshman, made nationals as a sophomore and also lettered at varsity football. Mike says a promise he made to his son, Ehren, who tragically died at age 20 during Special Forces training in 2008, is his reason for coming on TBL. Murburg attended Florida State University College of Law. He suffered a devastating loss when his father died on his first day of law school, but Mike persevered and managed to ultimately graduate with honors. After he and his wife divorced, life as a single parent of two children took its toll on his health and weight. His health declined further in the face of overwhelming grief after the loss of his son. 


John "JJ" O'Malley, (22) Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona, Occupation: Bouncer - Starting Weight: 392 pounds - The son of a national judo champion, O'Malley started playing sports at a young age and holds a blue belt in judo. He played offensive lineman all four years of high school and received a partial football scholarship to play at Arizona State University, where he excelled for two years. Although his high school coach advised him to slim down, college recruiters were pushing him to gain weight to play at the Division 1 level. However, a torn meniscus ended his football career. His "aha moment" came, "when I saw myself on my home video," and he knew it was time to make a change. Now he has sleep apnea and he is eager to shed the weight.


Jackie Pierson, (36) Hometown: Pacifica, California, Occupation: Clinical Care Coordinator - Starting Weight: 291 pounds - Jackie was a high school basketball player who won multiple MVP, All-City and All Star awards, was captain of her team when they won the state championship and was named MVP for that game. In addition, she was a high school volleyball player and captain of her high school varsity team for two years in a row; played soccer, baseball and rugby; and threw the javelin in high school. Pierson was on track to a successful college basketball career when an ankle injury ended her dream of continuing to play. Pierson gained the most after her dad was diagnosed with cancer and ultimately passed away in 2004. Now 36 years old and 291 pounds, the married mother of two wants to lose weight so she can be there for her two daughters, ages two and five. She wants to help her daughter with potential weight problems.


Andrea Wilamowski, (43)  [Eliminated] Hometown:  Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, Occupation: VP of Ops for the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders - Starting Weight: 244 pounds - Andrea was a high school cheerleader, played basketball, tennis, ran track and, when she attended Michigan State University, danced on an intramural dance team. Wilamowski started gaining weight at 23 years old after an abusive marriage stripped her of her self-confidence. Andrea was motivated to try out for the show because, she says, "For the first time in over 20 years, I want to do something for me. I want to look and feel beautiful again for my family, my co-workers, and most importantly, for me. Wilamowski is happily married to her second husband and wants to look as great as she finally feels on the inside. 


Damien Woody, (36) Hometown: Mendham, New Jersey, Occupation: ESPN Analyst - Starting Weight: 388 pounds - Damien Woody was an NFL football player for 12 years and a two-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots. He played for the Patriots from 1999-2003, the Detroit Lions from 2004-2007 and the New York Jets from 2007-2010. Since retiring from football in 2010, less activity and the passing of his mother and grandfather in the past three years all contributed to additional weight gain. Married to his high school sweetheart, Woody struggles to keep up with his four daughters and three sons, ranging in age from two to 15. He came on the show to regain his health and sees it as an opportunity to compete not only against others, but also himself. 

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The show opens in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Ali tells us that a bus is one the way filled with 20 former athletes coming to recapture their Glory Days. This time they are not playing to win, they are playing to lose…for their families, for themselves, and for the chance to become the next Biggest Loser.


Zina Garrison is 50 and has a Gold Medal from the Seoul Olympics in tennis. At one point she was ranked number 4 in the world. She now weighs 260 lbs. She wants nothing more than to get into the tennis skirt again.


Damien Woody is 36 and he played 12 years in the NFL and was the number 1 pick in 1999 and won 2 Super Bowls. He has 2 kids that he loves more than anything in the world. He isn’t trying to be a statistic.


Gina Hadden was a cheerleader growing up and is still to this day everybody’s cheerleader. She thinks about everybody else before she thinks about herself.


Lori is 43 years old and is a 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist in softball and in the 2000 Olympic games threw the first ever no hitter. She wants to feel like an athlete again.


Ali congratulates all the contestants on being there. She tells them they will have 3 trainers this year. She introduces Dolvett as the man who has helped contestants with hard work and dedication. Then tells them they are introducing 2 new trainers. Jessie Pavelka  is the first. He has been a trainer for 10 years and specializes in extreme weight loss. Jen Widerstrom has helped many people lose weight. She believes people operate from fear or love. If you are able to stop living in fear and operate from the place of love, your life changes and the pounds melt away. Ali tells them all to come on down.


All the contestants change into black and they do their initial weigh-in (look above for their initial weights). Jessie says the weigh in is exciting because he knows it’s the last time they will see that number. Jen says that when they weigh in there’s a huge sense of vulnerability as they share their stories. JJ says that his mom used to always tell him he had to be careful or he would wake up one day and be 400 lbs, and here he is 8 lbs away. Damien says he is competing against everyone, even the trainers, and bringing his “A” game. Jackie says she used to be great, and since then she’s just been hiding for years. Woody lost his wife to cancer just 9 months ago. His son told him he doesn’t want to lose him, too. He says he let himself go completely after his wife was diagnosed. Dolvett asks him if he plans to keep his word, and Woody says “absolutely.”


Ali says one of the best lessons in sports is that it isn’t about how you start, it’s about how you finish. She tells them to get ready for their first workout.

Dolvett tells them that most of them think their Glory Days are behind them, but he promises them they are ahead. They are told that Planet Fitness has given them a membership for a year when they get home, plus one membership for another person. It’s time for the first workout on the ranch. Dolvett says there’s a lot of new blood in the gym…2 new trainers and 20 contestants. He says these guys are former athletes, so they need to push them harder than they’ve ever pushed anyone.


Gina makes a connection with Jen when she says she is afraid of the weight ball.


Mike Murberg is working with Dolvett. He tells us that he used to watch the show with his son. He says that before he went away to the army he promised his son he would go on the show if he ever got the chance. His son died. Mike says he is still recovering from grief.


Vanessa says she likes Jen…she looks sweet but she’s on you’re a**.


Jessie is working on Lori. He pushes her. Lori says it’s a humbling experience because she doesn’t know how to finish. She didn’t realize how broken she was. Jessie says he is immediately drawn to her.


Blake says that she is the youngest in the competition and she is disappointed in herself because she realizes how far she has let herself go.


Dolvett gets on to JJ. He tells him to get back on the treadmill. Dr. H and the medical staff is over by is over by JJ.


Dolvett says that the former athletes are pushing them further than anyone else he’s ever seen on Day 1. Their bodies may not want to cooperate, but their minds are there.

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Jen takes JJ outside and asks him about his experience with the day. He says it felt good to be back in the gym but that it was also hard. He says he has 3 younger siblings and he wants to be a good role model. He doesn’t want them to look at him and think it’s OK to be like him. He starts to cry and she tells him to let it go… it’s OK to be unhealthy. She says leading by example is a powerful thing. She says that’s why she is here. He says it’s his responsibility to try and she says she’s going to remind him of that. Jen says she loves him.


Jessie goes looking for Lori in the house. He says that when she was working out a lot of emotion was coming out. He is interested in hearing more about it. She says that she had a miscarriage. Then she had a beautiful baby boy. She realized how much she loved being a mom and wanted more. Since then she has had 7 miscarriages, the most recent being 4 months ago. Jessie says there’s a lot more that goes on here than just weight loss. It’s an emotional journey. Jessie says he really wants to work with her. He wants to see her smile and be happy again.


Next thing we know, the contestants arrive at their first challenge. Ali is standing with all the trainers. On Ali’s “GO”, each contestant will grab a ball, race up the sand dune, race through a maze, crawl under a net, over a series of bumps in the sand, make your way through a collection of poles to the finish where each trainer has a volleyball court…Red for Dolvett, White for Jen, Blue for Jessie. Each court has a spot for 6 balls. Ali says there are always winners and losers. Today there will be 2 losers because the 2 people who come in last will be eliminated.

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Ali says that Scott has a huge lead on the group. He chooses Dolvett. Rondalee is second and she chooses Jen. Lori is third and chooses Jessie. Jordan and Blake are next in and both choose Dolvett. Woody chooses Jen because he likes someone who will push him. Toma chooses Jen, as well. Emmy chooses Dolvett. Sonya collapses into Jen’s arms and chooses her team. Rob chooses Dolvett’s team, leaving only one spot open. JJ chooses Jen’s team, leaving only one spot open on her team and 3 on Jessie’s. Matt makes it up the hill and chooses Jen. Her team is full. Jackie makes it up the hill and chooses Jessie, as does Gina. Mike is the final member of Dolvett’s team. There is only one spot left on Jessie’s team. Zina, Vanessa, and Chandra are fighting for it. Vanessa pulls a muscle halfway up the hill. Chandra is in last place. Zina is a few feet from the end and collapses. Everyone is cheering Chandra from the bottom of the hill and everyone is yelling and Zina not to give up. Chandra makes it from the bottom of the hill to be the last member of the blue team. She says she never thought she would meet a group of complete strangers who would be her biggest cheerleaders a few days later.



Zina needs oxygen and medical care. Jessie is heartbroken. He says this isn’t it for her. Vanessa is also being carted away. Ali congratulates everyone and says the teams are set and their jerseys are waiting for them at the ranch.


Back at the ranch, Zina and Vanessa are saying their goodbyes and they pull away in their limousine. They wonder where they are because they are literally in the middle of the woods. Then they squeal as we see a familiar set of legs. COMMERCIAL.

