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Monday August 4 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

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Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

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Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Thank you!

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12:15 AM BBT Frankie finishes his protein pancakes and heads outside. Donny says his midnight good nights and Jocasta laughs about how scheduled he is. On the BY couches, Hayden, Jocasta, and Nicole are talking about her pancakes. Nicole hates pancakes. The boys, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, and Caleb are arguing about the pool rules and the house rules they have set.

12:25 AM BBT Cody and Caleb win the pool game. Correction, Caleb won the pool game. Cody says he was no help because he didn't get a single ball in. Christine and Vic have joined the BY couch group. They are making small talk about funny ways to propose. They have a good laugh about the idea of a guy asking a girl to hang out for forever.

12:35 AM BBT Cody and Caleb win again. Cody is all pooled out. Just Caleb and Derrick are playing now. Talk on the couches is still on relationships and their best friends. Nicole says her boyfriends get jealous of her best friends. Christine says her husband has a friend like that and she loves him.

12:45 AM BBT Caleb beats Derrick and Derrick is done playing. Frankie offers to play him. Frankie proposes that the loser does the dishes. Caleb says nope. Feeds switch to Derrick and Cody whispering in the LR. Derrick tells Cody that Christine is putting a negative spin on the two of them. Christine is saying that Derrick said things he has not said like that he wants them both to go to the end because they are married. Cody also says that Frankie is livid. Cody says that he does not have a hold on people like he thought he did. Christine comes inside and breaks it up.

12:55 AM BBT The BY crew is just discussing college friends they have. In the KT, Vic has written a birthday message to her mom on a plate with red food coloring. Back in the BY Hayden is confused about the difference between being an uncle and a second cousin. Cody is upstairs listening to music. He starts singing along so feeds switch to Caleb and Christine talking in the KT about Nicole and the veto. Christine tells Caleb that Nicole doesn't want her to use it.

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1:05 AM BBT Derrick, Caleb and Frankie are in the WA talking. Caleb and Derrick both are taking showers while Frankie talks to them. Caleb says he can't wait till Thursday to see if they made jury or not. Caleb says that if this week is double evict then they would like Donny to go first. Caleb does no understand why Nicole won’t back door Donny. Frankie says Christine is probably not wanting to use it (veto) and get blood on her hands.

1:15 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb chat about double eviction some more in the WA. They agree that they are both tired. Caleb says he is going to go lie down. Frankie goes with him because he is waiting for Hayden to go to bed to get in his own bed as they are sharing in the HN room. Derrick has gone up to HOH with Cody and Christine. She is reading bible verses aloud.

1:25 AM BBT Caleb and Frankie are laying together in the rock room. Caleb says he misses Amber and feels like she has been gone for a month. He continues to say that he is grateful to see her comic cover. Frankie says he deserves better and that she has baggage. Caleb says that they will talk and see what happens at the finale. Zach is now awake but barely says anything. Caleb says that tomorrow is when things get real. They joke about voting our Zach and he laughs.

1:35 AM BBT In the BY Derrick, Hayden, and Nicole are talking about Christine. Nicole says she has trusted her with a lot and Christine is losing her trust little by little. Hayden says he loses trust for her too. Derrick says that Cody still trusts her and blames Frankie a lot for things. Hayden thinks that Frankie does the leg work while Christine is the brains behind things. They all agree that they cannot read Christine at all. Nicole and Hayden talk about how close they are and the fact that Christine tried to come between them and told her that Hayden made out with Victoria.

1:45 AM BBT The Christine bashing continues. Derrick says that he cannot believe she listed him and Cody on her list as one and two for her targets. They talk about Donny for a second. Hayden says Donny would never go against him. Hayden says that Caleb and Frankie are his targets. Cody enters and they recap the Christine lying about Hayden making out with Victoria story. In the rock room Caleb shows off Amber’s slippers to Zach and he says outside the house they would get along so well. He jokes about selling her slippers on Ebay and how many girls outside the house that like him.

1:55 AM BBT Jocasta and Derrick do a prayer before Jocasta goes to bed. After she is done leading her prayer, Derrick tells her Christine is not using veto, but that Jocasta is good because she is up against Zach who is one of the biggest targets in the house. They say their good nights. Derrick heads back outside and asks about the laundry then if anyone is heading to bed. Christine says she is heading to bed. She heads inside and the Christine talk continues. They talk about Frankie being untrustworthy briefly but then Victoria comes outside and all game talk is shut down.

