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Saturday July 5 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Guest 6Borders

8:30am BBT: Everyone is still sleeping.

{I have to run out on an emergency errand and will be back by wake up call -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

9:459:49am BBT: Not sure how long the feeds have been back on (sorry about any gaps).

The girls are doing make up and ADL's in the bathroom. Victoria asks (Amber I think)

if she is feeling better and says she doesn't know how she's so sick (or how she is not sick..missed it exactly)

BB chimes in "you are not allowed to talk about production"

General chit chat. Pao likes so Donny says he'll take his belt and give a spanking.

Looks like the boys are still trying to sleep in the rock room. Nicole is up and in the kitchen

Donny is sitting on the living room couch putting on his shoes (must be elliptical time). Donny is doing his

morning wandering and self-talking, puts the chairs back in at the kitchen table and does his morning rounds

(he walks around the table a number of time, pretty much each morning {at least that I have seen}))

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Guest 6Borders

9:58am BBT: Girls still primping in the bathroom and Donny still pacing thru the

kitchen and living room. BB tells someone (didn't hear who) to put on their mic.

10:08-10:22am BBT: Nicole joins Donny in the kitchen. Donny is looking at "all that meat"

and says he wishes they had a dog. Nicole leaves and is whispering with Christine

but between BB switching the camera {BB after 15 seasons I think I can switch my own cameras, thank you very mujch -6Borders} and the whispering & machine noises I can't hear what they are saying

Christine says (when the whispering stops) "is this weird, gray on gray" and Nicole says

to just wear in anyway. Back to whispering {soooo annoying}.

I can hear "was it Devin?"

Brit is in the shower and other than Donny the boys seem to be AWOL.

Christine and Nicole are still disucssing their clothes (which is the only time they don't whisper).

Christine is whispering and jesturing a mile a minute...aspologies I am not getting any of this.

Donny joins Nicole who says she has given up trying to figure out what to wear.

Amber is finished with ADL's and on the LV couch. Donny is telling her he's going to eat

some cold pizza. Nicole is still fusing about her clothes.

Donny remarks "I miss a lot when I sleep". He asks Amber if she saw the blow up and she

says she was in the kitchen and then whispering {with the feeds being so messed up I have to hook

laptop up to TV and blast the sound to get anything so apologizes}.

Donny is talking to Amber, discussing places they lived. Donny said the house he was born

in they (his parents I guess) still live there. Donny says he's suprised being in with all these people

(in the BB house) and the noise that he can sleep. Amber is telling Donny they were all up all night,

and Donny says what were y'all doing out there, that was 6 hrs.

Donny says he has peace & quiet back there and by the time they come in he's had a good night's sleep.

Christine joins. Donny remarks that he misses all the excitement by going to be early, and before

people would wake him up and tell him stuff and now they don't.

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Guest 6Borders

10:22am BBT: Donny is pointing out something he noticed in the house (by the sky wall)

that looks like an anchor. Christine and Amber can see it now (after he points it out).

He says he's seen a deer head, a cowboy boot...! Brit is getting her clothes and trying to

find a tank top. Donny says "gooo awn up there and git it" and the girls are mimicking

him. Donny says now that the girls are done he guesses he can go in and use the bathroom.

Talk turns again to how late they all stayed up. Donny leaves heading for the WC. Christine

and Amber are on the couch in the living room sighing. The whispering starts again about

what Devin said or didn't say. Christine is gesturiong again.

10:27am: BB tells someone to put on their mic and Christine says at the end of the season

they should tell how many times she was told to put on her mic (Pao or Victoria maybe)

Brit and Nicole are discussing the blow up last night and the bed situation and Brit just

wanted a bed and she slept next to Derrick because she knew Derrick would not do anything.

Pao thinks they are talking about houseguest choice and when told it was about the beds

says "wow I'm talking game today" {yeah Pao, we are shocked too -6Borders}

10:29-10:32am BBT: Fixing food, yawning and general chit chat in the kitchen (Brit, Pao, Christine & Nicole)

Victoria is in the rock room getting some things and the boys are sleeping.

In the kitchen Pao is having a sneezing attack. Donny comes in and asks "what is everyone so

quiet for?" The say they are sleepy.

10:33am BBT: Donny is looking at something and if he ever was out in the woods

he could braid them and swing from a tree {if anyone got that please explain}.

Donny remarks "it's a poor episode of BB".

Victoria comes sashying thru again. The other girls are eating and the boys are not on

camera so prob still sleeping. No game talk, just crunching and munching.

10:35-10:37am BBT: Still in the kitchen, a few general comments about the upcoming veto

picks. Donny says that they (BB) probably want to give the girls plenty of time to get ready.

