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Tuesday July 22 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT: Christine comes inside and does a mouth trumpet that makes Jocasta and Amber laugh. Amber asks her to do it again and she can't because she is laughing. In the BY the HT crew are talking about past seasons and Jeff and Jordan.

12:15 AM BBT: Amber heads outside to chit chat, then back inside to make Christine a breakfast sandwich. Christine is a bit overly excited about it. She says she is so excited she might...number 2 herself. Amber says Christine should go outside and Amber will bring her sandwich to her.

12:25 AM BBT: The HT crew is talking about their high school lives. Nicole said she had no friends and no one believes her. Hayden loved lunch time. Frank doesn't remember lunch. Derrick says recces was his favorite time of school. They all laugh and say there is no recces in high school. Derrick says “you guys didn't have coloring books either?" Everyone laughs. Cody is upstairs listening to his music and looking at his family. We get intermittent patterns of fish because the HGs are singing.

12:35 AM BBT: All small talk, all the time, all over the BB house folks. Jocasta and Brit are impressed that someone that isn't one of them or Amber cleaned the KT. On the BY couched Frank, Hayden, Derrick, Nicole, Christine, and Amber are talking about veto comps. Frank says he was on edge during the Dice veto. They speculate about how bad Pao would have done and they laugh.

12:45 AM BBT: Christine and Frank have a hive room date. They are eating cereal together. They talk about how each of them are good at keeping their cool in the house. Christine mentions dealing with a conversation with Brit earlier. Frank says she has never talked game with him ever

12:48 AM BBT: Frank says he talked with Caleb and Caleb is still good with the bomb squad and such. Frank says he wanted to have a conversation with Cody because Cody did not want to keep him in the loop on his decision making this week. Frank continues to say he doesn't hate the Caleb idea and just felt it was the wrong time. They want to possible BD Caleb this next week. Christine says Caleb or Amber first. Frank says Caleb because Amber will be easier to live with.

12:55 AM BBT: Amber and Brit are talking in the WA about where they thing the votes will go. Brit says she thinks she has Caleb and Derricks vote. Brit thinks that Cody also wants her to stay. Amber says she has no idea where the house stands. Amber says she just wishes she knew where the house stands. Back in the hive room, the date is going well and they are speculating about HOH.

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1:05 AM BBT Derrick is in HOH with Zach, they talk game briefly. They agree they are gold if one of their side wins HOH next week. They feel their BB alliances have been solid so far other then Devin. They move outside to play pool. Brit has gone to lay down in bed. Amber, Cody, Caleb and Frank are talking about the vote and the fact that she hates to lie to Brit. They agree to keep her in the dark so she doesn't "bug out."

1:15 AM BBT Amber continues to rehash the conversation she just had with Brit in HoH with the guys. Derrick has joined them and rehashes a conversation he had with Brit about not telling her Don was going to be the replacement nom. Caleb says he is voting with the house and will tell her that if she asks.

1:25 AM BBT Amber offers to do laundry before she leaves the hoh room. The rest of the HOH crew is talking about what order everyone should leave in. They agree that they don't want to let Jocasta skate by and be a Gina marie of the season. Derrick says he doesn't care about the order of who goes home when, they just all need to go. Caleb says his new target is Victoria. Derrick repeats that he doesn't care they all have to go eventually.

1:35 AM BBT Derrick and Caleb are disagreeing a tad on who the next target should be. Caleb's next target is Vic. Derrick says he would rather keep Vic over Jocasta because he can control her vote. Derrick says that is just him though. Caleb says he just respects Jocasta more then Vic. Derrick says Jocasta never talks game with him so he cannot control her. He repeats that is just him. Caleb says that if Don wins HOH then they will be put up. Derrick disagrees and thinks that he would put up Christine and Zach. Derrick says that isn't Cody, Caleb, or Franks name so it doesn't matter.

1:45 AM BBT For the record, not missing anything in the BY. They are Amber and Caleb bashing. They agree that they talk bad about them but they are nice to their face. Hayden says that Nicole should do that more. Back in HOH the boys are celebrating their success. They agree that the double HOHs saved them. They agree that whoever wins will share a couple grand with each other. (I don't think it's allowed)

1:55 AM BBT Caleb jokes about what people would say in their goodbye msgs to each other. Caleb says that people are going to call him the douche bag cowboy and the F word. He looks at the Cam and says I was talking about myself America. Caleb talks about possibly saving Brit. Derrick finds a way to disagree with him and blames it on the votes. Frank says he will not vote to keep her. Caleb starts talking about the date he is taking Amber on after the show.

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#BB16 9:00AM The HG are all sleeping.

