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Tuesday, September 2 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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9:53 AM BBT. Derrick is coming out of the WC, he stops and rinses off his hands, dries them and rubs his eyes. Caleb is in the KT grabbing a garbage bag and puts it into the can. Derrick is now in the LV laying on the couch, while Caleb is sitting in the orange armchair.


9:57AM BBT cody is up and runs into the SR. He then runs back into the ER and back to sleep he goes.

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9:55 am BBT

Victoria, Derrick and Caleb awake.

All walking like zombies... Derrick grunts

Caleb peels and eats a banana and walks in back yard (his knuckles aren't scraping the ground)

BB asks Derrick to change batteries

Caleb and Derrick head for LR.  Caleb sits... Derrick stretches out on couch.

ohh looks like Cody is stirring.

FOTH for some reason.

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#BB16 9:16AM BBT The HG are all still sleeping.


#BB16 9:30AM BBT We have FOTH - its wake up call time which usually means all the HG are sleeping, just with the lights on.


#BB16 9:47AM BBT We come back to feeds. Christine is blowing her nose and Caleb is wandering around looking for clothes.


#BB16 9:56AM BBT Caleb prepares breakfast. Derrick crawls out to the LR couch.


#BB16 10:01AM BBT Derrick and Caleb discuss Aaryn and Brittney. Caleb says he is having trouble remembering which one was which. Derrick tries to explain. They start to whisper about Frankie. Caleb says that he told Frankie that his wheels were just spinning and he didn't know who to trust


#BB16 10:06AM BBT Caleb tells Derrick about his convo with Frankie. Frankie accused Caleb of not trusting him. Caleb says he tried to explain to Frankie that he trusts all the guys but it's a game and anyone is capable of turning.

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#BB16 10:13AM BBT The HG crawl back in bed.


#BB16 10:36AM BBT Victoria is called to the DR. She is in there only about 30 seconds. Nicole is called in next. Nicole is only in there about 30 seconds as well. Victoria in the KT getting something to eat.


#BB16 10:42AM BBT Nicole and Victoria in the WCA . Just chatting. No game talk. Hard to hear. Doesn't sound like their mics are on properly.


#BB16 10:51AM BBT Nicole putting on her make up. Victoria taking a shower.

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#BB16 11:04AM BBT Victoria is putting on make up with her injured hand. It seems to be doing just fine. HG snoozing on the other feeds.


#BB16 11:15AM BBT Victoria gets called into the DR. She tells BB to give her 5 minutes. She needs to brush her hair and she will be there.


#BB16 11:18AM BBT Nicole comes into the WCA. She asks Victoria how her thumb is. Victoria says horrible. Says she can barely use it to brush her hair.


#BB16 11:21AM BBT Victoria is called to the DR again. She mumbles "Sheesh, don't they know I am crippled". She is having trouble with her thumb and the hair straightener.

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#BB16 11:30AM BBT Nicole in the By talking out loud. Trying to figure out how to stay in the house against Victoria. Says she needs to have a talk with Caleb. Just a normal conversation between two people.


#BB16 11:41AM BBT Nicole and Victoria are sunning in the BY.


#BB16 11:47AM BBT Derrick tells Caleb that Victoria said that she would never vote Derrick or Caleb out. Says that is huge. As long as only one of them is on the block they will have the votes.


#BB16 11:56AM BBT Caleb heads to HOH to do his blog. Tells Derrick to make sure he looks good for the camera. Derrick doing his ADLs.

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#BB16 12:00PM BBT Derrick talking to Frankie. Tells him that Victoria told Derrick that she would not vote them out (same story he told Caleb). Tells Frankie that she is a vote for them


#BB16 12:07PM BBT Derrick tells Frankie all the same info he told Caleb. That Victoria wouldn't vote them out. (He told Caleb that Victoria wouldn't vote Derrick or Caleb out. He told Frankie that Victoria said she wouldn't vote him or Frankie out).


#BB16 12:11PM BBT Production leak on camera 3 - we have Caleb sitting on the computer writing his blog.

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#BB16 12:19PM BBT Frankie and Victoria chat in the KT about how close the end it. He says that they have 19 days left max. He then says that he has a hard time with dates - he doesn't even remember his little brother's birthday.


#BB16 12:334PM BBT Victoria in the KT eating. Derrick and Caleb with her. She tells them if they are getting the camera she wants to get dressed. She is wearing her bathing suit still and sunglasses.


#BB16 12:38PM BBT Victoria and Derrick talking. Victoria tells Derrick that like season 12 there is an alliance and that Christine was part of it. Says Nicole told her. Derrick says Nicole doesn't know for sure and she shouldn't worry about stuff like that. Victoria says but if there is an alliance and it incudes you (Derrick laughs) and then says well either way they will keep Christine over her. Caleb breaks them up by coming into the KT.


#BB16 12:40PM BBT Victoria says that Christine kisses a lot of butt. Derrick tells her that she has to think she is better then Christine. Derrick tells Victoria that she is prettier. Victoria says I know that.

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#BB16 12:44PM BBT In the KT Caleb, Derrick and Victoria talk about their life outside the house. Caleb says that he has a date with Amber once he is out of the house. In the BY Nicole and Christine both talk about how they don't want to take pictures.


#BB16 12:50PM BBT Frankie giving Caleb pointers on tweeting. Keeping it short and sweet so it can be retweeted.


#BB16 12:51 PM BBT Frankie tells him that "gosh darn, I can't believe I am still here" is hysterical. Caleb says he will have to start tweeting when he gets out. Christine tells him that the girls will go crazy.


#BB16 12:59PM BBT Frankie has the HOH camera and is setting up shots. He wans to be artistic.

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#BB16 1:02PM BBT Frankie running around the house setting up shots Laughing and saying how amazing these are.


