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Sunday August 10 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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12:05 AM BBT Zach seems to have successfully talked Victoria off the edge over the whole Derrick fiasco. He told her not to blow him up over it and that he is probably trying to defend her upstairs right now. In the HN room Frankie and Donny are trying to sort out the sleeping situation in the cold room. Derrick exits hoh and Zach from the KT starts yelling about Christine being the biggest liar in the house. He goes into the fire room and says he cannot stand Christine.


12:15 AM BBT Zach moves into the HN room to get dressed in his layers before bed. Donny is also trying to figure out his clothing options to sleep in tonight. In the fire room Cody, Nicole, and Vic are talking about slop and how much they eat at a time versus how their stomach feels after.


12:25 AM BBT Christine and Frankie are in hoh talking about trying to figure out Nicole. Christine promised not to back door her and she is more scared of Donny anyway. Frankie says really? okay. Christine says she hopes Donny will go home against Victoria. Frankie says he knows that Zach was behind Caleb trying to throw the BOB yesterday.  They re-hash the past 48 hours. In the fire room Zach is jokingly flirting with Victoria.


12:35 AM BBT Christine and Frankie are talking about the bob comps and how they almost want to be put up so they cannot be back doored. Frankie says that Zach feels bad about what he has done and the fact that Zach wished Caleb would have sabotaged Frankie rather then just sitting. More pretend flirting with Zach and Victoria in the fire room.


12:50 AM BBT Frankie re-visits the Nicole conversation one more time and Christine brushes it off one more time before they break it up to get ready for bed. Right as he leaves Christine whispers that he has to go. Frankie heads to the fire room to help with the joking between Zach and Victoria. Christine is not far behind. Zach asks about Victoria's photography business and she talks about how many workers she has. They all move on to goofing around and giggling over small things.


12:58 AM BBT All four feeds are on the fire room as these six are the only ones awake. There is nothing going on but small talk about families and what they will be like when they get out of the house. They are all cuddling and laughing.

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Late night plea for updaters:

CoDKiller completes his turn at updating at 1AM, but the HGs must not know he the last updater we have covering the live feeds, because the house guests keep scheming until BB tries to wake them in the AM.  It is also my bedtime.  Please post anything important, you can leave out the ADLs, but if Derrick thinks up another new name for an alliance, our readers would like to know about it.




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1:49am Christine and Nicole in HOH talking about other potential alliances as they watch Cody, Derrick, and Caleb in the LR on the spy cam.


150am Caleb says he thinks Christine is still in their group.  It seems that the three guys are trying to get their strategy straight for keeping Victoria in check.  Derrick thinks he can manipulate her into apologizing for doubting him.


1:51am Derrick is afraid that Zach is going to blow up Frankie almost getting voted out to Frankie. Caleb says it's no big deal because Caleb already kind of told him when he bowed out of playing in the BotB and throwing it (when Frankie had to play alone).


1:56am Christine is trying to sneak out of HoH and eavesdrop on the guys, but they hear the click of the HoH door and stop talking, then crack up when they realize what's happening.  They all talk lower in the LR.


1:58am Cody says Nicole and Christine are paranoid.  The guys realize that they can hear Frankie shouting in the DR.  They get quiet and try to listen but can't hear anything.  Caleb wants to call him out when he gets out of DR, but Derrick says no.


2:02am Nicole and Christine decide to go downstairs before Frankie gets out of DR so it doesn't look like they were strategizing alone.  They decide to appear to be talking about something random from prior seasons as they walk out - a beaver OTEV comp....no the corn one...


2:03am They guys call out the girls about trying to sneak out.  It wasn't the HoH door opening at 1:56 that tipped them off, but apparently camera movement to the door area from below that clued them in to something happening.  The girls go to the WA.


2:07am Derrick convinced that Christine won't put up Nicole because she's now working with her.  Derrick thinks she'll put up Victoria.


2:09am Cody says he's going to blow Zach up to Nicole.  Goes to WA and proceeds to tell her that Zach said to tell Derrick that Nicole told Victoria about Derrick not having her back and not Zach.  But Cody told Derrick it was Zach so he has Nicole's back.  Nicole thanks Cody for having her back.  Cody says Zach's a fucking dickhead. [Nicole is SO gullible - bblurkerplus]


2:12am Christine walks back into WA.  Frankie is out of DR and in beehive room with Victoria.


2:14am Christine says she's seen weiner action and now some ball action from Derrick.  Derrick asks why she's talking about his genitalia.  "Uh, you're on camera - nice work"


2:16am Christine and Nicole are denying opening the HoH door at 1:56.  They're blaming the camera movement on production.


2:17am Cody complaining about the beehive room because it sucks and is cold and uncomfortable, and the cush hangout room is the WA.  Cody lays in Cristine's lap as Derrick and Nicole head up to HoH to talk at Derrick's request.  Derrick is playing the other half of Cody's lie to Nicole in the WA, trying to dirty Zach in Nicole's mind. WBRB interruptions.


2:20am Caleb, Christine, Cody, and Frankie are in WA now while Derrick works over Nicole upstairs in HoH to plant firmly in her mind that Zach is a dick.


2:21am Derrick pumping Nicole for information while trying to strengthen her trust of him. [master manipulator - bblurkerplus]  Nicole falling all over herself to apologize to Derrick for not keeping him 100% in the loop on her game.  Derrick is making full use of his police interrogation tricks.  Not a fair fight.

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1:06 AM PM BBT   Nicole, Cody, Christine in the Fire BR talking about that Frankie wants Nicole to be the replacement nominee. Nicole says he must be scared of her.  Derrick comes in and they say they are scheming about backdooring him.


1:10 AM BBT  Zach takes Derrick into the beehive and tells him that Nicole told Victoria everything he told her. He claims that Victoria asked him about the Detonators and said that she trusted Derrick and now she doesn’t. He blamed everything he said to Vic on Nicole. Derrick says, “It is what it is.”


1:17 AM BBT  Zach tells Cody are in the SR and Zach tells him that Nicole told Victoria Derrick was in an alliance. Cody says “Nicole told Victoria?” –Zach says, “OK. I told her that.” They both start to laugh hysterically.”


1:22 AM BBT Christine, Nicole, and Derrick in the HOH BR just hanging out. Cody and Frankie sitting on yellow bench in hall across from picture board. They are talking about how alone in the game Donny is right now. Victoria walks by. They say HI and she makes a face. Cody asks what the face was for and she says she was just kidding.


1:27 AM BBT Frankie and Vic are now sitting on the bench he pulls her in to lean on him and she looks super uncomfortable. He tells her if she’s upset about something he said to talk to him about it. If it’s something he can help with to let him help and not let Zach get in the middle of it all.


1:34 AM BBT  Derrick, Cody, and Caleb talking about what Zach may have told Victoria. Discussing what he may have told Donny. Derrick says the only reason he isn't confronting Zach is because of Cody. Cody says he doesn't really care at this point because he isn't really doing anything for their games. Derrick says he could hurt them if he wins HOH next week.


1:40 AM BBT  Derrick says they could all be in trouble now because if Zach is telling them things and keeping himself innocent, things could be bad. Zach came to him tonight and said he wants to keep Donny. Meanwhile, Christine and Nicole have realized there are only 2 boys gone since the game started.


1:42 AM BBT Cody says that Victoria is going on the block. Derrick asks if she's on the block yet. He says if you, me, or Caleb goes on the block tomorrow, you're going to know Zach has worked them. 


1:43 AM BBT Nicole and Nicole are talking in the HOH room and watching the guys talking in the LR. Nicole is saying how scary Frankie is and Christine is agreeing. Nicole is saying that Frankie has been catered to since week 2. He has gotten everything he has wanted.



[[[ at this point BBLurker covers until  2:21 AM BBT, I will p/u after that]]]



2:22 AM BBT  Derrick asks Nicole why she didn't tell him about what Vic told her. She said she was going to but he went in the DR. He told her she had time since he got out. She said she thought Victoria was going to and that she doesn't think she has done anything wrong. He said someone in the house said something about her in a negative light and most people in the game would just store that info, but he decided to just be transparent. He said he's never done anything to hurt her game. He plans to call Zach out next. Meanwhile, in the beehive, Caleb and Frankie are talking about Zach.


2:32 AM BBT  Derrick pulls Victoria into the HOH room and tells Victoria that Zach pulled Derrick into the SR and told him that Nicole is telling Victoria a bunch of lies about you. He tells Victoria that I'm not working in an alliance with Zach. I've never done anything in this game to damage your game. You've walked by me 3 times, you've talked to Nicole, and you've been talking to Frankie for an hour in the beehive. Vic says that she talked to Frankie about her relationship with Frankie, not about him. 


2:35 AM BBT  Derrick asks Victoria who told her anything. She says Zach did. She says she went to talk to Nicole because she just lost Hayden and she would know how she felt. She got mad at Nicole because Nicole she said she knew about it. Vic said she went to Zach and said she wanted to talk to Derrick about it and Zach said NO. That's why Zach came to talk to Derrick about it. Vic says Zach said she was in an alliance with Cody, Zach, Frankie, Christine, and him. He asks why he would have tried to vote Zach out last week if he was working in an alliance with him. He's not playing that kind of a game. 


2:45 AM BBT Derrick tells her he is hurt because he has never done anything to hurt her. People probably think he's in an alliance with her because they are so close. He 's playing a game his daughter will be able to watch. Has he made week to week deals, yes. He says he doesn't understand why she felt she had to bounce it off of someone else before coming to him. Victoria is crying. He says he's a grown ass man with a family and he's not going to start talking s*it about a 23 year old girl.


2:48 AM BBT Derrick calls a HOUSE MEETING (Donny is asleep and Christine is in the DR). He says to Zach that Nicole is saying that she didn't say the things she is accused of saying. Zach readily admits that he lied. He says that he blamed it on Nic in case it got back to him. Derrick says, "I respect you for telling you the truth." and they shake hands. Zach turns to Vic and tells her that he told her that Derrick has had her back the entire time. Zach and Victoria start screaming at each other.


2:50 AM BBT  Zach starts screaming at everyone that they can hate him and vote him out of the house next week because he's so distrustworthy. He'll throw the HOH comp. He points to people and says Frankie -you wanted me out last week, to Derrick - You're the f'in man, haven't lied to you once, Frankie -haven't lied to you once, Nicole -haven't told you a lot of stuff, Cody -haven't lied to you once (upon which Cody doubles over with laughter and leaves the room), Caleb -I don't know what your deal is because you don't say much. Derrick says if you want to have conversations with people afterwards, that's fine, but my thing is done.


2:56 AM BBT  Zach is now saying, in front of everyone, that when his game was in shambles he felt it was his only game move to tell everyone all about his game from Day 1 to now. Tonight he told everything to Victoria. The reason she's upset is because she didn't know he was in an alliance with Christine. [Mind you, Derrick just told Victoria that he's not in an alliance with Christine. --Morty!]


2:58 AM BBT Zach tells everyone that we are a meeting because of a little white lie. The littlest lie he's told in the game. He starts to go off about Frankie sh*tting on his game again. He tells Beast Mode that there are things he doesn't know about everything in his game and he'd be happy to tell him because it might shed light on things in his own game. Caleb says he doesn't need to know.


3:01 AM BBT  Derrick says he doesn't need all the drama. Everything is good. We've fixed everything. Zach starts to interrupt and Derrick asks not to interrupt and Derrick asks him to let him finish. Derrick repeats a lot of what he's already said. When he's done, Zach asks if he's done and Derrick says. Sure, you like the floor.


3:02 AM BBT The house meeting is breaking up, Nicole says thanks for telling the truth Zach. Derrick asks to talk to Zach alone. Zach says that his best friend in the game F'ed him. Frankie says he will say it again, "This is a perfect example of what happened and why he became dangerous for him in the house and the game." Derrick says that he's not a stupid guy and he doesn't understand why he would sabotage his own game. Derrick says Frankie is here to win the money.


