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Friday August 15 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

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Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

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Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

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Thank you! 

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12:00 AM BBT Derrick says that they all should hash things out after Caleb has a chance to eat. Caleb is downstairs, watching the clock for midnight. Zach talks to Frankie about not possibly being able to throw it. He also says he may not feel comfortable throwing it. Zach says one of them may have to go home. He repeats that he has doubts about throwing it. Cody takes his headphones off and says that if he doesn't throw it then Zach is risking the possibility of sending him or Caleb home. Zach says that it is just too late in the game to throw things (I'm sure that him almost going 2 weeks ago doesn't help the idea of him throwing it either). 


12:15 AM BBT Caleb and Victoria can eat!! They are both chowing down on chips, turkey rolls, and Quesadillas. Caleb then puts a pizza in the oven. In HOH, Cody is trying to make Zach feel bad for not wanting to go up. The boys and Christine head up to HOH for their meeting. Frankie pitches the plan to put Donny up with someone who will throw it, and keep Victoria off until after Veto should it be used. Zach says he agrees but does not want to be the person to throw it. He remains adamant. They take a poll, Christine doesn't want to go up, Caleb says he has done it, Zach says he will do what he has to do to stay safe, and Cody says he doesn't want to do it either. Caleb makes a fuss and says so they do not trust the group.


12:25 AM BBT Derrick suggests putting Donny and Victoria up on either side. Frankie disagrees with the plan and pushes the throwing idea. They keep subtly trying to get Zach throw it. Caleb speaks up and says that the two HOHs have the power and they are gonna do what they have to do. If the person who gets put up wants to cry about it and not throw it then he knows who he is after next because that person doesn't trust in them. Derrick says he would rather put numbers in a hat or draw straws because he doesn't want anyone to feel expendable.


12:40 AM BBT it is a big back and forth in HOH at this point. No one wants to speak up and throw the comp. Zach says if this is our plan then we need to rock paper scissors it and go. Cody speaks up and he says that he doesn't want to go up but he will throw it if he is put up with Donny. Derrick starts a poll and asks Christine if she would throw it if up with Donny. She hesitates and says she would try. They are back to the putting names in a hat idea.


12:50 AM BBT Zach is now angry and volunteers to go up because he feels that the whole conversation has been directed at him. They all want him to volunteer even though they all wanted him out a couple weeks ago. Caleb says that is past tense. Zach says that tomorrow is a whole new day and who knows what can change. Caleb says he is not home though they saved him. He is there because of them. Zach points out that he almost went home because of them too.



12:58 AM BBT They agree to draw skittles. Zach is orange, Christine is purple, Caleb is green, Cody is red. Purple is drawn to throw it. Red and Green are drawn to be the winning BOB players.

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‪#‎BB16‬ 1:05am BBT Caleb and Cody are upset about being the possible nominations, as well as Christine for being the one to throw the BoB comp with Donny. All are mad that Zach might not get nominated.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:15 AM BBT Derrick tells Caleb in the FR that the number 1 reason Donny has to be evicted this week is because if he wins HoH next week he would nominate and try to evict one of the 5 guys (Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Zach, or Cody).


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:26 AM BBT Derrick tells Frankie, Caleb, and Christine in the FR that the plan this week is that he will nominate Donny and Christine and Frankie will nominate Caleb and Cody. Christine will help her and Donny lose the BoB to keep Donny on the block, and everyone will let him know that Victoria is the target this week. If Donny happens to win the Veto and use it on himself, Victoria will go up as a replacement. Or if Christine wins the Veto and uses is on herself, then Victoria will go up as well. The true target this week is to evict Donny.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:40 AM BBT Derrick is tells Victoria in the HoH bedroom that he explained to Frankie, Caleb, Cody, and Zach she will be safe this week because of the number of times she has previously been nominated. Victoria brings up that Cody and Caleb are pouting about going up on the block.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:56 AM BBT Caleb and Victoria in the kitchen having a late night talk about the ants of the house and Old Testament and Quran. Derrick, Cody, Zach, and Christine recapping the previously mentioned plan for the week and how the possibilities of the next coming weeks (too many scenarios to list).

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#BB16   8:18AM BBT All HGs are dreaming away.


#BB16   9:02AM BBT Looks like Donny, vic and Christine are awake! Donny is in the KT getting himself something to eat, while Christine is in the WA popping zits on her face, and Vic is in the shower.


#BB16   9:18AM BBT Donny is still in the KT cleaning his dishes. Christine, and Vic are in the WA doing ADLs.

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#BB16 9:01AM BBT The HG are awake. Christine is popping pimples in the WCA and Donny is making himself some breakfast.


#BB16 9:24AM BBT Donny sits in the LR. Christine and Victoria doing ADLs in the WCA.


#BB16 9:45AM BBT Christine and Donny in the KT. Victoria still doing her hair and make up in the WCA.


#BB16 9:50AM BBT Cody and Caleb are on ant patrol in the KT. They are going through all of the boxes to see where they have gotten.



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10:01am Cody is helping Victoria put her necklace on .Caleb is eating and Donny walking in the LVR area. Cody is going to make Caleb a breakfast sandwich saying today is going to be a good day.


 10:03am Derrick and Frankie are getting ready to do nominations this morning,Donny comes to talk to Frankie and Derrick before nominations.We get FOTH.


10:09am Derrick says it doesn't matter to us who wins and who comes off as long as our target goes home this week.Derrick says best way to do this is put the guy that goes up every week on the block and  put Victoria up on the other side with  2 strong guys so you have a chance.


  10:12am Frankie tells Donny i just want you to win. Donny says i will try my best.


10:15am Derrick tells Donny that if he is on the block he will do his best to keep him if he doesn't win POV. But you have 2 chances to get yourself off there.This nomination isn't perfect but it is better than you being up against Victoria.


 10:19am Derrick says hopefully you win BOB or POV and we move forward cause i wont put Frankie up as a backdoor and i know he wont put me up and you win and we move on as team America and do our task and win another 5K.  


  10:23am Frankie called to the DR , Derrick  getting ready and Christine, Victoria in WA getting ready. Caleb  and Donny in KT area talking while Cody is making breakfast sandwiches.


 10:27am We are now on Jeff's reels as the Hg do  nominations.

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10:38am Hg in fire room on lockdown as they wait on Frankie and derrick to come out of the DR for nominations. Cam 1 is on DR doors.


