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Saturday, July 26 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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#BB16 12:13AM Christine and Hayden are chatting in the HT. Donny and Caleb inside in the LR just sitting quietly.

#BB16 12:25AM BBT Victoria is telling Christine, Nicole and Hayden about her city. It is perfect and no taxis or buses are allowed. She said that there was a crack in the sidewalk and she tripped on her roller blades. She sued and won money. She first said she sprained her ankle and then said she broke her leg. Said she couldn't work for 3 months. Christine asks her did she sprain or break? Victoria says she has no idea, she wouldn't let them xray her. But she won. The HG laugh.

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8:55 Feeds are back. Donny and Frankie are in the KT. Hard to hear because Frankie is scraping. Donny is eating out of a bowl (cereal I think). Frankie appreciated the music this morning. Said it made him feel like he was back home. Victoria walks in, Frankie is saying good morning to her. Frankie tells her she was in his dream last night.

Donny says they can talk about the past in present tense, but they can never talk about the future. Frankie says, ok, yeah, say what? BB says the bedroom lights must stay on during the day.

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Frankie says he can't believe production ran to his home to get his favorite CD. Frankie is excited about the Veto comp. He and Donny think it might be fairly soon. Frankie said they have to build the set.

9:03 BBT Donny now brushing his teeth in the WA. Victoria is doing ADL's and Christine is under a blanket on the lounge in there.

Victoria goes into the KT and Frankie gives her a big hug. Frankie is excited because he has never played in one. Jokes with Victoria that she is a pro at them now. Frankie said Veto is his favorite comp. Frankie tell Victoria that the microwave doesn't work. They think it is from previous years. Frankie asks for a new microwave.

Frankie says he loves Madonna. He said when he got into the house he didn't know if people would like him. He said Madonna said if you are a true star, that half of the people would love you and the rest would hate you. Now talking about role models. He said people get upset that Justin Bieber needs to be a role model for their kids. Frankie said why don't THEY be role models for their own kids, not a kid that makes millions. Now Donny and Frankie are discussing Miley Cyrus, and how she changed once she got away from Disney's control.

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9:10BBT Frankie said he is going upstairs to take a shower an make his face look pretty. Victoria is sitting at the counter eating her cereal. Jocasta is in the WA doing ADL's.

Frankie said he told Zach to settle down last night. He said Zach likes to stir up trouble, he wants to be a memorable character. He and Victoria are talking about trouble at the noms ceremony. Frankie said it was because people were upset over being nominated, not because of Zach. Frankie promised to babysit him all week. He wants his HOH week to be calm. Frankie said whoever wins Veto, he will talk with everyone in the house and get their opinion. Tells Victoria to just have fun and not to worry. Frankie said this game is not fun. Donny walks in and Frankie asks him if there is anything fun about the game. Donny said no. He was just in the bathroom and wondered if anyone was going to walk in on him. He said washing dishes in cold water was not fun either. Frankie went upstairs to take his shower, said he will be down in 30-40 minutes. Victoria and Donnie left alone in KT. Chit Chat about what time they went to bed and how they slept. BB again says bedroom lights must be kept on during the day.

BB says it again. Donny thinks it is the Have Not room. He gets up and walks away. Victoria still eating cereal and Jocasta doing make up. Donny comes back and asks Victoria if she has been a fan of Big Brother for years and she said yes. They are talking about the Veto comp, then Donny says he wishes he would have brought more shirts with him.

Donny asked what Victoria's first impression of the BB house was. She said she was confused. Donny said lots of wood, then the garden up above. Talking about what they thought it was going to be, and how it wasn't veterans and their family members. The board was big. Discussing the changes in the house. Just chit chat.

Donny and Victoria talking about the Gaza strip, Israel and the trouble there. Giving their opinions of what is happening and why.

Donny is washing dishes, Victoria goes to WC.

Donny is walking around the LR and DR, then checks his Fit Bit. Seems to be doing laps while stuck inside.

While Jocasta and Victoria get ready for the day, Donny is sweeping the kitchen.

Christine is bundled up in her sweats, sitting in the WA. She said she didn't sleep very well. Her hips hurt, and she can't take any pain meds. She is going to take naps today.

