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Tuesday July 8 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

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12:05 AM BBT Derrick and Zach end their pow wow and Zach heads inside to the HN room to lay down. Brit, Amber, Pao, and Jocasta are in the WA talking about items BB has taken from them. Christine comes in and changes into her bathing suit. Derrick meanders in and laughs along with Amber as they change the subject to photo booth photos.

12:15 AM BBT Hayden and Nicole are on the BY couches goofing around and having small talk. Cody comes out and Hayden gets up to play pool. Christine comes out in her bathing suit and the two boys jokingly make cat calls at her and she laughs along because her in a bathing suit is a rare thing. Derrick talks to Amber in the SR about making the rounds and making sure everyone starts to trust her again. In the WA Jocasta is talking about Zach being disrespectful to women and Brit is messing with her face. Team America is on the Hammock outside talking about their best move for the vote. Derrick speculates what the HOH will be. He thinks it will be endurance. Amber comes up and they continue to speculate. Derrick talks about something he keeps in his desk at work. Amber asks what he does again and he sticks to his park and rec coordinator story.

12:25 AM BBT Amber leaves and Team America talks about the vote again very quickly. Frank says he wants Zach out. Derrick says their goal is to make money each week not just in the end. Derrick asks where everyone's head is at. Frank says he trusts Caleb and Devin more as allies than Zach. He says that while Devin is crazy, Frank knows that he won’t come after any of them. Frank continues to state that on the other hand, Zach is a bigger target then any of them to keep in the house. Zach joins them and conversation stops. Nicole gets called to the diary room and everyone shouts because the DR sessions have begun for the night.

12:35 AM BBT Team America continuing to discuss what to do this week. They say that each person on the block is dangerous in their own way. Zach is unpredictable and Pao is willing to throw comps and act crazy. They keep saying they don't have to decide tonight but then go back and talk about the vote some more. They agree to vote together though and know that together they help to control the vote. They then agree to try and get Zach to make up with Devin and Caleb so that they can keep him and send home Pao. Their goal is to keep blood off their hands.

12:45 AM BBT Same round robin going on between Don, Frank, and Derrick on the hammock. Idle chit chat going on in the rest of the house. Don leaves the hammock area and Derrick and Frank discuss not trusting Hayden. They also agree that they steer the Donny ship too.

12:55 AM BBT Derrick and Frank are going back and forth over what to do about Zach and how they feel about Hayden. They agree Hayden can win HOH comps and think they can use him if they keep Zach. Frank can't let go of how easy Devin and Caleb are to manipulate. Derrick reverts to the rebuilding bridges between Zach and Devin and Caleb thing. Speak of the devil, Caleb joins them. Caleb tells them about a dream he had about Amber.

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1:05 AM BBT Caleb is not about Zach at all. He says and I quote "Some cats might want a hood rat around, but not a lion." Caleb says that he has nothing to say to Caleb. Derrick says that Zach has been going around saying that he felt bad about saying bad things about Frank and Caleb. Frank asks if Caleb would talk to him. Caleb says he doesn't even know. Hayden joins them and Victoria says her good nights.

1:15 AM BBT Brit exits the DR, heads to the KT, and says the BB told her to tell them that tonight will be a long night and plan to go back into the DR if they have already been. She then gets called into the DR again. She is quickly back out and she says that they told her to tell Cody to stop messing with her. Nicole sneaks up on Cody to try and scare him but it doesn't work. Feeds switch back to the hammock where Hayden is listening to Derrick tell Caleb that Zach didn't mean to blow him up and Hayden is agreeing with Derrick.

1:25 AM BBT Amber, Christine, and Nicole make a feeble attempt to take the hammock away from the boys. They fail and decide to share. Zach is back up and heads outside. He, Cody, and Christine chit chat on the couches. Zach goes over his eviction speech. In it he calls Devin a tyrant. The rest of the awake HGs are by the hammock goofing around and laughing.

1:35 AM BBT Frank leaves the DR and heads to the hive room with Zach. Zach does his speech for Frank. Frank hears it and says he just got Franks vote. Frank says that he is going through it. He continues by stating that voting for Zach will put a target on his back and they need to find a way to keep him safe without blowing up Frank’s game. Zach and Frank hatch a plan to have Frank vote for Pao to go and they lie about it after.

