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Monday August 18 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

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Bedroom (BR)

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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

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Thank you! 

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12:10 AM BBT Victoria, Christine, Cody, and Donny are talking about what shifts to sleep in for the neighborhood watch. Frankie says he is going to go to bed now. Zach says what is the point, no one is going to steal if they are awake. Frankie says that is the point. Zach says okay have fun.


12:20 AM BBT Frankie is mimicking Zach saying that no one can steal if they stay up. He then says, yeah he can't do all the sabotage he has to get done if they stay up. Caleb and Frankie move to the LR and Caleb says it is pointless to stay up all night and do this. Caleb is clearly scrambling to keep the night watch together.


12:30 AM BBT Zach eats a bowl of cereal outside, alone, goes and brushes his teeth alone, and then heads to bed. Frankie heads up to HOH to get ready for bed. Cody is also getting ready for bed. Victoria is playing with Jenga blocks.


12:40 AM BBT Caleb and Victoria sit in silence in the LR. Upstairs Frankie and Cody talk while Cody takes a shower. Frankie says that Caleb is silent and brooding, like he is wrestling with something. Frankie tells Cody something too low to pick up then gets called to DR.


It is also worth a mention that at 12:39 Caleb tells Vic that production came on the intercom to ask Zach if he was okay and then we get FOTH for a few seconds.


12:50 AM BBT Frankie also mentions the production slip and says it was a guy named John and we get Fish. When we come back we have Derrick talking about Zach taking the cue ball and why he would do that. He says it was perfect for TA but why be so stupid? Frankie is still putting on make up to go to DR. Christine and Victoria go to bed in the HN room and Christine tells the cam to stop staring at her. It moves and she says thank you. Zach is in DR now btw... the message they heard on the intercom was a DR leak.


12:55 AM BBT Zach exits DR and Frankie enters. Not a word was said. Caleb says that during the veto meeting he is going to say use the veto on me thanks. He laughs and says nah just kidding, then says his real speech. Frankie leaves DR to get something for his look and to keep up continuity. Cody says he knows Frankie is using it on Caleb so he is not worried about his speech.

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1:05 AM BBT Cody and Caleb are talking in the LR about America being responsible for things going missing. Cody says he can't wait to figure out what's up because America does something every year. Caleb says they waited till there was less people around so it would be easier to not get noticed. Derrick joins them and they grow silent.


1:15 AM BBT Derrick says the way Zach was called to production was weird, with the leak and all. Caleb brings up Victoria being involved because of her necklace and the fact that she never takes it off so how can it go missing. Caleb says that it has to be planned because all items were prized possessions and production is probably helping.


 1:25 AM BBT All is silent in the LR while Caleb plays Jenga to beat Cody's stack score. Derrick is filling up his water bottle and putting it in the SR fridge. Vic is back up and just sitting in the LR. Frankie is out of DR and puts Derrick's hat on his head. Nothing seems off with him at the moment. Derrick and Caleb walk through each room with the lights on their hats and check each room (They say this room is clear each time they clear one).


1:35 AM BBT Zach is awake now in the WA. Caleb says two people could be in on it so he is not going to bed any time soon. Frankie and Cody are going to get some sleep since others are patrolling.


1:45 AM BBT Caleb gets up and walks through the KT and asks if Vic is getting tired. She says she is just feeling nauseous. Caleb says the bathroom is right there and points that direction. Derrick does a patrol. Caleb says there won’t be any thieving on his watch. He flexes for the cameras. Victoria heads to the WA and then back out and tells Caleb she does not feel better.  


1:55 AM BBT  All is quiet in the BB house. Frankie got out of HOH bed to grab an antacid and not a word has been said in the LR for about five minutes. HOH conversation is about how crazy it is that people are staying up all night to catch a saboteur. They laugh at Caleb for thinking it is Vic. Frankie says if stuff comes up missing next week then he was right.

