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Saturday, July 12 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

Updaters Needed Today: No one has volunteered today until 10AM, so I could use your help now. And then from 1PM to 6PM. All times BBT, Pacific.

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2:29 AM Derrick and Cody are bro-ing down in HoH, recapping about the pre-Zack vote timeframe and not trusting Brittany, thinking she was flipping. Cody says: "Caleb don't trust. Amber don't trust."

2:34 am Nicole just left Haden in BY. Devin chatting with Haden now. Devin says all the girls are on their cycles and there's a "shit ton of towels". Amber comes out, checks the washer and says Brittany is taking a shower. Amber complains she only got 45 minutes sleep because of Victoria last night. Devin laughs "I know!"

2:36 am Devin complains that he's hungry all the time.

2:37 am Haden is told to change his mic in the storage room by Big Brother. [GOOD - it sounded static-y!]

2:39 am Devin asks Hayden "Cereal or no cereal" and WBRB

2:41 am Devin looking at himself in the Kitchen mirrors debating about eating the cereal. Amber is questioning why he has to talk to his reflection about the cereal. Tons of WBRB's in here for some reason.

2:43 am Derrick and Cody still talking in HoH. Derrick metions that Caleb [not 100% sure he said Caleb, but think so] didn't want to be on BB originally, but put in for Survivor and the Bachelor and we get another WBRB.

2:45 am Cody sees Hayden coming on Spy TV and says he loves him and thinks Hayden is going to "beast" with Cody/Derrick before Hayden comes in. Derrick freaks out Hayden by opening the door before Hayden knocks.

2:47 am Hayden complains that no one downstairs is talking game.

2:48 am Derrick says he has given a game olive branch to Donny. Hayden says he likes Donny. Derrick/Hayden say they think Donny is scared he will be voted out.

2:49 am Derrick offers Hayden a pair of the slippers in the HOH bathroom, which Hayden calls "tight" and "straight up amazing."

2:50 am Cody and Derrick go back to reviewing the house, what's been said, and trying to see hidden alliances. They're now comparing notes with Hayden.

2:51 am Hayden is analyzing Amber. "She will float to whatever side she has the best opportunity." He also says that no one trusts her, but Zach, because Zach trusts everyone.

2:52 am Hayden is saying Caleb should be out because that would cut Devin and Amber loose and they would be lost. Derrick is saying that Caleb wouldn't vote Hayden out, and Devin would be the better choice. The only bad scenario is if Devin gets PoV.

2:54 am Haden is back to getting Caleb out to squash Bomb Squad continuing rumors, but Devin would have to be convinced to make a deal to promise not to go after Hayden, Cody, and Derrick. [Ain't gonna work - Devin's meds make him too flghty]

2:56 am Derrick checking in to see if everyone is down with Devin getting backdoored and Cody and Hayden say the house is good from all sides with that plan from what he heard. Cody not down with getting rid of Caleb because he doesn't trust Devin.

2:56 am Brittany and Amber in kitchen together.

2:57 am Bro game talk still happening in HoH. Cody saying Jocasta is terrible at comps. Derrick says if Devin gets PoV he should put up Victoria or Brittany. Haden is still drilling to get rid of Caleb if Devin gets PoV.

3:00 am Cody checks to see if someone is listening at the HoH door. Then says "fuckin' paranoia, I feel like they can hear me in the DR all the time too" as he lowers his voice. He keeps checking to see if someone is coming up to the HoH door.

3:01 am Derrick says Brittany isn't trustworthy, but Hayden disagrees. Derrick says Donny scares the shit out of him because he observes the game and is smart. Derrick says Donny started growing that beard for BB because when he saw Donny in the airport he didn't have it and we get WBRB.

3:02 am Derrick still saying he wouldn't be shocked to learn that Donny is really formerly military. Hayden says Donny knows lots of medical terminology and is smart about medical things - Derrick goes back to thinking he was a medic in the military.

3:04 am Derrick running more block/PoV scenarios with Jacosta coming off the block.

3:05 am The three amigos in HoH are talking about Victoria saying no one talks game to her and no one really likes her too much, so she could go on the block. Then they're back to talking about putting Caleb up again. Cody says that makes NO game sense.

3:07 am Cody says "Zach can't know shit" - Derrick says he loves him like a brother, but he agrees.

3:08 am Frankie coming up to HoH.

