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Wednesday, August 13 Live Feed Updates


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3:30 AM BBT - Zach is flirting with Victoria in the kitchen telling her that he loves her and that she's his girl.  She said that HE saved her from going up on the block.  He told her that he want up to Christina and said "da da da da" (Victoria giggles) and to not put up his girl.  He continues to flirt...


3:45 AM BBT - Nicole and Zach are in the beehive and she is campaigning to stay.  Zach is putting the hard court press on her for information.  He tells her that she has nothing to lose because she is going home on Thursday.  He wants to know what happened last week from her perspective.  Zach promises that he has her vote and she needs to swing Cody.  She heard that Zach, Caleb, and Frankie would go after Christine if she voted to keep Nicole.  He says that he's not in the loop.  She doesn't think that she can get out of the mess.  Zach says that he thinks she can get out of this mess.  Zach says it doesn't matter who goes home, either Nicole or Donny.  Christina wants her to go and blames it on the guys that she can't save her.  Zach promises his vote if she spills the beans and she asks Victoria what she thinks...she says that she has nothing to lose.  Nicole starts the story.  Christine and Frankie came up to me and said that they should get Zach out...how they went around and told everyone things that Zach said...He presses her for the Derek/Cody/Nicole/Hayden alliance name.  She won't tell him.  He asks if she told Frankie and Christina that Zach was going to put them on the block.  She refuses to tell him the alliance name and Zach says that he won't vote for her to stay then.  She asks him to help her out of the situation and Zach says that he has to trust her.  Victoria leaves and Zach says, "Babe, babe, you know I love you."  Victoria says that he's a mean person and believed all of his past lies which he is denying but finally admitted.  Victoria tells him that if you're going to help her out, help her out, if not, peace out.

Nicole asks him to help her out of this mess and asks him why he did this to her.  He says that he has no one in this game and she says that no one trusts him.

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4:00 AM BBT - Nicole begs Zach to work with her.  He tells her that she's the smartest person in the house and has won 3 HoH's which is why everyone wants her out.  She says if he can help her out and save her that he will be a hero and no one ever on Big Brother has been able to do that.  She tells him that he is the smartest person in the house and doesn't he want to work with her?  He tells her that he's working on something and leaves to go play pool with the guys and WBRB.

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#BB16 9:01AM BBT HG are still sleeping away.


#BB16 9:18AM BBT We currently have FOTH.


#BB16 9:25AM BBT We are back and Donny is awake. Everyone else still in bed with the lights on.


#BB16 9:31AM Caleb in the KT with Donny. They are discussing food. Someone left the milk out overnight. Caleb looking for chocolate milk that in the fridge and is gone now. Victoria and Nicole getting batteries.


#BB16 9:47AM BBT Donny and Nicole now the only ones awake. They are in the WCA doing ADLs.

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#BB16  10:37AM BBT Frankie, Christine and Derrick in WCA talking about Nicole campaigning last night.


#BB16   10:39 AM BBT  Donny is switching laundry in the BY then sits on the patio set reading the bottle of raid to himself.


#BB16   10:40AM BBT Nicole talk is still going on in the WCA between Frankie and Christine.


#BB16   10:45AM BBT Camera 3/4 is now in the ER where Cody and Celeb are sound asleep.

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#BB16 10:14AM BBT IN the WCA Frankie asks Derrick what happened last night with Nicole. Can't hear Derrick well as he doesn't have his mic on but Frankie says "So we don't have anything to worry about". Frankie says "He is staying, he is definitely staying."


#BB16 10:36AM BBT Christine, Frankie and Derrick in the WCA talk about Nicole campaigning but Derrick says it does not good. She is leaving and that's why he wanted to tell her,


#BB16 10:41AM BBT Christine tells Frankie that she has told Nicole "no" but maybe her head bobs are giving off a weird vibe to Nicole. They do some more Nicole bashing in her bid to stay.


#BB16 10:49AM The WCA group breaks up and heads out. Frankie returns to his .. I mean Christine's HOH bed. Christine and Derrick go to take a nap in the BR downstairs.

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#BB16 11:17AM BBT Donny in BY folding laundry while the other HG sleep.


#BB16  11:18AM BBT Donny putting laundry away in FR.


#BB16  11:21AM BBT Donny is back in the BY reading the bible.

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 11:01am Donny walking around the BY humming real low then sits back on the couches. Everyone else sleeping.


 11:20am Donny still in the BY sitting on the couch alone reading a Bible.


 11:43am Donny still the only one up in the BY reading the Bible  and doing laundry. 

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#BB16 12:09PM BBT Wish we could give you a different update but the HG are all sleeping except Donny who is In the BY reading the Bible.


#BB16 12:39PM BBT Donny has given up on the reading and is now just sitting there. HG still sleeping.

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 1:02pm Donny sitting in BY with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon eating it out of the jar. All other HG  still sleeping.


 1:33pm Donny still sits all alone in the BY as  all the other Hg  are sleeping in their beds.


 1:45pm Donny gets up and goes into the house then comes back outside to check washer and dryer then walks the BY. BB calls Christine to the DR. Donny talks to the camera in the BY and says Kristine if your watching i  love you and miss you , Tommy hope your having a great day  and i miss you , I am having a great day.He  then starts picking things up in the BY.

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1:48pm Christine comes out of the DR then goes to the WC as Caleb is being called to the DR.


 1:55pm Caleb is out of DR goes to STR to get his activity tracker and then looks through the fridge for chocolate milk.He goes to put on deodorant then heads to the KT. Donny walking laps in the BY.

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 2:02pm Caleb has made a bowl of slop and a class of chocolate milk then goes outside with Donny to eat. Donny says it is a nice day, Not to hot. Caleb says  has anyone been up he says Nah some got called to the DR then they all went back to bed.


2:03pm Caleb says i only put pepper and salt on my slop today and Donny says i did that for lunch but i added a little water to it and it tasted just like grits.


2:06pm Caleb says just 4 more weeks starting tomorrow and Donny says really then Caleb says yeah just four more Thursdays till finale. He tells Donny that the papers say till the 19th so finale should be the 16th. He then tells Donny that there was alot of whispering going on lastnight, i guess it was about Nicole cause everyone is telling her she isn't staying


  2:12pm Caleb and Donny talking about if there is a buy back and someone comes back they might have to have another double eviction and Caleb says maybe a triple eviction.


