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Sunday July 27 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

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12:05 AM BBT Caleb says that this will sound bad but if he wanted her to go home this week then that would happen. He knows that saying that to her would make her blow up. Christine has now joined HOH and they are talking about manipulating any multiple choice HOH competition by having the group alternating A and B, meaning one of them would always be correct. Caleb then asks Christine if Amber has said anything about him today. She says no. Cody says she knows how long it's been since they've talked and that she just refuses to be the one to come to him. Caleb is sick of her playing the victim.

12:15 AM BBT Donny and Derrick are talking about Hayden using POV and Amber going up. Derrick asks if Caleb or Amber coming after them after one goes. Donny says there is no blood on the three of their hands because Hayden is the one using the Veto. They want to get Zach and Amber to fight at the veto meeting for America. Hayden and Zach move into the hive room and have a laugh at Caleb giving them his blessing to put Amber up. They love that Caleb thinks this is all his own plan. On the hammock, Derrick and Victoria are talking about veto. Victoria was told that there was going to be a back door but she doesn't know who. Derrick says then who cares it's obviously not her going then.

12:25 AM BBT Hayden and Amber are in the hive room talking. Hayden wants to know what she thinks about the Veto. Amber thinks he should leave it the same and not worry about it. Amber would like to see Jocasta stay until jury. Hayden says he is just trying to get a consensus of what the house thinks. Amber says she is just uneasy about getting through the next couple of weeks because the guys seem to be targeting girls and she is worried about her position.

12:35 AM BBT Hayden and Amber wrap up their conversation while up in HOH Frankie talks with Christine. Frankie says that when Amber comes up to talk to him about being put up that he is going to blame Caleb. He plans to tell her Caleb told him to put her up. Amber and Jocasta join HOH talk meaning that all game talk has stopped.

12:45 AM BBT Victoria, Derrick, Hayden, and Nicole are making small talk in and around the hammock about a car accident she got into when she drove into something at the gas station. The HOH crew is making small talk about food and Christine exits. Frankie looks at Jocasta and tells her she is safe this week and not going anywhere. He goes through each scenario that can happen at POV and says that all three of them make her safe in the end.

12:58 AM BBT Jocasta of course voices that she would rather not be in the block anymore and that she will have a talk with Hayden later. She moves on to talk about the make shift memorial service they plan to have for Derrick and Frankie's grandparents tomorrow. In the BY Hayden gets dinged by BB for saying that he hopes they don't play too much of the negative things he says about other people in the house. He jokes with Vic that he talks about her all the time.

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8:00 AM BBT Good morning friends. All four of our feeds are on sleeping HGs this morning. There is some tossing and turning going on in the Have-Not BR as blankets are being adjusted.

8:30 AM BBT Still sleeping

8:38 AM BBT Derrick gets up from the bed in the Have-Not room and props the door open. He goes back to bed. WBRB When the feeds return Derrick is again heading back to bed, this time with the door closed. It appears BB doesn't want the Have-Not door propped open.

9:00 AM BBT WBRB Possibly a wake up call.

9:21 AM BBT The feeds return with all the lights on in the house. The BY is open. Frankie and Caleb are there. Frankie wants to make sure Amber is not told she is the replacement nominee. He says it will be a day of hell if she knows. Amber, Nicole and Donny are in the KT.

9:25 AM BBT Frankie tells Derrick that he is sorry he didn't tell him sooner. Amber went on the date with him to spare his feelings. "It's no secret she treats you like $hit and you don't deserve that." Frankie tells him not to confront her on it today. Wait until tomorrow. [Maybe he is setting the stage for a POV meeting argument as part of Team America--Goldylucks]

9:30 PM BBT While playing pool, Derrick notices he and Frankie have similar style boxers. Frankie says his has vasoline all over his. Amber "Does it still hurt? Frankie "Yes." Donny "Are you going to the movies? You are picking your seat."

9:32 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb are still talking about Amber and Caleb's wounded heart. Frankie says he couldn't keep it to himself any longer because of his heart. Caleb says he is glad the real Amber is coming out and that viewers at home must not like her because of it. Amber and Donny have gotten a load in the washer. Amber climbs back in bed.

9:37 AM BBT Frankie heads back up to bed. He tells Zach that he told Caleb to sleep all day long and they will deal with this tomorrow after the POV meeting [Team America challenge?]. Frankie says he told Caleb it will only cause her to scramble and go crazy all day. Save it for tomorrow.

