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Friday, July 11 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:05 AM BBT HNs can eat!!!! All the HGs are in the KT watching the HNs not be HNs anymore. Devin is trying to figure out sleeping arrangements to no real avail because he is getting one word answers. The Hns are eating tacos and pbandj tortillas.

12:15 AM BBT absolutely no change in the last ten minutes. They are still working out sleeping arrangements and eating. Cody keeps singing man in the mirror so we get fish.

12:25 AM BBT Brit walks into HN to get clothes and we find that is where Devin has decided to make a bed to read his bible. Caleb is laying alone in the Rock room unless you count a sleeping Donny two beds over. He appears to be very sullen. The rest are still eating, watching people eat, or talking about eating in the KT. Brit has now moved onto taking a hot shower. She and Victoria talk about wishing they had movies.

12:35 AM BBT Victoria and Brit start whispering that HOH could not have gone better. Brit has no mic on so I have no idea what she is saying but Victoria mentions Nicole being stressed. Brit talks about being a tad sympathetic for Devin (I guess). Victoria says she does not feel at all bad for him because he did it to himself. She continues to say that Caleb told her he threw HOH to be well rested going into next weeks HOH. Both the girls laugh at how absurd it sounds. They then move on to talk about exercise. They then join the rest of the HGs in the KT.

12:45 AM BBT Devin has joined the land of the living and is eating pizza in the KT but not saying much. They are all trying to say names the way the voice of BB does. They all plot to do something that will get them in trouble to see how it sounds. Hayden talks about climbing on something and they hear "Hayden stop that!" before he even does anything. Everyone loves it (including me). All four feeds switch to the living room where Zach, Jocasta, Brit, and Victoria are making small talk about food.

1:00 AM BBT Most HGs still in the KT listing to Hayden talk about the rules of wall ball. Zach gets yelled at for sleeping on the couch so he gets up and heads to bed. Absolutely no game talk to be had ladies and gents. Scratch that Frank and Nicole go to HOH. Frankie says his only game talk for the night is reminding her that he did not put her up week one, he will do one of his voices whenever she wants, and will babysit Amber all week. Nicole cracks up about it.

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3:53 am Camera 3 The house guests are playing Truth or Dare. Amber dares Hayden to twerk with his pants down. He says he can't twerk but he can try to shake his butt. He does it directly in front of camera 3.

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8:30AM Feeds switch to WBRB, I think it's time to wake the HGs....

8:47AM And here we go....

F1/2 Donny/Nicole are talking in Beehive talking nominations, Donny says the #1 person he wants out is...


Donny:no... Caleb!

Nicole:me too!

Donny suggests if Nicole gets first pick on nominations, she could put up Caleb, to make sure he goes up, in case Derrick is working with Caleb... 'after all, he's up there sleeping with him'.

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FYI...since about 9am BBT ...nothing but fishes. Speculation is nomination ceremony.

Right as I signed in (my feeds hit and miss) I did see Nic and Derrick bantering about trust issues with her toward him and who she wanted up.

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Flashing back, 9:36am BBT: Derrick and Nicole having a conversation which seems slightly heated. Nicole seems to be questioning the Bomb Squad again and Derrick isn't happy. Nicole mentions putting up Caleb instead of Derrick doing it (as Donny was trying to get her to do previously). Derrick starts talking about how he can't trust Brittany and may nominate her now. Brittany opens the door to Bee Hive and Derrick asks her in. He starts questioning Brit about what she knows/has heard about the "8."

Derrick tells Brit he is reconsidering (may put her up) and she calls him dumb, she starts crying. Derrick is trying to talk to Brit but she is getting emotional. Now Derrick is trying to calm her down and tells her he isn't putting her up but just got woken up 20 minutes ago (by Nicole probably).

Nicole says she doesn't like not putting up people from the 8. Derrick said they are putting up 2 from the 8. Derrick looks at Brit, says he won't put her up but maybe now he'll look like a fool if he doesn't.

Brittany & Derrick talking over each other as she tries to convince him she believes him and he tries to sell her on his story that there was no alliance because they never met.

9:45am BBT: Nicole & Derrick wrap up talk, plan is still same as far as noms. Nicole nominating Amber/Victoria and Derrick nominating Caleb/Jocasta. Nicole leaves to go talk to Victoria. Derrick pulls Caleb into Bee Hive room and tells him there are people still worried about Bomb squad and wants to make sure he is still okay with going up. Caleb is saying yes and that him going up is the safest thing to make the plan go through.