 2:18pm Donny says he hasn't felt weak at all from eating  slop he says his stomach has felt bubbly but he hasn't been weak.He says he  misses country cooking like fried squash, fried okra, fried chicken. pork chops things like that.


2:27pm Donny and Caleb in BY talking about where they live.All other Hg still sleeping. 

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2:35pm Donny ask Caleb if eh heard the Will Smith song this morning from the Fresh prince of Bel Air. Caleb says yeah what was the first song and Donny says i don't know i didn't get up for that one.


2:41pm Caleb says i think this  next hoh comp is going to be endurance cause honestly we haven't had an endurance comp since week 1.


  2:51pm Caleb says to Donny you know it is going to be a hard decision when we get down to the final 2. Donny says yeah it is.

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2:57 PM BBT Donny and Caleb are chilling in the BY, stretched out on the couches. They are talking about how they would decide who to give the win to if they are in jury, and don't make the final two. Caleb is talking about when they get out of the house, and being recognized everywhere he goes, like at Walmart. HG's are asleep in the ice room, and in the fire room.


3:00 PM BBT Cody is stirring in the ice room. Donny is shaking his right foot, while it's crossed over the left leg. Caleb has his left leg up on the side of the couch in the BY.


3:02 PM BBT Donny to Caleb, what would you be doing on Wednesday night if you were back home? Caleb says if he wasn't working he would be kicking it with either his buddies or his brothers. Donny asks if they have a church service on Wednesday’s? Caleb says, no, they do women's ministry.


3:04 PM BBT Caleb to Donny, Do you and Christine have a local church you go to? Donny says, she lives in a different county, so she goes to a big Methodist church, while he goes to Centerville Southern Baptist church with his brother. He says they have been to each others churches. He says they do special musical events at her church, and his church has maybe 80 people maximum in attendance. Caleb quotes scripture about 2 or more gathering. Donny asks Caleb if his dad is a pastor too? Caleb says he was when he was a kid, that he speaks occasionally. He says he's not a pastor at a church anymore, but still has it in him though.


3:07 PM BBT Donny says that his poor ole hat has gotten some fading from the sun. Caleb suns it's drying out, and talks about the airplane overhead. Donny says, there were several helicopters this morning, and was hoping to see a banner. Caleb says he's seen a few, but none regarding them. He says he would like to see one with "Beast Mode Cowboy" on it. Victoria gets up in the fire room, she looks in a drawer, picks up her microphone, grabs her bra from the floor, and leaves the room. She rummages through the dresser in the hallway.


3:10 PM BBT Donny to Caleb, what does NOTW means on your hat? He tells him that it's a Christian clothing line, and they have bumper stickers and stuff. He says it stands for "Not Of This World," and it's sold everywhere. He says he got the tattoo before it got big. Victoria goes into the WC. After flushing the toilet, she goes to the WA and squirts water on her hand, and dries it off. She carries her bra back into the fire room. She sets her microphone on the table by the bed, and looks through a dresser. Donny says he can see the table in the dining room getting smaller when 8 people are there. Caleb says he can see it getting smaller this week. Victoria lays back down in bed in the fire room.


3:16 PM BBT Caleb says he's going to make Coffee. Donny says he will drink some if he makes a half of a pot of so. Caleb heads inside, while Donny says he's going to walk around a little. We see FoTH.


3:19 PM BBT Feeds come back, and HG's say it's going to be a 4 PM lock down, and it must be endurance comp coming up. Nicole heads to WA, Victoria follows. Caleb and Donny are in KT. Nicole goes into WX to put her bikini top on. Caleb says production said it's going to be a long lock down. Victoria puts towels on the HOT shower door. Nicole goes in to put her Bikini bottoms on. After she comes out, Victoria is standing inside the shower door, watching her every move. She turns on the water. Nicole goes to the BY to lay on hammock. Donny goes to BY, and tells Donny that he's been outside reading his Bible. He says Jocasta has some things that she had highlighted in it, and ask Nicole if she wants to read it. Nicole says she probably should, and Donny goes to get it for her.


3:23 PM BBT Christine in KT buttering toast, and says, butter on slop would be perfect. Caleb says that's why they don't let you have it. Nicole tells Donny he is so sweet in BY. Caleb to Christine, did something happen last night that I missed? Christine says yes, and she tells Caleb what Nicole told everyone last night, and that Zach started freaking out. Christine says she can make up whatever she wants. Caleb says, if you're going to lie, lie on something that can change. Christine says, she is trying hard. Frankie comes down from HoHR. Caleb says, why make a rumor about Zach when he can't leave, so why lie? He tells Frankie he's been outside for the last 2 hours. Christine goes to BY.


3:27 PM BBT Caleb says that Nicole is trying to say what she can to get the vote to be flipped to get Donny out. Christine tells Frankie where his activity bracelet is, after she walks back inside. Frankie hugs Christine. Caleb says she (Nicole) knows better than to talk to him. Caleb says, she knows Beast Mode is the king of this place. Frankie says, and she knows I'm the queen. Caleb says, that's why she's not talking to me, as he heads outside. Frankie was getting iced coffee. Victoria asks Frankie if she can go upstairs, and Frankie tells her yes, anytime she wants. Frankie goes outside, where Christine is sitting on a couch. Nicole to Donny, this is so good, I've already cried on almost every one. Donny says, there are references to other passages on there as well. Frankie announces that he's getting naked with a towel in his mouth. He puts his green swim trunks on by the washer and dryer.


3:33 PM BBT Nicole yells, "Good morning," to Frankie, with no response from him. Frankie joins Caleb on the double chair in the BY to lay out in the sun. Caleb says he wants to get a little sun on his face, and Frankie says he thinks he got his sinus infection when he did laps in the pool. They talk about making it to the F2 together. Donny gets his Bible back from Nicole, and she says, "Thank you, Jocasta," when she hands it back to him, and tells him that was so good.