10:40am Camera keeps zooming in on Cody and Caleb in the fire rm. One camera on memory wall one on Dr door and one on screen that says nominations today as we see  production walk through the  LVR to the storage rm Then back through to the KT area.


10:43am We are now back on Jeff's reels.

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#BB16   11:52AM BBT Feeds are back. We have Donny and Derrick in the KT area. Donny is quietly humming. Donny and Derrick talking about Donny being off slop at midnight tonight. We now have Foth


#BB16   11:57AM BBT Vic is in the KT cracking some eggs, separating the yolk.


#BB16   12:03PM BBT Donny sitting at the DT eating his slop. Camera switches to ER. Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Caleb are talking about twitter, youtube and instagram.

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11:48am Donny is walking around Kt getting water as Frankie and Cody are laying in bed.Victoria and derrick standing in rock Rm  talking to Frankie and Cody and we get foth.


 11:51am Donny and derrick in Kt .Donny walks to the WA and back.In the rock rm Frankie, Cody, Christine, Caleb and Victoria talking about doing Abbs.


11:55am After a brief FOTH we come back with derrick making food and yelling to BB he needs egg whites. Victoria says i can get you egg whites and she ask derrick how many he wants and he says 6. Derrick goes to rock rm as Victoria separates eggs for him.


 11:58am derrick says who ever wins BOB today gets  free tickets to  see Arainna Grande in the VMA Awards and we get foth.

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12:05pm Donny finished eating his slop and is washing his dishes. Most Hg are in the rock rm talking about alligators eating other animals.


12:11pm Caleb is now telling how smart dogs are and how they are smarter than humans.Frankie is slicing tomatoes in the KT as Victoria watches him.


12:18pm General talk going on in the KT with Frankie and Victoria and in the rock rm with most of the other HG as we keep getting FOTH.


12:22pm Caleb says he has lived a life where  when you didn't have money for a 50 cent can of ravioli so we went hunting and got rabbits or squirrels and if we wanted beef jerky us boys made it happen.


 12:24pm Caleb telling after he did a research on wild hogs then  he would kill em cause they are just mean hogs and they kill dogs so they are just mean and we get foth again.


  12:33pm Most Hg gathering in the LVR as Frankie says Victoria get down here and he tells Dr to hurry up.We get FOTh again.


12:38pm  Donny is laying in bed in the Have Not rm. Victoria and christine are going to the rock rm to lay down. Caleb, Derrick and Frankie in the kt making food and talking about the battle of the block and we get foth.


 12:45pm Frankie is making his fish salad, derrick is making corn tortillas and eggs for breakfast and telling Caleb how to make it for himself. Victoria is eating looks like a cookie. Just general talk about music and karaoke.


 12:54pm Derrick ask Caleb do you have a phone and Caleb says yeah and derrick tells him pull up Google and search beast mode cowboy and what do you see? Me  derrick says and Caleb starts laughing. Frankie is in the HOH rm getting ready to listen to his sister's CD.
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1:00 Caleb says i have won 2 hoh's and a POV and  two or three battle of the blocks and i am going to win another one today.


1:03pm Derrick says do you realize how big it is to be HOH in this house and some haven't won  none and you and I are fortunate to have won two.


 1:06pm All cams on sleeping Hg downstairs as Frankie is in the HOH rm and keeps singing his sisters songs.


 1:36pm All feeds on sleeping HG


1:51pm Caleb is in the KT  walking around and says it is  two o'clock then walks to the bedroom.


 1:53pm Victoria and Frankie in HOH bed talking about Arianna. derrick now in the KT with Caleb and Caleb talking about having a Coors since nothing else is going on.

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2:00 PM BBT  We get FotH and come back with Derrick telling Frankie about the TA mission. Derrick says they have to start it by Tuesday at midnight. We have to take a personal item from every person in the house, even ourselves, so it's not suspicious. Then we have to create a neighborhood watch patrol. Derrick says he could take the items, Donny could create a distraction, Frankie could be the lookout. Derrick says they could take the clothing, write something on the mirror...careful about how they write it... and then Caleb walks in, so they are interrupted.


2:02 PM BBT  When Caleb comes into the room, Derrick tells Frankie that the song is sick (to cover TA talk). They talk about how they think the BoB within  the hour. Caleb brings up that Derrick told him he wonders what will happen when he Googles "Beast Mode Cowboy" [he will be surprised --Morty]. 


2:07 PM BBT  Derrick goes downstairs to the LR and tells Donny about the TA mission. While he's telling him, Zach comes out of the DR and Donny says, "Oh, I thought it was time." When Zach is gone, Derrick continues the explanation. Derrick says they can participate in the watch, but they can't be the only ones. It has to be for a consecutive 24 hour period. Donny says that would be down Beast Mode Cowboy's alley to try to catch them. Caleb comes down from the HOH room and Derrick tells him Zach just came out of the DR, so it might be BoB time. He changes the subject and says he thinks it will be something physical.


2:13 PM BBT  Caleb sits down in the LR with Donny, so Derrick scrambles back to the HOH room to finish telling Frankie about the mission. Take personal items, put them in trash bag below regular trash, write a message on mirror "Better watch your stuff for the next 24 hours!" Derrick says they need to run it by 'them' so it doesn't look like it's a saboteur or part of BB. Derrick says this is a pretty good mission because it doesn't affect their game. He says the main thing is the neighborhood watch because they have to get at least 3 HG to participate in it. He says they have to talk about what item they are going to take from each HG and why. Frankie says you can take something that makes him warm so he can b*tch about it, Caleb's bunny slippers, Derrick's grey beanie, something of Victoria's that is turquoise (I wasn't able to hear it, but I think it's her sweatshirt). They say they are going to take Christine's glasses and laugh hysterically saying it will be great TV. Derrick says they are definitely going to do it. They think about Cody's Rutgers' shirt or his blue hat, Zach's Gators' shirt and Donny's hat.


2:19 PM BBT  They say that Christine's glasses have to be the last thing to disappear. Frankie asks if the items have to be gone for 24 hours. Derrick says NO, but that the patrol needs to last 24 hours. Frankie says they could steal more during that time. Derrick says it will be harder to steal items during the patrol though. Meanwhile, Donny is telling Caleb that if you had told him that people would spend money on a plastic bottle of water they'd have laughed. He says some are more expensive than a gallon of gasoline. Derrick and Frankie are saying that they should walk out with 20 G's from TA. He says "that's a school, man." He says, "this is for you feedsters... you picked this mission."


