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Tuesday, August 26 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

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Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

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Thank you! 

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12:12 am Besides a quick moments glimpse of Frankie and Caleb in the HOH we have been at FotH for about 10 minutes


12:15am Feeds come back to Christine and Cody playing pool while Frankie does laundry. Nicole and Victoria eating in the KT


12:18am Cody is teaching Christine how to play pool, show her how to position the stick and aim. Frankie, Caleb and Derrick at the hammock talking about the two of them and whether or not Cody is gay and how it looks him teaching her like he is. Caleb mentions that theres lots of condoms gone even the new box is open.


12:21am They speculate that the condom box has been open for weeks and it might have been Brittany.


12:25am Victoria and Nicole in the kitchen talking about  Christine. Nicole says she has no problem being here with her, theres no hard feelings but she hopes that someone tells her if shes going. Victoria says no way no how that will change this week Donny is going. Derrick, Caleb and Frankie talking about who they think that Nicole would go after.


12:30am Hammock crew are talking through different scenarios comparing Donny and Nicole. Frankie thinks Nicole still has fangs and Donny doesn't. Derrick says that its Monday and they are in the drivers seat. Frankie says we are in the same spot we were 2 weeks ago and nothing has changed, the reasons we voted her out the first time are still true.


12:38am Cody and Christine playing pool while Nicole and Victoria watch. Caleb and Frankie talking about how they have controlled who went home everyweek even the one week when the alliance wasn't in the HOH


12:44am Derrick and Nicole in the LR talking about the things that happened before she left. He said he had no intentions of coming to her when she came back he hoped she would come to him. They are rehashing the whole Nicole and Zach conversation in the beehive.


12:50am Derrick and Nicole talking about how he plans on giving her his vote. She says she was just scared to come to him but Zach just said a lot to her in that room. Frankie and Caleb talking in the hammock Frankie says its just sad that they will take the person they can beat to final two cause that means Victoria will be there. Caleb says well we won't.


12:58am Christine says she would rather be sent home by Nicole then Donny. Frankie and Derrick in the FR Frankie making his bed while they talk about Donny going. Nicole pulls Caleb into the beehive to see where his vote is, he says shes not going anywhere. She says she might go to bed.


1:04am Victoria and Derrick talking about the conversations they had with Nicole. He tells her, her one job is to stay close to Nicole he'll stay close to everyone else and they will be good.  Cody, Christine and Frankie pushing around balls on the pool table.


1:08am Talk at the pool table is that Donny genetically alter a poinsettia so that it was red and white and made a plant that normally has one bloom on top have many blooms. Frankie says it makes sense that he's a herbologist that he would use the words osmosis and photosynthesis. Derrick and Caleb in the FR talking about Nicole.


1:12am Frankie and Cody go inside. Christine asks Victoria where Derrick is and why he doesn’t hang out with them any more. Derrick Frankie, Caleb and Cody have gathered in the FR and are rehashing conversations they've had with Nicole.


1:18am Caleb telling Frankie and Cody what he told Derrick about his conversation with Nicole. Christine and Victoria in the kitchen talking about quesadillas


1:25am Caleb says the HOH is important now that any of them are capable of winning it if it’s a mental except Victoria who could have the answer sheet in front of her and still lose. However, if it was physical he thinks that it would come down to him or Caleb.


1:35am Derrick and Caleb playing pool, Frankie is watching and they are talking in silly voices. Christine Cody and Victoria are in the KT Cody is talking in a silly voice hitting his head against the island saying im losing it.


1:45am Everyone in the BY now except Victoria and Frankie, he is making cookies and she is cleaning up a bit.


1:51am Cody puts on Calebs hat and imitates him as Frankie racks the balls for a new game. Everyone is just hanging out in the backyard.


1:59am Cody eating hummus and chips in the Kitchen Victoria walks in and joins him using Whole wheat bread instead of chips. Frankie beat Derrick at pool.


2:03am Derrick is keeping an eye on the cookies in the oven. They are talking about pictures tomorrow. Caleb and Frankie still playing pool with Christine watching.


2:28am Pool game is all broke up now Derrick and Frankie in the WA.  Victoria Cody and Christine in the Kitchen talking about whether or not Victoria will take birth control.


2:34am  Frankie and Victoria gargling in the WA. Derrick coming in the KT saying goodnight. Nicole is back  trying to figure out how to make protein pancakes. Victoria and Christine both saying they are going to bed soon


2:38am Victoria in FR with Derrick. Victoria is venting about Christine again. They were talking in the KT about birth control and Victoria said she won't take it because her mom told her it causes cancer. Her mom's mom looked into it when her mom passed from breast cancer. Christine and Cody said there's no proof where cancer comes from. So now Victoria feels belittled by Christine.


2:44am Victoria still going on about Christine. She is mad that Christine said her friend works in a research lab for cancer and asked if her mom did and is now on a rant about her having no self-respect. She doesn’t know how her husband will still have her after this because she's a s**t and b***h.  Meanwhile Caleb tried to eat a handful of nothing but protein powder and called it the protein challenge. No one knew what an elephant ear was when Nicole said it.


2:55am Caleb goes and puts toothpaste on his face like Nicole and mocks her. She yells his name and he says its burning his eyes as he's laughing and says ok give me a hug. She hugs him and he wipes his face in her hair. She screams she's a have not and Christine says that’s just rude. Nicoles Chasing him around the island in the kitchen with a pickle. Now hes chasing her with a wet rag.


3:05am  Caleb and Frankie move to the living room and are doing exercise. Cody and Christine still sitting at the island in the kitchen. Nicole is apparently starting laundry before bed


3:09am Cody using Christine's feet as a phone and antennae. Nicole says she's going to bed. Frankie pucks up a little saying he'll do dishes tomorrow and they go out to the BY to spray the ants around the table


3:15am Cody and Caleb both heading in separate directions after hugging Christine and Frankie and saying goodnight. The plan is for everyone to get up for the camera in the morning.


3:22am Christine and Frankie have finished their nightly routines and are heading to bed. They kiss cheeks say goodnight I love you and off to bed she goes. Frankie is in the kitchen plugging his sisters album.


3:35am All the houseguests are all snuggled up in their beds for the night.

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 9:00am All hg are still in their beds sleeping.


  9:10am Christine gets up and goes to the WC then goes back to bed.


 9:14am Frankie is now up and goes to the WC.


9:16am Frankie is now going back to bed in the fire rm.


 9:35am we are now on FOTH as Bb is probably waking the HG.


9:49am Donny is putting contacts in and Frankie says he is going back to bed in one second. Caleb says he is going to eat cereal.Frankie ask Caleb why are we going to the Dr it is so early.