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Zina and Vanessa come out of the limousine to find Bob Harper! He tells them there is always another chance for athletes and they are getting another chance. He says after 15 seasons of seeing him on this show, we are going to be seeing him in another way. Welcome to Comeback Canyon. This is his house. Each week he will be training 2 people. At the end of the week there will be weigh-in and the person with the lowest percentage goes home for good. Eventually, he goes back to the ranch with his Comeback Contestant with a chance of becoming a Finalist for TBL 16. [WOW!!]


He takes them to his gym and tells him this is their chance at becoming the Biggest Loser. He says the chance to work with someone like Zina is a dream. He says that Vanessa is coming of a hamstring injury, but a lot is coming from up here (points to his head). She says she is angry. He says she has to get her mind straight. He gets through to her and she has a strong workout. 

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The 3 trainers enter TBL house and Dolvett finds that Mike injured his knee walking up to the gym. He has torn his meniscus, so working out is going to be that much harder. It’s time or the Last Chance Workout.


Jen says that she wants them to encourage each other, cheer each other on, too. The team that wins weigh ins together, stays together and her team has become her family.


Jessie says he has 5 women, Damien and Woody. They are the underdogs but he loves a challenge. They will be ready and they are tough and you don’t want to mess with them.


Dolvett says he has the oldest person and the youngest person. He has an NFL player and everything else in between. Ain’t no stopping the Red Team.


Andrea talks to Jessie and tells him that if they end up on the bottom she would tell the Blue team to send her home. He asks her if she feels she doesn’t deserve it. He pulls her aside. He tells her it’s an emotional process and she needs it. She tells him he’s the first person to ever believe in her. She’s walking on the treadmill and he asks her if she’s going home. She says NO.


Dolvett is talking to Emmy. She is upset because she misses her kids. He says it’s OK to miss them, but she has to concentrate on herself too.


Jessie and Damien are joking with each other about whether Jessie can break him. Jessie piles weight on the sled and then stands on it. Damien pushes it and everyone cheers him on.


Dolvett tells Mike he appreciates his effort.  Mike says he likes being pushed and has been pissed off at life for awhile. His son’s name was Ehren, which is German for honorable “and he was.” Dolvett says “how about that.” Mike says that he learned at his funeral that his son would find out who did the most pushups or sit ups and then go out and do more. Mike says that became a big inspiration to him. He says the only way he can introduce him to his son is to show Dolvett him in himself. Dolvett says he looks forward to meeting him.

Comeback Canyon Weigh-In:



Starting Weight - 263, Current Weight - 255 Difference of -8 Percentage - 3.04%

She says she needs to put more work in. Bob says it has been a crazy, short week.



Starting Weight - 366, Current Weight - 352 Difference of -14 Percentage - 3.83% 

She says those 14 pounds are a long time coming


Bob tells Zina that he’s sorry but she is not the biggest loser. She has been a joy to work with and he will see her at the finale. Zina says she is a competitor and she hates that she is leaving so early. The next time you see her she will have defeated the biggest competitor yet and that’s her weight.

Ali says that for most athletes the difference between winning and losing is about a scoreboard. At the ranch, it’s about the scale. Dolvett says the bar was raised with this group of contestants. They were doing things that contestants in past seasons were doing in week 5.


Ali says that everyone will weigh in as a team and the team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will go to the elimination room where one person will be voted off. The player on the losing team with the highest percentage of weight loss will have immunity. Everyone is very thrown by the news.


White team is first:

Sonya  Starting Weight – 283, Current Weight – 260, Difference – 23

Matt  Starting Weight – 386, Current Weight – 363, Difference – 23

Rondalee  Starting Weight – 283, Current Weight – 266, Difference – 14

Toma  Starting Weight – 336, Current Weight – 316, Difference – 20

Woody  Starting Weight – 398, Current Weight – 388, Difference – 10

JJ  Starting Weight – 392, Current Weight – 378, Difference – 14


Total weight loss is 104, team percentage of 5.01%


Woody is upset and worried that he let his wife down. JJ says he went from not being able to get through the first workout to sprinting up to the scale.




Red Team will need to lose more than 104 pounds


Emmy  Starting Weight – 260, Current Weight – 254, Difference – 6

Blake  Starting Weight – 251, Current Weight – 235, Difference – 16

Jordan  Starting Weight – 323, Current Weight – 301, Difference – 22

Scott  Starting Weight – 366, Current Weight – 343, Difference – 23

Rob  Starting Weight – 483, Current Weight – 450, Difference – 33 [WOW]

Mike  Starting Weight – 399, Current Weight – 361, Difference – 38 [DOUBLE WOW]


Total weight loss is 138, team percentage of 6.63%. Red team is safe and White team is still in danger.


Mike says if his son could see him now he thinks he would be very happy.



Blue team needs to lose more than 90 pounds.


Gina  Starting Weight – 290, Current Weight – 228, Difference – 14

Andrea  Starting Weight – 244, Current Weight – 230, Difference – 14

Chandra  Starting Weight – 341, Current Weight – 334, Difference – 7

Jackie  Starting Weight – 291, Current Weight – 283, Difference – 8

Lori  Starting Weight – 301, Current Weight – 292, Difference – 9

Damien  Starting Weight – 388, Current Weight – 381, Difference – 7


Total weight loss is 59 pounds, team percentage of 3.27%. The Blue team has lost the weigh-in and will be going into the elimination room to vote.


Jessie says they will be doing different work from this point forward and the scale will reflect it. Gina is safe from elimination as she is the biggest loser of the week.

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Ali will go around the table and ask everyone to reveal their vote.


Lori says the person she selected has a lot of fears, but she has voted for Andrea.


Andrea voted for someone she knows can push through whether they are her or at home. She voted for Damien.


Damien says he doesn’t want this person to waste an opportunity. When he hears someone doubt that they can’t do it…you just don’t get these opportunities. He voted for Chandra. He tells Chandra he knows she can do it.


Chandra says the person she voted she knows is struggling here but also knows she has a good support system at home. She voted for Andrea. Ali says that if Andrea gets one more vote she will be eliminated.


Jackie says she is always there for other people and she says she needs someone who will also be there for her. The person she voted for is Andrea. Ali says that means they don’t need to hear from the last person on their team, and Andrea has been eliminated.


Andrea says she did tell Jessie she wanted to go home, but she doesn’t. She feels like she threw away an opportunity she can never get back. Her limo pulls away and she is met by Bob. He tells her this ain’t game over for her.


We see Zina. She was 263 to start and is now 223 pounds and is still losing. She now coaches Taylor Townsend. Plans to lose 100 pounds by the Finale.

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It's Biggest Loser Time. We open with Andrea driving toward Comeback Canyon. Bob tells her it ain't game over for her. She can't believe it, but says she's scared now. He tells her how it works. As a reminder... 2 people get weighed in at the end of the week. One person will go home, one person will stay. Bob will do this every week until the finale where he will return with his Comeback Canyon player for a chance to win the finale. Andrea walks in and sees Vanessa.

We go back to the ranch, and Jessie has his team in the KT preparing a meal together. He tells them he knows it's hard to be away from their families. He tears up because he is away from his own family back in Toronto. Damien says he has 7 kids at home and he's here for a bigger purpose. Lori says they are all missing kids and family, but it means a lot more when their trainer is going through the same thing.

Time for the gym. Dolvett tells us it's the dreaded week 2. He says that the Red team beat everyone by a landslide and everyone has them in their sights. This week everyone has to start facing the emotional issues that brought them to the house. Jessie says there is zero room for error and they are athletes. They need to find their inner athletes again. Jen says it shook her up coming to the ranch this morning and seeing a contestant gone. She wants to do what it takes to make sure that doesn't happen.

Jessie pulls Jackie aside and asks what she meant at the weigh-in when she said that she felt like she has permission now. She says she's finding her happiness. She said that her kids have called her the inside mommy because she never does anything with her kids and her dad told her on his deathbed to find her happiness again.

Jen is talking with Matt...he doesn't seem to be giving it his all. She asks him what's going on and he tells her that his girlfriend told him that if he doesn't make lifestyle changes it's over. They started dating when he was at his prime/modeling. She tells him that he needs to make decisions to be present here with her.

Dolvett is working with Blake. She is having an anxiety attack. He asks about when they began and why she can't keep it off. She won't talk about it. He says if she won't, she will gain all her weight back. She says opening up for her is hard. She won't open up and talk to him. He tells her to open up or leave the gym. She giggles. He kicks her out of the gym.

Dolvett pulls his team together and tells them that he is asking them all to open up, but he hasn't opened up to them. He says that he remembers his first season when he had a contestant who wouldn't open up so he went to his room with his journal and told him his story about how he was abused. That contestant went on to win and Dolvett became a better trainer. Blake tells us it was brave of Dolvett to tell them her story and it makes her feel like she owes him her story.

At the age of 5 she was 100 lbs...bigger than the boys. Age of 7 she went on her first diet and by 15 she was 180 lbs. In high school she started running cross country and got to 150 lbs. Her goal was 125, but she never got there. She felt like she didn't make her parents proud because she didn't get to her goal, even though they were proud. Dolvett tells her to take the journey with him and not to be scared.

It's Comeback Canyon and Vanessa tells us her motivation is that her fiance is going to find out how much she weighs when he sees the show. Andrea says she feels like its David and Goliath being against a WNBA player. She says Dolvett is intense, Jessie and Jen are intense, but Bob is a new level of intense.

It's time for the team challenge! Ali says that everyone makes excuses--food, work, responsibilities, and fear--but the trick is to come out swinging. Their job is to take the 60 lb punching bag they have and navigate through the course to knock down the walls with the excuses printed on them to hoist their punching bag in the air. The winning team is guaranteed use of the gym...the other 2 teams may be out of luck.