2:25 PM BBT  Christine has joined Caleb and Donny. They say how quiet it is in the house and Caleb says there are 8 people. Donny says that after Thursday there will be 6 if it's a double elimination. Christine says that if it's true to last year, it won't be a double elimination this week. Meanwhile, Victoria and Derrick are talking in the HOH room now. She tells him how angry Caleb and Cody were when they came downstairs last night after their meeting. She says she doesn't know how the meeting went, she doesn't know if there was screaming and arguing or what. Derrick says he doesn't care if they're angry. They should have beat him. Caleb, Donny, and Christine are talking about how you can be playing into someone else's hand in this game and not even know it. Caleb says he tries not to get his feelings wrapped up into things. He knows he can be lied to, when it's his time to go, he'll go. When he gets out he will type in "Beast Mode Cowboy" on Google. --and when people type in Donny and Christine they'll see videos. --and when people ask them what they do, they can say they are Reality TV Stars. Plus, BB is the biggest reality TV show of the summer.


2:30 PM BBT  Derrick and Victoria are upstairs following directions making origami. Caleb, Donny, and Christine are talking about haunted houses. Caleb says he loves haunted houses that cost like $100. He likes one that is like $50 and if you make it through you get like $100 or $150 back. He has no problem with stuff like that. He doesn't get scared in haunted houses. He has been to some really good ones that look so real. Christine says there are haunted corn maizes by her house.


2:37 PM BBT  Caleb tells about a haunted house experience he went to where they got to shoot paint guns on a swivel at zombies coming out of the corn. Christine says there are things with zombies apocalypse experiences by her house, too. Donny says there are people who actually believe that's going to happen. Caleb says that people who were doing the bath salts were actually eating people's faces. He tells them to imagine if some of that stuff got into a factory and got into some cereal. Then they somehow start talking about how a knife got on the plane with Christine in her carry on one way (she didn't realize because it was her husband's bag). On the way back they caught it and she told them it wasn't caught on the way there. Donny had the same thing happen. Caleb said they took a knife from him and didn't even allow him to check it.


2:41 PM BBT  Derrick tells Victoria he was hoping that if he got to stay HOH this week that the smaller HOH room would be a Pandora's box. She said that she doesn't think that will happen until there aren't 2 HOHs. He says that no one has talked to Julie yet, either. She says maybe he will get to do that this week. 


2:48 PM BBT  Donny tells Caleb that he may bypass eating at midnight because he doesn't want to go to bed on a full stomach. Caleb tells Donny that the next 4 weeks can't go by quick enough. He says the finale is on a Wednesday. He figures it like this for Donny: 8 people left now, one gone this week, down to 7, a double eviction down to 5, 2 weeks left after that, 3 people in the finale. He says he would hate to be the person that makes it to 3rd. Donny says the person that makes it to 3rd makes the same amount as the first person in the jury except more of an experience. Caleb says "and more TV time." Meanwhile, Derrick tells Victoria that the best person doesn't always win. All the weak players are gone. He says from here on out, you have to win or you can go home. He doesn't think if he ends up on the block next week they will have the votes to send him home.


2:51 PM BBT  Caleb is called to the DR. Donny, he, and Christine all think the BoB will be soon. Victoria is talking about when she was upset with Derrick last week and went to the DR to talk about it. Christine goes upstairs looking for Victoria. She asks Frankie if he knows where she is. Instead, she gets in Frankie's HOH bed to listen to music.


2:59 PM BBT  Victoria tells Derrick that she thinks the month will pass quickly. Derrick says that he won't have any vacation time left when he gets home. She asks if he has weekends off and he tells her he does. She asks him what he's complaining about because most people don't. They start to do shout outs and we get FotH.


3:03 PM BBT  Derrick is telling Victoria that he has to win HOH again or they won't stay. Vic says she doesn't know what she would do without him in the house. She says this is the first season with so many young people in the house. He asks how she thinks he feels. He says he, Frankie, and Donny are the old people. She says she doesn't feel young. Caleb is out of the DR. He says he thinks it will be around 6 PM BBT. He told them Jocasta isn't here anymore, they don't have to worry about anyone getting heatstroke. Vic wonders if people will recognize her. Derrick says he won't be able to keep the facial hair because his job won't allow it. He also knows he won't be able to wear glasses with no lenses. Victoria laughs hysterically. Caleb comes into the room and tells her to stop laughing. She says she's sorry if her happiness bothers him.


3:07 PM BBT  Victoria shows Caleb all their origami. Caleb says he did origami in the 3rd grade. Derrick says "Shocker." Caleb says they don't call him Beast Mode Cowboy for nothin'. Vic asks him if he can do it without the instructions. She wants to make a heart and he says he is sick at origami and takes the paper from her. Frankie is called to the DR. Caleb says he can't believe they are doubting him --that's the worst thing you can do in this house.


3:10 PM BBT  Derrick and Victoria are inspecting their origami giraffe. They decide it's a mess and she is making fun of Derrick. He says he should have put her on the block. All this time, Caleb is folding and unfolding the paper Victoria gave him. He hands it back to her and says it's ready for her to make a heart. Victoria is looking it over and trying. Derrick is smelling the baby blanket that was in his HOH basket. Caleb asks if it smells like his daughter, Tenley Rose. He says it does...it smells like their detergent. Finally, Caleb laughs and says he has no idea what he's doing. Derrick says he should have let her work at it for awhile.


3:16 PM BBT  Derrick is looking around the HOH room for the glasses that Cody lent him. He can't find them so he leaves the room so he can go look for them. Frankie comes back into the HOH room from his DR session and Christine tells him she has been listening to Ariana's CD. She starts singing the songs she has been listening to, so we get FotH. We return to see Derrick downstairs on the hunt for the glasses.


3:20 PM BBT  Derrick finds the glasses in the WA. When he gets upstairs Vic asks where they were. He says they were in the bathroom and Christine says that she could have told him that. Derrick says that Caleb has him thinking it will be an afternoon comp now, but that he likes the later comps. Frankie is imitating someone who just had a face lift and has no ability to show emotion. It's pretty funny. Caleb and Christine don't because they are cold. Feeds 3/4 show Cody sleeping in the Earth BR. Now Frankie climbs on top of Caleb. Frankie is wearing a tank top and his underwear...Caleb is laughing hysterically. Derrick climbs into the bed and tells them to move so he can listen to Frankie's "Sistah." He tells Christine to start the song "ovah." Victoria is told to stop singing.


