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Tuesday, July 29 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

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10-10:15 PM BBT Amber, Frankie, and Nicole are in the hive room talking about how the week is going to go. Amber says she wasn't expecting this and she is going to have trouble sleeping tonight. Donny and Hayden are on the hammock discussing who would be hard to beat. They agree the only two hard to beat individuals are Derrick and Frankie. Donny says everyone else is beatable. Meanwhile, Frankie leaves the hive room and Christine enters. Amber discusses getting Zach's vote and that he is the swing this week.

10:20-10:35 The detonators plus Nicole are in HOH talking about how annoying Amber is being and that they still want to make her feel safe so she can be easier to deal with. They plan to blindside both her and Caleb this week. Frankie plans to pull him aside after she goes and telling him he can't keep his mouth shut when it comes to her so she had to go. Caleb is playing pool with Hayden and Caleb tells Hayden that long talks have been had and deals have been made. Hayden says things can always change so he needs to keep his head up. They move to the hive room to talk. Caleb starts campaigning for Amber by telling Hayden that Cody wants to keep her and that Hayden is not her target.

10:40-11 PM BBT Small talk going on in HOH about each person's role in the house. Caleb and Hayden still talking in the hive room. Caleb is rinse, wash, and repeating the same conversation to Hayden about keeping Amber and not being her target and her giving them no real reason not to trust her. Hayden says yeah, a lot. They eventually break it up and Hayden goes in the KT to cook. Small talk continues on HOH about Justin Bieber and Caleb being clueless about Amber.

11:05-11:20 PM BBT This is an uneventful 15 mins. No game talk to be had. Frankie takes a bath, Donny and Nicole play pool very badly, and everyone else chit chats in the KT. Cody and Derrick talk in the hammock about Amber and Caleb. They get mad that Caleb tried to blow them up to Amber earlier.

11:30-11:45 PM BBT Donny comes up with a leg wrestling game which is just like arm wrestling but with legs. Hayden beats Cody, Victoria, and Caleb. Caleb and he do it a few times but Hayden wins 3/5. Afterwards, Caleb gives Frankie his Amber spiel. He goes over the exact conversation he had with Amber earlier that he had before he talked to him around 3 this afternoon.

11:45 -12 AM BBT Caleb continues to tell Frankie that he isn't Amber's target if she stays but Jocasta is going to do what Donny says and that is up in the air on any of them. Caleb says that if the vote is for Amber to go then he will have to go that way to not be the odd one out. He says lets just ride through the next couple of days, and come Thursday we all look at each other and say yeah we are keepin her and send Jocasta packing.

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12:05-12:15 AM BBT Frankie says his good nights. Nicole is making Hayden ice cream in the KT and I think she is alone and talking to us about her brother and that he would have a tough time being a HN because he sleep eats. She plans to prank his ice cream but the feeds cut away before we see what she does. Victoria talks on the hammock about not thinking the cams would show her changing if she is the only one in the room. She is mortified and everyone she tells cracks up.

12:20 -12:35 AM BBT Lots of pool and talk about Victoria not being very smart. Zach is the hardest on her about it. Derrick sits with her on the hammock and she freaks over what her parents are going to do.

12:40 -12:50 AM BBT Derrick talks with Victoria about the game for a bit. She says that Amber is being super nice to her now. Derrick says he sees. Victoria says that they have to be final 2 and Derrick says for sure. Victoria mentions that he talked to Amber for five hours in the bee hive and wonders what it's about. Derrick just said it was about how surprised she was. They talk about Derrick's home life for a second. Frankie says his good nights again. The rest of the HGs are playing games on the loungers in the BY.

1:00 AM BBT Jocasta is leading prayer in the hive room with Cody and Amber. Hayden is still playing the game in the BY where he talks without opening his mouth. Caleb is not good at it so he says he plans to practice it.

1:10 AM BBT Derrick is brushing his teeth and Christine is changing into warm sleeping clothes. They are getting ready for bed. Zach comes in and says that today could not have gone more perfectly. He looks at his eye and heads back out of the room.

1:20 AM BBT Amber talks with Caleb in the KT. Caleb tells her that he has literally talked to everyone, and they all are voting for her to stay, even Hayden. She says she is not going to get bummed out, and is still going to talk to everyone and that she is just upset about what her parents are going to thing. They move into the hive room. Amber says that Zach is her biggest target, and can Jocasta win HOH and take out Zach? No. That is why she should stay. Amber hits the nail on the head when she asks Caleb if the guys are just telling him one thing and planning to do another. Caleb says no, not the way he reads.

