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Friday, July 18 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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1:52 am A new HoH rotation, and Amber is back to being paranoid. Derrick comes and talks to her in the bedroom, and she motions to go to the LR so whoever's in bed (I can't tell) can't hear what they're saying.

1:53 am Amber says Frankie says she's good, but she still doesn't feel safe. Derrick tells her she's not the target, but she's still paranoid. Derrick says she's the biggest physical competitor of the girls, by far. He says Brit may be second. Amber was going to go to sleep, but she decides maybe to stay up so she doesn't miss game talk.

1:55 am Amber hopes the guys keep her as the last girl. She wants to go against the guys in the finals. Derrick reiterates that they're definitely not the target this week.

1:56 am Derrick says they should go upstairs because they're watching and he doesn't want them to think they're strategizing alone. Amber says she'll probably get called to the DR, and it's Amy tonight [handling the interviews?] and she loves her. Derrick says Amy handles the overnight stuff.

1:58 am Amber and Zach are in the Co-HOH room with Cody. Amber is laying on the bed. Cody throws a plush sock monkey at Amber, she sniffs it and says it smells like Halloween [candy?]

1:59 am Amber asks Zach if it's nominations tomorrow, he says yeah and we get WBRB. Comes back shortly, Zach is saying "that camera, though? Pain in the ass" and another WBRB. When it comes back, Derrick is saying it's not that bad. [seems like the IR illuminators on the Co-HOH camera are bright]

2:02 am The group drifts to jedi training of each other's birthdays and the competition names in order. Derrick yells in and asks Nicole what the HoH name was for week 2. No concrete answer.

2:02 am Downstairs in the WA, Jocasta is taking a shower and Brit is watching. Frankie comes in and takes Brit away to the Beehive for some game talk and she asks to know if she's going up or not. She asks to please be told if she's going up. Frankie says yeah...yeah.

2:07 am Brit confesses that she feels like the old girl in the house, and she's missing her family today. She starts crying a little and Frankie gives her a hug. [seems a little fake] Frankie asks Brit who she would put up, and she offers Victoria. Amy has Nicole called to the DR. Brit says Nicole doesn't think for herself, but Cristine controls her. Frankie says he thinks the targets will go back to the weak or floaters [hmm...that plan's not gonna work with America's task this week].

2:10 am Brit feels a little distanced from Cody because the other girls are always fawning over him. She also says she enjoys Amber more now that Devin is gone. Brit drifts to a strange bit talking about compromising sleeping arrangements like married Derrick sharing a bed with a girl and Brit "the mom" sharing a bed with 5 guys because of limited sleeping options.

2:14 am Caleb comes in and joins Brit and Frankie. Zach comes in a minute later.

2:20 Zach is dogging on Victoria and how spoiled and useless she is and how he pumps her up artificially with completely fake and insincere compliments and he wants her put up. He tells Frankie, seriously, you have to put Victoria up. IMMEDIATELY there's a knock in the door and it's....Victoria joining the room. Zach pretends he's finishing a sentence about his brother.

2:24 Camera cuts to WA quickly for a 3 second shot of Hayden picking his butt, then back to beehive room.

2:25 Brit telling a story about how poor she was growing up with government powdered milk and her mom having a cleaning business called "Partners in Grime" and when her mom would pick her up from school, she'd tell the kids it was her aunt because she was too embarrassed to admit it was her mom. She then tells about a home invasion robbery when she was a kid, and all the cameras change to the Co-HoH room.

2:29 am Production must have broken up the party in the beehive when the cameras changed because everyone from down there is abruptly filtering up to the HOH (Frankie, Zach, Brit so far).

2:30 am Brit heads off to bed. [i'm right behind - BBLurkerPlus out]

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6:50 BBT Cody/Brit hashing out feelings. Cody telling her she has distanced herself. She is defending herself. (my feeds awful..sry)

6:53 BBT Trust talk about each other...Cody at loss for words, Brit doesn't know what to tell him. Brit makes comment girls in house driving her insane.

Now silence between the two (hope someone is picking up previous convo-I think when my feeds went to fish earlier he told her she was going up-Suez)

6:56...(feeds lock) part of convo is Brit giving a rundown of how she things things are going to go down. Cody and Brit very defensive to each other. (hope someone getting this)

Sorry...my feed awful, wish I could help...I'm out....

