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Friday September 5 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:03 am BBT  Frankie and Victoria are talking in the WA. He is telling her about an interaction he had with Nicole after Caleb asked if anyone would volunteer to go on slop. He tells her that Caleb asked if everyone had done it the same amount of times and Nicole pointed at Frankie. He went into the Fire BR after that and told Nic off by telling her that she deserved to get it again because she had a week off in the jury house and he has a medical issue. He wouldn't expect her to do so if she had one. Victoria tells Frankie about how much she hates Christine for things she said about her and how she didn't want to leave the house before her. They they talk about how inappropriate Christine was with Cody. Frankie speculates as to whether Christine was even really married to Tim. Vic reminds him that they saw their wedding picture.


12:05 am BBT  Cody, Caleb, Frankie, and Derrick are talking in the LR. Cody says there have been 13 remaining HOHs in the season thus far. Cody says there have only been 3 times the entire season that it hasn't been one of them --Nicole, Devin, and Christine. 


12:11 am BBT  Derrick is called to the SR. His HOH basket is there. Derrick says something about it not being the best picture to show and we get FotH. When we return, Cody is carrying the basket out to the LR and Derrick is going to the DR. Cody is talking about being featured in 'Seventeen' Magazine on a hot guy panel. He answered questions every month for a year. Frankie is blown away. He asks him how he booked it. He says that the Art Director for 'Seventeen' told him to put in for it. Frankie asks how he knows the Art Director and Cody says that his brother has the connection.


12:14 am BBT  Derrick returns from the DR with a new picture. His letter is from his father, Tim. It reads, "Derrick... If you're reading this letter you've become HOH again. I guess 'Congrats' are in order, again. I'm not much for sending letters, but seeing you through a father's eyes gives me a chilling sense of pride. You've turned into an amazing human being. As years have passed, a distance grows with your independence, but it doesn't seem to affect how through my eyes incredibly proud you've made me in every sense of the word. I'm not sure there's an explanation for how I feel about who you've become, but I'm sure you, being a father yourself, you'll see what I see as your daughter grows. As you know, a dad's love isn't different from a mother's, we just express it differently. Love, Pops (Tim) P.S. You asked me to take care of your wife and daughter, and they want for nothing. So relax and enjoy this wonderful experience. You seem to be surrounded by a group of wonderful people. Vic asks why he gave back his picture and he says it just wasn't a quality picture.


12:20 am BBT  Derrick is waiting to go back into the DR. BB announces it is temporarily unavailable. Caleb says the house is going to seem so boring because the house is down 3 people in one week (Donny, Nicole, and Christine). Cody says he hardly talked to Nicole because she was always in the have not room laying down, at least until her last night in the house. Derrick is going through his basket. He mentions that got Zebra cakes, shrimp flavored ramen, the Delta Airlines cookies (which are his favorites), and wheat thins. Victoria is called to the DR. When she returns, Frankie says, "Are you not the saboteur anymore?" She says they are just giving her things that belong to Christine." Then Derrick is called to the DR.


12:32 am BBT  Derrick and all the HG go through his basket. It is determined that he has the best HOH basket yet. He opens the Dove soap that his wife uses. He says that his wife smells like that all the time. He says that she must have sent in a list to BB because he didn't write down any of the stuff in his basket. He says that she knows him pretty well. We keep getting FotH. Vic gives him a hug and heads to the KT. Derrick re-reads his letter to himself.


12:40 am BBT  Derrick goes into the SR and finds Ritz crackers. He is very excited. Derrick tells Cody they are cleaning out the fridge. Frankie is cleaning it out and Derrick says it smells horrible. Victoria comes in and says the fridge smells like ass. Derrick says he doesn't think they ever ate anything that was saved to eat at a later date. Derrick says that the stat about the 13 HOHs is pretty amazing. Frankie says, he knows... that only 3 of them aren't from their final 4. He says this very loudly as they walk out of the SR. He quickly realizes what he said and corrects; he says, "final 5." Laughing, He and Derrick walk into the KT and tell Cody what Frankie just said. They all laugh together. Vic is in the WA and she didn't hear it.


12:50 am BBT  The HG are back to talking about Christine. They truly wonder what Christine may have done to have caused the reaction she got. Frankie says she may have had some interesting plans if she won HOH. Derrick says she hated Donny and probably talked about him and Nicole in the DR. He thinks it had to have been personal and not game related. He and Cody compare her to Zach and say the difference is that Zach was playing the game. 


1:04 am BBT  Frankie says he thought Caleb was going to win the HOH comp. Derrick says Did you? Frankie says No. The comp involved balls, balancing, water, and a teeter totter. Try as a might, I can not picture what it involved. The HG all say that it is a new comp. They talk about how Christine always thought she knew what comps were coming and she was wrong. They say it was her downfall. Frankie says they should have rotating sleepovers this week. Cody says he wants to have his first bath.


1:12 am BBT  Cody tells Frankie that he was going to press the button no matter what. Whether he was going to do it when no one else was around, in the middle of the night. There was no doubt he was going to press it. He as one of those kids that if you said, don't press the button, he pressed it. So there was never any doubt that the button was going to get pressed. Frankie agrees and says he felt the same way.


1:15 am BBT  Derrick comes out of the Fire BR and says, "You know how I always kiss the paper with my daughter's handprint on it? Well my wife made this for me." It's a piece of paper with her handprint on it and it says "Five Reasons Why I Love You" at the top. Cody says, "Oh, I'm done." 1. You're an amazing husband and an even more amazing dad. 2. Your smile, your eyes. 3. The way you can always make me laugh. 4. The way you listen to people and give them honest, caring advice. 5. Your big heart, plus the fact that you make the best pancakes. Love you babe. Keep up the great work. Love always, Jana.  Derrick says she is his best friend. Frankie says they are the cutest couple.


1:20 am BBT Derrick says the show must highlight him kissing his daughter's handprint because his wife knew to send her own handprint. Frankie wonders aloud if he will get booed when he leaves. He says he is the most vulgar person. Cody says everyone laughed when he was in there dressed in his dinosaur costume. They are all wondering if they have done things to make America boo them. They all feel they will be OK with America. Derrick gets a series of "Hollas" in a row.


1:40 am BBT  The HG are anxiously waiting for Caleb to get out of the DR so Frankie can get his HOH room and basket. Derrick hangs his wife's picture in the Fire BR by Tenley's picture. All the HG move to the Fire BR to lay down in the beds. Frankie says wouldn't it be amazing if a former HG came into the house to coach us because we pressed the button? Derrick says a former HG who was the most like us. Caleb comes out of the DR. Derrick talks about everyone doing a big house cleaning tomorrow.


1:45 am BBT  The HG are exhausted, laying in bed and all of the sudden they hear "Holla you fruit loop dingus," and they all go crazy with excitement. They jump up from their beds and say it's Zach!! Then they hear, "Holllllllerrrr, Derrick." It's Donny's voice. Next they hear, "Holler Derrik...." it's Hayden. They can't get over it. They want BB to play them again. 


1:50 am BBT  They talk about what the jury's reaction will be to having Christine walk into the house. They say Zach will be very excited. Finally, Frankie is called to the DR. Conversation turns to the veto on Saturday. Cody believes there will be a host. Caleb thinks it will be Andy. Cody says Andy wasn't a favorite. Caleb says that in this game, just because you win doesn't mean you were a favorite or the best player. He says that just because you win doesn't mean you will be asked to play again. Boogie didn't win but was asked to come play again... same with Jeff. They talk about how Frankie could be asked to come back because he has won so many... just like Janelle. Derrick says Frankie just passed Janelle's record. Cody says it's a bit skewed because of the 2 HOHs this year and the BotB. It will have to be figured as to who actually has the most wins.


1:58 am BBT  "Who wants to see my HOH room?" Frankie is very excited about a picture of someone named Lauren... his roommate. A custom tailored red suit, Grey Poupon, make up, skin care products, tofu, hummus, his sister's album, applesauce, spicy pickles, veggie sticks, skittles (he says "Good thing because we have noms tomorrow). He says his letter is from his friends. "Frankie, Frank, (another nickname I can not pronounce). Frankie my love, I am so ecstatic watching you. Tough times never last, but tough people do. So keep strong, as you are, and keep it light because nothing is ever too serious. I hope you realize what a life changing role you have in this world and have had to everyone around you. Everything I touch, I break...red wineglasses, hearts, my body. Everything and everyone you touch, you change. You are a true, honest person with a fierce force, not to be reckoned with. Just know that your spirit and your journey through life will open everyone's eyes and minds to become a better person and push themselves to be as inspiring as you. It just isn't the same without you but you know I'm Striggy shufflin around with the same ridiculous energy we emit.  Isn't it eating, sleeping, and breathing with a whole new random group of people? It must be challenging, but it makes me smile. You are irreplaceable.  Keep shining bright, babe, and I will see you when you are back so I can give you the biggest Strings hug ever. I love you so much. I miss your face and insanity every night. Love and Light, Lauren, Strigs (more nicknames)



2:04 am BBT  Frankie goes to feed his fish. Caleb says they only get to do this 2 more times. Frankie is very excited about his letter from his roommate Lauren. Caleb says Frankie will be dressing fly to the finale. He says if he wins HOH next week maybe Milan (the person / designer who made Frankie's suit) can make him a suit. Frankie said he already had that suit. Suddenly we hear "Holla Derrick..." It's Jocasta's voice. Derrick says that sounds like a bitter jury member and he says "So what you're saying is I don't have your vote." Frankie goes to listen to Ariana's album and there are only 2 songs on it. He says he will have to get BB to re-download it.

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6:00 AM BBT All cams on rock room with Derrick and Cody still awake. They are talking about previous comps the HG's have won. Derrick says, if they can survive this week, he's pretty sure they will make it to the F2. Derrick says, he doesn't think the gold button is a reset or anything. He tells Cody, he thinks it has to do with the 2 people on the block, getting some type of power. Derrick says, they probably didn't expect them to push the button.