1:30 AM BBT Caleb and Amber are going back and forth in the hive room still. Caleb says that his reasons were personal, but the rest of the group thinks she is working both side of the house. Amber calls his BS by saying to look at Christine and Nicole or Frankie and the entire house. Caleb says once again and repeats that he feels bad for having a hand in the conversation and he again says it wasn't just him, the whole group had a hand in it.

1:40 AM BBT Amber is not picking up what Caleb is trying to put on her. Amber says that he is giving her just a bunch of excuses. She says the bomb squad died after Devin left and Caleb says no it didn't they just re worked it. Amber tells him an alliance doesn't put it's members up without telling them. He switches over to the guys keeping her safe. Amber then repeats that she went up so they can see what she would do.

1:58 AM BBT Hayden is comforting Vic because she and Nicole came inside because Zach was being mean to her. During fish he told her he would send her home. When we came back from fish he was telling Nicole, in front of Victoria, that there's no way she will win HOH. He says he is going to put her up. Back in the hive room, Amber and Caleb are still talking about past events that lead to the fact that she should not be up right now, let alone maybe leaving.

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9:15 am. BBT

All asleep.

Except Donny.. roaming around.. changed his batteries.

Puts in contacts.. gets something to eat.

(I'm thinking this is Donny's favorite time of the day)

Shhhhh :sleep1:

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#BB16 9:10AM BBT Donny is up and washing up in the WCA

#BB16 9:29AM BBT Donny finishes his bowl of cereal and heads to the KT to wash the dish.

#BB16 9:46AM BBT Donny sweeping and straightening up the KT. Other HG still lseeping.

#BB16 10:03AM BBT Donny reading the Bible in the bee hive. HG still sleeping.

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#BB10:12AM BBT We have FOTH and wake up. The music played for about 30 seconds before we went to FOTH. Not sure of the song that was played.

#BB16 10:18AM BBT The song that was played was "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang.

#BB16 10:25AM BBT In the KT Donny and Amber talking about being on LD. They joke that maybe it's just really dark outside. In the WCA Nicole and Christine doing ADLs.

#BB16 10:34AM BBT Donny and Frankie talk about Donny's job back home. Donny describes how many schools and what he does.

#BB16 10:37AM BBT Frankie tells Donny that he is supposed to get the camera about 11AM. The girls in the WCA wonder if it is a luxury comp.

#BB16 10:47AM BBT Most of the HG are in the WCA discussing the HN room and different competitions. Zach and Frankie are in the HOH bed.

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11:01am most Hg are in the bathroom area just sitting around Donny and zach go to get activity bracelets. Caleb is also getting his bracelet.

11:10am Most hg are sleeping and Caleb, Christine, Nicole, Donny and amber are in the bathroom area just talking about comps and commercials on eviction days.

11:29am Girls are all doing make up and sitting around the bathroom area most of the guys are still in bed sleeping.

11:41am Amber is cleaning out her basket with her make up and lotions in it, Donny is talking about Brittany suitcase she brought with her and had to pack last week and how big it was.

11:53am The lock down is now over and Hg can now go outside so Donny gets up almost running to the BY.

11:57am Donny is on the elliptical and the girls are in the bathroom area talking about putting their swim suits on.

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12:09pm Christine is whispering to Amber but doesn't haven a mic on so cant hear her. Amber says OK i wont say anything to him but they all said i'm was on the block to see what i would do and see if i would say anything. In the KT Nicole is making coffee before she goes outside to lay in the sun and Victoria is making breakfast.

12:20pm Caleb is sitting next to Amber in the BY as she talks to Nicole but is not saying anything .Christine, Victoria and Jacosta are in the WA getting ready for the day.

12:22pm Amber says i am thirsty i am going to go get a drink and gets up then Nicole says i need deodorant and gets up leaving Caleb sitting there alone.

12:29pm Caleb tells Christine that he is the reason that Victoria is off the block cause i told Hayden to use it and i am going to tell Victoria that so i am going to tell her i did that for you so i need you to do this for me to save Amber. Christine says yeah talk to her later. Caleb then says you should seen me in DR doing my goodbyes to her i couldn't get it out.

12:34pm Caleb now telling Christine his talk with Frankie yesterday about Amber. On the other side of the yard by the pool Amber is repeating things to Nicole and talking about just because she has a relationship with the guys doesn't mean she is working with them.

12:42pm Amber telling Nicole that she doesn't even care why she is up on the block but it is just frustrating. Nicole says it was all so confusing when it was all going down.Amber ask her do you not feel that i have your back and Nicole says no i do just yesterday i didn't and amber says it was cause the guys were all going around saying things.

