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Monday July 28 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:10 AM BBT Caleb, Cody, and Derrick are all in HOH talking about how Amber could fix the spot she is in. Caleb says she needs to go up to people and say sorry and that she will never question their trust again. If she can't say that then she needs to head home. We get fish for a sec and come back to Derrick and Frankie in the SR talking about starting a fight at POV. We get fish again. When we come back Frankie and Christine are in HOH going over how they plan to throw Caleb under the bus for noming Amber and that he wants the credit.

12:22 AM BBT Caleb has changed into a pajama onesie, and has left it unzipped. He walks through the dining area and Jocasta takes notice. He tells her that he plans to sing pop and R and B and go the way Robin Thicke went. Caleb then leaves to say his good nights. Back in HOH Frankie and Christine agree the plan is to comfort, comfort, and comfort her. He wants to make her feel safe. Caleb enters, Christine exits, and Frank says he doesn't see an issue with giving credit to Caleb in his speech. Caleb doesn't like it so they go back and forth on what to say.

12:35 AM BBT Jocasta and Frankie talk about veto. He claims that Hayden has not told him either way what he plans to do with the veto. Frankie says that they discussed how each way would make Hayden look. Frankie is sure to let Jocasta know she is safe and that he did not tell Hayden not to use it at all. Jocasta seems (in my opinion) to be skeptical, but says okay and that she is taking everything in stride. They go over her potential speech. Frankie asks her who she would want opposite her on the block if he has to replace Victoria. She takes the middle of the road and says anyone because she does not want to give a name that goes against Frankie's game.

12:50 AM BBT Frankie, Caleb, and Christine are now on the hammock talking about Amber. Caleb says that she said that if she was put up again she would blow up the alliance. Caleb says that he told her she would go home then. They move onto talking about food. Small talk going on in the KT with the rest of the HGs.

12:55 AM BBT Frankie gets called to the DR and leaves Caleb and Christine alone. They begin to speculate about how jury should start this week if there is a double eviction. Christine worries about who Donny would put up if he won. Frankie comes back out and starts agreeing with Caleb trying to put Christine at ease over Donny.

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1:05 AM BBT Caleb starts talking about the plan that the alliance agreed to that if he won he would give anyone who voted for him 5k (which is not allowed i think) he plans to say it in his final speech if in the final 2. Frankie and Christine agree to the deal too. Caleb starts talking about getting shorts from Frankie after the game is over. Frankie says he is getting skinny enough to. This then prompts the camera man to pan up and down Caleb's body four times.

1:15 AM BBT Caleb has moved to the HN room and they talk about getting the DVDs and to call their families. Caleb wants his cell phone and Derrick says no way because then he will just get on the internet and read about other HGs. Feeds switch to Cody and Zach playing pool and Caleb bashing. Cody is so sick of Caleb saying he is the biggest beast in the house when he has won HOH and been non-existent ever since. They agree it will be easy to send him home and hardest to send Frankie home.

1:25 AM BBT Christine and Frankie are back in HOH talking about how much Amber annoys them. Frankie says that he doesn't want to say it is all about Caleb when he puts her up, but he doesn't want it to be all on him either. On the hammock, Derrick is helping Victoria with her veto speech. They practice it a few times.

1:35 AM BBT Hayden is telling Nicole in the KT about the fight club he was in through high school. She calls him crazy and he moves onto talking about the things he and his friends would do at parties like dropping darts on his feet, and slapping each other’s abs to leave a hand print. On the BY couches, Cody, Christine, and Zach talk about the order of people they want out next. The all agree on Jocasta, Caleb, and Donny in no particular real order. Zach says that even if Caleb offered him a final 2 deal he would kick him out because Caleb brings nothing to the table.

1:50 AM BBT Derrick and Frankie are in the HOH WA talking briefly about what he plans to say for veto. They then move on to talking about the Zach confrontation plan and that he just has to attack her for it to count. Derrick exits. Caleb has joined the BY couch talk and all talk has turned to Caleb busting out of his shell during the after party. He says they will see some of the craziest break dancing they have ever seen. He does a windmill in the yard (not well), He says he is a fast learner. He learned to two step in ten minutes. He learned how to grind rails while snowboarding in three days.