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2:06 am Derrick, Caleb and Victoria in the LR. Derrick and Caleb whispering about the "saboteur" questioning why Zach would try to take the cue ball. Frankie in the HoH with Cody explaining his YouTube Channel


2:13am Victoria is up and about, Derrick tells Caleb she's been getting sick and asks her if she's ok when she returns. Frankie is telling Cody he wants to have a reality show about a guy on Broadway, YouTube etc. and talks about his YouTube agent.


2:20am Derrick and Caleb still on "patrol" Derrick says he's getting Donny up at 5am. Frankie and Cody talking about Zach's potential past tasks and wh they would have him do something not game related after all this time.


2:27am Cody and Frankie listing the last 5 HoH competitions calling them all mental. They appear to be trying to figure out if this week will be the end of the BotB or not.


2:37am The LR grew is sitting in silence, Victoria playing with the Jenga block, Derrick leaves to get the chess boards. In the HoH room going over the BotB that Frankie won on his own.


2:42am Cody and Frankie settle in and decide it's time to sleep, turn off the HoH TV and say their Goodnights and I love you's. Derrick and Caleb in a silent chess game.


2:53am Victoria gets up and goes out to the hammock to lay down. Nothing else changes, the guys "on patrol" are playing chess.


3:03am No change on the feeds, every so often Derrick or Caleb will say Touché or Check. Victoria alone in the hammock.


3:11am Caleb doesn't move out of check and is surprised when Derrick takes his king. Says " You just straight up took him" Derrick comments that, that was the plan and puts the pieces back telling Caleb he wants to play it out as if he didn't make the last move to see if he can still win.


3:26am Victoria is back in the living room, the guys are playing chess still.


3:33am Caleb and Derrick turn on the headlamps and start clearing rooms one by one again. Both headed up to clear the HoH and inadvertently wake Frankie.


3:42am Caleb is telling Derrick and Victoria how small his town is and how it's just like Judd's hometown. He wants to take his family out to dinner in a limo when he gets home so he can roll through town in it.


3:53 am Random chit chat in the living room Caleb saying you need a marketable face in order to sing country music He says you can't find a singer in the music business today that isn't attractive.


4:06am Victoria says she going to bed, she feels like sh** and goes into the SR to tell Derrick the same thing. Just Caleb and Derrick up now, they are making some cereal in the KT


4:17am Caleb telling a story about him and an army buddy looking for his buddy and his buddy's badge that got lost in a desert wind storm. Says the wind was blowing them all around.


4:32am Caleb still rehashing personal stories, he just finished telling Derrick about the time he almost got arrested in the bar. And being pulled over by the cops and almost getting a ticket for speeding because he didn’t have his special license plate then


4:44am Caleb and Derrick talking about what they think Donny would do if he got HoH. Caleb thinks that he would send Christine or Victoria home, says Donny told him if he leaves before Victoria he will be really upset because shes not playing a game.


4:49am Derrick wants to get down to him, Caleb, Cody, Frankie and Christine so they can play the actual game without the Donny's or Victoria's. Calling Frankie a beast again and saying he could very well win.


5:00am  We keep getting bits of conversation between FotH. Victoria has rejoined Caleb and Derrick in the living room.


5:04am Derrick turns on the headlamp again and does the rounds of the house clearing each room for his patrol before joining Caleb in the WA


5:10am Derrick and Caleb in the WA talking about how Zach is acting about being nominated. Caleb says he was fine upstairs but was ignoring Frankie before bed. They debate when to wake up Donny because Caleb is heading to bed.


5:23am We come back from FotH to Derrick and Victoria sitting quietly alone

in the living room.


5:28am Caleb wants to wake Cody up too so that Donny doesn't have to sit up on his patrol shift alone. Derrick asks if he really thinks that Cody may have been the Saboteur. Derrick returns to the LR and asks production to dim the lights again


5:35am Derrick goes in to wake up Donny for his shift but telling him to take his time that he'll be out there waiting for him


5:43am Donny up doing his ADLs and starting his patrol. Derrick and Caleb in the fire room talking about when the veto ceremony starts normally. Derrick thanks Caleb for staying up and they say goodnight


5:55am Donny up alone in the living room reading his bible while he is on watch. Everyone else sound asleep in dark rooms.