All 3 teams make it through the first wall at the same time. Gina says that busting through these excuses is great therapy. Blue team makes it to the balance team and to the third wall first. Jackie says that the responsibility excuse applies to her. She has never put herself first. It feels freeing to put herself as a priority. The final wall find the white team and red team neck and neck. Woody says that the last wall is Fear and that's significant to him. He doesn't want to live in fear anymore. The white team is the first one through, but the Red team is right behind them.

The white team hoists their bag and rings their bell. They win! The red team finishes about 2 seconds behind them. The blue team finishes, as well. Ally tells the white team they won't be alone in the gym. They get to pick one other team to train with them. Only one person on the white team chooses the Red team, so majority wins and they choose Blue. The Blue team feels slighted because Damien knows it's because they look at the Red team as their direct competition.

The White and Blue team report to the gym and tell Jen and Jessie what transpired at the challenge. Dolvett wonders where his team is. They tell him they are in the house. Jessie's team is driven to win the weigh-in because they want to show the other 2 teams they are a team to be reckoned with. Dolvett says he doesn't need a gym to train his team. He shows them how to train in the LR of the house. They are determined to win to show the other teams they didn't need the gym...just each other and the right attitude.

It's time for Scott to meet with Dr. Rob Huizenga (Dr. H), the BB doctor. He tells him his blood sugar is high and insulin is high and will probably have diabetes within a couple years. Scott says he doesn't want to die while he's alive. He says someone has to figure out a way to break the cycle. He shows him a transformation of him on the TV, both fatter and skinnier.

Lori meets with Dr. H and he tells her she has sleep apnea, reflux, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes. He asks her why she stopped exercising. She talks about her miscarriages. He tells her that the 70 lbs she gained in her first pregnancy may be affecting her having a healthy pregnancy. He shows her what she would look like if she kept gaining weight and what she would look like if she sticks to healthy lifestyles.

Rob comes in and finds he has many of the same issues as the others. Except he gained 50 lbs last year because of a knee injury. He says he was told not to exercise much because of it. Dr. H tells him to get in a wheelchair because that's where he's headed. Rob gets furious and storms out of the exam room screaming.

Dr. H says that it's not just about him. It's about the rest of the country, too. Rob says he doesn't need him to pull out a wheelchair. He looks at his dad everyday and that's why he's here. Dr. H says he doesn't want him to go through what his dad has gone through.

Now we see Jen walking with Toma. She tells us he is a mystery to her. He says he is a guy that gets us, goes to work, eats dinner, and goes to bed. She says that every day trial and error of how to achieve a healthy lifestyle is most of America. He says that he lost his dad 9 years ago and it's what makes him want to change his life. She says that she doesn't think the grieving process with his dad hasn't really happened yet. He tells us he needs to become more emotionally fit so he can become more physically fit.

Dolvett has his team out at a track for his last chance workout (LCW). Rob is really struggling in the workout. Dolvett says he is really struggling since he met with Dr. H. He tells Dolvett he hates himself because he can't do everything like everyone else. Dolvett tells him for the first time in his life to take control of YOU. That his mind is strong. Rob tells us he wants to be here, but he needs to see some positives. Hopefully it shows on the scale this week. Suddenly we see Jordan pick up one of the big orange coolers and start walking the track with it. He says he may miss the birth of his first child, so he's going to get the most out of his time on the ranch.

Jessie is reminding his team that they didn't have a good weigh-in last week. He wants REDEMPTION. It's his key word for the day. He takes Gina aside because he says she is always smiling and he knows there's anger in there. She says growing up she always had to have her game face on. She is beats a punching bag. She says it feels good to have someone tell her it's OK to be angry. She cries.

Jen tells us the white team is unstoppable, but she doesn't want her team to get complacent. She has a white board outlining everything they need to do for their LCW.

It's time for the Comeback Canyon (CC) weigh-in:

Vanessa Starting Weight – 352, Current Weight – 347, Difference – 5 = 1.42%

Bob tells Andrea she needs to lose more than 4 lbs to stay at CC.

Andrea Starting Weight – 230, Current Weight – 224, Difference – 6 = 2.61%

Bob tells her she has earned herself one more week at CC. He tells Vanessa there are so many more glory days in her future and he can't wait to see her at the finale. She tells us it's not just about being thin and fitting into the wedding dress. She says it's about feeling good emotionally. Bob says he can't wait to see who Andrea's next competitor is because Andrea is tough and ready for it.

Jessie says this week is all about redemption for the blue team. Dolvett says he's nervous since they didn't have the gym.

Red Team = 52 lbs = 2.67 %

Blake Starting Weight – 235, Current Weight – 227, Difference – 8

Emmy Starting Weight – 254, Current Weight – 249, Difference – 5

Mike Starting Weight – 361, Current Weight – 352, Difference – 9 (still injured)

Jordan Starting Weight – 301, Current Weight – 293, Difference – 8

Scott Starting Weight – 343, Current Weight – 333, Difference – 10

Rob Starting Weight – 450, Current Weight – 438 , Difference – 12

Rob says with everything that went on this week, he's happy, but he wants to get the biggest number on the ranch each week since he's the biggest guy on the ranch.

Time for the white team to weigh in. They need to lose more than 52 lbs to guarantee their safety.

White Team = 57 lbs = 2.89% = Safety

Toma Starting Weight – 316, Current Weight – 308, Difference – 8

Sonya Starting Weight – 260, Current Weight – 253, Difference – 7

Rondalee Starting Weight – 266, Current Weight – 258, Difference – 8

Matt Starting Weight – 363, Current Weight – 353, Difference – 10

Woody Starting Weight – 388, Current Weight – 376, Difference – 12

JJ Starting Weight – 378, Current Weight – 366, Difference – 12

Time for the blue team. In order to avoid a back to back elimination, they need to lose more than 40 lbs.

Blue Team = 44 lbs = 2.9% = Safety! = 1st Place

Gina Starting Weight – 228, Current Weight – 222, Difference – 6

Lori Starting Weight – 292, Current Weight – 287, Difference – 5

Chandra Starting Weight – 334, Current Weight – 325, Difference – 9

Jackie Starting Weight – 283, Current Weight – 273, Difference – 10

Damien Starting Weight – 381, Current Weight – 367, Difference – 14

Damien does a jig on the scale. Gina screams that he is the man and Jessie comes and gives him a hug. Damien says he will take 14 all day every day...draw up a game plan and execute it.

Ali tells the Red Team that Blake is TBL on their team and cannot be eliminated. She meets them in the elimination room.

Scott tells her the decision was excruciating.They need to have the strongest team they can going forward. He voted for Emmy.

Jordan voted for the person with the lowest percentage... Emmy.

Rob voted with self preservation... Emmy.

Ali tells Emmy that she is eliminated. Emmy says she understands and she will miss them and to work hard.

Emmy's limo pulls to a stop and Bob opens the door. He says, "Hi Emmy... you didn't think this was over for you, did you?"

Finally, it's time for TBL reveal of the eliminated player. Vanessa says when she started TBL she weighed 366. Today she weighs 321 lbs. She says she was on the road to destruction when she started the show. She was recently invited to an Alumni game at the University of Florida. It's the first time she's played basketball in a long time. She says it feels awesome to be back.

After the finale, Vanessa plans to get married in her dream wedding dress.

Join us next week for TBL!

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It's Biggest Loser Time. It’s dark and we open with Emmy pulling up to Comeback Canyon. Bob tells her it’s not over for her. He tells her she will compete with one person and at the end of the week she will weigh in against the person who she is there. If she wins, the other person will go home. If she make it through the weigh-ins, she will go back to the house and have a chance to be a finalist. Bob tells us Comeback Canyon is about him and the contestant. He doesn’t want it to be a pitstop before they go home. He tells her now she has to go meet the person who she will be competing against in the gym.

Back at the ranch, the contestants are headed to the gym. Jessie tells them it’s week 3 and they have a surprise for them. They go into the gym and there is a “Wall of Glory” for them. It’s photos of them when they were athletes. Scott says he remembers the day as a QB for Dallas playing at Three Rivers Stadium. Damien remembers after Superbowl 36. Lori remembers how she felt after the Olympic tryouts the second time. It was after a surgery and she came back throwing harder. Woody says his day was the day after he got married. He gets emotional remembering the wife he lost to cancer 9 months ago. He tells us he loved her so much. He remembers how much work he put in to get to that point as an athlete and he wants to get back to it. Jessie says they want to make their Glory Days a thing of the future, not a thing of the past. Jen says draw from the pictures. Dolvett says that a picture a says a thousand words.

Dolvett says the intensity of his workout is to get them back to the glory of those pictures. Jessie says motivation pushes you and inspiration pulls you. You need both. Jen says she needs to tap back into the mental grit of the athlete again. Rob says his Glory picture is ahead of him when he’s standing on the stage with the confetti pouring down. His Glory picture hasn’t been taken yet. Jen talks to Rondalee about how to get back her competitive edge. Jen says she comes off a little shy, but she doesn’t think she is. Jessie talks to Damien about his picture, asks him what it means to him. Damien starts to cry. He says it went by so fast and that he can’t believe he let himself go. It pisses him off and he has a lot of anger inside. He wants to get that dude back. Jessie wants him to remember the champion he was and that it didn’t have to end on the field. Damien says he wants to be better than the guy he was back then.

Now Jessie is talking to Lori. He says that he could tell something was up when she came into the gym. He asks her how he can get her to get her spark back. She says if she could see her son and her husband. He says she needs to realize she has the rest of her life to see them. She has one chance here on the ranch so that she is a better wife, mother, and person. He tells her to do 20 burpees and he wants her to get excited about them. She tells us that being away from her family is more painful that her 7 miscarriages were. She breaks down in the gym and says that she’s doing everything she can to stay and not quit. Jessie tells her he doesn’t think she realizes all she can do.