Donny is reading the Fruit Loops box {I'm sure this is what the hg's think he's actually a professor}

10:37am BBT: WBRB and Fish

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Guest 6Borders

10:38-10:41am BBT: The feeds are back.

Amber is doing Pao's hair and replies "what's so bad about that" (to something we didn't hear during WBRB)

Nicole is called the the DR and groans.

Pao says she"really likes our pictures up there (memory wall" and wants them (hers) framed.

She tells Amber she likes when Amber teases her hair that it feels good. Amber says "you LIKE that?"

One of the girls (Brit maybe) says she does not drink coffee but thinks today she might and someone

replies "you might need that" Pao remarks that it's so quiet in the house!

10:42am BBT: Discussion with the girls is about how they picked players (for POV) last time and they

are pretty sure they played the same day (as they picked players). The recall that it was really hot and

they did play the same day because Jocasta went in and got her costume and they went right out.

Christine is trying to explain the sequence and Pao says she's getting confused, that it's too early.

Donny remarks that he is a poor reader and Christine says poor reading has nothing to do with memory./

Donny says he is not a public speaker and has trouble remembering the stuff they want him to read.

Christine says "so you don't want to be picked?" (to host a comp). General chit chat and Donny says

he will sit and watch what is going on (Amber doing Pao's hair), get up to check the microwave and sits

back down. They think they broke the microwave and then decide it was broken when they got there.

Donny is watching the hair sesson and asks how many steps it takes. The discussion long fake hair and

Donny says he likes long fake hair. He's getting a lesson in hair dressing and seems interested.

10:47am BBT: BB calls Victoria to the DR and Pao says "diary room or fire room?" which produces a good laugh

that BB would tell Victoria to go back to bed. Christine says she is so tired (can't even recall what time she

went to bed). Nicole needs coffee bad. General chit chat back and forth.

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Guest 6Borders

10:48am BBT: Donny asks if there is enough coffee for him and they sayt "of course Donny,

would you like me to get you a cup"., Donny replies with his Donny-isim "I'll take a tad if it don't

make you mad" {I just love those}. Talk turns to someone's cousin who wanted to get on Wipe Out.

10:50am BBT: The girls teasing Donny about getting divorced and he says something about

being a wife beater (didn't get it all but maybe he misunderstood wipe-out).

Talk turns back to being tired and Donny says it won't take her (Brit? that long to get ready and she

could be chosen to compete...says he will go tell her and leaves. Donny and Brit leaving the fire room

and she says "you're so sweet Donny".

Donny rejoins the kitchen and says to Amber "now you have to braid my beard" and she says "I could"

Nicole and Pao are in the bathroom and Pao is admiring the way Amber fixed her hair, then says she

is going to the fire room but stays. Pao is applying lotion and wishes they had non-scented.

10:55-10:58am BBT: Donny and Brit are at the kitchen table. Brit looks deep in thought.

Christine remaks "I hate these things" (I think it's the plate racks).

Victoria comes out and asks "is this my cup"

BB calls someone to the DR but I didn't hear it over the plates clinking.

General discussion about cleaning and how people (fellow HG's) are disgusting.

Christine is grossed out about the mason jars being left out and the general

unclean kitchen in general. Talk turns to the special towels and then some

states have one on every corner (Starbucks) and some states don't have them.

10:59am BBT: Victoria is looking for something and Christine remarks that she has a

big zit on her head.

Girls in the bathroom area are just general chit-chatting and who was hanging out with

who in the bedrooms and how tired they are.

11:11:03am BBT: Girl talk turns to how long the backyard was closed and Christine fell asleep with the

lights on. Donny is by himself in the Beehive contemplating and having his alone time.

Nicole hopes they (BB) don't call her in (to the DR) because her hair is straight now.

Victoria says she needs to go back into the DR because she forgot to ask for eyeliner.

Nicole says do you want to go in and they can go in together if they are just asking about something.

Just general chit chat and sleep-deprived giggling, they want to go back to sleep.

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11:05 AM BBT Donny goes to the beehive room and is staring at the ceiling. Caleb is called to the DR. Nicole says now that her hair straight BB won't call her into the DR. Christine "Don't be Victoria." Victoria "Thanks."

11:13 AM BBT Donny is studying the days in the beehive room. BB tells Jocasta and Brittany to go exchange their batteries. Christine is called to the DR. Caleb returns from the DR and goes to the SR to get a new battery.

11:19 AM BBT Jocasta is finally up and doing ADLs. Brittany and Nicole are lying down in the LR. Victoria asks Jocasta if anything happened last night but Jocasta isn't wearing her microphone so we don't hear her response. BB tells Jocasta to put on her microphone.

