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Sunday August 3 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:09 am Donny comes into the fire room to lay down. Changes into his sleeping shorts and goes to bed. Derrick offers to have them leave so Donny can sleep. Donny says, no, it's fine, he'll just rest. Cody says his head is still killing him and goes to take more advil. Fire room is now just Frankie, Derrick, and Donny. They're being super nice to Donny (while planning his eviction this week).

12:11 am Derrick says he needs to take a shower, he and Frankie leave Donny alone to sleep.

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12:05 AM BBT The fire crew is nervous about who can hear them in other rooms. Frankie goes in the next room over and counts, raising his voice with each number. The guys said they could hear him clear as day at 4. Donny enters and says he will hang out will hang out with them for a minute, but Frankie ruins that by popping a zit on Zach's back.

12:15 AM BBT Donny breaks up the chat in the fire room by heading to bed. Now all awake HGs are chatting in the KT about food and other misc. conversations.

12:25 AM BBT No real change ladies and gents. Cody and Hayden sang an inappropriate song that apparently did not warrant fish. They then trade insults. Cody calls Hayden whipped by Nicole and Hayden tells Cody to take the barbed wire off his arm and come fight him.

12:35 AM BBT Everyone is making fun of Derrick and the fact that they have seen his unmentionables. When he wears sweats everything I guess is able to be seen. Jocasta and Christine thought he knew and Derrick says of course he didn't know. He is never wearing the specific sweats again. Hayden goes and puts on the sweats and everyone cracks up because he is thrusting.

12:50 AM BBT Derrick has moved into the living room, Frankie follows with some olives. Derrick says they have to just keep it together this week. He says that is part of Frankie's job because he is good at talking with everyone. Cody starts juggling limes. Caleb starts copying him and doing tricks. Frankie says that is amazing. He looks at Derrick and says that Caleb is good at everything except competitions.

12:57 AM BBT Christine sits with Derrick and Frankie. Frankie reiterates how truly important each member of their group is. They recap the veto comp some more. They move on to talking about being super fans of the game. Derrick says he is just a fan because he has only seen seasons 10-15. All small talk all the time in this house right now.

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9:16AM BBT Frankie is up in the kitchen by himself. He is wearing several layers of clothes, and oven mittens.

9:18AM BBT Hayden, who is also wearing several layers of clothes, gets up and joins Frankie in the kitchen. BB turns the lights on in the common areas. Hayden complains that it’s morning but they still don’t have the backyard open.

9:23AM BBT Frankie says his “jingly bits are freezing”. Frankie & Hayden contemplate going back to bed but think as soon as they do they will wake the houseguests up for the day. The backyard opens and Hayden says “Good morning house guests, it’s time to thaw out for the day!” Both Frankie & Hayden run outside and lay sprawled out in the grass with all their layers still on. Frankie says once he’s sweating he might go back inside.

9:27AM BBT Frankie says to Hayden “So how do we convince Nicole to keep Zach?” There is a long pause and then Hayden says “uh, that’s a question. I don’t know” and Frankie just laughs and says “Me either”. General discussion about how cold the have not room is.

9:30AM BBT BB plays that announcement about only being permitted to sleep in the bedrooms. Hayden & Frankie both say they are awake, and talk about how they couldn’t have fallen asleep that quick. Frankie says “We’re awake, but thank you for the subtle reminder. Don’t worry I’ll go back to my dungeon of hell”. More talk about how cold the Have Not room is.

9:36AM BBT Hayden & Frankie prop the door open to the Have Not room and go back to bed.

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9:00 AM BBT We have a 4 feeds of sleeping HG.

9:10 AM BBT Feed 3 shows Frankie emerging from the have not room. He is rebundling himself and walking around to see if anyone is awake.

9:18 AM BBT Frankie in the KT drinking a warm drink. All the other HG are still sleeping.

9:25 AM BBT Hayden is awake. He grabs a pair of sweatpants he finds on one of the beds. He and Frankie are talking in the LR. Frankie says he is pounding his circulation medicine. Hayden says if they go back to bed they will hear, "Good morning HG with loud techno music." Then Frankie realizes the BY is open, so they head that way. They both lay down flat on the ground to warm up.

9:28 AM BBT Frankie asks Hayden how they convince Nicole to keep Zach. Hayden says, "That's a hard one. I don't know."

9:35 AM BBT BB comes on with the announcement reminding HG that they are not allowed to sleep anywhere but the BR. Hayden and Frankie laugh because they aren't sleeping. Frankie calls out that he is just thawing out, that if he wants to sleep he will return to the hellhole. They both agree that they've warmed up enough to head back to the have not room.

9:50 AM BBT All HG sound asleep.

