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Tuesday, August 19 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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12:10 AM BBT The HGs are in the KT discussing how much sugar is in consumable items and how much sugar is bad for any given individual. Zach gets up and heads into the HN room to be alone, Vic follows. He asks if she is following him, and she says no this is her room. She leaves after grabbing something. The feed shows Zach alone in thought.


12:20 AM BBT Cody asks Vic about the hat. She claims she hid it (she has also claimed previously to have ripped it apart.) Zach knows it is missing because Cody asked him about it earlier. In HOH, Frankie is jedi training with Caleb. The reference double eviction and being grateful for just surviving. Caleb is happy they all did. Frankie says that between the two of them they have a different relationship then the rest of the house. It is more then a game for him with the two of them. 


12:35 AM BBT The KT crew is talking about things they shouldn't be so all four feeds switch to Caleb talking to Frankie in the HOH WA about comps and who has won what. They are going over how many wins each HG has. Victoria has come up to say goodnight. She thinks it will be a battle because Zach is in there but whatever. Frankie asks if he knows yet. She says know but no one will degrade her and wear her stuff. Feeds follow her through the house. She goes in HN and lets him know she is going to bed so the light will be off. He says okay and he will leave. She says no hard feelings and he says oh there are hard feelings. She says oh cool and that he can deal with production not her.


12:45  AM BBT Zach appears to be searching the WA for something (maybe something pink?) He gives up after searching the cabinets and sits on the WA couch by himself looking around at the cameras. The KT group is talking about the fan visit and the fairly odd parents. Zach gets called to DR and when he walks through the KT we can see that Vic is not in bed.


12:55 AM BBT  Cody mentions that Zach is called to DR because everyone is about to go to bed because literally everyone is about to go to bed (we know better Cody). Frankie and Christine are talking about plays and musicals they have auditioned for. Frankie says that he tried out for the spider-man musical and was told to go ef himself but he doesn't feel bad about it because they over budgeted that production. Vic and Cody talk about the hat and she says that he doesn't care about it she doesn't want him touching her stuff. Cody goes over the rule where they can hide anything of anyone else's but cannot destroy it.

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1:05 AM BBT Vic is now bragging about tearing up the hat. She says it is hidden and he will probably find it but she doesn't care because karma comes back to him. She tells Zach mom on the cameras that she is sorry she's not sorry and that she hopes that his mom is proud of her. Victoria repeats that she is tired of being tortured on national television and being degraded. Christine says of course. Zach is now out of DR.


1:15 AM BBT Zach heads back to the WA couch and lies down. Cody brushes his teeth. They says what up and nothing else. Zach stares into space. Cody says his good nights. He tells them to wake him up for pictures in the AM. Frankie says his good nights and heads to the WA to get ready for bed. Now it is just Vic and Christine talking at the KT while Zach sits and says nothing in the WA with Frankie.


1:25 AM BBT Frankie tells Zach his hair looks cute. This sets Zach off. He says he needs a hat. He asks Vic if he can please have it back. He says she isn't going to wear it so she might as well give it to him. She says it is her item and he is possibly going home so she needed to get it back. He says that she just took it from him to piss him off and she is doing a great job. He then yells that if she wants to play that way then they can all week long so she should think about it. His final statement to her is that she is one up right now and that means it is his turn to get one back. She walks away with Christine to HN room. They gloat for a while before laying down.


1:40 AM BBT We have had fish for the better part of the last ten mins. When we come back Vic and Christine are chit chatting and Zach walks in. He asks what her answer is on the hat. She says she is keeping it. He says that he needs to figure out what he is wearing on Thursday. She says he shouldn't be so rude to her. He says did we not stay up together all night the other night? Victoria says did he not call her the worst? He says that she can't take a joke and asks again for the hat. She asks to sleep on it he says no either you're giving it back or you're not. She asks to sleep. He says okay you're not giving it back and storms out. The girls have a giggle over Vic standing her ground. She feels like she won the exchange.


1:55 AM BBT Derrik is up and making food. He brings it outside and asks how Zach is doing. Zach says he is straight and tells Derrick he is over it because there is nothing he can do. He tells Derrick he is at his disposal for like the next 48 hrs and he has nothing to loose. They talk about the fan visit to the fence. Derrick asks Zach to not say Derrick has his jury vote because he doesn't want to give them reasons to evict him. Zach says okay he will start telling everyone he is voting for Frankie. We have fish for a few more mins now.

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2:03 am HG were ushered back inside by BB and told it was a lockdown because of someone screaming in the distance. Derrick says they can't even hear what they are saying. We get FotH and come back to Zach in the shower


2:15am We had random fish for about 5 minutes and came back o Zach alone in the ER  other feeds on the BR all completely silent



2:22am Zach is sitting in the LR as Christine comes out of the BR  and says "What took so long Christine sabotaging something? You’re the saboteur, it all makes sense" She just keeps walking through then Zach gets up and starts to search again.


2:33am Zach was just wandering the house looking for food. Derrick came out of the FR and asked about the BY Zach said it was still closed and asked if maybe its someone watching the feeds Derrick says ya and we get FotH


2:40am Fish finally end. Derrick and Zach are at the table, Derrick I building with the Jenga blocks. They are talking about the site that derrick wants to build.


2:49am Talk in the KT still happening, now the topic is the eviction order of last season's houseguests.


2:58am They change the topic to what it would be like to get third place. Both agree that would be a bad spot to be in


3:10am Random talk continues, they are now in the bathroom. Derrick using the mouthwash Zach just hanging out on the seats.


3:18am Zach is in the beehive un-hiding some shoes from on top of and under the Photobooth. He heads to the ER turns out the light and settles in


3:24am All cameras on dark rooms with houseguests in their beds.

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6:00 am BBT  All feeds are on sleeping HG. To review last night, there were fans screaming to the HG in the BY. The HG all agree that the fans said they loved Zach, but it's mixed as to whether they said they loved or didn't love Caleb and Frankie (this all happened around 10:20 pm BBT). Immediately following, Victoria hatches a plan to destroy the pink hat Zach always wears (which actually was originally her hat). The plan starts at around 10:35/10:40 pm BBT. She actually swipes the hat around midnight BBT. Zach realize the hat is gone shortly thereafter. We could be in for some fireworks today... Definitely go back and read! Tell us your thoughts, too...


6:30 am BBT  Sleeping HG on all 4 feeds. 


7:10 am BBT  Everyone is still getting their beauty sleep. 


7:55 am BBT All is still quiet in the Big Brother abode. Feeds 1/2 show Zach asleep in the Earth BR and Feeds 3/4 show Victoria asleep in the have-not room. Christine is in the have-not room, as well. Frankie and Caleb are sleeping in the HOHR and Derrick, Cody, and Donny are asleep in the Fire BR.

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8:18 AM BBT HG's are still snug in their beds sleeping away. Victoria just readjusted herself in the ice room.


8:20 AM BBT Victoria is restless, moving around on her ice bed. She is now lying on her right side. Frankie is lying next to Caleb in the nest bed in the HoHR. He just moved his towel off his face, and still has his right arm by his face. Caleb was lying on his stomach, with his left leg outside the covers. He just turned onto his left side, facing Frankie. He is almost on the edge of the nest bed, as Frankie is all the way on his side of the bed. Zach is moving a little in the rock room, but still sleeping.eir beds sleeping away. Victoria just readjusted herself in the ice room.


8:26 AM BBT Frankie moves away from Caleb a little bit, and rolls over partially lying on his left side.

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#BB16 9:03AM BBT All HG sleeping.


#BB16 9:35AM BBT We have FOTH.