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9:03am All hg still in bed sleeping.

9:06am Derrick is up and heads to the bathroom .

9:31am We now have foth maybe a wake up call.

9:43pm Nicole sitting at the hottub to warm up a little. Caleb is in the bed singing and causing foth .

9:45pm Donny and Nicole putting the awnings down for BB and Zach and Caleb in bed laughing as Bb tells zach the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

9:51am Victoria crawls ion bed with derrick and says that was the best music ever did you hear it ? it was Miley Cyrus.

9:52am Victoria and Jacosta now both up and getting clothes. Donny just walking around the house as Nicole was called to the DR and comes right back out and says that was quick then Jacosta is called to the dr and she says what the heck.

9:55am Donny now brushing his teeth after eating his pop tarts and Christine doing her make up in the WA

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#BB16 10:06AM BBT Zach called to DR but doesn't appear to have gone. He is playing pool. Victoria is brushing out her extensions in the HOH WCA.

#BB16 10:24AM BBT Frankie and Christine goofing around in the KT. Talking about singers and songs. Christine says that they do not even write them. She says it's like Presidents, they don't even write their speeches! She says they should appreciate that they are written or them. (She acts as though she had revealed a big secret that speeches are written)

#BB16 10:32AM BBT In the WCA Christine and Nicole talk. Christine practicing her speech. She has decided not to use the POV.

#BB16 10:47AM BBT Victoria and Jocasta getting ready for the veto ceremony. Victoria has on a dress that barely covers her lower region and wedges on.

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#BB16 11:46AM BBT Derrick and Cody. Derrick says "They are done. They can't F with us." and the feeds cut. Christine just confirmed that the POV was not used.

#BB16 11:52AM BBT Christine and Victoria talking. Victoria telling Christine how they made her fold clothes when she worked retail. Christine said she worked retail for 3 years.

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12:00pm Christine and Donny on BY couch just talking about people going in the pool and wearing bikinis, Frankie , Nicole and Caleb laying by the pool saying this is day 47 in the BB house.

12:05pm Caleb says he thinks when they get out of the house that BB will give them something like a movie camera or something expensive like that and Frankie says i don't want that i want a BB beach towel or something stupid like that with Big brother on it. Nicole says me to i don't want a video camera i want a towel or something too.

12:09pm Caleb telling Frankie what all he could sell when he gets home and some items includes some of his costumes and his cowboy hat signed and his cowboy boots.

12:16pm Caleb and Frankie alone by the pool talking about making final 4 and Caleb says if anyone is on the block up against you Frankie then they will go home i will make sure you stay.

12:20pm Donny and Christine talking about movies and downloading them then talk turns to songs. Derrick just sitting there listening,Caleb and Frankie talking about exes as they lay in the sun.

12:24pm Donny is talking about making a banana sandwich and Christine ask what are these things that you eat? He says we also eat lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches.

12:28pm Caleb telling Frankie that if you find a girl on a show and are on for love and not 500k then i would chose love any day and Frankie says well you have found it.

12:30pm Frankie ask Caleb if he notices how calm the house if since amber is gone and he says yeah. Frankie says she made everyone paranoid.

12:35pm Derrick and Victoria in bed in fire rm . Derrick tells her they will vote with the house till final 6 then we can start packing our bags you know what i mean and Victoria says yeah yeah yeah.

12:43pm Derrick and Victoria whispering in the fire room about going to jury. Frankie and Caleb laying in the sun.

12:47pm Hayden talking to Donny and jacosta in the KT and they are telling knock knock jokes and phone pranks then Hayden says when telephone sales people call him he tries to sell them things instead, Jacosta says that is good.

12:53pm Frankie tells Christine and Nicole he should get a sunburn then he would be warm in the have not rm. The girls get up to go take a nap since it is to hot outside.

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1:08pm Just general talk going on around the house.

1:19pm Victoria is crying and Jacosta is hugging her and telling her she is growing alot in here as Victoria hopes her family is proud of her.

