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Friday August 22 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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1:05am Victoria goes to take the pizza out of the oven, Caleb picks her up and runs around the house as everyone in the HoHR watch and talk about how much she curses now.


1:15am  HoH crew is talking about the BoB from last week. Saying that Donny is no puppy he's a German Shepard with a beard. We keep getting fish randomly because of slips about production. Derrick talked about people in there with paint buckets before he went into the dark room.


1:18am Caleb tells about finding the hospital bed in the dark. He said he was moving the side up and down telling Cody he found a trap door. Cody told him to leave it and he said No! There might be 10k in there. They all laugh and then yell goodnight to Donny from the HOH room


1:26am Cody sitting and looking at his pictures while everyone else sits and talks about the competition. Sounds like it was boxing themed about days things happened. Caleb and Derrick go to cut the pizza.


1:31am Calebb, Derrick and Victoria in the KT eating. Frankie Cody and Nicole talking about how their schedule might work now that theres no BotB. Frankie and Cody leave to get food.


1:39am Caleb and Frankie practicing twirls in the kitchen while everyone else watches. Nicole is the only on in the HoH room practicing what she is going to say to Cody. She's alone, she's never nominated him, Frankie's a bigger target etc.


1:50am Nicole and Cody talking in the HOHR. She's telling him that she's never lied to him and that after next week Caleb and Frankie will turn on him. He told her this week he wants Donny out. She says that people are going to lie about things she said that's how it works.


1:57am Nicole tells Cody she feels like she has no choice but to work with Donny because it feels like the house is 6-2. That Cody is stupid if he goes after someone that isn't after him. Frankie, Caleb, Christine, and Victoria seem to talk about Frankie being the house babysitter.


2:04am Nicole is still telling Cody that she is alone but others in the house are paired up. She asks if Frankie and Caleb are super close and he says everything at this point is speculation.  Cody telling her that he ended up on the block with Zach because Donny wont the BotB or he would have gone home.


2:09am Christine and Victoria head upstairs to say goodnight to Cody and Nicole. They leave and head to the WA to get ready, we get fish because Victoria starts talking about production.


2:13am Frankie and Christine talking about Nicole telling them the only time they were allowed to talk game is when the cameras were on. They make a few joke about how someone would know if you were talking game if you were doing it in bed together. Nicole still pitching why she shouldn't go on the block, she says if he keeps her and she gets HoH she won't put him up.


2:18am Nicole heads to the WA Christine and Victoria head upstairs. Frankie takes a bag upstairs to the HOH and Cody tells him that he is sleeping alone tonight. Frankie sits on the couch and pouts while Cody gives him a hug. Cody rehashing the conversation with Nicole.


2:28am Caleb in the WA telling Nicole how 500k after taxes is even as much as it sounds, it will go fast. He also said that he's kind of at a point where he would want to go now then go third. If he's not going to win 1st or 2nd he wants to at least spend some time in the Jury House. Cody tells Christine and Victoria he felt bad turning Frankie away. Frankie in WA says Survivor is no way harder then this.


2:39am Cody talking about the pictures he got with his HOH. Victoria says she's going to bed. Caleb and Nicole talking about how Big Brother will affect you mentally while Survivor wont because you have so much down time with BB.


2:45am Frankie says that if someone, anyone pulls houseguests choice, hes going to raise his hand and beg to play. Caleb comes in to the HoH with Cody, Christine, and Frankie  asking about what Nicole said. Nicole tells Victoria goodnight and gores to bed.


2:51am Victoria pulls Derrick aside as he comes out of the DR. Victoria is stressed out about Zingbot saying she has no game. Derrick tells her not to take it personal, that she's playing a strategic game and that the only thing she can do is change it. She says she doesn’t want them to think she's doing nothing because she's playing a game and is worried about how they are portraying her. Shes worried about being booed


3:00am  Derrick and Victoria still talking about how she is being portrayed and worried about what the producers and america think. The HoH is talking talking about the chance of a Have not competition. Christine is worried there will be one and she will get stuck Have not again right away.
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3:06AM BBT Cody is in HOH with Derrick/Frankie/Caleb/Christine telling them that he explained to Nicole that if she is sneaking around the house with people alone it won't look good for her, but Donny is their target. Derrick says we all know that by doing this if Nicole wins HOH next week one of us are going home.


3:11 AM BBT Derrick is telling the crew in HOH room if at any point Nicole comes trying to talk to someone alone or brings up someones name they need to come and tell that person. Talk turns to how Frankie's face looked very unhappy when Nicole came back in and that he even said "so you are not safe this week?" while sitting at the table. Meanwhile Frankie gets up and is counting all the birdhouses on the wall in the HOH room. 


3:16 AM BBT Talk turns to Donny's brother and the story he told about how his brother functions and what his IQ his. Derrick says he has a great story and a lot of people would want him to win. They start talking to the character Zach was. Victoria is in the WA plucking her eyebrows.


3:25 AM BBT Derrick says if Donny wins POV he is going to bow down to him, and Cody says "F that noise." Christine reiterates how much she hates him. Derrick brings up how he told them his brothers IQ but wouldn't tell them what his IQ is. They are discussing what next weeks HOH comp could be and the odds Nicole could win. Derrick says she may try to bend Christine's ear but they are all a lot closer now. Frankie tells Derrick this week it is important Victoria feels apart of the group. 


3:26 AM BBT Derrick is telling Cody how much props he gave Cody in DR and gets a warning from BB. He is explaining how if Donny/Nicole had won HOH they could have went on a run but with neither of them winning, it was extremely detrimental to both their games. 


3:29 AM BBT All the HOH room crew re-lives how they gloated and celebrated when Cody won and how it was sort of bad with them teaming up against the "old guy." We get a FotH. Nicole is up and going in the WC while Victoria is still plucking her eyebrows. Derrick is giving Cody ideas for his nomination speech, that he can tell Donny since he didn't like the Skittles thing last week and you wanted us to switch things up...here is your M&M we switched it up. 


3:38 AM BBT Christine tells the HOH room when Donny confronted her and said "Zach told me about your plan to throw the BotB and giving Caleb the bone" that the way he looked at her was so awkward. Frankie and the rest of them are taken back because apparently Christine didn't tell them about this. Nicole came out of the WC and Victoria starts telling Nicole about the cutting up of the pink hat. Derrick is telling the HOH crew that he doesn't dislike Donny and to his defense he hasn't had any other game play options, and Christine again says she hates him. 


3:39 AM BBT Nicole has gone back to bed and Victoria is in the WC. Frankie is now discussing how Donny is going to explain that he was so close to winning the HOH on luck, that apparently he has a great memory. Victoria is out of the WC and comes up to HOH room and they ask who she was talking to. Victoria tells them she was telling Nicole about the pink hat, and Cody says now that Zach is out he wants to see it and Victoria leaves to get the hat. 


3:45 AM BBT Victoria brings the hat back up to the HOH room and they all laugh at how shredded it is. Frankie says they should burn it on the grill and Victoria says she wants to frame it, and we get FotH. Feeds come back and all 4 cams are on HOH room. Christine/Cody are in HOH bed, Frankie and Victoria are on couch, and Derrick is in chair across the room propping his feet up on the HOH bed. 


3:52 AM BBT The HOH crew is back to trashing Donny and how much they all hate him and how bad he probably trashes them during his DR session. Cody is still mad that apparently Donny referred to him as a "dumb kid" during the HOH comp or shortly after. Cody says if Donny comes up to try and talk to him he is going to tell him there is a chance you are going up and walk off. Cody says he is trying to be respectful because he is so old but he is going to tell him he has played a social game not sitting by himself for 6 hours a day. 


3:54 AM BBT The Donny trashing is continuing...Victoria says he is a bitter person. Derrick tells them about a time when Hayden was still there and Donny blew up and huffed into the FR because Cody/Frankie/Hayden/Zach was yelling through the house at each other. Nothing really new, just Christine saying "I hate him" every few moments. Keep getting short FotH. 


3:59 AM BBT Cody tells Derrick to get out so the camera will stop following him and Derrick gives a shout out to certain websites. Get another FotH. Feeds come back and Derrick reminds them tomorrow could be POV or Have/Have Not comp and he is going to bed. Frankie agrees because he doesn't want to lose either. Everyone is hugging saying their good nights. 


4:02 AM BBT Everyone still up has spilled into the KT/WA. Frankie and Victoria is in the WA talking about putting the seat down. Derrick/Cody/Christine is in the KT discussing how the nominee ceremony may go tomorrow, if they will get to pull keys, how it will be quicker, etc.


4:09 AM BBT Christine/Derrick/Victoria/Frankie/Cody are in KT, looks like Cody is making some type of food in microwave. They are talking about the HOH comp again and how they kept "over punching." Get another FotH and as feeds come back it seems Frankie is implying that once Donny is gone if the comps go to endurance then they will know they have been tailored for a certain someone (Donny). They are talking about how they figured out what day certain things happened on during the HOH comp. Apparently the comp was remembering what day certain things happened on. 


4:12 AM BBT Caleb and Derrick are talking about the costumes from the HOH comp last night. In the KT everyone still up is talking about Nicole/Hayden and how quickly they came a "couple." Christine is saying how Nicole was talking about Hayden on Day 2. 