The HG find out that there is going to be a double-header this week…2 challenges. Ali tells them that sports are not just physical, they are about the mental game, too. Right next door is TBL nutrition room, stocked with everything you could ever want to know about nutrition. Each team will get 5 minutes in the room and then they will come back to take a quiz. Scott The red team has a strategy when they go in, each team taking a section of the room so they can be an ‘expert’ on one nutritional area. JJ, from the white team, says that the food itself is a distraction because he is supposed to be studying but all he keeps thinking is “I want to eat this.” Damien, from the blue team, says he feels ready to take the quiz. Ali calls out the trainers to help with the pop quiz.

Ali tells them one player from each team will answer with no help from anyone else. They have 2 choices. They have 2 choices, OVER or UNDER. If they get it right you get a POINT. The team with the most points get a 2 pound advantage. If you get it wrong, that food needs to be eaten. Dolvett says he feels bad for them. Ali says he shouldn’t, because they aren’t the ones who will be eating the food. Dolvett tells us he is not happy. Jen says she will do anything for her team and that she’s happy it’s not them who will be eating it. The first item is a slice of deep dish pizza – amount of fat over or under 25 mg? They all guess OVER and they are all correct. Second item is pasta primavera – amount of carbohydrates over or under 65 g? They all guess UNDER and are all correct. Pecan pie is the third item – amount of calories over or under 900? Red and Blue team guess UNDER, White guesses OVER. The answer is OVER, so Jessie and Dolvett “enjoy” some pecan pie. The score is now Blue and Red with 2 points each, White with 3.

Next food item in the challenge is a bacon cheeseburger and a 24 oz soda – amount of calories over or under 1550 calories? Red and White guess OVER and Blue says UNDER because there are no fries. Blue is correct, so Dolvett and Jen are tasked with eating the bacon cheeseburger and drinking the soda. Score is now Blue and White 3, Red 2. Next, Chinese veggie egg rolls – amount of calories over or under 400? Blue and Red OVER, White UNDER. White is correct, so Dolvett and Jessie eat eggrolls. Score is White 4, Blue 3, Red 2. Last round, egg, cheese, and spinach scramble – amount of fat over or under 20 grams? White and Red OVER, Blue UNDER. Answer is OVER… Jessie eats the scramble. Final Score: White 5, Blue 3, Red 3. White wins a 2 pound advantage. Jessie tell his team they are in trouble. Jordan on the Red team says he’s sick of losing challenges. Their team needs to learn some cohesion.

Comeback Canyon (CC) time! Andrea says if she sees Emmy slacking anywhere, she will capitalize on it. Emmy says she will do whatever Bob asks of her. Bob says she is an athlete and has the ability to go a long way, if not all the way. Talking to her, he says he wants to understand why she’s here. She tells about how her own mom remembers what it was like to fight dogs for food because they were so hungry, so—of course—they all got fed and fed. She says she is not the only overweight person in her family. She says she was bullied when she was little for being overweight, and now her own little girl is bullied. There is a little girl who asks her daughter when she is due. Emmy told Bob that her mom lets her daughter have whatever she wants when she goes over there…ice cream, cookies, candy. Bob says the only way she will have lasting change is if she addresses her mother. He says the kind of focus she is having here is the focus she has to have with her mother. She needs her mom’s help. Emmy tells us that she needs to talk to her mom, that she knows Bob is right.

Time for part 2 of the double header challenge. We enter the gym to see exercise cycles. Ali tells them the winner of the second challenge gets a FOUR (4) POUND advantage on the scale! Each team will have to pedal 24.8 miles, the same distance of the cycling portion of cycling portion of the Olympic triathlon. They have dialed up the resistance on the bikes so that every inch feels like an uphill battle. Each team only has 5 bikes, so the white team has Woody sit out of the competition. The Blue team starts out on the lead, but the Red team is the first team to the 5 mile marker and the 10 mile marker. Blue team is the first team to the 15 mile marker.

The White team pulls ahead, and all the trainers are coaching their teams as the push to the end. White wins by a hair. The White now gets another 4 pounds. Ali says, “Or do they?” They have a choice to make. They can take these 4 pounds, or get letters from home. If they take the 4 pounds, then the other teams get letters from home. The white team confers and decides to take the 4 pounds. Ali asks Lori, on the Blue team, what this means to her. She says it means a lot. Jessie says it’s tough that they didn’t win it, but the letters from home will help some of the people on his team a lot because they really need it right now.

Damien says the 4 pounds would have been great, but the letters are a great consolation prize. He shares some of their words and pictures from home with his team. Through her tears, Jackie says that her kids deserve every happy inch of her and she hasn’t been giving them that. She is sharing her letter and photos with everyone, telling them that she is no longer going to be ‘inside mommy’, she’s going to be ‘outside mommy.’ Blake shares a letter from her mom with Rob. Scott breaks into tears reading a letter from his wife to JJ and Mike. Chandra reads one from her mom. She tells her teammates that she is learning about how to be confident in herself again. JJ’s letter is from his wife, and she tells him about their baby moving inside of her. Mike shares with him about remembering when they were expecting their first child and eltting them find their way and being proud of them. He says he has been focusing so much on grief that he has forgotten to move on to hope. Lori’s letter is from her husband telling her that she deserves this. He tells her they will all be fine and that it will all be worth it. There is also a little card from her son. Gina tells her she now knows everyone is OK and now she has to kill it at the ranch.

The Red team is outside playing around. Scott says that Dolvett says having a good support team around you is a necessary part of succeeding around the ranch. He says that he feels he knows how to bring the team together. JJ says he thinks Scott does know how to lead by example, and it’s neat to see him bringing the team together. After playing around, they come together in a huddle and say, “We Us.” Dolvett says he is pushing his team hard for the Last Chance Workout (LCW). Jessie is working his team out hard, as well. Lori says that she is ready to work out hard after reading her letters from home. Woody is talking with Jen. He says that he’s never going through any of this again. He tells us that he’s never taken care of himself. Damien says he can hear Jessie in his head during LCW, and he can start to feel his old self come out. Jen asks Sonya why she came to TBL. She tells us that she will turn 40 soon and she will officially be the 40 year old virgin. She hates the way she looks and wants to change. The resounding cry in the gym is that everyone wants to stay and they love their teams.

It's time for the Comeback Canyon (CC) weigh-in: Bob says it’s difficult for him to lose someone each week. He says that he knows Emmy and Andrea became friends, so he knows it will be difficult for them.

Andrea Starting Weight – 224, Current Weight – 220, Difference – 4 = 1.79%

Bob tells Emmy she needs to lose more than 5 lbs to stay at CC.

Emmy Starting Weight – 249, Current Weight – 243, Difference – 6 = 2.41%

Emmy has won the weigh-in. Bob tells Emmy she is one week closer to making it back on the ranch. She says that she is so excited! He tells Andrea that he hates saying this, but she is not TBL. He says that she still has a chance for the $100,000 at home prize. She says she can’t wait to see him at the finale. He says she is what CC is all about because she came there and found herself. Andrea tells Emmy to kick butt, and they hug. Andrea tells us that the next time we see her she will be healthy and happy in ONE-derland.

We start the weigh-in with Ali reminding everyone that the WHITE team has a 6 pound advantage. Scott tells us that it would be so great to take them down with that 6 lb advantage.

Time for the white team to weigh in. They need to lose more than 52 lbs to guarantee their safety.

Matt Starting Weight – 353, Current Weight – 346, Difference – 7

Rondalee Starting Weight – 258, Current Weight – 255, Difference – 3

Woody Starting Weight – 376, Current Weight – 372, Difference – 4

JJ Starting Weight – 366, Current Weight – 363, Difference – 3

Toma Starting Weight – 308, Current Weight – 302, Difference – 6

Sonya Starting Weight – 253, Current Weight – 249, Difference – 4

The White Team ends with a 33 lbs loss = 1.72%

Part way through the White weigh-in Dolvett says their numbers are quite low and feels like they may have a chance. Gina says that the White team may be going down this week. Before he weighs in, JJ says they had hoped the 6 lbs were in the bank, but now it seems like they will have to use them. He is very disappointed.

In order for the RED team to guarantee their safety, they need to lose more than 28 lbs.

Rob Starting Weight – 438, Current Weight – 433 , Difference – 5

Blake Starting Weight – 227, Current Weight – 224, Difference – 3

Jordan Starting Weight – 293, Current Weight – 289, Difference – 4

Mike Starting Weight – 352, Current Weight – 343, Difference – 9 (still injured)

Scott Starting Weight – 333, Current Weight – 322, Difference – 11

Red Team = 32 lbs = 1.95 % = SAFETY

Halfway through the weigh-in, Dolvett says that historically week 2 has low numbers. He wonders if the curse has moved to week 3 this season. Mike says he is starting to let go of grief, and the flip side of that is that you open your life up to joy. When Scott saves the group with his weight loss, Rob says that he saved his life today. JJ is crying and Ali asks him about it. He says he is pissed. He says it’s a testament to the Red team that they overcame the White team’s 6 lb advantage. He just doesn’t know how to feel. It’s just rough.

Time for the BLUE team. In order to avoid elimination, they need to lose more than 25 lbs.