6:12am Absolutely nothing new to report, Donny reading the bible alone

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7:22am Donny still the only one awake and sitting in the LVR reading the Bible.


 7:33am Donny walking around the LVR and checking things out then goes back to his chair and sits back down. Back to reading the Bible.


 8:04am Donny walking around the house and goes to the  sliding glass doors and yawns as he looks out. He goes to the KT sink and rinses his hands  then walks around reading labels on different things.


8:13am Donny walks to the bedroom and combs his hair and beard then puts his light strap back on his head  then gets his toothbrush and heads to the WA to brush his teeth.

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#BB16 9:15AM BBT Frankie comes down from HOH to Donny walking patrol. Donny tells Frankie he got up at 5:30AM.


#BB16 9:19AM BBT Frankie blow drying his hair in the WCA. Victoria popping a pimple. Donny playing Jenga in the LR.


#BB16 9:25AM BBT Victoria says that she is  nauseous and has been told not to eat or drink anything. She has seen the medic 3 times. Christine blows her nose. Christine then wanders through the kitchen singing "We are the pirates who don't do anything" and Frankie asks if that's from Pirates of Penzance. Christine says no, it is Veggie Tales.


#BB16 9:29AM BBT Frankie does a rap - saying it's for his nomination. Calls him a sabatour and says it's time for him to meet Julie Chen. He doesn't mention who "him" is.


#BB16 9:58AM BBT Christine getting hair done and Donny reading things in the KT out of boredom.

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#BB16 10:16AM BBT Frankie tells Christine that BB loves the rap but he has to keep it serious and sharp. He gets called back into the DR.


#BB16 10:22AM Frankie comes from DR and goes to Zach bed and lays down next to him. Wakes him up with whispering in his ear. Frankie whispers "how do I fix this" and "will the rest of the house go after me". Zach tells him he can't help him but to do what he has to do. They mention putting up Victoria. Zach says the HG wouldn't care if you put up Victoria. Zach begs for Frankie not to put him up. He tells Frankie he can benefit him. Frankie goes to the WCA and tells Christine that Zach begged him not to put him up.


#BB16 10:26AM BBT Christine shaving her legs in the WC sink. Christine tells Frankie it's not worth putting up someone else. Frankie says it's shooting the rest of his game in the foot.

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#BB16 10:38AM BBT Christine and Frankie talk about You-Tube videos. Frankie says his dream is to do his one man show in Australia by invite.


#BB16 10:42AM BBT Donny and Cody talk in the KT. Donny tells Cody that he doesn't think Cody is going anywhere but that Cody should see the pecking order in the fact that he isn't being taken off the block.


#BB16 10:51AM BBT Zach lying alone in the hammock.

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#BB16 10:54AM BBT Zach goes into the SR. Tell Frankie that he won't even put him up or vote him out per their promise. Frankie says if he doesn't, everyone will go after him. Zach says fine, do what you have to do and walks out on Frankie


#BB16 10:57M Frankie follows Zach into the WCA. tells him he has no choice. Zach tells Frankie that he has always had his back. Frankie asks him (very dramatically) "Have you?" Zach tells him yes. Frankie tells him he feels it has been damaged. In the KT Christine talking about her husband over and over.


#BB16 10:59AM BBT Frankie has been wearing the POV around his neck. He and Christine doing movie quotes in the kitchen.

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11:00am zach on the hammock saying well my BB life is about to be over i am going up next to Cody and my life inn here is over and to Frankie i will never put you up and i would never vote you out.


 11:03am We are on FOTh as Frankie was called to the DR.


11:37am We are now on Jeff's  highlight reels. 

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11:45am Cody and Frankie in the WA hugging.Frankie tells caleb you owe me one.Donny comes into the WA and frannkie says did you like my speech and he says yeah i am glad you remembered it all. derrick and Victoria sitting in the LVR and Derrick is in the red chair deep in thought.Victoria gets up and walks out.