#BB16 10:00 AM We have FOTH - perhaps its wakey wakey time!

#BB16 10:19AM BBT We still have FOTH.

#BB16 10:22AM BBT We are back. Donny is up and doing ADLs. Some bedroom lights are on and some are off.

#BB16 10:3 Majority of HG still in bed. Jocasta putting on make up in the WCA.

#BB16 10:34AM BBT Jocosta and Donny discuss him being up on the block. Donny says he just has to trust. He doesn't have a choice.

#BB16 10:40 Am BB calls for Frankie and Cody to get new batteries. They are still in bed together in the HOH room with Zach as well. Ambers brings them their Fitbit bracelets. Only Frankie leaves to get batteries.

#BB16 10:45 AM BBT Britt has found her first ever gray hair.

#BB16 10:49AM Jocosta and Britt talk in the WCA area. Jocasta has just finished drawing her eye brows on. Britt talking about Amber needing to talk to Cody first before she decides her vote.

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11:04am Cody is up in the KT, Brittany is folding clothes at the Kt table.

11:26am Donny and Cody in By talking about Donny getting in trouble for singing this morning.
11:41am Donny and Jacosta are doing laundry. Victoria and Brittany are in the KT eating .
11:48am All feeds on Brittany eating alone in the bee hive rm.
11:50am Brittany now talking to Victoria and saying that most of the house doesn't want her gone this week and i do believe he put me and Amber up so we could come off the block and you got put in as a pawn.
11:52am In the BY Donny and Jacosta are putting the awnings down, Brittany telling Victoria that Donny has a good chance of making it to the end of this. Brittany says Amber told me i had her vote but she has to see what the other HG are doing cause they all vote together.
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12:09pm Donny sitting in the nomination chair alone Brittany is in the DR and everyone else is in bed sleeping.

12:19pm Donny is just walking around the house and Jacosta is making food. Nicole has been called to the DR. Brittany is laying in the sun alone.
12:34pm Donny in BY eating his lunch Brittany goes inside to get a drink and Jacosta is sitting in the KT eating everyone else still sleeping.
12:40pm Victoria is now up and in the shower. Nicole is out of the DR and in the KT. Jacosta is telling her she had to start washing clothes .Brittany just asked to talk to Nicole. they go to the bee hive room She says i hate doing this but i know how things are with the bed situation i have been uncomfortable and she says people have told me that you was told that you and Christine was my target and Nicole says that is what we was told. Brittany says i am over all this but you are not my target and neither is Christine.
12:44pm Brittany says if it seems i have distanced myself it is because i don't know who i can talk to anymore but it comes down to Cody does not want me to go home and Derrick does not want me to go either and i kicked all them goals this week to prove i wanted to be here but i feel like i have been put on the crap end of the stick here and this is the first time i am having to prove myself.
12:47pm Brittany says i don't know how to get you to trust me and i don't know what i can offer you besides my word.I am not a big threat in this game like Donny is and you know that. All i want is to see pictures of my kids in HOH rm
12:50pm Brittany says i gave up alot to be here in this hideous and i just want to make it to jury and i am not going after you guys.
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#BB16 1:09 PM BBT Derrick and Britt talking in the bee hive. About why the HG do different things. Britt concerned about the votes

#BB 16 1:10 PM BBT HOH camera has come out!

#BB16 1:24 PM BBT Nicole, Christine and Derrick in the SR talking about what Britt is saying. Christine says she doesn't even want to talk to her. Nicole trying to explain to her what Britt has been telling them abut Cody holding power.

#BB16 1:27PM BBT Britt and Christine are in the bee hive. Britt trying to explain why she suggested Christine. Britt tells Christine how open and honest she is. She isn't immature.

#BB16 1:33 Britt tells Christine that she needs the money and that she has given up memories with her kids for the house. That her actual game can not start until the BS gets out of the house.

#BB 16 1:37PM BBT Britt tells Christine that her targets are the ones who do not need the money and don't deserve to be there. She needs the money and should be there.

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#BB16 1:57 PM BBT Victoria and Derrick talking in HOH. Victoria tells him that Donny is telling her things. Derrick tells her to not worry about it. They talk about who Donny has in the house.

#BB16 2:10 PM BBT Victoria tells the HG that when she was 1 - they were all in a pool and she jumped in the pool without floaties and she swam by herself and ever since then she has been swimming with no lessons.

#BB16 2:19PM BBT Cody tells the girls in the BY how neat it was to write the HOH Blog.

#BB16 2:38PM BBT General chit chat. Nothing going on in the house.