1:20pm Caleb telling Donny he is going to get the BB Key tattooed on his body so everyone will know what it is. Caleb tells him that he is sure they will give them their keys when this is over, They have to he says

1:30pm Just general talk going on in the house and some HG asleep.

1:38pm Caleb says when he is on the block and he for sure is going out the door he will wear the overalls and his boots with no shirt and his cowboy hat cause he thinks the viewers will really love that. Frankie says mmm so sexy.

1:55pm Donny in the pool Frankie tells Jacosta he is going to bed and they say goodnight then jacosta says i feel like i am the only one up. She says what up live feeders God bless You and we get foth.

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#BB16 2:07PM BBT Donny in the pool alone. Other HG asleep.

#BB16 2:24PM BBT Donny to DR - Jocasta swims and Victoria goes downstairs to change into a tshirt and shorts. Then changes her mind and puts back on the dress.

#BB16 2:30PM BBT Victoria gets called to DR. She heads upstairs to HOH to apply make up.

#BB16 2:46PM BBT Donny is in the BY and so is Jocasta. The rest of the HG are sleeping.

#BB16 1:01PM BBT Victoria wanders the house waking up the HG who requested a 3PM wake up call.

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#BB16 3:17PM BBT Hayden comes out to BY and he and Donny come up with something that they will be talking about if someone comes out. They agree that they and Nicole are working together. Hay says that Christine and Frankie are working together. He is definitely questioning Christine motives this week. How she told Nicole that he and Victoria have been making out.

#BB16 3:24PM BBT Hayden and Donny continue talk. Hayden says Zach is a number for Frankie. Hayden is making it sound as though the target is Zach.

#BB16 3:27PM BBT The is actual game talk going on. With actual thinking things out and a discussion. Hayden says that from now until Thursday they are going to act as though Zach is staying.

#BB16 3:36PM BBT Hayden says his dream noms would be Christine on one side and Frankie on the other.

#BB16 3:54PM BBT HG slowing moving around the house. Gen chit chat.

#BB16 4:03PM BBT Frankie decides that they are going to clean the kitchen. He asks Victoria f she is going to clean in that dress and she says yes.

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#BB16 4:05PM BBT Frankie and the ladies in the KT discuss their time of the month. Victoria says she hasn't had one for 2 months. Frankie says he knows his sister gets crazy for 3 days before hers and then she is fine.

#BB16 4:19PM BBT The KT cleaning is complete. In the BY general talk gong on.

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4:33 BBT Donny, Cody,Hayden,Nicole in BY on couch General Chit Chat

4:34 BBT Caleb joins outside crew. Complaining about being hungry

4:35 BBT Cody and Donny walking around back yard doing arm curls with weights. Cody says they are doing 3 sets of 10 Nicole joining them (They are doing a lap with weights and a lap without, alternating)

4:40 BBT Hayden joins them. Donny asks Caleb if he wants to join the "muscle train"
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4:31pm Frankie and Jacosta are washing dishes and Victoria is putting them away while Christine is cleaning the bar. In the BY Hayden,Cody, Nicole and Donny are talking about them being an outcast.Talk turns to the pool now and about what scenes are going on tv as Caleb comes out and says kill me already i am so hungry man.

4:36pmCody and Donny are working out with weights as they walk the BY. Just general talk in the KT as they wash dishes.

4:39pm Nicole is now walking with Donny and Cody with weights.

4:52pm The outcast of Cody, Hayden, Nicole and Donny are still walking with weights in the BY as Caleb watches them. Frankie and Jacosta are still washing the dishes.

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5:04 PM BBT In the BY Caleb are Donny are talking at the patio. Donny says he has been growing his beard for nine months. He has never grown it this long and never in the heat of the summer. Frankie, Christine, Jocasta, Nicole, and Victoria are in the KT talking about Miley Cyrus. Nicole doesn't like her. Victoria says her show is amazing.

5:10 PM BBT Caleb is telling Donny that during the competition he had to sit for hours in the SR and wasn't able to touch a bit of the food that was in there. Frankie is singing in the KT about Big Brother, slop, and steal cut oats. He tries to get Christine to sing with him. Hayden is game and sings with him. Big Brother tells them to stop singing and Hayden and Frankie start screaming back at BB.

