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Saturday August 30 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

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Bedroom (BR)

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Fire room (FR)

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12:00am Victoria still painting derricks arm. Nicole was called to the DR. Christine and Cody in STR getting food. They come out and Nicole comes out of the DR and shows Cody her tattoo that Victoria painted. Cody yells  Victoria what is that and Nicole says a black rose. Frankie and Caleb in HOh talking about Nicole leaving and how he told her she is going home but he will make her mushrooms all week.


12:03am Caleb talking about when they get to final four then there is only one vote and whoever wins the veto has the only vote. Frankie says how is that possible what if you and Cody are on the block and derrick wins the veto and takes one of you off  then there is no one to go up  so how is that possible and Caleb says i don't know.


 12:06am Cody in the shower and Christine is washing her face so she can go to bed early. Cody says you really going to bed and she says yeah. Cody says i will wake you up and she ask why would you do that and laughs.


 12:11am Frankie and Caleb talking in the hoh bed about who might make it to final 2 and they keep repeating themselves. Caleb says Nicole i have to send home cause she is in my way and Frankie says you just have to cut her f'ing head off.


12:13am Frankie says we just realized Nicole was playing this game and she has been playing it all this time and  we never realized it and all of a sudden we realized that she was a vicious beast.


 12:18am In the WA Cody just got out of the shower and got dressed and parted his hair in the middle and Christine laughs at him he fixes her hair and Christine says please don't vote me out this week Cody and he says what then laughs and says he wasn't food. he goes to KT to make something to eat.


 12:23am Derrick is now painting on Victoria's arm as she laughs. Nicole is washing her dishes and  Christine is making food as Cody was called to the DR. Caleb and Frankie still in the HOH bed bashing the other HG and Nicole and Frankie says he cant wait to hear what Nicole says her strategy really is.

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12:26am Frankie is going downstairs now to get  bowls and milk for cereal for him and Caleb. Cody is now out of the DR helping Christine make food. Derrick gets a holla that says derrick holla girl and Derrick yells holla boy .


12:29am Caleb and Frankie decide to go down stairs to eat instead of getting milk and bowls for cereal. Victoria cleaning up the paint mess that made at the table. Christine eating her food at the table.Victoria says she wants some cereal.


12:39am Most Hg eating at the kt table just general talk going on .


 12:43am talk  is about Halloween and Victoria ask Caleb where he gets his pumpkins and he says Walmart or target or anywhere.


12:47am Frankie and Caleb talking about Devin and how Caleb wanted to put him in his place and Frankie was like please don't please.  Caleb says that Frankie said Caleb you may not be scared of Devin but i am he might rip me a new ass they all start laughing Frankie says i was scared the moment that Devin walked into this house till he left this house and Christine said i was to i feared for my life every time he pulled me aside. and i have no desire to see him at all at the finale i wish he wouldn't be there. Cody says he will be so excited to see us all at the finale so we all have to be nice..


 12:51am Victoria is brushing her teeth so she can go to bed soon.  Frankie is reading the cheese dip jar and Cody and Christine are talking general talk then Cody tells her she has 2 pills in the STR and she says really no one told me.


 12:53am Victoria tells everyone goodnight and heads to bed. derrick drinking some water and then  goes to the WC. 

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1:06 AM BBT Cody and Christine laying down in the FR, Christine comes and joins them. Derrick tells everyone goodnight and heads to the HN room. After a bried FOTH, Frankie and Caleb are in the FR as well. Derrick and Nicole are talking in the HN room in the dark, they are saying that in their BB contract it states that the producers can make a change per their discretion.


1:15 AM BBT Derrick and Nicole in the HN room are getting ready for bed, Nicole says she thinks tonight will be really cold in their bedroom. Derrick says he is wearing two pairs of pants. Nicole tells Derrick she is ready to go home to see her family. Derrick tells her that if she wins the Veto tomorrow she will change her mind. Derrick asks Nicole what her perspective on the house is, meaning who she thinks what the alliances are. Nicole says she knows there are two sides of the house and she thinks everyone lies and flip flops as well as sucks up to people. Frankie, Caleb, Victoria, Cody, and Christine are talking in the FR about Christine being a barista.


1:20 AM BBT Nicole also says to Derrick that she thinks there is no strategy being used in the house this season, no one is willing to listen to game moves and too many people are set in their ways and being unanimous with the targets each week. Derrick tells Nicole that Dan was able to sway the house but no one in the house this season is the same as Dan. Nicole tells Derrick that she thinks he is the closest to Dan and she respects the way he has been playing the game.


1:25 AM BBT Nicole repeats to Derrick what Donny said that she would want to be final 2 with someone who is the best player in the house because in order to be the best you got to beat the best. Derrick tells her that she must win the Veto tomorrow to become final 6. Nicole says that with Thursday being a double eviction, if she walks out of the house she will be pissed if Derrick comes out after her. Nicole is telling Derrick that she feels more like a viewer coming back into the house, Derrick tells her that she must have talked to Hayden and Jocasta in the Jury house and figured stuff out within the BB house so she needs to use that to her advantage.


1:32 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb are getting ready for bed in the HOHR, they are also talking about Caleb was thinking about wanting to go for the money during the HoH comp, if it was more money it would have tempted him more. Cody, Christine, and Victoria are not being shown currently. Nicole and Derrick in the HN room are talking about Hayden. Derrick thinks Hayden is more intelligent than he presents himself. Nicole says if he was still in the house he would have one this last HoH comp because he played ice hockey for many years. Nicole is worried what competition is being built for the Veto comp tomorrow.


1:40 AM BBT Nicole thinks is more important for her to not win the HoH competitions since she wouldn't be allowed to compete the following week, and even though its risky its better for her to win each Veto comp to promise her safety. Derrick tells her that she is doing the best she can in her current situation. They are now talking about Dan Gheesling, Nicole says he played his social game the whole time in the BB house and when he needed to win a competition he was able to win. Cody and Christine in the FR are talking generally about production being able to hear them sometimes with their mics. Talk has quickly shifted to Disney movies and Cody's dislike for classic movies.


1:48 AM BBT Nicole tells Derrick that she was worried about coming back into the BB house because she would have to get into game mode again and face everything that comes with playing the game, and this was after she spent a week in the Jury house getting used to not playing anymore. She didn't want to stress staying alive in the game. Nicole says to Derrick that Caleb told her that even if she survived this week she would be targeted again next week. Derrick tells her that he if he survives the final days in the house he won't stress himself out trying to dodge eviction.


1:56 AM BBT Cody and Christine in the FR are talking about musicians. Still in the HN room, Derrick tells Nicole that Frankie, Caleb, and Cody have been playing great games, both social and with competitions and Nicole should be happy that she is playing BB with the best of the best. Nicole says to Derrick that she is sick and tired of the unanimous eviction voting and the first chance she gets she will break it. Derrick tells her not to say that out loud to anyone except him. Nicole says she thinks he will tell everyone anyway but Derrick asks her if anything she has ever told him been leaked. She says no. Nicole is back to worrying about the Veto competition tomorrow, she is most worried about Frankie winning. Then Nicole wonders to Derrick who Frankie will target after Nicole.

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2:05am Derrick and Nicole laying in the HN room talking about Donny. He says he knew he couldn't trust him when Donny told him that he had never talked about him. Christine and Cody are talking about where they like to go out, bars etc.


2:11am Derrick is telling Nicole that Donny is the reason that him and Hayden never got close. He says he never realized till this conversation right now and is saying that Donny should have volunteered to be a have not more so the girls didn't have to. Him keeping quiet wasn't a man move


2:14am Christine hugs Cody says shes going to the bathroom and goodnight because he might be out by the time she gets back. He laughs and says probably, goodnight.


2:18am Derrick and Nicole say goodnight to each other and try to snuggle into their have not beds.


2:30am All feeds on house guests snuggled up soundly in their beds.

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 9:00am All HG sleeping.


 9:27am We have FOTH maybe a wake up call.


 9:38am Frankie is in the HOH bathroom then leaves to go downstairs. Caleb still in hoh bed sleeping. All other HG appear to still be sleeping also as BB says The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.


 9:41am Frankie changed his batteries in the STR then goes back to bed with Caleb in the HOH rm.


  9:44am Christine gets up and turns on the light  to the rock br and Nicole gets up from the have not rm. they both go to the STR to change batteries. Nicole goes back to the have not br. Christine gets clothes from the dresser.


  9:50am Christine is now in the shower. Nicole went back to bed.

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 10:07am Christine brushed her teeth and is now putting on make up. All other Hg still in bed sleeping.


10:25am Christine has finished her make up and is now going back to bed.


 10:32am Nicole sitting up in her bed looking at her knee then gets up and goes to the DR.

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 10:34am Nicole comes out of the DR and goes to the Wa and is crying as she goes in the WC.we then get FOTH.