4:15 AM BBT Derrick and Caleb go in the WA and Caleb starts saying something about Cody giving a right hook to Ol' Man Donny and we get FotH. Derrick is brushing his teeth and Caleb walks in the WC as feeds come back. Caleb stops to wash his hands and brush his teeth and gloat how if you make it to Day 70 on BB you have done something. Caleb says the comps keep being about numbers and he sucks at numbers. Derrick says he thinks Frankie is on to something and when "certain people" leave it will start being endurance/physical comps. Caleb says they told them the comps are planned weeks ahead of time and Derrick replies "are they?" 


4:20 AM BBT Derricl/Caleb/Frankie are in WA all agreeing how Cody's HOH win was biggest yet because it was first single HOH and Caleb's win was second biggest because it was on DE night. 


4:25 AM BBT Derrick/Caleb/Frankie are in the WA still discussing the most ugly way for Cody to nominate Donny. They are talking about the M&M's again. Caleb and Frankie both say they want to be the ones to win POV to ensure Donny's fate. 


4:27 AM BBT Everyone is back in the KT hugging and saying good night again. Caleb and Frankie say they are going to sleep in the ER. Frankie pinches Cody's butt as he heads to bed, and Frankie says enjoy a night alone in HOH. Cody says he will be up for awhile if no one can sleep. Frankie and Cody keep singing so it is FotH every few seconds. 


4:30 AM BBT Derrick/Christine/Victoria in WA. Christine is trying to talk Derrick into waking up at wake up call and staying up the rest of the day to get back on schedule. Derrick says he can't do that but he wants Christine to wake him up an hour before nominations. Caleb and Cody are in HOH talking about candy in his HOH basket and how big a win Cody's HOH was. 


4:33 AM BBT Cody and Caleb are trashing Donny again and the best way to nominate Donny in an "epic" way. In the WA Frankie/Christine/Victoria/Derrick are talking general chit chat while taking turns going into WC and changing clothes. 


4:38 AM BBT Christine/Frankie/Victoria/Derrick are in the WA talking about the talks they had with their family before they left. Christine said her father told her not to worry about anything, if she did anything stupid, to play her heart out, he loved her, and they would figure it out when they got home. Derrick starts talking about what he said before HOH comp in DR and get another FotH. 


4:42 AM BBT Cody and Caleb are talking about how once Donny is gone the competitions will turn to endurance comps (they also believe BB is tailoring the comps toward him). Cody is saying that Donny keeps saying they have tried to get him out but they can't but Cody is of the belief the only time they tried getting him out was DE night. 


4:45 AM BBT Frankie kisses Derrick/Victoria in the WA and heads to bed. Victoria is telling Christine/Derrick about her different ex's

and how she manages relationships. All 4 cams cut to Caleb and Cody in HOH. 


4:48 AM BBT Frankie comes in the HOH because he went downstairs and Caleb wasn't in bed. Caleb is comparing what sitting President gets credit for capturing terrorists to Cody being the one to get credit for sending Donny home. Derrick/Victoria/Christine is still in the WA talking about relationships/foundations for relationships/etc.


4:52 AM BBT Derrick and Christine are telling Victoria how sheltered she is. Victoria is explaining how guys get scared and often run away when she tells them she is still a virgin and she doesn't tell them anymore that they would have to wait until marriage even though in her mind she knows that is only way she will cross that line. 


4:56 AM BBT Derrick says he has to go to bed and stop thinking about this type stuff he has a 4 year old daughter and he only hopes she can be like Victoria and then FotH. 


4:58 AM BBT Victoria is trying to talk Derrick into staying up while she eats something. Derrick is coming up with every excuse not to stay up and is telling her to make food and go up to HOH and eat. She says she doesn't want to hear anymore of Caleb's stories. Finally she concedes and Derrick is off to bed. Christine has joined Caleb/Cody/Frankie in HOH and Victoria will probably join them soon.


5:01 AM BBT Caleb/Frankie/Christine/Cody are in the HOH just general chit chat from different movies, music, to mullets. Caleb is commenting how everyone in Cody's family is attractive and he got great DNA. 


5:05 AM BBT Frankie is crushing on Cody's brother. He says he is glad he gave him a shout out now that he knows how attractive he is. They start joking with Caleb how he has changed women every week from Amber, Nicole's friend, Frankie's sister, and now Cody's sister. They tell Caleb he has to choose and he says since he has met Amber in person he would still choose Amber. Cody tells Caleb that Amber is not an option for him. 


5:08 AM BBT Frankie says he can't believe his sister was out in the crowd and they laugh and say Hayden talked to her; she didn't talk to Hayden but Hayden tried talking to her. Caleb says after that BotB he tried throwing she may not like him. Frankie says that since Caleb has been a good friend to him that she will like Caleb. 


5:11 AM BBT Caleb is talking about his brother and how he always wanted to be a helicopter pilot and how hard the test was; it was a 600 question test and he couldn't miss one question. Caleb thinks he is the most successful of his siblings. 


5:20 AM BBT The crew in HOH (Frankie/Cody/Christine/Caleb) are pretty much talking about their families and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Frankie is talking about the last thing his grandfather got to see was Cody and him winning HOH together. 


5:23 AM BBT Get a lengthy FotH and when feeds come back Frankie and Caleb are climbing into bed in the ER and Christine is getting settled into the HN room and climbing into bed. All the HG's are finally in their respective beds but lights aren't out yet. 


5:25 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb are giving extra clothes to Victoria so she will stay warmer in the HN room. As Caleb takes his hat off Frankie says he better be careful or Victoria may take that hat. Victoria says she will and her and Caleb have a back and forth about Caleb's hat and what she will do to it and Caleb telling her how miserable her life will be in the house if she messes with his hat. 


5:28 AM BBT Victoria goes to the WC and comes back to the ER to thank Frankie for putting the toilet seat down. Caleb is saying he doesn't want to go to bed and he didn't know they had a bedtime in BB. Frankie says they are just being helpful because they know something is coming (apparently during the FotH BB told them they should go to bed because when feeds came back that's when everyone had scattered to their beds). Victoria has turned the lights out in HN room. Caleb and Frankie are still chit chatting about how great the day was and they made it to day 70. They are whispering something about Nicole and how she won't care to go back to Hayden when they put her out. 


5:31 AM BBT Caleb and Frankie say goodnight. Frankie says he will try to win the HOH on the next DE so Caleb doesn't get shorted in his HOH basket. Caleb says he doesn't ever want a comp thrown to him because he would feel like he never won. Frankie says he likes winning because he can save the people he loves and he was honored to use the veto on Caleb and Caleb says he was honored to take it. 


5:37 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house except Caleb and Frankie. They are laying in the dark trying to count up how many comps Donny has played in. It makes them realize they need to start studying order of the comps and who competed in what because they think that will be the questions that come in the final 4 HOH comps/veto comps. 


5:40 AM BBT Now its officially quiet in the BB house. Frankie and Caleb have stopped chatting and all HG's are in bed. 


6:01 AM BBT All HG's are in bed and asleep! 


6:22 AM BBT Victoria has gotten up from the HN room and has made her way to the WC. 


6:26 AM BBT Victoria is out of the WC and passes through the WA and doesn't stop at the sink. She is in the KT now doing something but her back is to the camera and it is too dark to see. 


6:28 AM BBT Victoria is standing in the KT in her robe heating something up in the microwave (she is a HN). Prior to everyone going to bed she tried to get Derrick to stay up while she ate something and he wanted to go on to bed. She has taken whatever it is she heated up and is now sitting on the couch in the WA eating.

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7:30am All cams were on sleeping HGs.  F1 switched to show Victoria quickly going to the sliding door, looking around like she was suspicious of something, then going outside.  F1 switched to WBRB briefly, then changed to outside, where we find Victoria checking her face in a window by the hammock. 


7:35am Victoria sat on the hammock for a bit, now is doing laundry.


7:40am Victoria has gone from laundry to WA to Kitchen, back to WA, doing ADLs


8:00am Two cams on sleeping HGs, two cams on Victoria doing her makeup...


8:10am Victoria's makeup is done, she is back in the K, fixes a drink, heads back to the WA.  Lifts her shirt to inspect her abs, then sits back down... and inspects her cleavage?


8:25am Victoria goes to the SR, gets a cup of milk, then to K to fix a protein drink.


8:30am Victoria has moved to the patio.  Her 'drink' is more like oatmeal actually, it's in a bowl and she's eating it with a spoon (this is riveting stuff here!-georgectv)


8:34am Victoria gets a glass of water to help wash down her breakfast.


8:36am Victoria sitting alone on patio gives shout-outs to friends/family, shares she is 'have-not hopefully for the last day'.  She questions if she will be back in time for Rosh Hashanah, now that there's been a buy-back(returning HG) (it starts Spet 24, the night of the BB finale, a week later than the HG predicted).


8:40am Victoria tells us it's beautiful in California today, expects Noms to be today, will need to get ready for them soon, wonders if Natalie has given birth yet.


8:41am Victoria "Life in the Big Brother house is amazing.  One more day in paradise.  Hopefully in one month I'll be walking out that door with a half million dollar check"


8:45am Victoria heads back in to K...


