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Sunday July 13 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

Oh No, Not Again! My super-religious updaters don't post on Sundays! Once again I need help today from 1:00AM to 10:00AM, and from 1:00PM to 7:00PM, and 9:00PM to Midnight. Please try to lend a hand when you can and post an update.

No permission required, just start posting. You may include a comment at the end of your post noting that you're done, or will return, etc.. If someone else is posting, you are welcome to post anyway, multiple views are welcome!

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12:05 AM BBT Zach asks Nicole to accompany him to the hammock and she says okay but then they get distracted by the acrobatics going on outside. Amber is practicing hand stands. Hayden starts laughing at Caleb because he lost to Cody four times in a row at pool.

12:15 AM BBT Zach and Nicole have made their way to the hammock. Nicole says that Zach has a crush on Victoria and he says he doesn't. Zach says she is clueless. They then sit quietly and watch Caleb and Frank do gymnastics. Caleb does a back flip and Zach says he feels like he can do that. Frankie says why do you feel that way? He says this in near disbelief, it is very funny.

12:25 AM BBT Victoria has now joined Frank, Nicole, and Zach on the hammock. They all watch Hayden do handstands across the yard and then proceed to watch Caleb try to one up him. Donny comes and says his good nights. He tells everyone to stay outside and keep it down. The hammock crew says don't worry they will bring the party inside and they all laugh. Donny pulls Frank into the SR and suggests that Frank tell Devin about Zach being related to Amanda because Donny knows Devin will spread it to gain leverage in the house.

12:35 PM BBT Just lots of small talk about working out and sleeping arrangements going on. Victoria, Hayden, and Frankie do abs. Christine, Nicole, and Zach speculate about an upcoming double eviction and jury. Jocasta, Cody, and Amber are laying in the BY lounger discussing tattoos they want.

12:45 AM BBT Cody talks about what the two girls thought when he took his shirt off for the first time. Jocasta says she doesn't remember, but then says it was the best. Cody says Amber can't answer, she asks why and then he goes ahead and asks for her answer. She says she isn't going to now. Jocasta says production talked to her husband about her being sick and told him she was okay.

12:55 AM BBT The hammock crew is talking about Amanda from bb15 being a bully. Zach says she became a bully in the end. Nicole says she was all about 3AM and had the t-shirt. I think they are trying to see how Zach reacts and see if he is really related to her. Frankie says his good nights but tells Amber that her paranoia about Caleb leaving is making him paranoid. He and Amber lay in the fire room to talk it over again.

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4:30 AM BBT: Zach, Cody and Caleb are playing pool while Amber is doing some ADLs. Caleb found a quarter in the back yard and everyone thinks it's super cool to see it especially since they haven't held any money for over a month. Derrick joins them and says that he's not going to be able to sleep. Caleb starts talking about how he gave advice to Amber on how to sleep in the Have Not Room. How you should not put all the clothes on at first...wait until you get cold and then add on clothes.

Derrick says that he's hungry and talk leads to Have-Nots and how America gave them the "inside of a cow stomach" (tripe). They said that America knew that Devin would be a Have Not so they picked the worst thing ever. Caleb says that he won't complain because he's had to eat much worse things. Cody said that Day 1 was the worst day for not eating. As long as you eat a lot of it, you'll be fine.

4:43 AM BBT: Meanwhile, Derrick and Zach are in the kitchen talking about how they are good for each other to talk it out and how they need each other to keep each other focusses. Worst case scenario if he doesn't use the Veto -- that 2% chance that he doesn't use it then it will show his cards...how Donny, Devin, Jocasta, Brittney are working together and they would vote Jocasta out. They are going to be golden because Donny is paranoid as well. Brittney says that he already handed Jocasta the veto. They say that Devin is going home and that he better because they are his target. Donny will use the POV and that Devin is going home. They are feeling good. If no one realizes that they are working together: Zach and Derrick, Cody are working together and they are the "Tres Amigos" - Papa Bear (Derrick) Land Mine, and Rico. They are excited that they are playing the game! Derrick says that he's glad that he won HoH so no one would worry about it going to his head and he could let the House relax. They are glad that Donny won PoV (Devin was close) - Zach reminds Derrick how close he was to winning it and how he was pissed that he didn't win. They both say that they don't want to win too many competitions.