  9:55am Caleb is eating his fruit loops talking to Donny.Nicole is now up and goes to the STR for her batteries. Donny is  going outside to enjoy the great outdoors as he says.Nicole goes back to bed .

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10:17am Donny is outside on the elliptical, everyone else appears to be asleep.


10:20am Caleb comes into the Fire Room and gets into bed with Frankie and starts to talk to him while face down in a pillow so it is hard to hear what he is saying. We get a WBRB.


10:27am Donny plodding away on elliptical. BB asks houseguests to retrieve activity trackers from storage room, which Donny does right away before getting back on elliptical.


10:33am Cody is awake and doing ADLs in HOHR and BB asks him to put on his microphone. Donny is done on the elliptical and goes to couches.


10:42am Cody finally puts on his microphone and goes to eat. He starts to sing under his breath and we get WBRB.


10:45am Donny is outside doing laundry. Victoria has awoken and comes into kitchen and asks Cody how he slept. He says he slept decent but would have liked to have slept more. Cody asks Victoria if she would like one of his breakfast sandwiches, she says she hasn't tried one yet but doesn't want one while Cody is HOH as he has things to do (his blog) and has to get ready. Cody says "Look at me" (looks down at himself) "I'm ready!". Victoria starts to say that Caleb said something awful about her and just when she goes to tell Cody what it was we get WBRB.


10:58am All cameras are on Donny on the outside couch where he's not moving except for blinking.

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#BB16 10:12AM BBT Donny working out in the BY. All others snoozing away.


#BB16 10:29AM BBT Donny still on the elliptical and the other HG still napping.


#BB16 10:45AM BBT Donny in his usual spot on the BY couch, Cody making some breakfast.


#BB16 11:02AM BBT All 4 feeds on Donny sitting on the BY couch.

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11:11am Victoria briefly enters kitchen looking for something to eat, she can't find anything she wants so it's back to the Fire Room.


11:20am No movement in the house. Donny still sitting in his spot on the outside couch not moving.

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11:35am Donny walks a couple laps in the backyard while waiting for his coffee. When his coffee is ready it's back to his spot on the couch. Still no movement from other HGs.


11:52am Nicole has awoken and goes outside to say hello to Donny. She tells him that she is sooo cold. Donny says he slept so-so. Nicole says she might shower outside instead of the Have-Not Shower as she "didn't have a good experience last time". Donny says if you do it quickly your mind blocks it out. Nicole says she tried to make "protein pancakes" last night...they didn't turn out. Donny said he made his like oatmeal. They discuss that it would be more comfortable to sleep on concrete than the have-not beds. He tells her that he made some of the good coffee.


11:57am Nicole is laying out in the sun trying to warm up. She asks Donny if Cody has gotten his camera yet. She says she's going to go try the shower inside.


12:00pm Donny whistles along with the dryer bell and goes to fold the laundry.


12:03pm Christine has just awoken and greeted Nicole as she showers. Nicole says the guys have it easy with the showers as theirs are quicker. Christine agrees and starts to do her makeup. We hear BB ask Cody to go to the diary room.


12:06pm Donny goes in to try to take a nap in the Have Not room. Cody comes out of DR with the camera with which he takes selfies in front of the HGs in the Fire Room. He wraps up his photo shoot in the Fire Room with a selfie with the boxing belt he won in the HOH comp.


12:10pm Cody then goes into the bathroom to take pics on the cushions with Christine and Nicole.


12:15pm Nicole goes outside to wash her hair while Cody threatens to take photos. Christine has the camera and Cody tells her to take pics of Nicole, she says she can't do it.


12:20pm Nicole continues to wash her hair while Cody yells across the yard to her. Christine goes and gets Nicole and her activity trackers. Cody shows Christine the good photo he got of Nicole. Cody shows the photos he took with the sleeping HGs, apparently the one with Victoria is going to cause Victoria to want to "cut his penis off".

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12:00pm Nicole is taking a cold shower. Christine walks in the WA and  says morning. Nicole tells her she is shaving her legs but is going to wash her hair in the BY.


 12:05pm Cody has now gotten the HOH camera to take his pictures . Nicole gets out of the shower freezing after shaving her legs.Christine is in the WA brushing her hair.Cody has gone to the fire br to take pictures of the sleeping HG.


 12:14pm Nicole has moved outside to wash her hair and Cody tries to take pictures of her and she tells him if you respect me you wont take pictures of me till i am finished. 


 12:24pm Cody and Christine in the LVR taking timed photos as they sit in the  Nomination chairs.


12:34pm cody still taking pictures of himself and Christine. Nicole  doing make up in the BY and is called to the DR.


 12:44pm Cody walking around with the camera. Christine fixing herself some food.He says i don't know what other pictures to take. Christine says we can do jumping ones or you could take one with your shirt off in the sun. He yells no no we can do the jumping ones.


 12:55pm derrick is now up and in the WC. Victoria is in the STR looking in cabinets. Cody and Christine are in the KT talking to Nicole  who is making coffee and chocolate milk.


12:58pm Nicole goes to the BY to lay out on the sun. Cody and Christine go out to the BY and put the awnings down with Nicole. 
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12:28pm Cody and Christine continue to take photos together [of course everything Cody does is either perfect or hilarious].


12:33pm Victoria has emerged.


12:43pm Cody looking through his pictures, Christina making food, Victoria putting on her makeup. We keep getting WBRB as either Christine or Cody keep breaking into song every few minutes.


12:55pm Victoria is upset because she dropped a lot of her makeup. Nicole tells her she can use hers.


12:59pm Nicole is making more coffee because Donny apparently makes bad coffee. Victoria is digging through the storage room looking for something.


1:00pm Nicole, Cody and Christine use the three person buddy system to lower the awnings.

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1:08pm Christine joins Nicole outside to tan, Cody by himself in LR taking more pictures.


1:12pm Nicole recounts how when she came back into the house, the first person she sought out to hug was Christine, it seemed so natural she says.


1:15pm Cody and Derrick are talking. Derrick says he told Nicole that there is always a chance of her staying. He tells Cody that he fully thinks that Nicole would go after Christine and Frankie before she'd go after them. Cody recounts Caleb having compained to him that he can't get a conversation in with Frankie without Christine popping up. Derrick says Caleb told him he would go final three with he a Cody. Derrick thinks Caleb's reasoning for agreeing to that final three is that he feels he could beat both Derrick and Cody. Derrick says that beyond just his word on taking Cody final two, it makes the most sense to take Cody because everyone loves Caleb and would clearly vote for him. Derrick says if Nicole wins HOH they (he and Cody) are golden, if Caleb wins HOH they are golden. Cody says Christine scares him as he has no idea what she would do with the HOH. Derrick says Christine is the biggest rat, her and Frankie. They quickly change the topic when Victoria walks in.