9:45 AM BBT Donny is up doing his ADLs. Everyone else has gone back to bed.

10:05 AM BBT Feeds 1/2 are on Frankie and Zach sleeping in the HoH. Feed 3 is Donny moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Feed 4 is of a sleeping Amber in the rock BR.

10:15 AM BBT Donny is sitting in the BY alone while the rest of the house is in bed.

10:26 AM We have watched Donny pop his knuckles, take a sip of water, check on the laundry, and use the free weights. That's it folks. The rest are still in bed.

10:38 AM BBT Donny is pacing. He is walking back and forth from the weight bench to the patio where the washer and dryer is. Back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes he stops and picks up the free weights again. Now he has the slinky and is playing with it while he walks.

10:45 AM BBT Donny has taken his clean sheets inside and is making his bed. Everyone else is still asleep.

10:52 PM BBT Donny has switched out his tennis shoes for a pair of flip flops and put on a clean shirt. He grabs his water bottle and heads back into the BY. Everyone else is still asleep.

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10:40 BBT Feeds 3&4 are on Donny outside doing laundry. Feeds 1&2 are on HOH room. Looks like Zach still sleeping.

No one else on the feeds. Donny is humming quietly to himself as he does laundry.

Donny still appears to be the only one up. He is putting his clean sheets on his bed in the Fire bedroom.

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10:55 BBT Donny is still the only HG up. He has finished putting his clean sheets on his bed, and goes back outside.

Donny is sitting in the BY. Takes off his visor, wipes his forehead then checks out his nails, fingers first, then thumbs. Scintillating!

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11:07 BBT Donny is laying next to the hot tub with his feet in the water, looking up. Lots of planes going by overhead.

No other HG's seem to be up. Feed 1&2 still on Zach sleeping with Frankie in the HOH bed

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#BB16 11:07AM BBT Donny sits by the Jacuzzi with his feet in the water. The other HG still sleeping.

#BB16 11:23AM BBT Donny has moved to the bee hive. He is playing with the slinky.

#BB11:41AM BBT Nothing new in the house. HG still asleep and Donny still enjoying peace and quiet.

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12:13 BBT Christina got up and went to WC. Then back to Ice room and back to bed with towel over her eyes. She asked Nicole for part of the blanket. Nicole is in the HOH robe. Donny still in Bee Hive room with the slinky. Christine is trying to get comfy.

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#BB16 12:01PM BBT Feeds are on the exact same thing - Donny playing with the Slinky in the bee hive and Zach sleeping in the HOH room

#BB16 12:11PM BT Some exciting news - we have movement in the BB house! Christine has crawled out of bed and headed to the WC. Donny yells out hello as she passes.

#BB16 12:15PM BBT The excitement is short lived. She goes back to the HN room and crawls in bed next to Nicole.

#BB16 12:31PM BBT Donny has been humming for the last 15 minutes. BB hasn't called him on it. Jocasta is finally up.

#BB16 12:46PM BBT Donny in the BY enjoying some coffee. HG still sleeping.

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3:00 PM BBT Jocasta, Christine and Nicole are in the WA admiring Jocasta's bruises on her legs. Her halter didn't catch her good during the comp yesterday. She points at the camera and tells BB "You messed me up." In the BY is Derrick, Cody, Donny, Hayden, and Amber just talking general chit chat.

3:04 PM BBT Christine, Jocasta and Nicole have joined the rest of the group in the BY. They are talking about people outside the house so all four feeds switch to Victoria who is rummaging through her clothes. Frankie is walking around singing "It's Sunday Funday. It's Sunday Funday." BB calls Victoria to the DR.

3:08 PM BBT WBRB when the feeds return the photo booth is open. The HGs head inside.

3:19 PM BBT Most of the HGs are enjoying the photo booth. Zach is just now getting dressed. He gets called down to get a new battery.

3:21 PM BBT Frankie goes to the KT to check on the slop. He uses one of his many accents to say "I making slop for my friends, I making slop for my friends."

3:25 PM BBT Caleb is sitting alone at the KT counter. He looks deep in thought. Most of the HGs are trying to see how many HGs they can stick in the photo booth at one time.

