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Tuesday, August 12 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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12:05 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb are in the rock room talking about how loved they must be outside the house. Caleb mentions people calling him cowboy when they were outside the house. Caleb gets called to DR. In the hammock, Nicole and Vic are talking about Christine and how untrustworthy she is. She talks about Christine saying that Derrick and Cody woke her up to flip on Nicole and Hayden. Victoria asks if she really believes that. Nicole says she asked Derrick and he said she could believe what she wants.


12:15 AM BBT Victoria and Nicole break it up and agree to start getting ready for bed. They say their good nights and head to the WA, then to the fire room to lay down. Victoria shuts off the light. Nicole asks her if she would switch her vote if Derrick and Cody switch theirs. BB says that the lights must stay on during the day which confuses the girls. Nicole thinks it was a mistake.


12:25 AM BBT The girls chit chat about what they miss about back home. Victoria thinks that Hayden had a good chance to win this. Nicole agrees that he did and he should be there instead of her. Lots of small talk in the backyard between Derrick, Christine, Cody, and Zach. Frankie talks about his go-go dancing days. Derrick moves the conversation on to Victoria not talking game with anyone because she doesn't know how. Zach says she told him that her strategy was to look pretty an act dumb.


12:40 AM BBT No change other than Frankie getting called to DR and Caleb sitting outside on the lounger. Zach heads inside to eat. Christine says he has so much TV time. Caleb then heads inside. Cody thinks something is off about him. In the KT, Zach offers Caleb $100 to train him for 8 weeks. Caleb says that is a discount because he usually doesn't charge less than $50 an hour. Caleb then says he is worth more than that in all fairness.


12:55 AM BBT Victoria is back up and hanging out in the KT with the boys. Derrick and Cody talk about Nicole running to Donny first and not either of them. Cody asks who she thought screwed her over. Derrick says he has not talked to her yet. In the KT, conversation is back to how loved they must be outside the house. Zach says yeah it's all about us three and then the rest of them.

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1:05 AM BBT Victoria heads out to the BY and is sad because she just did her good bye message. Derrick tells her to suck it up. He says it is just a game and that she could be talking bad about Victoria in her DR. Derrick moves on to tell her that Nicole thought Vic was going up and she was okay with it, not sad at all. Derrick tells her why every single person in the season has gone home.


1:15 AM BBT Caleb heads to bed after he and Frankie practice spinning. Frankie heads outside and Derrick gets called to DR. Zach heads outside to play pool with Frankie. Cody and Vic are talking in the KT about how rough it has been for Nicole the past couple of days.


1:25 AM BBT Derrick, Cody, and Vic are talking about Zingbot. Derrick is excited about it because the writers can come up with some good zings. In the BY Frankie, Christine, and Zach are working out how to orchestrate the next couple of weeks if there is still BOB comps.


1:40 AM BBT The BY crew brings up how Nicole reacted to being put up. Christine says she heard that she was going to be the back door plan if Nicole had stayed HOH. Christine moves on to say that Nicole told her that she will see the DR and see she wasn't going to do that. Frankie says that she uses the cameras and DR all the time.


1:50 AM BBT Frankie, Christine, and Zach are talking about being happy they are friends again. Zach says that if Frankie had not won BOB they would not have fixed themselves because the plan would have been successful. Frankie feels wounded because Zach brought it up but is quickly over it. The house is at peace for the night it seems.

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2:00 AM BBT Christine and Victoria talking about how Nicole will have so much fun in the jury house, because she will have Hayden. They decided that her leaving this week is "good for her" because she isn't working with anyone in the house.


2:15 AM BBT General chat in the kitchen with Zach, Victoria, and Christine. They begin talking about HGs from last season. Christine says that McCrae was embarrassing to watch, because he was with Amanda. Zach says he talks crap about everyone during his DR sessions. Cody and Frankie playing pool in the BY. 


2:26 AM BBT Zach says live feeders on East Coast get jipped. Frankie and Cody sitting on pool table with Derrick across from them, talking about what they are going to do when they get to final 6. Apparently, they're all going to sit in the HOH room and talk it out. Frankie says when the faces appear on the screen next week, no one should be blindsided. Cody says it's crazy that of the 8 people that are left (after Thursday) 6 of them have been working together since the beginning. Talk turns to how Hayden and Nicole thought they were masterminds and had no idea what was coming to them. 


2:31 AM BBT Frankie says that he has no idea what he will be doing after the show. Cody says he would like to fast forward three months and see where he lands. In the KT, Frankie is telling Victoria that she is Elissa [although I didn't catch why he said it]. It's all random chit chat. Christine says that if Devin tries to hug her at the after party, she won't touch him.


2:35 AM BBT Cody joins KT group.  Talk turns to Joey and the faces she used to make. They say she was really funny until Alex came along. Frankie and Derrick still in BY talking about how they completely gained Christine's trust back. They also think that once they get down to final 6, no one should be blindsided. Frankie says he's already prepping for the moment when he chooses Derrick. Derrick starts talking about DR sessions and we get WBRB. 


2:40 AM BBT Derrick and Frankie say they trust each other 100%. Derrick is building up Frankie's ego by telling him that he's made some huge moves in the game and telling him that if they make it to final two Frankie will no doubt win the whole thing. KT crew (Zach, Christine, Victoria, Cody) still talking about HGs that have already been evicted. 


2:44 AM BBT Frankie says he feels like he's a target for most people in the group. Derrick reassures him that there are other people. KT crew talking crap about Amber. 


2:47 AM BBT Victoria says goodnight and gives hugs to Derrick and Frankie. She goes back inside and Frankie says he always wonders what Victoria is doing. They start talking about how they need to get the next TA mission done. They have 15k now and are hoping to get 20k + stipend at the end. WBRB. 


2:50 AM BBT KT group talking about Donny have a break down today. Zach said he felt bad, because Donny was crying and saying that he misses his family and has no chance of winning the game. Cody said it makes him sick to his stomach that Nicole is so upset and crying. Christine asks if she should cry for them. [i keep typing this and then deleting it, but I'm over Christine. She's mean. - stephjean] 


2:53 AM BBT No game talk. Cody talking about cutting his hair. Frankie and Derrick talking about Derrick hosting the BotB competition. WBRB. 


2:55 AM BBT Derrick wants to keep up on his Twitter page when he gets out. Frankie says he can help him and teach him how to do it. Cody and Christine tell Zach to buzz his facial hair. Zach says Cody should let him cut his hair, but Cody says no. 

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#BB16 9:00AM BBT All HG sleeping.


#BB16 9:24AM BBT It was the wake up call. HG moving about the house. Caleb says he took his meds.


#BB16 9:43AM BBT Christine doing her ADLs in the HOH WCA.


#BB16 10:00AM BBT Donny and Caleb discuss the fairs that they are missing at home. Caleb says in October there is a ham festival in his town.

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 11:00am Donny sitting out in the BY alone all other HG sleeping.


11:04am zach is called to the DR and BB tells everyone to retrieve their activity bracelets and we get FOTH. WE come back and derrick is getting dressed in the Fire rm then goes back to bed.


11:11am Christine is in the WA washing her hands she then goes outside where Donny is he says  well hello there and she says  whats up. He tells her he has been reading everything out there and rode the bike a while and been setting out there for awhile now. 


  11:29am Donny has now moved to the LVR as he sits alone just looking around.


  11:46am Hg are still sleeping as Donny moves around the house looking bored.

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 12:00pm Donny now sitting back out in the BY alone as Everyone else is still in bed sleeping.


 12:27pm Christine was called to the DR and comes back out  and goes to the BY and tells Donny  she has the camera but she doesn't want to use it cause she doesn't like pictures and Donny says we can take pictures of you me and you.Donny says go wake people up and she says i hate waking people up though. Donny says at least it will give them the opportunity to take pictures and Christine agrees and goes to wake people up.


 12:33pm Christine just walking around the house with the camera as Donny sits in the BY and Caleb now being called to the DR. Christine has now moved to the bedrooms and taking pictures of the sleeping HG.


12:35pm Christine has now climbed in bed with Cody and  he covers his mouth and then hugs her then gets up as Nicole does. She says there is nothing to take pictures of.


 12:41pm Christine has taken cody's pictures with the sleeping HG and took a picture with derrick and Caleb.Cody and Christine now go out to the BY and She says Donny i got a playmate and Donny says hello there.


12:45pm Cody and Christine are now going to the LVR and setting the time on the camera so they can take a picture together in the nomination chairs.


12:54pm Frankie is now up doing pictures with Cody and Christine .

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1:05pm Caleb, Frankie and Christine are in the Kt taking pictures, Nicole is up and in the shower.


1:11pm Christine and Frankie running from room to room taking pictures .Caleb and Cody eating breakfast.Donny in the BY with his feet in the hottub and Nicole just finishing up her shower.