10:00 AM BBT We get FotH... it may be time to wake up the HG.

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10:15 AM BBT Donny is awake and in the KT. No one else seems to be awake.

10:20 AM BBT Donny is brushing his teeth. An announcement is made, "The BR lights must remain on during the day." Lights come on in the have not room, but HG remain asleep. Nic, Caleb, and Victoria remain asleep in the HOH room. Donny says, "Good mornin'," to Christine as he goes to put his things away on a dresser in the hallway by the rock BR.

10:30 AM BBT Donny heads out to the BY, "Good morning California." He starts a load of wash, humming the whole time he works. Then he heads over to the elliptical. This is the Donny morning routine, folks.

10:40 AM BBT Donny has an established morning routine. What would you do to make your days in the house go by? --and what would you do to help with the paranoia that is creeping up on all the HG right about now (Jeff says Day 40 is when you start to really lose it)?

10:48 AM BBT Victoria is called to the DR and another reminder goes out that the BR lights must remain on during the day. We see Victoria and Caleb making their way from the HOH room down the stairs. Vic goes straight from bed to the DR without stopped to do makeup! They part at the DR door and separate their chain so she can do her DR alone. She is only in there for about 10 seconds.

10:55 AM BBT Caleb and Vic head back upstairs to HOH room. She climbs back in bed and he goes to the WA. We get FotH. --my guess is because they separated themselves. When we return Victoria is in the WA with Caleb, so it seems I was correct.

10:58 AM BBT Donny has finished his workout on the elliptical and sits at the BY patio for a few. Caleb is in the HOH BR with the water running and Victoria is sitting on the ground outside. They are talking. Now Donny is lifting some weights. Caleb verifies with Vic that the photo booth is at 3 PM BBT. They decide that they will go back to sleep until photo booth time. He tells her the slop isn't agreeing with him.

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#BB16 11:12AM BBT Donny sitting in BY. HOH room on feeds. Victoria, Nicole and Caleb in bed.

#BB16 11:32AM BBT BB announces it's an indoor lockdown. Donny checks the dryer and heads inside.

#BB16 11:41AM BBT Nicole comes down to LR with Donny. She tells Donny that it was hard sleeping with Caleb and Victoria last night as Victoria pushed her all the way to the edge.

#BB16 11:47AM BBT Christine comes out and is surprised the BY is closed. They tell her BB called IDLD.

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#BB16 12:07PM BBT BB loudly says "I said it's time to get up for the day". Christine has just gotten out of the shower. Donny on LR couch.

BB16 12:12PM BB: Attention HGs you should know the tallest building west of the Mississippi is 73 floors above ground.

#BB16 12:17PM BBT Frankie uses the WC and comes out and passes the sink. BB says: Did you wash your hands? Jo calls him out. He comes back and says he did use his hands to pee. Then he says he used one hand. So he washes just the one hand.

#BB16 12:34PM BB keeps telling them loudly it's time to get up for the day.

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#BB16 12:56PM BBT We have FOTH. BB might have finally had enough. HG were not getting out of bed no matter how many times they were told to

#BB16 10:57PM BBT We are back and IDLD is over.

#BB16 1:7PM BBT Donny waiting in the BY and Victoria/Caleb in HOH bathroom while she put son makeup.

#BB16 1:19PM BBT Donny and Nicole talk about Christine and POV. She says that she is hoping Chris is pulling fast one and is going to use it. She wants to put up Frankie.

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2:03 PM BBT Victoria in the WC. Caleb outside waiting. While Victoria washes her hands, Caleb checks himself out.

2:04 PM BBT Nicole and Hayden in the HOH talking about the different possibilities of who is going home and staying.

2:06PM BBT Jocasta and Donnie talking at the pool about how Jocasta forgot [iDK how you forget??] she could eat real food after being hungry for a while. Their talk shifts to talking about how Jocasta thinks Caleb and Frankie should go or they will make it to the end.

2:10PM BBT HOH conversation between Nicole and Hayden has shifted. They are both talking about how they know Frankie is sneaky and is always around. Then they talk about how they think Donny is a doctor or something in the medical field because of the random facts he tells. Such as that maggots used to be use to clean wounds.

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2:00pm Nicole telling Hayden that she secretly wants to nominate Frankie and Hayden says either Zach or Frankie goes home this week that is so cool.He says suppose that jacosta snd Zach stay on the block everyone assumes that Zach will stay and boy will they be surprised.

2:03pm Hayden says he was in the BY this morning talking to Frankie and he asked Hayden how do we get Nicole to keep Zach and Hayden says i don't know and Nicole says what if i pretend that i will put up Donny to get Christine to use the Veto and this is going to get blood on my hands but right now i don't care i am so annoyed but i want to backdoor Frankie

2:06pm Nicole ask Hayden do you think for sure zach will go home right? Hayden says yeah and she asked you guys aren't going to switch it are you and Hayden says no. Nicole says you better not i will be mad.