#BB16 3:07 PM BBT Still no game talk. Talk about what they do at home etc.

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#BB16 3:12 PM BBT A discussion in the BY about which guys sit when they pee (Hayden does), and now talk has turned to what kind of hot dog they eat like,

#BB16 3:23 PM BBT Britt and Victoria talk in the KT. Britt tells Victoria that she has no idea where Donny is. Britt says she doesn't understand why its a question to get rid of Donny. the only was is to back door him and they have, Britt says she has 3 for sure votes. She needs 2 more to make it a tie.

#BB16 3:25PM BBT Britt says that she can't talk to Jocasta because they are both Moms and she knows that it will stress her. Donny gave her the POV and as a Mom, she knows Jocasta would want her there but she can't ask her to vote for her to stay.

#BB16 3:41PM BBT Caleb in HOH with Cody. Caleb tells Cody that he wants to lose 5 pounds by the comp. (He is enjoying a bag of chips he has snagged out of the HOH basket)

#BB16 3:58 PM BBT Caleb talking to Cody about his diet and competing in his comps.

#BB16 4:12OM BBT Frankie finally wakes up for the day. Says it is his normal schedule from back home. Up until 5AM at the clubs and sleep until 4PM.

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#BB16 4:35PM BBT Donny and Nicole discuss the possible HOH comps.

#BB16 4:45PM BBT Frankie telling the HG his recipe for the "steel cut oats" (slop) he made.

#BB16 4:47PM Cody tells the HG in the HOH room that he has a man-crush on Zac Efron. He started wearing skinny jeans because of Zac Efron.

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5:00 PM BBT Hayden is on the balcony and yells down to Nic and tells her she is super hot. he is standing on the balcony with Cody and they are telling her that they are a couple of studs who just gave her a compliment. Cody comes back into the HOH room and Amber asks him if he wears deodorant on his feet. He asks Christine if she told him and she swears she didn't! He goes out of the room with a ball and throws it off the balcony right at Hayden. It hits him in the face and we hear, "Cody, stop that!" from Production.

5:05 PM BBT Now Cody and Hayden are jokingly threatening to evict one another by talking to each other's pictures on the board. This is a hilarious bit of live feed! Amber, Christine, and Caleb are watching on the HOH tv and laughing from upstairs. Nic and Zach are laughing hysterically in the KT. Hayden is trying to feed Cody's picture Nic's sausage. Cody screams out, "You people in this house drive me crazy!" because people don't clean up after themselves and leave sugar and creamer out for the ants to get to on the counter. Amber and Caleb are reviewing comps in the HOH room.

5:10 PM BBT Amber leaves the HOH room, Caleb stays by himself. Zach is doing dishes in the KT. Christine, Hayden, Cody, Vic, Christine, and Donny are around the island in the KT. Amber asks if she can smell Cody's foot so she can smell his deodorant. She tells him he has to have a separate one for his feet. We go to FotH and return a minute later.

5:18 PM BBT Feeds 1/2 are now in the BY. Cody, Zach, and Christine are on the patio. Nicole and Amber come out and joins them. Cody is talking about his blog entry and the things he wrote to the HGs family members. Hayden is on the elliptical. Amber is called to the DR. When she leaves Christine tells everyone she left the HOH room when Amber and Caleb started going over the comps and they were so horrible with the dates. She said they asked her for help and she gave them help with one of them and then departed. Now the patio crew (Chris, Cody, Hayden, Zach, and Nic) starts to go over the comps. Cody misses one and Christine corrects him. Donny is walking around in the KT.

5:25 PM BBT Feeds 3/4 switch to the WA. Victoria tells Brittany that they heard they are getting more alcohol tonight and that Frankie is getting dressed up [it will be a wild night]!! Vic is getting ready to take a shower and Britt is doing her hair. This may be the first time she has worn it down since she has lived in the house! Hayden comes into the WA and says, "Victoria, guess what? You're naked." The BY crew is back to talking about deodorant on the bottom of Cody's feet again. Caleb is trying to figure out who wants wine and who wants beer. Cody says he needs to pee and Zach tells him to check if the Jack Shack is open.

5:30 PM BBT Hayden takes off his shirt to run laps around the yard with Cody. Nic says that this is going to be a great sight, right Christine? Christine says this is going to be a great sight, right Nic? They both agree with one another and Hayden says they are like Wayne's World. Christine and Nic start to talk about 'happy trails.' Caleb says his needs to go. The girls say they like them. Caleb says he is used to shaving his because he competes. Now they are talking about waxing. Caleb says he waxed his chest and it hurt so bad he almost cried. His brother did his butt. Christine says she does parts...and then didn't finish the sentence. Caleb says he's having Amber do his eyebrows later.