3:09 am They let Frankie in and Cody says "so, you didn't go back to bed?" and Frankie says, no, I did, but "they" woke me up and we get a WBRB immediately.

3:11 am Devin has come up to the HoH and is in the doorway when the feeds return. Derrick leaves HoH. WBRB.

3:13 Amber and Brittany cleaning up the KT still.

3:16 am HOH with Cody, Frankie, Devin, Hayden. Hayden saying he doesn't think he can get a boner anymore. Frankie agrees that he's lost the ability, too. Devin tells him to get his hands out of his pants as hayden asks "is it true if you don't use it, you lose it?"

3:17 am Frankie has a wand looking thing, so Devin going on about the Harry Potter wand you can get on Amazon that works like a universal remote.

3:18 am Cody tells Devin that the fart he laid down earlier was a whirlwind that was loud and smelled so bad. Devin asks if Cody saw his future, then says the girls on the spycams are like little elves in the KT.

3:19 am Devin back to talking about all the women being on their periods at the same time this week. Devin says they're all syncing to Jocasta's cycle. Derrick back at the HoH door and we get WBRB.

3:24 am Devin talking about LA geography, gangs in LA, and "the valley" then WBRB.

[WBRB again. I'm out for the night - BBLurkerPlus]

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9:28 BBT Donny and Hayden are up in the Bee hive room, talking game. Nicole was upstairs outside the HOH room, and was told by BB to put on her mic. Devin was talking in the rock room, but all the rest of the guys are sleeping. Lights are still off in the HOH room. BB says the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Went to FoTH.

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9:34 Hayden and Donny in the bee hive room. Hayden said he trusts Donny 100% and has his back. Donny said the last time he opened his mouth he went up on the block. Hayden said he has some pretty good information, and will share it with Donny. Donny leaves and says good morning to Devin in the KT Amber, Christine and Nicole are in the WA doing ADLs. Trouble hearing over blow dryer. Must be on indoor LD, because one of the girls said she is glad she didn't put laundry out there. Victoria and Hayden also in WA.

Donny in KT with Christine talking about a light that goes out then comes back on. Donny thinks it is heat sensitive. Lots of pounding going on outside. Donny said he had Fruit Loops for breakfast. Christine can't decide between oatmeal and yogurt. Donny said oatmeal takes a long time, but wht else do they have to do? Donny said he is going to eat big today, because he won't be able to the rest of the week. Christine said that was true. Sounds like he, Amber and Christine are going to be have-nots? Devin got called to the DR, and Donny is supposed to watch his eggs. He is not sure what he is supposed to watch them do. Hayden said turn them on high and see if they explode. They then think maybe take them off the fire and let them wait for Devin. Hayden said he is having a hard time staying awake. Christine asked what time he went to bed, Hayden thinks it was about 4. Donny said that must be his second pee when he saw them.

Hayden wants to know what Donny would normally be doing on a Sunday morning. Donny said it is Saturday. Hayden realizes it is, so what would Donny be doing. Donny talks about being at his girlfriend's house, take the dogs out, then go to the gym. He doesn't usually go much, so he uses the machine however she sets them. Hayden asks if she is fit, and Donny says yes. They are usually at the gym for 2 hours, then they go to WalMart. After that they spend the afternoon at the pool, him floating on a floatie in the pool while she gets her tan on. Sometimes she is tired after that. She loves going places and is very active and competitive. Her son is too. On Sunday he goes home and goes to church with his brother, then to his mama's house for dinner. Talking how his girlfriend loves to be active, but has an office job. His job is very active, so he likes to take it easy when he is off. Said she is feisty, and he is easy going. Hayden asks if he will have a picture of her if he gets HOH. He hopes so. one of his parents and one of him and her. He said she is pretty.

9:50 BBT Nicole comes into the LR in her frog outfit. Hayden is laying on one couch, Donny is in the chair. Donny said he is wearing green to match her. He sings a frog song. She doesn't know if she will have to wear it if she is in the POV comp. Donny said she would make a cute MC. If they have to play in the heat around 3:00, then they will need some ambulances backed up waiting. Hayden keeps ribbeting during their conversation. Donny said he wants a big glass of chocolate milk. He feels he is getting fat.