1:20pm Christine and Nicole are talking about how crazy it is going from two HOHs to one, from two chances to save yourself (BotB and POV) to only one. They talk about how this was the week last season that Aaryn went home. Christine says the only person she lied to about whether they were staying was Amber. Nicole is asking her about how Zach's exit was, if he was pissed at Frankie in the end.


1:26pm Victoria wanders outside for a moment while Christine is telling Nicole that her husband never saw her "ta-tas" before they were married.


1:30pm Victoria is telling Derrick in the kitchen about what Christine and Nicole were talking about (marriage) when she went outside. He urges her to go outside to see if they'll talk game in front of her. She doesn't think they will so she doesn't bother.


1:32pm Christine and Nicole talking about what they miss from outside the house. For Christine it's simple things like grocery shopping with her husband. For Nicole it's her puppies, driving with music on, and writing.

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 1:01pm Christine says i think i am going to put on a bathing suit and tan too. Nicole says lets do it. Christine heads toward the house  and says i need some color.Cody goes in and sits on the LVR couches.


1:12pm derrick and Cody talking  in the LVR about what position nicole plays in the house and weather to keep her or Donny. they then talk about how Christine pops up everytime they try to talk and then they can not talk.


 1:17pm Nicole and Christine talking about how many times Christine has been safe in the game. Nicole ask when Arron was sent home last year and Christine says it would have been this week. She says this is scary huh it is so close to the end.


  1:20pm Nicole talking about who in the jury would vote for you and Nicole says like i wouldn't have the votes if Brittany was in the jury. Christine says as of right now i am playing for second place.


1:21pm derrick is talking to the live feeders about the dirty house and nasty KT and says lets get it going at #bbdump . He then looks around and says come on people lets get this going  at #bbdump and i will check it when i get out of here.


1:28pm derrick whispering to Victoria in the KT. Nicole and Christine  laying in the BY just general talk about how well Christine did in  the house this year.


 1:30pm Nicole ask Christine if she misses Tim and she says hmmm hmmm alot. Nicole says i miss my car and my music and my phone.Then talks about going back to school as soon as she gets home.


 1:33pm Victoria is now sitting in the pool as Nicole lays in the sun. they are complaining it is so hot outside. Christine now gets in the pool and Victoria gets out of the pool. derrick is in the KT cooking and all other Hg are sleeping.


  1:36pm Victoria asking what happened lastnight after she went to bed cause everyone got loud. Nicole says oh Cody rubbed toothpaste in my hair and on my back and i am a have not this week and i had to wash my hair this morning so i put olive and pickles on him. Christine says it was disgusting and we need to get him back.Nicole said he kept throwing pillows at me and it broke my glasses.


1:44pm Victoria goes inside and heads to the Wa and derrick ask are you going to go shower. She says yeah.Derrick is still making food and Victoria tells him that Christine is so paranoid and that is why she goes straight to Cody.


1:47pm  Victoria says i can not see what anyone sees in Christine as she looks out the door and says they are so weird together.She then says when Cody got his camera and went to the WA that Christine said  oh my is derrick sleeping he is never awake for pictures.She talks about you all the time. derrick says i don't know i am a popular guy. Victoria  then laughs.


 1:53pm Cody, Christine, and Nicole are in the By laying out and getting in and out of the pool as they talk about movies and comedies.Derrick and Victoria in the Kt talking about what other women used to wear in the house and how they would flirt with Cody.All other Hg still in bed sleeping.

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#BB16 2:02PM BBT Nicole and Christine talk in the BY. Christine talks about how much she misses Tim. Nicole says she misses her family. They talk about how close it is. They miss simple stuff.


#BB16 2:11PM BBT Cody gets called out by BB for jumping into the pool. Donny making some lunch.


#BB16 2:12PM BBT Christine joins Cody in the pool.


#BB16 2:19PM BBT Cody, Nicole, Victoria and Christine by/in the pool doing a little past HG bashing. Christine upset that she is getting age spots on her hand already. Donny eating lunch silently by the couch.

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#BB16 2:20PM BBT Cody starts to get out of the pool. Christine says he dripped in her water which was by the end. Cody and Christine splash each other in the pool. He tells her he is going to splash the heck out of her. She says she is going to pull his pants down and points at the camera.


#BB16 2:39PM BBT No game talk. Everyone general chatting.


#BB16 2:43PM BBY Cody heads to the hot tub and Christine gets up and follows him in. Nicole and Donny chat about her skin and eye color.


#BB16 2:53PM BBT The impossible may have happened. They have run of conversation. Cody, Donny, Nicole, Victoria, Derrick and Christine at the hot tub not a word is being spoken. They are just sitting there staring at each other.

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#BB16 2:55PM BBT Cody heads in to exchange his microphone. Frankie is now awake and asks Cody about the HOH camera. Cody tells him he already took pictures. Frankie upset that he missed camera time.


#BB16 3:05AM BBT Victoria goes in to use the WC. Comes out and doesn't wash her hands. Checks the mirror to make sure her bikini bottoms are on okay and heads out. Just general chat at the hot tub.


#BB16 3:13PM BBT The HG discuss ways to get rid of hiccups. Victoria uses the WC again. Comes out and splashes water on her arm pits. She then readjusts her suit again and looks at ever mirror between the WC and the fire room.


#BB16 3:18PM BBT Christine and Cody discuss how Amber would fish for compliments when she was in the house. They discuss how Victoria portrayed her during the "show".

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#BB16 3:24PM BBT Christine wonders what Joey and Pao Pao would be like if they were still in the house. She says it would be hard to imagine.


#BB16 3:26PM BBT BB calls an IDLD and the HG complain that t5hey have to go inside

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3:50 PM BBT The feeds switch to Jeff's highlight reels.


4:30 PM BBT We are still on Jeff's highlight reels.


4:36 PM BBT The feeds return. Christina is walking around all wet. Victoria is in the shower. Nicole is waiting for her turn in the shower. Frankie says "My Mom is going to be so pi$$ed. I hope she's a good sport about it." Caleb "That cold water challenge has been going on a while." It seems the HGs might have done the ALS ice bucket challenge.


4:39 PM BBT The HGs are talking about it being a celebrity from television that dumped the water on them, but they don't know what his name is. Caleb says he is a big actor from CBS.


4:47 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are talking about the ice bucket challenge. They are talking about how each of them got to challenge one person to participate. They are hoping BB lets them see videos of it. BB tells them that the IDLD is over.


4:56 PM BBT Donny and Nicole are laying out on the chaise in the BY. Donny is balancing a throw pillow on his head. Caleb and Derrick are playing a game of pool.