6:03 AM BBT Derrick and Cody are laughing, and Derrick says it was like a kid on Christmas morning that can't wait to open their presents, with how Frankie pushed that gold button. Cody says he felt like a kid in a candy store. He says, he wanted to push the button so bad. They both agree there was not a timer set to push the button. Derrick says that if Frankie wins the game, he's going to win it outright. He says if he wins another comp, he will go to All Stars. He says it's going to be hard to get him out, because his social game is so good. Derrick told Cody, he thought he had him in one of the comps. Cody says, he messed up in the beginning. Derrick says, it was a f*cking cool comp, it was a cool comp.


6:07 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody he might have just sh*t himself, with as bad as the smell was from him passing gas. They continue to whisper, and talk about the comps. Cody says he wants to give a shout-out to the person that didn't put them on blast. He tells him they're the tits. Derrick gets out of bed, and says he can't wait to clean the place up. He tells Cody they need to get a trash bag in there when they clean it all up. Derrick goes to WC. Cody is still lying in bed in the rock room, with his left hand on his forehead. Derrick comes out of WC, lightly rinses his hand in the sink in the WA, wipes it on a towel, and walks back to tell Cody, "Goodnight buddy." He goes in the fire room and sits on a bed. Victoria is still awake in her bed.


6:11 AM BBT Victoria puts her microphone on, and sits on the other bed with Derrick. Derrick asks Victoria who Cody's best friend is, and she says, Christine. He asks where is she, Victoria says, gone. Derrick asks her why she's gone, and she says because they sent her home. Derrick says, yes, because we sent her home. Victoria whispers to Derrick about rude comments that were made to her, and how Nicole told her about them. Derrick tells her to go and get some sleep, and they give each other a hug. She asks Derrick if Cody said anything about her? He says, no, he didn't, I promise you. She asks him why Cody won't sleep in the fire room? He says, because he likes the rock room. She says, because it reminds him of Christine. They both laugh. He asks her, if she's going to get some sleep. She says, "Yes, Derrick." She feels around for his face. She wants to say something to him, but is hesitating. He says, "Spit it out Junior."


6:16 AM BBT Derrick tells Victoria to go to sleep and have good dreams. He says that she should feel good, because she's the last girl in the house. Victoria tells Derrick that if your best friend in the house puts you up, how are you feeling right now. Derrick says, they do that all the time. He says that they are playing with people's heads. Derrick tells her that they told Cody that they were putting Christine on the block, and he needed to vote her out. Derrick says, he did, 3 - 0, because he knew if he went against them, they would know. Victoria hears a noise, jumps over to her bed, and asks who just woke up? Derrick says, what does it matter? Frankie is up and in the rock room talking to Cody.


6:19 AM BBT Frankie tells Cody about a song her heard, and how he asked the DR who sings it? He says, they said they couldn't tell him, and we see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with him guessing that it's Justin Bieber or Michael Jackson. He says if it's Justin Bieber, he doesn't know what he's going to do with himself. Cody says, it probably has to be then, because who sounds like him? Frankie says, "No one. They discuss Chris Brown, and Cody asks him, "Wasn't he taking a break from music?" Frankie syas, "I think so. Derrick and Victoria finish with their goodnights to each other, and Victoria goes to her bed. You can hear loud noises in their microphones. Frankie tells Cody that his sister's single went Platinum, and that's 1 million sales. He's not sure if the album did, but doesn't know for sure. He says it's so good, and he starts singing a little. Cody says, her songs are really good, and he likes them a lot. He says Victoria will want to listen to them also.


6:24 AM BBT Frankie says it sounds like Justin, and Cody says, he can't remember the last Justin Bieber song he heard. Frankie starts singing. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with him saying, it has to be Justin, someone will give me a hint. We see FoTH again.


6:25 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Frankie standing in the doorway of the old ice room, looking at the timer by the gold button. He says, "Game on." He and Cody both say that they wanted to push that button so badly, and they weren't going to wait. Frankie leaves the rock room, and Cody says goodnight to him, as he walks out. He goes to the WC, and along the way, he says, "I'm going to to kill myself, I'm going to kill myself. I think there's a duet with Justin Bieber on my sister's album." He comes out of the WC whispering to himself, and washes his hands in the sink in the WA. He heads back upstairs to go to the HoHR, and didn't dry his hands off. He says, "Someone tell me if it's Justin on her album, I know it's him." He goes in the HoHR, in the dark, and lies down on the grey couch, and has the headphones on, listening to his music. Caleb is sleeping in the nest bed. All cams go back to the fire room on Derrick and Victoria sleeping.


6:51 AM BBT Everything in the BB house is quiet at the moment. All cams are still on the fire room, with Derrick and Victoria sleeping. Cody is in the rock room. Frankie and Caleb are in the HoHR.


7:14 AM BBT The HG's are all sleeping, here is what happened after Frankie got his HoHR. 2:05 AM BBT Caleb says, do you think it's because they would have to buy the album first? Frankie says he got 3 songs the first time. He says, it's such a great song. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Derrick saying that he's going to put his HOH basket in the KT, after they clean it. He tells Frankie that they have similar tastes in food. He says, "Dijon mustard, forget about it." Frankie leaves the HoHR, carrying his sister's CD. He goes in the SR, and sets it on the table. He goes to the LR to get his drink, and then presses the DR button, and goes in the DR. He says, "That was a great letter."


2:07 AM BBT HG's in the HoHR are discussing what could possibly happen on Wednesday. Derrick says, they will know if they get locked in on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday. He says, it will be something major, because they have a countdown for it. Caleb says, that he doesn't think that it's going to be that big. Derrick says, he doesn't think that it will be a comp. Caleb says, would they just flip the game? Derrick says, why would they just have a luxury comp? They do that every year. He says, it's going to be game altering, having to do with someone's fate in the game, or maybe having a former HG to come back. Caleb says, what if that night they give each one of them an option to do something. Derrick says, they might. Caleb says, what if they say, we'll give you $10K to take a penalty nom next week? He then says, or $20K to do something to hurt your game. He says they better not offer him $20K to do anything, because he'll do it. Derrick says, it could be something tempting, not just $5K.


2:11 AM BBT Caleb says, that if he would take the $20K, he already has the $5K, and his stipend, and then he could get America's Favorite Player. He says, that's a lot of money. We hear, "Holla, you Fruit Loop Dingus," from Zach. HG's in the HoHR say he has a great voice over the speaker, and they miss him. Derrick says, he's a great dude. Derrick says, it could be they offer if you take slop for the rest of the season, and you can see a 3 minute personal video. Caleb says, he would not take it. He says, he would take a live Skype call. Derrick says, they won't do that, in case they slip something in. Caleb says, they did it in BB Canada. Derrick says, he's right, but they would have had to sign a huge contract to do that, and not to affect the outcome of the game. Derrick says, it's structured by the Gaming Committee, because it's s real game. Caleb and Derrick both say they can't wait to see what it is, since it's already pushed.


2:15 AM BBT Caleb is obsessing that the gold button has something to do with a substantial amount of money. Derrick says it could be a game that affects the outcome. He then says, all these ideas coming out, and it could be something totally different. He says, it could be a jury member coming back to give them a bit of information. Derrick tells Caleb that he's thinking they will just throw them $1M for being in the show, and everyone knows that about him. He laughs, and says, he doesn't think it's going to be that much, but they will tempt them with something. Derrick says, there's not going to be 5 costume made Beast Mode Lamborghini's sitting there. Caleb says if it has anything to do with $20K he WILL take it, unless he has to walk out the door. Derrick asks him what it will take to walk out the door? He says it he was offered $25K, his stipend of $13K, and maybe America's Player, he would think about it. We hear, "DAD BOT, Holla," twice.


2:19 AM BBT We hear, "Who that, who that, who that, who that, Holla," twice. There was another Holla, and then Donny says, "Holler, Derrick," several times. They ask for them to put Zach's on again. The HG's continue to discuss what could happen next week. Caleb asks Victoria if she would but her hair for $20K, and she says no. Caleb says slop for 2 weeks straight is hard. Derrick says, it's going to be something that never been done. He says, Wednesday, it's going to be great. Caleb says, they will be sitting at the TV on Wednesday waiting, watching the countdown clock. Cody says, the countdown will finish, and then a video will come out. Caleb says, what if their mom's came in and traded spots with them, that would be nuts. He says, what if the doorbell rings, and it's their family members, and you have to literally play the game together with them to win. Derrick says, Yeah, something crazy like that, but that's not going to happen. Victoria asks what the punishment would be? Derrick says, there's no punishment. We hear, "Holla Derrick," from Jocasta, over the speaker.


2:24 AM BBT Victoria says that Nicole and Christine might do theirs this week. Derrick says that Christine may refuse to do the Holla's for him. He says, he had a feeling about her, and he was right. He says that he can believe that everyone at Starbucks said they don't like her. He and Caleb says that she had the opportunity to get herself off the block. They say it's almost over. Victoria says, only 2 weeks left, and they are so close to going home. Caleb says, can you imagine the lifestyle the kid (Frankie) is going to live? He says, he's already living large, because of his sister being so popular. He says, his sister is going to be a multi-millionaire. Victoria says, she may already be. They discuss that his mom is her manager, and travels with her. Derrick says, she was on Nickelodean for years. Caleb says, if he becomes a huge Country Singer, he will tell his family members not to work anymore, and he will take care of them. He says, can you see that FLA/GA Line takes care of their family, and he says, he knows Justin Bieber does. Caleb talks about pushing the golden button, and we see FoTH.


2:29 AM BBT They discuss how long the DR sessions are going to be, and that Caleb was in there longer than 1 hour. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Victoria and Caleb talking about Coconut Water. We hear Zach's Holla again. Derrick says, "Man, he went into it, I would love to see Zach right now." Caleb tastes the Coconut Water, and doesn't like it. Caleb goes in the bathroom. Everyone is quiet for the moment. We hear, "Holla, Derrick," from Hayden. Cody says, what he will say if he gets to make on. Caleb makes noises from the bathroom. Derrick tells them what Nicole said to him about trusting Donny. He says that Nicole told him Donny was going to go after him. Caleb comes out of the bathroom.