8:51am F1 gives us a close up of crumbs left on the counter, and almost on cue, Victoria starts cleaning them up.


8:55am Victoria wiped down the K counters and heads back to the WA, then goes back to dark bed room and lays down.

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#BB16 10:03AM BBT We finally have FOTH. Time to wakey wakey!


#BB16 10:17AM BBT Donny in the BY eating. Christine comes out of the SR and looks at the screen that says "Nominations Today".


#BB16 10:19AM BBT Christine brushing her teeth after she burps out the word "Oh" (not kidding, she burps words)


#BB16 10:27AM BBT Victoria in the WC blow drying her hair. Her hair is back in a bun and she is just drying the top. Christine lets out a burp while talking with her.

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#BB16 10:35AM BBT Donny goes to HOH and asks Cody if he should expect to go on the block today. Cody says everyone has the chance. Donny tells him that once he is gone he can't watch Cody's back. Donny tells him he has the chance to make a powerful move this week.

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#BB16 10:38AM BBT Donny tells Cody that he isn't going to hold it against Cody if he is sitting on the block but he would love not to be. Donny asks Cody to think about what his family would want him to do.


#BB16 10:52AM Donny has gone outside to work out after his talk with Cody. Christine and Victoria chat in general in the WCA as they put on make up.

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11:01am Donny is on the elliptical in the BY. Victoria is brushing her teeth in the WA.


11:06am Christine going outside to lay on the hammock and read the Bible. Donny now sitting on the  BY couch alone.


11:20am Donny now working out with hand weights. Christine still on the hammock. all other Hg still in bed sleeping.


 11:26am Christine tells Donny she is going back to bed to go back to sleep.Victoria is walking around  getting her clothes together and putting things away.


  11:42am Victoria puts more laundry on washing and drying then tries to get in the DR but doesn't get in then goes through more clothes.


 11:51am Everyone is starting to get up now  and Derrick says they didn't give us a heads up.Derrick this the noms will be different and have all the keys this time since there is no BOB now.


 11:54am Hg are in the KT saying their good mornings and getting  coffee and food before they go out for an outside lockdown.


11:59am Everyone in the KT except Caleb and Frankie as Frankie goes to the HOh rm to wake up Cody. In the KT Caleb is telling stories.

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12:00pm Cody tells Frankie about Donny coming in and talking earlier and saying that he never talks to anyone in this house and Frankie says what? 


 12:11pm All Hg are heading out to the BY for a lockdown. Just general talk about family going on .


 12:14pm All hg are now on Lock down in the BY .Frankie is going to lay in the sun as Victoria says her wisdom teeth are coming out and Caleb says coming out and Nicole says coming in then Victoria says coming in then.


12:22pm HG talking about surgeries they have had and now youtube videos and if they get anything for sharing on youtube.


 12:28pm derrick is trying to think what a pirated name was and Caleb says One eyed willy and derrick says i knew i would find that pirate. He says that was a good movie. Caleb ask i wonder why they had to cut those strings and we get FOTH.


 12: 35pm Lockdown over as the Hg have have not food of tofu and fish. Cody reads the card and it says it is your responsibility to nominate 2 people for have nots and can enjoy Squish kabobs. He.He chooses. Nicole and Donny. And says don sorry man.


 12:38pm Victoria asking if they are off food restriction now since Nicole and Donny are on it now. Frankie tells her to go ask.


  12:41pm Christine comes out of the Dr and screams we are off then runs outside telling Victoria they can eat and shower now.


 12:42pm Caleb in the Kt talking to Frankie and says so you Fry tofu? Frankie says yeah you do. Caleb says does it taste like  fish Frankie says no.


12:44pm derrick is helping Nicole put  the have not food in the fridge.Frankie says here this is done you want BBQ sauce  on it and Nicole says i don't know i have never tried it.Donny comes in and tries it and says it isn't bad it is that texture, that darn texture.


12:48pm Derrick and Nicole waiting for the STr to be open . Nicole goes to the KT and ask how it is Donny and Donny says taste this here. Nicole says it feels weird.She taste it and  says it kind of taste like eggs. Donny says we could put syrup on it and it might taste like French toast.


 12:52pm Donny and Nicole talk about the next comp they play and then Donny says we have top compete sleeping on that hard slab. Nicole says yup and Donny says that sucks.


12:54pm Cody and Christine in the By talking about what Donny said earlier and that  Donny keeps saying to Caleb he has his vote and Christine  says  Donny wants me and Derrick up so bad and Cody says he thinks you and derrick are the masterminds.


12:57pm Cody telling Derrick and Caleb with Christine  about what Donny said early about sending derrick, Caleb or Frankie home this week. Derrick says he is going to you saying he is a country boy so don't vote him out and Cody laughs and says yeah.Derrick says if Donny doesn't win POV then i will go to him and tell him he does not have my vote.that he was sending messages without telling me to my face that you wanted me up.
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1:05 pm Caleb puts on a flowered shirt, tells Vic he just felt like wearing a different shirt. Vic says her jaw hurts worse by the minute. Caleb gets told to reattach his mic, he says he has 3 times...WBRB.


1:10 pm Derrick and Caleb in HOH, Vic comes in and heads for the snacks on the table. Derrick can't get the spy screen working. In BY Cody gets up and Chris asks him to make her a quesadia some time today, he says sure. Frankie wished he had taken pics of his fingers before he came into house, now he 4 digital pits and he thinks he had one when he came in.


 1:20 pm Cody asks Chris if Monterary Jack cheese is ok, he can't get into the SR. She says that works. Frankie and Caleb are going to lay out, Frankie bends over so his shirts hides his parts and changes into swim trunks. Caleb says he feels so fat.

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1:26 pm Frankie tells Cody that he looks good in that tank, Chris says very good, she likes how is chest hair pops out. Cody paces back and forth then says he has to go.....some where. Cody goes up to HOH, Derrick says they need to watch Frankie and Chris. Derrick says Chris would put him up. 


1:30 pm Cody and Derrick in HOH talking about Hayden telling Cody to trust Derrick. Derrick says they are cool, ppl know they are cool. The keep talking and Derrick says here "he" comes (I thought they were talking about Donny but...), Frankie walks in.


1:42 pm Caleb tells HOH crew that he put a foil wrapped banana in Amber's BB bag as she left the house. He thinks BB made her open it on stage to get it out.


1:46 pm HOH crew talk about how Hayden and Nic are a couple. Caleb says that Hayden and Nic will make it on Amazing Race and not him and Frankie cuz they are a couple. Frankie says we are a couple. WBRB


1:50 pm Feeds back and HOH crew is looking for skittles. In BY Derrick tells Donny that he knows that Donny is here for Donny. Derrick says he is being honest with him, its been eating him alive. He has heard it from multiple ppl that Donny was coming after him. Donny says a lot of ppl are full of mud. That it's the paranoia of the house. Derrick says he likes the TA thing. He says it may not always seem that they have each other backs but he does. He cant speak for Frankie, as far as ppl know he (Donny) is alone in the game but he is not. Zach told him right out that he needs to work with Donny. 


 1:58 pm Derrick tells Donny that when he got home from Semi's he told his wife there was a guy that showed him where the bathroom was and if he went into the house he would work with him. Donny says we didnt get called out on that did we. Derrick says he (Donny) knows them two will go up on the block (Donny and Nic), Donny says he knows. Derrick says he has never heard that Nic was coming after him (Derrick) but that he has heard Donny has. Donny says he was HOH and didnt even think about it.

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2:00pm derrick tells Donny that he is just telling him what he heard and there is no strategic value to it that's just all. I can't tell you what will happen this week no one knows this has been eating at me for a couple of weeks now so that's why i am saying something.


2:04pm Nicole comes out and joins Donny and derrick and Donny ask what  she is eating and she says tofu with rice. She says it isn't so bad. Christine comes out to the BY now and joins them saying there are so many cookies in there  but they are not gluten free. Donny says today is my Mom and dad's 55th anniversary is today so they all tell  His mom and dad Happy Anniversary.


 2:08pm derrick says he never kills bugs even spiders he catches and puts them outside in a paper towel.Frankie is doing laundry.


 2:10pm Christine says she was late for work one day cause she had a roach come up in her sink and she had to call Tim to tell him. Cody is in the HOh rm going to sleep as Victoria and Caleb talk about graduations


  2:14pm In the BY Derrick and Christine  are talking about getting teeth pulled as Frankie does laundry. In the HOH rm Caleb and Victoria are talking about taking antibiotics.Derrick is called to the DR.


  2:20pm Frankie laying in the sun  and talking to Christine about his sinus infections and says thank you grandpa for paying for my surgery to fix the problems so he wouldn't have to be on antibiotics for the rest of his life.

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 2:24 pm Frankie asks the HG when the last time was they had their blood tested for STD's. Most say not often before the show. Frankie says he is tested every 3 to 6 months. It's part of his culture. Nic tells a story of a guy she treated where one if his IV's fell out and she was squeezing him. She put herself in jeopardy for this stranger, he was tested and fine, but it was scary.


2:30 pm Nic and Caleb talk about inserting IV's. Frankie says his dad gives perfect shots, even with Parkinson's. Hi Papa!! More talk of shots and immunizations.