5:06 PM BBT Donny and Nicole have moved to the patio. Nicole is eating slop. Caleb is now playing pool with Cody.


5:20 PM BBT The HGs believe that all the former evicted HGs have done the ice bucket challenge as well. Caleb is now playing pool with Frankie.


5:28 PM BBT Derrick, Donny, Cody, Victoria, and Christine are sitting at the patio. They are talking about how people have changed while being in the house. Derrick says Victoria used to never swear. Now she does. He feels he is cussing with just about every other word now.


5:38 PM BBT Caleb is doing one armed cartwheels in the BY. Cody says he can probably do a roundoff and back handspring but he won't do it on the hard ground. He says it would be his luck he would bust his head on the ground.


5:44 PM BBBT Victoria has gone over to the hammock to sit alone. Donny, Cody, Frankie, and Christine are sitting on the patio. In the WA Derrick and Nicole are whispering. I can't hear the details.


5:47 PM BBT Nicole is on a mission. She is trying to "Save a butterfly's life" that has gotten inside. It is by the light above the WC door. She is trying to catch it to take it back outside. When she stands on a chair BB tells her to stop that. She fusses at the butterfly as it flees from here: "I'm trying to help you." She can't catch it.


5:54 PM BBT Nicole has gone inside and sees the dartboard for the first time. She decides to play and hits the door more than she does the target. She is throwing the darts really hard.


5:57 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb head inside to give shout outs. Derricks says he hopes to see Caleb's family when they are sitting side by side at the finale. Caleb "Sounds good to me."

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5:59 PM BBT Victoria in fire room with Nicole telling her about her convo with Christine last night in the KT. She tells Nicole how Christine was saying that her friend is in Cancer Research, and that she had told her that her mom is researching it. Nicole says she can tell there is tension between them. Victoria says how Christine contradicts everything she says, and how she has to belittle everyone in the house.


6:01 PM BBT Nicole tells Victoria that if she wins HOH, she will never put her up, and she says she hopes it's the same for her. Victoria says she wouldn't put her up either. Nicole tells her that she's her closest friend in the house. Victoria tells Nicole how close Cody and Christine have gotten. She tells Nicole about the convo Caleb had up in the HoHR last night about Christine being married, and she should not be acting like this. Victoria says how Christine fake laughs at everything. She says it's awkward a little bit, and there's no way she can laugh at everything.


6:04 PM BBT Victoria says that Christine is not genuine. She tells Nicole that her impression of Christine changed when she did what she did to Nicole. She says this game is just getting stressful, and the numbers are getting down. Nicole says she so scared, because she feels that she's an easy person for people to keep putting up. She says she feels like Victoria did at the beginning of the season. Nicole is biting her nails, and tearing them off. She says there are a lot of boys left in the house.


6:06 PM BBT Victoria was saying there's a lot of down time. Nicole says they wanted her back in the house to spice things up, and then says she's joking. She says it's hard to come back when everyone is so close, and are acting like friends. She says that's not the way to play BB. Nicole is playing with her activity tracker. She says that Zach and Frankie were best friends, and it seems that friends are taking out their friends. She says that's not what you are supposed to do. Victoria says that she thinks Christine takes pride in the fact that everyone in the jury hates her. Nicole says she is saying that so people will take her to the end.


6:09 PM BBT Victoria says that Christine keeps asking her what the DR is asking her about her, and she says she tells her, nothing. She says she is not being asked anything about her. She tells Nicole how she is so close to Cody. She told her how Christine was asking where Derrick and Cody were this morning. She says, who knows with her. Nicole says she doesn't want to hang out with someone who is always talking crap about other people. She says there are things that she won't do in this game because of her character. She says her heart is more sensitive because she was already gone, but she is here to play, and wants to play. She doesn't want other people's negativity to rub off on her, if that makes sense. She says it's good to be back though.


6:13 PM BBT Victoria asks Nicole if her and Frankie are good, and she says she hasn't talked to him yet. She says she was gone for a week, and doesn't know who is with who, but she will talk to him, when she gets the chance. Victoria tells Nicole how Christine cried about the ZINGBOT to Cody, that had to do with Tim. She told her how she cried so hard about it that night, and nothing has changed. Nicole says that America knows what's going on with them, how could they not. She says that Donny says stuff about it all the time. Donny is watching Caleb and Derrick play pool in the BY.


6:16 PM BBT Victoria says she is nervous for HOH comp this week. She says she is worried that it might be a DE, this week. Nicole says she's not sure if they are doing everything according to last year, because it wasn't until next week, when the DE was. Donny walks in the fire room, and Nicole says hi to him, and asks what everyone is up to. He says they are shooting pool, and Frankie is cooking food. Frankie is in the SR, and we here a reminder for the HG's to only sleep in the bedrooms. Donny goes in the SR with Frankie. Frankie walks out, and Donny gets some chocolate milk. Victoria and Nicole are still talking about Christine. Nicole says she doesn't think that if Christine is put up that she will leave, no matter who puts her up. Donny walks out of the SR, and says Cody is asleep.


6:20 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb keep giving shout outs for people to tell Caleb's mom to turn on his cell phone. Cody is still lying on the couch in the BY. Donny is sitting across from his now, on the other couch. Victoria and Nicole are still talking game in the fire room.


6:22 PM BBT Caleb starts to sing while playing pool, and we see FoTH for a moment. Frankie goes to the BY, and asks whose signing them songs? Derrick says feedsters f*cking hate them. Christine is sitting by the pool table watching them play pool. Frankie is walking back and forth to and from the grill. Nicole says that Christine told her today that stuff she is doing is making great T.V. Victoria says that everything is Karma. Caleb gets a shout out in really quick so the cams don't move about turning his cell phone on.


6:25 PM BBT Victoria tells Nicole how her coming back makes Christine look stupid on T.V. She says that Christine's jaw about hit the floor when she came back in. Nicole says that Christine was scared that she was going to win HOH, and put her up. She says she doesn't want to say much to Christine, because she doesn't want to give her any reason to put her up. Nicole says that everyone she trusted most is already gone from the house. The pool game continues in the BY.


6:30 PM BBT Derrick tells Christine how he hid behind a log by the chainsaw in the LR, and he scared Victoria last night. He says he literally took a year off her life. Nicole tells Victoria that Christine will back-stab her eventually. Nicole and Victoria both agree that Christine is very good at acting. Victoria says that in other seasons people usually form real friendships and relationships, but that's not happening this season. Nicole says it may be because of the twist. Nicole says her biggest mistake was trusting people she shouldn't have. Victoria says she wants to watch this season to see who was working together. Nicole says she wants to watch it also. Victoria says it's almost like they don't know how to play. Nicole says Christine has watched every season. She says she doesn't know how people are still here that have talked about everyone as soon as they walk out of the room.