3:04 AM BBT Derrick tells Zach that he and Frankie have lost one another's trust, but this is BB. He says that Zach is a smart dude and he could win this game. He says that Zach smarter than Derrick is, especially when it comes to math, and they have the numbers. --and when he comes clean like that to clear his conscience, he's ruining Derrick's game...he's going to send Derrick home. He says he understands his intent is to be honest, but what people are hearing is that 5 people are working together and what he's doing is taking food out of his daughter's mouth. He knows that's not what he means to do, and that's why he loves him so much--because he knows he's not doing it to f*ck him over--but he is.


3:10 AM BBT  Zach says them send me home. I'm taking schools from kids in Africa and food from your daughter's mouth. Derrick says, you can change. Derrick says just promise me that you won't f*ck me over again. Zach says I've already ruined my game. Derrick says he can fix it if you want to be here. Just stop what you're doing. Zach is just incredibly hurt by Frankie and can't get over it. He says that he doesn't know if he can trust him and Derrick points out that he voted to keep him there. This conversation continues.


3:11 AM BBT Meanwhile, downstairs Caleb, Nic, Vic, and Christine are filling Cody in on everything that went on upstairs after he left. Caleb says he doesn't believe most of what he hears in the game. Victoria was told by Nic and Cody that he has Victoria in his back pocket because of his sister. She can't believe it. Meanwhile, upstairs Zach tells Derrick that he's F'ed him over twice and Derrick says that he needs him to get to the end. That's why he needs to get his head back in it.


3:19 AM BBT Zach pulls out, once again, the fact that Frankie plotted to get him out of the house. Frankie says after what you put me through yesterday, you have no room to talk. You turned the whole house against me and isolated me making me fight to stay in the house by myself. No one should have to endure something like that. The plan that was hatched against you was hatched while you slept and was unhatched while you slept. You never even knew about it until you were already safe. 


3:22 AM BBT Caleb has now entered the HOH room. Frankie says that the way he made Zach feel he made him feel x 100. He's playing this game for a charity but no one even clapped for him, would make eye contact for him. He looks at Caleb and said you gave me a head nod and that meant a lot. Caleb says that this game is a numbers game. You tried to create an alliance without me. I've known about it. Zach says, Frankie was in it. Caleb says he doesn't care. He's not holding it against anyone because it's a numbers game.


3:22 AM BBT Meanwhile, (shocker) Victoria is crying to Nicole and Cody downstairs because she had a long personal conversation with Frankie and he turned it around to make it look like they talked game. Derrick is giving Zach a pep talk. Telling him that he thinks he has a heart of gold. He doesn't care about this villain he pretends to play, he hears him talk about his brother and doesn't believe he's that guy outside of the house. They need him. The reason Frankie got the way he got was because he was paranoid he was going home.


3:30 AM BBT Zach apologizes to Derrick. Derrick says show me you're sorry by redeeming yourself. We are going to vote out Victoria or Donny. All we have to do is lock it in and then have drinks together on finale night. The only thing that can F it up is if someone like Nicole forms a wedge into our alliance. We can't let her do that.


3:40 AM BBT Christine has just gotten out of the DR. She has been in there since before Derrick's house meeting almost an hour ago. Nicole and Cody are filling her in on everything. Derrick is spelling out scenarios for Zach in the HOH room for Zach to get him to understand why they need him and why he needs to settle down. Victoria is very upset because she really, really wants Derrick to come downstairs so she can talk to Derrick.


3:47 AM BBT Derrick tells them that they've been on TV for 6 weeks, they'll be on for another 3. They're already winners. He doesn't think anyone in the room won't be able to feed their family if they go home. If he goes home he will do what he was doing before he got there... hustle. This will just make it easier. Frankie will provide for his charity another way. Zach says he's an idiot and Derrick says he makes stupid decisions but he doesn't think he's an idiot. But from this point forward they can do better. He says Donny will go home this week and that leaves Nicole and Victoria and Christine.


3:55 AM BBT  Zach brings up that Nicole wins more HOH comps than Donny does, it might be more advantageous to get rid of her before Donny. Frankie and Caleb agree. Derrick says he's on board. He says worst case scenario is that Christine puts up Derrick tonight after hearing about the house meeting. Donny still goes home. He mentions that things are going to start to get scary from here on out because there are fewer people in the house. Zach says he's extremely sorry. The guys hug it out. Nicole says she wonders if they are scheming upstairs and Cody says he doesn't care. They discuss that there have been squirrels in every single veto comp. They were in OTEVs eyes for this one.


4:00 AM BBT  We are going to hang out after the game, hang out at Frankie's mansion --or wherever he lives, go to Rachel's after party, we're still going to be tight. After we get out of the house, who we were in the house won't matter anymore. We're going to say we did it together, we made an alliance in week 2. Zach says he's sorry again and that he'd rather Derrick win than him. Derrick says that actions speak louder than words. Tell Vic, if she brings it up, that he was just blowing sh*t up or say that you don't want to talk. Zach says he's going to say, "F those pieces of S up there." and they will all think he doesn't like him.


4:05 AM BBT  Derrick tells Caleb that one of the reasons he's wanted Victoria in the game is in case they lose Zach. Caleb says "they need the vote." At that point Caleb turns to Frankie and tells him what Nicole said downstairs about supposedly having Victoria in his back pocket now that she knows about Ariana. Derrick tells Frankie that she said that to get Vic on her side...it was a game move. Frankie said that he told Victoria that people are going to tell you that I told you this as a game move. Derrick says IT DOESN'T MATTER.  We just have to keep it on lock.


4:10 AM BBT Derrick says we can't leave Zach in a room alone with a non-alliance member. If we see it happening, we just need to go in there. Derrick says he's going to go talk s*it about him now, and he knows it. He can't let a 23 year old kid ruin his game now. They need him for at least another week. He was completely submissive and got more submissive when you ((Frankie)) confronted him.


4:13 AM BBT Frankie asks whether they think Zach said the comment about the "back pocket" to about Victoria. Caleb says that it was Nicole that said it.

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9:00 AM BBT The HGs are all sleeping and we get WBRB.


9:20 AM BBT The feeds return. Most of the lights are on. Caleb and Donny are in the SR. Frankie is in the BY starting down at the lawn. I have no clue what he is staring at.


9:30 AM BBT Frankie has gone to bed in the HoH room. Donny is making his breakfast and Caleb has been called to the DR.


9:33 AM BBT Christine has taken a shower in the HoH bathroom and Frankie is preparing to do the same. Caleb comes up there and asks Christine for some fashion advice. He has brought up a couple different outfit choices and she suggests the patriotic red and blue.


9:37 AM BBT Caleb is in the HoH room asking for some clothing advice from Chrstina. He asks if he should wear his overalls with one strap down. Hearing this, Frankie yells out a "NO!!" from the shower. Caleb "but it's beastmode cowboy" Frankie "No, it's not."


9:40 AM BBT Caleb tells Frankie that they only have about 25 minutes left before they leave. Frankie is blow drying his hair and downstairs, Donny has finished his breakfast.


9:50 AM BBT Frankie wants to get a bowl of cereal before they leave. Earlier BB told Caleb he might want to eat some slop before they go but he said no way. Christine looks at the clock and says Holy Crap, ten minutes.


9:55 AM BBT Frankie heads to the WC. Caleb decides to change his shirt to a different one that he feels matches his shorts better. "I got the internet going crazy." Donny tells him he looks fine and dandy.


10:00 AM BBT Frankie, Caleb and Christine are finishing up getting ready because they are soon to be leaving for their tailgate party.


10:04 AM BBT BB "Frankie, Caleb, Christine please go the DR." Frankie runs and grabs his toothbrush real quick and swallows down some last minute coffee. At 10:05 they walk out the DR door at Donny is left as the only one awake in the house.


10:19 AM BBT Donny has been on the elliptical for about 15 minutes. Frankie, Christine, and Caleb are on their way to meet the 49ers and have left the house. All the HGs are still asleep.


10:30 AM BBT Donny is sitting up alone at the patio. He is just staring ahead or straight up while he mouths something silently to himself. He is really picking at his bear this morning as if he is getting particularly tired of it. BB "Victoria, please go to the DR."


10:45 AM BBT Donny is still the only one awake (besides the three that have already left the house for their outing). He is walking laps in the shade in the BY and alternating with the dumbbells on feeds 1/2. Feeds 3/4 show a sleeping Cody in the rock BR.


10:47 PM BBT Donny stops and looks straight into one of the BY cameras. "Hey camera, is this an internet feed? Maybe? Hey Connie, Hey Penny, Susan, Hey Christine. I love ya'll."


10:54 AM BBT Donny has gone back inside and washes his hand in in the BR. He goes over to the table to look at all the different types of peanut butter and "jelly". He selects two types of "jelly" and goes to sit in the LR and read the labels.

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12:00 PM BBT Two feeds on Donny slowly folding laundry in the BY. The other two feeds are on Cody who is sleeping. No sign of anyone else.


12:10 PM BBT Donny finishes laundry, puts clothes away in the Fire Room, goes to the bathroom, then goes to lay down in the have-not room. He looks pretty funny; he has a plaid shirt on backwards and wearing a visor to keep the shirt pulled up over his head.

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1:50pm Nothing much.  Donnie finishing up eating in KT.  Victoria putting on her face in WA.


1:53pm Nicole is up and comes to WA.  Says hi to Victoria who is on the way out.  Nicole wanders over, knocks on the door and heads in for some 1 on 1 time with the throne.


1:54pm ADLs.  Donnie cleaning in KT. Victoria doing laundry outside. Nicole reigning.


1:55pm Nicole's reign is over. Donnie in LR reading food boxes to pass the time (???).  Nicole shouts to Victoria, asking who is outside.  She says no one, she's just doing laundry.


1:59pm Donnie sifting slop mix in KT.  Nicole putting on face in WA. Victoria still moving laundry around.


2:00pm Victoria and Nicole are in the WA talking about the blowout overnight. Nicole says she's just overwhelmed by the hurtful things being said in the house.  Victoria agrees.  Victoria says she doesn't even know what to do except wait until Monday because she might be going up.


2:03pm Nicole says people can continue to lie...Victoria says that's Frankie...and Zach.  Victoria heads to KT.

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11:02 AM BBT Donny left the LR and returned the jars of jelly back to the KT and goes back outside to the BY. He took a seat on the couch in the shade and is humming/or reciting something really softly. He looked toward a camera and out loud said "hummingbird." Now back to making sounds. 


11:11 AM BBT Donny leaves the BY couch and goes over the laundry area to swap clothes from the presumably the washer into the dryer. He is still whistling/humming/singing under his breath while he re-laces a pair of shoes he must have washed. He placed them in the sun and went back to a seat in the shade on the BY couch. All HG's besides Donny and the ones on their trip are sleeping.  


11:34 AM BBT The washer dings and Donny goes back to the laundry area and re-sets either the washer or dryer. He walks a lap around the BY and takes his seat back on the BY couch in the shade. Other cams show Cody asleep face down in ER. 


11:48 AM BBT Cody gets out of bed and heads to the WC. He stops in the WA to wash his hands and grabs his sleeping bag he left on the LR couch. Cody crawls back into bed in the ER, using the hood on his hoodie to cover his eyes. Donny is still sitting alone on the BY couch in silence. He looks up as you can hear a plane fly overhead. 


11:55 AM BBT Donny leaves the couch in the BY and goes back to the laundry area and his folding clothes. He gives an audible burp. 


11:59 AM BBT Donny takes his folded laundry inside and as he walks through the KT he shows his cup to camera and mouth's something. He is in the FR putting his clothes up in the dresser. 