2:00 AM BBT Victoria and Frankie are in HOH going over her veto speech. They practice it a few times and Frankie says boom and that is perfect. She repeats it one more time. Meanwhile in the BY Christine, Zach, Cody, and Caleb are talking about weather in the states they are from. Christine says the worst they get in AZ is monsoons that flood the streets. Zach and Cody compare hurricanes. Cody says they got rocked by hurricane Sandy. Zach speaks of missing a month and a half of school because of three hurricanes years ago.

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#BB16 Flashback Time: 5:20AM BBT Cody and Caleb are standing in the LR discussing pranks in the house. Cody tells Caleb about the fish under the pillow prank. Caleb says that he should put a banana in Amber's glass that she keeps by the bed. When she goes to take a drink, she will get hit in the face with the banana. He says maybe a banana peel right by her head. Caleb tries to get Cody to do it but Cody says he hates doing pranks. Caleb grabs icy hot - Cody says you can't do that. Cody tells him he is going to bed and he didn't see anything. Caleb gets a bottle of nail polish and it going to streak it down Amber's foot. He then goes over to Cody and says should he do it from her forehead to her nose. Cody says she will wake up in a second. In the end he takes a small pillow. As he goes into the HN room, he throws it at her. Hitting her in the head with it. He goes through the door. Amber gets up and heads to the WC where she runs into Victoria. She tells Victoria she had a pillow thrown at her but doesn't say who.

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#BB16 Flashback 8:00AM BBT CAM 1/2 Victoria has washed her hair and heads to the WC with her extensions wrapped in a towel to put them in. She comes out to dry her real hair. If you haven't seen her real hair - this is your chance.

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9:30 BBT HG's are up and doing ADL's. Nicole goes to BY and talks to Donny. She said she came outside to warm up. Nicole complains that it is overcast. Donny said it will pass. He is on the elliptical and said he is doing 20 minutes today. Donny said he told Cody, the scoundrel that nominated him, that if he was still here on Monday, he would do 20 minutes. Donny said he only has 50 seconds to go, and has gone 1.35 miles.

Victoria is called to the DR. Nicole heads into the WA and talks to Christine about food, and how they only have 2 nights left to sleep in the HN room. Victoria is back for DR. more chit chat in WA while ADL's going on.

Frankie and Zach in HOH bathroom. Frankie tells Zach about the pillow toss, but said Amber claimed not to know who did it. Frankie said he is almost ready for his close up. He wants to lose 40 pounds today. Frankie is glad the fish tank is on. As he is getting dressed in the HOH room, he starts humming/singing. Feeds cut to WA. All cameras are in there now. Caleb is up in his onesie. Said they only have 2 more nights in that hell hole.

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9:44 BBT Victoria is curling her hair, Hayden walks in for DR. Feed 1 & 2 go back to HOH bathroom. Zach is brushing his teeth and Frankie is talking. Frankie said he loves acting (well duh!)

Donny is outside on the couches with Amber. Caleb is watching them from the back door. Amber said she is hungry. Donny said he ate a bowl of corn flakes, that is good for your stomach. Amber said she doesn't like cereal and milk together. He suggests toast. That is also good for you. She is non-committal. Donny is on his last package of chew. He said he guesses he will have to quit, he will have whiter teeth and healthier gums. He said when he gets back he will try to get his job back and hopes he has insurance. He wants to go to the dentist.

Donny and Amber get up and put the awnings up. Donny gets a thank you for BB. He says Amber is helping too. Then she gets a thank you. They laugh and said it sounds like an Elvis Thank you very much. Derrick comes out and helps as well.

