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Thursday, July 3 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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#BB16 7:15 PM BBT

Frankie corners Amber in the Fire BR. He asks her where her head is at about nominating Donny and Pao. She says that if she puts up Pao, she's not putting Donny up. Frankie says they can talk about it later. She whispers to him as he leaves that she may put up Brittany.

#‎BB16‬ 7:17 PM BBT Caleb joins Amber and Frankie in the Beehive. Hayden comes in and high fives Amber. Caleb says he hopes they both get baskets, but only one gets pictures. Amber asks him why and he laughs and says he's joking. Amber says she wants some modeling pictures in hers, but knows her family will include embarrassing pictures of her. Caleb says that he thinks that is awesome. Frankie says he can't believe that both Hayden and Cody fell when they were crushing it. Caleb says only one will remain, "Will it be Amber the Beautiful 5 foot 9?" Amber says it's her long legs that let her win. She says she can't even begin to think about who to nominate.

#‎BB16‬ 7:20 PM BBT Jocasta and Donny discuss the HoH competition and how they were both scared to compete in it and falling. Jocasta said once she got her footing, she moved faster, but she was too far behind the girls to catch up. Donny said he was terrified of falling, so he moved slowly.

#‎BB16‬ 7:21 PM BBT

Frankie leaves the Beehive. Caleb tells Amber to nominate him and Derrick so they can win Battle of the Block.

#‎BB16‬ 7:27 PM BBT General chitchat about the HoH competition going on in the house. People are congratulating Devin and Amber for their wins. Devin sits down to eat in the living room, while Derrick and Caleb join him. Jocasta and Donny join them and discuss the HoH again.

#‎BB16‬ 7:30 PM BBT Brittany eats toast with peanut butter at the kitchen counter. She stares in the living room at Devin, glaring at him. Christine tries to ask her about the HoH competition, but Brittany answers in short, clipped responses. Paola and Donny start talking about the schedule for the next week. Brittany finally stops glaring at Devin and tells Christine and Nicole that she was so upset with herself for dropping the 5th keg.

#‎BB16‬ 7:33 PM BBT
Caleb and Frankie in the HN room. Caleb tells Frankie that he straight up told Amber if she puts up any guy in their alliance to put him up too so that they don't lose. She said, "Isn't that the point?" Caleb says, "yes, so you have to put up the two weakest people. If you put up two strong people you won't get pictures!" Caleb and Frankie say that one person will be kicked out of the hoh room if they lose. Caleb says he's trying to get Amber to see that she has to put up the two weakest players so that she stays hoh.

‪#‎BB16‬ 7:33 PM BBT

Frankie tells Caleb that Devin already said he's putting up Paola and Brittany. Amber told Caleb that she won't put up any girl or Donny or Paola. Frankie and Caleb say they have to go to work on her so that she puts up the two weakest players, because if she doesn't, she'd better put up Caleb so that he can throw it. Frankie and Caleb say they don't want Devin staying as Hoh.

#‎BB16‬ 7:39 PM BBT

Amber goes into the kitchen and the hgs start asking her about the comp. She says that she didn't sleep well last night, but glad she won. They talk about needing more training sessions before the next competition. Caleb rejoins the living room crew of Derrick, Christine, Devin, and Hayden. Devin is talking about how he is glad everyone voted Joey out and how awkward it was with her in the house leading up to her leaving.

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#BB16 7:41 PM

Devin admits to the house that he lied to Joey about giving her a vote and that he only did it so she'd clean up his name to the house but he felt bad today and told her he was voting with the house and couldn't promise her his vote.

#BB16 7:50 PM BBT

Derrick is in BR with Cody, saying it's worse case scenario for Derrick, since he fell off first. Cody says Amber and Devin will not put us up because they are in Bomb Squad together. Cody says that Devin wants Brittany to go home and that's a good thing for them. Brittany joins as Cody says he plans on making sure Devin loses the HoH so that he can win POV and make sure Devin goes up. Brittany says that's not going to happen, she'll end up going home for sure, because it will be a house rules vote again. Derrick says that she shouldn't feel bad, since he fell off before the comp. even started.