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4:50 AM BBT: They talked about how the Have-Nots loaded up because they now understand the schedule of the competitions, etc. Derrick and Zach say that they are golden. Derrick says that no one is going to be back-dooring HGs too early except for Devin because he's such a douche. Zach wants to win HoH so that he can see pictures, etc. Derrick says if you're not HoH there is potential to being put up because it's been so random so far. A line has been drawn for the alliances and Derrick says that if the 8 stay strong...Zach says that Donny came up to Cody and wanted to have an alliance with Cody, Hayden and Zach. Zach told Derrick to think about it and how to work it out. Derrick is excited that he got to feed the fish. Caleb and Cody join them in the kitchen after Caleb won the pool game. Caleb starts singing and we get WBRB.

4:56 AM BBT: The Have-Nots also got corn tortillas. More talk about the America's choice of the Have-Not foods. Zach is talking to his mom and telling her to go to the bagel store and have a bagel for him. The camera man moved the camera so talk about how BB doesn't want them to do shout outs and we get WBRB. Caleb says that he's TRY boiling the tripe to see how it is. He's going to make him protein pancakes in the morning. Almost got a fight in the mall, because a guy was wearing his shorts so low. So I said that If I were the "po-lice" I would give him a ticket for indecent exposure. If he was police, he would give all of them a ticket. It's cool if you want to sag--it's a style, but not all the way down to the knees to see the boxers. Caleb asks, What if I walk in the mall not wearing a shirt?

5:03 PM BBT: Zach asks Caleb what goes in his Mama's sweet tea? Ants are all over the ground, Brittney and Amber cleaned everything last night and it was organized and gorgeous. This is what happens a day later and how it is absurd. Caleb tells Zach, Derrick, Cody that he and Amber were talking about if he was worried that the house may flip and vote him out. Caleb says that he's not worried because they have the strong Team of 8. The guys reassure him. Caleb says that he trusts the 8 until they get to jury. Only 11 people need to vote so he needs 6 to stay.

Caleb says that he is confident that Donny will take Jocasta down and him coming in to a house to a sick, unable to defend herself, friend and hand her the veto and said, guess who is staying another week. They said that Donny told them that he's glad that he won so that Devin can get voted out. Derrick says that Donny is going to be a hero in the eyes of America.

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7am BBT,quick peek in house shows Devin in the hammock alone on two cams and Brit/Zach/Cody discussing sushi. Brit mentions a certain resturant and tells Cody he has to go there. He states he will only if she goes with and the kids too! She says absolutely not. He makes comment why? I have money and a job (or maybe not now) and can afford it. She giggles, with a no, not going to happen and convo goes into liking Wasabi etc....

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#bb16 9:57am All HG were asleep and then I got WBRB on feeds (Could it be wake up call?)

#bb16 10:06am Still got WBRB on feeds.

#bb16 10:19am Feeds return with Christine, Veronica, and Donnie awake in WR. Jocasta is getting out of her bed now

#bb16 10:23am Hayden in the HT outside. Donnie joins him and sits next to the HT in a lawnchair. Veronica is still putting makeup on in WR

#bb16 10:25am Donnie says Zach and Cody didn't go to bed when he went to bed at 7:15am this morning. Hayden response was "Holy crap, they'll be asleep all day long"

#bb16 10:28am Donnie and Hayden talk about the Veto Nomination ceremony. Donnie thought it might be today but yet Hayden said since it's Sunday and that most of the team (Big Brother production) has the day off today it would most likely be tomorrow.

#bb16 10:31am Correction: Nicole (who is out of frog costume at the moment) is in WR with Victoria. No signs of Christine yet. Donnie now on bike outside working out and Hayden laying down on the couch in BY.

#bb16 10:38am Victoria called to go to the DR

#bb16 10:40am Jocasta goes outside to do a load of laundry. (guess it's laundry day in the BB house) as Donny asks if he can throw in some clothes and she said sure. Nicole still in WR as she's cleaning her frog costume. Hayden relaxing on the couch in BY. Donnie returns back to workout bike.