12:49pm Frankie comes to the BY yelling "Who wants to see my HOH camera"

12:56pm Frankie is running around taking pictures of everyone and pictures of himself at different placers in the house. Nicole and Christine are in the BY talking to Donny and Jacosta and Victoria about eating slop now.

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1:03pm Caleb is now telling Frankie that this was the hardest goodbye message he had to do and Frankie says already? this morning? Caleb says yeah it's Tuesday.

1:06pm Caleb ask Victoria if Hayden said anything about the veto and why he used it and Victoria says just what he said in his speech is all and Caleb says ok .

1:16pm Amber is making cinnamon rolls in the KT and Frankie still walking around taking pictures. just general talk going on .

1:22pm Jacosta in the By telling Frankie and Donny and Derrick that she is going to get her hair cut like Frankie's and Frankie gets excited and says yeah? She says yeah i used to have it like that but a little longer on the sides and i loved it.

1:31pm BB calls for an indoor lock down and everyone is having a fit and asking why. And we get foth.

1:39pm Amber has finished a batch of cinnamon rolls that look very good, She is putting an icing on them now.Caleb in the LVR talking about freezing in the have not room.Amber yells Have nots the cinnamon rolls are ready now and Donny you can have one too.

1:48pm them lock down is over and most HG are in bed talking naps and some just haven't gotten up yet today, Just general talk going on in the KT.

1:55pm Frankie comes out of the DR and he had been tweeting. he says he was asked questions and says it was so fun.

1:56pm Frankie is now naming the comps with costumes he wore and how much he liked them cause someone asked him on twitter which outfit was his favorite.

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2:19 PM BBT In LR Frankie and Caleb talking about working out. Victoria, Jocasta, Derrick, and Amber hanging out, being lazy. Donny in BY on double lounger.

2:25 PM BBT Donny, talking to Hayden, notices there are high wires over the BY. He says that he thinks BB will make them walk on the wires to see who will fall to their death. Hayden looks up at the wires. Donny laughs. They discuss whether the wires are for a competition. Meanwhile, Amber and Victoria have left the LR. Caleb is sitting in one of the orange chairs and Jocasta is sitting on the couch with her head on Derrick's shoulder. No one is speaking.

2:30 PM BBT Victoria talking to Hayden by washing machine. She tells she and Caleb talked about Hayden using the veto on her and how the house is telling Caleb they are considering keeping Amber even though it's not true. Hayden said that the vote may end up being 9-1 with Caleb being the only vote to save Amber. Victoria said she also talked to Caleb about something personal but that if she talks to Hayden about it, he has to keep it between them. She doesn't completely trust him because other things she has told him haven't stayed between them.

2:35 PM BBT Victoria said she doesn't flirt with Cody, even though Nicole and all of them do. They only people she confides in are Derrick and him, like family. She recounts a conversation she had with Nicole where Nicole thought Victoria was intentionally laying in bed with Hayden to hurt her. She explained to Nicole that she thought of Hayden as a brother and that she tried to explain to her that she wouldn't lay in a bed with him if she thought of him 'that way' and that she wouldn't intentionally hurt her feelings. Hayden said he knows that she wouldn't intentionally do that and that he doesn't feel like anything should change.

2:35 PM BBT Victoria thought the conversation with Nicole was weird because she flirts with everyone. Meanwhile, Donny and Nicole are now talking at the pool. Amber tried telling Nicole that Donny is in an alliance with people. That he has an alliance with Zack and that he's been talking to a lot more people lately. Nicole wanted him to know that she has his back and that he doesn't have an alliance with anybody.

2:40 PM BBT We get a WBRB and when we return Nicole is saying, "Did they say we are getting locked outside?" someone says YES. Now Hayden and Victoria are talking about Caleb and the shows he says he's going to be on. Vic says Caleb said he was going to be on the Bachelor. Hayden said, "You heard about his new reality show, right?" Nicole and Donny are talking about Amber again. He says that since Amber hasn't talked to him at all. She just assumes that he's voting to keep Jocasta, so she'll say things to blow up his game. Nicole says she's going to say all kinds of things to blow up people's games right now and she hopes if she says anything about her he realizes that.

2:45 PM BBT Donny tells Nicole that as far as being aligned with Zack goes, all someone has to do is put him up for people to see what he would do. Also that last night he walked some after Nicole stopped walking with him and Zack jumped in for a few laps. Evidently Zack asked Donny if he thought it would be a double elimination and if it was who he would put up. Donny said he didn't want to think about it until Wed night. Zack said he would put up Caleb and Victoria. He tells Nic that anybody could say he's in an alliance with anyone because he talks to everyone. He just doesn't go into rooms and shut doors, he talks right in front of everyone. Amber, Christine, and Hayden are sitting on the BY patio chatting about nothing much.