10:36am Christine is going to the DR and Nicole is changing her clothes. Nicole washing the paint off her legs then brushes her teeth. Cody is now up and in the STR changing his batteries.He then goes to the WC.


10:40am Christine is out of the Dr and goes right back to bed as she coughs all the way there. We now have FOTH again.


 10:42am Nicole is still in the WA cleaning her face . She then walks around and plugs in the flat iron for her hair.


10:49am Nicole is making herself a bowl of slop and making a pot of coffee.


10:51am Christine is now up and in the KT getting breakfast. Nicole says hey to her and Christine says nothing.


 10:56am Cody comes out of the DR humming and Christine laughs.

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#BB16 11:04AM BBT Nicole and Christine eating breakfast at the KT counter. No one speaking. Victoria comes out of DR and heads into the SR.


#BB16 11:05AM BBT Victoria opens a package of cookies and takes a few. Leaves the package open and heads to the KT. She still has her ankle wrapped and is limping. Caleb called to the DR.


#BB16 11:13AM BBT Derrick  Cody making breakfast. Christine talking to him. Caleb doing ADLs. Nicole doing make up. Victoria in the shower and Frankie still in bed.


#BB16 11:24AM BBT Victoria now walking around the house without her limp. Heads to the WC to do her makeup. Christine complaining that DR won't let her have meds. Frankie says he needs to ask for underwear because he doesn't have any. Christine walks into the WCA and whistles at the dress Victoria has picked out for the day.


#BB16 11:34AM BBT Victoria changes into a little red dress for the Veto draw. The rest of the HG moving around the house and general chatter.

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#BB16 11:43AM Victoria has changed into another outfit. Nicole finishes her makeup and hair and dressed up for the Veto pick as well. Christine and Cody and Frankie in the KT joking around.


#BB16 11:53AM BBT Victoria changes once more into pants. She continues to get ready in the WCA. We go to FOTH.

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12:05pm Frankie is walking around saying unbelievable and Caleb says  he called all three of them. everyone but Frankie is playing in the POV. Nicole picked Derrick and Christine picked Victoria and Caleb picked Cody. Frankie will be hosting.


12:08pm  Nicole is changing out of her dress to shorts in the WA. Christine and Cody are on the LVR couches not talking. Victoria, Caleb and derrick are at the table while derrick eats his slop.


 12:14pm Caleb is hiding by the STR door and scares Nicole as she comes out of the STR and she screams and says dammit you just took 3 years off my life.  Frankie still walking around complaining he didn't get picked for the POV. He says to Caleb Hey  if you had chose me with that HG choice then Christine would have drawn Cody and not Victoria.


 12:19pm Cody farts and Christine and Caleb are laughing and Caleb says that sounded like a little six year olds fart and they keep laughing. Frankie is in the HOH bathroom drawing a hot bath.  Nicole and Victoria are in the KT area stretching.


 12:23pm Derrick in HOH bed listening to music. Nicole and Victoria talking about Nicole bruising so easy right now and used to she didn't bruise easily.


 12:27pm Nicole tells Victoria that she was put back in this house for a reason so she needs to do something. Frankie in HOH rm telling derrick that it is unbelievable that he didn't get picked for Veto and this was the last time that he could have been picked for it.


  12:31pm Frankie drawing his bath says  hey if i get a hosting gig after this i can make more than half a million anyways  so that is the way i have to look at it.


12:37pm victoria and Nicole in the KT and Victoria is asking if there is 2 liters in a gallon? Nicole says i don't know. Victoria says there is 2 liters in a gallon and Nicole laughs and says stop  and they laugh. 


  12:44pm Christine and Frankie in the hoh bathroom talking about what they can do if derrick wins pov then he will keep it the same so Victoria wont go up  and Frankie says this is a game of chess.


 12:46pm Christine says i sat for 15 minutes eating breakfast with Nicole this morning and no talking it was very awkward and Cody says yeah Victoria is glad  Nicole is back cause there is another girl in  the house cause Christine  hangs with a man so she is more like a man.


 12:48pm Christine says it is nice Nicole being back in the house cause now Victoria doesn't talk to me anymore  about things she use to talk to me about. I don't care about watches and stuff.


 12:55pm  Frankie is out of the bath. Caleb is walking in the KT  where Nicole and Victoria are sitting and talking about how many liters are on a gallon. Caleb says to look on a milk jug.


 12:58pm derrick says if  Nicole wins the veto it is the worst  case senerio but if Victoria wins it i will have to stick with her all week till  it is over to make sure she wont use it. 

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 1:00pm Caleb says we will tell Victoria  if she wins the veto and she uses it then derrick will go on the block. Caleb says while we are here without Christine  what do you want to do if Nicole wins the veto cause i would put up Victoria so you want fame or game? Caleb says if that happens i would say tell Christine that it is game and you are going home cause  once we get to Victoria it is a free week.


1:05pm Frankie tells Caleb , Cody and derrick if you don't want to see balls hanging turn your head and Frankie starts getting his jeans on and Christine walks in the HOH rm and Caleb says if you don't want to see balls turn around and Christine stands there. Caleb says she wants to see cause she hasn't seen any in awhile. Frankie drops his towel to  a naked butt putting jeans on with no underwear.


 1:14pm Frankie goes to the have not rm to get him some clothes. Caleb in the HOh rm telling a story about him being drunk and going to a bar and meeting a band member of colt ford.He says his mom bought tickets to go see them a few weeks later and  when they went to see colt ford he realized they were fake tickets.


 1:19pm Caleb says when the  guard wouldn't let them in with the tickets Caleb told him he would call spanky from colt ford and the guard told him no don't call him and he and his mom were escorted in there and got pit passes.


 1:20pm Caleb says when Colt ford came out then Spanky seen him and  let him and his mom go to the side of the stage where they could see everything.


1:24pm Derrick says to Cody and Caleb that Frankie is covering his ass and that he doesn't want to send Christine out that he wants Nicole out. derrick says if Nicole wins who should we put on the block? Caleb says Frankie and i are close but we aren't that close after he threw me under the bus and all that stuff. derrick says  Frankie does not like us 3 alone so watch he will be up in a second.


1:27pm derrick says Frankie wants Nicole out so bad this week and only because  he knows that if Nicole wins HOH she is coming after his ass and his alone.


1:31pm Caleb says best thing to happen is Nicole loses today and we send her home worse case Nicole wins and we put up Victoria and Christine goes home. Then next week we get Nicole out. Derrick says if i win the veto i will pull Christine down but then  that is another person you have to put up and Caleb says i aint scared to put anyone else up.


 1:37pm Frankie in the Kt talking to Nicole about taking aleve for his hurting legs and hips.In the HOH rm Cody, Caleb and derrick repeating themselves about Nicole going home or one of the girls leaving.


  1:39pm Derrick watching the spy cam saying Frankie is setting himself up in case Nicole wins the veto look at him he cant stand her and he is talking to her. Frankie is called to the dr and they all start to get ready for the veto comp as Frankie is hosting.


 1:41pm Frankie gets his make up to put on before he goes to the DR.


 1:44pm caleb is using the WC and Derrick is  walking in the bathroom area in hoh rm talking to him about making it to final 4.


1:46pm derrick comes down stairs and Victoria says i made something for your daughter. he says my daughter and looks and says Victoria you are so talented as she made a rose out of play dough. He then ask where is the advile and says he is slamming three of them before the comp. 


 1:49pm Cody and Christine in bed in the rock br and Christine says my thighs are so tight and hurt. In the KT area Frankie is still doing his makeup. 


1:51pm Frankie spraying his hair and tells Nicole he is really surprised that Donny's name didn't get pulled today for veto comp.


 1:55pm Frankie is rubbing Caleb shoulders in the rock rm while they talk to Cody and Christine about monster drinks.

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#BB16 2:09PM BBT Caleb , Frankie and Christine listen while Cody reads the Bible.


#BB16 2:15PM BBT Frankie comes out and says that they are getting his costume for him and then he will go back into DR.


#BB16 2:23PM BBT The guys and Christine joke about drinking tonight. Frankie says he can go full drag tonight and get someone beer goggles. Frankie making sexual gestures and comments. In the KT Nicole and Victoria paint.


#BB16 2:31PM BBT Caleb is talking to Cody about the girls in Nashville and Dallas - how they would knock Cody's socks off. Cody says he doesn't wear socks. Caleb says if Cody is ever in Texas, he should go with him and watch him dance. Cody says he will see what happens. Frankie continues to decide what kind of make up he wants. he says he has to wait and see what his costume is like for the POV.

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#BB16 2:42PM BBT Christine, Cody and Derrick are in HOH talking about the Veto with Kathy Griffin. Talking about hos Frankie kept saying it was for Kathy. Caleb says he wanted her to say Beast Mode Cowboy but she kept saying Caleb. He wanted to go over and rip her esophagus out. says she could buy a new one on Ebay.