#BB16 1:05PM BBT The Hg come outside with the camera. Christine jumps from the couch and yells she wants a picture. Nicole ordered to take a picture of Cody crushing Frankie and Caleb in pool. Frankie then takes the camera and sets up more shots.


#BB16 1:06PM BBT Frankie continues to say how good of a photographer he is and shows Caleb the pictures. Frankie tells Caleb to be his muse and pose.


#BB16 1:09PMN BBT When Frankie heads back inside for pictures. Christine says out loud :"Oh my God, I hate him".

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#BB16 1:19PM BBT The trio of Frankie, Caleb and Victoria continue to roam the house looking for photo opportunities. Derrick and Nicole making slop in a pan on the KT.


#BB16 1:32PM BBT Picture time continues. This time with Nicole and Derrick holding slop cans. Frankie poses like he is eating a cookie.


#BB16 1:35PM BBT Frankie tells Nicole how his sister is on magazine covers ALL the time. Says they don't read the gossip ones. He says that Ariana is on TMZ all the time as well. Says that TMZ says that she is dating Justin Bieber and such.

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#BB16 1:44PM BBT Derrick and Cody talk in the BY. Derrick says it ay not even be a DE this week. Could be next week and wouldn't screw anything up. Cody agrees.


#BB16 1:54PM BBT IN the BY Christine complains about the picture time. Says that she thought Caleb won HOH but Frankie won't stop taking the camera. This is ironic as inside the house Frankie is taking more pictures.


#BB16 1:57PM BBT Victoria complains to Derrick that there isn't a picture of them. Derrick said there was. Victoria says not of them alone. Derrick asks Caleb to take one of them alone before he returns the camera. Victoria wraps her arms around Derrick and places one hand on his chest. Derrick puts his arm around her shoulder. After the picture she asks Derrick if the picture looked good. He said it does.

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#BB16 2:04PM BBT Frankie is sun bathing. Nicole asks him if Ariana tans. He says no. They both get sprays tans every 3-4 days. They have a guy who comes to the house.


#BB16 2:07PM BBT Frankie and Nicole talking about his sister and her friends. He says that most of her friends are from before she was famous. That's why he likes his crew. he knew them from before this crazy world and his becoming famous.


#BB16 2:13PM BBT Derrick and Victoria in the KT. Derrick tells her that she has to be more social. He tells her that he planted the seed with Caleb that she really liked Caleb. He tells her she doesn't have to hang out with him all the time. She can go and hang out with the others so she is more social.


#BB16 2:21PM BBT Cody tells Christine that he is having a premonition. Says that Starbucks is going to beg her to come back. That Tim will get a record deal. She laughs. They are just joking around. Says that Tim wants a deal with Top Shelf Records.

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#BB16 2:25PM BBT Nicole asks Victoria is she is okay because she seems to be weird right now. Victoria mumbles that she is ok. Victoria is trying to open a bag of food and says her hand really hurts.


#BB16 2:29PM BBT Caleb tells the HG about his questions. One of them was how Caleb got the name "Beast Mode Cowboy". He says that Derrick gave him the name after the first HOH comp. His then discusses his tweets


#BB16 2:41PM BBT The HG in the BY talking about how much Kim Kardashian and Kanye West go to Paris all the time on their private jet. Derrick thinks they leave in the morning and come back for dinner. Christine says that the flight is to long for that. Victoria says they go for a few days.


#BB16 2:51PM BBT Frankie and Victoria talk about Halloween. It sounds like Victoria says that she is going to be Mamie? Frankie says he wants to go back to NY but feels he has to many obligations in Florida and here in California.

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#BB16 2:55PM BBT Victoria talks about how clumsy she is. Says her hand is so bad that she couldn't squeeze a lime. Says that she should go to DR and they can do something for her. She says Caleb told her just to let it be that they can't do anything. Frankie says that is wrong. There is always something you can do. He says he will never take that something can't be done, Victoria complains that Jocasta was 24/7 a medical emergency.

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 5:10 pm bbt FOTH

 5:12 pm BBT Caleb and Frankie in KT looks like it is dinner time

 5:13 pm BBT Derrick just beat Cody in a game of pool and Christine was watching.

 5:16 pm BBT Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Derrick are at the dinner table eating. Victoria walks in and says "family dinner" and Frankie responds with "yes my love"

 5:18 pm BBT Talk at the dinner table between the guys is about how much the fish cost.

 5:19 pm BBT Victoria is in the WA fixing her hair while Christine is in KT making a breakfast sandwich.

 5:23 pm BBT Frankie is going to attack the dishes while Caleb is going to DR to request some beer.

 5:24 pm BBT Derrick needs an icepack because his groin is killing him while Cody goes into DR to request beer.

 5:28 pm BBT Derrick sitting outside with the ice pack up his shorts and Christine is sitting across from him eating her breakfast sandwich.

 5:29 pm BBT Caleb and Cody sitting by the grill. Caleb "I can't wait to get out of this prison" Cody "im there too bro"

 5:32 pm BBT Caleb "imagine if girls paid $500 to get tickets into the after party just to meet us two"

 5:33 pm BBT Now Caleb is telling Frankie his dream of girls coming just to meet them. Frankie said that would be wonderful but he don't think you can pay to get tickets.

 5:35 pm BBT Frankie "I don't sleep with fans, it doesn’t turn out well"

 5:36 pm BBT Frankie telling Cody and Caleb to have sex with other house guests.

 5:37 pm BBT now Caleb is telling Cody and Frankie how to catch a fly with their hands.

 5:39 pm BBT Caleb thinks for Frankie's protection they might send someone back with him to protect him.

 5:43 pm BBT an indoor lockdown has been called and Frankie feels it is all wrong.