11:48am Christine comes to the LVR and derrick says you want to work [patrol with me and Christine says sure and sits down. Frankie is walking through the house and goes to the LVR to talk to Derrick.He then leaves and says i am on patrol. Cody,Caleb and Frankie in the BY and Frankie says i am so glad i have ya'll. BB says to lower the outside awnings . Donny is going to bed for a nap since he had patrol early this morning.


11:50am Frankie says he told Zach in his speech that it was his turn to go see Julie Chen so take  a seat. Frankie tells Cody that zach promised alot this morning but he cant trust him .


 11:54am derrick is on watch in the LVR and Christine is sitting with him as Victoria lays on the couch in there because she is not feeling well today.


  11:58am Cody ask Caleb how he thinks zach will be this week and Caleb says Bipolar.
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 12:06pm Caleb and Frankie playing POOL. Derrick, Zach and Christine in the KT  as derrick and zach make food to eat.


 12:11pm Frankie saying a rap about zach that he did for the POV meeting and Cody ask did they say you could do that and Frankie says yeah but they will bleep some of it.


12:15pm Zach is sitting alone in the KT eating lunch. derrick and Christine in the LVR whispering low. Frankie is telling Cody and caleb in the BY about telling Zach that everything he says will be repeated.


 12:19pm Cody says Donny has been playing the pecking order for awhile now. He did it with Hayden and with Nicole.


  12:21pm Caleb says i just want to go to Donny and say stop the pecking order now sorry your friends are gone but stop the pecking order i aint buying it. he comes to me and says i want to be your boy and i am sick of it. Frankie says but there is a pecking order.


12:27pm Cody is ion the Kt cooking as derrick and the two girls are in the LVR just general talk about cooking with a metal spatula. Caleb and Frankie in the BY playing pool. zach comes to BY and watches the pool came as he sits on the washer. Frankie says hello fruit loop dingus welcome to the outside world and zach says nothing.

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#BB16 12:34PM BBT Caleb and Zach talking in the BY. Caleb says that he knows Zach would put him up an Cody would not. Zach trying to tell Caleb that he and Cody are not close.


#BB16 12:38PM BBT Zach trying to talk Caleb into his vote. Zach says he isn't going to lie down and not fight. Frankie says he should fight - it makes good TV.


#BB16 12:41PM BBT Frankie goes inside and tells Cody to head outside that Zach is saying stuff. Cody heads out. Caleb tells Zach that Devin is gone because he didn't have loyalty. Caleb tells him that he has no loyalty and now he is on the block. Zach tells Cody that he isn't saying stuff about him. Just that he has everyone else's back over Caleb's. Cody doesn't disagree. Frankie tells Zach that there is nothing he can say that won't be repeated. Zach says he knows that.


#BB16 12:45PM BBT Frankie telling Zach that he tried to make F3 with two different sets of people. Zach tells Frankie that he is talking in circles and is a great talker. Frankie tells Zach that he isn't. He is a terrible player. Zach calls Frankie a liar and that he has made everyone believe his lies.

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#BB16 12:46PM BBT Frankie yelling at Zach (as he is chewing his lunch and spitting food). Tells him that he had his back but things change everyday. he loves Zach as a person. As a human being his decision weighed heavily on him as a person. In the house, Caleb is repeating the convo to Christine that had happened outside.


#BB16 12:50PM BBT Frankie tells Zach that he doesn't expect him to go without a fight but that he would hope to enjoy this time together.


#BB16 12:54PM BBT Frankie tells Zach that he doesn't want to fight all week. But he will defend himself if Zach starts stuff. Frankie tells Zach that he will wreck him if he continues saying stuff. Zach tells him that he was already putting him up and Caleb told him. Frankie says that he had a moral dilemma about it. Frankie says that he wants Zach to go out as friends. Frankie says that Zach should have gone out on week two but didn't and so he has played an amazing game.


#BB16 1:00PM BBT in HOH, Derrick and Christine talking. Derrick tells Christine that if Donny gets to F2 - he wins. Christine agrees. Outside Frankie tells Zach that he was heavily burdened putting Zach up and Zach should realize that.