2:34 pm Vic hates needles, she has a phobia. Her dad has to go with her, she takes a blindfold. She didn't look at it when they drew blood for the show. Chris can't donate blood because her heart rate is to high.  Derrick comes out of DR and goes to HOH, he tells Cody that Nic will eventually come to them. If she doesn't go home this week she will come to them. Derrick says Chris is playing a great game but getting caught. She has to go cuz she is a shit starter.


2:40 pm Cody goes over his Nom speech. What he is going to say.. Derrick tells him about his talk with Donny. Cody says Donny goes from Caleb to him. Derrick says Donny is extremely intelligent, heart of a lion but he doesn't do the talking much.


 2:48 pm Cody and Derrick go over what if's. In BY Caleb starts to tell a story about coming back from a hog hunt with his GF Sadie....WBRB that changes over to Jeff Reels.


3:50 pm Feeds back. They are on IDLD. Vic goes to DR. Donny sitting in nom chair. They are just sitting in the LR. Frankie asks Cody if he is getting Pandoras Box. Cody says he doesnt know. Vic comes out of DR saying they told her Ibuprofen and they have to contact a doc.


3:57 pm SR is restocked. Not enough flour tortillas, a ton of turkey. WBRB


 3:59 pm Nic says so predictable. Donny says we got a few hours before the comp. Nic asks if he thinks it will be tonight. He says he hopes so, he wants to do it on good sleep and food. (they are both HN)

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2:37 PM BBT: Derrick wakes Cody up in the HOH room and starts talking game. Derrick calls BS on Christine throwing the BOtB. Donny, Victoria, Christine, Caleb, Nicole, and Frankie are in the BY talking about allergies. 


2:50 PM BBT: We get FoTH.


2:53 PM BBT: We get Jeff's reels. Probably time for the nomination ceremony.


3:54 PM BBT: The feeds return. Cody, Christine, Derrick, Victoria, and Donny chilling in LR. Victoria goes into DR. Frankie comes over and joins them. Caleb keeps pacing. Derrick seems annoyed.

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4:01 pm Donny grabs a pillow and goes into the ice room. Frankie comes in and says sorry, Donny says he is used to it. Nic gets Derricks sweats from Vic (she washed them this am) and heads for the ice room for a nap.


4:05 pm BB tells HG to be sure the activity tracker is on. they say BB didnt tell them they had to wear them. Nic lays down in ice room, Donny says they will do this together.


4:10 pm HG in KT, Caleb says he would said, you two are nom because...... Nicole and Donny are nominated.


 4:16 pm Frankie comes out of SR with a lemon, he says they are smaller then his balls. They banter back and forth and say prove it. He does. Chris says OMG. HG agree the lemons are smaller.


4:19 pm Caleb was at a pool party that Derricks brother was at. There was a porn star there too.

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4:26 PM BBT Frankie and the KT are talking about times they have been reprimanded and Frankie says remember last night when they said "You are F ups?" and we get a FotH. Feeds come back and Frankie and Christine are debating about what type of container to put some type of food in. Victoria gets called to SR (probably for meds). Nicole and Donny are sleeping in the HN room. 


4:31 PM BBT Frankie is telling a story about how he had to do a set change by himself because the guy that was suppose to do it was talking to a girl and they guy didn't get wrote up. Frankie is also complaining about how he understudied for 3 years but he still never got the role he understudied for. He said this is the stuff that you have to deal with on a long running Broadway show. 


4:35 PM BBT Franke is just telling stories of Broadway to Cody/Christine/Caleb/Victoria/Derrick. He tells how he played a song to get under someones skin and of course has to sing it so we get FotH. 


4:37 PM BBT Derrick asks if Frankie ever tried out for any Nickelodeon shows and he said yes he actually did but either got turned down or they told him they had a bigger role for him. Frankie and Christine are fixing some food. Derrick gets told to exchange his microphone in SR.  


4:41 PM BBT Frankie and Christine are scrubbing a pan and doing some dishes. Caleb and Derrick go into the LR and are talking about whether they heard a crew in the BY building a comp. Derrick said he definitely thinks the comp will be tomorrow and nothing Sunday because the BB crew runs at minimal staff. Caleb is talking to Derrick about the fact he got jipped on his HOH win on DE night because he didn't get to do a blog, get his snacks, music, etc. Caleb is discussing how many comps Donny has competed in and Derrick is trying to count up how many he has played in. 


4:47 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick agree that Caleb has played in 18 different comps (HOH, Veto, BotB combined) and Derrick has only played in 12 comps because he has played in no BotB (since Derrick has never been nominated). Derrick says Caleb has it made because he has had more TV time by being in more comps. 


4:49 PM BBT Caleb said he knows Donny will try to get Nicole to get Caleb and Derrick to turn against everyone. Caleb said he told Donny earlier that he thinks he is a genius and isn't being truthful about who he is because he is smarter than he is letting on to be. Caleb says he thinks Donny is so smart he almost has a problem, like a tick. That his eyes are always moving, his leg is tapping, or lips are moving. Derrick and Caleb agree or think that Donny is so smart his mind wanders all the time. Caleb said all Donny said when he told him that him and his brother were geniuses was he appreciates that. 


4:52 PM BBT Derrick is questioning whether Donny's "ticks" could be military related. Caleb says no because they questioned him and tested him for PTSD. Caleb said he still thinks Donny was a Silver Star winner or something in Intelligence in the military because he wears fatigues, missing hair from ankles down from wearing combat boots, how his eyes and stuff are always moving and focusing on other things. 


4:55 PM BBT Cody comes from DR and Caleb tells him how while Cody was giving his nomination speech Donny's eyes were outlining the squares on the wall the whole time Cody spoke and he is a genius. Caleb compares Donny to RainMan. Cody tells Derrick/Caleb that he has told them he has OCD because he has the same routine everyday, places his items in the same place, etc. Caleb said that is another sign of military because that is instilled in them. Caleb now has Derrick/Cody convinced that Donny has designed weapons for the military or something even higher in intelligence. They all agree they can't wait to find out. Derrick mentions McCrae from #BB15 that everyone doubted he was a pizza boy. Caleb says last night Donny was playing with Jenga blocks and building puzzles to get his mind ready for a puzzle comp. 

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6:01 PM BBT Frankie, Christine, Donny, Caleb and Nicole are watching Derrick build something at the Dining Room table. They are discussing Pandora's Box. Caleb asks if they ever offer money, and Derrick tells him about one time there were balloons that the HG's popped to get money denominations. Victoria walks into the fire room, and puts on some hand lotion. She lays down to take a nap.


6:04 PM BBT HG's at the Dining Room table are talking about a pentagram and what they represent. They talk about the people in their group at the airport. Frankie says, they looked like Nick or Jesse. He asks about pentagrams being 5 points, and on top of Christmas trees. He says the Jewish star has 6 points. He says the pentagram is Pagan. Caleb says he was going to say that, but didn't want to step on any toes.


6:08 PM BBT Christine says, it's kind of weird that the whole schedule has changed. Frankie says, he wouldn't be surprised if he gets Pandora's Box this time. He says, it will be weird when former HG's walk in. Caleb said it happened to Frankie when he was HOH, and the room was locked. Frankie says, it's the first single HOH, and if it was going to happen, it would happen today. Caleb says, maybe not, because we are expecting it. Frankie says, but are we? They say, they've done everything we've expected already anyway.


6:11 PM BBT Frankie says, that if something good happens to Cody with Pandora's Box, then something bad will happen to everyone else, and vice versa. Derrick is using the kabob skewers, and is almost finished with his building he is making. He is trying to turn it a little bit, without it falling apart.


6:15 PM BBT Donny says, the bread and butter aren't that bad with the grits. He asks Nicole how many times she's been on the block now, and she says, this makes 5 times. He says, this is 6 for him, and he couldn't believe anyone was that close to him. He tells Nicole that he put powder in his slop for energy. Christine and Victoria go to SR, and leave. Frankie goes to SR, gets a clear bag of stuff, and takes it to the rock room. He then goes in the fire room, and is looking for pillows. He says he has none. Christine is laying down in the rock room.


6:17 PM BBT Donny says he can't believe it's already 6 p.m. Nicole asks him how he napped, and he says, he really never fell asleep. She says, she didn't either, she just rested. Frankie puts his pick towel around his eyes, ties it in back, puts some cotton in his ears, and is laying down for a nap.


6:20 PM BBT Nicole asks Victoria how her mouth is at the Dining Room table. She says, it hurts. Nicole asks if they gave her something for the pain, she heard her get called to the SR. She says, no, only to put ice on it. Nicole asks if she saw a doctor yet, to look at it? Victoria tells her, no, he still has to come. Caleb is sitting at the Dining Room table holding and looking a kabob skewer. Donny asks Nicole if she thinks they will let him shave his beard in the jury house? She says, maybe, they won't let you do it here? He says, he didn't really ask. She says, probably, because they were going to let Hayden do corn rolls. Derrick still stacking up the skewers to finish his building.