 5:44 pm BBT Derrick and Caleb made their way into the LR while Christine and Cody are in the KT. Cody thinks they are locked in for no reason.

 5:46 pm BBT Cody starts singing about drinking then FOTH. When feds return Christine is asking Cody where Nichole is. Cody said she is snoozing.

 5:49 pm BBT Derrick is talking about how his mom spelled his name wrong. Frankie and Christine join Caleb and Derrick in the LR.

 5:50 pm BBT Derrick is telling the others how he heard someone say his name outside from over the wall but he tried to ignore it so they would not get locked out.

 5:51 pm BBT Nicole is still sleeping, Cody is in WA getting ready to shave and all other houseguests are in LR just general chat.

 5:54 pm BBT Cody just got told by BB that he must wear his costume at all times including while he is shaving.

 5:54 pm Derrick telling houseguests about the movie Me, Myself and Irene.

 5:55 pm BBT Frankie wants to cry whenever he sees Jim Carrey's face because he loves him.

 5:57 pm BBT Now the houseguests are talking about the movie Dick and Jane.

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6:00 PM BBT Frankie, Caleb, Christine and Derrick are talking about actors and actresses, and how some of them go to college for school, before they go into the business. Victoria is in WA by the couch, while Cody is in the HOT shower.


6:03 PM BBT Victoria walks out of the WA. Convo in the LR is about what actors the HG's would like to meet. Caleb starts to sing. We see FoTH for a moment. Victoria goes in LR, to sit on couch. We see FoTH for a moment. She has Caleb move his legs, so she can sit down. Victoria almost spilled her drink. Frankie says he sharted himself again. Caleb says the camera was panned on her, but it wasn't.


6:06 PM BBT Victoria tells Caleb he hasn't dressed up in a while, and he tries to tell her the proper way to say it. Frankie says Natalie Portman's name is not her real last name. He says what it is, and Caleb makes fun of what it is. HG's in the LR start talking about Channing Tatum. Caleb shouts out to Channing that he will crush him dancing. Frankie shouts out to him, that he will crush him in the bedroom. Caleb says, if he accepts the challenge to let him know. He calls out Chris Brown now, and Christine says, "I'll call out Chris Brown for other reasons." Christine asks anyone out there to get her a lunch date with Chris Buscemi.


6:11 PM BBT Christine says she will kiss Lance on the mouth if he goes to the finale. Caleb screams into the camera, for Channing Tatum, to come at him. Cody finishes his shower, gets out, and gets dressed. Caleb is swinging his HOH key around in his right hand. Christine blows her nose in the LR. Frankie says there aren't that many people voting, and they should fly through it. Christine says, if there is a DE, then it will go quicker. Cody puts his costume on, and walks through the LR. He goes to the fire room, and then comes back out. Nicole is asleep in the ice room.


6:15 PM BBT Frankie says that he literally had to use the bathroom so bad during the comp that he peed himself. Derrick talks about a groin holster, and how it's supposed to help. Frankie makes comments about it of a sexual nature. Frankie says they are out of olive oil, he goes to the DR. Derrick says they may not get the BY back open. Caleb says he hopes so, because he has clothes out there. Caleb starts singing. We see FoTH, and then we hear, "Please, stop singing." Frankie and Cody go up to the HoHR. Frankie sings that he's going to make a poopie, all the way up there.


6:19 PM BBT HG's talk about the season ending on a Sunday, and Christine questions whether they can be edited that quickly. Caleb says the table should get smaller when they have the F4. Christine asks when the flashback episode will be? Cody is in nest bed listening to music, and all cams go to LR. Christine says she never watches the flashback episodes. Caleb says that the favorite moments questions will be hard at the end. Derrick says they are made to be, he says you have to just guess, because it's total chance. He says it's 50/50.


6:23 PM BBT Frankie is questioning Cody in the HoHR, Before and After questions. Cody asks if it will even be Before and After questions. Cody says it may not even be a DE this week. Frankie says it has to be. He says they are not going to take it from 6 to 3 in one weeks. Caleb says that they jury members are just waiting to see whose face comes around the corner. Derrick says, they are. They are the only two left in the LR.


6:26 PM BBT Caleb says he can't wait to see the show afterwards, to see whose crushing him in the DR. He says he was crushing some people. He wants to find out the truth about people, and see who was lying. Caleb says how he crushed the bone comp. Frankie comes out of the HoHR, and is singing as he goes downstairs. Caleb says, "Open up the BY." Frankie starts singing again. Caleb says, "Play some pool man."


6:29 PM BBT Caleb says they do this on purpsose to lock them in, and see if they will get aggravated, and start an argument. He is making noises with his mouth. Christine and Victoria are on the opposite couch from Derrick, and Caleb is sitting in the orange chair. Frankie was brushing his teeth in the WA. Caleb says tomorrow is Wednesday. Christine says, "We'll be locked out again." Nicole is still sleeping in the ice room. Caleb says they took some good pictures today. Frankie is talking in   a different voice, and is changing his clothes to do the dishes. He says, he's putting on his work clothes to go to work. Caleb asks if it's just a bunch of cups, and he says, it's all the ones from outside.


6:32 PM BBT Derrick goes in the ice room to lay down with Nicole. Christine sneezes in the LR. Frankie says he's so excited to have his Dickies. We hear a VERY LOUD Holla for Derrick. Frankie and Caleb react to it, and yell themselves. Caleb yells to open up the BY. Frankie says he would love something called Dickies. He says he like the restaurant called Dick's, and it's funny how they do things there. Caleb comments on what they do at the restaurant. Christine says, they have a restaurant that they cut the guys ties off, and puts them on the wall. Caleb says he would smoke someone in the grill if they did that to him.