5:35 PM BBT Zach is now upstairs in the HOH room talking with Frankie relaying Caleb's conversation about shaving for competitions. He said he couldn't take it so he left him there with Donny. He said Caleb said if he was as skinny as Hayden he would be shredded. Frankie said, "Well, he's not." Zach says he can't stand Caleb anymore and he just needs to go next week. He says that Caleb has no idea that all he does is talk about himself. Frankie says, "Hashtag Clueless!" They talk about how they slept all day and how they really needed it and how Cody just doesn't seem to need sleep. Zach says that he told Donny he has it in the bag 10-0.

5:40 PM BBT Zach is talking about something he got monogrammed for his brother. Frankie tells him he is such a great brother. Frankie suggests they go on a bro and sis date together when they get out of the house. They discuss the order they want to get people out of the house... Caleb, Amber or Jocasta, Victoria, Donny, Nicole, and Hayden. Zach predicts the HOH will be the last 2 hanging on the wall. Frankie says that there's no way Caleb will stay on a wall for 2 hours. They say Hayden might. Zach returns to how much he hates Caleb and asks Frankie if he agrees... Frankie does as long as they get Brittany out this week. They decide to do laundry together so that Zach can have his Gator sheet clean for Thursday.

5:45 PM BBT Frankie tells Zach that when his theater friends are over at his place and they are drinking they come up with plays. He tells him that one is "Memoirs of a Gay-sha." Frankie goes downstairs to the WA to hang with Britt and Vic as they are getting ready for 'Girls Night Out' (Everyone is getting dressed up for the night). Frankie is going to ask for some non-alcoholic beverages for the evening, too. Christine doesn't drink. She says she has been under anesthesia a lot and doesn't like the feeling and she just doesn't like the taste. Christine asks Britt and Vic if they always liked the taste of wine. Britt gives her some ideas of how to develop/acquire a taste. Feeds 3/4 Nic and Donny are sitting on the patio not talking at all. Vic asks if someone will please get drunk with her and Britt says she will. Britt is really working on her hair. Britt suggests that she and Vic are the ones to go get the alcohol and then they can hide some of it so they can go in there to get refills. If there isn't enough wine, Vic vetoes the idea because she doesn't like beer.

5:55 PM BBT In the BY, Caleb has joined Cody and Hayden in their BY running. Nicole, Christine, and Amber are talking about the things people spend their money on. Nic will spend money on jeans so they will last awhile, but she won't spend $400 on a Coach purse. Christine is mortified at the thought. Amber talks about how she wishes she had more color in her BB wardrobe. They talk about the things BB took from them when they came into the house. Nic tells Donny that she can be dramatic. Donny says it's a side of her he's never seen and says he wonders what he would look like mad. The boys are still working out in the BY and Nic calls out, "Clarabelle, look at these 3 boys (Hayden, Cody, and Caleb)!" Frank (Clarabelle) says, "Oh my goodness, I do declare!" The girls are admiring the boys bodies. Donny says, "They are fine!"

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6:00 PM BBT The girls say they hope to see a picture of Donny is high school. He says that he had those glasses that changed to dark because they were popular then. He said his hair was longer because he didn't get cut shorter until he joined the military [hahahah!! --brotayjax]!! Amber says by the way he ties trash bags she knows he's a groundskeeper. Christine says that he's had a lot of jobs in his 42 years of life. He's been to Harvard Medical, he's been a spine surgeon, he's worked at a nail salon, been a professor of biology, worked indoors as a janitor, decided to move outdoors as a groundskeeper. Amber said you forgot the military. She said SHOOT, I forgot. Right out of high school he was in the military.

6:10 PM BBT Donny's first job was at a greenhouse, and he worked there for 10 years until a guy said he was going to fight him. So Donny left and stayed gone for 2 years. Then he worked at a mobile home park putting siding on them. Then he bought a truck and sold produce from it. After that he went back to the greenhouse where he first worked. When he went back he did get punched! The guy who punched him ended up not coming back. He worked there for 3 years and then put an application in at the school system to work as a janitor so he could get benefits. He worked there for 2 years and 4 months. The school he worked at was where he went to school and where Kellie Pickler went. Then he transferred to being a groundskeeper about 7 years ago.

