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Thursday, July 24 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT After a few minutes of fish, all four feeds are on the KT with Vic, Frank, and Derrick talking. Frank says his dream role is Frankie Valley in Jersey Boys. Derrick asks if he can sing like that. Frank says yes and then sings. We get fish. When we come back feeds are on HOH and Cody is telling Brit exactly how the pickle thing went with Amber and Caleb. He ate a pickle so Amber would go on a date with him. The deal apparently was that he has to get Amber to eat a banana cause she hates them. We get fish so I cannot exactly follow the details.

12:15 AM BBT Quick breakdown, small talk amongst two groups is all that is happening in the house. Frank, Derrick, and Vic are discussing what agave is. They talk about Donny being who he says he is for a sec. Upstairs, Brit, Cody, Christine, and Zach are snacking and laughing about Zach pretending (maybe?) that he has a crush on Amber.

12:25 AM BBT All four feeds are on HOH where they are discussing past HGs. Cody can't stand BB14s Jenncity because she did nothing. Zach jokes and says Christine is just like her. They move on to talking about how much they hate being HNs. Zach says that if he is HN again he is just walking out.

12:35 AM BBT We get fish every couple of mins here. In between the fish, the HOH crew listens to Zach say that Brit sucks at this game after she leaves the room. Downstairs crew has switched to the LR. They are talking about small things like tutus and what the house is made of. Brit heads back upstairs, and they get back to joking about small things like Zach saying he likes Amber.

12:45 AM BBT All four feeds are on HOH with Zach fawning over Amber and Victoria. He cannot decide. Zach moves on to talking about tinder, dating app. Cody says he hates tinder. Zach says he goes on there and just tells women he loves them. When the downstairs feeds return Frank and Derrick are joking that Victoria will be grounded by her parents when she gets home,

12:55 AM BBT Frank heads upstairs and says he is just numb now after he is asked how he is doing. He says he feels like it just hasn't happened. They then go back into Zach having so many issues because the girls in the house are all over him. In the LR, Vic says she wonders how Zach's mom feels about the way he acts. Derrick says they will probably all have explaining to do once home over stuff they don't even realize they are saying. With that we get fish. The house is very subdued this evening.

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5:40 BBT Amber can be seen staring off into the unknown on the bathroom lounge. She finally goes to the bedroom and crawls atop the platform of beds and lays down in the bed as far away from Caleb as she can get. A hooded, bundled up Jacosta stirs and they share a few soft unhearable words. Jacosta pulls another blanket up over her already blanket-laden body and tightens into the fetal position. Amber still has her eyes open. (Perhaps she is sleeping with ONE eye open)

5:50 BBT Zach and Frankie are wide awake and talking about Caleb and how he faked his hurt leg. Jacosta noticed that he was only limping when he saw that someone was looking at him. They continue to discuss him and his Amber related activities since the beginning. Throwing the comp to save her and then giving her all of his covers in the icy have-not room. They are talking between bouts of giggling at the strangeness of his behavior. Zach says, "Could it get worse?" Frankie says, "He could propose to her." Suddenly Cody is heard off camera and responds with, "He went in the Diary Room and asked if he could buy her a ring and we get fish.

Ring conversation continues. Frankie loves to look in the windows at Tiffany's and claims that 5th Avenue is the best place to shop in the world!

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6:05 BBT Zack says he thought he was the smartest person in the house but he feels dumb compared to Frankie. Frankie asks, "What is 15 x 15? The three come up with lots of answers, 275, 235, maybe 275. Numbers fill the room and the three speculate on the best way to figure it out. Cody says mulitply 10 times 15 and then carry...

Frankie says they need to star in a sit-com. Frankie says "yeah, 2 frat boys and a gay guy rooming together." It has never been done. Zach suggests they pitch it to CBS. More laughs. Finally the three agree that it is time to drift off as tomorrow is a big day. and Frankie thanks them for everything, being there for him in his time of need, being his family away from home."I love you guys," can be heard resounding in the HOH nest.

6:10 BBT All feeds show peaceful slumber with only a few occasional rustles of the covers.

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#BB16 9:16 AM BBT Victoria wandering the house. HG still asleep.

#BB16 9:45AM BT We currently have FOTH

#BB16 9:57AM BBT We are back. Donny is in the KT. Victoria and Nicole talking in the WCA. Victoria is saying she doesn't like pranking. Amber is in the shower.