3:39 PM BBT Caleb talks to Derrick in the SR. He tells Derrick about Zach's conversation with Amber last night. He says Zach told him that Amber is taking credit for Devin being gone, only went on the date with him so his feelings wouldn't be hurt, she doesn't need Caleb at all, has been playing her own game from day one. Derrick "That's fu@ked up. Looks like you get the last laugh." Caleb "She's going on the chopping block."

3:55 PM BBT Not much going on in the house at the moment. The HGs are still playing around with the photo booth. Zach, Nicole and Christine are talking at the BY patio about life outside the house.

3:59 PM BBT Donny sits down on the patio with Nicole. Cody comes out and tells them the photo booth is almost done. Nicole says she wants a picture with Cody. Nicole gets up and goes after him. Donny "Thanks a lot Cody, I had her for 32 seconds." Cody picks Nicole up and brings her back to Donny. They all laugh and the two go to take their photo.

4:02 PM BBT Caleb is now sharing the Amber/Zach conversation with Jocasta. Jocasta wonders if Amber is just trying to distance herself so they are lumped together as a couple and target. Caleb says he isn't hurt because he turned it all off last week.

4:04 PM BBT Jocasta is telling Caleb that Amber told her the date was nice. They had great conversation as always. She says she doesn't understand these claims that Caleb has presented her.

4:06 PM BBT In the BY Donny and Nicole are talking about Amber and Caleb. Donny says that Amber is the brains of the two of them and Caleb will play his entire game to protect her. He says this is the chance to cut the head off the snake. Still, he isn't going to be comfortable until the POV meeting tomorrow.

4:15 PM BBT Caleb is still talking to Jocasta about Amber. Caleb keeps claiming that it doesn't hurt him at all. Meanwhile in the HoH room Frankie, Zach, and Cody are talking about Zach's next conversation with Amber. He is planning on defending Caleb to her so that Caleb will eat it up and be back on track with them again.

4:27 PM BBT The plan to get rid of Amber is getting extravagant. They are going to tell her she is nominated to prove her loyalty to the Bomb Squad. If she doesn't blow them up, she stays. Christine will then tell Caleb that Amber is telling the girls about the Bomb Squad thus portraying that Amber did in fact blow them up. Then they vote her out. They say they are going to do this so Caleb doesn't push to get Amber to stay.

4:32 PM BBT Team America (Frankie and Derrick at least) is on overtime. They have just convinced Zach to confront Amber (in defense of Caleb) at the POV meeting. They tell him to do this so that Caleb will be on board to vote her out. They are coaching Zach on exactly what to say. Zach is going to tell her she is ungrateful for the 5,000 things Caleb has done for her and never been thanked for. Zach can't wait for tomorrow.

4:39 PM BBT Derrick, Cody, Zach, and Frankie are still in the HoH. They are discussing next week's targets. They are trying to come up with plans in case there is 2 HoHs, only 1 HoH, double evict, or whatever. The ultimate goals are Jocasta and Caleb next week. Zach says he would rather trust Hayden over Christine. Frankie says he needs to get over that. They control her vote and does nothing against them.

4:44 PM BBT In the BY is Caleb, Christine, Nicole, Donny and Jocasta. They are making plans for the Memorial to Frankie's and Caleb's Grandfathers. It will be at 9PM BBT.

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5:04 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the house. Zach, Derrick, and Cody in the HoH. Donny, Jocasta, Christine, and Nicole in the BY.

5:08 PM BBT The BY crew is talking about life outside the house. In the HoH they are comparing Zach to Evil Dick. Zach says he told production that if they didn't pick him to be in the house then they are Fing stupid. Derrick "They didn't pick him because he's a nice guy."

5:10 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb are laying on the lounges in the BY. Caleb is wanting to know what Frankie's bullet points are going to be when he puts Amber on the block. Frankie says it is going to be about trust. He tells Caleb he doesn't want to put him on blast during the speech.

5:12 PM BBT Caleb tells Frankie he wants Amber to know that she will be on the block because he told him to. Frankie agrees that he will tell her that afterwards. Frankie says he wants it to appear that it was his own decision to the house but will tell Amber later that it is really because of Caleb.

5:19 PM BBT The HGs ask Zach to define Fruit Loop Dingus, something he called Nicole yesterday. Christine tells him Dingus is a word on YouTube referring to the penis. Zach didn't know that when he used that phrase.