6:36 PM BBT Nicole says she doesn't believe there is very good strategy this year, and Victoria says, there is no strategy at all. Nicole says how people lied to Christine about her, and she didn't go to her about it, and just put her up, that not the way you should play BB. She says that Christine ran with it, because she wanted her up, and then she had an excuse. Victoria says that people are waking up randomly in the game on day 50 or 60, and wanting to work with someone to get others out of the game. She says America has to be laughing at them. They talk about other alliances from previous seasons. Nicole says they don't know what's going on in the house, and they will probably be shocked.


6:39 PM BBT Nicole says that people wanted to start making alliances on Day 2, and that's not what you do, because you can't trust people on Day 2. Victoria asks Nicole if she wants to make Guac with her, and she says, yes, let's do it. She says she wishes she could eat it though. Victoria says she needs to change her underwear. Nicole walks to the KT when Cody asks her where she was, and she says she was in the fire room resting her eyes. We hear, "Please stop singing." Donny is sitting in BY on the couch by himself. Frankie tells Nicole that he made Honey BBQ Tofu if she wants some. Cody, Christine, Frankie and Caleb are in the KT. Christine says she is going to see if they have Rice Chex. She says, "Please, please, please, please." She leaves the KT. Nicole walks in from the WA.


6:43 PM BBT Frankie tells Nicole that he's tried to eat people HN food for them. He says he tried with Derrick, but he said no. Victoria walked into Cody's chair. She says there is no fish defrosted, and that's the only protein she can eat. She says she doesn't want to go back to can tuna, now that she's had the real stuff. She asks Frankie why he doesn't like to defrost the tuna in water, and he says because it breaks apart. Cody is chomping on some Lays original potato chips at the KT table. Caleb goes to the BY, and stands by the hot tub. Victoria is rubbing on Frankie's back. He tries to get the tuna separated in the package. She tells him they need to defrost it in the microwave. Frankie puts the fish in a plastic container. Victoria puts it in the microwave. Nicole says she likes the grill marks on the Tofu, and Frankie says he will make some tomorrow. He says they can have fish tacos for dinner. Christine is eating cereal.


6:48 PM BBT Frankie tells Nicole he has on Jocasta's shorts, and they fit him like a glove. Nicole goes to BY, and sits in a lawn chair next to Derrick lying in the hammock. He asks Nicole if she thinks her parents are watching the live feeds, and she tells him they are 3 hours ahead of them. She says they are probably checking on her, but she's not sure how much they are watching. Derrick says he misses his wife and daughter, and she will be so much bigger when he leaves. Derrick asks Nicole how she is doing? She says good, and she was just talking to Victoria, and she's glad she has her. Frankie tells Christine to asks if the HG's in the BY want fish, and she says it's only Derrick. She yells out to Derrick and asks him if he wants fish, and he says no.


6:53 PM BBT Derrick and Nicole are talking in the BY about how she left, and how he's still acting different towards Nicole. Cody is sitting in a KT chair, and hugging Christine from behind, as she stands next to him.


6:55 PM BBT Victoria goes to BY on the hammock with Derrick, and joins in the convo with Nicole. Cody says he was going to go and count the birdhouses, and then says he's joking. Christine goes to the rock room, and lays down in a bed. Caleb and Frankie start playing darts with the dart board. They ask Cody to keep score, and he says what if his eyes close? Cody finds tub cleaner in the bed in the rock room. He lays down next to Christine, and she keeps laughing non-stop.


6:59 PM BBT Caleb is crushing Frankie at darts. Nicole tells Derrick that she feels the whole house has changed. She says she feels the same way Donny feels, how he's by himself. She says she feels extra on the outside, because she wasn't there for a week, and she says it's starting to feel normal. She says the fact that she was voted out, and everyone wanted her out at one point. She says it's different coming back in, once you were already on the outside. She says she thinks she is getting better, and Victoria gets up, and walks away. A helicopter is overhead, and Derrick says, Popo, and continues talking to Nicole. He says he can see that there are duos that have gotten a lot closer, that he didn't see before she left.



7:03 PM BBT Nicole says there are probably several F2 deals, and Derrick says he's sure there are a few, and they are solid. He says he thought saying those words, was death in this game. He tells Nicole that she can still get there though. He says there are only 20 some days left. Derrick says he's cool with Victoria, but she's not going to win any comps. He says if he can avoid it, he's not going to be the one to send her home. He says he told her that if she doesn't win, she's going to go home. Nicole says she needs to win also. Derrick says if there are F2's going on, that you have to try to break them up. Nicole says as a BB viewer, that's 100% true, but in the house, they will still think she's the threat, because she's easy to get to. She says she feels it's the house, her and Donny.


7:06 PM BBT Derrick tells Nicole that he's really close to Victoria, and feels he's her protector, but doesn't have a F2 deal with her. He tells Nicole that he and Victoria are not voting her out this week, unless he's not in the loop. Nicole tells him that Caleb is voting to keep her, and he already told her that. He tells her that she has a better chance than she thinks to stay. Nicole says if the comp is a wall she doesn't stand a good chance because she's 5' 2" and 100 lbs. Derrick says someone's coming outside.


7:11 PM BBT Christine is rubbing Cody's hair as Caleb and Frankie continue to play darts in the rock room. Nicole and Derrick are continuing their convo in the BY. Derrick remembers a statement that Nicole made a statement a couple of weeks ago. He says he knows who her target is. He guesses that her targets are Christine and Frankie. Nicole tells Derrick that Christine says she regrets some things, but it made good T.V., and she says she agreed. She says she happy to be back. He says that no one thought she was coming back. Derrick says he's glad they showed her his message when she was leaving. He says he's happy she said what she said, and we see FoTH for a moment. Caleb is sneaking out to the BY, and puts his finger up to his mouth, for Derrick to be quiet, and not tell her he's sneaking up on Nicole. He goes behind Nicole, and scares her. She calls him an ahole. He sits on the hammock with Derrick.


7:15 PM BBT Donny pulls up a lawn chair, and sits next to Nicole in the BY, by the hammock. Derrick says his shoes stink, and asks if they still do. Nicole and Caleb smell them, and one of them does stink, but not the other one. They all say where they are on their activity trackers. The airplanes are going overhead, and Donny says there are some pretty orange airplanes. He says they look like toys. Derrick says, he remembers the HG's counting down the days, and he says it's a privilege. He says they only need 3 hours of footage, and they get it out of 7 days. Donny says he washed his shoes for the first time, and they are so comfortable. Derrick says he would like to wash his again. Caleb says he wants to wash his again, but he doesn't think the pink is going to come out of them.