#BB16 2:46PM BBT Nicole in the bee hive giving herself a pep talk.


#BB16 2:48PM BBT We have moved to Jeff's reels. It's time for Veto! Who do you want to see win?

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5:02pm Feeds are back. Cody, Derrick, Nicole in WA.  Contestants are covered in colored goo.  Derrick cleaning in cold shower, Victoria in hot.  Cody blowing blue snot rockets loudly.   Nicole seems to have lost.


5:12pm in WA with Nicole, Cody, and Christine, Frankie says it was nice of "them" not to give the HG a physical veto, then muses that there have been a lot of near death experiences this season.

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5:11 bbt Christine won the POV

5:12 bbt Frankie in HOH bathroom with Caleb. Frankie is happy and he says that he loves when the plan works out. Derrick and Cody are in the shower and Vic and Chris are both drying their hair with a towel

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5:05 PM BBT
Feeds are back, they are cutting in and out. Christine has won POV!


5:13 PM BBT

It was a muddy pov, so most houseguests are taking showers and getting rid of the mud. Derrick tells Victoria that Nicole gave Donny a shoutout during the comp. Derrick tells Victoria it doesn't matter who the replacement nom is because Nicole is going home. He tells her anything is possible but Caleb isn't putting Frankie up, and he doubts it will be him. Victoria wonders if it could be Cody. Victoria tells Derrick she has been trying to talk to him the past few days but he's always with Cody. Derrick says we'll have time to talk in the next few days. She rolls her eyes and gets into bed. Derrick and Victoria are now changing after their showers under the covers.


5:20 PM BBT

Victoria tells Derrick they absolutely have to talk tonight in the house. Derrick says "Absolutely." Christine and Cody are super excited that Christine won. They are talking about how it was physical and also a mental puzzle at the same time. Nicole says she's glad to know that Christine could have gone on for a lot longer, because Nicole was ready to be done. Caleb and Frankie are talking about how they are glad for the win. Caleb says he's ready to get wasted tonight and relax. Frankie says he can barely move and he's going to just lay on the couch in the HoH room. Frankie asks Caleb who he is going to put up. Caleb and Frankie laugh, because they are putting up Victoria. They say she has no chance of winning at the double eviction so she's following her friend Nicole out of the house. They will for sure be the final 5 and their alliance makes it to the end. Frankie says we should throw the POV to Christine in the double eviction so we can send her out and the boys will be F4. Caleb says I'm scared for her to win, because she'll turn on us.


5:27 PM BBT

Frankie is trying to tell Caleb that Cody and Derrick may turn on them before final four and it may be in their best interest to strike first. Caleb says we don't know what anyone is going to do, but we need to get rid of Nicole, Victoria, and Christine in that order. Derrick comes in and the talk ends. Frankie asks Derrick if Nicole thinks she has a chance, Derrick says no, Nicole knows she's done. He says Victoria has already cornered him about going up but he blew her off until later. Frankie says Derrick did a good job. Derrick says he was one combination off, but he wasn't going to beat Christine. Christine was a genius in that game.


5:27 PM BBT

Frankie is trying to tell Caleb that Cody and Derrick may turn on them before final four and it may be in their best interest to strike first. Caleb says we don't know what anyone is going to do, but we need to get rid of Nicole, Victoria, and Christine in that order. Derrick comes in and the talk ends. Frankie asks Derrick if Nicole thinks she has a chance, Derrick says no, Nicole knows she's done. He says Victoria has already cornered him about going up but he blew her off until later. Frankie says Derrick did a good job. Derrick says he was one combination off, but he wasn't going to beat Christine. Christine was a genius in that game.



Frankie says that Cody and Christine are making out. The camera pans to them and Cody has his nose in the side of her neck. She is giggling. Cody is talking about how bad he was at the game.


5:33 PM BBT

Frankie tells Caleb and Derrick he made all the mushrooms they had yesterday for dinner. Derrick says he's fine with it and wants to eat something else tonight. They say tomorrow they want to do something fun in the house. Derrick says we have to have studying sessions. Caleb said they did what they had to do. Frankie is asking questions to Derrick and Caleb that involve before and after questions.


5:38 PM BBT

Cody called to the DR to get his dinosaur costume. He got it for going out first. Derrick and Frankie are talking. Derrick says that the DR told him Team America is not done. Frankie and Derrick are mad that they have to keep going, because they know America hates them now and will just give them impossible missions to eff with them. Derrick says we already lost 15k on those missions. Derrick says those TA missions were guaranteed money, but they lost it. Frankie blames their failed missions on Donny. He's 100% the reason that they lost. Derrick doesn't understand why Donny's fans would cost Donny 5k. He says they probably didn't like it. He admits it wasn't that great and Caleb wasn't in it at all. Derrick says he's not the best actor. Frankie says he wants to see the edit of the episode to see if it came across bad. Frankie says he thought it was over the top demoralizing the way Julie said "OVERWHELMINGLY no." Derrick said his heart broke a little. Derrick says they are going to get a new mission in the next few days. Derrick says when Cody and Caleb left the POV game, he was so worried Nicole would win. They are glad Christine took it.


 5:44 PM BBT

Frankie says America is just out to get them now. He wants to know how voting is done. Is it online or texting? He said maybe it's only the feedsters doing the voting. Derrick says he just wants to get the missions done. He's not super confident about the ones coming up, because he feels like CBS might have taken more money from them for some of the missions. Frankie says it's upsetting because we had no critieria. Derrick says "They clearly wanted the Donny thing." Frankie agrees. Frankie asks Derrick to use the remote so they can see when Cody is out of DR. Frankie would love to hide their alcohol tonight and just pour it down the drain. Derrick says, Who would we blame it on, Victoria? Derrick says he already took a penalty to get more money, but he does need it. Frankie says, "I just want to leave with 25k, because that's how much one school costs." Derrick and Zach say they can hang out and no one thinks anything, but when they hung out with Donny, everyone freaked out. Derrick says the few times he talked to Donny one on one early on, everyone assumed Derrick was pushing Donny to do stuff. Cody is out in a full fledged dinosaur outfit. Everyone loves it. Nicole says he looks super cute. Cody hates it, because if he lifts his arms it rides up his crotch. Frankie says his costume has a super small tail. Cody says, "I don't want to have a small tail." They talk about how Enzo from S12, had to wear a penguin suit.


5:52 PM BBT

Caleb is making weird beast noises. Cody wants to know if that's what a dinosaur sounds like. Caleb says that's what a wild cat sounds like. Caleb looks at Victoria's play-doh creations. He is impressed. He tells Victoria she's really good at it. He asks if she went to art school for college. She says no, but one of her good friends she's known since she was 12, taught her how to make sculptures. Christine and Cody are goofing around and talking about the POV. Cody says that DR told him he has to sleep in his costume. He can only have it off when showering. Christine and Derrick tell him that can't be right because both times Nicole had an outfit, she got to take hers off to sleep.

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8:00 PM BBT all HGs are in the kitchen arguing over who is coloured blind. They all think Caleb is slightly colour blind. So now they're quizzing each other on colours in the room.


8:06 PM BBT HG still in KT now arguing over the colour of the play dough  lids. Some HGs think its orange, and others think red. (Real excitement - CortneyIrene)


8:09PM BBT Frankie goes into the FR and  grabs two coloured bandanas. He goes back into the KT and asks the other HGs what colour the bandanas are. Caleb and Frankie are now arguing over who knows colours better. Frankie yelled that he is the gay guy he knows his colours. Caleb says which colour is the gay colour purple or pink. Frankie says its which ever colour I'm feeling at the time. Caleb says no its purple. 


8:13PM BBT the BY is now open and the HGs are excited. Caleb is excited that they got new real badminton birdies. They head outside and discuss who is going to play first. Christine asks if anyone has felt the hot tub yet. No one answers, so she checks herself and says oh yes its hot. Vic in the in WCA putting a bandana in her hair she calls for Derrick he doesn't reply so she heads out of the WCA. she sees Derrick and tells him she's going to bring him his blue sweater to be washed.


8:17 PM BBT we have Foth. Feeds are back. We have Derrick and Caleb playing pool in the BY

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9:00 PM BBT Cody is acting like a dinosaur in his costume. He gets told to, "Stop that." Everyone is goofing around. Cody flips the bird with both of his hands. Nicole and Derrick are in the LR, and Nicole says she has casted a vote in 6 weeks. Cody, Caleb and Christine are talking about alcohol in the KT.


6:04 PM BBT Nicole tells Derrick she is miserable, and she feels relieved that the pressure is off of her to have to win. She says that she isn't going to do anything to try to save herself. Derrick tells her to enjoy herself, and see what happens on Thursday. She says obviously there was a reason for her coming back in the house, and she doesn't want America to think she is weak. She says that she never thought going back in the house was this difficult. Victoria is in the KT with the other 3, and she is sitting at the table. Cody keeps being loud & obnoxious. We see FoTH.


