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Wednesday, August 6 Live Feed Updates


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7:14 PM BBT Here is a trivia question for everyone, while we wait for the HG's. What day during BB6 did the live Fish feeds start?

7:34 PM BBT The answer to the trivia question is: June 24, 2005.

7:49 PM BBT Jeff's highlights are still on repeat, so tell me what order you think the remaining HG's will be evicted, from this Thursday through the finale.

8:17 PM BBT As Jeff continues on the highlight reel, who do you want to win BB16? Who would you like to see chosen as America's Player?

8:38 PM BBT HG's back! Talking about being the most full they have been. Saying thank you to BB. Caleb says he wishes he was drunk. Frankie asked how he's not drunk with 6 beers, and he said he's used to drinking 30 - 40 beers in 5 hours, and not feel a buzz.

8:40 PM BBT It was the half way party! Jocasta, Nicole and Donny packing up the left over food in the KT. Victoria is standing in their talking to them. Hayden, Cody, Frankie and Zach are watching Derrick and Caleb play foil football again.

8:43 PM BBT Frankie asked if they have any sort of paper. Caleb is a burping, and a little out of sorts, after consuming his beers. He said he'll be ready for the HoH tomorrow. He and Derrick are playing another game of foil football. Christine walks around KT, singing, and stops herself. Frankie is helping to put the left over food away also, starts singing himself. Then we see fish for a few seconds.

8:47 PM BBT Jocasta and Zach standing by picture board. Zach kisses Brittany's photo. Frankie asked Zach to lick his cake, and he pretended. He then went around to ask HG's to lick his face. He said he's probably going back to sleep in an hour for the night.

8:50 PM BBT Zach goes up to the HoH BR to visit with Nicole. He asked Nicole if she wants him gone this week? Nicole asked him if she's his target? She said she doesn't really want him gone, but game stance, if she's his target, then he's her target.

8:53 PM BBT All cams go to HoH BR with Nicole and Zach continuing their conversation about the game. Production comes over the speaker and said, "You're not allowed to talk about production," about someone in the house. Zach is playing with the Slinky, and gets told by production to, "Stop that."

8:57 PM BBT Nicole told Zach that she wanted to kick his butt after he put her on the block. She said that her feelings were hurt. She told Zach, she definitely thinks he will stay. He said if he stays, she has nothing to worry about.

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9:02 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb in the BeeHive.  Caleb is trying to talk game to Frankie, but he is really far out of the loop.  Caleb want Zach to stay because he is afraid Christine will flip to the other side of the house and vote all the guys out. Derrick joins them.  Zach still in the HOH with Nicole trying to get info from her and trying to convince her to keep him.


9:06 PM BBT Caleb says he wants to put Donny up if he wins HOH.  Frankie says he will put up Victoria and Jocasta and try to backdoor Nicole.  Zach and Nicole still hashing it out over whether she wants him out or not.  He is promising her safety if he wins HOH.


9:11 PM BBT  All the HG in the LR except Caleb and Frankie.  Zach and Hayden seem to be teasing Victoria a little bit for her the amount she drank during the party.  Hayden is acting like he is really drunk, but Nicole says he only had 2 beers and a lot of food. 


9:14 PM BBT  Caleb is still talking to Frankie, Caleb is a little bit tipsy too.  Caleb says "At the end of the day, we are all we have" meaning Caleb, Frankie, Derrick and Cody.  Frankie goes to the bathroom and asks Cody (who is in the WC) if he needs any help in there, and if he wants Frankie to come in there and message him.  Jocasta in the shower, Derrick shaving his beard.


9:19 PM BBT Derrick and Cody in the beehive discussing Caleb's misgivings about voting Zach out.  Derrick is now a little paranoid.  Derrick says he is afraid Caleb is right that they will not have the votes to get to the end.  The rest of HG in the living room talking about having kids and how many.


9:22 PM BBT Cody says he wants to have a one on one with Frankie, Derrick deflects that quickly.  Frankie then walks into the beehive, and Derrick says "Jocasta just asked about us three talking together, you can stay, but you might not want to"  Frankie wants to.  Derrick changes his whole conversation with to repeating what Caleb was saying about keeping Zach.


9:26 PM BBT Christine enters the BeeHive and Derrick exits.  Frankie, Cody, and Christine rehash the Caleb idea of keeping Zach.  Nobody seems to want to keep him.  Donny and Nicole feeding the fish.  Caleb walks into Beehive and the conversation changes again.  They all 4 agree Zach has to go because no one trusts him. 


9:32 PM BBT Frankie reads the tampon box information in French. 


9:36 PM BBT  Cody and Christine alone in the BeeHive alone.  Cody says "I have a little problem, Donny came to me yesterday and told me you threw my name out as someone to put on the block"  Christine says "He's lying"  (Christine did give Cody's name to Donny as a nom).  She says "Donny tried to get me to work with him, Hayden and Nicole"  Cody says he is completely sketched out by Donny.


9:40 PM BBT Derrick alone in the Fire bedroom talking to the camera:  "I can't get one minute alone with Cody because Frankie's paranoid and Christine is paranoid, we gotta make a move tonight, because I am not going to get played in this game, doing the dirty work of someone else, but I can't get him alone" 


9:41 PM BBT Derrick: "I'm on to it now, and everybody is paranoid and no one wants to leave anyone alone because they are paranoid."  "Before this night is over we will get together, the hit man have more work to do tonight."