1:22pm Zach, Derrick and Victoria are still sleeping, Donny still sitting with feet in the hottub, Nicole still in the bathroom area getting ready for the day, Christine and Frankie still taking pictures as she is called to the DR. Cody and Caleb are sitting in the KT eating as they all say how awesome the pictures are that they have taken.


1:30pm Christine comes out of Dr and says she is so excited and tells cody she cant say one of her questions cause she gave her game away but it was exciting. she says i think i am going to go to bed  but i am so excited as she throws herself on codys bed and says  I love you cody. she hugs him and then says i am gonna go to bed.Nicole ask what her questions are and she says i was asked what i would do with the money and i said i would go traveling and take my parents.


1:33pm Nicole ask Christine if she had another question and she says yeah but i cant say what it was cause it was very unexpected. Nicole says can we talk later and Christine says  absolutely later. I am going back to bed right now baby i been up for so long.


1:37pm Nicole goes to the BY and Donny says Nicole is that you? I haven't been so tickled to see anyone till now. Donny ask her if she slept good and she says i sleep as long as i can. Donny says its is a beautiful day with the breeze blowing.


1:46pm Nicole ask Donny when you go to jury you have to stay there till the finale right and Donny says yeah. Nicole says i am going to miss the wedding i was supposed to be in and i hope she isn't mad at me. Donny says she isn't mad at you and Nicole says well she never agreed i could say her name or never wrote a letter and we get foth.


1:56pm Nicole and Donny talking about what they might get to do in jury or if it is going to be like in the house with nothing to do. Everyone else is in bed sleeping.

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#BB16 2:3PM BBT Nicole and Donny in the BY talking. Nicole wondering where she went wrong. Donny tells her to have no regrets.


#BB16 2:10PM BBT Nicole and Donny talk about jobs. Nicole Says she would be okay moving for work. Donny says he just wants his job back when he gets home. Nicole tells Donny if she leaves on Thursday, would he work as hard as he can to make it to F2 because there really aren't others she wants to vote for. Donny laughs and says that's virtually impossible.


#BB16 2:34PM BBT Nothing new to report. HG still sleeping. Nicole making a sandwich.

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#BB16 2:42PM BBT Nicole and Donny continue to chat. How Christine swears Donny is a college professor. Donny says a professor wouldn't speak the way he does.


#BB16 2:45PM BBT Donny asks Nicole if she has ever seen a married woman act the way Christine has. Nicole say she has never seen anyone get on top of so many people and touch so many people. She says she wasn't even sure Christine was actually married.

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2:57 PM BBT Nicole to Donny, I wish I could restart this game, I know what I would do. Donny says Joey won, because she got out first. He tells her that they have made it past the half way point. Nicole says she wished she would of kept her mouth shut more. Donny says that's what they've watched at home in previous seasons. He says it's been good with epic comps, tears, and no fist fights yet. Nicole says, yet. Donny says he's ready to watch football. He's looking forward to it getting dark around 5 p.m., and Survivor starting. He was talking about when the show airs.


3:00 PM BBT Nicole says that getting Hayden out was a plot. She says when she was told about her, him and Donny being in an alliance, she knew they wanted them to sit next to each other. Donny says they didn't have then numbers, and Nicole says they did at one point. He says he says he doesn't think so. He says he is disappointed with Cody. Nicole says she is also, and tells Donny to be careful if he stays in the house. Nicole says that everything she tells Cody gets back to Christine word for word. Nicole says that she told him stuff for his benefit, and he went and told her. Donny says they tell someone they are going to put them up, and then 15 min later they change it. Cody is sleeping in the rock room. Victoria grabs a bra, and leaves the fire room. Nicole says that Christine has told her that she's told to do stuff, but she's not told. We see FoTH.


3:07 PM BBT Live Feeds come back. Nicole says the first person to seriously compliment her was Hayden. She says he made her feel comfortable. Donny and Nicole were talking about Joey, Pow Pow and Frankie. Donny says he thought their 8 were tight. He says when the next 8 came in they had to double up in the bed. Nicole says their group was a more diverse group. Donny said the 2nd group had more characters in it. Nicole says that Zach was holding back sleeping all the time, so he didn't become a target. Donny says you can't get through this game with just ability, you have to have some shiftiness. Nicole says she is glad to have just played the game. She didn't think the opportunity would happen, so she should of studied more. She says that even people who don't see the show can win, hence Jordan. She says a lot of the game is luck, that Dan won a lot on luck. Donny says the HOH comp when they won he guessed.


3:09 PM BBT Donny says the last one he played in was luck with the higher or lower numbers. Donny and Nicole are still lounging on the couch in the BY. Victoria is in the WA putting stuff on her face, and brushing her hair. Donny says this game is so crazy, that either one of them can win it. He says that's just the nature of the game. He says it's highly unlikely, but could happen. Donny says he doesn't want to say anything this week, because they will run and tell someone else. Nicole says she wants to say something, but she knows that whatever happens is already planned, so it's not going to matter. Donny says if the DE happens again next week, one of them will be around to see it. Nicole asks why they would want her out over Caleb, because he's safe? Donny says because he's never put them up. Nicole says they don't have anyone else to put up. Donny says they can put Victoria up, because that's why they've kept her, to use her, and to sacrifice her when they have to. She says she's dangerous to them, because they can't control every move she makes.


3:17 PM BBT Nicole asks Donny is Hayden was one of her favorites in their, and he says absolutely. She says if there's a buy back, and he comes back, that he and Hayden need to powerhouse. Nicole tells Donny about a staring down instance with Hayden looking at her. Nicole says she has all the confidence in the world to give it back to them, because she knows she didn't do anything wrong. Donny says worse case scenario is they keep him here, put him up next week, and make him a HN again. He'll have to work really hard. Nicole says whichever one stays needs to be put up, and play BOB, so they aren't BD. Nicole asks if he really thinks another DE is coming, and he says, he thinks so. They say how Pow Pow may have thrown BOB comp, and Donny says it's the worst feeling, because he couldn't do anything to help. They both say how much they liked her, and miss her. Nicole says it would be cool if they cleared the block this week, and Donny says he doesn't think so. Nicole asks how long he thinks BOB will last? Donny says until they are all up with only the 2nd HOH left. Donny says they're done, there's no hope. He says at least their families are going to love them anyway. He says his shoulder and ankle have gotten better. He's a little still sleeping on the ice block, the slop's not as bad as he thought, the cold showers aren't as bad as he thought, the bed is hard, but he has done the best he can. He says it would be nice to be on the couch with his girlfriend watching t.v., going to the swimming pool, and laughing. Victoria went to KT to get food, and goes into SR, went back to the KT, and goes to BY. Donny says he needs to hydrate, and Victoria gets told to, please put on her microphone. She goes to the WA to get it, and goes out to BY again.


3:27 PM BBT Nicole asks Victoria if she got up, and she said she forced herself to get up, because she's already slept for 12 hours. She says that's never happened in her life. Nicole says they took pictures earlier, but didn't take any of them. Nicole, Donny and Victoria are discussing what time they woke up. Victoria asks if she (Christine) didn't even ask to take their pictures? Nicole says she looked out of it, and nope. Donny says 5 weeks is a long time, and Nicole agrees. Donny tells them about a spot that on the couch from where he's sitting, and it must be from him. He says he's been up since 9 a.m., he slept decent, he's ate slop twice, once for breakfast, and once like grits. He says his stomach gets to rolling in the evening, so he may not eat the fish. Donny asks Victoria is she ate the slop in the grain form early on, and she said yes, and it was disgusting. Nicole says it was sick. Victoria says she must have passed out when she went to bed, because she didn't even hear Derrick go to bed, and she's usually a light sleeper. He asks Victoria if she went to bed at 4 a.m.? He says they must get some good television late at night. Victoria says Zach went to bed later than her. Nicole asks what they did, and Victoria says she was watching them play pool, and were cracking jokes.


3:33 PM BBT Victoria tells Nicole that she was mimicking Zach. Donny says that Victoria won't have enemies after this, she will probably be friends with Zach after this. Nicole says sometimes enemies become friends, but some people don't stay in touch. Victoria says her parents are going to run if they see Zach at the airport. They were talking about how they will all stay in touch. Victoria says there is an App to download called Whatsapp, where they can have a group chat. Donny says he has an iPhone. Nicole was saying that Cody has some type of big Android phone. Victoria says you can talk all over the world for free, and that's how she talks to her friends in Israel.


3:36 PM BBT Victoria was saying how the app will save your pictures to your camera roll, and you can send like 10 at once. Donny says he likes texting better than talking. He asks if Amber lives in lives in California now, not Tennessee, and starts talking about where everyone lives.