2:32 AM BBT Derrick says he likes Hayden, and he prayed sincerely for 49 days with Jocasta. He says, yes, he told her she was good, but she wasn't. Caleb says, people like that tells him they don't watch the game. He says, that if they watch the game they won't take it personal. He says, Christine took it all personal. All agree that she never thought she would go home. Derrick says, she thought Victoria was an easy target, and she was wrong. We hear, "Cody, you must wear the dinosaur costume at all times."


2:35 AM BBT Caleb tells Derrick that it sounds like no one in the jury likes him. He says, he thinks Zach likes him. Derrick tells Caleb that he thinks Nicole likes him, even though he put her on the block. Caleb gets on his soapbox, and says, that he told Nicole he loves her, and that everyone wanted her to go collectively, and that it wasn't just him individually. He says, it's part of the game, and the house votes for you to go, you go. Derrick says, "Derrick, holla, just play Zach from now on." Caleb says, what he would say, if he does one. We hear, "Holler," from Donny. Cody said when he saw the $5,000 Dollars and $5,000 Holla's he thought it would be the same Holla. Cody keeps says Holla different ways. Caleb is looking at the stuff that Frankie got, and says his blazer is sick. He says, there's a button missing, but it's still sick. All the HG's say how tired they are. Caleb says that Derrick already talked about the button, and Victoria says, "You did?" Derrick says, "Yeah." We see FoTH.


2:39 AM BBT Caleb says that Frankie's boy has to make him a sick suit like he has. He says how that was made for Frankie, and that he has a sick suit to wear to finales, and he doesn't. Caleb throws out sayings about what Frankie might be saying in DR. Derrick tells him to be careful what he says, that Christine was saying stuff, and you see it got her evicted. Derrick and Caleb talk about how she got booed. Derrick says, that's a representation of what $11M people think. Caleb says she probably went from $5K followers to $1K. He says, if he gets booed, he's going to go back in the house, to hide in the SR. Caleb goes out of HoHR, and says, Boo, and goes to walk back in the house. Caleb wants all the attention, and tells the HG's to boo at him. He goes from outside the HoHR, pretending to go on stage, and then goes back, pretending to go back in the house. Victoria says, that's brutal to get booed. Caleb says, in front of $11M people is bad. They want to know why she got booed, and Cody says, "I want to know more than anybody."


2:43 AM BBT Cody says, NOTHING that they did together is going to get the boos like that. He says, he doesn't think he will get booed like that either. He thinks it has to be something she was saying about everyone. That's what Caleb and Victoria say, they think she was inappropriately bashing people. Cody says, she could have been ripping on people in the DR. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." All the HG's still talk about what she probably said in DR. Victoria says, it has to be more than that. Derrick says, she didn't get called in the DR a lot. Caleb thinks it has to do with the Frankie J. Grande stuff coming out. Derrick says, when Christine didn't get her way, you could see her attitude coming out. He says, she constantly b*tched about production. Derrick says, they'll know soon. Caleb says, they will know as soon as they get out of there. Cody says, he will literally crawl on to the stage. Caleb says imagine her heart beating when she was in the chair on stage. Caleb says, he hasn't done or said anything to get him booed. Cody mentions ZINGBOT, and we see FoTH.


2:38 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Cody putting his dinosaur hat back on. Caleb says, Frankie's out. Derrick gets called to the DR, and we hear Frankie singing. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Frankie saying his friend Milan would make him (Caleb) one. Frankie carries a white trash bag to the HoHR. He says, "It was good, I plowed through." We see FoTH. Caleb says that he doesn't want the pants, he wouldn't wear them. Frankie says he'll send him his measurements. He tells Caleb and Cody that he would hire them as models, and that his models are stunning. Caleb says, "O.K., leave me out of it." Frankie asks him what the hell his problem is, and Caleb says, he said they're stunning. Frankie rereads his HOH Letter.


2:52 AM BBT Frankie says, it's so nice to know they are watching him. We hear, "Frankie, please go to the SR." He says, "Yeah, he can't wait to listen to the album with them." Caleb says, when he wins HOH again, he wants the letter to be from his best friend. He runs down to the SR, grabs the CD, and says, "Thank you," to BB. Frankie puts the CD in, and starts listening to it. He has the headphones on, and says, "Bang Bang," and starts dancing around. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Frankie sitting down listening to the music. He says, "You guys are going to die." Caleb says, he thinks Bang Bang is Nikki Minaj. Frankie says, they are going to die again. Then he says, Nikki Minaj, and starts making noises and facial impressions. We hear, "Holler, Derrick," from Donny, but Derrick is in the DR.


2:56 AM BBT More Holla's come for Derrick. Victoria says, it's so funny that they keep doing those, when he's in the DR. Caleb says that it was going off when he was in the DR, and he was like, can you guys stop that, because it was throwing him off. Frankie makes comments about the music, and puts the headphones on Caleb. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back with Frankie getting something to drink and talking about Jessie Jay. Victoria tries to figure out the song, and we see FoTH three times.


2:59 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Frankie talking about Nikki Minaj, and it's a sick song. Victoria sings again, so we see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Frankie saying that the girls were wailing. He says he can't wait to see what they did when they were live, because she's a beast live, and changes it up.


3:00 AM BBT Caleb says something was used on Ariana's voice on the song, and Frankie says that Ariana doesn't use anything. He says it's Jessie Jays that's using something. We see FoTH.


3:02 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Caleb complaining, and saying that he can't wait to get out of the house to do what he wants with everything. Frankie tells him he will Tweet Milan, and have him make him a jacket, to bring to the finale. Caleb says he's a 44 - 46 chest size, and he probably looks bigger on TV than he really is. Frankie says he's a 36, and that Caleb is about 10 sizes bigger than he is. Caleb told him he tried to put it on, and couldn't because of the arm sizes. Victoria asks if she can have almonds, and Frankie tells her yes. Her and Frankie are chomping on almonds. Victoria says she wants to hear, puts on the headphones, and dances as she's sitting down. Caleb says for Ariana to be singing with Nikki Minaj, she has to be doing something good, and for Nikki Minaj to want to sing with her, that's even bigger. We see FoTH again. Live Feeds come back with Caleb saying, "She (Victoria) looks like such a white girl." We see FoTH yet again.


3:08 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Caleb trying to figure out what Christine has said to get the audience to boo her. He says that Aaryn said racial stuff in the house, and didn't get booed like that. Cody and Frankie wonder also. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Caleb saying that the cool thing is they get to play in everything. He says, if there's cool costumes, they get them. He says there may be a cool host. Frankie has the headphones on, and says, he loves the song. He starts dancing around, and we see FoTH.


3:11 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Victoria trying some of Frankie's food, and says how she makes Kale chips in the oven. She is chomping. Caleb shouts out to Christian Guzman Fitness, and says how he drinks 2 - 3 Monsters a day, and how much sodium is in there. We see FoTH twice. Live Feeds come back with Victoria asking Caleb is he likes Kale? She says, do you even know what Kale is? He says, "Fish, isn't it?" She says, no it's a vegetable. Cody asks what something is, and Victoria tells him it's a healthy version of rice, it's oats.


3:14 AM BBT Cody tastes something, and doesn't like it. We see FoTH twice. Cody and Victoria leave the HoHR, and she says how she had to spread her legs really really wide, and how she is hurting. She says how she slipped, and had to restart over again. They go to the SR. Frankie is looking through his refrigerator in the HoHR, and says, "Oh my God, thank you." We see FoTH. Victoria and Cody go to the KT, and Victoria says, "This KT is disgusting."


3:16 AM BBT Caleb asks Frankie, if his sister's CD is sold in Walmart and Target? He says, "Sure, wherever music is sold." He thanks Ariana, because he knows she told them what to get him. Victoria and Cody are still in the KT.


3:17 AM BBT Frankie is chomping on his food, and says there is so much healthy food. He looks at his pictures, and says, there's Lauren. Caleb has the headphones on listening to music. Victoria is eating a bowl of cereal. Cody is making a can of soup in a bowl.


3:20 AM BBT Frankie tells Caleb about his sister's harmony, and acts like he's going to cry, with the headphones on. Cody says he wonders if they will be able to keep the dishes out of the shot tomorrow? Victoria says, they have to, it's disgusting. Caleb tries to shout-out to the Live Feeders, and we see FoTH.


3:22 AM BBT Cody says he's so mad. Caleb asks Frankie when he's going to go to bed, and he shrugs his shoulders. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Caleb leaving the HoHR, and asks Cody and Victoria what they are eating? He belches, and doesn't excuse himself. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back, and Caleb says, that's crazy that his sister is 20 years old and singing like that. Frankie starts singing, and we see FoTH. Caleb says, it's already 3 a.m., do they think it says Nom's on the TV already? Victoria says, no, it's goes on at 6:30 a.m. or 7 a.m. Caleb says, "F5, come at me bro." He says how the cereal box says free book on it. Cody says, how you usually have to send off for it. Caleb obsesses about how he lost that HOH, and just blew it. He asks Victoria what milk she used? She says, Vanilla, but it's gone.


3:26 AM BBT Caleb says it's such a far walk to the SR. Victoria asks him how his soup is, and he saying it's banging, he just loves that soup. Caleb says, imagine if you had grilled cheese to dunk in it? He says, he can't wait to take off his costume. Victoria says, less than 24 hours. Caleb laughs, and Victoria asks him why he's laughing. He says never mind. He says, how they usually pick players for the Veto, but they won't be picking them anymore. Victoria says, it's 3:30 a.m. already.


