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Friday July 25 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:05 AM BBT: Caleb leaves HOH and the rest of the guys look and ask what they got from that. They say almost in unison, to back door Caleb. Zach is happy that Caleb won’t eat his face off if he puts up Amber. Hayden says that if Zach does not put Amber and back doors Caleb then Amber will be so grateful. Frank says that this is an excellent idea. Amber will love all of them for it and will think they are all on board with her. Frank suggests putting up the four nonaligned HGs and Zach says he wants to put up Christine. Zach goes over how little Christine does for them. Amber and Cody are still in hive room talking about Zach. Cody says he is over it, that Zach is a loose cannon, and is ten times worse than Devin.

12:15 AM BBT: Hayden leaves the HOH room, they ask him to send up Cody. Derrick tells Zach that he should blow up on someone for noms as his nom speech. Zach says he is he said he will put up two people and say hey "I put you up cause you look at me funny." He says they have one target this week and it is beast mode cowboy. He will go home on Thursday. Caleb comes up and in saying he just wants them to hold it together another week. Zach says there is two targets this week Victoria and Jocasta, no worries. Zach says Amber is scary though. Caleb says right now she is not coming after them.

12:25 AM BBT: Zach moves on to talking about how excited he is that his brother won a golf tournament. He starts in on a long rant about golf. Meanwhile, on the other two feeds, Cody and Amber are still in the hive room sitting in silence, angry. Amber asks what he's thinking about, and he says he is just pissed. He says he sent Brit home for everyone else. He is sick of sticking his neck out for everyone else and getting thrown under the bud.

12:35 AM BBT: The HOH crew has broken up. Caleb and Zach have moved downstairs to the HN room to have the same conversation about Amber. Caleb says that her game is in his hands. He then says that at the end of the day he is loyal to Zach and if Amber has to go he says she will go. He moves on to contradict himself and says that she isn't targeting them so he doesn't see why she needs to go up at all. Caleb says that he has more control over her game than anyone else and can make sure she won’t go for Zach. Zach says he gets it, let’s just finish the mission. Victoria pulls Zach into HOH and is talking about earning her stripes to not being put up. Zach says he is not putting her up. She says is Frank? Zach says he doesn't know.

12:45 AM BBT: Victoria is throwing Christine under the bus because she has not done or won anything. Vic continues by saying she has never been put up and that she is just strolling through the game. She says if Frank puts her up he won’t trust him or be friendly with him. Zach leaves and Vic pleads her case to Frank. She starts to cry and says she wants to be respected. Frank says she is and Vic disagrees. Vic says that if it is easy to put her up she is not respected. In the WA Cody is telling Hayden how angry he is at Zach. Hayden just listens and says yeah every once in a while.

1:00 AM BBT Cody has gone to shower while Frank is asking to speak to him and find out where his head is at. Amber has gone upstairs to talk with Frank. Amber says its crazy downstairs because she doesn't know where Zach is at. Frank says he is not putting Amber up. He says that Zach told him that he is not putting her up. He continues by saying that getting him to stick with it is the thing. Amber brings up Franking saying she is after Zach to Zach. She is worried about who to trust. Frank says it can't be me and that he doesn't know who would tell her not to trust him (I can't even type that with a straight face). She tells Frank everything that she told Cody about Zach freaking out.

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#BB16 9:00 AM BBT Donny roaming the house. HOH room lit up but Frankie is still In bed.

#BB16 9:18AM BBT We currently have FOTH. Wake up call was about an hour ago so unclear what tis one is.

#BB16 9:28PM BBT We come back and Nicole is doing ADLs. Donny is whispering to Derrick in the HN room. Derrick says something is unlocked and he will pretend to sleep until it's done. Donny leaves and heads up to HOH. We get FOTH as Donny enters HOH.

#BB16 9:35AM BBT We return and Donny, Derrick and Frankie are in the BR completing the details of the TA assignment. We hear the end of it as Donny heads out. Frankie tells Derrick that he will make him steel cut oats.

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#BB16 9:43AM BBT Frankie and Zach "practice" their nominations. They say "Christine if you looked up floater in the dictionary, there would be you holding hands with Jenn-city". They also bring up Nicole.