3:38 PM BBT Cody sits up and lays back down in the rock room. Victoria says how someone in her family knows Theresa from Housewives, and she doesn't really like her. She says someone named Karen from Mob Wives was at her sister's wedding. Nicole goes in KT to wash her dishes. Donny asks if she watches Gypsy Wives, and they start talking about the people on the show.


3:40 PM BBT Nicole gets a cold coffee to drink, she opens it, and then goes out to BY. Nicole asks when Hayden took Victoria down who went up? Then she guessed, Amber. Donny and Nicole discuss how they have to pack, and she says she's packing right away. She says when she sees hers in there it's going to be different. She asks Victoria if she will bring her anything she forgets. She says she wants her spandex shorts back, because it will be hot where they are. Victoria says they should give her back everything they took. Nicole asks how it works, and Victoria says they told her they are saving outfits for her. Then we see FoTH.


3:46 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Victoria laying in bed in the fire room, and Cody half out of his covers, and laying on his stomach in the rock room. Nicole and Donny are in the BY talking about a show being done with veterans. Nicole says she would be on the ins instead of the outs, and Donny says it would be the same thing. She says the Bomb Squad really screwed them over. Donny says he's been woke up so many times in the house to be told stuff, he doesn't even know why he needed to know. He says they could of waited until the morning, or not being told at all. He says that Devin came to lay with him one time in the rock room. Nicole asks if he doesn't like to be woke up, and he says, "Lord, no." Donny says the comps he's won are Miami Lice, Dice, the DE, Abra Cobobra, and the HOH with Nicole. Nicole says she's been on the block 4 times, the same as Donny. He says they are going to have a lot of credentials. He says he's battled in a lot of comps from being up there that much. Nicole says she wishes she won the Veto, but she can't beat those crazy boys. Nicole says she face-planted it. Donny talks about the game, living through it, and not getting hurt. He says that's good.


3:52 PM BBT Donny says he bets that no one has looked at thy sky as much as him this summer. He says that no one has probably enjoyed the trees like he has. Donny says it's kind of sad. Nicole says it won't be really sad, it is what it is. Donny says last friend, and says they need to change the subject. Nicole says that Julie says just because they go to the jury house doesn't mean they're out of the game. Donny says, oh man, we have to take our crap, and then could bring it back. They were talking about Spencer having to do it about 7 or 8 times last year.


3:55 PM BBT Donny asks Nicole is a lot of airplanes go over her house back home, and she says no. She asks him the same, he says he lives east of Charlotte, so he sees them, and wonders where they go. He says there is an Air National Guard Unit near him that practices there. He says there's a lot of military in North Carolina, Marines, Army, and maybe a Naval Base that had planes, that may have been shut down. He says he got to see the Mississippi River coming, his first experience in an airplane. He says he was above a lightening storm, and it was pretty. He says he probably followed the sunset for 3 hours, but it might not have been that long. He says he got to stick his hands and feet in the Pacific Ocean, and he would of never had those opportunities if he didn't go there. He says he started to say it didn't cost him a dime, but if he doesn't have his job to go back to, it's going to cost him a lot. Nicole asks how many weeks they've been there? They are figuring it out to be 8 weeks.


3:59 PM BBT Nicole says that's a long time. She asks Donny the date, and he tells her August 12. She asks when they said Finale is, and he says September 16. He says school will be started back. He asks Nicole about going back to school, if she can start in the Spring. She says the way the Doctor program works, is you probably have to wait 1 year. She says if she can jump in come Winter/Spring she will. She says you can work with going to school, but you shouldn't because of the class demand. Donny tells her that she could be commissioned as an Officer in the Army, and be a nurse. Nicole says she doesn't want to go back and think about studying. She says she wishes she had taken her boards, because they were scheduled the Wednesday before she left. She says that when there are major life changes you shouldn't take them. She says if you fail, you have to wait 90 days to retake them. She says she's going to have to use her study program when she gets back. She says she thinks she would of passed. She says she wasted $400.


4:03 PM BBT Donny asks Nicole if Las Vegas was pretty? She says it was, but not a place she would go back to, because it's not really her speed. She says she doesn't really like gambling. Donny says he would love to see the lights. She says she wishes she would of been able to do that more, but she was with friends, and there for a 21st birthday. She says she gets upset if she loses $20, so she quit. Donny asks her if it snows a lot where she's from, and she says, yes. Donny says it doesn't snow that much by him, he maybe had 4 coverings this past winter. She says she had a really bad winter. Donny says where he's from, you can spill a cup of ice, and they'll shut schools down. Nicole says they have snow days built in. Donny says they don't have snow days, so if they miss, they have to go on Saturday to make it up. Frankie gets up in the HoHR, and brushes his teeth. He says to the cameras that he's wide awake, and goes down to the KT. Donny is telling Nicole what he does for work, and that during the winter it's not that bad, because they don't get it really bad. Nicole was saying they shovel, and ice gets under the snow. She says they use a 4-wheeler to push the snow. She says it's good bonding time, and she misses her brother a lot, because they are really close. She says that her brother is probably having a hard time watching her in the house, especially being called a Fruit Loop Dingus.


4:09 PM BBT Frankie goes to BY, and asks if everyone else is sleeping. Donny says Victoria got up for a short time, and went back to bed. Frankie says he knew when he woke up in the HoHR, and the cameras were following him, he knew he was the only other person up. Nicole says her and Donny do the day show, and they do the night show. Nicole and Frankie discuss questions that they get from the DR when they are HOH.


4:11 PM BBT Nicole tells Frankie how he played it off so good with being Ariana's brother. He said that Victoria kept saying things about her, and singing her music, and it was hard not to say anything. Frankie says he thinks he keeps napping because he has a sinus infection, and he's taking medicine for it. He goes to lay in the sun in the BY. Nicole says, "Holy crap, people got some secrets up in this house." Donny says he's going to go and freshin up a bit, and then he and Nicole can walk around the BY, she says O.K. Donny walks inside, Nicole takes a drink out of her blue cup, and Frankie is lying in a chair catching some rays. Nicole is talking to herself, looking in the mirror, adjusting her clothing, saying they must have some normal human beings in this house. She says she's going to get some shoes, and walks inside. She goes back to the BY, without getting the shoes, and starts walking around.


4:16 PM BBT Nicole is whispering to herself, as she walks around. Frankie sneezes, and Nicole says, "Bless you," to him. Donny comes back out to the BY. He says, "we're gonna get some black feet." Nicole says she took a shower this morning, but she likes black feet. She says she doesn't generally wear shoes a lot. Frankie gets told to go to the SR. He grabs his chest, where his microphone is not on. He puts his microphone on. He gets a Badminton set, and gets his activity tracker. He says this is so fun, asks if they get a net, and says, this is so awesome. He takes some medicine, and heads back to the BY. Donny and Nicole where discussing when they had the pizza party last week. Frankie goes out to the BY and says, "Badminton anybody?" They all get excited to play, and Nicole says they got Jenga also. They start playing, and Donny says someone will end up in the water when those boys get up. Donny says they were just talking about getting something to do when it gets down to less people. Nicole says you don't realize how fun this is, until you don't have anything to do.


4:21 PM BBT Frankie asks if it's really Jenga, and Nicole says yes. He says, "Shut up." He says this is going to be so fun. She talks about GM playing Jenga. Frankie goes inside to get sunglasses, and says, "Thank you BB." He's up in the HOHR in the bathroom using some nasal spray, eating something on his way back to the BY. Nicole says she plays this in a gym. Donny is telling Frankie how they can use the one area, and pretend it's a net. Nicole gives a shout out to the teacher that taught her to play Badminton. They are all enjoying playing Badminton. Frankie says that Devin told him that Donny is a professional Badmintoner before he left. Nicole goes to WA to put her hair up in a bun. Donny asks if they can get a medic on standby. Frankie says it will be more for the fights after Jenga, then for Badminton.


4:26 PM BBT Donny asks Frankie if he wants to move out of the sun, and he says, no, he loves it, and he's trying to tan, that's why he has his sun glasses. He says he wants to move his activity tracker to his other hand, because he wants it on his giving hand. Donny says how they had just talked about this. Nicole says it makes everything happier, especially with everyone sleeping. She says they are going to be part of a study. Frankie says they are part of a study, it's called BB. Donny says there may have been college students there in the beginning, because they all looked around the same age. Frankie starts naming things they could be thinking behind the scenes. They are all laughing, and having a good time.


4:30 PM BBT They changed up the rotation a little, and Nicole says it's going a little better. She says she doesn't have good hand eye coordination, so she goes overhand. Nicole asks where this game from, and Frankie says he thinks it's British. They are discussing how the birdie has a rubber tip now with the cup on it, and Frankie says it used to be feathers. Frankie was telling them about his mansion dream, where no one could talk to him, and it was terrible.