6:35 PM BBT Caleb says he's going to take his winnings and go to Nashville, and see if he can go to acting classes. They talk some more. Caleb walks out of the LR. Christine asks Victoria where Cody went, and she told her, she doesn't know. Christine says, she wonders what Derrick is doing in the HN room. Victoria tells her that he's probably sleeping, because he was about to pass out. Caleb goes to the HoHR, and Cody is slapping his legs, listening to the music, with his eyes closed. Caleb throws one of the big, turquoise pillows at him, and Cody calls him a D*ck. Caleb tells Cody that he's going to have to have the gland cut out, because it's still swollen, and nothing is helping it. Frankie and Christine are in the KT by the sink, doing dishes. Cody says they need to give them some beer. Caleb says a six-pack would be nice, 3 for each of them. Caleb is singing again. He says, they need 2 girls to go on a double-date with him and Cody to a FLA/GA Line concert. He says, "We need to hotties with bodies, just hit us up."


6:40 PM BBT Frankie shouts out to Joker's and Hamster Watch. Cody says, "Can Thursday come any slower?" Victoria gets called to the DR. Cody shouts out to Tweet #beersfortheboys and #drukindinosaur. He says, do it. Christine goes up to HoHR, and she says, it smells good in here. Cody says, he sprayed himself with Polo Red, and asks her if she wants to smell him? She says, yes, and goes and smells him. She says, that smell is all over. Christine asks Caleb for a Reeses. Cody says #Beastmodedrunkgirl.


6:43 PM BBT Christine asks Caleb if only one of his brother's has children, and he says, yes. Cody asks Caleb if he knows all the words to the rap? He says yes, and starts saying them. Cody says, he's going to learn it right now, and then he'll crush it. He starts saying it allowed, and says he crushed it. Caleb starts saying it, and we hear, "Please, stop singing." Caleb says he can't believe how huge they blew his once picture up. He says it may have been his mom that did it, so her whole body wasn't in it. He tells Christine the full outfits they were wearing in the picture. Caleb belches, and does not excuse himself. Christine says #openthebackyard. He says, yep.


6:47 PM BBT Cody is in the nest bed listening to the music and moving around. We hear, "Please, stop singing." He says he's not singing though. Christine tells him that he's whispering. Frankie is in the KT by himself, doing the dishes. All cams go to the KT.


6:50 PM BBT Frankie has his blue Dickie's outfit on, yellow rubber gloves, and his light blue hat turned backwards, and he is making faces while he is doing the dishes. We hear, "Please, stop singing," yet again.


6:52 PM BBT Cameras 3 and 4 go back on the HoHR with Cody lying in the nest bed by himself. He is whispering and making hand movements to the songs. He has two turquoise pillows in the bed with him, and one on the floor, near the door. Cody says, "Aww, you b*tch." We hear, "Cody, please, stop singing." He asks Christine, "Can they hear me?" She says, "You are barely whispering." Christine is lying on the grey couch by herself, and Caleb puts on a black tank top.


6:55 PM BBT Caleb walks around the HoHR and moves some of the stuff on the table. He tells them they will probably be locked down for a while. Caleb climbs in the nest bed with Cody, and get the headphones. Cody says, he crushed that. Frankie asks Victoria if she's going to bed. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back, and Cody says, "I'm over it." He says he's crushing some Reese's, and starts dancing around, and acting crazy. Christine says, "Give us some brewskie's." Caleb asks if anyone has checked storage yet? They don't know. Caleb changes the TV to see the KT, and Cody asks what they are doing? Christine says that Frankie is doing the dishes, and Victoria is probably eating cereal, as usual.


6:58 PM BBT Frankie goes to HoHR, and he's dancing around. On the way there he says that he'll probably take a poop, a bath, and feed the fish, because that makes him happy. He dances around with Cody, after he put a pillow in his costume. Frankie goes to the bathroom. Cody comes out of HoHR, and is stomping around in the hallway upstairs. He asks Victoria what she's eating, and she tells him cereal, because the tuna is to heavy. Christine is laughing at Cody's every move form the HoHR. Victoria asks what he's doing, and he says, acting like a dinosaur. He goes in the HoHR, and asks Christine if she saw him trying to bite the camera? She says, yes, and she got scared. She says, her heart was literally pounding. He goes back to the hallway, and down the stairs, walking like a dinosaur the whole way, and stomping. He goes by Victoria and pretends to bite her. He starts going around the table after Victoria. He says, he's going to mess with the HN's, and she tells him, they are sleeping.


7:02 PM BBT Christine asks what he's doing? Caleb says, probably going to the ice room to see what they're doing? He checks the ice room, and Derrick and Nicole are sleeping. He comes out of the ice room, and he tries to jump up, over the couch in the LR. He flipped over, and landed on the couch. Caleb and Christine laugh at him from the HoHR, and he laughs also. He says his toe got caught. He starts making dinosaur noises, when he got back to the HoHR. Caleb makes noises with him. Christine says, he's so cute as a dinosaur. He takes his head off, and Christine tells him he looks like a middle-aged man like that. He says, I'm an older dinosaur now. Caleb tells him to make the loud dinosaur noises in the DR, when he casts his vote to evict. All 3 of them are making the loud noises now. Frankie asks what happened, and they tell him that Caleb fell.


7:06 PM BBT Christine tells Cody that he looks good on the camera. Caleb says, he looked pimp in the hallway. Frankie says, he would like the BY. Cody says, he would like the BY, and some beers. Caleb asks if they started the laundry? Frankie asks where Derrick is, and Cody tells him that he's in the HN room sleeping. Frankie leaves the HoHR, and asks Victoria if she thinks Nicole will sleep all day? She says, yes, and she may get up for like an hour, and then go back to sleep. Cody says, he can't believe that he fell like that. She tells him to act like he did it on purpose, and continues to laugh at him.


