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Monday September 8 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:04am Pool game continues out in the BY they are talking about the finale and the after parties. Victoria is inside looking for food.



12:08am Frankie appears at the sliding door saying morning and asks if everyone ate dinner. Victoria is making a pita of some sort talking to Frankie about how he slept.


12:12am Derrick and Victoria are out at the hammock talking about how theres been no real intense moments this year. Caleb and Cody are starting a new game of pool.


12:17am Cody is beating the hole  on the pool table with the stick for some reason. Derrick and Victoria are talking about Christine and Nicole. He says he told Nicole he wasn’t working with Christine and she'll see that when Christine walks into jury right after her.


12:27am Cody asking Derrick across the yard what Zach's last name was. He thinks its Rantzel even though Derrick has told him otherwise three times. Victoria is telling Derrick she thinks theres more to him then he says and she can't wait to find out


12:31am Cody and Caleb make a wager, loser of this game goes in the pool. Derrick telling Victoria that he is focused but cannot wait to see his kid.


12:36am Caleb lost so he has to go in. Cody walks up and said, here's the thing, you don’t have to do it. Caleb walks to the other end of the pool and falls in backwards.


12:42am Caleb and Frankie are talking about DR so we keep getting fish of the house. Last we saw, Cody was at the weight bench  and Victoria and Derrick were still in the hammock


12:51am Caleb and Cody at the weight bench, Derrick and Victoria on the hammock and Frankie has gone to make Tofu salad. Only conversation we see is Cody and Caleb talking about how they haven't worked out in so long


12:57am Frankie and Caleb in the KT while Frankie prepares Tuna steaks. He is going to grill them but is having trouble with the grill. Derrick and Victoria are talking small talk in the hammock and she asks how many times he's been to jail and he responds we'll talk out of here.


1:08am Victoria and Derrick are talking about the Amazing Race. Derrick is explaining how it works. Frankie pulls his tuna steak off the grill and is sitting at the hot tub with Caleb


1:14am Derrick and Victoria talking about Tenley's professional pictures, when they were taken, only her, cost etc. Frankie and Caleb are talking about food at the hot tub Cody is in the wood chairs nearby.


1:21am Frankie, Cody and Caleb talking about food and what he can make tomorrow. Caleb says he thinks he is going to lay down and crash like within the next 15 minutes. Victoria and Derrick are talking about food in the freezer she says nothing goes bad in the freezer Derrick tells her it can go bad in the freezer, it gets freezer burnt.


1:26am Frankie called to the DR he says hes in trouble. Victoria went in to go to the bathroom. The BY is currently silent.


1:32am All 4 cameras on Derrick alone in the hammock. He's yelling across the yard to Cody about how the name D-Rack has become a thing and we get FoTH


1:34am We come back to Derrick and Frankie messing with a grasshopper on the wall. Hovering their hand over its antennae to see its reaction, its flies as Frankie's head and he does a hop skip around the yard arms flailing.


1:42am Everyone is around the hot tub talking about why they think that Christine got booed. they are speculating that she just walked off or heard some of the boos at first and flipped then off the it up roared.


1:56am Conversation is still going on about the different exits that they have heard. The feel like Zach and Nicole's second exit were the loudest and most supportive. They agree that Donny's was loud though. Caleb says he's going to bed love you guys.



2:03am Frankie and Derrick go to the SR to talk about a camera Derrick just noticed. They talk about how they crushed the mission and how they would have had to decline it if Donny was still there because he would have said it was out of character for him to stay up so late.  They split up, Derrick goes out to help Victoria fold the laundry. Cody asks Frankie if he made the tuna in the Fridge and he said no


2:16am We come back from Foth as Cody is heading off to take a shower. Yells that he is going to catch the fly that’s in there. Caleb says no way, we see Cody come strutting out of the bath room walking up to Caleb opening his hand and blowing then says "Wait where's the fly" Frankie and Caleb make jokes about it just being dust and Cody screams but where's the fly as he walks back towards the bathroom.


2:23am Frankie heads up to the HOH bathroom, Victoria comes up to listen to music. Derrick is in the HOH shower, Frankie is running a bath. Cody is in the shower downstairs and Caleb is in bed in the ER


2:33am Derrick and Frankie talking about missions in the HOH bathroom while Cody says his shower is cold to Victoria. She tells him Derrick is showering too and that Caleb is in bed


2:40am Frankie and Derrick are talking about the jurors and who they think they will vote for.  Right now they are trying to figure who would win in final two if it was Caleb vs Cody. They feel Cody would have Donny, Jocosta, and Hayden for sure.


2:56am Derrick and Frankie talking about what Derrick is going to tell Victoria before the eviction so she knows beforehand she is going and will be ok with it. Cody is listening to music. Victoria is in the BY tweezing her face


3:06am Frankie and Derrick talking about how they can both stay safe next week going from 4 to 3. Cody and Victoria are hanging out in the BY talking about Christine getting booed.


3:13am Derrick says he has to win a few more competitions. Frankie is worried about a knowledge veto but hopes that the competition will overwhelm him like it has the past two. Frankie is worried about what Caleb would do because he is so money driven, hes not sure what he would do if it came to cash or loyalty.


3:17am Frankie and Derrick agree that Cody is a great speaker and that Caleb has gotten a lot better over the course of the show. They say that if Caleb is final 2 his best bet is to say very little. Victoria and Cody are shouting out their social media accounts and Cody says he wishes his instagram wasn’t private.


3:23am Cody says good night to Victoria, that he is going to try and sleep. She says good luck as he goes into the house. Frankie and Derrick are talking about loyalty in the HOHR.  Cody has made a pit stop, hes in the room with the time with his arms crossed.


3:29am Frankie and Derrick head downstairs and find what looks like an empty house. Derrick assumes everone is asleep until he finds Victoria in the BY he tells her that he will be back in a minute he has to put his clothes away. He goes to the FR and asks Cody if hes asleep and if its ok to turn on the light when Cody says yes he flips the switch and turns around to find Frankie in bed with Cody.


3:37am Derrick is in the BY wrapping his finger back up talking to Victoria, telling her he will see the medic tomorrow but he doesn’t want to go in tonight because the emt is not the doctor. Frankie and Cody laying in the FR  talking to Cody about the HOH


3:45am Victoria tells derrick that she wants to visit when the snow is there because she has never seen snow before. She says she went to New York  in December for 2 weeks and it waited till the day after she left to snow.  Frankie comes out and talks about his skin then says hes going to wash the dishes and come back out to say goodnight.


3:53am Derrick goes into the FR and is talking to Cody. He says that Frankie showed his cards. That  from what Frankie was telling him it sounds like he feels that he has a better chance against Derrick or Caleb instead of Cody. He wont be so aggressive to say that Frankie will campaign against Cody but says, he gives little hints.


4:01am Derrick and Victoria having a bowl of cereal. Frankie up in the HOHR doing his bedtime routine.


4:11am Derrick and Victoria in the KT talking about schooling and how he wanted to be a vet for a while. He told her that maybe she is having trouble finding a man to be serious with because she is looking to the 30+ crowd. Men that age tend to date 21 yr olds for reasons other than settling down.