3:28 AM BBT All cams on KT, and Cody starts singing. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back with Caleb chomping on some cereal, and Cody washing his bowl out in the sink. Caleb says, "What's the world coming to when you don't even want to walk 30 feet to get milk, so you eat it plain?" Cody says he going to SR anyway, and asks what kind of milk he wants. He says, anything but chocolate. Cody goes to the SR, and Victoria and Caleb start imitating his nephews saying, "Uncle Caleb." Caleb tells her, she doesn't have that country twang. Derrick comes out of the DR, and says he wasn't that long was he? Victoria says, an hour. He asks what smells so good, and Victoria tells him Cody made soup. Cody brings milk to Caleb. Derrick goes to the SR to get himself Ramen soup. Caleb says something at the KT table is Christine's.


3:31 AM BBT Frankie tells Cody to go upstairs when he's done, that he wants to show him something. Cody finishes in the KT, and heads upstairs, repeating, "Chris Brown." Caleb asks Derrick if he gave him a shout-out in there. Derrick says he didn't even wear the hat. Victoria gets called to the DR, and we see FoTH.


3:33 AM BBT Derrick and Caleb come back on Live Feeds about when they do their DR's, and the timing. Frankie is dancing around the HoHR and Cody is on the nest bed listening to the music. Caleb and Derrick are discussing how bad the sodium is in Ramen noodle soup. He says how he grew up on that soup. Caleb says it fills you up, and Derrick agrees. He says he never called it Ramen though. He says his wife got him calling that, because he used to call it Oodles of Noodles. Caleb says that Frankie may put him up because he's going to put one of them up. Derrick says they have been more vocal, and as long as everything stays controlled, they should be o.k. All cams on the KT. Caleb says, the only way to guarantee their F3, and Derrick cuts him off, and says, "Win, but you have to beat that beast upstairs." Cams go on HoHR also, and Frankie says he's still in jail. We see FoTH.


3:37 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Derrick saying that he hopes the button doesn't just evict someone on Wednesday night. Caleb says, if it affects his game that way, he will go on stage and say that the show is messed up, after he's worked that hard on his game to stay in the house. He says, he will be pi$$ed. Derrick tells him that their defense will be that he chose to hit that button with everyone. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Derrick saying that they had to hit it, to see what it's like. Derrick says, he hopes it's like the types of penalties that they give in Pandora's Box. Caleb belches and doesn't excuse himself. Derrick says that it could affect Frankie. Caleb says, it could be something for him on that day. Derrick says, if they decided not to push the button, and played together as a group, and then Frankie nom's Victoria and Cody, and they don't win it. If Victoria says, she didn't win it, and pushes the button. He says that he didn't think they thought it would be one of the alliance members to push the button, but they are loving it. He says that he has a lot riding of this, and if he loses $50K for one button, he's going to be upset.


3:42 AM BBT Caleb says how they have their reason for doing the game. He says how he quit his job to go there. They talk in the LR, about game play. Derick says, if the button didn't get pushed then, it would of gotten pushed after Veto was played.


3:44 AM BBT Derrick says that they would have had to try to block Victoria from pushing it, if they didn't push it. Caleb says, we couldn't have stopped her, because she had the right to push it. Derrick says, he won't do anything for a penalty for $20K. Caleb says, if Frankie puts Cody on the block with Victoria, and one of them win the Veto, what does he do? Derrick says that Caleb would be the only one left to be put on the block, and they aren't going to vote him out. Derrick says, if Cody wins the Veto, and Cody puts him up, he's scared to. Caleb says, he's different. Derrick says, if that happens, they will have a serious talk. Derrick says if he goes on the block he would hate not to be in the F3.


3:47 AM BBT Derrick says he seems to have taken the brunt of a lot of it, and how they love everyone else. Caleb says how he's won more comps than Cody. Derrick says that Frankie has a great game. Derrick says if the jury does a coin flip, between him and Cody, it would be a coin flip. Caleb says he thinks he would be Cody. He says Nicole, Victoria, Donny, Derrick and Frankie would all pick him over Cody. Derrick says it would be a nail biter for him, and it would be a flip of the coin.


3:49 AM BBT Caleb says he played his game, Beast Mode Game, and he's won comps. Frankie and Cody are talking about the music. We see FoTH twice. Caleb says that Frankie says Victoria needs to go, and they would be in the F3. Derrick questions if it was there best option, and they should of sent Frankie home. We see FoTH. All cams come back on the LR, and Derrick says they would of had to see what the best option is. He says, he thinks Cody's going on the block, from what Frankie told him. Caleb says how he lied about stuff, and Derrick says, they squashed that, and shut him down, from talking about it. Caleb says, "Let's hope they stay true, and kick Victoria's but out of here." Caleb says, if they plan on voting him out, so they can all get to the F3, they need to tell him, so he doesn't go out looking like a Jamoke. He says, it's o.k., because Frankie can't play next week. We see FoTH.


3:53 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Derrick saying that Frankie said he would see them all in the F4 outside after the comp. Derrick says, he's guaranteed the F4 now, because he can't play next week.


3:54 AM BBT Derrick boosts Caleb's ego, by telling him he's one of the top dogs in the house this season. Derrick says when it comes down to the F2, and if he's

there, he's going to be sh*tting his pants, because he doesn't know how the jury would vote. Derrick says, if Caleb votes him out, does he think he will vote for him, probably not. He says, if that's the way you did me, you could win, but if I'm the deciding vote, you will not win. He says he doesn't have that many friends in the jury right now, and he can't change that. He says, he wouldn't have done anything differently. Caleb tells him he won't put him up, or vote him out. Derrick says, he knows that. He tells Caleb he's the best physical competitor in the house, and that Frankie is the best mental competitor. Caleb says, Cody flirted with all the girls in the house, but he didn't. He keep saying everyone in the jury would vote with him over Cody or Frankie. He says he didn't flirt with the girls because of voting. Frankie tells Cody how Christine was playing them in the house.


3:58 AM BBT Caleb says, he knows one thing, he has Christine's vote over his now. He says he never told her he wouldn't vote her out, but Cody did. Derrick says, it's going to be a close call, and he wants him to be enjoying the end, and give his best speech. He says, if he wins or not, and is in the F2, at least he'll win $50K. Derrick says that Frankie's resume is impressive, with all the comps he's won. Cody and Frankie continue their convo about how involved Christine got involved in everything.


4:00 AM BBT Derrick and Caleb talk about F3, and Caleb asks if there is a Veto then? Derrick says, yes, and that's what they hate. Derrick says he's not proud of how he's gotten along in the game. He says he tried to win comps, but didn't. Caleb tells him that he won 3 HOH's. They continue to talk about the different comps.


4:02 AM BBT Frankie and Cody talk about how on point their social game has been from the beginning, and how everyone loves them in jury. Caleb tells Derrick that he was 2 balls away from winning the comp tonight. He says, he should of won it, and it upset he didn't.


4:03 AM BBT Caleb says they need to send Victoria packing. Derrick says, that seems to be the right choice. Derrick says, he may only talk to about 5 people out of the house. He says, "Zach's f*cking awesome, but is he going to be playing video games, and smoking pot with him? No." We hear, "Cody you must wear the dinosaur costume at all times. That means the hat to." Frankie says, he ultimately should have won next week. Derrick says, he likes Frankie, but he has a different lifestyle then them. Caleb says, he will definitely stay in touch with Frankie. Derrick says, he's going to have a website when he gets out of the house.


4:06 AM BBT Frankie says he doesn't want who he puts up against Victoria to be based on anything. Caleb chit-chats with Derrick about them starting the alliance. Caleb thinks that Frankie will take him to the F2 for sure. Derrick says, he thinks so also. Frankie is worried about the F4 being there, and he can't play, why wouldn't he go on the block? He says he can't base his decision as to who will put him up, because they are all going to have to go on the block. Caleb thinks that he may get voted out, because Frankie may say he has a better chance to beat Derrick in the F2.


4:09 AM BBT Frankie says that Derrick hasn't been on the block, and that's a sh*tty reason to put someone on the block. But, he feels that Derrick is starting to lose his mind in the game. He says, he was a loonatic today. He runs through the all the comps they have won. Derrick asks if Victoria is still in DR? Caleb says, yes, and he can't wait for them to be the F4. Derrick says, yep, and then they go out there and compete. Caleb says, he's been in the house with the best people there. Derrick says one of the their alliance members has won all but 3 of the HOH's. Frankie says that Caleb is jealous and made over the clothes that he got. He says he's acting like a child. He says, he is also made about he winning the Veto, and he's mad he didn't a question on the Live show. He says, he feels that Caleb is so easily swayed, that he will not understand if he puts him up. He says, he feels that Caleb will hold it against him in the F3, even though he says he won't. He says that he didn't put him up last week, but it did cross his mind. He says, it's a very delicate situation for him to be in.


4:13 AM BBT Caleb tells Derrick that this one coming up this Thursday will be the F4. Derrick says the following Thursday will be the last one, and their families will be there on that Sunday to crown a winner. Caleb says that Frankie can't play in the next HOH. Derrick says, Frankie is guaranteed to be on the block, and he can take himself off the block. Derrick starts to talk about Caleb winning HOH. Victoria comes out of DR, and asks where Cody is? Derrick tells her, he's upstairs. She yells to him because she's tired. Derrick tells her to go up there and get him. She sits in the LR with them.


4:15 AM BBT Caleb asks Derrick if he wants to go upstairs and hang out. Victoria says she zoned out so many times in the DR, because she is so tired. Caleb says, if they didn't push that button then, someone would of tapped it in the middle of the night. Victoria says, it would have caused a lot of drama. Caleb says, no one would have known who pushed it. Caleb says, they would not have found out until after the finale. Frankie tells Cody, he won't put him up, and he can guarantee that Cody is going to be the HOH next week. Victoria asks Caleb is he's sleeping upstairs tonight, and he says, yes, in the king bed. He says that everyone will take the beds in the rock room. Derrick says, he'll ask Cody to sleep in the fire room with them. He says he doesn't like the rock room, because of all the people that would sit up until 4 a.m. with all the lights on.