3:30 PM BBT  Christine says she wonders how Frankie's mom feels to have produced such good looking children. --because every mom worries about that. She says she won the lottery. Frankie tells her that is sweet. Then she randomly says she wonders what Ashley Simpson is up to. Victoria asks Frankie how long he has been blond. He says 2 years or so. Donny is downstairs sweeping the LR, hallway, and KT. Frankie says he's so happy to have gotten another picture with his grandparents. Christine says she hopes to win HOH again so she gets a letter from her mom. She wants to do the lube challenge. Frankie says he does, too.


3:36 PM BBT  They are discussing the couch in the HOH room. Frankie says they did an unbelievable job decorating the house this year. Vic says she likes the colors. Christine says she just needs to win so Frankie doesn't get any lube next week. Victoria says it's for sure going to be a night comp if they haven't called him in yet. Christine says what if it's an endurance comp. Victoria says that it gets cold there at night and Christine agrees. Frankie says he can't believe they've been there through the peak of summer and it's starting to get cool again. Christine is looking at Caleb's hair and says, "let's see how many grey hairs I can count." Victoria says, "Seeeee?" They begin to debate when he will go salt and pepper and when he will be completely grey. Caleb is asleep, so he isn't privy to this conversation.


3:40 PM BBT  Correction: Christine was actually looking at Derrick's hair when talking about grey hair. He is listening to Frankie's CD and has his eyes closed, so he doesn't know about the conversation. Christine jokingly says she probably shouldn't have told Derrick he was her target before he chose his nominations.


3:47 PM BBT  Christine and Victoria decide to go downstairs to get something to eat. Frankie gets out of bed to get ready, but it's unclear what his plan is (to get back in bed or to go downstairs). Derrick tells Frankie that his sister definitely has talent and that he bets the club song is number one on iTunes right now. He stays lays back down in the bed. Caleb is asleep, as well. Donny is walking around and sits down in the LR. Christine and Vic go to the SR getting food. Christine says she went upstairs because she was alone with Donny. Vic says it's so awkward.



3:51 PM BBT Christine wonders if the losing BoB team might be the have-nots this week rather than having the HOH pick. Donny yells from the LR that they have to win because his stomach is rollin'. He says, "Don't give them any ideas, Christine!" [The plan is to have Christine throw the BoB, so if this is the case...Donny and Christine would be have-nots. --Morty]


3:59 PM BBT  Christine and Vic are talking about how nice Nicole looked. Vic says, "Poor Amber." because Amber didn't get to wear the dress she wanted to wear the night she was evicted...since she was blindsighted. Christine says the buy back would be this week and double eviction would be next week. Vic says that it would be funny if someone came back in and went out the same night. Christine whispers, "Please don't give us a buy back." They are quiet for a minute and then Christine says that they haven't made any noise in the BY in hours.


4:01 PM BBT Victoria says that one good thing can come out of this week (meaning Donny can be evicted). Christine says that Donny is the only person she has ever hated. Vic says she didn't know what "I reckon," meant until a few days ago."

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4:05 PM BBT Feeds 1/2 are on the Have Not room where Donny and Zach are sleeping. Feeds 3/4 are on Virginia and Christine chatting at the KT counter. Victoria is talking about how her mom had an emergency C-section delivering her brother in the ER without being medicated. She felt everything.


4:16 PM BBT Victoria and Christine are still in the KT talking. We are getting lots of WBRB as they talk about people outside the house and production. BB warns them "You are not allowed to talk about production."


4:23 PM BBT The ladies have parted ways to go rest. All four feeds are now on the Have Not and rock BRs. Everyone is horizontal.


4:35 PM BBT Frankie has gotten up from his nap. He has gotten dressed and is heading downstairs with what appears to be a box of cereal.


4:47 PM BBT Frankie has taken his bowl of cereal back to the HoH BR. Caleb is up eating from a bag of chips. Most of the HGs are still sleeping.


4:54 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie are sitting at the KT counter. Frankie is reading aloud the nutrition facts of his cereal box. BB "Frankie, please put on your microphone." Frankie "It is Rose. It's on and in." Caleb says he is probably going to be asked to exchange it soon. Frankie decides he is going to go back to bed.


5:00 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb have both gone back to bed. Cody is up and making something to eat in the KT. Donny comes and out joins him. Donny "Time for some slop."


5:08 PM BBT Donny asks Cody how they went about drawing the skittles. Cody tells him that was the only way they could come up with that was fair. He asks what color his skittle was. Cody says orange.


5:13 PM BBT Cody is stressing about the amount of dirty dishes in the KT. He doesn't understand how the stack gets so big so quickly. He and Donny both say that not one single dish in there is theirs.


5:15 PM BBT Donny asks Cody if he is the target this week. Cody says no, he thinks it's Victoria. He tells Donny they are going to take down whomever wins the POV and put her up. Donny "They can say what they want, I'm by myself." He tells Cody that knowing the he isn't the target makes him feel better and he won't share this with a soul. He says this is his fifth time on the block.


5:22 PM BBT Christine and Derrick have joined Donny and Cody in the KT. Christine and Derrick are looking at the memory wall where the nominees are displayed. They said last week the pictures were crystal clear. This week they are pixelated.


5:30 PM BBT Cody is about to go the WC. Derrick jokes with him that he just went in there and made sure he peed all over the seat for him. "I did not get one drop in the toilet. Not one drop." Cody "You sick bast@rd." Cody goes on a rant about Derrick being disgusting. Zach calls BB to the DR which causes some cheering from Donny, Derrick and Christine. They said the BotB could be anytime now.


5:39 PM BBT Zach "It's time for the BotB competition. HGs meet me in the BY." Donny "No costume?" Zach "Not for me." Donny "He could be kidding." WBRB.


5:45 PM BBT It's BotB time. The WBRB has switched to highlight reels.

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6:06 PM BBT As we wait for the HG's to come back from the BOB, and watch Jeff Schroeder's highlight reels, which nom's would you like to see win the BOB, to dethrown their HOH? Who are you most looking forward to seeing being zinged by ZINGBOT?


6:33 PM BBT What have you liked the most so far from BB16, and what have you disliked the most so far?


6:54 PM BBT If evicted HG's that are in the Jury house are able to compete to come back into the house, how would you like to see that competition play out? What kind of competition do you think it might be? Who would you like to see win the competition, and re-enter the house?