5:30 PM BBT Zach and Cody are playing pool. Christine, Jocasta, Donny, and Nicole are still sitting around the patio. Donny says it is almost dinner time and he isn't even hungry because he hasn't done anything all day.

5:37 PM BBT Zach, Caleb, Frankie, and Cody are playing pool in teams. Donny and Christine are on that patio talking about migraines.

5:42 PM BBT In the HoH is Derrick, Victoria, and Nicole. Victoria is trying to prepare for her POV speech tomorrow. Derrick tells her to just roll with it. If she prepares with bullet points she could forget them and throw herself off. She just needs to be herself.

5:50 PM BBT The team pool tournament is still being played. Donny and Jocasta are walking laps in the BY. Christine and Nicole are laying in the hammock talking about Zach. Nicole says in sarcasm that he is her most favorite person in the house.

5:56 PM BBT Nicole is telling Christina that Cody talked game to her last night for the very first time. She says it was nice, they are on the same page, and now she feels better about him. Donny and Jocasta are still doing laps. Jocasta isn't walking with her weights because Donny is afraid she will drop them on his toes.

6:09 PM BBT Caleb and Cody are playing pool. Donny bets that Cody will still have four balls on the table when Caleb beats Cody. At the hammock Zach has joined Christine and Nicole. He tells them that this week has gone perfectly.

6:12 PM BBT Cody tells us that Caleb beat him by 6 balls instead of 4. At the hammock Zach is telling Christine and Nicole that the next two targets are Amber and Caleb. They are speculating how long BotB will go on. Frankie comes over looking for volunteers to do dishes with him. BB asks that the awnings be raised. Zach and Donny agree to do dishes.

6:17 PM BBT Nicole, Christine, Donny, Cody, and Caleb are raising the awnings. Donny says one day he is going to fall in the pool doing it. Caleb steps on a large industrial staple. He tells the girls they need to stop walking outside barefoot. It poked Caleb all the way through his shoe.

6:25 PM BBT Frankie and Zach are marathon cleaning the dishes trying to make as much noise as they possibly can, no pun intended. They are banging dishes around in the sink trying to make music with it. Caleb and Cody are still playing pool.

6:27 PM BBT Hayden is drying the dishes and Nicole, Victoria and Amber are both helping to clean the KT. Hayden gives them a "clean" glass and tells them that they still have some gobbly gook in it.

6:29 PM BBT Frankie and Hayden are talking about Rhinestone and Long John getting married and also marrying their cousins. Jocasta is cleaning the bathroom. Cody and Caleb are talking in the BY about Frankie using the veto and putting up Amber because she has proven that no one can trust her. It will be a test to prove her loyalty to the Bomb Squad. Caleb "If she blows us up, she goes home. If she doesn't, she stays."

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#BB16 6:50PM BBT Victoria and Christine whispering on the hammock. Christine tells Victoria that Donny confirmed she is his target today during a conversation.

#BB16 6:53PM BBT Caleb tells Zach that he is done with Amber. He has nothing left to say about it. He says she will learn who is in charge of all of this.

#BB16 6:58PM BT Caleb tells Zach that he ate a pickle for Amber. He says again how he did that for her and she just left him behind.

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#BB16 7:03PM BBT Christine complaining that she ate slop today and it didn't hurt her tummy but it gave her a migraine.

#BB16 7:15PM BBT Hayden, Frankie and Donny doing the dishes in the KT. Zach and Christine and Amber general chat in the BY about the comp.

#BB16 7:30 PM BBT Christine and Zach talk about Christine wants to move this next year. She was to go East Coast maybe Philadelphia.

#BB16 7:32PM Hayden joins the BY crowd. Christine says something to him about the guys always having trouble keeping their "packages" hidden. Zach says that Frankie's "package" is always hanging out.

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#BB16 7:43PM BBT Frankie has summoned Donny to the HOH room. He tells Donny that he wants to talk about game first and then TA. Donny says that his game is to be a loner. Frankie says that he is playing the opposite game. Frankie tells Donny that he feels he is playing a wonderful game. Frankie says that he will honor their pact and will not put up Donny or Derrick.

#BB16 7:45PM BBT Frankie says that the plan is to blow up with Zach to blow up at the Veto meeting. Frankie tells Donny and Derrick (who has just come up) that the plan is to back door Amber.