4:18am Derrick is trying to explain the relationship of pet and owner to Victoria.  She suggested that he could sell his dogs and have more kids and he said but my dogs are like my kids. I wouldn’t sell Tenley, and we see the dogs the same way. They are like our children we have cared for and raised them since they were tiny. He tells her that she won't ever be able to understand until she has a pet like a dog that has unconditional love and loyalty.


4:31am Derrick and Victoria in the bathroom now brushing teeth and talking about how the house looked before. Victoria showing Derrick where she put her name on the door. Frankie is up in the HOH reading and listening to music


4:40am All the house guests in darkened rooms and warm beds settling in for the night.

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9:55 Am BBT  We have sleeping Hg's. All you can see in the HoHR is frankies pink hair sticking out of the covers. Vic walks into the FR puts something into the dresser and jumps into bed. Feed 1 zooms in on a bed in the FR.

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 9:00am All HG still sleeping this morning.


 9:29am We now have FOTH as Bb might be waking them up early today.


 9:43am Feeds are back and lights are on in the rooms now they show Frankie and Caleb in bed sleeping.Cody's bed is empty not sure where he is but could be in the dr.Victoria is in the str changing her batteries.


 9:46am Victoria goes back to bed and derrick gets up and leaves the room. Cody out of Dr and goes to the bathroom with his hands down his pants. 


9:49am Derrick now goes to the WC as Bb is playing alot of holla's this morning to derrick.Cody has gone back to bed. Derrick comes out of the wc and runs his hands under water then heads back to bed.Victoria is called to the DR.


 9:55am Victoria now out of the DR and goes back to bed.

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10:38 Am BBT. Frankie is in the dining room wearing his HOH housecoat applying concealer to his face.. He then grabs a powder brush and applies powder foundation onto his face. Frankie is sitting at the dinging room table eating what could be cereal. He looks around and shovels another spoon full of food into his mouth. he gets up and heads to the sink and washes his hands. He Grabs a cup and heads over to the ice machine, puts ice in his cup and then fills it with water. He heads back to his chair at the table and starts running his hands through his hair.


10:54 AM BBT all feeds are on sleeping Hg's

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#BB16 10:10AM BBT All HG sleeping.


#BB16 10:21AM BBT Derrick has been called to the DR. Victoria is putting on make up and Frankie is popping pimples on his forehead.


#BB16 10:34AM BBT Frankie was called to the DR but he is sitting at the KT table putting on makeup.


#BB16 10:48AM BBT Frankie studies the memory wall. He then starts to apply more make up. We get FOTH and something must have been said that he has not yet gone to the DR because we come back and he is saying that he is almost ready to go. He then gets called again to the DR. He puts on his hat and grabs his coffee and make up bag and heads to the DR.

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#BB16 11:04AM BBT Frankie goes to HOH bathroom and says good morning to the fish by name. He tells them he is going to miss them and wonders who will take care of them when he is gone. He tells them he is happy he got to spend the summer with them. He is laughing and telling them hos sweet they are and how beautiful they are. He asks the fish if the one is being a big bully as usual.


#BB16 11:10AM BBT Frankie continues to tell each fish how the fish is looking today. he tells the one that he (the fish) is looking rough. He then tells them "Ok Daddy is going to take a nap" and blows them several kisses and heads off to the HOH BR

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12:01pm Derrick goes out to the BY and just stands in the middle of the yard. he says so feedsters tell me what is different about this backyard. Hmmm  interesting maybe it has something to do with the button and he goes back inside the house. 


 12:04pm Derrick is making himself some food. everyone else is still sleeping.


12:24pm Derrick is walking around the house then looks outside then goes to wash his knife he used for breakfast.


 12:26pm Caleb is up and comes to the kt and ask Derrick where everyone is and derrick tells him in bed. Caleb ask everybody and derrick says yeah. Caleb then goes to the sink and drinks some  water.


 12:52pm Caleb goes to the WC then washes his hands. Derrick is sitting on the LVR couch alone. Caleb goes to the KT and looks around. All other HG still sleeping.


 12:55pm Caleb making coffee then ask Derrick if he wants to play pool and derrick says honestly i cant they want me to let this cut air for awhile but i wish i could cause i am bored.


 12:56pm derrick shows Caleb his finger and ask if maybe the flap need to be cut off as it is oozing stuff out of there. Caleb says it is supposed to it is a cut what do you want it to do? The flap keeps dirt out of it Caleb says. derrick gets some toilet paper to dab off the oozing from his finger . 

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1:00pm Derrick and Caleb sitting outside in the BY  and derrick says we don't have much time left. Caleb says yeah i know. then Caleb says it is cloudy today and derrick says yeah i like it.


 1:01pm Caleb says at least someone i help get here will win the money even if i don't i am happy for  the others. I know after this i am going straight to survivor.Caleb then says if i make it to finale my family will be here but i just wonder how long they will stay in town.


 1:04pm Caleb wants to have a birthday party in New York and wants to wear his cowboy hat and boots and chaps.He says i don't do the sparkles and crap like that you know.


 1:06pm All 4 feeds on a snoring Frankie as it is very loud.


1:08pm Caleb talking about getting surgery on his third nipple ( a knot he has on his chest). Caleb says if i win i am going to go throw money on a table for that Bike.He says if i win or win Americas favorite player that bike will be great.


  1:18pm Derrick and Caleb still talking and Caleb said that Christine hates alot of people in this house i mean hated them and talked bad about them but i think the rest of us are good but we all have to walk out that door everyone of us.


1:20pm Frankie walks through the KT and says Morning to Caleb and derrick as derrick goes back out to the BY and eats his cookies.


1:23pm Caleb tells derrick he is worried if he has to sit next to him on the block that i will go home but if i sit next to Frankie or Cody then i think i am safe. derrick says i don't know i think Frankie would keep you over me. Caleb says i don't know you have won what 3 mental challenges. Caleb says i don't know we have to seem if we can beat them. derrick says yeah we don't know there could be an opening.


1:29pm Caleb and Frankie in the KT looking at a spot on Frankie face. His face is flaky and Frankie says i don't know why i am so dry.


 1:32pm Caleb and Frankie in the STR looking for something to east for lunch. Frankie says i am going to start defrosting the salmon for dinner.


  1:35pm Caleb says i am going to go up to your room Frankie and use the bathroom and listen to your sister if you don't mind and you can come chill with me up there if you want to. Frankie says i will be there in a few minutes as he is making food.


 1:44pm Frankie is in the downstairs Wc and ask who all is in there and derrick says just me and Caleb. Frankie says i thought Caleb was pooping and Caleb says i was i finished. derrick says he is waiting to go back in again to see the medic again to see if they will cut the flap off his finger.


  1:48pm BB ask for the awnings to be lowered and derrick says he cant he only has one hand so Frankie and Caleb come out and Frankie says lets do the three person method. Victoria is now up and in the WA then goes to the bedroom to get clothes.


 1:51pm Caleb says we should have pool time today. I think we should all have pool time. He then says that fly took off he seen me and took off.


 1:53pm Frankie says all i can hear is my sister on repeat. Caleb says she is good.Frankie says i dont think it is Justin bieber singing with her. Caleb says it sounds like Michael Jackson .
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2:01 PM BBT
Caleb is having a showdown with a fly. Derrick and Frankie tell Caleb to leave it alone but Caleb insists that it will not live under his watch. Frankie says when he was a biology major, his etymology final required him to find and label 50 different insects. Frankie says all insects have four wings. Caleb says it's crazy that the fly is alive when they tried to drown it in coffee earlier. Frankie says, "Flies have two functional wings and two dwarf wings."