Victoria and Amber still in WA doing ADL's. Not much talking in LR. No other cameras are on. (off to work now)

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9:02am Donny is sitting in the LVR eating breakfast. Nicole Christine and Jacosta in WA getting ready for the day

9:05am Hayden comes in and goes to the WC then ask Jacosta how she is feeling, She says OK.
9:16am Donny is walking laps around the table since they are on lockdown. Jacosta is in the shower and Christine and Nicole are doing ADL'S
9:25am Nicole helps Jacosta back to bed and offers a a powerade then goes to change her batteries for her.Devin is up and getting ready now as Caleb grabs another blanket and heads back to bed.
9:37am general chit chat in the WA as HG are getting ready for the day.
9:50am Nicole walks to the LVR and Hayden says she is the cutest little frog i have ever seen.She says i feel like a ninja turtle.
9:56am Just general talk going on in LVR with Donny and Hayden and in the KT with Nicole,Christine.Nicole and Amber.
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10:12am Caleb tells Hayden he doesn't even want to talk to Amber today he just wants to win that veto and look good.

10:14am Devin ask Caleb if he was still doing Have not this week and Caleb says yeah those that haven't done it yet are me,Amber, Donny. Devin says what about Frankie and Caleb says no they wont give him medication for his hands.
10:20am Christine says i am worried cause last time we picked veto players we didn't have to get ready like this .BB woke the girls early to start getting ready.
10:26am general talk in the house and some are back in bed sleeping.
10:28am Devin says what if they give us these bracelets cause at the end of the show there might be a prize for the most active and stuff. Donny says i think if there was a prize they would tell us. Devin says right Donny right. The girls are talking about going back to bed after they pull names for the POV comp.
10:36am Jacosta is sick still and throwing up. She says the doctor told her it was from heat exhaustion . Donny is helping her get a drink of water he tells her take a small sip.
10:55am Hg just waiting around and doing ALD'S before the Pov Name drawing .Jacosta is in bed sick as Donny and Nicole sit and take care of her.
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11:02am Frankie says Victoria if you keep cuddling me at night I am going to have to get a boy friend when i get out of here . She says I never know if you like it or not and he says I love it I fall asleep like that .

11:07am Most HG in the KT just general chit chat going on as they wait to pick players for the POV.
11:17am Derrick comes out of the DR and says Its time to pick players for the veto competition.
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11:47am Donny and derrick are in the STR talking. About who they can trust and who they cant trust and Frankie is playing both sides of the house.

11:52am amber in HOH rm telling Brittany and Victoria that Caleb has been nice the last couple of days so I don't know what I am going to do.Amber says I don't know what to wear now I guess we will have to wear costumes huh and Frankie says yeah.

11:54am Amber says Jacosta cant play and I feel bad that she cant but this might be good for Donny too.

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12:08 pm HG waiting for POV. Sounds like Donny will play for Jocasta, Devin and Christine will also be playing. Devin reading the bible psyching himself up.

12:12 pm Derrick talks to Christine and she thinks the comp will be where they are on a wire. They have seen cables in the BY. They hope its not a puzzle one.

12:15 pm Derrick thinks Donny will save Jocasta. They split up. Caleb comes out of DR saying this POV will be epic, everyone that is good is in it.

12:18 pm. Derrick and Caleb in SR. Derrick tells him his convo with Donny. The agree that all but Devin would use the POV. Caleb says if there is money he would go for the money. Derrick says never rely on this game. Think about it, you're a grown man, do what you want.

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12:25 pm Derrick and Donny in KT. BB is still banging away outside. Derrick says they already knocked one of their players out with heat related and dehydration, BB wants to make sure its cooler outside. They think POV will be later.

12:30 pm. Group of girls and Frankie in HOH sleeping. Donny at chessboard saying its the warmest place in the house. Caleb joins him. Donny in LR doing stretches. Derrick making eggs.

12:41 pm Derrick and Caleb in KT chatting, Devin stretching...flashback to girls freaking out over a Japanese beetle....WBRB

12:47 pm We are back, HOH group is awake and downstairs. They are trying to figure out what the comp could be. They don't have costumes so they think it will be physical.

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12:50 pm. Comp will be in about an hour they say. Frankie making white fish salad. Caleb eating a banana. Donny checks on Jocasta, makes her drink some medicated water. He tells her he will be playing for her. She takes a couple drinks, she says she is feeling a little bit better.

12:54 pm Donny tells Jocasta if he wins he will use it on her. Derrick comes in and tells Jocasta that no matter what she is not going home today. It's all to try to get Devin out. Jocasta is going to eat a bit of bagel.