#BB16 10:09 AM Jocasta turns on the water at the bathroom sink, rinses her toothbrush under the water for approx. 30 seconds. Brushes her teeth with the water running the entire time. Quickly runs her toothbrush under the running water for about 2 seconds and then shuts the water off. (CA has a drought, BB should tell her to shut off the water)

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#BB16 10:26AM BBT Zach, Cody and Frankie finally crawl out of the HOH bed. Cody looks as though he is trying to start the clean up on the HOH room.

#BB16 10:28AM BBT That was short lived. Zach and Cody crawl back in the HOH bed. In the KT Caleb and Donny chatting.

#BB16 10:35AM BBT Frankie has joined Zach and Cody back in the HOH bed. One of them tell the others thanks for sharing the bed. Cody says it was a good run this week in the HOH room.

#BB16 10:48AM BBT HG continue to do ADLs and get breakfast.

#BB16 10:57AM BBT Derrick goes to HOH room. Tells Cody and Zach that they still have the votes for Britt to go. Says it may be 6-4.

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11:12am Zach and Victoria in hoh bed sleeping,All other Hg in KT talking about when Nicole can take off the germatard.

11:13am just general talk going on as Hg wait to go on HOH lockdown Caleb says they have 3 minutes to go.

11:16am We are now on Jeff highlights as Hg are going to HOH lockdown.

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1:38pm feeds are back with Caleb and Cody finding clothes to wear tonight, Jacosta , Derrick and Zach are in bed sleeping.

1:40pm Christine,amber, Victoria and Nicole are in the WA doing make up and hair

1:41pm We are now back to Jeff's highlights

1:47pm Most hg are getting ready for tonight's live show. Donny , Victoria and Hayden are sitting in the KT talking about makeup. Donny ask if make up makes you hotter or does it crack or anything and Victoria says no it doesn't.

1:50pm Victoria is digging through the can of mixed nuts to find a certain nut and Hayden complains about it,he says the fact that you dig around in here and pick out one at a time is so gross.She looks at him and he says he is just kidding.

1:56pm Zach , Frankie and derrick in bed sleeping and the girls are doing Hair and Cody, Caleb, Hayden, Christine, Victoria and Brittany are sitting around talking about Victoria's underwear.

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2:05pm Frankie is now up and making himself some tuna fish. general talk going on as they all sit around and wait and get ready for tonight's live show.

2:14pm Frankie is talking in an accent and making everyone laugh. Nicole is getting her makeup done by Amber in the WA.

2:20pm Christine at the sink washing dishes and says i just want you all to know i am washing this dish right now so whoever it belongs to i hate your guts. Hayden, Caleb and Frankie sitting in KT and Caleb keeps singing as we get getting FOTH. Frankie says that BB probably hates then cause there is no singing swearing or sex. and Caleb and Hayden laugh.

2:32pm Caleb in WA using an eyelash curler on his lashes.He tells Amber he needs to stuff to put on his eyelashes before he curls them.

2:44pm Caleb says his eyelashes have never curled and is now walking around showing everyone his pretty eyelashes.

2:51pm General talk going on in the KT and Hayden keeps picking on Nicole and scaring her.

2:54pm Hayden, Nicole and Amber have gone to the rock rm to lay down then BB calls Amber to the DR.Caleb is in the WA doing his hair and keeps looking at his eyelashes in the mirror.

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7:14 PM BBT Feeds are back! They are talking about the live show. Nicole and Christine complain about being have nots. Amber and Frankie ask if Have Nots starts right away and Frankie says yeah, it starts now. Cody is telling Christine and Nicole they’ll have basically 6.5 days of being on slop. Amber cleans her stuff out of the have not room so that the have nots have room.

7:15 PM BBT Feeds go to fish.

7:17 PM BBT Feeds are back and production has delivered the Have Nots, clean blankets. Amber goes into Have Not Room and places the blankets on the beds. Jocasta and Donny are talking in the fire room. Jocasta says “The question is are we going up together or opposite of each other?” Jocasta says that Christine is full of crap, because she knew what she was doing when Christine pitted against them. Amber walks in and Jocasta asks her what she thinks. Amber says if she goes up again she’s going to be pissed. She says, I don’t care for Zach and I won’t pretend to be nice. The other people can kiss his ass. She says she is worried thought that he’ll put her up. Jocasta and Donny ask about when the first double eviction is and wonder when jury starts.