2:06 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie are fascinated by the fly. The cameras zoom in on the fly cleaning its wings with "a solution that comes out of its butt" according to Caleb. Frankie tells Derrick he has to admit it is fascinating. Derrick says, "Sure." Victoria comes out and they tell her about their fascination with the fly cleaning its wings. Frankie says, "They are amazing creatures." Frankie says "Cockroaches clean themselves all day. They secrete a wax and rub it all over their body. They are never dirty." Victoria and Frankie say that the DR makes every little conversation they have now into a giant story. She says she's waiting to be called into the DR to talk about the fly.


2:11 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria talk about how they stayed until 4 a.m., Cody was still up when they went to bed and Frankie had gotten back up. Caleb says he isn't going to bed early anymore because he misses everything. Frankie says, "You're right. You should stay up. When you go to bed we all stay up and talk crap about you." Caleb says, "I'm never sleeping again." Caleb and Frankie want to put on a show as the fish and give them voices.


2:15 PM BBT Cody comes out with a bag of laundry. He is planning on having a run. Frankie says, "Would you like to wait three minutes for me? I would like to have a run with you. Basically I need to poop, wash my face, and put sunscreen on." Cody says, "So that means it will be 25 minutes." Cody asks when people got up. Cody says he went to bed early but couldn't sleep. Derrick said he saw that he was still awake when he went to bed at 4:30.


2:20 PM BBT Caleb asks Cody what's wrong with him. Cody says, "It's a pet peeve of mine. My roommate used to do it all the time. He saw I was going on a run and said "I'll be there in a minute" and then I'm stuck waiting for 20 minutes." Caleb says my biggest pet peeve is smacking of food. So many people in this house did it. Caleb asked Derrick what his pet peeve was, Derrick said you used the same spoon to use mayo and tuna. Cody said, "That's a pet peeve? That's just gross." Derrick says, "It's just gross." Derrick and Cody argue about what a pet peeve is vs. finding things gross. Cody says it's really gross when people do that. Caleb is trying to defend himself for doing the tuna in mayo thing. Cody wants to run right now and hates waiting around after he gets up. They ask Victoria what her pet peeves are. She says, "I have a lot of them." Cody says, "Let's not get into those." Caleb says his biggest pet peeves outside the house is people who break plans. "If you make plans with me and then break the plans the day before, I hate you. Why would you ruin plans with people and ruin someone elses weekend?"


2:26 PM BBT Victoria tells Cody she's thought of her biggest pet peeve. She hates driving to pick someone up and then having to wait forever for them. Cody says he used to be bad about that, but got better after one of his best friend's dads came to pick him up and almost left him because he left him waiting so long. Caleb says I also hate when you are out somewhere with someone and they spend the whole time on their phone and not talking to you.


2:32 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick are watching Cody and Frankie run laps. Caleb and Derrick are laughing at how weird and straight up goofy Frankie looks when he runs. Caleb doesn't get how Frankie can be so athletic and run like that. Caleb and Derrick make some "eek" faces when they see Frankie running. Derrick says, "It really is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen." Caleb is laughing as Derrick makes the face.


2:36 PM BBT Frankie asks Caleb and Derrick why they were laughing. Caleb says we were just laughing because you looked silly when you were running. Frankie gets mad and says, "Well you look weird when you run too!" He storms over to the pool table and Caleb says, "Okay, let's just get bent out of shape about it." Frankie shows Caleb how he runs and says he runs "wide". Caleb says he was a track runner in high school and the sprinters run like that. That's how you start. He makes Caleb run down once and back to make fun of him. Derrick is enjoying this and tells Caleb to run now as Frankie to make fun of him. Frankie runs again this time running with his legs super wide. Caleb runs like Frankie then flinging his arms everywhere. Cody, Derrick, and Victoria think it's hilarious.


2:40 PM BBT
Cody and Caleb are talking about how girls don't know how to run and it makes them so mad. Frankie says he runs the way he does because he used to get made fun of running like a girl. So now he runs with blade hands. Frankie makes Caleb run with him to compare. Derrick is laughing on the couch.


2:45 PM BBT
Cody and Frankie are now in the pool cooling off. Frankie gets out and goes in the hot tub and claims it's much better in there. Frankie says he plans on doing


3:23 PM BBT Cody and Caleb are playing pool. Frankie is watching them. Derrick was called into the DR about 20 minutes ago to see the medic for his finger

Amazing Race and Survivor. Frankie says he and Caleb should do Amazing Race together.


3:31 PM BBT Derrick gets called back to the DR. Frankie and Cody want to know why if he just got out. Caleb said that when he went in the first time they told him to just put a bandaid on his finger and Derrick said he has a huge cut and has been cleaning his finger with dirty water and he wants to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about, because he doesn't want to get a staph infection. Caleb tells Frankie he can't wait to get out to go clubbing with him and they can see the real people outside of the house. Frankie says he is going to push Caleb on all hos social media platforms. He admits he's a lunatic outside the house. Cody goes in to check on Cody. Derrick says he's just fed up with the house and how paranoid Frankie is and how on edge Caleb is. Derrick says Frankie is definitely taking Caleb to the end. Derrick says Frankie has been dropping hints left and right that he won't take Derrick or Cody if he wins F3.


3:34 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody he was pissed at the DR. They asked him if Victoria was trying to get a kiss last night when she jumped in Derrick's bed to talk game. Derrick was like, "No. Are you kidding me?" Cody said Victoria is getting antsy as the show goes on. Derrick says, "They must be really bored.


3:45 PM BBT
Cody is questioning if Frankie would evict Derrick over Caleb if for some reason they are on the block together in F4. Derrick says, "Trust me. Frankie will take Caleb, because he knows I won't take him or Caleb over you. Frankie told me he knows I can beat Caleb in physical and mental comps." Derrick says we don't have to win HOH, we have to win veto. That's how we stay here. He says one of us have to win hoh and the other pov, that's the only way we both make F2. He says if we win that F4 veto we are set.


3:51 PM BBT Cody and Derrick are running votes now about who Cody would have in F2. Derrick says if he's in there and gets cut before F3 he will ruin Frankie and Caleb to the jury house. He says they won't get Hayden and Nicole's vote, but Jacosta, Zach, and Derrick, and Donny, and Victoria. Victoria enters the room and ends their game talk.


3:54 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody if Frankie wanted you out, he would have taken Victoria off the block and put me up against you. Frankie knows no one will take him to the final . He knows. Frankie thinks we're tight and close. He thinks Derrick would keep him safe. Derrick says if I win hoh, I'm putting Caleb and Frankie up together. Derrick says it doesn't matter the only one who wins veto. Derrick says Caleb would vote Frankie out. The only way I go out is if you win HOH, Frankie wins veto and you put me up against Caleb. Frankie will cut me. They call for a lockdown.

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#BB16 4:15PM BBT Derrick sitting on BY couch with his finger airing out. Victoria comes up and says "What do you talk about in DR" and we get FOTH.


#BB16 4:24PM BBT Derrick telling Victoria that he isn't working with any of the guys. He says that everything will be clear once the game is over.


