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Saturday July 19 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:10 AM BBT A bunch of the BY crew has made their way into the HOH room. We have Victoria, Christine, Nicole, and Hayden have joined them. Everyone is having a blast. Zach and Caleb are playing pool and talking about Amber. Zach says that she made an alliance with Britt and Jocasta. Caleb says they find you sketchy and sneaky. Caleb says she's going to end up causing problems. Caleb says that Cody doesn't like her. Zach says that she follows Cody around like a puppy. Caleb says he notices that she will be laying around Cody and as soon as he enters a room she moves away. Zach says that he heard that she said that he and Hayden don't deserve to be here because they are in la-la-land. He claims not to trust her and that he has caught her in 4 lies today alone. Caleb wants to call her out on it, tell her that he's over her.

12:15 AM BBT Cody and Christine have made their way to the BY and are hanging in the hammock. Amber is now the topic of discussion at the hammock between Cody and Christine and at the pool table between Zach and Caleb. Zach says that the way Amber is playing right now, she's a beast. Cody is upset that Frankie and Derrick were upstairs in the HOH room talking with Amber. He plans to talk to Amber to tell her who in the alliance it was that really didn't trust her because he feels Frankie tried to flip the script to his benefit and he is really steaming.

12:20 AM BBT Cody wants Amber to know that nobody in the alliance said sh*t but Caleb. He wants her to re-evaluate who doesn't trust her because Derrick barely talks to her, Frankie is the one who actually put her up. Nic joins them and says she's confused about what's going on. Cody says that Victoria wants to talk to him when she gets out of the DR, "which should be exciting for him," and that Brittany won't even look at him. Amber makes her way over to the hammock, as well. Caleb and Zach are STILL talking about Amber at the pool table. Hayden has joined them.

12:23 AM BBT Zach tells Hayden that Amber is the least trustworthy person in the house [i think we can start a drinking game to this sentence this week! --brotayjax] The conversation here is redundant. Amber is the worst person in the world, Amber like Cody, blah, blah, blah. The hammock crew is talking about the fact that Brittany isn't talking to anyone and it is making things uncomfortable in the house. Christine said that Caleb was a great host today. Christine said that she will be a great host when it's her turn. Amber said that she was a mascot in high school.

12:28 AM BBT Something new to report at the pool table. Derrick has joined them. He says that he and Jocasta were just talking and they think either something is going to happen after the POV tomorrow or there will be a double eviction this week. Zach says, no way. Caleb thinks the double eviction will be next week.

12:35 AM BBT Victoria and Britt are in the WA. Zach comes in to wash his hands. Feed 3/4 show Derrick and Hayden talking in the HOH room. Hayden thinks Brittany needs to go home over Victoria. Hayden says that Victoria loves the two of them. Hayden says they've been working on firing Caleb up over Amber and it hasn't even been hard. He says if Amber and Jocasta hadn't won today, Amber would have had to go home. Derrick says if either of them win HOH next week, they are putting up at least 2 dudes. They talk about what to do if one of the nominees win POV, and Donny's name is dropped. Then Derrick says what if Donny's name is pulled to play and he wins the POV. He said he has even thought about what would happen if Donny won POV and pulled Brittany off the block like he did with Jocasta.

12:40 AM BBT Hayden asks when Derrick thinks the double HOHs will be over. They both think it will be this week. They also both think it will be a double eviction. Talk turns to Caleb. Although some people in the alliance want Caleb gone, they both disagree. Hayden thinks Caleb can be manipulated to think or do anything they need him to think or do. Derrick says that everyone thinks he's such a physical threat, but he hasn't really won anything. Derrick told Hayden that he thinks he's the biggest physical threat. He told him that he trusts him and Cody the very most. That all of them are physical and smart players. In the BY, Cody and Christine are in the hammock and Victoria, Nic, and Amber are hanging around them. Victoria is called to the DR and Cody yells out, "Yay, Victoria! I love you in those blue pants!" Everyone laughs and he says, "What the hell did I just say??"

12:45 AM BBT Amber is teasing Cody saying that he is in a showmance with all the girls in the house. She is touching Christine and saying, "This is Cody with all the girls in the house." Cody says, "F*ck you Amber!" But it's all in good fun. Now Christine does a shout-out to someone. She says, "****** (someone's name) I'm sorry I didn't go to formal with you freshman year!" and we go to WBRB. Amber asks Christine if they can talk later. Christine says ABSOLUTELY. Cody asks Amber if *they* can talk later. Amber says SURE. Christine jokingly asks Cody if they can talk later. Amber goes inside to get a sweater. Feed 3/4 are in the HOH room where Hayden, Derrick and Frankie are talking about Amber lying about knowing whether Pao Pao was going to throw the BotB comp. Hayden says that outside the house he thinks Amber is probably the nicest person. Derrick says that Devin is probably a really nice guy outside the house, as well.

12:55 AM BBT Amber, Christine, and Cody are talking by the hammock about her conversation with Frankie earlier. Cody says that he doesn't know what Caleb has said to her but none of them were actually questioning her until Caleb brought it to their attention that they should be. Then he whispers, "You guys would make a really good couple." Christine laughs and Amber looks like she's going to pound him to the ground. He wants her to understand where the paranoia started.

12:58 AM BBT Hayden comes over to the hammock and there is a discussion about his pants and the bulge within. The girls suggest changing his shorts. He doesn't think it's necessary. Then Hayden asks everyone if tonight is the night!? If tonight is the night that he will walk on his hands across the the BY from one end to the other (this is his goal for the summer). He takes his shirt off and attempts this feat. When he is unsuccessful, he screams, "I f*cking SUCK!!" It's a hilarious couple minutes of live feed! Now he is questioning Amber and Christine, "So you really think I'm sexy?" --and he's posing with his shirt off.
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2:30 - 2:47 AM BBT - Caleb and Amber are talking in the BY. He says that everyday he wakes he feels that Amber could just kick "him in the balls and spit in his face." She says that she is sorry that he feels that way and goes on to say that she was telling everyone what a sweetheart he is. Caleb says that nothing is going to change and it is what it is. Caleb says that it's all personal - whatever he says won't change anything. Amber asked what Zach said and Caleb said just personal stuff, not game related. How they both feel, it's not game related. Amber thinks that she has every right to know about it to defend herself because his whole mood has changed. Quite frankly, that we all find it a bit awkward that you're following Cody around and how you call him your best friend. Amber says that is how Zach is playing his game. When I walk in the room, you two are all over each other and when I walk in, you stop. Amber says that he is overthinking and not here for a showmance. Amber defends herself that Cody is like that with all the girls and why he's calling her out. He says that she just follows him around but she doesn't see it like that. Caleb says that everyone sees it like that. Ambers says just because I have a friend, she doesn't understand why everyone has to bring it up...I'm out here talking to you not with him. Caleb says that it's personal and she says that she can't control that...She says that Cody is a very loyal personal and very nice about Caleb. She thinks that Zach is getting in his head but Caleb says that it's just Caleb. She considers him a close guy friend and that's all. Caleb says that it's fine but she doesn't understand why he's taking it personal and not about the other girls in the house. He says that the other girls are not like her.

He's made stupid game moves for no reason and that they were for nothing. Amber doesn't know what he expected. Caleb says that NOW we're both going to play our own game--and he's not working with anyone. Amber says that she started her game over a couple of days ago and how this house is just crazy.

I can't even have a friendship without people taking it the wrong way. Amber says that Cody reminds her of her brother and best friend at home. Caleb says he doesn't her want to look at him like her. She can talk to Cody about personal matters, like a showmance, people in the house, etc. (Meanwhile Caleb is taking a big fork thing and scraping the bottom of his sneaker). He says that he's not throwing judgment toward her and that he didn't want to talk to her about it at all but she says that she wants to talk it out. She says that she would appreciate it if her name didn't come out of his mouth when he talks to Zach--she has a friend and that's that. Caleb says that it sounds good (then awkward silence). She says that he can't clean those (shoes) out anymore and he says that he doesn't have anything else to do. Amber goes in the house and leaves a broken hearted Caleb alone in the BY.