2:14pm Hayden and Nicole snuggling in HOH bed as Nicole wants to take a nap. Donny sitting with his feet in the pool alone.

2:16pm Nicole says i thought Christine was the one person i can trust but i cant i just have to pretend and Hayden says just call her Christine Appleseed.

2:25pm Nicole says my family is going to be so scared for me this week. In the BY Christine is eating as she talks to Donny about amber not talking to Donny about anything so he never had to lie to her.

2:34pm Hayden and Nicole still in HOH bed talking but can't hear much as they are close enough to muffle the mics.Donny and Christine still talking in the BY about HG that have already been evicted and what they might be doing.

2:39pm Derrick is laying on the LVR couch as Victoria is sitting in a chair attached to the DR door while Caleb is in the DR.In the HOH rm Hayden is kissing Nicole's cheeks asking fir a kiss and says Please!!! she says no.She says Hayden stop as he says this is the only time better grab it and laughs.He says so you are saying that you never wanted to kiss in the HOH rm and she says you had to say that and that is really cruel. He says it has already happened and i really like you as she says you just want to kiss and he says no i just want to kiss you.

2:43pm Hayden says we have today and who knows when i will get to be alone with you up here again? Hayden crawls on top of her trying to kiss her and she says Hayden stop we will sometimes this week. She says you are so cute but you can't always get what you want.

2:54pm Christine and jacosta in the beehive talking Jacosta says you probably do or don't know what you are doing but is there any hints? Of course i will be dumb to say oh girl don't worry but i would love you to use it on me but what ever you and Nicole decide and what is good for your game but if there is anything i can do to help you for your game i will do so name it and we will do it. I have me to offer and Christine says yeah and you did so good.

2:57pm Jocosta saying she was busting her tail in the pov comp and i was proud and like 2 of the guys were bragging about it. But definitely i think you did a good job and i was happy with it. Christine says 3 of the girls beat all of the guys. She says i have to talk to Nicole and see what her deal is and jacosta says of course.

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3:00pm BB says the Photo Booth is now open.

3:06pm jacosta and Christine in the photo booth as most hg are sitting in the LVR talking about sleeping in the have not rm and how to place the covers so they don't freeze. Victoria is still sitting tied to the DR door as Caleb is still talking to BB.

3:20pm Caleb is finally out of the DR and Victoria yells yay and Nicole hooks the vine back to Caleb's arm as it broke and has to be tied now. Derrick is eating in the LVR and Christine is sitting there all other Hg in the beehive rm doing photos.

3:32pm Frankie and Zach and Derrick in the KT cooking and cleaning just general talk. Christine and Donny on the hammock in the BY just general talk about going to a beach.

3:36pm Nicole now out in the By and Donny says we have room for one more on the hammock and she says no i am good. She says it is starting to rain and Christine is getting excited. Donny is just laying there enjoying the rain.

3:45pm derrick and Christine in the hammock talking now.Talking about jacosta saying she was proud of you. Derrick says i am sure she will want zach to go home this week and Christine says that won't be good and he says nope it won't. She says i wonder if this will be an eventful Veto meeting this week and derrick says no if you don't use it then it wont be.

3:57pm Christine, Frankie and derrick in the hammock talking about Nicole and getting out strong players. Frankie asked about the laundry and derrick gets up and heads to the house.Nicole and Donny sitting on the BY couch talking to Caleb and Victoria about doing laundry tonight.

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4:00pm Cody joins Christine on the hammock now and they talk about the clouds in the sky.

4:15pm Christine and Cody on the hammock whispering about Frankie acting very weird and Christine says yeah Frankie has been acting odd towards me too.

4:17pm Christine says i know that in the beginning you Derrick and zach were together and he says yeah we were.Cody says that Frankie is so out of his mind and zach this week messed himself up asking to be put on the block so get yourself out of it and Christine laughs

4:22pm Caleb, Victoria and Donny and jacosta talking on the BY couches just general talk. derrick being called to the DR and Christine and Cody still in hammock as Christine starts singing and we get foth.

4:24pm zach is now at the hammock with Christine and Cody and all talking stops and Frankie comes out hugging Zach and Christine laughs.Frankie now popping a pimple on Zach's shoulder that is infected.

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4:35pm Caleb and Victoria eating slop as they talk to Donny. Caleb is talking about getting his abs back when he can start working out again.

4:39pm Cody and Hayden talking about they need to drink lots of water and Hayden says he ate soy slop and Cody ask what they is and Hayden tells him how to make it then Christine says it is really good.