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2:39am Alot of playing around in the HOH rm. Cody is listening to music and reading his letter.

2:56am Caleb and Hayden are talking about doing challenges and BB keeps telling them to knock it off and stop it.
Caleb says I cant believe Devin is gone it is so awesome.He says it is so quiet here without him and you know he showered in the back yard. Hayden says I had a good lastnight with him though we laid in bed talking for awhile.
3:15am Amber says she is here for her mom to win the money, Caleb says I am here for 500,000 reasons and not a reason more. Amber ask Zach what he would do with the money and he says I wouldn't do anything with it for at least 6 months.
Talk turns to Devin saying when he was gone the dishes woul;d still not be done cause he was the one who did the dishes all the time.
Frankie and Cody in 2nd HOH rm hugging and bump heads together then roll on bed like they hurt.
3:34am In the hoh rm derrick,Cody, Frankie and Zach talking.Zach says dude I have a solution to the problem and Derrick says Cody can not put Amber on the block. Cody says i can put Brittany up and Victoria and Frankie says he will put up Amber and Jacosta.
4:24am Nicole and Hayden in str talking and Hayden says you are so cute.He says we got to go and she says what you can snuggle with Victoria for 7 hours and no one says anything but we talk in the STR and you worry about it?She then tells him that Brittany is complaining and mad at her about the bed sleeping arrangements and how Brittany is mad she doesn't get a bed.
4:30am Just alot of repeating themselves in HOH rm
4:58am Most hg are getting ready for bed and brushing teeth in WA.Amber leaves the HOH rm and heads to bed.Cody then tells Frankie and Derrick that she knows people will have to go up as pawns so I think she will be OK with going up as a pawn.Derrick tells them that Nicole went to the bedroom and turned the light on and Jacosta and Brittany was in there sitting in bed talking game and they went to bed an hour ago so Brittany got up and went to the bee hive rm with a sleeping bag and she is in there now pissed. But I don't know who she is pissed at Nicole or JACOSTA.
5:17am Amber telling Hayden and Nicole that she cant talk right now but they said one guys name for going up tomorrow and that was Donny and me but I don't know who else.
5:40am all Hg in bed lights out.
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6:53am Brittany says I have heard alot about Derrick and that I am not supposed to trust him but I haven't heard alot about you Cody.I don't know what to tell you Cody but some of the girls in this house are driving me insane . he says what? She says nothing.I am assuming that I am going home this week.Let me give you the board. Nicole is going to be the 9th person to go to jury and Nicole and Christine are going to be working together and Amber and Caleb. Cody says you turned your back , she says how did I turn my back? Cody tries talking and she says I am not going to argue with you Cody I am the most honest person in this house cause I just had to check Nicole's ass so don't tell me I am not honest. Brittany says I don't always go talk to HOH I don't kiss butt and you always have people around you Cody.They go silent and no more talking .

7:16am Brittany in the bee hive rm alone playing with her mic. everyone else sleeping.

7:31am Brittany in the shower.

7:47am Brittany sitting in KT reading the Bible.

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8:36am BB has woken HG so they can get ready for the Nomination ceremony.

8:42am Brittany sitting at KT bar and Donny, Jacosta, Victoria in WA getting their ADL'S done and Amber in WC and we get FOTH.

8:53am Brittany is back in the bee hive rm alone.Christine and Amber are in the WA doing ADL's.

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9:10 am Donny sitting in LVR alone and Amber and Victoria in WA . Amber says Nomination and eviction day make me so nervous. Victoria says yeah me to cause you just never know.

9:23am Amber telling Donny that no one else is getting up and they said we go on Lock down at 10am you think I should wake them up? Donny says I wouldn't.

9:32am Nicole is up going to the WA and Christine is making breakfast as amber comes to the KT to do the same. and we get FOTH.

9:56am We are still on FOTH.

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12:14pm Nicole and Christine are in the KT eating Frankie is asking how to boil something.Caleb reading the bible, Amber gets up and goes to the WA not alot of talking going on except for cooking.Cody gives amber a hug and ask her if she is OK? She says yeah as she is crying.