7:20 PM BBT

Amber and Jocasta said that Derrick’s gesture was the nicest thing they’ve seen in a long time. Amber said she went to the DR and asked if she won hoh if she could trade the pictures in the basket so that Frankie could get his picture. Feeds cut out and Amber says that Derrick will get something in return for that gesture. Jocasta asks Caleb if he could give Cody some verses to help him out in the game. Caleb says he’ll direct him to the book of Psalm.

7:22 PM BBT

Amber and Caleb sit in awkward silence in the have not room. Amber sweeps out the room while Caleb eats a bowl of slop. Caleb can’t believe they didn’t get a question about their date. Caleb is mad about being a have not and believes that Zach should have been a have not. Amber tells Caleb what Jocasta asked her about going up. Amber says she has no idea what they will do. Caleb says they better use other pawns this week and if they don’t, they just have to remember it in the future when they are power. He tells Amber, just think though, it would have been much worse this week if Donny had won HoH. Caleb says he could barely hear the song, which is why he lost.

7:26 PM BBT In the kitchen, Frankie is making slop for the have nots. General chitchat in the house about the HoH competition and comparing notes about the questions. Derrick and Jocasta talk about when Jocasta got sick and he said that he felt so bad for her when that happened. Derrick tells Christine and Nicole that after the first three days of eating slop and drinking shakes, your body gets used to it and you’ll be fine. Christine says she hopes she gets shredded like Hayden did on slop. Derrick says, “The tracker says I’m a lazy douche bag!” The other houseguests start laughing. Cody is busy making spicy soy chicken and Jocasta and Victoria asks Cody to make some for them. Cody offers some to Nicole and she says, “I’m a have not!” Cody laughs at her.

7:32 PM BBT The have nots wonder if America voted for extra food for them this week. Jocasta says they’ll probably get the food on Saturday if America did vote. Nicole asks Amber when the have nots get to eat again. Victoria tells Nicole she feels bad for her, “First the costume and now have not? I feel so bad for you!”

7:34 PM BBT Frankie says “My family is bawling right now. They are a mess!” The other houseguests agree. Caleb and Nicole commiserate with each other. Caleb tells Nicole horror stories about how bad the water is and that it is freezing. Frankie goes in. Nicole tells Frankie she is so proud of him. He hugs her and kisses her on the cheek. Nicole and Caleb tell Frankie they love him. Caleb says “Zach is so spontaneous, Frankie. Remember there is still battle of the block and pov, so watch who you nominate! If you put up me and Hayden, watch out!” Everyone leaves the HN room and heads back to the kitchen.

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7:39 PM BBT Caleb, Zach, and Derrick sit on the couch and talk about this week. Zach tells Derrick, “You look like a hero, dude!” Derrick says, “Tell me that midweek when I’m freezing and shaking in the have not room.” Derrick laughs and says, “I’m good. My boys are in the HoH and I’m going to relax and worry about next week’s hoh.” He tells Zach, “You guys get to hang out in the hoh room and I’m going to spend a lot of time with Caleb being a have not.” Derrick and Zach compare notes. Both of their mothers curse like a sailor. Caleb is appalled. He doesn’t even say the word crap in front of his mother. Zach laughs and says, “Dude, I drop the F bomb in front of my parents.” Caleb says, “Man, we just got to survive this week.” Derrick says his biggest issue is the have not bed. He can do the diet, but he hates the bed.” Zach tells them, “Pick a spot in the middle of the bed and just wrap yourself in a blanket.” Caleb says, “ I was in the military, I can handle anything.” Caleb is mad that he’s a personal trainer and now everyone sees that he’s the laziest guy in the house.” Derrick says, “That would be like CBS saying, “You’re horrible with kids.” Derrick says, “ I don’t understand how Zach wasn’t a have not.” He said he thought Jocasta, Victoria, Derrick, and Zach would be the have nots. He says he sees Christine walking and running a lot in the house.

7:46 PM BBT Zach tells Caleb and Derrick they can’t believe how lucky their alliance has been. They have been beasting this game and winning like every competition when they need to. Zach says, “The best part is knowing we are all safe!”