#BB16 9:47AM BBT We have had the wake up call. Frankie has goes downstairs. Donny in the KT getting his breakfast.


#BB16 9:52AM BBT Donny outside eating breakfast. Frankie has crawled back in the HOH bed with Caleb.



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9:53 AM BBT Frankie is up and in the Hohr bathroom he then crawls back into bed with Caleb. Donny is in the KT checking out some cereal boxes. He finds one and takes it into the SR. He's now pouring what looks like slop into the cereal box and puts it into the garbage. He then goes to the fridge and grabs something and heads back into the KT.



9:59 AM BBT Donny has himself a new bowl of cereal and heads to the BY to enjoy his breakfast.



10:00 AM BBT Caleb is up and heads to the storage room to turn in his activity tracker. He then heads to the KT to grab himself some poptarts. He heads back upstairs to the HoHr. He also crawls back into bed with Frankie.

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#BB16 10:20AM BBT Cody and Donny in the BY talking. Cody tells Donny that it's going to get very loud for the next couple of days. Cody tells Donny that Victoria and Zach are going to get into it. Zach's pink hat was Victoria's. Says he took it early in the season. Victoria took the hat back and ripped it up. Zach doesn't know yet.


#BB16 10:24AM BBT Donny and Cody talking. Donny asks Cody if he is happy with 5th. Cody says no. Donny says he knows he goes next week if he doesn't win HOH. Donny goes through the remaining HG.


#BB16 10:32AM BBT Donny and Cody continue to talk about which HG is with who. Donny tells Cody that Victoria is going to be Gina Marie and ride it out until 4th place. He says the sad part is that Victoria is going to last longer then himself or Cody and she has done nothing.


#BB16 10:36PM BBT Donny talking to Cody about if Cody wins HOH will he waste his HOH to get him out or help his game. Cody says help his game. Donny tells Cody that during the BOTB, he gave Christine a bone and she gave it to Caleb. He tells Cody that he heard BB call her out. Cody tells Donny that Caleb said he ripped it out of her hand. Donny says that she gave it to him.

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#BB16 10:40AM BBT Cody tells Donny that he feels Derrick is an honest guy. Donny tells him that Derrick has F2 with everyone. He said Derrick even made a F2 with himself as well. Donny says of everyone left in the house - he trusts Derrick the most.


#BB16 10:47AM BBT Donny tells Cody he is alone. He says he would like to think someone has his back. Cody tells Donny that he has his back. Cody says he knew if he sits next to Victoria that he is going home.

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11:01am  Donny ask Cody if he keeps him will you keep me safe next week and Cody says yeah. Donny says ok i think we will take a break from this conversation and i will keep you safe next week if i win HOH. Donny says Derrick is good and makes friends with everyone  in this house. Donny says see the four horseman  stayed together they never turned on each other but they are  going to have to turn on each other. Do you see that cause they are gonna turn on you before they do Victoria cause she is loyal to the end with them.


11:05am Donny says don't you think that  derrick is closer to Frankie than Christine is to Frankie and  Cody says yeah i think Derrick is closer to Frankie we all see that.Donny says we better quit talking cause Frankie has to get up, it is Tuesday and camera day. Cody says i am going to go make breakfast you want some?He says no thank you i might have some coffee though.


11:10am Donny is in the DR and Cody is getting cleaner top clean the KT.Everyone else still in bed sleeping.


11:25am Donny is out of Dr as Cody makes breakfast Donny tells him  that he had a bowl of cereal this morning and it tasted like chemicals like when ya'll sprayed that ant spray. Cody says  lets hope it isn't cause i ate some lastnight. Donny says i poured it out and threw it away cause i don't want to be crawling up no walls.


11:32am Frankie is in the shower in the hoh bathroom. Donny is brushing his teeth in the downstairs WA and Cody at the  KT bar eating.


11:44am Frankie in the have not rm getting dressed so he can blog and get the camera. Donny is out in the BY on the elliptical.


 11:54am Victoria is now up and heading to the WA with her basket to  do her makeup for the day.Donny still on the elliptical and Frankie ion the DR.

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12:00pm Victoria comes out to the BY and Donny says good Morning Victoria i did two loads of towels one in the wash and one in the dryer. Victoria says thank you Donny. Victoria goes back in the house and BB tells her to put her mic on and Donny says bless it.


12:17pm Donny in the BY turning on the water hose  and cleaning shoes. 


12:40pm Donny sitting in the BY alone waiting for Victoria to come help him put the awnings down. Victoria was called to the DR.Christine is up and going to the By and says whats up Donny and ask where  everyone was and donny says  i am alone right now. Victoria has gone to an appointment right now And Cody made a sandwich then went back to bed i am just waiting to put the awnings down. Are you going back to bed and She says yeah but i can help . They start putting the awnings down.


12:56pm Nothing new i  the BB house at the moment as most HG are sleeping in their bed/l sleeping..

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#BB16 2:01PM BBT Frankie takes pictures at the KT counter. Christine wants a picture of her looking at her tats because the Zingbot told her they suck.


#BB16 2:16PM BBT Christine on the BY couch. Tells Frankie and Donny she has come up with a term to describe herself. "Prutiful". Beautiful but prudent.


#BB16 2:27PM BBT Frankie asks Christine to take his picture as he uses the outdoor shower. He poses as the water rains down on him.


#BB16 2:34PM BBT Frankie and Donny in the BY. They are talking abut Donny proposing Donny says he doesn't have a ring but he has an activity tracker and then laughs. In the house Victoria telling Derrick he missed something last night (referring to the hat incident) Derrick tell  her he already knows. She asks how and he tells because everyone talks in the house.


#BB16 2:41PM BBT There is a fashion shoot going on in the bee hive. Frankie has dressed up in his fur vest and making duck faces for the camera. Christine is taking the photos.

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#BB16 2:49PM BBT the TA team talk about their assignment and what it took. They are still under the impression that they have 20K. Frankie says if they make it to 25K they make it as much as America's favorite player.


#BB16 2:53PM BBT Christine and Victoria talking in the KT about rude people and service. Christine says that people get upset if she accidently makes their drink wrong. She says that she will remake the drink. If they are really nice about it, she will give it to them free.


#BB16 2:56PM BBT Victoria talking about what a good generous businessman. She says he family isn't rich but he will lose money to save someone else more money.

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2:58 PM BBT

Donny and Derrick talk about whether or not Caleb suspected they were talking game and were working together. Donny says that Caleb was just being funny yesterday when he was sneaking around. Derrick says he thinks Caleb is a terrible liar and only came clean because he got caught. They talk about the challenge and say that can't wait until Thursday to find out if they won. Derrick says he hopes BOB is done. He thinks it will come back at some point this season, even though he doesn't want that.



3:04 PM BBT Donny tells Derrick his parent's anniversary is this month and he always jokes that he doesn't get his parents gifts on their anniversary because they didn't invite him to their wedding. He also tells people his parents got married in August and he was born in November (after a three second pause) 13 years later. Derrick laughs as Donny finishes his story.



3:06 PM BBT Derrick asks Donny about his jobs. Donny explains that he is considered a state and county employee, because he gets paid by the state, but the county funds all the materials to the school. Donny explains how charter, public, and private schools work in North Carolina. Derrick shifts the conversation to how much houses cost in North Carolina. Donny says a nice house is around $125,000. Derrick cannot believe that houses are that cheap. Donny says the nicest houses in the nicest areas start at $150,000 and they are considered mansions.



3:09 PM BBT In backyard, Victoria and Christine are in the backyard grilling. Victoria tells Christine she is so grateful they are the two remaining females in the house. She says that she couldn't tolerate a lot of the girls in the house this year. Christine agrees. Victoria tells Christine about the boyfriend she had before she came in the house.