3:36 PM BBT Caleb makes some weird faces while he's lying in the sun. Nicole is moving around on the hammock as she yawns. Donny whistles a little while he takes his shoes and socks off, he puts his legs up to get comfortable on the couch. Christine in sitting on another couch, staring into space. Donny to Christine, do you live in a little town or the big city? She tells him there are about 1/2 million people. She says she's about 10 minutes from downtown, and really likes it. She says she wishes it wasn't so dang hot, or she would like it better. She explains to Donny how Tim and her share a car, and what was wrong with it before she left. She says she doesn't like it's working anymore. Nicole goes inside. Caleb is laying in the sun with Amber's bunny slippers on, and covers his face with a scarf. Nicole goes in ice room to talk to Cody. She tells Cody it doesn't even know if it's worth it to do anything today. She says that Caleb and Frankie are outside tanning, and doesn't want to talk to them. Caleb is talking to Frankie about his fans.


3:41 PM BBT Frankie to Caleb, Madonna is building a school in Africa. He says he wants to make a Performing Arts Wing. Nicole tells Cody at least she knows, so she knows how to spend her last day, as she leaves the ice room, and goes to KT. She fills a coffee mug with water. She takes some drinks of it, as she goes to lay on the hammock in BY. Production says, "Nicole, please check your microphone." She says, "O.K." She lays in the hammock. Frankie asks Caleb how his stomach is doing. His response is inaudible, because his microphone is in the middle of his chest, and an airplane is overhead. Nicole says, she probably shouldn't of even tried to stay, as the hammock is swinging back and forth. We hear Christine laughing in the background, from across the BY.


3:46 PM BBT Nicole says, "This sucks, it's just not fair." Caleb moves his scarf on his face, and he and Frankie start talking about what the upcoming comp may be.


3:50 PM BBT Frankie burps and doesn't excuse himself. Caleb says how the time is going by so fast. Frankie agrees, and Caleb says, it's crunch time.


3:52 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb are talking about the songs that were played this morning. Frankie starts singing, and we see FoTH.


3:54 PM BBT Frankie gets up from double chair, and says, it sounds like an airplane turbine. He goes by the washer and dryer. Caleb gets up also, and stands by the sliding door, and then goes inside. Nicole moves a little on the hammock. Frankie attaches his microphone to his necklace, and lays back down on the double chair, on his stomach now. He yawns, and looks at his activity tracker.


3:56 PM BBT Donny tells Christine he has his pesticide license, so he can spray things that other people can't. Nicole puts the pillow under her head. She says, it makes sense with 6. Frankie wipes under his eyes. Donny says his credits were up, and they wanted him to get his aquatics license, so he went back to school to get that also. Nicole says she hopes there a buy back or endurance comp or something. Caleb in KT talking about Ariana Grande, and Victoria says she just got big. He says he only listens to country music. Victoria says, she does have an amazing voice though. Caleb says that what he (Frankie) said. He tells her who is outside. Nicole puts her glasses on, and says, she needs to take a look at the BY.


4:00 PM BBT Nicole is whispering to herself, and then yawns. Caleb burps and doesn't says excuse me. They talk about Glen Campbell re-recording his song as "Beast Mode Cowboy." Victoria is in fire room talking to Derrick. Victoria tells Derrick that Zach told Nicole everything he would vote for her, and that what she's telling Derrick stays between them. Victoria says that Nicole told him that there is a 5-person alliance that has a name. Derrick says, that is why she's going home, because she's starting these rumors. He says, he's f*cking down with her, that she's one of the biggest liars in the house. Victoria says she knows a lot of information, and he says he knows a lot of information also. He starts making stuff up.


4:06 PM BBT Victoria is talking to Derrick about Dan. He says she showed her cards, and that's why she's going home. Convo in BY is about school already starting back. Frankie says, "No way, school has already started?" They tell him, yes. Victoria to Derrick, Cody is pi$$ed. Derrick asks, why? She says she's not sure. Derrick tells Victoria they are tight, and everyone is tight with someone except Nicole. He says, she's by herself, and she trying to attach to her. Convo in BY are talking about sales tax where they live.


4:09 PM BBT Convo in BY is about gas prices, different gas stations they have back home, and the things the gas stations offer. Derrick tells Victoria that he doesn't talk to Christine much, and that he's been in the same alliance all season, just asking each HOH to stay safe. Derrick says, he, Victoria, Caleb, Frankie and Cody are all voting for Nicole to go, so she can't stay. Victoria says she doesn't want Nicole to stay, and she wants to make sure everyone is voting for her to go. She asks Derrick if she's Christine's next target. He says she wouldn't tell him. Derrick says either one of them could be next target, and if Nicole stays who knows. She says again, that she doesn't want Nicole to stay. Derrick says everyone except her is his next target. He says he thinks that Donny will go next, and if not Christine or Zach. Victoria tells him she's paranoid because he's with Christine 24/7.


4:15 PM BBT Derrick defends what he's been doing, and tells her he feels like he's f*cking married to her. He says he's playing a game, that's all it is, and they need to extend their game each week. She asks him why Zach is taking credit for Nicole being on the block. He says Zach is a f*ucking puppet and an idiot. She says, he really is, he changes his mind every second, and he's not loyal to anyone. She says, Nicole needs to f*cking go home. Derrick asks if everyone's awake, and she tells him Cody is still sleeping, and the rest are outside tanning.


4:17 PM BBT Victoria says that Nicole never spoke game to her, so why should she keep her. She said that Nicole told her she's been on her side. Victoria says, there are no sides in this game. She starts bringing up an alliance, and Derrick tells her that he already told her this. He asks how does she forget this? She said he never told her. Derrick starts bad-mouthing Nicole.


4:19 PM BBT Derrick makes up a name "Morons" for being an alliance that he was in with Nicole. He says she's not as good of a player as he thought. Victoria asks if he's going to talk to her. He says he already told her in the SR that she doesn't have the numbers. He says she told him she's a fighter and she's going to try. Derrick is telling Victoria the Nicole thinks she's gullible, and she's playing her. Victoria says she's going to pee really quick, and he tells her to have fun. She burps on the way to the WC, and doesn't excuse herself.


4:21 PM BBT All cams go on fire room, where Derrick is still lying in bed.


4:22 PM BBT Frankie and Nicole are lying on the double chair in the BY discussing his sister. Victoria goes back to fire room, and tells Derrick that she believes she is Christine and Frankie's next target. He tells Victoria that Nicole doesn't give a f*ck about her, and is trying to turn her against Nicole for good.


4:25 PM BBT Derrick says he wanted everyone to tell Nicole that she's going home, so she wouldn't do what she's doing, and she knows she doesn't have a chance. He says he'll confront her, bringing up Victoria's name, and she tells him, no, do not do it.


