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Saturday July 5 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

New This Season!

Below you will see a "WriteBoard" from the LFU Lounge in the chat room. Use it to let other updaters know when you're covering the feeds, and when you expect to quit. Give it a try, your text is saved as you type. Use of the WriteBoard is voluntary, but I think it will help letting people where there are gaps in coverage.

Hopefully you'll use the chatroom and the mobile app to keep in touch with other updaters, but it's just a suggestion, I need people updating by whatever method is easiest for you.

Thank you!

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As the board shows, I'm looking for updaters starting now and up to 9AM, (although 6Borders usually rescues us at 6AM). Thanks everyone!

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3:13 AM BBT

After talk with Christine, Devin goes outside to where Caleb and Derrick are playing pool. Caleb tells Devin that Amber and Christine are afraid to talk to him, because of how he talks to the females in the house. Devin blows up at Caleb and talks over him. Derrick tries to say that Caleb is only trying to help him, but Devin calls Christine out to the backyard to interrogate her in front of Caleb and Derrick. Christine says she was nervous when Derrick called her upstairs, because he is HoH. He asks her point blank if she wants Brittany up on the block or not. Christine says she doesn't care on way or the other about Brittany. Devin says, "Thank You!" and brushes off Caleb and Derrick trying to talk to him.

3:17 AM BBT

After Devin storms back into the house, Caleb turns to Derrick and tells him he wishes he would have said that half of the Bomb Squad want him out as soon as possible.

3:19 AM BBT

After going inside Devin is confronted by Frankie who asks him what happened. Devin goes off and says that Caleb and Derrick blasted him and were telling him stuff that wasn't true. Devin says, "Fine if that's the way that Caleb wants to play it, fine!" He then starts bashing Derrick for not taking his side in the argument and says that Derrick is a bad alliance member. Frankie tells him to calm down. Devin decides instead to storm outside and pull Devin into the backyard. He rips into Caleb and tells him that he had his back the whole time and Caleb replies that he has Devin's back now. Devin says that their alliance is over and he's done with Caleb. Caleb says "Fine by me." Devin storms back in and Frankie tries to calm him down.

3:22-3:35 AM BBT

Derrick and Caleb rehash the argument and freak out because Jocasta and Hayden were in the kitchen when Devin yelled out about breaking the Bomb Squad Alliance. Zach comes out and finds out what happened. He rushes into the house to grab Cody. Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Zach, and Frankie discuss their next option. They decide to keep the Bomb Squad alliance together and just deny everything that Devin says about it.

3:43 AM BBT

Frankie goes up to Devin and discuss the Bomb Squad. Devin finally realizes what he just did and feels horrible. He tells Frankie he won't blow the Bomb Squad up and knows he's going home if he doesn't win POV next week, but to just leave everything as is for this week. Caleb is not happy with this idea and goes inside. As soon as he leaves they agree that Caleb is more dangerous than Devin.

Caleb returns with AMber's baby blanket and he lays in the hammock with Frankie. They go back and forth between keeping or sending Brittany home this week. They both agree that it doesn't matter because both Paola and Brittany would vote Devin out next week.

3:47 AM BBT

Cody and Zach are at pool table celebrating Devin's blowup. They are super excited that they don't have to stroke Devin's ego anymore. They both agree to throw HoH to Caleb next week so he'll be responsible for Devin going home. Cody warns Zach to not be cocky to Caleb though and just stroke his ego.

4:05-4:16 AM BBT

Amber wakes up Brittany and tells her what Devin did. Brittany says she thinks Caleb is better off. Derrick joins them and tells Brittany it all happened because Derrick and Caleb had no interest in voting out Brittany for personal reasons and Devin did. Brittany thanks them for that.

4:18 AM BBT

Zach and Cody discuss everything. They both want to win veto to keep noms that same, because no one will send Brittany home now. They agree that Frankie's plan of denying the alliance to the other houseguests is brilliant. If Hayden, Nicole, Jocasta, or Donny ask about the alliance they will say it was all in Devin's head and that they all said no and he's just delusional and crazy. Christine agrees to do damage control with Nicole, while Zach and Cody will talk to Hayden.