4:18 AM BBT Derrick says he's not upset at all that she's (Christine) is gone. He says, he told Cody for a long time that she gave him a bad vibe. Victoria says that she told them how poor she is all the time. Derrick says, she says she told him that shd didn't have the money for cable TV. He says, yet she talked about watching a show on HBO. He says, not only is that on cable, but you have to pay extra to have that channel. Victoria says, how Tim has to find change for beer. Derrick says, that's because she wouldn't give him the money to get the beer. They talk about her being nom'd 4 times, and winning BOB's. Caleb says, "Well, she was on the block tonight, and didn't win the Veto." Frankie and Cody come out of HoHR, and Frankie asks who wants to come upstairs with him. Caleb says he's going up in a little bit. Frankie says he will be up there listening to music. Caleb questions if Christine was nom'd 4 times. Cody gets called to the DR.


4:23 AM BBT Everyone leaves the LR. Derrick goes to the HoHR, Victoria goes to the KT and then to the WA. Caleb goes to the KT, and then heads upstairs, and says goodnight to Victoria. We hear, "Frankie," over the speakers. Caleb goes to HoHR, and asks Frankie if he's singing again, off camera. Victoria is in WA, brushing her teeth. All cams on her, and then we see FoTH.


4:26 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with all cams on Victoria in WA, using the mirror by the WC to pick at her face. She leaves the WA, and heads up to the HoHR.


4:27 AM BBT She goes into HoHR off camera, and says goodnight to Frankie and Caleb. She goes downstairs, walks through the KT, and LR, and goes in the fire room. She lays down in her bed. Frankie and Derrick in HoHR with Frankie telling Derrick that he told him (Cody) that neither one of them could handle the emotional burden of being put on the block. Frankie tells Derrick that he told him about the fact that he's never been on the block. Derrick asks what to say, because he doesn't want to be surprised. They talk about what he will say, if Cody asks him. Frankie says it's not a decision, basing anything on the future. He says, in essence, he's on the block next week, so it doesn't matter who he puts up.


4:31 AM BBT Frankie begins to rub Caleb's leg, and tells him he told him something similar about him. Derrick says, he can win Veto, and Frankie says then he's screwed, he's not down with that. Derrick says, depending what this twist is, could change things. Frankie says that he doesn't think Cody will hold it against him, after the convo.


4:33 AM BBT Frankie is chomping on nuts as he's eating them, and talking at the same time. Derrick asks if he should tell Cody, that there's a possibility that he can go up also? Frankie says, yes, and verifies with Caleb. They continue to talk about the nom's. Derrick says, this is a gentleman's game now.


4:35 AM BBT Caleb says when you get to the F3, you look at who you want to be up against in the finales. Frankie says the Veto is most important next week. He says the HOH is important, but you choose who will be in the finale 3 with you. Derrick says that he felt that Christine had a chance to make a run. Frankie says they stepped in sh*t, everything in the house is blessed. He says it's going to be bad with the twist from the button. He says, it's going to be horrible, but if they didn't push it, they would be a$$holes. Frankie says, "Coconut Water," and makes dramatic faces and noises looking for the cams to be on him. They continue to talk about the button. Frankie says, it could be for special powers, which he thinks it would be. Caleb says, it can't be a game outside, but it could be on the TV.


4:39 AM BBT Derrick says they aren't thinking about another scenario, that it could be a twist where America is voting on something. He says, they could choose the nom. Frankie says, they could choose the reward they are playing for. Frankie says, if they are locked in Tuesday, they will know. They will be outside playing a game. Derrick says, they can't go back now. Frankie says, who are the adventurous f*cks, and Frankie and Caleb raise their hand. We see the countdown clock on Cam4 It says 5:12:55:46 on it. They say they Caleb and Cody will be models when they leave the house.


4:41 AM BBT Frankie says he needs for Cody not to hold it against him. Derrick says he doesn't think he will. Derrick asks Frankie if he's heard the Holla's from the other HG's. Derrick says, that Donny and Zach have happy ones, but that Hayden and Jocasta's aren't as upbeat. He says, they may have found out what he got with it. He says, they are holding stuff against him in the jury house, and that's not right.


4:43 AM BBT Frankie says if he goes home for being super tight with these 4 HG's, then he will literally skip out of the house, kiss Julie Chen on the cheek, and tell her he will see her in All Stars. They talk about being shocked again by Christine being booed.


4:44 AM BBT Frankie says that he's surprised Julie didn't say, "Victoria, you are safe, and Christine, you are evicted from the BB house." Frankie says it was so funny that they heard the audience laughing at them, when they were in the fire room. Derrick says, they never told them when they were back live.


4:46 AM BBT Frankie reenacts what they did on the Live show. He says it's crazy. He says that they've made it to the F4. Derrick says, besides this button, we have. Caleb says, what if it guarantees one of us 5 to be in the F3? Derrick and Frankie say, they can't do that. Frankie thinks it will be a Veto, or money. Derrick says, it could be luxury or money. Derrick says, they may get some hints. Frankie says, he doesn't think so. Derrick says, that he said to the Feedsters, not to f*ck him because of the button. He says he wanted to punch the button to see if it stops the clock. Frankie says, he's glad they all pushed it together. Caleb says, they can only blame themselves. Frankie gets dramatic, on how he wanted to push the button all on his own.


4:50 AM BBT Button convo continues with Frankie saying what he told the DR about the button. Derrick says, as a fan, he wanted to push the button. Frankie says, nothing good has happened to them in the house. Derrick says, he thinks it's going to be something good, but something bad will come with it. Caleb thinks it's the Diamond Power of Veto. Derrick says if they do get it, maybe there is punishment for the rest of the HG's.


4:53 AM BBT Derrick says, they redesigned the room for a f*cking button, and put a countdown screen. Frankie says, it's going to be nuclear. Frankie says, he gets so excited when they win something, that he gets asked to bring it down about 74 notches. Derrick says, they are on live, and he's in the house, playing with his d*ck. Frankie asks if he got to see them, and he says he didn't see some of it. Caleb says, he likes how they used all the Veto props for the second one. How they put shovels up and built a fence.


4:55 AM BBT Caleb asks what they think the next HOH will be? Derrick says that he doesn't think there will be a wall this year. He says, he thinks the Spit was this season's version of the wall. Frankie asks how many HOH's Aaryn won? Derrick says, he's not sure, but he thinks that BB will only honor the final HOH's this year, and they won't count before BOB, since this was the first year that's happened.


4:58 AM BBT Derrick says he's going to bed, because he knows they are going to get woke up early. He and Frankie leave the HoHR, and go downstairs. They are in the KT, and Frankie says, he's so happy, because Christine was doing weirdness to him this week.


5:00 AM BBT Frankie and Derrick go to WA, and say they don't have to whisper anymore. Derrick washes his face at the sink. Caleb put a pillow over his head in the nest bed. Frankie is in the WC. Derrick wipes his face off with a towel. Frankie comes out of WC and washes his hands at the sink. He says how happy he is that he got a letter from his friend.


5:02 AM BBT More game talk continues in the WA, while Derrick flosses his teeth. Frankie takes his stuff, and heads up to the HoHR. Derrick brushes his teeth.


5:06 AM BBT Derrick wipes his face, and goes in WC. Frankie is up in HoHR in the batroom. Derrick comes out of WC, looks in mirror, washes and dries his hands, and walks out. Frankie is brushing his teeth upstairs, while Caleb is in bed.


5:08 AM BBT Derrick goes to the fire room, and undresses, getting ready for bed. Victoria opens her eyes, and closes them. Derrick walks out of the fire room.


5:10 AM BBT Derrick goes back to the fire room, turns off the light, takes his microphone off, and tells Victoria how quiet it is in the house. He says, it's crazy. He tells her, she's the number one girl. She sits up in the bed and lays back down, and tells Derrick that she's happy.


5:13 AM BBT Victoria questions Derrick about who Frankie wants out, and he tells Victoria there's a chance he can go up, since he's never been on the block. He tells her it doesn't matter her the HOH wants out. He tells her the Frankie will not put the two of them up against each other. Victoria says, Cody is coming in. She says, Nicole's going to be very happy.


5:15 AM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that Nicole supposedly told Caleb she wants to see him make it to the end. Victoria tells Derrick she can't believe how Christine got booed, and they both says it's really scary. She asks him, if he thinks it's because of the Tim and Cody thing? She says that she thinks Cody might get booed.


5:16 AM BBT Victoria says that Christine started to get on her nerves last week. She says, she's such a b*tch, and they she hated her for being friends with Derrick. She says she thinks Cody wanted her to stay. Derrick says, maybe, but he voted her out. Frankie is walking around the HoHR bathroom. Derrick says he's going to tell Cody he can sleep in the rock room if he wants to. Victoria asks why? He says, "You don't want him sleeping in here?" She says, "No." He goes to the rock room to talk to Cody about what Frankie said to him, and how he may go up because he's never been on the block.


5:20 AM BBT More game talk continues with Cody and Derrick. Derrick tells him he doesn't think that Caleb will vote him out. Cody says there must be a twist with the button that Frankie can play for HOH again next week. Cody says, he wants to be HOH. He says he wants to win the Veto also. Caleb moans to Frankie that he needs to win. Frankie says, HOH or Veto. Caleb complains, how mad he is at himself about the comp.


5:22 AM BBT Frankie tells Caleb that he smoked some of them in the Veto. They continue with game talk. Derrick and Cody talk about who may and may not get to the F3, and win what comps.


5:23 AM BBT Frankie leaves the HoHR, while Derrick and Cody are talking about Frankie literally being a beast at the comps. Derrick says that he doesn't like him that much, but he can win. They stop talking because they hear him in the KT. Cody says he's going to have to be BD, because he's going to be hard to get rid of. Frankie goes back to HoHR, and says he still can't believe Christine, and wonders what she did.


5:27 AM BBT Derrick tells Cody how huge the redesigned room is with the button. Cody doesn't think they will reveal it to America. Caleb thinks they will be woke up early. Frankie says, they shouldn't have anything to do, if they stick to the schedule.