12:03 PM BBT After putting his clothes away Donny goes to the WC and stops to wash his hands in the WA. Donny goes into the KT and takes a sip of something to drink and heads into the HN room. Donny is joining the rest of the HG's that are not on the NFL trip and taking a nap. He slides just the sleeves of a long sleeved shirt over his arms to help keep warm and uses the top part to hide his head but he still has his visor on top of his head. It is really funny looking. Here is a link to a screen shot - http://tinypic.com/r/34oyel1/8


12:15 PM BBT Everything is quiet in the BB house. Caleb/Christine/Frankie are on their NFL trip they won from the BotB comp. The remaining HG's are asleep. 


12:53 PM BBT Donny has gotten out of bed and went into the BY and is dangling his feet in the pool. 


1:07 PM BBT Nothing at all has changed in the BB house. Caleb/Frankie/Christine are on their NFL trip. Donny is in the BY sitting on the side of the pool with his feet in it. The rest of the HG's are spread throughout the BR's in the house asleep.


1:19 PM BBT Donny has gotten up from the pool and moved to the corner of the BY and took a seat on the couch in the shade.


1:35 PM BBT Donny is back inside the house and filled up his water bottle at the sink. He goes through the WA to get to the WC. After exiting the WC he washes his hands and heads back to KT. He grabs a plate and is now in the SR looking in the fridge. 


1:39 PM BBT Donny uses a fork to get something out of a plastic bag and places it on his plate. He brings it back to the KT and warms it up in the microwave. He places some spices on it. Victoria got up and went into the SR to get her fit tracker. As she leaves the SR Donny asks if HN's can have hot sauce or salsa. She replies "Yes." Donny sits down at the table to eat. He tells Victoria "Good morning" as she passes by and heads into the WA. 


1:46 PM BBT Victoria is in the hallway picking up clothes and puts them in what looks like a trash bag. She carries the bag and leaves it near the door to the BY (probably dirty laundry). Donny has finished what was on his plate, and is now eating peanut butter straight from the jar and at one  point you can hear him go "MMM MMM." Victoria goes in the WC and comes out to wash her hands and starts doing her ADL. 


1:52 PM BBT Donny gets up from the table and is washing his plate and spoon/fork the in sink. Victoria is now in the WA putting on make up. Nicole gets up and comes downstairs and Donny says "Well good morning." Nicole asks what time Donny got up. Nicole and Victoria discuss how they both just got up. Donny tells Victoria he was scared to eat the slop left on counter with it being moist it could have bacteria in it. They need to put it in the refrigerator. Victoria says she is going to cook more. 


1:56 PM BBT Victoria walks into the BY with her laundry and Donny gives her some more detergent. Nicole has moved into the WA to start her ADL. Donny asks Victoria if she wants help sifting the slop, he has nothing else in the world to do. Donny and Victoria are now in KT preparing more slop. 


2:00 PM BBT Victoria has went outside in the BY to check on her laundry, and Donny is sifting the powder/grains into water to boil the slop. 
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2:20 PM BBT Nicole, Donny, and Victoria are the only ones up. Donny is sitting in the bathroom while Nicole and Victoria are sorting through laundry. These HG's are total slobs.


2:30 Victoria is making a massive pan of oatmeal. Donny tells her it looks good. Nicole changes into overalls then joins them in the kitchen. Victoria tells her she looks cute.


2:32 Donny and Victoria are now eating. Donny says it's delicious. Nicole says she's going outside.

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2:01 PM BBT Nicole and Victoria in WA, Nicole says she's upset with all the negative stuff being said in the house. Victoria says she may not talk to anyone until Monday. Nicole says nobody should ever do that, even for their game. She's sick of him (Zach) getting away with things. Victoria says she can't look at him in the face. Nicole says she's glad told her what was going on. Donny is separating slop in the KT.


2:04 PM BBT Victoria walks out of WA, with Nicole still in there taking care of her face. Donny and Victoria in the KT. Donny to Victoria, "There you go." Victoria is going to cook slop.


2:06 PM BBT Donny asks Victoria is the slop has to boil for 12 min., and she tells him, 30 min. He asks if it has to sit for 12 hours like before, and she says it will be ready in 30 min. He said, "10 - 4." Donny starts sweeping in the hallway, and asks Nicole how she is this morning. Nicole says she feels horrible. Victoria and Donny talking about how bad the already made slop smells. Nicole asks Donny if he got filled in on what happened last night, he tells her no, she says she will fill him in a little bit then.


2:09 PM BBT Nicole is applying cover-up to her problem areas on her face. Donny is sweeping in KT, while Victoria is washing some dishes.


2:11 PM BBT Donny dumps the dust pan in the garbage, and then walks to WA. He says it's almost photo booth time. Nicole asks if they went on their trip today? Donny says they left about 10 a.m. on the airplane that Caleb was talking about, with red carpet and limos. Donny walked by to KT, and tells Victoria he wishes she could eat the fish. It was good when he ate it. He asks Victoria about drinking coffee, and she tells him it does dehydrate you. Donny walks around KT humming to himself.


2:14 PM BBT Victoria goes to WA and sits on the couch by Nicole. Victoria says so much happened last night. Nicole asks if it's everything she knows about to. Victoria says, everything. Nicole says she sick of everyone always using her name, and she's so glad that Zach admitted that he lied. Donny is standing by DT, and smiles into the camera, as he continues to walk around. Victoria is now chomping on ice from her drink.


2:16 PM BBT Victoria talks about how hurt she is by what was said last night. Donny walk into WA and says, theirs ole HG's. Nicole is talking about wearing socks today. Donny sits down on couch. Nicole tells Donny he can have a pair of her long socks. He starts making whistling noises. Nicole says she couldn't find a few of Hayden's things, and she misses him. Victoria says she should get his tank top back from Caleb. Donny says he put his Donny cup in his bag, so he can give it to Hayden, telling him, look what you left.


2:20 PM BBT They are all talking about their sleeping last night. Donny says that his roommate (Zach) came to bed late last night, and he snores really loud. Victoria is trying to find her stuff. Donny says Caleb was wearing those blue shoes. Victoria said she doesn't want to get in trouble for touching someone else's clothes. Nicole was talking to herself, asking where her spandex shorts are. She leaves WA, saying she'll be back She's looking in drawers in the hallway by the bedroom. Victoria walks out of WA, While Donny is still sitting on couch in WA. Nicole asks Victoria is she knows where her spandex shorts are? She says, no. Nicole says, dang it why does she lose everything. Victoria goes in fire room looking through drawers.


2:24 PM BBT Nicole goes into SR looking through stuff under the table. Victoria comes out of fire room carrying an arm load of clothes. Nicole still searching for her shorts, and says, it stinks. Donny walks out of WA, and heads outside, where Victoria is by the washer and dryer. He asks her if he should bring towels out. She says it will be a while yet, but he can bring them if he wants. He says, "10 - 4." He gets some towels, takes them out, and tells Victoria that there were some clothes mixed in with it, and walks back in. Victoria finds Hayden's underwear and asks Nicole if she should wash them, and Nicole says yeah. She clicks her tongue making noises, after she goes back to WA. She says, this sucks that her shorts are missing. Victoria outside by washer & dryer again separating laundry, then heads back in.


2:28 PM BBT Donny walks into WA, and Nicole asks him if he's going to tell her that he's a Biology professor already? He says, no, just work for the school system, and we have safety meetings each month. One of them was, "Blood born pathogens." Donny walks over by Victoria in the KT, and asks if she recons that will be enough slop for them for the week. She says, she doesn't know, and he says he only eats it for breakfast. Victoria says she's tired, and may go back to bed. Donny asks what to put in the slop to make it for breakfast, she tells him, and says she doesn't use the sugar, but the guys do. Victoria is tasting the slop, saying she's soo hungry, and she's tired. Nicole put her hair up in a bun with a headband.


2:31 PM BBT Nicole walks out of WA. Victoria tell her she looks cute, and asks what she's dressed for? Donny says, photo booth. Nicole says, she's just dressed comfy, and still can't find her grey spandex shorts. Victoria says she may go back to sleep before photo booth. Nicole says, she's going upstairs to see if HoHR to see if it's open, since that's where her toothbrush is. Production says, "Zach, Derrick, Cody please change your batteries." Nicole in HoHR, grabs tank top off couch and says, "Caleb, you don't deserve Caleb's tank top, and it stinks." She smells it, and walks out. Victoria asks if it's unlocked, and Nicole says yes. Donny and Victoria are talking about the slop in the KT.


2:35 PM BBT Nicole asks Donny how it is outside. He says, it's beautiful, but a little warm. Nicole says, she will probably go out there, but was waiting for someone to go with him, in case they have to put up the awnings, because he can't do it by himself, so he's been avoiding it. Donny sits in the LR to eat his slop, and says, "It's delicious."


2:37 PM BBT Victoria asks Donny if he's going to go outside, and he says, absolutely, and we can put the awnings up. She says, o.k. Nicole walks into KT, her and Victoria tell each other, I love you. Victoria says, Frankie is going to fill Christine's head with who knows what. Victoria says, "Zach's a piece of sh*t." Nicole says, she likes Zach better then others. Victoria asks her if she knows what he just did? She said it was just like what Frankie did. Nicole agrees. Donny walks back to KT, and is washing his bowl out. Victoria is blowing on her slop, chomping to eat it, and playing with her hair at the KT table. Donny says that slop was, "The bomb.com." He says, he wants to know how much he weighs. Nicole says Victoria looks like she lost some weight on slop. He says she never complains. She says she tolerates it. She will go home to her healthy diet and going to the gym.


2:41 PM BBT Donny says, he's up to a 4 on his activity bracelet already. Nicole says, "Holy crap." She asks what he's been doing, and he ran through everything he's done already today. Donny goes outside, and says, they may wait until he has help to put the awnings up. Nicole says, she be there in a minute. Victoria comments how much Donny talks in the morning. Nicole heads outside, and Victoria says, she's probably going to go back to sleep.


2:43 PM BBT Nicole goes back inside to get a napkin, and asks Victoria if they are o.k., because of the way she's been acting. Victoria says they are good. Nicole comments about the stain stuff from the comp yesterday, still being under her finger nails, and how it won't come out. Nicole goes back outside, and sits on couch by Donny.


2:45 PM BBT Nicole starts telling Donny about last night. She says that Zach went to Victoria and told her his whole game from Day 1 - 52, telling her stuff that she didn't even know. Zach told her not to talk to Derrick. Zach got scared and went to Derrick telling him that she (Nicole) told her stuff. Victoria was crying, and Derrick confronted Zach about it. Zach admitted that he said it, and she said he's glad they got to the truth. She said that Zach and Frankie got into a big fight upstairs, about what they've done to each other.


2:48 PM BBT Victoria goes outside to do her laundry, and Donny tells Nicole not to talk about it in front of her. Nicole is chomping while eating, and licking her fingers off. Nicole asks what music was playing this morning. Zach is sleeping in the ice room. Nicole says they didn't go to bed until 5:30 or 6 a.m. Victoria says, 6:30 a.m. Nicole and Victoria say they were in the DR.


2:50 PM BBT Nicole runs through events and figures that Zach went to bed around 4 a.m. Donny says, he sure did hear a lot of snoring. He asks Victoria what she put in her slop, and she says, Agave Cinnamon.


2:52 PM BBT Nicole is worried about the flies outside doing something to her food. Victoria says how dry her hands are, they are starting bleed. She goes inside. Nicole tells Donny that Frankie tells Zach a bunch of stuff that Victoria did not say. Caleb didn't know who to believe, because Frankie was using that one on one time, to say she was talking game and a bunch of stuff about Zach. She says that was not true. Victoria lays down in the fire room. Donny says he thinks Victoria will go up against him to get him voted out of the house. Nicole says, everyone is in Christine's ear today, so who knows. Donny asks if she tells Frankie how Cody was plotting to get him out. Tell him the whole plan about Christine trying to BD him. She says that Christine is saying she's not going to put her (Nicole) up. She says, Frankie is begging her to put Nicole up. She says she doesn't mind going out like that. But, it will super suck. She says she's relying on Christine's word from when both of them won HoH. If she does go up, Christine's intentions are to get her out.