2:50 PM BBT Christine leaves patio and heads to pool area. Amber and Hayden talking. She says that she went and sat by herself after the veto comp and says that she's frustrated because she's on the block because of a reason that doesn't even really make sense. She says it's also hard because the people that put her up would never have been her target. Caleb comes outside and sits with them. They start talking about "Pillow-gate" again. How funny it was that Caleb got her with the pillow and that he finally admitted it was him.

2:58 PM BBT Hayden and Caleb talk about their motorcycles and what it takes to get a motorcycle license. Caleb can't wait to get home to buy more parts to get his Harley finished. Zach joins the conversation. Meanwhile Christine, Nicole, Donny, and Cody are talking about how crazy it is that they are on BB. Nicole says there have been at least 15 episodes already. Christine says she can't fathom being home and realizing that she's been on tv. There is an announcement, "HG. This is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door." Derrick, Jocasta, and Victoria join them. Hayden makes his way over, as well.

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3:05 PM BBT Caleb tells Zach that Nicole is voting to keep Amber and that with that all they need is him or Hayden. "If that's what the alliance wants..." Caleb says that Christine said that you know she's not coming after you. He argues that Jocasta is going to vote how Donny votes. He says it was a brilliant idea but they didn't think about it long enough. Zach says that after this week they will just have to get rid of Victoria, Donny, and Nicole. Caleb says there are 9 voters this week and he's hoping it's 7-2 or maybe 8-1, because Donny won't vote for Jocasta to go home. He says that as soon as Jocasta walks out the door he wants to say out loud, "We made it." We've had some hiccups along the way, but we've accomplished our mission.

3:15 PM BBT Caleb says that Amber didn't really do anything to make them mistrust her that anyone else hasn't done. She works the other side of the house, but so does everyone else. He tells Zach that he was up talking to Amber until 5 am. He tells him how Amber questioned whether they're really an alliance because alliances don't put each other up on the block. She said that for 40 days she has stood by them, never throwing them under the bus, not putting them on the block, squashing anything that needed to be squashed (issue with Zach). He tells Zach about when Frankie told him Amber was blowing up the alliance and that it was Nic who told him that. He says he put Nic and Frankie up side by side to verify it. He says Frankie completely turned it around and made it look like Amber is working against them. He thinks Frankie did it on purpose because he has put Amber up twice and he's afraid Amber will come after him.

3:20 PM BBT Caleb tells Zach that Amber is going to talk to each person individually to see what she's done to get them not to trust her. She's not going to do it looking for an argument, she just wants to gain trust. He told her that her alliance put her there for a reason and it can pull her off. When we do, don't question their trust. She told him she's worried because Jocasta seems so confident, smiling and joking around. Caleb said that Victoria will vote how Derrick votes. Just as he says that, Derrick comes over to the patio. Meanwhile, Frankie and Cody have started a workout by the pool and BB makes an announcement that the lockdown is over.

3:27 PM BBT Derrick says what they need to do if there's a double eviction. Derrick says they need to figure it out beforehand because they can't talk during or it will reveal everything. They said Donny, Nicole, and then Victoria because right now Victoria loves them. Meanwhile, Derrick and Zach head inside and the camera follows them. They decide that they need to tell Caleb on Wednesday night. Derrick says that they can't surprise him because if he wins the HOH the next day he might put alliance members on the block. In the BY Frankie is leading the HG in a workout. Cody, Amber, Hayden, and now Derrick are participating. Victoria, Donny, Jocasta, and Nicole are watching. Caleb goes inside and watches from the sliding glass door.

3:37 PM BBT Caleb goes through the house singing and looking at cameras. He laughs at the camera. He heads up to the HOH. Zach is there. They talk about who to nominate if there's a double eviction. Zach says Jocasta. Then he catches himself and says, "Why do I keep saying that?" Caleb thinks they should put up Donny and Victoria and target Donny because he can win comps and will put them up. Talk then turns to a tattoo Caleb wants to get on his thigh. He wants it to look like his skin is tearing open and an old school bandana is on the inside of the skin. Caleb is talking about sporting a bandana while riding a motorcycle. Meanwhile, in the BY, Christine is talking about how scary she thinks they are and people she knows who have been injured riding them. Derrick is talking about how much he loves riding. Hayden says that when you're on the highway you'll be blown all over the place by the wind. It's weird how the conversation is about motorcycles upstairs and downstairs.