7:50 PM BBT Zach and Frankie head to the beehive and hug each other. Frankie grabs Zach’s head and puts his forehead on his. Zach says, “Frankie, I want to give you complete control.” Frankie wants Zach to put up Donny and Jocasta, and Zach says, I can’t. I have to put up Jocasta and Victoria, because I have Donny in my back pocket. I Don’t want to lose that.” Frankie says I have to put up Hayden. I want to put up Nicole, but she’s a have not and will lose. Zach and Frankie are confused about how BOTB work and are planning to have Frankie’s nominations win. Zach asks Frankie if it’s a stupid move to talk to Donny and find out where he is in the game. Frankie thinks it’s not stupid. Zach says he could not care less if Caleb ends up mad at him, but he doesn’t want Donny mad. Frankie and Zach say that if for some reason the nominations stay the same, Jocasta is going home, but if they get the pov, they are backdooring Caleb 100%. Zach and Frankie decide that Frankie is going to throw HoH to Zach, so that Zach has to put up Caleb and get the blood on his hands. Frankie keeps pushing Zach to put up Donny with Jocasta, but Zach tells Frankie, “I am not putting Donny up.” Frankie says, “I’m telling Donny and Hayden that when they go up, they’ll know it’s so that they will win.” Frankie and Zach decide to say that they had no idea who each other was putting up.” Frankie says, “Zach we’re close, everyone knows we’re talking and that we’re working together.” Frankie says, “This is rough. But Caleb is for sure the target.” Zach says, “I’m sort of questioning it. “What if I put Caleb up and he doesn’t go home?” Frankie says, “No one would go home over Caleb if he’s on the block.” They agree that Victoria is not going home before Caleb. They agree that Frankie is putting up Hayden and Donny and Zach is putting up Jocasta and Victoria.

8:00 PM BBT

Donny and Frankie go into the storage room. Donny says, “I should meet with you later.” Frankie says, “I’m hoh again this week.” Donny says, “We can make whatever happen that we need to!” They hug and then leave the storage room. Christine, Hayden, Cody, and Donny asks Zach about his little brother. He is so excited for his basket and can’t wait to see his brother’s picture. Frankie says, “This time I’m going to get a picture of myself as a fetus on a sonogram.”

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8:07 PM BBT Donny is telling the house guests that his father was in the navy as a gunner’s man, but they don’t have that position anymore, since all the weapons are on a computer system. Derrick, Jocasta, and Donny talk about their digestive issues while they were on slop earlier.

8:10 PM BBT Derrick gets called to Diary Room. He says, “America saw tonight’s show and decided that I’m actually HoH and not a have not.” They laugh at him as Derrick goes into the DR.

8:16 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie goes into the beehive and Frankie hugs him. “From the bottom of my soul, thank you!” Frankie says that the gift Derrick gave him was amazing. Frankie says, I’m concerned right now. Derrick says, “Why?” Frankie says, “ Zach wants Caleb gone, but he won’t put Donny up.” Frankie says, “I don’t want to put Donny up, because that would be a huge issue for me.” Frankie says, “I think I can sell putting Donny up, but I don’t want to.” Derrick asks, what about Amber?” Frankie says he can’t do that, because Caleb would try extra hard for pov. “This was a rough week to win HoH.” Derrick says, “Hayden might get mad if you put him up.” Frankie said, “I’m going to ask Hayden, “Are you willing to fall on your sword for Nicole?” Derrick says, “I think that would work.” They both think that Zach is unpredictable, but he really wants Caleb backdoored.

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8:33 PM BBT Feeds come back after an extended WBRB screen. Zach and Nicole are talking. Zach tells Nicole they aren’t putting her up. She says, “I would never put up you, Cody, Derrick, or Hayden.” Zach says he’s putting up Amber and Victoria, tell Victoria to throw it so that Amber is left on the block, someone other than Amber or Caleb has to win veto so they can put Caleb up. If for some reason Caleb wins pov and takes Amber down they can target Jocasta.

#BB16 8:35 PM BBT Hayden and Frankie are talking and Frankie says, “I can’t put up Amber.” Hayden says, “Put up Victoria and Amber vs Donny and Jocasta. If Donny and Jocasta lose, use the veto and backdoor Caleb and if worst comes to worst, just get rid of Jocasta.” Frankie says, “Caleb will go insane if this happens.”