2:58 PM BBT Nicole says Christine could be lying to her this whole time, but she's going to sit back for the next day and see. Donny agrees, and starts making some whistling noises, while Nicole is chomping away while eating. Donny says, it sure is a pretty day. Nicole agrees. He said it sure would be a good day, if they had a visitor.


2:59 PM BBT Donny says, it's amazing how the BY looked at 8:30 PM last night. Nicole agrees. He says, it was magic. Nicole asks him not to say anything about what she said, and he says he won't. He said maybe everyone will stay asleep while the others are gone. That way, they can come back and tell their story, and he can go to sleep. He said he missed a lot when he's sleeping, "Thank God."


3:01 PM BBT Donny is worried that Zach could use his name at anytime. Nicole says, he blatantly admitted to lying, and he probably does it all the time. She says she's never seen BB played like this before. Donny says it might be, and just not televised. He asks, Nicole if she washes the Live Feeds, and she says, yes, but only catches about their lives, when they are talking. He says he wonders how the game will play out. Nicole says, she hopes one of them are still there to the end. Donny said he heard laughter last night.


3:04 PM BBT Nicole comments on the weather last night. Donny says he feel sleep, and woke up feeling really good today. He says he rode the bike only 15 min. instead of 20 min. this morning, so he didn't wear himself out. He says, he's eaten so much, he feels like he's going to pop. Nicole says, today is Jocasta's birthday. Donny agrees, and says, "34." Donny says he wonders if they are having a good time outside the house today. Donny says it won't be as bad as they think. Nicole says, as long as they are not sitting by each other (on the block), they still have a chance. Nicole tells him not to give up. Donny says, at least he's not going home. He can be gun ho ready to go, and the other person will leave. He says, "I got to compete against these morons again," Isn't that what the penguin said? Nicole says, yes.


3:08 PM BBT Donny to Nicole, they must have closed the BY while I  went back to sleep, because it's different. Production gives him a warning overhead. Derrick is still asleep in the fire room. Nicole says she would like to go back to sleep also.


3:10 PM BBT Nicole was trying to remember her dream last night. Donny describes that his dream was about a guy he worked with 20 years ago, and he was holding help hold up a pallet, and a forklift came towards him, and apparently didn't see him. He says he can wiggle his ankle again. He says there are only 3 options to go up, and Nicole says, there are 4.


3:12 PM BBT Donny was humming, and says he thinks the jacuzzi needs more water, that it's sucking air. Nicole says, "Oh, Donny." Donny tells her not to worry about it. There's nothing you can do. She says, she's not really going to talk to anyone.


3:13 PM BBT Donny says the last time he was up, he had people in his ear all the time, telling him he was safe. But, no one has told him that this time. Nicole says, she doesn't think anyone knows. Donny asks if it changes last minute? Nicole says, look what just happened the other day. Donny says, someone is doing a really good job of controlling things, and it makes you wonder who's doing it, because they are doing a really good job. He says, typically you need someone to take your friends down, and if they are alone, you use them. Maybe they are the Zach's so you get there with the least amount of blood on yours hands. Nicole agrees.


3:16 PM BBT Donny wonders what the date is today, and says the 10, because it's Jocasta's birthday. He says, he thinks his ma and daddy's anniversary is August 22, 55 years. Nicole says, that's a long time, awesome. Nicole says, her parents is August 18, for 24 years. Donny says, his sister is 53, other sister will be 51 on December 4 , his brother is 46, and he'll be 43 on November 7. He's a grounds keeper, has 0 followers on Instagram. Nicole says, "You have one." He says, "I don't even know what it is, he knows what a hashtag is, but doesn't know what it does." Production says, "Hey everybody it's photo booth time." Donny and Nicole go in to take some pictures to pass the time. Nicole comments on how warm it is outside. Donny washes out his bowl in the KT sink. Derrick is stirring in the fire room.


3:18 PM BBT Donny is humming as he walks by Nicole to see the what the props are for today, that she got out of the SR. They walk into the Beehive, and Nicole says, it's not up yet. Nicole sits down in the photo booth, and asks Donny if he wants to go first. He says, "Nooo." They discuss what's on the pictures for the props. Nicole says, there's something wrong with the photo booth guys, it's not working.


3:21 PM BBT Donny asks about shoes in the Beehive that may be Hayden's. Nicole gets them to put them in her bag. Donny is looking through towels that are piled in the Beehive. Nicole goes in fire room to put the shoes in there. Photo booth comes on, and Donny sits in to take pictures. Nicole heads back to Beehive. Photo booth is counting down 4, 3, 2, 1 for each photo. Donny says, the flash it bright. Nicole sits down to take pictures now. She gets her instructions, and starts getting her pictures taken.


3:24 PM BBT Nicole to Donny, do you want to get photos together. He says, they will take them with the young-ins also. "Ya aunt to?" They take 2 pictures with the props, and 2 without the props. Donny says, they can put the props in by themselves for photos. Donny holds a prop for photos, and they are laughing, he's getting two of each of the props.


3:26 PM BBT Nicole wants more of herself in case she leaves. Donny says you can get some black and white ones, after she gets a round of color ones. Nicole is making silly faces for these photos.


3:27 PM BBT Donny gets in for another round of black and white photos with the props.


3:28 PM BBT Donny and Nicole walk out of photo booth. Nicole says she wants to lay down. Donny tells her to go ahead, because the other HG's won't get up, "no time soon." Nicole goes to fire room and lays down. Donny is in the BY filling the jacuzzi with more water. He sits down in one chair, makes a noise, and moves to the other chair.


3:31 PM BBT Donny moves one of the chairs by the Jacuzzi, and throws the duck into it, and sits back down, while it's still filling up with water.


3:36 PM BBT Donny crosses his left leg over his right leg, and clasps his hands together, as he watches the jacuzzi fill up with the water. He is shaking his left foot.


3:39 PM BBT The duck is floating around in the jacuzzi, Donny gets up to shut the water off, picks up the medical kit by the couches, sits down, opens is up, looking through it.


3:40 PM BBT Donny lifts up the bottom section of the medical kit, gets a piece of paper of it, reads it, puts it back, gets a booklet, begins to read it.

3:43 PM BBT Derrick puts his right arm up onto his face and flips over in the fire room, while Donny is still outside reading the booklet from the medical kit. He has his legs crossed, and is shaking his right foot.


3:44 PM BBT Derrick gets up out of bed, opens a draw up, closes it. He is walking around the fire room looking for something. Nicole tells him the photo booth opened up about 20 min. ago, she just wants to let him know. She also tells him the HG's went on their trip today. He says, "O.K." Donny is still relaxing in the BY reading the booklet out of the medical kit.


3:47 PM BBT Derrick puts on deodorant and starts getting dressed. Victoria gets out of bed, and goes outside to the washer and dryer. Nicole asks Derrick if they are o.k. after what happened last night. He says, he doesn't see any problems between them. She says she thinks if she wouldn't of confronted her, she doesn't think they would be o.k. He says, he knew that the minute he (Zach) said it to him, and the way he said it to him, he knew he was lying to him. He said it is what it is. Nicole is talking about the HG's being gone today, and that Frankie will probably tell Christine 100 times today to put her up. She doesn't know if he will convince her. Donny says, that falls on Christine. He asks what time they left, and she said 9:30 a.m. maybe. Victoria comes into the fire room and lays back down. Derrick says, they definitely went to a football game today, that probably starts at 1 p.m. Derrick says he's looking for his shirt from last night. Victoria says she is washing it.


3:52 PM BBT Nicole tells Victoria that they photo booth is open. Victoria says, she's not in a picture taking mood. Derrick & Cody go into the SR. Derrick to Cody, Nicole is wicked paranoid right. Cody asks, why? Victoria and Nicole are chit chatting. Derrick tells Cody that the other HG's are on their trip today. Derrick says, when people start talking that, they may have a guilty conscious. Cody says, not Nicole. He says, Frankie kind of showed her yesterday that people are using her as a scapegoat.


3:53 PM BBT Derrick and Cody believe that Christine told Nicole about the Detonators. Derrick agrees, and says that's confirmed. Cody says he was told there's a pecking order, and Caleb is on the outs. He passes gas, and excuses himself. They are still talking game talk, when Victoria walks in the SR. They walk out, and Victoria is looking through the cabinets. She gets a cough drop and starts making noises, moving it around in her mouth. She goes into KT. Derrick and Cody get told to put on their microphones. Cody says, "Oh shoot, we missed the photo booth." Derrick tells him it's still open.

3:55 PM BBT Victoria in KT making herself more slop to eat. Cody to Derrick, telling him about Frankie wanting to BD her. They are both brushing their teeth in the WA, while sitting on the couch. Cody says, not to say anything, and Derrick says, he never does.


3:59 PM BBT Cody puts water in his hair, as Derrick goes in the WC. Victoria still mixing something in a red cup in the KT. Cody brushes hair, burps, and doesn't excuse himself. He's changing his clothes. Cody to Derrick, what might really f*ck Nicole, is that she was going to BD Christine. Derrick washes his hands. Cody says they want Nicole out of the house. Derrick says, that Donny is a manipulator, and that Nicole has been defending him the entire time, when Victoria was trying to say things. Derrick says, he doesn't want Nicole going home this week.


4:02 PM BBT Cody says, Donny's is planting things in her head. Derrick says, that Nicole is telling them each different things, but Donny has to go for sure. He says, it scares him that if Nicole wins HoH, she will not put up Victoria or Christine. Cody says, he feels more comfortable that she will put one of them up, but he's not he's not sure who Donny will put up.


4:05 PM BBT Derrick to Cody, "I'm playing Nicole." I told her we are good, but I'm playing her. They talk more about game of who may put up who.


4:08 PM BBT Derrick to Cody, I told Zach that he's f*cking our game, by telling everyone his game from day one. He says they can't get him out this week, that he needs to go up next week against Victoria. Cody says, he will go to him to tell him, that everyone in the house wants him to go home. Derrick says, the only problem putting him on the block, is that he can win the POV, because he's a smart kid. Victoria checks the laundry in the BY, and comes back inside. Derrick says one of them needs to win HoH next week. He was saying that he's caught Nicole crying a lot about Hayden being gone. He thinks they had more, or she really likes him. Victoria goes in fire room to get her brush, and goes to Beehive. Derrick and Cody are discussing the football game. Victoria grabs a towel and goes up to HoHR. Cody is told to reattach his microphone, as he leaves WA, and goes to photo booth.


4:12 PM BBT Cody doesn't like his pictures. He says, they are terrible, that it looks like he just woke up out of bed. Derrick says, that's because, you did. Derrick and Cody start taking black and white pictures together in the photo booth. Victoria is in HoHR bathroom, and Zach is still sleeping in ice room. Derrick and Cody are commenting on the pictures they took. Cody says, I'm sleeping all the damn time, I hate it. Derrick takes photos now. Cody walks out of Beehive.


4:15 PM BBT Victoria puts her extensions in towel in HoHR bathroom. Derrick puts his grey hat on in Beehive, while Cody comes back and takes more photos. Derrick gets more photos taken now. Victoria is separating out her hair extensions.


4:17 PM BBT Derrick says, eventually the Nicole's and Donny's will have to make a move. He's not worried about Victoria, because she won't win an HoH. Cody is saying how Nicole found out that an alliance was made on Day 2. He says that Nicole was saying he probably knows more. He says, he tells her that she would be surprised what he knows. He was telling her whatever he could to keep things disconnected.