#BB16 7:54 PM BBT

Cody and Caleb laugh about when they were throwing frisbees at the girls and hitting them. Paola got hit a bunch and kept screaming. Cody thought it was hilarious. Caleb said some of those frisbees were absolutely humming and had to have hurt the girls when they made contact. Cody asked how Derrick fell. Derrick said he tried to put his weight on the top keg and fell off. He was so embarrassed and he's horrible at balancing. Derrick got a huge scrape on the platform when he fell. Cody says he wants to know what they did when they were cursing, because he cursed the whole competition. Brittany said she was cursing too. Caleb says he asked for a beer on live tv, because watching the comp was boring and his only fun was throwing frisbees at everyone.

#BB16 7:58 PM BBT
Brittany asks Derrick if he's not on the block and wins veto to save her. He says win the veto yourself and save yourself. Brittany starts crying and says it's so stupid, because she's going home.

#BB16 7:59 PM BBT Brittany is in the bathroom crying because she knows she's being nominated for the block again. Brittany tells Derrick and Cody that Devin will threaten them with a house voice and that she'll go home. Amber checks up on her and asks if she's okay. Brittany says she's fine and that she was just removing her makeup.

#BB16 8:02 PM BBT

Amber tells Brittany and Derrick that she misses Chik-Fil-A sooo much. Brittany says she's missing sushi so much right now. Zach joins them in them in the bathroom as the girls do their beauty routines. Zach is making fun of Amber for voting to evict Julie instead of Joey. Brittany says that during their live rehearsals she said Joey's name instead of Justin Bieber or Lindsay Lohan. She said that Julie said "thank you." She was embarrassed for being an idiot.

#BB16 8:07 PM BBT
Zach and Brittany talk about Brittany almost winning the comp but her dropping the 5th keg knocked her out. She said if she could have slowed down a bit, she might have won. Derrick continues to talk about how embarrassed he is about this performance and falling right away. Zach says he had a great time throwing the frisbees and launching them at certain girls and saying, "You're a smelly piece of ****, I effing hate you." He says he cannot stand Victoria. She is so rude and ungrateful and never says thank you. He says he has 20 lines saved up to just unleash on her. Brittany says she's just entitled and has no manners and was raised that way. Zach says, I don't care, that's not how the world works.

#BB16 8:11 PM BBT Brittany says Devin hates her because she sees through his B.S. and stands up to him. She'll be loyal to the people she likes like Zach, Cody, and Derrick, but she's not kissing Devin's ass just to stay in the house. She'd rather go home before jury. She says that Devin is going to backdoor her and she doesn't care, she'll fight. She's so mad that he got HoH.

#BB16 8:13 PM BBT

Zach tells Derrick that Caleb told Amber to put Caleb with Derrick. Derrick says it's bad if he goes up. He'd rather Devin put him up so he can throw the comp. He's shocked that Amber wants to put him up. Zach says don't let if affect you. Be nice, but be prepared. Derrick says he's not going to kiss either of their asses. He doesn't care. Zach tells Derrick he'll kiss as much ass as he needs to. He says he'll even do sexual favors for Devin if that's what it takes. Zach says the Bomb Squad is not a real alliance.

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#BB16 8:18 PM BBT
Zach tells Devin that he, Cody, and Derrick are fine this week and not to worry about Amber putting him up, because he'll win BOTB.

#BB16 8:20 PM BBT Brittany is in the bathroom crying again, because she feels like people are trying to seclude her. Nicole says she's there for Brittany, but Brittany says it's fine and wants to be alone.

#BB16 8:21 PM BBT
Devin in the kitchen bragging about his HoH win to Victoria and Jocasta. Cody and Hayden talk about almost winning and Devin talks about them slipping. Nicole checks in with Brittany who is still crying in the bathroom.

#BB16 8:26 PM BBT
Devin tells Caleb, Christine, and Derrick that the HoH was what he needed because he was a having a breakdown this week.