7:10 PM BBT Live Feeds came back up on KT and Dining Room table and went back to reels. Live Feeds come back and Christine, Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Caleb in WA. Derrick is covered in muck. Zach and Frankie now in KT. Donny/Christine win the BOB, Derrick is dethrowned. Frankie is still HOH, with Caleb/Cody on the block.


7:18 PM BBT Victoria changing the trash bag in the KT. Frankie is doing the dishes, and Zach is helping clean up. Donny in WA cleaning his face in the sink, while Derrick is in the shower. Cody is laying on the couch in the WA, wrapped in a turquoise and lime green towel. Caleb joins in convo in the KT.


7:27 PM BBT Caleb says that when the lights were turned on, you could see a medical bed, with a fake body, and bones in his face. He says there were buckets hanging on the wall across from him. He says he used his activity tracker for light, and got in trouble. He says he yanked some bones, and got in trouble, but you have to beast mode through it.


7:29 PM BBT Caleb still in KT, says that every bone he kept finding didn't fit. Frankie's water didn't stay in the sink for dish water, and he found a broken glass. He is doing dishes with yellow rubber gloves on. Victoria and Zach are still helping clean up, Zach just finished wiping down the Dining Room Table. Caleb and Derrick in the fire room. Caleb says to Derrick, you told him Victoria is the target, right? He says she didn't put anything in the thing. Caleb says he handed everything to Cody, and he can get blamed for it. He says that will be his defense. Cody is in the HOT shower in the WA. Frankie is singing in the KT, and we see reels.


7:32 PM BBT Live Feeds come back and Frankie says, it was a Madonna moment, and he needed it. Caleb in WA talking to Cody about comp. Derrick and Donny in fire room, and Derrick is asking him if he thinks he could of done as well with Victoria. Donny says it definitely didn't have anything to do with big muscle, and Derrick says he's safe until day 63. Caleb to Cody, one of us needs to win POV. Caleb goes to KT, Frankie asks him about the comp, he tells Frankie that Cody got all 3 bones, and that he could see the red X's on the bones because he was using his activity tracker. Frankie says, they were all going for the same bones, that Donny just found them quicker. Caleb says that he and Cody probably should of split up. Donny tells Derrick that his letter and pictures he got are nice.


7:36 PM BBT Cody and Christine in the WA, and Cody is cleaning his ears. Cody asks Christine if they split up, and she says yes, and that she pretended not to find a bone, so he'll know something is up. Derrick comes in to get towels. Caleb comes in, and says that as long as Victoria doesn't win Veto, they should be golden. Cody says, that's not going to happen. Christine whispers, "I am screwed." Donny is laying down in the fire room. Christine tells Cody, that he's not going anywhere no matter what. Cody gives her a hug, and says that she tried. She tells Cody that they should of split up for sure. She is looking for her glasses. She says, "America hates me, I'm so screwed."


7:40 PM BBT We see reels for a few seconds, the Live Feed come back. Christine whispers to Caleb about things she should of done in the comp. He says he yanked a bone from Christine, and he was playing dirty. Frankie and Zach are still doing dishes in the KT, while Victoria is still cleaning. Caleb went in the KT with them.


7:43 PM BBT Donny in the fire room laying on his bed, and is crying. Victoria goes up to HoHR where Derrick is sitting on the couch, and then goes back downstairs. Donny gets called to the DR. Caleb says that it seems Donny was being told where the bones where during the comp. Donny combs his beard out, looking in the hall mirror, while Cody was looking through a dresser drawer. Christine and Zach are whispering in the WA, but the WC, Christine says she got screwed over, and Zach says he thinks she's fine. Caleb goes in the WA, and tells Zach and him, that he (Derrick) knows she didn't throw the comp. Cody is laying on bed in the rock room, playing with the scruff on his face. Christine is now whispering to Frankie and Caleb in the WA, and says she pretending not to find any bones, and found 6 bones. Then she says, she found a ton of bones, but didn't touch them, so she wouldn't have to take them back. She says she got yelled at for only taking one.


7:47 PM BBT Caleb, Zach and Christine in the WA. Zach uses the WC, washes and dries his hands. Caleb says that they all know that Victoria is going home. Zach says Cody can't leave, they need to make sure he doesn't. Christine is still whispering to Zach about the comp. Caleb joins Victoria and Cody in the rock room talking about the comp. Derrick and Frankie are up in the 2nd HOH room. Derrick says that blabber mouths have been running their mouths. He says he wants to work with Donny, because he's TA. Frankie hears a noise, and goes to main HoHR to check if someone is there. They are trying to come up with a plan to get Donny to work with them, and not use the Veto. Frankie says that Donny knows that Christine was going to throw the comp. He says if Donny comes to them, they can tell him that people are still going after him, but it's not them.


7:52 PM BBT Zach to Caleb, Victoria is going home bro. They are in the SR, and Caleb says, it was like he (Donny) had an IFB in his ear, and was being told where to go. We see FoTH. Zach says that if Donny wins the Veto he's not going to use it. Caleb says they are golden. Zach says, you or Cody will win it, and Victoria will go home. Caleb says, or one of us will go home. He says that he's (Donny) is a beast, and wins everything. Zach says, dudes a beast, he's a f*cking beast. Caleb says, he tells them he's a janitor, but he won't believe it from here on out. He wins comps day and night. Zach says, no, he's not a grounds keeper. Caleb says, he's something, but he doesn't know what. He says they are changing the BOB's so they can't throw them. Zach says, he thinks it's the last one, and we see FoTH.


7:56 PM BBT Caleb tells Zach that he even yanked a bone out of her (Christine) hand. Frankie and Derrick still talking game in the 2nd HOHR. Frankie says, you lose Daughtry, but can listen to Ariana. Cody and Victoria area talking in the rock room. Cody says he wants to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, because Veto is tomorrow.