12:17pm Brittany is in bed with her face covered up. In the KT most hg are cooking or eating. In the WA Christine gives Amber a hug .Amber says i tried everything lastnight to keep everyone safe and i am the one on the block.

12:21pm amber says i don't know why i always have to be a pawn for these guys i mean why me?

12:24pm Brittany in the Wa with Nicole and jacosta and Nicole says this is like a slap in the face to me. brittany says i am not even going to the finale i can tell you that right now.Brittany says Frankie said he was going to put up the two strongest players and in his speech his said he was putting the two fierce players up.

12:24pm Brittany says I gave up alot to be here and I don't even know if my ex is going to try to take my kids because I came here. I am just tired and I miss my kids and family.

12:33pm In the hoh rm Derrick says first thing Brittany did was go straight to her room and go to bed and Victoria grabs on to Hayden and was upset.Cody says I just want to take a nap that all.Victoria comes in and sits down and Cody says dude it is so awkward down there and Victoria says I tried not making it awkward and Cody says it wasn't you .

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#bb16 1:07pm Frankie gets out of DR and yells "Hey everyone it's time to pick a host for the BoB competition" then I got WBRB on feeds

#bb16 1:16pm Feeds return. Caleb and Cody talking in HOH room. Frankie, Jocasta in KT

#bb16 1:23pm Brittany and Victoria goes to bee room to talk.

#bb16 1:24pm Frankie now joins the guys (Cody and Caleb) in HOH. Frankie talks about there are some people in the house needs the money and there are some who doesn't.

#bb16 1:33pm Cody tells Frankie and Caleb that he just wants to get rid of 80 grand on school loans (what he wants to do with the money if he wins Big Brother)

#bb16 1:35pm Donnie and Amber joins the HOH crew (Caleb, Frankie, and Cody). Brittany and Victoria still in bee room talking. Then Amber leaves HOH room after she gets something she needs

#bb16 1:37pm Brittany venting to Victoria saying that she comes close to challenges and she's not weak.

#bb16 1:39pm Donnie up in the HOH room telling the guys about doing dishes.

#bb16 1:41pm Amber sitting at the same table talking to Jocasta. Victoria and Brittany in the WR talking about who they trust and don't.

#bb16 1:46pm Caleb tells the guys that he wants to do the show, Naked and Afraid.

#bb16 1:48pm Brittany, Victoria, Amber, and Jocasta at the small table in the KT. Talking about sides of the house and how they feel alone. Brittany feels so old for the house and an outcast.

#bb16 1:52pm Got WBRB on feeds

#bb16 1:57pm Feeds return. Donny, Caleb, and Cody in HOH room. Amber, Brittany, Victoria in KT small table.

#bb16 2:03pm Caleb is called into the DR.

#bb16 2:08pm Cody tells Donny that he hated the nominations and feels bad for and just didn't know where to go with it this part of time in the game.

#bb16 2:10pm Brittany tells Amber that if one of the girls win then they should do a girls trip. Feeds then show WBRB.

#bb16 2:13pm We got Jeff interviews now on the feeds which means only one thing....Battle of the Block competition is taking place right now.

#bb16 3:20pm Feeds are still on Jeff highlights.

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3:53 PM BBT We have had Jeff highlights for about an hour and half now, hopefully it won't be much longer. Who do you want to win BOB? And who do you want to remain HOH?

4:10 PM BBT How about some Team America TRIVIA from the past? What was BB8 America's Player Eric's first task? And did you like those type of tasks better than the ones this season?

4:18 PM BBT We are back live! Vic in the WA with Jocasta, Victoria says "Congrats again" so we know Jocasta's team won BOB!

4:23 PM BBT Britt sits down with Donny and Hayden in the LR. She says she just hopes she does not have to go home in a unitard or dog suit. Jocasta is trying to reassure Britt that she will not go home.

4:27 PM BBT Amber and Jocasta in the beehive room, they have won BOB but Jocasta says "I really feel bad for Britt" Amber says "I do too." So Vic and Britt are on the block, and Frankie has been dethroned as HOH.