1:00 pm NEWSFLASH----Donny shaves!!!

....gotcha!!! cleans up his face and under his neck. :)

1:07 pm Caleb tells Jocasta he wishes she could watch. They put her bow on the chair when they picked players so she was there in spirit. She managed to eat whole slice of bagel. WBRB.

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1:12 pm Donny tells Jocasta they could be outside for an hour or more. He makes sure she can reach things, tells her not to try to walk on her own, see if they (BB) can send someone in to help her.

1:16 pm Jocasta gets called to DR, one of the guys goes "are you serious?!" Derrick calls Christine, Caleb, Donny into Beehive and tells them that if the comp is holding something nearest to the hour then Caleb will watch Devin and a second after Devin drops it Caleb will drop it. They all agree that they want Devin gone. Donny says he will never save Devin.

1:25 pm Hayden sits like a statue as Victoria straightens his hair. Devin has been pacing and sitting in nom chair staring. General chat as they get ready.

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1:38 pm Still getting ready. Jocasta is out of DR, Donny escorts her to WC. Then says that Hayden might become the prettiest girl in the house.

1:41 pm Nicole and Christine in beehive. Nicole gives her a pep talk. Says she isnt fighting for her life so have fun with it. But it would be great if she won. She wants to win, wants to beat the boys so bad.

1:49 pm HG in KT joking around that the wake up music was for Nicole this am. Hayden gets told to stop singing. He says he didn't do "crap" and gets told. "Hayden, shut, it, down!" They all LOL.

1:57 pm Girls in beehive talking nails, guys in LR talking bench pressing and weights. Devin in DR.

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2:05 pm Derrick and Caleb pacing in HOH. Dont go for the money, you came here for the 500K not the 10K. They got this, he (Devin) can't win. BB says "You're the reason we can't have nice things." (No one knows what happened.)

2:09 pm Cody called to DR. Donny says it's getting ready to go down.

2:24 pm still waiting. HG are just chatting passing time.

2:26 pm We have a beautiful shot of the DR door.....WBRB...and now Jeff.

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3:20 pm Still Jeff highlights from the past weeks feeds.

4:00 pm Almost an hour and 40 minutes of Jeff highlights. Hoping feeds come back on soon.

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4:17 PM BBT Feeds return. Cody has the all the girls (and Frankie) screaming with his sexy tuxedo outfit and haircut. Nicole is still wearing the frog costume with the legs pulled way up. So, who is wearing the POV?

4:21 PM BBT Derrick is calling Donny a competition beast. Donny has won the POV.

4:23 PM BBT Derrick is telling Donny that it would make really good TV for him to take that POV and put it around Jocasta's neck. He says no one would mind because the entire house knows Jocasta is Donny's ally. He said she is his friend, not just an ally.

4:23 PM BBT Donny and Derrick are still talking about Jocasta being taken off the block and Devin being put up. Meanwhile there is a gameshow going on in the LR. Frankie, Cody, Caleb, and Hayden are shirtless and will be flexing muscles for the ladies. The ladies will judge them for the best flex. For best shoulders and winner of round one: Frankie aka "Rhinestone" for the game.

4:32 PM BBT Round 2 for the sexy man gameshow is Lower Body. Meanwhile, Donny and Brittany help Jocasta up so she can go into the LR and see what all the fuss is about. Frankie wins legs.

4:36 PM BBT Beastmode (aka Caleb) wins for best butt flex. Hayden (aka Long John). wins for penal region. Benedict (aka Cody) sat that one out. Then the four of them have to debate why they have the best body on the planet.

4:42 PM BBT The girls have decided the ultimate winner of the BB muscle man competition is Rhinestone Cowboy (Frankie). Meanwhile, Jocasta and Donny are in the fire BR. She is nursing a bottle of wather and Donny is keeping her company. Amber joins them. Amber is talking about volunteering to be a Have-Not.

4:48 PM BBT The muscle gameshow has concluded but now the guys are showing off their tumbling skills. Handstands, jumping, etc. Cody and Caleb go into the SR. They are talking about how well Donny did in the POV. Caleb says he is still pumped because Jocasta comes down and Devin goes up and goes home. They also discuss Jocasta's inability to compete in the POV. She is so sick she can't even walk right now.