6:18 PM BBT Hayden and Caleb are on the double lounger and Caleb is saying that his knee is really hurting him. He has ice on it. He says that when stuff like this happens his army mentality kicks in and he tries not to be a sissy. Cody asks him if he's going to take the meds he was given. Caleb says he's not going to because he doesn't take medication. Cody says that's why he has to keep it elevated and put the ice on it. Caleb says he feels sick to his stomach. Donny, Frankie, and Zach have joined Hayden and Caleb. Donnie tells him ice for 48 hours. Zach agrees and tells him he's had 2 knee surgeries. Meanwhile, Christine and Amber are whispering that they don't trust Britt. Amber says that she has tried to keep her here because of the points she has made, but she can't play anybody else's game. Christine says she just started to play too late. She also says that she told her that she plays way too personal.

6:25 PM BBT Brittany comes out in the BY and the boys are all in agreement that she looks darn good. Frankie takes on his 'Frank' character and calls out to her. Then they talk amongst themselves about the fact that she's a mom of 3 kids. Donny says this is BB's plan and he may as well go back his bag! The guys are all talking about who they are going to hook-up with since they are going to get drunk tonight. Hayden is quick to say that he's a free bird (doesn't want anyone to put him in a showmance with Nic). -- but he'll hook up with Frankie. Donny says he gets Derrick. All the guys are looking at Caleb's knee. He says that he's frozen it with the ice so he can't feel it. Donny says it may be sore for a couple of days and Caleb says yeah, but he's still going to work out.

6:32 PM BBT Jocasta tells Amber that she should go check on her bestie. She says that Caleb was waiting for Amber to come over there. They laugh and then she says that she can tell he's not really hurt because he just got up from the chair using his hurt leg. Amber said she didn't go over there because all the guys were there. Now Jocasta imitates Caleb getting up using his hurts leg. Now feeds 1/2 switch to Caleb and Britt moving to talk in the LR. She asks if things have changed. He tells her that his feelings haven't changed but he is going to have to vote with the house because he doesn't want to be singled out, no one does. She tells him that Derrick is going to vote for her and that she believes that Zach is going to vote for her. She says that she doesn't know about Nic, Christine, and Frankie. He says that he and Amber have to do what the house does or they'll be gone next.

6:40 PM BBT Brittany tells him how she feels she really DESERVES to be there. He tells her that he and Amber would prefer to have her in the house but other people really feel that she's coming after them. She says that Devin has fed Donny so much information that he's a bigger threat. She also talked to Christine and Nicole and their reasons for thinking she's after them are so immature. Amber comes over and asks him what happened. He tells her he tweaked his ACL. She asks if he went and saw anyone and he says NO. She throws out that she wants HOH because she wants to see her kids and she would let them nominate for her. He tells her that she can say that, but "at the end of the day" it will be her putting the 2 keys in the box. On feeds 3/4 Cody asks Jocasta if she would like to go talk in the HOH room. They head upstairs and he tells her how he thought about putting Caleb up on the block.

6:45 PM BBT Cody says that he thinks that the house thinks there's a big group of people working together, but he was thinking about his own game. He knew if he put Caleb up it would be bad for his game. Jocasta tells Cody that she won't vote for Donny to leave after he saved her in the POV last week. He tells her that he knows that a lot of people are threatened by Brittany in the game. He hopes she won't talk to her. Feeds 1/2 Brittany tells Caleb that if Donny gets HOH he will put Caleb and Amber up. She said that she has heard Donny talk about both of them. Caleb tells her that he heard she said that last week would have been a good time to get rid of him. She says that was before she had talked to him and that she won't lie to him but that her feelings toward a lot of people have changed as she sees how they play. She thinks him, her, Cody, and Derrick all play with their hearts and that makes them trustworthy people. They are loyal people who when they give their word it's their word.

6:50 PM BBT Caleb admits that Donny is a bigger threat. He has talked about putting Amber up and he put Donny up week 1. He says that Amber has talked to him and said, "What can we do to keep Britt." She says that she has separated herself and she knows that she can't do that because you can't play this game by yourself. He says that the only person he trusts completely is Amber and she feels the same about him. It's not that they have an alliance with anybody, but they both have their people they trust. He isn't aligned with her, but if you want to call it that, they trust each other. Ironically, Jocasta tells Cody that she knows she can't get through this game by herself even though she has gotten this far by herself. She says that she has to think about how she reacts to things because she doesn't want to be this angry black woman. She says that she's been thinking about something she could share with Cody so that would give him comfort.

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7:00 PM BBT Caleb tells Brittany she has to do what she has to do... whether it be blow jobs! They laugh. He says that in this game you have to lie. He uses Jocasta as an example of someone who refuses to lie and says that you can't be successful if you won't lie. Cody is still talking to "Mama J" in the HOH room. Ironically AGAIN, they are talking about Caleb. Caleb told Cody that the reason Amber might hang around Cody more is that she isn't attracted to him. She's more comfortable with him. Back on Feed 1/2 Caleb announces to Hayden that Brittany is going to give him blow jobs for a week. Then she tells Hayden that she needs to talk to him.