9:52 am BBT Frankie gets called to the DR. Caleb is now in the BY. He was talking to Donny, and Amber was with Derrick. Now they are all around the pool. They are commenting on how clean it looks. Donny wants in there later today. They say there should be some down time after the meeting (POV). Now discussing the transformation in the BY for the comps. Caleb said he was told there are 250 people that work for BB on the sets and behind the scenes. Talking about how they have people assigned to certain areas, and some are for putting it up and others take it down.

Derrick just went into the house. Said he is going to the HOH bathroom. Said #2.

Caleb and Donny talking about what is around them. Caleb says there was a big truck trailer when they first got there..."please don't talk about production", so they say other things. Talking about the rugs must be for looks, because they really don't do much. Also saying they needed a big trash can outside, it should be full by now. Donny mentions the theme this year is bird nest, and in the wedding comp (BOTB) there was a birds nest behind Caleb as he was hosting. They are going to start looking to see if they are at every comp.

Caleb goes in to HOH and and talks with Zach about the prank last night. He is really laying it on how he kept coming up with great ideas.

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#BB16 9:35AM BBT Amber and Jocasta in the WC. Amber tells Jocasta that someone threw a pillow. She doesn't know if it was intended for Victoria who was coming out of the Fire room or at her. In the HOH bathroom, Frankie asks Caleb if he is ready for a show.

#BBT 9:47AM BBT Frankie prepping his face in the HOH room. He goes over his comments for the POV with Zach. Amber is in the BY trying to decide what to eat.

#BB16 9:58AM BBT Donny and Caleb talking. Caleb tried to explain to Donny that they are in the corner of the lot. They get called out for production.

#BB16 10:02AM BBT Caleb in HOH tells Zach about hitting Amber with the pillow this morning. He tells Zach what Amber did after he threw it. (But he was in the HN room)

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Caleb said he took a rock pillow and went "wham" right in Amber's face. He said he closed the door real fast. He said she got up and looked around to see who was up (it was 6AM) Said Amber was talking about it this morning, trying to decide who hit her. Now Caleb is telling Zach what to do at the POV meeting. He wants Zach to put his hand in the POV box to keep Frankie from closing it, and to say that it is spontaneous and out of the blue, but he has some things to get off his chest...blah, blah ,blah Caleb doesn't want it to look like he orchestrated it, Zach said good idea, he was thinking about it last night.

Zach wants to go downstairs to get something to eat. Frankie is on his way up, so Zach goes in with him. Frankie said that he won't be closing the box, that Hayden will. Zach said good to know, and leaves to eat again. Asks Frankie if he is hungry, he said no, he is just going to have some coffee.

Frankie is complaining about how his butt hurts because of the comp, and that is a part of his body he uses.

Derrick and Hayden talking in the Ice room, but can't hear what they are saying. Sounds like they are in a tunnel.

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#BB16 10:10 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie are the HOH discussing everything from Frankie using A&D ointment from his rash to them getting BB tattoos.

#BB 16 10:16AM BBT Caleb tells Frankie in HOH how he hit Amber in the face with the pillow. He says he still wants to cut up bananas in her water. He just needs someone to eat the majority of the banana first.

#BB16 10:29AM BBT Zach tells Frankie about Caleb wanting to cut up the banana. Frankie says he yelled at Caleb for wasting a banana. (He didn't - he told him someone would prob eat it for him).

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#BB16 10:34AM BBT Victoria and Caleb talking in the LR. Caleb asks her if she saw anyone when the pillow incident happened. Victoria says she did not. Caleb tells her he went to bed about 5 and was in the HN room.

#BB16 10:36AM BBT Pillowgate is alive and well in the house. Victoria tells Caleb that she thought maybe Amber knocked the pillow off when she was sleeping. Caleb tells her maybe it was a ghost. Victoria says "you never know".

#BB16 10:42AM BBT Frankie wandering around the house complaining about how much pain he is in from the competition. He says he pulled his groin muscles as well as he has a rash in a sensitive area.

#BB16 10:47AM BBT Frankie in the WCA with Jocasta. He tells her that he is popping Advil like candy he is in so much pain. In the bee hive Victoria is practicing her POV speech.

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#BB16 10:55AM BBT HG general chatting and getting ready for the POV meeting.