1:50 AM BBT Frank and Zach re hash the last 48 hours’ worth of events from each of their perspectives. Frank says his game of neutrality is over now and he was blaming Zach and he shouldn't. Frank reminds Zach that he needs Frank to be close with Caleb because he will most likely be HOH next week. Zach says there is no way he is leaving this week. He says he is going to talk to Christine and Jocasta. They hug it out and end their conversation.

2:00 AM BBT Brit pulls Frank right back into the hive room and tells him that she did not want to stir anything up and wanted to refuse veto so Pao went home. The DR told her she could not do that. Brit says she wants Pao out but had no idea everything else was going on. They agree each of their game plan went off thee rails a little today. Frank says he is not mad at Brit and that he in fact admires her. Brit says she just want to be her and that until the end, she will not stick a knife in anyone's back.

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7:00AM This house never sleeps! Cody is talking to Zach at the pool table about parties his company has hosted. Nicole is running laps, and Britt is doing makeup in the WA.

7:20AM F1/2 Britt uses HNot shower to change, Nicole is in the WA doing morning routine. F3/4 Zach/Cody still talking at pool table, strategizing how to get all the votes for Zach to stay.

7:25AM Zach/Cody agree they will have heart attacks if Julie reveals the vote on Thur is 7-5. Zach feels he will survive 10-2, only missing votes from Caleb/Amber. On review, he's iffy about Jocasta and Victoria.

7:33AM F1/2 Cody has gone inside, Britt/Nicole are prepping for a bikini party. F3/4 Zach on hammock working on his Thursday speech, telling the voters they are not his target, his sole mission now is to get out Devin.

7:36AM Nicole interrupts Zach outside, asking if BB took away one of the chairs for laying out. Zach goes back to working on his speech. "As for you twelve voters, do not let this person threaten, manipulate, and bully you all any longer. It is in the best interest of the house to keep me safe, because none of you are my target. My target is solely that man right there. If you vote to keep me safe, I will do everything in my power to get him out of the house. No offense to you Paola, but I am much more capable mentally and physically of carrying out that objective than you are. When you walk into that room, vote for who you think is better to further your game. Please vote to evict Paola." (He better work on shortening that, or I feel Julie is going to interrupt him).

7:38AM Britt comes outside, asks Zach who he is talking to? He says it's his eviction speech, Britt asks if he wants to practice on them, saying they are team Zach and talked to Victoria for him.

7:45AM F1/2 Sleeping HGs F3/4 Britt/Nicole/Cody on lounge chairs, Cody eating a sandwich. Britt realizes there is only one more night left for her in the HNot beds this week. Britt says to Nicole, "I'm going to come snuggle with you Christine", and Nicole gives Britt grief for calling her Christine. Zach is back to the hammock to work on his speech more.

7:54AM F3/4 Cody asks Nicole if she watched live feeds, and is there always this much drama in the house early on. Nicole says she usually would wait a few weeks "for it to weed out, but that was the craziest POV meeting ever". We get a quick WBRB, followed by Cody/Nicole/Zach/Britt putting the awnings down over the windows.

8:03AM Donny is awake. Nicole greets him while cooking eggs, says she was up all night because she couldn't sleep, but will crash later.

8:10AM F1/2 Cody/Zach on patio, Cody is latest to hear Zach practice his speech. F3/4 Nicole/Donny eating at kitchen counter.

8:15AM F1/2 While Cody/Zach go over Zach's speech for Thursday, they have added 'strongarm and force' to the list of things that the HGs shouldn't allow to happen by anyone in the house. Also on the list are 'threaten, bully, intimidate'.

8:25AM F3/4 Nicole doesn't feel good, so goes inside to change batteries/lay down. Zach/Cody continue with his strategy for getting votes for Thursday. Donny joins them on patio.

8:28AM F1/2 Cody asks Donny if he knows where Jocasta's head is at after all that has happened. Donny says they have talked, but not about game, because Jocasta never talks about it, so he doesn't want to bring it up and make her feel uncomfortable. Donny finds out Zach/Cody never went to bed last night.

Cody:I'm wide awake now. And as a HNot, the only way to sleep is if you are so tired that you go in there and crash.

Zach:I slept so much the first two weeks, I'm running on reserves.

Donny: I went to bed around 1 last night, and didn't have to get up to pee. When I woke up, I was curious about the time, and it was after 8, so... I'll just piddle around since I can't get to my deodorant, comb, tobacco, it's in the girls room.