6:09 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Derrick telling Nicole that he cried on National TV, with his head between his legs. She asks if he thinks her family is proud of her? He says, yes, and that he was asked that exact statement. We see FoTH.


6:10 PM BBT Live Feeds come back and Nicole says she wonders what Hayden will say. She says she's surprised with as far as she made it in that comp. Derrick says, they all were. Nicole says that Hayden probably had such high hopes for her, and she's only a 22-year-old girl who just graduated Nursing School. She's says that Hayden told her that is handling it so well, and that other people in her position wouldn't be able to handle it as good as she is. Cody and Christine are basically talking at the top of their lungs in the KT. Caleb is acting crazy right along with them. Nicole says she will definitely campaign for Derrick, and he says good luck. Derrick says he pulled a piece of plastic out of his arm. Nicole and Derrick are going to prep some mushrooms. Cody tells Nicole she looks absolutely gorgeous right now. Caleb says she is turning him on with her jeans on like that.


6:16 PM BBT Frankie heads downstairs, and doesn't have his microphone on, so he goes back up to put it on. Nicole says this is the first time she has worn jeans, and she's brought several pairs. Christine says she's worn them every day, and asks her why she hasn't worn them more. She says she doesn't know. All the HG's are talking about the comp they did. Victoria asks if she can paint Cody's face for the Photo Booth tomorrow? He says he hopes it's nothing crazy or anything. Christine is laughing and laughing and laughing at everything. Cody and Caleb are drinking wine. Caleb belched and did not say, excuse me. Frankie says, "Maybe I should do full drag tonight, and see what happens." Caleb says he could see Frankie on all fours, and uses a 2-liter bottle to pretend he's moving it in and out. (Disgusting.) Christine gives Cody a hug. The tag is sticking up on the neckline of the dinosaur costume. Cody flips off his head, and puts it back on.


6:22 PM BBT Caleb and Cody go to the HoHR, and Cody tells Caleb that Frankie was being a douche bag, and a d*ckhead. He says that he told Christine that he would of went all the way to the end with her. Cody says that Frankie is trying to cover his own asks. Caleb says if anyone else is up, that they will put him up. Caleb asks what his problem is? Caleb says that he knows if he takes him to the end, he will snake him. Cody tells Caleb that Frankie will not vote out Victoria on a DE. Caleb asks if he will send out Christine? Cody says that Frankie went to Christine about a F2 deal. Nicole is cutting up mushrooms on a cutting board at the Dining Room table. Frankie and Christine are talking at the KT table. Derrick is in fire room with Victoria. He asks her what the hell did he do in the last hour, and she says it's not the last hour. She is putting her hair up, and he tells her that goes so quick.


6:26 PM BBT Christine goes to the HoHR, and Caleb says, "We're talking game here, and you kind of ruined it." Caleb tells her that Frankie is starting to freak her out a little bit. He says that Frankie was worried that Victoria would win the Veto, and Caleb says, why in the world would he think she would win anything? He says Frankie knows that if Frankie and him go to the end, that he would beat him. Victoria is whispering to Derrick, and gets told, "Victoria, please put on your microphone." She says, "Oh, f*ck." Derrick says he'll be right back, and walks out of the fire room. Derrick goes to sit at the Dining Room table with Nicole.


6:29 PM BBT Frankie says if they are going to get drunk, he'll get a caffeine high. Derrick says he really doesn't drink that much anyway. Frankie says, wow, we are on Day 72. Caleb, Cody and Christine are still talking game in the HoHR. Nicole is asking when previous HG's left the house. Nicole asks how Frank got out of the house? She says, it had something to do with Dan, because he went back on his word. Derrick goes back to the fire room. Victoria asks him if he's cooking the mushrooms, and he says it's not going to be that much. HoHR convo is saying that they are all secure, and Frankie is paranoid, and running his mouth about everything. Victoria tells Derrick that she is worried about Christine.


6:33 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that Christine talks mad crap about her. Derrick tells her, it doesn't matter what she says about her. He says eventually they are going to go on the block, and they will have to win the comps to ensure their safety. He says from this point forward, we can't be BD'd. Victoria says that something is going on that doesn't make sense to her. She says, in every season people work together. She says, people are so fake. Derrick tells her, that's the game. She says, no it's not. She says that Cody is all over Christine, and Christine talks crap about everyone, she says she is so fake. Game talk still going on in HoHR. We see FoTH.


6:37 PM BBT Life Feeds come back with Christine saying she can't wait until they get Victoria out the house. She says, she will be so happy when she's gone, because she's useless. Caleb gets on his soapbox about winning the comps. He says, that's the name of the game. Cody says, you can't screw them over, and send them home earlier. Cody says, their alliance has been in power every time one of the alliance members went home. Caleb goes through the evicted HG's. Victoria tells Derrick that everything Christine is doing is disgusting, and she has the look on her face like she's actually sick. Victoria says that she asked Derrick to talk to him earlier, and he says he was doing the dishes, and then he talked to Christine for about 3 hours.


6:40 PM BBT Cody says he is crushing the dinosaur costume. Caleb says there are probably people out there that hate them. He says they are saying they are bullies. Christine says we are not bullies, and people probably are not saying that, unless they think we are bullies collectively as an alliance. Caleb says if he's not in the F2, he has a feeling that he WILL win America's Favorite Player. He says that Elissa won it because of her sister being on BB. Christine says that the Super Fans are going to vote the 10 times on their phones, and computers. She says if Frankie's sister asks people to vote for him, they may text one time. Derrick and Victoria are still talking about Christine. He says that she's coming off the block. Victoria says that she will be up, because Caleb doesn't want to get blood on his hands. She says, he's not going to put a guy up. He gives her a kiss on her forehead, and tells her there is blood on her pillow case, and asks if that's from her head? She says, yes.


6:45 PM BBT Derrick goes into the SR, and sees the mushrooms there, and says thank you to BB, and tells them they are the balls. He brings them to the Dining Room table for Nicole to cut them up. Frankie says, yeah, more mushrooms. Caleb tells Christine and Cody that his mom has been his Valentine for the last 4 years. He says they go on mom and son dates. He says he lives with his mom, and only has to pay his cell phone bill. Christine says, she wouldn't care if a guy lived with his parents. She says, they are saving money. She says, especially if you have a cool family. Cody says, at his age he can't bring someone home. He says, at 23 that's a big deal, and they may get mixed signals. Victoria asks Nicole is they want to have a face paint party tonight? She says maybe. Frankie is up in HoHR to feed the fish.


6:49 PM BBT Cody says that the dinosaur hat is so heavy, and Christine tries it on. Frankie, Christine and Cody are all in the bathroom while Frankie is feeding the fish. Nicole is in KT, and says, thank you for the opportunity to come back in this game, and she continues to talk to herself, hoping she did o.k.

6:51 PM BBT Nicole was sitting at the KT table, and camera 1 went to show Donny, Brittany, Caleb and Nicole's pictures on the picture boards. Derrick goes back in the KT, and Nicole asks if they are still planning on voting her out, and he says it definitely looks that way. Cody tells Caleb and Christine he wished he had focused on the rules in the beginning, and that he really wasn't ready for that. Christine says, she was shocked that it was him. Nicole and Derrick are talking about who is close with who in the house. Derrick gets told to readjust his transmitter. Frankie goes in the hallway upstairs, and tells Derrick, that smells so good. He goes back in HoHR. Cody asks what they are cooking, and he tells them garlic and mushrooms. He tells Frankie that he really didn't like the other mushrooms.


6:58 PM BBT Nicole tells Derrick that they shouldn't waste an HOH. She runs through if Frankie wins the DE, who does he think will go up? Derrick says probably him, and she says, most likely Cody. Nicole says that she's not close with Christine and Cody, and she thinks that Christine may want her gone. Derrick says that he's close to Cody, and they are playing a similar game. Nicole says that this is a great BD opportunity for Caleb to get Frankie out, but that's his best friend in the house. She says, she can't say anything, but she doesn't want people to think she threw in the towel, and didn't try to stay. Derrick tells her she loves her swag. She tells him that she doesn't know what she can promise him. He says it would have to be Dan Boogie move.