11:23 AM BBT Victoria and Donny have joined Brittany and Nicole in the LR. They tell Donny that they all need to meditate together. They ask Donny if he could lead them but he doesn't think he would be any good at it. He is good at closing his eyes and thinking though so they decide to do that.

11:25 AM BBT BB reminds the HGs that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms. Brittany "But we're just meditating."

11:27 AM BBT Devin is called to the DR. Donny tells the girls "Uh oh, close your eyes." Christine is walking in circles in the beehive.

11:30 AM BBT Devin comes down from the HoH to answer BB's call but Victoria had gone in there to make requests. Devin is reminded by BB to put his microphone on so he goes back upstairs to get it.

11:35 AM BBT Nicole to Christine "I just realized I'm in the BB house." Christine "That makes no sense." Nicole "This is my dream."

11:40 AM BBT Nicole, Christine, and Brittany are in the LR. Brittany says she feels like she has gained so much weight, she feels like she is at full term pregnancy weight. The girls ask her about her pregnancy weight gain and cravings.

11:44 AM BBT Nicole says her Mom couldn't nurse because she kept getting really sick after having kids. Her mom had two C-sections and was allergic to latex. The doctors had used latex gloves both times.

11:49 AM BBT Nicole, Christine, and Victoria are talking about their siblings, who they date, and in-laws. Brittany goes back to bed.

11:56 AM BBT Nicole asks Christine if Cody is smart. She said she doesn't know, possibly. Nicole then says that people think Zach is the next Dan. Christine says no way, he sucks at game play and it the last person for her to worry about. They both think Caleb is a great player that will go really far.

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Guest 6Borders

11:04am BBT: Nicole remarks that she doesn't feel pain anymore...hear pain. Victoria says "nicole is emotionless"

Brit joins with coffee and says it's good after a little cool whip and powderd sugar.

Nicole is still yapping about getting called to the DR. General discussion about how they dress

going into the DR. Christine is having her morning nose-blowing.

Talk turns to what America thinks of them. Brit wants to know who America hates

and speculates if the other hg's go into the DR and completely bash someone and what their

parents and friends are thinking when they see that.

Brit says she was being very selfish last night (with food/booze) because she figures she will be

a have not so she had a beer, two glasses of wine...

Christine tells Nicole her hair looks so pretty and she says no, and they say it does.

General chit cht about tweezers, cutting their hair and BB won't let Nicole cut her hair short.

11:10am BBT:: Nicole is saying Hayden donated his hair 3 times (to Locks of Love I imagine) and how he had a 4-something

in high school and she is really attracted to that. Nicole says Hayden told her is type is "exotic".

She says he likes people he cannot fully understand otherwise he gets bored with them

The girls decide it's Saturday and do shout-out's to their families.

BB tell Brit to do something with her mic.

Talk turns to they have extra bedrooms (at home) so the others are invited to stay.

General chit chat about things at home. Christine is talking about home and how she and Tim

are always saying this is the last summer they are living there.

Christine is called to the DR and on the way tells Amer. it's a big bug bite on her forehead.

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Guest 6Borders

11:14-11:15am BBT: Caleb wanders into the bathroom and the girls wish him good morning.

Caleb relates that it's freezing cold (in the ice room) and Brit says "tell me about it".

Talk is there will be have-nots by the end of the day and everyone will have a bed whether

it's cold or warm.

Talk turns to trying to wake everyone up for the veto comp. Caleb says he hopes to get picked for

that and leaves the bathroom. Jocasta is up. Nicole is going to try to "poof up her hair" {what is

that exactly and why does anyone want to do it???}

Brit is relaxing on the living room couch and talking about the spot Christine was talking about and

it's so good (not sure if on the body or the couch).

11:18amBB tells Jocasta to put on her mic.

11:19 am BBT: Nicole tells Brit if she gets houseguest choice (in the POV picks) to make sure she really thinks about who to pick

Nicole remarks again how tired she is {12th or 13th time this morning I think}.

General discussion about clothes and needing to clean out their drawers and then wonder why the don't have

Red Bulls in the house and if they can request them. Nicole thinks only if you are HOH.

11:21am BBT: Nicole wishes Donny a good morning. They comment that they are trying to stay awake.

They wish they had a comp but they think it will be POV pick. The girls ask Donny if he can lead a meditation

session and he says probably not. He says he's already though everything he needs to think about but they

can do some more. They ask Donny if he can hum a tune and Donny says "don't think we can hum".

Nicole is meditating and Donny says "y'all shorted something out" and Nicole should be ashamed of herself

Donny is listening to the sounds in the house. Brit and Nicole are "meditating" {actually I think trying to pass

it off for a nap and see if BB is paying attention -6Borders}....on cue BB says "this is a reminder that sleeping

in the living room is not permitted. Nicole fires back "I'm meditating".