6:24 PM BBT Nicole asks Caleb if Cody was able to get in the HOH room? Caleb says, no, but they could be fixing something. He says, he had to turn the TV on at the TV, because the remote wasn't working, so it could be that. He also says that they were just in there a few weeks ago fixing something else. Donny takes some of the skewers, and is messing around with them trying to build something. Then he puts them all together.


6:26 PM BBT Donny says, it's like fiddling with toothpicks, isn't it? Someone says um hum, in response to his question. Caleb asks if they've ever seen guys on TV that put stuff in their mouths and stuff. He says it's crazy. Donny puts some skewers up and drops them like pick-up sticks.


6:31 PM BBT Nicole is talking about a game with colors and plastic sticks that she used to play, but can't remember the name of it. (It's Kerplunk). Caleb was talking about another board game with a dice and 4 colors, and couldn't remember the name. (It's Trouble). Donny starts putting some of the skewers in a cup, while Derrick is finishing his building.


6:35 PM BBT Victoria asks Caleb is he knows how to give massages. He says, not really. She says, you gave it to me once, and he says, he was messing around. He says, he's to rough, but Cody knows how to give them. She says, he's asleep. He says, he could do it when he wakes up. Caleb says it's 6:30 p.m. Derrick says, and the fact we haven't pulled for Veto yet. Donny says it may be tomorrow. Donny asks how they did it last year, and Caleb runs down, and says there was a Have/HN comp. He wonders what they are going to put in the place of the BOB now. He says, it could be a small luxury comp, but he doesn't know. Derrick says, it could be Pandora's Box. Caleb asks, isn't it just opening a card? Derrick says no, and explains it to him.


6:39 PM BBT Caleb says it could possibly be bubbles in the whole bottom of the house to clean up. Derrick says, probably something a lot worse than that, unless we get something good, because he got something bad. Caleb says he hasn't heard anything upstairs, just outside, but that could be drowning it out. Derrick gives shout-outs to Joker's and Hamster Watch and asks them to send his wife a message on Twitter. Caleb asks them to send his brother a Tweet to say he said, what's up also.


6:41 PM BBT Derrick says he's going to build into his building, and it's going to take him a while. Caleb says, it will be weird if they get to watch the new Transformer's movie with popcorn. Derrick tells him about Jesse being in a room talking all about himself for two hours, the piggy bank comp, and he thinks there was another one that had a penalty for the house. Caleb asks if the piggy bank one was Judd? Donny says, he doesn't remember. Victoria sits down next to Derrick, and is chomping on potato chips. Derrick tells Victoria to walk around to see if the cams follow her. He thinks they are doing Pandora's Box, and a quick Luxury Comp.


6:46 PM BBT Derrick tells Caleb to check the door to the HoHR, and it's unlocked. Caleb checks the 2nd HoHR door, because he may be able to get it. Donny says, there was a hidden door in one season, and someone walked into the hidden door. Derrick says, that was the ice room.


6:48 PM BBT Caleb goes back in the HoHR, and comes back out. We see FoTH. Feeds come back, and Caleb says the room feels different, that someone has been in their cleaning. Derrick and Victoria come upstairs, and Caleb is pointing out the differences in the room, from earlier with the pillows, eggs, basket and pictures. Derrick says, he thinks the coast is clear. He says, like you said, they might have just fixed the TV. They all head back downstairs. Donny says, it's going to be weird if the only things done today were the nom's and HN's.


6:51 PM BBT Donny says, Sunday's show will probably more elaborated. He says, now that's some good coffee. Derrick is telling Donny about him drawing things, signing them, and people paying for it. Caleb says, Character artists are amazing. Donny asks Victoria if she ever goes out and takes pictures of sunsets and things. She says she takes pictures, but doesn't sell them. Derrick says, it may be harder, because anyone can take pictures from the same angle, and she says, no they can't. Derrick tells them that Thomas Kinkade's paintings looked like it was daytime, but if you lower the lights, it looked like the windows had lights turning on. He says, there were dimmer switches by his paintings in his store. Caleb asks if he had an afro? Derrick says, that is Bob.


6:55 PM BBT Caleb goes to the fire room and tells Frankie, there's no Pandora's Box, and his door is opened. He walks out. Derrick says, he's naming this piece of art "The Transfer of Power". He says toothpick art, how amazing. Victoria talks about taking pictures, and that it's art. Victoria asks Derrick if he and Jana took engagement photos, and he says yes, and explains what they were wearing, the scenery that was behind them, and what they were doing in the picture. Caleb is walking around acting sketched out, and Donny says, there is a fly in the house, that he saw it.


6:59 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that his suit was rented. She says, "I just want to take pictures of naked women all day long." Derrick asks, if she's attracted to women, and she says, no, she explains how she puts the props up, and what she does for the pictures. She asks Derrick, what if Jana was naked, in a gorgeous apartment, getting them done. Derrick says, so you take naked photos even though you're not a sexual person? She says, yes, I just love it so much. Caleb goes in the SR, gets Coca Cola, and goes to the KT. Victoria asks him if he would think that's sexy, and he says, oh yes, but I like it better in person. She asks him, what if she didn't want to do it in person? He says, she always does.


7:02 PM BBT Victoria says, maybe later on in life I would take pictures of naked couples. Derrick says, if you're going to do that, you might as well do porn. She says, no, they aren't having sex. Derrick says, until they show up. She says, she actually took pictures of a couple before, but the guys had on underwear. She tells Derrick they are on National Television, and he says, probably just Live. He tells her parents that she takes pictures of naked women and men. She says, they know about the women. He says, to her parents, your little princess, isn't such a princess. She laughs, and is holding her mouth, from it hurting, but is still chomping away on potato chips. She says, you do know a lot of women do that? He says, he's sure they do. She asks him the name of his building again, and he tells her, "Transfer of Power, you like it?" She says, yes, catchy name.


7:06 PM BBT Derrick talks about art being called art, because it's original. Victoria asks Derrick if he will let his daughter be on BB? He says, no, jokingly. Then, he says, if we are having a serious conversation, that he will support her in what she wants to do ultimately. Victoria asks him if he's going to be a strict father, and he says he doesn't think so. Caleb says, he will trust his child, until the child proves him wrong. He says, he wasn't raised to be a hoodlum, and he's not going to let that happen. Victoria asks what a hoodlum is? Caleb and Derrick explain it, and she says that's a criminal. Caleb says, only if they get caught. Some of Derrick's skewers fell, as Caleb says, Transfer of Power fail. Derrick says, I'm getting back on it. Caleb makes one similar to Derrick's, and Victoria asks if he's copying Derrick's art work? He says he's adding to it.


7:11 PM BBT Derrick tells Caleb to wait until he's done, so he doesn't knock his over. Caleb acts all big, and says, you've done knocked it over twice. Derrick says, and I've recovered from it. Derrick says, you only have 14 levels there, rookie. Caleb says, that's all you gave me. Derrick says, what are your legs broke? There are thousands of sticks over there. Not only do you want me to get them for you, but you want me to build it for you to? Victoria makes some noises, and Derrick tells her, she's an accident waiting to happen. Donny is building something at the table also. Nicole is watching them all. Victoria walks back to the Dining Room table, sits down, and gulps down some of her drink.


7:15 PM BBT The guys are still building at the Dining Room table. Nicole yawns. Cody and Frankie still napping in the fire room, while Christine is napping in the rock room.


7:16 PM BBT Nicole yawns again. Donny says he wants to write his name in cursive. Caleb says, Christine got in trouble for writing with the sticks. He says, she got called out on it. Donny says, he wonders how many sticks there are. Derrick comes up with a number off the top of his head, and then says, he doesn't know. Victoria is singing low in Hebrew. Donny says, "Sleeping in that hard bed, oh my word." He says to Nicole, "You went from riches to rags, didn't you?" She says, "Uh huh." Then she yawns again.


7:19 PM BBT Donny says, 2 quarts, that equals a half of a gallon. Caleb says, if only we could play darts. Then he says in a deeper voice, "No dart board for you." Frankie turns over onto his back in bed in the fire room.


7:21 PM BBT Victoria gets up, and walks away from the Dining Room table. Donny takes his creation apart, and says he's going to make something with the Jenga. Nicole asks if that's all of their Jenga pieces? Donny says, we've probably lost some, but he doesn't know. Nicole says she may be able to fall asleep. Donny says, he could fall asleep, but that he would just get woke up. Derrick says, he doesn't think the comp is tonight, because production will probably try to keep things the same. Donny gets called to DR. He says, they're going to tell me, that's what they're gonna do. Derrick asks Caleb if he would chop his sticks, and Caleb says, you know I will.


7:25 PM BBT Caleb tells Derrick that he built a contraption, and to leave it up to see how long it will stay there without falling down. Derrick says he'll probably just take it down anyway. He says, he has to leave it up for a little bit, and Caleb says, yeah.


7:27 PM BBT Christine walks in the Dining Room, and Caleb says, Good morning. She says, "Oh my God." Derrick says he was board. She says, "Holy crap." Caleb goes in the fire room, and lays down with Frankie. He tells Frankie, that they just called Donny to the DR. He says, it's probably about the nom's. Caleb says, they will probably start calling everyone now, and he says, yes. Frankie says, he has to go pee. He says, he's been thinking about it for 10 minutes, and needs to go. He walks out of the fire room. Nicole is building something out of Jenga blocks and sticks at the Dining Room table now, while Derrick is still adjusting his creation.