7:59 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie discussing this weeks TA Mission. They say that want to make it fun. Frankie says he wants to do it after the Veto. Zach, Christine and Caleb in the KT. Caleb is stuffing a pita pocket. Victoria walks in the KT, and Zach says, there she is, the princess of the house. She asks if Frankie is upstairs, and Zach says he doesn't know where the h*ll he is. Caleb says, good thing it's a game, and not life or death. Zach says, you're still safe right now. He says he's (Donny) a beast again. Caleb says, Frankie has won just as many, but it's been all HOH's. Zach says, he (Donny) has won all the one's he's one by himself. Derrick and Frankie are discussing that Christine tried her best to throw the comp, but she couldn't. Frankie says, everything would of changed if the winning HOH stayed in power. He says it would of been a totally different game. He says it's made for boring ass comps each week. He says, it suck that he stays HOH, but that Derrick needs to win again next week. Derrick says if he wins Veto, he would use it on Caleb. He says, that one of them would tell him to use it on the other one. He just wants to win it.


8:05 PM BBT Frankie says he's going to speed through his blog. Derrick says, it sucks he can't play again next week. He says, he'll be down in a few, and Frankie leaves the HoHR. Donny and Cody are now in the KT with Zach, Christine and Victoria. He says he'll probably stay up until midnight tonight to eat real food. Derrick is sitting in the 2nd HoHR rubbing and playing with his facial hair. Christine goes upstairs. Victoria is chomping on something in the KT. Christine in HOHR, and asks if she can get her wet clothes out of the bathroom. Derrick tells her to go ahead, as he is looking at one of his pictures, in a light blue picture frame. Frankie is talking to Christine, and she says, "America hates me."


8:08 PM BBT Christine says Caleb took the bone out of her hand, and she gave them 2 bones, and she kept getting told, that if she finds a bone, she had to take it to her board. She didn't listen, and Donny knows. Christine says that at least her and Frankie are at least there until day 70. Frankie says he trusts her, Caleb and Derrick. He tells her Derrick is looking at his pictures. Derrick calls her into the 2nd HoHR. He tells her that she seems to be down, and she says she is. She says that her #1 target for the week is now safe for the week, and he knows that she threw it. We here for someone to, please, stop singing. Derrick tells her that he can speculate. She should know that if Donny wins HOH, he will put her up. Derrick tells her, that she's extremely intelligent. He says that Caleb says he didn't find a single bones. She tells him that she found a ton of bones, and she was only allowed to give one to them, before they yelled at her. Derrick says, they need to win the Veto, because if Donny uses it, he will keep the nom's the same. They think that Zach will keep the nom's the same also. Caleb says he speaks Arabic, and is giving everyone a hard time. He starts to sing.


8:13 PM BBT Zach goes into SR where Donny is, and tells him that he pulled it out again. Donny tells Zach he hopes he wins the Veto, and he's a beast in Veto's, so he hopes he gets drawn. Zach says, there only 4 to choose from. Donny runs through the names, and says there are 5. He says they get to bed in a bed tonight, they get to eat at midnight, and they get to be here through next week. Zach tells him he's an animal. Donny says, thank God, and good luck. He says, thank God for chocolate milk. He says, he might make him a fish patty, and then says, he's just kidding. They talk about the food that's in the SR, and then they walk out. We see FoTH.


8:17 PM BBT Caleb up in the 2nd HoHR and tells Derrick that he took the bone from her (Christine), that she didn't give it to him, and they got yelled at. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Derrick tells Caleb not to pick Donny if they get HG choice. He needs to pick him or Christine, and one of them need to win. Derrick says, this is why you don't put Victoria up on the block. Caleb is wondering which one of them will go home, if they don't win the Veto. Caleb belches, and doesn't excuse himself. Cody, Victoria, Donny and Zach are in the KT. Zach is mixing something in a bowl, and all others are sitting at the KT table. Christine says she was already screwed anyway.


8:20 PM BBT Cody says he hasn't been pulled for Veto since the first week. We see reels.


8:30 PM BBT While we enjoy highlight reels from Jeff again, how does everyone feel about the way the BOB turned out? Who do you think will win Veto, and how do you think this will play out?


8:36 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Christine blowing her knows in the LR. Her and Cody are sitting on a couch, and Derrick and Caleb are in there also. They are discussing tomorrow's comp. Frankie tells Zach in KT, that he can't wait to see ZINGBOT. Victoria walks through the KT. Frankie asks if someone wants to help him finish the dishes. Caleb starts to sing.


8:39 PM BBT Frankie tells Zach that he'll watch this Veto comp. Frankie says that they (BB) said the Veto comp is tonight. Discussion in LR is about when the comp will be tonight, and if Zach will stay in the house while TVGN is on.


8:41 PM BBT Frankie says it's 8:38 PM and Zach may be inside for TVGN by himself. He says, they'll get the Zach Attach show. Zach says that he has to think about what to say. He thinks he's going to win the game. Frankie says he's literally made it to day 70 of 90. Derrick tells Donny that he's a creature of habit, and doesn't want to get in the way of that. They mention Mama J, and things she would say. Christine asks Frankie if he remembers jumping in bed naked with Nicole. Derrick says they (BB) said that they have to do the comp before TVGN starts, so there's no blackout. Caleb asks, if that means there may be a HN comp tomorrow. Derrick says maybe, and they start thinking about who will be on who's team if they get to choose. Christine is sitting on couch next to Cody, rubbing the top of his head, over his maroon beanie, with her right hand.


8:46 PM BBT Frankie tells Zach he needs to go pee, and Zach says he's done enough with the dishes. Derrick leaves LR, and goes in the SR. Frankie is still cleaning off KT table. Donny is sitting in an orange chair in the LR, while Victoria, Cody and Christine are lounging on once couch, and Caleb is stretched out with his feet propped on the coffee table on the other couch. Frankie starts singing, "It's about as bad as it can be."


8:48 PM BBT Victoria leaves the LR, and Zach walks into the LR. Derrick comes out of SR, and Frankie says, they are still working out there. Derrick tells the HG's in the LR about running into a door this morning, and gets told, "You are not allowed to talk about production." He finishes the story. Caleb to Derrick, there's turkey in there that's open. Derrick goes back to the SR to get it, and says, the costumes are in there, and then says he's just joking. Victoria in KT and tells Frankie she thinks there will be a HN comp this week. She says, she was right about the OTEV. He says, you're right, and walks to the WC. Derrick goes to KT, and says, it's going to be a while, because they are cranking away.


8:51 PM BBT Donny says he can probably get another 3 hours of sleep in. Derrick to Victoria, watch it be ZINGBOT. Victoria says, "No way!" Derrick says, he doesn't think it will be OTEV and ZINGBOT back to back. Derrick thanks Zach and Frankie for doing the dishes.