9:42 PM BBT  Frankie comes back into the BeeHive room and Christine says "Donny is an a$$hole"  Nicole grabs Derrick to come up the HOH room, she is going over the conversation she had with Zach.  She says she heard Frankie tell Zach to come upstairs and campaign to Nicole.  Derrick tells Nicole "there is going to be a lot going on tonight".


9:51 PM BBT  Cody and Christine bonding in the BeeHive.  Cody says "you were the one that I was going to protect over anybody else in the house"  Christine: "you are the only one that has ever cared about me.  I love you, you can ask Nicole"


9:54 PM BBT  Donny, Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta all walking in the train in the house because they can't walk in the backyard.  Christine and Cody continue to bond in the BeeHive.


9:58 PM BBT  The walking HG talking about the best and worst years of their life and pets.  Cody and Christine talking about how they never want to be blindsided, they will not blow up other peoples game, they just want to know if they are going home.  Christine says she would tell Nicole or Cody if they were being blindsided.


10:03 PM BBT  Derrick talking to Cody about doing something tonight.  Either just float along and vote out Zach or tell Frankie that Nicole and Hayden wanted to backdoor him this week so Frankie won't work with them anymore.  Cody is saying from his conversation with Christine, he thinks Nicole has been lying to them the whole time.  They decide they are NOT going to vote out Zach and just deal with the fall out no matter what.


10:11 PM BBT  Cody and Christine in the Have Not room.  Cody says Hayden and Nicole have been playing Christine and Frankie against Cody and Derrick.  Cody tells Christine that Nicole and Hayden were going to backdoor Frankie this week if she used the veto.  He also tells her that Nicole and Hayden said you (Christine) and Frankie would go next week because Zach is going this week.  Christine keeps saying she can't believe it.  Cody tells her that Nicole and Hayden told him Frankie wants to vote out Cody and Derrick, that Frankie wants blood on his hands, a lot of blood.


10:19 PM BBT Cody says the live feeders are watching us right now and are cheering us on the blow their $hit up (meaning Nicole and Hayden).


10:21 PM BBT  Donny, Hayden, Nicole, and Jocasta at the KT island general chit chat.  Zach, Caleb, and Vic are asleep.  Derrick is in the Diary room.  Frankie is in the HOH alone.


10:24 PM BBT  Cody and Christine are no telling everything they have been talking about to Frankie.  They are saying that Nicole and Hayden are playing the whole house and they are geniuses.


10:28 PM BBT  The plan between Cody, Christine, and Frankie is to tell Hayden and Nicole that they are voting Zach out, but really they are going to vote out Jocasta.  They also think Donny is a mastermind.


10:31 PM BBT  Derrick shows up and asked "are we done playing the games?"  Cody say again "Donny is the mastermind, and if I'm wrong so what?  I look like an idiot on national television"  They now believe Donny, Hayden and Nicole are working together.  Derrick to Frankie" "congratulations, but we (Cody and Derrick) are the reason you are not on the block, so you're welcome".


10:33 PM BBT  Derrick says "Look, we have us 4 plus Zach and Caleb".  "We have the numbers".  Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta and Donny just floating around the house.  Hayden is trying to make his fitness bracelet to buzz.  Derrick, Frankie and Christine continue to bond in the Have Not room.


10:48 PM BBT  Christine says it's time to start acting.  Frankie said why do they think no one was going to talk to each other.  Cody says "because nobody does ever talk to each other in this game"  Cody says "the people watching (us) were probably just saying this whole time, just talk to each other, just talk to each other"  Frankie says "Thank God".


10:53 PM BBT  Derrick shows up in the Have Not room again, he tells the group what Nicole said to him in the HOH room, Zach trying to get info from her.  Derrick says Nicole told him that she heard Frankie tell Zach to go upstairs and campaign.  Frankie denies it all.   


10:57 PM BBT  Derrick, Frankie and Zach continue bonding over figuring out that Nicole, Donny and Hayden have been playing them all week.  Caleb wakes up and comes into the LR to chat with the other HG's and we get fish.

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11:10 PM BBT Derrick, Frankie, and Cody are all still going over how they plan to flip the vote and keep Zach. Derrick looks at the camera and says here you go America no unanimous vote this week. Caleb enters the HN room and they immediately fill him in on what's been going on and what Hayden has lied about. Derrick says it is time to play ball man.


11:20 PM The talk breaks up with Cody and Frankie staying behind to talk. Frankie says into his mic that he should be called to DR because everything has changed. Frankie is amped, Derrick and Caleb head to bed and talk about how their plan almost worked.


11:35 PM BBT Derrick gets back up and heads to the KT and makes small talk with Nicole. Caleb has also gotten back up. Nicole comments that it is an early night for everyone. Derrick, Cody, and Frankie are back in HN room. Derrick says he can get Victoria's vote no problem. Frankie has the idea to just tell Nicole they are keeping Zach. Cody says that is a bad idea and they talk about the voting numbers.


11:45 PM BBT Cody says that he loves blindsides. Cody asks Frankie if he thinks it is a good idea to tell them or not. Frankie says no he just thought of it and it's stupid, the guys laugh. Derrick says if they do not get Vic's vote to still keep themselves hidden and not show their cards. Cody says if they do get her great, if they don't then the vote is 5-3 and the line is drawn in the sand.


11:55 PM BBT Frankie and Cody in the HN room discuss how excited they are for some action. They keep saying this changes everything. Frankie is extremely happy now. Cody says him too. Cody says that after the vote he plans to point at Hayden and say that he knows everything.

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