9:34 BBT Nicole and Amber have joined the bathroom group. Hard to hear with hairdryer going, plus no game talk.

Donny is sitting in the LR reading the box of Gorilla Munch.

Pity party in the WA because they are soooo cold, getting sick because of Have not room being so cold...No one else is joining in (they have been there!)

(I am out for a while)

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9:40AM BBT: Jocasta seems a little down in the dumps, she says she feels alone in the house. Donny gives her some of his BB house philosophy. Donny says he's gotten closer to some people, to where he can sit in on conversations, whereas early on, everyone would sit separately from him. He say's Jocasta has a good chance of staying because she doesn't cause trouble and, although he hates to say this, she is not great in competitions.

10:00AM BBT: In the the HoH room, Frankie and Zach are talking about there target for this week and how they'll tell Caleb Frankie's putting up Amber. Frankie says that he'll tell him before the PoV meeting, and that it's best for his game that she's not there distracting him.

10:05AM BBT: Frankie says he slept nine hours last night and feels great.

Frankie addresses his family, who he believes are getting ready for his grandfather's funeral. Frankie tells the live feed viewers he feels he has a good chance of winning veto today. Frankie and Zach review their preferred order of eviction: Amber, Caleb, Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole, Hayden, Donny then Detonators. Frankie warns Zach, "Just no more unplanned tirades. Planned tirades are OK."

10:15AM BBT: Frankie: "You know when I first met you I thought you were a spoiled rich kid." Zach: "Oh not at all. I mean my mom makes close to six figures, close to, but my dad started his own business and it didn't go well." Zach says he's been working ever since his brother was born. He doesn't have a car, he worked two and a half jobs all through college to pay his own rent and meals, and when he's come home on breaks he'd go right back to work.

Donny: "I can be up and out in ten minutes. Breakfast, wash, brush my teeth and out." Christine: "What kinda breakfast?" Donny: "Pop-tart." Christine: "How long will that get ya?" Donny: "'Til my nine o'clock cracker break."
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Between 10:15 AM BBT and Noon the HGs picked players for the veto. Playing for the veto is Frankie, Jocasta, Victoria, Hayden, Christine, and Donny.

12:00 PM BBT Christine, Victoria, Hayden, Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, Derrick, and Caleb are sitting in the LR talking general chit chat, mostly about Devin. Cody, Frankie, and Amber are cleaning up the KT. They are on IDLD.

12:05 PM BBT Frankie is entering the HGs with his French accent. Cody appears to be frying up some bacon. The HGs in the LR are talking about people outside of the house so the feeds keep changing to all four feeds on Cody.

12:16 PM BBT The HGs in the LR are talking about Brittany and swapping stories about her. They say she kept forgetting her sad story tales. She told some she lived in an apartment and didn't know if her bills were being paid. She told others that she owned a house and her Dad was paying for everything. She again told others she had to take money from her kids' piggy banks for groceries. Jocasta says she got that story directly from her. Christina says Brittany gets no pitty party from her.

12:24 PM BBT Jocasta is having a breakdown with Amber in the beehive. Earlier she told the story about having to take her kids' piggy bank money for groceries. She says it was the worst thing she has ever done. She cries uncontrollably. Amber walks out to get her some tissues. Jocasta prays out loud thanking God for this opportunity and for His love. She has a brief heart to heart with Amber and then dries her eyes and they leave the beehive.

12:33 PM BBT Hayden is pumped up to be able to play in the POV. It will be his first one. He is walking around the house saying "Let's Go...I'm Pumped." Christine is upset that she "looks like crap" for the POV meeting to pick players. She didn't do anything to dress up because she really didn't think she was going to be picked or get camera time. BB tells Nicole that sleeping is only allowed in the BRs. Nicole is laying down in the LR but is clearly not sleeping. She tells BB exactly that.

12:38 PM BBT the feeds switch to Jeff's highlight reel.

12:40 PM BBT I don't think it's the POV because BB switched it from the highlight reel to WBRB.