Zach looks forward to seeing what Donny looks like without a beard.

Cody remembers seeing Donny(and his beard) during final casting.

8:38AM F3/4 Cody goes to lay down on lounge chairs next to (a likely sleeping) Britt. F1/2 Zach goes back into speech mode with Donny on the patio, then they both head inside, Zach to kitchen, Donny to retrieve his chewing tobacco.

8:50AM F3/4 Donny is back outside with Cody/Britt, telling them how he was able to find his chewing tobacco in the dark room without disturbing the girls sleeping.

8:51AM Donny shares the secret to life: "You need a good sleeping schedule, and a good bathroom schedule."

8:55AM F3/4 Donny calls Cody over, says it's just his gut, but he "doesn't think we have the numbers. Devin/Caleb/Amber/Frankie have a final 4. Anything they say, we can't believe. 3 of them are voting. You say you know Christine, but I think Frankie has her. Things like this, I seldom talk like this, can't in front of Zach cause he can't handle it, he would blow it up, but I trust you, more than anyone in this game. I want to win, but if I don't, if I have a vote, I'd vote for you, don't ask me why, I don't think I have a crush on you(lol). Lots of people are watching, and anytime good can overcome bad..but I think we are outnumbered."

Cody:"I know for a fact, it would be Hayden, Derrick, me, you.. I think Britt is 100%, and she's been talking to Nicole"

Donny:"but whatever was said, something was said to save her... she could have promised Devin something, so we have to keep that under consideration."

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9:07am Donny and Cody talking about the numbers and who they trust and don't. Donny says I like Derrick but I don't trust him.Cody says if it comes down to it I will not flip my script on Zach.Donny says last week everyone vote Joey out and if I had to be the sole vote I cant vote Paola she is like my best friend in this house.

9:12am Cody says I am not afraid even if it ruins my game to go upstairs and tell them I am keeping Zach.
9:14am Cody and Donny saying that Hayden is a threat in this game he has the physical and mental strength and everyone likes him.
9:15am Donny says that Caleb and amber are very close and Cody says oh man I know he has to go then Cody says that Devin is and amber are close too and Caleb gets mad if they are talking.
9:20am Cody says Donny I have told you everything the last 3 days since I knew I could trust you and I will know who back stabbed me if you leave cause I haven't told but three people all this. Donny says I know I can trust you and Hayden and that's all I trust
9:24am Cody says that veto meeting that Brittany spent and hour and a half in the hoh with Devin and did you know he claims he has a crush on her and Donny says yeah I heard that.Cody says I don't believe he has a crush her.
9:28am Cody says he told Zach if he stays this week he better come in hoh with fire cause I am going in with fire and the people I trust better to we have to beat Caleb.
9:30am WE now have foth Maybe a wake up call.
9:45am Cody lifting weights on the BY Frankie changing Batteries then heads back to bed.
9:49am Donny on the elliptical and tells Zach he is going to give him his beard and Zach ask why and Donny says cause it is hot it is like having a winter coat. Zach laughs at him.
9:55am Donny sitting on the lounger as Cody and Zach play a game of pool everyone else still in bed sleeping with the lights on now.
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10:03am Frankie and Christine in WA talking about Caleb and Devin needing to leave the house.Frankie says we can get Donny and Derrick that is our only option and they have to own it for our sake. right? She says yeah and he says i don't trust anyone else.Frankie then says i am not worried about Devin and Christine says i am . Frankie says but he isn't coming after us.

