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Monday August 11 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

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Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

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Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

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Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

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Thank you! 

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12:05 AM BBT Caleb is letting Christine know that Nicole was going to back door her and Zach is saying that she even tried to cover her bases by saying if it gets out she won’t do it. Zach says that she was clever but not clever enough. Christine says thanks and asks Caleb to send Derrick up to HOH to talk to her.


12:15 AM BBT Zach and Christine continue to go over the Nicole issue again. Christine says Nicole acted like she didn't know the plan to throw the BOB comp. Christine and Zach agree that they trust people too much. They both head downstairs and talk to Cody about whether or not he heard about Nicole planning to back door Christine. Cody says he wasn't there but heard about it. Caleb is talking about their field trip in the fire room with Derrick, Victoria, and Nicole.


12:25 AM BBT Christine pulls Cody upstairs and reassures him that he was never her target. She swears on her wedding ring. Cody brings up Dan swearing on the Bible. Christine asks if he wants her to. Cody says no he lied!! In the fire room Caleb says that Johnny football (Manziel) hunted with his family and he knows him. He says he has met all the Dallas players before because he is from there. He is unimpressed by football players cause that is their job, they aren't like Justin Bieber or anything. Derrick heads to HOH and Christine says that she is going to put up Nicole as long as she gets voted out. Derrick says yeah she will go.


12:35 AM BBT Victoria and Nicole are in the fire room talking. Nicole tells Victoria not to worry and that she is most likely good. Upstairs, Caleb enters and Derrick says he was filled in on the plan. They give her tips on what to say in her speech. Frankie walks in and uses the restroom without turning off his mic. After that all is silent for a while. They re-confirm the plan and Caleb sings giving us fish.


12:45 AM BBT All but Christine and Cody clear out of the HOH. They agree that Zach and Frankie are just huge liars. Christine says she won’t be in a room alone with Zach because she doesn't want to get lumped in with him. Derrick is downstairs explaining why it is good to get Nicole out now. He tells Caleb that if there is a buy back only one of them can come back and they won’t have anyone to work with.


12:55 AM BBT Victoria and Derrick leave the fire room and head to the KT. Victoria asks if he has talked to Christine. He says yes and that they will talk later because Cody and Christine are watching HOH cam right now and he doesn't want them to see him talking with her. He finishes cleaning a dish and heads back up to HOH. In the BY the guys are talking about how to find their social media pages. Zach bets that Caleb has over 35k followers on Instagram. Frankie mentions being able to see over someone's shoulder and thinks he saw Caleb's followers on Instagram. Caleb has not Instagram though so he could not have.

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1:05 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb continue to play pool while Zach showers. They talk about who can and can't win MVP. Caleb thinks they don't stand a chance against Frankie. Just small talk going on in HOH about Christine, Caleb, and Frankie's trip.


1:25 AM BBT The HOH crew is just small talk right now because Nicole is in the room. They are eating Doritos and Cody drinks a Hawaiian punch in one drink. Nicole talks about sequester before the show and we get fish. Frankie is talking about his sister in the BY.


1:35 AM BBT No game talk going on at all. Zach says he wants to get out of the house and have the same life he used to have. Frankie tells him that he absolutely does not want that. Zach says that Frankie is right. Frankie agrees to help him make a youtube channel devoted to comedic sports announcing. Caleb sings Justin Bieber and we get fish. Frankie sings Justin Bieber and we get fish.


1:45 AM BBT The boys in the BY will not stop singing so we get more fish then I know what to do with. In HOH, Christine is still talking about their trip today. Frankie comes upstairs and gives his take on things. He said it was weird to see the production people. Christine tells him he is going to get in so much trouble. They are silent for a second, we get fish for a second and they are talking about some gentleman that Cody and Frankie might both know when we come back.


1:55 AM BBT Derrick and Victoria are talking in the fire room and Derrick lets Victoria know Nicole is going up. Victoria hugs him with glee. Victoria then asks if he is sure. Derrick says he is pretty sure because she was very set on it. They break it up. In the WA Zach is bragging that the outside shower was warm for the first few seconds. Caleb says not to say anything or they will end that. Zach calls himself an idiot. Both the HOH group and the WA group are talking about production and we get fish. When we get back the same small talk is still going on.

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1:26 AM BBT Derrick, Christine, Nicole, Victoria and Cody in HOH room talking about snacks. Cody asks Victoria if she's ready to get "smoked" by pillows again tonight. Victoria mentions how hard Caleb hit her with a pillow last nightt. Caleb and Zach playing pool, while Frankie watches.


1:28 AM BBT HOH group talking about BB's sleeping rules and how late they have been staying up. They switch to teaching Cody how to read the Bible in Hebrew. We keep getting WBRB.


1:33 AM BBT Frankie tells Caleb and Zach that they are all going to be able to go to his sister's show and he will have them on his YouTube Channel. Starts talking about how many followers he has. No game talk here or in HOH. 


1:37 AM BBT Victoria says goodnight to HOH room. They joke they'll see her again in 10 minutes, but she says she's actually really tired. Christine says, "Want to hear something that I'm going to get yelled at for?" and we get WBRB. Feeds come back and Frankie comes into HOH room and starts talking about his outing with Christine and Caleb today. 


1:42 AM BBT Cody gets called to DR. He jokes that he's going to get in trouble. When he leaves, the rest talk about how nice all of his features are. 


1:44 AM BBT Derrick and Victoria talking in FR. He tells Victoria that she's not going on the block tomorrow, but that Nicole is. Christine told him and said that they are planning to evict Nicole tomorrow. He tells Victoria to play stupid tomorrow and say that she thought she was going on the block. She squeals and hugs him. Victoria: Does everyone want her out? Derrick: They are all going to vote her out. He keeps reminding her to act sad tomorrow until the ceremony and then continue to pretend she had no idea. He tells her that he's working for her and to "not ever doubt [him] again". Says it's okay for her to go to sleep, because he's got her. WBRB. 


1:50 AM BBT In BR, Caleb compares himself to Achmed the Dead Terrorist, because he's lost so much weight from being in the BB house. Derrick tells Caleb and Zach (in the BR) that Christine told him Nicole is going up tomorrow. Zach says that he told Christine that people are aware she's working with Nicole again and if she puts Victoria up tomorrow, it will be obvious to everyone. Caleb plugs his Instagram...again. Derrick claps for Caleb and Zach as he leaves and says, "You deserve it" for getting Christine to agree to put Nicole up. 


2:00 AM BBT Cody and Derrick playing pool on Cam 1/2 and Zach and Caleb in the BR on Cam 3/4. Cody and Derrick talking about Christine. Derrick says if Christine ever decided to switch and put one of them up, they would have the votes to stay because they have Victoria. Derrick also says that Cody has Christine "on lock" and if Nicole goes home then Cody owns Christine. 


2:05 AM BBT Caleb and Zach still in BR, talking about how the process works when they get down to Final 3. Victoria and Nicole in the FR. Nicole worried that she's missing something. Says after what happen to her this last week, she has PTSD because of it and is worried about what will happen. Asks Victoria to tell her if Christine says anything to her. 


2:12 AM BBT Christine joins Cody and Derrick in BY. She tells them she doesn't want to be left alone with Nicole before the meeting, because she doesn't want to have to lie to her face. Derricks says that Nicole has to go home if Christine puts her up. They agree that the vote will be unanimous. Cody starts complaining that Zach is taking all of his sayings.


2:18 AM BBT Nicole tells Victoria that if Victoria goes up she won't go home, but if Nicole goes up them she will go home. Nicole called to DR. WBRB. Feeds come back and Zach is in the FR with Victoria, telling her that she will be alright. Victoria asks him if Christine told him who's going up and he tells her no but that she has nothing to worry about. 


2:30 AM BBT Nicole and Zach in FR, talking about the Veto competition. General chit chat here and in BY. 


2:35 AM BBT Nicole and Zach talking about how mean he was during the DE ceremony while Nicole and Hayden were sitting on the block. He agrees that he was really mean at that point. 


2:40 AM BBT Victoria and Derrick in the KT. She asks if he thinks next week will be a DE. He says he doesn't think so, because they just had one but it could be. Caleb pops his head in and says that he made a bet with Cody.. If Caleb wins the pool game, Cody will jump in the pool naked. Cody in background yells that he will. 


2:50 AM BBT Zach says that he's surprised, and he's sure that his parents are, that he's still in the house. He says there's no way he's going to win half a million dollars, and he's rooting for Derrick to win it. He tells her that he will vote for Derrick to win, no matter who he is up against. Zach asks Nicole if she liked Hayden, and she says that he was her best friend in the house. 


3:01 AM BBT Derrick talks about his sisters and how old they are. Caleb asks if one of them is single. Derrick says yes but it would be weird for Caleb because they a lot alike and are almost twins. WBRB. 


3:13 AM BBT Caleb says if his girlfriend ever ate a pickle, he wouldn't kiss her for an entire day. Christine says goodnight to everyone. Caleb comments on how much Nicole is eating. He says she's eating like a cow and gets yelled at by Victoria. He continues to pick at Nicole and then laughs and says he's just kidding. 


3:20 AM BBT Frankie, Donny, Christine, Caleb, Cody, Derrick, and Victoria in bed or getting ready for bed. Nicole and Zach are playing pool. 

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#BB16 9:00AM BBT We currently have FOTH.


#BB16 9:16AM BBT We are back. Donny in the KT. Lights are still out in the BR.


#BB16 9:23AM BBT Wake up has happened. BB warned to keep the bedroom lights on. Frankie has gone downstairs to get coffee and then back up to HOH and crawled in bed. Christine did not sleep in the HOH room. She slept in the fire room near Cody.


#BB16 9:29AM BBT Donny goes to HOH to talk to Frankie about the TA mission. They talk about Victoria wouldn't volunteer to go up (discussing the TA mission). Christine walked in. Frankie thanks Donny for waking him (to cover their tracks).



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#BB16 9:37AM BBT Victoria is up and doing ADLs. Washed her face an then digs a towel out of a pile to dry it. Starts doing her make up. Frankie has crawled back in the HOH bed.


#BB16 9:57AM BBT In the HOH room, Frankie puts his bandana over his eyes to prepare for a nap. Victoria still getting ready for her day.


#BB16 10:07AM BBT Christine and Frankie discussing Christine's speech when she puts up Nicole. Frankie suggests calling her a fruit loop dingus. They discuss how she put a knife in Christine's back and that's why she is going.


#BB16 10:27AM BBT Christine and Frankie continue to talk about HG in the house. In the WCA Nicole is doing her make up.

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#BB16 10:30AM BBT Derrick and Donny talking outside. Derrick telling Donny that he is pretty sure that Christine is putting up Nicole.


#BB16 10:38AM BBT Victoria, Nicole and Christine in the WCA. Victoria talking about hair color. She says she likes to have natural color hair. Christine says that it feels weird not to have Jocasta in the house. She feels Jocasta caused a lot of annoyances in the bathroom.


#BB16 10:46AM BBT Frankie in HOH bathroom putting on his make up. Donny in the BY.