At the same time, Nicole is talking to Victoria in the storage room. She asks Victoria how she feels about going up as a pawn. Victoria tells her horrible and that pawns go home. Nicole tells her who she is "thinking" of putting up. She explains Devin backdoor plan. Victoria says what if she stays up there. Nicole says she would use POV on Victoria, Derrick would use POV on Victoria. Frankie comes into storage room (shocker!) and says he's getting eye drops. Nicole is hurrying to get ready so Victoria says she'll come up to the HOH room and talk to her while she's getting ready. Nicole goes up alone, Victoria isn't up there yet, then feeds to go fish.

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1:10 BBT Feeds finally back. Seems nominations were held and Nicole put up Donny and Amber and Derrick put up Caleb and Jocasta. Devin is aware they want to back door him. He is wanting to talk to Nicole. Nicole is upset but realizes she has to talk to him.

In SR Derrick, Donny and Frankie come up with the plan to get the rumor spread. Rumor is "before PowPow left she told them Zach had told HER he was cousins with Amanda from last season" They settle on the rumor and plan. High Fives and they look at the Camera and confirm that is the rumor

1:35 BBT Derrick is explaining to Donny that he was not Nicole's original nomination. (she wanted to put up Devin but Derrick talked her into the back door plan) Donny is not very happy about being a nominee. Feels hurt and says he has lost a Battle of the Block and it is not a good feeling. Derrick is explaining the whole house wants Devin out and this is the plan. Donny doesn't trust the 8 person alliance.

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#BB16 1200PM We still have FOTH. Im guessing that nominations are happening or they are informing them that Lebron signed with Cleveland.

#BB16 1:15PM Devin questioning Nicole on if she plans on back dooring him. (Evidently Donny is put up with Amber for Nicoles noms)

#BB16 1:17PM Nicole informs Devin that he is the target and that all of the noms are pawns.

#BB16 1:18PM Over on Cam3 Americas team is conversing about the mission. Donny is now being informed of it.

#BB16 1:19PM Christine, Amber and Victoria are in the honeycomb room talking with Cody about the noms. Back in the storage room. It appears that they are going to say that Zach is related to Amanda and that Paola said that to Donny as she left on eviction.

#BB16 1:30PM Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb. He is still talking to Donny in the storage room. Derrick says he thinks Donny is a bit upset with him and he is trying to have Donny understand why the noms are the way they are.

#BB16 1:38PM Derrick makes a very compelling case to try and build Donny's trust in him. He is not allowed to talk about his alliance (Americas Team) with any other HGs, so he hopes that Donny takes what he is saying to heart.

#BB16 1:42PM Donny "i hope you realize that after being nominated 2 times, I'm not my happy go lucky self." referring to Derrick sensing tension between the both of them.

#BB16 1:44PM Donny points out that after their talk the other day (ATeam), he felt that the 3 of them would work together to show America their collaboration. Derrick apologizes and says he didn't think of that and that he had no answer for his actions.

#BB16 1:51PM Switching over to Cam1, Nicole and Christine up in the HOH room. (Trying to pickup on the conversation mid stream is difficult) Nicole asks if Christine understands why she did what she did. "Absolutely"

#BB16 1:55PM Caleb is talking to Amber in the HC room. He says that even Devin said this was a smart game move. (Devin knows about the back door) Caleb insists that Devin will not win if he participates in the Veto comp.

#BB16 2:13PM Jocasta and Brittany on the couch pondering whether the noms were chosen so that one of them was possibly back doored.

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2:16pm In the hOH rm Derrick,Christine,Victoria,and Nicole are talking about why Donny was put on the block. Nicole said he was running his mouth. Derrick says they Donny told him he knows that he isn't the target.Nicole says well Donny said that he trusted me and Derrick says yeah he said he trusted me too.