4:33 PM BBT Nicole asks Frankie if he's used to Volleyball, and he's says exactly. Nicole and Frankie start saying, "Got it" and "mine," while going after the birdie. Excited all around. Frankie says they called him Tiger on his volleyball team because of his stance. He says he was on a Varsity Volleyball Team in High School. Nicole says shes never heard of such a thing. Donny says down south it's a substitute to have a Girl's Volleyball Team. Nicole asks if they played with 6, and he says yes, he was a middle back. Nicole says she was on a Volleyball Team also. She says she was never a Spiker, she says the rotation somehow went around, and she would always be a Digger. Frankie says they never let him up front either.


4:37 PM BBT Nicole says having her glasses on isn't good for playing. Frankie keeps saying words as he's going for the birdie. Donny says that was the longest time (volley) yet. Nicole says she hit it off the freaking side. Nicole asks if they want to get to a certain number. They are trying for 20, without it falling. They got to 7 and it fell. Then it fell after 2. Nicole dropped it after about 6. Donny says this is the most sweat he's found all season. Frankie says they made it to 9 now. He says, just a lovely summer day in England, and keeps talking in a British accent. Nicole says they got to 10 this time. She says, the key is to get it high. They went for a while this time, but they didn't say the number. They dropped it after a few the next time. They drop again after several times. Donny says he needs to take a couple breathes. They went a while this time for a while. They made it to 25, and Nicole says, "Badminton champions here, thank you BB." They take a water break. Frankie says it's time to go back to bed. Frankie and Nicole discuss that the name Jenga isn't on the game, probably because they can't have it on there for TV. They all go inside. Donny asks how to play, and says he's only played like once, and Nicole says she will teach him. Nicole asks Frankie if he's ever seen the giant Jenga that is a drinking game? He says, no. Nicole says she thinks that someone made this game by hand. She says she wrote down Operation, and laughs. She's recalling GM and Amanda fighting over the pieces, and how they must have it on script.


4:46 PM BBT Donny had commented in the BY that they were probably going to get turnt up, and they check their activity trackers now to see how high they've gotten. Christine wakes up in the rock room, puts her glasses on, grabs her water, and goes to the Dining Room table. Nicole tells her what games they got. Christine asks if they were called to the SR, and Nicole says, yes, Frankie. She says she does remember that. Frankie, Nicole and Donny are all playing Jenga around the Dining Room table. Cody is stirring in bed in the rock room, and Caleb has one leg out of his covers, and is still asleep.


4:48 PM BBT Nicole says, "It's getting down to the wire." Frankie is looking for a place to move. He is trying to take out a middle piece from about midway down the stack. He does it, and puts it on top. Nicole's turn, and she pulls a loose piece from the side, and puts it on top. Donny pulls a lower piece out, and puts it on top. Christine is walking around the KT, while It's Frankie's turn again, he takes another middle piece out, and puts it on top. Nicole goes, puts her piece on top. Donny takes his turn as well. Now it's back to Frankie. Christine goes up to HoHR, she is fumbling around in the refrigerator. Frankie went, and now Nicole takes her turn. Christine grabs some things from the HoHR, and heads back downstairs. Donny makes his turn successfully. Frankie says it's getting so high, it makes him want to throw up. Frankie takes his turn. Zach is up in the ice room, going through his basket, while Nicole takes her next turn. Donny makes another turn perfectly. Zach carries his basket out of the ice room, as Frankie finishes his turn. They are at 24 layers. They tell Zach the games they got, and he asks if that's why Frankie got called to the SR. He says, "Thank you, BB," as he goes out to the laundry area in the BY. Nicole and Donny make their turns successfully. Nicole says she thinks they had more fun with the Badminton, then they did with Corn Hole for the first time.


4:56 PM BBT Frankie breathes a sigh of relief at level 25. Nicole makes another turn happen, and so does Donny. Nicole is saying there's a possibility with one piece. Donny says it may move and level out. Frankie gets his piece to level 26. Zach knocks on sliding door to go back inside, and tells Zach what level they are at. Zach says it's a fun game. Nicole got a piece from the bottom, and puts it on top. Frankie says, "Holy crap, yes." He says, he wants to throw up. Donny makes his turn. Nicole says she's never had a game last this long. Frankie says it's intense. Frankie got his piece and it fell on level 27. They all say, "Jenga." He says that's huge. Frankie says he's making fish. Nicole asks if he's making a big fish, and he says yes. She asks if she can have some, and he says he'll make some fish tacos. Nicole thanks BB for the games. She tells Christine about her gym class Badminton. Frankie goes to WA with Zach, they hug each other. Frankie sits down on couch, and tells Zach about his headache and sinus infection, as Zach brushes his teeth. Frankie walks out of WA, and Donny tells him to tell them, "Thank ya." He says he will. Nicole is setting up the game. Christine is eating at the KT table. Donny says this is good for him because he's actually an architect, jokingly. Nicole says you start with 16 layers. Frankie says, we killed it today, great job guys, time to go back to bed.


5:03 PM BBT Frankie is saying how he's off in the KT. Zach went to WC, and is washing his hands in the WA. Frankie asks Nicole if she'll get an Avocado, they debate over Guaq or just mashed up Avocado. Christine  thinks she's going to get Fan Favorite, as she's in the BY telling Cody about her questions from the DR. Nicole apologizes to Frankie, hugs him, telling him this is just a game. Christine tells Cody about her shout outs in the DR. Nicole says she wouldn't be like this outside the house.


5:07 PM BBT Christine tells how she talks to America in her DR, and how she talked to Jana, about Derrick. She says she said that living with Zach attack is sometimes horrifying. Nicole and Frankie in KT making food. She asks Zach what to put in the Avocado to make it taste better. He tells her to put Garlic in it, and squeeze a lemon in it.


5:09 PM BBT Cody tells Christine he heard them yell, "Jenga." So, he thought he should get up right away. Cody says he's had some bad dreams in the house. She tells him that with the nightmares Tim has, no one can top them. He starts telling him her dream about the strip & his favorite pizza place back home. Nicole to Frankie in the KT, you get scared when you change who you are in this game. She tells him he's been one of her favorites in this game. He says he feels the same way. Frankie says he was getting excited when Nicole was getting feisty. He says he feels bad for encouraging her. Cody is still laying on hammock in BY, with Christine eating on the orange bean bag next to him.


5:12 PM BBT Frankie tells Nicole she still is going to NY with him. She tells him not to forget about her when they leave the house. He says, he won't. They begin talking about the final two in the game. She says that one person gets a lot of money, and the other person gets a ton also. Frankie agrees, and says it's all for the benefit of one, come on. Cody still talking about his dream in the BY.


5:14 PM BBT Nicole asks Frankie if he truly forgives her, and he's says, yes. She says she hopes so, because she is genuinely sorry. Frankie wonders if the DR will ask her about it. He runs up to Nicole, and gives her a hug. Christine to Cody, you just have a very active imagination. She is laughing like a school girl. They are discussing how they are taking naps. She says that was cool though, like a movie she would want to see. Cody asks why his dreams are like that, and says, he's going to need to see a therapist. Victoria laying on bed in fire room, and is talking to Derrick. Frankie and Nicole are discussing where Frankie has been living. He says he's been living with his sister for the last two years, and they are super close to the area they are at in the BB house. Victoria wonders if her sister is pregnant or not. Donny and Zach are lounging in the BY. Donny is spinning the Badminton racquet.

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5:21 PM BBT Zach and Donny are discussing how much time is left in the house in the BY. Donny is trying to figure out how much longer his beard will be by time he leaves. 


5:24 PM BBT Derrick joins Zach and Donny in the BY. They are discussing how long they slept. Donny tells Derrick him and Zach are good looking HN's. Cody/ Christine/Nicole are talking about parties and how many guys Nicole had kissed. 


5:28 PM BBT Cody is trying to coax Nicole into kissing him. Nicole says it could go bad and won't be friends afterwards. Nicole tells Cody he is too good looking for her to kiss. He asks her who says that. Cody tells her he already decided they are going to have a showmance. Nicole said it doesn't work that way things have to evolve. 


5:32 PM BBT Nicole/Cody/Christine are discussing Amber and Brittany liking him. The girls tell Cody there is no way he ever gets turned down. Cody said he doesn't have some Dracula like trance that makes girls want him and that is why some guys don't ever tell girls they like them because they are afraid of rejection. Cody tells them he thinks Victoria would be a bad kisser. 


5:36 PM BBT Cody/Nicole/Christine are discussing relationships and kissing. Derrick/Donny/Zach are discussing fan favorite vote. Derrick says that the fan favorite can not come from the F2. Donny and Zach didn't know this. They are discussing previous seasons fan favorite. They are talking about Survivor and the last seasons players. 