12:44 PM BBT Jocasta is not happy with Brittany and shares her feelings with Cody. She found out that Brittany has someone paying her bills, drives around in a new car, and used Jocasta's life experience about using her kids' piggy bank money as her own story to bolster pity. Jocasta says she feels bad Brittany was going through a divorce but at this point, she doesn't know if that is true either.

12:48 PM BBT Cody gives Jocasta, whom he calls Mama J, a supportive hug. Amber walks by wet and wrapped in a towel. Cody says "Something smells good mmmhmm."

12:50 PM BBT Jocasta goes upstairs to the HoH with Frankie and they lay in the nest. Frankie snuggles with her. He tells her "come here, that was hard to hear too." She tears up again.

12:54 PM BBT Jocasta tells Frankie that she is really pissed. She said she only talked to Brittany about her kids because she didn't completely trust her. She feels betrayed that Brittany took something that happened in her real life, in confidence, and used it to her advantage. Frankie says she told people different things. She says "I knew if I opened my mouth about game she would flip it. I didn't know if I opened my mouth personally she would take it." They wonder if she even has kids. Jocasta thinks she threw the Deviled Egg competition because she couldn't explain why she wouldn't be getting pictures of the kids in the HoH room. Jocasta said she didn't drop any the entire time until the two she dropped at the very end when they had a lead.

1:03 PM BBT Frankie "She dropped those eggs to cover her a$$ and then she goes home. That's karma for you." Frankie does a shout out to Brittany's kids who he no longer thinks exists.

1:08 PM BBT Frankie and Jocasta are still in the HoH together. He says he is very blessed because he got to speak to his Grandfather. When BB took his cellphone away he told them they weren't taking him until he said goodbye to him. He says they (BB) filmed it so he will forever have that final conversation he had with him.

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1:00PM BBT: Jocasta and Frankie are in the HoH room taking laying on the bed, while Zach, Donny, Derrick, Nichole and Amber are all sitting in the living room just chatting no game talk

1:10PM BBT: Jocasta is talking about the BotB and how Nicole dropped her eggs, and how if she had not have dropped her two eggs they would have won it. She goes on and on with this.

Frankie is saying that Christina flipped a switch durning the BotB

Jocasta is saying how Christina said she has never traveled like been to Californa before now.

1:15PM BBT: all the other houseguests are in the living room talking,

While Jocasta is still venting over Victoria dropping her eggs durning the BotB. Also talking about her family to Frankie.

1:20PM BBT: Jocasta is now talking about her son graduation,

everyone else is still in the living room just talking.

1:35 BBT: Victoria shows the cam her index finger and everyone starts laughing, Frankie and Jocasta are now talking about Brittany, and how phony she was all cameras are now on Jocasta and Frankie in the HoH.

1:31PM BBT: Jocasta and Frankie are just going back and forth talking about people in the house, and the others are still in the living room just chatting away. no real game talk is going on.

1:40PM BBT: Zach and Derrick are now up in the HoH with Jocasta and Frankie and the other are still in the living room talking.

1:45PM BBT: Hayden falls in the hallway Donny just stay down dude good place to be, Christia nice fall. Caleb is now up in the HoH.

1:50PM BBT: in the living room they are talking about old age grey hairs and tic tac toe, up in HoH they are talking about competitions.

1:55PM BBT: up in HoH they are talking about the punshishment veto and Brittany, in the living room they are just being silly.
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1:45 PM BBT Most of the HGs are in the LR playing around. They are taking turns playing "Nomination Ceremony". They take turns nominating people and they do it for ridiculous reasons. At one point Hayden nominates Cody and Cody. Unable to be at two places at once, Cody lays across the two nominee chairs and asks when the POV is. Hayden says there isn't one. Cody has to go home.

2:17 PM BBT Hayden sees that Nicole is coming through the LR with a glass of water. Hayden ducks down next to the stump and chain saw. He jumps out at her. She screams and throws her water on him. They end up wrestling on the floor and he drags her fanny through the water spill.

2:21 PM BBT Nicole is walking around telling Hayden "You are going down." Amber notices a split end and says Holy Moley and WBRB.

2:28 PM BBT Frankie, Caleb, Zach, and Cody are all snuggled into the nest in the HoH room. Cody is listening to Frankie's CD. Nicole, Victoria, Chrstine, Donny, Amber, and Hayden are sitting in the LR. The HGs are still on IDLD. They are trying to come up with a game to play.