4:19 AM BBT

They discuss sleeping arrangements and Zach and Cody agree to sleep in Have Not room to make it no awkward, since Caleb can't sleep in HoH room anymore, since Devin broke up with him.

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4:34-4:37 AM BBT
Frankie and Christine discuss that they're glad they have Hayden and Nicole's votes. Frankie tells Christine how to deal with Devin's inappropriate behavior in the house. They discuss the fact that Devin may replace Pao with Caleb and if that happens he may go home instead of Brittany.

Frankie tells Christine he thinks it might be better to align with Amber/Caleb than with Derrick/Zach/Cody because they are too tight. Frankie is convinced they have a final three deal.

4:58 AM BBT

Caleb and Derrick explain to Brittany why Caleb and Devin had their blow up and it's because he was standing up for the girls who are scared of Devin and his bullying. Caleb promises Brittany he never wanted her out, he wants weak players out and that she's strong and that he wants her there. He tells her Amber and him were trying to figure it out and he finally figured out that Devin was bullying the girls. Brittany says I'm not scared of him and that's why he hates her. Caleb says I told him that too, but he won't bully Caleb and he told Devin how the house is.

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5:11AM BBT: Brittany Amber Caleb Frankie and Derrick in the hammock area on all four feeds. They continue to discuss the ongoing topic of King Devin. Brittany remarks that his comments during the nominations were actually not as bad as she had expected them to be. Derrick gets up and heads in to the house. Frankie tells Brittany that they have her back if she ever needs anything. Talk turns to sleeping arrangements and Britt says she is not sleeping so they can sleep where ever they want. Amber says she is also not tired. Brittany says she has not had a room since she got here and every night just sleeps where ever. Amber tells Frankie that he is everybody's bromance and you have a different one every night. Talk turns to nail polish remover and how acetone liquifies the nail polish so it can be removed. Amber goes back to talking about Devin and how everything with him becomes a public spectacle. Frankie says that has been his way all along and it is what he expects from Devin now. In the end it has just brought them all closer together. Amber says one minute she feels like she can trust Devin and then the next she can't. Caleb says he is hot and cold. Frankie says it will all work out and we will have a common goal then we can go back to playing Big Brother. The girls remark that Cody likes to flirt with everybody. amber says she Naired Hayden's nipples tonight and she is going to Nair a BB on his butt today. Frankie says how can you do that he is too hairy and his hair is blonde. The gals say his butt hair is darker. Then Brittany talks about when she said to him she could see his astronought and folks giggled making her think she was referring to his "mister." Jocasta has now joined them on one of the stools next to the hammock. She is wearing a pajama top sans bow tie. Talk turns to if there will be a Have/Have Not comp or not.

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5:27AM BBT Feeds three and four now on patio area where they boys are snacking. Derrick Frankie Zach and Cody. Caleb now leaving the gals at the hammock. Jocasta calls him back to talk about how the Lord works. Amber says she is adorable. Derrick talking with Cody about splitting up Devin and Caleb and getting them out. they are currently alone on the couches and convo stops when Caleb joins them. Frankie and Zach talking in the hive room as the eat what looks like mac and cheese. Frankie is saying that everything that happened is sketchy as fuck. Zach hopes that Britt takes POV so that Devin will get really pissed off. They now review the confrontation between Devin and Caleb earlier at the pool table. Caleb outside doing the same thing with the other two guys on the couches. [Plenty of lather and repeat with these HGs, when do we get the rinse???? - DRG] Frankie saying Caleb got everyone to turn on Devin way to early, why not next week. Outside group talking about Devin having brought Amber intot he bomb squad allianve but it did not work out like he had expected. Zach rejoins the boys outside and feeds one and two return to the ladies in the hammock. Amber talking about how she honestly does not wand Devin here either, but she hates saying it. Brittany says she felt for him as a parent at first, but every time he says something endearing he turns around and says the opposite. Frankie now back outside with a fresh drink and putting on a red hoodie. Gals continue going over things Devin has done that have been disrespectful of the women in the house. Amber remarking about how Devin and Caleb had each other's back and now they don't. Devin just speaks without thinking about what he is going to say first. Brittany says that if Hayden and Nicole had thrown the comp then Devin could have gone home [through the back door]. Jocasta says that Nicole would have been too scared to stay up on the block and count on someone winning the POV. Brittany says she is sure he will make her a have not again and Amber also thinks she will be a have not. Amber talking about how the other night Devin said he did not care if he went home or not. Brittany thinks he is highly embarrased and must be thinking about going home. [Not so much, dear. DRG] She goes on to remark that she has been talking too much in the house and probably needs to be a little more careful about what she says. [Ding, ding, ding. DRG] Caleb now talking about what he would say if Devin apologized to him and how he would accept the apology and still tell him that the house wants him gone. [There is as much chance of this apology as there is for the Caleb-Amber wedding. DRG] The girls get up and head over toward the patio furniture to join the fellas.