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#BB16 1:03PM BBT Frankie goes inside. As he walks past Zach he tells him he loves him. Zach says "just a game". Frankie says yes and I'm going to play it. Upstairs Derrick and Christine continue to talk about how smart Donny is. Derrick says that Donny's brother has a high IQ and Donny most likely does too. Derrick thinks Donny no longer has to work but maybe just likes to. Frankie had moved inside to tell Cody and Caleb the Zach convo.


#BB16 1:18PM BBT Derrick and Christine finish their patrolling. Christine asks if someone will go outside with her as she is afraid of Zach. He scares her.

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 1:33pm Most HG in the HOH rm. Derrick is sitting outside the hoh rm  at the picnic table alone he then takes off running down the steps and to the  LVR. Frankie comes down also and Derrick tells him that Zach went to the STR and then to have not rm but nothing was in  his hand.


1:37pm Zach in the STR just having something to drink and Frankie walks in and get something out of the fridge and leaves not a word between them. Frankie goes back to the LVR with derrick and says it is so sad that the game has to come down like this.


1:40pm Zach sitting alone in the Bathroom area chewing on his nails. Frankie and derrick in LVR laying on the couches. All other HG in the HOH rm watching the spy screen.


 1:45pm Frankie is laying in the bathroom area  where zach is sitting. Zach is ignoring him and not saying nothing. Christine washes her hands then goes outside. Frankie tells zach you know they used to let Jacosta sleep here? Zach says really that's interesting.


 1:50pm Frankie and zach are having small talk about the activity bracelets and how Zach hates wearing it.Christine is laying on the BY couch to warm up as she is cold in the house  and Donny is on the elliptical.


 2:00pm Zach sitting outside watching Donny  on the elliptical . Cody and derrick and Christine in the LVR with general talk and Caleb in HOH rm sleeping.


2:05pm Zach and Donny in BY talking about one change that needs to be done. Donny says it might be a double elimination this week and we could be both  riding into jury together. zach says i hope not.


 2:10pm Donny and zach in BY talking about eviction night then Donny says we wont talk about it no more now till later.


 2:12pm Donny tells zach that anytime this week don't mention my name or they will think we are working together.Donny then says that they will put me up next and  the week jacosta was here they wanted  Caleb and Cody up then they saved Cody and this week they saved Cody too.He says i dont need a target on me you know and Zach says you already have one Donny. Donny says thats ok  cause they are not going to look good on TV going after the old guy that hasn't done anything just  be friends with the ones that felt alone and had nobody.


2:19pm zach now outside alone laying on the couch. Derrick, Christine, Cody, and Donny in  LVR talking about the lack of sleep in the house and when you have kids at home.


 2:25pm Half the HG sitting in the LVR talking about Cody  training for  soccer. The other half of the house is in bed sleeping.

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2:01 pm BBT  Zach tells Donny if he gets to the final 2 he will win. Donny says he can only win HOH every other time. Zach says he needs to go HOH, veto, HOH, veto. Donny says it's insurmountable and every one of them will put him on the block if they win. He says that when you get older your brain doesn't work as quick and your body definitely doesn't work as quick.


2:10 pm BBT  Zach tells Donny he just needs 2 people on his side. Donny says Zach just needs to tell them they can't beat Frankie in the end. But they are running out of time, because they play for HOH 4 and 3 back to back. 


2:13 pm BBT Donny tells Zach to tell Cody that he will be next, not Victoria. He tells him that when he was HOH Christine told him to put up Zach, Jocasta, Victoria, and Cody but Cody didn't believe it. Donny says they won't give up Victoria because she won't win HOH. He says maybe Cody will get paranoid and work with him. Meanwhile, Derrick, Christine, and Cody are talking about how Caleb thinks Donny wants to work with him because they are country boys. 


2:15 pm BBT Donny says he's been up there 5 times, more than anybody. "That's sad... more than anybody." He says he feels bad for his family, having to watch that. Zach tells him to persevere and keep fighting. Meanwhile, inside Cody is saying that he gets suspicious of Donny when he is panting and talking to him [This is usually when Donny is nervous or his voice is cracking because he is near tears --brotayjax]. He is telling Christine about when Donny told him about her saying he should put up Zach, Jocasta, Victoria, and Cody. He says that Donny first said Caleb's name and then changed it to Cody's but he was panting so all he could think was "Stay alive, Donny." At this point Donny comes inside and Christine tells Cody he's coming.