4:43pm Frankie, Zach and Nicole in the KT making food and Nicole ask Frankie was that you that come out of the bathroom this morning when BB said did you wash your hands? Frankie says yeah i touched myself and didn't wash. She laughs and says did you go back and wash your hands and he says yeah i did.

4:54pm Christine in KT asking if she can talk to Nicole.they head upstairs to talk. Christine says about the veto i don't want to use it but i have information that Zach and Hayden is the next target She says zach talks about Cody all the time . Christine ask do you still want Zach to go and Nicole says yeah i want him to go and Christine says Frankie doesn't want him to go though.

4:57pm Christine says that derrick came to her and asked do you really want zach gone and she told him yes.

4:59pm Christine says that zach told Frankie yesterday that He wants to back door Hayden. Nicole says did he tell you that and she says no he told Frankie that yesterday when i was up here in the hoh rm.

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6:38 PM BBT Cody and Frankie talking about how their drinking affected them negatively and how both would get super angry when they got drunk. Cody said he used to flip out and want to fight anyone when he drank. He's grown up and doesn't do that anymore. Frankie says drinking is not good for him.

6:40 PM BBT Victoria and Derrick are laying in HoH bed. Victoria is complaining about how her parents expect her to be perfect and when she does act her age (Immature) they get angry. Derrick tells her the DR asked about how he felt about Victoria. He says he said he hated her. They instantly get "You're not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests."

6:42 PM BBT Derrick says Victoria replaced him with Hayden and that's why he's giving her space. Victoria says, "Stop. I just threw up in my mouth a little." He says, "I hope I'm not in jury house with two, because I'll be by myself. You replaced me. My feelings are hurt a little bit. I got kicked out." Victoria says, "Whatever." Derrick says, "I feel neglected." Victoria says,"Yeah, whatever." Victoria says, "Do they want us to win or lose right now?" Derrick says, "Do you mean the houseguests or America? America wants you to lose and me to win, since you replaced me." Victoria says, "I told Hayden we can't be as close as we were, because of Nicole. I can't have her mad at me. She showed me her emotions and she's upset at me and that cannot happen."

6:46 PM BBT Victoria says, "I'm losing all these competitions because..." Derrick finished, "You're a genius?" Victoria starts laughing. "Does that make me sound stupid?" Derrick said, "You really are a genius aren't you? Are you a scientist?" Victoria said, "My mom and I laid out at the pool before I came and planned out my strategy week by week. My goal is to win and not lose." Derrick says, "Oh, okay." Victoria says, "I haven't spoken to Julie yet in a live show." Derrick says, "I'm really a photographer." Victoria is now mad about her superhero picture, because it makes her look like a stuck up princess. Derrick says, "I wouldn't worry about it. Every year people make stuff up and the show edits people to look like people they really aren't." Derrick says, "I really actually hate you." Victoria says, "Fine, I'm going to go start working with Hayden now." Derrick gasps in shock, "What?" Victoria says, "I'm kidding, Derrick."

6:50 PM BBT
Victoria says, "I think America hates me. I"m not entertaining enough." Derrick tells her, "America does not hate you." Victoria says, "Do you think I'm entertaining enough?" Derrick tells her "Yeah." Derrick looks at the clock and tells Victoria that it's 6:50 and they are 10 minutes away from getting unchained from each other. Caleb wakes up and tells Victoria they need to go to DR to find out if they can get away from each other. Derrick goes to backyard and joins the house guests outside.

6:55 PM BBT Cody and Frankie start heckling the other house guests across the yard. Cody and Frankie start talking about the size of the other player's junk. Frankie says he is so happy Christine won. Frankie says this day was perfect weather wise. Cody says Christine is happy because she hates sunny weather. Caleb and Victoria come outside and say they get to take their chain off in 10 minutes.

6:58 PM BBT Frankie is bashing Nicole to Christine. Nicole is mad because no one wants to vote Zach out and doesn't understand why. Nicole said getting Zach out is the best move for everyone and apologized for putting up his best friend on the block. Frankie says, "All the boys love Christine and would never target her. We're the bottom of the alliance and save all of our cards and then turn all of them against each other." Christine says," We have to retain information." Frankie says, "Yep, we have to build a file and then destroy them when we're ready."

7:01 PM BBT Nicole and Cody are talking in the hammock. Nicole says that Christine is being very sketchy and it's making her paranoid. Cody says, "Is Christine using it?" Nicole says, "Nope. She said if I used it, you'd have to put up Derrick or Cody and said absolutely no to Donny." Nicole says, "That alone sketched me out. Cody says, "Not even Frankie?" Nicole says, "Definitely not. Frankie is always coming in my room even when I'm in the bathroom and surprises me. Cody says, "What would Frankie do if he won hoh?" Nicole said, "Honestly, I think they are both targeting you and Derrick. They want to keep Caleb." Nicole says, "Christine thought she was doing better by staying true to Frankie, but she's realizing he's not." Cody says, "Yeah, I picked that up from conversations with her."