3:55 PM BBT Caleb wants to get teardrops tattooed on one of his fingers so that when people say something he thinks is ridiculous, he can hold his finger up by his eyes and say, "Boo hoo." Hayden and Derrick still talking about motorcycles. Cody, Frankie, and Nicole are laying out in the sun talking. Caleb talking about how his family is doing really well to be a family whose dad left them. He tears up talking about how he would like to do so well that his mom can stop working. She works 10-15 hours a day.

3:59 PM BBT Caleb says he knows that if Donny wins he's going up. He says that Hayden is the only beast who has made it to the end of BB and won it. He knows that when you're such a target it's hard. Zach says that it's possible. Caleb says that he's not going to quit and Zach says that he'd better not. Caleb says if he leaves early he will go out with a smile on his face. If one of the 5 wins it they've already agreed to write a check for $5,000 to each of the 5. Zach says he doesn't have a choice, he has to be in the one of the top 2 chairs. Just being on the show makes them winners, winning the trip and the money makes them winners --the icing on the cake. But imagine being in one of the top 2 chairs. Caleb says yeah, but it's hard for someone like them to make it to the end. Someone like a Victoria makes it to the end because they show up to play at the end and say, "Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm a brain surgeon."

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4:00 PM BBT Zach and Caleb are in the HoH room talking about how they are proud they made it onto the show. Caleb estimates that hundreds of thousands tried out. Zach says this is the biggest thing he has ever done.

4:15 PM BBT Cody are Hayden are in the beehive. Cody says Caleb is doing all the talking for Amber. Hayden says she proved she wasn't trustworthy. He doesn't know what more Caleb wants. Hayden says he will go with what the house decides. He likes Amber. He just doesn't know about her.

4:20 PM BBT Hayden and Cody are still in the beehive. They don't think their games are in jeopardy at this point. Hayden says he only trusts Cody, Derrick, and Nicole 100%. Hayden doesn't know about Christine. He says Derrick and Christine are sketched out by each other. He says his gut is telling him to doubt her. He feels scared going up to Christine. He says Frankie and Donny have both approached him wanting to work together. Derrick has made the same offer to Cody. No one has made any arrangements with Jocasta. Cody tells Hayden that he thinks that Frankie is playing the entire house. Hayden says the only thing stopping them (Cody, Derrick, Nicole, Hayden) from making a final five alliance is Christine. They don't trust her.

4:31 PM BBT Derrick walks into the beehive with Cody and Hayden. They tell him that Christine talks too much and they aren't sure of making an alliance with her. Derrick agrees. Cody says at this point, he can't win an HoH. There is no way he could nominate anyone. Derrick says Caleb is confident he is winning the next HoH and he isn't going after them right now. Is it the right time to make another alliance? Their biggest fear is the double evict.

4:35 PM BBT The conversation about another alliance between Hayden, Nicole, Cody, and Derrick is over now that Caleb has joined them in the beehive. They start talking about food.

4:40 PM BBT In the HoH is Frankie, Zach, and Christine. They are discussing if and how they are going to tell Caleb that Amber is leaving. Frankie says a blindside might be the best way to go. Zach says as a fan, it would be much more exciting for the audience to see Caleb's reaction when Amber leaves. Frankie says if you tell him now or you tell him later, Caleb is going to be coming for them anyway.

4:45 PM BBT In the beehive, Caleb is rehashing his save Amber speech to Cody and Hayden. In the HoH room Frankie, Zach, and Christine are still trying to figure out how to or if to tell Amber. Zach says it may be best to break him in slowly. Zach says "This could be a better blindside than Brittany's blindside. So I kinda want the blindside."

4:55 PM BBT Caleb is telling Hayden and Cody in the beehive that he isn't able to make his goodbye video. He keeps bawling. He says they are literally considering getting rid of someone who has done absolutely nothing wrong. Caleb says they still have seven people who need to do what they need to do and pull her. They need to stick to plan of picking people off one at a time. If they keep Jocasta, she is just going to keep doing what Donny says. This makes sure they can never work together.

5:10 PM BBT Caleb and Amber are in the beehive. Amber "Why should I have to patch up what you guys have done?" Caleb "You were the one that went up to the two girls." Amber "What was I supposed to, go and pout in my room?" Amber says she never talked to the girls about an all girls alliance.

5:12 PM BBT Caleb tells Amber that she has to stop talking about Zach. Amber is fed up with talking to Caleb and defending herself for what she may or may not have said. She walks out on him.