#BB16 8:27 PM BBT

Hayden puts on a funny accent and talks about winners and losers and being the BB house. Devin tells him they should do their rap duo again, but he needs to rap in that voice. The other HGs think it's hilarious and start laughing at Hayden. Derrick in the Beehive with Cody. He says the first chance he gets if he doesn't go home, he's putting up Amber for going against her word. Derrick says he talked to Caleb and Zach and can't believe that Amber would do that. He thought Devin would put him up. He doesn't care, because he wants to win and he will against Pao and Brittany. Derrick is mad that Caleb would want to go up with him on the block and that he's stupid for saying that to Amber. He just met her 14 days ago and is thinking like an idiot.

#BB16 8:31 PM BBT Cody says that's messed up and he's talking to Amber, because she told them to their face that she trusted them more than Caleb. Derrick says don't mess your game up for me. Cody says, I want to know for my benefit, because I was part of that conversation. Derrick says that Zach told him to kiss her ass and Derrick says he's not doing that, especially if he wins the Battle of the Block and she's removed from power.

#BB16 8:33 PM BBT
Derrick says that he wishes Devin would nominate him so he could throw the comp and get him dethroned, but Devin already told Pao she's going up, but she's not the target, Brittany is. Cody says, "Are you sure?" Derrick says yeah, he told her after the competition.

#BB16 8:37 PM BBT

Hayden takes it old school BB and makes fun of Andrew's eviction speech from season 12 and says, "Captain Kosher out!" Devin asks when he said that. Devin says he can't wait to get the key to the hoh room. Devin and Amber are so excited in the storage room. Devin asks Amber if the Bomb Squad alliance members are all safe. Amber says, Yeah, don't worry, I have two people in mind. Devin says his noms aren't personal and it's straight up and down. He says he told someone that he was thinking of nominating her, but got in trouble from production. He says we can't attack people for personal reasons and it should be for game reasons only. Devin says Caleb told him they are going to pick. They have two eggs and they'll open them up. And it cuts to fish.

#BB16 8:43 PM BBT

Caleb says he hopes that Amber and Devin aren't disappointed if one doesn't get pictures. Caleb and Frankie didn't get anything but a basket. Christine told Zach the first HoH usually doesn't get pictures, but Caleb says the DR told them they are giving the second group the pictures. Caleb says he thinks they won't get pictures either.

#BB16 8:45 PM BBT Christine announces to the house that they are completely out of toilet paper and someone's in the dr doing a session so they can't request it.

#‎BB16‬ 8:52 PM BBT

The HGs join in the living room to discuss the HoH comp again. Amber comes in and says she fell asleep and took a nap. Cody can't believe she was able to sleep after the comp. They tell Derrick that his leg looks awful and he looks like he got beat up. Derrick says that's because Devin accidentally kicked him in the face after the comp. Devin apologizes, he feels so bad, he didn't mean it. Derrick says it's okay, I'll just get you back when you're sleeping. Devin says I'll come visit you and your wife will just backhand me.

#BB16 8:57 PM BBT
Frankie puts on his Louse outfit and starts twerking in the living room. Donnie, Jocasta, and Brittany join the hgs in the living room. Everyone but Hayden, who is in DR, is in living room or kitchen having general chitchat about music.

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9:08pm Brittany is cooking with Zach and Paola just relaxing in the KT. Hayden is dancing as the "Heavy Metal Louse" in the LR with Donny, Nicole, Derrick, Victoria, Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Jocasta, Christine, Amber, and Devin.

9:17pm Brittany, Paola, Nicole, Zach, and Derrick are rehashing the HoH comp. Brittany mentions she was preparing for a different type of HoH comp and was surprised by this one. The rest of the house just normal chit chat in the LR and WBRB

9:25pm Jocasta, Christine, Amber, Caleb, Devin, Frankie, Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Paola talking about 4th of July being tomorrow and what they will get to cook for it in the LR. Devin mentions chicken, peach cobbler, sweet potatoes. Frankie asks if they can just be catered tomorrow. Jocasta hopes for a firework show.

