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Thursday, July 16 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

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12:00 AM BBT: Caleb and Zach have moved on to not trusting Frank too. Caleb says Frank spills the beans to too many other people all the time. Zach agrees. He says the first people to go up when they hit jury will be Amber and Frank. Zach says they need one person they can trust in the game and that there are only 500 thousand reasons why. Caleb says that he can't carry Amber anymore and he is tired of even doing the little things for her, like getting her his blankets, and getting no appreciation. He says as soon as jury hits he wants her out.

12:05 AM BBT: Fish for about five mins now. I assume Cody, Amber, Frank, and Derrick are discussing fish worthy topics.

12:15 AM BBT: We get back from fish to Jocasta, Brit and Amber in the hive room discussing bible scriptures and religion. Oh I get it! Brit is being saved and Jocasta was discussing the scripture she was supposed to read to Brit. Brit repeats after Jocasta and is saved. Amber is a witness and tells her how great being saved is. Cody, Frank, Zach and Christine are discussing being sexually frustrated. Frank says that it is worse for him because the guys have girls around and they are just too dumb to get it. Frank says there is literally no option for him.

12:25 AM BBT: In the WA Caleb has joined the crew talking about sex. Frank says he cannot share any of his stories because of the cameras. Zach can't remember how many women he has slept with. Cody says he has slept with 14 women and can remember each one. Caleb says that sex is the farthest thing from his mind and that he has gone over a year without it. This is all going on while Jocasta is helping Brit become saved in the hive room.

12:35 AM BBT Mercifully, the feeds have switched to Cody and Derrick talking game in the HOH WA. Derrick is in a bubble bath, with a beer, wearing sunglasses, and talking about how dangerous Brit could potentially be. Cody says that Amber is trustworthy. Derrick thinks Amber is crushing on Cody. Cody agrees and says that it's because he isn't full of himself like Caleb. Cody says he can use Amber more than Brit and wants to keep her around.

12:45 AM BBT Derrick and Cody are now going over who is the lowest in their alliance totem pole. They agree it is getting to the time where they need to put up their lowest members even though they aren't the target. They talk about what to do about Donny and that if they can't take him out they have to take out his allies. The group in the WA has moved back to the KT and is talking about Harry Potter. Frank gets up to brush his teeth and so does Caleb. Feeds switch to Jocasta holding church in the hive room. Amber and Brit seem riveted. Derrick and Cody are talking about HOH and how bad Derrick wants Cody to win HOH. Caleb joins HoH conversation and is going to lay down.

1:00 AM BBT Derrick, Cody, and Caleb are talking about how HoH should go and who they most like to win and how they would try to control whoever won if they aren't in their group. Frank and Zach talk about weed. Frank says he used to smoke it every day. He says he started detoxing two weeks before he got there and Joey was having a tough time without it as well. In the hive room the girls say they having to pretend to be interested in other people's stories. They agree they can't handle even small talk with Devin.

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1:51 am Derrick, Hayden, Caleb, Cody, and Brit in KT working out who to pick for Have Nots, taking into consideration Christine's gluten-free problem and Frankie and Donnie's circulation problems that would make the have not room's cold a real problem for them.

1:52 am Derrick and Caleb talk about trying to figure out their fitbit bracelets and what the dots and vibration mean when they happen. They didn't get a manual, so they have no idea what any of the indicators mean.

1:53 am Someone talks about tomorrow and says "they tell you where to sit" and we get WBRB.

1:56 am All cameras still on KT, little or no talk of consequence.

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9:20 BBT and I have all cams black screen....sorry

9:26 BBT finally pic of Devin walking around, looks like to take shower, Zak eating and then screens freeze...

9:30 BBT FISH....lots of black and frozen feeds for me ....could be wake up call....

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9:00am Devin is up in the WA shaving his arms....He has been up for awhile now. everyone else still sleeping.