5:20 PM BBT Frankie, Zach and Derrick are again talking about whether or not to let Caleb know that Amber is leaving, but this time it's by the pool. Zach doesn't think a blindside is the way to go. Zach walks away and Nicole joins them. Frankie says he will pull Caleb aside later. Nicole just wants to drop it. She doesn't want to talk about. Frankie says he will have to his one hour of "let him talk" so he will find out more about where Caleb is at.

5:34 PM BBT Frankie has walked away and Victoria has joins Derrick and Nicole. Nicole says that she wants Frankie to just drop it for now. Everyone is wanting to know what exactly Frankie did or did not say. Did he say Amber blew up the bomb squad or that she wants an all girls alliance. Nicole says he is just going to get himself in trouble and pull her into the middle of it.

5:36 PM BBT Zach freaks Nicole out. He walks out to Nicole and says that Caleb is walking around telling everyone that Nicole is just a big fat liar. He then admits that he is kidding. Nicole isn't amused.

5:45 PM BBT Caleb is now alone in the HoH room with Frankie. Caleb "I don't know why she went and talked to Nicole." Caleb says she was in the same room with everyone before she spoke to the girls. Someone should have said something to her to let her know she was safe. Frankie says that it still looks bad. Frankie admits he knew what Nicole said but he was so frustrated that he might have conveyed it wrong. He admits that it might have F*ed him up. Caleb says no, it F*ed up Amber. Frankie "Everything I said is true, everything Nicole said is true, everything Amber says it true. Caleb says Amber won HoH and didn't put any of them up. She has done nothing wrong. Frankie doesn't want to keep dancing around the issue because it was fueled by paranoia. Caleb "She shouldn't be in the seat. She doesn't deserve it. No one of the bomb squad should be in that seat on eviction night."

6:00 PM BBT Caleb is still in the HoH telling Frankie that Amber doesn't deserve to be on the block. Caleb says if she goes home, he will hold it together but he will feel like the biggest dirtbag in the world. Caleb starts to tear up. Frankie says he has no power anymore but he will talk to anymore. Caleb says he is 95% sure she isn't going home. Caleb wipes away his tears. Frankie "Well, you always have me." Caleb "That means a lot to me, for sure." Frankie "I will do everything I can to make everything right going forward."

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6:10 PM BBT Caleb tells Frankie that he nor Amber cares if she is the first person in the jury. He doesn't expect that either of them will win the big check, but the eight of them should have no problem getting all of them to jury. Caleb "Now, Houston, we have a problem." Frankie tells Caleb that he is going to try to clear everything up with everybody.

6:20 PM BBT Caleb is done cornering Frankie in the HoH room. He made his plea that Amber deserves to stay and Frankie gives his shoulders a squeeze as Caleb walks out the door. Frankie joins Cody, Christine, Victoria, Amber, Jocasta, Derrick, Donny, and Hayden in the BY where they are just chit chatting. Caleb is in the KT alone making a snack.

6:30 PM BBT Caleb goes outside and speaks to Zach at the hammock. Caleb says that the alliance needs to start communicating better and dealing with their concerns and issues within the alliance. Caleb says he made a promise and if he doesn't fulfill that promise, then he will probably take that bracelet off and never wear it again. He would have lost his honor and integrity. He has never broken a promise before and Amber has done nothing wrong.

6:38 PM BBT Caleb, Derrick, and Zach are sitting by the hammock. Frankie just gone saying that Victoria is the last of the others that needs to go. Donny can win competitions. Victoria can't. Meanwhile Nicole, Christine, Donny, and Jocasta are sitting on that patio saying almost nothing. Frankie comes up and cuddles with Nicole and BB asks that the awnings be raised for the night.

6:42 PM BBT Christine, Zach and Derrick are all standing underneath one of the cameras and looking at it from behind. Derrick shows them where the line is for the live feed. The camera spins around. Derrick to Christine "It's trying to find you." Caleb goes into the KT and gives Amber a hug while Amber is peeling an onion. He says he didn't know fried pickles smelled like a fart.

6:44 PM BBT Frankie is on the hammock and Zach sits in the chair next to him while playing with a slinky. Zach is talking about how much of a mess Caleb is. Frankie says he talked to Caleb and has taken one for the team. Zach "So, are we going with a blindside?" Frankie "We have too. He's going to be playing his own game afterwards alone." Zach "And he thinks this whole thing is his own doing."

6:48 PM BBT Caleb tells Frankie that he is down with the blindside. It appears the decision overall is NOT to let Caleb know that Amber is leaving.