5:00 PM BBT Brittany, Amber, Devin, and Hayden are in the KT making something to eat. Zach and Caleb are in the HoH room. Caleb tells him that all is good. It will be 11-0 for Devin to go home. Meanwhile Donny and Frankie are laughing and hugging in the SR. They are working on the details of their mission. They are going to go to several HGs and ask if they heard the rumor. They think talking to Christine would give the rumor the best chance of spreading quickly.

5:08 PM BBT Frankie tells the HGs in the KT that he had a secret. He tells them that he is Mr. New York. Not only is he Mr. New York, but he's the first gay one. Most of them are usually boyfriends of Miss America contestants. They ask if he is serious and he says yes, he is.

5:12 PM BBT Caleb and Zach are still in the HoH room. They are talking about the high probability of the Bomb Squad winning the next HoH. They say the only ones not in the alliance who will compete are Jocasta and Brittany. They say those girls have no chance of winning against people like Caleb, Cody, Zach, and Derrick. Caleb is taking credit for Donny wanting to use the veto of Jocasta. He says Donny is using it because Caleb told him that if he doesn't, Jocasta goes home and it will be his fault that Devin stays against the wishes of everyone in the house.

5:16 PM BBT Caleb "Isn't this crazy, I'm sitting in that seat with a chance of going home because of myself. Isn't that dumb?" Zach just laughs. He hopes one day Amber will remember his actions and WBRB.

5:27 PM BBT The feeds have been on Jeff's weekly highlight for the last ten minutes.

5:48 PM BBT Still no feeds. We have had Jeff's highlights for thirty minutes now. In case you missed it, Jocasta sat out of the POV for medical reasons and Donny won it. He intends to use the POV to save her. Donny is doubly safe this week, as a winner of the BotB and as the winner of the POV.

5:56 PM BBT The feeds return. The HGs were locked into the HoH room while BB puts out the Have-Not food chosen by America, the awful burrito. Caleb, Devin, Amber, and Hayden are the Have-Nots for the week. Hayden, being a repeat volunteer, is invited to sleep in the HoH room for the week. On the night of the HoH comp, Derrick gives everyone an open invitation to sleep in the HoH room so they can all have a good night's sleep for the big comp. Devin tells him that he doesn't think that's allowed. Derrick says he will go ask.

6:06 PM BBT The Have-Nots are moving their belongings into the Have-Not room. Brittany is packing up some of her warmer clothes, such as her sweat suit, for Amber. She also gives Amber her orange beanie. Hayden is trying the awful burrito but can't get past the texture to even eat it. Brittany says that you have to boil it. Caleb "You got to do something because that is nasty." Nicole says it smells like the pigs she dissected in class.

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6 pm BBT feeds return, houseguest come out of HOH....The have not food is presented. Tortia's Tripe and Tomatillos...An Awful Burrito. The have nots are Caleb, Amber, Devin and Hayden volunteers for the last spot..

Derrick quick to add since Hayden volunteered he can sleep in HOH room all week and on the night b4 next HOH comp ALL have nots can sleep in room so as to get a good restful nights sleep.

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#Bb16 6:16pm Devin, Hayden, Cody, Amber, and Donnie sitting in the Living Room chatting about have nots and eating

#bb16 6:18pm Derrick and Nicole are in the HOH room talking about the POV comp

#bb16 6:21pm Victoria and Christine joins the rest in the living room laughing about Hayden scratching his noses and talking about his hair

#bb16 6:27pm Nicole and Derrick talk about Donnie about his comp wins and how he talks to other players.

#bb16 6:29pm Cody laying down with his head on Christine lap while Christine plays with Cody's hair. Derrick laying on the floor between the two couches and Hayden and Victoria sitting on the other couch

#bb16 6:33pm Derrick and Nicole say that this is a good week. Derrick tells Nicole to rest easy in her "frog costume". Nichole goes back to talking about the POV comp

#bb16 6:36pm Hayden, Caleb, Frankie, and Amber in the kitchen doing dishes

#bb16 6:39pm Christine and Nichole pick on Cody rubbing his head like a dog. Cody snaps back saying "i'm not a dog"

#bb16 6:45pm Cody and Donnie talk about sharing sandals since they are same shoe size

#bb16 6:46pm Christine, Victoria, Brittany, and Nicole workout in the bee room.

#bb16 6:48pm Derrick joins Donnie, Cody, and a sleeping Zach (so it appears) in the earth room. Talk is about the POV. Brittany joins the room and lays down.

