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Saturday August 2 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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10:37 PM BBT

Still discussing how each individual houseguest did. They said it was super confusing and hard. Cody said Joey was a Superhero Kangaroo and it was stupid. Christine says her parents are going to be so proud that she won a competition.

10:42 PM BBT Caleb complains that he has to make slop, because he's hungry. Frankie tells him he's going to make slop pie, but Caleb can make regular slop if he wants some. Derrick says he loves his picture because his daughter was in it. Zach says his said, "Saving little broskis". Cody is super pumped about his Effronater poster.

10:44 PM BBT
Zach was throwing pieces and hit a camera and production was livid at him. Zach says he asked them if the camera was okay and they told him they hadn't checked it yet for damage. Derrick tells Zach he's going to get put on a payment plan to pay for it after the show is over.

10:50 PM BBT Nicole is so upset at herself because she was close to winning and got her own set wrong and feels stupid. Frankie tells Christine he's proud of her for winning.

10:54 PM BBT Cody and Hayden are complaining about being tired. Zach tells them they are assholes for complaining since they had four hours to sleep in the hoh room. Cody and Hayden said they would have stayed away to talk to Donny, but both are havenots and were taking advantage of sleeping in a comfortable bed until they had to sleep on the ice cubes.

10:56 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody that because they had the BOB this year, they won't do Have Not Competitions, because that competition would happen when BOB does. Cody says this year is all thrown off because they randomly throw people up as have nots on random days this year, so he never knows when have nots go off slop. He's not looking forward to the coming week.

10:58 PM BBT Zach and Cody say they hope Zac Effron signs Cody's poster. Cody says, "Hey, Zac does live in LA somewhere!" He tells people watching to get a hold of Zac Effron to do it.

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11:54pm Christine, Cody, Frankie, Zach, ad Derrick talking about the comp in the fire room. Talking about who to get up on the block, and [i think - LOW whispering] getting rid of Donny as a replacement.

11:57 pm Zach says the five of them each have the ear of the other remaining players in the house, so if they stay loyal, they can control the game. [Christine seems VERY chummy with Cody tonight - scratching/rubbing his back over and under his shirt as they talk]

11:59 pm Frankie says Donny, then Victoria next...

12:00am Frankie decides to do a sound check with the havenot room counting to 10 and asking what level the people in the fire room can hear the numbers. They realize that the havenot room can hear the fireroom in the have not room at a loud whisper. They agree that no one should talk game above mouthing words with almost no sound in the fire room from here on out.

12:04am Frankie can't resist popping a huge zit on Zach's back. Zach says it hurts so bad and he doesn't think it's ready. After digging for a while, Frankie agrees that it's not ready.

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11:05 PM BBT All HGs are sitting at the table talking about singing and the competition. It appears they are all preparing food.

11:15 PM BBT Zach in the WA says Christine killed it. Derrick says that he better go butter her up right now. Zach says what is she gonna do use it on Jocasta? He then says are ya kidding me?

11:25PM BBT Derrick tells Zach to stick by Christine the next couple of days and don't do anything Zach like. Cody tells Zach to kiss up to Nicole too. Zach asks why. Cody says that if she wants him gone but all the votes keep him, then their cards are shown. Derrick agrees. Christine has moved up to HOH with Christine. They are reviewing the comp and how many times each of them buzzed in. Frankie comes in and hugs them in celebration. They talk about how bad Zach reacted.

11:35 PM BBT Cody and Derrick move to the fire room. Derrick is asking if Cody thinks that they can afford to vote him out. Derrick says he doesn't know if they can. They agree they need to figure it out by the veto meeting. Derrick says that Christine is working with Nicole, and they plan to work with the boys for a couple of weeks. He continues to say that they need to get the girls before they get got. Cody says he wants Frankie next though and Derrick says he gets that but he and Zach are votes for the guys. Cody says that Frankie plans to have as many people in his pocket as possible and he thinks he has Zach. Cody wants to "blow that out of the water asap." Derrick tells him to hold off until after the veto.

11:45 PM BBT Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Christine are talking about the plan with the veto. Frankie is saying that he will talk to Nicole about how well behaved Zach has been. Cody says that he has told Zach to apologize to her for when he nominated her and let her know that he put her up to get her to come down. When Frankie leaves they says he is working with them (not sure of who them is but he is working with them) it's so obvious. They agree that Christine should not use it and talk Nicole into wanting Zach to stay.

11:55 PM BBT Zach practices his eviction speech for Christine in the fire room. Frankie comes back in and they all talk about how cool it was to see themselves as comics. They are so impressed about how much BB does for them. They say the drawings must have been so expensive. They think that how they were drawn is how they are being portrayed on the show.

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