#BB16 8:35 PM BBT Frankie pulls Christine in to the beehive, “I don’t feel like putting Nicole up is a good move.” Christine agrees. Frankie says, “What if I have to put her up?” Frankie says, “How do I justify this to Nicole without letting her know our plans?” Christine says, “Zach is insane. This week is so hard because we’re getting down to alliance members now.” Frankie says, “I want to come down again.” Christine says, “Put up Nicole and Donny. Just tell her she’s not a target.” Frankie makes fun of Victoria for offering to go on the block, because she’d probably win. Frankie says, “I wanted to tell her ‘Welcome to the Game. I’m so glad you decided to start playing’!”

#BB16 8:42 PM BBT Zach goes into the beehive and tells Christine, “I’m going to put you up vs. Amber.” Christine says, “I’m not going to throw it, because I want safety for the week.” Christine says, “You never know what can happen in this game.” Christine is getting angry about this idea. Zach says, “Come on. Even if you lose, and Amber won POV, Caleb will go up.” Christine is mad and says, “I’m not throwing it; I don’t care what you say.” Zach keeps asking Christine why she won’t do it. Christine says, “I don’t care what you say, I’m not throwing it!” Zach says, “I’m just going to put up Hayden, because he will 100% throw it.” Christine laughs and says, “Hayden would love to throw it. He hates Amber.”

#BB16 8:47 PM BBT Zach is getting mad at Frankie and Christine because Christine keeps telling Zach he needs to backdoor amber. Zach says, “We have to backdoor Caleb if we backdoor anybody.” They can’t decide who to put up. Frankie says, “I’m now seeing that Derrick didn’t want to be HoH, and had a great excuse not to get it.” Frankie is getting annoyed by Zach because he won’t commit to putting anyone up. Zach says, “ What is the plan?” Frankie says, “I’m putting up Cody and Derrick and you’re putting up Christine and Nicole!” Zach says, “Shut up. What is the real plan?” Frankie says,” We have to get Hayden or Donny to throw BOTB so that Amber is on the block and then win the pOV to get Caleb up.” Zach says, “I’m going to tell Caleb before that I’m putting Amber up.” Frankie says, “Caleb might say put me on the block with her.” Hayden knocks and comes in. Zach says I have a new plan, I’m going to put you up against Amber and you throw it. Would you do that?” Hayden says, “I’d really rather not.” Hayden says, “If you put me up, I won’t make it obvious, but I will do what I need to do it.” Christine keeps telling Zach that you can’t ask people to throw comps, because it can come back to bite them in the ass. Zach says, “Hayden would have the numbers to stay even if Jocasta or someone put him up.” Zach says, “Oh my god. What if I tell Caleb, I’m putting you up vs. Victoria, you have to lose so we can get rid of Victoria.” Zach and Christine says, “That way if Caleb does lose BOTB and win pov, he’d save himself and Amber would go home.”

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9:00 PM BBT Zach and Victoria in the FIre BR Zach says there are 3 plans and that Victoria is not involved in any of them. She jumps and hugs him. Zach says its all depending on Caleb. WBRB.

9:07 PM BBT Derrick, Amber and Donny talking in the LR. Zach and Cody in the FIRE BR talking about what Christine has done for them. Zach says they have plan A, B, and C. Plan A is to send Caleb or Amber home. Convince Caleb to go up on the block, Cody stops Zach and tells him that Caleb will never do that. Zach says he is putting up Amber next to Hayden and Hayden will throw it. Zach says Hayden said he doesn’t want to do that but he will.

9:13 PM BBT Zach and Cody in the Fire BR they both acknowledge that Donny isn't going home. They are trying to figure out how would be the best to vote out this week because next week Amber could flip sides and bring Nicole and possibly Victoria too and then they are down in numbers.

9:19 PM BBT Zach brings in Derrick to the Fire BR as Cody leaves. Frankie and Donny in the BeeHive room. Frankie says he will let Zach go a little crazy and stir things up. It appears they are talking about their Team America task and how to accomplish it and how it has to start once they all sit down. They are saying it sounds difficult.

