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Saturday July 5 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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8:44 PM BBT Feeds are back. Paola confirms that Devin won the POV. She tells Amber she hopes Devin uses it on her. Derrick, Zach, and Cody discuss the POV competition and how close he was to winning it.

8:48 PM BBT
Derrick is pissed because Paola threw the POV competition to Devin. Derrick says he's going to tell her that he know she threw the pov competition and to not lie to his face or she'll go home next week.

8:52 PM BBT Frankie is campaigning in HOH room hard for Devin to take Paola off the block and put up Victoria to get Brittany off. Devin says she has to go home or she'll target him next week. Frankie says if you pull Brittany off and put up Victoria vs. Paola, Victoria will go home. Devin plans to poll each player in the alliance to find out who they'll vote out if he leaves Brittany on the block .

8:57 PM BBT
Frankie is telling Devin what he wants to hear about the other Houseguests voting Brittany out. Zach goes up to HoH room and Devin goes off and says he doesn't trust Zach because he would vote Victoria out over Brittany and says he'll never let him use the HoH bathroom. Devin decides to ask Zach who he's voting out. Zach tells him he doesn't care and Devin gets angry that Zach won't just say Paola over Brittany. Devin tells Zach that he doesn't trust him because he won't vote Brittany out. He pulls Cody in and Cody says he'll vote Brittany out since she's a bigger threat. They both say if Victoria is up they're voting her, because they don't like her.

9:03 PM BBT
Devin pulls Brittany up into HOH. They argue over what Devin has said and done in the house.

Meanwhile in the Have Not room, Victoria is crying and pouting about being a have not and that she's miserable and people are being mean to her.
Back in the HoH room Brittany calls Devin out for calling her a cow during the Battle of Block competition. Devin tells Brittany that he brought her up to the room to offer to work with her and she's putting her foot in her mouth. He refuses to let her talk or defend herself. Brittany says you put me on slop 2 weeks in a row. Devin says you're paranoid. He refuses to let the cows comment drop and keeps berating her with it.
Caleb, Derrick, and Frankie discuss what Devin is doing. Frankie warns them both about the upcoming conversation. Paola joins them and interrupts the game talk.

9:14 PM BBT
Amber and Caleb talk in the Storage Room. They are pissed at Devin, because he refuses to listen to the alliance. Caleb says he's the most powerful guy in the house and he started the alliance. He says he's just kididng. Devin is being rude. Devin apparently told him he's either going to use the veto on Brittany or not use it and let the house evict Brittany. Caleb says that Devin told him that the jury will vote Amber over Caleb n final 2 and Amber would never talk to him again outside the house. Amber said if anything, she'd never talk to him outside the house.

9:22 PM BBT
Zach and Frankie talk in the storage room. Zach is livid at Devin for kicking him out of the HoH room. Frankie is mad that Zach didn't lie about voting Brittany out. Frankie says you got yourself in trouble. Frankie doesn't like that Zach didn't lie. Frankie says Devin is crazy and the whole house is against him. Zach says he doesn't feel like that's true. He says he feels like people are back on Devin's side. Zach and Frankie argue and Zach question Frankie's allegiance. Frankie said Caleb is back in with Devin and he will tell Devin anything you say to him. Zach asks if they staged the fight. Frankie said no, the argument was real but they made up. They have a bond and will be bros to the end. Frankie is nervous that Caleb is going to throw him under the bus, but he's just being cool.

9:32 PM BBT
In the beehive, Nicole, Christine, Cody, and Caleb talk about American Idol and The Voice. Caleb explains how the reality singing shows work and how many steps it takes to get from the beginning to getting to actually audition in front of the judges. He says it's crazy and super competitive.

9:35 PM BBT
Frankie made the haves fish for dinner. They thank him and gather to eat in the kitchen.

9:42 PM BBT

Devin tells Brittany that he has the utmost respect for her as a mother and as a person and he apologizes for over reacting for the week before. He says you scare the crap out of me, because I have no idea where you stand gamewise.

9:47 PM BBT Frankie tells Caleb he needs to stop distressing about Devin, when Devin is HoH. They can do what they need to next week when he's not in power anymore. Zach tells Frankie that everyone else is on to them and that it's obvious they are in an alliance. Frankie says people will know Brittany and Devin are working together if she comes off the block. Frankie thinks they need to just get through this week and try to evict him next week. He says they won't need Brittany's vote. Caleb says Brittany will vote Devin out if he's on block. Frankie says Devin says he's loyal, but well see.

9:54 PM BBT
When Caleb leaves Frankie goes to cuddle with Zach. He tells him he loves him so much, because Zach told Caleb that he was trying to help Devin and he has his back and wants him to no self destruct. They talk about not telling Caleb or Devin too much. Frankie says Devin is tripping and Zach says Caleb is the worst liar ever and is on Devin's side again. Caleb leaves and finds Cody and has the exact same conversation with Cody that he had with Frankie and Zach. Cody says in the end this game is about the individuals playing and only one person can play. Caleb tells Cody and Amber that Devin doesn't trust Zach. Amber and Cody both think Devin doesn't trust them either, because they all said they didn't want Brittany to go. Caleb said this will come back to bite Devin in the ass. Making deals with everyone will ruin him.