5:29 AM BBT We hear, "Cody, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." He says, "F*ck off." Frankie and Caleb aren't surprised he was called out. Cody says, he's pi$$ed off for them calling him out.


5:30 AM BBT Cody tells Derrick he wonders how things with Christine were perceived on TV. Derrick tells him, he thinks she was making him look like a fool in there. We see a close-up on Cam 2 of Frankie and his sister, Ariana, in one of his pictures in the nest bed.


5:31 AM BBT Derrick is saying that Christine may have been crushing people in the DR's about Donny and Jocasta, by what she was saying to him. He asks Cody, if she said anything to him? He says that it was probably a combination of a lot of things. Derrick says, it couldn't have been to much about the two of them. He says, last week they got live videos from their family members. Derrick says there was media backlash last year from Aaryn, and if there was media backlash for Christine, he says that Tim would have refused to do the video. He says, so she had to be merking people in the DR.


5:34 AM BBT Cody says he believes she truly is a good person. Derrick says, she was a good person in her video also, and when things didn't go her way, she changed. Cody says she was totally blind-sided, and that she didn't think he would vote her out. Derrick says, they can't tell Caleb or Frankie that if the two of them make it to the F2, Christine will not vote for one of them.


5:36 AM BBT Derrick and Cody continue to talk about Holla's being different, and how the jury members were when they came back to play the game. All cams are on rock room.


5:39 AM BBT Cody tells Derrick that Frankie was just as in on things as they would. Frankie and Cody are talking about comps.


5:40 AM BBT Frankie says, ultimately they all want to win everything. Caleb says, that's the way the game is. He says all the people with the most wins are still in the house, except Donny (Are they forgetting about Nicole?)


5:46 AM BBT Derrrick says, for all they know, Christine could have walked off stage, and said she's not doing this. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back. Cody says, he just hates Frankie. Derrick says, Christine was a little clingy from the start with Cody, but he doesn't think she was trying to get with him. He tells Cody that Christine didn't seem to want to be anywhere that Cody wasn't in the house.


5:49 AM BBT Cody says that Christine is nothing to him, and asks Derrick to help him. Derrick gives him a speech about how he flirted with all the girls in the house, and he didn't mean anything by him. Derrick tells him, that she had no clue she knew that was going to happen, with her getting booed. He says they don't know either. Cody asks if Aaryn got booed? Derrick says she did, but not that much, and that they talk like that in Texas. Derrick says, they don't know if that's going to happen to them. Cody says, he would be mortified, and can't believe they made it to the F5.


5:51 AM BBT Derrick says that she could have said stuff about people in the house that didn't go over well out there. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with everything quiet in the HoHR. Derrick and Cody are talking about how Christine laughed at everything. Derrick says, how it drove him nuts. He says, he's never seen that in his whole life.


5:55 AM BBT Derrick says how Christine thought Christine was a good looking guy, but didn't feel him that way. He says she can ruin her marriage over that. Cody says, he doesn't want that to get out there. Derrick says, if that's what it was, then it's already out there, but it will die now, because she's not in the house now. They talk about their pictures on the wall, and how it looks like they weigh so much more than they do. Cody says, it makes him look like he has a big fat face. Derrick says they still have damage control to do, because if he doesn't save himself, then Frankie won't put Caleb up.


5:56 AM BBT Cody says how Caleb was trying to talk to him when he was hammered, and he couldn't talk straight then. That brings us back to the HG's still trying to wake up, after staying up really late.


10:19 AM BBT Live Feed come back from the wake-up FoTH, with all the HG’s still in bed. Lights are on in the HoHR.


10:25 AM BBT We get FoTH.


10:26 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with lights on in fire room now. All HG’s still sleeping.


10:38 AM BBT We see FoTH again.


10:41 AM BBT Live Feeds come back on the HoHR and the fire room.


10:53 AM BBT Cody comes out of the DR, and we see FoTH.


10:55 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with cams on the HoHR, with Frankie not having his pink rag on his face, and the rock room, with Cody lying down and his eyes covered with the blue blanket. Derrick walks into the fire room, and then walks back out. He walks to either SR or DR off camera, and we hear the door open and close.

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11:01am Frankie and Caleb asleep in the hoh bed and Cody asleep in the rock rm.


11:08am derrick goes to the WC and then comes out and washes his hands then we get FOTH.


11:18am Victoria is up turning in activity bracelet and then goes back to bed.


11:40am All Hg still in bed sleeping.


12:01pm All Hg still sleeping .


12:22pm All HG still sleeping with lights on in the bedrooms.

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 2:30pm derrick and Frankie in HOh rm taling and Derrick says that caleb is scared about going on the block if Cody wins.Frankie says according to caleb after the veto he will have something to say. Frankie says Caleb is loved. Derrick says at least your being honest.He says those two are loved. Frankie says thats ok.


  2:32pm Derrick tells Frankie we just got to get there and if we do they have to give one of us 500k. Frankie says Caleb knows his path he knows he has to win to get to the final 2.Frankie says he knows if he is sitting on that block then peoples wheels are turning.


2:34pm derrick ask Frankie if he has seen DR Wills season and Frankie says no but this jury thinks they played this game  and that they are loved and derrick says they do think they are loved.


2:36pm Derrick says we will see there is still alot of game to play. He says honestly i would like to win a veto and when we make it to final two then we will kiss and hug and if you smoke me in the finale we will go on a trip to Africa. 


  2:37pm Caleb and Victoria start yelling for Derrick and Frankie saying that Caleb pushed the button again and the clock stopped they come running and asked why the hell would you push the button again and Caleb says well you two was going to do it and they all laugh and Caleb says we just told you that cause you was being boring in the hoh rm and we wanted you to come down and play with us.


2:39pm Frankie says i bout  killed my ankle getting down them steps and Claeb says you got us the other day and we got you today and Frankie laughs and says thats great.


 2:41pm Caleb and Frankie talking in the KT about going to the final 4 and Caleb says if we get on the block we are in trouble and Frankie says yeah i will want to shoot myself.


 2:42pm Cody tells Frankie they get it tonight at midnight and Frankie says tonight and Cody says they said and we get foth.


 2:45pm Frankie and Caleb and Cody talking about who is cleaning what in the house today and Frankie says that BB stocked the str with everything they like this week.


 2:46pm Frankie says we clean the sink first and boil water and get this cleaned and Victoria is actually good at putting things away so she can do that while we wash the dishes. Victoria comes in and Frankie tells her that she is the kitchen maid today and she says ok  she just hates the water it destroys her hands. Frankie Caleb says you don't have to touch the water and derrick and Cody are going to do the bathroom.


2:49pm Frankie says i feel so good  it is like we are all family in here now.


 2:51pm Caleb is talking about the BY being locked down and what time it is in the house now and Frankie says we haven't even done noms yet.


2:52pm Caleb tells  then guys that body builders eat 10 eggs a day to help build themselves up and we get  Jeff's reels again as Caleb starts singing.


2:55pm Caleb telling about him talking to his nephew about picking up skittles off the floor and how he told him that he was not a little hoodlum and The nephew said that he didn't want to now he would later.Caleb says he went and told his brother that Bentley wouldn't pick up his skittles and he ran off and Caleb brother said now you know what i have to deal with  with a 4 year old so if you find him bring him to me. He then says Bentley came to him after searching for him for awhile and said he was sorry and Caleb asked why he was saying he was sorry and Bentley told him got got me and i got a woopin.

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3:00pm Caleb telling more stories about a dog box and Cody making food, Victoria in the Wa getting dressed and doing make up


3:06pm Frankie in the WA doing his makeup and derrick comes in and Frankie tells him that just had a conversation about woopin a kid. Derrick says i will never give my girls a spanking but if its a boy that's a different story.


3:09pm General talk going on about Derricks daughter and how she will be in the terrible 2's soon.


 3:11pm Caleb tells Victoria that if he doesn't make it to the final 2 then he is banking on Americas favorite and Victoria says banking? Caleb laughs and says banking on it.


3:12pm Derrick is getting hollas from the evicted HG and they talk about how they love hearing their voices.


 3:15pm Cody ask if everyone has been to the DR and asked why Christine was booed? Derrick says yeah we asked and Cody says did you ask if it was because of Cody? Derrick tells Cody no we never asked that one.


 3:18pm Caleb and Cody sitting in the LVR waiting for Frankie to get back in there  so they can sing. Frankie gets the activity trackers and comes to the LVR and  they boys start singing and we get a brief FOTH then Caleb is laughing and starts singing again and we get FOTh again.


3:45pm We are on Jeff's Reels maybe Nominations now. 

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5:18 PM BBT
Derrick and Caleb wonder if Jeff was being sincere with the nice things he said about them and their game. Caleb says, "Well we made it farther than him." Derrick says, "But in terms of success? It's hard to top Jeff's success. He went from Chicago to LA and is basically the face of Big Brother outside of Julie Chen." Frankie says, "Jeff is like the cohost of the show." Derrick says, "He'll be around Big Brother for a long time. Jeff has made a name for himself. He's become a staple of the show. He didn't win, but he's sincere. He was straight up. You know where he's at and on top of it, he's a funny guy." Frankie says, "He's charming too." Derrick says, "I remember when he was up in the room when they were crying when Evel Dick left and he just went off on the veterans and knuckle up and win." Derrick says Jeff said, "I'm going down there and acting happy and I don't care." Frankie says Jeff said, "Thank you for letting us use your house." Derrick said, "It was your house first, Jeff." Frankie is blaming the bad smell in the house on Cody. Cody says Frankie's gas is way worse.


5:25 PM BBT
Frankie brings up the fact that Caleb sat out a BOB and the whole house turned their backs on him. Caleb says, "It was everyone else in the house who told me to do it!" Cody says, "Woah, pump the brakes there. That is NOT how it happened." Caleb says, "Okay, fine, it was my idea and I did it, but everyone else said that it would be epic." Frankie says, "Don't worry. I'm over it. Why would I still harbor resentment over that? " Cody says that Frankie doesn't seem over it. Frankie says, "I'm more pissed that Caleb thinks because he technically shared a win on Wikipedia, he had anything to do with the win." Caleb says, "I didn't win. How could I? I didn't even play!" Frankie laughs and walks away. Derrick tells Caleb and Frankie about how he got sterry stitches, which doesn't require needles. He has to keep his hand clean for four days.