7:04 PM BBT Nicole tells Cody that all the lies this week have come from Frankie and Christine and that she (Christine) straight up lied to Cody's face. Nicole says, "Christine came to me yesterday with a ton of information about Frankie and other people in the house. Donny says Christine asked Cody to be put up." Cody says, "I want to ask Christine this." Nicole said, "Would Donny lie? He never talks game." Cody says, "Donny said to me, I was an easy person to put up since I put him up." Nicole says, "You should talk to Donny, because I believe him." Cody says, "Why is Christine throwing me under the bus? I can't believe it." Nicole says, "She feels threatened, because Frankie has her ear on everything." Cody says, "Christine doesn't want to keep Zach, because she hates him, and then Christine told them they should keep Zach." Cody says, "I told Christine all the shit Zach has said about her since the beginning of the season, and now she's wavering. Frankie and Zach are playing me and Christine against each other."

7:11 PM BBT Cody says, "I don't understand why Frankie is so threatened by me. Frankie and Zach are playing games with me and they are stupid to think I don't see it or understand that whatever I say to either of them are shared with each other. Nicole said, "Frankie said to me the other day, "Don't you think Cody and Zach are a power couple and are dangerous?" Nicole and Cody think that Christine has switched too suddenly and cannot be trusted. She's clearly regretting aligning with Frankie and realizes it might cost her the game. Nicole says, "Watch what you say to both of them." Cody says, "Trust me, I don't say anything to either of them." Cody says he told Christine, "You are being played by Frankie and he only wants you in his back pocket. You are the third person in the Zach/Frankie alliance." Nicole tells Cody that Christine threatened her and said that if Zach doesn't go home, she's blowing up alliances and turning the house upside down.

7:16 PM BBT Nicole says, "He is driving me crazy." Cody says, "Frankie?" Nicole says, "Yeah. He is so annoying." Cody says, "I know. Trust me I know." Nicole says, "You have to be careful about how you act toward Frankie and just pretend you're with him. Otherwise, you'll be his target." They talk about how Christine would normally in a heartbeat be up for backdooring Donny, and it's kind of weird that she was so angry about not using the veto today. Donny told Nicole he thought, Nicole, Hayden, Caleb, and Derrick were working together. Nicole tells Cody that Donny told her that he only trusts Cody and Hayden for the guys in the house.

7:20 PM BBT Cody tells Nicole that Frankie has started campaigning for Zach to stay and Frankie told Nicole that Zach was just mad but not actually going after her. Cody says, "Frankie came up to me and bragged about how stupid Nicole is and thinks he convinced her to keep Zach if it comes to a tie." Nicole says, "Frankie is so fake. I don't trust him at all." Cody says, "Well, apparently I'm his target. I guess I have to win the double eviction." Nicole says, "You better hope he goes, because if he wins he's putting you and Derrick up next to each other." Nicole turns conversation to votes for Thursday. She says, "Cody, Derrick, Donny, Victoria, Hayden, and Jocasta will vote Zach out."

7:24 PM BBT Nicole says Christine told her that Hayden and Victoria are hooking up. Nicole says, "I know she only said that to make me mad. And then she told me in the same conversation to put you and Derrick up. She's so freaking manipulative." Cody says, "Why does she never mention Frankie in this conversation?" Nicole says, "Why would she tell me she wouldn't use it so that I don't have to put up Cody and Derrick." Nicole said, "You can trust her if you want, but no matter what you say she's reporting it to Frankie." Cody says, "I would trust her if Frankie wasn't in here. But he sways the shit out of her." Nicole says, "That's why Frankie doesn't like me, because he cannot manipulate me." Cody says, "He thought you were so stupid when I told him he had convinced you to keep Zach." Nicole tells Cody that Zach told her his targets are Cody and Derrick and then the floaters. She said the only reason they are saying that is to prove they aren't after her but after big players like Cody and Derrick.