#bb16 10:43am Devin now called into the DR.

#bb16 10:48am Donnie gets off bike as he did 15 minutes and his mile in. Joins Hayden on the couches. Nicole still putting make up on in the WR. Jocasta still at the washer/dryer area sorting clothes.

#bb16 10:53am Devin tells Jocasta (now in WR) and Nicole that he doesn't want to kill the ants that are around the microwave.

#bb16 10:56am Devin joins the guys (Hayden and Donnie) and eats his food in the BY. Victoria and Nicole in WR.

#bb16 11:00am Nicole (I mean the frog as she now has it on) now joins the boys in the BY.

#bb16 11:01am Jocasta goes to BY and stares at the camera and gives a shoutout to her family and that she loves them and that she's doing fine.

#bb16 11:04am Donnie asks Nicole if she has pee'd on anyone yet to see if they get any warts and everyone outside busts out of laughs.

#bb16 11:10am Cody called to DR

#bb16 11:11am BB announces that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. BB then says "Cody".

#bb16 11:15am Mentions to Nicole that she should play leap frog as they would most likely play it on tv and put background music. Donnie says "do it for history"

#bb16 11:17am BB announces again that the bedroom lights must remain on. Victoria in WR putting makeup on. Donnie, Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole in BY. Devin in DR

#bb16 11:29am Victoria tells Jocasta that she loves seeing her up and about. Jocasta agrees. Donnie, Hayden, and Nicole still in BY chitchatting about random stuff on the couch.

#bb16 11:45am Brittany and Victoria putting makeup on in WR. Donnie, Hayden, and Nicole outside. Hayden resting his head on Nicole's lap.

#bb16 11:51am Donnie and Nicole outside in BY. Donnie brings up the Zach and Amanda conversation on how they look alike. (Team America Challenge). Jocasta in shower.

#bb16 11:54am Nicole asks Donnie that if he was a girl, which guy he would like the most. Donnie says his pick would be Hayden. Since Cody is so good looking he would get bombarded and he would have an easy pick. Donnie says Zach has a good heart. Hayden called into the DR.

#bb16 11:56am Hayden runs out to BY and gives Nicole a banana per a promise and leaves.

#bb16 11:57am Devin joins Nicole and Donnie in the BY.

#bb16 12:01pm Zach wakes up and goes to WR. BB yells at him to put on his microphone.

#bb16 12:13pm Brittany and Jocasta is putting makeup on in WR. Hayden comes in for a second to say hi, make small chit chat and leaves to go back outside to eat. He joins Devin on the couches and Donny is walking around in the BY.

#bb16 12:16pm Donny stops walking and sits down with the guys.

#bb16 12:23pm Amber goes to the BY and joins Devin, Hayden, and Donny. Jocasta and Brittany still in WC getting ready for the day.

#bb16 12:25pm Nicole joins the crew out in BY and Frankie is called to DR.

#bb16 12:27pm Caleb wakes up and goes to BY and joins the others.

#bb16 12:29pm Cody is called into the DR.

#bb16 12:33pm Cody is awake and moving around and can't find something. Caleb is helping him look whatever he's looking for. Caleb found it and gave it to Cody.

#bb16 12:36pm Victoria, Brittany, and Jocasta in WR. Hayden, Nicole, Devin, and Caleb are in the BY. Cody is in DR. All else is unknown (probably asleep)

#bb16 12:52pm Celeb is talking about military life in the BY.

#bb16 12:54pm Jocasta tells Donnie thanks for taking care of her yesterday.