5:32 PM BBT Feeds come back after Caleb's singing sends it to fish. They are talking about oreos. Victoria likes the golden ones, Derrick likes the double stuffed, and Frankie likes the traditional.


5:36 PM BBT
Derrick, Frankie, and Victoria talk about how disgusting Christine was with the food. She refused to refrigerate food that needed to be and a lot of food spoiled because of her. They said they tried talking to her earlier in the season and she ignored them. Derrick and Frankie are talking about what to do with the small fridge in the house and the bigger on in the storage room.


5:47 PM BBT
Caleb says Derrick is sitting the prettiest out of us all, but he can't win against anyone, so no matter what one of us will take him. Cody says, "And yet again he's not going on the block and I'm going up for a second time." Caleb says it doesn't matter who wins, Victoria goes home. Caleb says he hopes Derrick wins HoH next week. Cody just wants to get to final four. If he goes home then because he lost a comp, he's fine. Caleb says as long as he's up against Frankie, he knows Derrick and Cody would save him. Caleb said he'd save Derrick and Cody over Frankie too. They are both athletes and they hate losing to someone like Frankie.


5:54 PM BBT Caleb is convinced whoever is cut at F3 will win America's Player. He says Donny wasn't a huge gameplayer. He was likeable, but he won't win it. Cody says Donny might win because we targeted him a bunch of times and failed.


5:59 PM BBT Jeff is back on feeds. Nomination time most likely!

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6:47pm Cody and Frankie hugging in the STr and Frankie says i thought you was mad at me. Cody says no and Frankie says that is why i put your key first. Frankie says now i have to go kiss Victoria but first i am going to the Dr to ask about my hat.Victoria comes out of DR and Frankie says i love you and kisses her on the cheek  then says i have to go find my damn hat.


6:49pm Derrick in KT telling Caleb how Julie will announce the winner of Bb and how after she opens an envelope with the Americas player in it then announces the winner then that is it boom.


6:51pm Cody is in the KT cleaning and derrick and Caleb are talking about cleaning the bathroom and Derrick says what are you going to clean in there and Caleb says the shower the sink and the  bathroom.Frankie ask Bb can we get music while we clean please cause Jeff made us feel bad about the house smelling bad.


6:54pm caleb is collecting all the dirty towels in the bathroom. Frankie says everything in the house smells like fish. Victoria says cause we have no hot water and Frankie says yeah i boil water but  we will have a clean house by the end of the day or my name isn't Sabrina the teenage witch. 


 6:58pm All Hg are cleaning house and Caleb says i like the way Victoria is supposed to help in the KT and she is in the WA.

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7:01PM BBT: Frankie is cleaning the KT.  Cody is getting some coffee. They are talking about how excited they are to get the BY back tom. Caleb is cleaning the WA.    

7:06PM BBT: Cody, Frankie, and Vic are all doing the dishes and talking about what Jeff and Jordan are doing now.  Vic said they are prob. going out to eat. Frank says "There have been 3 celeb appearances. Man we are popular. Are we though one of us just got booed?" Caleb and Derr. are in the WA still cleaning.     

7:11PM BBT: Derr and Caleb are in the WA talking about how they can't believe Brett Eldredge came in the house for Jeff and Jordan's proposal. They both agree Brett has prob. never watched the show just did it for publicity.  Derr. says I don't even know who he is. Caleb tells him he is a new country singer and his songs are #1 on iTunes.   

 7:21PM BBT: Caleb is talking to Frank about how he has seen every season since S8. He said he got hooked and just watch one epi. after another for like a wk. straight on youtube. (That seems awful quick to me.)     

7:24PM BBT: Cody comes back into the KT and tells Frank that they need to go clean the WA because all Derr. and Cody did was clean the sink off and throw away the trash.     

7:27PM BBT: Derr. and Caleb are talking about how Chris's stuff is all over the place. They both agree they don't think she thought she was going home when she was sitting up on the block. 7:33PM BBT: Frank/Cody/Vic still doing dishes. Derr. and Caleb in the WA somewhat cleaning as Derr. askes for a holla. The rest of them agree they want one form Zach. BB sends them a holla that says Fear the Beard ya'll.      

7:36PM BBT: Cody/Frank/Vic are all talking about how they still think Zach took all that stuff. Frank throws in a "but I don't understand his incentive." Cody and Frank agree they can't wait to find out finale night.     

7:43PM BBT: Caleb and Derr. have moved to the BR to start to clean. They decide to put clothes in one garbage bag and garbage in another, and let anyone who might be missing something go through the bag when they want to. (Looks to me they might need more garbage bags than just one for each.)      

7:55PM BBT: All HG's are still cleaning. General chit chat.

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 8:00pm Cody and Caleb in the have not rm with the button being ninjas and acting crazy.derrick laying down in the rock rm. Frankie making dinner in the KT as Victoria is still cleaning.


 8:02pm Frankie runs in the have not rm and yells loudly.Cody says he was in the Zone there. Caleb laughs at Frankie is he hits the button again with his butt.


8:04pm Caleb catches a fly with his hands and Cody says let it go and i will catch it. Caleb lets it go and Cody is trying to catch it but it wont land anywhere. The fly now lands on the button and Cody is attempting to catch it and says i had it in my hand. Caleb looks and says oh he is hurt he is down.


  8:08pm Frankie goes to the STR and comes out yelling and says look Caleb they gave us a sweeper swooper..Now they all want to clean the floors with it as Frankie says it is a toy.


8:13pm Derrick is laughing and saying as soon as Jeff and Jordan left then Cody was grabbing the air freshener and spraying. Derrick and Cody say how pretty Jordan was.


  8:19pm Cody says he needs a vacuum so he can clean the rug around the kitchen island/ he says we are really committed to this cleaning and ask BB for a vacuum again. derrick says they will just give them a minute.


  8:26pm Caleb is trying to get in the STr and keeps growling at the STr door then gets in and says hey production just so you know we have a whole pile of Christine's stuff sitting here.


   8:28pm Cody is using the sweeper swooper and Frankie says why is it that this is the funnest thing in my life right now to do.


 8:35pm Derrick and Victoria cleaning the fire br as Caleb , Cody and Frankie sit at the KT table.


8:37pm Cody goes and looks at his picture on the wall and says look at my eyes they are to close together then he yells i look like a penis. Caleb and Frankie start laughing then they talk about music and movies.


 8:43pm All Hg are going to the bedrooms to clean up now as they talk in their accents.


8:53pm Caleb asking if his trophy will fit in his bag and derrick says i wouldn't they have to go through everything to make sure we don't take things we aren't supposed to take. He is going through all his things to pack some away. Cody is finishing up the dishes they found in the bedrooms. Derrick is taking the trash to the storage and Frankie is in the dr.

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9:07pm Frankie is in the hoh rm feeding the fish as Caleb watches and talks about how the fish eat. derrick is in the fire br bandaging his finger.


 9:09pm Cody tells derrick  they don't need to put the carpet back down in the bathroom. derrick says yeah it is disgusting and he says they will put it in the dr.


 9:11pm derrick as Cody how he is feeling and Cody doesn't say anything. derrick says he is running a few things running  through his head is all man.derrick says if i win veto and take you down and put Caleb up would it be smart to keep Caleb to help get rid of  Frankie? Frankie  comes down stairs and they talk about the carpet again.


  9:15pm Frankie is eating in the WA as derrick is laying in the WA. Caleb comes in and Frankie says question where is the rug and Cody says we put it in there cause it is disgusting.


   9:19pm Frankie, Caleb, Cody and derrick in Wa talking about the BOB's and when they made their alliance of 8.


 9:22pm Guys are now going over who was hoh and who left on that hoh's week. Frankie and derrick says there has been 21 hoh's so far this season. 


  9:26pm Frankie says the BOB actually worked once this season when Christine was able to back door Amber. Caleb ask Cody if he wants a hair cut this Thursday and he says i don't know i like the top long.


 9:30pm BB calls Derrick to the DR. Frankie says just go crush it and he gives everyone a high five before he goes to the DR. Victoria says they should open the BY so we could do some laundry.

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9:37 pm BBT  All the HG, minus Derrick are in the WA talking about which of the comps were their favorites. Cody's favorite HOH was the lube, he liked the horses veto, and liked the BotB with the swings. Frankie liked the HOH they just competed in, he liked the vetos with the puzzles, and he liked the BotB with the chains. Victoria loved the swing BotB, the lube HOH, and loved the comic book veto. Then she changes her mind and says she liked the BotB domino. Cody says he forgot about their first HOH...the "Deviled Eggs" one. Caleb says it didn't count because they almost lost to girls. They say then his didn't count because he almost lost to Christine. Caleb's favorite HOH was the spit one or the liquid transfer one, liked the dark room / black box BotB, and liked OTEV for the veto.


9:48 pm BBT  Talk turns to how adorable they all think Jordan is. Cody wonders where all the Jordans of the world are. Caleb says that Cody will have his choice of Jordans when he gets out of the house. Cody says Frankie will have to set him up with some of his dancer friends. They start quoting some lines from the HOH letter his friend Lauren wrote. They all think she's a really good writer. Frankie then tells the story of how he met his friend Lauren. She worked at 'The Box' on the Lower East Side in NYC and he eventually worked there, as well. Frankie says you don't get in there unless you are a celebrity or you know a celebrity. Caleb says "So we would get in there because we know you?" Frankie says yes... and then Caleb says because now they are celebrities.