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5:40 AM BBT

Zach, Cody, Frankie, Caleb, and Derrick hang out in BY goofing off for cameras. Brittany, Amber, and Jocasta discuss how weird Devin is being. Brittany says she thinks the game is wreaking havoc on Devin and thinks he's not normally like that outside of the game. The boys discuss having a really good breakfast before the POV comp, because they might be have nots after it.

5:44 AM BBT
Derrick confirms that Devin will get to pick Have nots. They said that Brittany for sure will be on slop again this week and it's not right. The boys agree that if they were offered slop the rest of the summer for immunity, they'd take it. Cody, Zach, and Caleb discuss the veto and Caleb believes that Devin will apologize today and he'll be loyal to the Bomb Squad, but someone other than Devin has to win POV to keep noms the same. Frankie makes a joke about having to show up for the competition today.

5:47 AM BBT

Caleb says if he wins HoH he is not putting Devin up, because he promised him from day one, but he'd vote against him. Frankie asks him point black, "Would you backdoor him?" Caleb says that it's a case by case basis, because he thinks he will apologize for it. He says he'd hope if he was hoh that the other hoh stayed in power so that he didn't get his hands dirty. He says he'd accept Devin's apology, but tell him straight up that no one but him wants him in the house. He rehashes the argument again with Devin from earlier.

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5:48 AM BBT: Feeds three and four switch to darkened bedroom and pan over sleeping HGs. Jocasta is snuggled up against Cody. Frankie remarking that he has told BB to have tranq guns on standby. Someone asks Zach how he is awake on no coffee and he explains to them that he took four naps today. Frankie says they should just lock themselves in the fire room today and lock the others out. Tell them they are all floaters and they have been working so get out and let us sleep. We are the sunrise alliance and we claim the fire room so get the fuck out. One of the guys says that no alliance with that name would ever work. Now they are debating what is the Boy Scout salute as sign for their joke alliance. Amber says that Donnie is about to come out there. He had told her about all he did yesterday morning before anyone else got up. Talk now turns to the finale party and who will be there and what will be said about them. Frankie doing imitation of what his grandmother would say about him dancing with that whooooore. Amber points out the sunrise to the group.

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Guest 6Borders

6am-6:04am BBT: Several of the HG's are still up and on the BY couch

(Brit, FrankieAmber, Jocasta and Derrick)

Caleb is teasing that he will go up to the HOH room and get in bed with Devin.

Jocasta is talking about the fireworks.

6:04am BBT. Talk is about where to sleep tonite. Caleb says he was going to

apologize (to someone) but he needs a place to sleep tonite. Brit says she likes

to make him feel like he is in control all the time (Devin I guess). Talk is general

silly about who they slept with, where they are going to sleep.

Derrick says in the have not room you can use the yoga mats and stuff and Cody

slept in there for 8 hrs. and didn't want to come out.

6:07-6:10am BBT: Frankie, Zach and Cody are playing pool. They are talking silly

about hats. Frankie is relating a conv. someone saying "I'm safe..." and they are all

laughing and joking.

6:11-6:16am BBT: Silly talk around the BY couch, what they miss. Amber misses lying

out at the beach and Derrick says "you'd rather be at the beach than here?" She says "well you know...."