#BB16 10:57AM BBT Frankie gets a little zing in on Caleb. Caleb is talking about how he has a strong feeling about the HOH comp this week. Frankie tells him: "You have a strong feeling every week and every week you are wrong."

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11:02am most Hg in the BY either sitting or playing pool with general chit chat going on .Frankie and Derrick in the LVR talking about their grandpas funerals

11:08am Amber and Jacosta are in the BY talking about adopting kids.... Amber says i would love to adopt.

11:11am Derrick is telling Frankie and Hayden and Victoria that he lost his fat his facial hair and everything since being in the BB house and Frankie says you look better now i hate the way you looked in that picture and you look so much better now.

11:18am We are now on Jeff's reels as they should be doing the POV Ceremony

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12:11pm Frankie says that happened so fast. Cody tells derrick to keep his mouth shut and Frankie says Cody you know this is a game now he puts everyone on blast now you have to know this. Cody says she is ignoring everybody now. In the rock rm Caleb says he is going to try to hold himself together bro to Hayden.Amber is in the have not room laying alone.

12:14pm Frankie telling Cody that no one believes Him. Cody is telling Frankie that caleb was bragging this morning about throwing a pillow at her heads.Amber heads to the DR and throws the door open.

12:18pm Frankie and Zach in HOH rm talking and Frankie says i am not mad at you but you said to Amber not to trust Frankie. Zach says i didn't say that and Frankie says you did but that's OK i am not made at you but you cant keep this going.Frankie says that is Amber defence to tell others that you started this.

12:22pm Frankie tells zach not to keep going on about all this or you will be on the block next week.Frankie says that he told Amber that he knew what he was going to do but he didn't know that the pov was actually going to be used.

12:25pm Frankie goes to the WC and zach goes to the KT where Donny is making food. Caleb is in the BY walking alone, Cody and derrick are in the beehive rm talking about Christine and Nicole being a threat as they go further in the game and How Christine knows everything in this game days and who did what.

12:27pm Frankie in the LVR now hugging Victoria then heads to the DR as he says i was just called in here and i was in the crapper. Caleb is still walking around the BY and Amber is switching laundry then goes back in the house.

12:30pm Donny tells Amber that he knows how she feels he has been there and she says i know you have Donny and its ok.. Jacosta and Hayden come in and she won't talk to anyone. Derrick and Cody ask Amber if she wants to talk and she says nothing to talk about and derrick says come on we didn't know nothing. She says i was the only girl left and you guys are working together. derrick says i aint working with anybody. Amber says this makes no sense. Cody says we have no plan to vote you out.Amber says that's fine but Frankie is just trying to keep blood off his hands. Derrick says you have to get Caleb he has a vote.

12:34pm Amber says i wont get Donny's vote and Victoria wont vote for me. Derrick says you have Christine and Amber says yeah maybe but i don't know what this plan is of Caleb's. This is a game and i am going to play like i want to and just because i don't want to have a showmance in this house, I am playing my own game and i have my reasons.I have my reasons for not wanting a relationship and i cant say why but all i can say is i lost someone close to me and she walks out. derrick gets up and leaves also.

12:38pm Amber went to the BY to talk to Nicole and Victoria and she tells them she is not hurt by anything zach says. I am not worried about what he has to say so i am the only girl there was to go up, So they will says what they want to say to make sure a girl goes up says Nicole.Nicole tells Amber be strong don't let them get to you. Amber says i will it is the fact i trusted Frankie

12:42pm Amber says i don't freaking know who covers me up in the have not room when i am asleep i mean Devin told me once and i said thanks Devin and i told Caleb i cooked for him the other day when he was a have not and i folded his freaking laundry too. Amber said just do what you been doing and Amber says i don't know i have worked my butt off in this game. She said derrick and Cody even said they didn't even see this coming.