7:01 PM BBT Nicole says if she's up against Victoria, anyone would be stupid to keep her. Derrick says that he will probably go up, and she tells him that she's 99% sure he will not go up. Nicole asks him if he thinks that Cody would take him to the F2, or Christine? He says, at this point he may take him, since he can't win the comps. Derrick says the alliance was created by Zach, and he knew Zach wasn't going to honor it. Nicole says, she thinks he would. Derrick says, he talked to her, and everyone. She says, he bullsh*ts her. Derrick says, he tried to work with him. Nicole says, "This is a tough spot, Nicole you just needed to freaking win the competition." Derrick takes the cooked mushrooms out of the pan. He puts oil in the pan, and gets ready to cook the portobello mushrooms. Derrick shouts-out to Jana and Tenley, tells them he loves them, and says he's DAD BOT sore. He says he's sorry it's late, but they had a comp today. He says, he's counting down the days to be with them. Nicole says, now she's going to beat herself up for not winning that comp. She says, now she's getting pi$$ed.


7:06 PM BBT Derrick shouts-out to Joker's and Hamster Watch, and asks them if they like Nicole, and says, he's sure they do. He asks where she is on the charts? He wonders what the nutritional value is in mushrooms. Victoria says it's not like Kale. She is upset that her Playdoh project she made for Tenley is breaking apart. She says, it's making her sad. She wants Derrick to hold it on the flight home. He's says it will break, and she will try to eat it. Victoria says, you will do anything for Tenley. The 4 HG's in the HoHR and talking about what they remember when someone talks to them.


7:10 PM BBT Nicole asks Derrick not to say anything about what she said. He says, "I'm going to tell them everything." She says, she hopes not. Nicole put pickle juice and mayo in a mixture for the mushrooms. HoHR convo is about what they call their family members. Cody says he's not making cookies every night, because that will make him look like Zach. Caleb asks about the fish light, and if that means the camera is not on them. Frankie says, no, the light is always on, but the camera may not be on the fish. Christine asks about Caleb's military cover. He says the back has a velcro spot to change the name on the back, and the insignia can be changed. He tells her that you start out as an E-1, and he was an E-4. He shows her that there is a little pocket on the inside. Christine asks if he ever talks to Gippy. He says, every once in a while on Facebook.


7:15 PM BBT He tells Christine that Panda on Playboy Live TV is a friend of him. We see FoTH. When Live Feeds come back, Caleb obsesses about his military rank, and how to properly address someone.  Mushrooms are done in the KT. Nicole is sitting on the couch in the WA. Caleb can't keep his mouth shut about where the cameras are positioned in the HoHR. Frankie tells him that the joystick guy controls them. He wants to be the center of attention on the cams. We see FoTH. When Live Feeds come back, they all leave the HoHR. Caleb pretends to fall at the bottom of the stairs, because he wants everyone's attention. Frankie goes behind him, and hugs him, and tells him he will help him. Cody says that he did it on purpose for the attention, and he doesn't buy a single minute of it. Caleb puts his hat on Nicole's head. Cody goes up behind Christine at the KT table, and tries to scare her, and mess around with her. Caleb starts to sing.


7:21 PM BBT Christine says, "Drink a lot of wine, drink a lot of wine." Frankie says, "Drink a lot of wine, get f*cked up, then f*ck me." Caleb does a Larry the Cable Guy impression. Nicole says they had more than one dinosaur costume. Cody starts acting like a dinosaur. Cody drank some beer out of the bottom of the can. Frankie says they are on their 4th beer, and they are drinking some wine. Frankie asks, how many beers until Cody's eyes get crossed? He says, he's starting to feel it. Caleb belches and doesn't say excuse me, and doesn't excuse himself. Caleb has his military cover on his head tilted and sideways. He takes it off, belches again, without saying excuse me, and puts it back on the right way. He's telling Nicole to help hold him up, because he can't do it himself. Christine will not stop laughing.


7:25 PM BBT Christine is asking what they are going to do on the episodes now since they only had one competition. Caleb is laughing uncontrollably because he and Cody are very tipsy already. Cody tells Victoria is she falls behind, she gets left behind. She says, huh? She was in the WA, and walks to the KT. She says she wants to drink with them, but it's really early. She says, aren't we having a paint party tonight? Caleb says it's like 8 p.m., and she says it's 7:30 p.m. Caleb says they are going to have DR's, and she says, they aren't going to do DR's while we're drinking, no way. Caleb says they did DR's once before when they were drinking, and we see FoTH.


7:28 PM BBT Feeds come back, and Victoria says, she's hot to hang on. Cody says, you are hot, and Caleb agrees. Caleb puts something in his shirt to make it look like he has boobs, and tells Victoria that they both have boobs. Christine laughs about it. Cody and Caleb have another glass of wine ready to chug. They says cheers, and Cody starts to drink his, while Caleb says, he watching to make sure he does it. Caleb says, that's a headache. He tells him he will punch him in the snout so hard, and punches the dinosaur head. Cody took it off his head, and the head is made on a ball cap. Caleb belches again, and doesn't say excuse himself. He talks about a cooter, and laughs. Nicole talks about her Germitard. Frankie says his face is all messed up, and Nicole says her face has gotten bad since going back in the house. Frankie asks if it really cleared up for the week she left, and she says, yes.


7:33 PM BBT Cody is giving Caleb military commands, and he can't remember how to do "Present Arms." Victoria, Nicole and Frankie are sitting at the Dining Room table. Derrick is still cooking the mushrooms on the stove. Caleb still explains the military commands to everyone. Camera 1 gets a close up on Nicole's photo on the Photo Wall, over Frankie's shoulder.


7:36 PM BBT Victoria is using a skewer stick to put face paint on her face. Caleb says he can't really remember the military commands, because it's been since 2010 since he did any of his military stuff. Caleb is pretending to be dead on the floor in the KT, with Cody pretending to save him. Caleb screams, and gets up. He still cuts up, and acts a fool, while wearing a military cover.


7:38 PM BBT Drinking is still going on in the house. Everyone is having general chit-chat.


7:44 PM BBT We have been seeing FoTH off and on for the past few minutes. Caleb was singing just before it came up this time. Nicole and Derrick are eating at the Dining Room table.


7:46 PM BBT Caleb says he's going to get called to the DR, and we see FoTH again. Live Feeds come back, and Frankie is now sitting at the Dining Room table. Frankie and Derrick are chomping up a storm, like they haven't eaten for a year. Cody readjusts his dinosaur hat, and Frankie says, there you go, with a mouth full of food, a few times. Christine keeps laughing incessantly.


7:50 PM BBT We see FoTH again for a few moments. Live Feeds come back, and Nicole tells Cody about a slide comp. We see FoTH again. Live Feeds come back with Cody still talking about comp, and playing with his dinosaur hat. He takes it off his head, and is holding it in his right hand. He sets it down for a few moments, and puts it back on his hand. Christine is trying to jump in the conversation. She burps, and you can see it in her left cheek, she doesn't say excuse me. She then picks eye boogers with her right hand, and crumbles them to the ground. Then, she uses her hand to lift her glasses to make sure she doesn't have anymore. Frankie starts talking about Survivor, and we see FoTH.


7:53 PM BBT When Live Feeds come back, Derrick asks Nicole what time it is, and she tells him it's 7:50 p.m. Caleb tells Victoria he wants the face paint to paint. Victoria tells him she wants to paint. Caleb gets dramatic, saying he couldn't breath the comp. Christine laughs up a storm, and stops on a dime. Victoria is painting Frankie's face. Caleb says he couldn't tell the colors on the wires. Frankie says he's color blind, it's o.k. Caleb says, he's not color blind. Frankie says that he thinks that Julie Chen's dresses are red every week. Christine says you can get the shades of the colors mixed up if you are color blind. We see FoTH.


7:57 PM BBT Live Feeds come back on with Caleb saying he was not the only one thinking that Julie's dress was red last week. Frankie says it's not red, it's a type of pink, and Nicole saw it in person, and said it was pink. Caleb asks Nicole if Julie's dress was the same color as Frankie's shirt. Cody asks Julie's dress was the color of the dress she wore out of the house, and Nicole says yes. She says she will show them the dress, because they were the same color. She goes to get the dress, and says she'll be right back. The HG's at the table are still debating the color at the Dining Room table. Frankie says he did not say it was pink, that it was neon coral. Cody says Nicole's dress is red. Frankie says her dress is red. Caleb grabs the dress, and says it's more red. Nicole says it's a coral color. Cody keeps saying the dress is red, and she says it's not red. Derrick gets a D-Bomb Holla, and responds to it. Caleb says he could be wrong about that dress being red, but it's NOT pink. He and Cody keep going back and forth.


8:02 PM BBT All HG's are now arguing over the color of the dress that Nicole wore out of the house. They take the Playdoh cans to hold them up to see which can it was closest to. He says it's red. Derrick gets two more Holla's, and responds to them. Nicole is saying that the dress color is not the color of the Playdoh can. They continue debating the color of the dress. Caleb says it's not red, so that's all that matters. Caleb says, it's NOT pink, and so does Cody. Victoria is still painting on Frankie's face with the face paint. Caleb is adamant about being right about the color of the dress, and continues to go on and on, and says, he's still not color blind. He says the one he got wrong was grey and blue, which he can tell the difference of. Caleb says, "Frankie just suck it." Frankie says, "I like to suck it." "I would be happy to suck it, keep drinking."