Donny says you need to wiggle a foot once in a while.

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11:05 AM BBT: Victoria, Brittany, Christine and Nicole are talking in the bathroom. Donny is alone in the beehive on Feeds 1 and 2, staring at the ceiling and constantly moving his fingers. Conversation between the girls is about what others are saying in the diary room and behind people's backs.

The girls are trying to convince Nicole to keep her hair down, they say she that she looks better and that Cody thinks so too.

Chirstine says she is going to cut her hair on Thursday, Nicole wants to but says she can't.

11:15 AM BBT: Feeds 1 and 2 show other HGs are still sleeping. Christine is called to the DR, Caleb is now awake and heads into the bathroom to talk with the other girls. Caleb is complaining about how cold his room was last night. Nicole says there will probably be havenot's by tonight and that the Veto draw should be soon, so the others will probably be woken soon. Caleb heads back to bed.

11:20 AM BBT: Jocasta is awake and in the bathroom with Victoria. Victoria asks Jocasta if anything happened last night. She responds but her mic isnt on. (believe she said something about not being awake yet). Victoria says she'll ask her again once she wakes up.

Victoria, Brittany and Nicole now talking alone in the mainroom. Conversation is about how they want Redbulls. Brittany thought they would have them, and wants to resquest them. Nicole says she thought they would get more alcohol as well. Donny joins the three. Nicole says she is just trying to stay awake. Brittany asks Donny if he can lead them in a meditation. Donny says he doesn't know how, but that he was just closing his eyes and thinking in the beehive.

11:25 AM BBT: Cameras keep zooming in on Nicole and Brittany with their eyes closed. BB warns them that sleeping is not permitted in the living room. Nicole says their not sleeping, they are meditating.

Christine returns from the DR.

Donny says he has done alot of thinking today about stuff from months ago. Devin is called to the DR. Christine is now alone in the beehive, walking around in a circle with her arms folded.

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Guest 6Borders

11:25am BBT: BB tells Jocasta to put on her mic.

Victoria is folding clothes. Nicole repeats BB's sleeping in the living room warning and Donny

quips "they weren't talking about y'all"

Talk turns to who Brit cuddled with and why Victoria slept by herself.

11:27am BBT: Christine is in the beehive by herself turning slow circles {must be that

meditating with your eyes open Donny says can be done}

11:28-11:36am BBT: In the living room Donny, Brit and Nicole...Brit is telling what clothes she has

and Nicole says she needs more shirts...say they (BB) took a lot of her shirts {do any of these

people read the rules before packing? We go thru this every year -6Borders}

11:29-11:38am: The house is very silent. Everyone just seems lost in thought.

Finally Nicole breaks the silence wondering if her parents saw her on the live show.

They both try their "Hi Julies"

Devin is up and Donny wishes him a good morning. Tells Devin after they called him

Victoria went to the DR.

BB tells Devin to put on his mic and Donny tells him he has time to wash his face.

Victoria wants to request something and Nicole says "I thought they told us no more

requests". They are discussing what they can and can't request and they have to check

the curling irons and anything that plugs in because the voltage is different.

BB reminds them they are not allowed to talk about production and Brit says they told her

she could exchange things.

Nicole shouts out "we are in the Big Brother house"

Talk goes back to what clothes they have. Donny wants to know what cut-off pants are...does

that mean the waistline is high and told yes. Brit says she needs to exchange because she

has so many pairs of jeans. Nicole says every once in a while it hits her that her dream has

come true and she realizes she's in the BB house. Christine tells her that is so weird and

and doesn't make any sense. Christine and Victoria concur that Christine has a bug bite (and not

a zip). Nicole has some white things on her neck and they decide that it has to do with lack

of calcium.

Nicole remarks Brit has a hole in her robe and is she getting frisky. Nicole wonders if they switch

robes (HOH) every time and does the HOH get to keep theirs. She thinks they took Ambers away

(maybe only the sole remaining HOH gets to keep theirs).

Talk turns to salsa, crackers and (I think) what they requested in their HOH baskets.

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Guest 6Borders

11:42am BBT: The girls are talking pregnancy, stretch marks and how much

weight people have gain, breast feeding...just general girl talk. Donny is

stroking his bear and either pretending to not pay attention or he's not.

Nicole is telling a story about something whose allergy to latex caused her

prob's in her c-section. It's just all general medical pregnancy talk.

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11:30 AM BBT: Feeds have gone basically silent. Christine is alone in beehive and then heads into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Nicole, Brittany and Donny sitting in the living room quietly.

Nicole breaks the silence by saying she wonders what her family thought of her when she said "Hi Julie" on the live show. She says she never thought she would get to do that.