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11:40 AM BBT: Hayden, Donny, and Nicole are outside chatting. Hayden says that his and Nicole's lives are very different. Donny says that Hayden will grow into a routine but Nicole says that Hayden will never grow into a routine. Nicole said that she told her mom that she doesn't think that she could ever get married because she'll get bored and find something wrong. Donny says that no one is perfect and there needs to be compromised. Hayden says that it's because they are afraid of commitment. Hayden keeps pestering Nicole with his hand and then puts his head on a pillow in Nicole's lap. Nicole is lecturing him about doing his teeth care. Donny says that the way "ya'll talk like he don't need teeth to nibble on ears." Hayden says that he has been using mouthwash 3 x's a day because Derrick told him to because he had gingivitis before too. Is that how you try to pick up chicks sometimes? Hayden tells Nichole that Zach likes her--she laughs. Donny says that you're getting "turned up." Hayden tells her that she's a very likeable girl. Hayden says that she's DTE (down to earth) not DTF. Hayden says that being a Have-Not should be good for his teeth since he will be eating slop and not apples and stuff. Hayden offers to make Nicole brunch but she doesn't want it. Hayden says that he's always joking but she calls him out and says that he's always trying like when he goes up to a girl and asks her to make out with him, if they say no, then he says that he's joking but if they say yes, then he does it.

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11:55 AM BBT: Nicole asks Donny what guy would he pick. Hayden would be Donny's pick. Donny continues on that Cody is so good looking that he would get bombarded and then he could have his pick. He would be flirting with the next girl--he's not a bad guy. Zach is not a character for you--because of the things he says--he believes that he has a good heart and that he'll grow up. Hayden runs out a banana to Nicole. Donny continues on that Hayden's a very smart guy and he can get away with it because he's funny, he reminds him of himself. Donny says that he likes to make people laugh...he wants them to have a smile on their face and thinks that he does a pretty good job and Nicole agrees. Devin joins them and complains about the ants on top of the microwave. Donny says that it's so dry outside that they are searching for any moisture and that they do that at the schools. It's humid in NC. Donny says that he's about 2-1/2 to 3 hours away from the beach and that he's nearer to the mountains. Devin says that when he lived in Chicago he had a Mustang and that he only drove it out once in the snow. General weather chat about rain.

12:05 PM BBT: Devin is on a bug hunt while Donny and Victoria are doing laundry. Nicole is looking for her frog feet as Donny gets his flip flops to go for a walk.

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Once again I need help today from 1:00PM to 7:00PM, and 9:00PM to Midnight. Please try to lend a hand when you can and post an update.

No permission required, just start posting. You may include a comment at the end of your post noting that you're done, or will return, etc.. If someone else is posting, you are welcome to post anyway, multiple views are welcome!

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1:56 pm General chat. Hayden and Nicole in ice room Jedi training (aka going over what happened on what days.) Derrick and Victoria in HOH doing the same thing. Six more days and they are a third of the way.

2:42PM BBT: Some HGs are sleeping. Amber joins Derrick, Victoria and Caleb in the the HoH room, talking about the Have-Not room being so cold. Devin joins Donny who is in the pool. Jocasta has been in and out of backyard.
2:55PM BBT: Still quiet in the BB house. Earlier the HoH group said they felt sorry for Donny because Devin was going to stick to him like glue this week. Donny and Devin are in the pool pushing the pool duck around.
Donny is now laying in the sun with his head and legs covered. Devin is still in the pool.
3:01PM BBT: Jocasta comes back out and does some shout-outs to her kids, Connor and Dillon and other family members.
3:10PM BBT: Jocasta and Donny snap a few pictures before telling the others. Donny steps into the kitchen, waves and whistles towards the HOH to let them know. Derrick, Caleb and Amber are watching on the spy screen, so they rush downstairs to get pictures taken.


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3:47 pm Christine and Victoria step outside. They talk about how "She" (didnt catch who 'she' is sorry) has been saying crap about them, she must not be very confident. Christine says Donny has been acting weird to her (Christine). Victoria has heard that the guys dont really like "her" (again no name). Donny is Christines target next week.

3:51 Victoria and Christine say that Donny is scary, he is weird. Nicole comes out and they both exclaim "Froggy!" Talk changes to twitter and how many followers they have.

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4:06 pm Derrick joins Christine and Victoria in BY, insurance and tickets is the talk of the minute. Brittany finally gets her hair just right and takes her turn at the photo booth.