3:15 PM BBT 
Donny tells Derrick he hopes he can get his job back when he returns to North Carolina. Derrick tells Donny he doesn't see why Donny wouldn't get it back. He tells Donny If you win the 500k you can take time off and figure it out. Derrick is pissed that the BOB is messing up his game and everyone elses. He wants the single HOH to come back.


3:18 PM BBT
Derrick tells Donny he is worried that someone might be coming back and then Big Brother will throw another double eviction at them. He would rather just have a straightforward four weeks of normal big brother.


3:20 PM BBT

Derrick and Donny talk about how inappropriate Christine and Cody's relationship is in the house. Donny tells Derrick, that he has nothing to worry about. Donny says from what he has seen Derrick and Victoria's relationship is nowhere near the same level as Christine and Cody's. Donny said he's never seen Derrick play with Victoria's hair or hold her hand as if they were a couple. Derrick says he'd rather be called ugly and anti-social over a cheater.



3:21 PM BBT
Victoria asks Christine about how she can get a good husband. Christine says try church, live in a good neighborhood, but it requires time and effort to weed the bad guys out. Victoria says her whole family is very old fashioned and she wants a practicing Jew for a husband.


3:23 PM BBT Derrick and Donny say that they wish they could participate in one have not or luxury competition this year.


3:25 PM BBT
Christine tells Victoria no guy likes it when their significant other makes more money than they do and has to support them financially. She says a lot of Tim's insecurities came from making more money than Tim did. She had to tell him that it was God's plan for them at the moment. Christine says she's worried about cracking under the pressure of the house. She feels herself slipping. She just wants the buyback to happen and to stop worrying, because she's tired of worrying about it and feeling like it's unfair that the people they got out get to have a vacation from the house and come back. She says no matter who comes back she's never voting for them to win the money at the end if they make it their. She says she put in way too much effort to let someone else come back and ruin all her hard work.


3:27 PM BBT The voice of big brother comes on the intercom. The houseguests are on an outdoor lockdown. Cody who has been napping comes out to the backyard


3:30 PM BBT
Christine goes into the kitchen to grab some plates for her and Victoria's dinner that is still being grilled. Caleb and Frankie come outside and lounge on the backyard couches. Frankie goes over to help the girls grill their dinner. Everyone is now outside and the lockdown has begun.


3:36 PM BBT We keep getting intermittent fish on the feeds as Cody, Donny, Zach, and Caleb talk about the guy that was yelling shout outs last night and how they kept getting locked down inside.


3:40 PM BBT
Cody and Frankie prepare to play cornhole and are looking for a lost bean bag. Caleb wonders what they are doing inside the house to make them have a lockdown. After searching for the missing white bean bag, they toss the other on aside and just play with 6 bags instead of 8. Frank is back and is shouting out to Cody, Caleb, and Zach's family. We go back to fish on the feeds.


3:42 PM BBT Frankie jumps into his British accent and then back to his normal voice. He says it's actually windy today and he's trying to figure out how to throw the beanbag with the wind. Caleb says he plans on winning the next HoH and putting every houseguests instagram name in the blog to help get them followers.


 3:46 PM BBT Frankie says last night when feeds were down due to a lockdown due to shoutouts a police helicopter came really low and gave a shoutout to the houseguests. Caleb says it was cool and he couldn't believe how low the helicopter got to them.


3:49 PM BBT
Lockdown is over and Zach immediately goes back inside. Cody says he's following him shortly. Zach is now looking for his pink hat.


3:51 PM BBT
Zach sees that they gave them a dartboard. There are instructions on it. Donny waits for the other guests to come in to read them the rules.


3:52 PM BBT "Houseguests this dart set is yours for the next 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hours you must return the darts to the storage room. Each week you will receive the darts for a new 24 hour period. The dartboard will remain for the rest of the season and must remain on the door." The house guests are excited and decide to start playing.


3:56 PM BBT
Zach goes outside to eat in the backyard by himself while the rest of the house is gathered around the dart board set watching Caleb and Frankie throw darts.

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4:00 PM BBT Frankie, Caleb, Zach and Donny are at the dart board. It seems none of them remember the standard rules for playing darts. They just decide to play to see who can get the closest to the center. Christine and Victoria have taken plates of onions outside to eat on the patio.


4:05 PM BBT The dart board is hanging on the Have-Not door. Zach walks in there. He opens the door to come back out at the same time that Frankie throws his dart. The dart hits but doesn't injure him. Zach "See, that's why we can't it." Frankie "You're the reason we can't have nice things." I think Zach is referring to the limitations BB has put on the dart board use.


4:11 PM BBT Derrick explains some rules to different dart games. He says BB is going to get them some official rules to the game. Cody and Christine are sitting outside. Cody says something is about to do down in the house. He is suspicious.


4:14 PM BBT Cody says to Christine and Donny "Let's play speculate because that is my favorite part of the day." Cody speculates that Julie Chen would enter the game as a contestant. He says she would have 16 years of watching and knows more than any super fan ever would. Donny says they all would be star struck and would keep her to the end. In the KT Caleb and Derrick are talking about the shout outs they got last night. Derrick says they should make a plea to them to stop shouting out to them. They appreciate it but it forces them to get sent back inside. Caleb says the shout outs were "You're the man beast mode cowboy, love you Zach, and Frankie your the best." Derrick says that it may be and they might as well think positive.


4:20 PM BBT Frankie has joined Cody, Christine and Donny. He says his questions were awesome. She asks him about them we and we get WBRB. Frankie says he tweeted about his mom #bestmomever. He also tweeted "When people throw shade shine brighter."


4:23 PM BBT Christine says because of Zingbot, Tim is going to get a lot of people looking for his twitter and that should make him happy. Christine "Tim Stinks". Christine and Frankie both say their moms are probably getting into arguments on twitter and chat rooms because of the negative stuff that people may say about them.


4:30 PM BBT Zach is still searching the house for the hat. Christine is called to the DR. Christine "Are you sure? You want to talk to me?"


4:34 PM BBT Zach is in the SR with Victoria who is sweeping up a spill. He asks her why she wants to keep the hat when it's sweaty and dirty. She says she can wash it. He asks her if she is going to backdoor him. She says "How old are you?"


4:42 PM BBT In the KT Cody says he is Zach and starts barking and growling like a dog. We hear Frankie celebrating off camera for getting a bulls eye. Donny is talking to Zach in the BY. Donny says at this point, it is better to be nominated than be the HoH. As HoH you can be dethroned and evicted. At least as a nominee you can play in the BotB and are guaranteed to play in the veto. A dethroned HoH has to get picked to play.


4:48 PM BBT Donny is talking to Zach about how hopeless it feels. Zach says next week they will target Victoria and Donny. He says is he can survive next week, they will down to six people. He says he needs to try to get Cody and Derrick on his side and he will be gravy. Zach says if he gets to the end he'll win. Donny says it is insurmountable that he would get that far.


4:52 PM BBT Donny is talking to Zach about how hard it must be for us to keep watching the same group of people gang up on everybody. Zach says "and throw competitions." Zach tells Donny that if anyone can stay strong and make it to the end, it's him."


4:56 PM BBT Donny and Zach are still alone in the BY. Donny tells him to remind Frankie that his sister makes him the biggest target in the house. If he gets rid of Zach and Donny then who will be left to protect Frankie?No one can sit besides Frankie in the end and win. They aren't going to let him get that far. He has too many HoH wins. He put on too good a show in the house. Donny recommends that Zach make this last ditch effort to save himself by telling Frankie he can't face the 4 guys by himself and make it to the end.