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3:17 AM BBT - Frankie, Derrick, Zach, Cody, Christine and Hayden in the HoH room. Zach says that Caleb is sitting outside, HEATED. Zach says, "you're welcome!" Zach says that Amber keeps repeating herself that she and Cody are just friends. Christine says that Amber wants Cody's "d" and Zach says that she wants him to be "f-buddies" and "bang you [Cody] out every night." Amber had asked Cody to go to finale with her and they all say that friends don't do that...Christine and Frankie cuddly kissy good-night. Zach think that he's #1 on Hamster Watch. Derrick fist pounds everyone good night and hugs Christine.

3:30 AM BBT - Caleb rehashes the conversation with Derrick about his conversation with Amber (see above). Amber complaining that she's not tired and she's going to stay up all night. He encourages her to go to bed now. Amber goes to HoH to say good night to the boys and they all profess their love to each other...Zach says that he's going to cook everyone breakfast in the morning.

Frankie, Zach and Cody are all in bed together. Frankie imitates Marilyn Monroe how she talks and poses. Zach yells out, BoomBots! Zach is talking about his hemorrhoids are coming out and Frankie says that he's loose. Zach is fanning the covers and Zach laughs and says, Frankie, you're only wearing your undies. Zach starts listening to the iPod where we can hear it and...WBRB!

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3:41 PM BBT - Scattered a lot of roaches, lines have been drawn and four people lost it today--shredded. Hayden talks about what Victoria said...She's completely alone and how everyone laughs at her. You guys and America thinks that I'm stupid and naïve. It's all so personal and the girls are so catty and she doesn't understand why everyone is that way. They smile to your face and talk bad about them behind their back. Hayden explained that is the way of the BB house and how your play. The guys feel kind of bad for her. Zach says that he can't tell them what she said after she came out of the DR crying hysterically but he went in the DR to confirm and they denied it. They keep questioning Zach and we get WBRB when he said that it was something that happened in the DR.

3:50 PM BBT - Hayden leaves the HoH and turns out the light. Frankie says that Jocasta started speaking in tongues when they won the BoB. Zach says that they need some small things and that they are going far in the game. It will depend on who wins HoH to see what happens.

Meanwhile in the BY, Brittany is talking to Caleb.

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1:07 AM BBT Victoria and Frankie sitting in the couch in the BY. Victoria says Brittney accused her of making a deal to throw the competition. Vic says the reason she broke down after the comp is because "Britt has really bad energy" and that really effects her. Frankie says everyone is voting against Britt, "NO ONE wants you to go" according to Frankie. Vic: "Britt is just mad at me for having positive energy, we could have won that competition if she hadn't been so negative". This is Vic's version of campaigning.

1:18 AM BBT Amber, Hayden, Christine and Cody at the Hammock. Amber is saying to Cody she wants to either play in the POV or Host. Cody says "I already picked Hayden as the host" Amber: "You are already picking on the girls, I'm just asking that the you give a girl a chance. No girl has hosted except Jocasta" Cody: "Since you are my "best friend" I will pick you to play if I get HG choice and if I don't I will pick you to Host. They shake on it.

1:21 AM BBT Vic and Nicole are finally making up over the bed/sleeping situation. Nicole realizes that Victoria found out that Nicole didn't even want to draw straws to sleep with her. Victoria says she was told the next morning, and that it was Britts fault. Nicole admits that she said Victoria didn't deserve to be here as much as others did. Vic: "that hurt me real bad, you don't know anyone's back story" Victoria is telling Nicole that just because she doesn't cry doesn't mean she doesn't deserve to be here, and just because Brittney has kids doesn't mean she deserves to be here.

1:22 AM BBT At the same time, Cody and Hayden are alone on the hammock talking about Amber and Caleb. (for whatever reason they are now calling Derrick D-Rack) Hayden says him and Zach have been in Calebs ear all day long. Cody tells Hayden that he told Nicole that Devin told Caleb (still with me?) right before he went home not to trust her. Cody told Amber not to ask Caleb about it because he will know that I told you. Hayden warns Cody not to get too mixed up in the Caleb/Amber thing. Cody: "no, I wont, I just think its funny".

1:27 AM BBT Cody and Hayden are telling each other that Zach is not someone they can trust at the same time Amber and Christine are in the HOH nest saying that they can't trust Zach anymore. Amber says she really wants to talk Nicole now, because she (Amber) feels like its time for a group of us.... Derrick walks in.

1:30 AM BBT Amber continues after Derrick leaves, "I feel like I can trust Derrick and you and Nicole just a little bit, I don't want to let her all the way in" Christine is nodding her head to everything Amber is saying. Christine says "we can do some damage" Amber: "I think it should be a few girls that take some of those guys out"

1:31 AM BBT Cody and Hayden finish up their conversation by Hayden saying Amber and Britt are the only threat to the guys and they need to go... Caleb and Zach sit down in the Beehive. Caleb: "I know you are close to Cody and you need to tell him it's not cool what he is doing with Amber." Zach: "Ya, it's like a punch in the n*tts to you." Caleb: "but at the same time it takes two to do that to me." Caleb is telling Zach that Cody should say to Amber "Caleb has feelings for you, and I don't think you should do him this way after he has done so much for you"

1:36 AM BBT Caleb still obsessing over Amber, at the same time Christine and Amber still talking about putting Caleb up on the block if either of them win HOH. Amber: "I sent Derrick into the Beehive room to find out if they are talking about me, and he will tell me everything, I can trust Derrick 100%" .. as Derrick tells Caleb and Zach that Amber sent him in there to find out what is going on, and that Cody is a good guy, but if they (Caleb and Zach) feel like they can't trust Amber then we should vote as an alliance and send her home.

1:42 AM BBT Derrick, Zach and Caleb end their conversation buy saying they want Britt to go home this week. Amber and Nicole go into the Beehive room waiting on Christine. Cody, Frankie, and Vic go up to the HOH room. Derrick and Hayden alone at the Hammock. (Busy, busy hamsters)

1:44 AM BBT Amber, Nicole and Christine all in the beehive. Amber comes right out and tells Nicole its time to get some of these guys out. Nicole: "the guys are trying to get out every single girl here" Amber wants Zach out first. Amber repeats that she still trusts Derrick completely. Nicole just agreeing with everything Amber says.

1:50 AM BBT Amber keeps talking. Neither Nicole nor Christine will offer up any conversation. Amber asks what guy besides Derrick would they trust? Neither one say a word. Amber just keeps talking, and they keep nodding. The only thing they seem to agree on is that Brittney won't talk to anybody. They all three also agree they can't talk to any of the boys about this, not even Frankie.

1:57 AM PM After all the talk between the three girls, they decide their first target will be to backdoor Donny.

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9:00 AM BBT It's mostly quiet in the BB house this morning. The lights are on but it appears that only Donny is awake. He is in the WA brushing his teeth. BB reminds the HGs that the lights must stay on during the day.

9:08 AM BBT BB "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Donny replies "They are on." Donny goes to sit in the LR alone and is reading a yellow paper that might be some instructions from BB to the HGs.

9:15 AM BBT BB asks Donny to go up and turn on the HoH lights. Donny goes upstairs and does what BB asks. BB "Donny, thank you." WBRB.

9:18 AM BBT The feeds return to Donny putting something in the microwave. Victoria and Amber are up and moving around.

9:24 AM BBT Christine, Amber, Victoria, and Donny are up doing their ADLs. Amber says she never went to bed last night. Christine says she needs earplugs because of the snoring that kept her awake.

9:28 PM BBT Cody and Frankie are stirring in the HoH room. Frankie lets him know that Brittany and Amber pulled an all nighter. Donny and Amber are sitting in the orange chairs in the LR speculating about their day and what BB has in store for them.