10:09am Frankie tells Donny he is going to have some oatmeal and chocolate milk today. Donny says aren't you afraid of going to the have not room? Frankie says yeah I volunteered for next week but I don't know now.
10:11am Frankie says I think I might have to vote Zach for my game. I think it is going to end up 6-6. Donny says I wish we could look at that wall without being seen and watched.Frankie goes over who will vote who out this week.
10:15am Donny ask who are you closer with? Frankie says Caleb and Zack but they are not going to the end with me?Donny says can you spare one of them ? He says yeah and Donny says if Cody and them guys vote for Paola to go home then that is going to make them targets.Frankie says we are the swing votes which means we will have to blame it on two other people.
10:21am Cody says Frankie i don't think it will be good going tom the have not room with your condition and Frankie says that Donny has the same thing. Donny says in the bee hive room yesterday my toes turned purple.
10:27am Cody , Frankie and Donny talking about sleeping in the have not room and Donny says the less clothes you have on then your body heat warms the blankets but the clothes on keeps the heat trapped to your body and doesn't warm the covers up.Frankie says i will just have to win the HOH this week so that being a have not wont be an option.
10:36am Donny, Frankie, Cody and Christine on BY couch talking about June bugs and Christine says if that bug comes over here i will leave. Cody and Christine starts saying about a bird that flew into a window the other day and Donny says it probably scared the camera man.
10:43 An ABC game is now going on with Cody, Donny and Christine as Frankie just sits there and listens while eating his oatmeal.
10:48am Victoria is now up and in the By with the others and we get a FOTH as BB wants the lights on .
10:56am General talk in BY with Donny and Christine,and Cody. Victoria doing ADL'S
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11:11am Zach and Victoria in the WA talking about being in the have not room and being able to sleep.

11:14am Christine and Donny in BY talking about travelling from State to State . Christine ask him if he wins this game will he travel he says maybe. Victoria comes out and sits in the sun to warm up.
11:23am Donny says i think Thursday night i will keep my contacts in so i can see i might be asleep but at least i will see.
11:29am Christine, Donny and Victoria talking about the first person in the jury having to sit there all alone and Christine says yeah that would be miserable.
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1:01pm Christine says whoever Devin or Caleb put up and wants out if they win HOH i am voting the to keep here. Brittany says i would normally go with a house vote but i think i am going to start changing it up cause you have yo let them know that they 100% have your vote.

1:09pm Amber and Jacosta are now up doing ALD'S Brittany is in the pool with Donny and Victoria is laying out by the pool now.
1:13pm Caleb is now up and goes to the BY to the pool saying he just wanted to see who all was out there and up.
1:16pm Devin now has the camera and taking pictures of everyone but the girls really don't want to be in pictures today.
1:21pm Devin going in and taking pictures of HG sleeping in their beds. Amber and Caleb talking about playing April fools jokes on other people at home.
1:32am Devin and Caleb in KT looking at the pictures he has taken. Victoria, Donny , Amber and Brittany in BY at he pool
1:38pm Devin takes a picture of Donny under water in the pool then Brittany takes a jumping picture of Devin as he jumps inn the pool.
1:42pm Victoria and Brittany complaining about all the dirty dishes in the KT sink.
1:45pm Paola is now up and in the Kt. Brittany is making slop.
1:52pm Paola says to Amber and Victoria that they boys should have to clean the KT.Donny comes in to get a drink of water.
1:57pm Just general chit chat going on in the KT about where everyone hung out while in high school.
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Posting for sassy2565:

11:35AM BBT: Christine in kitchen making something to eat

11:42AM BBT: Brittany and Victoria in bathroom area getting changed when Derrick walks in and says if he can reverse time he would do it.

11:44AM BBT: Derrick now in kitchen talking to Christine about Brittany. Christine says he is like a little school boy.

11:46AM BBT: Devin is still talking to Christine about Brittany and a discussion he had with her about Brittany's dad being bigger than Devin. Devin thinks Brittany's parents probably are calling him an asshole.

11:58AM BBT: Donny in backyard talking to Brittany about being a Have-Not.

12:00PM BBT: FotH

12:06PM BBT: Victoria in bathroom area doing her hair with Christine and she is telling Christine how Amber said she wanted Victoria to go home the other day then FotH.

Victoria tells Christine that she told Zach if she voted for him to stay then he has to have respect for her. They're whispering, and they're hard to understand what they are saying. Someone wore Victoria's headband without asking.

Victoria said the guys are going to use her for a pawn every week and she is so nice to everyone. Victoria said she has been bullied by two people in this house already Zach and Devin and she wishes she was on the block because she doesn't mind going home.

12:19PM BBT: Victoria is scared to vote against Devin and keep Zach because Devin said that she was going on the block if she goes against him. Christine tells Victoria that her (Victoria) and Brittany have had it hard in the house by bullies.

12:25PM BBT: Victoria and Christine are talking about how everyone is using their stuff.

12:27PM BBT: FotH

12:28PM BBT: Victoria is worried about her parents and friends seeing the stuff that is going on in the house.