7:09 PM BBT Cody and Christine are talking about the brand of beef jerky that Caleb got, and they both say they like the other kind. Cody says, "This is how we roll." Christine starts singing, and doesn't get called out for it. They both start saying the different types of Holla's for Derrick. We hear, "Holla at your boy." They both react. Victoria tells Frankie she is studying. Christine asks if that means Derrick is awake, and he says, they don't give a nugget if he's awake or not. He says he feels bad for Nicole. Christine asks, "What's an acceptable time to go to bed?" Cody says that he wants to go to bed around 10 p.m. He says, just kidding, have to stay up for TVGN. Christine wonders how Joey would be if she was still in the house. Christine is now all stretched out on the grey couch, with Cody sitting at the other end. Christine says, imagine Victoria and Pow Pow playing in the comps, if she made it farther in the game. She says, that would be nuts.


7:13 PM BBT Caleb is lying in the nest bed listening to music. Cody asks Christine if her slippers are comfortable? She says, yes, and they are from Walmart. She says that Amanda Tweeted out to tell them what to take with them into the BB house, and she brought everything she said. Cody says he feels that his knee is hyper-extended. Christine tells Cody that her ankles give out on her if she starts out in a Sprint. Frankie is singing in the KT, while talking to Victoria about the game. She says they have to remember more now, because of the BOB.


7:16 PM BBT Frankie and Christine both ask for the BY at the same time. Her and Cody are saying prayers to BB Gods, to get the BY and beers. Victoria asks Frankie what he thinks the challenges will be, and he says, Expect the unexpected, which seems to be the theme this year." He asks her, if Derrick's napping, and she says, yes. Cody says, "Everyone always makes fun of Dino." He says, he's so sad, because he's the only one left, and all his friends are dead. Christine asks him if he likes that book? Victoria tells Frankie how Derrick tried to wrap her hand for her yesterday. Victoria says, she was like really? Where's your girl at? Christine says, Victoria said yesterday that she doesn't give massages, she gets them. Cody says, she is very strange. Christine calls Cody a stinkerbot, and Cody calls her a butthole. She calls him that back. She tells Cody her grandma has good handwriting, and she's adorbs. They say something partially singing it.

Victoria is chomping on a bowl of cereal at the KT table. Frankie goes to throw away the food that's on the Dinning Room table away, and Victoria tells him not to dump the one plate, because it's for Nicole. Christine asks Cody what he would get at a gas station for food? He says, Lays, Salt and Vinegar chips, Funyons, watermelon sour patch kids and a Rockstar. He asks her what she would get, and she says, a vanilla coffee, ranch corn nuts, fire Cheetos, and a Reese's Fast Break.


7:23 PM BBT Cody tells Christine he likes Bubble Gum Flavor Big League chew, because it reminds him of Bubble Tape. She says, she likes grape. Victoria gets called to the DR, and Christine says, she's been going in there a lot. Christine and Cody talk about the different kinds of War Heads. She asks him if he likes Sour Skittles, and he says, he doesn't care for them. He says, he likes the Berry ones, because the sour ones tore up his teeth. They talk about what they would get from the Ice Cream man, when they were younger. They both say they ended up getting Choco Tacos. Cody says how they went from $1.50 to $2.00 to $2.50, and says, that was crazy.


7:27 PM BBT Victoria goes to the fire room, and lays down in bed. Frankie goes to the HoHR. Nicole and Derrick are still asleep in the ice room. Christine tells Cody that she has a friend that sells Blue Bunny, so she has her friend bring her stuff. Frankie asks about a Frozen Ice place called Rita's. Christine says, it sounds so good, and that Tim liked that growing up. She asks, why they never went? She says that sounds awesome. Frankie talks about Voodoo Donuts. He says, they are more of a novelty, and Krispy Kreme's are way better. Cody says his parents thought he had ADHD, and would run around, and get headaches. He says, he was off the wall, so his parents stopped giving him sugar. Cody says that his parents got him a CAT Scan about his headaches, and they told him that it had to do something with a bone, and he would grow out of it. He says, he did, but now in the house, he gets them so much from being dehydrated. Frankie says Victoria makes him nervous, because she's been studying.


7:32 PM BBT Frankie says that he asked Victoria to ask a sample question, and he told them that she asked, "Was Cody dethrowned before or after week 4?" They all laugh, and say he was never dethrowned. Christine says that's beautiful, and she's a dime. Frankie chomps on ice, making a ton of noise. Christine asks if Cody ever got candy cigarettes? He says he liked the gum ones, and didn't like the other ones. He likes the ones that were more like pixie sticks. She says she liked the ones that were in a small box, that looked like they were real cigarettes. Christine says, she got in trouble because she would pretend to smoke the candy ones. Cody says, his grandma would get so mad at him. Christine says that Tim likes cigars, after Frankie says, he has smoked cigars.


7:35 PM BBT Cody tells them about when his uncle got him and his cousin cigars, and they burned his eyes. He says he couldn't stand it, and they smoked them down, and threw them over the fence. Christine says she hopes Tim is smoking cigarettes while she's gone because she can't stand the smell. She says she would always ask him to shower and brush his teeth. Frankie says he can't believe that people were allowed to smoke in public places. He says, now that you can't he can't believe how bad it is, when he goes overseas where people are still doing it. We hear a VERY loud Holla for Derrick. (It made me jump.) Frankie asks if he's even awake. Nicole walks out of the ice room. Christine says she hopes Tim is getting a lot of followers, because this is what he wanted. Nicole goes to the SR. Christine says that everyone from back home smokes. Frankie says, they are the first season to have 16 HG's and not one person smokes.