7:10 PM BBT Brittany tells Hayden that she knows he wants to send her home because he has heard she in the only girl who would send big threats home. She told him that's true and he told her, "Good start." They both laugh. She then told him that things have changed. Now she wants to go after people who she feels don't deserve to be here as much as others. That she's honest and sticks to her word. She says that Donny is a bigger threat, knows this game well and believes he could win it all. She will go after the same people they want to go after. She mentioned how hard she worked kicking the ball for 24 hours, that she has fought hard to get off the block and fought through slop 2 weeks in a row. He asks her who she would go after if she got HOH and she whispers that she just thinks Victoria needs to go.

7:15 PM BBT In the WA Hayden is in the COLD Shower with the door open with Nicole is washing his hair. He says that this is the best shower he has ever taken. He has a little German girl washing his hair. He is announcing that evidently he doesn't know how to wash his hair and Nic affirms that this is true. She explains that he needs to use his fingers to work the shampoo through his hair to his scalp and really scrub. Then he goes to rinse it out and he doesn't lean back. She tells him he's doing that wrong, too. The feed switches to the BY. Feed 1/2 is in the KT. Frankie says that he's had long hair for 2 years and wonders what he has done during that time. Frankie is making some sort of fish meal and everyone is talking about how bad it smells. Feeds 3/4 show Amber straightening her hair. Zach calls out that they are not letting him into the SR.

7:25 PM BBT Feed 3/4 are now in the HOH room and Jocasta is talking about being saved. She gives Cody a very impassioned sermon about how you don't have to go to a church to be saved. People don't realize that. She is reading to him from the Bible and they are having a Bible study together. Feeds 1/2 show Britt trying to find some shoes she can wear. She has talked several times tonight about how she will not be able to wear heels. She sits in the LR with Derrick for a minute then makes her way to the KT. The KT is a very busy place, as the HGs seem to be preparing to eat. In the KT are Zach, Christine, Frankie, Brittany, Nicole, Derrick, and Victoria. Amber is still doing her hair and Hayden is doing his ADLs.

7:30 PM BBT Frankie announces that he played with the slop that morning and created something that tastes good. Derrick affirms! Feed 1/2 changes to the beehive where Brittany and Zach have moved. She has the exact conversation with him that she had with Caleb and Hayden. He explains that no one wants to go against the house because no one wants a target on his/her back. Zach suggests that she gets everyone in a room together and ask them at the same time. On feed 3/4 Cody has just read from the Bible and now he and Jocasta are hugging and hugging on the HOH bed. She is repeating, "Cody, Cody, Cody! Yay!!!" Jocasta has just saved Cody.

7:40 PM BBT Frankie and Victoria are in the have not room talking about Brittany going and campaigning to everyone. Then the talk turns to what 'Frank' should wear tonight. Brittany tells Zach that she refuses to leave before Victoria. She says if there's something that takes 24 hours to do to help people in the house, does he think Victoria will do it? NO. That's one of the reasons she did it. She wanted to show everyone that she's a competitor and will work to help them in the game. Talks again about how Devin coached him in the game. She talks about how every person she's been paired with in the BotB has been a weak player. She also admits that she has questioned Zach's reason for being here...that he stirs the pot. She has found it hard to trust him. He tells her that they didn't talk but that when people talked about Brittany was coming after them he didn't see it.

7:45 PM BBT Brittany goes into a deep conversation with Zach about her life and why she's sometimes really quiet. She tells him that it's more than just a game to her. She doesn't know how to ask people for help because she's always done everything for herself. But she's being honest now... she doesn't want to do this alone. She doesn't want to work with the girls. He questions if she's working with Amber. She says the whole time she was kicking the ball, Amber didn't talk to her at all. She says she can't stand girls. She says she adores Derrick and Cody. She doesn't hang on them, but she's been dealing with her own personal crap. She talked about missing her kids, worrying whether her ex- will take custody of her kids while she's gone. She doesn't think of this as just a big fashion show.

7:50 PM BBT Caleb has come outside dressed up and Derrick says I thought you said you weren't getting dressed up. Caleb says, "When I see an angel like that in the bathroom, I have to get dressed up." That is meant with silence. Then he says he is going to get a jar of pickles and he's going to tell her he will eat the entire jar if she will agree to spend her life with him. Derrick says tonight is going to be fun. He asks Derrick where he red shirt is. When he goes inside to get it, Nicole says that he wears everybody's clothes. Zach and Britt are still talking in the beehive. Zach tells Britt that Cody likes her very much and he also likes Donny. His goal had been for Victoria to go home because she brings nothing to the table.