{apparently she doesn't get the sarcasm}. Talk is about how far they live from the beach,

are they nice beaches. Amber says Laguna Beach is nice but expensive.

Talk is about giong to bed. Caleb says he's getting there (needing sleep). They are talking about

everyone who had to be up "for that"...talk turns to Donny's game and they don't know where he is as

far as game. Derrick thinks the accent is not even real and Caleb says that would be something.

Derrick says if Donny is final two and gets up (to give his speech) and starts talking withouth the accent

and says he's a professor or something Derrick will give him his vote. The now decide Donny is a

professor from Boston {honestly, these people have lost what is left of their paranoid minds -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

6:16-6:22am BBT: More general chit chat in the BY. They are talking about how (BB) calls them...Caleb

says something about a loudspeaker I missed and they called him over some little thing.

Talk turns to the dishes...Victoria does not do dishes and someone says "she's looking for a husband

right now". Jocasta tells Brit she loves everyone and Brit says "I know, I'm a problem"

She says "Joscasta,help me, please pray" and Jocasta replies "I can do that"

Amber says "I'm in an alliance with Jesus" (and points to the heavens).

Caleb is talking about Jesus Is A Homeboy shirt and someone was bashing that shirt...Caleb can't

remember the rest of it but the guy who did the routine is Steven Ferguson

6:23am BBT: Talk turns to having a bed when they get home (their own bed). General silly chit chat

about the hammock and she flips off the back (?)...{I guess they got in trouble from BB}

6:24am BBT: WBRB and Fish

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6:05 AM BBT

Caleb tells the people in the BY that he'll tell Devin when he apologizes to him, "It's okay, it's just how you are, even though I don't know why you react like that. I forgive you, because I need your vote and I need a place to sleep tonight." They all laugh and think it's funny.

6:15 Am BBT
Derrick, Amber, Jocasta, Brittany, and and Caleb discuss how smart Donnie is and that Donny doesn't like Devin either. Derrick says, "If Donny stands up in the finale and starts talking like me and he's a professor in Harvard, he's getting my effing vote for sure." They all agree that Donny is smarter than he appears to be.

6:17 AM BBT
Derrick says Christine is really a 23 year old super model. Amber suggest that Donny and Christine are secretly married and that's the twist. Jocasta said, that'd be unfair because they'd be getting some.

6:20 AM BBT
Amber and Caleb confirm that the houseguests who took part in the fight earlier were called individually over their mics into the diary room, rather than over the loudspeakers. Amber said she thinks it was to not wake the other houseguests up.

6:21 AM BBT
Jocasta and Amber discuss Victoria's erratic behavior. Jocasta told Victoria she needed to do dishes in heels, because she'd find a husband and Victoria scrubbed the pots and pans for three hours. Caleb thinks it's hilarious.

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Guest 6Borders

6:25-6:32am BBT: The HG's are starting to head inside for a few hrs' nap. Cody and Zach

are still playing pool. Derrick remarks thast it's early to get locked out.

Jocasta comes out and hugs everyone goodnight. Zach, Derrick and Cody are

talking about a comp and "he will not be loyal to us he will be loyal to Amber"

Talk about not getting rid of Brit because of "that" (something Devin did or said)

and keeping Brit she will be loyal to them. Zach told Derrick again "you are a genius".

Derrick says it was a lot of luck.

Talk is that Amber wanted to keep Brit and asked what is your opinion of Brit and Derrick

says "that just opened the door", that he (Devin) now wants to keep Brit because Amber does.

Cody (I think) says "he's speaking the truth" {still don't have their voices down exactly}

Derrick says right now they have to keep targets off their backs. Derrick runs down the list

of who has targets on their back: Devin has the biggest, Victoria and Brit and Caleb because

he's a strong competitor. Derrick heads to bed with a parting remark about if you don't (something

I missed" I'll have to break your f'ing jaw. Derrick leaves. Zack and Cody are still playing pool.