Donny joins Victoria and Christine in bathroom area and whispering stops. Talk turns to the HoH getting the camera and they don't want to take pictures.

12:31PM BBT: Donny heads outside to hang with Brittany. Donny tells Brittany that he thinks Devin is getting the camera. Brittany doesn't understand what Devin's strategy is right now.

Brittany: "This game sure did change fast." Donny said he went for 15 days without talking game and now that is all that is on your mind.

Donny said his two sisters did not know the day he left. Donny doesn't talk to the camera like everyone else because they were told not to.

Donny said one of the funniest things is when someone says they are going to bed and then 45 minutes later BB is telling them to fix their mic.

12:40PM BBT: Donny and Brittany in backyard talking about watching live feeds and how boring it would be.

12:42PM BBT: Christine and Victoria are still in the bathroom area whispering. They are talking about scenarios of who will win next HoH and what the competition will be.

12:44PM BBT: Christine said they should get Caleb out first. Jocasta drives Christine crazy because she never knows what she is thinking.

12:46PM BBT: Victoria and Christine call Brittany into the bathroom area and her that Devin was talking to Christine about Brittany this morning again.

Brittany said she has to pretend because Devin is trying to make her feel uncomfortable and Caleb is doing the same thing to Amber.

Brittany does not understand how Devin can go from being hot one moment and cold the next. Christine said Devin told her he is going to get a lot of pictures of Brittany even if he has to get her sleeping.

12:56PM BBT: Brittany Christine and Victoria are still in the bathroom area talking about the guys obsessions.

12:58PM BBT: Brittany doesn't trust Jocasta. When she came in the house she thought Devin was a big teddy bear then the next day that person was switched because he has control issues.

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2:05pm Amber cleaning the KT and Paola says yeah i am washing the dishes tonight this is bad.bad. Paola tells Donny i want to show you something but stay here she tells him here these are my headphones so you hang on to them for now and he says thank you but you hang on to them cause you may not leave and she says no you hang on to them for now.

2:23pm Brittany and amber say they put something of Cody and Caleb's in the microwave last night and it caught fire so Caleb says they they will get them back he just isn't saying when and where.Amber says i didn't know it would catch on fire and Caleb says well DUH it was thin cloth.

2:25pm Paola , Brittany , Victoria and Amber are cleaning the KT Caleb helped clean a little as Devin sits at the table with his arms folded over his chest smiling and watching them.

2:29pm Devin telling Caleb that he lays in his HOh Rm and all he can think about is her and nods to Brittany. Caleb says did you tell her that? Devin says no.

2:41pm Girls and Caleb are still cleaning the KT as Devin is making coffee. Donny is cleaning the BY.

2:50pm Brittany and Donny in BY talking about the hot tub getting hot.Victoria comes out to sit in the BY.In the Kt Devin is getting his coffee Jocasta is sitting watching Amber wash dishes and Paola sweep the floors.

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3:02pm Donny and Paola,Amber in BY playing I spy game.Devin in HOH talking to Jacosta about him liking Brittany.

3:15pm BB keeps saying sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms so Donny keeps waking Brittany telling her to wiggle something so BB wont get on to her again.
3:16pm Paola telling Donny that she thinks she is going home Thursday and Donny says what makes you think that? She says cause Zach is lying and scheming .Donny ask did you look at the board to see who might vote for you ? she says yeah but . He says in battle of the block was you asked to throw it? She says yeah but I didn't.
3:21pm BBT Christine is now awake again and Nicole is up,Frankie is now up and they are ready for showers.In the hoh rm Devin is telling Jacosta about what happened yesterday with Paola and him and Zach's little episode of blowing up and says there is no way that he wont leave Thursday.
3:3:42pm Jacosta and Devin in HOH rm Talking about their mom's. Christine in the shower. Frankie doing his hair in the mirror.
3:47pm In the BY most HG are playing the ABC game.
3:56pm Just the ABC game going in the BY. ADL'S going on in the WA with Christine and Frankie.
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4:02pm Nicole in WA saying her toothbrush and other things are missing.Brittany in the KT making more slop for Victoria and herself.

4:14pm Devin tells Nicole that he took a picture of her while she was sleeping and she says that is hilarious. In the BY is general chat about Slop cakes that Brittany made.