2:20pm Donny and Jacosta in the LRM talking, Donny says I ain't worried I told you cause I wanted you to know that you was going up and I feel alright. Jacosta says yeah.Then they talk about her bowel problems.
2:35pm Derrick tells Nicole that we are all been lied to in this game. Nicole says when I talked to him I felt stupid and I told him to win HOH and go ahead and put me up.
2:37pm Derrick locks the HOH rm door and says I feel so uneasy right now and I just don't want to talk to anyone. Nicole says yeah. Amber comes in and brings Nicole hot tea. Nicole says that Amber doesn't want me to tell Donny that she was the one who told me everything. derrick says oh yeah cause she is defiantly working with Caleb.
2:40pm Caleb and Jacosta talking about nominations in the bee hive rm. Caleb is telling Jacosta why Devin is going to be back doored .He says I see why you and Donny went against the house and voted for Paola to stay.
2:44pm Donny in the LVR telling Amber that he has a reason to be a little upset. She tells him not to worry and he says what makes you so sure we are going to win? She says I don't know I will have to use my little chicken wings. She says are you ready to win your first B.O.B and he says yeah we will try.
2:49pm Amber says we better get ready since Brittany is heading to the Dr now. Donny says you think and Amber says yeah it should be about time.
2:53pm HG are waiting around to play the B.O.B . They are thinking it is about time as Brittany is hosting and she was called to the DR.Nicole says do you think i should have put up Victoria? derrick says no it tells Donny that he is speaking to people and people are talking to you about it so you sent a message.
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3:02pm Amber and Donny are stretching getting for to play the B.O.B comp.

3:06pm In the HOH RM derrick is telling Jacosta that someone came in before nominations and telling Nicole about Donny saying things . We get FOTH.
3:08pm Devin and Amber are sitting in KT talking to Hayden and Donny . Hayden and Amber are telling about the Truth or Dare game they played lastnight and licking tables and dirty plates for their dares.Amber says it was so funny that Cody licked the dirty plate that had been sitting in the sink all day.
3:21pm We have been on FOTH for about 15 minutes now maybe time for B.O.B comp.

3:29pm We now have Jeff's interviews so the B.O.B Comp should be beginning.

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5:49 PM BBT The feeds return. Nicole is dressed up like a giant frog. Derrick is telling Nicole nice job and if she has his back he'll have hers. It appears that Nicole is moving OUT of the HoH room. Nicole tells him "Freaking A, I don't want to be a have-not." I think it is safe to say that Nicole has been dethroned.

5:54 PM BBT Derrick is joking with Nicole. He says "So, you want to be a Have-Not and on the block this week." Nicole "You better not." Derrick is the reigning HoH. Caleb and Jocasta are the two HGs on the chopping block.

6:00 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are in the HoH room. They say that Caleb has to come off the block. Derrick asks if everyone is as suspicious of Donny as he is? Cody says he is not alone. Derrick tells him how disrespectful Donny was to him earlier. Meanwhile, Amber has taken a shower and Devin is getting ready to shower as well.

6:03 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are talking about how Caleb and Jocasta almost won the BotB. Jocasta kept turning her back to the puzzle and at one point she knocks all the pieces down with her back. Caleb joins Derrick and Cody in the HoH. Cody says he was telling Jocasta where to put every single piece. They agree that it was clear that Caleb didn't throw it. They were winning it until Jocasta knocked all the pieces off.

6:06 PM BBT Nicole is still walking around in her frog costume. It is unclear if she is still wearing it by choice or if she has to wear it as a result of the competition.

6:15 PM BBT Cody and Derrick are in the HoH. Derrick informs him that the plan is to use the POV to take down Caleb and put up Devin in his place. If Devin is chosen to play and wins the POV then Caleb is the target. Cody says he is down with that. However, there is a small part of him that thinks this might be the right opportunity to go ahead and get rid of Caleb. Cody wants him gone.

6:22 PM BBT It is confirmed. Nicole has to wear the frog costume from the BotB competition. She says there is no way she will be able to go outside while wearing it. Just sitting alone in the LR with Donny and she is already sweating.

6:25 PM BBT Jocasta is sick. Brittany and Donny are standing at the door to the WC and you can hear Jocasta dry heaving. Brittany offers to get her a change of clothes and the feeds switch back to Jeff's highlights for the week. The feeds return and Caleb, Donny, and Amber are all standing at the WC door. They have a cold cloth ready for her when she comes out.

6:31 PM BBT Caleb helps get Jocasta into bed. Brittany brings her a glass of water and a plate with some toast and an apple. Meanwhile Derrick is talking to Victoria in the HoH room. He tells her that he wished he had thrown the HoH comp. When she asks him why he tells her it is because Jocasta is at risk and he hates that. Plus, when you are HoH you are easily a target the next week when you are no longer safe. Victoria leaves and Brittany comes in.