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6:23 AM BBT
Brittany makes the comment that if a girl goes home, everyone would have a bed. Caleb starts cackling and says, "Well, I guess we know what we need to do, send a girl home." He apologizes to Brittany and says he's kidding. Caleb tells Derrick that he was pushing the hammock earlier for Jocasta and Amber and Amber flipped out and she went crazy on him. He said the only thing he did on purpose was lift the hammock up so she'd tip out. They start laughing at Amber and Caleb.

6:30 AM BBT

Caleb, Frankie, Jocasta, Amber, and Brittany head into bed finally. Derrick, Zach, and Cody play pool in the backyard. They discuss their alliance. Paola, Brittany, Devin, Caleb, and Victoria all have huge targets on their back and that's five weeks right there. Zach tells Cody to flirt his way through and Derrick talk his way through. They agree. Derrick heads into bed. Zach tells Cody that Derrick speaks the truth and he's legit. Cody agrees. Zach says this could not be better. Cody says, "this is clutch." They don't have to do a single thing, because of what happened in the house with Devin and Caleb. Frankie and Caleb put on multiple layers to sleep in the have not room. They cuddle up together.

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Guest 6Borders

6:33-35am BBT: Caleb and Frankie are getting ready for bed in the ice room.

Caleb is having hysterics over the fact that they have gone from royalty (HOH room)

to the ice room. He says it's the funniest thing in the world {I must have missed the irony}.

Frankie says this is a bad time to mention I am allergic to wool...more hysterics.

Amber is playing the the bedroom lights in the ice room. Brit is giving advice about

sleeping in the ice room and what you are allowed/not allowed to have.

Frankie says "I love you" as the girls leave. Caleb asks the girls (in almost disbelief)

are you guys going to bed and Frankie says of course they are.

Frankie and Caleb are talking about if he (Devin) would put you (Caleb) up and they don't

think so.

Zach and Derrick are getting ready for bed in the rock room (or I thought they were).

Amber is in the kitchen and Derrick headed for the bathroom (I think because BB switched

the cam)

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6:40 AM BBT
Derrick tells Zach and Cody he thinks they'll do the POV comp today and no have/have not comp. He thinks they're building the POV set today. Zach and Cody disagree and think it's Have/Have Not. Derricks says there is no way they are doing five comps in three days.

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Guest 6Borders

6:38-6:45am BBT: Caleb is asking Frankie why he won't face him so they can talk. Frankie

says he likes to sleep that way. Caleb says they better change their batteries before

going to bed.

BB tells Jocasta to put on her mic and Caleb and Frankie say she's a mess.

Caleb is relating a really great talk he had with {must be Amber cos he's always back to that}.

how she said she was going to win and Caleb told her then the first date would be on her.

Caleb says even if he doesn't win he will still take her out {delusional boy}

Caleb thinks he has a good chance (to win) and Frankie agrees.

Caleb says he had to make the decision to quit Lowe's or not so he told Low's see you later

and came to do BB. Caleb says he could easily get a job out here (Calif) as a personal trainer

or something. Frankie says a lot of ppl (hs') move out here and some are still here, and he will

try to hook Caleb up.

Caleb is back to Amber talk..some whispering I can't hear..something about Jocasta saying

something. Caleb says he was talking about earlier over by the swing thing, how he got upso

Jocasta could sit down and Brit told Caleb "oh my God, you're just the sweetest guy".

Caleb says he hasn't slept on something this hard since, and I missed it because BB hollers

at Cody to move his mic higher.

Caleb says they prob don't have much time (before wake up) and this sucks to go from sleeping

in the kingsize birdsnest to this. Frankie says he's warm tho and prob needs to take off a layer.

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Guest 6Borders

6:46-6:50am BBT: Amber and Zach are whispering in the bathroom. Amber is relating

a converstion she had with Devin about wanting to keep Brit and she wants to play

her own game and she did not appreciate Devin trying to play it for her. She says

she had his back but then he went outside and pretty much exposed their whole alliance.

{Amber is the master of speed-whispering}. She is saying she has to do what is best

for her game and now there are 7 of them. Amber says there is nothing with her and Caleb,

they are just friends and she is not here for that...they quickly cut off the conversation

and say they will talk later and Zach continues to brush his teeth.