Damien Starting Weight – 367, Current Weight – 358, Difference – 9

Lori Starting Weight – 287, Current Weight – 284, Difference – 3

Jackie Starting Weight – 273, Current Weight – 271, Difference – 2

Gina Starting Weight – 222, Current Weight – 221, Difference – 1

Chandra Starting Weight – 325, Current Weight – 324, Difference – 1

Blue Team = 16 lbs = 1.09% = ELIMINATION

Chandra needs to lose more than 10 lbs for the team not to go to elimination and she loses 1. The only player who cannot be eliminated is Damien. Ali tells everyone that the 6lb advantage did not affect the weigh in at all. The Blue team huddles before they go into elimination. Lori, tells everyone that she wants to stay. She doesn’t want to go home. Chandra tells them she will fail if she goes home. Damien says that as much as they are a family, this is a competition and they do have to think about what they have to do to win this competition.

In the elimination room, Gina says this is incredibly difficult for her this week. The person she person she voted for hasn’t always wanted to be here. She has voiced that she has wanted to go home. She votes for Chandra. She is crying and Chandra tells her it’s OK.

Chandra says tonight says that her choice was based on numbers over the past few weeks and knows that this person misses home and wants to be there, as well. The person she voted for is Lori. She begins to cry. Lori tells her it’s OK. Don’t cry and she loves her just the same.

Lori says the person she has voted for she has seen the athlete come out in her. She believes she is truly a fighter. She has voted for Jackie.

Damien says he has taken the emotion out of the vote. He tried to think about how to keep the team out of the elimination room. So the person he voted for is Chandra.

Ali says with 2 votes it doesn’t matter who Jackie voted for because it will either be her or a tie and if it’s a tie, she has the lowest percentage of weight loss. Chandra says if they come into this room again she will be pissed.

Ali says there are a lot of people pulling for her and believing in her.

In the limo, Chandra tells us she feels she was a burden to her team because she was always the slowest, the last one done, the one who needed to take a break. She says she’s not angry because they believed in her, encouraged her. The thing she’s taking away is that you need to believe in yourself. Suddenly, the limo door opens and Bob says, “Hi Chandra…” and she screams “Oh my Gd!!!”

Where are they Now? Andrea… When Andrea started the show she weighed 244 lbs and now she weighs 184 lbs. She has lost 60 lbs since starting the show!!! Her son and husband recognized the changes in her immediately when she came home. –not just physically, but emotionally. Her husband has lost 50 lbs, as well. She says that getting healthy has become her full time job now. BUT, she is also the director of the Detroit Pride cheerleaders, too…a professional cheerleading team. She said she is becoming the person she has been talking about. She wants to dance her way to the top and win the at home prize. She wants to be a hot pa-tottie at the finale.

Join us next week for TBL, where the weight of the entire team will rest on JUST ONE PLAYER!!

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IT’S BIGGEST LOSER TIME! Chandra says it’s intense to open the door and see Bob. He tells her she’s got one person she will be competing against and there will be a weigh-in at the end of the week. Either she will win and stay or she will really go home. He asks if she has any idea who she will be competing against. He takes her inside and she and Emmy Lou hug. Bob asks if this will be the week that someone finally wins 2 weigh-ins in a row??

Back at the ranch, Ali is waiting in the gym in front of a lottery machine. She tells them that it’s not always enough to train hard… sometimes the ball just has to bounce your way. She tells them that today’s lottery is a little like the Pro Basketball lottery, except today they are only picking one player and he isn’t joining the team, he’s leaving it…going home for the entire week. That person will take the trainer with them and represent the entire team in the weigh-in. JJ says this is the first time in his life when he hoped he doesn’t win the lottery.

Names start popping up for who will stay on the ranch… Matt, JJ, Scott, Rob, Jordan, Gina, Jackie, Lori, Toma, Blake, Mike, (Red Team Safe). Jen says that more than anyone, Woody can’t go home right now. She really hopes his ball comes up…Rondalee, Sonya. Damien tells us that the Blue team has been the underdogs the whole season, and they really need to be together. Woody… Damien, from the Blue team, is going home with Jessie. Ali asks him how he feels because they have had things up against them this season. Jessie says they have gotten good at it. Damien says this is a business trip.

Damien walks up to his front door. He tells us that seeing his wife and 7 kids is going to be something that he will use to give him an extra boost. Nicole, his wife, starts to cry. She tells us they are high school sweethearts and she is so happy to see the weight coming off. Damien introduces Jessie. They tell the whole family that it’s his weight alone that represents the Blue team. The next day opens with Jessie training Damien. He tells him that the game of football is over. It’s time to get ready for the game of life. Damien says he doesn’t want to let his team down.

We return to the ranch and the Blue team is alone. They say they can let that defeat them or let that motivate them. Dolvett says that Damien is a 2 time Superbowl champion and that he knows he’s not going to go home and lose focus. He says the Red team needs to show up. Jen says that it’s Week 4 and the White team has a target on their back…they are the only team 6 strong. He knows Damien is going to rise to the occasion. Woody says he thinks Jen is the reason they are as strong as they are…she is a warrior. Dolvett talks to Mike and we find out that they day before was Aaron’s birthday. Mike says he is getting healthy, getting through the grief. Dolvett says it’s a privilege watching this man evolve, seeing that it’s never too late. Mike says he doesn’t know who that man was who came to the ranch.

At Comeback Canyon, Bob says he knows what to expect from Emmy, but he doesn’t know what to expect to Chandra. He says that she lost 1 lb last week and that won’t happen on his watch. Emmy says that Chandra is her friend, but right now is a do or die situation and it’s her time to focus on her. She’s fighting to be the kind of mom she wants to be and to be able to help coach her kids, to be more physically active with them. Chandra says that Emmy may be able to do more than her, but just because she can do more work than her doesn’t mean she will have a bigger number than her at the end of the week. She’s fighting for the chance to be happy, to make her family and her basketball team proud of her. Bob says he will see them at the weigh-in.

Jessie comes upon Damien with his children in his BY. He says these are his reasons to get in shape. Damien takes Jessie to his office to show him a picture of his mother. He says that he never got to say goodbye to his mother, and that’s when he really fell apart. He says that he didn’t know how to handle the feelings he had. He had regret, guilt…it tore him apart and he was dying inside. He felt he didn’t tell her he loved her enough and the next thing he knew she was gone. Jessie puts her picture in front of him and says what if she were right there. What would you say? Damien begins to cry. He tells her he loves her. He says he feels like the talk with Jessie will help him move forward. He feels like he always needs to be strong for everybody and it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s OK to say how you feel. Jessie says he needs to make amends with himself.

Damien and Jessie move to NYC for their last chance workout (LCW). We move to the ranch to watch the Blue team in their LCW. Dolvett says he likes what he sees in his Red team. Scott is building strength and is open to the process. Jordan is motivated by his teammates and is pushing himself to the limit. Rob is finally allowing himself to be there and is showing up for the workouts. Blake is injured but he trusts she has been diligent with her nutrition. Mike doesn’t lose focus…he focuses on showing up. Jen says she feels like the White team is unbeatable, but she’s worried about a complacency setting in because they’ve been winning for so long. We flashback to Damien and Jessie. Jessie reminds him that the Blue team is counting on him. He can’t quit now.

It's time for the Comeback Canyon (CC) weigh-in: He says it’s Week 4. He wonders if it will finally be the week that someone finally wins 2 weigh-ins in a row. He says that Chandra started the week with a 1 lb loss. She says she thinks it’s something in the past. He says that he saw the athlete in Emmy come out this week. He says they are starting the weigh-in with Emmy.

Emmy Starting Weight – 243, Current Weight – 239, Difference – 4 = 1.65%

She tells us she is extremely irritated. She knows how much she has burned and how many calories have gone into her body. It just doesn’t make sense. Chandra tells us that after saying goodbye to the Blue team, it’s important for her to prove herself this week. Bob says she needs to lose 6 lbs or better.

Chandra Starting Weight – 324, Current Weight – 317, Difference – 7 = 2.16%

Chandra has won the weigh-in! Chandra says she never expected to even hit the 6 lb mark. Emmy says she is obviously disappointed, but she knows she has gotten stronger each week she has been here. Her little girl has wanted to run a 5K with her and she will sign up for them as soon as she gets home. She tells us that the next time we see her she will have reached her goal of running a 5K and doing it with her children.

Bob tells Chandra that her comeback is still alive.

Ali welcomes everyone to the 4th weigh-in and welcomes Damien and Jessie back to campus. She asks Damien about his trip home. She asks Jessie about the pressure of having it all rest on Damien. He says there is pressure but that Damien handles pressure well. We start the weigh-in with the Red team.

Blake Starting Weight – 224, Current Weight – 216, Difference – 8

Jordan Starting Weight – 289, Current Weight – 279, Difference – 10

Scott Starting Weight – 322, Current Weight – 315, Difference – 7

* Mike Starting Weight – 343, Current Weight – 333, Difference – 10

Rob Starting Weight – 433, Current Weight – 421 , Difference – 12

Red Team = 47 lbs = 2.92 %

* Mike is completely off all Diabetes medications. Damien says the Red team set the mark early. He is going to have to be on the mark with his weigh-in or the Blue team could be headed to the elimination room again.

Time for the White team to weigh in. They need to lose more than 55 lbs to guarantee their safety—an average of 9 lbs per contestant.

Rondalee Starting Weight – 255, Current Weight – 250, Difference – 5

Matt Starting Weight – 346, Current Weight – 336, Difference – 10

Woody Starting Weight – 372, Current Weight – 361, Difference – 11

Toma Starting Weight – 302, Current Weight – 291, Difference – 11

Sonya Starting Weight – 249, Current Weight – 240, Difference – 9

JJ Starting Weight – 363, Current Weight – 347, Difference – 16

White Team = 62 lbs = 3.29 % = SAFETY

The Red Team is still in Danger of elimination.