9:21am Zach is up and in the KT making a bowl of cereal, Devin finished shaving now pulling small hairs from his face with tweezers.
9:30am AS Zach is eating and Devin just walking around and Victoria doing ADL'S we now have FOTH maybe waking the HG early for a HOH lockdown as they do every Thursday.
9:43am most HG in the WA and Nicole goes running to the other room then comes back to get in the shower. Some HG are in the KT making coffee and food.Frankie and Amber are complaining about all the ants all over the KT.
9:48am Christine says I am going to have to see a medic or something and Frankie ask why what's wrong and she says my stomach isn't right or something from the post nasal drip all night.
9:57am Brittany and Nicole in WA talking about sleeping arrangements for tonight as the have nots will be able to eat and sleep in a regular bed.In the Kt is talk about bowl movements.
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10:09am Donny and Caleb talking about what time everything takes place today and at 4:30pm they have to be ready . Nicole in the WA drying her hair and Victoria and Jacosta doing make up.

10:23am Brittany and Nicole talking about if the HOH comp will be endurance and Nicole says it could just be Questions and we get FOTH.
10:36am Brittany says we have less than an hour to go to HOH rm. Frankie making more coffee before the HOH LD at 11:30am. Donny in the WA talking to Nicole and eating an apple.Caleb and Derrick in the hoh rm talking about going back to sleep and Caleb says I bet Amber goes to sleep since she didn't go to bed till like 5:30am.
10:42am Derrick says Brittany has the weirdest sleeping habits in this house hands down.She sleeps like 6 or 7 hours a night then sleeps off and on all day.Brittany, Victoria and Jacosta in the bee hive room talking about there has to be another twist but we just don't know when or what.
10:49am Brittany ask Donny what his homework is when he gets home? He says my homework when i get home is to go home and hug my mom and dad and tell em i love em and go to the dentist and get my gums checked is that it? Brittany says yeah pretty simple huh?
10:53am Derrick telling Caleb as he packs his stuff in HOH RM that he has done everything in the house now except win a pov I have won hoh and hosted so now I need a pov.
10:55am Brittany and Nicole go to HOh rm to get a spot so they don't have to sit on the floor. Caleb ask if she slept lastnight and she said she did.
10:57am In the KT Donny ask Victoria if she has enough of that smelly stuff to last all season and she says yeah then he says some people thinks it is strong but i think it smells like powder.
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11:06am HG are heading up to hoh rm for their lockdown, Donny and Cody are getting coffee and amber is getting ready to go up.

11:21am the feeds have now gone to Jeff's interviews as the HG were going on HOH lock down.

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1:41pm Feeds come back to Devin shaving his head and Hg getting make up done and showers taken. Donny and Zach in the LVR talking general talk.

1:42pm Hayden says Victoria you want to know what the best time in the house I have had so far? She says what? he says when I was taking a shower with you. He says it was nice of you to come lay with Devin and I lastnight. She says you kicked me out and he says we did it for your own good cause Devin farted. Victoria says I know it was disgusting.
1:47pm Nicole curling Christine hair . Something flies at Victoria she ask Hayden did you do that then she says Devin did you do that? Hayden is laughing and Christine is laughing.
1:51pm Donny is sweeping the floors as some HG are in the WA doing make up and hair.Just general chit chat going on .
1:58pm Derrick is giving Frankie a hair cut and Caleb is now jumping in to help him.
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2:35PMBBT We have had Jeff interviews on and it looked like more of his previews from those interviews but NO! It was live feeds! Caleb now getting a haircut, some of the ladies are getting pretty. And now we have WBRB screen, AKA FotH! What a teaser!

2:40PMBBT Feeds are back. Derrick is trimming up the back of Caleb's hair. Christine and Hayden are chillin' in the kitchen, giggling and joking around. Brittany. Jocasta and Amber are getting ready to be on live tv! Frankie is alone in the fire room, reading something intently. It looks like a list or lyrics or something written like the style of a poem.