9:33 AM BBT Frankie has gone downstairs. Donny apologizes for turning the lights on and says he snuck in quietly because he didn't want them to know it was him that did it. Frankie laughs quoting Big Brother "Donny, thank you." Frankie "I had no idea it was you Donny, no clue," BB "Have you changed your batteries." Cody raises his voice in a tone of frustration "No, I haven't."

9:38 AM BBT Cody and Amber sneak into the SR for a chat. Amber tells him that she spoke to Brittany a lot last night. She says that Brittany has no problems with Cody. Brittany wanted Amber to tell him that Cody is not a target of hers. Donny walks in and the conversation abruptly changes to Amber requesting that she NOT be picked to host the POV. Donny leaves and Jocasta walks into the SR. Cody hugs Jocasta and asks her if she wants to host the POV.

9:45 AM BBT Derrick joins Cody in the SR. Cody repeats his conversation with Amber. He tells him that Brittany sent her to inform him that Cody isn't or ever will be Brittany's target. Cody implies that this a tactic for someone like Devin and not him. "I'm not Devin. She is sealing her fate. And Amber needs to go next week."

9:48 AM BBT Cody goes up to the HoH room to talk to Frankie. He repeats the Amber conversation. Amber doesn't want to host the competition because she wants to play in it. "I don't think she understand the concept. She can only be a host if she isn't picked to play. She wants to play so she can save Brittany. Does she not realize I have no part in who gets to play?" Frankie asks if she is hoping Cody will pick her as HG choice. Cody says that is never ever going to happen.

9:53 AM BBT Derrick and Brittany are in the Fire BR. Brittany says Cody said he was going to nominate weak players but then nominated people justifying it's because they are fierce competitors. It's contradictory. She expected to be nominated by Frankie, not him. Derrick says he was expecting to be nominated by Frankie too. Brittany says she isn't mad at Cody but does not want to be considered partners with people like Victoria and Donny simply because the others started playing the game and didn't include her. Derrick tells her that she doesn't owe anyone an explanation. If she wins the POV she can go tell them to go F**k themselves. She doesn't have to campaign to him.

10:02 AM BBT I believe everyone is up now doing ADLs. The only HG I haven't seen yet is Derrick. Cody goes to the backdoor and it is dark. They are on IDLD. Brittany is in the WA with Jocasta and says "There are some shady people." Jocasta doesn't respond or acknowledge that she ever heard her. After a few moments of quiet Jocasta tells Brittany that if she gets HG choice for the veto that she needs to pick Derrick if Victoria hasn't already picked him.

10:07 AM BBT Derrick goes up to the HoH room where Cody and Frankie are. Derrick tells them that Zach is running his mouth again. Brittany informed him that Zach told her she was the target this week and everyone was going to vote her out. Cody is not happy and tosses his shirt. Derrick says he smoothed things over with Brittany and that Cody never implied that to everyone. They both agree that Zach needs to keep him mouth shut. Derrick and Cody know Amber wants to play in the POV to save Brittany. Based on their intention to target the guys, the targets going forward are Brittany, Jocasta, and Amber. They are going all girls and if they will win they will put up all guys.

10:12 PM BBT Cody is going to continue to try to smooth things out with Brittany so she doesn't feel that she needs to campaign. Cody is going to talk to Zach. Zach has to learn to keep his mouth closed. It's clearly that the girls are working together and will target 4 boys if any of them win HoH.

10:15 AM BBT Zach joins Cody, Frankie and Derrick in the HoH room. Zach jokes "I think we need to take Brittany off the block." They say they are voting her out even if they are the only ones. Once an HoH makes someone a target then that person has to go home or the HoH is put in danger the next week. Victoria is harmless and won't care but Brittany is after Cody now.

10:19 AM BBT Cody tells Derrick and Zach that he doesn't know how long he can continue to play with Amber. Amber is clearly going to start targeting the boys. Derrick says the time to pick players for the POV could be as soon as ten minutes and leaves. Cody says Brittany is as dumb as Devin was. Caleb still can't get over Amber and stop playing with his heart. They are stupid. Caleb is flipping on all of us. Zach "All you need are the four detonators and Hayden. That's all you need."

10:30 AM BBT All the HGs, including Caleb now, are up and around. They are anticipating picking players for the POV very soon. Amber has told Cody that she doesn't want to be chosen to host the competition because she wants to play in it. [she doesn't seem to understand that being considered a potential host does not limit her chances to play. The host is picked after the players are] Cody has talked to several people this morning and he has one thing on his mind...getting rid of Brittany this week.

10:39 AM BBT The phrase "Hurry up and wait" comes into mind now. The HGs are anxious to pick players for the POV and most of them are sitting around chit chatting to fill the time. Donny is talking about his dogs. One of them is a large black vicious looking creature and the other is medium sized. Christine and Nicole are whispering in the WA. They are talking about Hayden but it is impossible to figure it out what they are saying.

10:46 AM BBT Frankie, Amber, Derrick, and Caleb are at the KT counter. They have taken the phrase "I have to pick players for the veto competition" into a tongue twister. It ends up sounding like PEVO instead of Veto.

10:51 AM BBT Caleb and Frankie are in the beehive room. Caleb is telling him about his conversation with Amber yesterday. He told her that it didn't go well. He told her he feels like she looks at him and kicks him in the nuts every morning he wakes up. He says he has been nothing but nice to her and has sacrificed so much. Meanwhile she follows Cody around like he has her pacifier in his back pocket. He admits to Frankie that was not a good choice of words and it wasn't received well. He says she thanked him for making her look like an idiot and walked off. Caleb says she is making herself look like a victim now.

10:58 AM BBT WBRB has been on for the last 2 minutes. It is possible they may be picking players for the POV. Too soon to tell. Stay tuned.

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11:05 AM BBT We have had fish for over 5 minutes, no Jeff updates, so hopefully we will know who was picked for POV very soon. Who do you want to see picked? (Cody, Britt, and Victoria are a given since Cody is HOH and the girls are on the block)

11:13 AM BBT Feeds are back. Caleb is acting like he might have been chosen. Amber says she is very glad Cody chose him to play in the POV.

11:13 AM BBT Feeds are back. Caleb is acting like he might have been chosen or is hosting. Amber says she is very glad Cody chose Frankie to play in the POV. Nicole and Christine in the Beehive, Nicole is asking her what she should do in the POV so Nicole might have been chosen to play. Zachs name was also mentioned.

11:16 AM BBT Christine just said three guys against three girls. That should make it Cody, Zach and Frankie against Brittney, Victoria and Nicole with Caleb as host.

11:17 AM BBT Caleb going over with Cody his conversation with Amber last night. Caleb says he is such a genuine, nice honest guy. Cody telling Caleb there is nothing between me and Amber. He is going on and on about blankets and saving her from eviction, yada, yada, yada.

11:23 AM BBT Jocasta and Britt in the WA talking about how sick they are of all this. Jocasta: "I don't really care anymore" Britt: "I am just sick of being on the block." They walk out of the WA talking about if you are in the shower stall you can hear EVERYTHING in the HOH room. They say this as they walk to the KT, and Donny, Amber and Derrick over hear them and now also know everything can be heard from the shower stall.

11:26 AM BBT Amber is talking with Derrick in the Earth BR, talking about how nervous she is about everything, not game stuff, but personal stuff. Amber tells Derrick that Zach has been spreading lies about her all over the house. Derrick and Amber are both surprised that Britt picked Caleb to play in the POV. So maybe Frankie is hosting and Caleb is playing in the POV.

11:38 AM BBT Nicole and Derrick are in the HOH, giving their final 2 alliance the name "BottomFeeders". Nicole is spilling her guts about Amber asking to work with her and Christine to try to get some guys out. Nicole says if she wins HOH next week she is putting up Amber. She is selling out Amber 100%. But she is going to pretend to be with Amber if anyone asks.