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6:46 AM BBT Amber tells Zach she told Devin she didn't have a problem with Brittany or anyone in this house, but I want to play my own game and want to stay true to her alliance members. She feels like Devin isn't loyal to her or feels the same way.

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Guest 6Borders

6:50-55am BBT: Derrick, Zach and Cody are talking in the store room. Derrick is relating

a conv. about Caleb (going on about Amber it sounds like). They say we have to make sure

this doesn't come back on them. It's kind of a rehash of the conv. earlier in the back yard

about Amber telling Devin she wanted to keep Brit.

Zach is saying he didn't trust her at all until 3 days ago and Derrick says be careful what you say because

she is close with Caleb and again he was asked "what do you think about Brit" and he says

he said "I don't care". The conve is going around in a circle again (he said to me and I said to you).

Derrick says he told Devin that he was coming off too aggressive and Devin got upset about it.

He and Caleb were getting aggravated with Devin and telling him he was going to blow the whole thing.

(I'll be out for about 10 min....BRB)

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Guest 6Borders

7:13-7:18am BBT: Cody, Derrick and Zach are still in the store room discussing alliances.

Derrick says "good to go, just watch out for odd things". Derrick leaves, says he's going to

sleep now. Zach says he hates that Jocasta came in here. Cody is so pumped righ tnow.

Says at any moment they could take a stab at us.l

Talk turns to Christine and Cody says he told her he would protect her. He says between

Christine and her husband their salary is $24K and he can make that in a month in a restauran {really, where}

Cody says Frankie is playing everyone. Zach has to go to the bathroom (actually he used other words for it).

7:18Derrick is talking game to Amber in the rock room. hey say something I can't hear and Amber says

"I'll go home if that's the case". Derrick gets up and Brit joins Amber in bed.

They are whispering and obstructing mics so hard to hear.

Derrick, Brit, Amber, Cody and Pao are settling into bed in the rock room now.

Looks like the rest of the house is also setting in for a nap.

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Guest 6Borders

7:21am BBT: WBRB and Fish

7:22-25am BBT: Feeds are back. In the rock room they are still trying to settle in

and settle down. Lots of giggling about something that must have happened during WBRB.

One of the girls is saying "i'm so embarassed"

Pao says I love you guys and get love you in return.

Pao says she will prob be a have not tomorrow and Brit (I think) says "me too"

Zach comes into the rock room. Pao says omg it's my last night sleeping in the bed.

Still lots of giggling as they are trying to settle down.

7:25am BBT: Looks like they are finally all serious about nap time and Derrick sits

up to ask where Victoria is sleeping. They think she is by herself. They say someone should go

sleep with her and she will flip out when she wakes up.

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Guest 6Borders

7:33am BBT: The HG's were all settled down but Zach is up and being "entertaining"

and the girls are laughing like crazy at his antics. They are just making silly talk about

when they get out and if all the things they promised each other (paying for this or

that, giving each other this or that) hold up they will all walk out with nothing.

Zach is imitating a male stripper (or something) and everyone is laughing. It's just

all silly talk and laughter now.

7:37am BBT: Zach and Amber are getting up to play a prank and turn

on the light. In the ice room Zach is now doing his stripper dance, then he

and Amber head back to bed. Frankie says good morning and then tries

to settle back to bed. Back in the rock room they are giggling over the prank.

It's just all silly talk.

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8:05 AM BBT Most of the HGs are sleeping. Brittany, Amber, and Zach are in bed but still talking. Brittany tells them that Joey claimed she threw up on Devin on purpose because he is a germaphobe. Zach "Dang, we should have kept her."

8:30 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house.

9:02 AM BBT Frankie gets up and heads to the WC. Caleb gets up as well but seems to just be pacing around the dark bedrooms.

9:08 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb crawl back into bed in the Have-Not room. Frankie "It is absolutely freezing." Caleb "It aint that bad." Frankie "This is the absolute worst."

9:15 AM BBT WBRB. Wake up call?