4:19 PM BBT Cody to Derrick, I know how tight Nicole and Hayden were, because they were so tight. Christine was on the outs, and got upset. Derrick says he's glad they are keeping Zach, but said Jocasta could still be there. He says, Nicole started showing her cards, and they wonder what Hayden would of done, and how tight he was with Donny. Cody says, he thinks that Nicole wasn't as tight with Donny as Hayden was. Derrick says, Hayden was telling different stories. Cody says, he's glad the evictions went the way they did. He hopes that Donny goes home this week. Derrick was talking about the possible BD of Christine. He says, he will plug Nicole, and tell the story that was told to Caleb, and how he had to talk her down, from putting her up. He says, if Nicole tries to bring other people in, it will backfire on her, and she will have to go first for his game. He hopes that Caleb will keep his mouth first. He said, Frankie wants her to go. He tells how Caleb keeps running his mouth, and he did it in front of Frankie.


4:24 PM BBT Derrick says, this is the time, when it becomes luck. Cody says, it's the time, if they don't win HoH, they going to lose. Derrick says, anything you tell Nicole, she will go to Christine, and vice versa. He says that Christine really likes Cody. He says, he thinks Christine is playing both of them, so he assumes the worst. They keep discussing things about Christine. Cody says, Nicole doesn't have any leverage. Victoria is still doing maintenance on her extensions in the HoHR bathroom.


4:27 PM BBT More game talk in the Beehive, about how the game would play out if Nicole doesn't win HoH, and Christine can't play. That one of them needs to go home next week. Cody says, if Christine goes home, then Nicole is set to work with them. He doesn't think that Christine will work with them. Derrick asks, if they should try to make a 3 person alliance with Nicole, and Cody says, no, she will say something in a millasecond.


4:29 PM BBT Victoria starts blowing drying her extensions. Derrick to Cody, we're already exposed, and that's the way they have to play it. He makes a hand jester as if he is jerking himself off, and rolls his eyes. He says Zach needs to put up against Nicole or Victoria to send him home. He said it might be bad with Nicole though, in case she stays. Derrick says that he felt like he was back in High School, breaking up with his girlfriend. Cody says, this game is being played so much like High School. Derrick says, that Victoria was telling him how bad she felt. Cody flips Derrick off, and was laughing. They keep talking about other HG's, and how Victoria tells Derrick everything.


4:33 PM BBT Victoria is putting her hair extensions back in. Derrick to Cody, we just to make sure we don't get blown up. They are talking more about the conversation last night. Derrick says, he was sitting back and letting them all talk, so he wasn't part of it. Cody says he didn't want to be in the room, and that Frankie was worried to go into the HoHR.


4:36 PM BBT Victoria is grabbing stuff in the HoHR, she messed with the door knob, and heads downstairs. Derrick to Cody, when it gets to the F5, we are going to be exposed, because I will never put you up. They hear movement, and stop talking. Donny comes into Beehive and takes pictures with Cody. Derrick leaves, and heads into fire room, while Victoria is in the KT.


4:38 PM BBT Derrick makes his bed, and goes to the DR. Production says, "You've got to be kidding me." Everyone is confused, and Derrick says, they said that when he pressed the DR button. Cody repeats it, and Victoria says she's never heard that before. Victoria offers to make breakfast for Cody, but he says it's too late, and he already ate a breakfast sandwich. Donny goes in ice room. Victoria says she is going to ask for a new one of something. Donny walks back through the KT. Derrick goes in the SR, and heads to KT. Cody burped, and didn't excuse himself. Cody says, he requested some peroxide, and Derrick tells him they have it. He goes and gets it for Cody from under the WA sink. Cody says, this is what they are dealing with in a house with children. Cody back in KT, saying how wet Victoria's hair is. Derrick cleaning his finger because he has a cut under his finger nail. Donny was washing and drying his hands, and watches Derrick.


4:42 PM BBT Cody and Victoria goofing around in the KT. Donny leaves WA. Derrick is still using peroxide to clean his finger, while Donny is walking around the kitchen.


4:44 PM BBT Derrick yells, "Why is my name being mentioned." Cody says, "Because we're trying to get you out of the house." Derrick says, "I wouldn't be surprised." Victoria in KT talking about how Caleb scares her sometimes with things he says, because he goes at things so aggressively. Donny goes back into WA, to put some peroxide on his hand.


4:46 BBT Victoria asks Derrick what he needed peroxide for, and he tells her. Donny goes to BY, and starts walking back and forth. Victoria, Derrick and Cody are discussing what time the HG's left this morning, where they are going, and how long it will be until they get back.


4:48 PM BBT Victoria asks what can happen if she eats spoiled rice. Cody jokingly tells her she could die from it. He asks what she ate, and she tell him she ate spoiled slop. Derrick says he needs to get clarification of what actual assault is in the house, in case he back hands him (meaning Zach). They all talk about a previous incident with HG's.


4:50 PM BBT Derrick jokes around with Cody about what he would do if he assaulted him. Cody starts singing, and we see FoTH. Cody says spoiled slop sounds good. Nicole comes in KT, and Derrick and Cody say how good she looks. Cody asks where the hot sauce is, and Victoria tells him. Cody offers to make food for Nicole. She asks them if they got to go into the photo booth. Derrick says, it's still on. Victoria goes outside to check laundry again, while Donny is still walking back and forth in the BY.


4:53 PM BBT Cody offers to fold towels, as Victoria walks in with laundry. Cody starts eating at the KT table. Victoria tells Nicole her laundry is almost done, if she wants to use the machines. Victoria says, she hates when they don't have the BY for 4 days.


4:57 PM BBT Victoria talks about her transmitter being in her hand and getting hit in the head. Nicole is walking around the KT, while Derrick is standing by the stove making something.


4:58 PM BBT Nicole comments that they are the only ones in the house right now. Production says, "Zach, have you changed your batteries?" The HG's in the kitchen laugh. Zach goes to WA to brush his teeth. Cody says he has the song, "Time of my life," stuck in his head. Victoria starts signing, and gets told, "Please stop singing."


5:00 PM BBT HG's are humming in KT. Zach goes to WC, comes out and washes his hands in the WA. Donny still walking back and forth in the BY.


5:02 PM BBT Cody goes outside and asks Donny how the first night was? Donny runs down his nights events. Victoria was telling Nicole she's not supposed to blow dry her hair extensions, because they are supposed to dry outside, but you can't do that in the house.


5:04 PM BBT Zach in BY telling story to Cody and Donny. Victoria, Nicole and Derrick in KT. Nicole jokingly says, it's going to be a double long season, with 8 new HG's coming in. Victoria asks Derrick how he eats the same thing every day for breakfast. Derrick says, when you get older you get set in your ways. General chit chat still going on in the BY.

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5:45 PM BBT Nicole, Cody, and Victoria sitting out in the BY. Cody is teasing Nicole about Zingbot coming into the house and making fun of her and Hayden's relationship. He says Nicole was obsessed with Hayden and she says they were just best friends.

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5:01 PM BBT Zach is up and doing ADL's in WA.  Cody and Donny talking in the BY, Vic and Nicole sitting at the island in the KT with Derrick cooking something.  Frankie Christine and Caleb still on their reward outing with the NFL.


5:07 PM BBT Cody, Zach and Donny in BY talking about what might be going on in Jury house, weather they have board games or what.  They are also talking about what it was like when Frankie, Christine, and Caleb to leave the house and if they had bag's over their head.  Derrick finishes his food and washes up.


5:14 PM BBT  Nicole walks out to the BY, Cody and Donny are talking when people on Survivor get to go on trips the people left behind strategize.  Donny says "according to Caleb when they are leave the house is going to be Red Carpet, Limo's, Helicopters and Airplanes."  Cody says "Caleb thinks he is going to be in a movie after this. Donny says "I thought he was going to be in MLB.  Zach says: "He is going to be a Country Music Star"  


5:23 PM BBT  Cody just realized that BB took the grill from the BY.  Cody says he can't believe they are been in there for 52 days.  BB comes over the speakers and says very slowly:  "you are one day closer to $500,000.00."  Nicole says that was good timing.


5:26 PM BBT  Derrick is in the Fire BR talking to himself, then says "well, it took me until day 52 until I started talking to myself"  Derrick: "shout out to tall the feedsters, this game is tough, gotta keep Cody tight, gotta keep Caleb tight" now he is doing shout outs to family and friends.  Vic catches him in the Hallway and they talk about being "good" with each other.


5:30 PM BBT  Derrick is now "fishing" in the backyard pool.  Cody says "this is what its come to".  Zach and Donny calculate they will be off slop Friday night at midnight.  Donny says "if I am still here, if I'm not, I will be with Julie pulling candy bars and pop tarts out of my pockets"


5:36 PM BBT  Derrick recounting what happened last night and how he approached Nicole first about hearing she was talking about him and how things went from there.  Donny says "I'm glad I missed all that".  Donny says "it was just a big waste of time".


5:51 PM BBT  Derrick and Donny talking about how easy the first 3 Team America challenges were and that's why they think it's been so much harder.  Derrick promises Donny that he has never talked $hit about him (Donny) and he's sure Donny has never said anything about him.  Derrick gives Donny his "word" that if he is going home over Victoria he will tell Donny the truth.


5:58 PM BBT  Cody and Nicole talking about her bottle of wine that has not been drunk.  Victoria wants to drink it but she is on slop.  Derrick and Donny still alone at the pool "pretend" fishing in the pool with Derrick's fishing pool.  Derrick says Caleb was so mad at Frankie and then Frankie tells them all he is famous and now Caleb forgives everything.


6:03 PM BBT  Donny is counting votes, he asks about Cody and Derrick says well he's not working with me, so I don't know.  Derrick says "I don't know why you wouldn't have Frankie, they all you needs is Victoria and Christine would decide".


6:11 PM BBT  Cody, Vic and Nicole still on the BY couches talking about "safari's" that people can drive through and see all the animals.  Derrick asking Donny if his job is Union or not, Donny says no.  Donny is worried because he actually quit his job to be here.  Derrick says you have been such a good guy he doesn't see any reason they wouldn't re-hire him.  Nicole and Cody talking about Nicole being a nurse.  Both groups begin to talk about production and we get fish.


6:17 PM BBT  Derrick tangled up the fishing line and Cody starts teasing him, Derrick says to shut up because he (Cody) pees sitting down.  Cody says that is because he is respectful of women and doesn't pee all over the seat like Derrick.  Donny chimes in and says he puts the seat and lid down so everyone is happy, "a guy can lift up what he wants and a girl can lift up what she wants"


6:25 PM BBT  Cody and Zach are playing pool, Derrick is still trying to fix the fishing poll.  Nicole, Donny and Vic are sitting on the BY couches talking about food.  Donny compliments Victoria again how she never complains about being on slop even when he gets to eat peanut butter and jelly fish stuff with his slop and she doesn't.


6:30 PM BBT  Zach is back.  He begins talking game with Cody.  He says "when Christine puts up Victoria, we vote Victoria out and it's me, you, Nicole, Derrick and Donny against Frankie, Caleb and Nicole."  "That's 5 against 3".  Cody says nothing.  Zach thinks the missing HG's are not allowed to talk game while they are gone.  Zach says they want Nicole out, "which I really don't" Cody says "me either".


6:40 PM BBT  ZACH! SHUT IT DOWN!  BB gets on to Zach for trying to look through the windows in the BY because he and Cody can hear people laughing hysterically behind the glass.  Donny is telling Nicole she was talking in her sleep last night, she asks what she is was saying.  Donny says just that something was "not fair".


6:49 PM BBT  Nicole asks Donny if he thinks she is "super mouthy"?  Donny says "no".  Zach and Cody still playing pool.  Nicole says when she gets out of the house she is going to need a week or two alone.  Victoria says she wants to see her sisters kids because they keep her sane. 