#BB16 9:56AM BBT Zach has decided to wear his robe for the nominations. He tells Frankie that Christine is going to be upset. Says he is trying to put on a show.

#BB16 10:AM BBT Frankie and Zach prep for the Nomination ceremony. Zach is called to change his batteries. Derrick goes to HOH and starts to talk to Frankie and we get FOTH.

#BB16 10:08AMFrankie is called again to the DR. He yells he is coming. He finishes putting on his mascara and makes his coffee and heads out the door

#BB16 10:16PM BBT We have FOTH and now feeds have changed to Jeff's reels and Victoria's crow story. It may be nomination time.

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11:26am We are still on Jeff's reels as the Hg do nominations.

11:42am Victoria and Frankie in fore rm with Victoria crying and Frankie telling her she is staying she wont leave. In the bathroom area Nicole is crying and Jacosta hugging her telling her it will be ok .Hayden is now hugging Nicole.Christine and Cody in STR and Cody says there is no change Hayden comes in and Cody ask if Nicole is ok and Hayden says yeah she is ok.

11:45am Christine tells Cody and Hayden that her and Nicole are going to win. Nicole comes in STR and gives Christine a hug and Christine says we are going to win.Amber is now in STR listening then leaves.Nicole says i did not know my reaction.Frankie is now in Str he tells Nicole and Christine that they have to win just go win.

11:48am Nicole ask Frankie if he knew about the speech? frankie says no i knew he was going to say something but i didnt know what he would say. Frankie then says that zach changed his mind 50 times lastnight before i went to bed.

11:50am Frankie is telling amber that he tried telling jacosta that she isnt the target for the week and if you could talk to her about it, I dint think she will throw it but just assure her she isnt the target.Amber says you guys owe me for this and walks out.

11:53am In the HOh rm Donny Zach and Frankie are talking and Frankie says please tell jacosta she isnt my target and to please understand.

11:55am Frankie has nominated Jacosta and Victoria and Zach has nominated Christine and Nicole.

11:56am zach tells Frankie that he mighty have told Nicole not to trust Christine and Christine comes and tells me why i told Amber that so they are at each other now. I am stirring up alot of crap in this house now.

11:58am Nicole and Christine ate in the STR talking about playing the BOB and winning it and that it will be today.

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12:00pm Frankie and Zach are talking to Derrick in the hoh rm about who to trust and Zach says he wants to say more to Christine and Nicole. He says Christine is mad at me cause i told Nicole not to trust her.
12:14pm Victoria in the bee hive rm with derrick and she says i can picture Nicole and Christine winning the BOB and derrick says why you thinking that? if you think that then they will win and Victoria says well jacosta is weak we wont win.
12:16pm Victoria says why couldn't amber go up and derrick says maybe he has another plan? Victoria says what back door amber that wont work the backdoor don't work in here. She says i don't want to go see Julie this week. This is so frustrating and she is crying hysterically.
12:22pm Victoria still in the bee hive rm crying about being put on the block. Hayden and Cody and zach in HOH rm talking about the arguments that Zach has started.In the Beehive rm derrick tells Victoria to stop crying and it will all be ok and they hug.In the KT Frankie is cooking oatmeal and jacosta is eating.
12:25pm Zach telling Cody and Hayden that Christine brings nothing to the table nothing at all.He says they are both have nots too and that is hilarious
12:28pm Nicole and Christine in the LVR and Nicole says she doesn't care she is pissed. Christine laughs and says yeah i know . Nicole says this will test our social game. Hayden joins them and burps loudly.
12:31pm Frankie tells Cody and Zach that his allegiance has always been to Caleb not amber . Cody says well Devin is the one who pulled her in to this alliance it wasn't us. Frankie says it is good for my game if jacosta or Amber need to leave this week. Zach says if jacosta doesn't leave then Nicole needs to leave and Frankie says no way.
12:36pm Frankie tells Cody that Amber is now available for a backdoor . Frankie says if someone wins the pov and doesn't use it we are screwed but if zach wins pov and uses it on Victoria then that is golden.
12:38pm Cody says Caleb is satisfied that amber wasn't put up and now he thinks he saved amber once again. Frankie says if i am HOH i just want to make sure that a big move is made bit i want to make sure it is Amber.
12:41pm Cody says we all know that zach does crap to stir people up. Frankie says yeah.