11:50 AM BBT Amber and Britt in the Earth room trying to count votes. They think there only chance to save Britt is if she wins Veto, or someone that wins saves her. Britt is counting on Caleb to save her if he wins Veto.

11:26 AM BBT Derrick and Cody talking in HOH. Derrick says he is not talking game in front of Zach anymore, and he suggests that Cody not talk game to him either. Britt and Amber still trying to figure a way to keep Britt in the house and get rid of Victoria. Britt thinks she has Amber, Cody, Derrick and maybe Caleb's vote. She is not comfortable trusting Christine or Nicole.

12:04 PM BBT Britt and Amber in the Earth room talking about Donny acting all paranoid. Britt thinks Donny has been stirring "stuff" up so he doesn't get back-doored. They think Donny just feels alone and Amber compares him to Devin.

12:07 PM BBT Cody, Derrick and Zach in the HOH room talking about if Britt comes off the block, even if Caleb uses the Veto on Britt, Cody says: "I'm putting Donny up" It would be a line in the sand with Caleb though, and Derrick says they will go after Caleb next week.

12:21 PM BBT Derrick, Cody and Zach in the HOH room on feeds 1/2 and Britt and Amber in the Earth room on 3/4. Britt telling Amber to be extra nice to Caleb because now we need him. They are both laughing at how absurd it is that Amber has been trying to avoid working with Caleb at all. Britt says to be really careful though, and not to lead him on because he gets really weird, you give him and inch and he takes a mile.

12:23 PM BBT Amber and Britt are going to try to get some sleep before POV, feeds 1/2 are now on Donny and Jocasta in the KT. The boys in the HOH room are napping. Britt thinks the only way to get Nicole and Christine's vote is if they can convince them that Britt already has the votes to stay. Amber says maybe Hayden will vote the same way as Caleb if they can convince Caleb to vote to keep Britt.

12:29 PM BBT Donny tells Caleb as he walks by that Jocasta is in the bathroom, just to warn people. Caleb says he doesn't want to go in there, he would need a clothes pin for his nose. He barges into the HOH room where Cody, Zach and Derrick are sleeping and asks to use the bathroom. Britt got called to the DR, Amber is sleeping, and Donny is eating chips and humming happily to himself at the DR table. All other HG are napping before the POV comp.

12:36 PM BBT Donny is looking so cute sitting at the table staring up at the ceiling eating his sandwich, chips and drinking his soda. Caleb walks by and says "You are the only one that goes to bed at the right time" Donny says "Yep, and now I'm bored, I don't have anyone to play with." Jocasta comes back from the WC and Caleb comes back from the BR. Donny says "We are the only 3 up, so we are the only 3 we have to watch out for"

12:44 PM BBT Donny is sweeping and tapping his activity wrist band, he shrugs his shoulders and goes back sweeping. Amber was up and moving around in the bedroom. Caleb is eating chips and talking to Jocasta about Nicole being put in the BB house just for him. But she isn't his type. Britt comes back from the DR. Caleb asks how many clocks are in the house. Jocasta says 2, Caleb and Britt say nope, 3 the stove, coffee maker and microwave. Britt says "wait, 4 clocks, we forgot the ice maker" Caleb: "I didn't even know that had a clock!"

12:47 PM BBT Caleb asks why Britt really picked him to play veto. She says "because you raised your hand" Caleb says "Oh, there you go" Britt says "I didn't want to pick Amber because we have become such good friends lately, I didn't want people to think we are working together, and no one expected me to pick you and you are a strong competitor." Caleb refers to himself in the 3rd party as says "Caleb's here to play".

12:50 PM BBT Caleb just told Britt that if there is CASH involved in the POV his is not going to go for the Veto, he is going for the cash. Britt had to have felt crushed, since she picked him to play for her when she pulled HG's choice. We just saw Victoria up in the fire room. General talk between Caleb, Jocasta and Britt about what they would do with the money if they won. Donny is still sweeping.

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1:04 PM BBT Jocasta, Derrick, and Brittany are sitting at the KT counter. Just general chit chat.

1:15 PM BBT More stories and chit chat in the KT. Christine goes into the Have-Not room and sits on the edge of the bed. She is wrapped in a blanket and she seems to just stare at the wall. After several moments Victoria walks in there and they begin to whisper. WBRB.

1:20 PM BBT The feeds return. Chrisine and Victoria and laughing in the Have-Not room. Victoria is talking about Brittany. She doesn't understand why Brittany refers compares her to a second Pao-Pao. She says Brittany is giving off bad energy. Had it not been for that bad energy then they might have won the BotB. She says that Brittany acts like she is so much better than her. Victoria says that the only thing Brittany does is shove stuff in her mind to confuse her.

1:27 PM BBT Victoria is not happy that Brittany and others are acting like Victoria is a weak player. She says she was just one letter away from winning the spelling comp. She had the longest word and just couldn't find the one letter she needed. "Pao-pao said we were the smallest players and we suck. No, you suck." Victoria "I am so frustrated. The girls in this house are so catty."

1:30 PM BBT Brittany bashing continues between Victoria and Christine in the Have-Not room. We get a brief WRBR followed immediately by Jeff's highlight reels. The caption says the HGs are playing a game. Maybe it's time for the POV.


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3:03 PM BBT We are still on Jeff highlights. The HG are still playing the POV comp. It's been over an hour and half now. Who do you want to win the Veto? Do you want anyone to come off the block? Or should nominations stay the same?

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3:59 bbt

Feeds back Victoria is wearing POV

zach won a trip

zach says he's giving the trip to his parents

Caleb got 5k and Nicole has a unitard (germ a tard)

it was some kind of shooting game

frankie hosted and everyone is saying he did a great job

Amber telling Brit she will have to make deals now and Brit saying she would have taken 5k and tried for votes

Amber, Brit and Jocasta dissing Cody

Jocasta told Brit and Amber that Caleb, Cody and Derrick are up in HOH trying to figure something out.

Brit talking about being in back yard for 24 hours and something about a ball and kicking it 24 times every hour... not sure exactly

Cody has to blow a whistle in the back yard?

Brit has 24 hours to score 2400 goals

every time BB blows a whistle Cody has to get up and go outside and kick himself in the butt 10 times

Hayden and Derrick talking in SR...apparently Caleb took 5k instead of veto and Donny said during comp that if he doesn't take the veto he has to go up.

I'm out hope someone takes over

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3:48 PM BBT We are still on the highlight reel which means we are being treated to the same 5 or so highlights on a nonstop loop. So, while we wait, share with us some of your favorite highlights of the season thus far.

3:56 PM BBT Frankie and Zach are in HOH room. All the other HG are in the KT. Zach and Frankie are saying that if Caleb goes up Britt stays in the house and if Amber, Britt, or Jocasta win HOH next week Zach is going home. In the KT it looks like Vic has a POV medal around her neck. Victoria has won the POV!! Zach says that this changes everything and Frankie says it doesn't change sh*t. There were definitely punishments and rewards. Zach keeps repeating that he's going to Germany and Caleb says that thanks to him Zach gets to go to Germany.

4:03 PM BBT Zach is in the SR saying that he really doesn't want to go to Germany, so maybe he will let his parents go unless some hot chick hits him up on Instagram to go with him. It seems like Caleb won money because Zach tells him he is guaranteed $18K. They must have announced that Germany won the World Cup because Derrick asked if it is bad that he was booing. Zach announces, "Nicole, please go to the DR. Your German-tard is waiting." It would seem that Nicole will be in yet another BB costume.

4:06 PM BBT In the KT Amber asks Brittany if she's OK. Brittany says that she screwed it up for herself. "The easiest frickin' competition and I screwed it up for myself." She says she would have taken the 5K though because then should would have at least had money. Amber tells her not to talk like that, she needs to stay positive. Derrick says that it was a crazy POV. Everyone keeps complimenting Frankie on his hosting and telling Hayden how impressive he was. Frankie calls out, "Julie, I'm ready to co-host!"