The Blue team is weighing in, although only Damien’s weight will count toward the team’s total weight. Ali says that in order to keep the team together he needs to lose more than 10 pounds.

Jackie Starting Weight – 271, Current Weight – 267, Difference – 4

Gina Starting Weight – 221, Current Weight – 217, Difference – 4

Lori Starting Weight – 284, Current Weight – 276, Difference – 8

Jessie says that his ladies are some strong women and showed it all today.

Damien Starting Weight – 358, Current Weight – 344, Difference – 14

Blue Team = 16 lbs = 3.91% = SAFETY

Damien says that he had a whole team counting on him, and he did it.

Ali tells the Red team that they are facing elimination. She says that Blake, as TBL of the week, is the one person on the team who cannot be eliminated. Mike tells the team not to disappoint him. He tells us that his job is to be a nurturing father to his team and they are his kids. He won’t let anything happen to them…if it’s time to take a hit, he’ll take it.

We go to the Elimination Room and immediately go to votes. Blake – Mike, Jordan – Mike. Rob says that they were asked to vote for Mike and he couldn’t find it in his heart or his head to do so. He said that Mike called him “son” while they were here. He says that for Mike to call him that, knowing full well what that word means to him, he had to put his vote elsewhere, so he voted for Jordan. Scott says that it means more to this person to go home, it’s a gift he wants to give to all of them, and for that reason he voted for Mike. Ali tells him that he is not TBL. Mike says he has had so much fun and they all know how he feels. He says that sometimes you have to lead by example. He hopes he has set a good example that this is what fathers do for their families.

Mike’s limo pulls to a stop, Bob opens the door and says, “How are you Mike? Come on out” Mike laughs.

Where are they now? Emmy tells us that when she started TBL she weighed 260 pounds. Now she weighs 210 pounds. She says that growing up her mom didn’t know what healthy food was and she was just continuing the cycle. Her daughter says that her mom is playing with them now and they are eating healthier. She and her family are running a 5K mud run and her 75 year old mom is even taking part! She says that she is 10 pounds away from her sophomore year of high school. She can’t thank TBL enough for helping her get her life back. She has signed her family up for 8 more 5Ks and plans to run an half marathon by the finale.

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A limo pulls into Comeback Canyon (CC) and Bob greets Matt. He welcomes him to CC and Matt says he thought he would be on a plane back home and he’s excited that he gets a second chance. Bob tells him what CC is all about and takes him inside to see Mike. Matt tells him that he respects him but plans to do all he can to stay this week. Mike tells us he is supposed to be here and plans to stay.


We go back to the LA Coliseum and Ali tells us that this week marks the 10 year anniversary of TBL. She says that it is estimated that Americans spend $35 Billion a year on tailgating food a year. She says that by now they know it’s not the kind of food they should be eating to stay in this competition… OR IS IT?? Time for their first Temptation Comp. The player who eats the most food in the Tailgating Tent wins IMMUNITY at the next weigh-in. She then tells them that there will be a RED line again at the weigh in. Woody tells us that the red line has them nervous and the Temptation Challenge is a game changer. He also says that his mind is made up…he’s not eating anything. He enters the tent and the food smells so good, it’s like muscle memory. He begins to eat.


Scott enters the tent. He says he might take a calculated risk. He begins eats some meatballs. JJ smells the churros…smells some other food. But he tells us that he thinks back to how he felt on day one and decides not to eat. Blake enters and doesn’t eat. Rondalee enters and does burpees. She says she is going to utilize the time while she is in there. Gina says, “Hell NO!” She says that they want to win, but she knows no one on her team will eat. Damien smells the food, but doesn’t eat…same for Lori. Rob says he knew immediately he was going for immunity before he entered the tent. It’s getting difficult for him to stay. Toma does the same, but starts to feels sick as soon as he eats. When the challenge is over, everyone lines up to hear the results. Scott ate 5 meatballs for 270 calories.  Woody had 7 meatballs for 378 calories. She tells them that Rob and Toma were the other 2 people who ate and the person who is safe and has immunity is Toma. Rob screams that the White Team strikes again! He ate 852 calories, 300 more calories than Rob.


Toma has immunity, but his weight does count toward his team’s total weight. Back at the gym, Jen tells him that she still expects a good weigh-in from him. Scott tells us that they came really close to sending Rob home last week so there’s an added urgency to step up their game. Dolvett says that he only lost 5 lbs last week and he feels so worried that he goes after the temptation. He asks Rob if he thinks he is going to fall into his old habits. Rob says he won’t because he loves how he feels and he loves himself. Dolvett says that it’s amazing how far they’ve come because just a few weeks ago he was on the field talking about how he hated himself. Dolvett tells us that Rob will be the key to their success this week.


Jessie is working out the Blue team and says that the Blue team is dealing with a lot this week. He says that Jackie has almost switched off. She misses her kids a lot. Jessie tells her there is a bit of a grieving process to all of this. You are saying goodbye to the person you were. He wants her to say hello to the person she is going to become. He has her put on the boxing gloves and asks her what she’s fighting for now. She tells us she will never go back to that old Jackie…she is gone.


Back at CC, Bob tells us that earlier in the week Mike wrote a poem that absolutely blew him away. He wants to sit with Mike and to hear that poem from the person that wrote it. Here is the poem (ignoring punctuation), titled “The Lesser Man… I fight against the lesser man within for he is a coward. He is lazy, he is good companion to no one, but he is in me. He says less and less these days for I am no longer interested in what he has to say. He always repeats his cacophonous chorus. He always feels the same, lousy. And though he may never completely leave on his own accord, I can at least guarantee that his stay, while here, shall never be a comfortable one.” Bob tells him he feels that a lot of people will relate to the poem. He feels that everyone needs to acknowledge, manage, and move on. If you ignore he lesser man, he will come back and burn your house down. Mike says he realizes that you have to know what’s really wrong with you to really help yourself. Bob says this poem is a tool he can use with future contestants on TBL.


Bob tells us that this is the first time CC has 2 men and neither of them want to go anywhere. He tells Matt that he had a 3 lb weight loss at the ranch. He says that he’s working hard, but that Mike had weight loss each day last week…he’s up against a competitor. Bob tells Mike that Matt is going to lose weight. Mike says he knows. Bob acknowledges to us that Mike is up against a lot because he has so many injuries, but you can’t count him out. We return to the ranch and Dolvett is walking with Scott. He tells us that Scott is everything he wants as a competitor, but that he feels something is missing emotionally. Dolvett asks Scott if he liked his dad. He says he didn’t feel close to him. Scott says he grew up in an environment with no tradition and his dad blamed it all on his mom. Dolvett asks him how that made him feel toward his mom. He says he hated his mom, too. He says he just went through life just wanting someone to give him a hug. He says he ended up living his dream, but still longed for so much. Dolvett says that coming here was the best thing for him, but that he needs to have a conversation with his mom. He needs to hug her and tell her what he needs from her. Scott tells Dolvett what an amazing impact he’s had on his life.


It’s time for the CC weigh-in. Mike says that he and Matt have become friends this week. Bob says that Mike might be the first person to last for 2 weeks at CC. Mike steps on the scale first.


Mike  Starting Weight – 326, Current Weight – 315, Difference – 11  3.37%


Bob is grinning from ear to ear and Matt says that his gut cringes a little bit. Matt tells us that this week was big for him because he felt the athlete in him start to return. He’s hoping what he did was enough. He needs to have lost 12 lbs or better to be safe.


Matt  Starting Weight – 333, Current Weight – 316, Difference – 16  4.80%


He tells Mike that he pushed him and that he gets to have Bob for another week. Bob tells him that he’s sorry to say that he’s not TBL but that the promise he made to his son is reaching out to other people. He said that if the poem he wrote reaches one person, he’s done his job. Matt says it definitely inspired one person and that he inspired everyone on the ranch.  Mike says the next time we see him he will have fulfilled the promise to his son and he will be healthy.


Back at the ranch, Jen says that she’s hoping Toma and the others on her team put in all they needed to so they don’t lose. Ali reminds them that the player on the losing team with the lowest percentage of weight lost will be automatically eliminated. They are starting the weigh-in with the WHITE team.


JJ  Starting Weight – 342, Current Weight – 335, Difference – 7

Sonya  Starting Weight – 234, Current Weight – 227, Difference – 7

Rondalee  Starting Weight – 242, Current Weight – 236, Difference – 6

Woody  Starting Weight – 354, Current Weight – 347, Difference – 8

Toma  Starting Weight – 282, Current Weight – 275, Difference – 7   **IMMUNITY


White Team = 35 lbs = 2.41 %


Time for the BLUE team to weigh-in. Ali tells them they have to lose more than 25 lbs to guarantee their safety. Jackie is the first to weigh-in.

Jackie  Starting Weight – 259, Current Weight – 254, Difference – 5

Lori  Starting Weight – 267, Current Weight – 263, Difference – 4

Gina  Starting Weight – 210, Current Weight – 207, Difference – 3

Damien  Starting Weight – 338, Current Weight – 331, Difference – 7


Blue Team = 19 lbs = 1.77%


Ali congratulates the WHITE team and tells them they will not be facing the RED line this week. The BLUE team has to see what the RED team does to know if they are safe.


Ali tells the RED team they need to lose more than 21 lbs to guarantee their safety. The weigh-in will start with Scott.