6:53 PM BBT Temporarily, the game talk has ceased. Most of the HGs are either lounging around on the patio or in the KT.

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7:06PMBBT Frankie is washing dishes. He tells Amber, Christine about the time Patrick Stewart yelled at him and Ian Kellar was "totally flirting" with him. He wanted to take a picture with Patrick and he sternly said "NO!" and Frankie said he was upset but then thought "OMG Patrick Stewart just yelled at me!" and he was giddy. Now he is talking about playing Maria in West Side Story. He is being very dramatic, theatrical while talking about it. In the BY, Derrick has his head on a pillow on Victoria's lap. She is playing with his hair. She is explaining how her family and culture the children are named after the grandparents to show respect.

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7:15PMBBT On feed 1, as Victoria plays with Derrick's hair, the BB production crew zooms in on Derrick's wedding ring. The chat in the BY is a little bit about everything. In the Kitchen, Caleb and Zach chat at the table but, the background noise of Frankie talking (yelling) and singing makes it difficult to hear. Their conversation switches to fishing records in the state of Kentucky.

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7:22PMBBT Nicole and Donny made their way to the hammock. He asks her why she has been teary eyed. She tells him about yesterday with Amber/Frankie/Bombsquad drama. She is upset because Frankie was "Making stuff up to cover his own butt." She tells Donny it all started after Amber was nominated. Reassurances from Donny as he is a kind, listening ear for her as she tells the story. The other Feeds are on the very loud pool game happening between Frankie and Zach.

7:32PMBBT Donny is headed to the shower. The feed switches to the KT. Amber and Jocasta are in there. It is quiet. Donny walks in "Shower time! Then it is ice cream time!" Amber giggles and heads outside. Jocasta is alone in the KT for a moment then Amber walks back in. Nothing is said until Amber asks "A little more time doncha think?" about what she is baking. Jocasta says "Yeah"

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8:10PMBBT Amber is in the shower. Pool playing continues in the BY. That is all. Oh, wait... Donny asked Caleb if he has gotten any iron on patches yet because he has a hole in his shirt. Caleb said no but he will ask in the DR. Very exciting night indeed!

8:15PMBBT Correction: Jocasta is in the shower. Amber is eating ice cream in the BY.

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8:25PMBBT Hayden, Cody, Zach, Derrick are heated up over the pool game, like a bunch of frat boys at a party. Caleb is standing there looking confused, chewing on his lip. Amber has Frankie's attention in the lounger, she is telling him she will stick with what she was gonna do. He is telling her that... oh can't hear because Hayden is amped up over the pool game again. Frankie says "I understand and I cleared it up with all that matter."

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8:35PMBBT Frankie yells to Caleb "Caleb! We're up!" Caleb yells from inside the house "YA!!!" Frankie turns to Cody "Karma's a bitch!" They all laugh. Caleb and Frankie are now playing Derrick and Hayden. Jocasta is in the fire room alone.

8:43PMBBT Jocasta has made her way outside. She is sitting on the lounger with Amber. Super small talk, Jocasta points to something in the sky. Frankie is doing one of his voices "Ya that's what your wife said when I kissed her... she tastes like butterscotch." He is trying to distract Derrick from taking his shot.

8:46PMBBT Hayden goes to take his shot and Cody lets out a huge fake sneeze, coughs and says "Loser!" They all laugh and call him a faker. Hayden just smiles.

8:50PMBBT Amber is digging through the WA baskets, looking for Christine's red nail polish. In the BY, it sounds like a helicopter is over the house but only Hayden is looking up. And the pool game plays on.

8:54PMBBT Zach takes his shot and rips the table! Frankie says "Come on Big Brother just say it, this is why we can't have nice things!" Zach tries to fix it by tucking it under. Frankie says to go to DR and ask for duct tape. Zach says it is ok and they play on. Amber is clipping and painting her nails on the lounger.

9:00PMBBT The game is over, Hayden, Zach and Cody are now inside in the KT rehashing the game. Egos are huge! Frankie is singing made up songs in his jersey voice while filing his nails on the lounger.

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Frankie, Cody and Zach in HOH. Frankie tells them his convo with Caleb. In BY Jocasta, Nic and Donny watch the cornhole game.

Frankie starts to say why would we keep her to jury and Zach says NO she is going. Zach says it would benefit his game to tell Caleb that Amber is going home. He could tell him he values his friendship and feels he should know. It would help his game but he wouldn't do that.