2:31 PM BBT Amber is called to the DR. The HGs clap and cheer. She is hosting the POV and they hope this means the POV is right around the corner.

2:36 PM BBT Donny asks Nicole what she thinks the POV will be about because she was spot on last time. She says she feels like Hayden is going to win it and it is going to involve running. Donny "anything that doesn't involve giant dice and Christine can win it."

2:38 PM BBT WBRB turns to Jeff's highlight reel. Might be time for the POV.

3:58 PM BBT They have been playing for the POV for just under an hour an a half.

4:19 PM BBT The feeds have returned. Jocasta is in bed and Donny appears to be getting some ice packs prepared for her. He places one in her armpit and one on the back of her neck. He fans her with a hat. In the HoH Hayden tells Frankie that he is going to use the veto on Victoria. She chose him to play and he will use it on her.

4:23 PM BBT The HGs are dressed in denim with chaps, button down plaid shirts, and cowboy hats. The POV must have had some kind of Western theme. Donny is telling Jocasta to drink some Gatorade. It appears she may be suffering from some heat exhaustion. In the HoH room, Frankie and Hayden entertain the idea of seeing if they can get Caleb on board to getting rid of Amber. They will talk again after photo booth fun day.

4:27 PM BBT Donny is talking to BB. He doesn't like Jocasta's eyes. He says they are jerky, dark, and round. Hayden leaves the HoH room and Zach goes in. Frankie tells him that Hayden is using the veto on Victoria and that their options are now Jocasta and Amber.

4:32 PM BBT Amber joins Hayden, Frankie, and Zach in the HoH room so the back door Amber talk has ceased. Caleb is talking to Cody in the KT. Caleb wants Cody to speak to Amber on his behalf. He wants her to know that he has been nothing but nice to her from Day one.

4:34 PM BBT Caleb finds a gallon of milk in the KT. It was out in the open the whole time they were outside. In the HoH Hayden is bummed that he left his cowboy hat outside.

4:36 PM BBT Frankie is wrapped in a towel. BB tells him to get his microphone on. Frankie "Rose, my anus is bleeding and I have a towel on. Give me thirty seconds please."

4:38 PM BBT Nicole and Christine are in the WA. I get the impression the competition consisted of riding mechanical horses or bulls. Nicole says Hayden's was really shaky. Christine says hers was really steady. Christine is feeling sick.

4:43 PM BBT Amber leaves the HoH leaving Frankie, Zach, and Hayden. He tells them that if he puts up Amber or Caleb then he will have blood over his entire body. Hayden disagrees. Nicole and Christine come into the room.

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#BB16 4:52PM BBT Christine and Zach talking in HOH. Zach says he apologizes. Christine tells him thank you for talking to her.

#BB16 4:56PM As a joke Zach starts yelling HOH - cursing and calling names. Derrick and Cody in the KT think things are falling apart upstairs. Cody runs up to HOH and opens the door. The Hg in HOH are laughing. Cody calls them names for pulling the prank.

#BB16 5:01PM BBT Hayden wanders through the HN room naked. Victoria walks in and covers he eyes. She asks him how he can do that.

#BB16 5:05 Celeb is explaining that he hasn't been speaking to Amber for 2 1/2 days. He explains it's because she was rude to him. He tells when he spoke to her about who her target is. He says he told her who told Zach that she was coming after Zach. Amber told him that if Zach puts her up then she was going to get back at him.

#BB16 5:09PM BBT Caleb tells Zach and Christine that he hasn't spoken to Amber in 2 1/2 days and until she is a woman and tells him that she wants to talk, he doesn't want to talk to her. He says that whenever she asks him if they are okay, he ignores her because that's not talking. He has done nothing but be nice to her. Zach agrees. She doesn't deserve him as a person at all.

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#BB16 5:11 BBT Caleb is upset because Amber thanked the entire room for giving her blankets in the HN rom and it was only Caleb. He froze just so she was warm and he she didn't thank him personally.