7:29 PM BBT Nicole tells Cody that she is scared that Cody will turn on her and run back to Christine, but she is so over trusting Christine. She gave her everything this whole season and is in shock how little she cares about Nicole and isn't loyal at all. Hayden joins them. She tells Hayden about Christine telling everyone that Hayden and Cody are Frankie and Zach's targets. Hayden says, "She already told me about Zach, but not Frankie." Hayden and Cody say, "She is definitely going to go report everything we say to Frankie, so just make sure we tell them both the same thing." Derrick joins them. Hayden saiys, "Quick thing. Derrick has to go." Derrick starts laughing. Hayden tells Derrick that Christine has flipped and is telling everyone that Zach has to go. Hayden tells Derrick and Cody that Frankie and Zach have both said their top 2 targets are Cody and Derrick. Derrick says, "He actually said that to you?" Hayden says, "Christine has also said it." They talk about how annoying Frankie is and follows everyone around and watches people's conversations. Nicole says she walked out of the beehive after Christine told her she wasn't using the veto and Frankie straight up asked her what they were talking about.
Cody says he's confused about why Frankie wants Nicole to keep Zach when Zach said Nicole is his target. Derrick says Frankie/Zach/Christine are clearly lying and that everyone is being listed at the target to make them want to keep Zach.

7:36 PM BBT Cody and Hayden say they are worried about Frankie having Christine in his back pocket, because she is easily swayed. Cody says, "She's a flip flopper". They all say that Christine is smart, but she agrees to much to everyone and everything. Derrick says he's going to try to get Christine to throw Nicole under the bus by talking smack about her. Nicole says, "Go ahead. She hopes Derrick realizes how shady Christine really is." Victoria and Caleb are being unhooked from each other and the game talk comes to an end.

7:42 PM BBT Caleb tells Victoria, no offense, but he is so happy to be away from her. He's getting ready for his first solo shower in two days. Victoria is making food. Frankie is making slop for the have nots. Cody and Hayden decided to run to let off steam. Cody calls out Donny for being lazy and said the least he could do was walk some laps with them. Donny is watching Jocasta and Derrick playing pool. Nicole calls Zach cute and innocent and he gets angry. "You don't call a super villain cute and innocent!" Frankie laughs and says, "So basically she pegged you just right." Zach laughs and says, "Yeah. But I'm not cute and innocent." Caleb comes out with a cowboy hat and overalls with no shirt on and one side unhooked.

7:47 PM BBT
Zach asks Nicole if he can have the other half of the avocado she got. She says, "Since you're so cute and innocent, absolutely." He says, "I'm not cute and innocent, Nicole!" She laughs and goes over to help Frankie make slop. Zach and Nicole talk about how much they like avocado and how Nicole eats hers with hot sauce and she's weird. Victoria tells Zach where some of his stuff is and he says, "I'd be nowhere without you in this house." Victoria asks Nicole if she can shower in the hoh room and Nicole says, "Sure!" Zach yells out, "Have fun in there!" Caleb comes back in and says, "Metro by day and Beastmode by night! Ain't that right?" He rubs Nicole's back and she smiles and says, "Sure". Nicole says, "What does that even mean?" Caleb says, "I'm basically a G." Nicole says to Zach, "What do you think your parents think that I put you up?" Zach says, "Not gonna lie, they probably like you over me now. My family is indifferent to me now and how I act."

7:53 PM BBT
Caleb says he's going to be pissy the rest of the time he's on slop. Frankie says, "If you need to relax or destress just come to me." Caleb says, "I'll take out my stress on your butt." Frankie says, " I was going for that line of thinking. Thank you for just being open and honest about it." Zach is laughing at both of them .Caleb says he is tired of slop already and just wants to eat something. Frankie says, "Well actually semen is high in protein. You could technically eat that." Zach says, "Yeah. That's true." Caleb tells them both they are disgusting. Frankie says, "I know." Caleb says he's going to get ripped after being on slop so much and working out. He says he's going to try for the slop record this year, so he can have a great body at the end.

7:58 PM BBT Caleb tells Zach he can deal with being a have not, a manure bath, a shaved head, and being hooked up to Victoria, but he would never choose an option that took him out of playing for HoH, because that could be a death sentence. He does say though that if he doesn't win next week, he's going to be pissed he took 2 weeks of extra slop.

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8:01 pm BBT Nicole and Jocasta in KT making slop . Jocasta whispered something to Nicole then they did the high five, but the whispering was to low so it was not audible.

8:09 pm BBT Jocasta and Frankie in the HN room putting away some clothes in the closet. Derrick is in KT getting food ready to cook, but they ran out of propane for the grill so he asked Victoria to ask in the DR for another tank

8:11 pm BBT Derrick is talking to us live fedsters telling us he is going nuts in the house and misses his family.

8:13 pm BBT Frankie is outside telling everyone he is making slopemiss.

8:17 pm BBT Christine and Nicole in BY on hammock talking. Christine wonders if she wins the next HOH in the DE if she will get a basket and pictures to show everyone.

8:19 pm BBT Christine "Frankie came to me and said you (Nicole) was okay with voting Zack to stay" Nicole "yea that is what I told him, but I am definitely not okay with it."