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#BB16 10:51AM BBT Nicole and Donny talk in the BY. Nicole asks Donny if he knew she was going up. Donny asks her if she is sure? Nicole says she was told she wasn't but she no longer trusts anything anymore in the house


#BB16 10:56AM BBT Nicole heads to the KT to see if she can talk to Christine. Christine, Cody and Victoria at he KT counter. Christine rubbing Cody's arm. Cody reads a box about teabags. Christine makes a joke about tea bags

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11:02 BBT Nicole/Christine/Frankie are in the KT discussing the different things Christine's husband brings home from work. Christine is telling them about riding a bike to work. Derrick comes in from the BY and starts telling Frankie he missed their "sleepover" last night. Donny is in the BY casting the fishing pole. He asks Cody how late he was up, and Cody says he had a hard time sleeping because Derrick/Victoria/Nicole laughing/talking pretty late. Donny tells him he had a decent nights sleep even though in HN bed. 


11:04 AM BBT Cody and Donny talk turns to who Christine is going to put up beside him. Cody says he has no idea what she is thinking, but he has heard Nicole's name. Cody asks what Donny is thinking. Donny tells him he don't want Cody beside him, and if Victoria is beside him people may still vote to keep her because she probably won't win HOH. He says Nicole is more likely to win HOH over him that she has won 3, he has won 1. Donny says he don't want to pitch why to stay until he see's who is beside him. Cody tells Donny he has never seen a game of BB played like this, and he feels like there are so many just blatant lies. Nicole comes out and asks if it has been 10 minutes yet, her heart can take much more anticipation. 


11:12 AM BBT We have been on FotH for close to 5 minutes. It looks like its time for POV ceremony. 


11:46 AM BBT Nicole goes into the BY and asks Donny if she can walk with him. He says of course. Donny asks Nicole if she knew it was coming. Nicole said she did because she could tell the way Cody was acting it was the exact same way he acted the day Hayden left. Nicole said clearly someone told Christine something and she didn't have a chance to defend herself, but the jury isn't looking good for her, she is 0-3. Nicole says again she knew it was coming. Cody wouldn't look her in the eye, Frankie was way to happy, and Christine acted funny. Nicole says if everyone wants her out this bad that they had to come up with stuff and backdoor her then she will go. 


11:49 AM BBT Nicole says she doesn't think there is anything she could have done different. Donny says no because they both tried hard in the veto comp, and he was on the block already. Nicole tells Donny that Cody told her Christine said she is the only girl that could win. Nicole said Christine promised her last night she wasn't putting her up and promised her several times she never would. Donny said just don't go in there and cry and go to bed, even thought that's what you want to do. Frankie/Cody/Christine are in the HOH. Christine is talking about all the times Nicole came paranoid to her. 


11:52 AM BBT Nicole is mentioning some of the things Christine told her. Apparently Christine said something about taking the knife out of her back so it can never be used again. Donny says it isn't over and Nicole says "Yea Donny it really is." And Donny says it is for one of us yea. Frankie/Cody/Christine is in HOH. They are saying they need to send Donny home next week and he may be able to beat Nicole/Hayden in a buy back, but if he goes next week it doesn't matter which comes back they will come back alone. 


11:55 AM BBT Cody is saying he hates the BotB next week. Frankie says no, because all 5 of them will sit down and talk about it and everyone in the house will know what is coming. 


11:58 AM BBT Donny is saying he wouldn't do anything different. He would still go to bed early because he hasn't had to be involved in all the crap going on at night. Donny said he knew when everyone was saying how good everyone liked each other in the beginning it would get ugly and eventually they will start cutting each others throat. Meanwhile in HOH Caleb has entered and Frankie/Cody/Caleb all pile up on bed. Christine gets called to the DR and Nicole says she hopes she is a mess. She will not talk to her. Nicole begs Donny and says please win HOH next week. Nicole is convinced she is going home Thursday. Nicole thinks it will be an endurance comp. Donny says she isn't out yet because Christine told him she was intimidated by him. Nicole asks if Donny thinks her family would be proud of her, and he says of course. And she says the money isn't important enough for her to start playing dirty. 


12:02 PM BBT Donny says just to stay calm and asks who she likes talking to because there were only 4 options and he is sure they all knew but they are going to have to talk to them they have to live with them 4 more days. Donny is just giving Nicole a pep talk to keep her spirits up. Caleb/Cody/Frankie is still discussing what will happen in case of a buy back. Caleb says he doesn't believe Hayden was working against them. Cody says yes he was. Cody says Nicole/Hayden/Donny was working together and would have came against them. Cody says Donny had Hayden's ear the whole time. Basically the guys in HOH are saying Donny needs to go next week so no matter who comes back in case of a buy back, they will be alone. Cody/Caleb/Frankie say they want to get sun and Frankie says he thinks they should all hold hands. Caleb says that will give them away...that they are all gay. Everyone laughs and leaves HOH. 


12:09 PM BBT Derrick is laughing at Donny/Nicole pacing in the BY. He says they are looking at each other going "WTF happened? WTF happened?" All HG's are in the KT reliving the POV ceremony and Donny/Nicole are walking in the BY. Nicole comes inside to get her drink from the counter and heads back outside to sit with Donny on the BY couches. 


12:11 PM BBT Nicole is going back and thinking back about how Derrick would cover their butts to Hayden and tell him stuff happened at the last minute and they didn't have time to tell him. They are discussing what happened on DE night and they had to have it planned because Victoria voted to evict Hayden. Nicole says she feels bad, and wishes she had got evicted last week, because she feels Hayden could have went further and done more than she has. Donny is trying to tell her not to think like that, chips fall how they may. Donny is telling Nicole the time Derrick pulled him in SR when Donny had been nominated and asked why he was acting like himself. Donny says he just wished Nicole/Hayden had read them as early as he did. He said Hayden would stay up late and have relationships with Frankie/Derrick/Victoria and would tell Donny he didn't need to worry he was asleep and didn't know whole story. He said he doesn't fault Hayden and he had to trust someone. 


12:17 PM BBT Frankie enters the BY and Donny asks him how he liked the wake up music this morning. Apparently it was Guns and Roses and Queen/80's rock. Donny says Queen doesn't have a bad song he could listen to them over and over. Frankie sings some of the songs here and there so we keep getting FotH. Donny and Frankie begin talking about how sad of a story Queen is and Freddie Mercury passing away of AIDS. Donny asks Nicole what she wants to eat for lunch, and she says she don't think she can eat. BB pages Nicole to DR and Donny tells her to stay positive and not to cry. She says she won't but sounds super bummed out. Frankie/Caleb are laying out by pool discussing a song Frankie is trying to remember, he sings again, and we get FotH. BB must have yelled at him and he says just play that song and ill stop. 


12:21 PM BBT Cody/Zach are playing pool. Donny is sitting in the shade watching them play pool. Frankie tells Caleb he knows they can't talk about it but its so awesome people knew about Caleb's "other thing." He is confused and Frankie says his other show. BB yells "STOP THAT." And Frankie says sorry. Victoria and Derrick are in the FR. Victoria says she was told she was going up, and Derrick is taking credit for VIctoria not getting nominated. He said he told Christine to tell her this morning she wasn't going up and Victoria would trust her some more. Derrick says now she can understand why he does what he does about talking to other people, he is working behind the scenes to save her. Derrick tells her to prepare to go up next week though just because of statistics. He tells her plan next week is to get Donny out but if they don't win comps they will go home. 


12:25 PM BBT Victoria says things are going to be so awkward in the house now, and Derrick says not really. Victoria reminds him they were best friends in the house. Derrick says at one point yes, but they have both been talking crap about each other for weeks now. Derrick says as long as Donny doesn't win HOH he will be ok. 


12:29 PM BBT Victoria has a HUGE permanent grin on her face. She says she wants to celebrate but can't. Victoria says Frankie is really happy too. Derrick agrees and says him and Nicole hate each other. Victoria says this is the first week she hasn't played in either BotB or POV and that's one reason she was nervous she had no chance to save herself. She covers herself with face with a pillow and almost screams and says "OMG I love you." She is totally believing she was going up but Derrick saved her. She asks Derrick if he thinks Hayden or Nicole hates her. He says no he doesn't think so. Derrick tells Victoria he is taking the rest of the week off work, that was really stressful. She pulls the blankets over her head and Derrick is laying with his eyes closed. Looks like they may be settling in for a nap. 


12:33 PM BBT In the BY, Zach and Cody are still playing pool. Donny and Christine are sitting on the laundry table in the shade watching/commentating and Donny occasionally gives a tip. Everything seems light-hearted and everyone laughing and joking around. Caleb and Frankie are lounging by the pool in the sun. Seems they are running through scenarios about buy back, another DE, how many people is left, etc. Frankie seems to think if they do a buy back it will be to make the house be an even number because of BotB. Frankie seems to think this week will be single eviction, next week a DE, and then have the buy back. Caleb says we will see. Donny gets called to DR. Frankie says he has winner. 


12:38 PM BBT Christine brings up she can't believe Cody posed in just his underwear and wants to know if its on the internet for anyone to find. Zach says did you get paid for it and Cody says "umm hmm" and Zach says "a lot?" and Cody says "umm hmm." Zach calls him a boss. Cams 3/4 cut to Nicole in the WA sitting and talking to herself looking in the mirror but it was at end of what she was saying and she gets up. Nicole asks herself "Where is Victoria?" but must realize she is taking a nap and heads out into the BY. Surprisingly she goes to the laundry table and stands beside where Christine is sitting. Now everyone is in the BY except Victoria/Derrick who are napping and Donny is in the DR. 


12:42 PM BBT Zach and Cody are still engrossed in a highly competitive pool game. Zach is giving names to each one of his shots and Cody calls him a "penis." Everyone is still gathered around the laundry area watching. Frankie goes and looks into one of the mirrored windows and then says "oops sorry." He must have been able to see someone from production. Frankie walks inside. No game talk taking place at all. Zach must have won the pool game, but he tells Cody he can play Frankie it is too hot outside. 


12:48 PM BBT Nicole goes inside and is breaking down. Victoria follows her into the HN room and Nicole says she is trying to be strong but she can't. Victoria says she was wondering why she was so paranoid last night, because she was but had been told she was going up. Nicole said she is very observant how people act and she knew when people didn't act the same. Nicole said she believes Caleb/Zach/Derrick  told Christine it was her idea as far as throwing BotB and backdooring Christine.  Nicole said she would like to know what was said but is afraid to ask Christine, that she will say no. Victoria said she won't and encourages Nicole to try. Nicole goes into BY and asks Christine to come talk to her and clear the air, Christine says "Absolutely." 


12:58 PM BBT Nicole and Christine go into the BH. Nicole tells her that she was trying to be strong but once she did her DR session she fell apart. Nicole said she thinks she is owed that. Christine says last night "a lot of people" came and told her about the plan of throwing BotB and if Frankie wins POV to backdoor Christine. Nicole said she knew it. Nicole said the plan was to use Zach but she knew Christine wanted to nominate Zach so Caleb volunteered. She explains she was forced to say she would backdoor Christine if Frankie won or she would be their target and go up next chance. Christine said the reason she believe it was Nicole's idea was she acted to paranoid yesterday when she got back and kept asking about being backdoored so she thought it was Nicoles conscience talking. Christine said Zach and all them accused Christine/Nicole were working together and if she didn't put her up they would know. 