#bb16 6:51pm Cody tells Donnie that he is a beast and that he beat him in all competitions. Donnie replies "it's the beard."

#bb16 6:55pm In the bee room is Christine working out all alone now. In the earth room is now Donnie, Nicole, Cody, Brittany, Zach (who is sleeping)

#bb16 6:58pm So in the kitchen it's Frankie, Hayden, Celeb, Amber, Christine, and Devin having multiple conversations. Devin sitting at the kitchen table while everyone else is buy the other table area.

#bb16 7:02pm Caleb and Hayden talk about what they are going to do with food (since they are now have nots and have to eat slop)

#bb16 7:06pm Frankie joins everyone in the earth room talking about how he's not happy how food is going to waste.

#bb16 7:08pm Celeb talking about sleeping in the have not room. He also mentions how he slept in the dirt most of his life so he doesn't think it will be that bad.

#bb16 7:10pm Devin heads up to HOH to use the WC. Derrick is in the HOH shower but lets Derrick in. Derrick tells Devin that he has skill with how he played in the POV comp. Devin mentions he can't wait to leave the house so he can see everyone (especially Donnie).

#bb16 7:18pm Derrick tells Devin that he really believes Donnie is who he really is but Devin tells Derrick that he is still on the fence about it and doesn't know still.

#bb16 7:22pm Celeb and Amber laying down and Hayden is making his bed in the have not room. Celeb telling a story about in the past on how he was in a similar situation (but worse) while he was in the military.

#bb16 7:25pm Frankie, Cody, Brittany, and Christine talking about Dance moms in earth room.

#bb16 7:27pm Now talk in earth room is about Dan's book he wrote. Talk then goes to the stipend but right afterwards BB yells at them for "talking about production"

#bb16 7:31pm Donnie and Derrick now talking in the living room about Devin. Derrick is telling Donnie that Devin isn't done playing even though he says he's done playing. Donnie sits in the living room eating his food while Derrick turns in his laundry to get washed.

#bb16 7:35pm Derrick joins the earth room saying he can't wait for his blog posting. Mentions how it is going to be crazy that he has fans. Christine jokes with Cody saying wonder what Cody's would be like.

#bb16 7:37pm Devin joins Donnie in the living room talking about food. Devin tells Donnie that he won't campaign as he doesn't "beg" and if people wants him there then he'll be there. Devin wants to go out with dignity and doesn't want to beg and is happy how he played. Wants Donnie to forgive him for having doubt with Donnie and Devin tells him how he respects him.

#bb16 7:40pm Derrick is in the have not room telling Hayden, Amber, Celeb about Devin. Derrick says he is frustrated how he can't win a POV competition.

#bb16 7:43pm Donnie, Cody, and Zach help Jocasta into the DR as she's not feeling good still but was called in there.

#bb16 7:50pm Donnie and Cody are stretching in the hallway between kitchen and bathroom. Cody asks Donnie how he hurt his shoulder.

#bb16 7:54pm Christine and Frankie laying down in the earth room chatting about the comp.

#bb16 7:57pm Victoria joins Derrick in HOH room. Derrick is trying to hold out on sleeping as everyone else is. Victoria feels Devin is scary and Derrick advises that Devin is a bad social player but a good player. Victoria says how he is a bully. Victoria goes downstairs to get a bowl for some food and some stuff to shower. Derrick tells Big Brother when he was alone "You guys are killing me, I need to know some logistics" and then BB calls Derrick into the DR.

#bb16 8:03pm Jocasta and Donnie walking together into the kitchen and into the WR. Donnie is asking her how they checked her for dehydration and then mentions how well Jocasta looks now. Jocasta doesn't feel like herself but feels better. Jocasta in WC, Donnie is in kitchen feeling up water for Jocasta

#bb16 8:06pm Derrick goes back to the HOH room and does two thumbs up and says "Here we go, we'll see" to the camera. Goes back to eating his food on his bed.

#bb16 8:06pm Derrick goes back to the HOH room and does two thumbs up and says "Here we go, we'll see" to the camera. Goes back to eating his food on his bed.

#bb16 8:11pm Derrick is telling Victoria on how Zach is Amanda Zuckerman cousin. (part of Team America mission). All from a rumor of how Pao Pao telling Donnie before she left the BB house. How they are both in the same area and they are both jewish. Victoria says they are both annoying. Derrick tells her that he wants to figure it out soon.