7:55 PM BBT Hayden is sitting on the patio when Amber makes her entrance to the BY. His whistling stops and he says, "Holy sh*t." Derrick cracks up laughing. It was a very natural reaction. They both tell her she looks phenomenal. The girls are all getting very dressed up and Hayden is just staring at her a bit tongue tied. Derrick asks him if he's OK. Zach has suggested again that Britt have a house meeting telling everyone what she brings to the table and asking them all at once how they plan to vote. That way people hear from one another. Then they tie up their meeting. In the HOH room Victoria tells Zach and Cody that 'Frank' is coming out tonight and then she shows them how she walks in a bar.

7:58 PM BBT Zach tells Cody he talked to Britt. Cody tells Zach that it's going to be a unanimous vote. Then Amber comes upstairs and asks Cody to be her date. He says he can't because someone will rip him apart. He says he needs to take a shower. He says he can't take it because she looks absurd. Then he says he needs to talk to Zach for a second.

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8:01 pm BBT Cody and Zach in HOH and Cody is freaking out about Zach suggesting Britt call a house meeting

8:03pm BBT Frankie and Caleb now in HOH listening to Zach tell about his suggestion to Britt to call a house meeting. Cody is afraid a house meeting will make him look bad.

8:15 pm BBT Cody wants Zach to stop talking literally and sleep all day tomorrow.

8:17pm BBT BY group Donnie, Caleb, Amber, Christine, Nicole and Victoria general chit chat about names

8:18 pm BBT Cody Zach and Frankie in HOH. Zach asking them to keep him in check because he does not think like they do.

8:25 pm BBT Cody and Derrick in Fire room talking about Zach needing to go home because he is reckless.

8:27 pm BBT Girls in Kitchen cleaning up while waiting for the beers and wine.

8:33 pm BBT Zach called Derrick in fire room now talking about his convo with Britt and his suggestion to call a house meeting.

8:35 pm BBT now Zach is telling Britt not to call a house meeting. Britt thinks Zach just likes stirring the pot.

8:36 pm BBT Britt thinks she will bring up asking how people are voting when everyone is just sitting around drinking tonight.

8:38 pm BBT no game talk going on right now. Everyone in Kitchen and outside dressed up waiting for Beers and wine.

8:43 pm BBT Hayden just told Nicole there are some good looking girls in the house but she still looks the best.

8:45 pm BBT Zach and Cody in HOH talking about Brittany. Zach said it sucks that she is going home before Victoria.

8:53 pm BBT Cody and Zach in HOH talking about shout outs that Cody did.

8:55 pm BBT Cody is telling Zach being HOH is so emotional.

8:59 pm BBT Zach is telling Cody that he (Cody) has the trust of everyone.

9:02 pm BBT Cody, Frankie and Zach in HOH talking about how hot Amber looks tonight.

9:06 pm BBT Frankie in HOH telling Cody how Jocasta prayed for him because he is going on a crooked path.

9:12 pm BBT BY group talking about getting dressed up to wait for alcohol and now they are tired from waiting.

9:14 pm BBT Cody telling HOH group how he is going to put two chairs together to have a drink with his girl.

9:16 pm BBT ALCOHOL has arrived.

9:18 pm BBT 14 Beers and two bottles of wine

9:20 pm BBT Everyone excited getting their drinks ready for a toast and complimenting each other about how nice they look.

9:22 pm BBT Nicole was told to pull Amber away from the KT and she is telling Amber that was the plan. Amber wonders when it is going to end. Nicole told Amber that she is sure something is being set up on the romantic side.

9:25 pm BBT Amber now called out and everyone in KT around table. Derrick is giving a toast.

9:27 pm BBT Caleb is announcing that he has set up a date for two people and then asked Amber to go on a date with him and she said fine. Amber and Caleb head outside alone. Amber tells Caleb he has a BB date.

9:32 pm BBT Caleb telling Amber that they are the two toughest people in the house

9:33 pm BBT All other houseguests in living room. Donny and Brittany sitting in nom chairs. General chit chat so far.

9:37 pm BBT Back outside Caleb telling Amber again they are the two strongest players and that Amber will be safe if he is HOH. Amber responds that she has her own back.

9:40 pm BBT back in the LR Zach is telling the other house guests that he likes all ten people in the room. Frankie refilling girls drinks.

9:42 pm BBT Caleb and Amber talking about not giving up and how timing is everything.