1:03 PM BBT Nicole said her back was against the wall and so many things would have had to fall in place before she would have had to put her up so that's why she didn't care to agree to it. Nicole also tells Christine that all day yesterday while they were gone Zach kept throwing out hints about Donny staying because Zach knows Donny is against Frankie and her and that is a number for Zach. Nicole totally breaks down and says she knows why she is there but all she did was tell the truth to the wrong people. Christine is sort of acting like she regrets putting her up. Nicole says she knew they had to tell Christine something bad because she knew how bad everyone wanted Donny out. Nicole says there is no way for her to stay and names off everyone and their reasons why they will vote her act. Christine says she just don't want things to be awkward and when Nicole came outside her heart broke/sank.  


1:08 PM BBT Christine apologizes and says she really really loves her as a person. Nicole is still trying to find a strategic reason as to why she was out instead of personal. Christine says they also told her it was because she had won the HOH's. Nicole said most of hers were luck, except the one she felt she had to win or she would have been nominated. Nicole said she wishes she had went with her original noms of Caleb/Victoria. Christine tells her if she did Caleb/Frankie/Derrick would have terrorized her all week and that is why she put Nicole up because if you go against them they go after you. Nicole said she almost feels as if she has PTSD after the other night. 


1:13 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are talking in the FR. Derrick says he would take Caleb to F2 because it would make him look better and he would want to see someone that served in the military win. They are talking about how smooth talker Frankie is and even when it looks like everyone is mad at him he weasels out of it. Derrick says if he goes to F2 he is cool with it, he will get 50k but he wants to go against someone that was a beast so he can say he lost to the best. 


1:16 PM BBT Caleb says the order he wants to see gone is Nicole, Donny, Christine, Victoria, Zach, Cody...and leave Caleb/Derrick/Frankie in F3. Derrick says they defintely need to keep Victoria around longer because she is a vote whichever way they want her to go and she can't beat them in a HOH. Caleb says he will be pissed if Zach wins HOH and puts them up. Now they are running through scenarios of who would go up with who and about throwing the BotB in situations. Christine and Nicole are still in the BH. Christine says while they were talking to her she couldn't believe she was putting up her best friend. Nicole said everyone makes mistakes in the game but she wishes she had came and told Christine about agreeing to backdoor her but she didn't think it was that big of deal, because too much would have to happen before she would have to. 


1:21 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick finish talking and Derrick says he is going back to bed. Nicole said with everyone expecting DE last week she doesn't know why they targeted Hayden. They both agree all of the guys are so good at covering their tracks. Christine says she still wants to be friends outside the house, and Nicole says ok. Nicole said she worked too hard to get there just to give up so she is going to try to work on a way to stay. Nicole is still crying and sniffling. (Observation : Christine says she is so sorry but not once did she cry or seem upset.) They leave the BH room and Christine says she has to pee so she goes upstairs to HOH room. Nicole said she is going to look in SR about eating. We get FotH.


1:24 PM BBT Nicole stops in the hallway where the clothes are and uses one of the mirrored windows to wipe tears and attempt to calm down. She walks in the ER and whispers something about crying and not saying something. Nicole climbs into one of the FR beds. She says "Why didn't I go and talk to her first?" and immediately breaks down again and is sobbing. In the midst of sobbing she says something about can't wait to go home, and not crying. She has the blanket pulled over her head and is sobbing so its kind of hard to hear her. She says "I am sorry Mom and Dad." and blows her nose. Then to herself she says "I doubt they told her she was going home next week if she didn't." She still has the blanket over her head sobbing and saying stuff but again its hard to make everything out. 


1:31 PM BBT Derrick enters in the FR and asks if she is ok. She tries to quit crying and gets out an "I'm fine." He asks her if she needs anything and she tells him "No thank you." He walks toward to door and tells her "If you need to talk you know I am here" in which she tells him "thanks." She seems to have calmed down a bit now. Christine/Derrick/Frankie/Cody are in the KT sitting at the bar. Christine says she can't believe how many days they have been there. Frankie tells them his theory on how the rest of the game will go (the scenario he told Caleb earlier by the pool.)


1:36 PM BBT Caleb and Victoria are laying on a towel in the BY getting sun. She asks him if she will keep his costume from the Adam/Eve penalty. Caleb says no he will probably throw it away it was just underwear with leaves. Victoria says she has literally kept everything they have given her since the beginning of the process. Caleb says he may put like a mural on the wall of items from the game. Victoria says she wants to make a scrapbook. 


1:38 PM BBT Victoria says it is crazy they are even there and her and Caleb discuss how many people apply but only 16 get there. Caleb immediately says "Yes and only 2 people win." Derrick/Frankie/Cody/Christine are in the KT discussing the OTEV comp the other night. They are saying nothing "cool" or "fun" has happened yet as far as Zing Bot or a previous HG hosting a comp. They are discussing which HG they would want to see come back. 


1:44 PM BBT Victoria and Caleb still laying in the BY sun bathing. Victoria is saying she will go in sun because its so hot. Derrick/Frankie/Christine are talking about the OTEV comp still. Derrick is saying he threw a piece into the bushes or hid a piece Christina needed. Cody and Donny are on the couch in the BY. Cody asks Donny what he is thinking now. Donny says "My fate are in 6 people hands." Donny says he didn't want to be beside Cody or Derrick, so he is in the best position possible. Donny asks Cody if he keeps his big mouth shut will he be ok. Cody says he thinks he is fine anyway. He tells Donny it came out about Nicole wanting to backdoor Christine so that's why she nomianted her and Frankie wants Nicole gone because she nominated him. Derrick walks into the BY and says "whoa not staying out here long" and the heat is "brutal." Victoria has gone inside to the KT. 


1:48 PM BBT Donny/Cody/Derrick are now discussing the fishing pole. As soon as Derrick came outside Donny and Cody stopped the game talk. 

01:54 PM BBT Nicole has came out into the BY and joined Donny/Cody/Derrick on the couch. Derrick asks her about sleeping and she said she was too cold. Donny said he wishes they had a BB newspaper, he don't care if it had just a bunch of crap in it, he just wants something to read. Christine joins them and asks Nicole why she is sitting in the sun, and Nicole said she is cold. Christine uses that as a reason to go sit by Cody. They are joking with Cody about what kind of fish he caught (he is playing with the fishing pole.) Victoria has moved in the WA and is looking through clothes. Frankie comes out of the WC and was somewhat dancing/singing to Victoria and we get FotH. He was washing his hands when feed came back. 


1:57 PM BBT BB announces for the HG to retrieve their fit trackers. Donny says he will get Christine/Derrick/Nicole/Cody/Victoria for them. Frankie stops Donny inside and says Donny "you have a great shot at staying this week." Donny says just keep his big mouth closed. Donny said he isn't going to search people out but if they want to talk to them he will but he feels a lot better and Frankie tells him he should. Frankie says they can talk later. Donny places Victoria fit tracker on WA sink and takes everyone else's outside. Frankie is back out laying in the sun. 
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2:00 PM BBT  Derrick is fishing, Frankie and Caleb are laying out in the sun. Cody, Christine, Donny, and Nicole are on the patio. Cody says he's always ragged on... even when he played soccer. Christine tells Cody that he's easy to rag on because he's very attractive and he's good at things and he exudes confidence. Donny says "ugly folks have it rough."  Victoria comes out to join them on the patio. The conversation turns to tanning.


2:07 PM BBT  Caleb talks about how he can't wait to go on radio shows and people say "there's Beast Mode Cowboy." He says he thinks he'll be asked to be on Survivor. He also thinks it would be great to be on Amazing Race. Frankie thinks that would be fun to do together--they would kill that together. Caleb thinks they should make a video together. Derrick knows he'll be asked to be on a certain show that Michelle from season 10. He asks Christine and Nicole how far Michelle made it on that season and a discussion ensues.


2:10 PM BBT  Caleb says he wants to do Survivor before Amazing Race. It depends which season they have coming up. Maybe they want a "good ole country boy." They wanted him for this last season, but he chose BB. When you "beast through a season of BB, he's sure they save you a spot on the show. He's sure that's what they did with Hayden. Frankie reminds him that Hayden took a couple years off. Caleb says "but he knew he was going on there." Frankie says again "but he did take a few years off." There conversation turns to their fit bracelets and yogurt as a probiotic.


2:18 PM BBT  Derrick is trying to figure out if he made it as far as Michelle from season 10. Nicole is discusses how far Jordan made it without Jeff their second season. They all discuss McCrae and Amanda and how she wasn't a student of the game. Derrick says he was watching the feeds and she was saying they just had sex and McCrae was saying they hadn't. She said they had...back and forth. McCrae was mortified. Then they talk about Rachel and Brendon and when they went out their firsts season.


2:22 PM BBT  Caleb went to the DR because he isn't feeling well. He's weak and shaky and his stomach doesn't feel great. They told him it's probably from being on slop for so long, and because he ate so much yesterday, and everyone's body reacts differently. Frankie had told him to go ask for a probiotic to settle his stomach. Caleb said that he asked for one but they said "what's a pro "antibiotic." The patio crew is talking about a video Amanda and the villain from BB Canada put out about how to be a great BB Villain put out on YouTube.


2:35 PM BBT  Frankie has gone to the HOH room to take a nap. Nicole and Victoria and talking in the KT. Vic asks her if Christine explained herself. She says that Zach and Caleb made up stuff. Caleb is giving some fishing lessons outside on the patio. Derrick has decided he really likes fishing since he's started with the little fishing pole in the house. Caleb wants to take Derrick fishing on their airboat...  Christine decides to go in for a nap. She tells Victoria and Nicole that she's going to sleep in the Rock BR.


2:40 PM BBT  Nicole is fixing food and tells Victoria that she's eating like a cow again (Caleb told her she was eating like a cow last night). Nicole is doing shout outs in the KT to her family. She tells them she's on the block and that it's not looking good and that she can't help it that she's such a physical beast and then laughs. Nicole tells Vic that this is the second week in a row that she's only up there on a Thursday night and she has to talk.


2:44 PM BBT  Nicole tells Vic that Christine says it was a game move because she's won 3 HOHs. Vic says it was really harsh and she hopes no one tells her off like that but that she's good at handling it. Nicole says she's been through a lot in her life with people being mean to her. Nic says it's the harshest thing anyone has said to her on the show she's knows it's being broadcasted. Derrick and the guys are talking about haircuts on Thursday. Derrick will freshen up Donny and Caleb for them.


2:46 PM BBT Nicole says that Julie tweeted before the show about who will be the heroes and who will be the villains. The tweet came down but she has been trying to figure out who they might be. She legitimately thinks there are 3 in the house. 


2:52 PM BBT Caleb has gone in to the HOH room to take a nap. Derrick is talking with Donny and reassures him that he's safe. He tells him that TA will be 3 of 8 people. He feels great about that. He feels bad because he feels that Nicole is legitimately a good person. Nicole tells Vic that she doesn't know what's true and what isn't true anymore.


3:07 PM BBT Derrick and Donny think the wall has to be coming sometime soon. They also talk about how Hayden was so good at reviewing the days and Derrick says he doesn't have a great memory, so he's trying to do what Hayden did to review. Derrick goes inside just as Victoria and Nicole decide they are going to take naps. Donny heads to the pool to lay down on a pool chair.