4:10 PM BBT Amber and Brittany are talking in the Fire BR. Britt says if nobody is going to keep me here against Victoria, who are they going to put up against me. Amber says Donny. Britt says but why would they keep me over Donny. Amber says there are reasons and that's why you can't talk like you were talking in the KT. Brittany says that she can't talk like she's staying. Jocasta comes in and wonders aloud whether Cody will make a major move. Britt says, well he won't put up Zach and that would be best. Amber says that Caleb owes Brittany (because he won money in the POV). Britt says he doesn't owe her anything.

4:15 PM BBT Victoria comes into the room and says that she doesn't want it to be awkward. Brittany says it won't be... what was Vic going to do, pass up the veto? In the KT Zach is explaining how he will choose who to bring to Germany with him. He's going to have a contest where women send him boob shots. There will be semi-finals and a finals. Then he says maybe he'll bring Calzone (Cody). Donny says he thinks Devin would like to go, or maybe his cousin Amanda. But Zach returns to the idea of sending his parents to Germany and watching his brother for them if BB will allow it. Zach says he can't believe Caleb won 5K and Frankie says, "Says the guy who won a ten thousand dollar German vacation."

4:22 PM BBT HOH room is Caleb, Zach, Frankie, and Cody. Evidently every time BB blows the whistle Cody has to go down to the BY and get kicked in the butt. Derrick and Hayden are in the SR talking about how Brittany has to go home. They are discussing who to put up next to Brittany. They say Caleb or Zach. Caleb won 5K and Caleb won a trip. Evidently Caleb passed up the veto to take the money. Hayden says that Donny and Jocasta said that if Caleb passes up the veto then Cody has to put him up. Derrick is working through everything. He says that if Donny goes up...Hayden interrupts him and says Donny will go after them next week. So they determine that Zach or Caleb need to be a pawn and Derrick says Caleb won't do it again. Meanwhile Victoria and Christine are in the Have-Not room jumping up and down together.

4:29 PM BBT Amber comes into the SR and says that Britt will be getting a workout tonight. Evidently she will be the one kicking Cody in the butt. When she leaves, Derrick keeps talking like she never entered. He says that if they put Zach up, he will definitely go home. He doesn't see a way around putting Donny up in Victoria's place. Derrick says that they need to win next week and put Donny and Amber up next week. Derrick says Hayden will need to do damage control with Donny letting him know he isn't the target. He tells him that if Amber or Brittany win, then they are boned. Then Derrick floats the idea of putting up Christine as a pawn, but Hayden shoots it down. Derrick says he wouldn't want to be a pawn, so he understands.

4:32 PM BBT Zach is talking to Nicole in the beehive. He tells her he owes her (he almost got stuck with the German-tard). She asks if she can take it later in the game. He hugs her and says absolutely. In the HOH room Frankie, Cody, and Zach are talking. Cody says he went to hug Britt and she turned her shoulder to him when he went to say he was sorry. He compares her to Devin. Frankie says that Caleb is a really stupid player but that he won't put any of them on the block. He says that if you put Caleb on the block, he will pull a Devin and go ballistic. Cody asks how he can do that if he will go home. Frankie says that if Britt wins she will put up Derrick and Cody or maybe Zach and Frankie. Cody calls Zach an a*shole for taking a vacation when he had the chance to take the veto. Told him he will probably be going up soon. That Nicole is the only one who went into POV playing for veto.

4:38 PM BBT Derrick comes upstairs and says that he thinks Donny needs to go up against Brittany. If they put Caleb up and he goes home they end up 2 alliance members playing for HOH next week (Caleb and Cody). They need to assure Donny he is not the target and make sure they keep talking to everyone to make sure Brittany goes home. Cody says this plan is fine with him but that the next time he wins HOH he is definitely putting Caleb up on the block and he will not put up Nicole (because she is the only one who played for the veto). In the WA, Amber, Christine, and Amber are discussing Nicole's luck at ending up in costume again. We listen to the fact that Nic will be on her period wearing the costume this time [this is the 3rd time she has mentioned it, so I thought I'd share it this time!! --brotayjax]
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4:41 PM BBT Cody is really mad at Caleb. Frankie tells him he can't be bad at Caleb if he's not mad at Zach (who is laying in the bed next to Cody). Cody says yeah, but Zach went out 3rd and Caleb was still in it. They hash that out for a minute or so more. Derrick tells Cody to bring Donny in to the HOH room and talk to him alone. Tell him that Britt is the target and he's not going home because he deserves to be here. Cody asks how he's going to justify not putting up Caleb. Derrick says you can say you made a deal with Caleb when he was HOH not to put him. No one thinks that will fly with Donny. Frankie says that you should just tell him that you have a personal beef with Brittany and that she has said she's going to put up all guys if she wins HOH. Frankie also says that he shouldn't tell Donny until right before the meeting. He also says that they should be happy that Caleb put a target on his back.

4:45 PM BBT Frankie tells Zach that Cody is a bigger a*shole than he is. Zach points at Frankie and says, "No he's not! You take that back." Derrick says that's the first thing that's been said in the house that has offended Zach! Caleb and Britt are talking in the KT. She tells him, "Remember you are going to give me some of your money. You told me if you won money you were going to share it with me." He says, "I'm not going to lie... I did say that." She says that they could work something out and he says he won't do something like that on TV. Caleb, Amber, Jocasta, and Britt are all laughing hysterically. It draws the attention of the guys in the HOH who are now watching on the HOH TV. Derrick says that he's getting the idea that the folks downstairs want Cody to put up Zach. Cody is really upset because he is being forced to put someone up who isn't coming after him and he's putting a target on his back.

4:50 PM BBT Nicole comes into HOH room and they tell her that her ratings have gone through the roof. Zach repeats how much he loves Nicole for not sticking him with the German-tard. Nicole tells Cody not to put her up because she doesn't want to go home in a unitard. Cody tells her she isn't going up. He says his biggest thing is definitely that Donny is going to want to know why he isn't putting up Caleb. They go around with this topic some more.

4:55 PM BBT The KT crew has been having fun, but now they are literally not talking at all. The HOH crew is having fun and the HG in the KT can hear them. No game talk anywhere. Brittany asks Caleb if he wants to hear her song. The HOH crew is talking about punishments. Cody has to kick himself for 24 hours everytime the whistle blows. Brittany has to kick goals in the BY. They are talking about the fact that Brittany didn't know what to during the POV comp with the trading of the prizes, proving that she really doesn't know how to play the game and that she isn't a fan. The discussion is that if she is up against Donny, she won't win because everyone in the HOH room feels Donny deserves to be there and she doesn't.

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5:00 PM BBT Amber and Caleb are in the fire room. Amber tells Caleb that she told Brittany if she wants to stay that she really needs to start playing the game. Brittany is offering to make deals in order to stay. Donny is stirring up stuff but Brittany is working with anyone and is willing to. Caleb tells her that the guys have it in their head that they don’t want Brittany here.

5:02 PM BBT Frankie, Christine, Victoria, Cody, and Zach are in the HoH room. Derrick has taken the stuffed monkey and is waving it front of the camera so that it shows up on the spy screen. He gives the monkey a close up. Derrick continues to entertain the HGs with the stuffed monkey.

5:08 PM BBT Caleb and Amber are still discussing who the replacement nominee will be. Amber says at some point all the boys are going to turn on her. Caleb asks her if Brittany can help her get to the end. He says she couldn’t. Amber says she could make it further with her than any of the guys.

5:15 PM BBT Derrick, Hayden, and Donnie are lying on the floor in between the KT and LR. They are looking up at the ceiling and talking about movies. Derrick is still playing with the stuffed monkey. Meanwhile Victoria and Zach are in the SR. She said she considered making a deal for the veto but it didn’t work out. She says this is her second time on the block and this time she saved herself.