8:07 PM BBT Caleb take objects to compare colors about the dress. He says the shirt he is wearing is red, and then changes it to say it's a red orange. (The color of the shirt he is wearing right now is peach). Cody tells him he needs to go back to school and learn his colors. Nicole says she is a little color blind, but knows the major color. Christine says that Tim is color blind, because he thinks his families van is green, and it's blue. Frankie takes clothes to color to Caleb for him to tell the difference. Caleb says, he worked at Lowes, and there are 200 shades of each color, and there are different variations. Frankie says, "You worked at Lowe's, I'm the homosexual, I know more about colors than you." Caleb says, "Is purple or pink the gay color?" Frankie says, "It depends what mood I'm in." Caleb says, "No, purple is the gay color." Nicole says, "When Frankie says something is cute, than it's cute." Nicole says he would take Frankie's opinion 10 times more than Caleb's.


8:13 PM BBT Nicole says, "Oh my gosh." Cody says, "I can't wait to get the BY open." The BY opens, and they all go out. Nicole asks what they got, and Frankie says, Badminton. Frankie goes to the BY, and says he can't wait to play you at pool while you are drunk, you are going to lose. Caleb and Derrick start a pool game, and Caleb shouts out to Joker's and Hamster Watch. He asks what's going on, and says, that he's playing DAD BOT at table. Christine says that the hot tub is really hot, and she doesn't know how long she will be able to last in it. She goes by the pool table, and Caleb says, we just literally had an argument over colors for over 30 minutes. He says if you take red and pink and put it together, that's what it looked like. We see FoTH.


8:17 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Frankie going behind Caleb, and Caleb says, "Frankie, you are not getting in my butt tonight." Frankie says, "Whoever loses the game goes on bottom." Caleb says, "Whoever loses the game has to jump in the pool." They all agree that they pool table is leaning to the left, and they try to fix it. Victoria goes to the BY. Cody is in the KT playing with his dinosaur hat, and singing. We see FoTH for a moment. Life Feeds come back with Cody taking a drink of the wine is his glass. Christine laughs at him, and walks out with him. Victoria says she's drinking her wine know, and won't be able to find anything. Frankie sings the dinosaur song, and tells Cody, that will probably play tomorrow morning. We hear, "Please, stop singing." Cody asks why he keeps getting called out like that. Frankie says, because they hate me. Ever since Zach left, they are on me now.


8:21 PM BBT Frankie says he will work out tomorrow. Cody says he can't work out all week in the costume. Caleb wins a game over Derrick by 2 balls. Derrick says he's not better when he's drunk, but he did beat him. He tells Caleb that he missed 4 shots that he will never have missed. Caleb starts to sing. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Caleb saying it was not him, and he wants them to apologize or he will sing all night. We hear, "Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Please, stop singing." Christine says, they still put your name in it. Caleb starts to sing again as he goes to take a shot on the pool table, and we see FoTH.


8:25 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Nicole lying on the couch, and Victoria sitting by her. Caleb is not in the BY. Frankie says the pool table is leaning. Frankie, Cody and Christine are by the pool table. Frankie asks, "Is he getting yelled at?" Christine says, "I don't know." Cody says he hopes they don't get called in for DR's tonight. Nicole says the same thing, and then says, if they want to get it over with tonight go ahead. She asks Victoria if that's her first glass of wine, and she says, "Yes, that's all there is, they drank it all." Cody starts singing again, and we see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back with Frankie taking a pool shot. Victoria tells Nicole she's going to say hi to him, and Nicole tells her to come back. She walks away, and says, what's up Live Feeders, and then walks over to the hammock to talk to Derrick. She sits on the hammock, and says she has to rock it slow. He says, o.k.


8:28 PM BBT Caleb comes to the BY, and says, he told them how it was. He says, they asked him to stop singing, or they have to block it out, and it's a pain in the butt. He says they told him that they can't always see his face, and he blamed Cody. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back with Cody having issues with his costume. Caleb tells him to say something, and they may make a bigger hole in the top. Cody belches, and Caleb says, "Excuse you." He says, "I wasn't singing at all." We see FoTH yet again.


8:31 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Caleb asking Cody if he drank the red wine, and Cody says, "Yeah, I crushed it." Caleb is laughing at him. Cody tells Victoria he gave her a big glass, and poured himself a small one. He says, you make me look like an asshole. He says, "I'm not going to be a Jeremy, and be an asshole." Caleb tells Victoria that he has a beer upstairs if she wants it. Cody says, "Now I'm going to crush this ball." Caleb tells Cody that he's being like Jeremy. Cody says, "No, Jeremy was an asshole." Caleb says, "I was not singing at all, and I got called out." Nicole says, "Caleb, drop it." Cody says, "Yeah, drop it d*ck hole." Frankie says, "I like d*ck hole." We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back up for a moment. We see FoTH again. Life Feeds come back, Frankie tells Caleb, "I just want to feel if it's hard." Caleb says, "If I was hard you would see it from there, and you'd be able to play pool with it." Victoria tells Nicole that Cody doesn't, "Give two f*cks about her (Christine) because she's married."


8:33 PM BBT Nicole says that Derrick gave her some compliments last night, and he's really nice guy. Victoria says, "I love him so much, I love him." Nicole says, "I hope Christine leaves after me." She tells Victoria not to say anything, and she says, "Never." They talk about the comp today, and how Nicole forgot the sequence of the wires.


8:38 PM BBT Victoria tells Nicole about different people in the house. Christine is lying on the hammock with Derrick. Nicole tells Victoria that she can talk to her anytime, while she's still there. She tells Victoria that Caleb is not going to put up a boy. Victoria says, Caleb was joking with Christine, and asked her not to use the Veto, so he doesn't get any blood on his hands. Christine tells Derrick she is VERY happy she won the Veto. She is whispering to Derrick, and says that her and Cody are getting very frustrated. Derrick tells her the Caleb hasn't put up his replacement nom yet, so they need to be careful. She says, Nicole goes first, and then when we get to the F5, there is someone that we need to get out. Derrick says, "Honestly, the way that Nicole has been playing, she does not have it anymore." Christine agrees, and says, "Her heads out of it." Derrick says, wasn't Frankie up there, no, he went up later. Christine laughs, and turns it off again, on a dime.


8:42 PM BBT Frankie is going nuts, running around the BY. Nicole says, he doesn't even act his age. Christine is laughing her butt off, and Nicole says, softly, "Christine, shut the F up." She says she can't even fake laugh, and can not stand her. She says she's ruining her experience in the house again. Christine cracks her knuckles while lying on the hammock again. Derrick tells Christine that Nicole was talking good about her when they were cooking mushrooms. Christine says that she told her she really likes her. Derrick tells Christine that she actually was talking highly of her, and he says she's not going after either one of them. Derrick says that she told him everyone knows who she would want out, and he's the only person that doesn't want me here. Victoria goes to sit by the hammock. Cody sits on the couch in the BY, and asks Nicole if she likes his costume, and if he looks like a dinosaur. He says, "I can't believe that I have to wear this for 7 days." She says, "You are talking to the wrong person." He is talking some more, and she says, "I lived through mine."


8:47 PM BBT Nicole asks Cody, "Are you drunk?" Cody says, no, and asks Caleb if he's drunk, and he says no. Cody asks Caleb where his Bud Light is? He doesn't answer. Convo by the hammock is about people talking in different accents when they talk. They all say they want some chocolate. Victoria says they still have all the candy from the movie night. Christine says she can't eat anything that left in a drawer, because of the soy and gluten. Derrick says he was going to get some candy right now, and then he says, "Being a HN sucks." Nicole tells Caleb that being a HN stinks. Frankie goes by Derrick, and Derrick says, "How many times are you going to grab my d*ck today?" Frankie says, a lot. Derrick says, "Because that's 3 times now." Nicole tells Caleb how she had a medic look at her leg today, because she has bruises from the ice bed, that's giving her knee problems. She says she is full from the mushrooms, and Cody and Caleb say that is good.


8:51 PM BBT Victoria is walking back to the couches, and Cody tells her she's about half way gone. Caleb asks Nicole is she misses Hayden, and says, not so much? She says, "If I sit here and think about him, I really miss him." She tells Cody that she's lost a couple pounds, so she looks different now. Cody says, his girlfriends are smoking hot. Caleb asks Nicole if she sees a good looking guy, does she think he's smoking hot? She says, that she doesn't like a guy until she talks to him. Caleb says, that's not the question. So, you are attracted physically first. We see FoTH.