3:15 PM BBT  The feeds show Donny laying down by the pool on 1/2 and Derrick, Victoria, and Nicole taking a nap on 3/4. Christine (the HOH) and Cody are asleep in the Earth BR, Zach is asleep in the have not room, and Caleb and Frankie (not the HOHs) are asleep in the HOH room.


#BB16  Nicole talked about a tweet she saw before she came in the house asking viewers who they thought might be the heroes and who might be the villains.She thinks this may be an actual twist since they were promised such a twisty season. What twist would you put in if you were a Producer of Big Brother?


3:45 PM BBT Donny has made his way in from the BY, he fills up 2 water bottles, goes to the WC and is called to the DR.


3:50 PM BBT Victoria makes her way to the WA and looks at the BY. She says, "What? A lockdown?" The BY is closed off to the HG.


4:00 PM BBT Donny emerges from the DR and Victoria is called to the DR. She goes to the WA and goes through first one laundry basket, then another to find a back tank top. Then she applies some make up and heads to the DR. Donny says, "Go get 'em." He goes to the beehive.

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6:50 PM BBT HG's are all cooking dinner. Frankie, Caleb, and Derrick are cooking on the grill while Victoria and Christine struggle to make mashed potatoes. They are both mashing them with a spoon, and it appears they forgot to peel the potatoes and add butter. Finally, all of the food is ready and they are getting ready to eat. Christine says they are all like a family.


7:00 PM BBT Frankie, Derrick, and Christina are all outside eating. Cody and Donny are playing pool. Not sure where Nicole and Zach have been. Most likely sleeping.


7:05 PM BBT Cody goes into get some food, and piles his chicken with garlic salt. Victoria says she's going to make more slop, Donny's face lights up and says he appreciates it. They are now talking about what tastes good with slop. Donny says milk and sugar makes it taste like cookie dough.


7:15 PM BBT Victoria must have forgotten about the slop, because she joins the rest outside. Donny is sitting in the kitchen alone looking deep in thought. Suddenly a wild Zach appears and joins him at the table


7:26 PM BBT Christine pulls out her packet of birth control pills and starts telling this disturbing story about how she told her husband she wanted babies, and started throwing her pills at him. She says he has never freaked out so bad. Cody says his ex girlfriend would miss three pills at a time. Christine says that's crazy, she doesn't fool around with it and takes it everyday at 5p.m. Frankie interrupts and asks what sex is. They are now discussing the difference between having sex and making love.


7:33 PM BBT Donny walks into the Fire Room and puts on an orange hat. We can see Nicole sleeping. Donny then goes to take a shower.


7:40 PM BBT General conversation in the BY. The topic has been on airplanes for about ten minutes now.


7:48 PM BBT Christine says her friend got a record deal with Universal Republic but she didn't take it. Frankie is talking about how big that company is, and starts naming off all of the artists who are under their label. Christine seems shocked by this.


7:50 PM BBT Donny is out of the shower and joins everyone else in the BY. Zach says he wants a yacht with 30 porn stars.


7:51 PM BBT Frankie is talking about some new six passenger plane that travels around the world and can even go to the moon. He says they sell tickets for close to $200,000. (this is crazy, I didn't know this!)


8:04 PM BBT Victoria fell asleep in the BY, and BB tells her to wake up. Frankie brings the dishes inside and Caleb follows him. Caleb lifts up his shirt and starts checking out his abs in the kitchen mirror. They look amazing, btw.


8:09 PM BBT Nicole is awake. Frankie is making something on the stove and Nicole asks him how much longer. He says two minutes.

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:help: Oops! There's another hole in the coverage.  

We have no one to update from 10PM BBT until midnight.  Why not try your hand at updating.  Don't worry, no one will criticize, 'cause it's a rule.  



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4:58 PM BBT Victoria and Nicole putting on make-up in the WA. Victoria walks out Donny in BY sitting on couch lounging.


4:59 PM BBT Nicole walks out of WA, and goes to DR. Victoria is laying in bed in the fire room. She moved around and put covers up more, and left hand over her face. Donny tapping his feet while still lounging in the BY.


5:05 PM BBT Donny still lounging, tapping the right side of the brim of his red hat. Everything else is pretty quiet in the BB house.


5:08 PM BBT Victoria puts both hands up by her face in the fire room, and moves a little. While Donny is still sitting on the couch lounging in the BY. He adjusts his position a little.


5:11 PM BBT Nicole goes into fire room from DR., lays in bed with Victoria. Victoria rubs on her back, comforting her. Derrick gets called to the DR.


5:13 PM BBT Derrick gets called to the DR again, and then we see FoTH.


5:13 PM BBT Come back from FoTH. Christine goes in HoHR, and says she's sorry, while Frankie is sleeping in the nest bed. Christine says she just wants to make sure her music is working. Frankie asks if she's coming to bed, and she says, no, that she just napped. She says again, she's just trying to see if her music is working. Donny moves around on the couch in the BY.


5:16 PM BBT Christine leaves HoHR, and goes to WC. Nicole sits up in bed, with Victoria rubbing her back. She says, her heart hurts so bad, and she's really upset. She says a lot of people haven't had that said to them by one of their best friends in the house, and get BD. She says that was a gutsy move, as she wipes her tears away with a tissue.


5:18 PM BBT Christine goes to the BY, says hello to Donny, and asks if everyone is sleeping. He says he thinks so. He yawns. Nicole says she was always the one to get the blood on her hands, especially putting up Zach last time, with what they did to them. She says Christine is there literally for the money, and will do what she has to do. She says she didn't expect this. She says she couldn't believe those words came out of her mouth, without even knowing if any of it's true. Victoria says everything happens for a reason, and Nicole agrees. Nicole says Christine has to have a deal with Cody, Zach and Frankie. She says she always blamed everything on Zach.


5:21 PM BBT Derrick goes to BY and discusses the grill being back there. She asks if he thinks it's fixed. He says they probably put it back for safety reasons. Nicole says that Zach told her that Christine told him, that Victoria saw them kissing. Victoria says that's playing with someone's heart. Nicole and Victoria keep discussing things that have happened in the game.


5:24 PM BBT Christine says she's glad she doesn't take things personal. Derrick told her that she's "ice cold," but not in a bad way, for the game. Nicole and Victoria were discussing the sexual things that Christine has done, and it is what it is. Victoria says she can't play HoH next week. Nicole says she hopes she leaves right after her. Derrick says he was asked about Frankie, and he says it's admirable for what he's doing, but he's there for himself, and his family. If he was in a position to do that, he would.


5:28 PM BBT Nicole and Victoria are talking about her stating her case on eviction day. Nicole says she doesn't know who's working together. She says, "Damn, I don't get to see Zingbot, I have to figure out a way to stay here." She says, it's her dream to be there, and there should only be one HoH. Victoria says it's so hard to stay there. They talk about another 2 person HoH next week. Victoria tells her, she should go and talk to Cody. Derrick and Christine, laying on the hammock, are discussing that they've made it to the half-way point in the game. Derrick says there's such a nice breeze. Christine says she can't wait to see Zingbot. Derrick says if they do good, and stay loyal, they should be there at least another 2 weeks. Victoria tells Nicole, that no matter what happens, everything happens for a reason, and that she knows how she feels. She says she feels that way, every time she's on the block. Derrick and Christine discussing the double HoH's ending next week.


5:32 PM BBT Nicole says she wishes there would be a twist where she can stay. Victoria asks if that happened once, and Nicole said it was when the coaches came into the game. Nicole says there haven't been that many twists in the game yet, except the DE, and the BOB always happens. Christine and Derrick are discussing possible nom's for next week.


5:34 PM BBT Victoria says that Christine did say she left her heart at the door. Nicole says she did also, but this is different. She says it was a good move, and she has to be working with Caleb, Frankie and Zach, because they were all worried if Nicole would of won HoH. Christine is telling Derrick what she told Nicole about why she put her on the block. She agrees with Derrick that she completely lied. Christine says she has to do this so she doesn't get her out next week. She says it's so weird when girls cry to her, because she doesn't know what to do. Nicole says her head is pounding. Nicole says that Donny is sorry for her, happy he's safe again. She says he's being very nice, and not to lay in bed all day and cry. She says she told him she feels like it. Christine was saying she still wants to hang out with her. Derrick says that Nicole could come back, and could go to the end with Christine. Christine said that 30% of the jury already hates her, so she won't win.


5:38 PM BBT Victoria leaves the fire room and goes to the WC. Donny is sitting in an orange chair in the LR, tapping his fingers on the arms of the chair. Derrick tells Christine about Zach admitting the truth to him. Victoria goes to the BY, picks up the orange bean bag, and goes by the hammock with Derrick and Christine.


5:41 PM BBT Christine asks how many more days, 35 days? Victoria and Derrick agree. Christine says she wishes she could re-do the trip they just took, with other people to see who recognizes them. She says Caleb is really well known, and that surprises her. She says that's almost like Jesse. Derrick says Caleb thinks he's well on his way to being someone like Rascal Flatts. Christine says that the Realty TV show that he was filming was confirmed. Derrick asks if it was the hog hunting show, and she says yes. Christine says he's the weirdest guy she's met. She says he has told the truth the whole time, but he is full of himself. Victoria says the soldier thing is huge, and they agree. Derrick says he's going to be the most unrecognized. He says people are going to ask him if he was on the show, and he'll have to say he'll have to Google it. The girls laugh.


5:45 PM BBT Christine says she can't wait to go home and have people recognize her, and ask to take pictures with her. Victoria says she doesn't know if she'll be recognized when she gets home. She says some of the HG's from last year actually hang out with some of the people from The Real Word. Derrick says Pow Pow knows Nick really well. Christine says he has the biggest eyes she's ever seen.


5:47 PM BBT Christine and Victoria say that some of the girls last season were really good looking, but none of the guys were hot. Victoria gets called to the DR. Christine and Victoria now talking about the guys from this season. Cody joins Donny in the LR.


11:05 PM BBT Victoria asks if this was the first season without a showmance. Christine says there were other seasons without one. Derrick says that Amber/Caleb was a showmance that failed. He says that there may have been more there than that thought. Victoria goes in to DR. She comes out, goes to LR, and tells Cody she was called in because her hair was covering her microphone. She tells Cody about her day.


5:51 PM BBT Christine and Derrick discuss match-ups from last season. Christine/McCrae, Amber/Kaitlyn, Caleb/Jeremy, Amanda/Zach, Ian/Nicole (previous season), Andy/Frankie, Nick/Cody, David/Hayden. Derrick says they may have tried to stay away from Aaryn. Christine says it's weird that her and Nicole got in the house. Christine says the lack of independent women this season drives her nuts. Spencer/Donny and Helen/Derrick. Donny says these are some long days, Cody agrees. Donny says he's going to come up with something to make, put it in the freezer and see if it makes ice cream. Cody tells him how Amber made it. Donny asks if it was the muscle milk crap? Cody says yes.


5:57 PM BBT Christine says that 3rd place is the worst, going straight to vote. They say who's been Zinged previously: Andy, GM, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Aaryn and Helen. They think Zingbot will be next week. Christine says his comps are hard. Victoria says he says some funny stuff. Christine says he says some mean stuff. Victoria talks about the Brigade. Cody gets his socks and shoes to put them on, and then he and Donny leave the LR. Cody goes to BY, Donny goes to KT.


