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Friday August 29 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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11:04pm Frankie talking to Caleb and derrick about his sister album coming out and Caleb asked if he knew it was coming out and he says yeah i knew it.


11:08pm Derrick telling Frankie and Caleb about Movies in the hoh rm. In the KT area Christine, tells Cody and Victoria and Nicole that derrick wouldn't even look her in the eye when she went up to the hoh rm earlier.


11:14pm Christine goes to the HOh rm and they laugh at her and ask if they are bringing her into the Dr and she says i don't know and Frankie says they should.


11:20pm Nicole and Victoria in the KT area alone talking about hormones and birth control as Victoria paints on Nicole's arms. Nicole says that she feels like Christine knows what the comp will be tomorrow cause she is to confident and Victoria says she doesn't know crap Nicole how can she? Christine is being called to the dr now with her face painted. Victoria says why they calling her cause she looks like a freaking man?


 11:23pm Nicole says see Christine thinks i am mean. Victoria says no your not. In the hoh RM they are talking about Frankie showing his butt. Caleb says Frankie was sitting there in a chair and Nicole was putting resses in the fridge in the hoh rm and Frankie balls were hanging out past the chair. Frankie says i was proud of my balls. 


11:29pm all the guys in the HOH rm are talking about getting aroused by different HG and Frankie was aroused once by Victoria. 


 11:32pm Derrick says he is going downstairs to get some mushrooms. Frankie, Caleb and Cody are going to go take a hot bath in their undies.Christine is still in the DR and Victoria and Nicole are  at the table painting Nicole's arms.


11:35pm Derrick says that Nicole's tattoo that Victoria painted on her arm is ridiculous and looks so real and now he wants  Victoria to paint a rose on his  shoulder. In the HOH rm Frankie is walking around talking about his Balls and Cody says damn you have big balls.


 11:40am Frankie says ok she is gone after Christine leaves the hoh rm and tells Caleb and Cody to get in here to take a bath with him and Cody says why not.


11:41pm Nicole is looking for mushrooms and cant find any Derrick says they was here Frankie said he used the small ones  but there was a big one here and  Nicole said i didn't see it so derrick goes to the STR to see and it isn't there so he says he will go ask for more and talk to Bb when Christine comes back out of the dr.


 11:47pm Frankie tells Caleb and Cody that one of the three of them i mean one of the four of us is going to win this game. 


 11:51pm Victoria is now painting on derricks arm in the KT area. Frankie and Caleb and Cody in hOh still talking about who watches this show. Frankie says there is only one gay person that has won this show. Caleb says Andy? Frankie says yeah. 


11:55pm Nicole says i wish i could live off mushrooms but after the comp tomorrow i might. Derrick says after tonight we eat mushrooms all day and slop in the morning and slop at night.

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