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5:00 PM BBT Cody and Derrick are in the SR. Cody tells him they need to talk later about a conversation he had with Donny earlier. Derrick asks if it was bad or good. Cody says"Ahhhh..." and Derrick says "we'll talk later."


5:07 PM BBT Donny and Derrick are in the BY. Caleb and Cody are in the LR. Donny says he is concerned about the girls walking in the BY barefoot. He keeps finding screws and nails in the grass. Victoria is called into the DR. Frankie thinks she is called into the DR more than anybody else in the house. Cody asks Victoria why she goes in there all the time. Victoria "You'll never know." Cody "I will know." Victoria is in and out in less than a minute. Cody "Got your next mission huh?" He jokes that it's okay because she is going next week.


5:19 PM BBT Cody, Christine, Caleb and Frankie are in the LR. They are discussing how they had to turn in all their social media names to BB before they came in. They are hoping the fans are tweeting them. Frankie says this is a big social media season. Meanwhile in the BY Derrick and Donny are talking with Zach about their jobs as groundskeepers.


5:25 PM BBT Victoria asks Frankie what his questions were. He jokes he was asked if he was gay. Does he prefer top or bottom? Where did he gets who shoes? He then says they really asked if he go back in time and tell himself something, what would it be?


5:28 PM BBT In the BY Zach is talking about his basketball injuries. Just jumping and landing on someone's foot caused him to re-tear the muscles in his legs. Donny says he tore his meniscus just stepping off a curb.


5:35 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the house right now. Feeds 1/2 are Caleb, Frankie, Christina and Victoria. They joke they are going to write a song called "Beastmode Cowboy". Frankie yells out that he wants to know what the rest of his sister's album is. So far he only knows about four songs including one that features Nicki Minaj. Feeds 3/4 are Cody, Derrick, Zach and Donny. They are talking about golf.


5:45 PM BBT Frankie says he really wants to go on tour with his one man show Living La Vida Grande. In the BY Cody is talking about a cross-dresser he met.


5:55 PM BBT The feeds keep going to WBRB while the HGs talk about people outside the house. When they return all four feeds are on Frankie and Victoria. They are talking about how starting next week there will only be 2 people available as POV replacements. The next week would only be 1. They think there will be 2 more weeks of BotB.

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6:02 PM BBT Victoria walks out of WA, cam is showing "Occupied" Sign, another cam showing the showers. Caleb and Cody are playing pool in the BY, with Donny sitting by the washer and dryer. Christine is taking laundry out of the dryer, and folding it. Derrick and Zach are talking by the grill, about the temperature it's at with the lid shut. Zach is getting ready to cook meat, that he has marinating in a bag. Derrick says the pool needs to be cleaned. Zach says they've been there for 62 days, what? Derrick opens the grill, and Zach puts his meat on the grill, then Derrick shuts the lid.


6:07 PM BBT Derrick is showing Zach a trick to test your meat to see if it's rare, medium or well done. Derrick lifts the lid, and tells Zach his meat is going to be good, and he asks him what it's seasoned with. Zach says how he's going to surprise his family when he gets home. Derrick checks the meat again. Zach says they will be home 1 week from Thursday. Derrick and Zach are trying to figure out exactly what week this is, and how many HOH's they've had. Derrick asks Zach, aren't we here 13 weeks, not 12? They try to figure it out, and we see FoTH.


6:13 PM BBT When Live Feeds come back, Derrick is telling Zach that you should let your steak sit for 5 minutes after it's cooked. They are discussing that the grill is Weber, and the propane is getting low. Caleb tells Cody that they (BB) was measuring the wall to see how much they need to replace. Zach tells Derrick that it could of burned down the house. Derrick tells Zach that the meat is till raw in the middle. Frankie is running around the BY, and Christine tells him not to pull a Rachel Riley. She announces they are going on lock down in 5 minutes, and we see FoTH.


6:16 PM BBT Zach asks Derrick how BB makes money, with as much as they put into it. Derrick tells him, it's because of the commercials. He says it's profitable, or they wouldn't do it. Cody is yelling at Caleb about the pool game, and the fact that Caleb scratched on the 8-Ball. Cody called him a Jamoke with a skinny d*ck. Caleb had to stand on his tippi toes to get even with Cody's face. They are racking & breaking for another game. Derrick is telling Zach about his daily routine at home with his daughter, and says it's all worth it though. Zach asks how to clean the grill, and Derrick tells him he will do it for him. Frankie goes by the grill, and we see FoTH.


6:19 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Derrick cleaning the grill, and Caleb trying to say he won the pool game, after scratching the 8-Ball. We hear, "HG's this is a lock down, please go inside." Zach is heading inside with his food. Caleb explains the shot that Caleb called (scratch) to Zach, and Zach says he won, because he called it. Cody and Caleb go into the LR, where Victoria and Christine are. Cody gives Christine a hug, she smiles, watches him walk around the LR, to go by Victoria. She follows him and Caleb out of the LR, to the rock room, where Caleb and Cody are playing darts. Victoria goes in the rock room and wants to play. Cody starts jumping on a bed, and Donny and Derrick go in there also.


6:24 PM BBT Frankie is sitting with Zach at the Dining Room table while he eats. They are talking about Outlet Malls, and Zach says that they built new ones in Palm Beach. Caleb sings, and we see FoTH. Zach checks his activity tracker when feeds come back, says he's on 4. Frankie asks him if he went to bed late last night, and asks him if he heard it was a lock down. We see FoTH again.


6:27 PM BBT Caleb and Cody are jumping on a bed in the rock room, and get called out by production. Frankie is telling Zach about the way his blood vessels don't open to put circulation into his fingertips. He says if it wasn't for modern medicine he wouldn't have made it past 3 years old. Caleb and Cody are playing darts now, and Donny is watching them in the rock room. Zach washes off his plate in the KT, when Victoria sits at the Dining Room table with Frankie, and Derrick is standing by the picture boards.


6:30 PM BBT Christine is also watching the dart game, lying down under the covers. Caleb and Cody are arguing over the score from the dart game. Cody says the door moves, and he's to powerful.


6:31 PM BBT Frankie says when the BY opens up he's going to do his morning exercises, and lift some weights. He is popping pimples on his chest while sitting at the Dining Room Table. Victoria and Zach have left that area, and Zach comes back with cookie dough. Caleb and Cody are commenting how a light is going to get messed up, and Cody is making loud noises when playing darts. Frankie tells Zach he's going upstairs to listen to his sister really quick. Cody asks Donny if he wants to play darts, and he says, no, for him and Caleb to keep playing.


6:34 PM BBT Zach is setting up the Jenga blocks by himself at the Dining Room Table. Derrick and Victoria are in the LR, and Derrick says, this day is dragging. He says, hopefully it's a quick one, and they are just adjusting the cameras. He tells Victoria he's going to the bathroom, and heads up to the HoHR. Victoria lays down on the couch. Frankie says that Caleb thinks it's Victoria, others think it's Donny, but no one is thinking it's them. Frankie asks if Zach is doing good, and Derrick says, he's doing the best he's been. He says, he probably played it up for the cameras. They both say he's going home. Frankie says, he could come back, and he would rather have him then Hayden.


6:37 PM BBT Frankie says he'd rather have Jocasta back to be honest. He says he can't believe she made it to jury. Derrick says the games have been designed for months. Frankie says she was there because of BOB, because it's designed to keep floaters, because you need them for the BOB. Zach goes to the BY and racks some balls on the pool table. We hear, "HG's, the lock down is now over, you are free to move about the house." Donny and Caleb go to the BY. Zach asks Caleb if he wants to play pool with him. Cody and Christine come out also. Frankie and Derrick talk about the BOB comp that Frankie played by himself. He says there's no rule that said each person had to have a chain, and he says that production missed that. He says that's why they told Christine to let him go. We see FoTH, and then we hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production," twice.