7:19 PM BBT Caleb says that the pink on his shoes give him character. Derrick says he's going to see a Dermatologist as soon as he gets home. Nicole asks if he's that worried about it, and he says, yes. Derrick says he can't wait to see his photographs after the first comp, unless they Photoshop them. Nicole says, she doesn't think they will Photoshop those pictures. They were all talking about how long they stayed on for that comp.


7:21 PM BBT Derrick says after the first comp he got into bed and wondered what the hell he got himself into. He says the first comp was so demanding, and then none have been like that since. Frankie comes to BY and tells the HG's he got a bullseye. Nicole says she got one also. Frankie lays on the hammock next to Derrick. Donny says they probably take the darts away, and give it one day so that they play it. Donny says he would like to get a cap with BB on it. Nicole says that they sell the merchandise like that. Derrick says you can buy an HOH robe for $100 on the merchandise website. Christine comes to the BY, and says she's always wanted a Survivor bandana. Derrick says that they have you sign everything when you leave from Survivor, so he knows that they auction it off.


7:25 PM BBT Victoria yells out to ask Frankie if she wants some of the fish before she makes it into a salad? He says, no, you can just make the salad. Donny goes to get his ice cream to eat outside. Caleb says, they will be there. Caleb starts laughing, and Nicole asks why he's laughing? He says that the way Christine and Cody were acting in the rock room, and they didn't care that anyone was around when they were lying in the bed together. Frankie was playing with Derricks's hair on the hammock. Derrick says he doesn't care about him doing that, and that's not going to get him served with Divorce Papers. Caleb said someone was commenting last night for Tim to get the Divorce Papers ready last night on the cameras.


7:28 PM BBT Caleb says again that they were supposed to be keeping score, and when they asked, Cody and Christine couldn't tell them the score. Derrick and Frankie say that Caleb is going to flip anytime now. They start giving numbers to text to for the viewers to tell when he's going to flip. Donny says there will be a DE, and Caleb will win the second one, then there will be a wall, that Caleb won't be able to participate in. Caleb says he doesn't want to win the wrong one. They all are talking about upcoming comps. Nicole says she wants to play in the slippery one. Derrick says he feels bad that Nicole didn't get to see ZINGBOT. Derrick tells her about how he heard the SR door, and he came in. He says how they were in the KT, giving everyone props. Frankie says how Cody thought Kathy Griffin's name was Kathy Lee Gifford.


7:34 PM BBT Convo continues about ZINGBOT, and how Zach was hitting on Kathy Griffin the entire time she was there. Nicole asks if she asked about him the one Gator shirt? Derrick says, no. Frankie and Derrick tell Nicole about Derrick's Zing. Frankie says his started off like a compliment, with him having a tan. Caleb says, do you guys want to come and join us? Talking about Cody and Christine. Donny tells Nicole his Zing from Kathy Griffin. Derrick says there's a big a$$ plane going overhead. Derrick says they ended it with Cody's, which was the worst one. They told Nicole what was said on his about making enemies with Christine's husband Tim.


7:39 PM BBT Caleb says that if he would of gotten the Zing that Cody got, he would of changed things, but nothing has changed. Caleb tells Nicole what his Zings were, and she laughs. Victoria comes back by the hammock and sits on a pillow on the ground next to Nicole. The HG's can't believe that Will Arnett was in the house. They said the house stunk when Kathy Griffin was there, because the HN stuff was still on the table. Derrick says he doesn't smell it as much, because they are there all the time. Frankie says they do go all out with the HN food displays. Nicole says that it's probably one person's job to do those displays. Frankie says he hopes HN's are over with only 3 weeks left. Derrick says he hopes they don't have to volunteer again. They all hope there is a comp, if the HN's continue.


7:43 PM BBT Victoria is chomping on the food she is eating by hammock. All 6 HG's ask who's missing, and it's only Cody and Christine that are on the couch by themselves. Caleb says, Dearly beloved, I have to sign my divorce papers first. Caleb says, after ZINGBOT, I would have put a chain link fence in between the two people. He says they didn't put a fence between them, they chained themselves together. He says, there is no way that America is going to look at him as messing with a married woman. Derrick tells Frankie his hands smell like fish, but he's not going to make him stop, while he snuggling with Frankie. He says that if his wife asks him to cuddle with her again, and he says no, that she will pull out screen shots of him and Frankie together. He says FML. Nicole gets up from the lawn chair, and walks away. Caleb jumps off the hammock trying to get Derrick and Frankie to flip off the hammock. It didn't work. He sits in the lawn chair that Nicole was in.


7:47 PM BBT Cody and Christine are sitting in the double chair in the BY. Cody is lying down, and Christine is sitting up next to him, hanging on every word he says, and laughing at everything he says. Victoria walks inside the house. Nicole comes back out to the BY, and brings another lawn chair over by the hammock. Nicole says she wants to scare Caleb. He says that she won't scare him. She says she can prank him though. Caleb is using him foot to push the hammock. Nicole says she drinks so much more with a straw. Donny comes back by the hammock, and sits in the lawn chair. Nicole says it's only 7:45 p.m. Everyone says they will probably go to bed by 10 p.m. tonight. Nicole says she keeps having laugh attacks. Caleb asks her if it's from last night, and she says no. Caleb says he dumped a lot of protein powder in his mouth last night, and about chocked on it. An airplane goes overhead, and Frankie says how pretty it is.


7:51 PM BBT Frankie and Nicole say things that they will not take for granted when they leave the house. Caleb tells Donny about his BB bag that was at the airport, and how people saw it. The HG's say how they think that there is more fish in the house this season. Nicole says, Beast Mode, don't mess with me tonight. He asks her if she's talking to him? She says, you are Beast Mode aren't you? She asks him who he's trying to mimic, and it better not be her.  We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production," when they are talking about the questions Julie has asked them. Derrick talks about the ALS Challenge they did today, and they knew they would accept it. Caleb tips Nicole over in her lawn chair, and flips himself back also.


7:55 PM BBT Caleb tells Nicole he was trying to save himself from falling backwards, and he grabbed her chair, and she went with him, and then she tried to throw water on him. Frankie is saying stuff about Cody and Christine. He says maybe if they hold each others hands they can see the sky better. Cody and Christine are standing up in the middle of the BY, looking at a spider. Caleb says, how greatful they would be to lay a blanket down in the yard, and watch the stars together. Caleb tells Nicole that he wouldn't have knocked himself backwards, if he was really trying to knock her over.