6:35 PM BBT Brittany and Derrick are alone in the HoH. Brittany tells him that people tell her not to trust him and she wants to, but she never knows what is going on. Brittany reminds him that the minute he became HoH the people that never give him the time of day were all in his face and up his butt. She didn't do that. He admits that he hasn't had 5 minutes alone since it happened.

6:45 PM BBT Brittany and Derrick are still talking in the HoH. They are talking about his disagreement with Donny. It is impossible to follow because of the constant WBRBs. Derrick is telling Brittany that he is no longer a part of a larger alliance anymore. He downplays his role in the Bomb Squad from the get go. He knows that Donny suspects he knew Donny was going to be a nominee but says that isn't true. In fact, he tells Brittany that he said he didn't want to see Donny on the block.

6:52 PM BBT Derrick tells Brittany that there are people that would never vote for Brittany to stay. Brittany says she knows that and says it is probably Amber, Caleb, Frankie and Devin. Caleb says she is 100% right but that she is missing people, people that would surprise her. She says Cody is treating her differently and maybe Victoria. Caleb says he won't throw Victoria under the bus. Victoria adores her. But she keeps thinking about the same four people. He tells her she is a smart girl and to do her homework. She will figure it out.

6:57 PM BBT Derrick is telling Brittany that he never wanted Jocasta on the block. His choices were Brittany, Jocasta, and Victoria. Brittany tells him that she is one of his biggest fans in the house. If it wasn't for him it would be a lot harder on her in there. She admits she was hurt when she first heard he was throwing her name around. She says she knows that Derrick would not hurt her like that and she will never vote against him staying if he is ever on the block. She cherishes everything about him.

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They are back! Nicole is in a frog outfit, and her group must have won because she is cleaning out her HOH. Derrick tells her she can keep her food up in his HOH and is welcome anytime. They are joking that since she is in the frog suit, it would be a good time to be a have-not. She said NO. They keep calling her Kermit, but she doesn't like it. Nicole leaves and Derrick is talking to Caleb. He said they can't let anyone know Caleb threw the comp.

Cody comes into HOH. Derrick said they have to save this dude (Caleb is sitting there). Derrick said he will chose Zach for POV. Guys are talking about Christine, and how she trusts Donny. Donny was aware of the Bomb Squad and he wasn't part of it. They are going to have to lay low and act like it was loosely based, but not together anymore. Caleb is going to talk to Brittany about how he got close to her last week and saved her, and now there is a disconnect. They are trying to keep targets off their backs, and if someone wins POV, they will use it to take one of the two down so Devin can go up. Derrick is saying Caleb has to come off!

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Derrick is saying that he feels Donnie is being disrespectful. Donny was in the storage room earlier, and questioning Derrick about the group of 8. (Not sure if this is cover for Team America or if they really don't want Donny) Derrick said Devin pulled him aside and said he knew what they were doing, that Amber will stay up and Devin up next to her. Derrick said no way. He is crazy. Derrick is convincing Cody what happened, and that Caleb didn't throw it, even though people will think so. They are saying Jocasta was dehydrating, and knocking stuff off the board. They are saying Donny was going to throw it, and had ulterior motives.

Next week HOH is going to be worse. They will only have 4 left. Now talking about POV, and who they want to see up, and not up. Said anyone can play except they don't want to see Brittany, Devin or Donny play. Derrick said Nicole on her own put up Donny. They had told Victoria she was going up, and Derrick was surprised Nicole put up Donny instead. She has taken it upon herself to tell Devin he is the real target, but she told Donny she didn't know if she could trust him. They are trying to find out where Brittany's head is at. Derrick said she will be up tonight as she could be a replacement nom.

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Nicole, Christine, Brittany and Amber are at the counter eating. Others in kitchen, with Devin and Donny at the table. Cody, Derrick and Caleb in HOH rehashing what happened at what they need to do. Going over scenarios for POV comp.

Girls can't wait for the backyard to be open. Hayden walking through. Zach finished eating and is doing dishes with the yellow gloves on. Caleb came downstairs to get something to drink. Donny and the girls going over the comp.

Caleb goes into the fire room and Frankie hugs him. Caleb talking about how good they were doing then Jocasta was dropping stuff off the board. Caleb lamenting about being on the block. Frankie telling him he isn't going anywhere, that he did great. Frankie says everyone did great.