4:19pm Amber telling how when Jacosta was talking last night and I tried to tickle her and my finger went right into her mouth but it was dark in there I couldn't see anything.

4:26pm Paola tells Jacosta in BY that Zach is sure he is staying this week and that he is going to say whatever he wants to say but he is the one that wants to go home.

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#BB16 4:37PM BBT Paola and Donny in BY couches. Paola asking Donny what she should do. She is looking pretty down.

#BB16 4:41PM Donny asks Paola if the people who asked her to throw the comp are honoring their promise. She tells Donny that Devin asked her to throw it.

#BB16 4:54 PM BBT Frankie, Caleb and Jacosta in the BR joking about the HG saying they want to go home. Frankie says it was the 17th HG to say that and there are only 16 of them.

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5:02 PM BBT Devin, Christine, and Nicole are in the rock BR trying to wake up Cody. They have taken his blankets away from him and Devin squishes him by laying on top of him. The girls find it hilarious. Cody "He's got his junk on me."

5:05 PM BBT Some of the HGs were doing shout outs so we get WBRB. When the feeds return we learn that Nicole has dumped water on Hayden and Cody tells her that this is war. "Game over for the girls. They started it." Cody "Nicole, oh my God you are ruined." There is a pair of red underwear they are throwing around and calling Poo underwear. Amber is telling them it is fake poo. There are some used q tips too. Cody takes the poo underwear and wraps it around her head. She chases after him.

5:14 PM BBT Paola and Devin are in the BY. He reassures her that in case of a tie she has his vote. Meanwhile the horseplay from the rock BR has moved into the KT and the boys are promising revenge on Nicole. [she better not turn her back on them for the rest of the day.]

5:17 PM BBT Jocasta and Frankie are jogging in the BY. The microphone pack is in the back of her pants. Jocasta "Oh man, this thing is going down my bootie. I can't have it going down my bootie." She adjusts it and says "ok, can't have it down my crack." Meanwhile Nicole, Amber, and Christine are at the hammock. They are planning pranks. Amber suggests they wrap Cody in his sleeping bag and dump him in the pool.

5:21 PM BBT Paola and Devin are talking on the patio. He tells her that he can't undo what he did with the veto and he knew it would upset people. He apologizes that it was her and Zach that were upset by it. He did what he felt he had to do. Devin tells her things will work out in her favor if she does what she did last week. Stay cool, smile, don't campaign, be herself.

5:24 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie are laying out in the son. Caleb hopes that at some point maybe Amber will say something to him about her feelings. He says she hugged him today and that is a start. He says his head is still firmly in the game but he may start planting the seed of going on a date outside of the house.

5:31 PM BBT Frankie and Devin are talking about a type of shoe that Frankie likes. They are women's Nike, a sort of platform shoe made to look like a high top. Frankie pleas to NIke to make them larger than a 12.5 because his feet get a little cramped.

5:39 PM BBT Things are starting to quiet down a little. Cody, Paola, and Jocasta are in the LR on feeds 1 and 2. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Nicole, Victoria, Christine, and Amber at the hammock. Just general chit chat.

5:46 PM BBT Christine and Nicole are whispering in the SR. They are trying to determine who they are going to try to convince people like Jocasta to vote for. It sounds like they think if they can get her to vote for Zach then the count will be 5-7 for Zach to stay. Meanwhile Derrick and Brittany are in the beehive. They agree that it is a close vote and Derrick won't commit a vote to anyone until he sees how the rest of the house stands. He doesn't want to be in the majority, thus making himself a target later.

6:04 PM BBT Derrick and Brittany are still in the bee hive. They are talking about how close this next vote is going to be. Frankie and Devin are in the HoH. They are talking about Hayden not voting with them this week and making himself a target next week. Devin is prepared to break the tie if need be. All he needs is six votes.

6:07 PM BBT Derrick and Brittany are talking about Devin's crush on her. Derrick thinks part of the problem is that he has liked her all along. She has been trying to avoid him for the past two days. Brittany thinks he is starting to get upset by her lack of interest. They discuss her telling him that she has a twelve year old child watching and that maybe they will discuss it again outside of the house. She is really hoping that he just gets out of the house so she doesn't have to worry about it anymore.