6:01 PM BBT Derrick says that Hayden and Nicole could of been making out for all they know. Christine agrees, and says there's a lot of alone time, it will be a surprise to see when they leave. Derrick talks about the area where he lives, comparing it to Vermont.


6:03 PM BBT Christine asks Derrick about the barriers in the streets where he lives, and says they are only lines. Christine says where she is from, they have concrete barriers with cacti in them. She's running through to see how many lights don't have them. She says it's like an island, and Derrick compares them to the ones at Walmart, and says they aren't on his streets. He wonders why they are so big in Arizona. Cody is lifting weights in the BY. Christine says how her elbows crack and get stuck sometimes when she moves her arms a certain way.


6:05 PM BBT Derrick says he can't believe that Nicole graduated top of her Nursing School class, and she went to a very good school, know for nursing. He says that a lot of people that started with her haven't finished yet. Christine says that's awesome. Derrick says she's the real deal. Christine and Victoria say they wonder who is watching them on Live Feed, but don't want to really know. Derrick and Christine start doing shout outs. Christine says that Time has to literally gather change from around the house to get his 40 ounce beer, because of their tight budget. She says he goes to Albertson's, and you can buy drinks individually there. Derrick asks if he puts the bear in a brown paper bag, and Christine says it would be funny if he did.


6:09 PM BBT Victoria does shout outs. Christine and Victoria discuss budgets that were set, and wonder if their bills are getting paid. Christine says that Tim probably had to go to her dad to ask for money. Derrick says if he doesn't make it to the F2, and has to go home, he will be so happy to get on one of the planes that are overhead to go home. Donny is in fire room reading his letter from his girlfriend again.


6:12 PM BBT Discussion in BY went to how long flights were going to the show, and if people had direct or layovers. All cams go to fire room, where Donny is repacking his black bag. HG's in the BY are about where the cams are in at this moment. Derrick is saying he doesn't think any are on them right now. Christine asks whose scheming inside. Production says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Christine says she wonders what to eat tonight, that she's only had a chocolate bar tonight. Derrick says he may go put the Tuna Steaks on the grill. Victoria says, "Oh no." She says the grill won't be there on Thursday because of HoH. Christine says she'll make some mashed potatoes with it. They head inside to cook. Derrick asks Cody if he wants some, and says, he's pumped for some.


6:17 PM BBT Victoria says she has to go pee. Christine goes to SR to grab potatoes, goes to KT and asks Donny if he wants some mashed potatoes? Donny says no, I already ate my fish. Christine asks if he's already ate, and then says she's so sorry, that she's must be the most rotten person on earth. Derrick goes in KT, and comments that it's been a long time since they've had mashed potatoes. Cody is jumping around, working out in the BY. Derrick gets told to, please put on his microphone.


6:21 PM BBT Derrick comments that the fish is already separated. He has Donny if he thinks the fish it o.k. Donny asks how long it's been dethawed or unthawed. Derrick says a couple days. Derrick wonders if he should ask about it, and Donny says it should be o.k. Derrick says sell by date is 8-11-14. Cody says he feels so weak, while he's working out in the BY. Christine asks what she should Tweet tomorrow. Derrick says to definitely Tweet to his fans and Tim. She asks if she can, and he said he did, and he sent another one to his mom that said, "Look mom, I'm on Big Brother."


6:23 PM BBT Victoria is singing in the KT, and Derrick is looking for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Victoria gets told to, "Please, stop singing." She says that's her, and Derrick and Christine say they know. Christine wonders if her sister-in-law thinks she's cool on the show. Christine says she can't wait to get another tattoo. She asks Victoria if she has any face piercings, and she says no, because she's allergic to them. Derrick says he would like to get a neck tattoo, because he thinks they are sick. Victoria says that her sister had her belly button pierced. Christine says she has had all the parts of her ears pierced at one point. Victoria says her skin is so sensitive, and she's allergic to so much. She says when she gets a pedicure, sometimes it's with lotion she allergic to, and she tells them, they rinse it off.


6:27 PM BBT Christine says that Victoria's skin is like the inside of her stomach. Victoria says she allergic to latex also. KT convo is about the food that's being cooked. "Please raise the outside awnings," comes overhead. Donny says to Cody, "Let me help you." Derrick says he's going to help them. Victoria keeps telling Christine all the stuff she's allergic to.


6:30 PM BBT Victoria asks Christine if she's better know with Frankie. She says, better now, but still terribly annoyed, but that she can't act like that obviously. She goes to sink to wash the cutting board. Christine is looking for butter, not oil to use for cooking. Christine goes to SR. Victoria tells Derrick that Nicole thinks she has a chance of staying. Derrick says, that's fine, she's not staying. Christine comes back in KT. Cody is now running in the BY.


6:33 PM BBT Victoria tells Christine there is a potato button on the microwave. They continue to talk about the food in the KT. Derrick tells Victoria that the ice in her drink melts really quick in her drink. Victoria says she got a lot of compliments today, when she wore the green beanie. Victoria does more shout outs. All cams go to BY on Cody still running. All cams go to HoHR where Christine goes in and tells Frankie what they are making for dinner. He sells I'm coming, and asks if the grill is back, She says yes, and Frankie gets out of bed, and heads downstairs. All cams are on the KT now, then switch to all on BY, then switch to both KY & BY.


6:38 PM BBT Frankie comments on Cody jogging outside, and says what a nice night it is. An airplane flies overhead. Donny is whistling and sitting in a chair by the Jacuzzi, with his feet soaking. Caleb comes to the KT, from the HoHR nest bed. Victoria says, "Good morning Caleb," and he gives the two fingers up sign. Frankie starts singing, after he tells them he had a dream about Julie Chen. Victoria tells them she met Nick Cannon on her Hollywood trip, before coming in the house.


6:40 PM BBT Victoria says she is going to have to post it after the show, since she wasn't allowed to post it before she went in. Christine says she met someone from her mom's soap opera the last time she was in California. Caleb says he met Brian Cabrera, and starts singing his song. All cams go to BY, and he gets told twice to, "Please, stop singing." Donny talking to Cody in the BY about their escorts. We see FoTH. Cams come pack, and we hear, "Please, stop singing," two more times. Cody asks if everyone is on blast now.


6:43 PM BBT Cody keeps saying who he saw at the airport. He says he thought Derrick was a loser because he had two earrings in. He also says that there was a guy that looked like the undertaker. Cams go to KT. Christine starts talking about Vine, and Frankie says to tell him about it, because he's the worst Viner. She starts talking, and all cams go to BY. Derrick is talking to Cody about the grill.


6:45 PM BBT Frankie goes to the BY talking to Derrick about what's for dinner. We hear, "Please, stop singing," again. Frankie and Derrick ask, who's singing. Derrick heads inside. Donny questions Cody about lifting weights every day. Cody says you aren't supposed to work out the same muscle groups, but he says, "F*ck it." He asks Donny if he feels him. Donny says he popped a big pimple. Cody says he had to get that one on his cheek. Frankie asks Derrick if everything is o.k., or does he need to talk him about something. Derrick says he thinks they are golden, and this week is in the books. Frankie agrees. Frankie tells Donny to use hot compresses on his face, and then they will put the medicine on it. Frankie says he feels like they are a mens commune. Donny says he should of put his food on the grill, they tell him to go get some. He says he is full, he's just waiting to eat his homemade ice cream.


6:49 PM BBT Derrick asks Frankie when he gets to grill. He says when he's in Florida. Derrick asks if his mom lives there, he says his grandparents. Frankie says his mom lives in California mostly, his dad lives in New Jersey. He says he has the apartment in New York with his room mates, and his mom and sister can stay there when they visit. He says his sister lives in California. He says his parents had a nasty divorce when he was young. All cams go to KT, where Christine and Victoria are mixing up the mashed potatoes.


6:53 PM BBT Victoria says poor Nicole. Christine is wondering whose homes they went to for interviews for Thursday segments. We see FoTH. Cams come back to KT, and Christine and Victoria are saying that Nicole will be o.k., because she will see Hayden. BY talking about food, and different types of issues than can happen if it's contaminated. Victoria says that Nicole says how she's alone. Victoria says this is a game. Christine says they can see the friends from this game outside the house, they have to finish the game first. She says how they are all not seeing their families for 3 months.


6:58 PM BBT Derrick in the kitchen with the girls, and they say how it will be weird when they leave, and misses the BB house, and the rock room. Christine says that last night she was thinking about her home bed, and how comfortable it is. Victoria tells Christine what Nicole was saying to her, and that she told her to go and talk to her, that she's not going to play telephone. Nicole changes the subject as she licks the wooden spoon. Derrick came back inside with the fish from the grill. Frankie comes in the KT from outside, says Donny is playing pool. Derrick asks what's wrong with that? Frankie says, nothing, he's never seen him play at all. Caleb comes in the KT and says, "Me and Victoria need to go and F ourselves now." Frankie asks what he said, and he repeated it.


7:02 PM BBT Donny takes a shot on the pool table, and says, here goes nothing. Caleb is singing a Garth Brooks song in the KT. He taps his bracelet and says, "come on." Everyone leaves the kitchen. Victoria asks Caleb to reach something for her, because he's not tall enough. Christine, Frankie and Derrick eating on the couches in the back yard. Christine is asking if the camera looks crocked, and Derrick says they all look weird. Donny tells Cody to go and eat, but he's finishing the pool game. Christine says she's going to have to tell Tim's family about Tuna steaks. Derrick says it's $30 a pound, and they probably wouldn't be eating it on the outside. He says it might be cheaper in Rhode Island, because it more available. Derrick says it 2 pounds, and her and Tim wouldn't need that much. Frankie says he got food poisoning when he was on tour with Dora The Explorer, he got food poisoning. Derrick asks why he was with her, and he says he was Boots the Monkey in Dora The Explorer Live. He says he loved it.


11:07 PM BBT Derrick asks Frankie about where the Nick shows are recorded. Frankie tells him the different places, and how he misses Double Dare. Frankie asks if they like Wipe Out? Derrick says, Reality TV is the way to go. They discuss the big red balls on Wipe Out. Caleb is sitting on the couches while the others eat. Victoria, Cody and Donny are in the KT.


7:09 PM BBT Victoria tells Donny she is making more slop, and Donny says, thank you. He asks if that's all that's left from what they made yesterday, and she says, yes, because there are 4 people eating it. Caleb starts talking about poachers in the BY.


7:10 PM BBT Caleb still talking about how people new things on yesterday's trip. Frankie tells Christine, she should be liking her plate like a cat. Frankie asks about what desert they had, and asks why they don't have cake batter or something. Frankie asks if he might be clairvoyant, and Julie Chen might be coming in the BY? They say, no, and start talking about the comps that were in the BY.

In the KT, Victoria tells Donny how she wasn't going on vacation this summer, so it's wild how she's there. Victoria was talking about her friends in Israel that may be seeing her on Live Feeds. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." In the BY, Caleb says they can ask for their corn hole boards back. Frankie says, pool will be played. Christine tells about a game she wants from Amazon, called Scramble.