6:42 PM BBT Donny tells Zach and Caleb he's going to lift some dumb bells, and then says bar bells. Either Caleb or Cody belched and didn't excuse themselves. Frankie and Derrick are talking about their games in the HoHR. Victoria is stretching by the couches, where Cody and Caleb are lounging, sitting next to each other. Victoria asks about the toilet upstairs, and Christine says it's repulsive, and Cody says it's disgusting. Christine belches, and excuses herself. She tells Cody to feel her arm, and he says it feels really cool, and asks if it's irritated? She says, yes. They are talking about her tattoos, and he is playing with her skin on her arm.


6:46 PM BBT Derrick is telling Frankie what Donny told Cody yesterday about the pecking order. He says they don't blame Donny, and if Cody puts either of them up, their bond will be gone. Derrick says he doesn't think they will go up initially, he thinks they'll be a BD option. Cody and Christine are still goofing around on the couch.


6:52 PM BBT Christine asks why they keep locking them down. Cody says they may be planning something big, and they need more time to set it up. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Cody still explains things to Christine, and we hear, "Cody, you are not allowed to talk about production." Cody says, "What, who you do think you are?" Then he smiles. Donny starts to go by the couches, and Cody says if he goes over there he will start talking about it again, so his name is involved. Christine is holding a Badminton racquet. Cody and Christine are talking about the possibility of someone coming back, and she says, she hopes not. Cody says, hopefully they have to do a comp with them. He says, hopefully it's Nicole. He laughs, and Christine starts to rub his right shoulder area, with her left hand, and leaves it sitting on him, as they talk about Nicole.


6:56 PM BBT Frankie says he's worried about back dooring next week, and Derrick says, essentially you need to worry about that every week. Derrick tells Frankie if they keep putting up Victoria every week, she'll make it to the F3, and she'll win. Cody and Christine. Cody tells Christine that they were shooting a basketball, or ball into something. We see FoTH.


6:59 PM BBT Feeds come back with Frankie and Derrick talking about the FAA. Derrick says Amazon had to get approval before they could put their drones up in air space. Frankie is looking at the TV in the HoHR, and says, "That's production." He says, imagine if they come down from the ceiling. Caleb and Zach are playing pool in the BY, with Donny sitting on table by the washer and dryer watching them. Frankie tells a story about being at JFK, and Tweeting about his flight being delayed, and he was going to watch something. He says he got a Tweet back from an Air Traffic Controller, so he responded. The ATC asked his flight info, and he told him. He hears, over the loud speaker, that his flight is now boarding. He says they became friends, and he is a 17 year old ATC, and the youngest ever.


7:04 PM BBT Caleb and Zach finishes their game of pool, and start a new one, with Donny watching them. Caleb says he's going to go back home and pool shark the hell out of some people at bars. He says, playing this everyday, sure does make you better. Zach agrees. Frankie and Derrick are talking about ATC and pilot jobs. Derrick says, there is no way he could live that life though. Frankie says being in BB is crazy, and he doesn't think that there's nothing he will try now. Derrick says that jail inmates have more privileges than they do, with phone calls, and knowing what's going on in the outside world. Frankie says, if you make it to the half way point without cracking you're good.


7:08 PM BBT Frankie says the fact that Zach cracked week 2 is crazy. He says he's cracked like 6 times since then. Frankie asks about The Amazing Race, and Derrick tells him the person that comes in last each week is gone. He tells Frankie he knows someone that was on the show, and if he wants to do it, he'll hook him up. Frankie says, he really would like to do Survivor. Derrick says he saw an interview with Jeff and Hayden before he went to BB. He says that it's a lot harder because you only get a little packet of sunscreen for the week, and it's a lot harder. Frankie questions whether Caleb was really going to do Survivor before going to BB. Derrick says, there may be some truth to it, and Frankie says maybe a casting assistant talked to him, and we see FoTH.


7:13 PM BBT Cody and Christine are talking in the BY. Christine was talking about moving and living in Tucson, and Cody questions her. She back-steps and retells it. Donny joins in the convo with them about Almond milk. Derrick and Frankie still in HoHR. Caleb goes upstairs, while they are still talking about the comps on Survivor and The Amazing Race. Caleb is eating ice cream. Frankie is saying how expensive BB is to produce. Zach joins the BY HG's on the couch, next to Donny. They are talking about taking pills in the BB house. Cody asks Zach if there are more cookies, and he says they are gone. Cody says, tuna, and runs in the house. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Frankie says, we're speculating, we don't know what the f*ck we're talking about.


7:17 PM BBT Frankie tells Caleb he's start Vlogging at the Finale, and taking videos with Caleb, and posting them on his YouTube channel. Victoria goes to the HoHR. Donny says he went through Virginia and West Virginia to get to Ohio. Christine asks if Ohio is green? Donny tells her Cleveland, Ohio looks a lot like Charlotte, NC. Christine and Zach are saying, "Cleveland, Ohio." They are talking about Drew Carey. Donny tells them about the Cleveland Browns Football Stadium being right on the lake, and so cold. Zach talks about the Polar Vortex from last winter, so it's been the coldest. He says the Polar caps are melting, and the ozone layer is depleting. Donny talks about the landing on the moon being in Hollywood. He says the Wright Brother's are from Ohio, and took the plane to North Carolina to fly it. He says Ohio's License Plates say, "First in Aviation," and North Carolina's says, "First in Flight."


7:23 PM BBT Donny tells the story he saw on TV about the flag waving in the wind, and there is not wind on the moon. He says how some of the photos were changed. Cody goes to the BY, and asks if they want to play 2 on 2 action on the pool table. Donny says he may take a shower. Cody says the camera is following him, and asks if that's what you want. Donny tells him that all of the camera's in the BY were on him and Christine earlier when he was by the pool table. He says, they could of chocked each other out over them, but all of the cameras were on them. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Cody tells Christine that they are giving them what they want. Zach gets up to play pool with Zach.


7:27 PM BBT Frankie was telling Caleb and Derrick how they don't eat meat in Africa. He says when he was there, he only ate chicken once, and eggs maybe once or twice. Derrick says his wife wants a chicken coop, because her friend Jen has one. Derrick is trying to figure out what types of chickens he'll need, and if he needs a rooster. Caleb says the rooster sits on the eggs to start, and then the chickens sit on them. Frankie says, the rooster has to have sex with the chicken to fertilize the eggs. They are debating how it actually works. Frankie says how crazy it would be to crack open an egg, and a chicken fetus would fall out. Derrick says, he would never eat an egg again. Frankie says it happens all the time.


7:30 PM BBT Victoria comes out of the HoHR bathroom, and Frankie asks if she knows about chickens. She says, no. Caleb says he has a friend that has a chicken coop with over 200 chickens. Derrick asks if fresh eggs taste better than the ones that are store bought? Frankie says, he doesn't really think so, and then talks about stuff he's eaten called fried rape and seyma. Pool game still going on in the BY with Cody and Caleb.


7:34 PM BBT Frankie says he showed the people in Africa his iPad, and showed them Sponge Bob and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He says he should take a suitcase filled with Snickers there. Caleb asks Victoria if coffee is made? Victoria yells down to ask Christine, and she says, no. Caleb says, never mind. He says, Victoria just sat up there, and didn't say anything. Derrick says she always goes up there to blow dry her hair. Caleb asks why she always blow drys it up there, when she takes a shower downstairs. Frankie says, she wants to do it in privacy. Caleb talks about his friend having the chicken coop. He tells about chicken fights that go on where he lives, and that one guy got caught. He says, he's literally been the key...All cams go to KT, where Christine is sitting at the table eating slop, and watching Cody cut tuna into sections.