7:31 PM BBT Frankie walks back by the Dining Room, and Derrick tells him the HOH is open. Frankie goes into fire room, takes his bottoms off, lays down in bed, covers up, puts his pink towel on his face, and is going back to sleep. Caleb is napping next to him, and Cody is still asleep in another bed. Nicole and Derrick are still at the Dining Room table building, but not talking.


7:33 PM BBT Christine goes to the Dining Room table, and says to Derrick, "Impressive." He says, "Yeah, so impressive. I want to do something else with it, but I don't know what. I'm running out of ideas, I've got nothing." He sits down, and ask Christine what one of her tattoos mean, and she says, it's her grandfather's Air Force Badge. He asks what the numbers mean? She says he told her, but she can't remember, but she can look them up. Derrick tries to adjust his creation, and says, this is probably going to knock it over, but I don't care. I'm going to try it anyway. Nicole is sill building something out of the Jenga blocks.


7:35 PM BBT Christine asks Derrick, woohhh, what did you do? He says, he was trying to put a piece back in, and the sticks fell. He says, I'm done playing. Derrick says he left his hoodie in the BY, and asks if they will put it in the SR. Christine says yes, they put Frankie's stuff in there. Derrick says, o.k., now what do I do? Probably knock this one down to, huh? He knocks it down, and Christine says, "Pick-up sticks," and laughs. Nicole knocked her creation down, and started again. Derrick sees something on the table and asks, "What the hell is this, Hebrew?" Christine says, yes, Victoria was writing in Hebrew on the table. Derrick tells Christine, she got called out for writing on her hand. Christine says, interesting, Victoria doesn't get called out. They all try to figure out if there is one person that follows each of them. Derrick walks out of the Dining Room, goes into the fire room, and lays down on the other open bed.


7:40 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody that the HOH has been open for a while. Frankie asks Derrick, what he's eating? He says, what, what I just choked on? He says, yes. Derrick says, Skittles. He says, "Kids, don't lay down, and chew on Skittles." He asks Frankie what they are going to do for the rest of the night. Caleb tells Derrick, they need to put his picture in front of a Smacks cereal box. He says, that's one of his biggest pet peeves, is lip smacking when someone is eating. Christine says to Nicole at the Dining Room table, I wished Cody got a good CD.


7:43 PM BBT Derrick says he needs to order something on line, and make it out of tin foil, while he’s holding and HOH tournament belt. He is talking about how it's made, and says it's f*cking ridiculous. He says, it would be going on his bureau, and not moving. He starts saying what he'd say to his wife, if it was his. Christine is walking around the KT, picks up her cup to add water, and walks out of the room. Nicole is still at the Dining Room table building with the Jenga pieces, and sticks.


7:46 PM BBT Christine walks in the fire room, and Frankie says, "No, stop talking, she's here." She tries to shut the door quietly, and Frankie says, it's o.k., we've been talking full on. She lays next to Frankie, and is cuddling with him. Derrick says, he's surprise that they let him keep that belt, he scored on that. Donny comes out of the DR, and goes to the Dining Room table, where Nicole is. He asks where everyone went, and she says, she scared them off. She tells him that Christine was in there. Donny says, he thinks he will eat some chocolate ice cream. He discusses the kinds they can freeze. Nicole gets called to the DR, and she says she's going to strip down really quick. Derrick comes out, and sits down at the Dining Room table, and says he knew he felt a splinter, and now he found it.


7:50 PM BBT Donny tells Derrick, he came out of the DR, and asked, where everyone had gone, and it was all cleaned up. Frankie and Christine are whispering about his dream that he had. They start laughing. Donny and Derrick are trying to figure out when the comp is going to be, so people aren't falling out in the heat. He says, he's 42 years old, and they laugh. Derrick says, that they haven't even picked yet, but they could call him to the DR, and give him the box.


7:53 PM BBT Frankie and Christine get up, and Frankie is putting his jeans back on. She walks out of the fire room. He puts his socks and shoes on. Christine comes back in fire room, and they both walk out. Caleb turns over in the bed. Derrick says he would love to go and sit outside for a while. Donny asks Derrick what his strategy would be to try and stay another week. Derrick says, just what you said before. You could also say, she's a bigger target, but I know you don't play that way, so. Frankie gets told to please put on his microphone. He goes into the fire room and gets his microphone to put it back on, and walks out. Christine talks to Derrick about her tattoos again. She tells him she has one for her grandparents, and a lot of religious ones.


7:57 PM BBT Frankie says he's going to make pasta, and they can tell stories why he does that. Derrick says he can't talk anymore, and really wants to smack the Jenga pieces down. Nicole leaves the table. Victoria goes up behind Derrick, hugs him from behind, and says she feels sick. He tells her not to get sick on him, and not to upchuck on his head. Derrick says, lets start slapping each other, it will be fun. Christine says, let's start spanking each other. Derrick says, we'll just go from slapping to spanking each other, that's totally normal. He asks Victoria if the Doctor is coming tonight? He says a name, and that he does everything. We see FoTH.


8:01 PM BBT Victoria's face is a little poofy. Derrick tells her he's not sure if this is something she may need surgery for, or if they can do something for it while she's there. Derrick asks Victoria if her sister still has hers also? Victoria says she has perfect teeth, and has never needed braces. Christine tells Victoria that the wisdom teeth may move her other teeth, and she could need braces eventually. Derrick says his front teeth are crooked, and Christine says, they look perfect, and she couldn't tell until he showed her that. Christine says that Starbucks is getting busy, and school has started back. Frankie gets called to the DR. Cody gets up out of bed in the fire room, and walks out. Derrick says they may get to pick players for the Veto comp. Derrick says for Victoria to tell them she can't play, because if it's something physical, she can't play like that. It's her two bottom teeth that are hurting.


8:05 PM BBT Derrick says he's going to the bathroom, and he's going to make a wish and hold his peni$. Derrick says half of his teeth are fake, and Christine says, they look great. He says he's going to pray to the Veto Gods. Christine says, if they do that tonight, then they will have 4 days of nothing. He says, maybe a small Luxury Comp. Derrick goes to WC, and Donny is in the COLD shower, with a blue towel on the door. Derrick comes out of WC, washes and dries his hands in the WA, and goes to the KT. Derrick asks Nicole if her DR was about tidying things up. He says, I know you're not allowed to say anything. They get told, "Your not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." Christine says she got called, "Crabby Christine." Nicole asks who called her that? She says in there.


8:09 PM BBT Nicole says Cody could be picking players right now. Christine says they should drag it out to hang out together. Derrick says to make it last 2 hours. Christine says she sent a Tweet to Dan Gheesling. Derrick asks Christine where her tweezers are, so he can get a splinter out of his hand. She tells him where her make-up bag is, and says they are in between the pads and tampons, just kidding. Derrick goes into the WA, and says there's something wrong about a man going through a woman's make-up bag, and Victoria says, yes there is. She is saying she's in pain, and not feeling good. Derrick left the water on, and says he doesn't do that at home, he doesn't know why he's doing it here. Victoria says, it's because you don't pay the bills, you worthless piece of shit. She then says, she's just kidding, and laughs. She says, it hurts to laugh because of her mouth.


8:13 PM BBT Frankie asks who's a fan of Sleeping Beauty the movie? Christine says that she just saw it a few months ago with her niece. She says the Disney version is terrifying. Donny goes in fire room to put his things in there, after his shower, and walks out. Christine tells Frankie about a movie with a sword. He says, The Sword and The Stone. Nicole asks him how she knows so much, and Frankie says, because he's obsessed. He says the sword at the attraction only moves about two inches.


8:17 PM BBT Christine tells about other attractions at Disneyland. Cody comes out of DR, and Donny says, you don't have no box, and he says, no. We see FoTH. Feeds come back to Cody sitting on a couch in the LR, and Derrick sitting on the other couch. Frankie and Christine are talking more about Disneyland. Donny is at the Dining Room table messing with the sticks. Derrick tells Cody, this is some downtime. Cody gets up off the couch, walks through the KT, and goes up to HoHR. Nicole walks through the LR.


8:19 PM BBT Derrick is laying on the couch smacking his lips loudly, eating more Skittles. Donny asks Nicole what she's doing in the KT. She says she's making some coffee now, because she can't stay up all night. Cody is in HoHR bathroom, looking at something that was in the top white dresser drawer. Derrick goes to the HoHR, and Cody asks Derrick if Donny comes off the block, does he think if he puts Frankie up, they can send him home? Derrick says, that's some big boy moves. He tells him scenarios, and says he thinks he can do it, but should he do it, no. He says, he can get the other targets out. Cody says, sh*t, we didn't feed the fish yesterday, and then realizes he did. Derrick tells Cody that Donny asked him earlier what he can do to stay another week. He tells Cody what he told him.


8:26 PM BBT Donny is helping Nicole make her bed in the ice room, and they only have 2 pillows. Derrick and Cody are still running ideas. Derrick tells him that they want Christine out. He says he's not going to do anything for Caleb to get upset with him. Cody says, he really wants Donny out, but if he doesn't go. Derrick says, then she (Nicole) needs to go. He's giving him reasons to send Nicole home, and not put up Frankie. Cody really wants Frankie out though.