5:16 PM BBT BB "Nicole, please go to the DR." Frankie "Oh, the germitard." Meanwhile Victoria is venting to Zach in the SR. She is tired of being perceived as one who is safe to put on the block. Zach says they didn't have a choice and it wasn't personal. Victoria tells him that there are plenty of people who have never been on the block. She is concerned that Cody doesn't appear happy she won the veto. Zach says it's because it derails the plan to get rid of Brittany. It has nothing to do with Victoria.

5:20 PM BBT Brittany and Jocasta are talking in the fire BR. Brittany says she had a conversation with Nicole. She reminded her that she gave Hayden the swirly because she couldn't do that to a girl. She didn't want Nicole to have to stick her head in a toilet. To repay her, she gets stuck outside just so Nicole doesn't lose her bed buddy. Brittany has lost faith in Nicole and Christine both.

5:24 PM BBT Victoria and Zach are still in the SR. They both agree that they just want to make it to jury. At jury they can make phone calls. They also like that they can't talk game there so no one can try to influence them.

5:26 PM BBT In the fire BR Brittany tells Jocasta that Nicole is a little hooch. She flirts with both Hayden and Cody. Brittany says the next time she sees Nicole laying down with Hayden that she is going to hop in Cody's lap and start running her fingers through his hair.

5:31 PM BBT Victoria is now talking to Derrick in the beehive. She says she is happy she saved herself. Derrick responds "I told you that you can do it but you don't listen to me." Victoria "Yes I do." Meanwhile Caleb and Amber are in the Rock BR. Caleb says that is doesn't matter who they put up next to Brittany. Brittany is going home. He is telling her that even though she would want to give Brittany her vote, and has reason to give it to her, she can't. He knows that will feel awful but she has to play her own game.

5:36 PM BBT Brittany has joined Derrick and Victoria in the beehive. She is fired up that Nicole took the veto from her and gave her the 24 hours outside to kick a ball. Especially when she saved her from a swirly earlier. Not to mention that Victoria was behind her still and there was no way she was going to keep the veto anyway. She says was stupid and should have taken a good prize since keeping the veto would be impossible. So, she's stuck with the unitard. Brittany says she did it because she called her out earlier and getting stuck in the unitard is her Karma.

5:48 PM BBT Brittany goes up to the HoH room to talk to Cody. She says if she was to stay she would not go after him. She is mad at him, but not for nominating her. She is mad at him for comparing her to Victoria. He reminds her that she has spent almost no time in the HoH room. She says it's because she watches everyone kiss the HoH's a$$ and she isn't like that.

5:51 PM BBT Cody tells Brittany that she hardly ever talks to him at all. He constantly sees her locked up in the beehive with Donny or Jocasta with the door closed. She tells him that she never talks game to them. They talk about life and she and Jocasta pray together. That's it.

5:56 PM BBT Nicole comes out of the DR. Everyone is disappointed because she didn't get her unitard yet. BB told her she will get it later. Derrick comes up to the HoH room interrupting the conversation between Cody and Brittany. Caleb and Amber are still alone in the Rock BR. They are discussing how expensive a "free" trip is when you consider meals, etc.

6:00 PM BBT Brittany tells Cody that she will forgive him if he stays outside with her tonight while she kicks a ball 2400 times. He says that he will. Frankie joins them. Frankie was hoping to wait up to see Nicole in her Germantard but since she isn't getting it for a while, he is going to go to bed.

6:07 PM BBT Frankie is wearing Icy Hot. He tells Brittany and Cody in the HoH room "Who pulls a quad in a deviled egg competition?I can't believe that I did that." Brittany is hoping the ball she has to hit is on a string and not something she has to kick across the yard and chase down afterwards. She thinks it was be on a string with a counter because no one is going to want to sit there and count her balls. Frankie jokes that he will count her balls. Brittany wants to go lay down but says everytime she does she gets called into the DR. WBRB.

6:12 PM BBT Frankie, Cody, and Brittany are still hanging out in the nest in the HoH. Frankie's injury is making it hard for him to get comfortable. "I feel like an old man with this malady." Brittany says he should take a hot bath with some Epson salt. He says that is an excellent idea. He goes down to get some. When he leaves Brittany and Cody talk about Frankie showing up anytime he sees two people talking.

6:17 PM BBT Cody tells Brittany that he doesn't know where she is at because she stopped talking to him after week one. He says Brittany was forced to talk to him because they were on the same sleeping pattern. She said wasn't ever forced to talk to him. Frankie returns with the Epson salt and Amber quickly follows so that conversation ends abruptly.

6:21 PM BBT Amber has gone back downstairs so Brittany and Cody are alone again. He asks her where her head is at. She tells him that she feels the game started without her. People were working together and she was left to battle it out alone. She knows she is going home. He asks her where she got that idea that her going home was a sure thing. She says the only person she had a chance against was Victoria because she is the one person that everyone wants gone.

6:25 PM BBT Brittany asks Cody when he started trusting Amber. He says he doesn't. She comes up just because she is trying to break off from Caleb. Brittany says she trusts her now. She used to trust Christine and Nicole but those two are going to carry each other, not her. Cody is concerned that Zach's actions are going to reflect negatively on him. He doesn't like the way Zach talks to people then pretends it's all in joke.

6:32 PM BBT Cody and Brittany are still in the HoH room. He tells her that his relationship with Caleb is more strained than ever because of Amber. Amber will jump up on his lap or something and then seconds later he walks by. She is making it 80% worse and he isn't there for that. Brittany and Cody are discussing if she will be able to sleep when she is stuck outside kicking a ball 2400 times in 24 hours. He thinks she will be allowed to sleep on the hammock between kicks.

6:35 PM BBT In the Fire BR Frankie, Derrick, and Victoria are talking to Zach about Brittany be up in the HoH room for so long. They say that Zach is an a$$hole and he needs to be one and go up there. Zach goes upstairs into the HoH room. He says he is there for Sourpatch Kids and "Imagine that" Brittany is there. He tells her that she totally has his vote. She reminds him he said the same thing to Devin. He says, but I lied to Devin. She says he lies every time he opens his mouth. He says he is going to sit outside and laugh at her every time she misses a kick. She tells him that she is going to laugh at him when he walks out the door. Cody tells Zach that is enough. Brittany is called to the DR. When she is gone Cody tells him that he needs to lay off her. Cody doesn't like that one bit. She knows she is going home and to F*ck with her like that is a D*ck move.

6:45 PM BBT Cody, Zach, and Frankie are talking about Brittany always saying she deserves to be in the house. Zach hates that. They says that no one deserves to be there. They have to earn it. Frankie "It's not like you are applying for a grant for $500K and it will go to the one who is the most deserving." They start talking about their stipend and BB tells them they aren't allowed to talk about production.

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7:00 PM BBT It is now time for Nicole to be upset by Brittany. She doesn't understand why Brittany was mad at her for taking the veto. "Why wouldn't I take the veto?" In the HoH Frankie is telling Cody that Brittany is going to keep using the pity card. It worked with Devin. She went from being in the hot seat to him using the veto on her. "But it won't work on Calzone."

7:10 PM BBT Jocasta has a unique method for drying her toe nails. She has the oven door open and is sitting on a stool hanging her foot over the opening of the oven. Other than that, it's mostly more hashing and rehashing previous conversations and Brittany or Amber bashing.

7:20 PM BBT In the KT Caleb is downplaying Victoria's win of the POV. He says he actually won it but chose the money over the power. She didn't really win it because he could have taken it from her. It is more important to him that he be able to finish his chopper when he gets home. It is going to say "RIP Mark" on it. The HGs are getting called into the DR one at a time and they are still waiting to see Nicole's unitard and Cody's and Nicole's punishments to begin.

7:30 PM BBT Feeds switch to WBRB. When the feeds return feeds 1 and 2 are on Jocasta, Nicole, and Hayden in the fire BR. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the fish tank. Hayden is making fun of Nicole. He is trying to quote things she has said using her voice. Jocasta asks Nicole (Hayden) questions and she (he) answers them. Nicole (Hayden) talks about how hot Hayden is. Some of his comments are enough that Nicole hits him with a yellow throw pillow. Eventually Nicole plays along. She starts playing the role of Hayden. Jocasta "He is awesome at being Nicole. Who is the best Nicole in the whole house? Not Nicole. It's Hayden."