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2:40PMBBT Victoria is wearing her "signature look" with bow headband in her hair. She has on pink and white tiedye capris on. She heads to the kitchen, had a cuddle with Hayden as Brittany and Devin small talk. Donny walks into the kitchen and says "No matter how much you get beat down, you always have a smile." Brittany says "Amen!" and they high five. Victoria says "Oh do me!" He says "Well you are cute." She is disappointed with that one. They are complimenting one another on their primping accomplishments.

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3:00PMBBT: Brittany, Christine, Victoria and Hayden in the kitchen. Brittany says every time she plays catch with her son she hits him in the head. In the WA, Caleb killed a bug with the leg of the chair. Took him a few (many) to get it. Donny tries on Nicole's frog head. He looks hilarious!

3:10PMBBT: Derrick is in the shower. Brittany is watching. She says "He's so hot!" But it sounds like she is just razzing him a bit. Hayden also has the other frog head on. Christine and Victoria are talking in the kitchen about their mothers.

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7:05 PM BBT Feeds aren't back yet. Stay tuned.

7:21 PM BBT Still no feeds. Hopefully they will be back up soon.

7:35 PM BBT Feeds return. Frankie and Cody are hugging and smiling. Frankie raises his hands in the air and looks straight at the camera with a huge smile. Caleb "Two people in my alliance are HoH." I think it is safe to say that Frankie and Cody may have won.

7:39 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are showing Christine, Hayden, and Jocasta in the LR. Derrick and Caleb are standing in the KT peeling ash from the bottom of a pair of tennis shoes. Frankie to BB "I want to request 75 things for my basket." WBRB.

7:41 PM BBT Frankie is dancing around the house. He wants to tell BB to make sure that he has a picture of his grandparents. Frankie and Cody are the new HoHs. Cody to Amber "We were so f*ing close." Cody is at the sink rinsing his hair out in the sink. He tells Nicole that he has torn his hands up on the wire.

7:44 PM BBT Zach has his microphone in his hand as BB is telling him to put it back on. He tells BB that a piece of his mic has broken off. Nicole says that she and Caleb got as far as nine eggs. Frankie is pacing around the house singing "I am going to be a mess, a mess, going to be a mess, a mess." Brittany is making a pizza.

7:47 PM BBT In the SR Derrick and Amber are kneeling down in front of the fridge talking about Devin's exit from the house. Caleb says they made peace. No hard feelings. They are pulling more pizzas out of the fridge. Amber doesn't want anything that even remotely resembles the Have-Not food items.

7:50 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Derrick, Victoria, Donny, Cody, Hayden, Amber, Jocasta, and Nicole. They are all talking at the same time. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Zach, Brittany, and Caleb are in the KT. Caleb says he has a lump under his left chest. He asks Brittany if she wants to feel his breast cancer. He explains that he has a gland there that is constantly collecting progesterone and forming a lump.

7:53 PM BBT Frankie and Zach go into the beehive room. Zach congratulates him and says he is so happy that he is safe this week. He starts listing off people that should be nominated. He mentions Amber and Jocasta specifically. Frankie says he doesn't want to say anyone just yet. He just wants to enjoy this moment. Zach agrees and says "Great F*ing job."

7:55 PM BBT Frankie goes into the Have-Not room to change where Hayden and Amber are. Amber is stunned because the doors to the "Freezer" AKA storage closet pop open on her. Hayden and Amber leave Frankie alone in the room. Frankie to the cameras "I am so happy. What a great week." Frankie goes into the LR where he starts prancing.

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7:42 BBT

Derrick, Caleb and Frankie in SR. Frankie jumps into Derrick's arms and Derrick tells Caleb the strategy he told Frankie/Cody to use. Frankie leaves. Derrick tells Caleb it'll be an easy week so he (Caleb) better go unpack his stuff.

7:44 BBT

Feeds quickly show Zach congratulating Frankie in Fire room.

Zach then goes to SR with Derrick, saying it'll be an easy week and they won't be noms or re-noms. Derrick leaves and Zach tells BB that the clip on his microphone just broke and he'll put on the spare for now.