9:23 PM BBT Zach, Derrick, and Cody in the FIre BR talking about how Christine needs to take one for the team. She hasn't yet and they think its time. Derrick points out that even though she doesn't want to, that it doesn't matter, she doesn't have a choice. They move onto how they have been HoH back to back to back. Cody talks about how his name was dragged through the mud last week, before he moves onto how Caleb wants him out on probably just pure spite. They are trying to figure out how to get Caleb out, but Derrick points out that you need 2 targets.

9:31 PM BBT Nicole and Frankie in the BeeHive Room. Nicole says Amber thinks that she (Amber) is going up, and how she misses Brittney. Frankie points out that Amber can't go up because what if Caleb wins POV and takes down Amber. Nicole says that if she goes up she has to win POV because she is the next expendable one since she is not part of the group.

9:39 PM BBT Frankie and Nicole in the BeeHive room. They think next week will be a double eviction week. They are trying to figure out the least bloody way for Frankie to be HoH. Frankie thinks there is only one person would put him on the block and that one person is Jocasta.

9:44 PM BBT Frankie and Nicole in BeeHive room. Frankie says if he was HoH at the end of the BoB comp, that the person he would want up would be Jocasta. Frankie says that if he nominates first, he is putting Donny and Jocasta. He and Nicole are very confused about what to do. Nicole says that they have to keep pushing forward but to do whatever is best for his game. Frankie says he doesn't want to do that to Donny again. Frankie says worst case with that is that if Jocasta wins POV. They point out that whoever leaves this week wont be in the Jury.

9:49 PM BBT Nicole and Frankie leave the BeeHive room. Frankie asks Jocasta to come to the BeeHive room and they go in. Frankie asks Jocsata what is her game and what does she want to do moving forward. Jocasta says that she feels like she is by herself because she had a few conversations with Frankie but after he put her up, she has to rrethink things. She says its a week by week thing, and how that there are 4 people that have to go up and she thinks she will probably be one of the 4 going up. She says there is a repeating pattern with who goes up.

9:58 PM BBT Frankie and Jocasta talking about how they are both Collectors of information and how they are both fans of this game. WBRB.

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#BB16 10:06PM BBT Frankie has been called to DR but doesn't stop talking with Jocasta.

#BB16 10:07PM BBT Donny tells Derrick the TA assignment.

#BB16 10:11 PM BBT Zach and Caleb talk in the bee hive. Zach saying that he has heard Amber is after him. Said he doesn't know if that's true or not.

#BB16 10:16PM BBT Zach and Caleb talk. Caleb says he isn't putting himself back on the block again. he did it once. Zach wants someone who will throw it.

#BB16 10:18PM BBT Amber and Cody talking. Amber says that she make a promise to herself that she wouldn't come into the house and discuss personal things that happened to her before she came into the house.

#BB16 10:23PM BBT Christine and Nicole debate who should go up and that Zach asked Christine to throw the comp. Caleb and Zach in behive. Caleb tells Zach that if he makes Amber promise to not go after Zach then she won't.

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#BB16 10:29PM BBT Hayden enters the SR. Christine tells him how dumb Zach is for what he is asking. She says she wants him gone net week.

#BB16 10:31PM BBT Amber joins Caleb in the bee hive after Zach leaves. Caleb tells her that Zach has heard Amber is coming after him. Amber concerned she is going up. Amber says Zach isn't her target. She says she will not put him up.

#BB16 10:36PM BBT Zach, Hayden and Cody are in the SR. Zach telling them about the talk he had with Caleb in the Bee Hive. Zach says he is putting Amber up for sure.

#BB16 10:41PM BBT Zach talks to Donny in the HOH room. He tells Donny that Caleb won't throw the comp. He says he wants to put up Amber and (Caleb then walks in) Zach tells him that he will talk to him after. Now Zach afraid Caleb heard him. Donny tells him to talk to Frankie.

#BB16 10:43PM Frankie and Zach get called to the DR.

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#BB16 10:48PM BBT Derricks pulls Caleb into the bee hive. Derrick wants to know what Amber's issue was. She came in and said she wasn't going to talk to anyone in the alliance again. Caleb tells Derrick that people have been telling Zach stuff.

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Zach's letter is from his brother.