7:38 PM BBT Cams back to HoHR, and Caleb says he thinks that roosters have to be fixed to be meaner. He says it's that way with bar hogs, and they get their nuts cut off. Derrick tells them how you can catch up to 8 lobsters a day where he lives, but they have to be male. He says, if they check, and you have a female, you're done, and you have to turn over your gear. All 3 of them say they are P.A.D.I. Certified. Donny and Zach in fire room. Zach says he was he was going to tell Victoria she has to vote for him, or else. Donny is telling Zach different scenarios to use, but not to use his name. Caleb is wondering what will come up when he goes home and Google's Beast Mode Cowboy.


7:43 PM BBT Derrick was smacking Caleb in the chest a few minutes ago, and was saying that he was lactating. Frankie says he had his credit card somewhere, and didn't have his I.D. He says, the person there said that's fine, but how do we know this is you. He says he told them to Google him. Caleb says it's time for him to win another HOH. Frankie says, you just won one last week, and he says yeah, time to win another one. They talk about game. Caleb says, Christine scares him a little bit. Frankie says she would put up Donny and Victoria, because she's to afraid. Derrick says she could convince her, of who to put up. Christine is in the KT with Cody and Victoria. She says that someone on a cruise with her, was having sex in a bed next to her, and she could hear her bangle bracelets on. Victoria asks why she was in the room with them, since they were in the same bed with her.


7:48 PM BBT Christine says how she was making out with the guy, and then he was making out with the other girl, and then they went to more than making out. She's says they're married now with a daughter, and live in New Zealand. Frankie, says it's going to be all of them in the F4. Caleb says he feels that Hayden is smarter than Zach in the comps, so he would want to have him back, but he only won one comp. All cams on HoHR. Derrick says he wonders if when there's a buy back, if they would name the HN's.


7:51 PM BBT Derrick says how Zach said a couple days ago that he would vote for Frankie to win, so the kids in Africa could have the money. Derrick says how he keeps changing his mind, and telling everyone different things. Caleb says, how weird it is, that Cody and Christine act like they are in love. Derrick agrees, and starts talking about what he has said in DR. He says, that after ZINGBOT, he told her she needs to cut back, since it's been acknowledged. Caleb says, that all the cams in the BY were on them when he was out there. He says that if he would of been Zinged, he would of stopped totally, but they haven't. Derrick says that he and Victoria are purely platonic. Frankie and Caleb both say they've been asked about them, but Derrick says, he hasn't. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." Derrick keeps talking, and we hear, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's," again.


7:56 PM BBT Derrick starts talking about other comps, and tells Caleb that the one comp wasn't his to win. Frankie says that this Veto comp wasn't meant for them to win, he thinks it was meant for Donny. He is talking while literally shoveling popcorn into his mouth, and chomping loudly. Caleb starts saying he's not the brightest bulb, and then says, he's not the dullest bulb. He says he doesn't want people in the house to think he's only good for physical comps, because he's Beast Mode Cowboy. Derrick says, when they came in the house he thought Nicole and Christine were the genius'. He says the one's he thought were great competitors really aren't. Caleb says, he can't believe that Christine hasn't won more comps than she has. Frankie says, she's won 4 comps. She won an HOH, a Veto, and 2 BOB's. They talk about the bone comp, how she gave Caleb her bones. Derrick says, Donny won that by himself, she didn't even help him. Caleb says, he thinks when the BOB is gone, will be the time when they get it.


8:00 PM BBT Derrick says not to put Donny up this week for before the BOB, he needs to go up as a replacement nom. Derrick asks Caleb who he would put up if they win. He says Victoria and someone else, and then Derrick says, two of them. Frankie says, to put Christine up with Victoria and Cody up with either Derrick or him. Caleb asks why you wouldn't split Christine and Victoria up, that way you get one of them to stay up. Derrick says to do rock, paper, scissors to decide the other 2 noms.


8:04 PM BBT Derrick says, if Donny wins HOH, they'll have major problems. Then he says if he remains HOH, it will be even bigger problems. Frankie is shoveling down popcorn by the fist fulls. He is licking off his fingers, and putting them back in the bag, and eating over the bag in case any of it falls. They are talking about previous HG's. We get cams back on the BY. Christine and Victoria are in the hammock swinging. Christine says, she's nervous, that she should of talked about the cruise, because her family is going to kill her. She says her pastor and her family all know about it. Cams go back to the HoHR.


8:08 PM BBT Cams go back to BY again. Victoria says she has to get HOH this week. Derrick says it's definitely going to BOB this week. Frankie says, 100%, anything to f*ck us. Frankie goes in the HoHR bathroom to feed the fish. Caleb says he's at least made it to the F7. Derrick says Victoria can't make it to the F3. Caleb says we'll have to send Christine and Victoria out together on a DE. Caleb says they could do the ending differently, and only have 2 there. Derrick says, it's possible. Caleb says, at this point, anyone outside his crew, he's going up. He says he, Derrick, Frankie and Donny are the biggest competitors at this point. Derrick questions if Cody would put up Christine. Caleb says, he wishes they would get away from these mental games, and let Beast Mode have his playground.


8:11 PM BBT Caleb says the past 6 or 7 comps have been all mental. Derrick says that even if they get a physical comp, it may still have a mental component to it. Cody and Donny are by the grill in the BY. Cody is cooking the tuna he cut up. Donny touched something and said, ouch. Victoria and Christine are talking on the hammock, and Christine is laughing. They are talking about their good bye messages. Christine says hers is so good, and Victoria says she can't wait to see it. Victoria says hers was short and sweet. She starts to recite what she said on the message, and we see FoTH.


8:14 PM BBT Feeds come back with Victoria and Christine screaming. Christine says, she's irritable. Cody goes to HoHR to tell Frankie he grilled some tuna. Frankie asks if the BY is open, and Derrick says, it's been open. Cody says, he doesn't think he cooked it raw enough for him. We hear, "Victoria and Christine, please raise the outside awnings." Victoria asks if they are serious. Her and Christine are screaming. Frankie is in HoHR mocking what they are probably saying in the BY, and he's spot on. They get up from the hammock, and Christine says, it's o.k., boys, since they called us out by name, don't help us, it's o.k., enjoy your tuna. She takes a drink, and cams move to KT.


8:18 PM BBT Caleb says, it will be funny when they go back to watch the bone comp, if she was giving the bones to Donny. Derrick says now way, and then says what if she did? Caleb says what if she gave him the wrong bones on purpose. Frankie asks why they don't get toothpaste anymore as HOH. He says he has like 30, but wants more. Caleb says, how can he really trust her, because she gave him the wrong bones. Derrick says it was pitch black. Caleb says, he can't believe that he hasn't relieved himself of stress in the house yet. Frankie says, he can't believe he hasn't let him relieve his stress. Caleb says it will hurt, and Frankie agrees. He says because literally the pipes haven't been cleaned. Frankie says he hasn't done it either. Caleb gets dramatic, and says it hurts, but it feels good, and gives a weird face. Derrick says, is that the face you will make too, and he says yes.


8:21 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb head downstairs, and Christine wants to know what they are talking about. Derrick says, you really don't want to know. We see FoTH. Derrick is saying that it's about destressing, and how it hurts after you haven't done it in a while. Derrick says he didn't know it hurts. Cody says he usually always has it, and has done it in the bathroom. He says he did it after he woke up from a dream. Derrick says there are cams in the bathrooms, and it will be blown up on the big screen. Caleb says, he thinks that he, Derrick and Donny are the only ones that haven't done anything in there. Frankie and Derrick do demonstrations with a sweater over them, how it wouldn't be seen on cam. Caleb puts it over his head, and acts like he's blowing himself.