5:15 PM BBT In the BY Caleb is telling Donny about his swollen gland near his nipple. He says he is probably going to go home and get it removed. In the KT Cody is on the ground wrapped around Christine's leg like a toddler wrapped around a parent. Frankie joins in by wrapping himself around Cody. They let go of her leg and Cody spins her around.

5:22 PM BBT Derrick heads to the WC. Frankie runs up to him, mouths something inaudible, and Derrick says "I wish." Frankie starts singing his "Oat oats steal cut oats" song again so we get WBRB.

5:29 PM BBT Frankie is talking about seeing Ricky Martin perform Evita on Broadway. Frankie says it is hilarious because he takes a lot of liberties with the part. Zach has finally woken up and goes out to the hammock to lay back down again.

5:36 PM BBT Zach is talking to himself while laying alone in the hammock. He says he is going to be there for 45 more days which he says isn't that long at all. In the KT we have Hayden, Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Derrick, Christine and Jocasta. There are several conversations going on at once, most of it general chit chat.

5:44 PM BBT Frankie is making the sounds of Gizmo. Nicole heads up to the HoH room and while heading up the stairs she falls and manages to slide all the way around in the process. This fall is not on the feeds but Caleb gives us an instant replay. Nicole is laughing at herself.

5:59 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are playing pool. Caleb and Zach are watching. They are discussing which rules in pool they think are stupid. There is still a large portion of the HGs in the KT either eating, cleaning, cooking, or sitting around talking.

6:14 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are laying out on the hammock. Caleb and Cody are playing pool. In the KT Hayden hugs Nicole and apologizes to her for calling her a hipster. Jocasta teases that they are the perfect height for each other.

6:22 PM BBT Victoria is still sitting on the hammock with Derrick. She starts to cry. He asks her what she is thinking about. She says her family. He tells her that she has the rest of her life with her family. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. She says it sucks because it is her sister's birthday. Derrick tells her if she wins the money she can buy her a really nice present.

6:33 PM BBT Zach and Frankie are playing pool now. Zach isn't happy. He is looking at the table and saying "F*ing piece of $hit." Nicole and Jocasta are still hanging out in the KT. Victoria has gone off to be alone after crying it out with Derrick.

6:45 PM BBT Caleb and Zach are playing pool. Zach sinks the eight ball on the break and starts celebrating. Caleb tells him they stopped playing that way. They no longer by scratching on the break and no longer win by sinking the eight ball. Zach won't be dismayed. Donny to Derrick "Zach has beat them all but you." Caleb "Zach hasn't beat me yet."

6:50 PM BBT Derrick is in defense of Zach. Derrick tells Caleb that in professional pool, sinking the eight ball on the break is a perfect game. Caleb disagrees. Derrick "In professional pool, what happens when the eight ball goes down on the break? Game over." Caleb, unwilling to admit defeat at the hands of Zach, says he is going to play him again. He wants to show Zach is not all that he thinks he is.

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7:00 PM BBT Cody, Nicole, Vic and Christine in the KT. Derrick and Zach playing pool while Caleb backseat plays, Donny watches quietly. Jocasta sitting in the BY double lounge just watching the action, Hayden over on the patio. Christine and Cody are trying to get Nicole to drink so Cody can "get lucky" tonight.

7:03 PM BBT Zach and Caleb now playing pool. They are rotating winner plays the next game. Caleb finally puts Zach down. Derrick and Cody try to have a quick minute in the hall. Cody says Nicole does not want to talk to either of them, they start to make a plan and Frankie walks out. Frankie goes to the Beehive with Derrick and asks what was going on.. Derrick said "he was just about to tell me something when you walked out"

7:10 PM BBT All feeds in the BY now. Hayden, Victoria and Frankie on the patio, Christine is walking, trying to get her fit band up to 5 dots like the other HG's. They are complaining it smells like skunk outside.

7:16 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick alone in HOH room. Frankie says "why was Cody to paranoid not to talk in front of me" Derrick says "I don't think he meant it that way" Derrick is shading the truth here a little. He trying not to tell Frankie what Cody and he were talking about.