7:39 PM BBT Frankie says he thinks he never smoked, because he was raised by a lung doctor. Christine says her activity tracker is only at a 3, and Frankie says his is only at a 2. He says they haven't been very active today. He goes to the HoHR bathroom and washes his hands. We can hear Nicole saying she's freezing on cameras 1 and 2, but they are still showing the SR, and she's not in it.


7:41 PM BBT Frankie asks if LA has Not So Scary Halloween? Christine says she doesn't know. We can hear Nicole in the KT, but still can't see her there. Frankie says he wants to go and decompress after the show is over. He says he wants to see everyone, but it sucks because they live in 3 different states. He says he wants to go to all of them to see all of his friends. Christine says she's freezing. Frankie says the same thing, and that's why he's running a hot bath. He asks her if she wants to go in. She says she wanted to go in the hot tub. Frankie asks why they don't have the BY? Christine says, "Because they hate us, that's the only reason I can think of."


7:44 PM BBT Frankie asks Christine if she wants to feed the fish? She asks if it's already 7:00 p.m., and he says, it's like 7:30 p.m. She says if they don't get the BY back she is going to go crazy. Frankie says, he's resorted to cleaning. He says, if he takes his bath, and they still don't have the BY, he's going to go to sleep. He was popping zits on his chest. Frankie asks whose in the KT? Christine says, it's Nicole. He says, "Poor thing, she's f*cked, she slept way to long." Frankie goes to check his bath water.


7:47 PM BBT Frankie says all he wants to do is eat fattening foods. Christine says that's all they have there is bad foods, and she is going to have to undo everything she's done to her body. Frankie says he hasn't touched a vegetable. He says he's had spinach twice in 75 days. They both say it doesn't feel like that long to them. We can hear Nicole still in the KT, but cams 1 and 2 are still focused on the SR. Christine says, "I'm about to go in the DR, and say, what the F is up with this BY, tell me know." Frankie says, he thinks she should. He says, "O.K. Let's feed the fish." Then he says, "The simple pleasures in life." They walk in the HoHR bathroom, and he stands up on the end of the bathtub. Christine says they are so ready, and going to the top. She talks about where the fish are in the tank. Frankie says they have some Krill issues, but he can do it.


7:51 PM BBT Christine and Frankie say that John Eric got all of the food, and didn't leave any food for any of the other fish. He starts coughing up some of the Krill. Christine says, that's weird. Frankie and Christine wonder how much food they actually require. John Eric is spitting out the food, so some of the other fish are getting to finally eat.


7:53 PM BBT Frankie says John Erick is such a b*tch, and Christine is calling him a butthole. We hear Nicole say, "I wonder why the outside's closed?" Cams 1 and 2 are still focused on the SR. Frankie washes his hands after feeding the fish. Nicole says, she was drolling like crazy, and really conked out. Frankie takes his shoes off, then his socks, and is getting ready to take his bath. Christine goes back to the bathroom to look at the fish. She says, her stomach hurts so badly, and asks what she ate. She remembers she ate 3 Reese cups, and says, she shouldn't of done that. She says she messed up her birth control pills, and took 3 days in one day. She says her period will be off now, when she's supposed to start.


7:58 PM BBT Frankie starts to undress for his bath. He says, every time he goes to get naked the camera's go nuts. Christine says, "They're watching you," and she goes downstairs. She's in the KT with Nicole, where she is cooking mushrooms. We can only hear them in the KT, and still can't see them on the cams. We hear, "HG's, this is a reminder, sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms." Christine says that Cody is on the couch up there, but he's been there for about a half hour. Caleb looks around, and then puts the blue patterned hat back over his face, while he's napping in the nest bed.


8:00 PM BBT Christine asks Nicole is she's cold, and she says, yes, that's why she threw on the jacket. She told Christine that she slept in the HN room in just her shorts and t-shirt. She says, in the beginning it was a lot worse, and it's gotten better. Christine says that same thing. Nicole is telling the mushrooms to hurry up and cook.


8:01 PM BBT Christine says, "I can't be locked in here any longer." She says her jacket and water bottle are outside. Nicole asks if they heard anything, or are they just locked down for no reason? Christine says no, and yeah. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Christine says, "O.K." Cody gets up, walks downstairs, and asks, "Who's talking about production?" Christine asks Cody if he's going to take a nap, and he asks what time it is? She says, 8 p.m. He says he has to get turnt up for TVGN, and he goes to the WC, and is singing. Derrick is still asleep in the ice room.


8:05 PM BBT Nicole got excited thinking the BY was open, and Christine says, no, she's just getting her heart burn medicine. Victoria gets up, and leaves the fire room. She asks Christine what time it is? She tells her it's 8 p.m. Cody tells Christine to get her up for TVGN. He goes and hides beside a dresser, and then lays down in the rock room. He yells, "Wake me up in an hour." Christine laughs. Nicole says she's going to be up forever, because she slept like 5 hours today. Cody gets up, and walks in and out of the fire room. He lays back down in the rock room. Nicole asks Christine when Derrick went to sleep, and she can't remember. Cody covers his face with a smaller black pillow. Christine tells Nicole that it's good she slept, because she needed sleep. Nicole asks Victoria is she got a good nap in, and she says, about 20 minutes.


8:08 PM BBT Victoria asks if everyone is sleeping? Nicole tells her that Frankie is in the bath. Christine says that Caleb is sleeping. Nicole and Victoria both say they got woke up by the SUPER loud Holla. Nicole says, she was also hungry. Nicole says, "I want the BY." Victoria says, "I do to." She says, "TVGN is going to be super boring tonight if we don't have the BY." Christine says, "I might have a mental breakdown if we don't get the BY back soon." Nicole says they may get alcohol, if everyone is sleeping. Victoria says she tired, and the loud holla woke her up. She says, once she gets woke up, she can't go back to sleep.