7:51 PM BBT The BY is open. The HGs go outside and see a soccer ball and goal. There is also a large timer with a big zero on it. It seems Brittany's 2400 kicks in 24 hours has started. WBRB. When feeds return Brittany is up to 4 already. She has to do 100 kicks in an hour. After kick five a whistle goes off and Cody heads to a stand where there is a level with a tennis shoe at the end of it. He stands in front of it, pulls the handle, and the shoe kicks him in the rear.

7:56 PM BBT Brittany is up to 21 goals. The whistle goes off again and Cody gets another ten kicks in the rear. He walks away for maybe 15 seconds and the whistle sounds off again. He says "Sarah, I know what you are doing" WBRB When Brittany makes a kick no one is allowed to chase down the ball for her. Also, kicks that miss the goal don't count. Cody has agreed to spend the night outside with Brittany since he will be answering to a whistle all night. Brittany is going to sleep on the hammock. Jocasta is considering sleeping outside on the hammock with her. Brittany is up to 39 goals and says her ankle is already hurting. Cody says his rear is going to be hurting when it's all done. Meanwhile Hayden is giving Frankie a butt massage, and then pays attention to the area where Frankie has a pulled muscle.

8:06 PM BBT Brittany is up to 60 kicks in about 15 minutes. At 8:10 PM BBT Nicole is called to the DR, probably for her German-tard.

8:14 PM BBT Brittany reaches 100 goals in roughly 20 minutes. She decides not to stop. She wants to keep going. She doesn't want to be doing this in the heat of the sun. She says she will probably go for about three hours without stopping. Zach tells her if she keeps going at this speed she could get it done in as little as eight hours.

8:17 PM BBT Amber is having a little freak out with Frankie in the HoH who is about to have a bath. She is freaking out because she feels her position in the alliance is in jeopardy because she is also friends with the girls. Frankie says she needs to stay calm or she will only make it worse. He goes to feed the fish.

8:26 PM BBT Caleb, Derrick, Zach, and Christine are in the LR. They have rehashed all their different conversations with or about Brittany or Amber throughout the day. Derrick says that the soccer ball punishment is better than the chum bath or solitary confinement. Meanwhile in the HoH room Amber and Frankie are saying that all they need to do is keep it cool for the next two weeks and then they go to war.

8:32 PM BBT Nicole "Who wants to see my German-tard." Nicole comes out in her tan bottoms, a white shirt style with suspenders, a Peter Pan hat, and a Beer stein. She has a very large weenie on a skewer as well. Frankie "You are the cutest German ever."

8:35 PM BBT Nicole's Beer Stein has actual beer in it. She is not allowed to share and when she is done with the beer she has to keep some kind of liquid in it. In the HoH room Frankie is getting in the tub and Caleb is sitting in a chair on the side. Frankie rehashes his conversations with Amber and that she needs to stop worrying until they get down to the final eight. That is when the war will start and there will be casualties everywhere.

8:39 PM BBT Jocasta comes to the door of the BY. She shows that BB has delivered beer and wine. The whistle blows again and Cody reports for his penalty kicks in the bottom.

8:48 PM BBT Brittany is still kicking her goals because she doesn't want to have to do it in the heat of the day. We can't see the counter but Zach tells her she has 2156 more kicks to go. That means she has reached 244 kicks. BB: "Brittany, 23 hours to go." Brittany realizes she has done 250 in an hour.

8:52 PM BBT The feeds on camera 1 switch to Derrick who is talking to himself in the SR. He says "Treat her right. You want to get her out, don't act like an A$$ clown." I think he is talking about Zach because Zach has been giving Brittany a hard time all evening.

8:56 PM BBT Nicole reveals that she has to replace the beer in her stein with beer or apple juice, because apple juice is beer colored. Many of the HGs are envious of her unlimited beer supply. Meanwhile Zach and Christine are now in the HoH with Frankie. He rehashes his conversation with Amber. He quotes that he told Amber she is shooting herself in the foot by campaigning for Brittany.

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9:00 PM BBT

Caleb and Cody are talking by the hammock. Caleb tells Cody that Frankie threw him under the bus to Amber and said that Frankie blamed Cody for Amber going up. Cody is mad that Frankie would do that. Caleb says that he is mad that Amber is the only one turning on their group and it's going to ruin her game if she doesn't vote for Brittany to go home this week. Cody is mad because Amber has said shady stuff about him and Caleb says the majority of it was because Frankie blamed Cody.

9:03 PM BBT Cody gets whistled to take his penalty kicks to his rear end. He almost does too many and Caleb laughs at him. Amber accidentally kicked the soccer ball into the pool and wastes time trying to get it out. Christine breaks up Frankie and Amber's game talk. Christine says that she has tried to talk to Brittany three times and Brittany has been snippy with her. Amber said that Brittany knows Christine and Nicole are mad at her because she was mean to Nicole. Christine says she doesn't care about that, but Brittany has ignored her. Amber and Christine rehash the bed situation drama.

9:11 PM BBT Frankie complains about his quad injury. Amber massages his leg for him. Amber says, "Is this weird for you?" He laughs and says he gets massages all the time. He says who gets an injury in a freaking egg competition? Amber says, "I can get deeper if I need too." Caleb admits to Amber that he took a banana peel in her Nike shoe. He felt bad though because he didn't want it to rot in there. Amber tells him that is disgusting.

9:17 PM BBT
Zach and Cody are playing pool. Zach asks Cody about making things good with Amber and Cody says he doesn't care anymore. He is tired of Amber and Frankie lying to him and he's mad that Amber would go and talk to Frankie, after Frankie put her up, not him. Cody is so mad at Frankie for throwing him under the bus with the Amber situation. Zach tells him not to blow up, because it could hurt his game. Cody says, "I'm telling Amber that I know she's talking to Frankie and that it pisses him off." Zach asks if he's going to say anything to Frankie too? Cody says he doesn't know, he's just venting right now.

9:23 PM BBT Victoria brings out half of a veggie burger to Zach and offers to bring food to Cody as well. He says he's good. Victoria says he's barely eaten. Cody says he's not hungry. Victoria says her sister's kids eat veggie meat a lot, because they aren't allowed to take meat to school because of the kosher rules for Jewish schools. Victoria says this is the first time she's ever had a veggie burger, because she always eats kosher meat at home.

9:33 PM BBT Amber is telling Christine that she is mad at Zach for talking shit about her and questioning her loyalty. Amber claims that she has played a clean game and she hasn't done anything wrong. I have too much respect and I'll be loyal to the people I want to be loyal to. No one else will run my game (where was this when you let Derrick tell you who to nominate when you were HoH?-gwennylou)

9:36 PM BBT
Cody goes and talks to Derrick about Amber and wonders what he thinks about taking Amber to final three. Derrick says I'd rather take Christine to final 3, because she has been loyal. He straight up tells Caleb, "If it were up to me, Amber would be out. I was only to her because of you. My loyalty to is to you and you wanted Amber safe. I refused to put her up even when Nicole insisted she go up." Derrick thinks Amber can win the whole thing if she gets to final 3 and that scares him. Caleb says, "I would win over Amber."

9:39 PM BBT
Derrick says if Amber and Jocasta won HoH next week, four guys are going up. The girls are paranoid that we're targeting them and one of us will go home if we don't win HoH. Caleb says that they have one week left before jury if it's 9 in jury this season. He will be happy getting 18k and getting to spend the rest of the summer in the jury house. Derrick says he wants to win more money than that. Caleb says I only trust you and Amber. Derrick says I only trust you. I don't trust Amber, but I am loyal to her because of you.