9:29pm Frankie in the WA talking to Devin who is in the WC about his first concert, Elton John and Billy Joel, Some type of plate or bowl broke in the microwave in the KT and WBRB

9:38pm Brittany talking to Paola, Nicole, Jocasta, Donny, and Hayden about not letting Devin control their votes. She wants to make sure even if she goes home, they vote with their heart, and not by listening to Devin. She is upset that Joey went home. She mentions that she wont kiss Devin's butt and that all Devin's speech did last night was bring Caleb down with him.

9:42 Amber and Devin leave the DR room, shouting "Who Wants to see our HoH room!" As they are all waiting outside of the HoH room, someone asks "Wait where's Alex?" They go into the HoH room and Amber got a letter. Everyone is loving Amber and Devin's pictures. They begin chanting "Letter! Letter!" trying to get Amber and Devin to read their letters. Devin starts.

9:43pm Devin's letter is from his mom, it talks about how he was almost lost as a baby.She prayed for 10 boys but instead got 1 boy with the energy of 10 boys. His mom admires his strength and determination. Her friends pray for them as they truly know their story. She thanks devin for always wanting to assume the role of the man of the house.

9:46pm Amber says she will read her letter later. Paola asks what CD's they got and Devin says he got Drake. They begin to go through the baskets, Devin got Top Ramen and cranberry juice.

9:48pm Amber beings to read her letter, and right away she starts to cry. Her letter is from her mom. Her mom mentions how proud she is of Amber because she is on her adventure. Her mom believes AMber will achieve what goal she sets for herself. Her mom talks about how she has been thinking more and more about Amber, especially when she is in the park walking Amber's sister's dog and how Amber has come a long way. . She also states that even though Amber has gone through a lot of detours, that amber always gets there, and that she has faith in Amber.

10:01pm Derrick and Zach in the WA, Derrick thinks Amber might nominate him because while he did well on the first HoH, he thinks he did poorly on the most recent HoH. He says that if he comes off the block, he is done with the Bomb Squad, he mentioned that he wont expose it, but any chance he has to have input on nominations, or he is putting up the nominations. he will suggest or put her up. The camera switched to the LR and the TV says "Nominations Today"

10:07 Derrick comes out the DR telling everyone that the Microwave is busted and that should not touch it and that the TV screen in the LR says "Nominations Today", no one believes him and they all go running down to the LR in disblief.

10:11pm Devin and Amber are in the HoH room alone, reading through the HoH rules. like their privileges, and the nomination rules. Amber says she isnt sure who she wants to put up, but she is thinking Paola and Hayden, Devin asks if that means she would be sending Paola home, Amber says yes, she doesnt want to send her home, but she would rather send Paola than Hayden Home. Devin is wanting to send Brittany home, because he sees her as a huge threat due to her being so close to Joey, He called Joey the head of the snake and just wants to get the rest of the snake out now.

10:14pm Amber thinks because her alliances is so big with so few girls, she doesnt want to go after only girls, which is why she was thinking Hayden. Neither wants to put up anyone from their alliance. Devin thinks if he cant put up Brittany and Paola, he is thinking putting up Brittany and Victoria, he says its not personal with Brittany and WBRB

10:16pm Devin agrees with Amber not wanting to put up 2 girls, and neither one want to put up Donny, Devin mentions that it doesnt entirely matter what happens, because they have the numbers. Devin is grateful that there is 2 from the bomb squad as HoH again. Devin wants Amber to think about that its not about sending home the weakest players, Amber says that she isnt sure which other girl to put up because she doesnt want to put up Brittany. She thinks Hayden is a strong competitior, but Devin points out that he wouldnt go after them. Amber then asks which other guy could she put up.

10:19pm Devins says he respects whoever Amber decides to put up as long as its not a member of the bomb squad. Amber is having trouble coming up with a reason on why to put anyone up. She thinks maybe if she puts up Hayden, it might bring out the best from Paola.