5:39 PM BBT Derrick looks over to Cody in the hammock and tells Zach/Donny "that he has the world by the nuts." He is talking about how all the girls gravitate to him, are always wanting to touch him. Zach gets up and leaves and Derrick immediately tells Donny that he thinks they can "do it" if they go on a run and win a few HOH's. Donny asks what type of comps should be coming up based on previous seasons. 


5:43 PM BBT Derrick and Donny agree that if its an endurance comp Caleb will be there at the end. Donny mentions Survivor and says depending on what they have to stand on a lot of the girls win it. Derrick says all we can do is do our best, and that's what he has done for 54 days. Derrick says he is upset at himself over the Tumbling Dice Comp. Donny says he wished he had noticed people doing 2 eggs earlier and he lucked into the one HOH he won. 


5:46 PM BBT Donny questions Derrick about his parks and rec program and how many people are there. Derrick is ready and says there is someone named Jen, 4 other "supervisors" and they have some kids in a summer program that can pick up trash but can't use weed eaters, mowers, etc. It is an amazingly well rehearsed answer to be a lie. He is telling Donny about the budget he has, how many parks he is over, etc. 


5:50 PM BBT Zach comes into the BY and says ruling change, they can have chocolate milk as HN. Derrick says they could always have it because it is milk. Donny says he hopes he can get his job back when he gets back. Derrick tells him he thinks he will get it back because he has represented his town well and played an honest game. Donny is telling Derrick about his work truck that he gets to drive home. Derrick comes up with some answers about his park and rec job about who can get a take home car and who can't. 


5:54 PM BBT Zach comes back into the BY with his chocolate milk. He asks Derrick if he has finished his BB Bucket List. Derrick says everything except getting Zing'ed and winning a POV. They are trying to figure out how many people are in the house when the Zing bot came. Donny is asking whether Helen ever told the HG's her true job. Derrick says the twist of someone not being who they say are was Frankie, and there may have been someone else but they are probably already gone (Little do they know they are talking to the person who is not what they say.) Derrick tells Donny and Zach about Nicole graduating top of class in nursing school. Caleb wakes up and comes into the BY and Frankie sits down on the couch with them as well. 


5:59 PM BBT Derrick brings up the fact the all the guys are on the couches except Cody and all the girls are around him. Zach mentions the fact that Christina is always rubbing Cody's hair. Caleb says girls occupy Cody's mind but 500k consumes his. They bring up Christina being married and maybe her husband said it was ok to flirt if it was strategy. Donny jokes and says his strategy is to go to bed early, miss all the drama, and sit in the BY alone. Everyone laughs and Frankie says well its working. Frankie is discussing the man he wants that now he wants a manly man. 


6:07 PM BBT BB tells the HG's to put the canopies down. Nicole wants to play badminton 2 on 2. Nicole/Cody are on one team and Zach/Victoria are on a team. First volley Zach and Nicole get in a shouting match on which side the birdie hit on. Christine/Donny/Frankie are inside in the KT. Christine is washing some dishes and Frankie gets a tortilla while Donny makes a drink. 


6:11 PM BBT The badminton players are still attempting to play in between the arguments of whats in/whats out. Frankie/Derrick head inside to make some more of the shells to eat. Frankie has already ate 5 and says he don't think he can do anymore he will die. Derrick goes to get some vegetable oil from the SR. Frankie tells Derrick/Donny he can tell when nothing else is going on in the house because the cameras in the HOH will follow him as he walks to the bathroom. 


6:16 PM BBT Frankie is mixing up a halibut salad (like tuna salad but with halibut) and Derrick agrees it is so good and Frankie says it is expensive. Cody/Nicole are still playing against Zach/Victoria in the BY. They both scream really loud when they score a point. 


6:22 PM BBT Caleb tells Derrick and Frankie that if he gets off slop Thursday and they aren't cooking like this he is going to be pissed. Frankie says he thinks they should have a gentlemen's agreement that if you are on the block you shouldn't be a HN. Derrick says that would be impossible and Derrick says they should just stick with the current plan of whoever has been it the least goes up as HN. They all agree Christina and Victoria should be next HN because Christina has only been HN once. They all discuss when the HN's will be cut out for good. 


6:29 PM BBT Cody/Nicole seems to have beaten Zach/Victoria in the BY. Cody/Nicole are now playing against Zach/Cody. Donny/DerrickChristina/Frankie are on the BY couches spectating the badminton game. They go over all the rules before playing and Zach makes a diving dig on first serve. 


6:35 PM BBT Everyone is just lounging in the BY either playing badminton or sitting on the BY couches. Frankie is massaging Victoria's neck. No game talk at all. Everyone is engrossed in the badminton game and listening to mainly Cody and Zach argue. 


6:39 PM BBT Caleb makes a diving save and flexes to gloat to the other side. Frankie yells from the side line to Caleb that "he is everything he ever wanted in a man." He then describes to Christina he has already dated guys like Cody but now he wants someone like Caleb. 


6:43 PM BBT Christina tells Frankie and Derrick her Twitter questions. 1. What will you do with the money? 2. Which previous HG are you most imitating? And then she tells them there was another question that she can't tell them and Derrick is really intrigued at what it could be.


6:46 PM BBT Frankie says he wants to play badminton but not against Cody. Frankie and Christine are discussing how much weight Caleb as lost and how much better he looks. Frankie says Caleb will get a lot more modeling work once he gets out of the house looking like that. The same players are still playing badminton and the others are just watching. Christina goes inside to take her heartburn medicine. 


6:52 PM BBT Cody/Nicole beat Zach/Caleb. Zach and Caleb want a rematch but Cody says he hasn't eaten all day and needs some food. Caleb and Nicole head to the couches to sit down. Victoria is in the WA taking a shower. Zach and Cody are in the SR. Zach says he had hid something in the fridge for when he came off HN but it looks like someone is finding them. Cody goes to the KT to look for guacamole but they are out so he goes in SR to get items to make more.  


6:55 PM BBT Zach is in the KT telling Cody what to put in the guacamole.  Frankie comes inside and tells Zach he thinks he has a sinus infection and has a headache. Donny was just telling him in the BY about using a nose spray for sinus infection. Frankie is using his British accent and Zach says when his dad gets around family from England his accent gets bad. Christine/Nicole/Donny are sitting on BY couches in silent. Frankie says he is going upstairs to take a shower in HOH. Finally in the BY Christine says she can't believe OTEV was in the BY it looks so small. 


6:59 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are playing pool. Derrick tells Caleb he would hook him up with his sister, because his sister is going to pester him for Caleb's number. Christine says that ZachAttack would look a lot cooler if his name ended in K instead of H, because now it looks stupid. Talk turns to handwriting, cursive compared to print. 


7:02 PM BBT While playing pool Derrick tells Caleb he is in Texas at least every 3 months and he will hit him up when he is down. Maybe they can catch a Rangers game. Derrick said his dad owns a store called Liberty Coin and he buys gold, silver, rare coins etc. Says his dad is on a radio station down there discussing old coins. Derrick says his dad is pretty well off - got ATV's, drag cars, a lot to do but he is usually bored during the day so him and Caleb need to hang out while his dad is at work. 


7:05 PM BBT Zach joins the BY couch crew and he tells Nicole that she was killing it out there playing badminton. Nicole says she is so glad they gave them something to play with. Derrick and Caleb are still discussing places around Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington area. Nicole said she keeps thinking she will forget stuff that happened but then they have it on tape, Zach tells her the regular episode doesn't show much but if she types in "Nicole BB 16" on YouTube plenty will pull up. They are now discussing whether finale is hour or hour and a half episode. Zach yells to Caleb/Derrick that he has next. 


7:09 PM BBT Donny/Zach/Nicole/Christina are discussing which day they left on. Zach asks Christina if she quit Starbucks and she says at this point yes, but her manager promised they would have her a spot but she doesn't know if she wants to go back to Starbucks. Cody and Victoria are whispering in the KT about Nicole. Cody says he is going to tell her straight up because he promised her he wouldn't lie to her and he would expect the same from her. Cody says this is the worst part of the show when someone good like Nicole goes up but there are people like Frankie and Zach left. He says he trusts her over Donny and Victoria is shocked he wouldn't trust Donny. Cody says he is still going to talk to Christina to see where her head is but when she put Nicole up she said she had to get her out or it would be bad. 


7:13 PM BBT Victoria said she told Nicole not to give up and Nicole said what is the point, everyone's mind is already made up. Cody says that's just it no one's mind is ever made up. They both agree even if it would be a 3-3 vote Christina is going to vote out Nicole and that would put a target on them. Cody says he didn't think Frankie had succeeded in getting Nicole put up. Victoria says she thinks Nicole's argument should be that Donny is a bigger threat to Christina than she is. Cody said he believes that once the decision is made to put someone on the block this late in the game, they pretty much have to stick with that decision or that player will come back after them. They both agree "it just sucks.  