12:46pm Amber and Nicole have gone inside and Nicole is trying to decide weather to lay out or not. Amber comes in and says that zach is going to insure that all eyes are on him this week and Christine says yeah i know.In the HOH rm Caleb telling Hayden that there was a final 6 alliance and Devin was in it then Devin left and we brought you Hayden in it but Christine and Amber were brought in by accident but there is a final 6 right here. of Hayden, Caleb, Frankie, Zach, Derrick and Cody. Caleb tells Hayden he is a part of the group and they have Christine Victoria and Nicole to get out before we go after each other.

12:51pm Frankie now talking to Victoria saying he is pissed so pissed that he didn't know that Caleb and zach were going to say anything or that Hayden was going to use the veto. Frankie says i am getting a bathing suit and Victoria says you are and he says yup.In the WA Nicole is going to head to the pool and Frankie runs to the HOH rm and says yup that it she is blowing it up making a girls alliance.

12:57pm Cody and Hayden in the Beehive with derrick talking about why Frankie put amber up then Victoria comes in and sits down and all talk stops now they are just messing with Victoria. In the WA Christine is talking to Amber about votes and Donny comes in and says Poor Donny is growing muscles.

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1:00pm Amber tells jacosta and Christine that she has had a tragedy in her personal life and i am not bringing that into my game and have a sob story to tell so i won't campaign against jacosta.She tells jacosta i was the only girl to put up so all 5 of us girls went up this week.

1:03pm derrick in the KT making pizza and amber comes in to get a drink and derrick tells her not to give in to him and don't respond to him he wants you to go off but don't do it cause that is exactly what he wants. She said i aint even when he was saying that i was just smiling.

1:05pm Amber goes out by the pool and Nicole ask her if she is ok and she says i am good it is annoying that Zach keeps laughing but i just ignore him and the only thing that hurts is jacosta being next to me.

1:06pm amber goes inside and ask to talk to Cody they go to the rock rm and start whispering really low. She ask him if this was the plan? Cody says i dont know and amber says i thought he would have put zach up but i am upset with Frankie for sitting there and not saying anything. Cody says i dont know what was going on but trust me you are not going anywhere.

1:12pm Frankie goes to the HOH rm and tells Caleb that Nicole said that Amber wants to start the all girls alliance back up and Caleb says and that is why she was put up and all she had to do is come to me and tell me she was sorry. Frankie says well everyone is going to make sure she feels safe and Caleb says well that's her fault all she had to do is come tell me she was sorry to me.

1:22pm Donny, Nicole and zach are in the pool relaxing and general talk. Cody and amber are still in the rock rm talking about why she went on the block and Cody said i don't think he wants you to go home. Hayden comes in and She ask him did you know i was going up? he says no and she says but you knew you was going to use it and he said yeah on Victoria. Amber says i have had your back more than Victoria.Hayden says i have said all the time i didn't know i was going to use it but Victoria chose me to play for her so i felt i should use it on her.

1:32pm Donny and zach in the pool talking general talk. In the rock rm amber and Hayden are talking about Hayden not wanting Amber to go and amber saying that she doesn't understand why she went up.

1:34pm Amber hugs Hayden and leaves the room . In the have not rm Frankie Hayden an Cody are whispering, Cody telling Frankie what all amber said to him and Hayden. Frankie says i have to go cook bye and leaves the rm.. Frankie is telling them that she told Nicole she was starting an all girls alliance.

1:43pm Derrick tells amber that this was all a spare of the moment thing cause he got up this morning and didn't know anything. Amber says well i just looked at him and smiled and derrick says yeah just smile at him and don't let them get you going.

1:52pm Zach is now in the Kt getting food as Caleb and derrick are having their have not pizza and Victoria laughing at them. Amber is now outside with Frankie and Nicole and Christine just general talk.

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#BB16 3:47PM BBT In the HOH now is Cody, Christine, Hayden, and Frankie. Frankie is telling them the story of confronting Caleb. Derick is in the BY telling Nicole and Victoria he is glad he wasn't part of the plan.

#BB16 3:54PM BBT Nicole comes to the HOH room and says she feels bad. Victoria joins as well. Frankie says that it's better this way. It's unanimous that Amber is going home and they don't need to tip toe around.