10:21pm Devin says that if he goes first, he is putting up Paola and Brittany, and that unfortunately will force Ambers hand. He says that he will never be friends with Brittany outside of this game, and then they both speculate on what happens if Brittany wins the POV. They both then wonder if they can talk to people before the nominations, They decide to go downstairs to go get their clothes, and as they walk out the door Amber questions why she had to win today.

10:27 Devin asks Derrick, Caleb, Amber and Frankie up to the HoH room to talk about who he wants to put up. Devin says he wants to put up Brittany and Paola, but that its a bit of a conflict because AMber wants to put up Paola and Hayden.

10:29pm Derrick voices his concerns about going up because he fell first in the HoH room. Devin says he wasnt even considering putting up Derrick. Devin uses the snake referrence again about Brittany and Joey. Everyone agrees that Amber needs to put up a guy but that they dont want to put up Donny. They asked Amber who is her closest female ally excluding Christine. She says Jocasta. Derrick again says he will be extremely hurt if he get put up. Amber and Devin are quick to say no they won't put him up.

10:33pm Amber doesnt want to put Hayden up but she doesn't think she has another choice. She wants to talk to him right after and tell him that she didnt want to put him up, but they all fear that this talk with Hayden will spread through the house. Derrick points out that "Hayden is a beast".

10:36pm Devin questions if he will put up Brittany and Victoria or Brittany and Nicole, Amber then asks, what if she puts up Victoria and Hayden. Derrick says Nicole scares him because she is smart and will win the puzzle competitions, but doesnt think Victoria will win. However he also points out that Victoria will vote whichever Amber says as opposed to Nicole who doesnt really talk game to anyone. Amber doesnt want anyone to cry, but they make sure she knows that the nominations will cry. Amber is upset because she thought she would have more time deciding who to nominate.

10:42pm Amber says she is thinking Nicole and Hayden, Caleb says that he will go talk to Hayden and say that Hayden is just a pawn. The TV in the HoH room for the camera is not working. Frankie asks BB to please fix it.

10:46pm Christine, Cody, and Zach in the WA, talking about how while they are safe because they wont get put up, they dont feel comfortable with Devin and Caleb upstairs deciding who to nominate.

10:49 Christine, Cody, and Zach are worried that Devin will try and convince Amber to nominate who he wants and not let her nominate who she wants to nominate. Frankie walks into the WA, stands there for a second listening, and then says "Okay I'm gonna go walk around now and look worried".

10:54 Frankie, Jocasta, Victoria, Paola, Nicole and Amber in the Fire BR. Frankie talks to Amber about how its kind of a really bad situation for her, and that he understands that she has to nominate someone, and that he accepts whatever she does.He says that he doesnt envy her position, and Amber says "All i wanted was to just see my family". Amber was called to the DR.

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(BBAD is only on for one hour tonight.)

10:00 PM BBT: Zach in bathroom with Derrick talking about nominations. Sounds like Derrick believes Amber might put him up.

10:01 PM BBT: Cody, Frankie, Devin are in the second HOH bedroom talking about sleeping arrangements

Feeds switch back to Derrick and Zach talking, but Derrick is immediately called to the DR.

Frankie, Cody, and Devin continue their chit chat. Devin says they can come up any time. "We're in this together." Zach comes walking in and says he isn't feeling well. Cody is saying he gets the worst pimples on his ass while talking to Zach. Devin walks out. Seems the entire house is in the other HOH bedroom. Frankie, Zach, and Caleb are talking about wet dreams they are having. Seems Cody and Zach can't control their jizz when they sleep sometimes. Caleb walks into the room and says there are a lot of coors light in the HOH fridge.

Derrick walks in and says the microwave is broken and don't touch it. Derrick also says the screen says nominations are today. They don't believe him, so they run down and Derrick was right. (Does this mean nominations in less than two hours?) Donny: "It's about my bedtime. I'm gonna miss it." Brittany is in the living room too looking at it trying to put on a fake smile, but she's clearly trying not to cry again. The crew in the HOH has broken up with everyone going in different directions. Zach mentions he's not shitting tonight in case anyone is wondering.