6:11 PM BBT Derrick is talking to Brittany about how dangerous Caleb will be in an endurance comp. He tells her that an endurance comp is nothing compared to a tour in Iraq. He did so well before and he could have done it for so much longer. Meanwhile Devin is telling Frankie about his heart to heart talk to Paola and his apology to her for not being able to give her the veto.

6:17 PM BBT Brittany, Nicole, Derrick, Christine, and Cody are in the KT talking about meeting up outside the house. The girls would be up for a road trip. They guys hate car trips. 45 minutes and they get mad. Frankie and Devin are talking about how much they are better for knowing each other in the house. Frankie says he has enjoyed getting to know Devin, all the different sides of him. Frankie said what he did was remarkable and heroic.

6:24 PM BBT Jocasta is outside playing corn hole by herself. Paola is watching her. Most of the HGs are in the KT because they are preparing for a big BBQ. Paola decides to join Jocasta at corn hole.

6:28 PM BBT Frankie notices that its 6:30. He says "It's 6:30 you guys, we are all screwed up." [because dinner at 10 PM and bed at 4 AM is so much less screwed up.] Jocasta and Amber are showing the grill who's the boss. Paola is now practicing the corn hole game alone. Derrick and Cody are playing pool.

6:33 PM BBT At the pool table, Derrick, Cody and Devin are talking about the ants taking over the BY. They can hardly go out there without feeling like something is crawling on them. The ladies are wrapping up the cooking duties. Dinner is almost ready.

6:37 PM BBT Most of the ladies are all sitting around the table eating. Some are eating BBQ, potatoes and salad. Victoria is eating a big bowl of slop. The boys are outside. Devin and Derrick are playing pool now. Frankie is playing corn hole.

6:43 PM BBT All seven ladies are sitting around the DR table. Hayden walks in and notices them. He says this feels like this is the twilight zone. He thinks he is missing something. He walks away "I'm not scared." They girls are thinking about doing something to Hayden tonight. They are trying to discuss what they are going to do to the boys when they are sleeping. The boys keep walking in one by one and they have to stop talking which is not overlooked by any of the guys.

6:54 PM BBT The girls have cooked together, eaten together, and are doing dishes together. They guys are doing their own thing. Devin keeps talking about people outside the house so we got WBRB.

6:57 PM BBT Donny, Devin, and Frankie are talking about the girls showing a united front in the KT. They joke that the lionesses are making them nervous.

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#BB16 9:21 PM Frankie, Donny and Derrick talking in the BR about how to vote and how to split the votes. Donny wants to vote to keep Paola since he is friends.

#BB16 9:24 PM America's players make their "A" sign. They decide if Caleb asks them who they voted for - they will through the girls under the bus.

#BB16 9:28 PM BBT Amber joins Frankie and Derrick. Discussing that something is going on. Derrick doesn't feel that Zach is necessarily going.

#BB16 9:33PM Cody and Victoria in the bee hive. Talking about Paola being strong armed. Victoria says she doesn't like Paola personally. They both agree they are voting for Zach to stay.

#BB16 9:40PM BBT Jacosta and Derrick are talking to Paola. Derrick telling her that he does not feel it will be a 13-0 vote to keep her but he feels she will be staying. She says she understands.

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#BB16 9:49PM BBT Paola goes off and finds Brittany in the HN. She is telling her that she did not throw the comp. Britt tells her that she was basically working with the Devil. Paola says she was just doing what Devin wanted her too.

#BB16 9:55 PM BBT Caleb and Derrick talking in bee hive. Caleb tells Derrick about the deal Victoria and Devin had. They are counting votes.

#BB16 10:04PM BBT Hayden, Christine and Devin talking in the KT. Devin complaining about the low budget that BB spent on things for the house.

#BB16 10:08PM BBT Brittany telling Paola that Donny was so touched but her gift to Donny. Paola says that she loves Donny and doesn't want to leave him.

#BB16 10:13PM BBT Derrick telling Caleb that Zach doesn't talk about Caleb. Caleb says the best think would be for Zach to stay another week. Derrick says that Zach's only problem is with Devin.

#BB16 10:19PM Caleb goes to HOH room and knocks. No one lets him in. He walks away. Derrick and Zach walk into the BR. Derrick tells him that he just talked Caleb into keeping him. He is staying 100 %

#BB16 10:25PM BBT . Zach tells Caleb that he is comfortable that he is staying this week. Zach say that Devin went against his word and put up a member of the bomb squad. He is explaining why he went off after the POV.