4:26 PM BBT Frankie tells Nicole about the different things he has on his You Tube channel. Nicole tells him that she doesn't know a lot about it, so he explains it to her. Derrick continues to bad mouth Nicole in the fire room. Victoria is telling him more things about her and Donny. He says, bye bye Nicole, you're going home. Victoria says, you do know that Christine is a liar, right? He says, yes, and so is Frankie, shocker. She says, o.k. Victoria says she needs to be told the truth, because she's done playing these games with her. Derrick says, one week at a time.


4:29 PM BBT Victoria asks Derrick if he was told today to raise his hand if you hear me, and he says, yes. Frankie and Nicole are discussing that they will have haters in the BY. Victoria asks Derrick why is Christine up Cody's a$$? He says he doesn't know. Victoria says, she's married, and she thinks they may be a twist or something. She says, they may be cousins. Derrick says, they wouldn't be cuddling.


4:31 PM BBT Nicole asks Frankie, what her next steps will be when she leaves the house. He tells her what he thinks it might be, and that she'll be with Hayden and Jocasta. Derrick and Victoria discuss the BOB continuing, and they both say they will be going up. Derrick says, 4 out of 6 people will be on the block. Victoria keeps moving and making noise in her microphone.


4:33 PM BBT Victoria says he (Zach) will do what he can to keep Nicole. Derrick says, he will not. He says that Frankie, Cody and him will not vote to keep her. She moves around some more making more noise in her microphone. Nicole and Frankie discuss how the BOB will go down to where only the replacement nom will be the only one left. Frankie asks Nicole if she thinks he's considered a twist. She says only if he had missions going into the game. She doesn't think they can have America's Player because they have him. Victoria is sitting on the bed in fire room, she gets up to get her glass. Nicole says there may be more in the house than we know, and there has to be good t.v. She says she thinks that voters have things to vote on. Victoria is gulping her coffee down, and slurps her glass. She puts her flip-flops on, and looks at her bum in the mirror, grabs her coffee glass, asks Derrick if he needs anything, and walks out of fire room.


4:38 PM BBT Victoria goes to BY and says hello, and Christine says, hello back. She says she came to ask Frankie a question, and asks him if she can use his glitter nail polish. He says, yes, and she asks where it is. He tells her he doesn't know. Christine says she lost her slippers that they gave her. Cody tells her they smelled really bad anyway, so it was time to get rid of them. She says, that may be true, and she wishes that they could have a bon fire in the BY. Donny says they should probably hit the birdie now, while they still have the time. Caleb says, "Southwest rolling out," as an airplane is overhead. Nicole says she's going to make a sandwich. Frankie tells her he's going to make fish tacos later. She asks if there was still fish left from last night, and he says yes. She goes in the KT, and Victoria asks if she tanned? She says yes, and looks through the refrigerator drawers. Victoria is putting on the glitter nail polish, and asks her what Frankie was saying? She doesn't respond, and asks her to help her pick out her clothes for tomorrow. Victoria asks Nicole again a few more times if Frankie said anything, and she tells her what they talked about. She asks Nicole if she's going to eat, and she says yes.


4:43 PM BBT Nicole tells Victoria that she asked Zach if she should talk to Derrick, and he said no. Christine yells, "There's something big happening outside these walls." Frankie yells back, "Like my cock." Cody to Christine, no crazy dreams last night. She says, she's proud of his brain. She says she doesn't dream in the house, and that's weird. She tells him not to take a nap, or he'll probably have one. He says he wants to go to sleep at a decent time tonight. Nicole goes in SR to get something out of refrigerator, and Derrick goes in behind her. He gets his activity tracker, and hands Nicole hers. Victoria says, oh you got it already, your activity tracker, and offered to go and get hers. Frankie asks production if he can get some Gatorade later, and says thanks, in the BY.


4:47 PM BBT Donny says he had to get an EKG, and no one else had to, so he says maybe only old people have to get one. Christine says, probably to make sure his heart is o.k. Frankie tells the HG's in the BY that Nicole was asking him what to expect when she leaves, and Christine asks, how would he know? They continue chit chatting. We see FoTH. HG's are gathering stuff to go inside. Donny says, he needs to take a look around the BY. He says by to the BY, and it's been fun. They make sure to get the fishing pole, so it doesn't get taken. They say it's 5 p.m. and we see FoTH again.


4:51 PM BBT Nicole is chomping, eating her sandwich, and liking her fingers off, then takes a drink of her beverage, while sitting at the KT table with Victoria. Caleb starts singing, and we see FoTH. Live Feeds come back for a second, and then back to FoTH.


4:54 PM BBT Victoria and Christine are talking about different food they like in the KT, while sitting at the table with Nicole. Cody is by the sink moving stuff around, and Derrick is trying to separate eggs at the table. Caleb walks in the KT, looking for a water bottle to show them how to use it as an egg separator. Christine says she got one for $2.00 at Walmart, and it works great. Donny is packing his suitcase in the fire room. Nicole starts to sing, and we see FoTH.

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#BB16   3:38PM BBT Nicole gets out of the hammock and walks inside she checks herself out in the mirror. 


#BB16   3:40PM BBT Frankie and Celeb are sitting on the lounge chair. Talking about America's favourite player. Celeb tells Frankie he thinks it will be him to win since he has a ton of followers. He also mentions Ariana and how she can just ask people on her Twitter to vote for Frankie. 


#BB16   3:44PM BBT Nicole makes her way back into the hammock in the BY.


#BB16   3:48PM BBT Nicole is talking to herself, saying its not fair. 


#BB16   3:53PM BBT Frankie and Celeb talking about what music was played this morning. Frankie said her herd Tupac and Fresh prince. Frankie starts singing and we get Fish.


#BB16   3:56PM BBT Frankie and Celeb both get up from the lounge chair, and Celeb heads inside. Frankie checks the laundry, and then lays back down.


#BB16   4:04PM BBT Christine, Celeb, Donny and Frankie are in the BY sitting on the couches. Talking about football, Dallas cowboys to be exact. Christine says that in Arizona there are lots of Dallas fans. Donny says there's lots of Dallas fans in Dallas.


#BB16   4:08 BBT Vic and Derrick talking in the FR. Derrick is telling Vic that everyone has someone their close with except Nicole. Vic says that Zach wants Nicole to stay because he has no one else in the game.