12:50pm Victoria tells jacosta that no one cares if they are on the block or not no one cares.

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#BB16 1:03PM BBT Victoria and Derrick are still in the bee hive. Derrick telling her to eat something an take a nap. She says she can't because she is nauseous. He tells her to not talk to people and sit in there in the room crying.

#BB16 1:04PM BBT Zach, Cody and Hayden in the HOH room. Discussing Nicole and Christine. Zach says if they hate each other it's good for him.

#BB16 1:27PM BBT Zach and Cody in HOH watching Christine on the HOH TV. Talking about how miserable she is.

#BB16 1:32PM BBT Victoria and Jocasta in the bee hive. They hug out their frustration.

#BB16 1:37PM BBT Frankie goes to HOH and snuggles up to Zach on the bed. They start to discuss who would use the veto if they win. Victoria crying to Hayden in the BR.

#BB16 1:45PM BBT Victoria has called Nicole into the bee hive. Tears flow again. Nicole is fine. Victoria says it's not fair that she has to go against them. They talk about Zach being a loose cannon.

#BB16 1:52PM BBT And the bee hive revolving door has bought Christine to the room so Victoria can now cry to Christine about how unfair it is. Christine lets out a burp.

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#BB16 1:54PM BBT Victoria talking abut how low class and disrespectful Zach is to Christine.

#BB16 2:13PM BBT Amber and Cody talk about how none of the guys except Caleb have volunteered to be a pawn. She calls them wusses. Cody says they aren't but no one wants to go on the block.

#BB16 2:20PM BBT Donny joins Victoria in the BR. Victoria tells him how hard it is this time. Donny tells her how she has to work with Jocasta during the competition.

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:help: We need your help tonight! We have a few updaters out sick, some are away, and the result is that none of our regulars are expected to help tonight from 9PM on. Please help by posting live feed update. You don't need permission, or special access, all registered users are urged to pitch in. Not registered? Sign up, it's free and easy. Use the invitation # 6547979


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#BB16 4:02 PM BBT We still have Jeff's reels going for the BOB.

#BB16 4:20 PM We are back and Victoria is saying "I am happy for you guys". and then starts to cry. Nicole trying to console her.

#BB16 4:21PM BBT The girls are in white tanks and shorts. Christine is in the shower. Donny, Hayden and Cody are lounging in the LR.

#BB16 4:26PM In the WCA - Christine says she got her revenge.

#BB 16 4:29PM BBT Jocasta is sitting in the LR with an ice bag on her knee. She has injured herself.

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4:30pm Jacosta sitting in the LVR with an ice pack on her knee. In the bathroom area Nicole is asking Amber how they looked at back and she said they all looked good. Frankie and Caleb are in the KT making food and Caleb wishes there was some honey.Amber is going to find a hanger to hang Frankie's jacket on after she washed it.

4:32pm Zach getting ready to get in the shower and Frankie is talking tom him and zach says this worked out perfect man. Frankie says yeah and i am getting in there when you get out. in the bathroom area Victoria is complaining then starts whispering (cant hardly hear her with no mic on).In the LVR Hayden ask Nicole if she is going to shun her germatard and she says no i cant wear anything under it. Amber says about midnight just put something on under it then shun it and Donny says put a swimsuit under it and amber says there ya go Donny.

4:37pm Jacosta says everything happened so fast out there and she thought that the thing that lifted them up was supposed to not let them fall and it let her fall hurting her knee.

4:48pm Victoria in fire rm crying to Cody now, She says she tried explaining things to jacosta like when Brittany picture came up and she wouldn't listen to me.

4:52pm Nicole and Christine in have not rm talking to Hayden about their win today and about Victoria crying. Cody tells Victoria in the fire rm that he doesn't know what the other talk about. In the HOH rm Frankie, Caleb and zach are talking about dancing.

4:54pm jacosta goes to the fire rm and ask Victoria if she fell to the ground? She says no and jascosta says damn you didn't hit the ground and Christine didn't and neither did Nicole.She says that is just crazy as she sits down and puts her ice pack back on her leg.