8:11 PM BBT Nicole tells Victoria she was drooling, so that means she was super tired. She says she has a dream about chasing people down that were going after her family, and they were baseball players. Christine says that she had a dream that her and Cody did stuff. She explains that, her and Cody went grocery shopping in the dream. They heard the audio of Cody telling her to go and find the meat. She says, Julie said that they all know that she wasn't in the grocery store looking for the meat. She says that was a funny dream. Victoria also says it was funny. All cams go to the SR for a moment, and then cams 3 and 4 go to rock room. We see FoTH for a moment, and then Cams 1 and 2 are on the Dining Room table and KT area, and Cams 3 and 4 are on the rock room with Cody lying in the bed, and having a green comforter over his eyes.


8:16 PM BBT Victoria goes to the WA, sits on the couch, and starts to pluck hairs from her face. Christine is sitting at the Dining Room table, holding two fingers up, and seems to be studying. Nicole is sitting at the KT table, and is unwrapping a HN muffin.


8:19 PM BBT Nicole puts the muffin in the microwave, and then puts some sugar on it. Christine tells Nicole that Frankie said Lance Bass watches the show. Nicole says, she doesn't know who that is. Christine tells her, he's from N'Sync. Nicole says, oh. Christine is still sitting at the Dining Room table with a blank look on her face, and looks like she's looking at the picture boards, of the HG's pictures. Nicole is sitting at the KT table again, and is eating her food.


8:23 PM BBT Frankie is out of the bath tub in the HoHR bathroom. He puts on his black underwear, and we get butt shot on Cam 3. He puts on his read athletic shorts, some deodorant, and then his white tank top. He turns his dirty socks rightside out, and puts them back on his clean feet. He puts some cream on his face. Victoria puts some make-up on her face, and walks out of WA. Christine is lying on her left arm at the Dining Room table. Victoria says, "Bless you." Nicole asks who just sneezed? She says, that was scary. Nicole says, maybe Cody. Frankie comes out of the HoHR, and asks Nicole how many hours she slept for? She told him, "4 or 5." He says, "Wow, that was intense." We hear, "Frankie, please put on your microphone." He says, "Alright," and goes back upstairs to get it. He is brushing his teeth. Victoria is in WA, brushing her teeth now also.


8:28 PM BBT Frankie finishes brushing his teeth in the HoHR bathroom, and then puts his microphone back on. Victoria is at the KT sink cleaning her dishes. Frankie leaves the HoHR, and heads downstairs, and asks Nicole if she saw her mushroom? She says, she saw it, but she ate so much other crap, and asks him if he made it on the grill? He says, yes. Frankie says, "Good morning," to Victoria. She tells him she got woke up from the loud holla. Frankie says it was super loud, and  there was no reason for that. Frankie goes in the ice room and puts some of his clothes in there. He messes with some stuff on the one ice bed, and then walks out. Victoria tells Nicole that Derrick left her a portobello mushroom. She says, she knows, but she ate all the other stuff. Nicole asks Victoria what she's going to do all night? Victoria asks her the same.


8:33 PM BBT Frankie was lying on Christine at the Dining Room table. We hear, "Frankie, Christine, please do not obstruct your microphones." Frankie says, "Are you serious, we were just hugging?" He moves, and asks her if she wants anything? She says, no thank you. He asks her if she wants an Emercen-C? She says, no thank you. He asks her if she wants an enema? She says, no thank you. She says, "I hear they are great though, a coffee enema will give you energy really quick." Frankie asks, "Are you serious, can you get those at CVS?" He says, "I thought I've tried everything." He says, regular ones make him feel so good. We hear, "HG's the lock down is over, you are free to move about the house." Christine and Frankie start screaming and singing. Cody wakes up. Frankie goes to the BY, and says it's hot.


8:36 PM BBT Frankie asks Cody if he wants to play pool? He says, yes. Christine and Victoria are talking about how nervous Frankie is for this week. Christine says she's not going to any room by herself again with him alone again. HG's get told to raise the outside awnings. Christine tells Victoria to get to studying, and says she's going to help them She goes to the BY. Christine belches loudly, and excuses herself. Victoria leaves the KT table, and goes to the ice room to check on Derrick. She burps along the way, and doesn't say excuse me. She goes in the fire room, takes off her pink top, and puts on a black and white top over her black shirt. She fixes her hair. Nicole goes to the BY also.


8:41 PM BBT Frankie and Cody start their game of pool. Victoria walks to the WA, puts her glass down on the sink, and goes by the couch to brush her hair. She looks in the sink mirror, and then goes to the mirror by the WC. Nicole asks Christine if she going to put her bathing suit on? She tells her no, she might put on shorts. Cody says, "Mother f*cker." Frankie says, "Do you want to f*ck her?" He doesn't respond. Victoria goes back by the couch to use the mirror. Cody tells Frankie he'll BRB, and walks to the WA. He asks Victoria how Christine and Frankie were obstructing their microphones, and she explains it. He goes in the WC. Victoria goes back to the mirror by the WC, and tells Cody she checked the SR before. She says, "They're not giving us alcohol." She is using the flat iron on her hair. Nicole is in the hot tub, with Christine sitting on the edge of it, with her legs in the water. Frankie sits down on the block by the hot tub, waiting for Cody to come back out to the BY.


8:45 PM BBT Christine was asking Frankie about her husband’s gauges on the video. She says they were 1 1/4 inches when he left. Cody comes out of the WC, while Victoria is putting on make-up. She tells Cody what Christine told her about Frankie. Victoria says, she told her not to go with him, and she said she's not. Cody asks Victoria if she's going outside, and she says, yeah. He goes to the BY, and then Victoria goes out as well. Cody and Frankie resume their pool game. Victoria asks Nicole and Christine if the hot tub is hot? They say, yeah. Victoria sits down by the hot tub, and puts her legs in the water.


