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What interests you most about this season?


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They had the balls tae bring two ex-players back!

Steph's back*woot woot*

Characters look like they have potential tae be interesting.

(when are they going tae bring someone in wearing a kilt?) B)

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I am so looking forward to this season. I don't belive in bringing back players, though. I do like stephanie and thought she did VERY well with such a losing team.

I hope they have some new comps that are interesting to watch and show some of their skills. I also want to see a lot of strategy among the players. Does this mean lieing and such among alliances. Probably. But that is what this is about, isn't it?

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I personally have a B.A. in Religious Studies with a Minor in Anthroplogy. I hope they really use the Mayan culture throughout the challenges and can't wait to see how they do so.

I think I have to agree with you on this, BoneJones, that the Mayan culture is what drew me to this season the most. Of course, I would have watched anyway - but I am just fascinated with their culture and the ruins of their civilization. Like you, I hope they take every opportunity to highlight the culture and can't wait to see what they do.

It's interesting that they brought back Steph and Bobby Jon, but I almost have to predict that they will be voted out sooner rather than later (I could be wrong, though). I think that once the new survivors get the hang of surviving in the wild, they will probably get over the novelty of having "experienced" survivors there and see them more as big threats rather than help. (that is, if Bobby Jon starts feeling better...)

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One of the most basic elements to good drama is conflict. Conflict can be broken down into three basic categories; man vs. man, man vs. nature and man vs. himself. (please allow me to use the generalized man as in mankind). Survivor employs all of these. It's designed to bring out the best and the worst in people. Survivor never fails to disappoint me, and I'm sure this season will be no different. So, what am I looking forward to?

Gary Hogeboom: former NFL quarterback. I vaguely remember his name from the eighties, and if I remember correctly, he wasn't exactly a star quarterback. His stats are not very impressive, but on the other hand he was strong enough to become a starting quarterback in the NFL. This guy knows how to compete, and knows how to gut-check. I'm interested to see if he can 1). Maintain his secret. When, why, how will he reveal. 2). I'm wondering if he'll need to curb his competitive edge in order to stay in the game.

Steph; It's good to see her back in action. She's a favorite. She's another one whose competitive edge could potentially create conflict with other tribe mates. She's smart, but I think her own nature can get the best of her.

Judd the door man; Asset or anchor? He's got personality, but what kind of personality is it. I'm guessing he'll provide a fair amount of fun, and soundbytes.

The Radar; Whose flying under it. I'm always interested in seeing the people that spend a fair amount of time in the beginning just existing, doing just enough to not get eliminated and then try to turn it on in the end.

The Water; Will this be an on going struggle for the Survivors? I know the show would never let the contestants become too sick, but dehydration, so far, has played a significant role.

They Mayan culture; I'm always intrigued by the way Survivor uses the culture and history of the location, and I usually learn a thing or two in the process.

The Group Dynamic; I love watching it shift with every passing week. I love watching alliances form, shift, disolve and shatter. It's good TV.

The Buffs; Such a marketing ploy. How will they wear them this year.

There's so much to see in this game, period.

That's all for now.

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I always use person vs. person, person vs. self ... but to each their own. I, too, enjoy watching how all of these conflicts play out and how people react to the stresses. In addition to looking forward to the Mayan culture theme, I am interested in seeing how Bobby Jon and Steph differ in their strategies to be useful but not threatening. With his opening remarks, BJ doesn't sound like he's given his approach much forethought.

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That is a little more Aztec then Mayan. Aztec warriors loved cutting out the heart of those they sacrificed and....well, anyways, I can think of someone to sacrifice but they are on the board, not in the game...lol...

You may want to rethink your Mayan Culture, Here is a tidbit of info... Please read...

"The Mayan relegion was a complex system that linked astronomy to it in many ways. They also worshipped many gods, and their beliefs could be sometimes rather extreme. For example, they ritually practiced human sacrifice and bloodletting. Their philosophy was that the more valuable the material, or the more painful to obtain, the more powerful it was in sacrificial rites.

The Mayans also believed in many types of sacrifices to appease their gods. The three below are the three most common types of sacrifices.

The first type of sacrifice was the Arrow Sacrifice. The victim was taken to a temple, stripped, smeared with blue paint, and tied to a stake. The priest performed bloodletting when he cut the victim. The spectators danced around the victim, and waited for a signal from the priest. Upon getting the signal, the men would shoot an arrow at the victim's heart.

The second type of sacrifice is the well Sacrifice performed at Chichen Itza. The victims were bound and thrown into a cenote. After time, if the victim was still alive, he was considered to be spared by the gods and rescued. (BTW, it was useally small children thrown in)

The third and probably the most common sacrifice was the Heart Sacrifice. This sacrifice would take place on the pyramids. The priest would stab the victim and pull out the beating heart. He then passed it on to other high priests, who would smear the blood all over their bodies. The dead body was then rolled down the side of the pyramid, where at the bottom the priests would dismember, skin, and eat the dead person."

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Looks like we both have this one...

In Mesoamerica, the most obvious practice of human sacrifice was found in the Aztec Culture. Under the leadership of Montezuma and others before him, sacrifice became a key element in their ritual and worship to many gods. The Aztecs were constantly at "war" with neighboring tribes and groups. The goal of this constant warfare was to collect live prisoners for sacrifice. The Flowery Wars began with a mutual agreement between the Aztecs and the Tlaxcalans to capture live men for future sacrifice (Meyers & Sherman:65).

The Aztecs worshipped a war god called Huitzilopochtli, who took on the likeness of the sun over time. It was thought that in order to insure the sun's arrival each day, a steady supply of human hearts had to be offered in holy sacrifice (Hogg:43). They believed that the sun and earth had already been destroyed four times, and in their time of the 5th sun, final destruction would soon be upon them. In order to delay this dreadful fate, the practice of human sacrifice became a major element in Aztec society and livelihood (Meyer & Sherman:67).

The most common form of sacrifice was performed outside, on the top of a great pyramid. The victim was spread-eagled on a round stone, with his back arched. His limbs were held, while a priest used an obsidian knife to cut under the rib cage and remove his heart. This method was used when honoring the sun god, Huitzilopochtli. Each god apparently preferred a different form of sacrifice. For the fertility aztec_dagger.jpg (4731 bytes)god Xipe Totec, the person was tied to a post and shot full of arrows. His blood flowing out represented the cool spring rains (Meyer & Sherman:69). The fire god required a newly wed couple. They were thrown into the god's altars and allowed to burn and at the last minute they were taken out and had their hearts removed as a second offering (Hogg :48). The earth mother goddess, Teteoinnan, was extremely important. At harvest time, a female victim was flayed and her skin was carried ceremoniously to one of the temples. Her skin was worn by an officiating priest who then symbolized the goddess herself (Meyer & Sherman:44 Human sacrifices were seen in many different cultures in Latin American, such as Olmecs, Mayans and the Moche.


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