2:21 pm BBT  Everyone is talking about how tired they are. Donny says it's amazing how a mom can stay awake with a sick baby and do all she needs to do. He says that as tired as Derrick is, if his daughter were there, he would perk right up. Talk turns to Hayden and how much they love him. Derrick says don't miss him too much... you might get him back later this week. Derrick goes to the WA.


2:24 pm BBT  Zach goes in to sleep in the Earth BR. Derrick returns from the WA to the LR.

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 2:31pm In the LVR Donny and derrick are talking about finale and how it works and it should be in 4 weeks but if there is a buy back there could be 2 double evictions still .Cody says  so what if there is a buy back who cares. Derrick says i don't think there is but it could change everyone strategies.


 2:39pm Christine and Cody are talking about movies as Derrick and Donny listen. Everyone else in the house is  asleep.


  2:48pm Cody says i knew i would be social and the girls would love me. Everyone in this house trust us no one wants to put us up and you telling me not to put Caleb up saved my butt. derrick says i told you dude.


 2:49pm derrick says to Cody you and I are going to have a bond for life dude. you don't act like 23 you act older that's why we are so good together and hooked up on day 2. Christine is going to play the numbers like if Frankie goes up she will do what the house wants.Cody says if i go home i will call it all out  in this place.


2:55pm  Cody is hugging Christine in the KT and swirling her around. Donny walks in and says Cody watch out for Zingbot and Cody says Zingbot has nothing on my girlfriend i mean best friend we are best friend. Donny and derrick  goes out to the BY  and talk about when they task will end and derrick thanks America for this fun task and they did it and worked hard.


 2:58pm derrick says we nailed this we had someone up with us at all times everyone but Zach and he took the blame for everything.

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 3:01pm Frankie now joins Donny and derrick in the BY and derrick says almost over so we are waiting till 7pm.


3:03pm Frankie gets called to the DR and Donny and Derrick move to the LVR with Cody just general talk going on.


3:17pm Frankie, Derrick,  and Cody in the LVR talking about a lockdown. Victoria goes to the WC and Cody runs in there and yells what are you doing Victoria i am watching you. Frankie tells derrick he hid Victoria's clothes from the comp and DR is looking to see if they have footage of it. We get FOTH.


 3:26pm Donny comes out of the DR and Zack is called in. Victoria is walking around the house and Frankie tells her she looks cute. She is waiting for some ginger ale to drink as she has been sick all day.

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 3:32pm The Hg think they might be on lockdown so they could clean the pool and the hottub.


 3:36pm Frankie, Derrick, Christine and Donny talking about this weeks comp. Frankie gets called to Dr as he says if it is the fish bowl one he will be mad. Derrick and Christine continue to talk about the comp Thursday and how it should be physical.


3:40pm BB says the lock down is over and all the HG go to  look to see if BB put something outside but there is nothing. derrick says something is going on.


 3:47pm Frankie comes out of the DR and is excited the BY is open again. He then heads outside singing and we get FOTH.


 3:51pm Frankie and Christine laying out in the BY in the sun. Donny sitting in the LVR alone as he is  on patrol again. Victoria, Cody and derrick in the KT making food and eating. 

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4:03pm Just general talk through the house and in the BY Christine is telling Frankie she will have to do alot of work to get back where she was before she came in this house. Frankie says me too.


4:06pm Caleb tells Victoria even though he thought it was her that took everything and hid it he apologizes for yelling at her. He says i wasn't serious but just in case you have a hearing problem when you leave here.


4:10pm Christine ask Frankie i wonder if Julie likes Zach or hates him? She then laughs. 


 4:14pm Frankie says zach is whining about things that happened 5 weeks ago and Christine says he is actually a big baby.


 4:20pm Derrick in LVR telling a story about playing in snow  and his wife getting upset with him for being a little kid. Frankie and Christine still in the BY laying in the sun just general talk.

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