Zach says Caleb has been crying all day. They discuss telling Caleb Amber is going home after the second lockdown on Thursday. But they wont say "everyone says" cuz everyone has a story. Zach says that after Julie says Amber is evicted, Caleb will run thru the house crying

9:24 pm In HOH they talk of Caleb nominating them. In BY Caleb tells Chris that he doesn't want to have to say Good Bye to Amber. In HOH they count votes and can they split the votes so it isn't so obvious they want Amber out but decide its to risky. They agree that Caleb will self evict or pulls a Brendon and one of them goes home.

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#BB16 9:32PM BBT Donny and Hayden walking the BY. Donny tells Hayden that he should make up a sport to see if Caleb has played it.

#BB16 9:39PM BBT In HOH room Caleb is describing to Christine and Frankie the smell of when they have to light the porta potty remains on fire and burn it. He says the entire city smells like excrement.

#BB16 9:46PM BBT In the BY Jocasta, Donny, Hayden, and Nicole are walking the BY. In the HOH Christine and Zach talk about Victoria and her stories. They don't believe anything she says.

#BB16 9:48PM BBT Christine and Zach talk about how Victoria does nothing around the house.

#BB16 9:51PM BBT Zach and Christine continue to bash Victoria about her Mom telling her to never wear cheap sunglasses or handbags. Christine says that her family's motto is that she was taught to love everyone.

#BB16 10:02PM BBT In the HOH Nicole, Frankie, Christine discuss Caleb and his love for Amber. How Amber did not want to go on a date Caleb.

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#BB16 10:PM BBT Hayden is teaching Victoria how to play pool in the BY.

#BB16 10:11PM BBT Cody and Derrick talk in the HN room. He is telling him about the lie Nicole told him about the all-guy alliance. He says that Nicole said Frankie told her to say that but Nicole cut Frankie off today when Frankie tried to talk to her in front of Derrick.

#BB16 10:22PM BBT All 4 feeds are on the same thing. Caleb and Derrick eating pizza in the LR.

#BB16 10:31PM BBT Amber is in the KT. Derrick starts telling her that when she walked in on him and Cody in the HN room talking, it was not about her, He doesn't want her thinking it was. She says okay.

#BB16 10:46PM BBT Hayden and Donny teach Victoria and Jocasta how to play pool in the BY.

#BB16 10:55PM BBT In HOH Christine and Zach tell Derrick that they are going to convince Caleb that there is a 10 person jury so he goes right after Amber.

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11:10 PM BBT Frankie is in HoH with Caleb, Derrick, and Cody. Frankie is complaining that Amber is getting annoying because she asks about conversations he has one on one with other people. Derrick says he was like that too when he was talking to Cody. Frankie says that his problem is that she says that she is allowed to have a private conversation, but he isn't? Caleb goes into defense mode and says that they need to realize the situation she is in and that the main goal is to keep the alliance together. They start talking about it being her time of the month and the cause of her being emotional.

11:20 PM BBT Amber and Christine are in the hive room talking about Caleb. Amber says she has no feelings for him whatsoever, and the four days they weren't talking were the most fun four days because he wasn't all over her all the time. She pinky swears that she has no issues putting him up and sending him home. Amber moves on to say she shouldn't have to campaign right now and that they should all have her back. Christine says she should have 7 votes and she only needs 5. Amber hatches an idea to tell each of the guys altogether minus Caleb that they are not her target (to infer Caleb is).

11:30 PM BBT Hayden and Zach are in the SR and Hayden suggests telling Caleb that Amber is leaving. Zach says, and none too subtly, no he absolutely cannot do that. Hayden says then he will come after all of us. Zach says no he is going to cry and "want to kill himself" (direct quote). Hayden says okay he just hopes it doesn't backfire on his game. Back in the hive room, Amber is saying that these boys have her so angry and either she stays and things get real, or she leaves and all the other girls are next.

11:40 PM BBT Cody and Amber are now in the rock room talking. Amber is so frustrated at Caleb now. She says she feels like he is doing all this to be her hero or whatever, but he is messing with her game. Cody says he tried to tell her. Amber says she was trying to be nice but it is about time to stop that. Amber still doesn't understand why she is in this position. She tells Cody that she shouldn't have to campaign.

11:50 PM BBT Amber says for reasons outside this house she cannot have feelings for anyone right now in her life. She also wants to respect her family while she is in the house too. She doesn't want to have a sob story though so she will discuss it with Cody outside the house. Zach has joined and is listening now too. Frankie, Derrick, and Christine are in the hive room discussing the fact that they want to keep Amber mad at Caleb so she ignores him. They talk about keeping her and whether or not there is a possibility. They go over all possible options.

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