Conversation turns to what production would not allow the girls bring into the house including some makeup products. BB warns them not to talk about production. Nicole says "Holy Crap we're in the Big Brother House, this is nuts". Nicole again goes on about how this was her dream to be in the Big Brother House. Christine says (jokingly) "that's so weird it doesn't make any sense"

Jocasta is doing makeup in the bathroom, rest of HGs are sleeping.

11:40 AM BBT: Victoria is now in the bathroom again with Jocasta doing makeup, but still no game talk between them. Victoria then heads back to join the group in the living room. Donny lets out a big yawn as the girls continue to chat about gaining weight/having stretch marks after Brittany's pregnancy and her breast feeding.

Nicole starts talking about how her mother almost had a miscarriage with her little brother. She says he is about to turn 20 and says she can't wait for them to meet him. Christine and Nicole continue to talk about their families and siblings, while Feeds 3 and 4 continue to show Jocasta doing eye makeup. Brittany says she can't keep her eyes open and says sorry she has to go lay down.
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12:01pm Devin tells Donny that he will put him down first to host the POV comp.

12:08pm Devin telling Jacosta that last night everything was fine till Caleb came to the hammock and everything went hard and he came after me.
12:10pm Devin says I have made it no secret that i want Brittany to leave this week and it isn't personal it is game and if push came to shove she would put me up .
12:12pm Donny telling Nicole and Christine that he cant swim if he jumped in the water then I would drown .
12:14pm Devin says dude Caleb and i have never been in an alliance together that is a two person alliance now that's my boy but we aint in an alliance together.
12:24pm Devin and Jacosta still talking in the HOh rm about what Jacosta's game play is? She says if you was on the block I would probably use the pov on you but then again I am comfortable keeping it. When people ask me who I am aligned with I tell them I am aligned with Jesus.
12:27pm Victoria and Donny are cleaning in the KT.Devin and Jacosta are repeating themselves in the HOH rm.
12:34pm Jacosta says I just listen to people I don't get in the conversation I don't care if it isn't about the game then there is like no need to get in the conversation.
12:39pm Cody and Nicole hugging in the LVRM thern he hugs Christine then heads back to the STR. Donny is going to warm pizza up in the oven for the girls since the microwave is broke.
12:42am Back in the hoh rm Jacosta is talking about Cody and his little skits and how she leaves the room when he is doing his shenanigans.She says I think the only person that is cool is Donny.Devin says yeah that's why I broke down.
12:46pm Devin says it was personal last night and i just walked off i wasn't throwing things you know i am like A.D.D. so i rock and it makes me feel better.better. Jacosta says this isn't about the game but people need to come to you and say hey i am uneasy around you and i am a woman with my grown woman panties on will come and say what they have to say but if that person comes to me with a question i answer the question.
12:50pm Devin says I asked Christine was you nervous and scared of me when we was talking in the hoh rm and she said no I was scared to talk and he said so you wasn't scared of me just the talk and she said yeah and so I told Caleb that she was scared of the talk but Caleb said she was scared of me.
12:53pm Devin says I respect women I was raised by a single mom and my daughters mom is a single mom but I respect women.
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1:00pm Donny,Nicole, Christine, Hayden and Devin and Jacosta are in the KT eating pizza left over from last night.

1:06pm Nicole telling about a guy at home who she says found out she was coming on BB cause he was around when stuff happened.

1:23pm we have been on WBRB for 15 minutes now.

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1:39pm Devin and Frankie in HOh as Devin tells Frankie that all this is about paola telling amber crap so I am just going to chill in HOH rm and play the game cause everyone game comes to an end.I told Jacosta that it was a guys fight and didn't say it was an alliance fight so I played that off and she is very very natural she isn't tight with any of the girls and Frankie said I kind of figured that.