Derrick and Zach are now in the kitchen with Jocosta. Brittany comes in with a frozen pizza. Lots of other HGs sitting in living room. Frankie is being really loud.

Caleb and Amber in SR. Talking about Devin campaigning, saying Caleb and Amber were a duo. They're both looking through the fridge.

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8:00 PM BBT Hayden, Britt, Zach, and Vic in the Kitchen. Hayden says he's happy Devin is gone. Frankie and Christine talking in WA and Frankie wants to know when Feeds will return. Christine says they should be back by now. He's excited to know that we all know. He continues dancing through the house.

8:10 PM BBT Britt, Amber, Zach, Vic speculating about who will be put on the block. Zach doesn't think he will be put up, but says there aren't many people left to put on the block. Victoria wants to know when Julie will tell them about "the second twist." Frankie comes into the kitchen and tells Britt to look happy. She tells him of course she's happy for him. He tells them he wants everyone to use his HOH room like it's their own. Then he tells Britt that he thought Britt and Jocasta had it. She said she thought they did, too.

8:20 PM BBT Excited that there are no have-nots this week, but sure that means something else is happening. In the LR the HG are talking about Devin, even Jocasta. Britt is talking about the foil "heart" she gave Devin when he left the house, telling everyone there was a pickle inside the foil. Cody is called to the DR. Discussing where everyone will sleep since there won't be any have-nots.

8:30 PM BBT Christine brings up that she's happy Devin is out of the house [i have a feeling this will be repeated several times over the next 24 hours! --brotayjax] Jocasta is telling Caleb about things Devin told her about his daughter and his mother, where he then told her something different. Caleb says that as long as his shirt was open and you could see what as going on under there, that's all that matters to him. He was trying to look good for "nine million people." He works hard for that. Caleb goes through a sentence where he uses the word "beast" about twenty times. He then says that nine million people are watching again. He is talking about what he wanted to say when Julie gave him his chance to speak, but his mind went blank. Some of what he is saying now is that Devin is "unloyal." He's "beauty and the beast."

8:45 PM BBT Derrick is telling Caleb about Cody and Frankie's success...they always had 2 eggs going at the same time. Caleb, Amber, Nic, and Victoria talking about how much fun it would be to host a comp --coincidentally in front of Frankie. Now Christine tells him if she's not playing, she wants to host. Zach and Derrick are in the rock bedroom whispering. Derrick says they're not going up as noms or replacement noms...this week is in the books. Derrick says he doesn't trust Jocasta because she's working with them and with Donny. Zach thinks it should be Victoria and Jocasta and Amber and Britt. Derrick says that Amber and Britt will probably win.

8:55 PM BBT Frankie joins Derrick and Zach. They discuss nominations. They discuss several options and Derrick says that the good news is that there are still 4 pawns left so any combination is really fine. Frankie says he wants to stay HOH so Zach says that he needs to pick the people that are going to lose.
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9:00 PM BBT Frankie and Nicole talking in the Fire BR. Nic reminds him that she didn't put him up, he tells her she has nothing to worry about. She talks about how bad she sucked in the HOH competition. Christine comes in and so does Victoria. Nic high-fives Frankie because she's out of her frog suit. Cody enters the BR and gives Frankie a huge hug. He and Frankie leave the room and go to the Have-Not room. They jump around hugging each other. Donny and Britt in the honeycomb room. Britt just knows she's going to be put on the block. Donny says she will have 2 opportunities to save herself. She said she feels like she sees where everything in the house is going and for the first time she kind of wants to go home. The way she predicts it is Vic goes home this week. Donny says that eventually somebody else will have to go up. Britt is crying. She really misses her kids.