8:53 PM BBT Derrick says that he'll be in Frankie's room 100 times a day, and Frankie says, that's good, because he will also. Frankie, Derrick and Victoria discussing what time the Veto comp will be. Frankie says they (BB) said it's tonight. Derrick says that it could be early in the morning. Derrick says, it can be some type of luxury comp tomorrow. Victoria says, most likely not, because there was just a trip. Caleb asks HG's in the LR, if they choose people for luxury comps? Christine says, everyone plays. Victoria says, that BB's in other countries give antidepressants to their HG's. Frankie says he asked the DR for Xanex, and got told no, that they are not a pharmacist. Caleb says, "Call Derrick to the DR, already." He says, that they may start the comp towards the end of TVGN coverage, because they've done it before. Donny walks out of LR. Caleb says, he's (Donny) has only won 3 Veto's, but they've all been back to back. Christine says, it could be a make-up contest. Caleb asks Christine and Zach if it could be the face one? Christine says maybe not, since they just had the comic book one. She says, she seriously has no idea of what it could be. Caleb wonders if it could be a candy heart counting comp. Frankie tells Derrick, that he's never hosted before. Derrick says, thank you for choosing him to host. Caleb says Christine needs to get the Veto before her (Victoria). Caleb and Derrick are yelling through the house that the non-stick is gone from the pan. Caleb says it's from going from hot to cold so much. Derrick says, it's probably been there for 8 years. Zach whispers that no matter who wins, they're fine.

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  9:00pm Derrick ,Frankie are eating in the LVR talking to Caleb and zach in the LVR eating . Victoria is making food in the KT. Caleb is talking about past comps they have played in.


9:03pm Caleb says i am going to have that POV around my neck.Everyone gets quiet and Derrick ask for some chocolate almond milk and Frankie says yeah sure. Frankie then gets called to the DR and everyone yells.


 9:10pm Caleb talking about Coors and drinking lastnight .Caleb then talks about the crew behind  the window and BB keeps saying you are not allowed to talk about production


  9:17pm Caleb says this sucks if Victoria wins it she wont use it or she will and put  someone else up and derrick says yup one of us will go home this week.


  9:19pm Caleb says Donny was just standing there listening after all the bones were up before he hit that button he just looked and listened. Caleb then says  there was like 8 bones there and they all had X's on them. he ask Christine if he made it to the bed with the lady on it and she says no he says you get to this box and it cuts to a T and there is a bucket with slime on it then you had to crawl under a fence and it was right there. zach says you had to crawl under it and Christine says yeah we had to crawl under it.


 9:22pm Caleb says dude it was like being in this house with the lights off out there.He says when they turned the lights on i had like 8 bones laying there and they all had X's on them.


 9:26pm Caleb says is someone cooking something and Christine says no and derrick gets up and says yeah in Frankies defense he got called to the DR.Caleb says either turn it off or on real low before you walk away.


 9:28pm Caleb ask Christine how many plants are in the shelves above the stove and sink in the KT so derrick counts them and says there are 33 in this one section so 33 x 6 = 198. Caleb then ask Victoria if there are 2 pictures on the left screen how many pictures are on both screens. Victoria says what? what are you talking about and Caleb says i don't know i am confused  now myself so never mind Victoria you win the veto. She says  you guys are mean to me and he said i am not being mean to you i gave you one of my ribs for crying out loud is i would not pick on you.


 9:33pm Caleb ask Frankie when he comes out of the DR about the plants on the wall and he says 10 and Caleb says no listen and Frankie says it doesn't work that way.


9:35pm Frankie says goodnight i am going to bed. Christine says i think i am too. She ask  Caleb if he is too? he says i don't know i don't think i could sleep.


 9:40pm Caleb says it is all good we have all made top 8 so far but that isn't good enough for me. Christine laughs and says not good enough for me. Zach is saying this comp could be mental. Christine says i cant believe we won that and Caleb says well Frankie won the BOB last week all by himself.


 9:44pm Frankie is going to bed after feeding the fish with derrick. In the WA downstairs Caleb says he is going to win that POV .


 9:47pm Derrick and Frankie talking about the TA task and taking peoples things and hiding them and telling people you have to watch your stuff.


9:48pm Derrick says he will tell everyone that  when their stuff goes missing he will tell them he will take first shift to watch everyone stuff and who wants to stay up with him?


9:52pm Victoria comes to HOh and all talk stops about TA. derrick is telling Victoria about past comps from other season as the HG speculate it will be a hold em or fold em comp.


9:56pm derrick says no matter what happens we have a month left (little does he know it is 6 more weeks) .


9:57pm derrick heads downstairs and leaves Victoria whispering to Frankie. In the WA Caleb yells you are missing TVGN we are having a blast.

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10:00pm Frankie says he is going to nap and derrick is moving his things out of the 2nd HOH br to downstairs. Caleb is crawling in the WA waiting to scare  someone and no one comes in. he then starts rapping.


10:03pm derrick walks in WA and Christine says i forgot you have to move down here with us peasants. zach ask where is Cody and they says in DR Derrick says i just went in there and he wasn't there cause i had to get my laundry bag. Bb says you are not allowed to talk about production.Caleb starts rapping more to zach and Christine as derrick goes to the bedroom and fold his clothes to put away.


10:07pm Zach says here comes the queen and Caleb hides and scares her.


 10:10pm Derrick is laying in bed in the Fire br and Victoria says we might have to remove Cody and backdoor zach and derrick says we might but right now just win ok so just don't talk about it right now cause talking about it is bad Juju you know. She says yeah and leaves the room then derrick goes reading his letter from home he got lastnight.


 10:12pm Zach is now rapping to Caleb about him being skinny and eating slop and being bald.


 10:14pm derrick says TVGN if you are watching this is an amazing experience being on this show and if you get a chance do it but be prepared it is hard  but it isn't that long just no contact it is just hard when only a letter. So if you are thinking about applying and don't think you can do just do it everyone here is wonderful.It's all real people and an amazing experience.


10:24pm Caleb still rapping in the Wa with zach , Christine and Victoria. Derrick laying alone in the Fire BR trying to go to sleep.


 10:30pm Cody is now out of the Dr and joins the WA as Caleb raps and zach is called to the DR.


10:32pm Everyone is leaving the WA and going to the KT and Derrick asked where all the dirty dishes came from and Christine says Frankie didn't finish the dishes.Christine starts washing them now.Derrick says i am going to go lay down and Caleb says TVGN will be over in an hour and derrick yells an hour and a half.