6:56 PM BBT  Derrick and Victoria in the Fire BR talking about how upsetting things were last night.  Vic is saying she is concerned about his bond with guys vs. his bond with her.  She says "I know that the bond there is different"  Derrick is telling her that is why he confronted Zach.  He is convincing her that he was never working with Zach.

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****This is a post I made for Xander, when his computer went down. I may put more on if I have to help from HG's coming back from NFL experience.****


8:13 PM BBT We are seeing FoTH, awaiting the return of Caleb, Frankie and Christine from the football game experience.


8:53 PM BBT BY convo continues, and Christine says, that someone shouted, "Nicole, you can take your blind fold off now." She couldn't believe they thought she was Nicole. Donny says, just being able to see things, and it was a beautiful day with the weather.


8:55 PM BBT Christine and Donny say how their bracelets are on 5, and blinking fast, but haven't buzzed yet. Donny says, "Don't worry about it Nicole," to Christine. Nicole says it's funny that the people they work with mess it up, but no the people they are living with. Donny says, the fishes are swimming. Cody says, put them in the pool and I'll catch them. Christine says that someone commented how may guys are left in the house.


8:58 PM BBT Nicole tells Nicole that Cody was lifting a lot of weights today, and wanted her to run. Nicole andDonny tell Christine how much they slept today, and went to the photo booth when it opened.


8:59 PM BBT Donny was saying how he was the only one who knew they were leaving today, because he was up. Donny says. that the first 3 songs played this morning all had, "Sunday," in them. He says, the last one had, "Zach attack," in it. We see FoTH. Donny asks Christine if she's ever seen football before this, and she says, never. She says she remembers her nephew talking about Tony Romo. Christine and Nicole go inside. Donny walks over to where Cody is lifting weights.

Cody asks him if he got his walking in today, and he says he did. Donny says he "overated" today, otherwise he would walk some more. But, he has slosh in his stomach.


9:05 PM BBT Nicole walks into WA, where Nicole is tweezing her eyebrows, and walks out.


9:06 PM BBT Cody and Christine are in the BY. Christine says that Caleb was acting like a Diva today, that everything was about him. Christine says she missed everyone today. Cody gives her a hug, telling her she smells like tortilla chips. She told Donny her bracelet was buzzing. Nicole asks her is it was a good day.

Christine says, yeah, you know. Christine goes back inside the house. Nicole and Cody start running back and forth in the BY, while Donny is walking around. Cody says Nicole is flying through it, and she says it's because she wants to get done. Nicole was asking what # they are on, and Cody says, he never counted, he (Hayden) always counted. Cody says, he is running slower, because Nicole has to take like 2 strides for every 1 of his. Nicole says she did like 100 with Hayden, but was dying at the end. Cody says, that's nice.


9:10 PM BBT Derrick and Christine came to sit by the pool. Christine asks him what his percentage is now of missing the pool with the fishing rod. He says it's pretty accurate because he's been doing it for like 3 hours. Christine is eating while she sits in a recliner chair. She laughs at Nicole, while she's running. Derrick tells Nicole, not to do that again, it's not a hot look. Christine says, she thought it was. Derrick asks her how she became such a sick f*ck all of a sudden. She yells to Nicole that she got to see a Labradoodle. She says she didn't get to touch it though, only saw it. Her and Derrick tell Nicole how good she is doing while running.


9:13 PM BBT Victoria came outside for a few minutes, asks where other are. Christine says, probably upstairs, she goes back inside. Donny keeps playing around with the fishing pool. He and Christine are laughing, and we see FoTH.


9:15 PM BBT Christine asks Derrick what time he got up at around 2 p.m., and did the photo booth. He says they didn't push them to much. He says it was weird with all of them leaving at worse, and he missed them. Christine says, that on the way back, Caleb said he missed his dogs. She says the girls asked him what kind of dogs he has. She said hie missed his bros in the house. Caleb comes out to sit by the pool with them. He tells Derrick, that he missed them today, and Derrick says, the same back. We see FoTH.


9:17 PM BBT Caleb practicing with the fishing pole in the pool, and says it actually feels like he's fishing there. Derrick says how he legit, was doing it for 2 hours today. He says it was soo relaxing. Caleb says how he heard people calling him, "Beast Mode Cowboy." He says, he didn't understand how they knew it was him under the hat. Christine said she felt weird and got out to the middle of the field. Caleb said he didn't care about Frankie being Ariana Grande's brother. Christine that Caleb got the most call outs. Caleb says he is fishing for ducks. Caleb is bragging about his shout outs. He was saying that Frankie's call out were about him, and being Ariana's brother. Caleb says a young girl was taking pictures of Frankie. Caleb says he thought, "dang, that's nuts." Christine says, the moon looks, "awesome." Donny says to go into the bathroom at your own risk.


9:21 PM BBT Caleb says how much he used to look up at the moon, and could see Saturn's rings with a telescope. Donny says, it is a pretty moon, isn't it. Caleb casts fishing pole by the brim of Donny's hat. They all laugh. Caleb says, he used to a bait caster, that he doesn't use them much. Donny says, he didn't flinch. Caleb says he got to check his weight on their scales, and he is 169 lbs. Donny said he probably at about 6 lbs. of food. Caleb says, probably more, because the cheeseburgers were massive.


9:25 PM BBT Caleb knotted the fishing pole. Donny asks if he thinks it will come out? He says, he doesn't know. Donny says, you'll probably have to cut it. Christine asks why the table was set for 4 people today. Caleb says he doesn't know. Caleb says, he was hoping to meet one of the cheerleaders today, and Christine says, it would have been cool. Christine comments on Nicole's running in the the BY, that once she gets to 105, there's no going back.


9:29 PM BBT Derrick says he has to go and eat soon. Christine asks if he's going to make Tuna Steak, and he says it's gone. She asks, if they took it, and he says it wasn't there this morning when he woke up. Derrick says he's hungry, was talking about his cut hand, and heads inside the house. Caleb casts the fishing pole again. He's pretending fish or in the pool messing with the line.


9:31 PM BBT Donny joins Christine and Caleb by pool, and says today is Jocasta's birthday. Christine says, "Happy Birthday, Jocasta." They hope she got something for her birthday, maybe eve a Skype call. Caleb says, if Donny was there today, he would of gotten a lot of shout outs.


9:34 PM BBT More talk about Caleb casting. Donny said he was happy when he woke up, that the BY was open when he got open. Donny says how amazing it was. Caleb was saying how they don't even use the whole BY for the comps, and starts describing it. He says it's ridiculous. We see FoTh. Caleb starts talking about his DR session.


9:36 PM BBT Caleb says he asks a guy on the bus to look up his Instagram for him to tell him how many followers he has. He says the guy asks him if he's, Insane Physique? He says yes, and the guy tells him he has a handful of more followers. He said he asks the guy if he really looked it up, and he told him, no, that he couldn't look it up for him. The discussion goes to their bracelets, and when they go off. He says they all go off at different times.


9:38 PM BBT Caleb is trying to get another knot out of the fishing pole, above it. Donny says, it might have looped around it, and caught the eye. Caleb says his cast wasn't to bad, that he could catch a good ole bass out there. Donny says, it will sink to the bottom. Caleb says, that he let it sink a little while ago. Donny and Caleb look towards the pool table. Caleb says, he hasn't crapped all day, but he's about to. He says, Shawn told him not to eat to much, when he was going to get seconds of his food today. He says, he went for thirds, and it took all of him to eat it. He says, they said he 3 hamburgers, what about 3 hot dogs? He ate it, but it took him a while to eat it. He says, he felt full, but wasn't hurtin off of it. Donny asks if he drank a lot. He says he drank some wine, some Sprite, a coke and 2 sips of coffee. He says he was acting out when eating in front of the camera.


9:43 PM BBT Caleb says the best part, other than people knowing him, was that a guy that was filming that show for Tru TV was there, filming him on a real TV show. He says, he only filmed the Pilot for the other show. He says, the other guy knew him as well. Donny says if they know you in California, imagine how they will be once he gets back home.


9:45 PM BBT Caleb is talking about how many people knew him. Caleb was ranting about how much fame he's going to have after the show. He says, he'll probably be getting a lot of calls for things to do from radio and T.V. He says, how crazy it is that more people knew him, more than Frankie. Donny says it's because of where they were. In a different environment, they would know him more. Caleb says he would be upset if he was known as someone's brother, rather than himself. Donny says it's because she's famous. He says, he got to meet Jerry Jones, and shake his hands. Caleb pays attention to pool table area, where they were talking about football. Cody says someone with the #5. Caleb says it might be Michael Johnson.


9:49 PM BBT Zach says that Sammy Watkins is a beast. He starts talking about a draft they can do for Fantasy Football. He says that season starts on September 11, and they will be out on September 16. He says they can be out, and get their drafts done, and only miss the first week. They all start discussing football players, and Donny talks with them. Cody asks if he's ever played Fantasy. Zach says he doesn't have a computer. Donny says, he doesn't have a computer down there in South Caroline. Caleb goes inside the house. Donny asks Zach if he knows he snores? Zach says, he doesn't snore. Donny says, yes you do. You get quiet, and then start snoring. Frankie and Zach start talking about bass fish, while Zach is now casting with the fishing pole. Christine came out to the BY, and sits by Donny.


9:53 PM BBT HG's in the backyard start talking about Cody breaking the bobber, saying he's the new Devin with breaking stuff. He says that's the only thing he's ever broken. The others start naming the things Devin broke. Frankie says, "He broke my heart." We see FoTH.


9:55 PM BBT HG's commenting on Cody's pool shots. Frankie says, "Goodnight," and says he's going to the DR to see if they'll let him go to bed soon. Nicole comes inside by the washer and dryer to check on the clothes. While Cody is commenting how good Christine looks. They start singing, and we see FoTH.


9:58 PM BBT BY pool game still going on with Cody and Zach. Cody to Christine, that stare looked like you wanted to rip my head off. He was talking about a kitchen thing. They continue talking about the shots that are being made on the pool table.


10:00 PM BBT Donny to Cody, do you think you want to play professional soccer? Cody, says, no, he's too old now. Donny asks, what about overseas, and he says as a 24-year-old, that even older there. Cody and Zach discuss the overseas teams.

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7:01 PM BBT Donny/Zach/Nicole chatting in the BY. Zach is saying he can't believe all the lies that have came out. He says anytime Frankie opens his mouth its a lie. Derrick and Victoria are in the FR whispering. Derrick is telling her she is a logical reason to go up, because Donny will go home. Not because she sucks but because he has won the number of comps he has. She says the reason she is so nervous is before she had a chance to take her chance off, now she doesn't. Derrick said who knows, Christina may put someone else up. 


7:04 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria still in FR and whispering. Derrick tells her to go to Christina and ask who she is putting, just tell her you don't want to be blindsided. Zach/Nicole/Donny/Cody is discussing cheating in the BY. Zach says the one thing he said in all the interviews is that he doesn't give a f*** about anything. Zach says if he is going to cheat they have to be a "smoke-bomb," which is someone prettier than your current girlfriend. Zach says the 2 rules of cheating is 1. Make sure no one finds out, and 2. Cheat up. Nicole says she would never cheat even if her boyfriend could never found out. Zach says he has never cheated, and Nicole cuts him off and says "because you've never had a girlfriend" and Zach laughs. 


7:09 PM BBT Victoria has left Derrick in the FR. He is folding and putting his laundry away. In the BY, Zach says he doesn't think any girls would want to date him after the show. But he says then again, a lot of girls like jerks and douche bags now. Zach says he is never going back to school again. He says he may become a divorce lawyer or chipendale dancer. Whatever brings in money. Then he says money doesn't matter. He likes playing golf with his brother and dog. Derrick says he is going back outside to "fish." Victoria heads into the BY as well.