9:22 AM BBT Feeds return. Lights are on. Donny greets Nicole with a Buenos Dias. BB: "Rise and shine. I said it is time to get up for the day."

9:25 AM BBT Frankie is still in bed. Christine walks up to him. Frankie tells her that the plan is to flip the vote to keep Brittany. Christine "Excellent."

9:29 AM BBT Caleb asks what time it is. Amber said it's 9:30. He has his days and nights mixed up. He said "it's 9:30 at night?" Amber says "No, in the morning." Caleb "You mean I was only in bed for an hour?" Some of the HGs are speculating that BB woke them up early because they are going to have the POV today.

9:36 AM BBT A short WBRB. The ladies are primping in the WA. One of them says "We don't time." Another says "Last time they didn't warn us about the POV." It appears that we MAY have the POV today.

9:41 AM BBT it has been off and on WBRB for the last ten minutes. Victoria is called into the DR. Victoria doesn't comment or budge. BB calls her a second time and she finally responds. Most of the HGs are doing their morning ADLs.

9:46 PM BBT Christine "We still have to pick players for the POV right?" BB "You are not allowed to talk about production."

9:48 AM BBT The HGs are realizing that some time in the early morning hours BB has locked them down.

9:52 AM BBT The girls are talking about all of them at least taking half a shower in case Have-Nots get picked today. Donny is the only guy up and around. The rest of the guys (who just went to bed a little over an hour ago) are not budging.

10:10 AM BBT The ladies and Donny are still doing the ADLs. The rest of the guys are still in bed. Nicole and Christine are whispering in the hallway. I can't hear their conversation, I just hear Nicole saying "Oh my gosh". I think they are discussing that Devin wants Brittany out but most of the rest of the house want Paola out. Nicole tells her that he (Devin, I think) was kissing her butt all day yesterday. Christine "Now it doesn't matter."

10:15 AM BBT Christine and Nicole are talking about Devin being the target for next week. They say that at this point, even Caleb is ready to vote him out.

10:16 AM BBT Donny is talking to Amber in the LR. He realizes that he missed a lot while he slept last night. He is asking Amber what she knows about the fight between Caleb and Devin last night. Christine and Nicole have taken their conversation to the beehive. They are the queens of whisper though.

10:19 AM Nicole and Christine are discussing if they should fight for the POV. Donny says he likes going to bed early but he does miss everything. He would prefer to be told about these types of things in the morning instead of being shaken awake.

10:24 AM BBT Donny is in the LR and encourages the girls to go upstairs where Devin is. He jokes that he can poke the fire from way down here. He loves all the drama when it has absolutely nothing to do with him.

10:28 AM BBT Christine is in the KT with Nicole. She is trying to find something to use as a bowl since several people failed to wash their dishes last night. Nicole said it was just great because she had said last night that it was her turn to do dishes.

10:34 AM BBT Donny is pacing. Nicole, Paola, and Christine are eating cereal in the KT. Donny asks why it's so quiet. They remind him most of the guys are still sleeping. Donny "This is one boring episode of Big Brother."

10:40 AM BBT Nicole is called into the DR. Most of the ladies have abandoned the WA and are now in the KT. Amber is teasing Paola's hair at the dining room table. The guys are still in bed.

10:44 AM BBT The girls are trying to remember if they played POV the same day they picked players last week. They think they did. The girls want to see Donny host a competition. He said he isn't a good reader and he has bad memory. He said they will tell him something he has to repeat out loud and he won't be able to remember. He does not think he would be a good competition host.

10:47 AM BBT Donny is watching Amber fix Paola's hair with amazement on his face. He asking her things like "Is that fake hair?" and "what are you going to do with that piece?" He says he likes fake hair.

10:50 AM BBT Christine says if they ever do a family show of BB she would love to come bring her Dad. Donny "What would you want to do that to him for?"

10:57 AM BBT Amber has finished tomb raider braiding Paola's hair so Paola heads back to bed. Donny went to let Jocasta know that it was 11AM in case she wanted to get up. (Jocasta is the only girl still down.). Brittany and Christina are straightening up the KT.

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