1:42pm All the girls are in the KT talking about eating healthy.
1:45pm IN the LVR Zack and Derrick and Hayden and Donny are talking about the POV comp that they hope it will be a puzzle. Sounds like Derrick is playing in the POV.
1:49pm Amber tells Donny he should have fun Hosting the POV comp and he says he is excited.
2:00pm Hayden says eh wants to go lay down and Amber says it is getting close to POV cause they just called Donny in to the DR.
2:04pm Donny is out of the DR and Paola is reading his palm and tells him that he will not get married soon then says that's all I got and they laugh.
2:11pm HG sitting around waiting to play POV with general chit chat going on
2:21pm Derrick says to Devin it will be Me, You, Amber, Paola, Brittany, and Zack up there and if it is physical she cant win.
2:24pm :In the LVR Jacosta is talking about her kids to Caleb, Brittany and Donny.In the HOh rm Frankie Derrick and Devin are talking about competitions and who might get a unitard.
2:30pm Donny and Paola are walking up and down the stairs and walking through the kitchen working out and Paola starts stretching and Donny is doing it with her.He says pretty good excersize. Jacosta going to hoh rm to talk to Devin but he isn't answering the door.
2:35pm Donny telling everyone about games to play like thumbs up stand up and doggie doggie wheres your bone.
2:38pm Derrick in beehive rm telling Victoria what happened lastnight with Devin at the hammock.Brittany comes in and the Paola follows and Derrick and Victoria leaves the room.
2:43pm Paola and Brittany talking about they have each others vote if one of them comes down after the POV comp.
2:46pm Paola says I don't think you are going home this week Brittany cause I thought I was going last week. Brittany says Joey stirred alot of sh*t up and that's why she left last week.
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3:32pm HG are cooming out of the HOh room after it looks like a lock down and they say thank you america as they have liver and tomatoe paste and bacon on the table.Brittany says it is the wurst BLT. Devin has to name thwe four have nots for the week and the wurst BLT is for you. he chooses Victoria, Brittany, zach and Derrick are have nots.

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3:35pm Hayden says it isn't that awful but isn't that good either as he taste some of the have nots food.Victoria does not look happy and Brittany says we will sleep together and cuddle to Victoria then says i am a professional have not.

3:40pm Hg are just talking about what all they can make with these items they got from America. Girls are in the WA doing their hair again.

3:49pm Victoria is upset talking to Frankie that she is on slop now.

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4:03pm Brittany, Derrick, and Frankie in the Fire BR talking to Brittany how she needs to win the POV. Derrick mentions that if one of them two wins the POV they can't use it to take off Brittany because then Devin will put up a guy and they need a guy to go after Devin. Derrick thinks the POV comp will be a puzzle or memory type of competition.

4:11pm Brittany, Victoria and Frankie in the Fire BR, talking about how if Paola or Devin win the POV, she is definitely going home. She thinks Devin is "scary" and "insane". She was unable to go to sleep last week because of him.

4:15pm Victoria Brittany, and Frankie are worried that Devin will try and do something to someone. Victoria and Brittany want him to try something because then he will immediately be sent home. Victoria wants to be called to the DR so she can cry; she doesn't want to cry elsewhere because someone will see. Brittany just wants to make a speech to upset Devin. Brittany says that if Devin wins POV, she is going to voice her opinions on Devin, to make it clear to the house what she thinks Devin has done to her and what he will do next to the rest of the house.

4:20pm Cody, Christine, and Amber in the Beehive room. Cody thinks the worst case scenario is Paola winning the POV and best case is anyone else winning it. He said that when anyone who goes up next to Paola, Paola will go home.

4:37pm Cody, Christine and Amber in the beehive room talking about how Devin really wants Brittany to go home. Cody thinks Devin wants Brittany to go home so badly that he would put up Caleb because no one one would vote out Caleb. Amber is worried she will be put up if Brittany or Paola win the POV, and Cody reassures her that she wouldn't go home.

4:47pm Zach and Caleb in the Rock BR talking about how they told Paola that if she threw the comp yesterday they would give her their vote. They said she only answered 1 question right because she wanted to look like she was trying. Christine called to the DR.

4:53pm Zach, Caleb, Derrick, and Amber in the Rock BR, they are worried about Paola telling the house that they told her to throw the comp. THey are also trying to figure out how to keep Brittany. Derrick leaves. Zach and Amber want to win the POV but don't want to use it.

4:55pm Amber feels that Devin is trying to control her game. She says that she won't talk game with him unless most of the alliance is there with her and they are all talking game. She was also talking about how she thinks that there are only 7 in her alliance and Devin is just kind of there. Zach said he completely agrees. Conversation goes back to the POV and Brittany. Amber says Brittany just needs to win it. And they rehash the different ways to keep Brittany.

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5:01pm Brittany, Cody and Christine in the Beehive room, Brittany thinks Devin is coming after her because she said something to Caleb when Devin and Caleb were better friends, and it got back to Devin. Brittany says they are there for a game, they are not there to be so scared at night they can't sleep. Brittany said if Devin wins, she thinks He would go down as the most hated winner in BB history. Cody says the only people who are scared of Devin are women because he goes after them.

5:07pm Nicole, Amber, Zach, Caleb, and Hayden are in the Rock BR talking about wanting Devin out of the house. Their plan is to backdoor him next week and hoping that he doesnt get picked for POV next week. Amber is still worried she could be nominated.