#BB16 5:16PM BBT Amber comes into HOH. Caleb has left. Zach asks Amber why she and Caleb broke up. She tries to explain that she has asked if everything is okay but she isn't going to keep at it if he isn't going to talk to her. She cares and at the end of the day, they are all in the house together.

#BB16 5:25 PM BBT Christine, Zach and Frankie discuss Britt and how many lies she told in the house. Frankie is sure that Britt was a Playboy bunny.

#BB16 5:29PM BBT Zach and Caleb are in the HN room. Zach telling him everything Amber just told him.

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5:57 PM BBT Still WBRB. It has been 20 minutes.

6:05 PM BBT The feeds return with the Have-Not alternative foods laid out on the KT table. It's deep fried pizza. The Have-Nots get an unlimited supply of pizza dough and canned seafood.

6:08 PM BBT Christine is happy and thanking BB. She got some gluten free pizza crusts. The Have-Nots are excited because they have a lot to work with. Nicole "America is so good to us." Derrick and Nicole are clapping and jumping up and down.

6:10 PM BBT Zach and Cody are in the beehive. Zach is upset with Caleb. He says Caleb is telling people that Beast Mode Cowboy wins every competition and is the toughest competitor in the game. They discuss if Caleb would be winning to vote out Amber. Cody says no, he would be the only one not to.

6:15 PM BBT Amber has decided she is going to attempt to use Have-Not approved ingredients to make them some garlic bread. Zach and Derrick are now alone in the SR. Zach says he is going to honor Caleb's request and talk to Amber for him. He then is going to misconstrue everything she says and report back to him. Derrick, it would so be so much easier of Caleb wants her gone.

6:21 PM BBT Caleb and Zach are in the SR. Caleb has been bugging Zach to talk to Amber on his behalf. Zach says he will tell her that Caleb is 99% of the reason that she is still in this game. Caleb says to hit the bullet points that he is the strongest competitor in the house and the only guy that Amber can trust, and he is the one she is not talking to. Caleb gives him a million things to say but then tells Zach to make his conversation with her short and sweet.

6:25 PM BBT Zach tells Caleb that he will talk to Amber for him. He is going to wait until the BY is open again so that everyone is spread out. Caleb is the only Have-Not who isn't pleased with the food choices. None of the fish is bass and he doesn't eat sardines.

6:27 PM BBT As Caleb and Zach are talking about Amber in the SR, Amber walks in. Zach asks if Amber heard what they are talking about and Caleb says she must have. He also says that Amber has doesn't anything to stay in the house. Zach asks if he feels that way, then why not cut her loose and get her out. Caleb says he doesn't want to get rid of her anymore than he does Cody and Zach. They are all part of it.

6:30 PM BBT Frankie is walking around with a crab. Zach "Do you crabs?" Frankie "Sorry, yes, I have crabs." He hands the crab to Zach "Here, I gave you crabs." Zach grabs the crab and sets in on the ground near the base of the stairs in the fake grass.

6:33 PM BBT In the KT Frankie says his a$$ feels like he has been riding a horse. He then says he hopes he hasn't embarrassed himself in the homosexual community. When asked why, he says "For losing in the riding competition."

6:38 PM BBT Nicole joins Frankie in the HoH. She tells Frankie that she is okay with both people staying on the block and she is also okay with Amber being on the block. Frankie "I'm not sure Amber isn't going on the block." Nicole says that Amber has been driving her batty.

6:40 PM BBT Nicole and Frankie are trying to decide which of the boys Amber would be willing to nominate. Frankie says she would put up Caleb. Nicole says no way. She wouldn't want to give up that safety net.

6:43 PM BBT Nicole tells Frankie that putting up someone and Jocasta leaving instead is a dangerous situation for him. Frankie says tomorrow he is going to pull everyone up to the HoH to talk to them. Last will be Caleb. He is going to tell Caleb how Amber really feels and that he is being an a$$ in the house. He is going to tell Caleb that Amber going up is a house decision. He is going to tell Jocasta that she is totally safe because he is putting a big threat up against her and no one will be able to resist getting rid of her.