Dear Zach, This summer has been good. Basketball and sports camp has been great. I have played in two golf tournaments. The first one I shot 2 over par and the other I came in first shooting 3 over par.Tiger is tearing up the house and you may have to replace the living room furniture but Mom will talk to you about that when you come home. Mom and Dad are so proud of you. But don't come home to soon if you know what I mean. I am so happy you are my real Big Brother. Love, Payton

Frankie's letter is from his Mom.
My Dearest Frankie. We are so proud of you. If you are reading this then you have won HOH. Congratulations! This has been a heck of a week as I am writing this to you. As always I am here for you. You are in my heart as you are always in mine. We have cried and laughed as felt as if we shared Grandpa's news with you in our arms. We were so comforted by all the support of your housemates as how they took care of you in our absence. Please thank them all from all of us. Ari was so warmed by their love. We all miss you so much. Spoke with your Father and he is well and rooting for your success. Enjoy your suite and hope you have a great run. Love Mommy

Ari has made various tye dyed items and hundreds of beaded bracelets with funny insults on them. She bedazzled a dragon for you. I guess crafts are the way to go when you are in mourning. Ari says she is obsessed with you and misses her other half.. She loves you.

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11:08 PM BBT: HOH reveal time! We have no visual just sounds. Zach got something to wear from his family. He got a slinky, apple jacks, bud lights, candy, beef jerky and bit off for his nails. Zach got pictures of his brother and his parents. Frankie got a hat, Cream soda, eye contour cream, a bowtie, Justin Bieber cd, candy, and lays chips. Zachs letter is from his brother. His letter is funny all of the HGs smile and laugh. Franks letter is more somber but perks up later on. It is from his mother. Each HG is quiet, Derrick and Cody shed some tears. He thanks everyone for showing him support through his grandfather's passing.

11:15 PM BBT: Caleb is first to exit HOH. Amber has hardly said a word the entire time. Hayden thinks Frank’s new hat is really sick. Zach also got a new hat and has put it on as a replacement for his pink one. Derrick exits HOH next. Cody remembers he has pasta on the stove and runs downstairs. Amber leaves next.

11:25 PM BBT Frank looks at the pictures of his grandpa and family. Christine looks too and says she just wants to look all day. Zach is laughing because he thought his hat was a joke at first because it is for a school rival to his. He realizes that it is probably his uncle's hat as he attended the rival university. Christine and Frank send out shout outs to Ariana for insult bracelets she is making.

11:35 PM BBT Hayden has pulled the upset Amber aside, and told her that he is not targeting her but he wants to be honest. He tells her that he had his doubts early on but no longer does. Caleb is angry at Amber and is talking to Cody about it in the HN room. He says that he is mad that he tries to protect her and she runs around saying she is not talking to anyone in the alliance anymore. Jocasta and Zach are game talking in the HOH. Jocasta says Caleb going is a huge game move and would look good for him on BB. Jocasta says that he just has to be strategic. Back in HN Caleb is still going on about Amber being a hot head. He says if he has protected her and if it wasn't for him she would have probably been first out.

11:45 PM BBT Zach and Frank are in HOH talking. Zach says Amber or Caleb have to go. Frank half heatedly agrees. Zach says Caleb checked on Amber being put up right after Julie said goodnight. Zach confirmed she was good then told Nicole she might go up and Nicole told Zach that Amber is after him and needs to go up. Zach then re-hashes the conversations he has had with Caleb since then and confirms that Amber is his target. He is also angry at Christine because she has done nothing all game but sit in rooms while they talk game. Zach says that Christine needs to just throw the comp and take one for the team. Zach wants to be the solo HOH and tells Frank that is getting to the point where they have to F someone over and would he rather Zach do it or he have to? He says he is fine as long as Caleb or Amber going this week.

11:55 PM BBT Derrick and Hayden come upstairs followed shortly by Caleb. Caleb dominates the conversation and admits to spilling the beans to Amber about telling Zach Amber was coming after him. He then re-tells his conversation with Amber. In the hive room, Christine is throwing Zach under the bus to Cody. She says that Zach told her Cody suggested Christine go up and Cody says he is going to blow up on Zach. Amber walks in and starts telling him about Nicole telling her that Zach said the Bomb squad is still working together. Cody is so angry he is looking straight forward and not saying a word. Back in HOH the round robin on the Amber conversation is still going on. Caleb asks for Amber not to be put up because they are not at that point he says putting her up is comparable to Devin. Frank draws the line there and says she said to everyone that she doesn't trust them and if that is the case he does not give a crap. She needs to go if she is falling apart. Caleb is not happy.

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