4:13 pm Frankie tells Amber in SR that what ever she is hearing is not true. Devin is still playing the game. They hug, he talks into her shoulder and we cant understand him. He lovers her so much, just wanted to make sure she was ok.

4:17 pm Caleb tells Frankie he and Amber have a Chick-fil-A date when the show is over. Frankie drops his shorts and undies, covering himself and puts on his swimsuit. (Caleb has his back to him)

4:37 pm Caleb and Jocasta in KT. Devin, Donny and Derrick in HOH talking about the monitor and how you can see the KT, LR and Hallway.

4:39 pm Caleb has had live feeds, he tells them what we see and hear. (and how we get FOTH when BB doesn't want us to hear them talk about production)

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7:05PMBBT: Frankie just changed in the HN room in front of Caleb. One hand wonder while covering his package. Caleb is now in layers laying down on the bed. In the BY, Nicole is walking around in her frog costume. Hayden following her around. Cody, Christine and Amber are hanging at the hammock. They are trying to convince Nicole and Hayden to leap frog. Nicole refuses, they are booing her. So, Nic and Hay are now leapfrogging around the yard.

7:11PMBBT: Victoria tries to show Nicole how to leapfrog and ends up bum to head on Hayden. He laughs, Nicole tries again and is scared to hurt him. He is laughing. As she says she gives up, he picks per up on his shoulder, makes her scream "NOOOO HAYDEN!" and he just laughs. As Nicole fixes her hair, she notices that Hayden has a bun in his hair and compliments him on it. Donny is walking around the yard, chit chatting with Cody, Amber and Christine. Frankie and Devin are in the pool.

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7:20PMBBT: Devin is alone in the hottub. Frankie, Nicole and Hayden are sitting next to Amber and Cody in the hammock. They talk about Victoria. Cody says she is so nice when it comes to waking people up for things in the house. Donny and Caleb have put all the awnings up for BB. Donny is now with the hammock crew. Frankie mentions that the games are fixed and in the SR. Nicole says they should be playing but, no one gets up to get them. Devin is still alone, unacknowledged in the HT.

7:25PMBBT Christine and Victoria are dressed and prepped for a workout! Almost. Victoria is brushing her hair, has to put her shoes on and she can't find them. Christine is blowing her nose (I did not see a handwash after that).

7:30PMBBT Frankie to Christine "I hit 2 balls into one pocket, lined em up one went in after another... it is the most exciting thing to happen to me this month... well so far." Christine and Victoria are now jogging around the yard.

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7:40PMBBT Amber and Zach are in the KT. He says he wanted to talk to her later if she was up to it. She says "Sure, I am always up for it." They both work at getting something to snack on. She thinks out loud. He says nothing but hums as he walks outside. Amber then heads into the HN room to look for something. In the BY, they are goofing around, Frankie is sitting between Hayden's legs as his alter ego. "Oh you are quite the gentleman." The others laugh.

7:45PMBBT Donny tied Frankie's hands behind his back, "It's a hog tie!" Frankie says "Ahhh well you can hog tie me anytime sir." In his southern lady accent. They laughs continue. Amber is in the cold shower. Derrick is on the BY couch, Cody is out there now too. Christine is still jogging.

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7:50PMBBT Devin to Derrick : "I swear to God dude, if you do not pull that trigger if you get the opportunity, I am hanging myself in the BB house. I will hang myself ok?" I believe it is in regards to Victoria. Derrick, Cody and Devin are complaining about HG habits and how no one cleans up after themselves.

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8:04PMBBT Victoria declares "It's sexy time!" derrick has told them they can use the HoH bath for a bubble bath! Frankie says "I am so excited we will be naked together!" Victoria says NO! I wanted to have a bath with Nicole and now Frankie is coming in!" She continues "I was gonna go naked but now Frankie is coming in!" Zach asks why not? She says "I can't go naked in front of a man!" Zach laughs "Frankie is a girl!" Victoria heads upstairs to get the bath going.