6:47 PM BBT Frankie wraps a pink bandanna around his eyes so he can take a nap. He says out loud that he is exhausted and that his a$$ hurts. Hayden and Victoria are also going to take a nap. Zach, Cody, and Caleb are in the LR talking a unfortunate event involving some baby pigs that someone gave Caleb. WBRB.

6:51 PM BBT Nicole is talking to Christine in the fire BR. Nicole tells her that Hayden is using the veto on Victoria and Frankie is putting up Amber. Christine approves because Amber has been driving her crazy.

6:53 PM BBT Nicole sees that Hayden has gone to bed without her. Cody is in bed too and asks her to snuggle. Nicole "At least somebody asked me to snuggle." Nicole teases Hayden by climbing into bed with Cody and Cody wraps his arms around her. Hayden "Are you guys going to start mooning over there?" They then tease her by talking about her moaning in her sleep. They embarrass her all the way out of the room. Even after she leaves, they talk about her sleep moans.

6:56 PM BBT Hayden and Cody are in bed but still talking. BB tells them to put their microphones on. Derrick "Hayden and Cody, quit talking game in there." They yell to BB that they are going to sleep. Amber walks in and gets in bed too, resting her head on the center of Hayden's back.

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7:05PMBBT Amber and Cody horse around in the rock room, BB tells them to both stop muting their mics. Derrick and Hayden are in there with them. In the KT, Donny says it is time to shower and shave his beard. They all think he would look weird. When Donny came in, the beard was just to his nose and now it pulls up past his eyes. Nicole leaves to go laydown. They start talking about Toddlers and Tiaras and Here comes Honey BooBoo.

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7:16PMBBT Donny and Hayden talk in the KT. Hayden was surprised that the White house has more than one Christmas tree. Donny explains that with his job he is always on call but they rarely get called in. The rock room is a buzz with giggles, joking around and funnies. We got WBRB!

7:25PMBBT Zach and Donny are in the SR. Donny warns Zach "Be careful who you trust in the house." They talk about game, Donny feels like one of the young guys and is accepted maybe because he is the way he is. He pats Zach on the arm and says "I get some help from my buddies." They walk out into the house. It was a good reassurance chit chat. Zach is now in the KT with Caleb, Donny is in the fire room putting stuff away.

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7:35PMBBT Victoria corners Nicole in the HN room. She is whispering about Amber and things that were said. It is very difficult to make out. Victoria is upset over losing her hair and why she lost it and now she has fake hair, Amber judged her for it. Victoria whispers that her best guy friends don't even know. Nicole is telling her to not worry about it. Victoria says she was always known for her hair and this is a huge insecurity for her. She won't tell Nicole why her hair fell out but, it wasn't cancer. Derrick is now in the HN room. Victoria is still whispering. Derrick must know as she has continued talking about it. Victoria thinks Amber enjoys this. Victoria adds that she is just annoyed "big time". Christine was in the KT and was just called to the DR.

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7:43PMBBT Victoria and Zach are in the hive. She is whispering to him. He is trying to talk to her and she is being quiet. Zach says they took his photo away. He adds that the veto was so hard. In the Havenot room, Nicole is now talking to Jocasta. Nicole thinks that the veto may not get used. She is warning Jocasta. Jocasta says she will wait til Monday and see what happens. Nicole is sure Frankie will clear all decisions with Zach. The talk turns to Hayden and Nicole having a date. The feeds switch to the KT.

7:48PMBBT Victoria: Zach, I don't understand you! Zach: That's ok, neither do I.
She is trying to figure Zach out. He says he is a piece of crap and treats people the way he does because he can. She says "This is you. This is the way you should be. Why are you calling yourself a lunatic? People who are crazy go to a crazy house." (You are in the BB house... crazy enough) She tells him when he starts doing genuine things for people he will feel better about himself.

7:52PMBBT Victoria called Zach out for saying she looked miserable in the POV comp. He says is was funny, she says it made her uncomfortable. She is trying to get in his head. "And I don't think your mother's very happy!" He agrees. She tells him to be like this to make his mother proud. "You can talk like that to the guys but not the girls."

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8:02pm Zack in beehive rm telling Victoria about his mom not wanting him to get a dog and he said he was getting a dog anyway and his mom said as long as you vacuum everyday and he says and what did I do I didn't vacuum.