4:32 PM BBT Christine and Zach in the KT, Christine says "That is one of my biggest pet peeves." Zach says "I hate her, I just hate her" (I can only think they are talking about Victoria, but they don't say)

4:33 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick in the storage room. Caleb says "Jocasta tied to convince Amber to vote me out" Caleb says, "they are going to know how if feel about all this tonight"

4:35 PM BBT Nicole and Vic in the WA. Vic is venting to Nicole about how she can not trust anybody. She thinks everyone is talking behind her back and belittling her she says "I don't know what everyones problems is, but I'm over it" She says the whole house is like high school all over again. (Welcome to BB Victoria)

4:38 PM BBT Zach and Cody in the HOH room. Cody is saying he tried to help Amber and was being called out by BB to "get back in the boat" (must have something in the BOB comp) Zach "Britt is going home, but if she wins POV we back door Donny, is that the move?" Codys says ya I think so. Zach says Caleb is livid with Amber.

4:42 PM BBT Amber comes up to HOH, she says "since you put me up, can I host the POV?" Cody says why were you mad at me all day? Amber says "I feel like you are putting me up as a pawn and some of the others haven't been up" Cody says "You volunteered to Frankie to go up" Amber says "when no guys go up, that is a slap in the face" Cody says asks if she still trusts him, "she says ya, I'm just frustrated"

4:46 PM BBT Derrick and Jocasta in the Beehive room, he is trying to reassure her that she would never have gone home if she had lost, he says "last week if it would have been you and Caleb, the house would have voted out Caleb, because everyone loves you" She is not really buying, she starts talking about cornbread

4:50 PM BBT Amber Cody and Zach still in the HOH room, Amber says "you can really trust Jocasta, I love her, and I am glad she is safe" The BOB comp seems to have been playing a huge chess board and Caleb hosted. Caleb sings a few words to a song, but no FotH. (Sounds like he would need autotune to me)

4:58 PM BBT Derrick, Zach, Amber and Cody in HOH just rehashing the comp. Jocasta and Britt in the Fire room, Jocasta saying "Just stay positive" Britt says "I just feel out numbered in this house, but I am really happy for you winning, I feel like I can trust Amber" Jocasta says "They get mad cuz I won't talk game with them, but I don't know who to trust" Britt says "when they put me up they always put me with the weakest players like Pao Pao and Victoria, I just don't stand a chance"

5:06 PM BBT Caleb and Donny in the Beehive, Caleb asks if Donny knew Jocasta was trying to get him out on Thursday. Caleb says "Amber told Frankie that Jocasta was trying to get Caleb out" Donny says "Anybody could say that about anybody, but I don't think Jocasta said that" Donny says you will hear that alot in this game so-and-so said this or that, you have to decide if that's true. Caleb says "I am going to ask Amber about it, because she told Frankie and not me"

5:22 PM BBT Zach and Britt in the Fire room. Zach is trying to tell Britt to fight for POV, Zach: I see you talking to Donny alot" Britt says "he has never once talked game with me" Victoria and Hayden in the Ice room she is venting to him, she says "everyone is so fake to my face, they use all my stuff and talk bad about me, they look at me as a pawn" Hayden is trying to pump her back up. She says she can't trust anyone. "Look at Christine, she hasn't won anything and she has all this power"

5:25 PM BBT Christine, Nicole, Derrick talking in the HOH. Derrick says Britt never thanked him for not putting her up, Nicole "ya right, it's my bad, I never should have stuck up for her"

5:29 PM BBT Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Christine and Nicole in the HOH, when Cody comes in Derrick locks the door and says you have to hear this. Christine: Amber is rallying everyone up to go against the guys, she has Britt, Jocasta and Victoria are with her and says we can't do this anymore, we have to put them up and get them out." Derrick asks when this was, Christine: "this was this morning and last night, and she's dead serious" Cody says "I am so PO'd that I didn't hear this, because I never would have helped her in the comp." Everyone decides that it is really Brittney that is doing it all and Amber is just listening to her and Brittney is worse than Amber.

5:32 PM BBT Derrick says this not an all guys alliance if Nicole and Christine are here. Frankie "this is just a non-idiot alliance" Jocasta comes into the HOH and all game talk stops. Hayden also shows up.