Scott  Starting Weight – 302, Current Weight – 295, Difference – 7

Jordan  Starting Weight – 272, Current Weight – 266, Difference – 6

Blake  Starting Weight – 209, Current Weight – 204, Difference – 5

Rob  Starting Weight – 416, Current Weight – 405 , Difference – 11


Red Team = 29 lbs = 2.42 % = SAFETY


Dolvett says it is wonderful to see Rob start to love himself. Ali tells the BLUE team they have lost the weigh-in and the player that has fallen below the RED line is Gina. Jessie tells her she lives up to the cheerleader reputation and she will do so at home. She can’t forget about herself when she goes home. She tells us it is special to be a part of a team and she hasn’t been a part of something like that as an adult. She says she gave up on herself before, but she won’t give up on herself so easily anymore.


Her limo pulls up to CC and Bob says, “Hi Gina! It’s not over…get out of the car!” She throws her hands up to her face and asks if she gets a second chance. She is overcome with excitement!


Where are they now… Mike? When he came to the ranch he weighed in at 399 lbs. Now he weighs 279 lbs!! He has lost 120 lbs. When he came home from TBL one of the first things he wanted to do was visit his son at the cemetery because he owed it all to him. He thanked him for saving his life. He says that life is different for him now. He lost all his grief weight and now every pound he loses is for himself. He’s no longer a Type 2 diabetic! Mike swims 4 miles and walks 9 miles every day and plans to weight 250 by the finale.


Tune in next week to see which team(s) lose(s) their trainer for the week…

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This episode opens with the Challenge. Sonya tells us that it’s never good to walk up to the challenge to see a treadmill and a pool. Ali reports that they’ve been there for nearly 2 months and that together they’ve lost nearly 700 pounds! She says that much like in sports, penalties can throw a team off, and that is the case with this Challenge. In this challenge, one person from each team will run on the treadmill until they can no longer run anymore…then they will fall backwards into the pool. The winning team will be assigning penalties to the other teams. Damien will be running for the BLUE team, Rondalee will be running for the WHITE team, and Scott will be running for the RED team.


At the 5 minute mark, Ali announces that TBL will be increasing their speed. Ronda lee begins falling behind and feels a pain in her knee. Her team cheers her on, but she falls in the pool. The WHITE team suffers another Challenge loss. It’s down to the BLUE and RED team. At the 10 minute mark, TBL increases their speed again and Damien begins to fall behind. He falls into the pool and the RED team wins their first Challenge victory. The penalties are “Cleaning House” and a “Trip to Las Vegas.” The RED team assigns the Vegas trip to the WHITE team, and they have to go there without Jen.


Back at the ranch, Jen sits down with Woody. She is quite worried about her team and their trip to Vegas, but she’s especially worried about Woody. Vegas is his hometown…this is where he gained all his weight and it’s his very first wedding anniversary without his wife. She sits down with Woody and he tells her about how much he loved her. They both begin to cry. She says that her goal is to figure out how to use the extraordinary love she had for his wife and use it to go forward. She’s worried that he will go home and his children will look to him for the tone of how to handle the grieving process. She hugs him and tells him that he has support and he’s loved. Jen tells us that Vegas is the city of temptations and she hopes that her team will lean on one another and come back stronger.


When the WHITE team gets to their suite, there are chocolate covered strawberries and champagne on ice waiting for them. They pour the champagne, toast one another and pour the champagne out in the bucket. They head down to the buffet for dinner and question the chef about how the food was prepared. Sonya says they have learned enough over the last 8 weeks to make wise choices. They prepare salads and grab some vegetables and fruit. JJ has a plate full of food, including some sausages. He tells everyone that in the past he would have had that plate plus another one with all the pastas. Rondalee tells us that she is worried about JJ and all the temptations in Vegas. JJ jokes that they should all go to the dessert bar next.


At Comeback Canyon (CC), Bob tells us he has 2 moms this week—Gina and Jackie. He says that he feels like every mom will relate to these ladies…their needs are always last and he wants them to start focusing on their needs. Bob says that the experience on TBL can’t be only about weight loss. He has the 2 contestants in the woods and he’s doing a guided meditation telling them both that they matter. Both of them begin to cry.


Back at the ranch, the Jessie tells us that he learned his team has to clean every day before they can train. The house is disgusting…it’s apparent that people have purposely made a mess. Meanwhile, Dolvett is on cloud 9 that his team has finally won a challenge. He tells us that Blake is very guarded for some reason, even at this late date. He tells her that sometimes you have to choose yourself. She says that sometimes “it sucks to just choose yourself” because if you just choose yourself your lonely. She begins to cry and tells him that right now she needs her friends and she’s just lonely. He tells her that right now is the time to find out who she is…it’s Blake time. Not friend time, boyfriend time, mom or dad time… Blake time. He tells her that holding on to her emotion is like holding on to her weight. She needs to let it go.


In Vegas, JJ tells us they are going to The Chateau. Sonya says that she’s not worried about herself or Rondalee because they don’t drink, but the boys do. All the guys order drinks while the women get ice water. Then complimentary vodka shots are brought to them. Sonya and Rondalee pour them out; Woody holds his for awhile and then decides not to partake. TBL doesn’t tell us what JJ and Toma do with theirs. JJ disappears to the dance floor and the WHITE team doesn’t know where he is. He is holding a drink while he is dancing.


We come back from the commercial break to the WHITE team working out in the hotel pool. Then Sonya catches sight of the Eiffel tower in Vegas. Next thing we know, the team is climbing the stairs to the top. They are chanting Jen’s mantra, “Get uncomfortable, stay uncomfortable.”


Jessie is working his team out and he says that his team has had a rough week so there’s going to be a lot of pain and sweat in the gym. Lori and Damien are all he has left. Damien is grunting on the Stairmaster, proving that Jessie wasn’t lying about the pain.


At the CC weigh in, Bob tells us that his contestants are former teammates, ‘sisters’ and friends. Last week they both had low numbers, so it’s anyone’s game. He tells Gina that she’s 5 pounds away from ONE-derland and she could be the first person to stay at CC for 2 weeks in a row. Jackie is also close to a personal goal…her husband has never seen her below 250 pounds. He tells the ladies this is where the official elimination happens. Jackie is the contestant on the scale.


Jackie  Starting Weight – 252, Current Weight – 249, Difference – 3 = 1.19%

She says she would have liked it to be more, but it puts her below 250 and that makes her happy. Now it’s time for Gina to weigh in. She needs to lose 3 pounds or better


Gina  Starting Weight – 204, Current Weight – 202, Difference – 2 = .98%


Bob tells Jackie that her comeback is still alive.


Jackie has won the weigh-in! Gina says that she has heard you shouldn’t let the scale define you, but 2 pounds!!  She knows she worked harder than that. She says that her time at the ranch has been filled with sad and happy and proud moments. She lost fear and guilt and she learned that it’s OK to focus on herself. She says that the next time we see her, she won’t be everybody else’s cheerleader, she’ll be cheering for herself!


Ali welcomes everyone to their 8th weigh-in on the ranch and says that from the looks of it, it’s anyone’s game. She says that the only team without a penalty will be weighing in first…RED.


Rob  Starting Weight – 396, Current Weight – 387 , Difference – 9

Jordan  Starting Weight – 259, Current Weight – 253, Difference – 6

Scott  Starting Weight – 288, Current Weight – 283, Difference – 5

Blake  Starting Weight – 199, Current Weight – 196, Difference – 3


Red Team = 23 lbs = 2.01 %


Dolvett says that sometimes the teams with penalties work harder. He’s worried about Scott. Then Blake weighs in. He tells Blake that if she does open up emotionally, she will never struggle with her weight again.


Time for the WHITE team to weigh in. They need to lose more than 28 lbs to guarantee their safety. Jen tells us that she didn’t get to see her team once this week, and to top that off, they were in Vegas the entire week.


Rondalee  Starting Weight – 234, Current Weight – 231, Difference – 3

JJ  Starting Weight – 328, Current Weight – 321, Difference – 7

Sonya  Starting Weight – 221, Current Weight – 215, Difference – 6

Toma  Starting Weight – 271, Current Weight – 263, Difference – 8

Woody  Starting Weight – 342, Current Weight – 335, Difference – 7


White Team = 31 lbs = 2.22 % = SAFETY


Woody says that he has been in a pressure situation before, 4th quarter in need of a touchdown. Ali says that in this case a touchdown would be 4 pounds. Woody gets 7 pounds and he is elated. He says that he made a promise to his wife and he’s following through with it.


It’s time for the BLUE team to get on the scale. In order to keep the Damien and Lori safe, they need to lose more than 11 pounds.


Lori  Starting Weight – 258, Current Weight – 255, Difference – 3

Damien  Starting Weight – 326, Current Weight – 317, Difference – 9


Lori says her body just isn’t responding and hopes that Damien’s body is and he can pull a big number. Damien loses 9 pounds and keeps the BLUE team safe this week. Damien says athletically he is in a zone he wasn’t even in when he was playing football.


Blue Team = 12 lbs = 2.05% = SAFETY


Ali tells the RED team that they have lost the weigh in and are facing the red line…it is Blake that has fallen below it. She begins to cry. Dolvett tells her he hopes what they have done at the ranch resonates because she is young.


Blake tells us that being on her own is scary to her…being on her own is when she turns to food the most. She’s not ready to go home. Her limo pulls up to CC and Bob tells her it’s not over…she says, “What the heck is going on??”


WHERE ARE THEY NOW? When Gina started TBL she weighed 242 pounds…now she weighs 177 pounds!! She says that her family is a super active family and she used to just sit on the sidelines. Now she joins them! Her husband, crying, says he’s known her for 26 years and he’s never seen her this active. He tells us it’s nice to have a partner to do these things with. She says she is more of an athlete. Her goal is to be 150 pounds and to finish a triathlon by the finale.