Donny is doing a poem about 20 froggies going to school.

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Nicole in her frog suit in LR talking to Donny. She said she is glad to be back downstairs. She says yesterday she was HOH and less than 24 hours later she is back downstairs and could be backdoored. Donny said that would never happen. Never in a million years. She said being HOH is not fun. It is rough, and made her heart hurt. She hopes Donny gets to experience it, but as one, not two (HOH?) He hopes he is there that long.

Donny thinks they will be able to go out before too long. IT wasn't an elaborate set. Donny said Nicole needs to be careful about overheating. She needs to keep out of the sun. He said maybe she can put her feet into the pool if she is in the shade. She said she is already sweating, the material doesn't breathe. Donny said it is still cute. Nicole wants to find out the rules. Donnie said she can sleep in it even with the lights on, All she has to do is twist the head and it will be dark. They are talking about how she will have to vote in that suit. Donny said she has to blow the camera a kiss. Now he is suggesting a game of leap-frog. Said they can put lilypads outside and she can jump from one to another.

Someone, (Jocasta) is throwing up in the WA. Brittany goes to get a cool wet rag, while Amber tries to help. Donny and Caleb are there trying to help. Now they are standing outside the WC waiting. Someone is going to see if her bed is cleaned off. Caleb offered to carry her to her bed, but she said she can walk. Caleb is supporting her on her way with the cloth wiping her face. Donny is there as well. Amber is taking off Jocasta's shoes and getting her pillows for her. Donny asks if she wants to be left alone, then said he and Amber will stay in there with her. Amber gets a bucket in case she is sick again.

Victoria is upstairs in HOH with Derrick. He is saying she knew she was going on the block, and she didn't cry about it. He said she can win a compition anytime. Derrick said Caleb is a beast yet he lost today. ( making sure no one thinks he threw it).

Brief FoTH. Back and Derrick is telling Victoria she can trust him, and that you can't play the game alone. Brittany comes in and asks if they can talk. He is trying to say he isn't playing with his heart, Victoria is still there. Now talking about Jocasta being sick, and how hot it was outside during the comp. Derrick asks Victoria to give them about 5 minutes.

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Brittany says she doesn't know what is going on. She said she doesn't know what he is hearing. People keep telling her not to trust Derrick, so she doesn't know what to do. He said he could have put her up, but he didn't. Derrick said he is sure people are talking about the original 8, and that they are concerned they are still together. Brittany said she is sure Derrick isn't part of it anymore, or Cody but she isn't sure about Amber or Zach. They are the ones coming after her. Derrick said the original plan was to put up Victoria, but Nicole changed her mind. Brittany doesn't want anyone to feel she is pressuring anyone. She said she gives her opinion, but wanted them to enjoy their time up there. She said people who don't normally give you the time of day are up your ass now. Derrick said he was surprised the noms were changed, it was a last minute thing. More FoTH.

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Derrick is telling about the beginning of the Bomb Squad. Said Christine told Nicole she was in the Bomb Squad because they told her if she wasn't with them she was their target. Derrick said Nicole told him that was the same thing she heard from Cody and from Derrick, so she knew it was true. Nicole told him she felt like he was still working with part of the guys so she was going to make her own decisions on who to nominate. She wanted Amber up and Caleb, but she didn't want them together so they would come down together. Nicole was going to put Victoria up. Brittany confirmed that Nicole pulled her aside in the SR and said Victoria was going up. Derrick said that confirms he is telling the truth. Then Derrick talks about Donny still not trusting him. Derrick said he really wanted to work with Donny, but it just isn't going ot happen. Donny doesn't trust him so that isn't going to happen. People keep coming to the door and Derrick said give him a few minutes. Brittany said she is sure there are people wanting her to go up, but Derrick said he isn't going to do that.. Brittany said she doesn't feel like Derrick is still working with the "8". She said whatever he wants to do for his game is fine. She is getting upset, saying she has told him everything. She said there will be a point in his game when he will have to turn on her...like down to the final 4. There will be a point when they will have to turn on each other. She said now is not the time to turn on each other. He said he is getting heat right now for not putting her up. She starts naming Devin, Caleb, Amber and probably Frankie want her out. Derrick said she is missing others. She said probably Victoria. Derrick said Victoria adores her, that she is missing some other people. He said Caleb is still on the block, and Devin is his target. So those 4 people don't have the power right now.