7:19 PM BBT Victoria busts into the HOH for a min, she is using Derricks cup with his name on it, he says "you left my name on the cup?" She says "yes" and he says "that warms my heart" Derrick and Frankie now alone talking. Frankie knows something is going on, but Derrick is deflecting. They talk about Team America. Derrick says "Donny doesn't give a $hit about us" Frankie says "but would you put him up?" Derrick says "we would look like a$$holes"

7:24 PM BBT Frankie says we need to make a plan for the future. They are talking about the Detonators. Frankie says "I feel like you (Derrick) Cody and Zach have a thing" Frankie continues "but Zach is very close to me too" Frankie asks him "well are we talking about going to end here? what are we talking about?" Derrick says "Well honestly, I would like to have you (Frankie) and Donny as final three" Derrick says "but I think you don't feel like that is feasible anymore." Frankie says "it isn't"

7:28 PM BBT Frankie finally gets down to it, and says "I don't feel like Cody trusts me with information. I feel like he shuts down when I come into the room" Derrick says maybe someone told Cody something bad that Frankie said about him. Derrick is just fishing around trying to get Frankie to talk about himself instead of talking game.

7:33 PM BBT Derrick says they have a genuine bond because of Team America and the Grandfather "thing". Derrick says "I would never put you up ever" Frankie says he will have a man to man with Cody. Derrick suggests it should really be him (Derrick) that talks to Cody. Frankie says "no, I will just ask him" Derrick says "but if he doesn't trust you, he is not going to tell you" Frankie is starting to agree.

7:37 PM BBT The other HG's are around the pool table just chit chatting. Frankie says "Nicole has said twice that she thinks you are "America's Player"". Derrick says "I think she is half kidding." Frankie says "Zach told me last week that Cody doesn't like it when Zach comes to me directly with information" Frankie finally decides he will just talk to Cody himself.

7:43 PM BBT Derrick says "Frankie, you are scaring the $hit outta me, just say it" Frankie says "is there a final 3 deal between you Cody and Zach?" Derrick swears up and down there is no such alliance. Nicole comes up the HOH and game talk stops. Nicole is picking up her wine.

7:47 PM BBT Derrick is warning Frankie not to let any of this conversation get back to Zach. Zach told Frankie that there was a final 3 deal, and he told Frankie the name of the alliance was LTA (Los Trace Amigos). Frankie has been holding this in for weeks. Derrick is trying to tell Frankie he should have just been honest about this from the beginning. Derrick says "We have this Team America thing and we can be honest about everything" Frankie "I'm sorry for testing you"

7:56 PM BBT Derrick says he "wants America to love him" and that he will never sell him out. Derrick is saying "Zach might be playing you bro" Derrick is trying to say Zach is the one that divided the Detonators. Derrick says Zach is putting a wedge between you and Cody. Derrick is talking Frankie into voting out Zach on Thursday.

8:03 PM BBT Derrick is also convincing Frankie that Donny does not feel the same way about "Team America" as we do. We can vote him out next week." They are really mad about Donny turning down the mission last week. When Derrick came out of the HOH room, Victoria was right outside the door, I don't know if she heard anything. To recap here: Derrick and Frankie now want Zach out this week and Donny out next week.

8:12 PM BBT No more game talk, Derrick is on a mission to find his black socks. Apparently both Zach and Frankie had some of his. All the other HGs are watching or playing in the never ending pool game.

8:18 PM BBT Zach is "reporting" from the hammock on all the HGs movements. He says everyone here in BB house is in a chirpy mood. He says Nicole is getting drunk on half a glass of wine. Frankie breaks out into voices again. Frankie morphs into his alter ego "Frank" the straight guy. He immediately goes after Victoria.

8:24 PM BBT Nicole is setting up Zach and Victoria on a pick up scenario at a party. Zach failed badly. Hayden steps in and tries to pick up Victoria. Caleb tries to hurry up and start another game of pool with Cody even though it was Frankie's turn. Frankie calls him out and Caleb says if you don't pay attention, too bad for you.

8:29 PM BBT Hayden does much better with Vic, but Nicole says it takes too long for him to get a girl. Hayden says "but that is how it happens in real life" All the HGs except Frankie, Cody, and Caleb now talking about dating and how to pick up dates.