#BB16 7:58PM BBT In the KT Christine and Amber make something to eating.

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#BB16 8:04PM BBT Frankie and Donny talk about who in the house are superfans. Frankie says Jocasta is a Super fan.

#BB16 8:17PM BBT Hayden and Frankie do not get together. Frankie starts to get dressed for the memorial. Hayden wanders through the BR naked.

#BB16 8:19PM BBT Hayden arrives in HOH. He says everything is a go. Hayden says that Caleb will think it is his idea.

#BB16 8:24PM BBT Caleb asks Donny if he thinks his jeans can be repaired. They have a tear. Donny says maybe a patch. Caleb says the jeans were $200.00.

#BB16 8:28PM BBT Hayden goes over his veto speech and what he will say. He wants to save Victoria because she picked him for the Veto.

#BB16 8:34PM BBT Hayden, Frankie and Zach discuss how all the worst BB players are being voted out.

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#BB16 8:41PM BBT Frankie talks about he feels its DE this week. He and Victoria say they are tired of the BOB stuff.

#BB16 8:48PM BBT Caleb picks up a pair of Frankie's shorts and says that he thinks some of them would fit him. Hayden tells him it would be to tight.

#BB16 8:55PM BBT Frankie and Victoria continue to bash HG both past and present. They both hated Britt.

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9:00 PM BBT Victoria and Derrick talking in Fire BR. She tells him that she just talked to Frankie and he verified that she is coming down and Amber is going up in her place. Donny and Caleb sitting in LR waiting for memorial to begin.

9:05 PM BBT Zach, Hayden, Christine, Cody, and Nicole in the KT. Frankie comes downstairs wearing a white button down shirt with sleeves rolled to biceps and a black bow tie. Everyone tells him how great he looks. Donny called to DR. Caleb sitting alone in the LR.

9:15 PM BBT Now Frankie has a jacket on, as well. Someone asks when the memorial will get started and Frankie says around 9:30 PM BBT. Jocasta is getting ready in the WA and Frankie comes to tell her that his family's Patron Saint is St. Jude. He asks her to tie that in to the service. Derrick is brushing his teeth. The KT discussion has turned to whether Zach is Amanda's cousin. Christine says he's not. He says she isn't. Then he says she is. Nicole is confused. He says she's actually his older sister. He says he didn't make it up, Pao did. He just rolled with it. He asks Nicole if she really thinks they look alike and she says they absolutely do.

9:20 PM BBT The KT HG are discussing whether everyone hates Zach or not. He says the more people that hate him the better and he laughs. They think that "fruit loop dingus" is probably trending now. Nicole says that her family probably tuned in to the live feeds to make sure she was OK after seeing the nomination ceremony. She tells Zach that one of these days he's really going to hurt her feelings. He says then he will accomplish his mission. They are both smiling, teasing one another. Meanwhile, Derrick, Frankie, and Jocasta finalize the plans for the memorial in the WA.

9:25 PM BBT Caleb has been sitting in the LR by himself this entire time, but Derrick and Zach have joined him. Caleb tells Derrick that he's quiet. Maybe 'she' should be scared that he's quiet. He tells him that Zach is going to give a speech for him tomorrow, too. It's about time that 'she' opens her ears. That if she comes up to him today he's going to say that he's wasted his breath for 38 days and he's not wasting it anymore. Jocasta has put on a purple gown, looking very official. She is talking to the camera, asking, "Do you need to be saved, too? I got you."

9:30 PM BBT Donny comes out of the DR. He says, "Look at Victoria. I haven't seen her today and I've been missing out." She has dressed up for the memorial service. Derrick and Frankie take their seats in the orange chairs, Jocasta opens by saying, "This is so lovely." She says they are here to celebrate their lives. They start with Frankie giving a prayer to St. Jude. Frankie gets choked up during the prayer and then says that St. Jude has their back.

9:34 PM BBT Jocasta says she knows they are going somewhere better than their life on Earth. Derrick speaks now. He says he takes comfort knowing that his grandfather died in his sleep next to his wife. He is a believer that he is going to a better place and he will see him again one day.