#BB16 4:30PM BBT Victoria describes a dream she had to Derrick where Nicole tells her that Derrick is gone and he was in a car leaving her. She said it was like he was dying. He said no one is dying. And in 14 more days they can tell each other everything.


#BB16 4:43PM BBT Caleb is singing and says he can't wait to sing at his friend's wedding. He as upset because his best friend asked his girl to marry him while Caleb wasn't there.


#BB16 4:50PM BBT Frankie says he hopes they don't call hi for the DR until his face is repaired. Victoria setting the table for dinner.

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#BB16 5:04PM BBT Caleb and Derrick are in the SR. Derrick says Frankie was complimenting each of the guys. Says that Frankie thinks they are all taking him to the end. Derrick says like he would take the guy with 12 wins to the F2.


#BB16 5:08PM BBT Family dinner has begun. Frankie grilled for the house. Caleb is picking food out of his teeth with his finger and saying that the F4 get a feast. Frankie keeps saying over and over  that the food is delicious.


#BB16 5:11PM BBT The living room TV screen says "The Next Live Show Begins in 48 hours".


#BB16 5:17PM BBT Caleb talking about the fly from earlier and that it's the fly's fault for flying into his drink. Derrick says that it's like a person getting caught under a pool cover and being trapped. Cody asks Caleb if he would do that to a human. Caleb say he gave the fly 15 minutes to clean itself off and then he flicked it off his leg. Cody says it was just a fly - no big deal.


#BB16 5:36 PM BBT Victoria and Frankie see the TV screen. They start to scream. Frankie screams that he was right he was right he was right!


#BB16 5:38PM BBT Frankie says that it's going to be B2B live shows. In the BY Caleb and Derrick try and figure it out. They all think there are 2 evictions this week.

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#BB16 5:39PM BBT Cody thinks by pushing the button the season was shortened and they are done this Sunday.


#BB16 5:40 PM BBT The HG feel there is an eviction Wednesday night and an eviction on Thursday and by pushing the button they shortened the week and F3 will end on Sunday.


#BB16 5:50PM BBT Victoria says that going short would affect CBS commercials and such. Caleb thinks they have had the highest ratings ever and CBS made bank. They think that by pushing the button they shortened the season. Derrick says he isn't sure there is a live show on Thursday. The guys think that at 5:36PM on Wednesday, legends of the game or celebrities will be walking into the house.


#BB16 5:53PM BBT Frankie says that CBS made them push the button (not literally) and if they hadn't they would have offered incentives to do so. Derrick feels that legends are coming in. ED, Rachel, Boogie, Jeff, Will. Victoria says that it can't be because of football.

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6:00 PM BBT HG's in BY think the game is being sped up, and Caleb thinks the Finale is this Sunday. Derrick agrees, and says how he thinks it will be. They believe they are having some of the former HG legends come in the house with them on Wednesday. We hear, "Please raise the outside awnings." Frankie says, "O.K. Rose. All of the HG's assist in raising the outside awnings.


6:08 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie go in the house, and are talking in the WA about Wednesday's Live show. Frankie goes in the WC, and says that the former HG's are going to come in with them to play. Caleb says, a huge luxury contest. He says, he doesn't think anyone's coming in. He thinks someone goes home Wednesday, the next HG will leave on Thursday, and the Finale will be Sunday. Victoria goes in the WA. Caleb goes to the BY with Derrick, and they are talking about Frankie wanting to play in the next comp, and Derrick says he wants to protect the house. Caleb thinks the button has sped up the game by a week. Derrick says, he would love to win the money, but if he gets voted out, Frankie is not winning it. Derrick says, let's pull our cocks out, and see who wins, when Cody joins in the convo. He says, Frankie better give an amazing speech, because he WILL NOT have his vote.


6:11 PM BBT Derrick says, no matter who's sitting next to Frankie, if he makes it to the Finale, he will vote for another person. Caleb says, he thinks the show is sped up a week. Derrick says, he doesn't think so, because of commercial air time. Cody says, maybe the show isn't do as well as they would have hoped. Derrick says, that's possible. Caleb says, they will get two days of back to back live shows, Wednesday and Thursday, so they will gain commercials. (We all know there is no live show on Thursday). Frankie says, they will still have to air the Veto the first half of Wednesday's show. Derrick says, he has been asked questions about the Veto. We see FoTH.


6:15 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with them talking about the Veto being talked about by the viewers. Then the guys talk about Derrick running the pool table. He and Cody are playing a game of pool. Frankie says, Cody always wins when someone sinks his ball. Frankie says, he's excited to see Julie, and have one less day of nothing. Derrick says, "Or do we?" He says, they could have extended the season. Caleb says, they will know if they are locked out tomorrow. Derrick says, there could be 5 HG's from another season, and they can compete against them. Frankie says, if there's a super fan comp, about how well you know the previous HG's, then Derrick will win. They keep thinking of different scenarios.


6:19 PM BBT They are talking about if previous HG's will come in, what types of things they will do to them, with Caleb do judo chops to Hayden's face. Derrick hitting someone over the back with a pool stick, and Victoria throwing water on another. Caleb says, he will snipping achilles on the way out. Derrick says, How Tanya Harding of you. Derrick says how the comp would be announced. Frankie things that America voted the person that your game most mirrors, and they are coming in the house. Derrick says, that they would have to have the guys lined up to come back though. He says, if it's for money, and they come in here, they are going to want to win money. Frankie says, "Maybe I'm Janelle, big tits." Derrick says, the bank is open. Caleb says, time to make a deposit. Derrick says, he's about to make a withdrawl. Cody makes the shot. Frankie says, he misses going to an ATM. Derrick says, he didn't go to one often, but he wrote a lot of checks. Caleb says, he didn't go to one often either.


6:25 PM BBT Derrick says, what if the button changes the grand prize to $1 Million? Caleb says, he thinks there's a Live Eviction Wednesday, Live Eviction Thursday, and Friday, Saturday comps, with Season Finale this Sunday.  Frankie is in the SR, and then goes to the DR.  Derrick says, we'll see. Caleb says, that's what I think and I am sticking to it. Caleb he starts singing. Caleb starts to play pool with Derrick. Frankie goes to the WC. Victoria goes in the house to the WA. Frankie tells her that they will be in every episode of BB this season, if this is the last weekend. She says that would be top 4. She says that the 3rd person is evicted the night of the finale. Frankie comes out of WC, and washes his hands in the WA. Victoria tells him, her heart is beating super fast. She goes to the Kt, and back to the WA. Frankie walks over to the WC to get toilet paper to pop his pimples in the mirror, and starts singing. Caleb says, he feels this is the last week.


6:31 PM BBT Cody says that one time he didn't do a goodbye message at all. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back, and Frankie walks to the BY, and says, he just had one of the most satisfying zit pops of his life. He says, he going to try to keep his make-up off for the rest of the day. Victoria tells him, that's good. She tells him about the spray foundation that she has, and how it's so light. He looks, in her mirror, and goes in the KT. He gets medicine, and goes to the BY to take his a drink of his drink. Derrick and Caleb continue their pool game, with Cody and Frankie watching, and sitting on the table next to the washer and dryer. Victoria is tweezing her eyebrows, while lying on the double recliner. Frankie says, he can't wait until he's on a plane. He says that people watch them on live TV if they fly Jet Blue. He says, he would watch his sister on TV on planes, and he would freak out.