9:15 PM BBT Donny says he feels like the house has taken away his emotions and made him numb. In the beginning he was emotional and felt like people cared (talked about when people were so nice when he won the first BotB), but now he can sit and feel nothing because he's gotten to know more about the people in the house. In Fire BR, Christine is talking about how bad Victoria was at the competition. Frankie and Cody joking about putting Christine up on the block because of how bad Christine and Victoria did in the competition. Frankie telling everyone when he was studying Kabbalah this week he wanted to choose a 3-letter sequence upon which to meditate. He randomly chose the 3-letter sequence for "defying gravity." When he was doing the HOH comp he focused on those 3 letters while manipulating the eggs.

9:25 PM BBT Britt and Jocasta in honeycomb room discussing how they were so close to winning. Jocasta is talking about the strategy the guys used to win, wishing they had thought of it. Britt explaining how she was picturing the 2 of them in the HOH room looking at pictures of their children because they were so close to winning. Both of them are crying. Derrick and Hayden are in bed. Zach, Christine, Frankie, Amber, Nic, Caleb, and Cody are in the Fire BR talking about the HOH competition. Everyone is talking about the strategies they used.

9:35 PM BBT "I still can't believe Devin is gone," is heard yet again in the Fire BR. Now all the cameras go to the LR to watch Caleb talking to Donny about turkey hunting. It's an exciting conversation about turkey calls. Evidently this was a super secret discussion, because now we are on FotH. We are back, and we haven't missed any of the discussion between Caleb and Donny. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to the Fire BR. Britt has reapplied her makeup and she and Jocasta have joined everyone. Frankie is saying how cool he thought the HOH comp was.

9:45 PM BBT Everyone is trying to work out sleeping arrangements. Britt says she has not had a bed or a dresser since she has been in the house. Sleeping upstairs will be Cody and Frankie, obviously. Zach is sleeping up there, too. Caleb invited himself up there. Lots of drama about where the girls will sleep. Britt says Victoria likes to have someone sleep with her and insists that person go to bed when she does. Britt doesn't want to share a bed with her because of that. Frankie suggests drawing straws to figure out where the girls will sleep, but Nic and Christine say they are sleeping together so they won't participate. This upsets Britt, so she says she is sleeping with Amber in the Rock BR. Now Victoria is upset. Jocasta says she can share with her. Frankie is saying hello to the live feeders and to his mommy. "Hi mommy! I did it!!" Britt is really upset about the fact that Christine and Nic wouldn't draw straws. Then Nic comes out and says that Victoria doesn't bother her. Britt tells Vic she doesn't bother her, either.

9:55 PM BBT Britt and Amber cleaning the house, still more talk about where people will sleep.

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9:59 PM BBT Britt and Donny are cleaning up the kitchen. Frankie is trying to explain how everyone can work out the sleeping arrangements. Frankie is called the DR, might be the beginning of the HOH room reveal

10:01 PM BBT Britt is telling Nicole she feels like Nicole threw her under the bus with Vic because Nicole said "it does not bother her sleeping with Vic". Britt, is saying are you kidding me? You wouldn't even draw straws! Nicole is trying to smooth things over, Britt is still cleaning like a mad women.

10:05PM BBT Zach and Cody in the Fire BR, Zach saying this is the way its gonna go, Britt and Amber on one side, Vic and Jocasta on their other. Cody says who am I putting up? Zach says Britt and Amber. Cody says no way, that makes me a sh*t! Zach says Derrick and I have worked it all out.

10:08 PM BBT Zach says fine, then you put up Vic and Jocasta, he says he's fine with that. Zach says no matter what happens either Britt, Jocasta, or Donny will go home this week. Cody says that was his idea, not Derricks. Zach says Derrick says this is the best week to be HOH because you are putting up nothing but pawns.

10:14 PM BBT Amber comes into the Fire BR and snuggles in with Cody in bed, he is rubbing her arms. Christine, Caleb, Jocasta, Nicole, Vic and Donny are in the living room just general chit chat. Amber is saying she feels safer with them in HOH, but if they have to put her up, just let her know.

10:21 PM BBT Most HG talking about food, because the have nots are dying for food at midnight. Frankie is still in the DR. Amber and Caleb in the SR complaining that everyone has eaten everything.