9:45 pm BBT Caleb telling Amber he wants to be married before he is 30 (he is 26 now).

9:47 pm BBT All houseguests now in BY and guys are chugging beer.

9:51 pm BBT Caleb and Amber talking about Zach and talking game when Caleb started the date saying there will be no game talk on this date.

9:52 pm BBT All other houseguests around pool table laughing and carrying on.

9:55 pm BBT Amber just told Caleb that he said they were not going to talk game and now here they are talking game

10:04 pm BBT Caleb and Amber conversation turns to family and how they have similar lives.

10:10 pm BBT Derrick and Zach getting ready to cook some food.

10:11 pm BBT Caleb telling Amber about a previous woman he was in love with and how she wasn't there for him when he needed her.

10:15 pm BBT Victoria Brittany and Derrick in KT talking about girls kissing. Frankie walks in and gives Victoria a kiss.

10:19 pm BBT Frankie and Cody in HOH and Frankie tells Cody he will make out with a girl tonight.

10:27 pm BBT Derrick and Brittany in KT getting food ready to cook.

10:28 pm BBT Caleb and Amber's date is over and they are walking in to join the rest of the group.

10:32 pm BBT Caleb and Amber date over, now they are both changing clothes.

10:34 pm BBT Frankie in KT telling Caleb that Victoria is coming on strong tonight.

10:36 pm BBT Now Caleb is talking about buying Amber a ring and that $2000 would buy a nice ring.

10:38 pm BBT Brittany in WR campaigning to Amber about her vote on Thursday.

10:42 pm BBT FOTH

10:46 pm BBT Zach and Derrick in SR. Derrick tells Zach he has his back.

10:48 pm BBT Food is done some are going in to eat. Hayden outside telling Nicole he would do anything for her.

10:50 pm BBT Cody walked in WR then Brittany left. Amber told Cody that Brittany said Zach told her to have a house meeting. Cody is worried that she will do it and then it will ruin his game.

10:53 pm BBT Nicole and Hayden in WR now because Nicole stained her germatard so she is washing it out.

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11:05 PM BBT BY crew chit chatting and laughing. Brit and Derrick have started playing pool. Inside, Amber, Frank, Zach, Hayden and Christine are all in the KT talking about coke floats.

11:15 PM BBT Cody and Christine move upstairs to HOH. Cody is sick of Zach, Brit, and Amber tonight. He says that Zach keeps running his mouth, Brit is stirring the pot, and Amber believes everything. Amber enters and says she is upset because she doesn't even know who they are voting out now. Cody is so mad about Zach suggesting a house meeting and he wants to blow up on him. Amber says he is hurting Cody's game. Christine contributes a “What?” and an “Oh my god!” every once in a while. Cody tells Amber not to believe Brit. The HOH doorbell keeps ringing and no one is at the door, freaking Amber out.

11:25 PM BBT Cody keeps saying it is taking every ounce of him not to blow up. Amber says she almost hopes Vic wins HOH and puts up Zach. Amber says that Brit says that Amber is not her target but she is worried it isn't true. Cody says that she was saved week two because she is manipulative and can get anyone to believe what she wants to stay. Cody says she got him good week 2. Jocasta joins them so the feeds switch to Hayden and Nicole cuddling in the hammock. They are talking about the kissing they have done. Downstairs Zach and Brit are talking about their strategies. Zach says the back bone of his game is to not care if he goes home and just do what he wants.

11:35 PM BBT Donny and Zach are now talking in the KT about Donny not being able to go to bed because of the noise Frank and Vic are making in the fire room. Donny says he feels decent about this week. Zach tells him that he should feel real good. Donny doesn't want to get overly excited about it. Vic and Frank leave the fire room. Nicole and Hayden break up their hammock date. Frank and his "frank" persona have gone to the BY to chit chat about manly stuff that "Frank" likes.

11:45 PM BBT Amber heads outside and Caleb remembers a part of the date he forgot and heads inside and comes back out with cookie dough on two forks. Amber says she loves cookie dough. Caleb says he doesn't. He says she's gotta tone up after all the junk. She says she just plans to get huge. Caleb says he will still like her anyway. They head inside.

11:55 PM BBT Jocasta, Derrick, Christine, Brit, and Cody are all up in HOH chit chatting about cookies and how Christine will be a good mom. Amber comes upstairs and gets in bed with Cody, Christine, and Brit. They goof around about Cody laying next to her and Caleb being mad so he switches side. The rest of the HGs are in the KT waiting for Zach's cookies to be done. They are talking about wedding rings and how much they want them to cost. Caleb says a 2 or 3 karat ring isn't bad.

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