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#BB16 10:13PM BBT Caleb is spelling out the pros and cons to keeping/voting Zach out to Zach. Zach tells him that he feels he has the numbers to stay.

#BB16 10:40 PM BBT Derrick, Cody and Brittany are in the BR. They are teasing Britt that she is with Devin. Cody tells her if he watches and the feeds and even sees her give him a genuine hug he will be upset. Britt says she is with them.

#BB16 10:50PM BBT Caleb says that it is enough - he is going to keep Zach here because he wants Zach here. He is saying Devin is on fire saying whatever he wants to say.

#BB16 10:55 PM BBT Cody and Amber discuss the Bible. Their favorites.

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11:05 PM BBT Caleb and Zach in the hive room still going over all the things Zach could have done as far as blowing up the bomb squad. He says that he didn't and wouldn't do that. Zach says Devin took the first shot and Zach took the green light to jab back at Devin. Zach says he said things he didn't mean about Caleb but he doesn't take anything back about Devin. Caleb tells Zach that if Caleb wanted him gone he would be gone. Caleb says he can walk up to anyone and get them to change their vote by making promises. Zach repeats his issues with Devin.

11:15 PM BBT Zach gets a little cocky and says he is staying this week and he has no doubt about it. He says it would be in Caleb's best interest to vote him because when he does stay, he has the right to go after who voted against them. He back pedals a little bit and says it may be futile to go after him but he will be here after this week. Caleb says that he never knows what will happen in the DR during vote time. He says that he will stick by Zach because Pao brings nothing to the table and it is time for her to go. Cody and Amber are talking in the rock room about having issues with who to vote out. Cody is having a tough time deciding whether or not to vote out Zach. Amber is trying to talk him into it but he doesn't seem swayed.

11:25 PM BBT Amber says her personal target for females in Nicole, because she thinks Nicole feels she is working with Devin and would put her up. They get back to Thursday's vote and Cody says that he doesn't want someone like Pao here who is willing to throw comps. Frank enters and breaks up the conversation. Cody and Amber break it up. Frank goes through his bag in the fire room and Derrick lets him know about the Caleb situation. Derrick leaves and goes to HN room to congratulate Zach on a conversation well had. Meanwhile Caleb has pulled Pao into the hive room and lets her know how hard Zach is campaigning. Caleb says she has his vote. No matter how the vote falls she has his vote.

11:35 PM BBT Cody and Frank are in the fire room talking about Hayden and whether or not he has told Nicole about the bomb squad. They move on to talk about the vote and Frank says he wants to save Zach but seem like he didn't to save face. Back in the hive room Caleb keeps saying the vote will be close, and all he knows that he is voting for Pao to stay. He gives Pao a fake overview of how the conversation went with Zach. He tells her that all Zach said was that he doesn't expect Caleb to vote for him and won’t ask him to. (Not what happened at all).

11:45 PM BBT Hayden breaks up Cody and Frank talking by saying the Devin wants to talk to him. They both groan and he heads that way. Devin speculates on why Caleb talked to Zach and the Pao right after. Devin seems frustrated at Caleb and says he can't even stop talking game for two seconds. Frank goes to use the bathroom and Devin stares at the HOH screen. Devin yells to him that Caleb and Zach either made a truce, or Caleb is just telling Zach what he wants to hear. Devin continues to wonder why he is talking to Pao though. Devin says he should have left Brit up and put Caleb up over Pao. Frank goes and talks to Zach and Zach gives him an overview of the conversation. Zach is not allowed to put up Devin for two weeks if he stays. Frank goes over the small talk with Devin he just had.

11:55 PM BBT Caleb in the hive room, tells Pao that no matter what happens on Thursday she made friends and they will all exchange numbers. They break up their conversation after Caleb talks about taking Amber out after the show. He heads to the KT and sits way too close to Amber. Christine joins Pao in the hive room and they just talk about how stressful the game is. Amber walks into the SR where Zach and Frank are and Zach fills her in on the Caleb conversation he just had. Caleb comes in and confirms the conversation. Caleb is hugging on Amber and saying don't worry and that Amber is not in a bad spot. Amber expresses her distrust for Devin. Devin talks about the deal with leaving Devin alone. Amber wants Devin gone before jury because he turned his back on them. (Listen! Caleb! Listen!)

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