#BB16   4:13PM BBT Vic and Derek still talking in the FR. Derrick tells Vic that Thursday they will be voting for Nicole to go home, and theres nothing thats going to change his mind. Vic says I don't want Nicole to stay and I already told you that. Derrick says Me and you are going to vote for Nicole, same with Celeb and Frankie, thats 4 people. She can't stay.


#BB16  4:26PM BBT Franke and Nicole laying on the lounge chair. Nicole tells Frankie she hasn't listened to Ariana's music, and she doesn't think many people in her town listen to her either. Frankie tells Nicole he's been on youtube for about a year and a half. He tells her the different days he makes videos. Nicole asks how it works with making videos, money wise. Frankie says he doesn't really make money. On a good month he will make $1000.00. 


#BB16   4:30PM BBT Feeds 3/4 are on Vic and Derrick in the FR. They are whispering about Christine, and how she's married, and cuddling with Cody. Derrick says thats her choice. Vic thinks that Cody and Christine are part of a twist, and that they're cousins or something. Derrick says they wouldn't be cuddling if they were cousins. 


#BB16   4:35PM BBT: Vic says Zach is going to do whatever he can to keep Nicole. Derrick says Frankie would never vote to keep her, as well as Cody. 

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5:04 PM BBT Derrick, Victoria, Cody, Christine and Nicole are hanging out in the KT. Donny and Caleb are playing with the Jenga blocks. They are lining them up on the coffee table in the LR like dominoes. They want to see how many twists and turns they can make with them and still have a successful domino effect.


5:09 PM BBT After having little success stacking the jenga blocks like dominoes, Donny and Caleb are now building with them like Lincoln Logs. They don't have enough blocks to do what they want to do.


5:20 PM BBT Victoria is helping Nicole pack all her belongings for eviction night. Caleb, Frankie, and Derrick are talking about Beastmode Cowboy getting to eat tomorrow. He is looking forward to having some turkey and quesadillas.


5:32 PM BBT Derrick is in the WA talking to Caleb about how he is pissed at Cody. Derrick says he refuses to listen to him about not having any more closed door meetings until after the eviction. Frankie joins them. He starts to tell them that he is trying to gently prepare Nicole for leaving by suggesting she just enjoys the next few days. He doesn't outright tell her she is leaving. Just that she might. Nicole comes in to gather more items to pack so the conversation abruptly stops.


5:40 PM BBT Frankie, Caleb and Derrick are sitting in the WA. Derrick is upset that Cody got him up in the middle of the night to talk to him in front of Nicole and Victoria. He thinks Cody is wanting to keep Nicole. "Why is he doing that? He knows where my head is at." He doesn't play that way. Frankie says Nicole is too dangerous to keep, especially if Hayden comes back. They will be the power couple again. It's safer to keep Donny.


5:50 PM BBT Nicole approaches Caleb in the WA as she continues to pack. She wants him to know that regardless what anybody else says, she hasn't lied in the house. She says her mistake was being honest to the wrong people. Caleb says he doesn't think anyone thinks she is a liar. She continues to pack but says she just wanted to make sure that he knew that.

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6:00 PM BBT The HGs are speculating about what kind of competition they are going to have tomorrow. They think that production is taking too long and making too much noise for a simple step up and step down competition. Caleb says there is no way someone will be coming back or they will have to have two more double evictions or a triple eviction.


6:10 PM Cody tells Nicole that according to Hayden, Joey claimed to be America's player. She finds that hard to believe because Hayden never told her. Cody "She went around telling everybody that she was America's player." Christine explains to Caleb what America's player is and how they have to complete tasks for money.


6:15 PM BBT Derrick is sitting in the LR with Caleb and Donny. He is talking about his daughter. He can't wait until he can take her fishing. She is starting to walk around but she isn't talking yet. She was just starting to climb the stairs when he left. He would tell her no and she would smile at him and climb anyway. He says she was wanting him to chase after her. BB calls Frankie, Caleb and Christine to the DR together. They assume it is to talk about the tailgate outing.


6:20 PM BBT Victoria, Donny and Derrick are enjoying a game of Jenga. Cody is washing the dishes. Christine, Caleb and Frankie are in the DR together.


6:26 PM BBT Derrick, Victoria and Donny are playing Jenga. The guys are trying to see how tall they can build it up. Victoria tells them they are making boring moves. She is a bit more adventurous in her selection of pieces and Derrick is impressed. He says the pieces are working for her.


6:36 PM BBT In the LR, Victoria makes another risky move at Jenga and the tower falls. Derrick "Risky players always lose." Cody is still doing dishes. Zach has been off the feeds for over an hour now. Caleb, Christine and Caleb are still in the DR together. The house is under LD.


6:40 PM BBT Cody and Derrick are whispering in the WA. They whisper that it is all nailed down and Nicole is going. The three come out of the DR and tell the HGs that Tony Romo was in the DR. Cody "There is nothing you can say to make me believe that Tony Romo was in that DR."


6:45 PM BBT Zach has finally stirred. Frankie to Zach "Good morning at 7pm. You are f**ked." Zach "I know."


6:52 PM BBT Caleb is building something with the Jenga blocks. Nicole, Derrick and Frankie are tying to figure it out. They have guessed everything from a racetrack, a stadium, a raft, rowing boat, and a penis. It's like Pictionary with blocks. They finally ask if it is an animal and he says yes. They guess shrimp, dolphin, whale, frog, etc. He finally tells them that it was a bunny slipper. He says all they had to do was look down and they would see his feet. Derrick reminds him that he said it was an animal. They thought he was talking about a real animal.


6:58 PM BBT It's Derrick's turn to make something with the jenga blocks. He tells them it is a thing. It doesn't take them long to figure out that he has made a penis out of blocks.

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#BB16   6:34pm BBT  Nicole, Celeb, Vic and donny are still playing Jenga. Nicole is very impress with how tall it has become. Vic says Derricks playing very safe, too safe. Its Vic's turn, she knocks the tower over. They got to 30 levels. 


#BB16   6:36pm BBT Cody is in the KT doing dishes. 


#BB16   6:38pm BBT Donny is in the SR looking for some chocolate milk.


#BB16    6:39pm BBT Celeb, Derrick and cody are now in the KT. Donny is pouring a glass of chocolate milk.