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5:01 PM BBT Nicole and Christine are in the Have-Not room celebrating their BotB win. Victoria is up in the HoH helping herself to some of the snacks. Caleb is laying in the nest on his belly. Frankie, Cody, and Jocasta are in the Fire BR. Jocasta says she lost the comp because she was "woman down" and she was surprised Zach didn't end up with a concussion.

5:08 PM BBT Jocasta and Frankie are in the Fire BR. Derrick joins them. Jocasta is in bed with a swollen knee. Frankie says it's the wrong color. Jocasta talks to us. She says she isn't pissed she lost the competition. She's pissed they didn't catch her and she fell.

5:10 PM BBT Jocasta is telling Frankie and Derrick that they lost because Victoria refused to listen to her. She listened to other people when Jocasta knew "things didn't go there." They were straight and Victoria just wouldn't listen. Jocasta is worried about being injured for the POV.

5:17 PM BBT Frankie joins Nicole and Hayden in the Have-Not room. Hayden asks Frankie what he is thinking this week. Frankie says he is going to wait to see who implodes. They think it would be a piece a cake to get another unanimous vote. Frankie doesn't want to do a big move this week if it isn't going to be supported. Hayden and Nicole drop the names of Amber and Zach as being untrustworthy.

5:20 PM BBT Hayden tells Frankie he considers Amber, Jocasta, and Caleb as his three biggest targets. Frankie says "Me too." Frankie just wants another unanimous vote because if it's a split vote he is dead. Hayden stresses that getting rid of Victoria is a wasted HoH because she can literally be swayed to do anything.

5:29 PM BBT Caleb and Zach are in the HoH room. Caleb is speculating that the girls are still trying to get something together because they think the guys are running the house. Caleb "Which, we are." His fear is that two girls will win HoH and put up four guys.

5:31 PM BBT Without even consulting the current HoH (Frankie) Caleb and Zach have worked out the next few days. Victoria goes home unless she wins the POV. If she does miraculously win, Donny goes up as the pawn again and Jocasta goes home. Zach asks him if he talked to Amber today. He says not at all and he isn't even going to try to. He doesn't want to look like an idiot on television.

5:35 PM BBT Caleb has spent the better part of the last ten minutes talking about how much Amber doesn't appreciate what he has done for her. Frankie comes upstairs to tell Zach that BB wants his music, his HoH robe, and his key.

5:43 PM BBT Game talk has turned to chit chat. Frankie, Caleb, and Zach are talking about twitter and Donny, Cody, and Christine are cleaning the KT.

5:50 PM BBT Frankie and Zach are in the HoH room talking about the day they learned Whitney Houston died. Derrick walks in. Frankie tells him to leave until he comes in with his pants down. Derrick goes back out and comes back in with his pants around his ankles. Frankie "I love being HoH." [Derrick is wearing knee length shorts under his sweat pants.]

5:58 PM Cody comes into the HoH room to ask Frankie about cooking fish. Zach asks him to bring him a plate. Cody tells him to suck his d**k and leaves. Most of the HGs are in the KT eating. Derrick, Frankie, and Zach remain in the HoH room to talk about Victoria some more.

6:07 PM BBT Derrick, Frankie and Zach are in the HoH room. Frankie says they better get some swag when they get out of the house. Zach says they have already gotten a lot. Frankie "We got sunglasses and cups." "We are working for free....we would be getting ten grand a line if this was a real TV show."

6:11 PM BBT Victoria is venting to Hayden in the beehive. She tells him that Jocasta was not talking strategy to her and they didn't communicate at all. All Jocasta was concerned with was being hot and her harness. Hayden tells her that she is not the target this week but that people are starting to consider her an emotional train wreck. He tells her the calm one is the one that stays in the house.

6:14 PM BBT In the beehive Hayden is telling Victoria that she is golden if she can just calm down and not freak out. If she continues to freak out then she will be making herself a target. Victoria says she understands but it's just so hard.

6:15 PM BBT Hayden is telling Victoria that people talk and they are talking about her being a wreck. He tells her that she isn't the target. In fact she isn't even the second or third option. However if she keeps pulling people aside to complain, and keeps crying, she is making herself a target.

6:20 PM BBT Hayden tells Victoria that the backdoor is always the ultimate target. If it doesn't happen and it remains her and Jocasta then more people want Jocasta gone. [Which is the exact opposite of what the Detonators have been saying all day]. Victoria thanks Hayden for the heart to heart and they share a nice long hug.