7:16 PM BBT Frankie says the game sounds awesome, and would like it. Victoria goes to the BY, as Zach goes in the KT. Donny is telling Zach about Derrick grilling food, and how the slop fills him up really good. He says how he wants to take a cold shower, and go to bed. He tells Zach that everyone has been asleep. He says if he had a television, it would be like back home, and discuss when they get off slop. Christine in BY talking about the Fed-Ex plane that went overhead. Derrick says if he gets his Comic book cover before they leave, he'll pay for it to get Fed-Exed home. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." The convo is about food in the BY. Zach and Donny are just sitting in the KT.


7:20 PM BBT Frankie says how cooking cookies looks like nipples, and then says chocolate chipples. Frankie says his Starbucks is his Cheers. Caleb says how he missed the bar where he knows everyone. Christine says she wishes they would have a mechanical bull comp. Caleb says some cost $20K - $30K, that they look real, and he can't hang on to them things. He says, it's still fun though. He says that mechanical bulls are everywhere where he lives. Zach left the KT.

7:24 PM BBT All cams go to KT, where Donny is tapping the table. He whistles a little bit, and sits back in that tall blue chair.


7:25 PM BBT Cams go to BY also. Frankie calls Christine a nickname, she tells him what her nickname was for a long time. Christine hands her birth control pills to Cody. She says when she was on her placebo pills (sugar pills), that she tells Tim that she wants to have a baby, and starts popping them out. She says how he started looking for them. She says she doesn't take those anyway, and they want to wait about 5 years to have a baby. Cody says his ex-girlfriend would miss her pills every damn day, and she would take like 3 at a time. Christine asks, and she never got pregnant, and Cody says, let's hope not. Christine says she only missed one day, doubled up the next day, and got pregnant. She tells Frankie that the placebo pills are when she's on her period. Cody says his girlfriend didn't get her period for 5 - 6 months. Caleb says he knows girls that are the same way. Cody says he was a little paranoid.


7:29 PM BBT Frankie and Christine ask DADBOT (Derrick) for a sex education class. Derrick says that when people have been together for a long time and after they are married, they can make love, not have sex. He says it has to be sensual. They are start talking about a FED-Ex plain overhead. Derrick says it may be coming out of Burbank. Frankie says it's all Burbank. Zach asks if the plains are taking off or landing, and Derrick says, taking off. They talk about the one that they heard during OTEV.


7:32 PM BBT HG's in BY talk about the plains they saw while in the hotel. Cody says he was looking for the Hollywood sign for days. Donny was in WA, and Nicole is laying in bed in the fire room. Frankie says the HG's should of been dropped off in West Hollywood, the gay section, and says it's clean, it's great! Donny goes into the fire room takes his green visor off, and puts on his orange fisherman's hat.


7:34 PM BBT Donny grabs some clothing, leaves the fire room, goes to Beehive to get a towel, and goes to WA. He burps as he is putting his light blue towel on the door of the COLD side, and says, "Excuse me." He takes his shirt off, gets in the shower, takes his tan shorts off, drops them over the door. He then takes his blue underwear off, and drops it over the door to the floor. He turns the water on to wet himself, turns it off, washing his hair. Victoria goes to WC. HG's in BY are now talking about production again, with the way the cams are pointing. They think they were taken down during the rain. They now saw a UPS plain go overhead, and start talking about other airlines. They ask Caleb if you get to board first being military, and he says, yes, but you have to be in uniform. Victoria comes out of WC, and washes her hands in the WA.


7:39 PM BBT HG's in BY are still talking about planes coming overhead, and where they like to sit when they fly. Derrick says he would like to fly Virgin Airlines, as he and Frankie talk about the lights and other perks that are on flights. Derrick says he has a friends buddy that work for Jet Blue. Zach says that $4.99 on Delta got him everything he wanted on his flight. Caleb says that he doesn't think a cell phone battery would work for 5 hours on Wi-Fi. Frankie tells what flights have outlets on them. Donny finishes lathering his body, and turns the water back on to rinse off. Donny turns the water off, and begins to dry himself off with his towel.


7:43 PM BBT HG's in BY talk about other flight experiences. Zach says he never has flown First Class. Frankie says alcohol is free in First Class. Christine can't believe it. Donny finishes getting dressed in the WA, and heads in to fire room. Cody says International First Class First Class is still better right? Frankie tells about the way the planes are for International Flights. He even tells how one had a spiral staircase, that it was a brand new Dream Liner. Frankie says he doesn't want to go on a Private Jet. Caleb says that Private Jets don't go as high. Cody says he wants to go on a Private Jet so bad. Donny is finishing getting dressed in fire room.


7:48 PM BBT More discussion about different singers and stars in the BY. Donny is combing out his beard, using the mirror in the hallway between the BR's. He finishes, puts the comb on the dresser, puts on his orange fishing hat, and heads to Beehive. He wipes his feet off with his socks, as he puts his socks and white shoes on.


7:51 PM BBT Donny goes to BY, and joins other HG's on the couch. Discussion in BY is about different people to search when they get home to see what they have. Derrick says a jet is really moving, and Zach says it's a 737. Frankie asks if everyone knows about the Virgin Galactic, that's going to fly to the moon. Christine and Zach say they will never go on it. Frankie says it's really expensive, and it's a 6 person plane that's going to fly as far as you can in Nicole is the Earth's atmosphere, and come back. Zach tells about how little the re-entry window is that's available for the Space Shuttle to come back through. Nicole is still sleeping in the fire room.


7:57 PM BBT Donny was saying how some of his hairs on his leg are coming back blonde, where the rest are dark. The HG's are talking about movies they like. They all say how much they like Google Maps. Derrick says how he'll use Bing to look some up. Zach tells Derrick that obviously he has a Mac, and asks if that map program is run by Google. Derrick says he's surprised the Frankie doesn't have Google Glass yet. Frankie says, he's not ready to do that yet. He says that he wants to wait until Apple has a version of it.

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8:01 PM BBT Zach is telling them about the practices at Google, how they have to take an hour break each day from work and work on their own projects. Donny says he Google'd BB and someone took a satellite image of the BY. BB warns about sleeping outside beds (they think Victoria is asleep.) Talk turns to video games (Grand Theft Auto.) Zach says he would never left his brother play it. Frankie/Caleb/Victoria go inside to the KT. Nicole is asleep in the FR.


8:08 PM BBT Victoria goes inside to the FR to check on Nicole. She must have been laying awake with her eyes closed. Nicole tells Victoria "I guess I should get up huh?" Nicole tells herself she is feeling a little better after waking up from a nap and life doesn't suck as bad right now. She says "thank God for Victoria, everyone else sucks." She heads into the SR to decide what to eat. She gets a banana and celery. Frankie tells her "good morning" in passing but Nicole has to go back to the SR to get tuna. Frankie starts singing and we get FotH.


8:10 PM BBT Zach and Derrick are arguing over the price of game systems. Zach thinks they are more expensive and Derrick says they are cheaper. They are discussing pro's/con's of each system. Talk is all general no game talk.


8:16 PM BBT Zach and Derrick have turned the talk to golf. Caleb chimes in and asks Ping or Nike? Zach says Ping. In the KT Nicole asks Victoria who cooked up the food? Victoria tells her Derrick and Christina. Christina and Cody are on the couch together opposite Donny. Zach and Derrick are sitting in lawn chairs. Caleb is running laps in BY. Nicole comes out in the BY and everyone says "Hey she is awake."


8:20 PM BBT Zach is telling them a story in about one time he went to the Honda Classic golf tournament and he got to stand shoulder to shoulder as Tiger Woods as he took a shot out of the trees. Zach says a friend of his goes every year just to heckle Tiger.


8:22 PM BBT Zach is still telling stories. He mentions one of the times he went he had just had his face surgery (said he had a cast on his nose/eyes were bruised). Says a cop almost threw him out because he heckled someone for 3 putting. Cody says he thought you could yell whatever you want. Zach explains the courtesy and respect factor of golf.


8:28 PM BBT Frankie follows up Zach's stories about meeting golf celebrities with his own story. He said he was in Boca Raton in the bathroom doing #2 and Dan Marino bursts through the stall he was in and said "Opps sorry buddy." and Frankie replied to him "Its ok......Dan." Everyone laughs and says how awkward that is. Derrick goes inside to bake some cookies and Donny heads to the WC.


8:30 PM BBT Victoria follows Derrick into the SR and says she needs to talk to him. Victoria said Christine is making it a point to be the last girl in the house. Derrick doesn't seemed too worried and wants to know why Victoria is. Derrick says of course she wants to be the last girl, that would mean she would win, which is everyone's goal. Victoria tells Derrick she doesn't feel good and she has only slept like 2 hours so she is probably going to bed early. Derrick asks her why she is forcing herself to stay up, just to go on to bed. Donny is out of the WC and in the KT, and he gets what looks like the "home made ice cream" he made. He goes back into the BY and Zach/Cody/Frankie are talking about football players. Frankie says he wishes one of them was naked yesterday.


8:36 PM BBT Caleb has went inside to the KT and is talking to Derrick about the cookies and not to make both packs, only 3 of them can eat them. Zach and Cody have decided to start going through all the NFL teams and name the wide receivers. Christine is now in the KT washing a dish, and Victoria is at the bar in the KT eating something out of a plastic tupper-wear type dish.


8:40 PM BBT Frankie has joined Caleb at weight bench and Caleb is acting as Frankie's personal trainer. Nicole asks Victoria in the KT if she wants to go hang in the hammock.


8:42 PM BBT Nicole and Victoria are in the hammock talking. Nicole says even though she slept all day she thinks she will be able to sleep tonight, and she gets even more tired when she cries. Nicole said she has never seen anyone like Christina as far as pretending to like someone to their face but crack on them when they aren't around. Victoria calls Christine a "good actress." Nicole says it seems "Her (Christine) and Derrick are getting close." Victoria agrees and says it worries her. Nicole said even though Christine told her today she loves her as a person, that she doesn't love Christine as a person and she just hopes she acts different outside the house.


8:46 PM BBT Nicole says she can tell Christine thinks it is in her best interest to be the only girl left because then everyone will forget about her. Nicole says she knows all the other guys are promising her stuff. Victoria tells Christine that Derrick and Victoria laid and talked on the hammock for like 2 hours earlier. Nicole says that is why they seem so close now. You can hear Frankie screaming and grunting from across the BY from Caleb pushing him to do more reps while lifting.


8:49 PM BBT Nicole tells Victoria she thinks there has to be some kind of twist coming up and she doesn't think it will just continue to be 2 HOH's and BotB. Victoria says "you mean a comeback?" Nicole says it could be but she isn't so sure. They sit in silence looking toward Frankie and Caleb working out and Victoria says she thinks she is going to sleep and Nicole says so do I. Nicole said she is tired but another reason she wants to go to bed is she doesn't want to be around any of these people. Victoria says she is going because her eyes are heavy and she has already gotten yelled at for sleeping. She is telling everyone goodnight as she heads in. Derrick/Cody/Zach/Donny have moved toward the pool table and she hugs Derrick as she goes inside.