7:59 PM BBT Caleb and Nicole are talking about the toothpaste stuff last night, and the stuff that went on afterwards. Nicole tells BB to call out Caleb for beating her up. He keeps messing with her. Cody, Christine and Donny are looking at the spider webs in the BY. Cody tries to get one of them with a pool stick. Victoria is back on the hammock, sitting with Derrick. Nicole gets up, and walks inside the house. Spider is on Cam 3, and it's coming down the web. Donny opens his mouth, and the spider is really close to his beard.


8:04 PM BBT Caleb goes over by the spider, and licks it. It goes up the web, and the HG's are saying how many webs there are. Nicole and Frankie are talking in the WA. Frankie says they only did the stuff to each other in retaliation for what was done. He says the past is in the past. Nicole says she doesn't care, and it's a new start. She says it's been hard to talk to him, because everyone is around. He says he's glad she did talk to him. Donny, Cody and Christine are still watching the spider.


8:07 PM BBT Frankie tells Nicole that he wrote about her in his most recent HOH Blog. He says he had no hard feelings towards her, and doesn't hold anything against her. They hug, and say all is good. He looks in the mirror in WA, and says he looks like a 97-year-old man. Caleb and Victoria walk in the WA. Frankie says hi to them. Christine walks in the WA, and tells Frankie that the spider almost touched the ground. Christine screams and jumps, and then looks in the mirror, and picks something on her neck. She goes to the BY. Frankie puts some clothes on a bed in the ice room. Christine looks for the spider. Nicole goes by Derrick in the BY. She tells him that she cleared the air with Frankie. Derrick says it had to be awkward. She says, a little. Caleb tries to scare Nicole again, but she knew it was him, buy his shoes.


8:11 PM BBT Cody and Frankie are starting a pool game. Nicole says she's going to watch. She tells Caleb to sleep with one eye open. Caleb says he'll wreck that girl, after she walks away. Caleb tells Derrick that Frankie just talked to Nicole, and he feels better now that they talked. He says he always feels scared when he or Christine talk to someone. Caleb says the sucky thing is that if Nicole wins, and puts two of them up, one of them have to come down to stay. Derrick says that he thinks she may go after Christine, but she won't say for sure. Caleb says he wants to ask her. Derrick says he can ask her, but she may not say, because she's alone, and can't trust them. Caleb says he wants Victoria to go home first, so they can say they were the biggest alliance to make it to the F5.


8:16 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are talking about the F3, and who will be there. Derrick says he doesn't mind 2nd place. He says he wants first, but would be o.k. with 2nd place. He says, he doesn't want America's Favorite Player. He says, he will not be o.k. with that. Cody and Frankie are playing pool with the other HG's watching them.


8:18 PM BBT Derrick tells Caleb that they need to chill, and they should make it together, without even trying. Caleb says, unless they are on the block together. Caleb asks him about how the votes are cast at the finale. Derrick tells him they are done with the keys on the spindle thing, unless they are done differently this year, to make them digital. Caleb tells Derrick that he may be the only one to take him to the F2. Frankie wins the pool game with Cody, and Cody tells him, good game. Christine says it was only a half hour. Caleb asks Derrick if he wants to play pool. Derrick says he's so tired, but he's trying to stay up. Frankie goes by the hammock and tells Derrick that Nicole talked to him. He asks if it was good, and he says yes. He says that she says, where they left off, is where she picked up. We hear, "HG's, this is a reminder, that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms." Frankie walks away from hammock area. Caleb says he wishes today was Wednesday, and Derrick says, he wishes it was Wednesday 3 weeks from now, with both of them still there.


8:24 PM BBT Nicole and Cody start playing a pool game with Donny watching them. Victoria and Frankie go inside the house. Derrick and Caleb are talking about making it to the end. Frankie tells Christine in the hallway by the rock room, that he thinks he and Victoria are going to go to sleep. Christine says, really, and asks what time it is, he says, around 8 p.m. Frankie is playing darts again, and asks, if they could possibly have a challenge with darts. Victoria walks in and out of fire room, and in and out of SR. Frankie tells Christine was Nicole said to him. He's says that she said she's not the same person she was, and she's not coming for blood. Christine says if that's what makes you feel better, being snarky. She says she thinks she knows she will go next week if she doesn't win HOH. Frankie continues playing darts, while Christine is laughing at everything.


8:29 PM BBT Victoria goes to BY, and sits in lawn chair next to hammock. Derrick and Caleb are lying on the hammock swinging. She says how tired she is. Derrick tells her to go to sleep, and then says, oh you can't, if you go in there, you'll be right back out here. He says that she went to sleep last night, and didn't get up last night. Victoria says she will make cookies for Derrick, but she won't eat them. He tells her to cook them a little longer, so they are crunchy. He tells her he will grade her on it. She is going to make ice cream sandwiches out of them for him. Caleb laughs, and says, she gets so happy. Victoria goes in the house. Victoria and Nicole go in SR together. Nicole tells Frankie she is going to help Victoria make desert. Christine smells her armpits, and says, "I totally forgot to put on deodorant today." She walks off.


8:33 PM BBT Nicole and Frankie blow air kisses to each other by the dart board, after she came out of the SR. Christine goes by the hammock, and sits in the lawn chair. Caleb asks if everything happens in the BY after the show? Derrick says they will probably do all of the interviews and stuff in the BY, and then they may walk over to a hall or something afterwards, were the producers, and everyone else will be. We see FoTH.


8:34 PM BBT We come back from FoTH, and we hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Caleb, Derrick and Christine are talking about outfits they are going to wear for the finale. Nicole and Victoria are in the KT. Nicole tells Victoria what she said to Frankie. He walks through the KT, and goes to the BY. Derrick tells Christine the challenge he gave Victoria, to make the ice cream sandwich cookies, and she says it sounds delicious. Frankie sits down in a lawn chair next to Christine.


8:37 PM BBT Victoria is telling Nicole about Caleb, and when they were Adam and Eve. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." HG's by the hammock ask if Donny has said anything to them, and they all say that he never says anything. Christine says that Nicole hasn't really said anything to her, because when they were by the pool, she said it's going to be weird to have the guys and girls almost even again. Christine asks if she looks like the devil to America. Derrick says, yes, but not because of just that.


8:40 PM BBT All the HG's by the hammock are trying to figure out what type of comp they will show for Sunday's show this coming week if there's not a DE. Christine says maybe a luxury comp. Derrick says he doesn't think there will be a DE this week. Frankie says maybe there will be a Have/HN comp. Caleb says 20 something days left, and it can't come quick enough. Derrick thinks there will be 28 days left. Christine says the remaining 3 HG's are never in the house a full week. She says they do back to back comps and that's it. So, they believe that the finale will be on Sunday. Frankie asks how many times they think he will sh*t those days? He's says he will ask for them to put in a colostomy bag in for that time.