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8:10PMBBT Victoria is in the bath wondering where the bubbles are. Frankie is feeding the fish before he gets in the tub. Nicole and Derrick are in the bathroom as well. Christine is as well. They are trying to figure out how to fit everyone in the tub but, only Victoria is in there. Christine is eating a granola bar, chatting.. oh nose swipe and back to the granola bar! Nose pick and take a drink, bit the bar, at least the wrapper is on. Nicole is now in the tub. Frankie is fluttering around. He says when he was HoH he did this every night.

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8:15PMBBT Devin is lathering up and showering in the BY with his swimsuit on. He is really putting on a show and does a thorough cleansing of his privates under his trunks and then scrubs his bum and that was when he scrubbed his legs, after the unmentionable areas. Brittany, Donny and Zach are chatting on the couches. Zach is eating.

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8:42PMBBT We had a FotH for a few minutes. Jocasta and Christine are in the hammock chatting. Jocasta is telling Christine about her scars, C Section scars, pain. Christine opens up to Jacosta about her miscarriage. Her family was very supportive. Cody and Nicole join them. Zach and Devin are in the KT. Chatting, rummaging for food. Zach says he is going outside. Brittany follows him. Devin is alone in the KT now.

8:50PMBBT Derrick and Frankie are laying in the HoH bed. Derrick says again that the wristbands are going to have something more to them "Like a competition or something! Like who takes the most steps. Who is the most active between this time and that time." They talk about Caleb and using him for the Zach/Amanda rumor. Frankie agrees. "Um hum! And wrap it up with a bow!" They whisper (difficult to hear). They are both excited about what else could be happening in the house. Frankie is looking forward to the HoH competition.

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8:55PMBBT Frankie and Derrick talk about home in the HoH. Derrick is 3 hrs from NYC by train. Frankie takes the train to DC to visit family. In the BY, Christine, Nicole, Cody and Jocasta are talking. Cody is telling stories about robberies and crimes that happened when he was in college and how rough Philly is. Cody says even the good colleges are in bad areas. Christine wanted to go to the Art Institute so badly, she couldn't go. Cody says she would have loved it. He says he loves Philadelphia.

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9:10pm The HG in the BY hear people calling from outside the house. They think they were saying Red Rover Red Rover. BB calls for an ILD.

9:15pm Jacosta runs up to the HoH to tell them what the kids (she thinks) outside were chanting: Big Brother, Big Brother, We Love You! And on queue, we get WBRB.

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10:00pm Zach and Hayden saying there was people outside the walls yelling we love big brother and they got put on lock down.

10:02pm Jacosta in the KT cooking Frankie is eating Brittany is cleaning the KT also, Zach and Hayden are playing pool .
10:04pm Cody says I am ready to dominate these dishes, Jacosta says oh yeah you don't like my cleaning skills and she says I didn't say that he said Cody this glass is not clean and Jacosta laughs and says OK we will do an assembly line.
10:06pm Cody doing dishes and says if we had music and we had drinks I would make this into a party.
10:11pm Just general talk going on as HG play pool and wash dishes and clean the house up.
10:23pm Frankie and Christine and zack talking about comps and in walks Nicole and gives Zach a hug. Devin comes in with them in the WA and they talk about the fish that Frankie cooked.
10:25pm Caleb and Hayden are now playing pool.Victoria is in the hammock.Victoria tells Hayden that breathing is a big part of running and if you cant breath you cant run.
10:27pm Victoria comes to the WA and says Christine I was waiting for you , She says we was talking about sex I couldn't help myself. Victoria says well you are married so OK and then Victoria crawls on the bench and snuggles with Frankie and says I love Frankie cuddles.
10:36 Zach and Christine and Frankie are talking about if they win HOH next week they will put up Victoria and Jacosta. Zach says I wont put up Nicole derrick or Hayden. Victoria comes out ans they all start laughing
10:41pm Nicole, Donny and Cody doing dishes. Most HG are at the hammock just laughing, talking and joking around.
10:50pm On the hammock Victoria talking about her friends as everyone is laughing.Nicole and Cody and Donny still doing all them dishes.Caleb laying on the LVR couch.
10:55pm Amber in the KT making slop, Brittany is wiping things down in the KT and Nicole and Donny are finishing dishes. Donny says I don't even work this hard at work.
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