5:33 PM BBT Amber and Caleb talking in the Beehive, Amber says she never asked to be a pawn, Caleb "that's funny because Frankie told me you were ok with going up" Amber says I didn't talk to Frankie. She says "if I win HOH don't be mad if I put some of the guys up" Caleb says all the decisions are were made without me. Amber: "Why would you and Devin make decisions without letting me and Christine?" Caleb "That's the past" Amber says we are playing together, but we each have our individual game.

5:55 PM BBT Derrick is telling Zach what Christine told them about Amber, Jocasta and Britt wanting to put up guys next week because all the girls are getting picked off. Zach: "Thats all I need to know"

5:57 PM BBT Amber kinda of confessing to Caleb that she talked to Britt about working together. She says "I have been loyal to you, not one thing I have told those girls has gotten back to you, so I that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what to tell you" Amber says "I would never have put up Hayden and Nicole, but No, I was sticking with what you guys wanted me, I thought all of you had my back, look at me now, all the guys were talking and leaving me and Christine out and we just have to brush it off and believe you still have our backs"

5:59 PM BBT Caleb: "all you need to know is you are not going home, but if the Jocasta situation was true things would have gone south from here" Amber: "Fine, if you want to go against each other I'm down for that, if you can't trust me just tell me what's up. I can't have people on my side telling 30 minutes before nominations that they are putting me up because they are nervous"

6:01 PM BBT Amber trying hard to convince Caleb she needs to in good with the girls in case the guys want her out. Caleb says that group has no power. in the KT Victoria comes out of the DR and is crying really hard, Zach is comforting her but she can't get any words out. (There is some rumor that she was admonished in the DR for touching the guys in the house inappropriately, that is unconfirmed. She tells Zach "Do you know what they just said to me?? He takes her into the bedroom and we get fish)

6:38 PM BBT Hayden telling Christine and Nicole what he and Vic talked about when he was trying comfort her earlier. Nicole says: "on a scale of 1-10 how much does Vic hate you? Hayden: "11" Hayden says "she hates you because you didn't stick up for you during the bed situation" Christine says "WHAT?!" Hayden says I told her "look, people don't want to sleep with you because you snuggle too hard." Hayden is telling the girls he over heard Amber and Jocasta talking about some people being in la la land, like me and Nicole.

6:42 PM BBT Caleb talking about the girl he met before he came to the BB house with Donny, Amber and Jocasta. He says she has all her ducks in a row. Amber is not paying any attention at all. Caleb shoutsout all his contact info saying he is taking applications for girls.

6:51 PM BBT Hayden, Christine and Nicole discussing Vic. Nicole: I would feel so much below her if we hung out, she might be fun to have a glass of wine together" Nicole asks Hayden "what did you think of her dancing up hear the other day" Hayden says it was sick he loved it. But it was more like "dry humping" Nicole is embarrassed and can't believe it. Zack comes into the HOH room.

6:59 PM BBT Zach says Amber is the biggest liar in the house. She says she can't trust anyone. Derrick comes into the HOH Zach says that's because you with the "outsiders" Britt and Victoria in the Fire room Vic says: "if I don't win POV I couldn't care less about being in this house" Britt says "I almost wish Devin was still hear because he was telling the truth about everyone."

7:00 PM BBT Britt tells Victoria we screwed up when we started talking to Frankie, we should have listened to Amber when she said not to talk to him. Britt is telling Vic "it's not about comps, some people just think you screw around in the house and not take things seriously." Britt says I'm guilty for saying the same thing about you.

7:06 PM BBT Vic and Britt in Fire room, Britt says I know Christine is a super fan, and Vic says AND WHAT!! "She hasn't won one single thing" Britt: "and no body is putting her up" Vic: "it is so obvious she is working with them" Britt is saying Frankie told her he is only putting up weak people but during his speech he says he put up the fiercest people. Britt says I just don't understand it.

7:17 PM BBT Zach and Vic talking in the fire room alone. She asks him not to tell anyone what they talked about (we didn't see, we got fish) She says she feels bad. She says "I don't want to put anyones job in jeopardy, because they weren't doing anything. Zach says: "It never happened"

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8:28 PM BBT Christine comes down from HoH room to find Donny roaming around. Amber joins the nap in the rock room. She flirts with Caleb and Caleb decided to spoon with Frankie. Amber sighs and says that Caleb and Frankie are adorable.