7:13 PM BBT Donny says he may go take a cold shower. Zach says that is the worse. He tells story of BB yelling at him for turning on the hot and cold at same time. Nicole says why everyone does that, and Zach says he was opening both curtains that's why. Zach asks where the HG's are that went on trip. Derrick is guessing when they will be back depending on game time. 


7:16 PM BBT Zach tells BY crew they better start talking about the ones gone since they could come back at anytime. He starts with Christine and says she is a snake. Frankie is a work of art. An ugly work of art. Talk then turns to "beast mode cowboy" and how cocky he is. Donny reminds them even the letter from his mom tells him to be humble. All the HG's are on the couches in the corner of BY except Cody, who is lifting weights. 


7:18 PM BBT Derrick is running through all the funny, yet cocky things Caleb says. They are all talking about how he is always bragging about singing and names he calls himself. Cody yells over and said he told Derrick and him not to call him Caleb anymore, just call him Beast Mode Cowboy from now on. Victoria says his DR's are funny or they were when she was tied to him. Donny leaves the BY and goes to the WC. He stops in WA to wash his hands. 


7:23 PM BBT Donny goes into the FR to get his towel and heads to the WA to take a shower. The crew in the BY are still talking about things Caleb has said as far as women wanting him, how good looking his brothers are etc. Nicole leaves the BY to go to the WC. Zach and Victoria are discussing what would be on tonight's episode and it was a good one because it was the BotB when everything blew up. Victoria tells him this was the only BotB that could be done with one person. They say they can't wait to go back and watch all the episodes. 


7:28 PM BBT Donny is drying off in the shower. Zach is asking Nicole in the BY if a girl hit her up asking her opinion on Zach would she give him a good reference? She said yes, but she would tell the girl the truth, but that if she is up to the challenge she thinks Zach could be a great guy. Cody says he would tell her to run or get her heart broke. Victoria said she wants to spy on one of Zach's date. Derrick is playing with the fishing pole and Cody is still working out. Zach tells Victoria that he is good, even yesterday when he was telling her the poem she was all into him. Nicole and Victoria go "pshhhh" as in yea right. 


7:31 PM BBT Derrick says he is jealous of the ones gone. They have had such a great day, getting jerseys, footballs, meeting players, coaches, etc. Cody says yea but the house has been nice and quiet. Derrick says "Yea, because two of the biggest gossipers are gone." Derrick says everyone has been joking around, he was giving Nicole a hard time about Hayden and her smelling his sweat shirt. Zach/Victoria/Nicole are discussing Chik-Fil-A because Nicole didn't know what it was. 


7:36 PM BBT Derrick is still casting the fishing pole in the BY. Zach says he likes it when the others are gone. You need to watch your back when Frankie is around. Nicole jokes with him and says that is your first showmance. And Zach quickly replies, "but not my last." Nicole shakes her head and says "oh my gosh." Cody walks their way and Nicole says "here comes the hottie with a body," and Zach tells her just go ahead and make things awkward. Cody sits down between Nicole and Victoria but Nicole yells because Cody is sweaty. He goes and sits by Zach and says he is going to jump in the pool. Zach asks if anyone wants to run, Nicole says she may run later and Zach jumps up and says he is now. Donny is in the KT heating up slop when Zach goes to get ice. Donny asks is he not starving because he has only ate one time. Zach says protein shake filled him up. 


7:42 PM BBT Zach is in the HN room dressing to go for a run. Nicole gets a shout from BB to go exchance her mic. She gets up to go inside and as Zach comes back out Cody makes fun of him because of the shorts he has on. Donny is back out on the BY couch eating his heated up slop. Cody says he wants to try it and Donny tells him to go get him one. Victoria goes inside and buzzes to get in DR. 


7:49 PM BBT Victoria is in the KT placing something in the microwave. Cody/Donny/Nicole are sitting on the BY couches being pretty quiet. Donny says his slop wasn't all that bad, it has all the essential items in it one needs. Cody challenges Donny to a game of pool later on. Donny starts enjoying his peanut butter after he eats his slop. 


7:52 PM BBT Nicole/Victoria/Cody sitting on the BY couches. Cody tells Nicole she is the cutest girl, and Nicole replies "I am not the HOH you know that right." Cody says tells her he doesn't suck up when she is HOH. Cody looks at Victoria and says, "Victoria.....you make good tea." She was expecting him to comment on her looks too it seemed. She tells him he is so fake and she can see through it. They are joking around and picking at each other. 


7:55 PM BBT Nicole comes running through the house to the BY and says she just heard voices in the DR and she thinks Christine/Caleb/Frankie are back. Derrick runs through the items they probably got again. You can tell Derrick is most envious he didn't get to go. 


7:58 PM BBT Donny mentions how much weight he will gain this week eating so much peanut butter. He says he got all these new clothes, and he never buys clothes, so he should be set for the next 10 years. Zach is talking about some electrolyte drink they have and Donny says they should try freezing them or making a  slush out of them. Derrick is still playing with the fishing pool throwing it in the pool. Zach has commenced his running in the BY. 


8:02 PM BBT The crew on the couches in the BY (Cody/Nicole/Donny/Victoria) are discussing items that were in their HOH baskets. Nicole said she got a lot of doubles that was in her first HOH basket. Nicole remembers they need to feed the fish and Cody asks if he can go with her. Nicole and Cody have went upstairs to the HOH room to feed the pet fish. Zach has quit running and everyone else is sitting quietly in BY. 


8:32 PM BBT Feeds are back and everyone is in the BY. Caleb is telling Donny they were blindfolded to get off the production lot but once they got to RV they took the blindfolds off.


8:33 PM BBT It seems they went to a Cowboys game, Caleb is wearing a Cowboys hat and shirt. He says the VP of Communications that walked them around told them his kids don't miss BB or Survivor. They must have also met Jerry Jones because Caleb said he looked old. Frankie apparently asked someone if he could give them a lap dance. They also say they weren't allowed to look at much and couldn't say anything to fans. Get FOTH again. 


8:37 PM BBT Everyone is still sitting in the BY listening to Caleb/Frankie/Christine tell stories about the day. Christine says on the way back they all said they were missing their friends. They then tell them they couldn't even mention any of the HG's name. They were discussing the POV comp, mentioning OTEV, and they got reprimanded for that by BB, told them they can't discuss it. And we get another FOTH. Following a convo may be tough for a bit till they get settled. 


8:40 PM BBT Caleb tells Zach they met Romo, Witten, and Dez Bryant. Zach says he can't believe they met Dez Bryant, that is like his favorite player. He said he don't even want his autograph, just him to say whats up? Donny says he might have called him RancyPants, and Zach said he would have gotten a noticeable erection. They asks about the hats they are wearing and Frankie says they can wear them in like a day, when it air.....and he gets cut off by FOTH again.  


8:43 PM BBT Frankie says the s*** of all s*** shows has already aired (meaning the episode tonight of the BotB.) Zach says they all thought they would get to go to game and meet players but the fact they got to go on field during drills is way better. Caleb says Bryant almost knocked them over. Nicole chimes in and says "Beast Mode Cowboy got to see some Cowboys." Frankie said Jerry Jones told Caleb he may need to suit him up to play but Frankie may need some work." Caleb says they were very strict about Jones. They were told not to make him repeat his self, they get one shot, no re-do's. Zach and Caleb is explaining about the big TV Jones own at Cowboy stadium. Derrick is telling a story of getting to go  on the field of Cowboy stadium. 


8:49 PM BBT HG's are still assembled in BY listening to the ones that took a trip talk about their day. Caleb was telling about some lady wanting to take a picture with him but BB didn't allow it and made them move on. Caleb says he heard 4-5 people yell "Beast Mode Cowboy." They are imitating the way the last person yelled it. Once again FOTH. 


8:53 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb have went inside. They are in the ER and hallway looking for a change of clothes. Zach and Frankie are in the KT and Frankie asks, "How are we?" Zach says, "You and I?" and Frankie says "mmm hmm." Zach says he has told him he doesn't have a choice. Lets just get to last 5 and from there it will be a dog fight. Derrick says he is glad that someone got to go. Derrick says maybe they can go later on and tell people they are from BB and get in to meet people. Zach says they probably changed the game because of the way the game went last year and how the fans were upset afterward. 


8:58 PM BBT Zach and Derrick are in the KT explaining fantasy football to Caleb. He said he don't get it. Derrick tells him that everyone that has ever said that to him, he got them involved in it and they loved it. Caleb thinks it is like a Playstation game and they try breaking it down again so he gets it. 


9:01 PM BBT Derrick and Zach are getting excited because now Frankie and Caleb seem interested. Derrick says when they get home, he will set up a league and they can all play together. Just general chat, about football and fantasy football. 


9:07 PM BBT Nicole and Victoria are in WA. Victoria is messing with her compact. Nicole has changed and is going to run in the BY. Zach is still discussing fantasy football and the trophy he won for winning last season. Cody and Christine are in BY. He has been hugging/holding her for quiet a while. They both say they have missed each other. Frankie has joined Victoria in WA, and Victoria says they just have to see what happens. Cody is now running with Nicole in the BY. 


9:10 PM BBT Frankie tells Nicole he is tired of all the hurtful s*** that has been going on. Frankie and Victoria leave the WA. Victoria goes into the BY and Frankie goes back into the KT and is standing with his arm around Caleb. Caleb is telling Zach he plans on talking to Christine before going to bed and telling her she has to put up Nicole that's what everyone wants and Nicole wanted to backdoor her, but if she don't put Nicole up next time "they" win HOH they will put her up. Caleb says once Nicole is gone they will be fine because Donny/Victoria can't win HOH. Frankie says Nicole is saying all kinds of s***, she is a s*** stirrer. 


9:14 PM BBT Zach says the kicker to get Christine to replace Zach with Nicole is by telling her that Nicole was going to backdoor Christine. Caleb also says he doesn't have a reason to lie and yes he was suppose to throw the comp to get Frankie out, but in the event Frankie won POV, Nicole was going to backdoor Christine. Zach and Frankie are all on board with it and Caleb says he'll explain it to Derrick later. 


9:17 PM BBT Frankie asks Zach if they can talk for like 10 minutes. Zach says sure but he is stinky and sweaty and wants a shower. Zach says lets go to the FR because if we are in the BH everyone notices it. When they are in the FR Zach says Nicole HAS to go this week. Frankie agrees and says I don't know if she is conniving or crazy. Zach says so basically we just replaced Christine with Caleb. Frankie says he just wanted to talk now that everything has blown over. 


9:20 PM BBT Zach and Frankie essentially apologize to each other. Zach tells Frankie that he told him it was all a blessing. Frankie says it was but people are still throwing him under the bus, but the crisis is pretty much avoided. Zach says he loves Frankie and everything is ok. They hug it out and say Nicole has to go. Frankie then asks if Christine puts Victoria up who do they evict and Zach asks if he is having 2nd thoughts? And Frankie says yes because he doesn't think Donny is coming after him and Zach says me either. They seem to think they can get Derrick on board and even if they can't Nicole would vote with them and then they would have Donny and Nicole on their side as a back up plan. They both agree Donny won't come after them, and Frankie says basically he is saying Donny needs to stay over Victoria or Nicole. 


9:25 PM BBT Zach says Christine only has 2 options of who to put  up, and Zach says there is no way she would put Cody up because they would kill her. Frankie and Zach say no matter what Donny stays because he isn't coming after them and can use him later. Frankie says he wished the whole time Zach was with him and if the plan had went as planned Zach would have been on block with him. Zach said everyone is going to wonder how Zankie is back together. Zach whispers as he goes through the LR, "Enjoy your last few days Nicole."