9:42 PM BBT
Derrick and Caleb talk about Victoria's replacement. Derrick says that if Donny goes up, Brittany is going home for sure, because if they want to play the deserving game like Brittany likes to do, Donny is more deserving than her based on the comps he has won. Derrick also says that Brittany hasn't been loyal to anyone. Caleb says that Donny hasn't either. Derrick says that he's basing Donny staying based on deserving it. Derrick says that it's ridiculous that Brittany talks about who deserves it over other people. He tells Caleb that he has a daughter, but he doesn't think that he deserve it more than Caleb or anyone that has kids. Derrick tells Caleb that Cody won't keep Amber since he nominated her and Zach will stay loyal to him because he hates Amber. Caleb says Amber was so mad and said to Cody, "What do you think my dad thinks of you now?" Caleb says he almost feels bad for Cody.

9:46 PM BBT

Zach and Cody are at kitchen table talking about Frankie and Amber. Zach says, "Do you want me to talk to Frankie about why you're mad?" Cody says he's going to talk to Frankie himself, because Frankie and Derrick both said Amber said she was willing to go up. Zach asks him if it was that big of a deal. Cody says it makes me look shitty, but he doesn't care because he's over Amber and her bipolar mood swings. Cody says Frankie is just trying to save his ass and blow his game up, to keep Amber on his side.

9:49 PM BBT
Zach says that he cannot stand Amber and that she's a snake. Cody says she's pissing him off, but Frankie is a snake too. Zach tells Cody he doesn't think Frankie did it on purpose and Cody rolls his eyes and scoffs at Zach. He says, "Don't come to me with that bull. Frankie very smart and knew exactly what he was doing." Donny comes in to get some food. Cody asks how Brittany is doing. Donny says she's hit the 450 mark.

9:50 PM BBT Cody hears the whistle again and goes outside. He does 10 and then the whistle blows again immediately. Derrick and Caleb are sitting in the chairs by Cody's contraption and are laughing hysterically at Cody. Cody tells them it doesn't feel good and he's afraid if he has to poop later. Derrick and Caleb laugh even harder at him.

9:56 PM BBT
Derrick and Caleb are talking about how rude and disrespectful Zach has been to Victoria and Brittany both.. Caleb says even though they both don't like either of them, you can't be rude to them. Derrick says if Zach said stuff like that outside of the house, someone would kick Zach's ass. Caleb and Derrick hear Brittany say that at this rate she'll be done by 2 a.m. Her math is way off and Caleb and Derrick start laughing hysterically at her.

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10:01 PM BBT

Brittany is cramping in her legs and Cody asks her where her legs hurt. Brittany says she's fine and just wants to get it over with. Feeds switch to Victoria and Nicole. They decide to go make some food. Christine wants to hide a stick of butter because they are almost out of a lot of their food. Victoria tells Christine to put the stick in a ziplock bag and hide it in her bag.

10:06 PM BBT
Victoria tells Christine that Amber is so mad that she won POV and she doesn't get why and that she's been up Frankie's ass all day. Christine agrees. Caleb comes in and says Zach is insane, because he's still being mean to Brittany. Victoria says she doesn't get Zach and that he's always mean. Nicole says Zach is always nice to her.

10:12 PM BBT
Hayden, Zach, Amber, Caleb, Donny, Cody, Derrick, Jocasta, and Christine are all outside watching Brittany kick her soccer balls. They are having general chitchat. Cody says Amber she'll eventually have to start doing headers because her legs are going to give out. Derrick tells Caleb that Brittany's legs will probably give out on her and she might not finish. Derrick says that it took her almost 3 hours to do 600 kicks. And she has at least another 9 hours of this to go and she's already winded.

10:19 PM BBT
Everyone but Frankie is in the backyard watching Brittany kick the soccer balls. General conversation going on. Amber is telling Cody that she loves the sounds of jets as they fly over the house. Victoria, Christine, and Nicole are eating their dinner while watching Brittany. They all talk about how the jackshack is the cleanest porta potty they've ever seen. Christine and Donny admit to using the jack shack, before they knew what it was for, but only to use the restroom.

10:30 PM BBT Cody, Hayden, and Christine are so mad at Caleb for not taking the Veto. He messed the game up because he took money over the Veto. Cody says that Zach and Caleb were so selfish today. Cody told Zach to stop being an asshole to Brittany and he doesn't want Brittany to stay, but Zach is an ass. Hayden says Caleb and Zach are so selfish and stupid. Cody says he's so tempted to backdoor Caleb for taking the money and telling him, "Talk about deserving things, you don't deserve to make money than me, so pop a squat." Hayden says that would be an amazing move, but catastrophic to their game at the moment. Christine agrees. Nicole walks in an Hayden and Cody both say that Nicole looks so hot in her Germantard. Cody says he'd do stuff to Nicole, but he can't say what on the live feeds. Cody and Christine and Hayden start using a German accent.

10:36 PM BBT
Cody and Hayden are in the storage room talking about much it sucks to have to put up Donny on the block. They will have to do damage control after Brittany goes home. They both talk about how much they hate Zach sometimes and how he never knows when to draw the line and stop. Cody is so over Zach antagonizing and being mean to Brittany, because it's unnecessary and pointless. Hayden would love putting up Zach and Caleb, but they have to get rid of Brittany and Amber first.

10:41 PM BBT
Cody and Hayden talk about how Amber and Brittany are working together, because Brittany repeated a conversation he had with her to Amber. He's confused about why she would go to her with that information unless they were working together. Hayden agrees and says they are both dangerous to their games.

10:43 PM BBT Hayden and Cody agree that Nicole is not going anywhere if they have anything to do with it. They said that Nicole proved her loyalty and game play by trying to get the POV over people supposedly in their alliance. Cody says people better not even mention Nicole's name to him about going home after what she did tonight.

10:44 PM BBT Hayden and Cody leave the Storage Room and Nicole and Christine surprise them. Hayden and Cody are both startled and start laughing. Hayden is wheezing and Nicole asks him if he needs cpr. Cody says that Nicole keeps pranking him and he keeps falling for it. Hayden says he likes girls who prank him.

10:58 PM BBT
Nicole goes up to HoH room and tell Frankie/Zach who are cuddling in HoH bed that Amber keeps saying snarky things to Nicole about feeling bad for Brittany. Frankie groans and says, "Boring." He tells Zach and Nicole that Amber is the worst and causes way too much drama. Nicole says she told Amber, "I was taking the veto regardless of who it was." Frankie says it doesn't matter because Brittany is going home. Frankie says Amber is an idiot and she wants to tether herself to a sinking ship in Brittany. He says he'll watch her drown.

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11:10 PM BBT Brit is kicking goals and chatting with Don and Amber about pulling pranks. She is almost to seven hundred now. There is a cot outside for Brit and Cody to sleep on while they wait for their punishments. Christine and Hayden are discussing what season slop and HNs started.

11:20 PM BBT Brit keeps missing the goal. Now there is a hole in the net. Cody, being a soccer player shows her a better way to kick the ball. Then lays back down on the cot. Cody gets the penalty kick call and has to do some more butt kicks.

11:30 PM BBT All feeds are in the BY with HGs just watching Brit kick. It gets quiet and Brit asks that someone tell a story. No one does. Caleb tells a terrible joke that he messes up twice over.

11:40 PM BBT Caleb, tries very hard to get another joke out. It is failing miserably. Brit kicked the ball in the pool. Caleb finally finished the joke, only one person laughed. Cody says it was funny, it was just 17 minutes long. That got a few laughs. He moves on to blond jokes. He tells a joke and then explains it. Derrick helps Brit to side kick and gets yelled at by BB. Nicole has come out and is at the HT now with Christine and Jocasta.

11:50 PM BBT The boys feel bad that they cannot help. Derrick insists on at least helping to tie the hole in the net. Frankie comes out with tofu and cheers on Brit. She kicks the ball in and Caleb grabs it for her. The other boys tell him to stop. Caleb says what are they going to do kick him out? Hayden is dancing on the other side of the net and stripping every time Brit makes a goal.

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