9:55 pm BBT  Cody talks about how he can't wait until Wednesday. They also say they think there will be a guest host for their next competition. They say maybe it will be Andy or GM. Then they discuss what to wear to the finale. Caleb says Frankie will be going out wearing "Mulan" (It's Malan) and they will be wearing tshirts and jeans. Frankie says he will put in a request for Malan to send blazers for Cody and Caleb. Cody says he can't wear anything flashy...maybe white. Frankie says he's a designer and probably won't take requests. Caleb says "Mulan... I'd like..." and Frankie corrects him that it's Malan Breton. He makes a shout out to him. He says that maybe he will make Cody a white one, although he's never seen him use white... maybe pearl. Caleb says that he may have Beast Mode put on the back or across the breast pocket. Frankie says he knows someone who can paint it on there.


10:00 pm BBT  Cody leaves the WA and heads to the Fire BR. He sits in there by himself with his head hanging low. Frankie and Caleb are looking in the mirror and Frankie says that he's sure BB has focused in on him picking his zits a bunch this season because they like to watch the juice splatter. He doesn't know why, but it's something he knows they like to capture. They leave the WA and head to the KT. Victoria is in the KT fixing herself something to eat. Derrick is still in the DR and they Frankie discusses that he wants to go to bed early tonight. The house is cleaner than it has been all season.


10:08 pm BBT  They are all talking about what will happen when the time runs out on the countdown clock. Caleb says he doesn't care, he's excited even if it brings something bad. He just wants to find out. Caleb says he thinks it could be an early eviction. Frankie says it's obviously designed to make them think it's something bad, so maybe it will be something good. Victoria says she doesn't think the outcome will be individual. She thinks it will affect them all. 


10:15 pm BBT Caleb tells Victoria that he can't believe Brett Eldredge was in the house today. They both say that today all around was huge. Caleb says that some of them have a week left, some have about two weeks left. Frankie says the finale is 2 weeks from Sunday [They still haven't been told that the finale is on Wednesday, September 24! --Morty]


10:23 pm BBT Frankie enjoys about 2-3 minutes doing a 'commercial' for Pop Tarts. He intentionally combines commercials for cereals and Caleb tells him he's doing a good job. Derrick comes out of the DR and the HG are say "Finally." Caleb tells him he's been in there for 2 hours, but they all say that it has been about an hour (He was called around 9:30 and it is now 10:20 pm). Cody is called to the DR and Caleb says he hates being last.


10:28 pm BBT Frankie says he's going upstairs to listen to his sister's CD. Derrick says he will be upstairs soon to poop. He tells Frankie TA has their next mission. They have to convince the house there is a rodent in the house. They have to do it tonight or tomorrow night and they have to keep the rest of the house up until 6 am BBT. Frankie says he will be cooking and scream bloody murder that he saw a mouse / rat or something. Derrick says he will see it about an hour later when he feels it losing it juice. They decide they will do it tomorrow night. Derrick says they won't do their first sighting until about midnight or 1 am BBT...right around bedtime, that way they won't have to keep it going all night long.


10:35 pm BBT Derrick says he feels relieved to get a mission after not getting one last week, especially with the button weighing on him. He says that he's worried the button could make Frankie lose his HOH or something rather than be a luxury. Caleb and Victoria talk about how Nicole got pretty big cheers both times she left and Donny got pretty big cheers. Caleb says he thinks anyone leaving from here on out will get pretty big applause. He also thinks that winning America's Favorite Player is almost better than winning.


10:53 pm BBT Derrick talks about how amazing it is that they are forever a part of Jeff and Jordan's day.  Cody says Jeff and Jordan are the reason he likes the show.They will be in their picture, etc. He says he's glad they had their time alone for the proposal in the yard because it would have been weird for them to be out there for that. He thinks it's so cool that Jordan thought they were coming back to host a comp and was surprised with her proposal. Cody says his dad is going to go berserk. Derrick talks about how CBS loves Jeff Schroeder...that he's like a bros bro but the girls love him, too. Vic says it's because he's perfect. Cody says "he's like so cool!"


10:57 pm BBT  Cody, Derrick, and Vic discuss how old they think Jeff is. They think he is in his 30s because they think he was in his late 20s when he was on the show the first time [Jeff turned 40 in February of this year. --Morty]. Derrick says that as young as their cast was this year, it hasn't always been that way. Derrick says that they should watch, as much as Caleb b*tches at him for how long he's in the DR, he will be in there for longer. Cody says he will mess up on purpose just to be in there for longer.


11:06 pm BBT Cody, Derrick, and Vic discuss Christine and Nicole. They say that whatever Nicole may have said in the DR, it was obviously game related. Cody says that he got really close with Amber and Frankie and Christine talked about her and convinced him he had to get rid of her. --and she just got booed leaving the house. It makes him think about what he did. Vic says she always called Jocasta useless. Derrick says that won't go over well because Jocasta is a good woman.Cody says what gave him a soft spot for Christine was when she said she was bullied as a child and Devin made her feel like she was being bullied again. Derrick says, who knows, maybe they will find out she wasn't really bullied at all.


11:15 pm BBT  The HG all sit around the table and rehash when Caleb confronted Devin about the way he speaks to the women in the house. Then Derrick says he thinks the weirdest thing for him in the house was when Devin put Brittany on the block and said she was public enemy number one and the next thing everyone knew, he decided he liked her. He even had names for them...Brittan or Devinay. The HG talk about how that week played out between the two of them.


11:25 pm BBT  They all discuss the "Over the Coals" Comp that the second group of entering HG all played in when they came into the house. Cody talks about how Caleb hung on with one arm and one leg at certain points. Frankie comes out of the DR. Cody asks what goes on with picking for the veto tomorrow. They tell him there is no picking. Everyone just chills until it's time to play. They talk about how last year Ian just flew into the yard.


11:32 pm BBT  All 5 HG are sitting around the KT table talking about the horse veto comp that Hayden won. Frankie says he forgot that Christine almost won that comp. With all of them sitting around the table talking about all these competitions, it is reminiscent of the BB episode at the end of the season where the Final 3 flashback on the entire season.


11:42 pm BBT  They are back to talking about Jeff and Jordan's engagement. They talk about how they wanted to ask the little girls what was going on in the real world. The countdown is at 4 days and 17 hours and 55 minutes. Frankie suggests they do a red and black party. Cody loves that idea. Derrick says they will look like jamokes if it's for something bad.


11:47 pm BBT  Frankie passes gas and it is so bad that they all get up from the table. He tells a story about a time he was sleeping in a coffin like bed and was passing gas all night. He was awakened the next morning and the guy who woke him up almost passed out from the stench. Then the discussion turns to the sights he has seen when he traveled. Caleb says he wants to see the place where the tree is a mile long. Frankie says he thinks he's talking about the Redwoods in San Francisco, where the root system is a mile long. He says he has been there and it's a magical experience.


11:57 pm BBT  Frankie is talking about listening to his sister's music and Derrick and Caleb both tell him he is going to blow his eardrums out from listening to it too loudly. He starts to tell a story about a time at the Jinglebell Ball and we get FotH. When we return, the HG have moved to the LR. Caleb and Frankie are exercising and Victoria tells Derrick that she thinks she's nauseous because she's not getting enough sleep.


12:05 am BBT  Derrick tells Caleb that he threw him a layup with Brett Eldredge. He told him that "that dude" is a huge fan and Brett said he knew and went over to ask him where he's from. Cody comes out of the DR holding his dinosaur costume and they all discuss how he gets to shed the it. Caleb says he should jump into the pool as Dino and come out in just shorts. Frankie says he would ruin the costume and Caleb says he can just leave it drying in the sun. Cody loves the idea. Caleb wishes he had gotten Brett do sign his boot. He says he would have asked him to make them the hottest item he owns by signing them.


12:09 am BBT  Caleb talks about his nephew Bentley. He says he was born the same day as his brother, Justin. He likes when he gets to be a good example to him. He gets to grab him up by his arms and say "Boy...I'll bust you up" or "I'll slam your head up against the concrete..." or "Boy...I'm about to punch you in the face..." Then Caleb says that he's like "I'm not really going to punch you." He goes on to tell the HG about how his nephew will test you and all he has to do is pretend to take off his belt to keep him in line. Cody asks how old his brother is. Justin is 29 (in May), Blake is 28 (in June), and Caleb will be 27 in November.


12:15 am BBT  They all talk about how Jeff took a long time to propose, but he did it right. Frankie said he kept apologizing to Jordan because he kept telling her she's gorgeous. Caleb said when he saw the guitars outside, he thought he was going to be singing because he keeps talking about wanting to play the guitar and singing on The Voice.


12:22 am BBT  Frankie asks if they know where the Vitamin E oil is. They joke and say that Nicole probably took it. Then Cody jumps in and says Nicole probably took the blue hat he can't find! --because it was originally Hayden's. Victoria asks if Hayden gave it to him. He says yes. It was originally Pao Pao's, she gave it to Hayden and Hayden gave it to him. She says that Nicole had the right to take it to give it to Hayden because it was originally Hayden's, just like she had the right to take back the hat she had originally given to Zach. They encourage him to go ask the DR if she took it. We got to FotH while they are discussing it. [My guess is that the guys are telling her that it's different because Nicole took the hat and it doesn't belong to her. --Morty]


12:29 am BBT  Cody and Derrick go into the SR to go through the clothes that are in the trash bags. Derrick puts on the jester hat with bells on it. He goes out and tells everyone to imagine if he had to wear it all the time. He would be walking around the corner and they would hear him coming when they were talking strategy. Everyone is laughing hysterically.


12:36 am BBT Caleb goes upstairs to take a bath. Victoria decides to have some cereal. Cody and Derrick go into "The Button" room. They are discussing the possibilities. Cody says he thinks it could be that a jury member gets to come back into the house. Derrick leapfrogs the button. Cody jumps it. BB says, "Derrick, Cody...stop that." As soon as BB says that, Frankie heads downstairs from the HOH room. Frankie comes into the room with them. When he sees they are just talking about what could happen, he leaves. Caleb is called to the DR. Derrick leaves the room and heads to the LR. Cody says, "5:36 is when this thing is going to go off on Wednesday." Derrick wonders aloud if Cody could be right about a jury member coming back into the house.

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