8:22 pm BBT Nicole "what is Frankies plan?" Christine "to make everyone that will keep him safe to stay"

8:23 pm BBT Christine said she can't look at Cody because she gets distracted by him because he is so cute. Derrick called to the SR possibly to get another propane tank.

8:25 pm BBT Nicole "it sucks because I can't play in the next HOH". Christine "I know it's scary"

8:26 pm BBT Christine "if Zack stays he is going to put up Victoria and you (Nicole)."

8:31 pm BBT Derrick in BY talking to Cody saying Zack has to go because he is literally f**kin up my game.

8:33 pm BBT Cody "Donnie thinks that Caleb, Christine, Frankie and Derrick are working together" Derrick "I catch Hayden and Nicole talking to Donnie all of the time" Cody "next week im going to go after Donnie" Derrick "Zack is probably going to go this week"

8:39 pm BBT Cody "were in the middle and we need to chip both sides away" Derrick "Donnie said he is not working with anyone" Derrick "Donnie is not telling us everything and he does not use normal words for a groundskeeper"

8:42 pm BBT Game talk has stopped now. Caleb and Zack playing pool and everyone else is by the pool with general chatting going on.

8:44 pm BBT Nicole just fell back in her lawn chair. Everyone laughs and claps.

8:45 pm BBT Zach and Caleb in LR. Zach is going to tell Donnie "what does Jocasta do for your game and if you vote to keep her, everyone will know that you (Donnie) are working with her."

8:54 pm BBT Caleb talking to Zach about himself and his body.

9:00 pm BBT Frankie joins Caleb and Zach in LR. Zach "any new news" Frankie "you have the votes to stay"

9:03 pm BBT Victoria and Cody in BY talking. Victoria "I’m just happy that I am not in the hot seat on Thursday"

9:06 pm BBT Zach to Frankie "it's so funny that you try to turn me gay every single day and you get closer and closer every time."

9:07 pm BBT Caleb said he hasn't had sex with a woman in a year and now he is thinking he won't have sex again until he’s married.

9:11 pm BBT Frankie "one of my friends froze her eggs for me"

9:16 pm BBT Cody taking a HN shower while Zach is sitting in the WA checking out the make up.

9:17 pm BBT Derrick in BY talking to Caleb. Derrick "we have to survive this DE then put our heads together" Caleb does not think it is fair that he has to go through all punishments and Zach is safe without having to do anything.

9:22 pm BBT Caleb "if I win HOH on Thursday I still have to be on slop for another week."

9:28 pm BBT Cody and Frankie in the HN room talking about the HN room and how bad it is.

9:30 pm BBT Derrick talking to Caleb about comic book covers that they are going to get from BB

9:32 pm BBT all houseguests in BY now just general chatting.

9:33 pm BBT Victoria just threw a drink of limeaid at Hayden and it all ended up in the hot tub.

9:36 pm BBT Victoria telling Christine and Nicole that it would have been more fun being attached to Cody or Derrick.

9:37 pm BBT Victoria tells the other girls that she couldn't do anything when she was attached to Caleb because it was scary.

9:44 pm BBT Frankie in the HOH room listening to music. Everyone else just in the KT and in the BY eating and general chatting.

9:49 pm BBT Nicole called to the DR. Zach just finished up eating alone at the large DT.

9:52 pm BBT Caleb outside telling Derrick that he is thinking about doing a Mohawk with his hair when it starts growing out.

9:54 pm BBT Now Derrick and Caleb are talking about the life of an ant.

9:57 pm BBT Derrick and Caleb talking about the time they have already spent in the house and the rest of the time will probably fly by.

9:59 pm BBT Caleb talking about piercing his nipple with a safety pin and a cork.

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10:10 PM BBT Caleb, Hayden, Donny, Cody around hot tub. Christine is in it. Nicole and Frankie come outside to join them. Jocasta is cooking inside. Derrick is sitting on the patio.

10:11 PM BBT Hayden is making fun of country songs. Nicole is talking about how much she loves the songs he's making fun of. Caleb is bringing up songs that are good. We keep getting FotH because they are bringing up songs by name and singing the songs. Derrick and Vic go to the hammock talking about whether Christine will use the veto or not.

10:13 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that people lie in this game but there are people who are who they say they are. Caleb is military, but he is who he says he is. Hayden might be more intelligent, but he is who he says he is. Cody is who he says he is. Victoria is who she says she is. He also tells her she is the one person he has told he would go to the end with, maybe he has also said that to Cody.

10:17 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick that she heard from Christine that he said one of the 2 married people should make it to the end. He says that he did tell her it would be nice if a married person won, but he didn't make a final 2 deal with her. --and that she's not the first person to tell her this. He asked her if she trusted Christine. She said NO. Nicole is upstairs in the HOH room reading her letter.