7:16 PM BBT Cody and Victoria are still discussing Nicole's probable eviction. Cody asks Victoria if she has talked to Derrick. Victoria said yea, but Derrick said he didn't really talk to Nicole till late in the game and he isn't sure how she would vote later on. Victoria and Cody both agree if there is a buyback and either Nicole or Donny is in the house and Hayden comes back or if Nicole is evicted and Donny is in the house and Nicole or Hayden comes back that its bad for them. Cody says either way he wants Donny gone next week. Victoria says she feels nauseous and her hands are freezing but she feels hot "here" and has Cody feel of her cleavage area. Cody tells her that feels cold too and she said she is going to get a jacket and Cody stays eating at the KT bar. 


7:22 PM BBT Cody goes in the BY and Derrick/Caleb are still playing pool. All the other HG's are on the BY couches talking about what their parents are saying and Donny is wondering what his co-workers are saying. Zach says his mom has a white board in her office and she has probably wrote on it "Do Not Ask About My Son." Zach says his parents probably lock the doors, pull the curtains so no one bothers them. He said they have probably duct taped his brothers mouth because she takes the show so serious and would tell them to either be quiet or go into Zach's room to watch it. He said his mother told him not to do anything stupid to embarrass her or not to come home. 


7:27 PM BBT Zach is talking about how big his brother is for his age. He said his dad tells him that in 2 years his brother will be beating him up. Zach is telling how bad he tortures his brother. Everyone acts like they are in shock, and Zach says it is border line child abuse and everyone laughs. Derrick and Zach go to play pool. Christina is talking about a motorcycle group that goes with kids to court if they have to testify against someone so they won't feel scared. Donny says they have one in Gastonia, NC. Donny tells its almost cold shower time and Christina asks him if he takes one everyday and he says yea. She asks why doesn't he take it at night and he tells them its really not that bad. Everyone on the couch start discussing what songs played this morning for wake up. 


7:35 PM BBT Caleb is running around the BY. Donny asks Cody if he is going to life weights today and Cody says no he is too sore. Nicole is laying with her head over in Cody's lap. Zach scratched on 8 ball and lost to Derrick. Cody mentions how relaxing it is in the BY because no one is really talking. Donny goes inside to take his shower. Victoria asks how camera time was this morning and Cody says it was the most fun they have had in awhile. 


7:38 PM BBT While Zach and Derrick are playing pool Zach says "look" and points out how Christina has scooted a little closer so she is almost laying in his lap too. Derrick says Cody is a "beast" and that he owns the girls. Cody has his hand on Nicole's hip and is rubbing her thigh with his thumb. They keep looking up and talking about how big the planes are that fly over and that causes Nicole to get up. Cody comments on the work outs Caleb is doing and how he hated doing them back when he played soccer. Zach calls Victoria "Vick" as she walks out and Cody tells Nicole and Christine that she hates it. Cody says he is bored and Christine says "lets think what we can do to fix it." Cody says they have Jenga and Nicole said she definitely wants to play tonight and Nicole walks across the BY to help Victoria with the hammock. 


7:43 PM BBT Derrick is talking about how stressful things are now that it is getting toward the end. Zach says think about, it is your dream and its the most stressful time in your life. Derrick says his dream is to win BB but his wife wants the money. She told him when he left he better win, since he left a wife and kid behind for 3 months. Victoria and Nicole are in the hammock and Victoria asks if she has talked to anyone yet. Nicole says not yet but she wants to talk to Christine first and she asks Victoria if she should go now and Victoria says yea because just Cody is over there. Nicole goes across the BY and asks if she can talk to Christina a sec and they go inside to chat. 


7:47 PM BBT Nicole and Christina go to the FR. Nicole says this is going to be an uncomfortable conversation but she has to do this to stay in the game. Nicole says she doesn't have anything bad to say against Donny but if she keeps Donny in the game him and Zach are tight. Nicole said I know you and Cody are close, and Derrick and Victoria are close. Nicole says Donny is veto king so it may be hard to get him out of the house. Nicole says she vows and promises to work with her and if she wins HOH she won't come after her that she will go after Frankie. Nicole says she is alone at this point and can't do any damage. Nicole is really targeting Donny saying he is hard to get out and if he makes it to end he has played a clean game. She tells her she wanted to come talk to her before going to Derrick and Cody. Nicole said she wasn't going to put up a fight but she feels like she has to. Nicole seems to think it will be a tie and she needs Christina's tie breaker. 


7:53 PM BBT Nicole says Donny is a great guy but he was able to win the DE POV and if there is another POV she is his target. Nicole says she thinks Victoria would be on board if Cody and Derrick vote to keep her. Christina says she wouldn't be upset if Nicole stays, but she feels its the boys that want her out and forced Christina to put her up. Donny interrupts them to get some clothes out of the FR. Once he leaves they continue talking. Nicole says she understands why Zach and Frankie want her out but she is alone in the game and can do whatever she wants. Nicole tells Christina she can't play in HOH but she can. Nicole said she doesn't want to throw Donny's game off because if he stays she wants him to go far, and Christina says "I can't stand him." Nicole feels like its a lost cause but wanted to get Christina's ear before she thought she was sneaking and talking to Derrick and Cody. 


7:59 PM BBT Christina says even when she nominated her she didn't really want her out, it was the guys. They both keep saying how scary Donny is how smart he is. Nicole said he has been able to figure out things she never told him. Nicole says the difference in her and Donny is he is set in stone about his targets but she is open for whoever. Nicole said she may have won 2 HOH's but he has won a ton of vetoes and she would choose to win every veto over HOH's. Christina again says Donny is so scary and she wants him out so bad that she doesn't trust him and Cody doesn't trust him. Nicole asks Christina why do the guys want her out so bad and Christina tells her they told her she knows too much. Nicole says she can't lie and say she would never turn on you 3, but she would never want to be in the house with Caleb and Frankie so she would be an asset to Christina, Derrick, and Cody. Nicole tells Christina when the time comes use her to get her friends out, because she already has blood on her hands. 


8:05 PM BBT Nicole tells Christina even if the plan is to get rid of Nicole/Donny this week and the other one next week it would still be better to keep her for another week. Derrick says she thought her and Derrick were close since they won HOH together and Cody has promised her a lot. Nicole says she had heard Christina said she wanted to be the only girl in the house and she denies that. She says "why would I want that?" I couldn't beat them. Nicole says we have been through way too much not to feel comfortable talking to each other and even now things feel 100 percent back to normal. Nicole says she don't know why Zach wants Donny to stay so freaking bad. They then discuss who they would rather be on block and going home and it seems they both would rather Caleb be leaving. Christina has her head in her hands saying "this sucks."


8:11 PM BBT Nicole says yes I agreed to the stupid scenario but all the people you trust were in the room too, it may have not been my idea, but they used it against me when I said ok to backdooring you if Frankie won POV. Nicole says even though they used her words against her, she still loves Derrick and Cody and she wants to be on their side. Nicole says Donny is getting more and more comfortable being there. Christina says "me and Cody hate his guts." Nicole says she thinks Derrick and Cody would be ok with keeping her if Christina is ok with it, but they need to keep it secret from Frankie/Zach/Caleb and that it was Zach and Caleb that used the scenario against her. Nicole tells Christina she can't get anyone out next week but Nicole can if she wins HOH but if Donny wins he won't use Victoria as a pawn it will be 2 of your people nominated. Nicole says "just imagine if Donny and Zach wins HOH?"


8:16 PM BBT Nicole says Donny has mentioned before he isn't afraid to put 2 strong people up because if the BotB is like the cake one, 2 guys couldn't get up there. Nicole says Victoria may be a number for you guys, but she can't win anything to help you. Nicole says that Frankie has been running this game and everything has went his way each week. Nicole tells Christina "just think about it, that is all I am asking." Christina says she definitely will. Nicole says my thing is if you want to work with Derrick and Cody, you and Cody are his 2 main targets. Nicole says I didn't know Caleb don't like Donny but he likes him and loves Zach. Nicole starts to say if its a trust issue, and Christina cuts her off and says its not, its a threat issue. Nicole says Zach and Donny have been together since she won her first HOH and she isn't sure why they are so close. 


8:23 PM BBT Nicole tells Christina if she stays it will be 5-3 where as if she leaves it would be 4-4 and she can't play in HOH next week. Nicole says she needs to talk to Cody and Derrick and Christina asks if Nicole wants her to talk to them first and Nicole says "I don't care."  Nicole says she thinks Frankie, Caleb, and Zach are somewhat together. Christina says she wants to apologize for her POV ceremony speech but everyone was telling her she needs to make good TV and all her speeches have sucked so far. Nicole tells her its ok. 