10:23 PM BBT, Zach is teasing Nicole about talking about the bed situation, now Nicole is crying in the Fire BR, she thinks Amber and Britt are really angry, she is now blaming Donny for bringing it up. Zach is clueless about what is happening.

10:29 PM BBT All the HG except Derrick who is asleep are in the LR talking about food, movies, food, food. No trying to figure out how to make deviled eggs (I guess because of the HOH comp)

10:33 PM BBT Zach saying he is going to live with his mom for as long as he possibly can, until she actually throws him out. Cody is in the Kitchen making coffee.

10:38 PM BBT Britt is out of the shower, she has some kind of rash on the inside of her forearms, Christine in the WA doing her nails. All other HG in the LR just gen chit chat. Britt tells Vic she can handle her during the day but not at night, Jocasta making fun of Vic's laugh, Zach says he loves her laugh. Britt calls Zach out for lying, Vic looks very uncomfortable.

10:45 PM BBT Zach announces the BB Talent show, Zach twerks, Christine tells a joke and starts laughing before she even starts tell it. A grasshopper walks into a bar, the bartender says hey I have a drink named after you, the grasshopper says you have a drink named Bill? No one gets it.

10:48 PM BBT Zach announces is Vic's turn as the greatest story teller, she tells the story about the crow that picked her up and flew away with her when she was two years old. She thinks no one in her whole town owns a cat, but if they did, they have them on a leash.

10:56 PM BBT Zach asks her to tell more stories, Vic says no because I think you guys are laughing at me and not with me (good guess). Britt has gone to bed and puts something over part of her face like always. The HG are all telling their favorite show as a kid. Zach asks what animal everyone would want to be, Vic says a Unicorn, everyone falls out.

Zach asks her to tell more stories, Vic says no because I think you guys are laughing at me and not with me (good guess). Britt 10:56 PM BBT has gone to bed and puts something over part of her face like always. The HG are all telling their favorite show as a kid. Zach asks what animal everyone would want to be, Vic says a Unicorn, everyone falls out.

10:59 PM BBT Frankie comes out of DR, he wakes up Derrick because they have a Team America challenge to put up a physical threat. He says that all 3 of them have to agree on what/who is a physical threat, Frankie suggest putting up Amber as the most physical threat among the girls, but they have to get Donny to agree. Frankie says he is not going to tell Donny about it until later.

11:10 PM BBT The have nots congregating in the kitchen, drooling over food they are cooking but can not yet eat. No HOH room yet, but both Cody and Frankie have been to the DR.

11:13 PM BBT Britt still laying in bed but not sleeping, listening to the other HG doing ZingBot imitations. Frankie is doing really well, he says Vic, you have managed to stay in the house, thankfully there are no crows. Donny you have so much food in your beard, you will never be a have not.

11:21 PM BBT All HG are up now. Amber accidently put a spoonful piece of bacon in her mouth then spit it out in the sink and rinsed her mouth out, Caleb is telling her she is going to get called to DR for eating.

11:30 PM BBT Amber and Caleb are doing most of the cooking, they are really confused and asking for help on how to make deviled eggs and French toast.

11:36 PM BBT Derrick and Cody in the WA, Cody saying he doesn't mind putting Britt up because she is acting ridiculous today, Derrick says ya, anyone except Hayden or Frankie going up, they are a short term alliance and can go after this week.

11:40 PM BBT Cody and Frankie were just called to DR, everyone cheers. Britt is now helping with the food for the have nots. Derrick says how much he loves her.

11:46 PM BBT Frankie has pick of his mom and says his mom is hot, there are pictures of Frankie as a baby, Frankie also got a hoody, Cody has his brother and sister last year and a pic of his parents. Someone got Mango Madness 2, Frankie says Codys brother is really good looking. Frankie says one of the pics of him with his sister and Mom is not Halloween just a random day. He also has pic of his grandparents.