9:28 PM BBT Frankie is making a drink in the KT and then walks into BY. It looks as if all the HG's are out there except Cody. Nicole is walking laps back and forth. Caleb is by the pool. Donny/Christine/Derrick are lounging in chairs. Zach and Frankie playing a game of pool. 


9:31 PM BBT Derrick gets up to go inside and asks Frankie where something is, and Frankie replies "in the fridge." Cody is back in the BY running laps. Donny reminds Caleb and Christine today was Jocasta's b-day. They all say they hope she got something nice, and Caleb says she may have even gotten a Skype call. Caleb says he would have loved to see Donny's reaction at the NFL game. Things turn quiet again as Zach and Frankie finish their first game of pool. 


9:34 PM BBT Derrick and Nicole are talking in the WA. Nicole is asking if he really meant what he said last night when he said they weren't close. And he says of course not, but he couldn't say he was really close with her in front of Victoria. Nicole said she understands. Nicole turns the conversation toward dinner and what she may make and Derrick says he was going to make tuna steaks but grill is gone. Nicole mentions Christine putting her up and Derrick says he doesn't think that will happen and he thinks they have mended fences. 


9:37 PM BBT Derrick is brushing his hair in the WA and Nicole is in the shower. Derrick is trying to talk to Nicole but she can't hear him because of the water (neither can we.) Caleb and Donny are discussing the fit trackers in the BY and trying to get a knot out of the fishing line on the pole. Cody is running sprints the length of the BY. Christine is eating something at the counter in the KT. Derrick is munching on what looks like a bag of chips or peanuts. 


9:40 PM BBT Victoria asks Christine at the bar in the KT what Frankie was like today. Christine paused and said "All I am going to say is you can tell he is left to the celebrity life." Christine says Caleb was great. Victoria said she likes Caleb  even if he is conceited. Christine said at one point Frankie said "I need coffee, I don't care if it has cream or sugar but I need coffee" as he wanted someone to wait on him, and someone went to get him one. Victoria sounded shocked at that. Victoria said she got up and left the WA because Frankie came in there and he asked if they were ok and Victoria told him "ya we are fine." 


9:45 PM BBT Victoria and Christina are talking about the fact they both need the money for themselves and their family. Victoria is telling Christine how bad of financial trouble her parents are in. They are both angry that Frankie is there for a charity. They think there are plenty other ways he could have gotten the money instead of BB. Christine says the day was so long because Frankie acted like he was a celebrity the whole time. Christine said anytime they asked if they were happy to be out of the house Frankie said, "Yes because he hates everyone in the house and he don't want to go back." He was disobedient everyone they went because he felt entitled. Christine sums it up by saying Frankie is worst diva she has ever met. 


9:50 PM BBT Derrick is searching for some type of steak sauce type substance to use on his food. Victoria helps him find a measuring cup. Caleb comes in the KT and says he can't believe he weighs 169lbs. He entered the house 187. Caleb says he is so full (he must have gotten to eat regular food on trip today). He is counting how many days till he is off slop and talking about what he is going to fix Thursday night when he is off slop. 


9:54 PM BBT Derrick has decided on rice and sirloin tips. He yells to Nicole in the WA that he is cooking that if she wants to make a vegetable or something to go with it. Caleb is re-telling the story of people yelling his nickname and that it had to be live feeders because only them would know when they were leaving. Victoria has joined Nicole in WA to brush out her hair. 


9:56 PM BBT Nicole heads outside to check if the washer/dryer is available to do laundry. Frankie/Derrick/Caleb go into the SR. Caleb is telling Derrick the plan about telling Christine they want Nicole gone and you have the power to put her up. Derrick says 1 of 2 things can happen. It can work or if it doesn't work Nicole can win HOH and put them up. Nicole walks in the SR and they awkwardly start looking around and stop chatting. She was only in there for a second and they ask Derrick what they should do. Derrick says if Nicole is up against Donny she will go home. Derrick thinks it is a huge risk but Caleb and Frankie say there really isn't risk because if Nicole stays and wins HOH she will probably nominate two of them anyway. Frankie and Caleb don't think there is any downside. Derrick tells them to let him cook his steak and he will think on it. Caleb leaves and Derrick tells Frankie he is worried she may put him and Frankie up, and he didn't hear Nicole say that she would backdoor Christine if Frankie won POV.
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10:00 PM BBT  Derrick and Frankie are in the SR. Derrick is telling him that Nicole and Caleb had been in the HOH room talking for 15-20 minutes together before he ever entered at the start of the week (not true) and he had been talking to Christine. They say that this is the only chance for Donny to stay and they agree that they don't think Donny will put their games in jeopardy. They say that Nicole and Zach don't want Victoria in the house anymore.


10:10 PM BBT Frankie says that anyone on the planet watching would know that by me telling Vic that my sister is Ariana Grande it would bring us closer together. So now he just doesn't know where he stands with her. It sounds like they both believe it would be best for their game to have Victoria be the replacement nominee.


10:15 PM BBT  Frankie and Caleb are in the KT telling Vic and Derrick about the day. Frankie says that he saw a lot of Dallas Cowboys today, but told them that none of them compare to his Beast Mode Cowboy. That 'tickles' Caleb. The tell of a huge turtle they saw who is named after a Dallas Cowboy. It was an African Spined Turtle that was "obsessed with" Frankie. Cody and Zach are playing pool and Donny, Christine, and Nicole are watching.


10:20 PM BBT  Derrick is making some "sirloin stuff" (according to Nicole) and some broccoli and rice. Frankie pulls Nicole in to the beehive. She wants the door open. He wants to clear the air because the purpose of the other night was to do that and he doesn't want things to be the way they are because they have to live together. They dance around something that Frankie supposedly said that Nicole things is abhorrent.


10:20 PM BBT  Derrick is making some "sirloin stuff" (according to Nicole) and some broccoli and rice. Frankie pulls Nicole in to the beehive. She wants the door open. He wants to clear the air because the purpose of the other night was to do that and he doesn't want things to be the way they are because they have to live together. They dance around something that Frankie supposedly said that Nicole things is abhorrent.


10:23 PM BBT Frankie tells Nicole that when he told Victoria that Ariana Grande was his sister, of course he knew it would draw them closer, but that isn't why he told her or anyone. She said that she heard that he said that he had her in his back pocket. He said he didn't say that. She said that she wouldn't have said that if she hadn't heard it. She stands up while Frankie is still talking and walks to the beehive door. She says that everything that comes from his mouth is horrible so that's why she believed it, but she's glad she knows it's not true. It seems obvious she doesn't believe him. He thanks her for listening to him and they leave the beehive.


10:25 PM BBT  Meanwhile, Christine has taken Victoria up to the HOH room to tell her that she will be the replacement nominee, but that she needn't worry. She is NOT going home. They talk about how they really wish they could send Frankie home because that's what everyone really wants to do is backdoor Frankie.


10:31 PM BBT  Nicole is very upset after her conversation with Frankie. She goes upstairs and interrupts Christine and Vics conversation. She says she wants to talk after they do. Then Frankie comes in and kisses Vic and kisses Christine. He says SORRY and leaves. They are both disgusted. Victoria says the reason she is upset is because she was  crying because of personal reasons the day before and he turned it into game.


10:36 PM BBT  Victoria says this is the 1 week where she didn't play in the BotB or the POV. Christine tells her that Frankie told her that he said he won the POV by himself, he earned the right to sleep in the HOH room. Christine wonders what Nic wants to talk about, so Victoria says she will go get her.


10:41 PM BBT  Nicole comes up and tells Christine about her conversation with Frankie. Meanwhile, Donny and Derrick are talking outside. Derrick tells him to tell Christine to say that Derrick and Frankie or just Derrick is his target. Derrick says she needs to know that she's not going after her.  Donny says he isn't good at this. Derrick says that he trusts him...just say that he doesn't talk game with me. Derrick tells Donny that he will work for him. He also tells him that if he goes up against Victoria he's in trouble.


10:44 PM BBT Nicole tells Christine that Frankie is saying she's a horrible person for telling Victoria what she told her. She says that she didn't pull it from thin air. She tells Christine that she's sorry because she knows that Frankie is going to want her up even more now. Christine says, "So he's saying that he didn't say it, but then it still makes sense?" Christine tells Nicole how he came upstairs and kissed Vic and apologized. Nic said, do you think he feels guilty? Christine says she thinks he feels caught.


10:47 PM BBT Nicole says that with everything Zach has done to her, she still feels OK being in the house with him. She can joke with him and have fun. But with Frankie, she's scared. Meanwhile, Derrick's conversation with Donny has ended and he comes into the KT to find Frankie talking with Zach. Frankie says that he has finally gotten to the bottom of it. It's not rectifiable. She F'ed him and rather than making up for it, she's trying to make him look like a piece of s*it. Derrick says he's "Team Us," so he will do whatever. Frankie feels she's more dangerous. Derrick says if she's a threat to your game, Victoria isn't.


10:52 PM BBT  A game of she said (Nicole in the HOH room) / he said (Frankie in the KT) is going on in the BB house. They are each giving their own versions of what went on the the beehive and their interpretation of  how Frankie's confession impacted Victoria's game. Nicole says she thinks that Frankie actually thinks he didn't say it. Christine says that Frankie is a professional actor. Zach and Derrick say that they are both fine with either one of them staying.
10:57 PM BBT  Victoria tells Cody about Christine telling her she will be the replacement nominee, then she heads to the KT. It's awkward, so she heads back to the HOH room. Cody joins the guys in the KT. Cody tells the guys that Christine told Vic she will be the replacement nominee. The girls are all still talking about Frankie. Victoria assures Nicole that she is thankful she told her.
11:03 PM BBT The guys speculate that 4 HG will have to be gone before there will be a buy-back. Cody discusses that he wants to get Nicole or Donny out before the possibility of Hayden coming back because I don't want him to come back into the house and have the 3 of them together.
11:10 PM BBT Nicole, Christine, and Vic come downstairs. Nicole joins Donny outside to eat her steak. She goes outside to share the "beehive" story with him. Meanwhile, Frankie goes up to the HOH room with Frankie. Christine tells Frankie that she just told Victoria that she's going up. He says I know you did. She says, "Did she just tell you?" Frankie says, "No she told Cody. She doesn't tell me anything anymore."
11:15 PM BBT  Frankie asks Christine if she by any chance told Nicole anything she may have used to her advantage. She said she didn't tell her the words she actually told Victoria, but she did say that Victoria's inlove with Ariana and that Frankie could probably get her to do whatever he wants. 
11:33 PM BBT  Frankie tells Christine that Nicole's plan, had she stayed HOH, was to backdoor Christine if Frankie came off the block. He calls Zach upstairs to confirm this plan. Christine explains that she put him on the block so as not to expose their alliance. He understands. He confirms the that if he and Donny had won the POV comp, Nicole would have pulled him down from the block and put her on the block.
11:50 PM BBT  Zach tells Christine that every person in the house thinks that she's working with Nicole and if she doesn't put her up it will confirm that to everyone. Caleb has now come up to the HOH room and he tells her the same thing Zach tells her. He also tells her that Nicole told them she would deny agreeing to backdoor her if ever asked. Meanwhile, Derrick and Nicole are talking in the Fire BR.
11:58 PM BBT  Nicole is talking with Derrick about Frankie. She said that she doesn't want to be perceived as a liar, malicious, or a backstabber. What she said to Victoria is the first time she felt horrible, but Victoria isn't mad at her for telling her. She said she's kind of quiet outside the house, so her parents are probably like, "Go Nicole." Derrick says that he pulls himself away from everyone for an hour or 2 every day. His feeling is that they are already winners. There are so many people who want to be on this show, and they made it. She says that beside him, Cody, and Victoria --she just doesn't want to be around most of the people in the house. Derrick says that the TV doesn't lie, the feeds show the truth. He says, as long as you know you were telling the truth, don't worry about it.
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