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Derrick admits to making a dumb game move earlier. Brittany was in the LR saying she didn't want to be a HaveNot this week. Derrick said she wasn't going to be one. He said that was a dumb move as he wasn't even HOH yet. He said there were about 7 people around, and it showed he cared about her. He regrets showing that part of his game. Brittany says she is not there trying to make deals since she is safe, but she is his biggest fan.

Zach is in the LR with Caleb. Zach is eating, Caleb just staring at the ceiling.

Brittany is continuing the love fest with Derrick. He said he isn't going to start [atting himself on the back, but she said he can. They are talking about people saying Caleb threw it. Derrick said Caleb went up because of Amber, and mentioned he might throw it for Amber. Derrick said Caleb is cocky and wouldn't throw it. Derrick talking about who to have on the block, and if Devin is up with Jocasta, it will be sure Devin is going home. Derrick said Devin is a pathelogical liar. Yesterday in the Fire Room before the HOH comp, Devin apologized for what he said about Derrick. Derrick said Devin blew up his whole game. Derrick rehashing last noms, and Frankie telling on Derrick and Caleb to Devin about not voting out Zach. Derrick said he can't make a comment out loud in front of people he can't completely trust.

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Brittany asks if she trusts someone that she shouldn't. Derrick says yes. She asks who. He said he can't say, because that person comes and talks to him. He said it is the type of person that says stuff to him and he said he knows it is true, but if he said something back to them, he knows it will be spread to others. He warned her to watch who she talks to. Derrick warned Brittany not to talk any shit about Nicole to Christine or about Christine to Nicole. He said they are really tight. REALLY tight. More discussion about early morning conversations about the nominations. He said he and Nicole aren't that tight. They agreed on not putting Devin up. Derrick said she is a smart player. Nicole said she was putting Amber up, and was waiting for Derrick to try to talk her out of it. He said he was fine with that. Nicole was surprised. He said he didn't have anything to say about it, but Caleb would. Derrick said Caleb volunteered to go up, and Devin said the back door is the only door.

Derrick and Brittany still talking about noms. in LR, Amber is laying on the couch, Donny in one of the chairs, Caleb still staring up at the ceiling from the other couch. No talking.

(I am out for the night)

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7:22pm Derrick talking to Brit in HOH. Brit tells him past convos with Chris. WBRB

7:28 pm Derrick and Brit continue to talk in HOH, Devin in the KT. Donny says Christine (his GF) has probably went to bed, she has to catch a plane in the morning.

7:33 pm Frankie and Victoria whispering in Fireroom. Frankie says they might push back the Double Eviction. He is worried about Jocasta.

7:40 pm Victoria hopes that Devin wont play in POV, he needs to go for the sanity of the house. She just doesnt like him and he is the biggest bully. He is not a nice person in the game, he makes her uncomfortable.

7:43 pm Brit tells the girls that paranoia has set in. That ppl will say anything and turn it around. Chris says TY for talking to her. Someone asks Jocasta if she needs anything, she says no.

7:48 pm Hayden is called to DR, he is sleeping and doesnt hear it. Brit smacks him on the butt to wake him up. Nicole is putting on her frog suit. In HOH Derrick is talking to Amber saying that they have to win POV.

7:54 pm Hayden says its official he has gingivitis. He has to floss, use mouthwash and brush his teeth and will be ok in a few weeks. In LR the guys are talking about the comp. Frankie heads to HOH.