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8:33pm Christine saying she didn't have her first kiss till she was 16. derrick and Cody in Wa talking about sending zach home and making peace with Nicole cause zach would kick me out as soon as we got other people out so i know what he is doing now.

8:38pm derrick tells Nicole in hoh rm that he is contemplating sending zach out and Nicole says yeah why? Derrick says cause he is bad to women and i think it would be wrong for him to walk away with the money so if he is on board we don't have to reveal our alliance.Nicole says she is letting Christine think it is her idea to vote zach out so just let it be her idea and it saves our alliance.

8:45pm Derrick says that Frankie lastnight thought you was going to keep zach and a bit ago up here but i don't want you telling Christine that and Nicole says no i don't tell her things.

8:46pm derrick says if you see me talking to other people then don't worry i am gonna keep working them and Nicole says everyone knows my target is Zach i don't have to tell anyone that for sure.

8:48pm Nicole says Christine is very intelligent that she can pick up on you me and Cody and Hayden so we have to be careful with that.She is looking at the soy screen and says look at him he is looking in the bathroom now , i hope they are getting this and getting his paranoia. Nicole says you want me to go out first and pretend that no one is up here and derrick says perfect.Victoria comes in and asked whats up and Nicole says i am getting more wine and derrick is opening it for me.

8:51pm Nicole leaves HOh rm and Victoria gives Derrick a hug he asked what is wrong and she says nothing. Victoria ask what Nicole was saying and derrick says she wants zach out but don't tell anyone that. Victoria says i wont.

8:53pm Victoria says if i go to play battle of the block again with jacosta i am going to lose. derrick says we will talk Wednesday and decide and she says zach never put me up and he says jacosta either. She says true but zach is dangerous.

8:56pm Hayden, Nicole, jacosta, zach and Donny on BY couches and Donny ask Hayden if he ever made out with paloa and he says no Donny says that was the rumor and he laughs.

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9:00 PM BBT Frankie shaving and Derrick is giving him pointers. Eventually, Derrick moves to the sink and is actually helping shave Frankie's face. Christine approves of the look. Frankie says it totally changes his entire look.

9:07 PM BBT On the BY patio, Zach talks about inside of the BR door where it has people's names carved on it. He asks who is "Big Ted" it has Jessie, McCrae, Amanda, etc... Hayden has never seen it, so he goes inside. When he gets inside, Derrick shows him where it is.

9:15 PM BBT Nicole is on the BY patio telling everyone what a lightweight she is. She prefers wine coolers to beer and likes the drink 'sex on the beach' but hates asking for it because it has the 's' word in it. She then tells Hayden that they are the only 2 blonds left in the house. Hayden says that Christine is blond, and she says "she is??" Jocasta and Hayden laugh.

9:20 PM BBT Cody and Frankie are talking in the have not room. Frankie says, is he pitting us against each other? They are sharing information about Zach. Frankie tells him that Zach told him about Cody, Derrick, and Zach's alliance and Cody tells Frankie that Zach told him they had a final 2. They tell each other they aren't coming for each other and that Zach has been pitting them against one another.

9:25 PM BBT Cody tells Frankie that Zach says not to tell Frankie anything, and Frankie tells Cody that Zach tells him not to tell Frankie anything. Frankie says they should shake it off and play. Cody says he still trusts him. Frankie says that he didn't want to believe it, but that he wondered if he was telling the truth.

9:30 PM BBT Cody says that whether Zach stays or goes, Christine, Frankie, Cody, and Derrick are working together until the end. They hug it out and head out of the have not room.

9:37 PM BBT Hayden, Nicole, Zach, and Victoria are in a conversation about breaking up and hooking up. Zach argues that it's OK to go hook up with someone after a break up. She says she broke up with someone because he was dragging her down, changing her...she wasn't her quirky self, she wasn't a "fruit loop dingus self." This guy ended up hooking up with someone when he was trying to prove to her that he wanted her back. This made her mad. Victoria gets it. The guys don't.

9:43 PM BBT Nicole, Zach, Hayden, and Victoria are still going back and forth about Nicole's breakup and Nicole is very flustered by Zach and Hayden. Zach tells her that men and women are just programmed differently. She tells him that the guy wanted her back before she came on the show and was worried about her having a showmance.