8:25 PM BBT Derrick says he had a convo with Hayden about blowing themselves, and Derrick says he will never do that, because he doesn't want peni$ in his mouth. He says that Hayden said he would if he had to. He says, they were literally in stitches that night. Caleb and Derrick go to BY to play pool. Rest of HG's are in the KT. Frankie tells Cody he cooked the tuna perfectly.


8:28 PM BBT Derrick tells Caleb he wants to make some Skype videos and post them to YouTube. He says he wants to edit stuff, and even do a Beast Mode Cowboy of the Week, and a Fruit Loop Dingus of the week. He says he would like to do something for Joker's or Hamster Watch. Cody is talking about tuna being expensive, while Frankie is sitting at the KT table chomping on the tuna he's eating, and talking about the grocery bill for the house.


8:30 PM BBT Victoria gets told to exchange her microphone with one in the SR. Derrick and Caleb get called out for talking about production. They were discussing how much money they get if they go to jury. Caleb thinks it a different amount, then staying in the house. Caleb wonders if they would fly him to Dallas from there. Derrick says his bosses will no when he's done, so he has to get back to go to work. He says his bosses didn't have to let him go, and he didn't quit his job, so he doesn't want to mess them over. Caleb says, his job at Lowe's was seasonal anyway. Derrick talks about Cody having a degree in Business from Temple, and could be top in his class. Caleb says one of his coaches played football for Temple. Donny, Frankie, Cody, Christine and Victoria are all at the KT table having general chit-chat.


8:35 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick were doing shout outs to Jokers, Hamster Watch and Live Feeders in the BY, while playing pool. Caleb says he wishes 3rd place would get money also. He says if you're on Survivor, you have like 20 million people watching you. Convo in the KT is about seasonings that have been used. Derrick says he applied at age 29, to say he applied at least once, and if he didn't get on at least he tried. Caleb says they wanted him for Survivor first, but thought it would be better to go there first with the weights, pool table and hot chicks. He says, "I'm sure Survivor's got some hot donkeys to."


8:39 PM BBT Frankie tells Christine how he used to want to keep his food on separate plates, and use separate silverware, and his dad told him that it all mixes up in your stomach anyway. He says he had the same routine for 5 years, that he ate the same thing for dinner. He says his sister eats the same thing every day. Frankie says he has 3 different things he's eating in the house. Christine says there's not a lot of variety in the house. She says when she goes to a restaurant she eats the same thing at that place every time they go there. Christine belches, and excuses herself.


8:42 PM BBT Frankie does a shout of to La Brasseria, his favorite Italian restaurant. He says you become a creature of habit, and go to the same places, or he eats salad. He says his roommates do cook. He says Dominic becomes obsessed, and he will eat it. He wonders which one of his roommates are watching the Live Feeds, and we see FoTH.


8:45 PM BBT Christine asks Cody if Derrick did the line in the back of his hair? He asks her if it looks bad, and she says, no, it looks good. Frankie says it's hard missing his friends. Christine says she's going to see everyone when she gets home. She shouts out for her family to throw her a party. She says, her church is for sure. Victoria says her family will probably have a party for her. Donny in BY, watching Caleb and Derrick shoot pool. He says, whoever invented pool was smart. They talk about pool halls.


8:47 PM BBT Donny asks Caleb is he's seen pool halls that have saw dust on the floor, so you can spill your drink, or spit, and then they clean it up at the end of the night. Caleb says, that will get expensive. Victoria tells Christine, they gave her Zantac and it helped her. Frankie says he keeps getting asked about his sexuality, and felt like he was in the closet again, and he says he felt pretty weird. He says, it's pretty much the last time he'll get away with that. He says, no one will be fooled by who he is again. Christine says she wonders what pictures she will get if she gets HOH again. Frankie says, because of him, he believed Christine's story of who she said her parents were earlier in the show in the Beehive. Frankie says Victoria is on another reality show. Christine belches so loud, and says she's sorry, but didn't excuse herself. Cody says, "You are so disgusting." Victoria in LR, sitting on couch, eating slop from a plastic bowl. Frankie starts talking about Abu Dhabi, and it being a big money area.


8:54 PM BBT Frankie and Cody are cleaning up the dishes in the KT. Cody says, they are the f*cking men. Frankie says, yes we are, we cleaned up yesterday and today. Derrick and Caleb still playing pool in the BY, while Donny is moving laundry from the washer to the dryer. Christine is sitting at the KT table, criticizing the dishes as they are getting washed.


8:56 PM BBT Christine belches at the KT table. She says, excuse me, sorry. Cody asks, what she said. She repeated it, and says, she just burped, as she is cleaning her left ear out with her finger, while at the table. Victoria goes back to KY, and sits at the table with her. They are talking about popcorn and veggie chips. Christine says, the serving is 36 sticks, so she eats 36 sticks. She says she watches her servings at home. Caleb and Derrick go in the house. We see FoTH, because someone starts to sing.


8:59 PM BBT Caleb asks the girls how many more days they have on slop, two? They both say, three. Cody says how crazy delicious the tuna was that he cooked, after he though he over cooked it.


9:02 PM BBT Derrick asks if Zach is sleeping, while he is sitting at the Dining Room table with Caleb eating. Donny sits at the table with them. Cody is slamming cupboards, putting away dishes. Everything else is pretty quiet.


9:05 PM BBT Christine tells Cody that her olives are in the KT. Frankie takes cookies out of the oven, and says he's not eating any of them until they are cooled. He says, they start deflating after you take them out. Frankie talks in a character voice at the Dining Room table, about the girls. Derrick laughs, and Caleb gets up to put his plate in the sink. Donny is sitting at the Dining Room table building a tower with the Jenga blocks. Christine tells Frankie, she wonders what's it's like to be a celebrity. They all start talking about different celebrities, and Caleb is talking in Larry the Cable Guys voice. We see the camera moving in the wall on Cam 1.


9:09 PM BBT Derrick says he would like Kevin Hart or another comedian come in there. HG's agree they would like to see Simon Cowell come in the house. Caleb tries to remember a comedian's name, and they finally come up with Katt Williams, and was quoting foul stuff. Frankie says that Cody thought Kathy Griffin, was Kathy Lee Giford. Frankie says he thought that was her name. Cody says he doesn't even know who she really is. Frankie says she's literally drunk every morning on her show. Christine says, she's horrible and a train wreck. Derrick says, that both of them are wasted every morning on their show. Christine keep belching and is not excusing herself.


9:17 PM BBT Caleb and Donny go to BY and sit with Derrick. He says he's a plain guy. He's like 30 going on 50. He'll go outside with an Apple Ale if his wife and daughter go to sleep early. Production says, to please, not quote dialogue from movies. Frankie says, they can make a case for that, and says it's from a stand up routine. He says, we all know what happened last year, when dialogue was quoted, and he says, he guesses he'll stop. Frankie says he loves female comedians. Christine says there aren't very many females that she likes, with Ellen Degeneres being one of them. Victoria starts talking about Chelsea Handler, is sick of how easy it is to get a reality show on E. Frankie shouts out to E, if they are looking for a replacement for Chelsea Lately, he's game. He would like to do the Frankie J. Grande show.