8:32 PM BBT Christine is taking a shower, while Jocasta is folding laundry in the bathroom. No talking going on, as the rest of the houseguests seem to be taking naps.

8:39 PM BBT
The backyard is open and Donnie and Zach are playing pool. Zach asks Donny if he trusts Britt. He says, "I don't know that I trust her, but I know she won't put me up." Jocasta interrupts their game talk and watches their pool game.

8:44 PM BBT
Jocasta, Zach, and Donny talk about how none of their friends watch Big Brother or even really knew about it. Jocasta says some of her family watches it and they find it entertaining. Zach says, "We're keeping it interesting this season. We've had some great story lines already this season." They speculate that Veto may not be played until Sunday.

8:47 PM BBT Donny tells Zach that if he beats him at pool he'll never play again and will finish happy. He says he's about to go "beastmode hillbilly". Zach and Donny laugh as Donny makes fun of Caleb. Zach tells him he needs to start fearthebeard.com when he gets out of the house.

8:52 PM BBT Zach wins and Donny volunteers Jocasta to play next game. Zach teachers her how to hit the ball so that her shots are smoother. Donny heads to the weights to work out.

8:56 PM BBT A plane flies over the house really low. Jocasta says she hates when planes do that because it feels weird. Zach says he's not a big fan of flying. Jocasta says she loves flying she used to be a flight attendant. Zach can't believe she used to be a flight attendant. Donny says the first time he flew was when he made the finals of interviewing. They flew him out to LA to do his interviews. Donny said he actually liked the turbulence. Jocasta/Zach hated turbulence. Jocasta says one time on a flight it was so bad on a flight to the Dominic Republic and people were praying to God to save them and people were confessing sins like cheating on their spouses.

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9:03 PM BBT Zach and Jocasta playing pool, Zach is trying help her learn where to hit the ball. Jocasta says "Thanks for whipping my butt" Donny is working out with weights, while Christine is eating in the hammock.

9:10 PM BBT Vic was in the KT, Donny sees her and invites her outside, she says "let me change" Jocasta says "I like Victoria" Zach says "Shes nice" Christine is in the hammock finished with her food and reading the bible.

9:13 PM BBT Donny gets called DR. Christine is talking to herself about the bible and when you talk "in tongues" then blows her nose. She waits a min and then says "oh yea" and picks the bible back up. Jocasta is talking about Devin thinking he will be famous from being on BB. Vic and Nicole in the KT Victoria walks to the bedrooms. Nicole says "frickin girl - like crazy in this house, sucks"

9:21 PM BBT Jocasta pretend interviewing Zach. He says one of the least liked maybe most hated HG Devin took the "hot tub position for 7 hours or 7 days and that's not good" As Nicole walks out to the BY, she whispers to herself" please let this not be awkward" Nicole is eating on the couch, Christine is still reading the bible. Victoria comes out and sits across from Nicole. Jocasta still fake interviewing no one.

9:27 PM BBT Not much going on, Jocasta going on and on. Zach trying to play with her. Jocasta says neither of the two on the couches are looking at each other, and Nicole won't look at her. While Vic is staring them down. She gives fake hands it off to Julie Chen. No one laughs. Vic goes back into the KT with Zach and Jocasta, while Christine comes out to sit with Nicole. Nicole says "I'm not going to let her treat me like that and be nice to her" Christine is agreeing with everything Nicole is saying.

9:34 PM BBT Cody comes out to the BY with Zach, Christine, and Nicole. Vic goes to get a sweater and comes back to the KT.

9:37 PM BBT Zach is putting Amber down, says "She is a snake" Donny is back from DR and Zach stops putting Amber down, Christine said she was trying to get close to Cody the other night, and Amber said she was so thankful that Christine was there so it didn't look so bad. Amber is called to DR, the BY group hopes she doesn't wake up so she doesn't come out there.