5:11pm Caleb is up in the HoH room with Devin. Devin is brushing his teeth. Caleb says he wants to apologize for how it went. It didnt go how he wanted it to go. He says he wasnt trying to come at Devin with an argument. It was a mistake. He says he just wanted to come up and apologize, because he still wants to be friends with him outside of the house. Devin asks if Caleb knew what set him off. Devin says it was "The way you talk to women in this house". It set him off because he was raised by a single mother, and he has a little girl outside of this house.

5:14pm Devin says he has only made 2 people cry in the house, Brittany and Caleb. Devin says he doesnt take that stuff lightly, and what else set him off was how vague Caleb was earlier. Devin said that when he said "this alliance is over" earlier, that he was just in the heat of the moment and that he didnt mean it. Devin points out that he has been there for Caleb to help Caleb pick himself up.

5:22pm Devin accepts Caleb's apology. He says "at the end of the day, he could care less about the game" and that he just wants to enjoy the rest of this week here because he could be going home next week. He wants to meet with the entire alliance because they have never done that before and they need to talk. He says its 8 decisions not one, the HoH's. Devin says that if they dont want to vote out Brittany then that is fine, but Devin still thinks Brittany come back hurt their game later.

5:26pm Devin thinks the best situation is if he wins POV and then he can fulfill his promise and pull Paola off the block, then nominate Victoria and have her and Brittany tear each other apart all week. Devin also said that even though he would never put up someone in their alliance, he might put up Amber because she is too emotional.

5:31pm Devin says that Amber doesnt like Paola because of when she went around and started saying things about her and Caleb, but also that Amber likes Brittany. Devin points out that Paola is the most valuable floater to their alliance because They can just throw her in a competition and ask her to throw it.

5:40pm Caleb walking around getting everyone from the Bomb Squad to go upstairs, he found Frankie and Zach in the Have-not room and told them to go upstairs, that devin wants a meeting with the whole alliance, that even though its not smart its what Devin wants. He continues finding the rest of the alliance.

5:44pm Devin is hoping that the last 2 members of the bomb squad will walk through the HoH room door before Donny comes out of the DR because once Donny comes out he will say that its time for the POV comp. Just as Caleb enters the HoH room. The only one left that is not there is Derrick. Devin sends Zach to go get Derrick because he wants to do this now.

5:47pm The entire Bomb Squad is now in the HoH room. Devin starts by saying that they need to get on the same page for who they are sending home, because its not a "Dictatorship". Devin wants to send Brittany home because he feels that Brittany and potentially Victoria will be one of the few to cause problems for the alliance. Devin tells the rest of the alliance that Paola threw the competition. He thinks that he can use Paola later in the game because when she finally wins a competition they can go up to her and remind her of when they saved her.

5:56pm Devin asks who they want out. Zach says he wants out Paola because she is the weakest player and he also likes Brittany.. Zach also says that they have a huge alliance and that not everyone is always going to be on the same page, that everyone has formed individual friendships and that personal feelings will always come into it. Zach wants to get everyone who is not in their alliance out first. He doesn't think it will matter between Brittany and Paola but on a personal level Brittany will bring more to the table since Paola is the weakest player. Cody asks which names were said that want devin out. At that moment, Nicole, Paola, Victoria and Hayden all knock on the HoH door.

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6:00 Devin tells everyone that it is 50% personal as to why he wants Brittany out, and WBRB for a second and then Jeff's interviews.

6:06pm "The Big Brother houseguests are playing a game thats secret until the next TV episode, the live feed will be up again soon" is the banner that has appeared at the bottom of the feeds.

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8:44 PM BBT Feeds are back. Amber is telling Paola about the fight last night between Devin and Caleb in the beehive. Paola asks if they are ok now. Amber replies no. Cody, Derrick, and Zach are in the havenot room, but hard to hear what theyre saying. They then reveal that Devin has won POV. Amber and Paola are talking strategy, Amber says the plan would be to keep Brittany on and vote her off.

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8:50 PM BBT: Frankie and Devin are talking alone in the HoH room. Devin says he wants to number up the votes tonight and lock in the vote, so there is no question who is going. They then go into who Devin will take off and the scenarios. Frankie says that Brittany probably would go if the noms stayed the same. Devin says he will poll everyone tonight who they would vote for with Brittany/Victoria or Paola/Brittany on the block and make a decision from there with the PoV. Frankie says that if Victoria is on the block then she will go home. Theres a knock at the door, its Zach . Devin says no you're not doing this now. Devin is getting pissed off at him.

8:57 PM BBT Devin then asks Zach to come in the HoH room. Devin asks Zach who he would vote for if Paola/Brittany were up. Zach says whatever's best for the alliance. Devin asks if it is Brittany/Victoria. Zach says he would vote out Victoria over Brittany.