6:22 PM BBT Zach is in the HoH telling Derrick that he never wanted to put Donny up because Donny is a good guy and the sole reason that Devin went home. Hayden comes up there and they start talking about how often they have boners in the house. It is happening to Hayden quite frequently.

6:31 PM BBT Caleb is still talking to Zach and Derrick in the HoH room. He says that worse case scenario is Jocasta staying and winning HoH with Donny. They will hate that because they have had him on the block twice already and walked.

6:33 PM BBT Christine and Frankie are talking in the WA. He is complimenting her on how well she did in the BotB with Nicole. He says it was impressive and production is probably pissed they got it right the first time. He then tells her that the guys are probably not behind the idea of backdooring Caleb right now, as long as he is behaving. Christine says that is fine as long as he never wins HoH again. She can't handle his power trips. [Personally, I think it's because Frankie doesn't want that kind of blood on his hands in case it backfires.--Goldlucks]

6:40 PM BBT Frankie notices Jocasta's big bowl of icecream. He doesn't understand how she can be so thin. Jocasta says she can't "go" in this house. She is lactose intolerant. The ice cream makes sure she can go. Plain milk only gives her cramps.

6:44 PM BBT In the WA and in the HoH room, the HGs are talking about life outside the house. This causes several WBRBs.

6:50 PM BBT 6:50 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the BB house. Donny and Cody are comparing notes on how to complete Sudoku puzzles.

6:58 PM BBT Donny and Cody are in the LR talking about Sudoku. Hayden comes by because he wants to request some toe nail clippers from BB. BB won't unlocked the DR room door. Donny "Tell them you want a nap and they will surely call you in." Hayden keeps pushing the button. Nothing. He goes to go into the SR. BB locks that door too. "I love it that BB screws with us." Hayden is finally let into the DR and BB says they will put in a request for him. Donny "That means you'll get them on Thursday.

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7:08PMBBT Amber is curled up in a blanket, snuggled in on the couch. She is chatting with Cody and Donny in the LR. In the HoH, Zach chats it up with Caleb and Derrick.

7:15PMBBT Hayden has joined the LR chit chat. He talks about his neighbor and how if his landlord needs access to his place, she has the key (I think he had a strange dream). He tells them his neghbor "Magan, with an A" is really nice. She is pretty too, has a job, he sings her praises as she is single. Amber tells Cody "There you go!" and implies that Hayden can set them up. They joke about how after the show they need to find out where Amber lives so they can egg her house.

7:20PMBBT HoH chat is about leasing vs buying a car out right. Zach is against leasing. "You pay for half the car then you give it back!" We get a few WBRB, HoH chat turns to Caleb. He is talking about flipping houses and knows people that do that and make good money. Derrick is called to the DR.

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7:35PMBBT Caleb and Zach have made their way downstairs. Frankie and Christine are in the HoH room, Amber is having a shower up there. Victoria is awake and on the couch in the LR staring at Cody as he sleeps. Jocasta comes in and Victoria is still staring at Cody. He is oblivious as he is laying with his eyes closed. We have WBRB.

7:35PMBBT We had WBRB/FotH and now we have Jeff's highlight reel! The screen says they are playing a game that's secret.

7:46PMBBT Feeds come back. The HG are assembled in the LR for the most part. Derrick is in the HN room, he is emotional. It sounds like Derrick got some bad news. Jocasta is holding a letter. Derrick comes into the LR and heads to the DR. Amber sits next to Frankie who now has the letter. The Amber takes it then Christine. They are all emotional. Nothing is being said.

7:50PMBBT Derrick's grandfather has passed away. The HG are very quiet, emotional. Derrick has not yet come out of the DR that we have seen. Victoria puts the letter back in the envelope. Frankie has whispered a few times "Unbelievable!"
Derrick is out of the DR, Frankie hugs him. It is a long hug. Derrick tells them "I appreciate all of you. Timing is just terrible!"

7:58PMBBT Derrick says "It is crazy, just crazy man." The house is silent, no one is saying anything. They are all in the LR.