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#Bb16 8:01pm Frankie, Zach, and Derrick all in HOH room talking about Devin. Talk is about how good of a guy he is and how he did make mistakes though. Zach mentions that he thought that Devin and Britney might of worked the whole time.
#bb16 8:03pm Feeds go to WBRB
#bb16 8:07pm Feeds return with Caleb now in HOH room with Frankie, ach, and Derrick all talking about who should be the replacement
#bb16 8:11pm Talk in HOH talking about the battle of the block comp. Meanwhile Cody is asleep in earth room while girls (and Hayden) chit chat in the room.
#bb16 8:15pm Devin sitting at kitchen table reading bible.
#bb16 8:16pm Derrick is talking about nominations. Guys in HOH room think next week will be endurance for next HOH competition.
#bb16 8:18pm In the kitchen is Christine, Amber, Victoria, Nichole, and Devin closed the bible and started chit chatting with the girls about trash and donations.
#bb16 8:23pm Devin asks if today is day 21 and the girls in kitchen agree but then they think it's actually day 22 in the BB house. Devin counts trying to figure it out
#bb16 8:24pm Devin says it's day 22 and makes a comment about how a frog just walks on by and has a laugh.
#bb16 8:26pm The guys in HOH (Zach, Derrick, and Celeb) still talking game. Derrek wants to talk less game rest of the week most of possible.
Celeb advised he's not talking game but Derrick advises that he needs to as he's still on the block and needs to.
#bb16 8:31pm Guys in HOH talk about Pandora's box ; Girls (and Devin) chit chat in kitchen about random stuff
#bb16 8:33pm Amber feels for Jocasta and they are saying that she is/was dehydrated.
#bb16 8:34pm Celeb was called to DR
#bb16 8:35pm Zach asks what Victorias deal was. Frankie was going to talk about it but then changes subject when Derrick looking at picture.
#bb16 8:37pm Frankie is talking about a twist for the season. 8 house guest are super fans but yet 8 house guest never seen the show
#bb16 8:38pm Frankie looks at memory wall and points out all houseguest rather houseguests are super fans or never seen the show.
#bb16 8:39pm Derrick said that two people are "never seen the show" (talking about evicted houseguests already) and another (in thought
of Devin). Derrick then talks about how he thinks Big Brother is a lot about poker
#bb16 8:42pm Cody comes out of the WC and then disappears (probably back to bed)
#bb16 8:44pm Cody is awake and joins Britney in kitchen talking about how he was napping and thought he had dream of someone tucking him.
#bb16 8:53pm Zach, Frankie, and Derrek is talking about Derik how he just sits there and "thinks" without doing anything. Zach feels
that they are about to go on cruise control though. Derrick is excited he can shower in the HOH Shower. Zach mentions again that he doesn't
know what Victoria's deal is.
#bb16 8:56pm Nicole talks about how "it's weird how things work out" in the Big Brother house. Derrick goes out of HOH and joins the kitchen
#bb16 8:57pm Frankie and Zach are all alone in the HOH room, sitting next to each other. Talk is about last week with Zach being on the
block and how he was on the block and survived
#bb16 9:00pm Derrick re-joins the HOH. Talking about Donnie talking about alliance and how he looks at others.

#bb16 9:04pm Devin is talking about how he got caught (by the sheriff's) when he was driving while on Xanax.

#bb16 9:06pm Veronica is in HOH room (with Derrick, Frankie, and Zach) talking about how Veronica is hungry and needs to eat something
#bb16 9:12pm Frankie and Veronica is about how there is something called HD Makeup. Frankie explains it to everyone in HOH room and how
it works. Veronica compliments Derrick how he has perfect skin.
#bb16 9:13pm Talk now in the HOH room turns to Cody and how Frankie says far as we know is "Cody is gay" and then does "just kidding" when
everyone gets quiet. They talk about guys play straight but really gay.
#bb16 9:17pm Devin joins the HOH room and gives Derrick HOH slippers.
#bb16 9:20pm Devin asks to talk to guys only in the room. Victoria leaves. Devin said he misses home and says whatever happens to do whatever he (Derrick) has to do. Derrick says that everyone will go home at one point and that everyone is winners. Devin says he misses his daughter a lot...again.
#bb16 9:23pm Cody wonders that when he leaves the Big Brother house that he would still have nightmares. Christine tells Cody that he has the exact laugh as her brother.
#bb16 9:29pm Cody talks about how he talks to his parents. Cody says he calls his dad pops. Christine asks Cody if his dad talks "hip" with him
and he said sometimes.
#bb16 9:32pm Devin tells the guys (Derrick, Frankie, and Zach) about having a possible "dick slip" coming out of the HOH bathroom and for
them to be careful.
#bb16 9:36pm Victoria is working out in kitchen. Zach comes down to bee room and pulls in Cody about Devin and Donnie.
#bb16 9:40pm Zach tells Cody that Cody, Nichole, and Christine should make a final 4 deal. BB yells at Zach and Cody about climbing (when
they were just standing on the beehive swaying back and forth.)
#bb16 9:42pm Zach says the order of people should be out of the house should be Devin, Donnie, Britney, Jocasta, and Amber....
#bb16 9:47pm Victoria and Christine whispering in the WC. Zach and Cody talking in the beehive room
#bb16 9:53pm Victoria tells Christine that she feels that Devin won't be in the POV this week. Christine wonders what Zach and Cody are
talking about right now
#bb16 9:54pm Cody thinks Victoria is the biggest floater in the game right now and doesn't know what she's doing.
#bb16 9:56pm Frankie joins Christine and Victoria in the WC
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9:58pm Donny and Brittany talking in LVR. Frankie talking to Christine and Victoria and Zach in the WA about what all has been said upstairs with Devin. Frankie then starts rubbing his body and making faces as zach laughs at him and Christine tells him he is sick.