9:42 PM BBT We have cameras 3/4 on the Fire room with all the lights on, and a close up of Britt with a yellow piece of clothing on her face. Cody gets called to DR. He sees Amber in the WA putting on all her makeup to go to DR. He goes first. Jocasta is in the shower. Amber keeps repeating that she smells bad.

9:50 PM BBT Amber sits outside now that all her makeup is done waiting for her turn in DR. Her hair looks like its mohawk. Zach and Vic at the DR table. They are both talking about Amber talking smack behind their backs all the time.

9:52 PM BBT Victoria tells Zach "I just want to go to DR and apologize to "Matt" (someone behind the scenes) because he was the one that was talking to me" Zach: "So do that" Vic: "Even though "they" (BB) said its all good." Zach: "Don't feel bad, everything is ok, we don't need to talk about it"

9:53 PM BBT Zach says he is going to start going in there to vent too. Vic says they (BB) where being SO nice, she just feels bad. (It sounds like Vic had a little bit of an inappropriate discussion/relationship with someone behind the scenes.) Zach is the only one she told, and he has not said anything to anyone about it.

9:56 PM BBT Donny and Christine are walking the BY to get activity on their bracelets. Jocasta is in the WA putting on makeup. Nicole and Vic walk by each other several times in the house and never speak a word, but Vic give Nicole the "stink-eye" to her back. Nicole asks Christine and Donny if she should go to sleep since the lights are now out in the BR. They both tell her no, it's too early.

10:16 PM BBT Derrick is awake and laying in the LR with Zach. Derrick asks if anything interesting happened the last few hours. Zach says no. Donny and Christine are still walking in the BY, while Nicole jogs.

10:21 PM BBT Vic is confiding in Derrick about her conversation with "Matt" (BB worker) he seems to know what she is talking about, Vic: "I tried to explain to you guys that they (BB) were not feeding me information, and the last thing I wanted to do was f*ck someone's job up" Derrick says "That's understandable" Derrick says "you just have to realize that people in this house are going to run their mouths and you have to decide who you trust and who you don't"

10:26 PM BBT Derrick is telling Vic that if she is on the block with Britt, Britt will throw her under the bus. Derrick tells her that people in the house are going to keep her in the house over Britt.

10:29 PM BBT Vic tells Derrick "Zach already told Brittney that you she (Britt) has to play dirty and throw Vic under the bus if she wants to stay here" Derrick asks if Brittney told her that she says yes. Derrick says well then don't believe everything everyone tells you.

10:30PM BBT Derrick tell her "Zach always votes the same way I do. He always asks me and he and Hayden vote the way I do" Vic says its obvious some people are working together, Derrick asks her who she things is working together she says "Nicole, Christine, Cody, Frankie, Amber, Caleb." Derrick tries to deflect by saying "Frankie put Amber on the block"

10:34 PM BBT Vic says someone told her it would be all girls this week going on the block. Derrick tells her it's really important for you to remember who told you that. She says it was Britt. Derrick says that makes sense. (Give it all up girl)

10:49 PM BBT Derrick lays it on thick with Vic. Telling her that no one talks to him and counts votes with her saying she will never go home.

10:52 PM BBT All the HG are up except Britt and Hayden. Frankie just went to the DR, now Jocasta is on her way to DR. Cody and Amber giving each other great big hug.

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11:00 PM BBT Cody and Zach playing pool, Donny, Nic, Christine watching. Derrick, Amber, and Vic in the KT fixing some food. Hayden and Britt sleeping. Frankie and Jocasta have passed one another on their paths to the DR. We should see Frankie appear soon...

11:10 PM BBT Derrick told the HG in the KT that his wife's father passed away recently. Vic confides that her father has cancer. No one knew. She says that she really doesn't talk about it. We keep getting WBRB, probably because both Amber and Vic are talking about other people they know who have been ill. Amber is really there for Vic, truly compassionate, and the two commiserate about cancer. They both discuss how lucky they are to be in the BB house.