8:55 PM BBT Live Feeds come back. Cody asks Nicole, "Did you think Hayden was hot, when you first saw him?" She says, "I'm attracted to Hayden because of his personality." She says, "When I first saw Hayden, I knew I would like him." Christine gets up off the hammock, and says, "I need to get into this." She goes to the couches. Caleb, Cody and Victoria are grilling Nicole of how she likes Hayden. Christine is standing there listening. Nicole says, "Hayden's personality made me like him." Caleb says, "But, weren't you attracted to him by his looks first?" She says, "No, I talked to him, and it made me attracted to him." Derrick talks to Frankie about voting for the next TA Mission. He says, America should of already voted. Derrick says, "As a boycott, no one is voting." Frankie says they didn't get one mission, because frankly, he (Donny) had to go. Derrick says for it to be a successful mission, involving Donny, we would of had to get him off the block. He says that they only had to the end of the Veto meeting to accomplish it. Everyone by the couches won't leave Nicole alone.


8:59 PM BBT Cody asks Nicole if a guy like Caleb walked up to her, would she be attracted to him, and she told him, they would have to have the total package. She says, she doesn't just go on the guys looks. Cody says there is love at first sight. Christine says that's not possible. Cody says, yes it is, because it happened with one of his girlfriends. Then he says, it's lust at first sight. Then he says is there a difference between lust or love at first sight? Christine says there can't be love at first sight. Victoria jumps into it, and says her sister and her husband did, and he told her that he would marry him the first day he say her. We see FoTH.


9:03 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with the convo still going on by the couches about love and lust at first sight. Derrick and Frankie continue to talk about the TA Mission. Frankie says, "Can I get a Holla?" Derrick says, "It's definitely coming now that you said that." Derrick says he wishes that they would say everyone's names, and Frankie says, they won't because he got it. Victoria is yelling about there being love at first sight. Christine says, she doesn't believe there is love at first sight, she says, you can want to marry someone at first sight.


9:07 PM BBT Frankie says he can't wait to watch the show and see the jury house with Donny walking into the jury house, and then Nicole walking in. He gives an evil laugh, and says, "We're diabolical." Derrick tells him this is a tough week, and we have to win. Frankie says, "Yes, we have to beat Victoria." Derrick says, "If by some reason she can pull it off, one of us are going home." Derrick says, "Christine has built a little resume going on, she's doing it quietly though."


9:09 PM BBT Derrick says, they may find out that Christine is some type of genius. Frankie says he believes that Cody is who he says he is, and Caleb is some version of who he says he is. Derrick says that Cody is the all-around American guy. Frankie talks about the F4, and the one HOH being in control, and, he says yes, but you have a comp though. Victoria asks Derrick if he knew that he was going to marry his wife at first. He says he knew that she was different than any other girl he had ever dated. He says you can be attracted to someone's looks, but not in love at first sight. Caleb says that he is definitely attracted to looks first, and then if they open there mouth, and act stupid, he says, I'll catch you on the flip side, maybe I wasn't myself for a moment. Cody talks about a girl using Smirnoff Blueberry, and then he says she told him to take a shot, and she would be his chaser. He says he was a Freshman, and then was obsessed with her.


9:13 PM BBT Cody says that girl was not a 10, 9, or an 8. He says he still thinks about her to this day. He says that his last girlfriend was a 10, but he was not in love with her. He says he was in love with a girl that was a solid 7. He says they dated, he was in love with her, and she cheated on him, and broke his heart. He says he saw her a little while ago, and still loves her. He says, her boyfriend right now is amazing, and he respects him. Caleb says his last girlfriend was a 10 1/2. Derrick and Frankie are talking about the end of the game. He says if anyone finds out they won the TA money, neither one of them will get it. He says they are talking about Caleb and Cody, but Christine is catching up to them quickly. He says, she is playing a good game. He tells Frankie that they think he's better than Christine, and he has a better game. He says that may come back to hurt him, because he's better than her. He says that the jury votes will hurt him in the end. Derrick says, in a perfect world for Frankie to guarantee he wins, he would have to get there with Victoria.


9:18 PM BBT Caleb talks about his ex-girlfriend. He says that when he found out that she was a stripper, he was not attracted to her anymore, because what she was doing was unattractive to him. He says, that she would be doing that to others also, and he says, that he told her when she quits that, then come talk to him. He says that when she quit, he took her out on a date, because he found that attractive. Caleb says he took a girl to Olive Garden, and she was made at him. Christine asks him if he only dates stuck-up girls? Cody says when he dates a girl, he's bringing her to the city. Nicole says she is going inside to get a snack. Victoria asks Cody if she can have a Zebra cake, and he says yes. She goes inside the house with Victoria. Christine starts laughing, and then snorts like a pig. The 3 of them talk about saying bye to Nicole, and then talk about the wine again. Caleb talks about his ex-girlfriend Sadie James being exotic, and says she's Italian.


9:23 PM BBT Frankie says he literally has his nose up everyone's a$$holes. Derrick says he doesn't like being that guy, Spencer. Frankie says, what? You haven't even gotten on the block once. They do a high-5. Derrick tells Frankie that he's only been up once. Frankie says he has not made any enemies, and no one has ever mentioned his name to him. Victoria saves Nicole from eating something while she's a HN. She says that Caleb keeps asking her to cuddle, and she doesn't know if he's joking or not. She says she wants a cookie, and she's hungry. She says she hates drinking, because she gets hungry. Nicole says she hopes they stay good friends after this, and Victoria says, she hopes so also. She tells Nicole it's up to her, and Nicole says, she will stay in touch, Victoria says she will too.


9:26 PM BBT Derrick says, "DE, Nicole goes home, and then Victoria goes home." He says, then the next HOH is going to be tough. He says he would love to be that HOH, but doesn't know if he can do it. He says if he wins it, he'll get a Frankie Grande shot to the gut. He says, these people are going up, and that's it. Frankie says, if he wins HOH, he will put up Caleb and Cody for sure. Caleb is talking about himself again, and says he a way above average guy, and he's way up there. Nicole is sitting on the couch listening to them talk, and making some faces. Cody and Caleb are going back and forth.


9:29 PM BBT Derrick keeps giving a pep talk to Frankie. They are both saying they are so close. He tells Frankie if he takes him, they will take some trips together. Frankie says he will plan some trips. Derrick says he has to win some comps to save himself. He says he keeps getting second or third in every one. Victoria goes back over by the hammock, and sits on the ground, and holds a pillow in her lap. She is watching them talk about only 1 or 2 Veto's left. Cody and Caleb talk about someone out in one punch.


9:31 PM BBT Victoria was telling Frankie and Derrick that she didn't understand the comp. She says, if she understood it, she would of had it. Cody and Caleb give everyone advice on fighting, and if someone comes in your personal space. Cody says he was jumped, and he walked away with his hand swollen, and his face not touched. He says the other guys didn't look the same anymore. Caleb says he doesn't really like to fight anymore. Cody says it's because they are pretty boys. Caleb says he would rather buy someone a beer instead of fighting them. He has the first few buttons on his shirt unbuttoned exposing his chest. Derrick says if it comes down to Caleb and Cody in the F2, who does Frankie think would win? Frankie says, he would vote for Caleb, for sure. He says that most people in the jury would vote for Caleb over Cody. They are both saying that Caleb is a loyal dude.


9:36 PM BBT Cody says it's not right if another guy grabs his girls butt. He says he would provoke them, and then beat their a$$. Caleb says, if his girlfriend told him someone grabbed her butt, he would ask her who. He says he would go and grab their butt back, and if they ask why he did that, he would say, he did it because you grabbed my girlfriends butt. Nicole says that she would just kiss her boyfriend, and make sure the guy saw her doing it. Christine says, it happened to her, but she never told Tim. Nicole asks Cody to start his story over, and Caleb laughs. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Victoria keep saying they are going to be woke up tomorrow to do DR's and get ready for the Photo Booth, because they want them to look good. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Derrick says he's going to the bathroom, and while he's there, he's going to think about something to make with the slop. Victoria asks if she can help him, and he says yes. Victoria and Derrick get up to go inside. We hear, "HG's this is a lock down, please go outside."


9:41 PM BBT Derrick says, we got ya, it should be to go inside. Victoria says she heard someone yelling. Christine says, don't talk about it. All HG's are inside, and Cody and Caleb are in the HoHR. Derrick, Victoria, Christine and Nicole are in the KT trying to figure out what to make for a slop snack.


9:45 PM BBT Frankie goes to the HoHR, and Caleb says a fight for him is to stay alive. Caleb says the love at first sight bit again. HG's in the KT preparing the stuff for the slop snack. Cody sitting on couch with his arm around Cody. Derrick is in HoHR, and goes to the bathroom. Cody and Frankie both have arms around each other now, on the couch. Derrick comes out of the bathroom. All are talking about their ex-girlfriends. Christine is eating something at the KT table. She says she wonders who the viewers at home are voting for. Nicole says she was thinking the same thing also. Nicole makes a frosting for the snacks that are in the oven.