10:02pm Frankie says he is going to shave his legs soon.Christine ask Zach if he shaves too and Frankie says no he doesn't shave that's natural then Zach says I have 4 hairs on this nip and 5 hairs on this one.

10:06pm Devin is leaving the HOH rm Caleb and derrick still there and derrick says I kind of feel sorry for him but he is a weird dude.

10:08pm Cody comes to HOH rm. Derrick is telling about Brittany coming up and talking for an hour cause she is afraid of being the replacement nominee.

10:13pm Frankie and Christine talking about Jacosta being sick and how she is dehydrated. Frankie is looking at his pimples on his face.He says I needed to be in the sun and Victoria says I didn't know the sun did that and he says yeah it dries the oil in your skin.

10:15pm Cody and Brittany in the bee hive and Cody says I feel like you don't trust me anymore and she says well I am a little Leary. Cody says I feel like every time you and Amber walk past me with your head I did something wrong and there is alot of crap being said in this house and I don't know what all Donny is saying. Brittany says it started when Joey left you guys were all together and we didn't know who to trust.

10:20pm In the WA Frankie and Christine talking and whispering. then they hug and laugh.Christine tells Frankie that Derrick wanted Nicole to put me up and she almost did.Frankie is like i want to be like who are you? Frankie says he is not going to break and Christine says i feel like an idiot for feeling sorry for him the first time he started crying. Frankie says all the guys upstairs were crying earlier.

10:26pm BB calls Jacosta to the DR. Nicole in her frog suit comes to the WA and says her face is so blotchy from crying so much and Christine says you was crying and Nicole says yea I was upset putting Donny up.

10:33pm Nicole says I feel so bad about Donny, My mind was not in the right spot and even though he is safe I feel bad I ball my eyes out every time I talk about it.

10:34pm Nicole says I feel so bad and America is going to hate me and Christine says why and Nicole says I think he is Americas player that's why. Christine says no he isn't and Frankie says he is just playing hard

10:37pm Nicole says I just don't want people to think I am heartless for putting Donny up on the block and Frankie says no Nicole this is a game.

10:42pm Hayden in the WA washing his hands and Victoria comes in and goes to the WC. Frankie, Nicole and Christine ask Hayden if he seen the dentist and he said no just a doctor.Christine says you better take care of your mouth like he said then.

10:48pm Caleb telling derrick that Amber couldn't sleep in the Fire rm lastnight from all the laughing and she said she was going to go sleep in the rock rm today so Cody came in the rock room and laid down too and I hope she sees that what I did today was better than his back rubs.

10:50pm Derrick says I cant trust anyone in this house right now I mean no one. Caleb says everyone is playing for themselves.

10:54pm Hayden and Zach in Storage rm getting food to make. Cody and Brittany in bee hive still talking just repeating themselves .Frankie and Christine and Nicole talking with Devin in the WA about six flags and the rides there.

10:56pm Zach and Victoria joins Brittany and Cody on the bee hive. Zach says Amber is sleeping in my bed and i want to get some shut eye.

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11:02pm Zach says his head itches and Brittany says let me check your head for lice and now she is checking his head.He is clear no lice.Brittany is telling them about her kids having lice before after a sleepover so now she checks every time now before a sleep over.

11:13pm general chit chat going on in the bee hive and in the WA.
11:22pm Donny has joined in the WA with Nicole and Hayden while he brushes his teeth he is laughing with them.
11:26pm Zach and Amber,Brittany and Cody are talking about zach's mom and how he is a brat to his mom.
11:28pm Brittany is getting ready for bed Donny comes back in the WA and tells Nicole they look alike and they should get their picture taken as he is wearing a green shirt to match her frog costume.
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