8:27 PM BBT Nicole is telling Christina no one told her about the scenario of Caleb throwing BotB because everyone thought Frankie and Christina were working together. She said the morning of nominations she wasn't going to go through with it but when Christina told her "Frankie drives her nuts" that Christina was ok with it. Nicole tells her just to think about and talk to Derrick/Cody whenever she gets a chance. Nicole goes into the BY and Christina is going to WC. Cody/Zach are playing pool while Donny is watching and Derrick is by pool. 


8:31 PM BBT Nicole goes to sit by Derrick by the pool. She says she talked to Christina and stated her case. Nicole says she would back Cody/Derrick/Christina and her target is Zach/Frankie. Derrick says he hopes she understands from a game point that if she has the numbers he will vote to keep her but he can't vote to keep her if she doesn't have numbers. Derrick tells her to keep in mind that people will tell her something different than him but he will tell her the truth whether she is staying or going. Nicole said she wants Derrick to tell her. Derrick says Christina hasn't talked to him yet obviously but he doesn't believe Christina will vote to keep her. Nicole says Christina told her the guys want her out not Christina. He says he doesn't know why. Derrick tells her if he find outs she has 3 votes to stay and Christina says she doesn't want to keep her then he can't vote to keep her. 


8:35 PM BBT Nicole is trying to talk odds to Derrick but he says being a student of the game he thinks he is in trouble no matter what. Nicole tells Derrick if he talks to Christina and she says Nicole said something bad about him not to believe it. Derrick says he doesn't care about any of that, the only thing he cares about is whether or not Christina will vote to keep or evict in case of a tie. Derrick says since Caleb, Zach, and Frankie went to Christina to put Nicole up that they won't vote to keep her so not to even waste her time. Nicole said she almost gave up and Derrick says he understands, that he feels he probably won't make it to the end, and he will tell the house just to let him know so he can pack his stuff and enjoy the last few days in the house. 


8:41 PM BBT Nicole says she feels Christina is feeding her bull crap. Derrick says he knows she won't know what is true until she goes back and watches but he thinks she is the smartest person in the house. And it is blatantly obvious and the comp that looked like an eye test proves how smart she is. Derrick says no matter what, she played an unbelievable game, got to play in OTEV comp, and she got to do a lot. Derrick is explaining to Nicole about the jury house and says his handler told him about...and the cams cut to Victoria and Christina talking. 


8:46 PM BBT Christina is telling Victoria some of what Nicole said to her. She says Nicole told her that she was told Christina wants to be the last girl there. Victoria says things are going to get really ugly if there is another BotB. Christina interrupts their talk because the boys start hitting the badminton around again. Victoria says she didn't put her fit tracker on until 530, and Christina apologizes for her feeling so bad. 


8:49 PM BBT Victoria leaves Christina alone in the hammock. Zach and Cody are hitting the badminton back and forth. Donny picks up a racket and says he is going to get one just in case it comes his way. 


8:54 PM BBT Derrick and Christina are now talking. Derrick is saying about Nicole coming and talking to him and she says she has Christina's vote. Christina says I don't have a vote and he says I know but she feels she needs yours because Cody, Victoria and myself will vote to keep her. Christina replies "please don't." Derrick says "no, but here is my question to you." Derrick says I told her if Christina won't vote for you then none of us will. Derrick is saying he wants to tell Nicole if we aren't going to vote to keep her I want to tell her because she says she wants to plan a different speech so she can stop campaigning, have a great few days. But Derrick says if she doesn't want him saying anything to Nicole then he wont. 

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9:00 PM BBT  We want everyone to know that auto-correct has been changing Christine's name to ChristinA. We've taken care of it and it's under control!!


9:04 PM BBT  Nicole and Vic are in the WA. Nic says that her fate is in her hands and it's not looking good. Derrick and Christine talk about how it is a good idea to let Nicole know that she doesn't have a chance so she can wear what she wants to wear, etc. Caleb says that Amber had a certain dress she wanted to wear when she left and she didn't get to wear it. Zach asks if he can listen to Christine's music. He heads to the HOH room.


9:10 PM BBT  Nicole and Donny are playing Jenga in the KT. Vic, Christine, and Caleb are watching Derrick fish. They are talking about having an endurance comp because they haven't done anything that has lasted for hours. Frankie and Zach are talking in the HOH room about how they bonded and told each other the truth enough that even when they tried to kill each other it didn't matter. Zach says he thinks he's going to fast forward through it all. Frankie wonders about public opinion. He thinks everyone will be mad at both of them for their fight and that now everyone will be like, "Team Zankie." Zach tells him he loves him and that if he was gay he would want to be exactly like him.


9:16 PM BBT  Zach has gone downstairs he talks to the BY fishing crew for a minute or two and then goes to watch Nicole and Donny play Jenga. Nicole asks him if he likes it. He says he likes it. She tells him they play kinda risky. Donny says he's sure Zach plays risky, too. Zach jumps in and he's like a kid in a candy store. Meanwhile, the BY crew is talking about how much time is left. Derrick says they were told they could be here until the 19th. [ummmm, I have news for you, Derrick...the finale is on the 24th. --Morty]


9:21 PM BBT  Derrick tells Christine she could get lucky because there hasn't been an HOH interview with Julie yet. He was told when he was HOH that it was because there were still so many people in the house. She said it will be her luck that she won't get asked a question by Julie even in her HOH week. Frankie comes out to join everyone and he says he heard he missed the grand campaign. They tell Frankie they have decided to tell her she will not have the votes so her last days in the house aren't miserable. Now Frankie is fishing.


9:26 PM BBT  Derrick asks Christine if he should go to tell Nicole that if it's 3-3 she won't have Christine's vote. Christine says, "Yes," but not to make it sound like it's going to be a 3-3 vote. Derrick heads inside. Cody isn't feeling well. Frankie asks him if it's a sinus headache. Christine is sitting in between his legs on a pool lounger. He has his arms around her waist and he is laying his head on her back. Derrick is inside watching Nicole, Donny, and Zach play Jenga. Frankie is called to the DR for the second time in 10 minutes.


9:30 PM BBT  Christine asks Cody if Nicole has talked to him. He says no but that she talked to Derrick and she has been talking to Victoria. Cody says this week may be the only week he will feel bad. Christine tells him that Nicole said Donny will put up her and Cody if he wins HOH. Christine says that's not necessarily a bad thing because if a Detonator wins they will put up Zach and Victoria.


9:35 PM BBT  Cody says that if he were to win the BotB he would work to have Donny backdoored. Christine says Donny loves Zach and Caleb [NOT --Morty!]. Cody says that makes him nervous. Christine says it would make her nervous if Donny got first pick and put Christine and Victoria up. It does make Cody nervous that Caleb wants Caleb wants Victoria to go before Donny but he thinks that he can be convinced. Derrick comes back outside and Christine asks what she said. He says that he hasn't talked to her yet. 


9:40 PM BBT  Derrick tells them that she is one of the smartest people there and she's also a nice person. He says that Amber would have gone around doing damage, but Nicole deserves to know the truth. Christine says that Nicole sincerely loves the 3 of us (Cody, Christine, Derrick). Cody says that ever since Devin left Donny has been playing the numbers game and we keep sending home his numbers. Donny keeps skating by and skating by and skating by. Cody says that before he goes after the people who have been playing the game like scumbags, he will go after be and Christine and you.


9:46 PM BBT  Cody says that Donny is a schemer and Nicole and Hayden were able to build relationships. Derrick says that the problem was the Nicole could win endurance comps. Derrick says that if they keep Donny around they could cut him the check in the end. They are talking about how Zach wants to keep Donny around and Derrick says that he told him you do realize Donny voted to evict you twice. Cody says exactly. He doesn't think, he just reacts. Cody says he doesn't want Zach or Donny to win HOH. Derrick says that he has to win an HOH. He is the 2nd or 3rd place hero. He made fun of that guy all through college.


9:55 PM BBT  Nicole comes to the BY to join Derrick, Cody and Christine. All game talk stops. They start talking about houses. Renting vs. owning. Zach and Vic are playing Jenga. Caleb is watching.


9:59 PM BBT  All 4 cameras are on Zach and Vic. Frankie can be heard to ask how many people live in NYC. Zach says over 26 million. Frankie says ARE YOU SERIOUS? He asks is that a lot. Frankie says that he thinks Manhattan has around 8 million. Caleb says there aren't but 8 million, maybe even 5 million in his whole state. Then the Jenga tower goes down and Caleb says to Zach, "A girl beat you in Jenga." Zach says that the last time he checked there were 256 million in the United States and that was a couple of years ago, so there are probably more than 300 now. He says there are over 8 billion people on Earth, with over 1 billion in India alone. 