8:28 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody he has to send home Donny or Nicole. He says next week is going to be DE, and he needs to win to send the other one home, either Donny or Nicole. Then, they need to put up Christine and Victoria. They are still talking game. We hear, "Derrick, please move your microphone away from your necklace." Derrick gets pi$$ed and says, thank you douche bags to production. He says, they are going to be up her any minute now. Nicole found the box of Fruit Loops in the ice room, and Donny has the flowers. Nicole asks what Zach was going to do with the flowers. He says, Zach said he was going to give them to the girls. Nicole says, awww Zach. They walk out of ice room, and say it's getting colder in there.


8:32 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody there are 3 sets of duos now that we need to get out. They are Frankie and Caleb, Victoria and Christine and Donny and Nicole. Derrick is bashing Nicole, and bringing up stuff she said before she left. Nicole is in the KT talking about her purple zip up from her BFF. Frankie is washing dishes. Derrick says Victoria is only a vote for them, and Christine did not throw that comp, no matter what she says. Derrick looks at the TV, and says, there's Christine. It's either her or Frankie all the time. She goes in HoHR and goes to the bathroom. Cody tells Derrick he just wants Donny out. Derrick says, we just have to win the Veto, and not use it. Christine comes out of the bathroom, and adds her two cents in, saying she wouldn't use it.


8:38 PM BBT Derrick is talking about Nicole more in the HoHR, and Cody says, she wasn't even in the house. Derrick says, look where Zach is, he's probably playing Wii right now. He talks about the transition to the jury house. Cody says you're not allowed to talk about game, unless the camera's are there. Christine says she sure that Nicole and Hayden were talking about the game when they were in bed together. Cody says he's sure they were talking while they were under the covers. Derrick says he might just say something here and there, when he could. Christine says it would stink not to know what's going on.


8:41 PM BBT Cody puts on his dark grey HOH robe, and lays down on the couch, while Derrick is lying on the nest bed, and Christine is sitting on the bed. Cody says he wishes he got a better CD. He says he really only likes 3 of the songs on the CD. Nicole is in the KT separating slop. Donny tells Nicole and Frankie about a water park, he and his girlfriend got season passes to.


8:43 PM BBT Frankie says his favorite time of the year is Halloween, and Nicole says hers is also. Frankie says from Fall until Christmas is great. HoHR convo is about Donny sweating after Nom ceremony. Christine says that Donny is downstairs trying to be funny, and he's not funny. She says he still hates her guts, and she doesn't really care. Cody says, hey, as long as it's you and not me, I'm fine.


8:46 PM BBT Cody says he's going to sh*t a rainbow, and he can't wait to write a blog. Christine asks what Tweets will he do? He says he will give Jeff a shout out again. He will give a shout to Boogie also, and say, if you guys were in this house, I would smoke both of you. Frankie in KT talking about VMA's and his sister's album.


8:49 PM BBT Nicole asks Frankie where Ariana has lived all of her life. He tells her Florida and then California. Donny asks if they have the same mom and dad? He says, same mom. HoHR convo is about when Jeff was on BB.


8:50 PM BBT Christine says that Jeff didn't make it very far, either time he was on BB. She says, he was just cool. Cody says, he and I are a lot alike. Cody mentions Brittany's name. Christine says that Brittany is nothing like Jordyn, Jordyn is the girl. She says lets just say that Brittany got a little to tan in the house, she started looking like her leather couch at home. Cody says, I don't think she did. Christine says, O.K. really, sarcastically. Cody says he was looking at her stomach and eyes. Christine says, you were looking at her tata's. Derrick tells Christine, he doesn't think she was that hot. Christine says, thank you. Derrick asks Cody why he didn't put the moves on Brittany while she was there, and so does Christine. Cody says he's told her a million times. Derrick says if Brittany would have put the moves on him, he would of went for it. Cody says he wasn't going to put the moves on her, with her being a mom, plus Zach was in the room. He says that Zach would have told everyone.


8:55 PM BBT He says he may of put the moves on her if Zach wasn't in the room. Christine asks about Amber, and Cody says he wouldn't of gotten near her. Christine says that Amber talked about him all the time, and Cody asks Christine if she's jealous. He says she needs make-up to look good, and has a big ole behind. He says that Pow Pow has the mannerisms to where he wanted to put her through a wall.


8:59 PM BBT Cody is talking about Freshman year of college with a British guy. He starts talking in the Mr. Crocker's voice. Christine said that Victoria b*tched slapped Derrick today, and it was one of the hottest things. Donny and Nicole are joking around at the Dining Room table. Donny tells her to eat her ice cream, and she says it's not ready yet. They are talking about Zach with Frankie. Donny says, he's probably awake right now eating cookies. Nicole says he's living the dream, because he loves that stuff. Frankie says he hopes he really makes something of his life. He head up to the HoHR.


9:01 PM BBT Christine says she hopes that Frankie has water with him because she is thirsty. Nicole says she loves this game, but probably shouldn't of come back in the house.

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9:03 PM BBT Donny and Nicole are sitting at the round table and Nicole says she loves this game but she wishes she didn't come back in. Donny said she probably didn't miss the constant racket. Donny also tells Nicole that he is old and been around a lot of people but basically none like these in the house. Nicole said she just feels this is a hopeless situation and Donny said it is for one of us, even if one of us win POV the other is done for. 


9:06 PM BBT Nicole tells Donny she hopes things get ugly in the house once they are gone and he tells her he doesn't think it will. He says Caleb won't know any better and he will let them do him any ol way. Nicole then asks Donny what are they suppose to do all day because she knows they don't want either of them hanging out with them, and Donny tells her but she can. He says they will just eat their ice cream and hang out with them for a bit then do something else. Donny says it is awkward and it is very high school like. Donny tells Nicole they are going to get good at saying bye to one another. You can just feel the deflated vibe coming from Donny but especially Nicole now that she is back in the house. 


9:09 PM BBT Cody/Derrick/Frankie/Christine are in the HOH room. Frankie and Derrick are going to play each other in a game of chess. Derrick says he can't believe there is no comp tonight or nothing to do (they have been use to having BotB on Friday evenings). Donny is finishing up his ice cream substance at the round table and Nicole and Victoria are headed up to the HOH room. 


9:11 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie sit at the chess table and Nicole sits along side Derrick. Derrick tells Frankie to be patient he takes awhile when making his moves. BB tells Victoria to put on her mic as it looks like she just left the shower. Donny comes up and sits along side Frankie and Donny says it seems like they have been there a year; he says it seems like forever ago Pao and him played chess up there. Derrick said he prefers playing downstairs but they got told personally they can't take the chess set downstairs. Donny says he doesn't want them to think he shuns them but after being nominated he likes to take a few hours to himself and just take everything in because in the end they are all BB16. Frankie says it is an amazement experience and glad to share it with them. 


9:16 PM BBT BB sternly tells Victoria to put on her mic. Donny and Nicole are still watching Derrick and Frankie play chess. Cody and Christine are in the HOH. Donny says he really misses his girlfriend and he really thought he would miss his family more because he has known them for 42 years. He tells them he really thinks she may be the one and he is going to give her his activity tracker instead of a ring to propose. Donny leaves and goes into the HOH room and said he is going to give Cody a hard time. As he enters the HOH room he tells Cody he is like a scoundrel laying in there in his robe like he is somebody. Christine and Donny start talking about a specific Seinfeld episode. 


9:20 PM BBT Donny tells Christine/Cody that Zach's hair reminds him of Kramer's hair. They are discussing how many seasons of Seinfeld there are. Victoria is listening in the corner of the HOH room. Derrick and Frankie are still playing chess and Nicole is silently watching. 


9:23 PM BBT Donny and Christine are discussing how young Jerry Seinfeld's wife is and then how Seinfeld show went out on top. Donny starts telling them about a show they were going to make called "Jerry" were they got actors to play them but still be like the Seinfeld show. There is no game talk taking place at all.


9:27 PM BBT Victoria is trying to describe the celebrity couple that was "16 and like a 50 year old" (She is thinking of Dough Hutchison and Courtney Stodden). Christine somehow thinks of Brittany and how she could solve any problem, and Cody says "I Love Brittany." Everyone laughs. They start talking about Amber and how she stole everyone's ideas and Christine said she felt bad about sending her home because she actually told her she was staying. Donny asks Christine when he leaves is she going to give him a good good-bye message? And she says "I guess, what is a good good-bye message?" Everyone in the HOH room starts talking about what they have said to different evicted HG's in their goodbye messages.


9:33 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick are still in a serious game of chess. Everything is silent except for an occasional obscenity. Nicole is still watching. Cody is asking the crew in the HOH room a riddle about 3 gallons of water and 5 gallons of water and how do you get exactly 4 gallons of water? Donny tries to figure it out but says he doesn't know, and Cody explains it but was hard to follow. Cody is now trying to think of riddle questions he had in school. 