10:38pm Cody and Victoria go to the fire rm and Cody says i am sitting on the block and Victoria says more than likely you will win it or Frankie will win it but i have like a crazy feeling.He ask what  and she says i don't know i guess the game is getting to me and  Cody says its getting to me i am on the block.


 10:40pm Victoria says i feel like an outsider you know like i feel like Christine is like one of the guys you know like she talks to them and like you know she is so open and people can just talk to her you know.


 10:43pm Cody says i can be going home this week and she says no way you will not be going home Thursday. he says i am paranoid as hell  right now tat i could be going home this week.


10:46pm Donny is up and goes to the WC and zach says only an hour left Donny an hour and fifteen.


10:48pm Donny comes out of the WC and says so you think this comp is tonight and Zach says Frankie said it was but Caleb thinks after today it might not be that it could be like 9am  tomorrow morning.


 10:49pm Zach ask Donny what he will eat tonight at midnight and he says i think i will take a piece of bread and put some turkey on it and Zach says you gonna eat a cookie and Donny says i might eat a couple of them.


  10:59pm Donny is going to lay back down and Zach says he will wake him at 11:55pm so he can eat.

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11:06pm Victoria and Cody in the FR talking about what Nicole told them before she left. Zach making food for when he can eat.


11:15pm Donny talking about the weight he's lost on slop with Cody, Victoria and Christine as he makes his bed.


11:19pm Christine, Cody, and Victoria talking about the bones that didn't work in the BotB comp and Zach joins Caleb and Donny in the ER


11:36pm Christine, Cody and Victoria going back and forth about some of the funny things evicted HG's did. Joey streaking, Paola farting etc.


11:40pm Caleb tells Donny that Derrick told him that Hayden said he was his next target. Then they agree that they don’t like to believe things they didn’t hear with their own ears.


11:45 Donny in DR. Derrick in the HOH all the other HG in the kitchen speculating when the Veto comp will be and if it will be Zingbot


11:50 pm Caleb in the kitchen rapping to the HG. Derrick and Victoria in the HoH mainly in silence as derrick unpacks his basket.

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 12:00am Zach can now eat and yells it is time and takes a big bite of his sandwich. Donny is still in the DR  so as soon as he comes out he can eat also. Derrick and Victoria in HOH rm talking about how he was dethroned earlier today and he says it sucks but they have to stay strong in this game. he then says that Donny is a crap shoot and they need every person to play in this comp so she will know everything he knows.


12:12am Derrick says the fact is that you know everything i know so do you think i know something that you don't know . She says no he says ok so now that i am no longer HOH you are as acceptable as i am  but you get to play POV tomorrow against tough competitors and you go in and do your best.


 12:16am Derrick and Victoria sitting in HOH in silence now. Most Hg in KT eating and general talk going on. Donny still in the DR.


 12:20am Victoria tells derrick if she  goes Thursday that he better win and he says like i told you the cards are out of my hands and i could leave too.She says i don't want you to leave and he says i don't either.


12:23am derrick tells Victoria he is going to try his hardest and that is all he can do. He tells her that there are going to be some people that don't like her but there will be alot that love her. She says NO. he says yeah you will go back to the people who you love and see.Derrick says some of these people on here think they are going to go be the next top model.


 12:26am In the KT everyone else but Donny is laughing and eating.Derrick  and Victoria  still in HOH talking and derrick repeating himself.

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 12:33am Donny is now getting his food after being on slop for a week. Most hg are just sitting around with general talk going on


12:37am Donny says breaks my heart and we Don't have to talk about it to Zach as Zach sits there silent.Donny gets something else to eat and then says lets get a real bed tonight zach we deserve it and zach says i am going to get a long hot shower first. Donny says i done took me a long cold one.


12:40am Donny and zach go to make their beds for the night and donny says he is sleeping in the fire br and Zach says i think i am sleeping in the middle of the rock br since Caleb is sleeping in the HOH rm.


12:42am Donny and Zach go to the Wa and Donny says i am going to brush both my teeth then he tells Zach he wishes he could play in pov.


12:46am derrick telling Christine and Cody about how good a person Victoria is and how she has never said a bad thing about anyone in the house  except one person.Christine says i never really talk to her.Frankie just got out of the shower and is brushing his teeth so he can go to bed.


 12:49am Zach and derrick going over how many days they have left in the house.


12:55am zach said dude today. derrick says i feel bad for these guys and zach says yeah we just have to make sure Victoria doesn't win it.Derrick and Zach says think about it find a bone in the dark? You didn't need your partner to win this.

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1:00am Zach says when they sit down to do the nominations today Donny said we might as well call this the skittles nominations. zach says he is going to win and derrick says don't say that.Derrick says all in all we want him out but you know we could have sent him home last week.


1:02am Derrick says that Nicole said she wanted to know if she was going to go and derrick says i told her and she said well i am still going to fight but i told her she was leaving.


 1:03pm Derrick says Victoria is a good person and Christine says i have a question, Why is she trying to get a job in the retail business if she is a big time photographer? derrick says i don't think she is. Christine says she said she makes 5k a shoot. derrick said that is fro weddings.


1:06am Victoria is in the WC  as Donny is in bed sleeping now and most hg in the hoh rm talking about the  BOB comp and how hard it was to find the bones. Zach says wasn't it funny when someone said Go Donny and derrick says someone said it and then he says don't say it or you will get gigged.then we get FOTH. Feeds back and Derrick says it is disheartening cause we are a house of six against 1 man right now so who is rooting for him see so i cant be mad about that.


 1:13am HG say that BB told them not to stay up late that the POV is not tonight to go to bed early.


  1:15am Zach says i hope they show us the highlights Thursday and Christine says yeah every fave hit i had will show.Caleb comes in HOH and looks for a snack. Cody is in the HOH bed snuggling with Frankie now.


 1:16am Frankie says i actually think it is time to go to bed now they said to gets lots of rest it will be a big day tomorrow and we get foth.


 1:20am Frankie goes to the Have Not rm and  says this is a disaster and yells do you know where my hat is and derrick says i don't but you can borrow mine. IN HOH rm Caleb is talking about hogs and we get foth.


 1:27am Frankie says we better go to bed now and everyone starts leaving the HOH rm so he can go to sleep and Cody says Frankie is kicking  us out.Caleb and derrick are making food again and Frankie starts singing then we get foth.

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