10:01 PM BBT  Zach continues his geography education by saying that he thinks India is the most densely populated country on Earth. Caleb says he thought China was. Frankie tells them that the problem is that some maps do not reflect the actual size of the continents. He tells them that he remembers learning that over the years, certain countries wanted to look bigger so they changed the way they looked on maps and globes. [This is actually accurate, but you can find true to size maps and globes today. --Morty]


10:07 PM BBT  FotH intermittently from 10:03 through 10:07 PM  Victoria heads inside because she isn't feeling well. Derrick joins Caleb to play pool, Cody and Nicole are left alone by the pool, Donny and Frankie are washing dishes.


10:14 PM BBT  Nicole asks Cody if Christine told him her argument why she should stay. She says she won't go after him, Derrick, or Christine. If he keeps Donny, he and Christine are his targets. She doesn't want to say anything bad about Donny but he hints about how he doesn't trust Cody. She says that he loves Caleb. If Donny gets Caleb and Zach to work with him, then they can all work for HOH against them. She says that she is a huge target to Frankie and Caleb. She can get blood on her hands. She says that from a game perspective, keeping Donny isn't the best move.


10:20 PM BBT  Cody tells her that he just isn't sure she is going to have the votes. She says that Derrick said the same thing but that she can't just go out without fighting. Nicole says that if Donny does stay she hopes he does go far. Cody says that he feels that Hayden and her took the downfall for Donny's scheming. Nicole says that Christine is trying to be such a good game player and she is keeping someone who she knows is coming after her...especially when she can't play for HOH next week. She says these are the best arguments she has, it's completely truthful, and it will benefit him, Derrick, and Christine. If he wants one of his friends out... she can.


10:36 PM BBT  Nicole has talked Cody's ear off about her argument. She tells Cody that she has forgiven Christine for her speech, she holds no grudges and she's here to blame the game. She says that Christine says this is a game move. Nicole says that she isn't stupid and she would understand if she thought this was a good game move. It's not. Now Christine is in the SR telling Frankie about Nicole's argument. Neither of them buys into it.


10:42 PM BBT  Nicole says it sucks campaigning against Donny because she loves him, but she has to tell Cody what she can offer. She just wants Christine to change her mind. She can help her game, Cody's game... Donny can't. In the KT, Caleb, Zach, Frankie, Derrick, and Christine are talking about OTEV.


10:51 PM BBT  Nicole says she hopes he knows that she sticks to her word, she commits to people, she doesn't pretend to be everyone's best friend. He knows who her targets are. It's frustrating to her because Donny is definitely coming after them. He says that he told Caleb isn't Nicole's target, but Frankie has convinced him he is. Meanwhile, Caleb is telling Derrick that he wants him to try to put BB16 on the sides of his head for the Thursday show. The worst that happens is that they have to mohawk it. Donny walks out of the WA and asks Zach to join him in the hot tub.


10:53 PM BBT  Cody and Nicole are walking inside and Cody suddenly stops as he's walking by Zach. He grabs Zach's ears and says, "Do you have your ears pierced?" Zach says, "You know you love it." 


11:00 PM BBT  Around the hot tub are Zach Donny, Frankie, and Caleb. Derrick and Christine are in it. The topic of conversation is selfies. Donny says that a selfie sounds like something you do to yourself. Christine says she makes fun of people who take selfies. Frankie takes them. Derrick "definitely does not take them." Caleb says that the majority of the time he has to, because that as far as his sponsor pictures, he is not allowed to have anyone else in his pictures... even in the background. Derrick says his sponsors are the same way. Christine says "You're an underwear model, aren't you Derrick?"


11:07 PM BBT  Caleb says something about Atlantis and Zach says he has been there. He goes crazy talking about how much he loves it. Frankie has been there, as well. They both talk about the casino, the beaches, how clear the water is in the Bahamas, and all the aquariums. Frankie says they should take a trip there. Caleb says that earlier he was wondering if the guys on Duck Dynasty watch BB.


11:12 PM BBT It gets quiet around the hot tub and Frankie says he just wants to know what's happening. Caleb says this is worse than jail. We don't have tv, we don't have nothin'. Derrick says he's definitely getting homesick. Zach says he's a little better actually since he got his letter and knows his brother is winning tournaments. Frankie says he heard it gets harder at the 2 month mark. He hopes he can get an actual update soon now that the secret is out. Something that tells him about Ariana...just performed at the VMAs with Rihanna. Zach says he's buying her album as soon as he's out of the house. They all agree. The talk turns to Miley Cyrus and her love of marijuana.


11:21 PM BBT  Donny says he found a hernia. Derrick says hernias are in your groin. Donny says they can be by your belly button. Donny says it doesn't feel good, but it doesn't hurt. Donny says he will wait to get his job back and get insurance. Christine has health through her dad, but not dental or maternity. Caleb says that her friend's dad is a chiropractor and he writes all his prescriptions for him. Frankie says that none of his meds are covered by his insurance because his disease is so rare. 


11:35 PM BBT  Zach and Frankie go inside. Zach talks about golf and holds everyone's attention talking about it. He lives in Florida in a huge golfing community and was the #2 golfer on his high school golf team. Derrick, Nicole, and Christine begin the evening tradition of shaking their fit bracelets to cheat the statistics before midnight. Christine begins some shout outs to her Starbucks coworkers.


11:45 PM BBT  The guys (Zach, Cody, Caleb, Frankie, and Donny) are still talking golf in the KT. Derrick, Christine, and Victoria are at the hot tub. Victoria talks about her best friend and how great their relationship is. Christine says she has never had a real best girlfriend like that. Her one friend like that, they met but they've never lived in the same city. She has a lot of good friends, but no best friends. Most of them are church friends.


#BB16 11:58 PM BBT  The sports talk in the KT has ended and Donny heads to bed in the have not room. Cody, Zach, and Frankie head out to the hot tub and join Victoria, Christine, and Nicole who are talking about dates. Derrick has been mostly listening to their conversation.

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9:55 PM BBT Zach and Victoria playing Jenga in living room with Caleb watching. After a few minutes Zach makes it drop.


10:00 PM BBT Zach leaves to go shower. Caleb talking/yelling at Frankie in the kitchen [i think] about the populations of states in American and then the population of countries of the world.


10:01 PM BBT Frankie and Donny washing dishes while Victoria heats food up in the microwave. Not much game talk. Donny commented about a spoon down the drain and Frankie blamed Caleb. Also mentioned was an odd food smell possibly coming from the drain.


10:05 PM BBT We get FOTH.




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10:09 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick starting a game of pool. Zach jumped in the pool. [His idea of a shower, I guess]. Cody and Nicole talking by the pool. Nicole tells Cody about her talk with Christine about campaigning to stay this week. Nicole is telling Cody she wont go after Cody because she is against Frankie.


10:14 PM BBT Nicole says the vote needs to go to tie breaker for Christine to break it in favor of Nicole. Nicole is trying to not throw Donny under the bus while trying to secure her vote with Cody, promising him she will have her (Nicole) as a number moving forward. 


10:18 PM BBT Nicole keeps repeating "It would be a stupid move to vote me out of the house and keep someone who is going after you", speaking about Christine to Cody. Nicole is trying to pitch the idea still of being a number to Cody, Derrick, and Christine.


10:22 PM BBT A break in Nicole's campiagning for Derrick to complain [jokingly?] that the bean bags for the cornhole game are broken saying he will just cast his fishing pole instead.


10:23 PM BBT Nicole throwing Zach under the bus saying that he has Donny's back and he previously threated Nicole to not put Donny on the block on a previous nomination. Cody is surprised how long Donny lasted in this game and Nicole says he will go after Cody, Derrick, and Christine but she wont. Victoria passes by Nicole and Cody talking with Derrick casting his fishing line and asks Derrick to lay in the hammock with her but he volunteers Cody to lay with her because he is going to make some food, Cody got mad at him for this.

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10:30 PM BBT Nicole quoting Donny when he has said him not wanting to talk game, "If you dont say much, you cant be blamed for much." Nicole is telling Cody Hayden was trustworthy but she is even more trustworthy. Cody is worried that voting to keep Nicole, she might want to go after Christine because she nominated Nicole. Nicole is now comparing that Christine nominating Nicole is like Dan nominating Memphis (BB 10) and wanting him out.


10:35 PM BBT Nicole promising Cody she wont go after Christine if she stays, swearing on her family, saying she never goes back on that. Nicole says she forgives Christine for nominating her and holds no grudges against her. All of Cody's responses at this point have been "Mmm hmm" [Might be a little tired of her campaigning for the night or just listening intently.]


10:40 PM BBT Cody telling Nicole it will be tough to convince Christine to change her mind about voting Nicole out, saying she might regret it later on in the game. Talk about who Donny may nominate if he wins HoH, Cody says he may put up Victoria and Christine. Cody tells Nicole that Caleb, Frankie, and Zach cannot be swayed to vote her to stay, Nicole said she is aware of this and her BB life rests in the hands of Cody, Derrick, and Victoria with Christine breaking the tie to keep her.



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