9:36 PM BBT Frankie tells a story about his grandfather. He used to work for a telecommunications company. He started out as a clerk and was installing a light fixture and the dome didn't fit in the ceiling and if you hung it too low, it would start a fire. His grandfather said that he knew how to fix it. He went home and designed a fixture that ended up being designed and manufactured for the Navy. He said that taught him that if confronted with an obstacle, never give up, beat it, never take no for an answer, and always continue to fight. He said that's why he's still here with the HG and why he will continue to fight.

9:39 PM BBT Jocasta tells the HG about all the gifts they have to help Derrick and Frankie through this time of need. She opens the floor to the HG to say something. Zach says that he didn't plan to make any friends, but he tells Frankie that he's the funniest person he's every met and if there's something he values in a person, it's humor. Derrick, he can say the same thing. He's one of his best friends in the house. He looks to him as an older brother and he's one of the nicest people he's ever met. He cares about his family more than anything, and that's something Zach really looks up to.

9:40 PM BBT Amber says that these 2 fellas are amazing and she can't express how much she enjoys her time with them. She feels like she knows their grandparents. They can come to her, any time of the day, a shoulder to cry on, encouraging words, and she will be praying for them. Victoria - Frankie, from the first day they had a connection. She will be there for him, whether it's to pray with the kabbalah bracelet, anything. She just loves him. Derrick, he's like her brother and she's just sorry that it's happened to him. She's there for him and she loves him.

9:42 PM BBT Hayden says that obviously he doesn't know either of their grandfathers, but if they're anything like Frankie or Derrick then they're obviously great people. He's sorry for both of their losses and especially for it to happen like this. Consider it a blessing that they can go through it together and that they can all go through it together. Christine tells them that she loves them both a lot. She says they've only known each other for 40 days but that the relationship they have is better than ones she has with people outside the house. She also says that she can imagine both of them as grandfathers and she knows that their own grandchildren will have stories about them that are like the ones they have about their own grandfathers. She just loves them both a lot.

9:44 PM BBT Cody calls them that their connection kind of says it all. He never thought he'd make such good friends. He knows that if he went through this, they would have his back tenfold. he hopes they know he has their back and that he's there for them. Caleb says that everyone has taken the words out of his mouth. They're both great men. God has a plan for Frankie and Derrick. They may not see it, but God had a plan for had for both grandfathers, too and he honestly feels that both lived that dream out. He's not even sure what their walk was with God, if they had a relationship with God, but God is a great God. But at the end of the day they've both had such an impact on him, he'll get both of their numbers and fly them out to Kentucky any time and if his grandpa passes he hopes they are there for him. At the end of the day they can come to him for anything. He would wipe their butts if that's what they wanted. At the end of the day he loves them both genuinely as friends, as brothers, and as a brother in Christ. He has 2 shoulders, and there's 2 of them.

9:47 PM BBT Nicole loves them both a lot. They have made this experience better than any superfan could imagine. She's sorry they have to go through this. Donny loves them both like brothers. They and their families will be in his prayers. Jocasta asks them if they feel the love. Jocasta thanks BB for allowing them to show that they will be there for one another and stand for one another. They all do the Lord's Prayer together. The service closes with a lot of hugging and kissing.

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9:53 PM BBT Frankie and Victoria are talking in the HOH room. He is saying it is so weird that he doesn't know anything about the funeral or where his grandfather is buried. He says, "Is it weird that I almost hope they videotaped it?" Meanwhile, Jocasta and Amber are talking about the service on the BY patio.

10:03 PM BBT Cody comes to the HOH room and Victoria leaves. Frankie tells Cody that Vic has brought up the idea of backdooring Amber. He tells Cody that he's going to say that Caleb made him do it. Cody tells Frankie that Caleb told him he has something in the works right now. Frankie says there are going to be fireworks. Cody says it will be a fun one. Cody asks how Donny feels. Frankie says that he won't give names. Cody asks what his game is. Frankie says that Donny is fine as long as he isn't going on the block.

10:08 PM BBT Frankie asks Cody how he feels about Zach for real. He says that he uses his name to get out of situations and that's not OK. Frankie says that he will go crazy and he just wants to tell him to shut the f*ck up. Cody says that Zach thinks he's a master of the game but he keeps making their games harder. Frankie brings up Caleb and says that Caleb is loyal to a fault. Cody says that his problem with Caleb was that he got so upset over the Amber thing. Frankie says if Caleb wins HOH he will put up Victoria and Donny and backdoor Zach. He thinks anyone will backdoor Zach. Cody worries about that because he thinks that Zach will explode everything. Frankie says that Zach has said he would sacrifice his game for all of them. Cody worries that he can't help himself. Frankie says he worried he would blow things up at his grandfather's memorial!