9:38 PM BBT Cody asks "what in the world is going on outside of this house?" Donny says next week their public school system will be starting back. Christine says school starts first of August where she lives, and Cody says he never started back until September. Donny is looking at Derrick and Frankie on the HOH spy cam and says that is what they look like at home and Cody says no because its not HD. Cody and Donny then start talking about the size of the HOH room and the size compared to previous seasons. 


9:41 PM BBT Donny and Cody start throwing the small soccer ball back and forth. Cody tells Donny he knows Donny doesn't like getting yelled at by BB but they will yell at them for throwing it back and forth. Cody said he is glad they got it though because they can use it in the BY with the badminton racket. Cody is talking about all the stuff he has from his house now and Donny wonders what all his family sent that he'll never get to see. Donny tells them his girlfriend wrote all kinds of pet nicknames at the top of the letter so he figured BB would think it was code. Donny then starts telling Cody about Rodney Carrington and all the funny things he says and about his songs. 


9:46 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick's chess game is over...Frankie defeated Derrick. Cody tells Victoria she looks out of it. She tells them she has taken 2400 mg's of Advil and her mouth is still killing her. It is swollen bad and she can't hardly open her mouth. She said just coming off slop she is craving a lot of foods but she can't eat. Donny and Cody are telling Victoria different options as far as ice/heat to put on her jaw to make it feel better. Nicole has come into the HOH room and is laying on the bed. Derrick and Frankie have started a new chess game. 


9:49 PM BBT Victoria is trying to tell them what her handler told her about the doctor coming and BB warns her not to talk about production. She starts to say something else about her mouth and gets another warning from BB. Nicole tells Victoria her voice sounds weird but its because she can't open her mouth all the way.


9:52 PM BBT Donny says his parents have been married 55 years today. He says "55 years to the same person." Cody tells him to give them a shout out. Donny says it wouldn't matter they are asleep. Donny said during the day when he is in BY by himself he gets ready to walk to a camera and give a shout out when he knows his girlfriend or brother is watching and he gets choked up and never goes through it.  


9:55 PM BBT The crew in the HOH are talking about different fruits and berries they would like to have. Victoria says they should give them a blender. Donny immediately says "as nasty as we keep stuff, it wouldn't be fit to eat out of" and everyone laughs. 


9:58 PM BBT Talk in the HOH room has changed from fruits to Mexican candy. Victoria and Christine are talking about all the different ones because Christine lives near a border town and Victoria knows from her family. Cody knows about some of the different types of candy because his room mate in college would get it sent to him. Donny then starts telling them in previous seasons when his brother would tell him who was nominated or when the POV comp was and it was usually after church on Sunday's. They are trying to figure out when POV comp will be. 


10:01 PM BBT Christine is talking about all the good shows they are missing by not being able to watch TV. She gives a shout out to some of her favorite show characters. Donny is running through the channels he goes through first when he turns his TV on when looking for something to watch. Christine and Donny are talking about all the good reality TV shows. 


10:04 PM BBT Donny and Christine are telling Nicole about the POV comps costumes last week and when the Zing bot came. Cody had went downstairs to check something in the SR and he gets called to the DR. Everyone sort of peps up because they think it could be something to do with POV. 


10:08 PM BBT Victoria comes out from HOH BR from drying her hair and they all look to see if her mouth/jaw look less swollen. Victoria asks if Cody is in DR because of POV and Christine says they have called him a bunch today, and Victoria says probably asking him how it feels to be first single HOH. Victoria is telling them how much better she felt after taking a shower and Christine says she is going to take one in HOH BR later. Christine asks how many chess games Frankie and Derrick have played and Nicole says they had just finished one when she came in. 


10:10 PM BBT Donny tells Christine/Victoria/Nicole about playing Hayden in chess and Brittany was talking to him and it wore his brain out trying to keep up with the game and the convo with Brittany. They then talk about how it seems so long ago Brittany and Amber were there, and Christine says "Thank God." Donny says after the DE things seem like they have been in fast forward. They ask Nicole whether she ate and she said she had ice cream and Victoria and Christine say they like tofu and are discussing possible ways they could try eating it/cooking it. 


10:14 PM BBT Christine and Victoria leave the HOH room. Donny tells Nicole it takes them awhile but they can clear a room. Nicole agrees and says when they are both in a room everyone slowly starts leaving. Nicole says she has 17 knives in her back right now and its so hard to be fake when Donny says we just have to play nice. Donny says when he was HOH Christine came to him and told him to put Cody up and he didn't but just because he was talking scenarios to someone that wasn't even HOH it gets used against him. Nicole says she tried telling Cody that Christine told Donny to put him up but he didn't believe her. 


10:17 PM BBT Cody gets called to the SR and Donny leaves the HOH to look over the balcony to see what's up. Nicole stays laying in the HOH bed and she gets called to the DR. She looks very displeased, almost on verge of crying, and she says to herself she was just there and leaves the HOH to head to DR. 


10:20 PM BBT Apparently they called Cody to SR because they have brought the HG some wine. Nicole is excited for a few seconds but then remembers she can't have it since she is a have not.


10:22 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick are still in tree house playing their chess game. Nicole is in DR. All the other HG's have spilled into the KT and Donny and Cody are looking at the different beers they brought in for the HG's. Cody asks Donny if he likes Coors Light and Donny tells him he has seen the commercials. Cody laughs and asks Donny if he drinks or ever did drink and Donny says no. Cody tells him he has to be lying and Donny laughs and says "I don't lie."


10:25 PM BBT Donny is reading the wine label bottles and he says 13.5% alcohol and says "wooo weee." Donny then asks Cody if his family drinks a lot of wine since he is Italian and Cody says his father drinks a lot of red wine. Donny is asking questions about which wine is good for the heart, that your suppose to drink a glass a day, etc. Victoria tells them that she doesn't want to give a DR session because of her face and Christine tells her its not as bad as Cody made it out to be that he was just joking. 


10:28 PM BBT Cody comes back from HOH room after getting his chips and is eating a turkey sandwich. Donny tells him he should have this particular wine it says its great with white meat. Donny asks Cody how much one of the bottles of wine cost, "around 10 bucks?" Cody agrees around that price. BB warns Victoria to stop singing and Frankie says to Derrick, "She's drunk already."


10:31 PM BBT Christine yells up and asks Derrick if he is going to have any beer or wine? Derrick says, "probably not." Donny asks Victoria if she will have any and she replies "a glass maybe." Cody laughs and says when Caleb gets up he will down 6 beers and it will be an entertaining night. Donny tells Victoria she should have a glass of wine and then go lay down and rest because he and Nicole are in HN room, if Caleb gets up he will go hang in HOH, and it will be a quiet peaceful night back in FR. 


10:35 PM BBT Frankie has defeated Derrick in a second straight chess game. They both head downstairs and Frankie asks something about making pasta. Derrick says he doesn't speak for everyone but as far as him he feels full and is just going to eat some chips and dip. Nicole is out of DR and they immediately call Donny to DR. 


10:37 PM BBT Caleb is in FR sleeping. Donny is in DR. All the other HG's are gathered around the counter in the KT making various things to eat and to munch on. Only talk is asking each other about what  to eat, what HN's can mix in tofu.


10:41 PM BBT Nicole is draining some of the tofu stuff into the sink and some falls into the sink and they all comment at what it sounded like. Everyone is still fixing their dinner/snacks. Cody grabs the wine bottle opener and is popping open the first bottle of wine (it looks to be a white wine). 

10:46 PM BBT Cody and Frankie start joking with Christine because she pours a glass of wine. Cody tells her to take steps to stay appropriate while drinking and Frankie says she can't do that when not drinking. Cody says no sex jokes, no sex comments and Frankie says "stay away from Cody" in which Cody replies "then what's the point of her drinking."


10:49 PM BBT Frankie tries some of Nicole's tofu salad and says it is delicious. Nicole says "it isn't bad, I am sure it would be better with chips, but it isn't bad."


10:50 PM BBT Frankie/Cody/Christine are talking about when Brittany was in the house she told them she drinks 3 bottles of wine a day. Cody names a particular type of wine, that if he pops it open at home, he finishes the entire bottle. Victoria and Nicole are having a conversation in the KT but you can't hear them over Cody and Christine. 


10:52 PM BBT Cody holds up a glass and yells and says he is glad someone hooked up this summer and everyone cheers (they are referring to Hayden and Nicole). Nicole asks what does "hook up" mean? They then debate whether that counts as a showmance. Cody then asks when the wedding is and Nicole tells him the wedding won't be anytime soon, in which everyone jumps in and points out the fact she admits there will be a wedding just not anytime soon. Everyone is laughing and kidding around. Derrick is telling Nicole how awkward it will be if Nicole and Hayden watch episodes together and Nicole is in the DR talking about how attractive or dreamy Cody is. 


10:56 PM BBT Cody is laughing about a time that Brittany was holding his hand and Amber was playing with his hair and how weird he felt. Cody then jokes and says Christine was prying Brittany's hand away saying "she saw him first."


10:58 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie reenact for Nicole how Kathy Griffin's Zing to Zach went and how well Zach played it off and how she walked over to him and got right in his face and said "Zing M-F'er." Talk then turns to Frankie and Zach's "relationship." Cody says how out of the blue and on several occasions Zach told him he wanted to have sex with Frankie. Frankie proudly says "He had his chance."


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