8:54 PM BBT Nicole gets a bowl out of the dishwasher in the KT and tells Victoria she is going to get some ice cream. Victoria wants to know if she is going eat it outside or in the FR because she doesn't care to keep her company while she eats it. Victoria says she is going to bathroom. Christine has come inside and is in the KT with Nicole pouring what looks and sounds like cereal into a bowl. Nicole is fighting and struggling to get ice cream out because it is frozen so hard. Christine tries talking to her about her iPod messing up again but you can tell Nicole wants no part of anything she wants to talk about. Derrick comes in to check on the cookies. Frankie and Caleb are running sprints in BY.


8:59 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria he thought she was going to bed and she says she was but smelling the ice cream and cookies she is craving something sweet. Derrick says he can't understand her (she is so tired she sounds drunk). Victoria tells Derrick she feels bad, as far as how sad Nicole is. Derrick says I understand but I guarantee she would vote you out if it meant her staying, just to be nice to her, and by doing that they can maintain a friendship outside house. Victoria starts asking paranoid questions and he sternly says "STOP." He says this is why people like you get consumed, and to look at him he isn't talking game. He said his work is done, and he is on vacation till Thursday. He explains you work and plot through the veto comp then you wait till Thursday and start cycle over again. Derrick said what she needs to do is go to bed, but Victoria says she is afraid of missing out on something and he says there goes your paranoia again.


9:05 PM BBT Derrick asks Nicole as she comes back from what was probably the WA. She tells him she cried so much today her eyes are poofy and she is still tired. He tells her that she looks good and he can't tell and she thanked him. Derrick asks Nicole is she ok and she says ya. Nicole then goes in the BY to check her laundry and Derrick goes back in the SR to look for "plain" cookies. Cody comes inside and asks Victoria "I thought you were going to bed?" and she explains how smelling the sweets has her craving something. Nicole says "ill go to bed as you do" and Cody asks if she meant him and she tells him "No, Victoria." Cody tells her there is no way she can go to bed again and she tells him she is so tired from crying and she starts crying again and he hugs her. She tells him "I feel like such a baby" and he just keeps hugging her.


9:12 PM BBT Derrick is eating his cookies with milk and Victoria says she is going to bed. Nicole tells her she is "seriously coming in like 5 minutes." Frankie and Zach was playing pool in the BY and Zach beat Frankie and Frankie tells him he will be right back he is going to make himself some cereal. Caleb starts playing Zach in pool and Derrick says someone better go out there or Caleb will play over and over again. Meanwhile in the KT Nicole says she forgot all about the DR and she feels like she can cry in there. Victoria tells Frankie at least he knows what it is like to be on the block now and he mentions this is first week he had bad anxiety and Nicole tells him that no one said anything to him about being worried but if she gets upset about the block everyone criticizes her for crying.


9:19 PM BBT Frankie tells the crew in the KT that being a returning player would make playing so much easier. They all start talking about what the format or situation/twist will be if an evicted player comes back in. They flashback to a previous season when a HG was brought back in after being evicted and it reset the nominations that were already up. Franke joins Derrick and Cody in asking why Victoria still hasn't gone to bed. Out in the BY Derrick and Christine have gotten back in the hammock. Derrick is telling her about Victoria saying she doesn't want to go to bed because she may miss something. Christine agrees with Derrick about no way they could be that way, that he sleeps his 10 hours and if something is said he will address it in the morning. Christine mentions having trouble doing her blog because she doesn't have Tim (her husband) to help her and proof read it.


9:24 PM BBT Nicole is talking to Frankie in the KT. Nicole is saying she was able to read people and she knew she was going up by

the way they were acting. She tells Frankie that they were all acting the same way the night Hayden was evicted. She also says another reason she could tell is she would say something that she could tell make them guilty because of what they know and a few minutes later they would get up leave or they wouldn't look her in the eyes. Christine says she was fine in beginning but now she wants to cry and feels all alone.


9:28 PM BBT Christine is asking Derrick, who are still in the hammock in the BY, if he thinks Nicole will campaign to stay. Derrick said he just told Victoria in the KT that everyone should tell her, and he is going to tell her closer to Thursday that she doesn't have the votes, and if she says she does, she is going to have to have more than words for him to believe and then he can start checking whats up. Christine said Nicole told her Frankie, Caleb, or Zach wouldn't vote to keep her and Derrick says "Boom she is done then." Derrick says even if she gets the 3 other votes she would have to convince you (Christina) to vote to keep her in case of tie.
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*****These are the updates I did from the rest of Xander's scheduled shift, when his computer crashed, and I also picked up the 1-3 AM EST slot that was open.*****


9:41 PM BBT Caleb is sitting in the LR with Zach telling him what everyone in his family pic does for a living. Cams all go to BY, where Derrick and Christine are on Hammock. Derrick is telling Christine about when he and his wife go out. Christine says she does the finances, so she can go when she wants. She says she doesn't shop. Derrick says that his wife shops for his daughter mostly, not really for herself. Christine says that when she has a child she probably will do that also. Derrick says they may end up with another girl, he couldn't picture anything else. Christine says once she has one, she may adopt a boy that's older. She says her nieces and nephews are like her babies, and she loves them so much.


9:46 PM BBT All Live Feed cams on Derrick and Christine. Derrick was saying how small his daughter was when he left, and how she will have changed when he gets back home. Christine hopes she has a welcome home party. On BBAD, Donny and Nicole are walking around the BY. He says he's ready to go in case it's him, because one of them has to go this week. Nicole asks Donny, what if they don't go to the jury, and they get sequestered in a hotel room. BBAD goes to LR, where Frankie, Zach and Caleb are. They comment what a mess Nicole is, and Frankie says how she twisted things. Caleb shows Frankie his picture out of the frame. Frankie says he loves it. Cody walks by the LR, in a green towel. Caleb asks Cody what the % is of Cody going home with him, and Cody says something we couldn't hear. Caleb tells him a Jomoke, and a butthole.


9:50 PM BBT Nicole gets called to the DR, Cody gets told to put his microphone on. Christine and Derrick are talking about future game play. Christine says, "Dear God, please don't let Donny win." Derrick says, the game? She says, no, HOH next week. She says she doesn't want to get put up with Caleb. Christine thinks that Frankie and Caleb have something going on, and Derrick tells her that they said it the other day. Derrick says it probably started as Caleb, Frankie and Devin. He says that sometimes it comes down to the comps, and if they don't win, one of them will go home. He says that if one of them does leave, they will see each other in 20 days. He says they all have a good shot, because they have the numbers. He says they need things to fall their way. He says they have to tell the next HOH not to put both Victoria and Derrick both up against each other, because if one wins they'll be safe.


9:55 PM BBT Cody came to the BY, Christine yells, "Hey Cody," and he doesn't respond. He goes by the hammock, and sits on orange bean bag. Derrick tells him he smells good, and asks if he used deodorant. He told him he did and he may try to make a move tonight. Derrick jokingly says, is that why Zach's up? They all discuss comps, the block for next week, and OTEV being pure luck.


9:58 PM BBT They are discussing when the BOB will end. Cody says he thinks it would be B.S. if they keep a BOB on a buy back week. Christine comments that there would be 3 people say, and says it may just end. She says, at this point you can't always predict a DE again. She wonders if it will be an endurance comp. Cody says, next week with BOB's it's f*cked. He says it has to go so perfect, that it's really not likely. He's saying it's guaranteeing that one of them will go home. We've heard twice now, "You're not allowed to talk about production."


10:01 PM BBT Cody is saying that Donny needs to be put up with Zach, to have him throw the comp, so Donny stays up. They want him to play for the game for the Veto. Derrick says, what if Donny wins HOH? Cody says, then one of them is going home for sure. Cody asks why everything is a clean slate? Derrick says it's not, because he remembers everything. Christine chimes in about not caring about the conversation with Frankie the other night. They continue guessing who each HG will put up.


10:05 PM BBT Cody passes gas, and Derrick asks him if he, "shit himself?" He says he can't breath, it stinks so bad. Cody says it's going to be a bad situation no matter what. Derrick asks if he should go and try to make a deal with Donny? Cody said it won't really matter.


10:07 PM BBT Derrick says that the next HOH comp needs to be something physical. Christine says it does. Cody says there really hasn't been anything physical so far. They say the horse one kind of was. Christine says if it's the sliding one she'll be so pi$$ed, because she really wants to play in that one. Derrick says if it's endurance that Donny doesn't have a chance. Cody says he can't be around the other group, and Christine says she can't either. Derrick said he didn't want to play pool with Zach anymore. Christine says she wishes she could name everything that Frankie did yesterday. She says he said kept asking for his make-up bag, and was saying how disgusting the house is. Derrick says he leaves his stuff all over the house. We see FoTH.


10:11 PM BBT Christine says that the other day Donny went to the HoHR shower to try to take the towel because they thought Frankie was in it. Derrick tells Cody that he needs to go and take care of himself in the shower, to release some tension. Cody says he can't just do it like that. Cody says he told his dad he won't DQ himself. Derrick says he better not, he would fight him first, before allowing him to do that. He will tell him, win or you're going home. Cody says, that Caleb keeps saying how everyone was calling Beast Mode Cowboy. Christine starts talking about what Caleb was saying yesterday. We see FoTh.


10:15 PM BBT Christine was saying that it was probably one family there that recognized them, and spread out. She says there weren't that many people there really. Derrick was hearing people in the lot saying stuff to the HG's. Christine comments how many fans Evil Dick has. They went into lockdown because of the fans yelling on the lot. Derrick says he's going to tell them inside. We see FoTH. BBAD on when Derrick goes into the LR and tells them what the fans were saying outside. Derrick says he heard a horn, and a girl that yelled "I love you Zach," and a guy yelled "I love you more." Zach says that makes him happy. Donny says, Caleb is thinking, did they say anything about him. Caleb says that he already has enough fame. Feeds still on FoTH.


10:20 PM BBT BBAD goes to commercial, while Live Feeds are still on FoTH.


10:25 PM BBT BBAD is back on. All HG's are sitting in the LR. Zach gets called to the DR. Frankie says they are definitely showing this now. We are hearing bleeping when Derrick and Frankie are talking because they are dropping F bombs. Nicole commented on it, and Frankie starts using a weird voice. Derrick says that someone could of said, "You're living with Ariana Grande's brother." Derrick says, we already know. Derrick and Frankie debate whether America has see that episode yet. Frankie says it will probably be Wednesday. Donny says that one will be packed. Nicole agrees. Frankie says it will be one hell of an episode. Nicole says she just got out of DR, and is going to bed soon. Christine asks what time it is?


10:31 PM BBT HG's are talking about the way you go to leave the studio when they get out. Frankie says someone had to be on the CBS lot to actually say something. Christine says they may have been there for a taping of another show. Derrick says that they also yelled, "We love you Big Brother," before the two other comments. Nicole says if they like Zach, they probably don't like her. Derrick says that, "Fruit loop dingus," is being used by all the middle school kids. Derrick says he's going back out there. Cody says they usually tell them when the lock down is over. Derrick says that's true, and sits back down. Cody is questioning why they didn't shut the sliding door screen. Derrick says it's because they were being so cool about it. BBAD goes to commercial.