8:45 PM BBT Frankie tells Christine that she's a woman, so she's not allowed to have dirty talk. Caleb says that down deep inside, Donny knows he's going this week. He says he knows it will be hard for him to walk out, but once he goes out, he will be alright. Frankie agrees. Nicole and Victoria are in the KT talking about clothes.


8:47 PM BBT Victoria says that when she went into the house she didn't have a butt or boobs, or anything. She says she was just her normal self. Donny is in the KT with the girls, and is at the counter. Derrick says he took 2 showers today. He talks about Zach, when he was a HN, and how much he slept. Caleb taps his activity tracker to see where he's at. Christine asks how Victoria is going to make an ice cream sandwich out of the cookies, and Derrick explains it to her.


8:49 PM BBT Christine says she's going to lose weight like that, as soon as she gets home. Caleb says he's back on his eating schedule. Derrick gets up off the hammock. He says he's going to see if his cookie sandwiches are done. He says he's missing a black sock. Victoria tells Nicole how her mom does Real Estate, and flips houses. She says how her dad works with her on the computer. Nicole says how she bought cute scrubs, and how her grandma bought her some really cute Nursing shoes. She says how she would leave her shoes at the hospital. Derrick goes to HoHR to check on Cody. He asks if he's going to sleep, and if he's o.k.? He says yes, he's o.k. Derrick tells him he seems down today. Christine is whistling in the BY, and Donny is lifting weights, to get his activity tracker to go off. We hear, "Please, stop singing." Christine gets up, and walks into the house.


8:54 PM BBT Caleb shouts out to Joker's and Hamster Watch, and tells them he's about to smoke Frankie in a game of pool Cody tells Derrick that Christine is running back to Frankie all the time about what they talk about. Cody says how Frankie keeps eating the Tofu, and he's not a HN. Derrick says that's funny, because Nicole was just saying everyone's been a HN twice, so they are all even. He says that Frankie was laying in the hammock, and didn't say anything, because he's only been a HN once. Derrick says something that transpired the other day was weird. Cody asks what? Derrick says, he doesn't want to say it. Cody says that if Frankie wins HOH, that he will be his target, and not Nicole.


8:58 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody says that Nicole told him last night that he has Cody and Christine's votes. Cody says Christine is an outright liar. Derrick says, she thinks she's smooth. Cody says if he wins HOH, he would hope he would put up Christine and Nicole. He says, he would put up Christine and Victoria. He says if Christine takes herself off, he can put up Nicole next to Victoria, and Nicole would go home. Cody says he should do Nicole and Victoria, and BD Frankie.

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9:05pm Derrick and Cody talking about Nicole now. Derricks saying that if Nicole stays long enough she will win another competition that she finished a 5-6 yr program in four years, she's not stupid.


9:09pm Derrick is saying that Nicole should go before Frankie. The order should be Nicole, Christine, Frankie. Cody says no because if Frankie stays longer he's more of a threat. Derrick leaves, Christine walks in.


9:12pm Frankie joins them in the HOH room. They are watching Caleb on the monitor. Frankie says that he was trying to tell him the Nutrition facts on Frankie's oatmeal so he went to the storage room. Nicole and Donny doing laps in the BY


9:17pm Donny tells Nicole he hopes she wins HOH and really shakes it up in the house. She tells him he can't give up he doesn’t know who is leaving. Caleb joins the HOH gang and they are talking about carb consumption.


 9:25pm Frankie, Cody and Christine are laying in the HOH bed joking about Caleb. Donny and Nicole  in the KT  talking about when Nicole worked at Subway. Victoria comes back laugh and says that the Almond Milk is in the SR fridge.


9:31pm  9:31pm Caleb and Derrick playing pool in the BY, Donny and Victoria watching. Nicole joins the HOH crew as they are talking about the Ice Bucket Challenge they did earlier. Frankie and Cody are trying to figure out who had it worst, Christine says they both had it about the same because the water went over them both slow.


9:38pm Caleb explains the difference in "real" pool and slop to Victoria. The Hoh crew is attempting to get their trackers up by having a bed dance party, using only their arms, follow the leader style


9:42pm Caleb is explaining how you play 9 ball in the back yard. Christine and Cody laughing and punching /slapping each other while Frankie leads the arm dance.


9:49pm They are back to 8-ball in the backyard. Christine, Cody and Nicole start singing and we get FotH. Feeds come back to leg exercises in the bed and with Frankie feeding the fish in the other room


9:54pm Frankie says he's going downstairs to get ready for bed. Victoria sits on the bed says shes so tired then gets chipper and says I' Healthy! Christine jokes and asks if it was an OBGYN appointment and she said ya then paused saying what? Christine explained.


10:00pm Cody shouts out to the feedsters, everyone watching right now # BB16 sleeping in the birds nest. He goes back to talking about random conversation.  Talk in the BY has turned to how Christine and Cody act around each other.


10:07pm HOH conversation is about whether or not Donny talks to them. Christine says he doesn't talk to her at all any more. BY conversation is about Caleb's phone. He isn't sure if it is shut off or not or when it will be on.


10:15pm Victoria in the BY explaining the saying "Are you a man or a mouse" to Derrick because he had never heard the saying before. Then they head inside.


10:18pm Derrick in the HOH room with Cody shouts out feed sites challenging them to make artwork of "The Hitmen" and put it on one of their two twitters. They will choose the one they like the most have it made into a shirt or something and send them a free signed one.


10:23pm Derrick takes a jar of queso blanco downstairs and head s out to the backyard. Tells Nicole that she missed bb baseball that they'll have to do it again.  Donny says they took the badminton racket.


10:28pm  Victoria is making Derrick nachos and keeps getting agitated because he prefers stuff on the side so he has a choice. Donny and Derrick telling Nicole about the saboteur last week.


10:34pm Victoria takes the nachos outside and Caleb and Derrick dig into them. The offer her some but she says she can't. Christine and Cody talking about tortilla soup in the kitchen, everyone else outside. Frankie is sleeping.


10:39pm The food is gone, Cody laughing asks what happened. Derrick asks Victoria why she didn’t tell them Cody wants some she said I didn’t know. Derrick takes the plates inside thanks Victoria and says he can't shave till Thursday.


10:46 Everyone in the backyard talking about how they act in the DR except Donny who Is in the WA brushing his teeth. Caleb and Derrick playing pool and Christine asking Derrick why he leaves the room everytime she comes into one.


10:51pm Cody, Christine, Nicole, and Victoria are talking about houseguests from past seasons. Derrick and Caleb on the pool table, Donny is watching.


10:57pm Conversation has turned to clothes they wish they would have brought with them. Nicole wishes she would have brought more sweaters then she did and thinks she didn’t because it had an under armor symbol on it. Cody has moved to the pool table to play Caleb.

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