10:15 PM BBT Cody and Frankie talking about their feelings about Zach. They both worry he could blow the alliance up if he's put on the block. Cody is also unsure about Donny. Cody really hopes that this week will be a double eviction and finally just 1 HOH.

10:30 PM BBT Frankie and Cody still discussing Zach. They believe that if thing stay with 4 nominations, Zach will definitely be one of them. The conversation changes to Brittany. Frankie thinks she has a way with men and it didn't work with him. Cody doesn't believe that Brittany threw the Deviled Eggs competition. Cody brings the conversation away from Brittany. He says as long as Frankie and Derrick don't go anywhere he feels better. Derrick comes upstairs. The discussion turns to how they will all play it after the POV ceremony. They are going to tell Amber that Jocasta is going home. They need to make sure Amber doesn't blow up the alliance. They are going to tell her she has the votes, you're not going home, you're safe.

10:41 PM BBT Christine, Nic, Hayden, Caleb, Donny, talking about Sister Wives and My 5 Wives. HOH Room - Zach has come upstairs. They discuss exactly how to play everything out. Zach is still going to give his speech (Team America will accomplish their mission) and then everyone else will say that he's crazy... she's safe. Zach gets up and starts to practice what he's going to say. Derrick and Frankie are loving it. Now Caleb is upstairs. Zach says he's not even going to refer to Caleb as "Caleb"...he's going to refer to him as "Beast Mode Cowboy." Everyone is laughing.

10:50 PM BBT Zach plans to talk about how Caleb went on the block for Amber, risked $500k for her in power of veto comp, more than any of her other boyfriends combined, gave her his blankets when she was a have not, ate a pickle for her. Derrick says that Caleb needs to wait to see if she has anything to say.

11:07 PM BBT Amber and Derrick are in the beehive. She tells him that things have been weird with her and Caleb. She also says that she and Zach had a hash it out date. She says that it went really well. She said that out of respect to her family, she'd prefer that he not do that. Gamewise, no problem. Derrick said, keep the personal s*it out of it. She said that Caleb tried to talk to her later that day and she didn't feel like talking. Later that day she asked him if he was OK and he just ignored her. Meanwhile, Cody and Zach are in the SR cracking up completely. Cody said he had to walk out of the HOH room because he couldn't take listening to the speech again. He says that Zach works Caleb so well. Cody said he couldn't listen to the story about the pickle again. Cody says, "Did he save her life twice in this game???" Zach says, "Noooooo!" They are laughing hysterically.

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11:25 PM BBT Amber and Derrick still in the beehive. Amber says she wants to play the game respectfully. She tells Derrick that he's the one person she trusts and she wants someone who plays the game like she plays the game win it. Hayden and Cody talking about Zach's speech. Hayden tells Cody he wants to talk to Frankie about the POV tomorrow. Hayden wants to tell Caleb that he's not using the POV on Jocasta. He's going to tell him that Vic chose her as HG choice and that Vic is a vote for them. He said that he almost told him tonight because he was pissing him off so badly, but he knows it's better to tell him right before the ceremony. He told Frankie that Caleb pisses him off every time he opens his mouth. Vic comes upstairs. She wants to practice her speech with Hayden.

11:47 PM BBT Derrick and Cody talking in the HOH room about his talk with Amber. Meanwhile, Amber goes out to the BY to lay down in the hammock with Frankie. Cody tells Derrick he is getting really nervous that something is going to go wrong. They say that they know that no matter what Frankie says, he's doing this for the house, he's doing this for Caleb... he's really doing this for himself. They both say that Caleb is the target next week. They both realize that he's protecting Caleb for his own game, that he will a jury vote for Frankie. Back at the hammock Frankie and Amber are talking about Brittany and the fact that she used all her makeup.

11:55 PM BBT Frankie and Amber talking about Jocasta vs Victoria in the game. Frankie doesn't know where Jocasta is in the game. He says that Victoria is kind of useless in the game. Cody and Derrick say that they worry about going up against Hayden, but the good news is that Frankie wants Hayden out, so hopefully he will take him out and they won't have to worry about that.

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