6:36 PM BBT Caleb burps, and doesn't excuse himself. He says, he wishes Derrick was the same in every game of pool he plays. Caleb gives examples. Cody says, yeah, it's annoying. Derrick says, "So, you're complaining, because you scratched on the 8 ball?" Cody says, "Just shoot the ball nut job." Derrick says, he was astounded by the fact that he didn't let him win on a scratch. Caleb tries to say he won, even though he scratched on the 8 ball, so he didn't win. They keep going back and forth. Frankie says, I get it. Derrick says, so I should have let him take it out of the pocket, and let you win? He says, yes, because he was up by 6 balls.


6:40 PM BBT Caleb says, he's not looking to much into their commercials, because they pushed the button, and there will be no campaigning. Frankie says, maybe they will have all the 16 HG's from this season back for a reunion episode. He and Victoria say, they don't do a reunion for this show. They have them come to the Finale, but the top 3 don't get to be there.


6:42 PM BBT They wonder if the top 5 will be there, and Caleb gets sad. They say they know one thing, there is a live show on Wednesday. Derrick says, they will be on lock down on Wednesday, like you do on Thursday now. Derrick jumped a ball to sink the 8 ball. Frankie says, that's the craziest thing he's even seen. Caleb says, "I'm beating this jamoke, right now." Derrick gets a holla. Farnkie says, that was stupid, that was magic, like something out of Harry Potter. Caleb tells Derrick he will not beat him. Caleb says, imagine being a bird, and you can fly wherever you want. Frankie goes in house to the HoHR. He gets his headphones to listen to his sister's music, and sits in one of the white chairs, by the table.


6:46 PM BBT Frankie is putting some oil on his hands, while sitting at the table. Caleb is walking around the pool table swinging his pool cue like a sword. He tells Victoria, "Banks might be open, does that scare you?" Victoria says, "Yes it does." Derrick gets a holla, and Frankie says, "Did I hear a holla?" Caleb says, it's a nice night out. Cody sits by Victoria on the double recliner, and he wants to mess with his eyebrows. Victoria says, that guys should not mess with their eyebrows. Derrick and Cable are arguing over Caleb's pool shot. Victoria says, she has to go pee, and runs into the WC. Caleb sings, "If I could be the reason your hairs a mess," again. Victoria comes out of the WC, and washes her hands and dries them in the WA.


6:52 PM BBT Victoria walks to the BY, and tells Cody he's going to have to put his head in her lap, so she can do his eyebrows. He says, when he does it to himself, it doesn't hurt. She tells him not to be a little baby. He says, he's being a little sissy girl, and he says, Ouch. He tells her it feels like she is just breaking them off, and she says she's not, she's getting them from the root. Cody tells Victoria not to go against the grain. She tells him, not to blame her for his shitty eyebrows. She tells them his eyebrows are different.


6:57 PM BBT Caleb goes up to the HoHR, and he and Frankie are talking about the possible options that are coming. Frankie says, he's excited. Caleb burps twice, without excusing himself. He his swings his camo hat on his right index finger. He says, he needs to win the next HOH to guarantee himself to move forward. Derrick goes up to the HoHR. Caleb says, it could be their last week, and he doesn't know why he feels that, but GAME all over the wall, is like a reset. But, he thinks it's speeding it up. Frankie says, he still likes the idea of mirror image, or someone mirroring your game. He says, he says, he doesn't think it's just sped up. Victoria and Cody are done with his eyebrows. He grabs a racquet and birdie. Frankie says, the eviction might come at the beginning of the episode Wednesday, but that doesn't make sense, because they still have to air the Veto. He says, he thinks, Julie will pop up on the screen at 5:30 p.m., and the show will air as usual. He says they will do the eviction, right then and there, and then go to the BY to compete. He says, but, he doesn't know what they would do on Thursday. Derrick says, it doesn't make sense.


7:03 PM BBT Caleb goes in the nest bed, and grabs Frankie's Veggie Stix, and starts chomping on them. Derrick says, he thinks to much thought went into that button, and he doesn't see them speeding the game up. He says, he hopes it's that, but he's not confident. He says, campaigning is part of the game. Caleb says, at this point in the game, he doesn't think campaigning is going to do anything. He says, he hopes it is. Frankie says, the speed up? He says, yes. Frankie says, he does also. Caleb runs his scenario again, and says, only one person was up for photo booth, and production is done with them. Caleb says, they don't fight, there's no drama, they sleep all day. Derrick says, if they give them something to do, they'll do it. He says, they broke the badminton quickly. He says they have the same convo's every day, and eat late night. He says, it happens every season. He says, he did have someone tell him, they sleep more than other seasons. We see FoTH.


7:07 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Frankie saying he doesn't think they sleep more than other seasons. He says, they go to sleep at 5 or 6 a.m., which is around 9 a.m., so they sleep when the viewers work, and then start their day. He says, they just have a totally different schedule than other seasons. Caleb says, "We can be so far off." Derrick says, it could be penalties and luxuries. Cody is playing pool by himself, and Victoria is talking about final votes, at the end of the show. Derrick says, he'll be excited when it's over. Frankie says, his anxiety and stress has been cut in half, but he's still stressed about what's coming. He says, he knows he's not going to get stabbed in the back, and he just wants it to move forward so they can get to the finale.


7:10 PM BBT Caleb says they sped up the timer in the room. Frankie says, no, it's always been Wednesday at 5:36 p.m. Derrick asks if the show airs at 5 or 6 p.m. on Wednesday? Frankie says, it's 8 p.m. EST. Frankie says, Thursday's show is at 9 p.m. Derrick says, he doesn't see there being another show on Thursday. Frankie asks what time games start on Thursday, and Derrick tells him 9 p.m. Caleb says, "I thought football starts at 6 p.m. on Thursday." Derrick says, definitely not. He says the Super Bowl is at 6 p.m. They go back and forth about Thursday. Frankie says, maybe they will show a pre-recorded show on Thursday, but how are they going to turn it over through the night. He says, that's crazy. Caleb says, he thought, maybe they would get to watch the game on Thursday.


7:14 PM BBT Frankie screams, "I've got it," from the HoHR bathroom. He comes out and says, "I've got it, they moved the days up one. They are on Tuesday and Wednesday now." He says, they just don't want to let them know it though. He says, they will probably do the eviction right away, and they go to comp. Victoria goes up to the HoHR. Frankie says, he doesn't think it's going to speed up the game now. He runs down the week, and thinks the finale is next Wednesday, for sure. Caleb says, "How are we going to have the finale then, with 4 people still here." Derrick says, they would compete next Friday and Saturday, and that Sunday will be the finale. Frankie says it's not an acceleration, just football, and they've been promoting it. Frankie says, if he doesn't get to play in whatever the button thing is, he's going to be so pi$$ed. Derrick says that football brings in a ton more money than Big Brother does. Caleb says, he thought the shows run 6 - 7 P.M. Derrick says, that's West Coast, and it's pre-recorded. It runs 9 - 10 P.M. EST.