#BB16   6:41pm BBT Celeb starts singing and we get FotH


#BB16   6:42pm BBT Derrick is in the living room making something with the Jena pieces. Zach comes and sits down, and we get FotH again. 


#BB16   6:43pm BBT feeds are back, Derrick is still playing with the Jenga blocks. Nicole has joined in and is making something of her own as well. 


#BB16   6:44pm BBT Celeb joins the Jena crew. Celeb is talking about how his brother and his wife built their own million dollar house. Nicole tells Derrick his building is nice.[it's actually really neat looking - Cortney]


#BB16   6:47pm BBT Frankie joins in with the Jenga crew. Derrick comes up with an idea to build things with the Jenga pieces, and everyone has to guess what it is.


#BB16   6:49pm BBT Zach and Donny are sitting at the DT eating. Donny tells Zach he ate an entire jar of peanut butter this week. Zach leaves the DT.


#BB16   6:55pm BBT. Cody is in the KT he's filling the kettle with water. Cody starts cleaning the KT more, putting food away. Christine comes into the KT and tells Cody we have recycling in the SR. Frankie pours some hot water into his cup. Cody asks what they're playing. Frankie says Jenga Ceraides. Christine is back in the KT. She grabs some cleaner, and starts cleaning the counters. Cody tells Christine to back out of his kitchen. Christine asks Cody is he's seen the movie Rainman. Cody says no, and then asks some questions about the movie. Christine puts an apple on the table and the camera zooms in. Then we get FotH 



#BB16   7:01pm BBT Feeds are back. Cody keeps singing, so we get more fish. Feeds are back again. Cody and Christine continue to clean the kitchen. Christine tells Cody she would love a stove like that at home. Cody asks Christine what kind of stove she has. Christine tells Cody she has one with coils, and its hard to clean. Cody says oh I use to have one like that in school, and we broke it. Cody and Christine start signing, we get fish. 


#BB16   7:04Pm BBT Celeb, Derrick, Nicole, Frankie, and Donny are in the LV. They've started a traditional game of Jenga. No game talk going on at all. Everyones laughing and having a good time. 

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7:45 PM BBT: Houseguests are gathered around the living room. Frankie is talking about how his battery drains on his phone when he is at concerts. Everyone talking about chargers and different devices/cases.  Feed 1 is on Donny, who looks very annoyed/unhappy and is not saying anything. Rest of HGs continue talking about smart phones and different tablets/laptops. Zach and Derrick start talking about the differences between Macbook Pro and MacBook Air. Conversation turns to how production told them to bring their cell phone chargers for after the show. Feeds go fish briefly. Feed 2 is zooming on Christine rubbing Cody's back. Donny still hasn't said a word. 


7:55 PM BBT:  Feeds again go fish three times more. HGs were talking about their flights to the house. Then they were discussing what would happen after the show. Zach literally says they'll hand everyone a box and they'll be going home. Derrick says they'll have handlers and probably will stay in a hotel. Someone said we're gonna get wasted and Donny started laughing.


8:00 PM BBT: Frankie starts imitating the voice over guy at the beginning of show. "Tonight on BIGGGG Brother, Zach and Frankie have their first fight of the summer." HGs remark on how long they have been in the house. Christine asks if it is airing in America yet. Fish again.


 Feeds come back. Zach asks if anyone else has a birthday coming up. Frankie says Jocasta was the 10th. Zach starts going around and guessing/saying everyone's birthday. Donny says his birthday is November the 7th (Zach didnt know). Conversation turns to zodiac signs of everyone. Zach starts talking about how his brother ate too much turkey on Thanksgiving and threw up so much afterwards. Then the conversation turns to how everyone hates their families, and that's why the bars are so crowded/so many people drink on Thanksgiving Eve. Nicole thinks its becasue everyone has off work, and thats why they are so crowded. 


*8:07 PM BBT: Zach, Frankie talking over each other. Talk turns to football on Thanksgiving. Zach mentions about how funny Mike Tomlin stepped on the field last year. Cody says he was worried Tomlin was going to lose his job, because he thinks he is a great coach.  Cody/Zach start talking about the college football draft this year.


Back to technology talk. Victoria was telling a story about the time she had her Macbook Pro $500 cheaper. Frankie says that he blows up an Macbook Pro each year. he says the RAM goes and then he asks it to do things it can't. Victoria asks how much one costs. Caleb says around $2000.

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7:00 PM BBT Christine and Cody are cleaning the KT, and Cody was singing. We see FoTH. Victoria walks in the KT, while Donny is watching Frankie, Nicole, Derrick and Caleb play Jenga in the LR. Christine begins making noises like she singing, and we see FoTH again.


7:03 PM BBT Cody jokingly tells Victoria she's going to be his next target, and then give Christine a big bear hug, from behind her, as she's sitting at the KT table. She thanks Cody for helping clean so much, as she's crunching on Funyuns and laughing at everything Cody says.


7:06 PM BBT Cody cleaned the mirrors in the KT, and is going to clean the one's in the WA. He says, if they keep everything clean, then they won't have to do anything tomorrow. Christine and Cody talking in the WA about HG's leaving cups around the house, then she walks back to KT. Cody is humming, and we see FoTH for about a half of a second. The Jenga game continues in the LR, Nicole says, "Good job, Caleb." It's Frankie's turn. He says they are on layer 26 now.


7:09 PM BBT Nicole and Derrick take their turns unscathed. Caleb is meticulously trying to make his next move, and they fall down. Frankie yells, "Jenga."


7:12 PM BBT Frankie says he's ready for bed because it's going to be a long a$$ day tomorrow. Caleb has his legs crossed and propped on the coffee table, wearing Amber's bunny slippers. Nicole is staking blocks, and they fall down, while Frankie is making boxes out of his blocks. Nicole asks if anyone plays Texas Hold Em, and everyone says, yes collectively. Christine sits on the couch in the LR, and says, if they had cards it would be great. Nicole says that having games puts everyone in a good mood. Cody is cleaning the mirror and vanity in the WA, and production says, "Cody, thank you very much." HG's in the LR say, Aww, and Nicole asks, what did he do. Christine tells her. Nicole asks if BB already showed in Florida, and Donny tells her yes. She says her face-plant was broadcasted, and Frankie says his fight with Zach was also.