#BB16 4:02PM BBT Cody tells the pillow story to the HG in HOH. Except in his story he had no idea Caleb was going to throw the pillow at her. (Not true - Caleb had the pillow for several minutes and was threatening to throw it while Cody laughed.)

#BB16 4:13PM BBT Hayden and Nicole are talking. Nicole tells him that she is upset that she was used and didn't know abut the plan. Frankie and Caleb sunning in the BY.

#BB16 4:23PM BBT Nicole lies down in the rock bed. Cody jokingly calling for Production to call her out since she is a HN.

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#BB16 4:26PM BBT Cody invites Amber to snuggle and she comes over. Victoria gets up from the other bed on the side of Cody and leaves the BR.

#BB16 4:35 PM BBT Cody and Amber talk in the rock room. Cody asks he why she is upset. Amber explains that it's because the guys all knew there was a chance she would be put up.

#BB16 4:39PM BBT Frankie goes to HOH and complains that he is in so much pain. Caleb tells him that Amber is in the BR bawling to Cody (they are just talking)

#BB16 4:45PM BBT Frankie and Zach in bed in the HOH. Frankie says he hates that he had to get involved in all of this. He wonders if it will reflect bad on him. Zach tells him that at the end of the day, It doesn't matter.

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#BB16 4:51PM BBT Hayden and Amber talk in the rock room. Amber just talking about why she shouldn't be up.

#BB16 5:00PM BBT Donny and Christine talking in the BY. Christine tells Donny that Zach is a liar and tells Donny about when Zach blamed Donny for an alliance.

#BB16 5:07PM BBT Hayden and Caleb talk in the rock room. Caleb tells Hayden how much Amber gave up to be there. They talk. Hayden says nothing set in stone. Will see how the next few days go.

#BB16 5:10PM BBT Caleb is watching Amber through the back door. Tells Derrick that all Amber had to do was hold on and she didn't. He says that all he wanted was her number. Derrick tells him it may be a blessing in disguise.

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5:15 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are talking in the KT while Derrick does dishes. He tells Caleb that when he met his wife he said there was never a doubt where her head was at. When you meet the right girl you won't be able to shake her off with a stick. Meanwhile Donny, Amber, and Nicole are sitting at the lounge in the BY. They are just talking chit chat.

5:18 PM BBT Caleb is grossing out over Derrick's sardines. He says he sees fins and scales and he doesn't understand how people can eat that. Derrick says he just can't eat another bowl of slop. BB has just told the HGs that the activity bracelets are available in the SR.

5:25 PM BBT Caleb and Amber are in the beehive. According to Caleb, Nicole said she was telling the girls that the guys were working together to pick them all off. Amber says she only said that to imply she wasn't working with the guys and to get closer with the girls.

5:30 PM BBT Amber says they want her to get close to people then when she does they get mad. Caleb says he doesn't want her close to anyone but him. He tells her that he doesn't want her to give up. Amber says she sees things, she isn't dumb. Zach will never vote for her. She is upset that she will go home before Zach. Caleb says he wished she had run to him instead of the other direction.

5:32 PM BBT Amber says she has worked her butt off to get where she is but she doesn't know where she is going to get the votes from. Caleb says she has two days still. Amber says she is surprised but now all of a sudden Donny is talking to everybody. Amber "Well, you guys got what you wanted." Caleb "We wanted you to come to us." Amber says Caleb wouldn't talk to her when she wanted to talk. "I wanted to talk, but you didn't. Everything looks bad on me and takes it the wrong way or it doesn't work out and it looks the wrong way." Caleb "None of this was supposed to happen. All the guys think you are against them." Amber "I didn't say anything to Nicole and Victoria." Caleb "Yes, you did. You told them you girls need to stick together."

5:38 PM BBT Amber says the guys would have conversations upstairs and leave the girls out. She doesn't understand why she is on the block and not Zach." Caleb says he told them that he never wanted Victoria and Zach to make it to jury and not Amber. Amber "Zach has now made himself a target for me." Caleb says he is really bothered because three people told him she didn't want to go on the date with him. When you trust someone, they should be able to talk to them."