#bb16 8:18pm Donnie and Jocasta in the kitchen chatting. Jocasta is eating something while Donnie walks around the smaller table doing a lot of the talking.

#bb16 8:20pm Derrick keeps bringing up the whole story about how Pao Pao and the Amanda thing being Zachs cousin. Victoria keeps going around it and doesn't really care about it from what it sounds like as she changes the subject.

#bb16 8:24pm Devin, Christine, and Frankie talking about how they done the competition while Cody, Brittany, and Zach are asleep in the earth room.

#bb16 8:31pm Victoria tells Derrick she wants to tell him something but she "doesn't know". She finally says she wants to be super honest with him. Victoria tells Derrick how it was it weird how he calls everyone yesterday but Hayden. Derrick says who are the three. Victoria says Zach, Cody, and someone else. Derrick says he doesn't remember and how he loves Hayden.

#bb16 8:34pm Donnie and Jocasta go outside as the BY is open now.

#bb16 8:37pm Christine and Nicole is in the BY hammick. Derrick and Victoria is still in the HOH room talking.

#bb16 8:39pm Derrick tells Victoria that he doesn't like Amber. VIctoria says she was upstairs though to. Derrick tells her that of course because she is upstairs because she is kissing his butt. Derrick is telling Victoria that if there was anyone up there then nothing shady was going on.

#bb16 8:41pm BB yells at everyone giving all warnings that "it's against the rules in the Big Brother competition to talk about the votes".

#bb16 8:46pm Frankie is eating next to the hammock that Nicole and Christine. Derrick and Victoria is still in the HOH room laying down talking still.

#bb16 8:49pm Cody and Devin playing pool

#bb16 8:51pm Donnie and Jocasta talking outside sitting on the couches. Jocasta tells Donnie how the heat affected her health. Donnie tells Jocasta that she's lucky.

#bb16 8:54pm Victoria tells Derrick that she really wants to win HOH and how she wants a letter.

#bb16 9:05pm Cody and Devin still playing pool. Christine and Nicole in the hammock while Frankie is sitting on the ground with them. Donnie and Jocasta still on the couches talking.

#bb16 9:18pm Devin stops playing pool for a few and he tells Cody that whatever his dream is, just to be happy. Frankie and Christine are now in the hammock now. Devin and Cody continue back to pool.

#bb16 9:22pm NIcole is now talking with Jocasta in the couch area in the BY talking about her frog costume.

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10:34 pm Cody, Frankie, Devin, Nicole, Christine, Zach are discussing how nasty tripe is in the KT. Nicole leaves for the BY.

10:36 pm KT discussion evolves to what other bad food combinations have been for have nots before. Zach said the smell of the tripe made him want to throw up.

10:38 pm Frankie and Zach geeking out on jewish foods, talking up the lox and sesame cakes that they love. Zach says lox is totally "on point." That evolves into dates at restaurants.

10:39 pm Frankie confesses that he loves "cute dates." Take Frankie to central park with a picnic basket and go rowing then a movie and you win the dating game.

10:40 pm Brittany says Frankie's date plan is the one that works for her, too.

10:43 pm Victoria, Cody, Devin, Nocole, Jocasta, Donny, and Amber are in BY talking about how awful the cold room is for the have-nots.

10:44 pm Jocasta gets called to DR. Donny helps her in. Zach is now playing pool.

10:46 pm Caleb is doling out his advice for surviving the cold room based on his experience in the room and deer hunting in the cold weather.

10:50 pm Caleb, Devin, Hayden all yawning and looking very sleepy. Caleb says it will be a long week. Devin keeps repeating "4 days"

10:52 pm Frankie and Brit are in the KT, bonding a bit. Brit says she wishes they could hit rewind on the whole thing and start over from the beginning of the show now that they know each other better. Frankie is blaming what happened in the early game on Devin's craziness - Brit agrees.

10:52 pm Nicole gets called to DR. Brit calls her the hottest frog she's ever seen as Nicole walks by to DR.

10:54 pm Donnie walks into KT and Frankie expresses his love for Donnie then gives Frankie a hug. Donnie also says he never gives his loved ones hugs at home. Brit gives Donnie hug homework.

10:56 pm Frankie says he loves people pretty much immediately, then works backwards to "I don't really like you" sometimes.