7:20 PM BBT Frankie says, they'll do the eviction live, and then have an HOH comp later that night, that he won't get to play in. Derrick says, maybe by pushing the button, they get to watch the game now. He says they could black out the commercials. He says, it will be sick. Frankie says, that's definitely what it is as Derrick leaves the HoHR. He tells Caleb, that's why they locked the Veto Ceremony episode a day early. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back, and Caleb says, we will see. Derrick goes downstairs, and follows Cody out to the BY, and tells him what they think it is. Cody says, he said that earlier. Cody asks, "CBS has never had NFL have they?" Derrick says, "No." Cody is starting a load of laundry in the washer. Derrick says, Frankie was saying the Veto is going to be crazy, and he was born at night, but it wasn't last night. Cody says, that the idea that Caleb has, that he can beat Frankie, is crazy. Derrick says, he would be sucker, bro. He's says he's not naive enough to know he won't take him to the F2. Cody and Derrick go by the hammock talking about the F2 deals.


7:25 PM BBT Cody says he told Christine that he's had a F2 deal with Derrick since day 2, and he hopes she won't tell the jury. Derrick says, she most definitely will. Victoria leaves the HoHR. Caleb is walking around the room, listening to music. Cody says, it's kind of pi$$ing him off the Frankie says, if it's a mental comp he can win it, and he's probably getting in Caleb's ear about it. We hear, "Please, turn the music down." Frankie tells him to move his microphone to his pants. Frankie says, he likes the Hands on me rap, and it's the sickest thing he's heard in all his life. Derrick and Cody talk about how Dan and Ian played their games.


7:28 PM BBT Cody says, he's not going to stay up Caleb's a$$, because he can be manipulated, but if he takes Frankie to the F3, he's stupid. Caleb is trying to dance, and eating stuff, while he's listening to music. Frankie asks how many times Donny sat on the block. He says, he doesn't know, and he doesn't know any of that, and goes back to what he was eating. Derrick says, that Caleb told him that Frankie was using Derrick's family as a tactic. Derrick says, that he may contemplate taking Frankie. Derrick says, if he wins the Veto comp, Frankie is going home. He says, he can say he's going to sh*t in my luggage, and show me the bag, and he won't care, he's still going home. Cody says, he totally agrees, and they are on the same page. Frankie is listening to the music, making faces, and dancing while lying down in the nest bed. He lets Caleb listen to the rap breakdown, and we can hear the music blasting in the headphones, when he hands them to Caleb.


7:33 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are going over everything that's happened so far with comps and wins. Cody says that Frankie asked him if Christine won 1 BOB, and he says he told him yes, but she actually won 2. He says, he's not going over anything with them. Caleb leaves the HoHR, and Frankie asks, what is he doing, and where is he going? He says, he's just cruising around. Frankie starts going week by week now, out loud. Caleb goes to the BY, and Derrick tells Cody, he's coming over now, after he just got done scheming with Frankie. Caleb says, you all need to go over it with me. Cody says it's a lot, and even if they tell him, he has to figure a way to remember it. He says, if he's told things, he can remember it. Caleb's asking what type of questions they ask, after Cody says he's thinking to much into it. He tells him, he needs to know the HN's from each week. Caleb says, he's definitely banking on the Veto for one of them, because he doesn't know any of it. He tells Derrick and Cody that he left them room to cruise around, because he didn't want to stay up there all night.


7:38 PM BBT Frankie is going to feed the fish in the HoHR bathroom. Derrick tells Caleb that Frankie is literally coming up with 100 different things that can go with the button, so he gets to play in the next HOH comp. He says, he doesn't realize, he won't be able to compete. We hear, "Frankie, please put on your microphone." Derrick tells Caleb he's going to get some of the Veto questions right. He says it's probably going to come down to Caleb and Frankie. Caleb says, he only beat him by a light bulb. Derrick and Cody both say how quickly he solved the puzzles before hand. Cody says, he preps for the stuff before hand, and then flies through it. Derrick says, so explain face morph. Cody says, he's quick. Cody says on the HOH BOB he was getting smoked, and didn't know those. Frankie is talking to the fish as he feeds them. He says, they need more food. He says, if he's still here next week because of that button, they need more food, because John Eric is a hungry fish.


7:42 PM BBT Frankie says, "Welcome to feeding the fish with Frankie." He takes a drink, puts his shoes on, and goes to the BY. The 3 by the hammock talk about what comps Frankie has won, and then when he goes to the BY, they change the subject, and start talking about fans noticing them at the airport. Frankie goes by Frankie, and rubs his hair, while Derrick and Caleb still talk about the fans at the airport. Cody tells Frankie his clothes are over there. Frankie goes by the couches by Victoria, and tells her, "My face is falling off." He asks her, "What's up?" She says, "I'm thinking." He says, there's a lot of time to do that. He tells her he might do abs. He says, "What's gonna happen?" She says, "I don't know, I'm nervous a little." He asked Victoria what her activity bracelet is at? She says a 5. She says, "You don't think they are speeding it up?" He says, "No." She says, "Is it just for football then?" He says he thinks there will be a comp on Wednesday, and then they play the HOH later that night. He says, he could still be HOH Wednesday night, and play Thursday.


7:47 PM BBT We see FoTH for a moment, and then all cams go to couch area. Frankie is watching an airplane go over head, and then he walks over to the hammock, and sits on it, with Cody and Caleb. Derrick tells Caleb that if one fan asks for a picture with him, he'll send it to them. He says, he'll text saying, I didn't get any fans to ask for pictures, but I did get a boo. Frankie says, he's not going to hair any hair in like 4 months, because he's going to be constantly dying it pink everyday.


7:50 PM BBT Cody wonders what time it is. Victoria gets up from lying on the couch in the BY. She goes to the WC. Derrick says, he's going to talk to her soon, but not tonight, because he'll have her all day tomorrow too. Frankie and Cody say how sad she has been. Victoria comes out of the WC, and washes and dries her hands in the WA. We hear, "Frankie don't lie on your transmitter." He says, "O.K., that's a new one." He says, maybe if he bends a wire, they will stop working. He wonders how many receptors there are for the wireless to work. He says on Broadway there's only one, but with the cement walls there, there has to be many more. Cody says, honestly if it would come to an end this week, and Frankie takes over the convo, and says, he would be greatly. Frankie says, he doesn't think it will end early. They think there's going to be a long endurance comp, where they hear, goodnight HG's. Frankie says, imagine how they are excited working on the show, to see how they react to everything. Victoria goes in the SR, to get some lotion for her hands. Derrick gets called to the DR.


7:55 PM BBT Victoria comes out of the SR, as Derrick is heading to the DR. He asks her, if she just came out of the DR, and she says no. Caleb says, Pepperoni pizza sounds so good, and Frankie says, he'll make it for him. Cody says, he'll crush it. Frankie says, he's so happy. Victoria goes to the BY, and heads over by the hammock. Frankie says, he loves this, as Caleb is rocking him and Cody on the hammock. Frankie says, he really hopes his skin is back to normal by Wednesday, and taking a day off make-up should help. Victoria takes an orange bean bag by the hammock and is eating nuts. She says she hates the salted ones. She says she likes the coco covered nuts. Caleb starts to make music beats, and Victoria is looking at him. Frankie talks about Cody's belly fat. Victoria asks, if they get wine, will they drink it? They tell her to go and request it. Cody says, she's sassy and can get it. Caleb says, the last time we asked they gave it to us. Cody says, they gave us 3 beers, and that's horse cock.