10:22 PM BBT Derrick tells Vic that Christine can read lips, that she has told him she's a certified lip reader. He told her that if she hears he has a final 2 deal with anyone not to believe it. Nicole is now talking to Hayden in the HOH room. She says that America saw her do the Evil Dick thing today. He said not to worry about it. She's not perceived as evil or super sexual. He says that he knows he's always messing with her, but that if she's ever down, he's there for her. She's feeling homesick. She says she's going to get the letter from her mom so she can have a good cry.

10:35 PM BBT Vic tells Derrick she definitely thins there's an alliance and she thinks it's obvious who's in it. Derrick agrees but doesn't think it's completely obvious who is in it. She thinks Christine and Cody. He says they are tight like he and Vic are. Derrick says Hayden and Nicole are tight, too. He does a good job deflecting.

10:41 PM BBT Nicole is upstairs in the HOH room crying. Derrick tells Vic that he thinks Nicole wants Zach out. All 4 feeds are now on Derrick and Victoria. Derrick tells Victoria that he would rather Jocasta win over Frankie because she has 2 kids and needs the money more. They talk about how it could end up being 2 people they can't stand in the final 2. He says they just have to play hard and hope for the best.

10:44 PM BBT Nicole is very emotional. She is doing shout outs in the HOH room. She says she is probably homesick because her brother's birthday is coming. Shouting out to everyone --even people who don't have clearance because we keep getting FotH. She shouts to her parents, her brother, her grandparents, her friend Mariah (who wrote her letter this week). Derrick is still talking to Vic on the hammock.

10:50 PM BBT Derrick tells her that if all the other HG are aligning themselves they will take each other out and there's just the 2 of them sitting pretty. He also told her that when people ask him what he and Vic talk about, he tells them they never talk game. They just talk about personal things like his daughter. He says that Christine has asked what they talk about and that's what he told her. They say they don't trust Christine at all. She also doesn't trust Cody.

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10:55 PM BBT Caleb, Frankie, and Donny are around the hot tub. Caleb thinks the person leaving this week goes to the jury house. He isn't saying it's a double eviction, but he thinks there will be one this week or next.

11:00 PM BBT Cody and Christine in the LR. He thinks he has a migraine starting. He asks if she feels like punching anyone. She says, not to be gross, but it's her time of the month, and she is getting feisty. She said she almost lost it on Victoria for asking for the time today. In the BY the HG are trying to figure out exactly how many days they have been here. They are trying to figure out if they are supposed to count the day they got there as Day 1 or not. There's a great deal of confusion.

#BB16 11:08 PM BBT Christine tells Cody she wants to talk to him and Derrick again. He says that he's out talking to Vic. Cody says the game is driving him crazy. She says it's getting a lot harder. Vic comes inside. Christine tells Cody that Victoria wants to have a date with her and she does not want that to happen. Meanwhile, Caleb says the day he is evicted he wants to go out in overalls with no shirt on. Victoria comes over to Cody and Christine and asks what's up. Christine says she is "Chillin' out, maxin', relaxing all cool, shooting some b-ball outside the school..." and we get FotH since her and Cody break into the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.

11:10 PM BBT Donny and Hayden are hanging out on the BY patio. Donny asks Hayden if Nicole has gone to bed already. Hayden says he thinks she may have. He asks if he has talked to Nic. Hayden says not lately. Donny says that he needs to. In the meantime, Nicole joins Cody and Christine in the LR.

11:20 PM BBT Vic and Hayden are having a deep conversation about music. She thinks music should be about making people feel happy when they're sad. Hayden really likes metal music. Meanwhile, Christine and Frankie are putting lotion on in the WA and he is using one of his accents to talk about his dry piggies. The accent leaves the WA with him.

11:30 PM BBT Hayden is educating Victoria about "hard core" metal music. Donny tells her that if she goes home and Googles it, she should be sure to put the word "music" after it. This makes Nicole and Hayden crack up, but Vic doesn't clue in to the joke.

11:40 PM BBT Hayden is showing Donny and Nic all the things that go on at the metal concerts in the pits (windmills, donkeykicks, etc). Nicole says that she would never go and wouldn't want to know if he's going. Donny says he wants to know what ever happened to just the simple shoulder bumps. He has Nicole up and he's demonstrating something that he and a friend did once. Donny said it might be fun to go in there for about 5 minutes and come back out.

11:50 PM BBT Hayden talks about his own band. He came back from college to play at his high school and talks about how they played in his high school cafeteria for about 200 kids on field day. It got kind of out of control because the kids formed a pit around the band. He said it was pretty awesome. Jocasta is in the KT making slop pancakes.

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