11:49 PM BBT Since the CD player has been broken, they have HOH ipods. Frankie says he got fig newtons and he is going eat them all and fart all night.

11:51 PM BBT Cody reads first. Much-que-o dude I am so proud of you, remember even though you are on the other side of the country I am with you every day, stay true to yourself to yourself, hurry up and win this game because I am alone in the house with your sister and mom, don't read that aloud, (which he did) because if they hear that they will pound me. Love you much Daddy-O

11:52 PM BBT Frankie starts to cry before even reading his letter from his sister. Frankie I love you so much, I am a nervous wreck, but I know you are killing it, whenever I am faced with an obstacle I think of you and it makes me laugh and it give me strength, remember we give to make room to receive I love you so much, love Ari.

11:54 PM BBT Frankie and Cody getting lots of hugs and kisses. They are telling Frankie that his sister looks just like him. Frankie talks again about how hot his mom is and how he looks just like her. They have a sock monkey, some HG have never seen one before. Frankie is reading his letter again. Cody has Blue Moon beer to share. Frankie wants to feed the fish.

12:03 PM BBT Derrick, Frankie, Zach and Cody are talking game in the 2nd HOH room, Derrick says Cody can't put up Amber, Cody says he doesn't care. Frankie says any combination of the 4 girls is fine with him. (Britt, Amber, Vic and Jocasta) Nicole, Vic and Christine invade the HOH room, game talk stops. All the other HG stuffing their faces downstairs at the table.

12:12 PM BBT The have nots are slowing down on the food consumption. Frankie, Cody, Christine, Nicole, and Vic upstairs talking about all the food Cody and Frankie got in there basket.

12:17 PM BBT Frankie got Counting Crows for his CD and Cody got Tiesto and we can hear the music playing through the head phones so we immediately get FotH.

12:21 BBT Frankie, Christine, Nicole in HOH nest bed, Nicole is back on the bed argument from earlier, she is saying she is really freaked out and scared of Britt. Zach comes up. Christine goes down for more deviled eggs.

12:30 BBT Frankie upstairs eating pickles and holding court over the other HG. Derrick is laying on the couch in LR downstairs alone, it sounds like he might be a little emotional.

12:32 PM BBT Hayden comes into the LR with Derrick, Derrick says they are golden, and not going on the block this week. Britt comes downstairs, Derrick asks her to give him some sugar. Britt says they are watching Hayden dance around on the spy cam in the DR. He is acting a fool, making faces and hand gestures to the camera. Now he is dancing a cross between twerking and John Travolta Saturday Night Fever. Hayden goes upstairs to the HOH and they all cheer. Donny is sleeping.

12:37 PM BBT Britt is going over the argument with Nicole over the Victoria sleeping situation since he was asleep when it all went down. Derrick says Victoria needs to grow up, she is 22 years old, and Britt says she sleeps with Cody and its ok, Derrick says she slept with him in the Ice room when she was a have not, and he had to get up move because of the cameras.

12:42 PM BBT Britt tells Derrick she thinks Cody is going to put her up, Derrick dances around the subject, and says he has NO IDEA who Frankie will put up. Britt thinks the people going up are going to be girls, because all the guys are tight with each other. Britt says she is only one not chasing after Cody.

12:47 PM BBT So many HG in the HOH room its all just gen chit chat. Derrick is telling Britt he will not kiss anybody's butt, she says neither will she. Caleb comes down stairs,

12:50 PM BBT Derrick asks what everyone is talking about, he says how hot Cody is. Derrick says he is really hot now that he is HOH, Caleb says ya, he is God now. Just as Jocasta comes in the living room. Caleb talking to Derrick about his stint as a corrections officer and he quit because they "tasered" a guy who was in jail for not paying child support. He only worked there for 6 months.

12:55 PM BBT Christine, Nicole, Victoria, Cody and Hayden talking in the HOH room, Hayden is saying that he wishes Frankie's pictures were more recent, all his pictures are from so long ago. (We all know why, Ariana Grande)

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