Tune in next week to see who wins video chats with their loved ones…

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IT’S BIGGEST LOSER TIME! Blake’s limo rolls up to Comeback Canyon (CC) and Bob tells her that her journey isn’t over yet. He tells her she will be competing against one person until the weigh in at the the end of the week. If she wins it, she will stay for another week. She says coming in TBL was already a once in a lifetime opportunity, but this is the twist of the season…


At the Ranch, Ali tells them they have officially met the halfway point. Damien’s right arm is in a sling and he tells Ali it was the result of an intense boxing workout with his trainer. She tells the 3 teams they are kicking off the week with a football challenge and their trainers will be competing with them. Additionally, they are bringing in 3 football legends. Ali tells the RED team to say hello to Michael Irvin. The WHITE team will be joined by Donald Driver. The last player, to join the BLUE team, used to be Damien’s teammate…Willie McGuinness.


Ali tells Donald, Michael, and Willie that their job will be to launch a football to 2 of their teammates –one trainer and one contestant. The trick is that they will be tied together. Together they will have to run it down the field and throw it to another player waiting in their end zones. Each team has to get 10 footballs in their end zone and then take a big cooler from the end zone back to the other end to dump over their coach (the NFL player). The prize for this challenge is video chats with their loved ones.


Damien and Jessie are tied together for the BLUE team, Sonya and Jen, for the WHITE team, and Scott and Dolvett for the RED team. The BLUE team and the RED team are neck and neck for the entirety of the challenge but it takes the WHITE team a long while to even get a football on the board. When the score is tied 9 to 9, Damien takes the sling off his arm, but it’s too late…the Scott has caught the last ball for the RED team and they are on the way down the field with the sports drink toward Michael Irvin. Jordan is excited to see his wife…he says she is growing (pregnant) as he is shrinking. Rob says he loves his family, but he is dialed in to what he’s doing here, so he is going to give his video chat to Lori. She runs over to hug him. She tells us she can’t put into words how thankful she is to Rob. Ali reminds everyone there is a red line at the end of the week, so there’s a lot of reasons to work out.


Jordan tells us that his wife was only 4 ½ months pregnant when he left and now she’s due in a month and half. He just wants to know she’s doing ok. Lori says she’s just aching to talk to her family. We open with Scott talking to his family. He tells them that in this process he’s found that finding joy in your life is the key things to building a good foundation…they have a lot in their lives to find joy in. He tells them he can’t wait to come home, but he can’t quit… he has to keep pushing on. Jordan’s wife stands up so he can see her belly. She tells him she just had an ultrasound (she shows him a picture) and their son is as big as a honeydew today. They both cry and he tells her that she and the baby are the reason he keeps going. He tells us that if he’s not there for the first day of his life, he’s going to do his best to be there for the rest of them. Lori tells her son happy birthday. Her husband tells her she looks absolutely amazing. She breaks down and tells him how hard it has been for her. He tells her that they want her home, but that right now her job is to continue getting healthy and not to worry about them.  She says she can see that her son is really doing OK without her. He tells her he loves her and he’s proud of her. They are missing each other, but when she comes home she’s going to be a completely different person. This is exactly what she needed to take her into the second half of the competition.


At the CC pool, Bob tells us that last week both girls lost 3 pounds, so it’s anyone’s game at this week’s weigh-in. Jackie tells us that she’s not only fighting against a good competitor, but also against young metabolism. Blake says that being given a second chance she’s going to give it all she can. She says she has a lot of work to do emotionally. She still smiles to cover up how she’s feeling and she’s not going to let her injury get in the way again. Her goal is to get back on the ranch.


In the gym, Dolvett screams, “We got legends in the house!!” –Jessie echoes the chant. Michael Irvin, Donald Driver, and Willie McGuinness are joining them in the gym for their workout. Jen says that today they get to show these legends why the WHITE team is still 5 strong and why they still make up more than 50% of the contestants on the ranch. JJ says that working out with Donald Driver is surreal…this is a guy he’s had on his fantasy football team. Michael Irvin is working Scott out. He tells him what he’s drawing on now is what made him one of the best in the league. Jessie tells us that having the legends here reminds him that he has 2 on his team. Lori has a spark now that she’s talked to her family and Damien seems ignited by having Willie here. Looking at the picture of himself on the “Glory Days” wall, Damien tells Willie that as good as things were when they were playing together, he’s surpassing that.


Willie tells Damien he’s proud of him. This is the halfway point and he expects to see him at the end. Donald says that the WHITE team doesn’t have any NFL stars or Olympians, but they have what it takes to be successful. Rondalee says she can feel the sweat off of him on her head because he’s really working them out. She wants to go into the second half stronger than she did in the first. Scott says there’s a tangible feeling in this workout. At the end they all gather together. Donald says, “You don’t have to start to be great, but you have to start to be great.” Willie says we’re not playing for a trophy or a video chat, we’re playing for our lives…for the future of our kids and our families. Michael says you shall always have one another to lean on and you will leave your mark on this world because of what you’ve done right here. JJ says this is the feeling he was looking for when he came to the ranch.


Scott and Michael head to the training room and Scott tells him it means so much to him that he’s here. Scott tells him he thinks something that was hard for him was that his career just ended, he just wasn’t signed again. Michael says some of the weight came on because he felt he could still play. Michael says he’s been down, he understands. He tells him that football is what you did, not who you are. Scott says for Michael to say he had to come here and support you, and to admit he had problems in such a public fashion, just amazed him. Those few words helped him so much. Showing Michael one of his RED shirts, he tells him he wants him to have it. He wrote a message for Michael on it: Michael, You always played the game with respect and honor. May you always find the presence of G-d in your life. All my best.” Michael says he’s going to frame it for his office because it will give him strength in his journey. He hugs Scott and tells him to keep moving forward.


At CC, Bob tells Jackie and Blake that one of them will keep their CC going and one will be going home for good. He tells Jackie could possibly be the first person to stay at CC for 2 weeks in a row.

Jackie  Starting Weight – 249, Current Weight – 243, Difference – 6 = 2.41%


Bob tells Blake that she will need to lose 5 pounds or better to keep her comeback alive. Blake tells us that although she is in 2 boots, she has pulled big numbers week after week. She wants to prove that she can do it again.


Blake  Starting Weight – 196, Current Weight – 195, Difference – 1 = .51%


Blake says she is embarrassed. Bob says she has nothing to be embarrassed about and he knows she will kill it for the finale. She tells us that the next time we see her she will still be smiling, but for all the right reasons.


Jackie is the first contestant to stay at Comeback Canyon for more than 1 week!


Time for the 9th weigh-in at the Ranch, and the WHITE team starts the drama.

Rondalee  Starting Weight – 231, Current Weight – 224, Difference – 7

JJ  Starting Weight – 321, Current Weight – 317, Difference – 4

Toma  Starting Weight – 263, Current Weight – 255, Difference – 8

Woody  Starting Weight – 335, Current Weight – 332, Difference – 3

Sonya  Starting Weight – 215, Current Weight – 206, Difference – 9


Rondalee, Toma, and Sonya are thrilled with their weight loss results. Sonya states that walking this road with Jen and her team has been the most amazing and blessed journey of her life. JJ and Woody both say that they are happy to have lost weight, but wish it could have been more. Both hope it’s enough to keep them here.


White Team = 31 lbs = 2.27 %


It’s time for the BLUE team to get on the scale. In order ensure their safety  they need to lose more than 12 pounds this week.

Lori  Starting Weight – 255, Current Weight – 249, Difference – 6

Damien  Starting Weight – 317, Current Weight – 314, Difference – 3


Jessie says that the scale says that Lori is here, committed, and giving permission to the process. Damien says it’s hard to wrap his mind around 3 pounds and Jessie says it doesn’t reflect the work he put in this week. Ali says the only thing she can say is they aren’t done with the weigh-in just yet. The WHITE team has earned their safety, BLUE is waiting on the results of the RED team now.


Blue Team = 9 lbs = 1.57%


The final team to the scale is the RED team. Ali tells them to guarantee their safety, they need to lose more than 14 pounds this week.

Scott  Starting Weight – 283, Current Weight – 277, Difference – 6

Jordan  Starting Weight – 253, Current Weight – 248, Difference – 5

Rob  Starting Weight – 387, Current Weight – 374 , Difference – 13


Red Team = 24 lbs = 2.60% = SAFETY


Scott says that the scale doesn’t care about anything that went on this week, it just cares how many pounds you lost. Jordan says that talking with his wife was amazing for him. Rob says that for the first time in a long time his life is going in the right direction. The BLUE team has lost the weigh-in…this means Damien has fallen below the red line.


Damien thanks Ali and everyone, but most especially Jessie. He tells him he has changed his life. Not just the working out but the conversations…helping him understand why he’s really here. Damien says he’s a better man for having been here. Jessie says it’s an honor to have worked with him and to put everything into practice that they have worked on together. He knows he will see a ripped man at the finale. Damien says it sucks to not be there anymore. He wants to stay in the game, keep competing. He says he feels like his journey isn’t over yet. Damien tells us he’s disappointed because he’s a competitor. From the limo he says this is a minor setback setting the stage for a major comeback. Aaaaaaaaaand…the limo rolls to a stop…Bob opens the door, “This game isn’t over! It’s only halftime.” Damien turns to the camera and chuckles.


Where are they now…Blake??  When Blake started TBL she weighed 251 pounds…today she weighs 161 pounds –a total of 91 pounds lost! She says that since she has been at TBL she learned that it’s not a diet she needs to be on, it’s a lifestyle change. When she got home she helped her mom clean out her cupboards and to change their lifestyles, as well. She says she is starting to feel like the athlete she used to be and TBL helped her get herself back. Blake plans to join an adult soccer league and to win the At-Home Prize at the Finale.

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