9:22 PM BBT Victoria and Frankie are talking about reality shows. One was the Rich kids of Beverly Hills, and the Kardashian's. Donny is telling Caleb in the BY that relationships are already formed, and they know depending who gets put on the block, who's being loyal. Caleb says he would like to at least go to the jury house, to see it. Derrick says, that's a good way to look at it. He says he's there for the money, but wouldn't mind seeing it either to see what it's like.

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#BB16 9:35PM BBT Derrick explaining to Christine about the finale and how many weeks left. He goes over the number of HG. He says due to the date for the finale there will be another DE.


#BB16 9:41PM BBT Derrick starts counting again. He and Donny guess that there may actual be an additional week. They guess that Survivor may be the same night and they will miss it. Frankie playing pool and using his accents to sing and talk.


#BB16 9:44PM BBT Victoria says she hears "I love" and Derrick says he didn't hear anything. We get FOTH


#BB16 10:01PM BBT We are back. HG are inside. Possibly an IDLD. Donny playing Jenga at the counter.


#BB16 10:04AM BBT Frankie shares in the info with the HG that the women in his family have large breasts. They ask about his sister and he says no she doesn't. Caleb talks about meeting her. Frankie says he has changed his mind abut him meeting his sister.

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#BB16 10:06PM BBT Christine tells the HG that there is a guy who has a record deal so she can't mention his name but he locked her in the bathroom at a party and told her that he had never seen breasts before and he felts hers would be good as his first ones. She says she wouldn't do it.


#BB16 10:13PM BBT Frankie lying on Caleb. Frankie jokes that one of the guys has a tattoo on his backside that says "Exit Only". Frankie jokes that he has one that says "Two Way Street".


#BB16 10:17PM BBT Caleb telling the HG that his birthdate is wrong on his birth certificate. It says the 28th but he has been told the 27th. Christine says her name is wrong on her Social Security card so she can't change her name when she got married.


#BB16 10:21PM BBT Frankie in the WCA popping pimples on his chest.

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#BB16 10:30PM BBT Frankie and Christine talk about how they inappropriate even in front of their Moms. Frankie then heads up to the HOH landing and does a dance routine and song to "Stealthmode Gay Boy"


#BB16 10:42PM BBT Cody in the WCA clipping his toenails into the trashcan. Frankie in the LR filing his nails over the carpet. Christine says she has never had a manicure but that her cuticles are to attached to her fingernails.


#BB16 10:45PM BBT Frankie talks about how he has dated a few guys but since he blogs all day long he can see why he seems to be single all the time. He feels it may be annoying to a boyfriend.


#BB16 10:47PM BBT Caleb asks Frankie if the guys he dates are flamboyant or are they more like Frankie. Frankie says that he isn't flamboyant but can turn it on if he wants. He says he doesn't go for feminine type guys.


#BB16 10:54PM BBT We have all 4 feeds on a sleeping Zac h but can hear Caleb and Christine in the LR.

#BB16 10:58PM BBT Zach alone in the bee hive eating yogurt.

#BB16 11:02PM BBT Victoria is whining over the fact that he slop is mushy. Telling Christine that she is a strong woman to eat it that way.

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#BB16 11:06 PM BBT Indoor lockdown is over, Caleb asks/yells "Who wants to get smoked in pool?"


‪#‎BB16‬ 11:13 PM BBT Cody and Christine in the LR talking about war movies. Donny and Frankie were starting to make something to eat in the kitchen with Victoria present. All 4 feeds switch to Caleb and Derrick playing pool outside.


‪#‎BB16‬ 11:19 PM BBT In the LR, Christine makes a comment about people saying rude things, Cody asks who is saying rude things but Frankie runs up to them and interrupts before she says who. Zach has come out of the DR and joined Derrick and Caleb playing pool. Frankie and Donny are playing cornhole.


‪#‎BB16‬ 11:26 PM BBT Victoria has joined Cody and Christine in the LR talk about Christine and her slop diet. Derrick is off camera in the Kitchen making pancakes according to Victoria. In the BY, Zach has just lost pool against Caleb, Frankie is re-racking to play Caleb. Donny now playing cornhole by himself.


‪#‎BB16‬ 11:35 PM BBT Continuing general talk with Christine, Cody, and Victoria about which cameras are watching them, BB tells them, "You are not allowed to talk about production". Zach and Caleb playing pool in the BY with Donny now watching. Frankie is checking on the food in the oven, some type of pumpkin/slop/concoction. Derrick was adding milk to his food and mentioned he is slightly lactose intolerant.


‪#‎BB16‬ 11:42 PM BBT All four feeds cut from Christine talking about her husband's brother to Zach and Caleb in the BY playing pool with Frankie watching.


‪#‎BB16‬ 11:50 PM BBT Derrick is still making pancakes in the Kitchen according to Cody. Derrick and Victoria are off camera and Vic is eating. Frankie is playing Caleb at pool. In the BY, Donny just read off the ingredients in the blood sausage.


‪#‎BB16‬ 11:57 PM BBT Frankie has beaten Caleb at pool, Zach will now play the winner. Caleb now goes inside the house. Donny is still watching the pool game. Victoria is telling Cody and Christine about the Brooklyn accents of her family and how her brother is her only sibling to be born in Israel.


#BB16 12:03 AM BBT Donny and Derrick have joined Cody, Christine, and Victoria in the LR. General talk about New Jersey cities.


‪#‎BB16‬ 12:10 AM BBT Zach asks Frankie in the BY why he is going home over Cody and Frankie says it is because he is unpredictable. Zach compliments Frankie that he can win because he has played a flawless game, but Frankie responds that he has no jury votes. Donny is going to sleep and says good night to everyone.


‪#‎BB16‬ 12:20 AM BBT In the BY, Derrick tells Frankie he is heading up to the HoH and hopes Victoria doesn't follow him. When Derrick heads inside, Zach bring back why he is unpredictable and untrustworthy. Frankie tells Zach he has thrown him under the bus with everyone. Frankie says if he gets to the end he doesn't have 4 jury votes for sure and he would be happy with 2nd place because $50,000 buys 2 schools. Frankie thinks if no one takes him to the end that would be stupid. Zach tells him once he is out of the house Frankie is the next biggest target.


‪#‎BB16‬ 12:24 AM BBT Zach tells Frankie that he would not go after him and nominate him. But Frankie says after what he has done to Zach he wouldn't trust him. Zach is selling to Frankie that if Cody remains in the house, he would not likely go on the block again but Zach would be targeted every week. Zach says that is Victoria and Christine were smart they would realize that after Zach gets evicted they would be the next targets over Cody.


‪#‎BB16‬ 12:32 AM BBT Zach and Frankie still playing pool. Derrick and Cody are talking by the pool trying to calculate which weeks might be another eviction. Christine and Victoria are inside not on the feeds.


‪#‎BB16‬ 12:36 AM BBT Cody has went inside to possibly make a pizza at Caleb's request. Caleb tells Derrick that he knows Zach wasn't the saboteur but he knows he was up to something. Zach is still telling Frankie that it would be beneficial to everyone to stay in the house because he is the bigger target. Frankie tells him that evicting him everyone will see him as the last "trader" to leave the house.


‪#‎BB16‬ 12:40 AM BBT Zach and Frankie finish their pool game. Frankie is now retelling his and Zach's conversation to Cody, Derrick, and Caleb, about how Zach is campaigning to stay because he is the bigger target moving forward.


‪#‎BB16‬ 12:47 AM BBT All 4 feeds on Derrick, Cody, and Caleb playing Home run derby Badminton. The goal is to hit the blue wall above the BY sliding door. Frankie and Zach are on the couches watching.


‪#‎BB16‬ 12:57 AM BBT Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Zach, and Caleb are all playing the Home run derby game. Christine and Victoria in the kitchen talking about Victoria's past relationships.

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