11:15 PM BBT Frankie appears and hugs Amber. He asks her if she wants to go talk in the HOH room. He says he wants to apologize for just taking Caleb's word for it without talking to her before going to sleep earlier. He says he wants her to be able to cuddle up with Brittany and Jocasta, he understands. She says she doesn't even talk game with them, she's very careful with what she says. He says moving forward, if he's HOH again next week, he won't put her up again. He says that he heard she was OK being a pawn. Amber says that there are fewer people left and she understands that as we move forward they are going to have to start putting up people in their group, but she's taking one for the team. He told her she was amazing and she came off. She says it's time for the girls to get a break and she'll do anything to take herself off the block, including winning the POV.

11:23 PM BBT Amber says that she told Brittany that she has already done what she could to protect her in this game. She told Britt it's time for her to play her own game and she's done saving people. Amber feels it's time for her to play her own game. Frankie said he feels terrible he had to put her up. Amber said she understands because she's been in this position. Frankie said Nicole and Christine kept him safe, and he says Nicole and Christine because they are like a power couple. Hug, hug, hug.

11:30 PM BBT The BY crew is the same has grown by Jocasta and Hayden. Feed 1/2 switches to the BR where Vic has joined Britt and says that she is exhausted. Feed 3/4 is still on Frankie and Amber where they are talking about Victoria. Amber says that she loves Vic and Frankie says he does too. They say they don't care what anyone else says. Amber says that she isn't ready to go home. Frankie asks her if she's still good with Caleb. She says yes. He says that Caleb is still invested in them. They talk about who they trust. Amber says that Jocasta is a very positive person, unlike Britt or Victoria. She talks about how she has been loyal to a lot of people and all the people who she has saved or helped to save over the last couple of weeks.

11:35 PM BBT Derrick joins them in the HOH room. Amber says that seeing Jocasta's face made the BotB completely worth it. Derrick says that from the way Frankie was talking to him last night, he thought he might be nominated. Amber wants to make sure that no one thinks she is throwing anyone under the bus. Derrick says that it's just a matter of time before she wins HOH again. She's a better competitor than any other female in the house and maybe even better than the males in the house. He says she is definitely better than him. She also tells him that she 100 % trusts him in the house and she thinks moving forward there needs to be a small group of them together. She says that she doesn't want to go anywhere for awhile and wants to see someone who has had her back make it. He wants to know how she and Caleb are. Derrick says that it was his understanding that it was "us four" (Derrick, Frankie, Caleb, Amber). She thinks he got upset because she was talking to the girls and Cody so she didn't have his back.

11:40 PM BBT Cody joins them in the HOH room. Amber leaves. Cody is upset because he heard that she is rallying the girls. Derrick thinks he needs to confront her. Frankie tells them that he asked her how she is with Caleb. Derrick asked Frankie if he thinks she's creating an all girl alliance. Frankie said she isn't denying it, it's how she feels she has to play the game right now. Derrick says Cody has to call her out on it. Amber is back. Derrick tells her that he doesn't doubt her allegiance to them. He does her talking to the girls, but he knows she's also playing an individual game where if one of the girls wins HOH, she wants that relationship. Amber tells them that if one of the girls wins HOH, the guys are going on the block. Amber says it's about personal relationships sometimes. Frankie says she's a mole. Frankie says it's her 3rd win of the summer, she's the Janelle of the season. She says that people underestimate her all the time. Derrick says that she is one of the biggest physical threats in the house.

11:45PM BBT Amber is now telling Cody and Derrick that if there are people doubting her in the group, hopefully she's putting those doubts to rest. She took one for the team and didn't lose it like Zach or Devin. She admits she has a soft spot for Jocasta and Brittany. She says she has saved Brittany and Jocasta, even Hayden and Nicole and Donny. But, she will remain loyal to the people she has said she will be loyal to and that's them. She wants to get just as far as they do, but she also has to play her individual game because she walked in here as an individual and she will walk out as an individual. She said that if anyone has any doubts about her to please talk to her about them.

11:55 PM BBT Derrick asks who she wants gone. Amber says that she thinks Britt really deserves to be here, but thinks that if she were to win HOH next week, she would nominate 4 guys for sure. Cody says that he definitely wants Brittany to go home. Derrick asks her if she wins, who would she put up. She says that she would put Donny up or backdoor Donny. She said she would probably put up Victoria and Nicole, maybe Christine and Hayden or maybe even Zach since he's just sleeping all the time. She asked them to not repeat that to Zach.
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