Frankie and Derrick are in the have-not room talking about Amber. Derrick is worried about going up on the block because he was the first person off in the competition. They are also talking about Caleb saying Amber could nominate Caleb and Derrick and win battle of the block. Frankie says that Caleb is doing exactly what they need him to do.

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10:15 PM BBT: Amber and Devin are in the HOH room talking. Devin says that Joey was a strong player but didn't know how to go about it. He is saying Brittany can do the same thing. Devin says he wants to keep the alliance safe. He says that he knows she can't nominate two girls or else it would look suspicious. Both agree they aren't going to nominate Donny. Devin says he 100% supports Amber in whatever he does. Amber says she doesn't want another girl to come after her at this point. She doesn't want to put up Brittany. Amber says that her only choice is Hayden while Devin is saying Hayden would never come after them. Amber says she doesn't have a lot of options, and Devin says they can't put up members of their alliance. Devin: "I'm playing this in an honest fashion and loyalty. My loyalty has been to the bomb squad members, and I'm not putting the bomb squad members up." Devin is saying there would be no more bomb squad if any are nominated. Amber is clearly worried about nominations. She is leaning to nominating Hayden and Paola. Devin is saying he will respect her decisions just as long as it's not a bomb squad member.

Devin says he is going to put up Paola and Brittany even though he knows Amber wants to nominate Paola. Devin even says that he knows it will force Amber to show her hand if he nominates first and chooses Paola to go up on the block. Devin keeps repeating, I respect your decision.

Feeds cut to the living room with someone saying noms can't be personal. Brittany says her nomination will be personal.

Feeds go back to the HOH where Amber and Devin walk down, and Amber says before she goes, "Why did I have to win HOH today?" (You didn't have to, you chose to).

Feeds are on the living room. I see Paola, Donny, Cody, and Brittany in there chatting. Paola is talking about things she may be good at in competitions. Then it turns into things like cooking bacon and annoying Cody are good things she would be at in competition. Cody looks a bit annoyed. He gets up, then goes to the bedroom. Derrick joins the quiet living room bunch.

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10:29 PM BBT: Derrick is in the HOH with Amber, Frankie, Caleb, and Devin. Derrick says "You have to put a guy" to Amber. Devin says he's not going to nominate Donny because he could be an asset for them later on. Amber says she is not going to nominate Derrick. Amber keeps saying she has it harder than the guys. Devin just said that if Amber nominates Hayden and Paola, he said that Paola will go home because he can't foresee the house voting against him. Devin says he believes it's important to keep Paola for situations like this. She's always someone you can keep around as a pawn. Devin says Amber doesn't have to work both sides of the house any more since they have the numbers.

Amber says she may put up Victoria. Derrick says that Nicole scares him more than Victoria. Derrick says that Victoria is up Amber's ass and will do whatever she wants. They are now talking about Nicole playing the floater game. Amber says she doesn't want to make Nicole cry. Derrick is heavily pushing for Amber to nominate Nicole. Amber thought she would've had more time to talk about nominations.

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10:44 PM BBT: Derrick and Caleb are playing chess. Derrick is agitated.

In the bathroom, Cody is whispering with Christine I think. Zach comes walking in too. Cody is pissed off that Devin is HOH. Cody mentions how the other five bomb squad members were up there talking about nominations. He didn't seem too happy about that. Cody says he hopes they take a shot at him this early.

Amber, Devin, and Frankie are in HOH still talking. Amber asks Frankie to let the house know how hard this is. Devin won't shut up about who outside of the bomb squad needs to go.

Downstairs, Christine is whispering intensely about others in the alliance to Cody and Zach. Frankie comes walking into the bathroom. He then states he's going to go walk around the house. They are whispering so softly, it's hard to hear and the censor is heavy on his button. They're now laughing about Caleb chunking frisbees hard during the HOH competition.