8:48 PM BBT Victoria asks if they heard that? Christine says, they heard a scream. She says she would like to hear a secret right now, it sounds fun. Cody and Frankie are making loud noises, as they play their pool game.


8:50 PM BBT Nicole gets out of the hot tub. She puts her turquoise towel around her, and puts her feet in the water. The girls are talking about not seeing the bubbles or the light on in the hot tub. They say it might be broken. Frankie and Cody are talking about the corners they need to go to for their pool shots.


8:52 PM BBT Christine says this is so boring, but I'm glad the BY is back open. She says that Cody looks like a caveman, with his dinosaur suit cut like that. Frankie tells Cody, "Good game." They go inside the house, and Frankie is starting a pot of coffee. Cody goes out to the BY, to rack the balls for the next game of pool.


8:53 PM BBT Nicole says, this is what you call mild depression, you force yourself to sleep. Christine says, "I was just thinking today, that it's been 2 years since I've been off depression medicine." We see FoTH.


8:57 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Christine saying that her wedding day was happy. She says, she never cried when she was on the meds. She says she didn't want to have that in her system when she got pregnant, and she literally got pregnant when she quit taking them. We see FoTH again.

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#BB16 9:01PM BBT Victoria tells Christine that on other seasons of BB she has heard that the HG got certain meds and we get FOTH.


#BB16 9:06PM BBT Christine tells Victoria that her sister has exactly the same eyes, brows and hair as Victoria. She thinks it's so weird.


#BB16 9:14PM BBT Coy and Frankie talk about what they miss the most from home. Frankie misses his group and all their text messages. Cody misses his best buddy.


#BB16 9:17PM BBT Frankie and Cody talking about past HG. Frankie says he always tries to treat people with love and respect but when people like Zach get in his face he just can't.


#BB16 9:27PM BBT Cody and Frankie use the badmitton set to play a game of tennis. The girls watch.

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#BB16 9:29PM BBT Christine tells the girls that the camera is so intent on Cody. There is actually no camera on Cody. She wonders aloud who is on the joystick for the camera.


#BB16 9:38PM BBT Frankie says he was so happy that his tennis serve from middle school came right back to him. He says part of him wants to pick up tennis when he gets out of the house.


#BB16 9:42PM BBT Frankie and Christine ask Cody what look he gives when he sees a hot girl. Cody tries to explain. Says he never smiles when trying to get a girls attention.


#BB16 9:47PM BBT Christine talks about when her husband is playing with his band and guys hit on her. She just ignores them and hopes they go away. Nicole says that guys don't really hit on her.


#BB16 9:53PM BBT Frankie and Cody both say that they can't wait to go to their local bars and see who watched the show. Frankie says people will be so excited to see him. Frankie said that he will take Cody to gay bars. He tells Cody not to worry - they guys won't grope him and such, He says they don't act that way.


#BB16 9:58PM BBT Cody asks Christine if the live feeds are usually boring by this time. Christine says yes. Christine says that the live feeds are always boring. She only watches them in the beginning but her Mom watches them all the way through.

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10:04 pm BBt Victoria and Nicole in BY on hammock Vic "Frankie asked Christine for a cereal date when they were obstructing their mic" Nicole "what did she say" Vic "she said she wasn't hungry" Vic "I just cant stand all this fakeness" Nicole "I know" Vic "Christine literally laughs all the time" (as you hear Christine in the background laughing)


Nicole "I hope it is a double eviction Thursday"


Nicole and Victoria are talking about Frankie being an actor all the time, Nicole is sad and just wants it to end. Victoria thinks since she got put up the first week it ruined her game for the whole time because it ruined her confidence.


10:12 pm BBT Nicole thinks it is going to start getting bloody after this week because they have to start turning on each other.

Nicole don't know how she survived last week without going home.


10:14 pm BBT Derrick just came to the BY and went to the couch by Cody, Christine and Caleb to sit down.

Victoria tells Nicole she loves him and don't know what she would have done if he wasn't there. Nicole said Derrick is very nice because he cares about peoples feelings.


10:15 pm BBT all house guests on couch in BY general chat while Nicole and Victoria go inside to pee. 


10:30 pm BBT Frankie in KT cooking while other houseguests in BY general chat.


10:45 pm BBT Frankie now in BY playing badmitton with Caleb, other house guests on couch watching while Victoria in KT eating.


10:46 pm BBT Frankie to himself "Frankie I am so so proud of you, here is your lawyer and he will be with you durring all of the press interviews"


10:54 pm BBT Christine and Cody on BY couch, Christine is laying her head by Cody and rubbing on his arm and playing with his costume sleve.


11:16 pm BBT Derrick has come to the conclusion that TA is done. Frankie don't think so . Derrick don't want to think it ended because Donny went home, if it is ending he wants to believe that it was scheduled to end. Christine walks in and talk stops. 


11:25 pm BBT Cody and Caleb playing pool while Christine and Frankie watch. Cody just beat Caleb in pool. Christine goes to the couch to sit by Derrick and everyone else heads inside.


Christine is telling Derrick about the other night when Frankie confronted her and said she was giving Nicole special treatment and she is being to nice to her. Christine told Frankie that Nicole is her friend and she is a human so she is not going to be mean to her. Christine was so pissed off.


11:30 pm BBT Derrick is resigned to the fact that if he don't win a couple comps he will be sitting in the jury. Derrick said besides the personal things that Frankie does, he is actually playing a great game.


11:40 pm BBT till midnight not much going on general chatting and eating and playing pool.

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