10:39 PM BBT BBAD comes back with HG's laughing in the LR. Frankie was saying something about being asked about cyber-bullying. Then he says,  he's not allowed to talk about production. Victoria mentions TVGN. Nicole says she was in the DR a long time. Victoria asks if TVGN was a lady that kept talking, and Nicole says yes, she ran out of video tape. Christine was talking about when she was there also. Frankie says she told him he was colorful, and he says most colorful person here, and that the lady said maybe not. Then he saw Joey. He says he was told that he may not be the only gay person in the house. They get told they arent allowed to talk about production. Christine  says she put in 1 month LOA. She says she loses all her stock and raises because she gone. Donny says since he had to resign, and he lost 200 sick days, that he could of saved until retirement. He says he may get hired back after this is over. Frankie says he doesn't know if his show is on, or if he been recasted by someone better than him.


10:45 PM BBT Cody came in talking about his ice cream. Donny says Zach just got, "turnt up." Frankie says he's so tired. Donny says the ice cream is better than slop. Caleb says it's like eating an ice cube with vanilla flavor. Nicole says she abuses his feet, because she walks around barefoot all summer. Caleb says his grandpa told him he was 1/4 Blackfoot Indian when he was 14 years old. He said he looked at his feet, and asked him if it's because the bottom of his feet were black from being outside? He says his grandfather said, no grandson, it doesn't have to do with your feet. They HG's were complimenting Caleb's shorts, and he says it feels like he's going golfing in them. BBAD goes to commercial.


10:50 PM BBT Live Feeds are back up. HG's are talking about their favorite dogs. We hear, "HG's, the lock down is over. You are now free to move about the house." Cams go to KT, and then to BY. Cody goes outside with Derrick to play pool. Cody says we need to survive this. Derrick says as long as they're not on the block together, they should be fine. Cody says everyone's been feeding each other information. Derrick says not to trust anyone bro. Cody is repeating some of the things that production tells them, while put on Frankie's zip up, sleeveless jacket on. It's his turn in the pool game, he looks at the pool table, and says, "F*uck," He takes his shot, and then starts talking something in the corner being opened in the BY, down by the hammock. Derrick says he couldn't tell you why. We see FoTH.


10:55 PM BBT Feeds back and Caleb says that Nicole got boned in this situation, because she was going with what the house wanted. Derrick says she's the one that started it. Cody was surprised. Derrick says that he's happy to be there, loves being there and playing the game. He says that he's counting down the game, because he wants to see his daughter. Cody says that he'll be pi$$ed if anyone in the house wins before they do. Derrick says he will vote for Cody if he's there, and he's not. Derrick says that people in jury will probably vote for Zach, because he can say this was his strategy, and they really haven't done anything. Derrick says he'll be pi$$ed if he is at the end with Frankie, and they give him the $500K. Derrick says they have to get their first, and it's not easy. Cody says they aren't going to get there unless they start winning HOH's. He says their social game has been better than anyone else's, now they have to start winning. Derrick says they have to keep going back and forth on HOH's, otherwise their in trouble. Derrick says they need to win 3 HOH's. Cody says with Christine winning one, since Victoria can't win any.


11:03 PM BBT Derrick and Cody still running scenarios about HG's evictions until the end. Cody says he really wants to get Frankie, Zach and Caleb out before Donny and Victoria. Derrick says as long as their names don't come up, he's game for it. Derrick says that if they try that, they just need to make sure they have the numbers. He says that they really were going to vote out Victoria, before Nicole was put up. Cody thinks that Zach will go back to Frankie's side. Cody says he keeps getting dirty looks and words from Zach. Derrick says how he felt like beating him down the other day. Caleb comes out to the BY, and says he had to get out of there. He says they were talking about the Bible, and there are 14 different types of people created. Derrick says it's on FB. Caleb says he doesn't believe that men are born to have a vagina, boobs and long hair. He says it's different if you go and get surgery for it, but he doesn't believe we are born that way. He says he left so he didn't get in an argument over it. Caleb says he believe what the Bible says, about all being born in God's image.


11:10 PM BBT The 3 guys in the BY running scenarios for the rest of the game. Caleb says it's nothing but beast playing for the rest of the game. He says he can't believe that Zach asked him to take his time, but he said he's not throwing anything else. The guys were talking about the pool table being a little messed up. Victoria gets called to the DR. Caleb says 3 more days. Cody asks what the noise was, and says he can't imagine 3 weeks on slop. Caleb says 3 solid weeks. Donny says, he knows Cody would crush something. He tells Caleb that he got a 2 day break after being a HN, before he started the 2 weeks. Caleb says if you look at it that way then it was 19 days straight. Derrick says he can't wait to go home and watch Little Einstein’s, and he hates that show, but he wants to watch it with his daughter, because she loves to watch it. We see FoTH.


11:14 PM BBT Derrick says he knows his wife will be the same when he gets home, but his daughter will be changed, and that pi$$es him off. Caleb says, you never know, she may be tightened up for you. Nicole gets called to the DR two times. The guys in the BY start talking about stuff having to be changed after CBS reviews it. Derrick says he needs to shave, because he gets hairier than they do. Zach and Frankie sitting in the LR are talking about their trips after the show. Zach asks Frankie what he's going to do after this, he says obviously he will be a You Tuber. Frankie says he would like to do a TV show. Zach says he's excited to see his videos, but his brother can't watch them. Frankie says she can. He says his sister has transformed from Nick, and is now a pop star, so there's no more standard that she has to follow. He says his sister is a gay activist, and her new song is a gay anthem.


11:19 PM BBT Frankie says there are 2 of Ariana's songs that have come out since he's been in the house. He says he will check iTunes as soon as he gets out of the house to check, and buy them. Christine is eating in the KT, when Zach and Frankie go in there with her. Frankie says his half-brother, James, is a high up black belt in martial arts. Frankie explains that he has the same mom as Ariana, but different dad than his brother. His says that his mom is not married to half-brother's dad anymore. He says that his mom and his dad have become so close. Zach asks what Ariana's dad does, and we see FoTH.


11:23 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb playing pool in the BY. Derrick is saying that Frankie doesn't have as much involvement with his sister as they thought. He says that the mom and her have their own thing, while he has his. Nicole sits by the pool table. KT convo still talking about their families.

11:25 PM BBT Derrick commenting about the fans yelling to Zach, and repeating what they said again. Caleb says it's because the guy is probably just like him, running his mouth and cussing up a storm. Nicole says that everyone will probably love him. Derrick says she his arch nemesis, and he thinks everyone will love her. She says if they love him, they'll probably hate her. Victoria comes to the BY and says she keeps getting called an elf in the DR. She says they are so sweet in there. We see FoTH.


11:28 PM BBT Nicole gets called to the DR again. She says you would think she nailed it the first 6 times. Frankie tells Zach in the KT, that it bothers him when people don't like him. Frankie tells Zach that it bothered him that Zach and Christine were conspiring against him, and it was his worst day in the house to date. Frankie says they are great now, but by that, he means not great. Zach asks if she's going home, and Frankie says, yes. Frankie is confusing himself, going back and forth. Zach is pacing in the KT, ranting and dropping F bombs. They both have said they've made the jury. Zach tells Frankie that he loves him as a person, that he wants to hang out with him every day outside the house. He says that Frankie makes him laugh all the time. Frankie gets up and gives Zach a hug. He says his ratio is off the scale. We hear, "You're not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other house guests," twice. Victoria says she not talking about them. Donny and Derrick are talking about the moon, and have Zach go look at it with him. Frankie goes in the WC. Cody picks up Nicole for a few seconds. She goes inside.


11:33 PM BBT Zach starts to sing in BY, sound goes off, and we see 2 WC cams also. Cody is playing Caleb at pool, while Zach is watching.


11:35 PM BBT Frankie washes his hands in the WA, stands by the back door, and goes outside. Someone gets called to the DR, and Zach goes in KT singing. Cams all go to BY. Frankie, Donny, Nicole and Victoria are watching the pool game. Caleb wins, and goes inside. Frankie starts playing a game with Cody. Frankie says that Caleb started his antibiotic on slop, and he's going to be sh*ting his pants for the next several days. Victoria yawns, and says she going to lay on the hammock. Nicole asks if she will grab a blanket, but went inside. Cody says when he wears his sandals his feet kill. Zach goes out to BY, and says that Caleb says he won. Donny asks, did he boast? Donny says that will be sick when he sings with Frankie's sister. Zach is talking about how Caleb was saying he wants to hook-up with his sister, doesn't know who she is, has never seen her before. Frankie says he was like yeah right, that's his sister before anything. Frankie says, no, absolutely not. He's not trying to be rude, but that's his sister.


11:41 PM BBT The convo in the BY yard keeps giving the times that Caleb keeps boasting. Nicole gets told not to obstruct her microphone, as she head out to BY. We see FoTH.


11:43 PM BBT Live Feed back on. Nicole says she's o.k., but she's very emotional, and can cry at anytime. Victoria to Nicole on the hammock, "Beast Mode, Beast Mode, Beast Mode." She says that Caleb keeps saying that. Nicole says she gets scared from people saying mean things to her, and can't get the image out of her head, from what Christine said to her. She says she'll be o.k. someday. She says this is her life, and it's over. Once she gets out of there it will be different. She says it will be a little relief to know she has support, and doesn't get booed on the way out. Victoria comments on a camera, and tells her she doesn't even know if she's walking out. Nicole says there are 6 boys in the house. The guys at the pool table are still talking about the pool talking. Victoria and Nicole are discussing that there will only be 2 girls left. Victoria says things change so quick in the house, so she doesn't know. Victoria says Pow Pow changed last minute.


11:48 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie go to lay down in the rock room. Caleb says that he got called out last night for putting a cough drop in his mouth. Frankie asks if they've had ants in there yet, and Caleb says yes, and he had a black beetle on his arm the one night. Caleb is telling a story to Frankie about when he was younger about his grandma. Nicole says she's going to try to stay in the house. She's going to talk to Derrick first. Nicole says that Christine played Amber so bad. She says she was her best friend in the house, she told her she was safe all week, and she left. Nicole says she felt so bad. Victoria says she going to win HOH. Christine went in rock room to listen to another story from Frankie. Nicole says she wouldn't of liked to just sit there and do nothing, but innocent bystanders get out quicker. She says the Christine says she is going because she's winning the comps, but she had to win to be safe. She says she can't believe these boys want her out of the house so bad. Victoria says she doesn't know. Nicole says she thinks there's a F5 deal in the house, and asks Victoria if she thinks so. Zach tells Cody that he wants to put Frankie up, and how he wants to win HOH next week. Nicole and Victoria stop talking on hammock to listen to what Zach is saying to Cody at the pool table.


11:54 PM BBT Nicole asks what they are talking about, and Victoria says she heard Derrick's name, and barely could hear the rest. Nicole goes to talk to Derrick because he came to the BY. Derrick is playing with his activity tracker, and Zach calls him out. Derrick says he's exercising. Christine comes to the BY, and goes by the pool table.


11:57 PM BBT Derrick says he has a hard time finding things with his name on it, because it's spelled different. Cody says he has to do his curls to get his activity bracelet to go off, because there's only a few minutes left. Cody goes by the hammock with Victoria, and she asks him what Zach was saying, and Cody says it was about what he's going to do from now on, but that he was not really listening. Nicole was trying to get her bracelet to go off, and Cody is still trying to get his to go off. Victoria says hers went off because of her Beehive exercises.

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