8:00 PM BBT Cody talks in a drunken voice, how he would act after the finale. Victoria says, they should go in as a group, not just one. Cody says, they know it's just the 3 of them drinking it, and maybe Derrick. Cody runs to the washer about him putting the setting on heavy duty, which is very hot water. The 3 guys outside start talking like Ricky Martin, and how they should request the beers. Frankie puts on a show, acting like Ricky Martin.


8:10 PM BBT Victoria says, maybe they are surprising us, and putting the alcohol in the SR already. Caleb starts acting like a fool with Larry the Cable Guys voice, and Cody is talking in his baby voice, and they both are begging BB to help them, and let them have a good night. Caleb is reciting lyrics. Cody is trying the Ricky Martin voice now. Derrick is out of the DR, and is sitting on the couch in the LR, eating popcorn by himself. Caleb asks Victoria how to spell what she just said. She said, No with a long a after it. Cody and Caleb go back and forth, and talk about Tombstone. Derrick says, "Wheels are turning feedsters." He says, the twist is probably going to mess him all up. He is sitting on the couch, trying to get the popcorn that is stuck between his teeth, and he's drinking water out of a blue cup. He's making noises with his mouth. Victoria goes in the house. She sees Derrick in the LR, and asks him if he's been there the whole time? He says, it was the doctor. We see FoTH for a moment. Then Victoria asks if they just push the day up a day earlier? Derrick says, it very well could be.


8:17 PM BBT Caleb is telling a story about finding a new hunting hole. Victoria tells Derrick that Cody and Caleb will get rid of Frankie, if they get HOH. She says it's 90% a fact that Caleb wants to take Cody to the F2. Victoria says she wants to say something, and Derrick tells her, she may not want to stir the pot, because there is no one in the house to confirm what she is saying. She says, when there's a will there's a way. Derrick says that they are saying the game is about how it deserves to be there. She says, it's about loyalty though. Derrick says, but is it really? Victoria says, she feels it would just be so different if Nicole was still there instead of Frankie. Victoria says, no one is going to get voted for, because of comps.


8:23 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria she can do what she wants, and she may be telling the truth, but it's a matter of what they believe. She says, it's Bro's against the girl. She says, she's telling the truth, and Nicole was known to lie, after Derrick asks her, how it worked out for Nicole. He says, it's a big decision. She asks him, what he thinks. He says, she can accept what happens, and go with it. He tells her to dress up, and if she stays, she can change and compete. She says it's going to be drama for her, but she wants to cover her a$$. Derrick says there may not be an eviction on Wednesday, and maybe on Thursday. Or they may not be an eviction unless it's on Wednesday. Derrick says, he thinks that he'll be right after her. He tells her not to say anything, the Frankie and Caleb want to take each other. He says he told him, the exact same thing she told him. Frankie goes in the house, and says he's going to be asleep early, and Caleb talks into the glass door, and says, he will too.


8:29 PM BBT Caleb and Cody are playing pool in the BY. Derrick chomps on some chips, and tells Victoria to go to the fire room. She goes in there to wait on him.


8:30 PM BBT Caleb tells Cody he has to win the Veto, and Cody says, he'll get it to make sure they are in the F3. Caleb says, he will win the HOH, and it might be a wall where they say, goodnight HG's. He says, shoot yeah. Cody says, he just wants them 3 to be in the F3. Derrick talks to Frankie in the WA. Frankie is sitting on the couch, and Derrick is standing  by the sink. He walks out of WA, and goes to fire room, and Frankie goes to BY to play pool. He tells everyone that watches the show to, "Go f*ck themselves," while talking in his British accent. Derrick lies in bed, and chit-chats with Victoria. Caleb goes in the fire room to ask about Derrick's hand and what the doctor said. He says, he should leave it exposed to heal faster, and we see FoTH.


8:36 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Caleb leaving the fire room, and Derrick says, "They may not give it with a comp coming up." He whispers to Victoria, and we can't hear it. He tells her, he'll be right back, and he leaves the fire room, and goes to the SR. He grabs some candy, and goes back to the fire room. He tells Victoria, she's going crazy, that all 3 of them are outside. He gives her a piece of chocolate. Victoria says, that's the stupidest reason not to take Derrick, because of her. He says, for her to think about something, and if she goes to jury, he has her, and probably Nicole and Hayden. He says, maybe Zach, and he says, here he comes again. She says, she can't talk about votes in the jury house. Derrick says, that they think she will vote for one of them, and not for him. He says, that's the only way. They hear noise in the SR, and Cody and Frankie are in the BY playing pool. Frankie asks what today's day in the house is. Frankie guesses Day 81, and Cody says, he thinks so.


8:43 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are still chit-chatting in the fire room about game. Caleb is still in DR, where he went to ask for beer. Frankie is racking the balls, for him and Cody to start a new pool game. Cody is by the washer, bent over, and Frankie slaps him on the a$$. Cody says he feels they are ruining the pool cues. He says, "Wow, I heard a lot of balls drop." Frankie says, "Yeah, and one of them was the cue ball so it's yours." Frankie says, he's turnt up, and can't wait to see what the trackers are actually tracking. Caleb comes to the BY eating something, and tries to share it with Cody. He doesn't want one, and Frankie asks if he will share with him? Caleb takes the Tortilla and acts like it's an airplane, and feeds it to Frankie. He says, it's amazing, and he loves it. Frankie says, he eats so much tuna in the house, and he's going to die from mercury poisoning. Derrick and Victoria are going to try to act like they are pi$$ed at each other, so the guys don't think she will vote for him. She says, she can fake cry, and will say, there's no way she will vote for him. Derrick tells her not to tell them she told him anything. She says that's a secret.


8:49 PM BBT Caleb is in the KT, and Frankie and Cody are talking about the comp, and we see FoTH for a moment. When Live feeds come back, Derrick and Victoria are talking about how Victoria will be able to tell the jury how she just played Frankie. They are both smiling, and laughing, saying it's going to be great. Cody and Frankie are still playing pool, and Caleb is in the BY with them. Cody says, there hasn't been a stronger F4 in BB. Frankie says, he thinks they are stronger than the Brigade. Caleb goes back in the house. Derrick says, if their plan works, it will be the best in BB history, and he can't wait to see it, when he finds out he got played. He says it will be the best in BB history. Cody talks about the Quack Pack members.


8:53 PM BBT Caleb says, "I thought the largest was the Brigade to make it." Frankie says it was, but the Quack Pack formed on day like 50. Caleb says, "So, we are the biggest to make it to the end." Derrick and Victoria are still in fire room. He tells her that he had to sell his soul for her. He says she's the last girl here and only won one comp. Derrick says, if there is a twist, and they stay, they need to make sure they don't get put on the block next to each other. Derrick says, he needs to knuckle down, and win the comps. Derrick says they will see each other in a week. He says, if she leaves, for her not to give him a hug, and she gives him a sad face. He says she has to do it for the plan to work, and on Finale night, she can hug him again. He says, she has to call him out when she leaves, and say he's nothing to her, and he's dead to her. He tells her to hug them, and when he tries to hug her, for her not to hug him. She says, she's worried she will get booed. He says, she won't.