8:09pm derrick and Frankie in the HOH rm and Frankie eating cereal. Frankie ask if he is ok and he says fine you cant take a day off but being in this house is both a blessing and a curse.Frankie says basically Hayden is going to use the veto on Victoria. So this is what i came up with is tomorrow night i am calling each one up individually but call Caleb up last and tell him man to man what amber has been doing to him that she hates him and she is stinging him along to get further in this game.Then i will let him say what he needs to say and if he says what i think he will say which is put her up and derrick says what if he says keep her and Frankie says then we put Caleb up.

8:13pm Frankie says I am not putting Donny on the block cause of the team America thing. derrick says do you think we are on his friends list and Frankie says yeah he hates Caleb.

8:15pm Derrick says backdooring Caleb wow how do you feel about it? Frankie says i don't want to do it but i might have to.

8:16pm Derrick says now what about the fight i don't think anyone is going to do it do you? Frankie says i am going to tell Zach he can have his say at the veto meeting and all i have to do is say he can talk. derrick says that's good Frankie have hi tell her how bad she has treated Caleb. Frankie says yeah then she is going to be in this house for two days being a mess and miserable so we might have to lock it up.

8:26pm Derrick and Frankie still talking about Caleb and says if he throws a fit about her going up then he is going up. He says i will tell him do you want to stay here with a woman that is crapping all over your face and you don't realize it. I will tell him i am doing this as a favor to you cause you look like an idiot on TV. derrick says i support you in whatever you do

8:30pm Christine and Amber are going to the HOH rm and they ask are you guys busy? He says no they ask where Derrick is and Frankie says he is pooping.

8:33pm BB says the lock down is over and HG are heading outside.

8:43pm Frankie is telling Christine what he just told Derrick.In the WA Victoria and Nicole are talking as they get ready to go out to the BY.

8:49pm Cody, derrick and zach playing Pool in the BY as Donny and Jacosta walk

8:52pm amber is bringing laundry to the BY to wash and Nicole is going to sit outside.

8:55pm Frankie says if i had the veto in my hand i would be tempted not to use it and send jacosta home. Christine says yeah i know what you mean.

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9:00pm Amber in the BY talking to Nicole saying that either Victoria or jacosta can go home but i think that jacosta is the tougher competitor.

9:04pm Donny goes to sit with Nicole and Amber and Nicole says Donny i am hungry. Amber ask Donny if he is eating ice cream later and he said he might. Nicole gets up and goes in the house.

9:06pm Nicole says that Jacosta asked me what is wrong with Victoria she knows you think he is cute and she hangs all over him. Frankie says and Hayden is using the veto on her. Nicole says they are all gonna be pissed cause jascosta and Amber said the veto is not going to be used.

9:10pm Amber now comes in the HOh rm and Christine changes subjects to she doesn't know if the double eviction will be this week or next week. Amber gets on the bed and lays down.

9:14pm Nicole talking about the have not food they got today and she says America love derrick is why we got good food this week for have nots.In the BY is general talk around the hammock.

9:17pm jacosta says she wants to talk to Frankie and Derrick about their grandfathers for the memorial service they are going to do tomorrow. Derrick says ok we will talk later.

9:21pm Hayden and Frankie are whispering about Caleb and amber and Victoria in the WA. they now go out to the BY to play pool.
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#BB16 9:45AM BBT Zach and Hayden are in the SR> Zach tells Hayden that he has been turning Caleb against Amber. Zach says he can't wait to tell Camber she is on the block.

#BB16 9:49PM BBY Caleb and Derrick talk in the HOH. Caleb talks about his favorite subject. Caleb turns on the HOH TV to see if he can find Amber. He says that he knows that she was just trying to make him jealous during the comp. She was sitting on a hay bale between Cody's legs.

#BB16 10:01PM BBT Frankie isn't very hungry but is going to make the tuna steaks. Caleb in HOH watching the HOH TV.

#BB16 10:PM BBT Victoria and Cody are on the hammock. Victoria complaining that Frankie is acting so different towards her.