Cody enters the HoH room, Devin asks Cody the same questions. Cody says he would vote Brittany out if she's the biggest threat to their alliance and also says he would vote Victoria out over Brittany.

Caleb enters the HoH room next. He says he would vote out Brittany over Paola but doesn't say either way with Victoria/Brittany. Caleb leaves the room.

9:00 PM BBT: Devin calls Brittany into the HOH. Brittany seems upset with how Devin has talked to her in the past few nights prior to any game talk. Brittany discusses Devin's comments toward her. Devin reveals that he asked her to come to the HoH room to ask her if she would work with him if he took her off. Devin starts laughing about the supposed comments he made about her.

They continue to argue about Devin's supposed "low jabs" and his comments about Brittany being a cow. Devin apologies for the comments he made during competitions and doesn't feel they're a big deal now.

9:10 PM BBT: Devin and Brittany are going into tangent discussions about prior gameplay and gossip.

Caleb and Amber are alone in the storage room. Caleb asks Amber if its smart for Devin to take Brittany off the block. Amber says he is going to backdoor Victoria. Caleb feels that Brittany is a bigger target then people realize and that she needs to go. They both agree that Devin is probably making a deal with Brittany right now and that Brittany would put up Devin if she was HoH next week. As they leave the room, Caleb says that if you're going to make a deal with Brittany then it has to be with the whole alliance, which could blow it for them.

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9:20 PM BBT: Devin says that he was a target from day 1. Brittany says that he is a good person deep down but is not happy with his lies and deciet in his gameplay.

Zach and Frankie are talking in the storage room. Zach is upset with Devin and says he is probably getting thrown under the bus right now. Zach says that Devin told him earlier that he doesnt trust him. Frankie tries to explains to Zach that him telling the truth to Devin was not smart gameplay. Frankie says that going against Devin is not smart as this point.

Frankie talks about Caleb and Devin's bond. Frankie says he is not throwing Zach under the bus to Devin but he is covering his tracks. Frankie says to Zach he needs to stop freaking out. Zach says at least he is safe this week. Frankie says to him he is safe to jury, no one will come after him. Frankie and Zach hug it out and Frankie then playfully slaps Zach. Frankie says that he has his back. Then Frankie kisses Zach on the cheek. Zach asks why is everyone sucking up to Devin? Frankie says he's HoH this week thats the only reason why. Frankie runs out of the room to the kitchen. Converstation ends.

9:30 PM BBT: Brittany says to Devin he is coming off to alot of people as a mean person. Devin says he cares about his integrity and loyalty. Brittany says that both of them have kids and obviously want to stay long in this game for what they're giving up back home. Brittany says that if she is given the Veto, that she will be estastic. She promises 100% on her children that she won't Devin him up next week. Devin says he can't make any promises until the Veto meeting. Brittany says the whole house wants her to stay and its very clear the house wants other targets out (Victoria). Devin says Victoria is coming up to talk to her next and things could change. Devin says he doesn't expect to make it to the end of the game or even jury. He is just here to enjoy the best of it and play for his family.

Devin says he respects Brittany as a person but that has to be put aside from the game. Brittany says he would please other houseguests and aleve some tensions within the house against him if she is saved. She says she knows that many other HGs wants her to stay.

Brittany says she is shocked that he made this offer to her. They then go into talking about the amount of paranoia in the house and how Devin misjudged Donny intially this week.

9:40 PM BBT Caleb and Zach are talking in the beehive room about Devin. Zach says he is very skeptical of the Bomb Squad alliance. Caleb says he feels most of the uncertainty is coming from Devin. Frankie enters the room. Talk between the three is about how Devin has power and doesn't know what to do with it. Zach thought that Paola was coming off the block, but Frankie says the new plan is to pull Brittany off the block and vote out Victoria. Zach says he can still respect that move. He is still loyal to Devin although he talked sh*t about him and said to Devin's face that he talked Sh*t about him.

Frankie says that Devin is the kind of person that reacts and then has to clean things up, he doesn't think things through before he acts. Zach said that Devin promised Paola would be taken off the block. Zach can't believe how Devin is all over the place with his gameplay and decisions as HoH and now PoV holder this week.

9:50 PM BBT: Brittany says she is not ready to go home and promises not to put Devin up next week if she is saved. He says to Brittany that she doesn't want her to talk to anyone else about this deal.

The Bomb Squad trio in the beehive room continue to talk about Devin and question his trustworthiness. Caleb says that he would never make a decision first without consulting the whole alliance. He says he feels that Devin is being selfish and that it's not a true alliance.

Meanwhile, Devin reveals that Cody and Zach would want Victoria gone and that he talked with them earlier. Brittany says she thinks there are many more as well. Brittany says that none of this talk leaves the room.
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