8:00PMBBT: BB has told Frankie to tell Derrick that he can use the HoH at 9PM to talk to the live feeds (and AD on TVGN/Slice). Derrick says "I just did a whole thing so..." the house is quiet again. Hayden is crying. Christine is curled up on the floor at the end of the coffee table.

8:04PMBBT: Frankie broke the silence. "What was his name?" Derrick says "Norman" Frankie then asks what they called him "Peve, it's basically french for grandfather." The room goes quiet again.

8:08PMBBT Derrick says "It just puts into perspective how much we are missing." Frankie asks if he was sick when Derrick came in. Derrick says no. He lived with his wife, in Rhode Island, 10 minutes from Derrick. Norman was a veteran. He served in the war and was 86. We have WBRB for a few seconds. Frankie mentions how comforting DR is and we get another WBRB.

8:12PMBBT Derrick "All this and I can't even have a cookie." Frankie says he tried to change it. Derrick says "Nah, I wouldn't want anything." Someone asks Derrick if he wants water, he says he is good.

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8:10pm BBT All of the house guests are still sitting silently in the LR. Derrick does say that his grandfather was a veteran who was drafted into the war. His grandparents lived in an assisted living facility. He says that his grandfather was 86 years old. He does mention how comforting Shawn is behind the camera. Shawn works for production so we get a brief FOTH.

8:20pm BBT Everyone is still sitting there. Nobody is talking.

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8:16PMBBT This is a very different house from the other night when Frankie received his letter. The house is quiet. HG are emotional but, very little talking. Derrick is sitting on the couch, hood up, eyes closed with his hand on his forehead.

8:20PMBBT Christine has gotten up and left the room. Nicole is yawning. Victoria has taken a drink. Jocasta looks just exhausted. Donny is the next to get up, he heads for the WA where Christine is. He heads to the WC. Christine is putting on a sweater. Oh good, we get to hear Donny pee. He washes his hands and heads back into the LR.

8:28PMBBT Christine and Donny have made their way back to the silent LR. Zach gets up and walks into the WA. He lays down on the bench in there. Arm across his forehead. Derrick has not moved much on the couch in the LR. The HG sit silently.

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8:32PMBBT Derrick is going to go lay down. He tells them he appreciates them being there for him and sitting with them. They all take their turns hugging him. Derick thanks each of them as they hug. He whispers to Jocasta he is going to lay down then they can pray. He heads for the havenot room with Frankie. Frankie tell Derrick that he wanted to personally give his condolences. Derrick says "Obviously I am not an emotional person." Derrick's family takes care of their own things, he is not involved with the care like Frankie has. Frankie tells Derrick anything he needs he is there for him. Frankie has asked to take Derrick's slop for the week. Derrick says the slop is nothing. Derrick "I respect you for doing it but I need no special treatment." Derrick asks him to just hang out and just be there for him. Derrick is going for a nap. Frankie hugs him and leaves.

8:38PMBBT Nicole is in the HN room. She thanks Derrick for being there for her earlier and tells him if he needs anything she is there for him. Derrick again says "Just hang out and be there for me" she agrees and leaves. He lays back down on the bed. And now Victoria is in the HN room telling Derrick she is there for him. He says he wants to be alone for about half an hour and she leaves. The house chats about shoes. Lots of "unbelievable!" being said randomly. Nicole worries "because everything happens in 3's".

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8:48PMBBT In the LR, Caleb is talking about realityTV and how TruTV picked up Caleb's family for a hunting show. His family was flown out to Dallas to shoot the pilot. It was a hunting show but it was to stop poaching in the USA. They set up decoys and when some one goes after the decoy, they would come out of the woods and call the game warden. TruTV dropped it, apparently Discovery picked it up and then they dropped it. Caleb pitched a show for him to date "overweight, depressed women" who have never been on a date. He would pick them up in a limo and take them out for the day. He wants to help people with their self esteem. He feels bad that these women haven't been treated well. "Just take 'em out and show 'em a good time." He adds that he chose BB over Survivor. He also was going to do the Bachelor "I don't think I am stable enough. I am all over the place." (That came out of HIS mouth!)

8:55PMBBT The backyard is open!