10:06 PM BBT
Derrick gets called into the beehive by Frankie and Zach. They agree they don't care about Caleb or Amber and that they're more loyal to each other than any of them. Victoria comes in and stops their game talk.

10:16 PM BBT Devin and Brittany talking about burying the hatchet and trusting each other from here on out. Devin tells her one day when they are out of the house he'll call her up and Hayden and they'll a do lunch at Long Beach and the game will be far behind them, but he wants her friendship outside of the house. Devin says if he uses the veto on her, he is in her corner 100%.

10:24 PM BBT
Devin tells Brittany he can't tell her if he's using the veto on her or not, but she'll probably end up with it around her neck. He says the house seems to want Victoria gone, but I have to think some more about this before I make my decision. He tells her to not be paranoid when he pulls other people in to talk to, he's just asking who they'd send home if Victoria is on the block.

10:32 PM BBT
Devin pulls in Victoria to HoH. He asks her if she is scared of him. She tells him honestly that he hasn't been as kind to her or close to her as he was before. She said she didn't know how to act around him. Devin says honestly I listen to what you say and I'm shocked. He says you think you're entitled and that you deserve things. She asks for an example. Devin says the other day when she asked Zach to bring the cookies. Devin says she does it a lot to other people. Devin says she comes across as bitchy when people mispronounce her name or call her Vicki. She goes on the defensive and has an excuse for everything that he brings to her. She claims that she doesn't act like a princess and helps everyone out in the house.

10:42 PM BBT
Victoria is angry at Devin for telling her about her faults. She doesn't know where she stands and accuses him of ignoring her and not saying hi to her in the morning anymore and she doesn't like it. He tells her he takes his ADD meds in the morning, so it takes a while to kick in. The only reason he says hi to Donny every morning is because it's a morning tradition. He tells her that he likes her and thinks she's amazing and is very young and will grow. Victoria said, "No, duh." Victoria said people have gone up to her and claims she won't name names, but that she's the sweetest girl in the house and that Devin is completely wrong and hurtful. Victoria keeps bashing him for confronting him. She says that he's lying and she's not demanding.

10:50 PM BBT
Zach and Paola talk and Zach asks why she seems so happy. He gets snippy with her and walks into the have not room. Paola follows him and they talk in the fire room. Paola reassures him that she has Zach's back and she loves him. Brittany is the target this week and will go home and that she'll never put him up if she got HoH

10:54 PM BBT
Victoria goes to Frankie and starts whining about Devin's conversation with her. Devin comes down and interrupts them and they agree to go to a different room to talk. Victoria is now pissed because Devin made her go up and talk to him when she didn't want to. Victoria says that Devin's problems with her have nothing to do with him and she goes off on him. Victoria says that Devin is crazy. She's still pissed that he didn't acknowledge her this morning. Frankie just lays there and says nothing.

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11:07pm Brittany is eating, Zach and Paola are sitting down at the island, Victoria is tasting some food from the stove. Donny, Nicole, Jocasta, and Hayden are in the LR. All just general chit chat.

11:12pm Frankie and Jocasta in the Fire BR talking about Devin and Britney's conversation and how it lasted an hour and a half. Frankie then says he is going to sleep and hope he doesnt wake up in five minutes. Victoria, Brittany and Zach in the KT, just general chit chat.

11:20pm Hayden is talking to Nicole, Christine and Paola in the LR about where he would take Nicole on their date once they are out of the house. He says definitely pizza. Victoria and Zach are moving their clothes from the Earth BR to the Have-not BR.

11:25pm Brittany in the HoH room with Devin. Devin tells Brittany that he is giving her the veto. and that he is telling Paola that she is safe because he believes the house will vote out Victoria but he will let the house decide who to vote out. Zach and Victoria still in the Have not room trying to put away their clothes.

11:34pm Victoria and Zach in the Have-not room talking about how Devin scares Victoria like he scares most of the girls. She talks about how she was smiling through the whole thing because she couldnt break down in front of him, and how earlier when they were all talking, she felt like she was being attacked by him, and that is why she wanted to talk to him, to explain how she felt like she had been attacked. Victoria explains to Zach how Devin told Victoria that he thinks she feels entitled.

11:42pm Victoria and Zach in the Have-not room, continueing to rehash the conversation between Victoria and Devin and how She really hopes Devin "blows up and does something". Hayden, Paola, Brittany, Christine, and Nicole in the LR talking about how even though its only been 16 days that they have been living together, they feel like its been a lot longer. Nicole says that she wants to experience everything that this game has to offer, from being a have-not to a unitard, to punishments.

11:50pm Christine, Brittany, Hayden and Nicolein the LR talking about how you never know if America likes you. The conversation turns to talking about Andy so that he will tweet about them. Zach and Victoria in the have-not room talking about Devin might want to put one of them up if he takes someone down off the block. Victoria then asks if he wants to go make slop with her and he says he will go with her but he is not hungry.

11:58pm Paola just sitting down around the Island. Jocasta is washing a few dishes. Victoria and Zach are starting to cook. and WBRB

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