In the Earth bedroom, Nicole was whispering to... someone then stopped

The bathroom crew of Zach, Cody, and Christine are laughing about the HOH competition still.

10:57 PM BBT: Paola is in the HOH room with Christine. Devin says he's playing an honest game and loyalty is huge. He's loyal to the bomb squad. Devin says he would never say anything about the bomb squad if he were to be evicted. Devin says Joey and Brittany did some messed up stuff. Christine switches the conversation to Devin's HOH photos.

Jocasta, Paola, Brittany, Victoria, Frankie, and Zach in the fire bedroom. Frankie and Victoria cuddling. Now everyone is leaving the fire room.

Caleb and Derrick are still playing chess. Cody was up there with them, but then left.

Brittany and Zach are in the kitchen. Brittany was whispering something but couldn't catch it.

Cody is now in the HOH with Devin talking about noms again.

(I'm out for the night. BBAD seems to be continuing past 11:00 PM BBT despite what the DVR says)

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11:05 PM BBT: Frank gets called to the DR. Caleb and Derrick’s chess game has slowed down. Caleb says backwards funny it sounds like backards. Devin tells Cody the plan for the night. He wants to put up Brit and Pao, He thinks Amber is putting up Hayden and someone else outside of their alliance. Devin continues to touch on his speech from last night about being honest and integral game. I wonder if he knows he uses integral wrong (Googled the definition to be sure).

11:15 PM BBT: Donny and Brit are talking in the hive room about the best ways to keep a secret. Donny used his popular phrase "If ya don't want anyone to know anything don't tell it." Zach and Cody are in the HN room Devin bashing. Zach says that Devin changes his mind every five seconds. Cody recaps the conversation they just had and the fact that Devin wants Don and Jocasta on jury with the bomb squad. Cody says he is counting jury votes. Zach says that Devin won’t make it to jury let alone final 2. Cody says yeah he's a monster, I can't stand talking to him.

11:25 PM BBT While all the HGs get called to a pre-nom DR, Amber, Nicole, and Christine are in HOH whispering. Nicole gets up to talk to Devin and Frank enters. Amber says she doesn't know what to say. Frank is coaching her to talk about the battle of the block. He tells her to say that she put up people that she wanted to win BOTB. Devin and Nicole are on the other half of the feeds. Devin is being very bad at concealing his alliance. He tells Nicole that there aren't a whole lot of other options for people to go up that make sense. He then moves on to talking about his honesty and being "integral." (I don't think he used the word, I just couldn't resist). Nicole says she just wanted to talk to him. He is being vague but basically telling her she’s going to be one of the four.

11:35 PM BBT Nicole makes her exit, and Devin goes into the front part of the HOH to join Frank, Amber, and Christine. Devin tells her what he and Nicole spoke about. Amber is agitated that he basically telling Nicole she is going up. Devin says he would rather prepare her then surprise her. Amber is still grumpy so she changes subjects to how she is going to explain it to them. Devin says he will take the heat. Devin moves on to start laughing about getting in trouble for telling Pao he is nominating her.

11:45 PM BBT Brit has her turn in the DR. Jocasta, Nicole, and Christine are in the WA talking about things they have lost while all the moving rooms took place. Christine investigates a new mole (I use this as my cue to switch feeds). Amber and Frank are in HOH talking about how emotional they are, Amber says she is emotional because it is about her time of the month (I cannot escape). Caleb comes in and Amber jokes that she's putting him up. He says that he will pull himself off and they talk about her real noms. He says that if he wins POV and Hayden is up Caleb will take him off.

11:55 PM BBT Devin exits the shower and says he wants Brit gone with her negative energy. He says he wants to tell Paola to throw the BOTB if she comes up to talk to him. Frank says he could tell her to try her hardest, it will be the same outcome. They laugh about how bad she is at comps. Devin says he doesn't want to talk game tonight because he wants to see his family and have that be that. Frank quickly agrees that he should just enjoy the night.

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