8:58 PM BBT Derrick says he can go out there, and tell the guys she's pi$$ed at him, and start it tonight. They 3 guys in the BY are talking about their jobs. Caleb says he started out at $16.50 an hour 3 days a week.

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9:00PM BBT: Derrick and Victoria are in the fire bedroom whispering. BB tells her to not obstruct her microphone. Derrick checks the door. Derrick tells her if she can cry, then to cry. Feeds change to WBRB.


9:05PM BBT: Feeds come back to Derrick and Victoria still whispering. Derrick asks if Victoria wants to do it tonight, that she'd have to be pissed at him for two days. Victoria says she has to wait for him to go to bed first because she can't fall asleep in the room by herself. They make plans to do it tonight. Operation Victoria is going to fool Frankie. Victoria leaves to go to the washroom. Derrick comes out into the backyard. Derrick says he needs to talk to Victoria tonight. Frankie says that when Victoria comes outside, he's going to ask her if she wants to watch the Final 4 play pool. Derrick says, no don't do that. He says he is going to be honest with her. Caleb says they should talk to her in a group. Derrick disagrees and says he's the only person she has been close with is him.


9:15PM BBT: Frankie says he thinks Victoria knows she's going home, the writing is on the wall. They go over their goodbye messages. Frankie asked to do his goodbye message tomorrow, Derrick says he hasn't done his yet. Cody says he straight out told her in is goodbye message that she sucks.


9:20PM BBT: Victoria is in the kitchen eating food. Caleb and Derrick are playing pool as Cody and Frankie watches. Victoria heads outside and watches them play pool. 

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9:30PM BBT: Victoria says she's hungry but doesn't know what to eat. Frankie says there is fish. Victoria doesn't want fish because it's so heavy. Frankie says he doesn't eat near as much fish outside the house as he does inside the house. General chit chat as the boys play pool.


9:40PM BBT: Frankie asks if he makes fish, will anyone eat it? Sounds like no one wants to, and Caleb says theres tuna in the fridge he can have. Victoria re-enters the backyard with a tea in hand. General chit chat as the boys play pool.


9:50PM BBT: The boys continue to play pool. Victoria says she's hungry but doesn't know what to eat. She heads into the storage room, then heads back outside and lays on the lounger. 

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 10:00pm Caleb tells Victoria to tell Frankie and Cody that they can not beat  Cody and Caleb fair and square. Then she says derrick you can not beat Caleb and Cody fair and square and the guys are yelling through the house as Victoria laughs.


 10:03pm Cody is making his bed in the fire br as derrick is putting his clothes away. Caleb comes in talking and laughing about the pool game. Victoria and Frankie in the KT making food to eat.


10:09pm Cody is making his bed and has to put the blanket inside the fire blanket cover he stuffs it in and stands on the bed to flap it in there as he grabs the corners and flaps it he throws himself off the bed. Caleb is laughing at him.


10:12pm derrick telling Caleb and Cody that he has to tell Victoria about the plan and if it hurts him it hurts him and he says she could be mad at me i don't know but let the chips fall where they fall.


10:13pm Derrick and Caleb talking about  if they take a shower at night or in the mornings, Derrick says why would i take a shower in the mornings to go play in the damn dirt all day and Cody says right i rather take a shower at night and have a clean bed that doesn't stink dude. derrick then gives a shout out to TVGN.


10:15pm Cody now in the KT with Frankie and Victoria making himself something to eat again.Victoria ask him if he is going to bed early tonight and Cody says i would like to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. 


 10:24pm derrick alone in the fire BR and says he is about to make you proud as he talks to the cameras. he then gets clothes and heads to the shower.


  10:32pm Frankie is cooking cookies for everyone and ask if anyone wants to do abs before they eat cookies           


  10:39pm Cody Frankie and Caleb still working out in the LVR as Victoria sits in the KT alone eating and derrick is in the shower.


  10:52pm Frankie eating cookies in the LVR as Cody and Victoria lays on the couches. Just general talk going on. Caleb is in the HOH bathroom pooping. derrick is still in the shower.


  10:55pm Bb says Hg this is a reminder sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms and it scares Cody and Victoria and Frankie. Frankie says wow we all three fell asleep at the same time. derrick comes through and he tells him they all went to sleep at the same time.

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11:03 PM BBT Derrick went up to the HoHR, Caleb just got out of the shower and Derrick decides to jump in next. They are both talking about Victoria being mad earlier. In the LR, Frankie has left Victoria and Cody by themselves still laying on the couches.


11:08 PM BBT Cody closed his eyes briefly and BB reminded him that they are only allowed to sleep in the bedrooms. Caleb is now in the ER giving a shout out to TVGN. Cody finally gets up and gets ready to take a shower.


11:13 PM BBT Victoria goes up to the HOHR where Derrick is still showering. She tells him that Cody and Caleb are getting ready for bed and Frankie is in the DR. Victoria says she is going to go lay in the hammock, Derrick says he will join her. When Victoria heads back downstairs Frankie is out of the DR and says its time for bed. While in the shower, Cody is asked to go to the DR, he stares at the camera and asks if they want him to go and they repeat him to go to DR.


11:19 PM BBT Caleb is laying on the couch in the LR. Frankie is talking to Derrick in the HOH bathroom about what will happen on Wednesday. Frankie was suggesting an HOH comp which lead to maybe a double eviction and Derrick doesn't think so about the DE.


11:25 PM BBT Victoria joins Caleb in the LR. Caleb says he wants to wake up to music in the morning and get back to his normal sleep schedule for when he goes home. Victoria tells him that she won't be able to in her bed when she goes back home. Derrick and Frankie are talking upstairs about Wednesday night possibilities still. Cody comes out of the DR and Caleb is called to go in right after him.


11:31 PM BBT Cody is back in the shower downstairs. Derrick and Frankie are talking in the HOHR about Wednesday still, Derrick keeps going back that the mirrors in the room are significant. They both agree that whatever happens will be negative to everyone. Derrick was on his way out to go outside to let Frankie takes his bath. Victoria comes up to the HOHR to join them. Derrick still leaves, and Victoria shortly after says she is going downstairs because Frankie's bath is just about ready but instead sits in the HOH bathroom.


11:39 PM BBT After a brief FOTH feeds are back, Cody, Caleb, and Derrick are sitting around the KT, they are talking about Victoria not in her DR session [she was apparently called in right before FOTH started, which lasted for a couple mins]. Victoria is upstairs with Frankie as he is bathing.


11:45 PM BBT Victoria tells Frankie that she isn't the kind of person to give up even though she might be going home on Wednesday she wont go out without a fight. In the KT, Derrick is telling Caleb and Cody about how he stumbled on BBAD. Derrick is says that a possible outcome of pushing the button is a 3rd nominee going on the block. After not saying a word for a few minutes Cody asks Derrick and Caleb if Christine throwing the BoB comp with Donny is a factor to her getting booed. Caleb says if that's the case he might get booed because he sat out the BoB comp with Frankie.


11:55 PM BBT Victoria and Frankie end their conversation, she tells Frankie she is going to do her DR session. When Derrick, Cody, and Caleb see her they ask about her DR and she says they never called her again but she is going there now. Frankie is upstairs getting out of his bath. Derrick, Cody, and Caleb are in the KT eating and throwing around other ideas of what might happen on Wednesday.

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