9:51 PM BBT General girlfriend chit-chat going on in the HoHR. Victoria sings in the KT, and we hear, "Please, stop singing." Victoria says, "O.K., fine." Cody asks if anyone heard what the people outside hollered? Caleb and Derrick both say, no. Derrick says, it just sucks, because they are stuck inside now. He says, they're not going to talk about it now. Frankie goes to the bathroom to get his toothbrush. He brushes his teeth standing in the HoHR. Caleb told Derrick that Cody is smashed. He turns up the music, and puts the headphones on. Derrick walks out of HoHR. Frankie goes back in the bathroom.


9:55 PM BBT Derrick goes to the KT, and says they are making muffins. Christine says that Nicole is making an icing. Derrick says someone else in the house made an icing, and Nicole says, it was Amber. She says, she's not sure how she made it, but she tried, and it's in the freezer. Derrick looked in the SR for an ingredient, and it's not there. He says he wants a list of things he can put into a sauce. Cody bounces down on the couch in the HoHR, and his dinosaur head falls behind the couch. Cody says he wishes there wasn't a DE, and Frankie says, it's going to be so awesome, and it's going to be like cake. He says, Nicole's going to go home, and then Victoria is going home. He says, it will be the F5 hanging on a wall. Cody says that Nicole can't campaign now. Frankie says, she knows she's going home, and you can stick a fork in her, because she's done.


10:00 PM BBT Nicole says, "What if the season is extended another week, and there's no DE?" Victoria says, another whole week, I don't think so. Derrick talks about the ingredients in the slop. Frankie goes down to the KT. Cody asks Caleb if he saw who just came up and talked? He says, that was legit. Caleb holds his flag, and says, he loves this flag, straight up. Cody says, yep, absolutely. Caleb says, that's straight up America right there. Frankie is complaining in the KT about not being able to walk. He says he wants to be upstairs though, because Cody is getting closer to him, and he loves it.

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8:23PM BBT Nicole is laying in the BY on the couch talking to herself. BB warns Caleb, Cody and Frankie to start signing. So they start singing again, and we get Foth.


8:25Pm BBT Vic joins Nicole on the couch in the BY. Nicole is saying how she can't enjoy any of the wine or beer since she's a HN. She said she wish she would have won. Nicole says she hopes theres no DR sessions tonight. 


8:28 PM BBT Vic joins Derrick on the hammock. Vic is asking Derrick that if she goes up does she need to campaign. Derrick says no you don't need to do that. We get Foth again.  Feeds are back. Vic tells Derrick she's tipsy. Vic sees something on Derricks eye and asks to get rid of it for him. Derrick says sure. We get Foth once again.


8:31 PM BBT feeds are back. Caleb and Vic have joined Nicole on the couches in the BY.  


8:34 PM BBT we get Foth again. Feeds are back Nicole and Vic are laughing on the couches. Nicole says he's so funny. They start talking about Derrick and how much they love him. Nicole says she's so upset that Christine beat her today. Vic says she didn't understand one of the questions. Vic thought she has the competition in the bag. Vic says she was trying to talk to derrick about things in the game. Derrick told her that she has to stop taking things personally. 


8:40 PM BBT Nic says she really wishes she would have one. She thinks its going to be a double eviction and she comments on how someone doesn't even know that they will be leaving the house right after she does.


8:43 PM BBT Christine and Derrick are laying on the hammock. Christine is laughing at the boys playing pool. Derrick tells Christine that Nicole says nice things about her. Christine says that she really likes nicole and that was nice of her. Derrick says its obvious who she is going after and its not you and its not me. Vic comes visits Vic and Derrick in the hammock. They're now talking about the pronunciation of the word water. 


8:50 PM BBT Nicole, Caleb and Cody are sitting on the couches talking about Nicole being a HN. Nicole said she had to see a medic today to look at her  bruise on her leg. She says she sleeps with one thin pillow under her but it doesn't help. She says she's very tried from being a HN its a hard life. Nicole talks about the tofu and says she didn't like the texture of them. She loves mushrooms, Cody and Caleb says they both hate mushrooms. Cody says thats why he didn't volunteer the be a HN. Caleb asked Nicole if she misses Hayden. She says not really unless she thinks about it. Cody says he would give Nicole a 10/10. Caleb says he would give Nic a solid 8/10. He then says he only dates 8's and up. Cody says his girlfriends are NEVER smoke bombs. Nicole says she likes people for their personalities. We get Foth


9:00 PM BBT Nicole Cody Caleb Chris and Vic are talking about love at first sight. Nicole argues that its not their looks you fall in love with its their personality. Christine says to cody you've never fallen in love at first sight. Cody says that his last gf was not love at first sight. He found he hott. Christine says thats lust at first sight. Vic says that her sister and her husband were love at first sight. He said I'm going to marry this lady. 


9:04 PM BBT Fankie and Derrick are on the hammock. Frankie says they have been in control every week. Derrick says Caleb has played a very respectful game, and that he's sincere, and he has won some big comps. Frankie comments on how Caleb says that no one can beat him in competitions. Frankie begs to differ. Derrick says cody's a beast as well. Frankie says any of us sitting next to Cody would lose, and Caleb we would have a fighting shot. Derrick thinks that Nicole, Donny and Hayden will vote as a group. Derrick says this is going to be a tough week and we need to win the double evict. 


9:20 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick still laying in the hammock. Derrick says we are definitely in the home stretch man, double evict done. Frankie says that I don't think anyone is afraid to take you forward with them. Derrick says I think I've been a good solider. Frankie says your social game is almost through the f*cking roof you have never been on the block. Frankie says Nicole turned the entire house against him. Frankie tells Derrick that no one has ever mentioned his name to him in this game and to take it as a good thing. Derrick agrees.



9:25 PM BBT Derrick "Honeslty for me maybe I would mention TA. Because between you and me I wouldn't have anyones vote" Frankie said he should have been HG choice for the veto comp instead of Cody. Derrick says Nicole goes home and if its a double evict then Vic goes home.  


9:51 PM BBT Nicole, Christine and vic are in the KT. making food. They're talking about wether almond milk needs to be put back into the fridge. Christine says no because its just almonds. Vic says that the carton says OUD and that the D stands for dairy so it has to be refrigerated. Christine says that almond milk is lactose free so it shouldn't be dairy. Vic goes on to say she knows the D means dairy because the OU stands for kosher. She then explains how she wouldn't be able to drink the almond milk while eating chicken. 


9:55 PM BBT Frankie is in the HOHR bathroom bushing his teeth. Caleb is listening to music on the nest bed, holding his flag.  Cody is in the HOHR bathroom washing his hands. Frankie asks him if he needs help zipping up his dinosaur costume. Cody dries his hands with the towel. Cody says how good is our alliance. Frankie says "We're the f*cking best." 

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11:00 PM BBT Frankie, Nicole, Cody, and Victoria are in the kitchen wanting drunk Cody to eat something. Frankie offers to make quesadillas for him. Talk in the KT and Frankie tells the HG he can’t wait to be back outside the BB house so he can be a vegan again.11:00 PM BBT Frankie, Nicole, Cody, and Victoria are in the kitchen wanting drunk Cody to eat something. Frankie offers to make quesadillas for him. Talk in the KT and Frankie tells the HG he can’t wait to be back outside the BB house so he can be a vegan again.


11:15 PM BBT Cody then goes up to the HOHR where Caleb is listening to music. 


11:20 PM BBT In the HOHR, Caleb is laughing at Cody’s dinosaur costume. Caleb tells Cody that he should wear it for Halloween.  Caleb tells Cody to go to bed but Cody says he is waiting until he feels good enough to lay down to sleep.


11:35 PM BBT Derrick and Nicole are making HN food in the KT with Frankie, Victoria, and Christine. Frankie says he will go to bed in another hour. Frankie goes up to the HOHR with food, Caleb is awake listening to music still and tells Frankie that Cody is asleep on the couch. Frankie asks Caleb when he is going to sleep and he says soon. Frankie goes back downstairs and Caleb tells production that one of the cameras in the HOHR has fallen off and is hanging by a wire if they want to fix it. 


11:40 PM BBT Cody and Caleb leave the HOH room. Cody heads to the ER and Caleb tells the HG in the KT about the hanging camera.


11:45 PM BBT Frankie is talking about how much drama would be in the house if there was another gay man there, that they would also have lots of sex too. The HG ask him if he would hook up with Andy from last season. 


11:52 PM BBT In the KT Derrick is talking about if pandora’s box will appear soon. Christine and Nicole are discussing luxury competitions of previous seasons. Christine says she wants to go to bed but doesn’t want to wake Cody up while getting ready. The HG say that he will be passed out for a long time and not even an earthquake will wake him up. Frankie and Caleb are talking about who can outdrink who with alcohol between the two of them.

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