9:50 PM BBT Derrick tells Zach that his brother is probably the man because his picture was shown on CBS when he was the HOH. Zach has a huge smile on his face. Meanwhile, the conversation between Nicole and Zach changes to Zach saying he wants a girlfriend but hasn't had one in 7 years. She says she knows what he's doing wrong. She says he's putting up a front. She says she thinks he's actually a very sweet, sweet guy deep, deep down but he has to not be afraid.

9:55 PM BBT Caleb, Cody, Derrick, Jocasta hanging around by the hot tub. Victoria and Nicole join them. Donny and Zach talking about how Donny and Kristine met.

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10:01 PM BBT Hayden is laying down with his head in Nicole's lap. She is playing with his hair and they are talking about how they are both still friends with their exes. She asks how he broke up with her. She then says his hair feels like straight wax and asks if he has showered. He says NO. He says cold showers suck and thanks her for making him a have not.

10:01 PM BBT Nicole asks Zach if he could have a long distance relationship. He says he could. He wonders how often he would see the person. She says once a month. He says he could cheat on her on the weekends (he is saying this to get a rise out of Nicole). Donny says they have massage parlors in Florida.

10:08 PM BBT Nicole brings up that Hayden doesn't know how many girls he's kissed --that it could be around 100. Hayden says it's less than 100, but closer to 50. Nicole says she's kissed 4. Donny says for each girls he's kissed there has been a girl who has kissed him, too... so it's not all his fault. Zach tells Nicole that nothing says success like going through college without getting pregnant (again... he's joking)! He is doing all he can to get a rise out of Nicole, and it's working!

10:22 PM BBT Nicole is talking about how sex isn't just recreational for her. She's the kind of girl to marry. She also says that there have been studies and people don't change. Then Zach takes her and Hayden through divorce proceedings because Hayden isn't the kind of guy a girl like her should marry.

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10:36pm Nicole sitting with feet in the hot tub talking to Frankie, Cody and Christine about Hayden eating salty pie crust. Caleb and Donny on BY couch and Caleb tells him goodnight and Donny says he needs to get up and walk around.

10:44pm Jacosta telling that at her krogers and star bucks you can sit down there and at Kroger's her kids can push the little kid carts but she doesn't have to go shopping much cause her mom takes care of it most of the time.

10:49pm Jacosta talking about she can type 80 to a 100 words a minute. Victoria is making slop and jacosta goes to help her.

10:56pm Donny is getting cereal to eat as the girls are eating. Caleb and Zach are playing pool. Just general talk going on.

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10:58pm Frankie tells derrick that Zach has been telling everyone that Cody is my Number one target and derrick says no he didn't and Frankie says yeah he did.Derrick says next is Christine. derrick says so what do we do? Frankie says vote him out i guess. derrick says yeah.

11:05pm Cody and Frankie making food with pie crust. Donny on BY couch Hayden hitting a beach ball around the BY and Caleb and zach still playing pool just general talk going on about cooking and pool.

11:12pm Nicole laying on BY couch says she is ready for bed.Donny puts his hat on and says i think all hats look good and Nicole says it looks good on you and Donny says well Hayden will look good in it one day he is a chip off the old block. Nicole says what if you two really are father and son.Donny says to Hayden wouldn't that be fun if we didn't know each other and you told me your mom lived in north Carolina and you really was my son.

11:16pm Nicole and Christine go into the house , Christine is eating and Victoria is sitting in the KT drinking water not saying anything.

11:19pm Derrick and Cody in WA whispering about Zach and how everyone wants to vote him out he says if we kept zach then it might hurt us cause zach told Frankie that we had a three man deal.

11:33pm Cody getting out of shower and Frankie whispering to him about them voting out zach this week. Christine walks in and starts whispering with them. and we get foth.

11:38pm Victoria comes to the WA and hugs Christine and Cody and Frankie goodnight as she has a headache and is ready for bed.

11:51pm Pool game going on in BY and Christine and Nicole in STR whispering about zach going home and Nicole says oh they want him to go and Christine says yeah and Nicole gets a little excited and then says i don't want to get to excited .They leave the STR and Nicole ask if Hayden wants to go cuddle with her and he says yeah she tells him no eat and he says he rather cuddle with her any day than eat.

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