10:57 pm Brit says she's afraid of still being single mom at 40. She hates being single.

10:58 pm Brit says she never has had a date pick her up at home. She won't let someone do that unless it's serious because she wants to protect her kids. Frankie says "I want to meet your kids" - Brit says of course! Frankie drifts out of KT into fire room to talk to Amber. Amber confesses she's worried that the house will vote to keep Devin. She is getting paranoid. Frankie tries to calm her crazy head scenarios.

11:01 pm Amber asks how many votes to get Devin out. Frankie says Unanimous. Amber asks how many votes, though? [Dur - BBLurkerPlus] Frankie waits a beat. He repeats that everyone in the house will be voting Devin out. He says not to give into the paranoia. Amber continues to talk about paranoid things. [maybe her cycle is getting the best of her? - BBLurkerPlus]

11:04 pm Amber says people she trusts right now, she can see them stabbing her in the back come Thursday. Frankie says you're not going to see anything like that Thursday.

11:05 pm Frankie says he may be overconfident, and talking to Amber may give him a more realistic dose of the game - but then he say's there's "no fucking way" Amber's paranoid scenario will come to pass.

11:06 Amber says there's 4 people she doesn't want to go up against and we get WBRB.

11:07 pm More Amber paranoia and talking in circles. I'm out for now.

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Just to give you guys a little update over the last ninety minutes (sorry for the delay). Around 9:35 PM BBT Nicole by the hammock speculates about there being an America's player to Frank and Christine and Frank quickly diffuses her by going over his spiel about the twist being that 8 people have never seen the show and 8 are super fans.

Nothing really goes on in the house till about 10:00 PM BBT where Frank and Victoria are talking on the hammock about Donny winning two PoVs that involve intelligence. They are impressed. Frank says there is still work to be done because people are still playing very messy games.

10:25 BBT Donny is excited about telling Frank about his team America task. He says that he told Nicole to tell Christine and to let him know what she says. Only small talk going on everywhere else.

10:40-10:55 Amber got up from bed during this time and explains how miserable the HN room is but they are thankful for tortillas because Amber can fry them and make chips. That is the most exciting news to happen till 11.

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11:05 PM BBT Victoria talks about a major relationship she has had and how she knew he was not right for her. Frank and Amber are in the fire room talking about Devin and Caleb being on the block which is scary for her. Frank is saying Devin has to go and everyone knows that. They pump each other up for HOH this week. Frank is dreading it being his turn to be on slop because slop is a strategy to get people weaker and he doesn't want to be weak.

11:15 Caleb and Cody are playing pool, they made a bet on the game. Apparently if Cody wins Caleb has to get on his knees in front of the whole house and say Cody is better at pool then he is. Caleb gets a date with Amber if he wins (she is not there to confirm this). In the fire room Amber and Frank are still talking and discuss who they can or cannot trust. Amber feels like she can't trust anyone. Amber says that she has heard the vote will be flipped for Caleb to go. Frank asks her to share who told her this. She says she's just heard it.

11:25 PM BBT Caleb and Cody are still playing pool while Christine is the ever present observer. Amber and Frank still in the fire room talking. Amber says she does not talk game with Jocasta or Donny but she is friends with them and enjoys them. Amber says she is starting to talk to Brit. Frank says that Brit seems like the type to only talk game when she wants something because she has never talked to him ever about game.

11:35 PM BBT Amber questions if she can trust Frank and he tells her of course! (did you think he would say no?) They then agree it was so nice to not have to talk game for a few days and relax because everything is set. Caleb apparently lost and now has to tell Cody he is the better player. He talks to Jocasta and says something is up with his finger so he can't shoot the balls like normal. Brit comes out and changes laundry while Jocasta staggers inside. Brit asks if she needs help but she says no.

11:45 BBT Frank is in the HN room talking to Devin. Frank says Donny is going to take Jocasta off the block this week. Devin says he had this weird feeling that he was going to leave it the same (That feeling is called hope Devin). Frank says he heard Donny say he was using it on Jocasta to Jocasta herself. Devin says he is ready to go and is at peace with it. He then talks about his Daughter.

11:55 PM BBT All small talk about families throughout the house. Caleb and Amber are playing pool in the BY and in the KT Nicole, Cody, and Zach are laughing about the coffee she made that she calls dirt. They then move onto shout outs and Victoria plugs her photography page.

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