8:56PMBBT Donny is talking to Christine, Hayden, Nicole and Victoria. They are hysterical laughing about Caleb's "realityTV" story. Donny says "We have been in the house this long and are just hearing about this now!" They all laugh again. "Awww and what he will do for those poor ugly girls!" Nicole says to them "Now you guys ARE my friends." Victoria was laughing "Now he is going to go state to state!" They laugh again. Hayden "How did we just hear about this?"

9:01PMBBT Zach is called to the DR. He shuffles his way there, head down. Hayden tells Nicole that he told Victoria to stop complaining and crying because she is putting a huge target on her own back. Donny comes in. He needs his chewing tobacco "Things are getting pumped up!" Hayden goes into the HN to tell Derrick that the lockdown is over. He gives Derrick his condolences. Derrick again says "A part of life." Derrick says he passed in his sleep. "It's tough and we are here playing a game and then you get a dose of reality and you are like what game?" Derrick knew hearing from one of the producers at that time of night, it would not be good news.

9:06PMBBT Derrick hopes this doesn't happen to anyone else. Hayden tells him he is so sorry. Derrick mentions throwing the comp for Frankie and then it happens to him.In the WA, Nicole is ready for the hot tub. She gives a shout out to her friends and family. "I hope everything is ok!" Victoria and Donny walk in the BY. Victoria did not know what a dumbell is.

9:11PMBBT The hottub is hot. Nicole yells "It's too hot! I am already sweating." She and Hayden are talking but, it is very hard to hear with the HT running and the background noise. Victoria is running still. Donny is as well. Caleb tells Frankie "I haven't seen her run, ever!" He and Frankie are playing pool.

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9:14PMBBT Derrick jumped up on the bed in the HN room and hit his head off the camera. No idea what he was doing. But the camera is fine, he says to himself "But, my head may not be." Donny and Jocasta are in the lounger, Donny announces that his flexband is blinking 5 lights. Caleb is complaining that there is no way he is one of the laziest HG. He thinks it is impossible. Derrick is working on making something to eat.

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9:30PMBBT Caleb and Jocasta are still talking about Amber. We have heard it all before. Caleb is shocked at how ungrateful Amber is for all he has done for her game. He doesn't understand why she acts the way she does. Caleb has a sympathetic ear with Jocasta so he is letting it all out.

9:40PMBBT Jocasta and Caleb continue their chat in the lounger. Nicole is back in the Germatard sitting next to the HT. Hayden and Victoria are chasing each other around the yard with water. She tries to soak him and she missed.

9:46PMBBT Victoria and Hayden continue the water chase. Hayden grabs her like he is going to throw her in the HT. She freaks out then Caleb runs up behind her and dumps a cup of water on her. She screams! Christine mumbles how annoying it is. Victoria says she didn't even see it coming. Donny says "It's the guy code." Vic then asks what kind of water it was. Caleb says "Normal water." She says "Where did you get it?" He says "A tap." She is worried that it was chlorinated water.

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9:54PMBBT Caleb goes back to chatting (obsessing) with Jocasta about Amber. HT chat continues. They have moments where it is quiet. Donny wonders if BB needs a groundskeeper for next season "I need a summer job". He pulls his beard back, says he looks different with a "small face". He adds that he can lose 10 yrs off his face by cutting it back. Nicole says he would look so different but, Hayden would be recognizable because of his tats and nose ring.

10:00PMBBT Victoria is in the fire room talking to Derrick. She is emotional. Tells him what he is going through sucks. He repeats that he does not want special treatment by being taken off slop when she asks. She tells Derrick "You are so good that sometimes you are too good." Derrick says that next week if he has a chance at winning HoH he is going for it! She says "Of course!"

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#BB16 10:34PM BBT We have FOTH back and forth. HG just chatting.

#BB16 10:48PM BBT Derrick, Caleb and Zach talking in HOH about what's worth it to stay in the house vs. what they get paid. Caleb says that even if he makes it into jury then it is worth it for TV time. They discuss the HG who wants to be there for TV exposure.

#BB16 11:01PM BBT Frankie and Zach talking about who can win the next HOH. Frankie insists that the next HOH is going to be step-up step-down. He says that's anyone's win. Frankie says that BB will use him for every other question on majority rules HOH.

#BB16 11:12PM BBT Frankie decides to go to bed. He goes to the LR and kisses everyone goodnight. He tells Derrick he can wake him up if he wants to talk.

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