5:42 PM BBT Amber says she downplayed the date night because them as a couple makes them both a target. Amber can't believe how this has turned out. Caleb says he doesn't know what to believe because all the people in the alliance are saying something different.

5:46 PM BBT Amber tells Caleb that she is just being guarded and she can't help it. People are just taking it the wrong way. She decides she needs to go work out or run and leaves Caleb alone in the beehive room.

5:49 PM BBT Caleb goes to talk to Derrick in the BY. He says this is eating him alive. He is telling Derrick that based on his conversation with Amber, he knows that Jocasta, Donny, Christine, Victoria, and Jocasta are working together. If they get rid of Jocasta, they get rid of one of their numbers. If they get rid of Amber, they are getting rid of one of theirs. He tells Derrick that Amber only talked about the girls working together to appear that she is with them, but that she isn't.

5:56 PM BBT Derrick says before Caleb decides what to do he needs to make sure he is part of the majority and not the minority. If he is the one person trying to save her then they won't trust him anymore. He can't flip the script. Derrick "They are going to have a hard time overturning us when they can't win a freaking HoH." Derrick "You know what hurts Amber, she said if she went out before she thinks she should, she was going to blow up everything. Amber said this straight to my face. If you are trying to figure out the truth, sometimes you don't want to hear the truth when you like someone." Caleb "But Zach said the same thing." Derrick "Yeah, and he is going home. Just not this week because he isn't the one on the block."

6:00 PM BBT Derrick tells Caleb that the luck competitions are done for a while. "They can't beat us if it doesn't involve a lot of luck." Derrick says he never wants to be the guy that says he is voting out "Y" when the others are voting out "X". Next week they'll get rid of that guy. Derrick says he doesn't know why Zach was defending him while trying to blow smoke up his a$$. He says he saw Caleb put himself on the block, lost the BotB, and didn't even get a thank you for it. "You put yourself in front of Julie and she has never thanked you."

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6:06 PM BBT Derrick tells Caleb that you don't question it. You get an order and you do it. Derrick tells him to talk to everybody and get the general consensus. Derrick tells him that Amber may even be working with the girls more than what they have been told. It happens in the game all the time. Caleb tries to downplay Amber being a better player than Christine. Derrick says Christine hasn't won anything. Amber won an HoH and two BotBs.

6:09 PM BBT Frankie has joined Derrick and Caleb and puts his arms around Caleb. Derrick says they all have to be on the same page so there is no animosity amongst the group. Derrick tells him that he has been a man of word so far and voted against Brittany, which was best for the team, despite that he didn't want to. Caleb needs to be willing to do that again.

6:13 PM BBT Derrick tells Caleb that Amber is aware she has been the bottom of the totem pole in their group. She would be dumb not to win an HoH and decide she needs to thin them out by getting rid of two of their strongest. He could respect that.

6:15 PM BBT Derrick walks away leaving Caleb and Frankie alone. Frankie wants to know what happened while he was asleep. He basically tells Frankie everything he discussed with Amber and Derrick.

6:18 PM BBT After listening to Caleb, Frankie says it is very hard for Amber to make a case that she didn't blow it all up to the girls. Caleb doesn't understand why Zach is still there when he did exactly what Amber is being accused of doing. Frankie says if he knew that it would have been different today. Caleb just wishes she can make it to the first person of the jury.

6:21 PM BBT Caleb tells Frankie he gave up his job to be here. Frankie "Yes, that's a really big deal. I gave up my last days with my Grandfather." Caleb says he gave a promise and he broke up. It isn't him." Frankie tells him he wears his heart on this sleeve. He has been playing the game for Amber, not for him and not for Frankie. Caleb says he feels it is his fault. Amber wanted to talk to him and he didn't want to. Had he done that, she wouldn't have gone off and spoken to the girls. He feels to blame.