7:16 PM BBT HG's in the LR discuss what tomorrow's comp will be, while Nicole and Frankie are making things out of the Jenga blocks. Caleb says, it's so funny because he's making something, and taking blocks from Nicole. Nicole slides her blocks over to him, and Caleb says, she'll just go F herself, so just take them to build your pyramid. Donny says to line them up like Domino's and let them fall. He said Caleb tried that, and ended up with 2 more weeks on slop. All HG's in LR laughed. Nicole tried to use them as Domino's. She asks if anyone ever played Chicken Feet with Domino's. Caleb tells about a drinking game with them.


7:19 PM BBT Nicole tries what Caleb is talking about, and she asks if anyone plays quarters, and says that it's so fun. Christine walks past Cody in WA, to go to WC, she says, thank you, and he says, you're welcome. Cody asks if they need to put their suitcases in tonight or tomorrow, and Donny says, as long as they are in their by tomorrow, they should be fine. Victoria is laying in bed in fire room and talking to Derrick about cutting his hair. Frankie and Zach are in HoHR. Frankie asks where the fish food is, and Christine walks in and finds it. Frankie says he had a dream one of them died. Zach says they are expensive fish, and Christine says they feed them expensive crap. Frankie is feeding the fish. Victoria gets told to put her microphone on. Derrick and Cody are messing around in the KT.


7:25 PM BBT Zach is enjoying the fish, while Frankie says how melted the food is, and how cloudy the water is because of it. Derrick says he thinks a pop tart warmed up would be good. Cody says it would be banging. Frankie, Zach and Christine are discussing the OTEV Penguin in the HoHR bathroom, while Christine is chomping on some type of chips. Zach asks if they are the same fish as last year. Derrick says that he didn't know he would make it this far on the show, and he is missing a wedding. Nicole joins Victoria in bed in the fire room, and is asking why they would be wanting her out.


7:29 PM BBT Nicole is running through reasons as to why they may want her out. She says that one day the HG's will see everything, and know that she's not lying. She says that Christine wanted to keep her, and obviously she doesn't, so she's lying to her. Christine says how stupid Nicole is, and is laughing about what she's doing. Frankie says, she can't do anything else. Nicole is explaining more things to Victoria about the way things played out.


7:31 PM BBT Nicole tells Victoria that Zach doesn't understand he's not in a good spot right now. Christine asks Frankie if they want to go downstairs, because she gets super paranoid not being able to see and hear what's going on. As they head down the stairs, he tells her, "You're not allowed to eat those." (meaning the bars she's eating). She says, thanks for telling me that, and laughs it off. They join the group in the LR, and Derrick is talking about his daughter watching Little Einsteins at home. Frankie is cuddling Caleb on one couch. Zach is sitting in and orange chair, with his legs propped on that couch. Derrick, Christine and Cody are sitting on the other couch. They are talking about Derrick's daughter playing on an iPad. Nicole is still in fire room talking to Victoria.


7:35 PM BBT Derrick is telling HG's about a case for the iPad that he got, and how you can download 5 interactive learning games after you purchase it. They talk about Apple making a watch like the Google Watch, that you have to have a Samsung Galaxy for. Cody says he has the Samsung Galaxy S4. Christine says that she can't steer away from the iPhone. Caleb says the Note 3 just came out. Frankie asks if the S4 is better than the iPhone 5s. Cody says he likes the user friendliness of the iPhone much better, but he likes the size of the Samsung S4 better. Derrick says how he likes when he takes pictures of his daughter, and they go to his Mac right away. Donny goes in the fire room, and Victoria asks if he's still awake, if he'll wake her up in 1 hour? He says, yes.


7:39 PM BBT We see FoTH. When Live Feed comes back, all cams are on fire room, but you can hear Christine yelling from the LR. Donny walks out of the fire room, and you can hear Cody talking about emoji's. Nicole to Victoria, "I wish Zach didn't lie so much." Victoria says, uh hum. Nicole walks out of fire room. All cams go to KT, where Donny is checking homemade ice cream he's making. He goes into Beehive to put his shoes and socks on. Nicole sat on couch next to Caleb in LR. Convo is still about their different cell phones. Donny goes into the WA, dabs some water on a pimple on his face, then he wipes it off with a green towel that is hanging up next to the small mirror. Donny sits in other orange chair in LR. Christine says she had an Otterbox case, and her phone shattered. Frankie says he burns through his batteries, and has to use Mophie cases, and change them out.


7:45 PM BBT Frankie explains to Zach how you charge your phone while you are charging the Mophie case. Some of the HG's don't know what Mophie cases are. Cody asks if it's the screw top one, and they tell him that's the Lifeproof case. Frankie wonders what technology has come out by the time they get out. Zach says the iPhone 6 should be out when they get out, in September. Cody says if it's as big as the Galaxy S4 is, he'll go back to the iPhone. Derrick says he hopes the iWatch is out. Victoria goes in LR, and sits in between Christine and Derrick. Zach asks, what's the point of having a phone when you have an iPad and a Mac. Derrick and Victoria both say they message from their Mac Books. Christine says her Mac Book is a 2010, and Victoria says it's still iMessage, so it shouldn't matter. Zach says he has the Mac Book Air that's 11 inches in the case. Derrick says, he better still have his job when he gets out of the house. Cody tells about his being sick also. Derrick talks about the CD drive on laptops, and the HG's debate whether or not you even need disc drives anymore.


7:51 PM BBT Derrick asks what the difference is between a Macbook Air and a Macbook Pro? Zach says the Air doesn't have any moving parts in it, and doesn't have a CD drive, and it's hard to break. It has more gadgets. They talk about the price differences, and then all debate about bringing their phone chargers. Victoria says they were told to bring them, and we see FoTH. When Live Feeds come back, Christine is caressing Cody's back with her left hand. Caleb says something about Mary Kay. Victoria says she flew Virgin Air priority to the show, and got everything for free. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Zach asks how she got to fly that, and he didn't. Derrick says, they all got stuck on American. Someone called Victoria a Bitch, and we see FoTH. Frankie talking about LA to NY flights when Live Feeds come back. We see FoTH again when Caleb starts to talk about his dad.


7:56 PM BBT Live Feeds come back talking about the HG's having handlers, and Cody says, his better be John. We see FoTH once again. Live Feeds come back with Christine laughing, and Victoria saying 2 months exactly for her. Frankie and Zach start saying things that the Big Brother show says, like, "Previously, on Big Brother." Christine asks if it's airing in America. We see FoTH again.