#BB16 10:13PM BBT Cody and Victoria still talking on the hammock. Now they are discussing Amber. Victoria says she wants to tell him something but it's personal. The first week in the house Amber asked Vic if she had extensions. She asked several times since then including today. She says she told the girls and now she is telling him. Her whole life she has been known for her gorgeous hair. Her best guy friends don't know. Three years ago she lost her hair. All gone. She won't say how she lost it. She didn't go to school for several months because of it. She tells Cody that it's not all her hair and she is frustrated that Amber knows it isn't.

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#BB16 10:23PM BBT Victoria tells Cody that she gets called into DR every morning for her meds for her hair growth.

#BB16 10:34PM BBT Frankie and Caleb in the HOH. Caleb discussing to put up Amber to teach her a lesson. She is floating to the other side. He said it was cause her to think she is being backdoored. He said he knows where she will come to for safety.

#BB16 10:36PM BBT Caleb says they should take this opportunity to scare her to death. It will be a chance to pull her in and remind her who she is supposed to be with.

#BB16 10:42PM BBT Caleb tells Frankie that it will scare Amber back into place where she is supposed to be. Frankie says he thinks Hayden will use the Veto.

#BB16 10:47PM BBT Caleb says that at the end of the day the romantic cowboy puts up the girl. Frankie tells him he is so glad the beast is back. Caleb says that it will give her three days to straighten up.

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#BB16 10:49PM BBT Caleb says he doesn't want Amber to go home but he wants her to remember where her place is in this house.

#BB16 10:54PM BBT Caleb describes the tattoos he is going to get when he gets home. To 6-shooters on his check with roses and the word outlaw or old school, he hasn't decided. On his back will be giant angel wings.

#BB16 10:57PM BBT Caleb talks to Hayden about using the veto. He tells Hayden that they want to put Amber up on the block to scare her and test her.

#BB16 10:568PM BBT Caleb tells Hayden that Beastmode Cowboy is in his game. Mr. Romantic is gone.

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11:15 PM BBT All four feeds on the BY with some small talk going on about BB taking one of Hayden's shirts. Donny called it a good luck shirt. They are by the pool with Christine. Jocasta is watching Frank and Caleb play pool. Caleb is now talking about the fact that he used to compete at country music dancing.

11:25 PM BBT Derrick and Cody have gone to HOH and is going over what to do next week. Derrick brings up Caleb saying he wants Frank to put Amber up just to scare her. Cody says that he is going to flip when she goes up and out. Derrick says Caleb thinks he can save her and can show her she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. They have a laugh about it.

11:35 PM BBT Cody calls Caleb an idiot because putting Amber up is his way of getting Amber to talk to him. The go through who they trust in the house and who to watch out for. Derrick says he never talks about Donny with Hayden because the two of them are always talking on the hammock. They agree that they want each other to be the final 2. Derrick says that they just need to avoid being on the block together. Cody moves back to talking about Amber and how they will smooth her over until she goes home.

11:45 PM BBT On the hammock, Donny and Hayden are talking about working together. Donny says he trusts Hayden and wants to work with Nicole through Hayden. Hayden says he trusts Nicole a lot and Donny a lot. Hayden wants to use POV on Vic, but he hopes Jocasta doesn't campaign too hard. He wants people to not know he is using it until it is used. He plans to tell Jocasta she is not the target and not to worry. Hayden brings up seeing Zach go next week, but Donny says that he has to play week by week in this house. They break up the conversation buy Donny telling Hayden to go flirt with some girls.

11:55 PM BBT Frankie and Hayden are now having a hammock date. Hayden mentions using the POV on Vic and Frank immediately disagrees. He briefly tries to talk him into using it on Jocasta by saying they could use it to control her later. Hayden is hearing none of it and Frank knows he is losing the battle and starts to just make sure Hayden stays low key and covers his bases. Frank brings up Caleb not being okay with the idea of Jocasta leaving. Hayden says the move wouldn't make sense and that he will cover damage control with Caleb. Caleb and Zach move up to HOH ending Cody and Derrick's Caleb bashing time. Cody is breaking the news to Caleb that Amber doesn't want to talk with him about being upset with him. Caleb says that he could call a house meeting and everyone will raise their hand on his behalf that he has protected her.

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