6:25 PM BBT Caleb tells Frankie that he knows Amber needs to go, but he prefers Jocasta to go this week. He would be completely in support of a plan to make Amber the first member of the jury. Frankie says that is definitely something to consider and he will have a conversation with Amber. Caleb says he would make a promise, if they keep Amber, that if she wins HoH and doesn't put up Zach and Victoria...he would volunteer himself on the block. Frankie "You are putting her game in front of your own again. You are doing it again. You are doing it to save your princess who doesn't give a shit about you."

6:29 PM BBT Frankie is trying to explain to Caleb how agreeing to go on the block, and going home, if Amber doesn't keep her word is giving his game up. He isn't getting it. Caleb says he feels like dirt because of how things backfired. Never in a million years did he ever plan on Amber going home. He doesn't want Frankie pissed at him for how he feels. Frankie says he isn't.

6:37 PM BBT The meeting between Frankie and Caleb has ended. BB asks that the awning be raised. Derrick and Frankie are playing pool.

6:44 PM BBT Amber is talking to Frankie now in the Beehive room. Amber says she doesn't understand why. Frankie says she knows why. Frankie reminds her that his reign is over, there isn't going to be a tie, he has no vote, and it isn't going to be a tie. Based on what Amber has said, it will be 5-4.

6:46 PM BBT Amber tells Frankie that she tried to talk to Caleb. Frankie says he knows and that is why she went to the girls. She said she didn't go to the girls. Frankie disagrees. Frankie says this was an ego trip by Caleb. He needed her to prove her loyalty so he manhood remains in tact. Amber says she was told the plan would be to put up Zach. Frankie says that was his plan but he can't do it without support. "No one was okay with him going up. Everyone was okay with you going up. What was I supposed to do." Frankie apologizes for not having the balls to go against them and she should blame him.

6:51 PM BBT Amber is working it out with Frankie. She needs to get Zach's vote. If she can get Zach's vote, then she should be able to get Christine's because she would have to vote with the alliance. Amber asks Frankie to be straight with her and tell her if he wants her out. Frankie hugs her and says of course he wants her here. Amber says she will put herself on the block, she will make that deal, so long as she is the first person in the jury. Frankie tells her she needs to fight for her game.

6:56 PM BBT Amber is trying to reassure Frankie that she is not working with anyone else on the other side, but of course she does have to talk to them. Frankie says he understands that.

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7:05PMBBT Caleb is repeating his side of the story to Christine in the BY. Amber and Frankie took a 2 minute break from their chat in the hive and are now back in there. Amber is visibly upset. They sit quietly for a few moments, she says to Frankie, "This is just another pawn position that's gone bad." Frankie suggests that they go outside "But don't mope!" They both say they need to work out.

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7:05PMBBT Caleb is repeating his side of the story to Christine in the BY. Amber and Frankie took a 2 minute break from their chat in the hive and are now back in there. Amber is visibly upset. They sit quietly for a few moments, she says to Frankie, "This is just another pawn position that's gone bad." Frankie suggests that they go outside "But don't mope!" They both say they need to work out.

7:15PMBBT Frankie talks coffee to Caleb on the couches in the BY. Frankie is pacing. Amber and Derrick are on the other couch listening. It is tense tonight! The feeds switches to Donny and Cody at the hammock. They are talking about what happened today and where they stand in the game. Someone alerts them to check out the clouds in the sky and how they look. They are now over by the gym equipment. Frankie says the cloud looked like a lonely little tree. Victoria and Nicole chat in the BY as well, by the hot tub. They agree if something frustrates one another that they will go to each other.

7:22PMBBT Amber and Christine are in the hive. Christine tells her that she has her vote. Amber is confused why Nicole would tell the guys that the girls were working together to get the guys out and Amber wanted it to happen. Amber says "They are watching me like a hawk right now thinking I am working with Nicole. If I stay, I clearly know who my targets are!" Amber tells Christine that she could be in her position next week. Caleb is trying to get that "final 6" from the bomb squad working together again, Christine says that thought scares her.

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