7:59 PM BBT Live Feeds come back up with the HG's all laughing, and Frankie says, he's having chest palpitations. Zach asks if anyone else has a birthday during the show. Frankie says, Jocasta. Victoria says, it already passed. Zach runs down all the HG's birthday's.


8:02 PM BBT HG's are discussing what their Zodiac Signs are, and Christine has been giggling about everything being said. Cody asks if anyone else gets smashed on New Year's Eve? Nicole says, that's the biggest bar night of the year. Zach tells a story about Thanksgiving, and how stuffed his brother got, and how he threw it all up. He says how he called his brother turkey for the next few months.


8:04 PM BBT The HG's talk about different holiday's and what they do. How some of them hang out with their families, and how some hang out with their friends. Football games now enter into the convo in the LR. They then tell what their favorite holiday's are. Nicole says that Christmas is getting out of hand, with all of the stores starting so early.


8:07 PM BBT Cody is talking about different football players. Victoria is telling Christine about how she got her Macbook Pro $500 cheaper because of the years changing. Frankie says how he breaks a Macbook once a year. He says he explodes the hard drive at least once a year, because of how much he does on his. Victoria asks how much a Mac desk top is. Caleb says, it's over $2,000.


8:09 PM BBT Caleb tells about a touch screen Apple computer, and Cody says, he's never heard of that, he must be mistaken. General chit chat has been going on in the LR, and Christine was doing sign language.


8:13 PM BBT Christine says she's been taking sign language since her freshman year of high school. She says she so fluent because she has friends that are deaf, that she hung out with every Tuesday. She says that she used to interpret for people that needed interpreters. Frankie asks if she saw Celebrity Apprentice with Marley Matlin on it, and she says she saw clips. Frankie explains things that happened.


8:15 PM BBT Christine was telling a story about interpreting for a dirty Bachelorette party, and how she had to sign to one girl, and tell everyone what she was saying, while she was signing. Other chit chat was going on. They start discussing accents, and Caleb gets called to the DR. Derrick says, Matt's in there, and we see FoTH.


8:18 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, and the HG's are talking about Family Guy. Frankie is doing impersonations of Peter's voice. Zach tells how they got a new dog, and then Bryan came back, after the time machine was fixed.


8:21 PM BBT Zach says how bad Family Guy is for kids, but his brother laughs at it all. Frankie starts talking about inbred handicapped elves, and them being disfigured. Frankie is acting them out, and says it's the funniest thing he's ever seen in his entire life. Zach and Frankie bring up other episodes: one when Peter is gay, one with Bill Gates, one where Peter is a cross dresser, one when Bryan had sex with Quagmeyer's father. Production tells them they are not allowed to talk about movies. Christine is now rubbing Cody's head, and playing with his hair with her left hand, while general chit chat continues.


8:25 PM BBT Zach sings the opening song for Family Guy. Frankie says he wants to be a voice on the show. He talks about Megs voice, and the person doesn't change her voice for the character. Christine says that she does not have an attractive voice. Then she starts laughing at everything that Frankie and Zach are saying about the show. Zach asks Frankie if he can do a Cleveland voice, he attempts it. Christine says he doesn't have a country accent, and we see FoTH.


8:28 PM BBT When Live Feed comes back, Derrick is talking about the name of the city that Family Guy is in is actually like a clam. He tells everyone about "Stuffie's" that he eats at home, and how they are made. More convo about the television and movies with Seth McFarland.


8:30 PM BBT Frankie tells HG's how Set McFarland does multiple voices for the show, and how he sings in a trio as all of the characters. He starts to sing it, and we see FoTH again. More movie talk is going on, and Nicole asks Victoria to go to the fire room with her. They get up and leave the LR.


8:31 PM BBT Nicole and Victoria are in the KT, and Nicole takes clothes in the WA, she sets them on the couch. Christine comes out of WC, washes her hands, dries them, puts a clip in her hair, and walks out of WA. Victoria goes into the WA, stands on her tippy toes, lifts her shirt up, and is checking herself out in the mirror, she leaves the WA. All cams go to LR again, where the convo is still about movies, and Christine is now laying on the opposite couch, of where she was previously sitting.


8:36 PM BBT Nicole tried on a red dress that she may wear tomorrow. Frankie walks in the WA, and says it's stunning, and Zach says, it looks great. After Nicole checks it out in the mirror, she goes in WC to try other outfit on. She comes out in another red dress. Everyone says that one is nice, but they like the other one better. She says she'll wear the other one. Frankie says, with any gold accessories she has. Zach calls her a smoke bomb. Zach asks why the bathroom is so clean. Frankie tell him the Cody cleaned it and the KT.

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8:16 PM BBT: Christine is talking about experiences doing sign languages for different occasions. She says she had to do a "Dirty" bachelorette's party where she had to translate for one of the girls. Zach remarks on how cool sign language was invented. Donny asks if we have different acsents?  Zach starts talking about Derrick's acsent. We get fish because Cody was talking about production.


8:20 PM BBT: Talk turns to the Family Guy Christmas episode. Zach and Frankie start acting out some of the lines.  They then discuss other Family guy episodes.  Feed 1 again zoomes in on Christine this time scratching Cody's head. Caleb has left the room. the rest continue to discuss Family Guy. Frankie is immitating many of the characters on the show and we get fish. 


8:30 PM BBT: Talk turns to how funny Seth McFarland is. Frankie can't resist singing. back to fish.

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 8:38pm Nicole says she feels like she should look better as she folds her dress up and Zach says yeah you look hot.She then takes her dress to the bedroom.


 8:41pm Christine has set up the jenga blocks as dominoes and sets them off and they all fall Cody and zach cheer. In the WA Nicole is getting in the shower and Victoria is sitting there asking why it is so cold.


 8:45pm Cody is stacking the jenga blocks as Cody, Christine and Donny watch then Frankie comes in and ask if anyone wants to do abbs with him.


  8:51pm Frankie, Victoria, Zach and derrick in the KT just general talk about youtube as Frankie dances. in the LVR is Christine, and Cody playing with the jenga blocks and Donny just watching.


8:54pm Frankie now teaching Cody dance moves.


  8:56pm Caleb comes out of the DR and screams and Frankie freezes and says you scared me as Caleb laughs and says i was hoping Victoria was standing there when i came out.Frankie goes back to teaching Cody his dance moves.

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